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forget me not

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It was 11:55. 5 more minutes until 12:00. Tears started to form in Luffy's eyes as he hugged Ace, whispering i'm sorry's and i dont want to forget you's.

Ace hugged back, he doesn't know what to react. Was he upset? Sad? Confused? He doesn't know. Surely, Luffy was just acting and joking about the whole forgetting thing, right? There's no way a person can really forget what all happened in a year that passed. There's no damn way, Ace believed.

But he still can't deny the anxiousness and the uneasy feelings in his guts, why was he feeling this way? There's no way Luffy would forget him or the things they did just now.

Ace pushed Luffy into his body closer, "Don't worry, i'm sure you won't forget everything we went through." Ace lies, because he isn't so fucking sure, "And even if you did, I'll just do it again to make you remember." He lied again, because he can't, he wouldn't, ever accept it if it did happened.

Luffy sobbed harder. He looked up to see Ace's face and leaned in towards him afterwards, Ace closed their distance and closed his eyes as he felt soft lips on his own. His lips shivering because it's warm. Luffy's warm. Everything about Luffy is. His kisses, his touches, everything.

Nothing and No One could really make Ace feel like this except for Luffy, his own heart thumping so fucking loud it makes Ace thinks it's about to come out from his chest.

They broke their kiss.

And, the alarm clock rings. It was already 12:00.

The feeling of uneasiness comes back, Ace felt himself sweating as he looks at Luffy who suddenly became quiet.


Luffy looks at him, tears still in his eyes as he gazes Ace. There's no way he forgot him already, right?

"Are you okay-,"

"I'm sorry, who are you again?"

The words from Luffy's mouth smoothly falls as Ace felt his heart, who's just thumping so fucking hard not so fucking long ago, breaking.