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Joined at the tip

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It was the first time they'd met up since they'd both been, for the lack of a better word, soundly de-virginified.  Magic, no longer.  Cherries, popped.  

Adachi nervously twisted his fingers together.  Awkwardly tried settling his hands on his crossed legs.  Failed.  Swallowed and glanced around his living room with a feigned air of interest, as if he were the guest and not the sole individual who had designed and lived there as its sole inhabitant for the past few years. 

Tsuge cleared his throat for what must have been the tenth time in the last minute. 

Adachi coughed, partly out of a desire to feel included. 

Tsuge jumped. Adachi respectfully looked away as Tsuge got his bearings.





Eventually, it was Adachi who spoke first.  "Did you..." He mimed putting his finger in his fist. "You know...?"

Tsuge cleared his throat. "Ah, no. I was... the... the finger."

"Oh." Adachi slowly lowered his hands. "Okay."

They both attempted to hide their flaming faces behind the steam of their teas, which only succeeded in fogging up Tsuge’s glasses and not much else.

Adachi yelped as he burned his tongue, spilling hot tea all over his low table. 

Tsuge solemnly pretended to be very interested by the line of figurines that decorated Adachi’s bookshelf as Adachi hastily wiped at the mess with a handful of tissues.

The socially awkward had to stick together, after all.




“You look happy today.”

“Mm.  Oh?  Do I?  I hadn’t noticed.”

Tsuge awkwardly shuffled his feet in a poor imitation of something Minato must have tried to teach him.

Adachi squinted up at him, which admittedly was hard to do when Tsuge was built like a lamppost and was looking everywhere but his eyes.

“Did something happen last night?”

“Last night?  No.  Haha.  Haha!  Why ever would you think that?  I don’t, I don’t even know what a night is.”



“Your last book was literally called ‘Golden Cat Dancing in the Moonlit--”

“Minato blew me last night.”






“Well, you could have just said so.”


“…How was it?”

“How was…?  It was.  I mean.  It was something.  It sure was.  It was more than something.  It was something that happened.”



“Okay, it was very good.  Excellent, in fact.  Splendid.  Truly--”

“OKAY, I get it.”

They lapse into silence once more.


“Maybe he could give me some tips…?  Kurosawa’s been stressed lately--”

“Absolutely not.”





“Kurosawa’s birthday is coming up.”

“That’s nice.”

“I need you to help me pick out a cock ring.”

“Wh-- no.”


"NO! I said no. Absolutely not-"

"But I helped you pick out that dildo for Minato-"

"Ngk- I mean, yes, but no. You tell me enough already. I don’t need to picture Kurosawa-san’s cock more than I already do.  I could probably write a descriptive piece about it by now—on second thought, maybe my next novel could-"

"OKAY! Okay, okay, okay, fine."


“… you have to admit it would be better than his poems, though.”




“I’ve seen your dick before.”

“Come again?”

“No.  Came too much last night.  I said, I’ve seen your dick.”

“I heard you the first time.”

“And you’ve seen my dick.”


Adachi craned round from where he was sprawled out on Tsuge’s sofa to look expectantly at the owner of said furniture item. 


“So what?”

“You know,” Adachi flailed around with his arms.  “Why didn’t we ever…?  You know?”

“I… don’t know?”

“There was that time we jerked off at 3am.”

“That… that doesn’t count.  I’ve just never looked at your dick and thought, ‘I want to jump my best friend’s dick’.” 

“Is it because I’m not a blonde?” 

“You—shut up.  Of course not.”

“Ohh.  You don’t like blondes.  I’m going to tell Minato.”

“Don’t you dare.”

“Texting him right now.”

“…I’ll tell Kurosawa about that time you wanted to surprise him with a cock cage and had to call me because the key got stuck—”

“Okay, OKAY!  Fine.”




“You know,” Tsuge sipped thoughtfully at his tea, seated across from Adachi at their favourite café.  “I will admit, it’s nice to have someone to talk about these things with.”

“Mm.  I’m glad too.”

Adachi drained the last of his iced tea and set the cup down with a sigh. 

“I’ll pay.  I still owe you for the time you helped me pick out that cock ring.” 

“Oh… yes.  Did Kurosawa like it?”

Adachi glanced at the notification that lit up his phone.

“He’s got it on right now.”

“Ah.  I won’t keep you, then.”

“No, no, it’s fine, that’s the point.”

“In that case,” Tsuge stretched.  “Do you want to help me pick out a buttplug for Minato?”

“Sure.  I can’t tell Kurosawa, though.  You know how jealous he gets.” 

“Doesn’t that usually work out in your favour?”

“…Good point.  Let’s go.”