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(Not) Alone in the Dark

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It was a month and a half before Silco completed his side of the peace agreement. Per the treaty, the Zaunite leader appeared on the High Bridge, with Jinx and Vi flanking him. Enforcers cuffed Jinx, and with some hesitation, Vi when she held her wrists out, smirking. They stuffed the pink-haired brawler back in her old cell, and Jinx right beside. The pig-faced warden chuckled as the two were marched past his desk.


“516. Back again. Did you miss the beatings?” He asked, laughing to himself. Vi simply smiled a wolfish, predatory grin. The warden began to sweat under the intense purple-pink gaze, and it was only after the enforcers had taken them to the cells did the man let out a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding.



It was another three months before Caitlyn worked up the courage to visit. Her successful retrieval of the Gemstone, coupled with a newly vacant position had seen her appointed to Sherriff. Caitlyn told herself that she wasn’t avoiding Stillwater, that she had needed to deal with all the paperwork that came with her new job. Root out corruption. Oversee the safety of the city.


Deep down though, she couldn’t hide from the truth. Caitlyn didn’t want to face the woman she had shot full of lead. Eventually, however, there were no more excuses to shield her, and Caitlyn made the journey. She walked past the warden, rode the cramped elevator down the forty levels to the lowest, dankest, darkest cellblock in the prison. Only two inmates occupied this maximum security cellblock.


The click of Caitlyn’s boots against the stone floor echoed along the hallway, doing away with any notion that her visit would come as a surprise. She silently counted down the cells, dreading each step more than the last. Her feet felt like they were encased in stone by the time she arrived in front of the cell. Illuminated only by whatever dim light filtered through the murky water outside the small windows, a muscular, pink-haired female form lay atop a hard wooden bench, bouncing a ball against the wall, catching it and tossing it again in a mesmerising display of dexterity.


Caitlyn swallowed, working up her courage. “Vi?”

She didn’t have to wait long for a response. “Heya, cupcake. What brings you down here to our humble abode?” The voice is sarcastic and biting, and everything Caitlyn learned to recognise as friendly. They’d only spent about a week between Vi’s jailbreak and Caitlyn’s near-murder of her, but it had felt like so much longer.


“Why- why did you turn yourself in?” asks Caitlyn. “Jayce’s deal was just for Jinx.”


“Jinx is my sister.” Comes the answer. Bounce, goes the ball. “I wasn’t going to be separated from her again. But,” Vi drawls, “I wouldn’t expect an enforcer to understand.”


There’s a blur, and suddenly Vi is leaning against the bars of her cell door, right next to Caitlyn’s face. Her pink-purple eyes seemed to glare through Caitlyn’s very soul, and the older girl realised she hadn’t even seen Vi move. She flinched backwards, and Vi let out a short bark of laughter. The dark, ugly sound was so much different than the light-hearted chuckles she would given when Caitlyn would tell terrible jokes, back when they were partners out to take down Silco.


“After all,” Vi said, danger lacing her tone, “you’re the one who tried to take her from me. And as if that wasn’t enough, then you took me from her. You killed me, cupcake. I was dead. Really, truly dead. No breathing, no heartbeat, nothing.” She smirked, and for a second looked so much like the old Vi that something in Caitlyn’s heart ached. “Fortunately, Shimmer has many properties. It didn’t hurt that I got the good stuff, not that shit going around the street.”


Caitlyn took another step back. “You’re not Vi.”


“Not the Vi you knew, no.” agrees the pink-haired woman. “But still Vi nonetheless. Just… better now. Faster, stronger… enlightened sounds too topsidery, but it fits pretty well.”


Caitlyn watched as the woman-who-used-to-be-Vi flexed her fingers and cracked her neck. “Thanks for visiting, cupcake. Was a really nice talk.” As she spoke, Vi placed a hand on each side of the cell door, gripping a bar. She grunted, and the pink-purple of her eyes flared, briefly lighting up the dim hallway. The metal screeched in protest, and with a yell of exertion, the entire thing ripped from its hinges, clanging down in front of Caitlyn.


The dark-haired sheriff watched, frozen, as Vi stepped out of her cell, dusting off her hands. “Okay Jinx,” she called. “You can talk now, we’re done.”


“Oh, finally!” came the demolitionist’s response from the adjacent cell, just as hyper and manic as the last time Caitlyn had heard it. “I thought you two would never shut up. Now get me out of here, will you? You know I’m not as strong as you.”


Somehow Caitlyn thought ‘not as strong as Vi’ was still much stronger than any normal human. She looked back up at the pink-haired brawler, who smirked and motioned with her chin for Caitlyn to enter the cell.


“I- what? No.”


“Suit yourself.” Vi shrugged, before bodily tossing the enforcer into the cell anyways, bracing the fallen door back against its frame and bending the bars to keep it in place. Caitlyn could only watch in despair as Vi broke her sister’s cell door in much the same way. Jinx, long blue braids bouncing, blew a kiss at the sheriff and merrily danced her way to the elevator.


Vi lingered a touch longer. “Don’t take it personally, cupcake. We were only here because we wanted to be, and we had no intention of overstaying our welcome. I give it a week before your lackeys find you down here.”


“Three days at most!” came Jinx’s singsong counter-bet.



It was three days exactly before anyone noticed Sherriff Caitlyn Kiramman missing and they found her in Vi’s old cell, the door bent shut and Jinx’s door lying on the ground. It was less than a week after that when the first reports of Silco’s lieutenants resurfaced.