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James had been on his way back to Gryffindor Tower after quidditch practice.

The sun was out, birds were singing, quidditch practice went great and they’d be headed for dinner soon and he didn’t have any homework for the weekend. So that was an added bonus, plus he managed to talk to Lily that day and the girl hadn’t ignored or hexed him right off the bat. Yes, James had been having a good day.

So it’s needless to say that he hadn’t anticipated what lay in wait for him, around the next corner away from the Gryffindor changing rooms.

He made the next turn, completely oblivious to his surroundings when he was suddenly grabbed and shoved back hard against the stone wall.

James gasped in surprise at the impact only to immediately glare when he saw his assailant.


The raven haired Slytherin was glaring at him, those dark onyx eyes always cold and intense, though that pale skin seemed to have flushed ever so slightly. He didn’t seem to be able to quite keep that glare on James and his hands clenched at his sides.

But that didn’t stop James from glaring hard back at the other, “You have a lot of nerve touching me you slimy bastard.”

To James’ surprise, Snape didn’t immediately retort with some clever little insult that he would admittedly struggle to get in the first few seconds before it clicked and he became even more enraged by the stupid little smirk on the raven’s lips. No, Snape just stared at him, or not really at him. More at the spot beside James’ head against the wall.

The Gryffindor suppressed a growl. Even when he’s being attacked by this prat he can’t even get his full attention.

“What the hell do you want Snivellus?” he said pushing off the wall and walking right into the Slytherin’s personal space, yet again to his surprise; Snape didn’t try to hold his ground the way he usually would. No, he stepped back when James did.

Snape’s eyes then went to the ground and the flush on his cheeks darkened, he started biting his bottom lip. James paused.

This… this is weird. Why is Snape being so weird?

“I asked you a question Snape.” He practically growled out and the Slytherin before him finally released the lip form between his teeth, now reddened and wet. They pursed together for a brief moment before Snape looked up at him. Hands clenched at his sides before he spoke.

“I… James.” James blinked, Snape never used his first name.

The raven took a deep breath and he spoke again, “James, I want to have your babies.”

And just like that James’ brain grinded to an absolute and very sudden halt.


“I want you to impregnate me.”

The words coming out of Snape’s mouth were clearly English, but James’ brain just could not comprehend.


Snape stepped forward and James was so shocked he just immediately stepped back.

“I want two children. We’ll name them Adam and Helen. They’ll grow up together and go to school here at Hogwarts. While we live in a cottage somewhere nearby in Scotland. You’ll work as an auror and I’ll stay at home and you could come home and fuck me every single day for the rest of our lives.”

James’ back hit the wall for the second time and he jumped, only to tense up completely when Snape’s hands were on his robes, clenching tightly as he locked onyx black with bright hazel.

“But all of that would only come after the honeymoon.”


“We’ll get married at the ministry, recite our vows, cast the bonding spells so I’ll be yours and only yours. Then we’ll go on our honeymoon in France and then when we come back, I’ll start taking the pregnancy potions and then I’d have your babies.”

Snape was moving closer, too close but James’ brain was refusing to cooperate with him and those onyx eyes held him captive as the raven continued.

“You could fuck me in every room in the house anyway you want for as long as you want. Then I’d cook for you and run your bath and then you can fuck me again.”

“Snape what-“

He’d just managed to get his brain working again. He was just about to push the other away and ask what the hell was going on, when his brain just shut down completely as Snape leaned up and sealed their lips in a bruising kiss.

James’ eyes went wide and his arms went up and against the wall as he stared at the Slytherin in shock. He wasn’t able to register much else. Not when Snape was…

Seriously what in the name of Merlin’s bollocks is happening!

Snape broke the kiss just as suddenly as he started and then he looked into James eyes again.

“I want you to own me James Potter and use me in whatever way you want.”

James just stared back at Snape; his mortal enemy, the one person that he’s hated since the moment that they met all those years ago, for the first time at a complete loss for words.

Snape suddenly pulled back, turned around and swiftly walked away. Leaving a very shell-shocked Gryffindor Chaser behind.




Lily was laughing that big bright beautiful laugh, almost leaning over onto her side on the bench where they both sat. Emerald green eyes twinkled with tears and that red hair almost seemed to catch fire as the sun hit it just right.

Severus has never wanted to strangle his best friend more before in his life.

He brushed his hair aside, ignoring how he could feel the burning blush that had spread all the way to the tips of his ears.

“Lily, if you could please manage to restrain yourself.”

“I-I’m sorry Sev I just-“ She started laughing again even as she righted herself on the bench, “I just… you told James Potter, that you wanted to have his babies?!”

Severus sighed, “Must you make me relive my torment over and over again?”

Lily was still trying to compose herself. Severus sighed again, at that point his face must be as red as a tomato.

He hadn’t wanted to do what he did. He just didn’t have a choice.

It was a dare.

A dare he had to do after losing a bet to Avery of all people.

Avery bet him that he’d be able to get an Outstanding on his next potions essay, this time without any of Severus help. They’d been fighting and arguing over potions again, since Avery wanted Severus to do his essay for him and Severus decided to charge him ten galleons for it. Avery whined about it being too much. Severus just rolled his eyes and told him that his skills didn’t come cheap.

They bickered and fought until Avery eventually announced that he didn’t really need any of Snape’s help anyway and he’d very easily be able to do the assignment himself. Which is when Severus reminded him of his last essay and how he’d failed abysmally because he didn’t have Severus’ help.

That’s when the bet was made.

If Avery got an Outstanding on his essay then Snape would have to do whatever dare the other came up with. But if he didn’t then he’d just give Snape the ten galleons and never question him on his pricing ever again.

It seemed like a good deal. It seemed like easy money. After all Avery had no potions skills to speak of and was only taking Advanced Potions because his parents were making him. He was sure that there was no way he was going to lose. So sure in fact that he even agreed to making it a wizard’s challenge, having Rosier cast the spell on them binding them both to their agreement. Meaning that anyone that tried to weasel out of the bet would suffer a very sudden and untimely death.

Severus had been so sure.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t counted on Regulus helping Avery with his essay, under the guise of impressing Severus with his own potions prowess.

He really should have thought of that before accepting the challenge. The moment Avery waved the marked paper in front of his face Severus had felt his heart drop right into his stomach and started praying to every deity in existence that Avery’s dare wouldn’t be anything too traumatising or something that could lead to his death.

To his surprise Avery wasn’t planning on making him do anything dangerous, just something that would embarrass Severus within an inch of his life.

Which is how Severus ended up telling James bloody Potter than he wanted to have his demon spawn.

It might not have been so bad if all Avery had wanted him to say was that he wanted the idiot Gryffindor to impregnate him. But no, of course that’s not all Avery wanted him to do. Avery practically gave him a script of all the things that he had to say to Potter and then included an obligatory kiss that needed to be given at some point during this supposed confession.

Severus had wanted to back out, even offering to just give Avery the ten galleons instead but the other wouldn’t hear of it and besides, he couldn’t very well welch out on a wizard’s challenge. Severus didn’t want to suffer any horrible humiliation but he didn’t want to die over something so stupid either. So he went looking for Potter, cornered him when he was alone and… confessed.

It had been one of the most excruciating experiences of his life made only slightly better by Potter’s reaction.

