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"Yo Han!" Ga On shouted out of breath, running into his bedroom, just to make sure that he was all right.


A slight smile on his pale face did not calm him at all when Ga On inadvertently fell to his knees next to the bed, grabbing the man by the hand, at the same time pulling the blanket off his chest, noticing through the untied robe a thick layer of bandages on his stomach.


All Ga On knew when Soo Hyun pulled him out of the slums was that the man was clearly out of his mind, breathing heavily, dictating the location from which the younger one had to be pulled out. He was worried about him when he needed help himself. Immediately heading home to Yo Han, Ga On futilely dialed the memorized number several dozen times, which He was very afraid of. If he was late.


"What happened? What?" Breathing raggedly, Ga On gently touched the bandages, still looking into Yo Han's eyes in fear, until he lowered his hands over the guy's palms, and it was warm. It was sobering.


"You got hurt," Yo Han said hoarsely instead of answering, and there was no question in his words. He already knew about it, even on the video he saw how he was hit in the stomach with a metal pipe. Of course, the elder could not suppress his anxiety, even when he himself was not in the best condition.


"No—" Ga On breathed out stubbornly, at the same time looking away, again clinging to the bandages on the man's body, involuntarily biting his lower lip. "Please tell me what happened? Have you been stabbed or…"


"Or, Sun Ah's assistant shot me," Yo Han smiled wryly, realizing that leaving the younger one in the dark would be a mistake if he wanted to take him away from danger.


It seemed that after the answer in Ga On's eyes, he became more agitated with a mixture of horror. He wasn't around when Yo Han needed him. He was offended because of a minor stupidity, deciding to return to his house for a couple of days, trying to make it clear to the man that even if he loved him, Soo Hyun could not disappear from his life, ceasing to be his best friend. Assuming that separation would help to better understand - Ga On was seriously mistaken.


"Ga On-ah, it's good that you weren't with me, do you hear me?" Yo Han saw through him, and without words, understanding what the guy was regretting now, looking hunted, anywhere, but not into his eyes.


Without making a sound that could excite Ga On more, even feeling a sharp pain in his side, Yo Han raised himself higher on the pillows, finding himself in a sitting position, gently pressing his palm to the younger's cheek.


"You understand, if you were there with me, you would not only be hurt, you would be killed. Sun Ah wants to take away from me everything that is dear to me," Yo Han said convincingly, trying to calm him down, not giving him a single opportunity to think up something bad, not at all what it really was.


"I wouldn't let you go to her," Ga On muttered, his voice trembled slightly, and Yo Han realized that it would be better to tell about K's death later, not now.


"Show me," Yo Han said instead, looking down at the guy's body. It didn't feel like a request at all.


"I'm fine," Ga On replied in embarrassment, easily leaning forward when Yo Han, even wounded, grabbed his elbow hard, pulling him towards himself, almost forcing him to kneel on the bed next to him.


Without further ado, despite how awkwardly Ga On clung to the edge of the sweatshirt with his fingers, even knowing that this would not be an obstacle for a man, Yo Han bared his stomach at the same second. Bright bruises ugly decorated the pale skin of the younger, covering a significant part of the body, especially standing out on the ribs.


"You're not okay," Yo Han said dryly, letting go of the hoodie, but at the same time grabbing Ga On by the wrist, not letting him pull away.


"It doesn't matter. When Soo Hyun said that you were breathing heavily and barely speaking, but still called her just to save me, I managed to think of the worst for you—" Ga On said in a crumpled voice, not focusing on the man's face, still feeling acrid fear.


"Shh, don't rush," shaking his head, Yo Han gently touched the guy's ribs with his palm, immediately feeling him shudder, holding his breath for a moment. "Ga On-ah, bring elastic bandages from the bedside table".


"Why?" That's all Ga On said, stammering, faced with the heavy gaze of the elder, who does not tolerate objections.


Ignoring the unpleasant pain in his body, finally feeling it, moving away from the initial shock, Ga On obediently brought wide bandages. Sitting back down, he waited for further instructions, looking just like a fawn, flapping his big eyes.


Intercepting the elastic bandages, Yo Han unceremoniously lifted the hoodie on the guy, lowering his hand on his thigh, pulling him a little closer.


"Yo Han, it's not necessary," Ga On was stubborn, not seeing in his bruises something equivalent to a bullet wound of the elder, so that he was so worried about him.


"Don't move," Yo Han hissed, acting wiht him as if he was a naughty child in front of him.


After getting rid of the hoodie, Yo Han began to carefully bandage Ga On's battered body, of course, noticing the diligent attempts of the guy not to wince from the pain, clenching his jaws too hard.


"How did you get there?" Yo Han asked distracting with conversation, touching his body as gently as possible.


"An unknown person called me, saying that Professor Min was in the slums, and that I should come," saying this, Ga On realized how naively he had been led into a trap with his own hands.


"Why didn't you call me?" Having finished with the bandages, Yo Han carefully looked into the eyes opposite, seeing the absolute uncertainty in them.


"I... We..." Ga On really didn't know how to explain the fact that he himself slammed the door, clearly injuring the man with his rash words.


"Ga On, even if we are in a quarrel, this is not a reason to act alone," as always, understanding him, Yo Han said.


"I'm sorry—" Ga On whispered guiltily, noticeably hunched over, not expecting warm hands that gently pulled him to his chest.


Exhaling noisily, trying not to touch the man's wound, Ga On hugged him, tenderly touching his lips to his neck. It wasn't like a kiss, just a warm touch filled with love.


Placing his palm on the guy's head, Yo Han gently stroked his hair, slightly tangling in them.


"It's all right, Ga On-ah".


"You do understand that my world is you, right?" Ga On said uncertainly, looking out from under the bangs that had fallen over his eyes, involuntarily biting his lip.


"I thought so..."


"I love you, Yo Han" interrupting him, he spoke quickly, touching his lips quite awkwardly, hurriedly pulling away, stubbornly not looking into the man's eyes with all his might.


"It feels like you're kissing me for the first time," Yo Han was content with his confusion, smiling warmly.


Putting his hand on the back of the guy's head, Yo Han pressed on him, possessively returning Ga On to his lips, kissing freely. Miraculously holding onto the man's shoulders, the younger one closed his eyes, relaxing his mouth, weaving tongues. The few days of separation turned out to be incredibly difficult. Both men missed each other.


Not letting go of each other, kissing until there was a lack of air, Ga On was the first to pull away. Taking a deep breath, he choked, jerking back in time to avoid touching the man's wound, wincing in pain.


"Ga On!" Yo Han called out worriedly, realizing that deep breathing with damaged ribs did not go together in any way.


Nodding quickly, Ga On desperately did not want to show the man how bad he was, even smiling tightly.


"Don't pretend, not with me," touching Ga On's body through the bandages, Yo Han gently ran his palm over it while his breathing slowly leveled off, returning to normal.


Both looked into each other's eyes, without breaking the silence for a while. Finally realizing what they went through, still remaining in the dark about what will happen tomorrow.


"Don't you dare die," and Ga On is not bad at reading the thoughts of a loved one, weakly ordered, and unshed tears were reflected in his eyes.


Touching Ga On's face, Yo Han kept his palm on his pale cheek, seeing how emotional he was. He could have promised what the younger one wanted, but the fear of losing, of not fulfilling it, bound his body. Yo Han didn't want to give false hopes, even seeing the desperate eyes opposite.


"Please," Ga On said in a barely audible voice, clutching the man's hand pressed to his cheek.


Yo Han really wanted to avoid answering, but…


"I promise, Ga On-ah".


It was enough to calm down, at least for now, holding on to each other.