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The Beloved

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“If you don’t give me back Dream, I’ll kill him! I’ll kill Ranboo!”

Sam’s voice rang out over the chaos, hand grasped tightly around Ranboo’s wrist as he struggled to escape. His announcement dulled the anarchy for just a moment, people silently processing the severity of Sam’s threat.

“You may want to take a look at this before you try to leave.” Sam’s voice dripped with malice, as he unfolded a picture of Ranboo’s beloved son, playing in his room back home at Snowchester. He remembers when he and Tubbo took that photo of Michael, the trio had been snowed in for the day and spent it together playing pretend and making memories.


Screaming filled Ranboos' ears, but suddenly it was all quiet. His ears rang, and time seemed to slow while looking at the photo of Michael. He didn’t want to leave him, not like this. His heartbeat thumped in his ears and clouded his vision.

“Fucking get me Dream back or I kill Ranboo!” Sam roared again, sword pressed tightly to Ranboo’s throat.

“Techno come on! We have to fucking go!” Dream yelled over the chaos, as he went toe to toe with his own best friend. He wasn’t dying to Sapnap right now, he and Techno needed to leave.

“I’m not going without Ranboo.” Techno’s resolve was strong. He went to break out Dream and Ranboo, he wasn’t leaving without him. Ranboo was family, and everyone knew how Techno felt about family. Dream huffed as he tried to fight off Sapnap, fireworks going off left and right and swords being tossed around with reckless abandon.

“Well if you want to leave with him,” Sam pressed the sword closer to Ranboos neck, “then bring me Dream.” Sam’s smile was absolutely wicked.

Techno shook his head and chuckled, “Sam, you know I can’t do that.”

Ranboos' hands shook. “Techno. Look.” Ranboo outstretched his shaking arm to pass Techno a photo, folded and worn.

Sapnap screamed.
The picture fluttered to the ground.
Techno reached.
Dream had gone.
The sword sliced through Ranboos neck.
Ranboo’s lifeless body slumped into Sam’s arms.

“What did you do!” Techno roared, lunging at Sam. Sam held Ranboo’s body, gazing at him remorsefully. The look of regret flashed across Sam’s face momentarily, before hardening once again.

“What had to be done.” Sam spat, discarding Ranboo’s limp body to the ground. Sam pushed past Techno forcefully, moving in the direction that Dream fled, dragging his bloodied sword on the ground behind him.

“Now excuse me, I have better things to be doing with my time.” Sam stalked off, following the mob in the direction of the main Nether hub, where Dream ran to, following the commotion.

Techno didn’t know what to do. After the crowd departed, the air felt thick. Techno dropped to his knees, in front of the prison, in front of Ranboos body. He always repays favors, but this one felt in vain. Was it worth it? Dream and him are old friends, but Ranboo suffered the cost. Ranboos' dead body lay still on the floor, his hand outstretched towards the photos cast upon the ground. Techno picked it up. It was a small piglin boy, smiling happily in a bedroom of his own. The picture looked well loved, and the boy looked so happy.

Dream was now a threat to everyone. Angered by his time in the prison, it did nothing to help his already deteriorating psyche. He was unstable, reckless, and mad. Techno rose to his feet, preparing to walk back to the nether portal to his and Phil’s base. They needed to prepare, no one was safe from Dreams wrath.

The prime path felt desolate. Techno’s bloodied cape dragged behind him as he observed the carnage of his actions, craters and items scattered everywhere in futile attempts to hunt and kill Dream.

“Techno? What happened?”

He heard the recognizable voice before he saw who it belonged to. Not twenty feet in front of him stood Tubbo, confused.

“Dream escaped prison, Tubbo.” Techno approached the goat boy, “and everyone’s out to find him.”

“Where’s Ranboo? I’ve been looking all over ever since I heard the sirens, I’m worried.” Tubbo wrung his hands anxiously, looking around still to see if he can spot his husband. He reached up to push his hair out of his eyes and look at Techno.

“Ranboo’s… Ranboo’s gone, Tubbo.” Techno looked down at Tubbo.

“Gone where? Where is he? He’s not at home, he’s not out here…”

“He’s dead, Tubbo. Sam killed him. I saw it happen.” Techno hung his head. He never was good at delivering bad news.

“Dead.. God no, he can’t be dead…” Tubbo’s hands clutched his face, completely in denial. Ranboo mustn’t be dead, he must be hiding somewhere, safe with Michael. Right? Right?

“I didn’t want to be the one to tell you.”

Tubbo’s back fell against a tree, and he slowly slid to the ground. He couldn’t cry, he couldn’t believe it. His husband was gone.

“He was holding this when Sam killed him. I don’t know who it is.” Techno approached Tubbo, extending his arm out to hand him the picture of Michael. Tubbo’s hands shook violently as he opened the picture. His breath caught in his throat when he saw who it was.

“It’s… Michael.” Tubbos' voice wavered, and a sob threatened to come out. Ranboo was thinking about their son in his final moments.

“Who’s Michael?”

“Our son, Techno. Michael is Ranboo and I’s adopted son.” Tubbo buried his face into the palm of one hand, photo tightly clutched in the other.

“I’m so sorry Tubbo, but I need to leave. Dream is out, everyone needs to protect themselves. Get home timely if you can, it’s unsafe out here.” Techno clapped a large hand on Tubbos shoulder and began to walk away quickly.

Tubbo was alone. Without his son, and without his husband.

Tubbo sat under the tree and began to cry. He created this whole life with his family, and it had all been ripped away from him without his even knowing. He wasn’t even there for his husband's execution.

Guilt began to overtake Tubbo, as he rose slowly and began to head home. He doesn’t know how long he was sitting there crying, but the sun had begun to set and beautiful orange light shrouded the server. The prison alarms still screamed over the server, but Tubbo didn’t hear them. He could only hear the loud thumping of his own heart in his chest, and his husband's voice. His husband’s laugh. His child’s giggle.

By the time Tubbo made it home to Snowchester, the world was dark. The glow from his mansion was the only thing lighting up the immediate area. His boots crunched the snow and Tubbo’s head hung low. He didn’t care if Dream was lurking in the shadows watching him, nothing mattered anymore.
When Tubbo pushed open the door, the house was still, quiet.

No Ranboo in the kitchen making dinner.
No Michael running around his feet.
No music playing from the record player.

Tubbo found himself moving towards that record player, covered in stickers and notes found on his, Ranboos, and Tommy's adventures. He gazed at it numbly, before bending down to reach where the couple stored their records. Tubbo flipped through them until he found Ranboo’s favorite, the one they’d play every night and slow dance to in the living room after they put Michael to bed. The fire was always crackling, the atmosphere always warm and full of love. The song made Tubbo realize how much he truely loved his family.

Except when Tubbo moved the point to play the song this time, it was different. His house was cold, the fireplace was empty, his husband was dead, and his child was missing. However, despite all that, the record crooned out the lyrics:

"We’ll meet again.
Don’t know where, don’t know when.
But I know we’ll meet again,
Some sunny day."