Really that look of shock and horror was enough to feed his amusement for months to come. Its just too bad that he had to do something so utterly embarrassing to see it.

“So, O.K,” Lily seemed to finally catch her breath, “So you told him you wanted to have his babies and that you wanted to marry him and then…” She let out a sigh, “What did he say?”

“Nothing. The idiot looked like he’d just seen a demon rise out of the pits of hell, just gaped like a fish out of water.” Severus said and Lily grinned.

“Was this before or after you told him that you wanted him to shag you silly?”

“Oh stop that!” Severus hissed and Lily giggled as she moved a bit closer to him.

“Merlin I wish I’d been there to see it. I can just imagine his face.” She then looked over to her friend, “I don’t suppose you could let me have a little peek at the memory-“

“Absolutely not. The less people bear witness to my humiliation the better.” Severus let out a sigh. Besides he already handed the memory over to Avery. He didn’t want anymore copies of the incident floating around. “I can only imagine what Potter and his morons are plotting right now in revenge.”

“You think he knows it was a dare?”

“Of course he does, what other reason could I possibly have for saying something so utterly horrifying to him?”

“I suppose you’re right.” Lily said as she sat up a bit, “It would’ve been nice to see him squirming a bit though. Can you imagine how he’d react if he thought you actually fancied him?”

Severus scoffed, “He’d make my life a living nightmare for daring to think that I was worthy of even licking his feet.”

Lily cringed before looking up at him again, “If he tries anything, you’ll tell the headmaster, won’t you?”

“It wouldn’t help even if I did Lily. He lets those trolls get away with just about anything you know that.” Severus shook his head, “Really, I should’ve never agreed to this stupid dare.”

“Hey, it’ll be alright.” Lily said reaching out to take his hand, “If Potter tries anything then you and I will deal with him ourselves. Merlin knows it’s about time someone put that arrogant toe-rag in his place.”

Severus gave her a soft smile, “Thank you Lily, but I don’t want you getting into trouble.” He let out another sigh, “Hopefully whatever he has planned won’t be too bad. If I can just get through the rest of the year in relative peace, I’ll be happy.”




The door opened and James stepped inside before shutting it behind him again. Letting out a heavy sigh the auror took off his cloak and hung it up on one of the coat hangers by the door.

“I’m home!”

“Dad!” A voice immediately cried out in response and James didn’t have to wait long before a small child came around the corner and ran right at him. He crouched down to pick up the girl and smiled when she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“There’s my little Hellion. Did you miss me?” James said pressing a kiss against her cheek instantly making the girl beam. She had pale skin, bright hazel eyes and pitch-black bone straight hair going down her back. James couldn’t help but smile as he started making his way down the hall towards the kitchen.


“What did you get up to today?”

“I helped Mum in the garden.”

“Did you?”

“Yeah, Mum wanted to make sleep potion and pepper up but snails got into one of the bushes.”

“Well, that’s too bad.”

“It was really gross too Dad, Mum had to use a really smelly potion to get rid of them.” She said with her nose wrinkling adorably for a brief moment before she just as suddenly beamed, “Oh and Adam sent a letter from school. Mum said he said he’s coming home for Easter break.”

“That’s great news.”

“Dad, when can I start going to Hogwarts?”

“You just have to wait a few more years that’s all.” James said pressing another kiss against her temple, “You know I bet you’ll be an even better quidditch player than your brother.”

“I don’t want to play quidditch.”


She shook her head, “No.”

“But you’re so fast. I’m sure you’d be an excellent player.”

Her lips pursed together, “You think so Dad?”

“Of course I-“

“James, stop corrupting my child with your quidditch dreams.” A voice called out and James sighed just as he made the next turn to walk right into the kitchen where a tall raven stood beside the stove, watching one pot while stirring the other.

Long raven hair went down the man’s back, pale skin was flushed from the heat rising up from the stove and those dark onyx eyes seemed to glance up at him in annoyance.

“I’m just saying Sev, Helen would be a champion chaser if she really wanted to be.” James said setting the girl down to walk around the stove  in the middle of the room and wrapped his arms around Severus’ waist letting his hands rest on the round bump protruding from his stomach and letting his chin rest on the raven’s shoulder.

Severus rolled his eyes, “Helen, do you like quidditch?”

The girl paused before shaking her head, “No.”

“There’s your answer.”

James clicked his tongue, “Betrayed by my own child.”

Severus scoffed, “Helen go upstairs and get your room tidy before dinner. You’re going to bed early tonight remember.”

“Yes Mum.” The girl said without argument and turned around to run upstairs. James scoffed.

“She’s much too well behaved when you’re around.”

“That’s because I don’t keep her hopped up on sugar for five ours out of every day.”

“She loves sugar quills, you know that. You don’t expect me to deny my child something she wants do you?”

“No, but I do expect you to take her to the healer for her dental appointment tomorrow.”

James cringed, “I stuck my foot in it with that one, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did.” Severus said as he finally stopped stirring and shut the pot before turning around and pressing a kiss on the other’s lips, lingering for a moment before pulling back.

“How was work?” Severus asked as he took James hand and started leading him out of the kitchen towards the living room connected to the kitchen. James shrugged.

“Arrested Rosier today.”


“And we should be closing in on Malfoy soon.”

“Also good.”

“Voldemort will be history as well.” James said as Severus led him over to the couch and sat him down before sitting down beside him, curling into the auror’s side.

“That’s wonderful James.”

“Really? I know that some of them used to be your friends and-“ James was cut off when Severus leaned up and gave him a soft kiss, lifting a hand to cup the side of the other’s face.

“I was a fool James, I didn’t realise how terrible they were until you showed me how wrong I was. You’re the only one I’ll ever need.”

James swallowed hard, “Do you really mean that Severus?”

“Of course, I love you James. I’ve always loved you and I always will.”

“Oh Severus.” James said before he moved forward to lock their lips in a deep kiss, urging the raven back while being careful of his bump. Severus let James enter his mouth, moaning softly as the aurors hands ran all along his sides. He buried his hands in James’ hair, wrapping his legs around his husband’s waist when-


James was breathing hard, “What about Helen?”

“She’s still in her room, she’ll be tidying up for a while.” Severus said before leaning up to press a kiss against James’ jaw and then his neck-

“Please James, I need you so badly.”

“What do you want Severus?”

“I want you.”

James moved down and kissed his husband again, quickly banishing their clothes with a wave of his hand and earning a gasp as Severus reached out to pull him close. Before James broke the kiss to turn him over onto his side, a quickly muttered lubrication spell and he moved in behind Severus. Slowly kissing along his shoulders and neck while his hands went around to the front, one hand grasping and teasing the raven’s now slightly more developed chest while the other caressed his baby bump before moving down to wrap around Severus’ length.

“James.” Severus whined, letting his head fall against the auror’s shoulder as James started stroking, he kept moving back grinding his ass against James’ hardened length and earning a low growl of approval as James started nipping at the raven’s throat. Lifting a hand to tangle into James’s chaotic curls Severus whispered.

“James please, I need you now.” Severus begged and James let out a shuddering sigh as he pulled back as much as the couch would allow, removing his hand from Severus’ leaking member to brace against his hip and positioned himself at the raven’s entrance before slowly sliding inside.

