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1-A; Aizawa's Problem Children

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[2:18 PM; Friday]

-Iida Tenya has started a group chat-

-Iida Tenya has added Midoriya Izuku, Ururaka Ochako, Asui Tsuyu, and 16 more-

-Iida Tenya has changed the name of the group chat to 'Class 1-A Study Group'-

Iida Tenya: This is for school and emergency communications only. I hope you respect the guidelines and rules, as we are still in school.

Ashido Mina: UwU you haave much to much faith in us, class rep....

Iida Tenya: Oh no. Ashido Mina: OwO oh yes owo

-Ashido Mina has changed their name to 'On Wensedays we wear pink'-

-On Wensedays we wear pink has changed Kaminari Denki's name to 'Crackhead Energy Pikachu'-

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: Nice

On Wensedays we wear pink: UwU Your welcome

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed Asui Tuyu's name to 'Froppy Jump; The Game'-

Froppy Jump; The Game: Understandable, ribbit

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed Midoriya Izuku's name to 'He Needs some MILK'-

He Needs some MILK: What..? Is it because I always break my bones? (nice reference btw)

On Wensedays we wear pink: OwO uwu Truly a man after mine own heart.

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed Sero Hanta's name to 'Hi, Im Jared19'-

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed Kirishima Eijirou's name to 'HardboiBitchboss'-

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed Bakugo Katsuki's name to 'BlastyboiBitchboss'-

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu has changed Yoayorozu Momo's name to 'Mother Hen'-

Hi, Im Jared19: Nice. Although

-Hi, Im Jared19 changed their name to 'Hi, I'm Jared420'-

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: Fair, fair


HardboiBitchBoss: Calm down bakubro, I like the names! :)

BlastybouBitchboss: ....

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: lol

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed Jirou Kyoka's name to 'Stereo Heart'-

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed Tokoyami Fumikage's name to Edgelord of Insomnia-

-Edgelord of Insomnia changed Shoji Mezo's name to 'Octo-Squidling'-

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed Sato Rikido's name to 'Sugar but on Acid'-

Iida Tenya: Tokoyami, you're in on it to?

Edgelord of Insomnia: Shoji asked me to pick his name. We are currently playing Uno with each other.

-Koda Koji changed their name to '101 Bunnies'-

Stereo Heart: Omg, Koda that is amazing

He Needs some MILK: ... >;3

Ururaka Ochako: Oh no.

Todoroki Shouto: Oh no.

Iida Tenya: Oh fuck.

-He Needs some MILK changed Iida Tenya's name to 'Sonic The Hedgehog'-

-He Needs some MILK changed Todoroki Shouto's name to 'Cold Soba is Best Soba'-

Cold Soba is Best Soba: ... Can't disagree.

-Froppy Jump; The Game changed Ururaka Ochako's name to 'Spacey Bitch Fucks With Physics, More At ten'-

-Spacey Butch Fucks With Physics, More At ten changed their name to 'Fuck Newtons Third Law'-

Fuck Newtons Third Law: It's less of a mouthful

Sonic The Hedgehog: I hate you all sometimes.

He Needs some MILK: You love us.

BlastyboiBitcboss: FUCK ALL OF YOU EXTRAS!!!!!!!

-Aoyama Yuga changed their name to 'Diamond in the Rough'-

-Sonic The Hedgehog has logged off-

Octo-Squidling: Damn

Cold Soba is Best Soba: Fair tho

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: He couldn't handle our crackhead energy

Hi, I'm Jared420: nnnndddddccccceeeeewwqq

On Wensedays we wear pink: Dont worry bout him, he just finished like six of his 'special brownies' and can smell colors and see god

HardboiBitchboss: press f in respects

Diamond in the Rough: f

He Needs some MILK: f

Fuck Newtons Third Law: f

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Class 1-A Study Group

[3:36 AM; Saturday]

Edgelord of Insomnia: Arise, any fello creatures of the night. For the hour has come for us to strive.

On Wensedays we wear pink: Arise

He Needs some MILK: Arise

Stereo Heart: Arise

Octo-Squidling: Arise

Edgelord of Insomnia: I beleive we have all arisen. No, we must curse the suffering creatures of the light with our late night banter.

He Needs some MILK: Who else has memorized an entire book, only to forget everything in said book the day of the test because you didn't sleep that night before the test

Stereo Heart: Oh god, thats a fucking mood

On Wensedays we wear pink: wanna know something? I've swallowed a popcicle whole before,

Octo-Squidling: Stick and all?

On Wensedays we wear pink: Stick and all

Edgelord of Insomnia: Why, is the question.

On Wensedays we wear pink:  Hhhh idk i was high as balls with Sero and wanted to probe something to huim.

On Wensedays we wear pink: *prove *him

On Wensedays we wear pink: Eijirou has video, I can show you at lunchh if you like

Stereo Heart: Hour sleep count for the week! Mine is eight (the best in a while, ngl

Stereo Heart: )

Edgelord of Insomnia: 5

He Needs some MILK: 4-7 I think. I've been busy studying quirk mutations to pay attention

Octo-Squidling: 6, I've been staying up with Tokoyami.

On Wensedays we wear pink: 2-5 at most

Sonic The Hedgehog: Go to sleep, all of you! Or I will get Aizawa-Sensei.

On Wensedays we wear pink: Yes Dad


[3:47 AM; Saturday]

-On Wensedays we wear pink created a group chat-

-On Wensedays we wear pink added Octo-Squiddling, Edgelord of Insomnia, Stereo Heart, and one more-

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed the name of the group chat to 'Insomnia Gays and Enbys'-

On Wensedays we wear pink: We can be gay and sleep deprived here without Iida yelling at us.

Stereo Heart: Nicee

-Stereo Heart changed their name to 'Sleepless Lesbean'-

He Needs some MILK: *is confused about the title but will except any of you if you are nb and I am here to talk, you can tell me when you're ready-*

Edgelord of Insomnia: ....,....,..

-Edgelord of Insomnia changed their name 'Nonbinary Insomniac'-

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed their name to 'Useless Genderqueer Insomniac'-

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: I told you

Nonbinary Insomniac: ....

-He Needs some MILK has changed their name to 'Sleepless Trans Gay'-

-Octo-Squiddling changed their name to 'Why Have Sex When There's Coffee'-

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: OMHGOD

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: THIS MAYBE JSTU TH FOR AM BRIAN RINOW

Useless Generqueer Insomniac: BUT EW SHOLUD STRAT A LCUAB

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: JTUS FR FLELWO LGBTQ+  STDUENTS! HREE AT UA 

Useless Generqueer Insomniac: ADN ALILLIES OFC!!!

Nonbinary Insomniac: Intrigue... I would... Not be opposed, to such a thing... Having fellow students to communicate with... would be....

Sleepless Trans Gay: Say no more! This is a thing! This will happen!

Sleepless Trand Gay: Oh, I would like everyones pronouns so I know for reference, if that's okay!

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: Oh, ofc!

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: She/her or they/them work, but generally I prefer xe/xyr pronouns

Nonbinary Insomniac: They/Them are preferred

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: He/Him

Sleepless Lesbean: She her and they them, eithwr or work.

Sleepless Lesbean: I'm making coffee, how does everyone like it? We can have a coffee party in my room while we talk about being gay and trans in varying ways.

Sleepless Trans Gay: Oo, nice.

Sleepless Trans Gay: I like mine with vanilla and sugar to the point it could give a normal person a heart attack

Sleepless Trans Gay: Also espresso

Sleepless Lesbean: I add espresso immediately to the coffe I make

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: Cream and chocalate

Nonbinary Insomniac: Dark and bitter like my soul

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: Translation, only spoonful of sugar, cream is apreciated, and chocolate or vanilla would work.

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: Idk, I'm more of tea person

Uselss Genderqueer Insomniac: Coffee makes me sleeby and I don't like sleeby

Usleess Genderqueer Insomniac: Sleeby means night terrors, sleepwalking, and nightmares

Sleepless Trans Gay: So that's why you're door's always locked late at night, in case you fall asleep

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: Mhm ÚwÚ

Sleepless Lesbean: Noted, what kind of tea would you like

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac:  Any herbal tea is appreaciated, but raspberry is preffered

Sleepless Lesbean: Gotcha covered m'theydie

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: Oh, Midoriya, this is just a double check, you use he/him, right

Sleepless Trans Gay: Mhm, correct

Nonbinary Insomniac: Ashido and I are on our way to Jirou's room. We have soft blankets from our rooms.

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: I'm downstairs now helping Jirou with the coffee

Sleeplees Trans Gay: I've got movies, music, and pillows, omw

Sleepless Lesbean: Great let's get insomnia satuday started!

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: Nice.


Class 1-A Study Group

[5:21 AM; Saturday]

Mother Hen: Should I be concerned, Shoji and Jirou were walking up to Jirou's room together?

BalstyboiBitchboss: Don't worry to fucking much about it, knowing those extras they just had a late night of studying

Mineta Minoru: WHAT? Shouji, how do you do it?!

Octo-Squiddling: ...Do... What? Stay up late studying to the point you can see the sunrise

Stereo Heart:  We weren't really studying, just hanging

Edgelord of Insomniacs: You don't have to tell the creature of light what we were all truly up to


Edgelord of Insomniacs: I don't... Like Jirou like that?? I was under the impression she liked another???

Octo-Squiddling: Yes, and Jirous isn't really my type. Like, ew. No offense, bean queen, ;)

Stereo Heart: None taken. And, neither Tokoyami or Shoji are my type either. My heart belongs to another, sadly one who's unrequited to me

Octo-Squiddling: And that's.. not... really.... my style, when it comes to s/o's

Mother Hen: I just read what happened earlier this morning, WHEN DID YOU FIVE GO TO SLEEP

On Wensedays we wear pink: Mother hen, bold of you to assume I'm not currently a mass of acid, adrenline, coffee, and caffeine

He Needs some MILK: Heh, mood,

Stereo Heart: Sleep is for people who don't get three am impulses to jump off a rooff and cut some random peice of your body off

Octo-Squiddling: Moodd.

On Wensedays we wear pink: Mood UwO

He Needs some MILK: Mood

Edgelord of Insomniacs: Mood

Sonic The Hedgehog: I fear for you five, do I need to get Aizawa Sensei?

-Hi, I'm Jared420 changed their name to 'Hi, I'm 420'-

Hi, I'm 420: Nah, for Mina, not sleeping is her usual

Hi, I'm 420: Sorry, almost slipped Mins.

On Wensedays we wear pink: It's fine, you caught yourself. Also, my fello insomniacs know now to, not just the bakusquad, tsu and my parents and the teachers

Mineta Minoru: What are you talking about

-Sonic The Hedgehog has banned Mineta Minoru for 2 hours-

Sonic The Hedgehog: He needs to stop prying into peoples probably personnal lives

-Ojiro Mashirao has changed their name to 'Whiplash'-

Whiplash: F to the insomniacs

-Hagakure Toru has changed their name to 'Peek-A-Boo'-

Peek-A-Boo: Also, no one likes m*n*t*

He Needs some MILK: tits mighttt jussjt de th blryyytyt visssiom, bt ti ollouukkss likkeaaa yuu saad hennnnnasadsadssssssasassssss nd it mkeas sonsde inn thnm con,,tzxxxx

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: It's to early for this shit. Insomniacs, translation?

Edgelord of Insomniacs: Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd, he's down. Translation; 'This might just be the blurry vision, but it looks like you said hentai and it makes sense in this context'

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: Yea, ok, thx

On Wensedays we wear pink: Man down! Man down! The fluffy blankets and softer pillows got to him !!

On Wensedays we wear pink: shit wrong chat


On Wensedays we wear pink: nah, it's not like I'm uh, fucking... switching squads, I'm still a baku squad hoe all the way

On Wensedays we wear pink: Sry dudes, brain turned off for a moment and I was left staring at my screen trying to remember the words 'switching' and 'squads'

Hi, I'm 420: Hhh Get some sleep, Mins... You need it

Stereo Heart: I don't know to feell about that

Edgelord of Insomniacs: aujdkbajkh Ashido straihgt up fuking hissed what the fuck

HardboiBitchboss: What wait,

HardboiBitchboss: Sry, okey just caught up

Hard boiBitchboss: Yeah Mins does that when she's really tired

Fuck Newtons Third Law: The fck did deku stay up all night again.

He Needs some MILK: I losttrack of time

Octo-Squiddling: Midoriya go back to sleep. I will get sato to make cupcakes for us and the othe insomniacs

Edgelord of Insomniacs: I will sleep to if it means cupcakes.

Stereo Heart: Midoriya just straight up passed out again, you guys are good

Octo-Squiddling: Sato, will you make them cupcakes?

Sugar but on Acid: ......

Octo-Squiddling: Please?

Sugar but on Acid: Only if you and everyone else sleeps too

Octo-Squiddling: ....

Edgelord of Insomniacs: .....I was joking..........

Stereo Heart: ....

On Wensedays we wear pink: ........

Edgelord of Insomiacs: Alrighty..... I guess... The Insomniacs have spoken, we will sleep for your baked goods.

Sugar but on Acid: Good! :)

Crackhead Energey Pikachu: Dude... You're like... the insomniac whisperer....

Hi, I'm 420: Insomniac Mother hen...

Sugar but on Acid: I just care about my friends. Bribery is fine as long as it gets you're friends to take care of themselves

Sonic the Hedgehog: They are lucky it's Saturday, and they can all sleep as long as the want

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: I be goin back to bed as well too,

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: night

Mother Hen: It's optimal that we all get some rest. It's almost six and I doubt most of you had a solid eight hours of sleep-that especially goes for the insomniacs.

Peek-A-Boo: Yes mother

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[2:58 AM; Sunday]

Bakusquad Chaos

King Explosion Murder: Hanta, the fuck you making at three am? I can smell it from my dorm

Racoon Eyes: I'm helping Han, we're making weed ramen. Want some?

Blocky Rock: I was sleping the hell you up for

Pikachu I choose you!: If it gets Mina to willingly sleep. 

Pikachu I choose you!: I'll have some

Tape Face: Well I made shit ton of it, so come get high fuckers. Group bonding excerise style!

Racoon Eyes: Yeah!

Blocky Rock: YEA

Pikachu I choose you!: ABSOLUTELY DUDE YES

King Explosion Murder: I'll go to keep you dumbasses from breaking shit

Tape Face: Yes, mother

Racoon Eyes: Yes mom

Pikachu I choose you!: Alrighty mom

Pikachu I choose you!: I'm- Eiji is dying

King Explosion Murder: I HATE ALL YOU EXTRA'S!!!

Blocky Rock: You love us~ <3


[3:15 AM; Sunday]

~Dekusquad~ <3

Leader Deku: If mantis shrimp can break arms,

Leader Deku: Do I count as a mantis shrimp because of how many fucking bones I break?

Un-Gravitied Bi: hhhhh Deku sleep, I'm begging you, please, please got to fucking bed

Leader Deku: If the greeks were gay until the romans came, does that mean the only reason the world is fool of cishet asshole is because of some dick names alexander?

Speedy Boi: I do not fucking know what the hell is happening

it's your power todoroni: I stopped caring after the fifth night that happened.

Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit: Midoryia, ribbit, leave them alone, go bother your insomniacs

Leader Deku: Mina's too high to give coherent answers, and I don't bother them. We are all crackheads there. but I wish to bother you with me, being me, and i being i

Speedy Boi: I

Speed Boi: What

Leader Deku: If you're afraid of your own shadow, is your shadow afraid of you as well? does bloody mary work if you have the right quirks or set up? Oh my god I am going to go summon a demon, hold

Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit: No, Izuku please don't

Un-Gravitied Bi: I'm going to sleep, if her burns down the dorm, let know.

-Un-Gravitied Bi has logged off-

it's your power todoroni: I'm on standby, I went to his dorm because there is no stopping him at this point.

Leader Deku: demonsummoning101fuckers.img/msg 

Leader Deku: Anyone else wanna come?

Speedy Boi: I'll just make you coffeee and put it in the fridge for you later, I'm going to sleep.

Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit: Me to, ribbit

Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit: Don't burn anything important.

-Speedy boi and Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit logged off-

Leader Deku: You guys are no fun >:T


[4:12 AM; Sunday]

King Explosion Murder: t he fuuuuuu ukkcc cccccccckkkccc cc ccccccc

Pikachu, I choose you!: H ehehe, fukin nnn nnnnnn nn

Blocky Rock: jjjjjjj i cssssnnn snnnnnneeeeeeeeLllllll colllllorsz

King Explosion Murder: fukinn nnn dikzszzzney

Tape Face: suess n th rmen11!1

King Explosion Murder: yeahhhhh rittttte

King Explosion Murder: prinnceee fffrrruuuggg anddd the cafffe girlll, iss ennemmy tofrineds

ro loveds

Racoon Eyes: holllyy shitt u riht


[4:20 AM; Sunday]

Class 1-A Study Group

On Wensedays we wear pink: heheh niiiceeeedeeEe

On Wensedays we wear pink: shiiit rong chiaAat grRoupp

Edgelord of Insomniacs: ah, that's what that smell is

Octo-Squiddling: Save some for me, I wanna try some tomorrow

Hi, I'm 420: np, wl'll leav u sume

Hi, I'm 420:  doe any onter nnnsommnnac wont dhe weed ramn?

Stereo Heart: I would

Edgelord of Insomniacs: I'll have to pass, I prefer brownies

Hi, I'm 420: ntTttTted

He Needs some MILK: uh, I guess I'll have some

Fuck Newtons Third Law: Do not give him any


[4:25 AM; Sunday]

Insomnia Gays and Enbys

Sleepless Trans Gay: juskanxnshue fucckckk

Sleepless Trans Gay:  todorokifellasleepinmyroomwhilesurpevisingmehellppppp.img/msg

Nonbinary Insomniac: Jjshja good luck, creature of the night

Sleepless Lesbean: damn, sorrynotsorry

Sleepless Trans Gay: ughhh killl mee


[4:30 AM; Sunday]

Class 1-A Study Group

Stereo Heart: dammmmmm serrooo hsats tge god sht

-Stereo Heart has changed the name of the group chat to 'Aizawa's Problem Children'-

Hi, I'm 420: nccceee nd alo trrrRrRRrrue,,

Sonic The Hedgehog: go to sleep.

