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Their Golden Grom

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There had been a bright flash of light momentarily blinding Hunter. He staggered back as spots of white filled his vision.


Hunter was surrounded on all sides by monsters of varying shapes, sizes, and grotesqueness, but he was not afraid of what he saw, though gasps could be heard from his students. He knew them for what they were, illusions, but what he could find was their caster. Hidden amongst the illusions he was sure his opponent had disguised himself as well as one of the monsters. It was a smart tactic that allowed the illusionist to keep moving and casting spells while Hunter was distracted with defending and attacking where his opponent might be. He was essentially blind in this situation as the illusion was all encompassing of the area. It was a tricky situation, but this proficiency hadn’t been unexpected either. After all there was something quite important on the line for Hunter. While he never liked to lose, there was a special reason he couldn’t lose today.

A spider-monster illusion leaps at him and with a swing of his staff the illusion easily splits into two and dissipates into blue smoke. He had felt no weight behind the attack, no nothing, it had been a pure illusion, a distraction! He realized as a projectile zips by him and pain shoots across his arm. Whatever it had been had ripped through the sleeve of Hunter’s black cloak, it was minor scratch, but Hunter still frowned as his found his uniform now ripped. His opponent knew that his teaching salary wasn’t as substantial as his own.

The monsters around him begin to close in on him. Closer and closer they get to the staff-less Hunter. Surrounding him, closing in on the defenseless professor, and just as they’re all near, Hunter smiles.

The blonde witch pulls out a slip of paper from his sleeve he slaps it down onto the ground. An intricate glyph formed from ice and fire glyphs glows and with a hiss a thick mist quickly spreads across and encompasses the grudgby field. In an instance the field is covered in the dense mist, hiding both Hunter and his enemies from each other’s view. There’s a hush across the field as the students sat in the stands watch in rapture of what would happen next. In an instance, Hunter pulls another intricate ice glyph from his cloak and slams it onto the ground. From the glyph blunt ice pillars quickly shot out of the ground and traveled out in all directions, toward each of the illusions, striking them dead center, like a stack of dominoes falling, one by one puffs of blue smoke appear with each strike of an illusion, save for one. An audible “ooph” is heard as one illusion is struck right in the chest and sent flying back and out of the cover of the mist.

The illusion around him now gone, sprawled out on his back of the field was Edric Blight tenderly touching his chest where the blunt ice pillar had hit him. There’s silence and then a sudden cheer breaks out from the students as Hunter walked out from his cover. Head tilted back he stared at the students sat in the grudgby stands cheering for their professor as Edric wondered why he had agreed to this again. Then he looked up to Hunter, who was looking back at his students and grinned.

Oh, yeah,’ he thought as saw that sparkle in his eye. He was always satisfied when he could grab his students attention and teach them something new. Maybe he’d even have some convert to the Wild Magic Track as well. Hunter was always going on about that and his research. It never failed to be cute to Ed, seeing him so much brighter now than in their teens.

“And that,” Hunter’s voice rang commanding the students attention before he paused catching his breath, “is not only one way of utilizing multiple glyphs together, but shows how they can turn the tide of battle even when you find yourself without your staff. Also…” Hunter says as he holds his hand out to Ed and pulling up to his feet, “how you can even the field with an illusionist by taking away their biggest advantage: Sight.”

Hunter smiles at Edric. A warm sensation fills him as he kept his hand clasped around Ed’s. It was always nice seeing him.

Hearing a few chuckles and whispers from his students the blonde quickly remembers himself as he pulls his hand back and clears his throat, “Alright! That’s class!” He announces, “You’re all dismissed. Be sure to thank Mr. Blight for helping in our demonstration,” which earned a monotonous scatterings of, ‘Thank you, Mr. Blight,’ from the students as they walked off to their next classes.

“And if you have any questions I have time after school!” He calls out to his students though most had already walked off to their last class.

Hunter lets out a sigh. They were young he understood it in a way, though if he had attended Hexside at their age and were being taught about glyphs and the application of multi-track magic he would have been ecstatic.

“No thanks for the hard working professor it seems.” Ed teases with a chuckle as he bumps his shoulder against Hunter’s own. Though they didn’t seem enthusiastic right  now even Ed could tell that the students enjoyed the demonstration as they chatted amongst themselves and imitated some of the motions Hunter had displayed in the demonstration.

But Hunter just smiles in response as he glances at Ed, “I wouldn’t say that. After all I did win our little bet.” He grinned, “Thanks for the help by the way, Ed.”

“It’s no problem. Really.” He said brushing of the last of the dust on his clothes before quickly adding, “Any excuse to see you is a good excuse in my book.” He winked at Hunter before snickering to himself as he was soaked in the irony of how he went from skipping classes as a teenager to now finding any excuse to visit his old alma mater. Any excuse to see Hunter in his academic’s uniform was a good excuse indeed. And surprisingly tight around the biceps. All the right places in fact. His eyes drifted for a moment taking in all those right places indeed.

A few giggles are heard nearby and Hunter flushes. Ed, however, hides his own silent laughter behind his hand fully knowing what he was doing.

Get to class, students. Please.” Hunter half hisses out half pleads, failing to hide his embarrassment as the lingering teenagers shuffled away from the grudgby field to their other classes and elsewhere on the school campus. Teenagers really had a special way of bringing it out. It reminded him a lot of Luz, and he did not enjoy that as past teasing and name calling from her bubbles to the surface of his mind, but that is quickly swept away as Ed nudges him with his shoulder bringing him back down to earth and reminding him that the older Blight sibling was still here and not heading back to his own work for a reason.

“So you won what do you want as your reward?” Ed replied smirking right back at Hunter. He had lost fair and square, and while a loss was a loss. Ed was in no way disappointed. A Blight keeps their word and all that, but truthfully Ed looked a lot more like the cat who had gotten the cream from this loss instead.