“Ah.” Severus said breathlessly, his eyes slipping shut as he slowly took in every inch of James’ cock until he was buried to the hilt. James was breathing hard, resisting the insatiable urge to move as the Severus’ tight heat practically seared around his length.


“Yes Severus.”

He’d turned his head back as far as he could so he could look into James’ eyes. James felt his heart melt at the unbridled affection he could seem glowing in those dark onyx eyes now even darker with lust. “I love you.”

James joined their lips in a kiss and immediately started moving. Severus moaned into his mouth, keeping their lips locked together despite the awkward angle and James kept thrusting in and out, every moan from his husband’s throat driving him mad with lust as he started moving harder and faster until Severus broke the kiss to gasp, his hand tightening in James’ hair.

“James. James. Oh Merlin yes.”

Severus was moving back against him, almost seeming to try and follow the cock that kept pulling out before returning, static waves of pleasure washing over them, causing their magic to snap and lash out at the objects in the room as it tangled together before breaking apart with every movement of their bodies.

“James.” Severus whined and James knew he was close he could feel it in his own body as well. He suddenly pulled out of his lover’s body causing Severus to let out a sharp gasp before pushing Severus back onto his back and lifting his hips to thrust right back in again.

“Ah!” Severus cried out, James didn’t even pause as he immediately started moving again, his head bowed down low over the raven’s chest as he took Severus’ left nipple into his mouth and started sucking, moaning as he could taste the breast milk trickle into his mouth from his lovers body tasting like the sweetest nectar against his tongue. Severus’ hands buried themselves into James’ hair all over again urging him on as his head tilted back and his mouth fell open, letting out one breathless gasp after the other before James moved on to the other nipple as well.

“James!” Severus cried out one more time as he came, spurting ribbons of white against James’ stomach. James tensed, his body shuddering as the raven’s heat tightened around him and he came as well. The warring magic around them finally snapping together to wrap them in a blanket of warmth. James moved up and kissed Severus again. Severus moaned, tiredly wrapping his arms around James’ neck as James gave one last final thrust and stilled above him.

He opened his eyes and looked into those onyx eyes blown wide with lust. Severus smiled softly at him and then-

“You’re a perverse and twisted bastard Potter.”


James gasped, sitting up in his bed. He was breathing hard as he dragged a hand through his hair and looked around the room. It was dark, he’s at Hogwarts, in their dorm. The other marauders were still fast asleep.

Letting out a sigh James fell back on the bed, trying to collect his thoughts only to stop and cringe at the wetness he could feel in his pyjama bottoms.

“What the hell?!”

He whispered before he quickly pushed himself back up again and hurried into the bathroom to get himself cleaned up.




Three days and James Potter was avoiding him.

He didn’t realise it at first.

After all, there were days when the marauders just left him alone. Plus the only classes he really shared with Potter were Transfiguration, Charms and Potions. So not having to deal with them for one or two days wasn’t all that odd. It wouldn’t be till three days later that he would realise that Potter was avoiding him.

They were between classes, Severus was walking down the hall when Lily suddenly stopped him to ask him something about their next Arithmancy class. The marauders came down the hall and Severus braced for impact. They usually tried to start something with him whenever they saw him talking to the redheaded girl. Potter would throw insults at him, Black would do the same until things escalated and Severus either ended up in the hospital wing or in the headmaster’s office.

He braced for what was surely coming next, only to be completely surprised when Potter walked right by him, seeming to try and do everything in his power to avoid looking at anything in the Slytherin’s direction. Black was very clearly surprised by Potter’s behaviour as he pointed at Severus and Lily who were standing at the side of the hall. Lupin seemed to look back curiously at them before looking back at James and Pettigrew frowned even as he followed behind them.

“That’s different.” Lily said once they were out of earshot, “I was sure the toad would try and do something like always.”

Severus just shrugged it off, “I’m just glad that I won’t have to deal with him for today.”

Lily’s lips pursed together in thought, “You don’t suppose, this has something to do with the dare you did, do you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, maybe you shocked him so badly that he’s terrified of going near you now.” Lily smirked, “Maybe he’s afraid you might actually try to shag him this time.”

Severus cringed, “Well he doesn’t have to worry about that. I’d rather shag a hippogriff.”

Lily scoffed before she just went back to discussing their homework.

After thinking about it for a bit, Severus realised that Lily might have been right. Maybe the little incident had injected a little fear into the big-headed twat. But if that’s true then…

Then Severus should have thought of this ages ago.

As Severus made his way from the dungeons up to the astronomy tower, he couldn’t help but think of all the nonsense he could have avoided if he’d pulled this little trick earlier.

Potter must be an absolute prude if something like that is enough to unsettle him.

Severus was still trapped in his own musings when he was suddenly grabbed and shoved hard against the nearest wall.

“Ah.” A soft gasp left his throat and he looked up to see-

“Black.” Severus glared at the Gryffindor that had him pinned against the wall as he glared at the Slytherin and his lips pulled back into a sneer.

“What did you do to James?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t play games with me you greasy bastard! I know you did something. He’s been weird for days and now he’s suddenly avoiding you. Now what did you do?!”

Severus paused when he realised what was going on and he couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“He didn’t tell you?”

Black’s glare got darker, “So you did do something. Out with it Snape! Before I crush that oversized nose of yours into the wall.”

Potter didn’t tell his friends about what happened. How interesting.

“If you want to know what happened so badly then why don’t you just ask him yourself? He’s your best mate, isn’t he?”


“He won’t tell you, will he?” Severus scoffed, “Gryffindors, all that self-righteous crowing about friendship and honour and yet none of you brainless twits seem to know anything about either one.”

Black pulled him forward before slamming him back into the wall, Severus’ head ached ever so softly and he was grateful that he hadn’t his head too hard.

“Don’t try my patience Snape.”

“Or what, you’ll send your pet werewolf after me again? You’re awfully eager to turn your friend into a murderer, aren’t you?”

Black tensed, “Shut up.” The hands on Severus arms were tightening, it would surely leave bruises later. Severus lamented silently.

Really, he’s surprised Black hasn’t tried to just beat the truth out of him by now. That was usually his style. He usually failed at insults so he’d try using magic and when that didn’t work he’d resort to the muggle way of fighting, using his bare hands. Avery and Malfoy liked to joke about it, how Black was barely human with behaviour bordering on that of a deranged mutt. Severus would laugh along, but usually he’d just keep to himself. Regulus would usually be in the room and he didn’t like hurting the younger man’s feelings.

Regulus told him once, about the madness that sometimes runs through the Black family lines. He’d talk about it anytime Severus came back to the dungeons sporting a black eye or a new bruise, just knowing his brother was the cause of it. Regulus would insist on helping Severus tend to his wounds, saying that the Black blood was clearly flowing through Sirius’ veins even if he tried so desperately hard to deny it.

“He’s a sadist, he’s so similar to Mum sometimes… but somehow he doesn’t notice it.”

Severus never said anything to that. He liked Regulus. Regulus was sweet and kind despite his family and despite being a Slytherin. Though he had been somewhat annoyed in the earlier days when the younger wizard would follow him around because of Lucius’ influence, he found that he enjoyed Regulus company now that he didn’t carry such a strong sense of hero worship around Severus.

