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Meeting The Boyfriend

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It had been a year since Zack had been released from the asylum. After he had gotten out, he had moved in with his Mother and Father, who had moved closer to visit him while he was in there. That was until around three months ago when he moved in with the guy that he was dating.

She and Jack haven’t met him yet. That is until tonight, Zack and his boyfriend, Spencer Reid, had invited them to their apartment for dinner.

Now just because they had not met him, doesn’t mean that they did not know any thing about him. They knew that he was an FBI agent who worked at the BAU, Zack had excitedly told them the number of PHDs and Doctorates he had, the BAU team he was a part of had amazing success rates, and he was apparently well known in academic circles.

But that didn’t mean that they knew him, and that didn’t mean that mean that he was going to be good for Zack.

Maybe she was being a bit over protective of Zack, especially considering the fact that they hadn’t really seen or talked to him for years.

But then again they hadn’t talked to him because he was locked in an asylum after he had been manipulated into helping a serial killer and confessing to murder he didn’t actually commit.

So maybe she was correct to be over protective. Maybe she wasn’t even being over protective, maybe she was just being the right amount of protective.

And she knew that Jack was feeling the same way.

They got to Zack and Spencer’s apartment five minutes earlier then they were supposed to.

“Do you think we should go in?” She asked him.

“Yeah, we’re only five minutes early.”

Angela rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer.

They got to Zack and Spencer’s apartment five minutes earlier then they were supposed to.

“Do you think we should go in?” She asked him.

“Yeah, we’re only five minutes early.”

Angela rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer.

Zack was the one to answer.

“Jack, Angela, your early.”

“Yeah, is that ok.”

“Of course it is, we have had the food ready for ten minutes. It’s mainly cold food, so it can be out. And the chicken is being kept warm in the oven.”

“That’s good.”

“Do you guys want to come in?” He asked them earnestly.

“Yeah of course buddy, that’s why we came here.” Jack said.

Zack smiled at them.

“Spencer they’re here.” He called out as he led them through the door way.

“I’m in the kitchen.” The other man called out.

They all went to the kitchen.

This was the first time that they had ever gotten to lay eyes on the famous Spencer Reid, and Zack had not been lying when he said that he was attractive.

He turned around and said

“Hi, you must be Jack and Angela. Zack has told me a lot about you guys.”

Zack smiled at him and then at them and said

“Why don’t we start eating.”

“I think that went well.” Angela said as she and Jack left the apartment building.

“Me too.”

“Spencer seems nice, and he and Zack seem very sweet together.”

“Yeah they are.”

Sweet was a bit of understatement. Zack and Spencer were adorable together, they seemed to complement each other very well.

And Spencer was very nice. She could understand why Zack liked him.

They were very similar in some ways and different in others.

It made Angela happy to know that Zack had found someone who loved him and understood him and cared.

He deserves it.

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Emily knew that things had changed for the members of the team in the years since she had left for Interpol.

She had been told about some of them when she talked to her friends. But she had not talked to them in a few months because of the serial killer that she was chasing.

Emily knew that stuff could change in a matter of months, she probably knew that better then anyone. But still, this was unexpected.

Spencer was dating Zack Addy.

Zack Addy, the same man who had assisted a serial killer, was the person that Spencer was currently dating.

And she hadn’t even known about it until it was semi related to the case.

“This is a map of all of the famous serial killers in this country since the eighteen hundreds. I went all the way back to H.H Holmes.” Spencer said as he gestured to the map of United States.

“Ok, now we need to figure out if he’s going to copy a recent serial killer or one from farther back in the past.”

“So far it seems like he’s been going up in time with the crimes that he’s been copying. So maybe we should look at some in the early to mid 2000s?” JJ said.

“I don’t think he would go that recent, think about it, it seems like he’s recreating famous murders. I don’t think any of the more recent serial killers would qualify.” Spencer said.

“Yeah, you may be right.”

“I don’t know, there are a few cases from that time frame that would be popular enough for him to emulate. Gormogon for example.”

After she said that Emily noticed the atmosphere in the room shift. She just couldn’t be sure as to why.

She knew that it had something to do with Spencer, he was the one who reacted the most strongly, she just couldn’t tell what the expression on his face was, JJ looked at him with a look that was possibly sympathy, and everyone else started looking around awkwardly.

It was clear that the Gormogon case had some effect on the team, ecspally Spencer. But she did not know why, none of them had worked it and there hadn’t been any knew developments that they would need to be called in for. It was odd.

She would find out why later in the day, right now though, she was in the dark.

Emily pulled JJ aside later that night to ask her about it. Most of the other members of the team had already left and they were the only ones that were at the police station, besides some of the police officers.

“Hey JJ, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, of course you can.”

“What’s with how everyone reacted when I mentioned the Gormogon case?”

“Do you know who Zack Addy is?”

“Yeah, he was one of the apprentices in that case.”

