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a little bruise

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September 22, 2020
Four"thirty in the afternoon.

The group of children started running once again. The game of hide and seek was really fun for the participants of the game. Sanghyuk was running fast to his secret hiding place behind a big tree. He loved that tree. 

Unfortunately, the boy ended up tripping over his own feet and falling face first to the ground, grazing his knee. Sanghyuk felt his knee burning but held back his cry, pressing his lips together and marching back behind the tree. 

What he didn't expect was to find Jaeyoon in his secret spot. The eight"year"old just stared at Sanghyuk, seemingly surprised. He ended up looking at his bruise, but was silent because SeokJin was standing next to them.

Sanghyuk dropped his little body to the ground, leaning on the big tree. "Hyukie" Jaeyoon Call him very softly by the nickname he had given "What happened?"

"I fell "Said the elder, holding on as hard as he could not to cry, but his voice was tearful. Sanghyuk hardly ever got hurt, so Jaeyoon was surprised that he have gotten hurt.

"It's okay, don't cry "Jaeyoon's tears were already running down his chubby cheeks "I'll take you to my mommies, they always know what to do" Jaeyoon hugged Sanghyuk and tried to lift him up, but he almost fell with the boy "What a pineapple! "He announced, putting him back on the ground.

"Yoonie, you can't say that, it's an ugly word "Said Sanghyuk. Jaeyoon's little eyes filled with tears. "Don't cry, Yoonie"

"It's just that I'm scared, what if hyung dies? "Questioned Jaeyoon. Sanghyuk's eyes widened. Tears were already running down his reddened cheeks, but Sanghyuk started to dry them.
"I'm not going to die! "he said. Jaeyoon nodded. Sanghyuk tried to get up but the wound was too painful.

"Stay seated, Hyukie, it's going to hurt if you get up "Said the younger man, sitting down next to him "We'll have to wait until the game is over to ask the boys for help"

"But it hurts too much, Yoonie"

"Hm... Oh, my mommy does that when I hurt," he said. Jaeyoon bent down and approached Sanghyuk's bruise, kissing around it several times. "It gets better after a while," Jaeyoon smiled, and Sanghyuk smiled back. 

"Thank you, Yoonie "Said Sanghyuk, smiling more openly now and showing his little teeth, even if one was missing. 

"Oh! There's a little window in your mouth "Jaeyoon said, looking more closely and Sanghyuk laughed "Can I get into the little house in your mouth?"

"You can come in, but only if you give me candy " Said the older boy.

"Ah... "Jaeyoon went through his pockets and found two strawberry candies "I have strawberry candies, is that okay?" 

"Hm... Yes, it will do," Jaeyoon handed one of the candies to Sanghyuk and he quickly opened it, starting to chew. The candy had a strong strawberry taste, even though it stuck to his teeth, he was loving it. He would definitely ask Hyejin, his mother, to buy candy like that later. "It's so good! "he emitted. Jaeyoon smiled, popping one into his mouth as well" 

The place became silent, only the sounds of chewing filled the place "We just need to find Jaeyoon and Hyukie" Commented a nearby voice, seeming to be Kim Youngbin's. 

Jaeyoon and Sanghyuk looked at each other. On impulse, the younger man grabbed the older boy’'s hand and squeezed it. He did that when he ended up getting nervous, but Sanghyuk hadn't even noticed. 

Youngkyun, who was approaching the tree they were both standing in, eventually felt a drop of rain on his long, brownish hair. The boy looked up and the sky was covered with heavy clouds. Fear made Kim Youngkyun hold Youngbin's arm, squeezing him and fearing the rain. Youngkyun didn't hate the rain, but in that way, he didn't like it

"G-Guys, I think it's going to rain " Youngbin hugged Youngkyun, even though he was taller than himself.

"Let's go home, they must have left, or to Jaeyoon's house" Rowoon said, starting to run towards his house "Whoever arrives last is the frog's wife"

The boys started running and ended up leaving Jaeyoon and Sanghyuk there. They hadn't heard about the rain or that they thought they were gone. 

The rain had started quickly "Hyukie, it's raining, now what? "Jaeyoon asked, looking at the older man. 

"I-I don't know"

Jaeyoon had started to cry again. 

"I'm such a... jerk! I could have called the boys, but I just..."

"Calm down, Yoonie, let's think of something..."

A small light bulb seemed to shine in Jaeyoon's mind "Let's go to my place" He said, getting up.