But he never said anything to Regulus in those times. Never acknowledged that the mutt really did come off like a sadist. There’s no point in rubbing salt in his wounds. Thinking back on it, he can almost remember Regulus mentioning the fact that Potter’s mother used to be a Black. Black family madness wreaking havoc in the egotistical oaf would actually explain a lot.

The grip on his arms tightened again, Severus visibly winched and then he saw it-

That gleam in Black’s eyes just when he let out that soft noise of pain, that edge of fascination before his grip tightened even more.

A sadist. Someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others.

“Tell me what you did to James. Or else.”

Severus had to consciously stop the smirk from spreading across his lips. This is something he would normally never do with any of the marauders. But he’s already kissed Potter and gave a horrifying confession as well. What’s one more big-headed self-centred berk?

He looked up, staring right into those darkened stormy grey eyes and let out a soft gasp.


The Gryffindor tensed visibly at the use of his name.

“Do you really want to know what I told him?” His voice dropped to a whisper, his body going lax in the other’s grip. Black frowned.

“I told him that I want you, badly.”


“I want you Sirius.”

Black blinked and then immediately let go as he took a step back, “What the hell are you talking about?!”

“No!” Severus cried out as he moved forward, “Don’t stop, I want you to hurt me.”

“You want-“ the Animagus stumbled back until his back hit the wall. He blinked again when he felt the impact only to stop when Severus came close, right up against him.

“I want you to hurt me Sirius. I want you to punish me.”

Stormy grey eyes went wide with shock, his mouth opening and closing a few times before he seemed to quickly collect himself and glared.

“You’re sick! You twisted disgusting freak! Get the hell away from me!” Black said with a dark glare as he grabbed a hold of  Severus’ arms to shove him back hard and he landed on the ground with a hard thump. Severus could feel the flush burning deep and right up to his hair. It was a flush of embarrassment at his own behaviour, but Severus figured… while it’s there it might as well be useful.

“Aha.” He gasped out, bracing his hands on the floor as he looked up at the Animagus through his hair, biting his lip for added effect. “I love it when you’re rough with me.”

Black flushed, staring at the Slytherin on the ground with wide horrified eyes. He didn’t even realise that his heart was racing in his chest, he barely realised that he was taking heavy panting breaths.

Without even thinking about it, he moved to grab a hold of the Slytherin’s robes and shoved him back against the wall all over again.

Severus yelped in pain. Alright that one hurt a little more. But he didn’t drop the bit as Black’s hands clenched in his robes and he came up mere inches away from the Slytherin’s face.

“You revolting, pathetic slag. You think I’d ever want a repulsive greasy evil whore like you.” Black growled low in his throat, “I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing but-“

“Yes, I’m a whore, your whore. Punish me more, Sirius.” Severus whispered before he quickly leaned forward and kissed the Animagus right on the lips. Black’s eyes widened to comical proportions, until Severus let out the most scandalous moan and he quickly stepped back and dropped the raven like was covered in fire.

His breathing was even harder than before, his eyes blown impossibly wide and his hands hanging loosely at his sides. Severus looked up at him and almost whined-

“Sirius… please.”

The Gryffindor started to back away, not letting his eyes wander for even a second until he suddenly turned around and ran leaving the Slytherin behind as he bolted from the dungeons.

Severus smirked resisting the urge to let his lips split into a full-blown grin as he slowly picked himself up and dusted off his robes.

If Black is anything like Potter then that should keep him quiet for a while.




Just like with Potter, he told Lily about what happened with Black when she came to see him in the astronomy tower later on.

The girl had gone into a giggle fit and Severus laughed with her a bit as well until she eventually asked.

“You told him you wanted him to punish you and then he ran?”

“Like a dementor was chasing after him.”

Lily grinned, “That’s ridiculous.”

“I’m aware.”

“Who would’ve thought.” She said leaning back against the wall as she watched Severus flip the page on his book and her head gave a tilt, “You realise that you may have just traumatised him for life, don’t you?”

“Black was a mess long before I even glanced in his direction.”

“No I mean, him and Potter. They’re always doing stupid pranks and trying to hurt you, now he can’t possibly do that anymore. You’ve scarred him for life.”

Severus frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Sev, they’re always pranking you and picking fights with you. But if he thinks that you actually like it, he’ll have to stop. If he keeps trying to hurt you, it’ll look like he’s trying to enable your perversion.” She said with a smirk as she moved over to sit beside him, “You like it. He knows you like it. So now, if he even thinks about touching you it’ll be like he’s trying to get you off.”

“Lily.” Severus scolded lightly before he scoffed, “He’d be sorely mistaken in that regard.”

“Well he doesn’t know that does he? What if he actually thinks you like it?”

“Knowing Black, he’d just try to use this information to humiliate me in front of the whole school. It was just shock, eventually he’ll come back rearing his enormous head, enraged that I managed to trick him for even a second.”

“At least for now Potter seems to be avoiding you.” Lily sighed, “It’s too bad I can’t use the same trick to get him to leave me alone.”

“I’m quite sure you proclaiming a desire to carry his offspring, would undoubtedly have the opposite effect of repulsion.”

“You’re so lucky Sev.” She teased and Severus couldn’t help but laugh.




A quiet apartment in the middle of London.

Sirius took in a deep breath before slowly letting it out before he opened the solid oak door in front of him. The room inside was quite large. The walls were red. There was a king sized four poster bed back against the furthest wall covered in black silk sheets, the floor was covered in warm light brown carpet and there were three large oak dressers to the left side of the room. However, Sirius’ attention immediately fell on the raven-haired man sitting on his knees on the floor in the middle of the room, completely naked.

Sirius smirked as he stepped inside and shut the door behind him.

“Hello pet.”

Severus didn’t look up at him, that long raven hair falling around his face as he sat completely still even as he answered.

“Hello master Sirius.”

Sirius walked over and stopped by the raven’s side lifting his hand to rest on top of his head to softly pet and tangle in those silky raven locks. Severus immediately let out a sigh, leaning a little further into Sirius’ touch.


“Have you been good Severus?”

Severus let out another sigh and shook his head, “No, master.”

Sirius’ hand then suddenly clenched, gripping those inky locks tightly. Severus winched but didn’t try to remove the hand from his hair.

“You’ve disobeyed me?”

“Yes master.”

“What should I do about it?”


Severus yelped when the hand in his hair dragged him up to his feet and he reached out to brace his hands on Sirius’ shoulders.

“What do you deserve Severus?”

“Punishment.” Severus croaked out even as his hands clenched against Sirius’ arms.

“For what?”

“For letting other’s touch what’s yours.”

“And who are those others Severus?”

“Regulu-“ Severus gasped when Sirius yanked him closer by his hair and those large onyx eyes bore into his own.

“You’re never to speak his name in his room, again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master Sirius.”

Sirius’ other hand came up to cup the side of Severus’ face, his thumb tracing along the raven’s lips, “Now tell me what you want.”

“Punishment, I want you to claim me master.” Severus breathed out and Sirius took in a deep breath.

“Beg me pet.”

“Master Sirius, please punish me.”

Sirius closed the distance between them and locked their lips in a deep kiss, with Severus’ mouth opening in instant submission as he let out a needy moan and wrapped his arms around Sirius’ neck.