Chapter Text

[1:46 PM; Sunday]

Insomnia Gays and Enbys

Sleepless Trans Gay: I'm thinking about coming out to the class

Sleepless Trans Gay: not as trans, Kaachan already knows that (and that im gay-the dekusquad knows that part too)), but I plan to stay closeted on that a little longer,

Sleepless Trans Gay: as ya know, how gay I am

Nonbinary Insomniac: good for you, having the confidence to be yourself in front of everybody

Nonbinary Insomniac: I'm unsure I'd ever be able to come out to the creatures of the light, unless they prove themselves to be trustworthy

Sleepless Lesbean: I'm with Tokoyami, Im obvious but not too obvious when it comes to being gay

Sleepless Trans Gay: Yeah, but

Sleepless Trans Gay: I'm scraed

Sleepless Trans Gay: *scared

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: That's fair, being afraid of coming out is fine. It was terrifying to come out to my parents

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: yeah, and I was scared to come out to Tokoyami and people i trust

Useless Genderqueer Insoniac: Ooh! i've got an idea!


[1:52 PM; Sunday]

Aizawa's Problem Children

On Wensedays we wear pink: Hey, I've gotta question for everyone,,, for the comfrot of a friend

On Wensedays we wear pink: Is anyone here homoph*bic or transph*bic?

Sonic The Hedgehog: Why would I be against the existence of my classmates?! If any of you are LGBT+, please know I'm always here if you need support or just someone to vent to!

Mother Hen: I'd have to agree with Iida, and if any of you have unsupportive parents I wil be here for financial and emotional support!

Cold Soba is Best Soba: I like anything my father doesn't U-U

Cold Soba is Best Soba: I will also be here for financial aid to any of you, you should feel safe in your home enviroment

-Mineta Minoru changed their name to 'GrapeJuice'-


BlastyboiBitchboss: Why would I hate myself??


Crackhead Energy Pikachu: Thank chu Eiji for helping me with spekling

Crackhead Energy Pikachu: *spelling

Froppy Jump; The Game: We will kill anybody if they say anything against gay people

Froppy Jump; The Game: ribbit

Sugar but on Acid: And that includes the Aspec! Whereever you are on the spectrum, wither you demi, ace, aro, you're all valid!

101 Bunnies: ^-^ <3 You're all amazing and valid!

Hi, I'm 420: Here in bakuthot squad, we respect the fellow gays

Hi, I'm 420: Also

-Hi, I'm 420 has changed their name to 'Hi, 420'-

Peek-A-Boo: I will haunt you in your nightmares and slowly suffocate you in sleep if you are any form of homophobic

Diamond in the Rough: be gay, do crimes, mademoiselle~

Mother Hen: be gay, don't get caught or arrested

Sonic the Hedgehog: be gay, don't do crimes please, I don't want to stress Aizawa sensei out more

Diamond in the Rough: Understandable, have a nice day, monsieur~

HardboiBitchboss: Fuck you and get the fuck out of UA and this country if you don't like gay people

He Needs some MILK: omg :')

Stereo Heart: I'm doing it with you, now, Midoriya

Edgelord of Insomniacs: .....

Octo-Squiddling: Omg

Octo-Squiddling: They're literally crying from the positivity,,, ,

Diamond in the Rough: gucci

HardboiBitchboss: they?

Octo-Squiddling: shIT WAIT-

Edgelord of Insomniacs: It's... fine, Shoji, it was an accident

Edgelord of Insomniacs: I identify as nonbinary and prefer they/them pronouns

Sonic the Hedgehog: Thank you for telling us! I apologize on behalf of the rest of the class if we ever made you uncomfortable by using incorrect pronouns for you!

Edgelord of Insomniacs: It's fine, Iida

Stereo Heart: Well, in light of waking news, Midoryia and I have something to say

He Needs some MILK: oh god we're really doing this, um

He Needs some MILK: omygod, um, I'm gay, like really really gau,

He Needs some MILK: don't hate me

BlastyboiBitchboss: Nerd, I knew already

Stereo Heart: and I am also a very gay, a very butch, very lesbian, demigirl

Mother Hen: Thank you for coming out to us, we are all very proud and we hope you know we accept you, and you are loved. We are all here if you need to talk to. 

Mother Hen: And I stand by my statement, if either of you need it, I'm here for financial and emotional support.

Sonic the Hedgehog: You bravery is comendible! We are so proud of you! You're true heroes for telling such personal information to that!!

Diamond in the Rough: Ah, so a fellow demigender has been spotted~! Merci for telling us, you're all queens and kings!

Stereo Heart: You guys are amazing

He Needs some MILK: :'>

GrapeJuice: Ew

GrapeJuice: I go to school with faggots

GrapeJuice: why would the school let freaks like you in

HardboiBitchboss: not manly dude

-BlastyboiBitchboss has changed their name to 'I'm going to commit a felony'-

-Fuck Newtons Third Law changed their name to 'I'm going to help Bakugo commit a felony'-

-HardboiBitchboss changed their name to 'I will help Katsuki hide the body'-

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed their name to 'I know a good place in the forest to hide shit'-

-Sonic the Hedgehog changed their name to 'One Murder I will fully support'-

I'm going to commit a felony: YOURE THE WORST KINDA EXTRA

I'm going to commit a felony: YOU MADE THE DEKU SAD




I'm going to help Bakugo commit a felony: Dekusquad, bring the comfrot items.

I'm going to help Bakugo commit a felony: It's worse then you think, bakugo

One Murder I will fully support: He had another panic attack?

One Murder I will fully support: Oops, wrong group chat

Froppy Jump; The Game: I have the movies and weighted blanket ribbit

101 Bunnies: do you want to borrow my bunny? their very fluffy and grounding

He Needs some MILK: no, i'm okay....

-Mother Hen banned GrapeJuice for forty eight hours-

Mother Hen: Sorry, I wish I could kick him. Will just have to ban him over and over until we can kick him out officially

One Murder I will fully support: I will ask Aizawa-sensei if we can kick him tomorrow.

101 Bunnies: Bakugo is actually about to kill M*neta

One Murder I will fully support: I'll get Aizawa sensei

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed I'm about to commit a felony's name to 'Explosian Boi'-

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed One Murder I will fully support's name to 'Sonic the Hedehog'-

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed I'm going to help Bakugo commit a felony's name to 'Space Case'-

-Crackhead Energy Pikachu changed their name to 'Disklexic Pikachu'-

Disklexic Pikachu: I mispelled disklexic and now I can't rember how to spell it right somedoby help

Stereo Heart:*remember   *Sombody

Disklexic Pikachu: Look, b and d look the same, to me

Stereo Heart: Lol, don't worry, I got you

-Stereo Heart changed Disklexic Pikachu's name to 'Dislexic Pikachu'-

Dislexic Pikachu: Tank chu

Stereo Heart: np dude

Hi, 420: Damn this has been an eventful day

Cold Soba is Best Soba: yea

Hi, 420: ....


fre sha vaca doo

Space Case: mood


Chapter Text

Insomnia Gays and Enbys

[1:47 AM; Tuesday]

Nonbinary Insomniac: Creatures of the night, arise

Sleepless Lesbean: Arise

Sleepless Trans Gay: Arise

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: Arise

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: Arise

Nonbinary Insomniac: I have not slept in three days gay, so who wants to help me decide what to do;

Nonbinary Insomniac: Cryptid hunting, or blast MCR and wake everyone else in dorms so the feel my wrath

Sleepless Trans Gay: I must say

Sleepless Trans Gay: I wish to cryptid hunt with yoy

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: Meet outside the dorms in twenty-ish minutes?

Sleepless Lesbean: works for me

Sleepless Trans Gay: yeh, alright

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: I'll be there

Nonbinary Insomniac: We are all in agreement, I presume then.

-Nonbinary Insomniac changed the name of the group chat to 'Cryptid Hunters: Insomnia Adition'-

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: nice



Aizawa's Problem Children

[2:54 AM; Tuesday]

Edgelord of Insomniacs: well this may be a problem

Edgelord of Insomniacs:  midoryiatryingtotamemothman.img/msg

Space Case: wha.. wat are you guys doing guys

He Needs some MILK: Cryptid hunting. -Mina

Octo-Squiddling: Mothman stole Ashido's phone and so xe stole Midoryia's phone while he edjucates a math creature on meme culture

Octo-Squiddling: Omygods tht is the cutest sound ever wtf

Sonic the Hedgehog: go the fuck to sleep


[6:21 AM; Tuesday]

Space Case: U insomniacs up yet for school?

Mother Hen: Yes, you need to get up. Unless you're still hanging with mothman? -_-

He Needs some MILK: Nah, mothman left a few hours ago and we headed back to the dorms

Edgelord of Insomniacs: they were actiually pretty chill

Mother Hen: get ready for school, children

Edgelord of Insomniacs: Yes, mother

On Wensedays we wear pink: I wanted to keep mothman.... >:T    Ú^Ú

Sonic the Hedgehog: Get to class, we have a few minutes before class starts and we should all be in our seats five minutes beforehand

He Needs some MILK: oh shit we have school today I totally forgot


He Needs some MILK: fuck you to, Kaachan

He Needs some MILK: *good morning

He Needs some MILK: Sorry, my filter is malfuntioning from lack of sleep

On Wensedays we wear pink: OWO tea???? UwU OwO

Diamond in the Rough: My wig is SNATCHED~

On Wensedays we wear pink: Spill! Spill the tea~~ OwO

Explosian Boi: No, fuck off extras

On Wensedays we wear pink: UnU worth a shot

Chapter Text

[12:15 PM; Tuesday]

-On Wensedays we wear pink creat a group chat with Edgelord of InsomniacsStereo Heart420HardboiBitchboss, and six more-

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed the name of the group chat to 'Discount Gays'-

-On Wensedays we wear pink changed their name to 'Pink and Genderqueer'-

Pink and Genderqueer: So we can all be useless young queers together, I did this

Pink and Genderqueer: we came up with this idea in sleep deprivation, but we liked it soooo

Edgelord of Insomniacs: If you're comfrotable, share you pronouns/sexuality. This is a safe space, so we won't tell anyone if you're uncomfortable with others knowing

-Edgelord of Insomniacs changed their name to 'No Gender, Only Darkness'-

Pink and Genderqueer: As the co-founder, I'll go first! My pronouns are xe/xyr preferably, but she/her and they/them work to

Pink and Genderqueer: And I'm bisexual demiromantic

No Gender, Only Darkness: I will go next. My pronouns are they/them, and I'm Homosexual

HardboiBitchboss: Can I go next!

Pink and Genderqueer: Yeah, ofc!

HardboiBitchboss: He/him, and home of sexual (maybe a little moronsexual-)

Pink and Genderqeer: GAsp! calling bakuhoe a moron?!

HardboiBitchboss: He is a little oblivious

420: I use he him and I don't know what the fuck I am :D

HardboiBitchboss: valid, bro

420: bro

-420 has changed their name to 'Questioning Crackhead'-

-HardboiBitchboss has changed their name to 'Validating all mah homies'-

-Stereo Heart changed their name to 'Lesbutch'-

Lesbutch: We all know mine. She/they

-He Needs some MILK changed their name to 'Trans+Gay=Disaster'-

Validating all mah homies: mood

Trans+Gay=Disaster: jjajnx he/him pronouns

Trans+Gay=Disaster: Kaachan is a himbo tho

-Octo-Squiddling changed their name to 'Ace of Diamonds'-

Ace of Diamonds: Ace and homoromantic. he him

-Diamond in the Rough changed their name to 'Sparkling Pride'

Sparkling Pride: he/him, and they/them. Very obviously gay

Lesbutch: one of us one of us

Sparkling Pride: Oui~ one of us, one of us!

Questioning Crackhead: not as dramtic as I thought for him

-Froppy Jump; The Game changed their name to 'Cassgender Frogg'-

Cassgender Frogg: whatever pronouns work, and I am the functioning gay among all of you

Dyslexic Pikachu: Who knew there were so many enbby's in ourt class!

Pink and Genderqueer: So you are alive!

Dyslexic Pikachu: Just trying to spell shit correctly, and not get to confused with the letters

Dyslexic Pikachu: Katsuki's extra tutoring lessons help to. Anyway

Dyslexic Pikachu: I am a disaster bisexaul genberfluid idiot 

Questioning Crackhead: Your not an idiot denks

Questioning Crackhead: that means the rest of us are idiots to

Cassgender Frogg: Hhhhhnnn we ARE idiots tho

Lesbutch: Idiots in love with our classmates

Pink and genderqueer: tea


Chapter Text

Aizawa's Problem Children

[10:02 AM; Wednesday]

On Wensedays we wear pink: You good Jirou? You look uncomfortable

Peek-A-Boo: Yeah, did something happen

Stereo Heart: Nah, im just

Stereo Heart: Uncomfortabl sitting in front of m*neta

Stereo Heart: The other day he txted me asking for *n*des* of myself

Stereo Heart: even tho I'm out in all my lesbian glory to the whole class

Stereo Heart: I told him to fuck off, ofc

Stereo Heart: But I don't really wanna ask Aizawa-sensei to change my seat... Talking to adults is hard hnnnn

Sonic the Hedgehog: Please do not text during class.

Peek-A-Boo: Jirou was feeling uncomfy with her seating arrangments,

On Wensedays we wear pink: and we wanted to check on her.

Peek-A-Boo: class rep, we didn''t mean any harm, but  she's our fren and we care about her saftey

On Wensedays we wear pink: and m*neta has been sexually harassing all the girls nonstop and we needed to check on Jirou.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Ah, understandable. Excuse me for a moment.

Stereo Heart: Thank you, Iida, you are a life savour

Sonic the Hedgehog: As class president, it is my duty to make sure all my classmates are all comfortable in their enviroment, so therefore, never be afraid to tell me when one of you are uncomfortable.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Now, please return to class work and stop texting.

Peek-A-Boo: Sure thing, class rep!


[11:57 AM; Wednesday]

-He Needs some MILK changed their name to 'Mothman is my $ugar Daddy'-

Mother Hen: Midoriya, what?

Mother Hen: Why???

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: TO PROBE A POINT

Edgelord of Insomniacs: To prove a point.

Diamond in the Rough: Which is??

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: I aint no coward

Explosian Boi: ohmmygod he actually did it jehdlajfae

On Wensedays we wear pink: And this, is wear you can see the true horror and glory of sleep deprived chaotic Deku

On Wensedays we wear pink: I see this almost every night, so I don't think much of it anymore

Space Case: Please, deku, you already torment us, don't taint their innocent idea of you just yet

Cold Soba is Best Soba: Pls Izuku, im begging you

Cold Soba is Best Soba: Do not take dares from the feral pomeranian,

Explosian Boi: WANNA GO HALF&HALF?!

Cold Soba is Best Soba: I welcome death with open arms

Sonic the Hedgehog: Says the person misspelled 'explosion' in their username.

Explosian Boi: I'm not changing it four eyes, deal with it

-Sonic the Hedgehog changed Explosian Boi's name to 'Explosion Boi'-

Sonic the Hedgehog: No.

-Explosion Boi changed their name to 'Explosian Boi'-

Explosian Boi: you're fighting a losing battle, glasses

Explosian Boi: Dunce face made the name so it's staying the way it is, end of story

Dyslexic Pikachu: You DO care, Bakubro!

Explosian Boi: SHUT IT PIKACHU

Peek-A-Boo: anyway, the cryptids and I are going to lunch at a nearby cafe, wanna come?

Mother Hen: 'Cryptids'?

Peek-A-Boo: Me, Ojiro, Tokoyami, Shoji, Aoyama, Kouda, and Sato!

101 Bunnies: ^-^b

Mother Hen: Well, I'd like to come!

Stereo Heart: I'll come too, I guess

Stereo Heart: I've been, the cafe's pretty great

GrapeJuice: I'll come to if it means I get a peak at you, Hagakure

Peek-A-Boo: charges

GrapeJuice: what?!

-Peek-A-Boo banned GrapeJuice for 3 hours-

Mother Hen: Why not more...

Peek-A-Boo: because it wasn't a 'serious offense' according to the fucking app

Sonic the Hedgehog: I wish I could remove him from the chat, permantly, but I'm afraid we don't have permission from Aizawa-Sensei yet

Sonic the Hedgehog: Trust me, he wants him out of class just as much as we all do.

Peek-A-Boo: on that note, lets go to lunch!!

- - - - - - - - - -

Jirou, Hagakure, Yaomomo, Mina, Tsu, and Ururaka walked into the dorms. Schooling was done for the day and the girls just got back from a quick trip to the mall. Iida and Bakugo were helping the Bakusquad study for an up coming quiz. The group went up to their rooms to put their stuff away.

They caught the Grape bitch trying to find a way into Momo's room for one reason or another. "Ahem," Mina said, annoyed. Mineta jumped and turned around.

"Hey, ladies, how are you~?" Mineta said, eyes immediately gravitating to Momo's chest. (I feel disgusting writing this im sorry-)

"Do we want to know why you're trying to get into my room?" Yaomomo said glaring.

"I thought you'd appreciate my company once you'd come back," Mineta said, smirking. Jirou poked mineta in the eye with one of her plugs.

"Delusional, get out."

"Aw, come on baby, don't be so harsh!"

"He called me the f slur, and now he's calling me 'baby'?" Jirou mumbled to their posse.

"Unbeleivable," Mina said. "I'm not touching him."

"Already on it," Momo said, creating some rubber gloves for herself, and disinfectant materials for Jirou's plugs. Momo then proceeded to punch Mineta in the face and quite literally throw him down the hallway and away from them.

"We stan, a literal goddess," Jirou said, giving a thumbs up.

"I'm gonna go shower, we can try out some of the makeup we got today after," Mina said. Everyone agreed and decided to take their own showers. So long as this kinda thing doesn't happen again....