“Hmm…let me see…” Hunter lets out a hum, and rubs his chin feigning deep thought as he leans against his staff. “I want something from you of course.” He grins a toothsome gap-toothed grin. It was much more fun to let Ed guess.

“Oho.” Edric quirks a brow amused, “A very good choice, I am a worthy prize,” He says placing a hand upon his chest with a flourish on the word “am,” before walking over to Hunter getting into his space, “but, uh, you’ll have to be a bit more specific.”

Hunter simply replies in a happy sing-song tone, “Guess.”

Ed playfully rolled his eyes more amused than anything. He already knew how this game worked between the two of them.  Hunter had already given him the hint, so he wracked his brain.

Dooooo you want a kiss?” He guessed going for a favorite of Hunter’s. Now he just had three chances, and either he ended up giving Hunter an idea for an even better prize than he initially thought up, or he already had a plan in mind.

“Nah, I’ve already gotten that from you.” Hunter replies with a mischievous smirk still plastered to his face.

“Another date?” He said going for his second

“Oooh, close, but no dice. Already got more than a few of those from you too.” And this time Edric grinned, as he caught on to the next hint. So it was something they hadn’t done together yet. And after a year of dating they had spent a lot of time together, and had multiple adventures of their own.

Ed hums and taps his chin, “A…two on two sparring match between us and Luz and Mittens?” Hunter was always going on about getting a rematch from Luz, and it would be fun to have a two on two. It also gave Ed an excuse to check in on his little sister, see if things were okay, making sure everything was good in Luz-and-Amity-land….Alright, he wanted to be nosey, and he had a deal with Em to take every opportunity he could and to keep tabs on Mittens.

“Nope.” He grinned, though Hunter was taking a mental note to remember that for the next time, “But we definitely could take them.”

“Oh, definitely.” Edric nods confidently as he place his hands on his hips, “Alright, I give up. What do you want from me?” He was just as curious as the one-eye cat to know what Hunter would pick as a prize this time.

“I—” Hunter starts as steps back and swiftly pulls his staff from the ground, green energy encompassing it as he expertly and rather fancily spins it around himself once with a flourish of a trick throw and then between the two of them, blocking himself mostly from view as Ed only catches a smirk and a glance from him amidst the spinning, like frames of an old movie played on a crystal ball.

Suddenly it stops and yellow fill Ed’s vision and block Hunter from view. He realized it was giant bouquet of flowers “—want to take you to Grom.”

Edric’s eyes widen at the request, “I—What?” He stammered out surprised and certainly confused by the proposition, “Grom isn’t for months, and anyway it’s not like we’re students anymore.” He continued to stammer and looked a bit uneasy. Grom. Even just the word made Edric nervous, though in the back of his head he knew he shouldn’t be. Especially not with Hunter.

Hunter lets out a chuckle that edges onto sounding a bit unsure, “Well, not literally Grom.” That was still months away like Ed ha said, and they weren’t students any longer, but Hunter knew what he was doing. He had confidence in himself…most of the time. Navigating a relationship even a year into it with Edric was still new to Hunter. He had never dated as a teen. He had never done a lot of the typical teen things people would have in their youth thanks to the complications of his life, the Emperor’s coven, and growing up as Emperor Belos’s nephew, but still he trekked onward, “You remember when you told me that you had been stood up?”

Edric hums and slowly says in a cautious tone. His shoulders tense. “I do.” How could he forget? It had been a very…disappointing night for him. He had been excited to go to Grom, to dance the night away with someone he liked, but instead he had been dumped and ditched without a word, and left sitting on the bleachers with Em until the tiniest bit of hope that his date would come was completely and utterly smothered. It still made his chest ache. He had spent all that time getting ready, looked so good in his yellow tux, and waited all night just to see them.

“Well, I know it’s impromptu, but, well, I figured,” Hunter tentatively grabs Edric’s hand in own, the touch was soft and warm, “we could make up for some lost time and make some better memories…Together.” He smiled sheepishly, still unsure, but Hunter was willing to go out on a limb. He was always willing to go out on a limb for Ed. In their time together he had made him want to be that kind of person, and Hunter liked it. He was less anxious and less afraid to fail when he was with him, “So what do you say? Will you be my Grom date?” He asked once more.

Edric smiled and pressed a light kiss to Hunter’s lips, “Of course I will.” And Hunter smiled back at him before kissing him back.

“Great. I’ll pick you up Friday night.” He grinned.

“Oh? Pretty presumptuous of you to think I’m free on a Friday night. What if I have plans already? I am pretty popular.” Edric teases placing his hands on his hips pretending as if Hunter had said something incredulous and forward.

But Hunter just smiles back at him with that knowing and charming gap-tothed grin of his, “Oh, I’m very certain you are, but surely you can find some time in your very busy schedule for me?” When things got busy between their jobs, Hunter at Hexside, and Ed with helping out Amity and Em with Blight Industries as their representative—or public pretty face as Em would say and he would jut his chest out with pride, he was very pretty after all—or just working on his own brand of prank illusions and spells for his own business they always made sure to have some time set aside on Friday just for each other and to do whatever they wanted. It was a guaranteed part of their routine since they had started dating.

Edric smirked at his boyfriend and playfully concedes, “Well, how could I ever resist that?”

Hunter smiles and winks back at Ed before jumping onto his staff and flying off across the campus. Though before he was out of sight Ed traced a circle of magic in the air and suddenly a note was stuck firmly on the back of his robe:

‘Wear something yellow, handsome. - Ed’.

What could he say? It was a good color on the both of them, and maybe they could make some better memories together. It was what they both deserved.