Sirius led him backwards towards the bed. Severus went willingly, even more so when Sirius pushed him back hard and he landed with a thump and a bounce on the soft black surface. Sirius took a moment to appreciate  the sight before him. Severus squirmed back against the bed, his face flushed and his eyes darkened eve more with lust, pale skin contrasting beautifully with the black silk sheets beneath him, his raven hair cascading over the sides of his face and around his shoulders.

“Master, please.” He breathed and Sirius felt something in his chest tighten in response. He swallowed hard before he spoke.

“Lie across the bottom of the bed.”

Severus moved without hesitation going to lie across the bottom half of the large bed on his stomach his backside completely exposed.


“Yes master.”

Sirius waved his hand towards the dressers to the side and the top drawer of the first slid open. A long red rope came from the dresser and immediately went t wrap around Severus’ wrists, tying them together. Sirius then braced one knee on the bed to lean over the raven pressing a kiss against Severus’ right shoulder before doing the same with the left.

“You need to learn your lesson Severus.” His hand moved down to caress that unblemished backside and he muttered a lubricating spell. Severus let out a soft gasp just as Sirius’ finger started teasing his hole. “You need to remember that you can’t ever disobey me again.”

“Yes master Sirius. Please punish me, I’ve been so bad.”

Sirius pulled back, Severus visibly shivered as the Animagus’ hand left him. He reached down to the leather belt around his waist, pulled it from the loops. Sirius raised his arm to give one quick lashing at the nearest bedpost. Severus jumped at the sharp sound of the snap that echoed in the room.


“How many pet?”

Severus let out a shuddering sigh. “Five.”


“One for every time I’ve disobeyed you.”

Sirius glared, “Then you’ll get ten.”


Severus was cut off as he let out a sharp cry when the leather belt connected with his skin, meeting his flesh in the most excruciating way.

“Count Severus.”

“One.” He breathed out and Sirius hit him again. “Two… Three.”

A sharp slap echoed in the room after every hit, Sirius watched as marks quickly branded themselves into Severus’ skin. Red welts marking him, claiming him as Sirius’ and only Sirius’. Severus would cry out after every hit, he could see the tears collecting in the raven’s eyes, but he didn’t squirm to move away. Instead his hips seemed to lift up off the bed just a bit, seeming to try and get some distance as his hardened member rubbed against the silk sheets on the bed. Sirius could almost see Severus’ pink hole clenching begging to be filled. His own cock had already hardened painfully, leaking in the confines of his jeans.


Severus moaned out and Sirius stopped when he noticed that the raven had lifted those dark teary eyes to look at him. Drowning in lust as he looked past his bound hands, through the dark hair that fell over his face. Sirius could feel something inside of him snap as he tossed the belt aside and quickly undid his pants and pulled out his aching cock.

“Mater, please one more.”

“You’ll get what I give you.” He growled out as he got onto the bed and sat up pulling Severus onto his lap and impaling him on his cock in one swift movement.


Severus cried out his bound arms falling around Sirius’ neck, but he had no time to breathe as the Animagus bucked up into him eliciting a sharp gasp as his sweet spot was hit.

“Ride me.” Sirius growled, “Show me how much of a whore you are.”

Yet again, Severus instantly obeyed as he moved himself up and down on the other’s cock, giving no attention to his own which was swollen and leaking, bouncing up and down between them.  

“Sirius… Sirius.” He moaned as eh continued to impale himself over and over again. Sirius kept one hand steady on the raven’s waist while the other wrapped around the back of Snape’s neck to pull him forward and lock their lips in a sloppy kiss. He let the hand slip down to Severus’ back to those still stinging welts and Severus whined into his mouth, they could both feel the magic that almost seemed to vibrate between them. Gathering into Sirius’ hand and into the bruises on Severus back. Healing them and turning them into dark marks that slashed across the raven’s back, forever marking Severus as his.

Burning pleasure pulsed between them, radiating through the room through their magic.

Sirius then tangled his hand in Severus’ hair to pull his head back as he hissed, “Who do you belong to?”

“You, only you. I love you Sirius.”

Sirius’ eyes widened and he came. Severus gasped as the Animagus’ essence filled his insides and he came as well. The orgasm crashing over both of them in waves. Severus let his head rest against Sirius’ shoulder, arms wrapped around the Animagus’ neck. Both were breathing hard, Sirius was lazily peppering kisses against the raven’s shoulders and neck when-

“Must you slobber so much you stupid mutt?”


Sirius sat up in his bed with a gasp. Eyes darting around himself widely as he tried to remind himself of where he was and what was actually happening. The room was dark, he was still trying to pull himself together when he heard a gasp come from James’ bed and the hazel eyed wizard almost tumbled from his bed as he was ejected from sleep.

“Bloody hell.”


James head snapped up and he looked at his friend sitting up in his bed with wide eyes.

“You alright mate?”

“I…” James swallowed hard, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine I just uhm. I had a weird dream.” He took a deep breath, “Why are you up?”

“Nightmare. I had a nightmare.” Sirius said quickly only to cringe when he felt the wetness in his pants. “Uhm I should use the bathroom.”

“Right. You do that.” James said just as quickly as he turned around in his bed and faced the wall. Though he clearly wasn’t sleeping, Sirius was grateful. Grateful that James wouldn’t see his unfortunate… situation.




It’s been three more days since Black attacked him in the dungeons. Severus is now quite certain that the marauders are actively avoiding him. Looking away and trying to duck into the nearest hall when they see him coming. The only concerning thing was how Potter and Black would stare at him during meals in the Great Hall sometimes.

But still, they were leaving him alone. That’s all he cared about at the moment.

Ignoring the incidents with Potter and Black he was actually having quite a pleasant week. He managed to make quite a bit of headway with most of his assignments and had even managed to square away some time to work on some of his potions experiments. Also, he’d been able to spend time with Lily without it causing too much trouble. Though some members of his house would sneer and glare from time to time, they never really did anything either and with the marauders avoiding him he didn’t have to worry about talking to his best friend out in the open anymore.

It wasn’t until the fourth day that the marauder problem finally seemed to rear its ugly head.

Ancient Runes had just ended. Severus was taking his time packing up his things while most of the students in class hurried to get as far away from Professor Miller’s classroom as possible. Miller got up to leave as well, probably hurrying off to the staff room. Severus was still packing up his things when a voice spoke up behind him.


Severus tensed but still turned his head to look at the other through his hair, glaring darkly as those blue eyes stared back at him with an awkward smile.

“Lupin.” He said coldly and Lupin seemed to sigh. Severus couldn’t imagine what on earth for. It’s not like things have ever been civil between him or any member of Potter’s little gang.

“I won’t waste your time. I’m just… What happened? With James and Sirius. They’ve been so odd for days and-“

“How is your mates behaving oddly somehow any of my concern?”

Lupin took in a deep breath, “James started being weird. I’m sure you’ve noticed that he’s been avoiding you.” Severus shook his head with a scoff as he finished putting his things in his bag as the werewolf continued, “And I know… Sirius was sure you had something to do with it-“

“Of course he did. Because I am somehow the reason for why anything with your little gang of idiots goes wrong.”