“Well Spencer is dating him.”

That was not what she expected to hear.

“We were surprised too, at first, but he seems very nice, and he and Spencer get along really well.”

Emily didn’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand, Spencer was dating someone who had helped out a serial killer, but on the other hand JJ and the rest of the team seem to approve of him. And they were just as protective of Reid as she was.

Emily did not expect to meet Zach Addy so
soon. Of course she knew that realistically speaking if they kept on seeing each other she would meet him eventually, but not two days after she had heard about him she met him herself.

They had just gotten back to the BAU headquarters when Spencer had been told that Zach was here to pick him up.

He had broken off from the group to go meet with his boyfriend while Emily said her goodbyes to the rest of the team.

She was going towards the elevator when she felt a tap on her back.

Spencer was standing behind her holding hands with Addy.

“Are you leaving without saying goodbye?” Reid asked her.

“Of course not. I thought that you had already left.”

“Oh, you haven’t met Zach yet. This is Zach.” He said gesturing to his boyfriend.

Said boyfriend waved to her, and then she waved back. Emily was struck by his large brown innocent looking eyes.

“Hi, Zach I’m Emily.”

“I know, Spencer speaks very highly of you.”

“I’m glad. Well goodbye Reid, hopefully I’ll talk to you soon.”

She didn’t just talk to him, she saw him soon. After everything that happened with Hotch and Scratch she became Captain of the team.

Which meant that she saw a lot of Spencer, and Zack Addy by extension.

And as she got to know him and saw how he interacted with Spencer. And the more she saw, the more she liked him.

They seemed good together.

Which was good. Reid needed someone who cared about him.

She only hoped this would better then his previous relationships.

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JJ was the first person that Spencer meant to tell about Zack, but that doesn’t mean she the first person who was told.

No, the first person that he told was Alex.

They had been on a particularity difficult case. There was an ubsub who was kidnapping people and taking their legs and “transplanting” them into other anther kidnapping victim. Only two people survived.

They had been on a particularity difficult case. There was an ubsub who was kidnapping people and taking their lebs and “transplanting” them into other anther kidnapping victim. Only two people survived.

The team had been so close to completing the profile, but they were missing something. None of them could figure out what it was though.

Alex had been surprised when Spencer had asked her to take him to the nearest pay phone. He had explained that his phone was dead, but that had not really explained it.

No one really used a pay phone these days, she was honestly surprised that there was even one near here.

But there was, so she took Spencer there.

“Who are you going to call Spencer?”

“A friend, I think they may be able to help us with the case.”

“You have four of the best minds at the station.”

“I know but sometimes a different perspective helps me think, ok.”

“Why are you being so ambiguous?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Your not using words like him or her.”


“It begs a bigger question, why did you make me bring you here?”

“Can we just talk about this later please?”

“No. Why not Morgan or JJ?”

“Because I don’t want them to know about him just yet!”

“It’s not bad or anything like that, I just know that they are going to judge him without meeting him. And besides it’s personal.”


“So, who are you seeing?” She asked Spencer.


“I’m just wondering who your dating.”

“Oh, uh, his name is Zack, Zack Addy.”

“The partner from the Gormogon case?”

“Yes. But he doesn’t think that line of thinking is correct anymore.”

“And you trust him.”


“Your a good judge of chapter Spencer.”

“You can meet him if you want to.”

“That sounds nice.”

“Hi, I’m Zack.”

“Hi, Zack. I’m Alex.”

“Your a member of the BAU, Spencer has mentioned you several times.”

“Only good things I hope.”

“I don’t remember him ever saying anything negative.”

“That’s good.”

She talked to him alone for a while. And then she spent some time with him and Spencer. And after meeting him and seeing how they interacted. She could safely say that they were good together.

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Camille was the first person from the Jeffersonian who met Dr. Spencer Reid.

She met him years before Zack had.

The BAU had been working on a case that she was a corner on.

Camille leaned down over the body that lay on her table. Her eyes straining to see through a mix of exhaustion, she had been up for over nine hours at this point, and the dim light that came from the two remaining light bulbs that still worked.

She really needed to go home, but before she could do that she needed to finish this one final autopsy.

The door to the room swung open and two men walked in. One of them was a tall muscular man and the other was a skinny guy that looked around twenty one years old.

“I’m Derek Morgan, and this is Dr. Spencer Reid. We’re with the FBI.”

“It’s lucky you caught me, I was planning on going home when I’m done with this autopsy.”

“Can you show us the body of the Jane Doe?” Dr. Reid asked.

“Yes, of course, right over here.” She said leading them to the body.

“The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. There were no signs of sexual assault or torture. But if you look at her wrist, it appears as though she was restrained for a long period of time.”

Camille interacted with Spencer Reid several times after she met for that case. When she started working at the Jeffersonian and she met Zack, she was struck by how similar they were.