Sanghyuk stood up, even though his bruise hurt "But it hurts so much" He said and Jaeyoon looked at him. 

"Get on my back" Jaeyoon crouched down a little and Sanghyuk climbed on his back. 

"Yoonie, I'm not too heavy? "Jaeyoon denied with his head, even if he was lying, at least his house was quite close. 

Jaeyoon started running, holding Sanghyuk tightly. Sanghyuk was doing the same on the younger man's neck. 

The walk wasn't too long, soon they were already at Jaeyoon's gate, the younger man set Sanghyuk down on the ground, his back hurt quite a bit, he wasn't used to picking up any kind of weight, he stood on his tiptoes to reach the bell. 

"Ok ok, I'm coming," Jaeyoon's mother Lee Wheein shouted, quickly grabbing her umbrella and running to her gate. "Who should it be in such a rain?" She wondered. 

He unlocked the gate and eventually found her beloved son and his best friend. The boys were soaked and muddy. "Jaeyoon? Sanghyuk? What are you doing here in this rain, my loves? Let's go inside," she said, ushering them inside. "Stay close to me so you don't get wet anymore" Wheein took Sanghyuk in her arms and held him carefully.

Jaeyoon looked sadly at the ground. Even if it's not his fault, he was afraid of his mother fighting with him. Sanghyuk looked at his friend and held his hand, as a way of saying that everything would be okay.

Wheein sat the boys down on the bench on his porch and ran inside to get towels for the two of them. "Thank you so much" Sanghyuk whispered, smiling at Jaeyoon, "I-I will tell your mother not to give you a lecture..."

"Mom always says I have to be a good knight, was I a good knight, Hyukie? "He questioned, looking at his friend. 

"The best "He confessed, squeezing his Jaeyoon's hand and making his heart really happy "You are the best knight in the world!"

"Did you hear that? " YongSun whispered in Wheein's ear "Our son is the best knight in the world " She smiled and Wheein smiled along with her. 

"And he really is" She laughed. She took the towels to the boys "Kids, tell me, what happened?" YongSun had gone along, starting to dry Sanghyuk's hair. 

"It's just that... "Jaeyoon looked down at his little fingers, not knowing how to put into words what had happened. 

"Yoonie saved me, I got hurt and he carried me here, he is very strong and was a hero... Please auntie, don't fight with him" he said. YongSun felt her heart melt. 

Wheein hugged her son and YongSun joined in the hug. For a moment, Sanghyuk wished his family was united like that, he wished his daddy was still at home with him and his mommy, he wished he didn't see mommy crying with longing so often, he wished everything was happy and harmonious like at Jaeyoon's house.  Sanghyuk just watched them with a saddened heart.

"Come on, Hyukie "Called Jaeyoon and the elder joined in the hug, being embraced by the two women and Jaeyoon. It was nice to feel welcomed by them and his friend.




Seven-thirty at night

 Wheein had asked Sanghyuk's mother if he could sleep there. The rain was only getting worse so it would be difficult to get him home, and since HyeJin, who knew the couple and was friends with them, saw no problem. 

The dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and fries were ready and separated on two plates. Yongsun's initial plan for dinner was something healthier like beef jerky with pumpkin, however, when the older girl looked at those adorable wet little faces, she couldn't resist. YongSun could pretend to be tough sometimes, but her heart was soft as butter when it came to children.

"Children, dinner is ready!" Announced the woman with brown hair.

It wasn't long before Jaeyoon and Sanghyuk appeared in the kitchen. The boys had showered and put on clean clothes, not even looking like they had been wet and dirty just a few minutes ago. 

Jaeyoon approached the table, smiling broadly as he saw the dinner his mother had prepared. His eyes began to sparkle as he saw that his mother had made his favorite dish after the strict diet she had put him on so that he wouldn't become anemic. 

"Finally, Mom! You don't know how much I asked Heavenly Father for you to make the potato dinosaurs," the woman laughed at her son's naivety. Jaeyoon was an adorable child. "Can we eat them with coke? "The woman denied with her head. "But Mom... Hyukie wants some too.

"But he didn't even know we had it!"

"Ah mommy... Please" The little boy entwined his fingers and brought them together in front of his chest, begging with his pididon eyes. The brownish girl even tried to deny it, but Jaeyoon always knew how to convince her to do what he wanted.