“That’s not…” Lupin’s lips pursed together and he took yet another deep breath. “I know Sirius confronted you about it. He said he would.”

“Did he? And yet you, Lupin the Gryffindor prefect still let him try to confront me even though you know very well what usually happens when one of your bloody mates comes after me.” Lupin tensed and Severus sneered, before he pulled back and he spoke in a bored drawl, “If anything happened to your idiot friends, it’s because you’re too much of a coward to stop them from doing the things that they do.”

Lupin’s eyes widened for a moment and he stepped back, Severus scoffed as he picked up his bag and turned to leave. Only to stop when his arm was grabbed and he was turned back.

“Unhand me Lupin.”

Lupin’s jaw clenched, “Not until you tell me what happened.”

“Oh well isn’t this a bloody surprise. You finally grow a spine, but it’s not to help someone that actually needs it, no its to help your moronic friends dig themselves out of the hole they created. But really, what else should I expect, a mindless beast will always be a mindless beast.” Severus tone dropped, “It’s actually quite fitting then that you’ve aligned yourself with Potter and Black. A tyrant, a sadist and their pet monster. How charming.”

Lupin’s hand clenched against Severus’ arm. Severus blinked when he saw those blue eyes burn amber for a split second.

“Full moon close then is it?” Lupin’s eyes went wide and he immediately let go Severus just smirked, “Oh I bet the demon cur is just itching to get out, begging to come out and finish the job it started all those months ago.”

Lupin stepped back, bumping into one of the desks and Severus just stepped forward.

How about he goes three for three.

“Do you really want to know what I told your little friends Lupin? I’m more than happy to tell you.” He kept moving forward until he had the blonde trapped between himself and the desk behind him. “It was about your furry little problem.”

Lupin frowned, his eyes narrowing slightly as he spoke, “What-what about it?”

“I just find your… ailment interesting that’s all. Almost fascinating.”


Severus’ head fell to the side in a tilt, he closed the distance between them. Lupin almost tried to squirm back against the desk behind him only to freeze and for his eyes to go impossibly wide when Severus kissed him. It was soft, almost teasing as he nipped at the werewolf’s bottom lip but pulled back before he could deepen it.

The blonde had flushed, Severus smirked as he looked up into those blue eyes, trapping them in his own as he whispered.

“Tell me Lupin, have you ever fucked anyone in your werewolf form?”

Lupin blinked and almost gaped, “Of course not! I-“

“Do you want to?”

And just like that Lupin’s mouth snapped shut, Severus bit his lip and leaned over towards the werewolf’s ear and whispered. “You still spend those nights in the shrieking shack right? When’s the next full moon?”

He hoped the implication he was trying to make was clear enough. Lupin seemed to be a little dense sometimes.

Lucky for him it seemed to immediately click as the blonde went as red as a tomato, before he hurriedly squirmed off the table backward and landed with a thump on the floor staring up at Severus with wide eyes.

Severus’ smirk grew. He pulled back and grabbed his bag from where he’d dropped it, before looking over to the wizard experiencing technical difficulties on the class room floor.

Just one more. Just for fun.

What do the other twats call him again?

Shit, he can’t remember.

But he’s read up plenty on werewolves, both before the incident at the shack and afterwards. What’s that word-

“We should definitely have this discussion again, my Alpha.”

And with that he turned around and left the classroom resisting the urge to laugh hysterically since Lupin was still frozen on the bloody floor.




Next time, he and Lily were in potions class. Slughorn was giving a lecture on Amortentia, completely consumed by his own voice as he moved about the classroom and droned on and on. Severus ignored him, as always just making his own notes in his potions textbook when Lily suddenly nudged his side.

He looked up and whispered.


“What did you do to Remus?” She whispered back and Severus frowned.

“What are you talking about?”

“He keeps staring at you with this with this look on his face and when I catch him, he almost sets his own books on fire.”

Severus looked back to the spot where the marauders usually sat in class, about one desk away Lupin sat in his usual spot beside Pettigrew with Potter and Black behind them. The second Severus looked back at the group he got a series of different reactions.

Potter blinked and then flushed and then just looked down to glare at his book. Black swallowed hard before glaring right back at the Slytherin and then simply looking elsewhere, though Severus could tell that he was still stealing glances at him. And Lupin somehow managed to start fumbling with his quill which then turned into fumbling with his ink pot and parchment and book and then suddenly his wand was in the mix as well and…

Lily was right, he did look very close to setting himself on fire.

Severus suppressed a snort before just looking back at his book. “I didn’t do anything to Lupin.”

“Sev-“ Lily cut herself off just as Slughorn walked by them still droning on until he was a safe distance away, “Did you pull the same trick on him that you used with the others?”

Severus let out a soft sigh, “Maybe.”

“Sev!” She hissed before quickly glancing around her to make sure no one noticed. “Why would you-“

“He tried to interrogate me after runes today. Accusing me of having something to do with his mates change in behaviour.”

“You are the reason for their change in behaviour.”

“It’s the fact that he just assumed it was me that left me feeling irritated. Especially since he apparently knew that Black planned to attack me the other day.”

Lily went quiet, her lips pursing in a line for a moment, “Alright, I guess I can understand that much.” She then glanced back at the marauders again, “But what did you do? He can’t keep his eyes off of you.”

Severus sighed. He hadn’t planned on telling Lily since he couldn’t exactly tell her about the werewolf incident, but now that she’s noticed.

“I just… I kissed him and offered to let him shag me that’s all.”

“Really? That’s all?”

“Yes, really. Lupin doesn’t seem to be the type to get a lot of that sort of attention he’s probably just shocked or something.”

“I guess.” Lily then sighed, “You know, it’s a bit sad.”

“What is?”

“I always thought that you and Remus would get on really well. He’s actually quite nice when he isn’t around his friends.”

“Yes well, that’s the problem isn’t it?”

Severus said and Lily shrugged as she made some notes in her own book just as Slughorn walked by again. Severus just kept doing what he was doing before, completely ignoring the eyes that he could feel boring holes into the back of his head.




The loud creak of wood rang out loudly as the beast made its way up the stairs in the old dilapidated shack, a low growl rumbling from its throat while its left-hand tore drag marks into the wall with its sharp claws. Once upstairs, the wolf paused to sniff the air before a pleased growl rumbled from its chest. His mate is near, ready and waiting for him.

Moony followed the scent to the last bedroom in the house shoving the door open to reveal dusty room with a double bed on the other side, covered in torn grey sheets and shredded pillows. In the middle of the mess was a boy, long raven hair falling around his face as he squirmed on the bed wearing nothing more than a white shirt. Dark onyx eyes met Moony’s own bright amber ones and he seemed to let out a shuddering breath as his face flushed.


In an instant the werewolf had crossed the room and was on the bed, crouched over the boy who swallowed hard before he reached up and threaded his hands through the creatures grey fur. He could smell the boy’s desire, almost feel it radiate from his body even as he closed his legs and bit his lip. Moony looked into the wizards eyes and like always there was no fear there. This boy was never afraid, not even of him. but instead of burning hatred and disgust they seemed to warm with deep affection and burning lust.

He moved down to scent his mate, let his nose run along that pale skin on his neck and Severus shuddered leaning into the wolf’s touch as he whispered.