So when Zack had called to excitedly tell her that they were dating each other she was happy for him.

Because she knew that they would be good for each other. And if anyone could understand Zack Addy, it was Spencer Reid.

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JJ was the first person that Spencer had planned to tell about his relationship with Zack, but she ended up being the second person who found out. The first person was Alex, and she only found out because of a case. Although Spencer ended up being glad that she found out, her reaction had boosted his confidence about telling everyone else.

Unlike with Alex, Spencer intenitaly told JJ about his relationship with Zack. They had just finished a case when he approached her.

“Hey JJ, are you and Will free this Friday?” Spencer asked his best friend.

“I think so, why?” JJ said couresly.

“I was wondering if you two wanted to go on a double date.” he said rubbing the back of his neck in a nervous gesture, that JJ recognized.

“Spence, you didn’t tell me that you are dating someone.” she said, surprised that he had not told her yet, and excited for her friend.

“Yeah, well I was a little nervous about telling you guys about him because I was worried about everyone's reaction.”

This made her face fall.

“Aww, Spencer, you know that we will love you no matter what, right?”

“No, I know. And I wasn’t worried because he’s a guy, I was worried because of who he was.”

“I don’t understand.”

“He’s Zack Addy, he was one of the aperintances in the Gormogon case ten years ago. But he got better and now he works in robotics engineering.”

This was not what JJ had been expecting.

“So will you come on a double date with us?” Spencer asked her hopefully.

JJ agreed to this double date for two reasons.

For one thing she knew how important it was to Spencer. He had not been in a long term romantic relationship for several years, and if this one had progressed to the point where he was inviting her and Will on a double date with them, then Spencer was clearly very interested in this man.
Plus she was a profiler, she would not be very good at her job if she could not tell when her best friend is excited about something.

And the second reason was that she was not entirely sure that she trusted Zack Addy. Of course she never met him but she had read up on the Gormogon case shortly after it had happened and a few times later on when they had a case that dealt with cannibalism. The details of the case made her sick to her stomach. The parts of the files that actually mentioned Zack were very few, and most of the information in them had been proven false in the retrial, but still he had helped the killer. So he was not entirely innocent.

She needed to make sure that he was good enough for Spencer, and that he would not hurt him.

Will didn’t seem to be as worried about Spencer’s new boyfriend as she was. But he also did not know as much about the Gormogon case as she did.

“You need to give him a chance, JJ, for Spencer.” Will said.

“I am going to give him a chance, I wouldn’t have agreed to this double date if I was not planning too.”

“Alright, just remember this is important to your friend.”

The double date was at a restaurant of Spencer’s choosing. JJ knew this because she had been there dozens of times with him before.

It was very nice, especially at night.

Spencer and Zack got there ten minutes before them. She and Will had left on time, but there was a lot of traffic on their way there.

It was a lot closer to Spencer’s apartment then it was to their house. And she did not know where Zack lived.

“JJ, Will, I’m so glad you guys are here.” Spencer said excitedly.

“We have not ordered anything yet, we were waiting for you.” Zack added.

“Thank you, that is very nice.” Will said.

Dinner had gone better than she expected it too, she could see how in love Spencer was with Zack, and she saw that Zack loved Spence a lot too. They made a good pair.

“So, did you like Zack?” Spencer asked her at work.

“Yes, he was nice.”

“That’s good, I’m glad that you like him.”

“How long have you two been together?”

“Four Months.”

“Are you happy with him?”


“Then that’s all that matters. I’m glad your happy Spence.”

“Me too.”

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Brennan was the first person that Zack introduced Spencer to. Two days after his second date with Spencer, he called her and excitedly asked her to meet him. She had said that she would, and they had set up a time for a double date. When she told Seeley about this, he mentioned that he had heard about the man that he was dating, Dr. Spencer Reid was a fellow FBI agent and according to her Husband the team that he worked with had a great record when it came to solving and closing cases.

The double date was on a Saturday night, Angela agreed to watch Christine while they were away.

The restaurant was crowded when they got there, but they had a reservation, so they did not have to wait too long. They met up with Zack and Dr. Reid in the waiting area of the restaurant while they waited on the table to open. It did not take very long, but they engaged in small talk as they waited for the waitress to return.

Once she did, they were led to their table and the four of them sat down, the waitress took their drink orders and then she left.

After that they continued the small talk that they had started previously, and as time went on it turned into a fully fleshed out conversation. Dr. Reid was very nice and intelligent, and Zack looked at him like he held all of the answers to the greatest mysteries of the universe.

“He seems nice.” Seeley said to her as they drove back towards their house from the restaurant.

“Yes, he does. Zack appears to be infatuated with him.”

Seeley nodded and then she decided to add

“I’m glad that Zack has found someone who makes him happy and who cares about him.”

“Me too.”

She looked at Seeley, smiled, and said

"I love you Booth."

He smiled as well and replied

"I love you too Bones."