- - - - - - - - - -

[5:07 PM; Wednesday]

On Wensedays we wear pink: well, um,

On Wensedays we wear pink: M*n*t* is cancelled now

GrapeJuice: what did I do?

Sonic the Hedgehog: You don't have to sensor the name that much 

Stereo Heart: ugh, the rats still in the chat

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: The insomniacs and I spoke and

-Mothman is my $ugar Daddy banned GrapeJuice for 3 hours-

Mother Hen: thnk you

-Stereo Heart changed Mother Hens's name to 'Literal Goddess'-

Literal Goddess: ok then.

Edgelord of Insomniacs: The creatures of the dark must protect the creatures of the light

Dyslexic Pikachu: I feel seen


Chapter Text

[4:37 PM; Thursday]

Bakusquad Chaos

Racoon Eyes: Denki, is that coming from your room?

Racoon Eyes: Denki, are you seriously blasting mcr?

Racoon Eyes: did you turn it up?!


Racoon Eyes: Denkiiiiiiiii!!!!!

Tape Face: dude, you ok?

Pikachu I choose you!: :')

King Explosion Murder: The fuck is wrong with you Dunce face

Blocky Rock: yeah, somethings up, you good?

Pikachu I choose you!: mmmmmnnnnhhhh :'')

Pikachu I choose you!: It be th sd boi hours

Tape Face: ..

Racoon Eyes: 

Racoon Eyes: What happened and who was it, I can destroy the body so easily

Pikachu I choose you!: Nahh, notin happend, we jst kinda sd boi hours rn

Pikachu I choose you!: I mght be disociarng to,,

Blocky Rock: want ice cream and shitty movies?

King Explosion Murder: I'm omw, don't do anything fucking stupid Pikachu



Tape Face: I have some new marvel movies, we're watching them

Blocky Rock: It's operation cheer up the sad Denki!



King Explosion Murder: THATS IT

Pikachu I choose you!: isdldshjkj you guuuyss T-T ily

Pikachu I choose you!: platoniclly youdnt habe o doo ehis ajkda

Tape Face: ofc we do! We care about you!

Blocky Rock: We want you to be happy!!

King Explosion Murder: Just watch the fuckin movie, idiots


[4:42 PM; Thursday]

2Genderqueers On Acid

AMina Acids: Hey, haven't gotten a chance to ask yet, pronouns?

Buzz Lightning: they/them thx

AMina Acids: cool cool 👌

Buzz Lightning: 👌


[8:30 PM; Thursday]

Aizawa's Problem Children

420: bakusquadfellasleepcuddling.img/msg

Literal Goddess: Jjauhex That's cute

420: I'm stuck help

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: my dude, ur on ur own

Stereo Heart: Baku is so close to kiri, that's amazing

GrapeJuice: ew, that gay

-420 has banned GrapeJuice for 6 hours-

Literal Goddess: I didn't know that he was unbanned

420: is no one gonna help me

Stereo Heart: why were you cuddling in the first place anyway

420: Denki was having what he calls "sad boi hours", so by bakuquad obligations, we must comfort our pikachu

Stereo Heart: *they

420: put on some marvel movies and now we're here. Please, i'm being crushed by mina and kirishma someone help meeeeee

420: wait "they"?

Stereo Heart: shit, reflex from correcting m*neta on Tokoyami's gender

Stereo Heart: Its not my secret to tell

Edgelord of Insomniacs: what a mad banquet of darkness.

420: wtffffff

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: you get used to it

Literal Goddess: gsjsam I worry for everyone in this chat so much

Literal Goddess: except m*neta

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: wait, since he's banned and won't be able to anything

-Mothman is my $ugar Daddy changed GrapeJuice's name to 'Unwanted Child No One Likes'-

Stereo Heart: lol, accurate

Stereo Heart: the butch queen of the class approves

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: Thank you, my butch queen, I try my best. If the butch approves, then it is final

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: Butch word is law

420: so true, so true 

Literal Goddess: Butch word is law bc their never wrong

Stereo Heart: Guys, you're amazing

Chapter Text

[3:21 AM; Friday]

Cryptid Hunters: Insomnia Adition

Sleepless Lesbean: i think i am crushing on momo

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: you finally caught up with the rest of the class

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: Well, cept momo herself

-Nobinary Insomniac has changed their name to 'They finally crashed'-

They finally crashed: Tokoyami can no longer control me!!!! -Dark Shadow

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: I woildn't be so sure

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: *wouldn't

Sleepless Trans Gay: oh muy gods bones are so weird why the fuck do we hav them???

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: dsjflbiuvr Midoryia, what????

They finally crashed: i dunno, but they incovience you a lot, Midoriya!! I dont have any so take that fuckers

Sleepless Lesbean: your a fucking shadow do you count as an insomniac

They finally crashed: I'm just waiting for Tokoyami to wake up again, only to crash a few days later because coffee lost its effect

Sleepless Lesbean: you're only going to show up when tokoyami crashes, i take it?

Sleepless Lesbean: im waging war against capital letters

Sleepless Trans Gay: i will join you in your valiant fight against the oppressive capital letters of thw alphabet

He finally crashed: midoriya, go fill the main chat with crackhead energy before people wake up, do it pussy, i dare you

Sleepless Trans Gay: :))))))) im gonna go fill the main chat with crackhead energey thoughts iida will kill mu

He finally crashed: ahasdcjk damn, that was easy,

He finally crashed: go fill the chat with chaos young creature of the night!!


[3:52 AM; Friday]

Aizawa's Problem Children

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: it hath begun

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: say eye when you see this if you have ever deep throated/vored something-it can be anything really

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: mina has in favt vores a popcicle before, kiri has evidenxe

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: have any of you gone feral and nearly killed you friend in an attempt to earn their respect? say i if so

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: kaachan you are an ignotant slut anf just ask youre obvious cush our already, do it you cowzrd.

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: if you derail any of this m*neta, you will be smashed into the sun

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: petition to rena,e m*neta to purple grape bitch permantly, tyhpe your name out if you agree

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: i need an axtuall surgar daddy that soesn't just get me pet owls, anyoone voliunteer?

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: me and jirou are waging war on capital letters, their oppressive bastards, all who join out side now say aye

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: who else has a betting pool in class I need another groupchat to keep my occurpied so i  dont overdi certain thongs

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: ..I will not change that to the proper spelling

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: im the one trye madter whore and thot no one will take my title

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: this is only a taste

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: once m*neta is offically expelled, you will get the full buffet of crackhead izuku midoryia

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: It hath ended...

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: ...for now...


[6:21 AM; Friday]

Literal Goddess: what

Literal Goddess: Midoriya what the fuck

Sonic the Hedgehog: THIS

Space Case: IS

Froppy Jump; the Game: WHAT

Cold Soba is Best Soba: WE

Sonic the Hedgehog: HAVE

Space Case: TO

Cold Soba is Best Soba: FUCKING

Froppy Jump; the Game: DEAL

Space Case: WITH

Sonic the Hedgehog: EVERY

Froppy Jump; the Game: FUCKING

Cold Soba is Best Soba: DAY

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: :)

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: now, answer my questions

On Wensedays we wear pink: eye, aye ashido mina

Stereo Heart: eye, i, aye, dont ask; jirou kyoka

Edgelord of Insomniacs: aye, i, eye (I'm awake now)

tokoyami fumikage

Octo-Squiddling: aye, eye; shoji mezo

Peek-A-Boo: i, aye; hagakure toru

Whiplash: eye, aye; ojiro mashirao

420: i,eye,aye; sero hanta

Sugar but on Acid: eye, aye, satou rikidou

101 Bunnies: (^・o・^)ノ" aye, kouda koji

Dyslexic Pikachu: aye, eye kaminari denki

HardboiBitchboss: aye, i, kirishima eijirou

Explosian Boi: aye i eye, bakugo katsuki

Dyslexic Pikachu: kastuki, may i ask-?

Explosian Boi: no

Dyslexic Pikachu: fair point, enjoy your day

Diamond in the Rough: aye, eye, aoyama yuga~

and are you alright, mon ami~?

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: debatable at this point, but yea

Sonic the Hedgehog: knowing you, izuku, there's no way out of this... aye, eye, i, iida tenya

Space Case: aye eye i ururaka ochako

Froppy Jump; the Game: Jajdcn eye, i, aye, asui tsuyu

Cold Soba is Best Soba: i, aye, eye, todoroki shoto

Literal Goddess: aye

yaoyorozu momo

GrapeJuice: Eye

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: catch these hands

GrapeJuice: what do you malkdmz jksaz m,nzw HEeEE<,kjsnz  

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: i warned him, i'm 95% caffeine, 4% emottion, 2% crackhead enregy, and 200% done with his bullshit

-Sonic the Hedgehog banned GrapeJuice for 1 hour-

Sonic the Hedgehog: banned for misconduct

Literal Goddess: adsjncax what about midoriya?!

Sonic the Hedgehog: you can't stop midoriya from doing this stuff, and also, its m*neta

Literal Goddess: fair, carry on,

Literal Goddess: i retract previous statements against midoriya

Literal Goddess: let us know if you get a proper sugar daddy and when

Literal Goddess: i have money on this!!

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: yeah, ofc

Stereo Heart: i can add you to the betting gc if you want, midoriya

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: yeah that'd be chill

Stereo Heart: ok 👍


Chapter Text

[8:10 AM; Friday]

Aizawa's Problem Children

Peek-A-Boo: i wish it was heroics, can't wait for that class

Froppy Jump; the Game: yeah, same ribbit

Whiplash: waddya wanna do till then

Peek-A-Boo: idk

Space Case: i wanna take over school

Diamond in the Rough: i mean, mood but why, may i ask~?

Space Case: make school less boring. make it easier to understand. also bc i need money and taking over a very prestigous private school would give me that

Diamond in the Rough: *-* i wish to be spared mon ami

Space Case: few will be spared, but if you unite with me, you will be

Space Case: also if you don't like m*neta

Peek-A-Boo: midoriya, i can hear you mumbling from here

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: sry, ill shut up

Peek-A-Boo: jakj no, i didn't mean it like that, i was just pointing it out in case aizawa notices

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: oh, thx hagakure! im gonna stop anyway

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: anyway, whats this about taking over the school

Whiplash: you all think to small. we must take over everything in order to properly achieve true power

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: ojiro is right, we've got to take out anyone and everyonee in places of high power

Peek-A-Boo: we'll rule the world

Froppy Jump; the Game: and probably will do better than the dumbass mfers ruling it atm

Diamond in the Rough: we will go down in the history books as the best leaders human civilization has seen!

Sonic the Hedgehog: we're in class, please put your phones away and stop texting.

Space Case: you will not be spared

Sonic the Hedgehog: that is rather ominous, i feel threatened

Space Case: good

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: good

Diamond in the Rough: good

Peek-A-Boo: good

Whiplash: good

Froppy Jump; the Game: good

Sonic the Hedgehog: i am scared for my life, just get off your phones everyone

Whiplash: you cant hold us down forever

Whiplash: shit it's aizawa-


[9:32 AM; Friday]

Peek-A-Boo: we will fight for fallen soldier ojiro mashirao

Peek-A-Boo: am a the only soldier online?

GrapeJuice: I'm online~ <3

GrapeJuice: We could meet in my dorms later, if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Peek-A-Boo: ew time to commit pesticide

GrapeJuice: what?

-Peek-A-Boo banned GrapeJuice for two and a half hours-

-Peek-A-Boo changed GrapeJuice's to 'Disgustang'-

Peek-A-Boo: jdjskac god would be proud

Literal Goddess: i am proud

Stereo Heart: i am proud too. now this class is kinda interesting actually, so lets focus

Peek-A-Boo: yeah alright


[11:42 AM; Friday]

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: i bombed the english test :')

-Diamond in the Rough changed their name to ' ~☆*^*☆~'-

~☆*^*☆~: beleive in yourself, monsieur

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: aoyoma wtf

Dyslexic Pikachu: h

Dyslexic Pikachu: i do not feel like feeling atm

On Wensedays we wear pink: we gonna need the blankets?

Dyslexic Pikachu: im good for now, im still as coherent as i usually am


Peek-A-Boo: i didn't realize his banishment was over

-Sonic the Hedgehog banned Disgustang for two hours-

Dyslexic Pikachu: ica n feel the sad boi hoes comeng

Dyslexic Pikachu: s hit, wronng cjat

On Wensedays we wear pink: ahdkjhbce im getting the blanket, lunch is in the dorms today

Sonic the Hedgehog: we do not approve of useless grape bastards that use oppressive capital letters in this chat.

Whiplash: damn!!!

420: iida is savage!!

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: yeah, he roasts me in the dekusquad chat when i send crackpot at three am

Space Case: yeah, its pretty funny

Space Case: he gets more savage the less sleep he gets

Froppy Jump; the Game: and when he's busy trying to be izuku's impulse control when we let him near the coffee or sero's weed

Cold Soba is Best Soba: it's pretty funny sometimes, just until you are put in charge of izuku and have a sudden respect for iida's presence to stop zuku from doing dumb stuff

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: yeah, i get it from my mother

Literal Goddess: i worry, for you


Chapter Text

Bakusquad Chaos

[6:12 AM; Sunday]

King Explosion Murder: rise and shine,fuckers we're training today!!!!

Racoon Eyes: lakndkja i only had three hours of sleep last night, can iskip?

Racoon Eyes: or at least get some tea?

Blocky Rock: yeah dude, i made some coffee for bakubro already

Blocky Rock: i can make some for you guys too!

Pikachu I choose you!: ajclda yeah, can you make some coffee for me too?

Racoon Eyes: only tea is allowed for me, i will be more sleepy and not be able to train

Blocky Rock: aadjl yeah, sorry, i forgot!!

Racoon Eyes: its fine, eij

Tape Face: i will take you up on that coffee

Blocky Rock: yeah, okay we'll be on our way to coffee and training soon!

King Explosion Murder: good, extras!

Blocky Rock: that's our murder gremlin for you


~Dekusquad~ <3

[5:12 PM; Sunday]

Leader Deku: ihaventhadtheismchecosffeeandthisleastslepesanceimovedintothddormsholdyshiticansmellcollorsndeegod,imussttrainthhismwqpowrt

Speedy Boi: izuku, please put the coffee pot down

Un-Gravitied Bi: um, what should we do about the knew whole in the wall?

Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit: um hide it from aizawa sensei first

it's your power todoroni: i have frozen izuku, but that will not hold very long

it's your power todoroni: he's activating his quirk help?!

Speedy Boi: well i'm taking the coffee and burrying it somewhere far from the dorms, what do you want me to do?!

Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit: uh oh, izuku just broke free from the ixsaaajsk.waasdc agj a s csaskldncsjc nas

Un-Gravitied Bi: help hes broken a wall

Speedy Boi: he's made a bigger hole??

Un-Gravitied Bi: no hes destroyed an entire wall of the building help

Speedy Boi: he's not allowed to drink coffee ever again

Un-Gravitied Bi: tsu and shoto are dead help

Speedy Boi: i'm on my way and i'm bringing aizawa to defuse this situation

Un-Gravitied Bi: thank you tenya, we owe you the sanity of our class


Aizawa's Problem Children

[5:20 PM; Sunday]

On Wensedays we wear pink: why is midoriya a literal blur atm, and there's a wall missing from the dorm building???

Sonic the Hedgehog: i would not like to discuss my failure, please do not question it

-Sonic the Hedgehog added Aizawa-Sensei to Aizawa's Problem Children-

Aizawa-Sensei: alright problem children who was it that let midoriya into the coffee

Froppy Jump; the Game: me and tenya were supposed to be watching him, but i went to get some water, and shoto wanted tenya's opinnion on something

Sonic the Hedgehog: it was lterally two minutes we were gone, i failed at making sure the menace was under control and yet this is what happens

Stereo Heart: wait, aizawa-sensei, join our war against m*neta and capital letters

Stereo Heart: capital letters are oppressive to letters that can't defend themselves,

Stereo Heart: but the other is just ew

Aizawa-Sensei: these are the next generation heroes...

Aizawa-Sensei: but if you problem children are waging war against m*neta as well then sure

Aizawa-Sensei: anyway, i now have all the information i need to stop midoriya

-Aizawa-Sensei has left Aizawa's Problem Children-

Sonic the Hedgehog: this group chat was a mistake

On Wensedays we wear pink: i regret nothing

Dyslexic Pikachu: what the fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk

On Wensedays we wear pink: :3

Chapter Text

Aiawa's Problem Children

[12:02 AM; Monday]

On Wensedays we wear pink: it hath begun

Stereo Heart: it hath begun

Edgelord of Insomniacs: it hath begun

Dyslexic Pikachu: it hath behun

Stereo Heart: *begun

Dyslexic Pikachu: thank u

Octo-Squiddling: it hath begun

Peek-A-Boo: it hath begun

101 Bunnies: it hath begun

Sonic the Hedgehog: even kouda is in on this, wth i feel threatened

101 Bunnies: >:3

Space Case: it hath begun

Cold Soba is Best Soba: it hath begun

~☆*^*☆~: oui,, , it hath begun~

HardboiBitchboss: it hath begun

Sugar but on Acid: it hath begun

Explosian Boi: why'd you fuckers wake me up?!

On Wensedays we wear pink: elaxuijlc sorry kat! we'll go to our group chat now, everyones here too, so


Betting With the Gay$$$ at Midnight

[12:13 AM; Monday]

Pink Queer: jirou and i would like to alter the bet

Butch Gay: yeah, before you ask which one; the one about momo asking me out

Green Gay: what would you like to alter?

Pink Queer: whether or not m*n*t* will be expelled before or after

Pink Queer: my bet's before

Butch Gay: my bet's after

Green Gay: five hundred yen says after

Bi Pride: my allowance on after

Butch Gay: someone agrees with me! thank you!

Disney Gay: kdlacjn two hundred yen on before

Pink Queer: well koda's on my side!