"Ok, Jaeyoon" YongSun smiled. Jaeyoon was so excited when Sanghyuk was there, she understood in a way him wanting to show that their mothers were cool and allowed certain things, even if it wasn't always the best... But, one night wouldn't kill anyone.

The boy opened the fridge and grabbed the super excited bottle of Coke, placed it delicately on the table and ran to the cupboard, grabbing two Sponge Bob themed glasses, Patrick's for him and Sponge Bob for Sanghyuk. Even though Sponge Bob was his favorite, he trusted Sanghyuk enough to borrow it. 

"Take good care of my glass, Hyukie "The boy nodded smiling "I-I like him a lot and I don't want anything bad to happen, understood?" He nodded once more "Ok!"

YongSun quickly set the boys' plate and soon they already started dinner. The woman smiled satisfied and felt a huge urge to squeeze those chubby cheeks.

"It's delicious, Aunt Solar! "Sanghyuk dictated. 

YongSun's smile only widened "Thank you so much, Sanghyuk"



Nine o'clock at night.

After dinner, the children decided to play and watch some cartoons before going to bed. Wheein couldn't understand how they could play and at the same time understand what was going on in the cartoon and still talk to each other sometimes. Maybe she was too old.

"Kids, it's late, no more cartoons for today," Wheein said, grabbing the TV remote. He hated to break up the kids' fun, but they needed to have a schedule, and he certainly wouldn't depend on YongSun for that.

"But mommy, this is the part where Twilight is going to be crowned "Jaeyoon said, pouting "Just a little bit more.

"Jaeyoon "She said and the boy nodded sadly "Go brush your teeth, okay? "They both nodded and got up.

The short haired blonde sat down on the couch where the boys were earlier, starting to pay attention to the cartoon that was playing. My Little Pony... It was quite different in its time, but the traits were nice and the animation didn't seem so bad, it ended up catching her attention.

Because they were best friends, Sanghyuk even had his own brush. He just picked it up and put paste on it, dipping it in water, Jaeyoon imitated him, even though he never did that. Soon they started brushing. 

YongSun was cleaning up the room. The boys had scattered toys all over the carpet, he smiled as he saw that. He eventually noticed that his wife was sitting and glued to the contents of the drawing. "Are you watching My Litle Pony? "YongSun asked, laughing after that and sitting down next to his wife. 

"Yes I am "She giggled. YongSun hugged her shoulders and kissed her full cheek.

"You're a funny woman"

"I always have been, I guess that's why you fell in love with me "YongSun smiled openly. 

"It certainly was, but not only that, it was also your beauty, your sweetness..."

Wheein bowed her head. YongSun was affectionate and she knew it, but she was never ready "Dummy"

Jaeyoon came running up to the two older ones with Sanghyuk right behind him "We're done, mommies" He said, baring his teeth shortly after his speech. Sanghyuk eventually did the same. 

"What behaved boys, now let's go to bed" YongSun stole a kiss from Wheein's lips and stood up, holding both little boys' shoulders afterwards.

They quickly arrived at Jaeyoon's room, both of them lay down on the bed "Want to hear some short story? "Questioned YongSun, close to the switch. She knew that Jaeyoon always wanted to play the big boy when he was with visitors, but the brownish girl always ended up asking.

"No need, mommy, I'm a big boy" Jaeyoon said. The older woman laughed softly. 

She approached the boys and kissed them each on the forehead "Good night, my loves, sleep well" Turned to the switch and turned off the lights, leaving the room.

Jaeyoon looked at Sanghyuk and smiled. Thanks to his little bee light that was on a socket near his bed, it was possible to see that Sanghyuk smiled back. 

"Hyukie, you're my best friend" Jaeyoon held Sanghyuk's hand. Sanghyuk kissed Jaeyoon on the cheek. 

"Thank you for today, Knight "He whispered very softly. Jaeyoon's smile widened.

"I... Can I hug you, Hyukie? "Jaeyoon asked softly and Sanghyuk nodded. 

Jaeyoon put an arm over Sanghyuk's body, pulling him close and squeezing him, Sanghyuk did the same and they slept like that, cuddling. It was an act of the purest friendship. Jaeyoon was affectionate and Sanghyuk knew it, so he hadn't been surprised by the request, but he kind of liked it.

Wheein watched the scene from the doorway with his heart racing. He was extremely happy. He carefully closed the door and smilingly looked at YongSun. 

"I love our son," she confessed, hugging her wife afterwards.