“Please, my alpha.”

Moony moved from the boy’s neck to his mouth. Severus tilted his head back and opened his mouth wide. Moony growled softly opening his maw to slip his tongue inside Severus’ mouth and Severus moaned as he sucked on the appendage wrapping his arms around the werewolf’s back.

A pleased growl left Moony’s throat, that the boy was so willing and desperate to let him defile every part of his body. Even begging him for it. Yes, this is his mate.

He could feel Severus grinding up against his furry body, the wizard’s hardened cock rubbing up against him in desperation even as he sucked and tried to pull the wolf’s tongue deeper into his mouth. Moony forced him back against the bed, Severus gasped only to stop when Moony let out a sharp bark. He looked down, watched with wide eyes as the wolf’s thick pink cock left its sheath. The round bulb of his knot already widening and he quickly turned over onto his hands and knees, lifting his ass up into the air and spreading his legs wide. He even leaned on his head as he reached back with both hands to peel his cheeks apart and expose his pink hole.

“Alpha please.” He whined yet again. Moony didn’t need to be told twice as he moved forward and gave the puckered hole a brief lick. Pleased when it immediately twitched at his attentions before plunging his tongue inside earning a cry from the raven who moved back a bit to try and get more.


The rough tongue inside of him moved and swirled, licking the wizard’s cavity and slobbering saliva that ran down Severus’ thighs. Severus moaned deeply still moving back to follow that tongue that made tingles dance all along his spine.

“Moony. Oh yes, please more.” He begged and Moony could feel Severus’ hole clench around his tongue. His own cock demanding attention so he pulled his tongue from the hole and then positioned himself over the wizard, his furry chest covering the raven’s back like a heated blanket as he braced his paws against the wall and moved his cock to Severus’ entrance.

Impatiently Severus almost reached out to get it into him faster but a sharp snarl from Moony stopped him short.

“Please Alpha.”

One attempt then two, on the third he managed to guide himself to Severus’ hole and immediately pushed in. There was no wait, no pause as the beast started rutting into the human and Severus had to brace both his arms on the bed to stop himself from slamming into the wall as the werewolf hammered into him over and over again. Growling and keening. Moony watched as the wizard’s body rocked beneath him, listened as his cries bounced off the walls of the shack as his hair moved from side to side and the way his cock disappeared into Severus with every hard thrust.

He started moving harder, trying to go deeper, Severus’ arms almost seemed to collapse beneath him as he came. Moony could smell his essence spill on the stained sheets, smell his orgasm as the smell of their sex filled the room. The wizard’s heat tightened around him, that only urged him on as he kept up that same brutal pace. Still growling into the walls of the shack.

“Moony, alpha, oh merlin…” He moaned, tired strings of pleasure surely dragging through him as the werewolf just kept going and going and Moony felt his pleasure build and build as Severus had to fight to keep himself up, letting out breathless pants. His knot formed and he gave one last thrust into the raven almost knocking him over as the round bulge slowly moved and lodged itself deeply into the wizard.

Severus let out another sharp cry, coming for the second time that night and Moony lifted his head to howl at the moon. A proclamation of his claim, a cry to let all others know that Severus Snape was his.

Severus collapsed against the bed. Letting out heavy pants Moony moved down with him as they’re body was still connected by the knot. The raven was still trying to catch his breath as the wolf rutted into him yet again, he gasped, his abused prostate now rubbing fully against Moony’s knot.

“Alpha…” he croaked in slight pain, but Moony didn’t stop, his furred arm wrapping around Severus’ chest to pull him back against the wolf as he continued to rut against him. Aching pleasure throbbed through the both of them, Severus’ hand went down to grasp hold of Moony’s and clenched as he just kept rutting working the knot until it eventually released and Severus gasped one last time as the wolf’s essence not only filled him but spilled out all along the sides of his hole.

It was then that Moony started to transform, letting out a deep moan as he continued to spill into the wizard and his body changed around them until Remus was left behind.

The blonde wrapped his arms tighter around Severus, pressing a kiss against his neck. Severus let out a quiet sigh, “Remus?”

“Yes, Severus?”

“I love you, my alpha.”

Remus couldn’t help but beam as he turned Severus’ head back to lock their lips into a kiss, before pulling back and just holding the raven against him again.

“Ever the disgusting beast, aren’t you?”


Remus sat up in his bed. Gasping and confused only to stop when he heard a gasp come from Sirius’ bed and then a yelp from James’ bed. Peter was still asleep.

“Not again.”

Remus looked over to James, swallowing hard before he spoke.

“James, what’s wrong?”

James looked up and flushed. “Nothing, I just… I need the bathroom.” He said quickly tumbling from the bed and racing to the bathroom. Sirius was still on his bed his hands over his face.

“Sirius, are you alright?”

“Of course.” He said quickly before lying back down and turning to face the other way, “Night Moony.”

“Good night.”

Remus just fell back on his bed rubbing a hand over his face as he lay back. James came back and got onto his bed a bit later. Remus took the moment to get himself cleaned up before returning. He would hear Padfoot get up a few minutes later as well. It was quiet for the rest of the night. Quiet despite the fact that none of them was able to sleep. Just staring up at the walls and the canopy’s over their beds.

They couldn’t… It… It was…

Who really needs sleep anyway?




“You kissed my brother?!”

They were in Severus’ room. During dinner, Regulus had asked Severus to help him with his Charms essay. Nothing too intensive, he just wanted the older wizard to check and make sure that there weren’t any mistakes.

Regulus had looked a bit nervous at the time so Severus quickly realised that he probably just wanted an excuse to talk to him about something. It would later when they were sitting on Severus’ bed that Regulus would try to apologize for the situation with Avery. Severus tried to put his mind at ease, saying that it was fine and that he’d barely even thought about the whole confession thing since he did it. Even if Avery was constantly waving the little vial with the memory of the incident in his face whenever the mood took him.

That’s when Regulus took out the very same vial and gave it to Severus. He managed to sneak it away from the older teen and swap it out with an old one that he found in Slughorn’s stores. Severus had been relieved. So relieved in fact, that as they sat on his bed talking he ended up telling Regulus about the incidents with the other marauders. Regulus proved he was trustworthy so he wasn’t worried about him telling anyone else in their house about it.

He just hadn’t anticipated that the younger man would be so upset about it.


“I mean, Potter I can understand. Avery was forcing you to do that but Sirius?! Really Severus?!” Regulus had gotten up and started pacing Severus let out a sigh.

“I was just trying to get rid of him.”

“By kissing him?!”

“It worked didn’t it? It’s been days and I haven’t had to deal with Potter or any of his curs. Honestly, if I knew that this was all it took I would’ve done it years ago.” Severus started as he started reading over the essay again. Regulus huffed out a sigh of frustration.

“Don’t joke like that Severus.”

Severus rolled his eyes, “Regulus, I’m not even sure why you’re so upset.”

“You kissed Sirius!”

“Just to get rid of him and it worked.” Severus drawled out looking up at the younger man. “I would’ve thought you’d be happy to find out that he wasn’t bothering me.”

“I-I am… I would be… But not like this.” He sighed before moving back to sit on the bed and Severus’ head gave a tilt.

“Why do I suddenly feel like this is about more than just your brother?”