Tentacle Ace: slajsx i'm with koda

Emo Queer: i'm sorry, mezo, but

Emo Queer: four hundred yen on after

Emo Queer: i'm sad and disgusted to say dark shadow once caught him jacking off to lesbian porn

Butch Gay: oh ew

Tentacle Ace: fear.jpeg

Electric Bi: wtffffff three hundred on before; hes really disgusting

Green Gay: i just typed out my entire rant subconsciously and then deleted it becuase it was literallythree paragraphes long hhhh

Red Gay: just an adhd gay being an adhd gay

Katy Perry: um six thousand yen on before

Green Gay: how can you betray me like this!!

Red Gay: gdzsgloruv previous bettings on after

Baker Queer: my bets on before

InvisiBi: my bets also on before

RAINBOW: i'm sorry, mademoiselle

RAINBOW: but my bets on after

Emo Queer: this is just a loop hole to see when everyone thinks m*n*t* will be expelled, huh?

Pink Queer: tokoyami, we already have three bets going as to how, why, and how long until the little grape bitch is to be expelled

Pink Queer: what's one more?

Katy Perry: has everyone placed a bet?

Pink Queer: excuse mey, that's moi job, fuck off, this is my betting pool!

Katy Perry: i'm just trying to help, i apologize.

Pink Queer: don't apologize.

Emo Queer: todoroki, who hurt you...?

Katy Perry: that's for another gc another day

Disney Gay: does anyone wanna come play with my bunny with me?

InvisiBi: we're on our way


Chapter Text

Aizawa's Problem Children

[6:01 PM; Monday]

Explosian Boi: pikachu, icyhot, what the fuck are you wearing

Cold Soba is Best Soba: it was izuku

Dyslexic Pikachu: blame midoeiya

Stereo Heart: *midoriya

Dyslexic Pikachu: autocorrect doesn't like me half the time

Explosian Boi: why the fuck did you listen to deku

Cold Soba is Best Soba: it wasn't my fault, i was trying to run

Dyslexic Pikachu: it was a dareeee

Stereo Heart: anyway, what happened

Explosian Boi: prideflagoutfit.png/msg

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: i regret nothing

Stereo Heart: for pridemonth, can you do me like that midoriya?

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: ofc!!

Literal Goddess: :0 midoriya you have talent

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: i grew up with kaachan, of course i do!

Explosian Boi: deku if you say another fucking word i will end you

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: :)

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: kaachan's parents run a design company, so i know how to fashion,

Sonic the Hedgehog: says the person always wearing shirts that quite literally say 't-shirt' on them

420:  oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: jklacnj worth it

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: now help me to the infirmary someone please

Explosian Boi: you've broken your arms before, why are you complaining about a black eye

Sonic the Hedgehog: it's not my turn to take him, ururaka?

Space Case: i got it, i got it

420: i am so scared at the moment of dekusquad

420: and have been for the past few weeks

420: what is this chaotic side of the most wholesome squad in class

Froppy Jump; the Game: you haven't seen the half of it, ribbit

420: fear.jpeg

Explosian Boi: you should be

420: 0^0


Chapter Text

Aizawa's Problem Children

[4:20 PM; Tuesdays]

Sonic the Hedgehog: dorms, now.

Peek-A-Boo: what happened?

Stereo Heart: do i want to know??

Explosian Boi: :) I let my fuckup crackheads off their leash, but you should be able to deal w/ those bastards four eyes, what happened

Sonic the Hedgehog: i apologize, but iida tenya is not here at the moment

Sonic the Hedgehog: we will get baxk at you as soon as we can

Stereo Heart: i- do i ask

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: hush, we need to focus, shoto is preparing the circle

Cold Soba is Best Soba: circle will be done soon

Space Case: perfect

420: we will continue the food

Dyslexic Pikachu: i short-circited iida's phone, no one will be using it to help him now

On Wensedays we wear pink: hurry your tits, we have work to be done

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: thanyouseroforthwcoffesnetha ppresacitedwharwsdinit

420: i spiked it :)

Froppy Jump; the Game: i can't beleive i'm the responsible one at the moment

Froppy Jump; the Game: also glad i'm not in the dorms

Explosian Boi: ilasjdconeqriuvouerbcpuui i need to see this

Explosian Boi: ohmygod they're trying to sacrifice glassesboi omgoddd lmao omoghossddd

Explosian Boi: sacrificialcrackheadmeeting.png/msg

Stereo Heart: kirishima, you gonna do something about this?

HardboiBitchboss: yeah,

HardboiBitchboss: get the candles and hit the lights

Stereo Heart: omg

Cold Soba is Best Soba: it is done

Peek-A-Boo: whayt is done i'm afraid

Cold Soba is Best Soba: it is done.

Peek-A-Boo: naked and afraid

Disgustang: i'd like to see you naked, hagakure ;)

-Mothman is my $ugar Daddy banned Disgustang for 24 hours-

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: respectwomenprdieatmhhands,bictch

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: repirtalkthostoaizawwasensiwofwcerthinggr apebotchhasdonwsinceandbeefort heshithrsdonesinceandbeeforthegro upchstwsformed

Edgelord of Insomniacs: yeah, sure, i've been wanting to, he keeps misgendering and harrassing me for being nb

Peek-A-Boo: 0^0

Peek-A-Boo: you can understand him??!!

Octo-Squiddling: you can't?

Peek-A-Boo: i

Peek-A-Boo: you insomniacs are terrifying

Edgelord of Insomniacs: thank you, we try

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: thsnkyoy,wetry 

101 Bunnies: ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

Edgelord of Insomniacs: were you just lurking the entire time??

101 Bunnies: maybe

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: dontdearus,frarkpuda

101 Bunnies: should i be honored or angry

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: behoired

101 Bunnies: ok( ' ▽ ' ) b


tired gayes™

SCREAMING TO THE VOID: Sho, why are all of your childrens english essays only in capital letters (except the one that is no-ones child)

problem childrens dad: they've started a war against capital letters

SCREAMING TO THE VOID: yeah okay, fair enough

BDSM: i worry for you two

problem childrens dad: your nickname is literally 'BDSM' and it's 'Pornstar' in the staff group chat

BDSM: your point?? (¬ ¬ )

problem childrens dad: i hate you nemuri

Iida Tensei: owo whats this??

problem childrens dad: who invited tensei

problem childrens dad: i'm not mad, i just wanna talk

Iida Tensei: i added myself

Iida Tensei: i hacked you! (・ω<)☆

problem childrens dad: i will kill you some day

-Iida Tensei has changed their name to 'Memelord69'-

Memelord69: can you?

BDSM: this is great!!!

problem childrens dad: i hate this fucking family

Chapter Text

Aizawa's Problem Children

[3:04 AM; Tuesday]

Edgelord of Insomniacs: what was that noise?

Cold Soba is Best Soba: ask the bakusqad, it came from denki's room

On Wensedays we wear pink: okay, i'm gonna go check on that, i think the power is out i can't turn my lights on

420: and,,, im awake, fuck you guys

Explosian Boi: what fo you fuckers want

HardboiBitchboss: well,  im awak now

HardboiBitchboss: what happend

Dyslexic Pikachu: bakusquad, emergency meeting in denks room

Dyslexic Pikachu: bring the blankets and stim toys

Dyslexic Pikachu: and maybe a movie or two-Mina

Explosian Boi: mina? wtf happened

Dyslexic Pikachu: nothing for the main chat to discuss in


Bakusquad Chaos

[3:16 AM]

Tape Face: k im on my way wth happened mina

Pikachu I choose you!: denki had a panic attack

Pikachu I choose you!: nothing to big abou, dw

Pikachu I choose you!: just a really big sp*der in his room

Pikachu I choose you!: i got rid of it, he's just stuck with the aftermath

King Explosion Murder: we are coming to fix dunce face so he can sleep and be happy

Blocky Rock: we have the blanket and are going to comfort our denki

Tape Face: and we will be damned if any other sp*der approaches him and it's not swiftly taken care of

Pikachu I choose you!: he's crying, omg, he loves all the affection

Pikachu I choose you!: yes it's a he/him day b4 you ask

Pikachu I choose you!: i already asked

King Explsion Murder: good

Blocky Rock: we respect gender and pronouns in the bakusquad

Tape Face: preach!

King Explosion Murder: respect gender or die, extras

Pikachu I choose you!: respect pronouns, or face my wrath

King Explosion Murder: anyway tell pikachu we're gonna fucking comfort him wither he likes it or not

Chapter Text

Aizawa's Problem Children

[2:00 PM; Tuesday]

On Wensedays we wear pink: ebony

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: dark'ness

Octo-Squiddling: dimentia

Edgelord of Insomniacs: i told you in confidence, it was one time,one fucking time

Stereo Heart: raven

Edgelord of Insomniacs: i refuse to do it

Edgelord of Insomniacs: way!!

Edgelord of Insomniacs: dark shadow took my fucking phone

Edgelord of Insomniacs: i read it one time and it was the worst thing ever

Dyslexic Pikachu: we talking about my immortal? i've seen you reading it like six times

Edgelord of Insomniacs: abxiljenlidwulx kaminari i will kill you

Peek-A-Boo: wfuojvnorwjfncil tokoyami youve read my immortal holy shit XD

Edgelord of Insomniacs: i hate you all

Stereo Heart: i

Stereo Heart: i've also rea d

Stereo Heart: i've also read my immortal

Explosian Boi: the fuck is wrong with you extras, why'd you read that peice of shit

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: kaachan you've read it though

Explosian Boi: do you want to die, deku?!

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: if it means finally getting a decent amount of sleep since i was like five, thne yeah

Space Case: you good, deku?

Cold Soba is Best Soba: do you need a hug?

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: nah, just some melatonin and a solid eight hours of sleep at night

Stereo Heart: momo, mood

Literal Goddess: yeah?

Cold Soba is Best Soba: she just called you a god aucnljec;

Cold Soba is Best Soba: yoayorozu is a lurker

Cold Soba is Best Soba: and also, i have bought you melatonin with endeav*res credit card

Sonic the Hedgehog: did you just censor your fathers name?

Cold Soba is Best Soba: yes, what of it

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: alkjdx shoto!! You don't have to do that!!

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: also fuck endeav*re

Sonic the Hedgehog: what did he do??

Cold Soba is Best Soba: he's a shit father

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: daddy issues club~!

Cold Soba is Best Soba: let's make a club

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: yeahhh!!

Stereo Heart: oh god what is wrong with this class

Space Case: we're all fucking disasters thats what


Chapter Text

Aizawa's Problem Children

[6:17 PM; Tuesday]

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: fuckin kill me :)

Edgelord of Insomnia: mood -_\

Sonic the Hedgehog: do i dare ask?

GrapeJuice: I walked in on the freaks talking and told them to leave the room so the normal people could talk

Edgelord of Insomnia: he called midoriya a slur

Edgelord of Insomnia: me a "he"

Edgelord of Insomnia: then ashido walked in to get some tea, and he catcalled her (almst slipped) and made ashido generally uncomfortable

-Mothman is my $ugar Daddy changed GrapeJuice's name to Grapist-

Explosian Boi: may i take a moment to use capital letters

Stereo Heart: suree???

Explosian Boi: don't.

Explosian Boi: fucking.

Explosian Boi:  touch.

Explosian Boi: my.

Explosian Boi: SQUAD.

Dyslexic Pikachu: damn.. touch mina again, tho, and you will last only two minutes before you ded

Dyslexic Pikachu: bakusquad drinks their Respect Women Juice™ daily

Grapist: what?? I didn't do anything wrong!!

Cold Soba is Best Soba: go near izuku, tsyuyu, or ochako, and the dekusquad will be on your ass before you can call out for help

Grapist: Iida, aren't you gonna do something?! They're threatening me!!

Sonic the Hedgehog:  suddenly i can't fucking read

-Sonic the Hedgehog changed their name to 'Hi, I'm Jared19'-

Dyslexic Pikachu: ??? iida memes??

Mothman is my $ugar Daddy: more often than you think

Grapist: freaks

-Hi, I'm Jared19 banned Grapist for 12 hours-

Hi, I'm Jared19: it's safe to come back on, girls and nonbinary folk

Froppy Jump; the Game: *Tsu

-Hi I'm Jared19 changed their name to 'Sonic the Hedgehog'

Sonic the Hedgehog: it's grown on me

Literal Goddess: we're teenagers, of course it has


The Fae

[5:49 AM; Wednesday]

Pink Fairy: you awake?

Pink Fairy: i did not sleep much last night

Grass Nymph: Would you like me to bring you some tea on my way to class, darling?

Pink Fairy: omg you're awake, i'm sorry for waking you up

Grass Nymph: You didn't, I was stretching before going on a run before class. Running early in the morning is always a plessure, and wakes me up. I could stop by Starbucks or that new bubble tea shop that opened up and get you something

Pink Fairy: i do like boba...

Grass Nymph: Of course! I care about you, Mina!

Pink Fairy: thank, ibara, you are a life savour

Grass Nymph: It's really no problem!

Grass Nymph: I'll give it to you outside of class.

Pink Fairy: thank :')

- - - - - - - - - -

Mina left with the Bakusquad for class, and Ibara was waiting outside the class door. She smiled, handed Ibara the tea to xem, and left smiling calmly. Denki stared at her, smirking. Mina glared at Denki. The two stood there for a moment before Bakugo growled at them, "Hurry the fuck up, extras!" Mina sighed. Xe took a sip of the tea and instantly felt better. Denki shrugged and they walked into class with the others. Mina followed as well.

Inside, Jirou was talking with Yaomomo about something. Aizawa hadn't entered class yet, and Iida wasn't having much luck with getting everyone who was there in their seats. "Hey Denks, when we get back to the dorms, wanna try on the girl uniform? I do not feel like wearing a skirt today."

"Sure, sounds fun!" Denki replied, picking at the nailpolish Mina gave them a few days ago.

Mina walked over to a blushing Jirou and Momo. "So, what's going on and who's money shall I be taking?" Mina smirked.

Jirou sighed. "If Grape Bitch comes to class, mine. Also, guess I have a girlfriend now?"

"Finally, we were waiting for so fucking long!"

Momo looked up from hiding in her hands. "We...?"

"One of the betting pools," Mina said absent mindedly.

Tooru walked over and sighed. "Grapist is here," she said quietly.

"Oh my fucking god, can't we just expel him yet..?" Jirou said, her energy for the day, draining right out of her feet.

"Hey, ladies!" M*neta said, strolling over to them. "Jirou, may I say, you tits are looking great today~"

"Tsu, could you do something?" Mina asked to the frog.

"Sorry, ribbit, but my tongue has touched that thing one too many times."

"That's fair, I guess," Mina sighed, and was ready to burn the grapes eye right out of his head. Until xe felt somethin grab her ass. Xe squeaked, turned around and aim a wild punch at whatever grabbed xyr ass. Mina managed to grab most everyones attention, and give M*neta a likely broken nose that was bleeding a lot

Bakugo growled as Sero trapped M*neta in his tape, and Denki, Kirishima, and Bakugo powerd up their quirks. "What did I fucking say, you grape ass bitch?!"

M*neta was shaking, terrified. Denki grabbed his shoulder, sending a small shock down M*neta's spine, their smile widened into something that looked rather insane. "Don't touch the Bakusquad, if I remember correctly," they said, grinning.

Sero sighed. "And he didn't fucking listen..."

Kirishima made a fist and hardened his arm. "Now he's gonna pay.

"Guys I'm fine, just freaked out for a moment, is all-" Mina tried to reason, but Bakugo already had several small explosions going off on his hands.

"Bakugo. Let me through," Midoriya said, darkly.

Bakugo smiled at him. "Off course, Deku." Bakugo turned to M*neta. "Have fun dealing with pissed off Deku."

"What is going on, problem children?" Aizawa asked as he walked in.

"He touched Mina's ass, we were finally going to give him what he deserves," Sero explained.

"Can we expel him now?" Denki asked, giving M*neta another controlled shock.

Aizawa sighed. "I'll take him to my office, come on." Aizawa took M*neta away from the Bakusquad and Problem Child, and dragged him out of the room.

Bakugo sighed. "Fucking finally."

"He's not expelled yet," Momo provided regretfully. "We'll have to wait and see.... fucking..."

Everyone glared at nothing resentfully. Hopefully this would be it....


But of fucking course, he wasn't expelled just yet, much to the displeasure of everyone. He was suspended for a few days, but Aizawa was stopped from expelling him because there wasn't 'any good reason' except the countless reports from people all throughout U.A. talking of harrassment from the grape bitch. Aizawa was grumpy throughout the entire class, and pushed them extra hard because of it.

Chapter Text

Aizawa's Problem Children

[3:42 PM; Thursday]

-Mothman is my $ugar Daddy changed their name to 'provlw, thot'-

-provlw, thot changed Hi, I'm Jared19's name to 'goyya hoe fadt'-

-provlw, thot changed Space Case's name to 'bi ur seld'-

-provlw, thot changed Cold Soba is Best Soba's name to 'fuck enseacwhore-

-provlw, thot changed Froppy Jump; the Games's name to 'jympt hifj'-

provlw, thot: hsy birched, u'm fyvkibg hie off mt asd

provlw, thot: ads

provlw, thot: asds

problw, thot: i gibe up

goyya hoe fadt: i,m nit letyimg ypu makr grpyp dwsicsuond anumore

goyya hoe fadt: or mske rvetyobw twa

On Wensedays we wear pink: you guys good??

fuck enseacwhore: nahhh qe hifh

fuck enseacwhore: heh

fuck enseacwhore: w e

fuck enseacwhore: h i g h

bi ur seld: hhhhhhh

jympt hifj: riiiibbbiiiittttt

On Wensedays we wear pink: how???

bi ur seld: dekkkuu soik e d thw te a hw mafe fpr ud

jympt hifj: iogcaeiur wih seto'd fukim dtugs

fuck enseacwhore: hjlcs w it h t h w w e e d

goyya hoe fadt: thhhhhssssstt is hifffflllluuuuuuu innnaooorppeiaaaatttteee nammmmmee

to dow o k i s ho rrr ooo

fuck enseacwhore: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

bi ur seld: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

jympt hifj: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

provlw, thot: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

Explosian Boi: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

420: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

On Wensedays we wear pink: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

Dyslexic Pikachu: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

Literal Goddess: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

~☆*^*☆~: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

Peek-A-Boo: f uc k e n d e a v w h o r e

-fuck enseacwhore changed the name of the group chat to 'dadzawa's problem children'-

goyya hoe fadt: iiiiii giveee e ee upp pppp pp p pppp


tired gays™

[4:05 PM; Thursday]

SCREAMING TO THE VOID: shota, your students dorm smells heavily of weed, can you go check i'm scared

problem childrens dad: no, last time the problem child was trying to fucking kill iida what do you want from me

BDSM: oh my goddsss

BDSM: dekusquadoncrack.img/msg

problem childrens dad: ^

problem childrens dad: this is why i have given up on life

SCREAMING TO THE VOID: jilcobwudc vouh4ruoivcupijcxiedo SHOTA NO

Memelord69: oacjileci damn

Memelord69: my brothe high of his on free will? impossible

problem childrens dad: it was probably midoriyia, he has a habit of spiking coffee with weed or smth

problem childrens dad: and also forgetting to sleep...

SCREAMING TO THE VOID: gn f hrbre?qcip your children are so fucked up aizawa

problem childrens dad: not my children, hizashi

BDSM: sqijcnceio sure, aizawa, sure

BDSM: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


problem childrens dad: 

problem childrens dad: (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

Chapter Text

League of no Dads

[9:16 AM; Friday]

Handjob: dabi why the fuck are you on the news

PortalMaster: again.

Burning Leather: ljnrtdjh It's not my fault!!

Sicko Mode: What did you do?! 0w0

PortalMaster: oh dear lord kill me nowww

Burning Leather: i was at mcdonalds

Handjob: omfg -_\

Beyblade: why??

Burning Leather: and then, in walked Hawks

Burning Leather: we stared at each other for a moment

Burning Leather: then I panicked and set the fry oil on fire and ran

Beyblade: oh damn

Sicko Mode: that's the best coincedence ever

DoubleMask: wtf are you okay??

Burning Leather: yeah, i'm heading to th bar now

PortalMaster: Just,,,

PortalMaster: Send your location, i'll send a portal to pick you up

Burning Leather: ok dad

Burning Leather: SIR*

Burning Leather: fuckin autocorrect

PortalMaster: Just send your fucking location, idiot

-Burning Leather sent their location-

MarbledMagician: the fuck is wrong with you all

Sicko Mode: that list is too long to explain, compressy

MarbledMagician: don't call me that

DoubleMask: you can't stop her, it's a fate worse then death

Handjob: i hate all of you so much...

Burning Leather: noted


Chapter Text


dadzawa's  problem children

[2:39 PM; Thursday]

Sonic the Hedgehog: izuku, please just change your name back or at least fix the spelling

provlw, thot: no

Kirby: tenya, he's too stubborn, you know this

fuck endeav*re: izuku, can i see your phone?

- provlw , thot  changed their name to ' problem thot '-

problem thot: fuck you shoto

fuck endeav*re: d;ijq;cnl, please do~

On Wensedays we wear pink: who's moneyt am i taking??!!?? 0w0

problem thot: w h a t

Kirby: damn, sho, that was smooth as fuck

Dyslexic Pikachu: w h e n

Stereo Heart: isblja ije lqno ief

Stereo Heart: we have taught him well

420: very very well

Froppy: of cousre it was you two, ribbit

Literal Goddess: :) :) :) :)

420: ??? do i need to be concerned

~☆*^*☆~: no, mon ami, she's just feeling a little...

~☆*^*☆~: upset

Stereo Heart: who do i need to kill

Whiplash: the usual

Peek-A-Boo: the grape bitch

420: can't we just expel himm ughghghhh

problem thot: there should be more then enough evidence to get rid of him..


Sonic the Hedgehog: funny, izuku. very funny. anyway, yes i have been working with aizawa-sensei to create a file on him in order to get him expelled

Peek-A-Boo: aww,, really??

Sonic the Hedgehog: yes, aizawa-sensei says that he's already gotten so many warnings that one more offense should do the tick

Kirby: fuck yeah

Sonic the Hedgehog: but aizawa-sensei has already expelled so many students in the past, that he can't expel him

Literal Goddess: fuck

Peek-A-Boo: just get mic to do it for him

Stereo Heart: we all know they both hate him

Sonic the Hedgehog: hhmmm

Dyslexic Pikachu: i think i have an idea

Dyslexic Pikachu: just need to go out and buy something, anyone wanna come??

problem thot: where are you going?

Dyslexic Pikachu: pet shop!

101 Bunnies: !!! ヽ(°〇°)ノ

Octo-Squiddling: that's a yes

Octo-Squiddling: me and fumikage would like to go to

Sugar but on Acid: i'll go too

Literal Goddess: i'll go as well! for supervision and to supply money (*^‿^*)

Kirby: me and deku will go as well

420: well, if you're going the bakusquad is going too!

Explosian Boi: no way in hell

HardboiBitchboss: sounds fun!

Explosian Boi: are we letting you go alone, dunce face

On Wensedays we wear pink: omg he caresss

420: nah it's just eijibro

Kirby: how is the bakusquad more wholesome then the dekusquad tf

420: trust me, we have much crackhead energy stored inside us

On Wensedays we wear pink: which is why we're not allowed at walmart anymore

420: ojhyocqeasbuhxkiqiofuhwquc it was an accident!!!

Edgelord of Insomnia: what a mad banquet of darkness

Explosian Boi: just hurry the fuck up extras before i change my mind!


Mina brushed through Denki's hair for her, as she put on makeup. Jirou was actually a really good teacher when it came to certain things like that (plus youtube tutorials). "You sure, Denks? You don't have to-"

"Yeah, but I want to," she interrupted. "I don't feel like putting up with all that dysphoria."

"So, you're gonna come out to everyone?"

"No, not likely... And besides, several people going already know, so I don't have to worry about that. I just want to wear whatever makes me comfortable."

"You know what, fair. Alright, you're hair is finally brushed through. Do you even take care of it regularly?"

"I have executive dysfunction and a lot of times I forget to do stuff, so..."

"Of course."

"HEY RACOON EYES, PIKACHU, HURRY UP OR WE'RE LEAVING WITHOUT YOU!" Bakugo yelled from outside the room.

"HEY, IT WAS MY IDEA!!" Denki shouted back, annoyed. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she stood up. "We done?"

"Let's go," Mina decided. Xe smiled and put on some earrings. "Are we dramatic for wearing these outfits? Yes, probably. Do we care?"

"Not at all. Let's go, I want to leave before all the cats are adopted."

"Denki you are allergic to cats what-?"

"Too late we're going now!" Denki pulled Mina out the door and down to the common room where everyone was waiting. "No comments about the dress, we just here for cats."

"Yeah, deal, just pet store, now," Midoriya said, proceeding to push everyone out of the dorms. "I want to leave before it closes so I can pet all the dogs-!"

"Of course," Momo rolled her eyes.

About twenty minutes later, they arrived at a pet store. Everyone stared for a brief two seconds before gravitating to their preferred animals. Shoji and Tokoyami went to the birds and tropical fish, Momo, Midoriya, and Koda went to the dogs, Sato wento to look at the bunnies, and the Bakusquad followed Denki to the cats.

Kirishima picked up a tiny, fluffy, light blonde cat and held it in front of Bakugo. "It's you," he said.

Bakugo took it from Kirishima and frowned. The cat frowned back. "I like this one, we're keeping it."

Denki looked around at the cats, and he kneeled down to pick up a dark grey one with stripes. "You're pretty," she said. She giggled as the cat jumped up onto her shoulders. She looked up and saw a boy with gravity defiying purple hair.

"Oh my god, isn't that a heavenly picture," she mumbled. The boy turned and looked at Denki. That's when she realized she was staring. She blushed, stood, picked the cat up off of her shpulders and held them, and walked over. "Sorry, if I was being creepy, was I being creepy? Dammit, I was totally being creepy, shutting up now-Hi, I'm Kaminari Denki," She held her hand out to shake it.

The boy chuckled. "Shinsou Hitoshi, a pleasure to meet you."

"Oh, you're that kid Midoriya fought at the sports festival, from general studies, you were really cute. I mean hot! I mean-" Denki sneezed. "Sorry."

Shinsou smiled. "It's fine. So, waddya looking for?"

"A cat to bribe my teacher."

"You know what? Fair, I would also do that."

"Yeah, our class is trying to get someone we hate expelled," Denki chuckled, sneezing again. She wasn't gonna let go of the grey cat she was holding, but she hated when her allergies acted up. Stupid allergies...

"Uh, I like your outfit," Shinsou said. "You don't see a lot of guys with the confidence it takes to wear a dress or something." Shinsou cringed in his head. I have no fucking clue what I'm doing dads help-

"Yeah, yeah, It's actually my friends, Mina! Xe- SHE- she likes using me as a model for her outfits before she wears them. She's lucky we're around the same size, hehe..." Deki mumbled to herself, "I'm not a guy, hnnn..."


"Hm? What?"

Behind the two, there was a loud crash and Denki could hear Midoriya and Ururaka screaming. "That's probably my friends. Knowing them, they probably just tried to steal that german shepard I saw them playing with. I'm gonna go now, uh, see you around?"

"Yeah, yeah totally! See you, aroundd, I guess..."

Denki started walking away backwards. "I'm gonna go, and adopt this cat in my arms, for my teacher."

"Yeah, you do that, I'm gonna go do my job, that I was suposed to do... tweny minutes ago..." Denki gave Shinsou finger guns and walked away, almost running into a shelf of birdseed.

Denki walked back up to the Bakusquad who were all waiting by the register.

"Holy shit I think I'm in love," Denki mumbled to herself.

Mina rolled xyr eyes fondly. "Really? With who?"

"We don't need to kill this person, do we?" Bakugo said. The group placed the cats (Bakugo's new cat and Aizawa's bribery cat) into two crates, Momo was the one who paid, and the 1-A problem children left. Midoriya, Ururaka, and Tokoyami were waiting outside after having gotten kicked out.

"No! Why would you suggest that?" Denki shrieked, sneezing. Bakugo took the cats' crates.

"You didn't answer me-!!" Mina complained. "Who are you crushing on??!!"

"Oh, the cute guy from General studies, Shinsou Hitoshi. He's really cute...!"

"You said that twice," Sero said.

"Anyway, let's get back to school before the teachers find out we're gone," Momo said. Everyone nodded and headed back.


dadzawa's  problem children

[3:33 PM; Thursday]

Dyslexic Pikachu: target aquired. plan in motion. boys pretty.

On Wensedays we wear pink: denki is now a pining idiot.

Explosian Boi: pets are fucking expensive.

Sonic the Hedgehog: oqvohir what were you all doing??

Kirby: tokoyami, deku, and i are no longer allowed at the pet store... i do not regret my actions.... soo....

Stereo Heart: do we want to know....?

Whiplash: yes, tell us how you managed to get kicked out of a fucking pet store????

~☆*^*☆~:  are you alright, mon ami??

problem thot: don't look at me

Kirby: it was all deku and tokoyami's fault.

Edgelord of Insomniacs: i did nothing wrong i don't know wtf you're talking about.

Peek-A-Boo: i

Peek-A-Boo: ok then....

- Peek-A-Boo  changed their name to ' prince( ss peekablue '-

- prince( ss peekablue  changed  Edgelord  of  Insomniacs's  name to ' d ouble trouble '-

double trouble: the fuck

prince(sspeekablue: i have recently finished watching spop season five... double trouble is a nb mercanary lizard shapeshifter

prince(sspeekablue: they're a complete bastard but everyone loves them all the same

double trouble: hmmm... i approve.

prince(sspeekablue: !!! :3

Literal Goddess: !!! she-ra fan!!!

prince(sspeekablue: !!!

~☆*^*☆~: !!!!

problem thot: !!!!!

prince(sspeekablue: we shall form a club.

Kirby: the sword gays have been drawn out.

~☆*^*☆~: i feel called out.

Literal Goddess: you're not wrong...

problem thot: andiwaslikeiknowbuthey!.png/msg

- ~☆*^*☆~  changed their name to ' seahawk '-

problem thot: that's weirdly fitting

seahawk: i know~

-Literal Goddess changed their name to ' adora '-

adora: we both have cat girlfriends who struggle with emotional vulnerability

problem thot: on the contrary

- problem thot  changed  adora 's  name to ' perfuma '-

problem thot: you both have butch gfs and are terrifying once you finally snap

perfuma: you know, fair

- perfuma   changed  problem  thot 's  name to ' adora '-

perfuma: neither of you have any sense of self preservation

double trouble: i have decided i need to watch this show, it looks very gay

perfuma: tis very gay

Dyslexic Pikachu: kastki plaese i need yuo to yake thw cat my allerfies ate kullunv meeeee

Dyslexic Pikachu: i csnt fuckwng breattthhheeee

Explosian Boi: fuckin fine dunce face.

HardboiBitchboss: i'll get denki's allergy medicine...

Dyslexic Pikachu: hhhhnnnnnnnn

- perfuma  changed  Stereo Heart 's name to ' scorpia '-

perfumashe's my butch queen

scorpia: i'm not mad,,, at all,,

- HardboiBitchboss  changed their name to ' spinnerella '-

perfuma: ohhhhmyyygooodddssss

adora: one of usssss!!!

Sonic the Hedgehog: ignoring that mess,, is kaminari alright? i wasn't aware he had allergies

Dyslexic Pikachu: i'm fine now. my allergies aren't very suvere, so i don't make a big deal out of them

scorpia: *severe

Dyslexic Pikachu: thx

Dyslexic Pikachu: but i was also around a lot of cats today so that didn't help

 scorpia: i just thought everyone knew about kaminari's allergies

Sonic the Hedgehog: just so we're all aware, what execatly are you allergic to kaminari?

Dyslexic Pikachu: cats of all things, but they're so fuvking cuteeee!!!

On Wensedays we wear pink: ihuivkerviu whenever we go over to eiji's house denki suffers

spinerella: i have like a hundred cats.

Dyslexic Pikachu: it's an adorable way to suffer. Ú^Ú

seahawk: mood but with dogs

Dyslexic Pikachu: are you allergic dogs?

seahawk: sadly yes

Dyslexic Pikachu: allergic to cute, but common house pets gang!

Sonic the Hedgehog: alright, is there anyone else with allergies we should know about

scorpia: m*neta

adora: m*neta

Explosian Boi: grape bitch

perfuma: m*neta

double trouble: m*neta

Sonic the Hedgehog: that isn't m*neta!!

Grapist: Thank you!

Sonic the Hedgehog: because everyone is, we all knew this

420: ...

420: m*neta

Grapist: wtf is wrong with you all!??!!

fuck endeav*re: so,, i was not aware he was here, so

- fuck  endeav *re  banned  Grapist  for four hours-

seahawk: merci, mon ami

spinerella: fr tho, I'm really allergic to bees 

spinerella: also sort of pollen

adora: that explains a lot actually

Kirby: he is now mumbling about how allergies effect different quirks lol

On Wensedays we wear pink: i'm allergic to mosquito bites

On Wensedays we wear pink: they turn red and swell up 

Explosian Boi: anyway... soy sauce, come get dunce face out of my room, motherfucker won't leave

420: it's cause you have the cat

420: i'm on my way

prince(sspeekablue: i'm

prince(sspeekablue: what is wrong with our class

Whiplash: a lot of things...

adora: anyway, i'm gonna go check on a different groupchat brb

Discount Gays

[3:59 PM; Thursday]

Questioning Crackhead: Denki is having a bi panic  h e l p-

No Gender, Only Darkness: is she alright?

Fluid as a River: hhhhnnnnnn boys pretty hnnnnnnhhnn

Trans+Gay=Disaster: okay this seems pretty normal

Lesbutch: who is it...?

Fluid as a River: hhhnnnnnn shinsou from gen studies hnn

Cassgender Frogg: called it ribbit

Ace of Diamonds: i

Ace of Diamnonds: can't say i'm surprised

Sparkling Pride: and this is why i never leave the dorms~! so i don't accidentally fall for someone

Sparkling Pride: and turn into that

Fluid as a River: hhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnn

Lesbutch: the betting pools are now betting on you, kami

Questioning Crackhead: okay, boys are prettyyyyy

Questiong Crackhead: hhhnnnn im so confuseddd

No Gender, Only Darkness: there there

Trans+Gay=Disaster: at least you're sure of your gender

Pink and Genderqueer: oh that was the fucking worst

Pink and Genderquuer: i didn't know not really identifying with gnder was a thing and that sucked

Trans+Gay=Disaster: i was like four when i realized i did not like being a girl

Trans+Gay=Disaster: i didn't know what was going, and why people looked at me weird after I started to transition, so like

No Gender, Only Darkness: oh that must have been worse

Validating all mah homies: i wasn't out for a loonnnggg time, but i new i wasn't really cis or straight for a while

Questioning Crackhead: ..

Validating all mah homies: we just made you feel worse, didn't we??

Questioning Crackhead: mhm

Trans+Gay=Disaster: hhhnnnn i'm sorry!!

Trans+Gay=Disaster: true to my nickname

Lesbutch: i need coffee, momo is too pretty aand is keeping me up even later then usual heeellllpp

Trans+Gay=Disaster: sighs in adhd and agreement

Trans+Gay=Disaster: except with shoto hhhnnnnnh

No Gender, Only Darkness: jirou, you are literally dating momo

Lesbutch: fuk u

Sparkling Pride: mon ami's, let's focus on kaminari's bi panic

Fluid as a River: he thinkss im a guyyyyyy

Cassgender Frogg: oh

Ace of Diamonds: oh shit

Fluid as a River: and i am sometimes, i guess? but stiiiillll

Questioning Crackhead: you're doomed buddy

Pink and Genderqueer: unless you have the confidence to come out to him??