Regulus didn’t respond, Severus shook his head, “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t plan on letting the mutt or his friends come anywhere near me ever again.”

“It does actually.” Regulus said softly Severus let out a snort. Regulus then paused, watching as the other kept reading the parchment in his hands, “How did you manage to kiss him?”

“I already told you.”

“You said you were arguing. I feel like he would’ve left a few marks on you before you could get the chance to kiss him.”

Severus stopped, sighed and then looked up at the other, “Do you remember what you told me? About your brother having some violent tendencies?”

“You mean how the git is a sadist? What about-“ Regulus stopped himself short and he gaped, “No…”

“Regulus, don’t be dramatic.”

“So what, you offered yourself up as his personal plaything or something?!”

“Well, not in so many words but-“


“It worked didn’t it? Ever since, he’s been avoiding him like the plague. Lily thinks I might’ve traumatised him.”

“And you told her before you told me?!”


“You told Potter you wanted to have his spawn. That I could forgive but then you tell Sirius you want to be his… pet?! What did you say to Lupin?”

Severus let out a deep breath, “Nothing interesting, I just offered to let him shag me and it scared him into a coma.”


“Regulus calm down.”

“No, I will not calm down!”


Before Severus could finish his sentence, the younger wizard moved over the bed and kissed him. he was so surprised that he fell back against the bed at his urgings and stared back at Regulus in shock. The kiss broke several seconds later, with Regulus’ hands on either side of Severus’ head.

“Regulus, what do you think you’re doing?”

“What I should’ve done before Sirius could first.”

Severus blinked, “What?”

“I-I love you Sev. I always have.”

The raven tensed, “Regulus-“

“That’s why I hate the fact that I ended up helping Potter and Sirius and bloody Lupin to get to you first. I should’ve never let Avery trick me into helping him.” Regulus started locking those endless pools of onyx with bright stormy grey, “I wanted to be the only one you’ve kissed, the only one that’s ever touched you. It took me ages to accept that I wouldn’t be the first, it took me ages to get over the fact that Rosier had you first. But it absolutely kills me that Sirius got close enough for even a kiss.”

“Regulus, I don’t-“ he said trying to sit up only to stop when the younger man forced him back on the bed.

“No, let me finish. I want you to have my children.”


“I want us to move in together after graduation and I want us to get married some day and we’ll have three kids and they’ll all either go to Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, none of them will set foot in Hogwarts. And I want to help you open your own apocathery, and travel the world together. I want to grow old with you Severus.”

Severus just looked up at the younger man who looked entirely too sincere considering what he just said.

“What about your mother?”

“She won’t matter, as long as we’re together, then nothing else matters.”

Severus let out a sigh and looked away, “Did Avery put you up to this?”

“No, I’m not doing this because of any stupid dare. I’m doing this because I love you Severus and I’m tired of you now knowing that.”

Severus covered his face with his hands, “Salazar-“

“I don’t need you to say it back to me right now Sev. All I want is a chance.” Regulus said taking the other’s hands and moving his wrists back against the bed. “Do you want to give me a chance? Severus.”

He let out a huff, “Do I have a choice?”

“Of course, I’d never try to make you do something you didn’t want.”

“If I say no, what happens?”

“Then I’ll leave you alone.”

“And if I say yes?”

Regulus started to smile, “I’ll make sure you never regret it.”

“I suppose.” Severus started swallowing hard, “I could let you try, but-“

He was cut off yet again when Regulus kissed him, hands going up cup the raven’s face and he couldn’t help but let out a moan at the soft kiss. He lifted his own hands to tangle into Regulus’ locks and almost smiled when the younger man moved so he was straddling his legs and he could feel a rather… suspicious bulge in his trousers. Regulus broke the kiss and Severus let out a soft breath before arching a brow as his eyes darted down between them.

“I refuse to believe that you’re already that happy.”

Regulus flushed as he looked down as well before giving a shrug, “That’s normal, I always get like this when I’m around you.”

Severus paused, “Really, always?”

“Remember when we were studying in the common room together last week, and I decide to stay up a bit longer? I couldn’t exactly get up in front of you like that.”

“Oh dear Merlin.”

“You know Sev, since you weren’t too bothered by my brother’s… aggression-“


“No, I was just thinking,” Severus watched as Regulus took hold of each of his wrists and pinned them to the bed, “I mean, we could experiment a little I think.”

Severus arched a brow, “You’re a sadist as well.”

“No, not a sadist. I’d never want to hurt you Severus, but there are things we could do that would be fun for both of us.”

“Like what?”

Regulus muttered a spell and Severus blinked when ropes seemed to come out of nowhere and wrap around each of his wrists before attaching to the bed. He looked at the younger man with wide eyes.

“No…” Regulus moved down lower and started to undo his robes.

“For now, I think I would be best to let you take a peak at what’s been going on in my head since we first met.”





The next morning, the marauders were quiet, even as the rest of Gryffindor went on noisily around them.

James was picking at the muffin on his plate, not even eating it, just pulling off chunks and tossing it on the porcelain surface beneath it. Sirius was stabbing at his bacon and toast like it had done him personal wrong while he kept his eyes fixed on the Slytherin table across the room. Moony was stirring his oats, occasionally peaking up at Slytherin every now and then as well. All of them looked tired, with even James sporting some circles beneath his eyes. Peter was concerned.  The marauders had all been weird for days and for the life of him he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

The obvious answer was that this must have something to do with Snape. After all this all started because James was suddenly avoiding Snape. Sirius said he was going to confront the greasy git, only for him to come back all weird as well, and Remus has been unusually quiet, barely saying more than two words at a time and that’s only if someone asked him something first and this after he said he’d try talking to Snivellus as well.

Now the marauders are all avoiding Snape and acting weird.

It was all very odd. Peter even considered the option of going to Snape to figure out what was happening himself. But he couldn’t do that. Snape terrified him, he wouldn’t be able to get two words out before running for cover.

The portly boy let out a sigh. Maybe he could just wait it out. After a few more days the marauders would be back to their normal selves. Plus the full moon is coming up soon. That ought to put them all back into better spirits.

It was just then that Moony’s head snapped up and he sniffed the air with a frown pulling at his lips. Peter frowned as well, following the werewolf’s gaze over to the door of the Great hall and then, seconds later Snape walked in with Sirius’ brother Regulus.

They seemed to be talking about something. With Snape brushing his hair behind his ear and Regulus beaming at the older teen the way he usually did. Peter might’ve ignored the sight if Remus didn’t suddenly let out a low growl, his eyes flashing amber gold as he glared at the two. He was about to ask when he noticed that James and Sirius were glaring at them as well. James crushed the muffin in his hand into mush and Sirius stabbed at his plate so hard the fork broke the porcelain in half.

Peter blinked, “Guys?”

Just then he heard Lily Evans speak a few seats away.

“Sev?” and then she started giggling along with some of her friends.

Peter looked over to the Slytherin table, craning his neck a bit to see passed the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws only to stop and stare in shock. Regulus had reached over to the back of Snape’s head, keeping him steady to lock their lips in a kiss while Snape blushed.

“Godric. When did those two-start getting on?” he couldn’t help but ask and looked over to his friends only to regret it.

All three of them were glaring at Snape, none of them were looking away.