Fluid as a River: i don't know if he even likes me like that hhhh

Validationg all mah homies: dude, it'll be okay

Ace of Diamonds: i'm sorry for your loss

Lesbutch: you're gonna be alright dude

No Gender, Only Darkness: you mortals and your pethetic emotional problems

Ace of Diamonds: janisiuedb Fumi, you are no better, love

No Gender, Only Darkness: akdjcnoqieur bcijciu

No Gender, Only Darkness: what a mad banquet of darkness

No Gender, Only Darkness: i'm retreating into my cave now

Ace of Diamonds: babe, no i'm sorry-

Questioning Crackhead: midoriya, heeellllppp

Trans+Gay=Disaster: ???

Questioning Crackhead: iida's hoottt

Questioning Crackhead: what do i doooo

Trans+Gay=Disaster: jcdjnqiudc lol tenya's oblivious so

Trans+Gay=Disaster: panic

Trans+Gay=Disaster: i'm no good at advise

Validating all mah homies: don't worry, it's gonna get better

Lesbutch: i'm gonna add one more rational human being to the chat

- Lesbutch  added  perfuma   to ' Discount Gays '-

perfuma: what??

Lesbutch: welcome to gay panics 101

Pink and Genderqueer: tokoyami and i created it so we can rant and be dumb and queer and talk about crushes

Pink and Genderqueer: currently denki, midoriya, and sero are having their own gay panics and tokoyami is m.i.a.

Pink and Genderqueer: welcome to hell, my friend

Validating all mah homies: i'm supposed to be the responsible one but im also having a gay crisis

No Gender, Only Darkness: if you're comfortable, share your pronouns and sexuality

perfuma: ah

- perfuma  changed their name to ' Lesbian God '-

Lesbian God: she/her and lesbian and am dating kyoka

Lesbutch: h

Lesbutch: hh pr e t t y

Fluid as a River: i'm bi

No Gender, Only Darkness: they/them, homosexual

Pink and Genderqueer: xe/xyr, but she/they also work. and demiro  bi

Validating all mah homies: he/him and home of sexual

Trans+Gay=Disaster: he/him, and i think you can tell :D

Ace of Diamonds: he/him, ace and homoromantic

Lesbutch: she/they, lesbean queen

Questioning Crackhead: he/hin and confused he l p-

Sparkling Pride: he/him they/them, and very obviously gay~

Cassgender Frogg: the actually functioning gay, whatever pronouns work, ribbit

Pink and Genderqueer: i beleive that's everyone who's comdortable with sharing

No Gender, Only Darkness: back to my cave

Ace of Diamonds: noooooo baaaabbeeee come back!!!!

Fluid as a River: jjiucuui shunsoe's so cuuuuttttrrrrr

Lesbutch: you misspelled your crushes name

Fluid as a River: hhhhhnnnn

Trans+Gay=Disaster: helllpp shoto's cutee

Trans+Gay=Disaster: i'mmm dyinggggg

Lesbian God: you all are a disaster

Pink and Genderqueer: lol yeah, we know

Fluid as a River: i'm gonna go cuddle with the cattt

Questioning Crackhead: uweohubeiucbn denki n o-

Lesbutch: yep... this is the lgbt+ chat of 1-a

Lesbian God: i'm--

Lesbian God: i'm sorry i left you here alone for so long, tsu

Cassgender Frogg: it's fine

Pink and Genderqueer: denki the fuck

Fluid as a River: i am dankichu now, i have ascended

Validating all mah homies: in translation, our pikachu is having another allergic reaction

Trans+Gay=Disaster: damn

Cassgender Frogg: can we get an f in the chat?

Pink and Genderqueer: f

Questioning Crackhead: f

Validating all mah homies: f

Lesbian God: f

Lesbutch: f

Trans+Gay=Disaster: f

Ace of Diamonds: f

Sparkling Pride: f

Cassgender Frogg: f

[2:56 AM; Friday]

Fluid as a River: i lived bitch

Trans+Gay=Disaster: is staying up this late normal for you??

Fluid as a River: lol yea, my adhd doesn;t let me sleep

Lesbutch: interesting....

Fluid as a River: ????

Cryptid Hunters: Insomnia Addition

[3:01 AM; Friday]

- Sleepless Trans Gay  added  Dyslexic Pikachu  to  Cryptid Hunters: Insomnia Addition -

Sleepless Trans Gay: a fellow adhd insoniac

Dyslexic Pikachu: owo i can join??

Nonbinary Insomniac: hmm

Nonbinary Insomniac: all in favor say aye

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: aye

Sleepless Lesbean: aye

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: aye

Sleepless Trans Gay: aye

Nonbinary Insomniac: welcome, kaminari, to the insomnia hours groupchat

Dyslexic Pikachu: !!! OwO !!!

- Sleepless Trans Gay  changed  Dyslexic Pikachu 's name to ' Bisomniac '-

Bisomniac: i like it

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: welcome to insanity

Bisomniac: thank chu UwU

Nonbinary Insomniac: todays three am thought, shiny things pretty,, we steal?

Sleepless Trans Gay: we steal

Bisomniac: we steal, definatly

Sleepless Lesbean: agreed

Useless Genderqueer Insomiac: wayyy ahead of you

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: be gay do crimes, m'theydies and gentlethems

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: i am above law

Sleepless Trans Gay: ??

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: every law says 'he or she', i am neither, therfore, law does not apply to me

Nonbinary Insomniac: me as well

Bisomniac: UwU we can be gay and do legal crimes

Bisomniac: (they/them today-)

Sleepless Trans Gay: jajeiuncuc lucky

Nonbinary Insomniac: brb, i'm gonna get and deliver everyone tea and coffee

Nonbinary Insomniac: kaminari,how do you like your coffee? or tea?

Bisomniac: coffee with lots of sugar and spiked with rebdull

Sleepless Lesbean: *redbull

Bisomniac: it brings me closer to death

Nonbinary Insomniac: got it

Sleepless Lesbean: so i need the tea for money reasons, shoji, are you and tokoyami dating~?

Ace of Diamonds: 

Ace of Diamonds: maybe

Sleepless Lesbean: dammit

Nonbinary Insomniac: i can still see the chat, you know

Sleepless Lesbean: shit

dadzawa's  problem children

[7:10 AM; Friday]

Dyslexic Pikachu: the time is upon us. plan is set in motion.

prince(sspeekablue: scared but won't question it

Whiplash: we just don't question kami's thought process

Sugar but on Acid: i made breakfast today, are you guys gonna come down??

adora: yeah, give me a moment

scorpia: oh gods i need to sleeepp

Sonic the hedgehog: this is why you need to go to bed at an optimal time

scorpia: i don't think you  know how insomnia works

double trouble: i'm just gonna sleep through class

double trouble: dark shadow can take notes for me

Sugar but on Acid: just come get food insomniacs


Denki trudged into class with the Bakusquad. Bakugou wouldn't let Denki hold the crate the little cat (the class dubbed her Ichika) because of their allergies, but they had gotten to class before Aizawa.

"It was my idea, so I get to hand her in to Aizawa-Sensei," Denki said.

"You are literally allergic and where dying yesterday," Kirishima said.

"Fuck you."

"Oh my god, you guys are stubborn," Mina sighed. Xe took the cat from Bakugou and sat down at xyr seat. Denki and everyone else sat down in their respective seats. Jirou rolled her eyes as Iida told the class off for sitting down on their seats before Aizawa walked in. As Iida went to go to his own seat, he gave Ichika gentle headpats as he passed Mina's seat.

Aizawa walked in a few minutes later. Denki and Mina stood up and slowly walked over to him, hiding Ichika's crate as best they could. "Aizawa-Sensei, we have a present for you," Mina started.

"As an... apology for being the problem children this year," Denki stated.

"Thanks... What's the catch?"

"No catch, just accept it," Denki said as they slowly got Ichika out of her crate. "We named her Ichika," Denki held the little striped cat up in front of their teacher. Aizawa's eyes widened. He had to force himself to not smile as he picked the cat up out of Denki's hands.

"Really...? No catch...?" Aiazawa said skeptically.

"Could you maybe, if you wanna, convince Present Mic Sensei... to expel the Grape who should not be named??" Denki asked slowly.

Aizawa rolled his eyes. Of course they had an ulterior motives for buying him a cat. God, he's taught these kids well. "Alright, I'll look into it."

"Thank," Denki sneezed, "you!"

Aizawa rolled his eyes as Mina waved and pushed Denki back to their seats. Awizawa walked up to the front of the class. "Alright class. Let's get started with today."

Aizawa walked into the teachers lounge during lunch with Ichika the cat on his shoulders. Mic sighed exasperatedly and Midnight had to stop herself from laughing, while everyone else just stared in awe and surprise. "What?" No one said anything, so he sat down next Present Mic.

"Shota, what did I say?"

"She was a gift from my students, it's impolite to give cats-gifts, i meant-back."

Mic sighed again and face planted. "I guess we have another cat on our hands...."

"Her name is Ichika," Aizawa said, taking the cat off his shoulders and held it out for Mic. Ichika meowed in protest but didn't really fight it.

"I mean," Mic took Ichika and the cat purred lowly as he began petting her lightly, "she is kinda cute..."

"Yeah. They bought her to try and bribe me into getting you to expel M*neta."

"Ah... I mean, I will once I finally have a god reason to."

"Can't wait. Anyway, I'm going to go to sleep." aizawa pulled out his yellow sleeping bag from seemingly nowhere, and quickly fell asleep.

"Okay, he has received the gift, now, all we have to do, is wait for him to bust the Grape Bitch," Denki said, as Mina measured them.

"Yeah, like that would be hard," Sero commented, looking through Mina's fabric. "Mina, why is their so much pink?"

"Because I like it.  Okay, measurments taken, Kirishima, my patterns are in my closet, can you get the one labeled 'Frilly 3' for me?"

"I guess. What are you making for Denki again?"

"They asked for a 'Marie Antionette dress', so I'm making one for them. I'm surprised it wasn't Shiny McShiny who asked for this kinda dress."

"What? I want to be her for Halloween. Sure she got decapitated in the French Revolution, but damn was her dress pretty."

"How do you even know that?" Bakugo asked raising an eyebrow.

"I looked it up cause I fell asleep in history," Denki shrugged.

"I can't beleive you looked up something like that willingly, Denks," Kirishima sighed looking through Mina's fabric patterns.

"Wouldn't making something like that take months?"

"I mean, yeah, but our Pikachu offered to help me with the sewing part," Mina smiled.

"My mom taught when I was younger," Denki clarified after receiving several confused glances from their friends.

"Alright, i found the blue fabrics."

"Nice, let's get started!"


dadzawa's  problem children

[3:45 PM; Friday]

double trouble: oh gods somebody help me

double trouble: and kill the grape while your at it.

double trouble: and take lord explosion murder jr. out of the living room before she gets caught in the inevitable crossfire

Explosian Boi: why is my cat in the same room as him??

On Wensedays we wear pink: we let her out cause koda wanted to spend some time with her, how'd you get so irresponsible tokoyami??

double trouble: i didn't know he was in the room he saw the cat and said that she was 'ew, a rodent', and i had to stop kouda from killing him

double trouble: while also showing some restraint myself

adora: i'm now going to kill someone

adora: now, i'm a cat gay, (also a dog gay but everyone likes dogs), and that's too far

seahawk: i'm

seahawk: murder plan loading...

On Wensedays we wear pink: hhhhh

On Wensedays we wear pink: bakuhoe just  left my room i think a murders gonna go down-

Explosian Boi: do not insult lord explosion murder jr when i can see or hear it

prince(sspeekable: oh dear lord you guys how are we gonna clean it, when no one wants to touch it

Froppyaizawa sensei iss going to have sooo many court cases to deal with

Dyslexic Pikachu: i worry for this class so much

Dyslexic Pikachu: partly cause i'm in it

Froppyribbit, agreed

Froppy: everyone in this class is an absolute disaster

Kirby: yeah, but we defend our cats with our life!

perfuma: speaking of...

- perfuma  changed  fuck  endeav * re 's  name to ' catra '-

perfuma: sorry, midoriya, i had to

adora: ibiuoce9uwcbr8uiu98vb87hkreich uipvhfiuk euive9iviunc

seahawk: the difference being todoroki doesn't try to kill midoriya

seahawk: on a normal basis at least

spinnerella: oh fuck help i can't hold him fore v e r-

Sonic the Hedgehog: why did i see m*neta get thrown out a window?

Sonic the Hedgehog: nevermind

Sonic the Hedgehog: anyway, kaminari, how did your "plan", whatever it was, go?

Dyslexic Pikachu: it went well i think! we'll be grapeless rael soon

scorpia: rael

spinnerella: rael

On Wensedays we wear pink: rael

adora: rael

420: rael

seahawk: rael

Dyslexic Pikachu stfu

catra: rael

Dyslexic Pikachu: excuse me while i go scream into the void

double trouble: what a mad banquet of darkness

Octo-Squiddlingjygirstiv fumikage no-

double trouble: yes

Dyslexic Pikachu: hhhh i want what they havee... but with shin....

Kirby: uh kaminari? you good?

Froppy: kaminari, wrong chat

spinnerella: wrong chat denki

Dyslexic Pikachu: shit wro n g ch a t!!!

scorpia: his life is falling apart and it's hilarious

Whiplash: jirou it's rude to laugh at others misfortune

perfuma: no, she's right, this is kinda funny

perfuma: but now kaminari is blowing up the pining chat with shit send help

Sugar but on Acid: i came looking for advice on the homework and this is what i found...

101 Bunnies: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sugar but on Acid: what do i expect from this class...

420: too much, apparantly

Dyslexic Pikachu: were teenagers,  waddya expect?

scorpiabfdvjhdgfgcihcv fhcb what do you want from us??

perfumawell, iida wants us to act more responsible for some reason

perfumawe are teenagers what do you extract

perfuma: *expect

Sonic the Hedgehog: you all being able to act semi-responsible...

Sonic the Hedgehog: we're going to give aizawa-sensei an ulsar

Dyslexic Pikachu: books of you to assume that we haven't already

Dyslexic Pikachu: *bold auto correct dosn't like me

Kirby: there there

adora: pat pat

On Wensedays we wear pink: vhjbvdljovbie but box jellyfish tho

Explosian Boi: do i want to know what you linked

adora: ashido wtf

Octo-Squiddling: okay but also consider; the blue ringed octopus

catra: i cant enjoy my soba ever, at all, can i? you idiots have to ruin it

adora: omg he is catra

double trouble: i have binged aproximately three seasons of spop and i aspire to be either huntara or double trouble

prince(ss) peekablue: ugh, huntara is so pretty tho

Whiplash: excuse me??

prince(ss) peekablue: look, even the straights and the gay bois like her like

prince(ss) peekablue:

prince(ss) peekablue: she's hot!!!

prince(ss) peekablue: she's hot!!!

scorpia: a butch queen

adora: ruler of the crimson waste

perfuma: ex horde soldier

spinnerella: stronk legend

double trouble: practised theif/gang leader

seahawk: a butch fashion icon!

Kirby: again, the sword gays have come out of hiding

On Wensedays we wear pink: here i was thinking they were extinct!

Dyslexic Pikachu: you are literally a weapons gay

Dyslexic Pikachu: and have said you'd have a literal armory if it was legal

On Wensedays we wear pink: ucibu efuihc ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh don't expose me like this

seahawk: aw, cheri, no need to be embarrassed

Explosian Boi: yeah, who wouldn't want to have an entire arsonal at their disposal?

adora: i'm so scared rn, ngl

Octo-Squiddling: not gonna question whats going on here....

catra: hjljdjkbc katy perry

On Wensedays we wear pink: alright, we'll consider it later

perfuma: ???

scorpia: one of the betting pools

Sonic the Hedgehog: asxniuuxbuyqbui underage betting is illegal!!

Kirby: you have no room to talk, the squads have our own betting chat

Sonic the Hedgehog: ssshhu u us h

420: lol this is so funny to watch

Sonic the Hedgehog: no one is going to help me??

420: nah

Froppy: nope

Kirby: <3

adora: :)

prince(ss) peekablue: you dug your grave now you gotta layin it

Whiplash: i don't think thats the saying...

prince(ss) peekablue: o_o ....

Whiplash: ...

prince(ss) peekablue: eh, whatever

Whiplash: why do i like you

prince(ss) peekablue: idk :3


[11:54 PM; Friday]

On Wensedays we wear pink: it hath begun

scorpia: it hath begun

double trouble: it hath begun

Dyselxic Pikachu: it hath bugen

catra: it hath begun

adora: it hath begun

Octo-Squiddling: it hath begun

spinnerella: it hath begun

101 Bunnies: it hath begun

Sugar but on Acid: it hath begun

Kirby: it hath begun

seahawk: it hath begun

Explosian Boi: not this shit again

prince(ss) peekablue: it hath begun

On Wensedays we wear pink: we'll be in the other chat everyone sounded off

Dyslexic Pikachu: lol


Betting With the Gay$$$ at Midnight

[12:03 AM; Saturday]

-Electric Bi changed their name to 'Yellow Bi'-

Yellow Bi: now we're the street light queers

Green Gay: nice

Red Gay: nice

InvisiBi: can we get to the bet katy perry wanted to do

Katy Perry: you all will be cashing in your money reall soon

Butch Gay: ???

Pink Queer: oh no


Emo Queer: i'm upping my bet to six hundred yen!!

Disney Gay: ▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓

Green Gay: xiwiucbuirfihnixmis

Katy Perry: ikissedizuku.png/msg

Katy Perry: pay up

Pink Queer: yes boi!!

Disney Gay: \(^▽^)/

Baker Queer: congrats!

Tentacle Ace: so you're finally dating

Emo Queer: may dark and light forever balance your entertwined souls lives

Katy Perry: lol bold of you to assume i'm a creature of the life

RAINBOW: okay, i we need to pay everyone who betted it'd be todoroki who kissed midoriya first

Disney Gay: (⌒▽⌒)☆



(¬‿¬ )

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Emo Queer: what kouda said

Baker Queer: agreed!

Red Gay: okay, i'm a bit confused, translation

InvisiBi: 'you two are adorable, and we're all rooting for you to to succeed in your relationship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'

InvisiBi: anyway, i have your money mina

InvisiBi: never bet against the person running all the betting pools and all the tea spiller chats

Tentacle Ace: lol

Red Gay: you lot scare me

Yellow Bi: they have their own way of communicating...

Red Gay: denks, you speak insomnia

Yellow Bi: yes but i don't speak couda

Butch Gay: *kouda

Yellow Bi: sorry i can't spell for shit

Katy Perry: guess whos got a boyfriend guess who got a boyfriend

Green Gay: okay, i'm not lsbchipenc mode anymore

Bi Pride: dude, how do you feel??

Bi Pride: and guess who just got two thousand yen total from you all!!

Bi Pride: the bicth!!

RAINBOW: your guys are so funny

Baker Queer: they're messes

RAINBOW: yeah, that's why they're funny

InvisiBi: by the end of this year we're all gonna be fucking broke because of lost bets

Pink Queer: that's the plan (* ̄▽ ̄)b

Emo Queer: your gonna ruin us

Green Gay: lol

Disney Gay: now everyone go to sleep

Lesbutch: no

RAINBOW: yes mother

Disney Gay: (╬ Ò﹏Ó)

Lesbutch: fineee

Katy Perry: meh


dadzawa's problem children

[7:38 AM; Saturday]

Sonic the Hedghehog: i hope you all had a good nights rest

On Wensedays we wear pink: meh

Dyslexic Pikachu: we qere dusy

Dyslexic Pikachu: *were


spinnerella: ghvghjg how's it coming?

On Wensedays we wear pink: v good, it'll be done in about a month with dankichu hleping me

scorpia: lol i can't wait  to see what this thing you two are making

scorpia: knowing bakusquad as an honorary member, it'll be a disaster

On Wensedays we wear pink: jxsajhknc it's not as much as a disaster than you think


Denki made his way down the stairs for an early breakfast. Mina was still working on the Marie Antionnette dress, and wanted him to bring xem some french toast after he was done getting something to eat himself.

Downstairs, Iida, Midoriya, and Todoroki were arguing about sleeping habits, Jirou and Momo were mumbling about their next date, and the grape was there. Denki didn't really notice him, in favor of looking for something to eat in the fridge. But, at the same time, he felt like he was forgetting something...

"Kaminari, what the hell are you wearing?" the grape said.

Oh right. He was still wearing the dress he "borrowed" from Tokoyami. Funny enough, he never really struggled with physical dysphoria or over his appearance, it was mostly social dysphoria he had problems with.

Jirou looked over. "Um, a dress? I really want one of those, too."

"A'ight, I'll hook you up," Denki gave fingerguns to Jirou, who returned them.

"But why are you wearing it? It makes you look like a girl," the grape glared.

Denki shifted from foot to foot. "Cause I like it," he mumbled, "and i forgot to take it off."

"Well, I think you look great," Momo said, smiling.

"You look like a fag."

Denki sighed. "And, I'm gonna just take the milk, the leftover french toast, and I'm going back upstairs. Jirou, can you bring some drinks up later?"

"O'course. In return, I get a new dress."


Izuku rolled his eyes. "And send." Midoriya stared at his phone. "We're so close..."

Iida patted his shoulder. "It'll be alright, Izuku. Aizawa-Sensei now has proof at least."

"Yeah. Also, Tenya you owe Ochako three hundred yen," Todoroki said and walked away into the common room.

"Wait, what?"

"Ooh, I can't wait to tell everyone!" Midoriya followed Todoroki into the common room.

"What do you two mean?! Izuku, Shoto, tell me! You two ganging up on me and it's unsettling!!"

Jirou rolled their eyes. "They're dating," she whispered to Momo.

"Ah, that explains why Todoroki broke into my room at three A.M. earlier," Momo smiled.

"Yeah, Midoriya had his own panic in the insomnia group chat."

"What would those disasters do without us."

"I don't know but something would be burning by now."

"Anyway, I'm going back up to give Tokoyami and Shoji this coffee."

"By, love," Momo gave Jirou a kiss on the cheek.

"Alright, I'm gone now." Jirou walked away and up the stairs.

"Could you do that again," the grape said dreamily.

"Oh. I forgot that was in the room. And I'm leaving."

"What, no-! I want to see you two kissing again-"

Momo walked away. She sighed. She just had to last a little while longer until this was all over...


Chapter Text

Fuck Endeav*re Lives

[2:06 AM; Monday]

Middle Child 1: Shoto, stop changing the chat name at two am! what if father saw??

Youngest Disappointmant: fuck him

Accident Child 2: guys, stfu i have classes in the morning

Middle Child 1: I do too! So does Shoto, you're not special Natsu

Accident Child 2: wow okay then

Accident Child 2: maybe Touya was right for leaving...

Youngest Disappointmant: ya think???

Youngest Disapointmant: anyway, i have found another new way to dissapoint fuckface

Accident Child 2: i'm listening

Middle Child 1: Oh dear lord

Youngest Disapointmant: i got myself a boyfriend!

Middle Child 1: 3...

Accident Child 2: good for you, Sho! That's amazing!

Middle Child 1: 2...

Accident Child 2: why are you counting, Yumi?

Middle Child 1: 1...

Middle Child 1: Just wait, Natsuo.

Accident Child 2: ???

Middle Child 1: And... Now.

Youngest Disapointment: ohfuckihaveaboyfirend,thags'greatsbut iidon t knwowhati;mdoinfwhatif i me s ssomething uoand heharwsmeforecerandwhatifheneverlikedmeliekthat why di ditell youfukcthisbeforemtownclassnewholyfuck

Accident Child 2: ah, anxiety, the lifelong friend of the Todoroki children.

Accident Child 2: but in a much different form than the usual 'oh no, dad's angry, we need to run and hide' kind of anxiety we usually have

Middle Child 1: It's Sho's first boyfriend, cut him some slack.

Accidental Child 2: yeah well i've had six

Middle Child 1: Your hookups don't count, Natsu

Youngest Dissapointmant: buthelp indintkniwqhati mdoinggg

Accidental Child 2: It's more than you can say Yumi. Plus, I've actually dated people too

Youngest Dissapointmant: hjjhvhgvgvg helpp me pussys

Middle Child 1: Alright deep breath Sho

Middle Child 1: Everything will be alright. I'm sure he likes you back.

Middle Child 1: NOW GO THE FUCK TO SL E E P  Y O U D  U M B A S S E S

Youngest Dissapointment: fshdsdrtcfggcf no promises


Boyf Riends of Dekusquad

[2:46 AM; Monday]

Peppermint Butler: izu help, i cant sleep and my siblings aren't being helpful

Fern/Grass  Finn: there there

Fern/Grass Finn: you wanna come watch futturama on a totally legal website tokoyami found with me and the insomnisquad

Peppermint Butler: yea

 Fern/Grass Finn: we're in denki's room cause he has a tv

Peppermint Butler: nice


Inter-squad Relations

[2:52 AM; Monday]

jk, i'm high af: ghfgh iidaa heelllppp

jk, i'm high af: seriously i don't know what im doing on thiss

why do i talk to you: hanta sero why tf are you up at this hour

jk, i'm high af: i was about to go to sledp, but i remembered about homework for p.mics class and well

jk, i'm high af: now im high and csn bearly read japanese much less english

why do i talk to you: fine ill help you

why do i talk to you: god you're such a handful

jk, i'm high af: h lol yiu lovw ne

why do i talk to you: at least spell those three words correctly it can't be that difficult


Bakusquad Chaos

[3:49 AM; Monday]

Tape Face: fuck ive beoken iida

Racoon Eyes: good for you

Pikachu, I choose you!: sucks to sucl i geuss


[6:33 AM; Monday]

Blocky Rock: i don't even wanna know at this point...

King Explosion Murder: why tf is glasses whining about you idiots

Tape Face: my bad


dadzawa's problem children

[6:45 AM; Monday]

420: hhhhh iida i said i was sorryyyy

Sonic the Hedgehog: i am disgusted

Sonic the Hedgehog: i am revolted

Sonic the Hedgehog: i dedicate my entire life to our lord and saviour ingenium and this is the thanks i get

420: i warned you that i was high af and low on braincells!!

adora: i

adora: am morbidly curious

seahawk: spill the tea sis

On Wensedays we wear pink: i got this

On Wensedays we wear pink: hanta got high last night before going to bed, then remembered his (unfinished) homework at three am so he texted iida to help try and figure out how to do the english assignment

Dyslexic Pikachu: dude i am literally fluent in both weed and english why didn't you ask me

420: no offence, but you also misspell everything, we're lucky auto correct mostly saves your coherency

Dyslexic Pikachu: ok thats fair

420: sry bro

Dyslexic Pikachu: none taken bro

420: brooo

Dylexic Pikachu: brooooo

spinnerella: not the time bros

spinnerella: shitshitshitshitshitshithsithitshitshitithsishihs SHIhsi HSI ST SH IT WEAR IS IT

Sonic the Hedgehog: are you alright kirishima? is something important missing?

Whiplash: what dissapeared that made you react that violently

spinnerella: shit wrong chat..

spinnerella: it's nothing, um, just, i might be a l ittle lat to class?? okay ttyl


Bakusquad Chaos

[7:15 AM; Monday]

King Explosion Murder: alright shitty hair what happened

Pikachu, I choose you!: guys, i went to check on him and he is having a full blown panic attack

Pikachu, I choose you!: guys, it's not good

Pikachu, I choose you!: someone stoll all of his binders and he is freaking out

King Explosion Murder: ,,,,,

Racoon Eyes: me and sero are on our way

Tape Face: holy shit is he okay??


dadzawa's problem children

[7:17 AM; Monday]

adora: and the entire bakusquad just went inactive

Explosian Boi: no one plans a murder out loud, deku

Whiplash: is it that serious??!?

prince(ss) peekablue: what happened is kirishima okay???

double trouble: the creatures of the dark will gladly protect the creatures of the light, how can we help??

Explosian Boi: dunce face can explain i'm going to check on eijiro


Lighning Birb

Peace Keeper: tell all the trans kids and girls to double check they have stuff like binders and bras and stuff this is serious


dadzawa's problem children

[7:38 AM; Monday]

double trouble: oh

double trouble: well this is

double trouble: unfortunate

Kirby: i don't like this

Sonic the Hedgehog: what happened???

double trouble: nothing to be discussed on here with prying eyes

420: iida, bakusquad is gonna be a little late due to some emotional conflicts,,, can u pls explain to aizawa and excuse us??

Sonic the Hedgehog: of course, ideal mental health is an important part to your studies!

420: thx

Dyslexic Pikachu: god bless u iida

Froppy: i

Froppy: hmmm

Froppy: i want to know who did this ribbit

Froppy: i just wanna talk

adora: i only had oone with me, but just to hide my surgery scars

adora: wait, wrong chat ignore that pls

On Wensedays we wear pink: don't worry about us too much eijibro is good now, just doesn't want to stay by himself so we're gonna stay back with him

Octo-Squiddling: fumikage is better too, we're on our way they just want to be a cryptid at the moment

scorpia: lol mood

Sugar but on Acid: after school ill make some cake for you all

spinnerella: thank



The Bakusquad walked into the lunchroom. Everyone in the room was huddled in a circle in the corner and a few looked like they were preparing to kill something, some people where placing bets, and others were chanting 'fight, fight, fight!'. "The fuck all these extras doing?!" Bakugo snapped.

Tokoyami turned to look at the group. "The grape bastard dared to unmask many creatures of light and dark to the whole school. Everyone in our year is attempting to rid the disguting stain from this human plain."

"Denki, translation?" Kirishima turned to look at Kaminari.

"They said the rat bastard is the one who stole our stuff then proceeded to out half our class-mostly the trans and nonbinary kids-to the entire school, and everyone is trying to kill the grape stain."

"Ahh..." Mina sighed. "Welp, I'll go prepare the burial pit with a decoy."

"Ooh, ooh, I'll help!" Denki smiled.

"I'll stay here with Eijibro and keep you posted on what's happening," Sero volunteered, putting an arm around his bro.

Denki waved and she and Mina walked off for preparations.

"So it was the fuckin grape rat bastard that did that huh? Well I'm gonna show these damn extra's how to fucking get away with murder!" Bakugo pushed his way through the crowd, to find in the center Todoroki was restraining the grape bitch, Momo, Deku, Ururaka, Jirou, and Aoyama were taking there turn to pummel grape stain. "Deku and extras, move so I can take crack at it, dumbasses, he outed Eijirou, and now I'm pissed."

"Have at it Pomeranian!" Momo smiled at him.

"Don't fucking call me that!!" Bakugo smirked menacingly at grape bitch. "I've been waiting to do this since day one."

Aizawa walked in a few minutes later, occumpanied by an upset looking Mina and Denki and Present Mic.

"What the hell is goiong on here?!"

The crowd parted to reveal a bruised and bloody grapestain, and the group of people who were beating him up.

"He outed us, we have every right to be pissed-!" Midoriya snapped.

"Allow me to explain, Aizawa-sensei," Iida spoke up, signalling for Midoriya to stop before he incriminates himself. "Mineta was snooping around everyones dorms, it seems, as he stole some of our classes... private property, and then proceeded to out several people to the school as trans and/or nonbinary. I initially tried to stop a fight from breaking out, but I also had my own thoughts of how Mineta's behavoir was unexcusable, and detentions or suspensions didn't seem to be working, so I figured it wouldn't be that harmful to just... let them go at it. Besides, it's their lessons to learn-"

"Alright, Iida, that's enough, thanks. Dear lord I don't get paid enough for this... But what exactly did he steal?"

This time it was Sero who spoke up. "I don't know about everyone else, but he stole Eijibro's binders, and some of Minabro's bras. Which was why we were late, Eijibro was panicking, but we had a spare binder hidden away in my room in case all his other were in the wash."

"He also stole my binder, which was really a dumb move cause I only ever wear it if I'm insecure about my top surgery scars."

"The important thing is, is that this fucker made several students in our class uncomfortable, some afraid to leave there fucking rooms today, and has done and said countless other bullshit things that I think warrant us attacking him-"

"Bakugo, calm down. We'll handle this," Aizawa said. He glanced around the room and stared at his problem children. "For now just get back to your dorms."

"Mineta, my office, now." Present Mic and Aizawa walked away, dragging the Grape behind them.

"There is no way he'll not be expelled from UA, if not blacklisted from any hero school in Japan," Aoyama said. They were dissapointed it had come to this.

"Good riddance," Tsu said to no one in particular.


dadzawa's problem children

[12:48 PM; Monday]

perfuma: welp that was,,,,

perfuma: something

Sonic the Hedgehog: things really shouldn't of had to escalate this much before appropriate actions were taken to ensure that safety and welfare of several students

adora: how is everyone

spinnerella: better now ig

spinnerella: got my binders back

spinnerella: still kinda fucked that grapestain did that tho

scorpia: yeah

scorpia: it was an invasion of privacy and rude af

scorpia: technically we could all press charges

101 Bunnies: (╬ Ò﹏Ó) ((╬◣﹏◢))

101 Bunnies: ⊂('• ω •'⊂)

seahawk: merci beaucoup, kouda

adora: since most of us got outed even if we didn;t want to be (passing or not) i feel like we should probably go through everyones preferred pronouns again, just make sure we're all aware

Dyslexic Pikachu: can i skip out?? I wasn't outed and im not rly comfrotable coming out to everyone yet,,,,

Sonic the Hedgehog: of course! if you are uncomfortable sharing then we won't push

perfuma: and we're always here to listen if you decide you do want to come out to us

Dyslexic Pikachu: tthx

On Wensedays we wear pink: jbdbkjh i'll go first (cause im like the only one who uses neopronouns tf-)

On Wensedays we wear pink: my pronouns are xe/xyr/xem but she/they also work

double trouble: you are aware of mine

scorpia: hhjs and mine

adora: he/him pls

spinnerella: ^ he/him as well

seahawk: he or they work, but i've been more drawn to the they side recently

seahawk: gender is a confusing thing

Froppy: anything goes, gender isn't really my thing

Froppy: like,,, why???

double trouble: wise words

On Wensedays we wear pink: exactly

101 Bunnies: they/he/she all work

Sonic the Hedgehog: thank you all for trusting us with this information about yourselves! i can assure you all of us here that are important willdo our best to respect you gender identites and pronouns, even if we slip on accident, and i apologize in avance if that ever happens

On Wensedays we wear pink: auyhjbchujeb iida chill, it's fine, most of us aren't really changing much anyway

double trouble: so long as there is no purposeful misgendering, we are all fine here.

420: jcjlbfhjjncdx

420: guys guess what

prince(ss) peekablue: ????

420: do it iida

Sonic the Hedgehog: with great plessure, does this next action happen.

-Sonic the Hedgehog kicked Grapist from the chat permanatly-


Chapter Text

dadzawa's  problem children

[3:21 PM; Tuesday]

prince(sspeekablue: now that it's official and he's moved out of the dorms and gone from our lives for forever, we need a party to happen stat

scorpia: yeah and i call djing!

adora: let's invite some cryptids!

adora: once he hears about this from tokoyami, mothman's gonna show up anyway so

prince(sspeekablue: ooh ooh, let's invite siren head!! we've been bffs for forever, and i haven't seen him since i moved into the dorms!!!

adora: hell yeah

Sonic the Hedgehog: please do not go too overboard with this party....

catra: imma steal my dads booze and his credit card so we can be well funded

Explosian Boi: wow, didn't think you had a good fucking idea in you icy hot

catra: fuck u too

Sonic the Hedgehog: why would we need alchohol at the party??!!??

perfuma: villain attacks

catra: trauma

Whiplash: its fun

adora: ooh, i can ask my mom if i can borrow her ouija board!!

Explosian Boi: no.

adora: why not kaachan?

Explosian Boi: last time we got it out i was possessed by a fucking demon when we were five!!!

Explosian Boi: so sorry for not wanting to be possessed again

On Wensedays we wear pink: is that why katsuki is like

On Wensedays we wear pink: that

spinnerella: is that why he can spin his head around 360 degrees without breaking his neck?

adora: nah, kaachan's always been like that ahido

adora: yeah kirishima! it was

adora: a day

Sugar but on Acid: bakugo can do what now????!

101 Bunnies: (O_O;)

spinnerella: you've??? never seen him do it??? it's so creepy????

Dyslexic Pikachu: i've seen him do it

Dyslexic Pikachu: he was t-posing at the foot of my bad a three am and spinning his head around really slowly

Dyslexic Pikachu: i just went to sleep thinking i had finally started hallucinating after not sleeping for eight days

Kirby: omggggg

adora: it's also why his eyes are red

scorpia: wait, what color were they before???

adora: brown

adora: ik its a weird thing to imagine

adora: my mother has pictures

double trouble: iiiszuijninudex yes, bring the devil board

adora: alright

Explosian Boi: stop exposing me shitty deku!!!!!!!!!

Whiplash: this is gonna end horribly

adora: exactly

420: so

420: what party games?

Froppy: truth or dare? ribbit

Sugar but on Acid: i dunno what to do w this information

420: ooh, i can make my weed ramen/brownies!

prince(sspeekablue: but satou and bakuhoe are in charge of the rest the food my dudes

Octo-Squiddling: that was obvious

Sonic the Hedgehog: will there be board games orr entertainment?

Kirby: monopoly

adora: u always cheat at that game!!

double trouble: dark rituals to summon the forces of the night?

On Wensedays we wear pink: that's a given

adora: mothman has let me know he is going to come, and he'll bring gifts for everyone

adora: mostly owls

Octo-Squiddling: oh did you guys know mothman's actual name is 


Sonic the Hedgehog: wtf

Explosian Boi: everyone knows that

seahawk: yeah it's common knowledge in the cryptid comunity

Sonic the Hedgehog: most people don't avtually know this???? how do you guys know this???

catra: everyone knows this tho??

Sonic the Hedgehog: i'm so concerned

Sonic the Hedgehog: that doesn't even look like normal letters can you read it??

Dyslexic Pikachu: yeah, but it looks like that cause you can't acctually pronounce/say mothmans name if you're human by even a technicality

scorpia: wow, you know what the word technicality means

scorpia: well, at least you know what it means

Dyslexic Pikachu: fuck you i know some words

Dyslexic Pikachu: oh, we can play never have i ever

adora: nah, let's save that for shinsous introduction into 1-a party

perfuma: yeah, that's probably a good idea

Whiplash: i feel like i should be concerned with the fact todoroki just walked out of the dorms with a giant dufflebag

catra: it's for my bastard fathers alchohol

Froppy: i can provide some weird obscure candies from this one store me and tokoyami like going to

double trouble: ah, yes, i know which store you're talking about

double trouble: you would like it jirou, it has very gothic/punk aesthetic outfits and doesn't really have anything seperated/made based off gender

double trouble: it's like hot topic and spencers had a child

scorpia: alright, i'll go check this store out with tsu sounds fun

Froppy: they also have dj equipment ribbit

scorpia: nice

prince(sspeekablue: alright my boi siren head is going to the party on saturday!

On Wensedays we wear pink: we should invite kids from other classes too!

420: like shiozakjciujedcjknkj jkelcdmcnjkc

On Wensedays we wear pink: oh no, he died of mysterious causes

spinnerella: so long as they don't freak out because of the cryptids we're inviting

Kirby: yeah and  they won't snitch on us for having alchohol and demons at school

adora: yeah, snitches get stitches

adora: and we get detention

Sonic the Hedgehog: i worry so much about this class.....

perfuma: don't we all

[2:21 PM; Friday]

prince(sspeekablue: the party's tomorrow and aizawa is definately suspicious of us now

catra: he's almost caught me sneaking liqour into the dorms twice so it's a safe assumption he knows we're planning something

adora: he knows nothing but that something will happen soon

adora: anygay, who wants to wear thot clothes to the party, jirou recently got some at that better hot topic

double trouble: it's called 'dark denizens'

Froppy: yeah, and it's not as emo as you think

Froppy: it's very mutation-quirk friendly, which is more than a lot of places can say

Froppy: especially when it comes to animal quirks,,,

adora: oh!!! i used to visit-well hide there-that place all the time in middle school

adora: they have a very strict no discrimination policies

Froppy: it;s a nice quiet place

double trouble: a good place to gather things or just to get away from people

catra: that got depressing fast

double trouble: yeah but we haven;t been forced to see hound dog yet or a phsyciatrist yet so we're just gonna continue ignoring our problems and trauma like normal people

Froppy: agreed

adora: best coping mechanism i've ever seen

catra: understandable have a nice day

adora: anygay who wants to join me in dressing like a thot

Dyslexic Pikachu: i;mma come out at the party anyway, so of fucking course!

On Wensedays we wear pink: yeah sure

catra: souns like fun

Kirby: yea

seahawk: um, im a twunk, of course ami

scorpia: a butch lesbean not dressing slutty while getting positively hammered? a crime

adora: alright is that it?

On Wensedays we wear pink: yea probably, others can still join if they want tho

adora: yea duh

seahawk: let the celebrations/preperations begin!

Chapter Text

dadzawa's  problem children

[4:17 AM; Saturday]

adora: well, party day,

adora: first things first tho,

adora: while i love the she-ra nicknames, they don;t fit all of us

adora: the insomnisquad (now including shouto) has told me to, and quote,

adora: 'be free in the main chat problem thot, show them your true colors so they won't die of shock at the party'

adora: so here i am

Sonic the Hedgehog: oh no

adora: :)

Sonic the Hedgehog: why did you let him off his leash, shouto!?!

catra: :)

adora: adult supervision can't save you now!!!

Kirby: f u c k

- adora  changed their name to ' demon daddy '-

- demon daddy  changed  Explosian   Boi 's   to ' baby you're a firework '-

Froppy: quick, someone confiscate his phone before more damage is done

- demon daddy  changed  catra 's  name to ' demon's bitch '-

- demon daddy  changed  Dyslexic Pikachu 's name   to ' amy wong' -

amy wong: why amy?

demon daddy: good scientist, dumb slut rest of time

amy wong: fair

- demon daddy  changed  spinnerella 's  name to ' show em what your colors worth '-

- demon daddy  changed  double trouble 's name to ' Evanescence '-

Evanescence: revelry in the dark

Kirby: it at least cant get worse,,, right??? right?????

demon daddy: i'm saving some material for the actual party so you all can cope by thinking i was being chaotic cause i was under the influence

Kirby: i;m scared

demon daddy: you should be

- demon daddy  changed  420 's name to  ' drugz '-

- demon daddy  changed  On  Wensedays  we wear pink 's name to ' beleive '-

beleive: nive

beleive: *nice

- demon daddy  changed  demon's bitch 's  name to ' film theory' -

prince(sspeekablue: fuck my dude, you're not supposed to be breaking the fourth wall!!! that's the cryptids job!!!

demon daddy: its??? a youtube channel???? what are you talking about?????


- prince( ss peekablue  has deleted one message-

prince(sspeekablue: carry on then

prince(sspeekabluebut your on thin fucking ice

- demon daddy  changed  seahawk' s  name to ' mothmans  cousin' -

- demon daddy  changed  prince(ss) peekablue's name to 'sirenhead simp'-

mothmans cousin: i shouldn't be surprised, honestly

demon daddy: mothman can't keep a secret for shit

sirenhead simp: i am not a simp!!!

amy wong: lol, all the insomniacs are just lurking watching the chaos unfold like

I beleive: yeah, well, we instigated this

Sonic the Hedgehog: i refuse to go to sleep until izuku passes out 

demon daddy: i'm not tired and blunt force trauma no longer works on so take that

Kirby: deku, please,,, we just want to not have to deal with you for five minutes

demon daddy: jokes on you, i'm running on a strange concoction kamemeari made, i'm unstoppable!

drugz: i

drugz: denki did you

drugz: did you gice him

amy wong: :)

drugz: you mf

drugz: i apologize in advance, it was me who made the reipe denki used in the concoction

demon daddy: is anyones names inaccurate tho???

film theory: i don't understand mine but i don't doubt it's accuracy

drugz: i mean

drugz: no

sirenhead simp: i'm not a simp!!!

mothmans cousin: keep telling yourself that, mon ami

sirenhead simp: >:T

demon daddy: ppoint proven.

-demon daddy changed Kirby's name to 'if i had to pick a girl'-

-film theory changed double troubles name to 'hawks' secret love child'-

demon daddy: todoroki, no

film theory: you're gonna look at me and tell me that i'm wrong???

hawks' secret love child: you're wrong

baby you're a firework: go the fuck to sleep

demon daddy: fine

demon daddy: i'll be back, soon you'll see


[9:30 AM; Saturday]

perfuma: i

perfuma: okay then


[8:12 PM; Saturday]

scorpia: we're all set up and people are staqrting to arrive

hawks' secret love child: mothman has arrived with many owls for everyone

demon daddy: i'mma change tokoyami's nickname for them.

-demon daddy changed hawks' secret love child's name to 'bourgeoisie'-

bourgeoisie: no

-demon daddy changed bourgeoisie's name to 'if i had to pick a birb'-

-demon daddy changed if i had to pick a girl's name to 'elphaba'-

elphaba: exceptable

if i had to pick a birb: fair

-c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠ has been added to 'dadzawa's problem children'-

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: w̴̫̼̗̥̃͗ą̴͈̐̄͊̾̓̋d̶͍̬̔̂̓̿d̵͕̰͓̊̈́͛̔̕͘u̶͓̤͉͝p̷̛̺̲͔̲̈͒͂̿̈́

mothmans cousin: mothman, welcome to hell, mon ami!

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: b̴͉̄̒̄͑̆ȩ̵̪̖͉̳̉̎͝e̴̜̖̰̐̽̆n̴̥͔͇͖̻̩̂̓̽̅̿ ̸͇̓̑̿̕͝ţ̸̜͉̦̐̄͂̀͜͠͝h̵̨͙̙͚̄ȩ̴͖͌̆̎ͅr̷̠̭̺̉e̶̗̮͓̽͆̈͊ͅ,̴̙̈̆ ̵̡̧͔̬̫͉̂̃̐͒d̴͔͚̹̮̮̠̈́̃ỏ̴̜̜͇̠̜͒n̴̳͕̽̕e̷̡̻̯̭͝ ̵̣̄ţ̸̼̳͖̖̗͊̆͋h̷̡̲̝͖̹͗ḁ̸͙̮̓̕ț̵̎

sirenhead simp: mood

Sonic the Hedgehog: w

Sonic the Hedgehog: wha

demon daddy: mothman! it's great to see you! it's been too long

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: ḫ̶̡̺͘e̷̫̺̿͆l̷͔͔͍̻̰̓͂͜͝͝ľ̶̛͇̲̙̠̈́́̓o̵͎͔̜̤̦̾̋,̶̢̫̝̱͔͗͐ ̵̤̰͙̫̅́͊͝ͅḯ̷̜̙̟̭̘͖z̷͇̥̥͋̊̓̋̉̕ų̵̫̘̿̆̑̈̌̕,̸̗̥̼͓̮̦͗̈́̅ ̴̛̭̺̹̽̈́̃̋į̴͍͍̞͆͗̕ ̷͇̄̕b̶̨̮͔̑r̵̮̅̎̂̿i̴̯̺̰͖̘͇̿̓̐͑͠n̵̥͆̔g̵̞̫̙͝͝ ̴̡̥͚͇̫͚̓̌͘ǫ̵̘̼̭̞͊͘͜ẇ̵̛̤͈͇͕͕̀l̶̢̈́͑͆̌s̵͖̫̻̰̐̓̑ͅ

demon daddy: nice

- c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠ changed film theory's name to 'chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2'-

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: fair

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: anyway, do ya want vodka or are you a lightweight

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: i̴̥̠̓̋͝ ̵̦̺̙̔̎̊̓̕á̵̛̖̕͝͠i̴̦͋͂͒̕͠n̴̥̘͊̃̓̚ẗ̴̡̮̰̞̤̱́ ̸̨͖͇͓͇̀̇̉̉̔n̴͈̂o̷̦̩͇͛̾̋́ ̶̢̭͈̗͕͋p̷̧͙̠̖̒ū̵̟̜̤͑͐̎̋͝s̸̨͕̤̓͋̎̿͝s̴͓̖̟̎̑͝ỵ̵̾̅

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: ẗ̸̺̞̬̭̠̘̉͊̏͝͠ë̷͓́̆͊̇͘n̶̠̼̋̅ ̶̛͓͓̝̉̿̅̅͊s̴͙̙̰̬̓̅͆h̷͚̺̩̿̀̚o̵̠͇̥͉̦͚͌̿̍͌͂t̴̫̠̼̝͊͗s̵̢̥͍̝͙̲͂͂̆̊̕ ̵̼̱͈̝͙́̾͑̓̊͜͝ö̴̢̨̬̯͍́̑f̵̢̠̘̳̜͙̆ ̵̙̫̳͓̓b̵̙͌͒͊̃̄̊ͅą̶̯̲̬͋ȑ̴̜̰̊̇͠ç̸͔̼̱͚͗͗ͅă̸̩̏̾̋d̵̻̒̈͗i̶̬͇͚̫͑͗̿͆̆ͅ ̷̢̢̮̭̂̎̔͛̅o̷̝̣͚̱͙̜̓̈́̉̑ř̶̝̗̾ ̴̻̬̼͂̊̾̈́̄n̷̟͒͘̕͝o̸̦̘̯͙̻ͅt̴̺͔͈́̀͊͂͗ͅh̷̡̡̳̘͕͎̊̃i̷̤̲̒̈͗͝͝n̷̛̝͈͇͜g̴͉̗̻̈̒

Sonic the Hedgehog: please drink responsibly

sirenhead simp: sirenhead is here!!!! my boi!!1!

-c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠ has added 5123NH34D to dadzawa's problem children-

5123NH34D: W455UP FUCK325

if i had to pick a birb: sirenhead is a homestuck confirmed

elphaba: what's homestuck?

demon daddy: omg

Sonic the Hedgehog: i envy you, ochako.

demon daddy: you know hs tenya?????

Sonic the Hedgehog: tensei used to read it a lot

Froppy: no one tell her

amy wong: ai ai, sir!

-demon daddy changed Froppy's name to 'hypno-frogg'-

hypno-frogg: ribbit

demon daddy: in my defence, i have been watching a lot of futurama on a totally legal website with the insomnisquad

Sonic the Hedgehog: i worry about you all.

amy wong: who doesn't?

5123NH34D: 7H3 C2YP71D5

amy wong: point taken


[12:01 AM; Sunday]

drugz: the ligtweyhts r thoroly unconsus

drugz: and everyone else is just compleetly wasted

baby you're a firework: fuk you guys, lets go do sumethin

i beleive: so, waddya wanna do not unconsus drunls?

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: l̴͍̲̪̭̘̖̔̔̽e̸͍̠̼̦̚ţ̸̡̘̲͔̈́ŝ̶͈͎͒͋̓ ̵̡̛̛͉̻͙̦̔͂͌͘ͅg̴͔̯̖͎͈͋͑͒̓o̴̧̢̮̣͍͐̊̽ ̸̜̯̭̈́̿t̵̯̳̙̅͗͗o̶̪̍̌̒̀̐͒ ̴͈̾̓́͝d̶͉̈́́̒̎̒͠ā̴̼̣̼̽ͅr̴̰̞̦͒͗̽̓̕k̷͎͈̩̥͎̩͊̾͘ ̵͔̘̹̙̓̾̽̿ḑ̴̬̩̯̓͋̅̎̾e̴̟͛n̷̟̰͂̒̿̓͘ȉ̶̲̈́z̷̛͖̟̟̞̳̎̚͜͝ȩ̵͇͔̂͛̄͠n̷̪̮͉̈́̔͂͒̿s̴͕̹̘̯̠̠̾

5123NH34D: 1 H342D 47 7H15 H0U2 7H3Y 8L457 MC2

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: i have many theories abou stuff, wanna hear

sirenhead simp: yea sur

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: izuku is almights secret love chils

sirenhead simp: :0

elphaba: omg

demon daddy: hhhh im nottttt

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: fuyumi, my sister, is fating miruko

hypno-frogg: ribbut

elphaba: jjjjjj

if i had to pick a birb:  wow...

elphaba: holy shie this plave is so cool

amy wong: lol, imm going to the makeup area

i beleive: i'm goming to, i need nwe ileyner

baby you're a firework: ye same

show em what your colors worth: im goign to look at thos sharl binfers over therere

demon daddy: i missed this place

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: ẙ̸͈̟̪̣̏̉͘u̸̙̔̒̅̒ȕ̷̡̟̯͍̦̈͑͝ͅg̸̛͖͔͙̓̇̋̿ă̵͎̞͖͘,̴̢̰͕̬̟͊͒͂͒̅͜ ̴̝͉͈̜̿̾̅̅ḩ̷̹̫͛̈́͠ͅa̷̰̼͇͙̓g̷̖̫͘ȁ̷̙͓͓̮̲͗̇k̷̛̪͚͔̑̈́͌̈̚ŭ̸̢̖͓͠ŗ̴̞̩͓̻̻́͆̓̎͌ȅ̸̳̲͌̊͗,̵̨̳͙̆̊̇̇ ̷̝̲̫̺͒̽̓t̶̮̮̀͐̽̈́̄̚ě̶̬̭͙̯̙l̷̨̹͖̹̮̬̍̐͑͠l̸̬͍̅̾̾̑̃̂ ̶̘̹̔̐̒̉s̴̛̮̠ḭ̷̻̳̯̬͌̓̐̚r̷̨̫̆̈́̅̊͜͝e̶͖̊̄̀͊͛̑ǹ̸̛̪̤͗͝͠ ̷̭̗̄͜t̵̳͚̿̏́͛̈́͗h̴͈̆̕a̴̢͉̰̤̪̅̌͌t̴̜̮̪̲̏ ̶͍̖͒i̴̠͌̂͘ ̷͔̙̔̏͜͝ă̴̙͚̖͖̻̬m̷̢̀͋̈́̎̑ ̶̟̮̥̙͓̊̇̓̽͜t̷̘̓̔̈̃͑͜ḩ̸̡͚̽̿̍́e̷͎̩̟̘̍̒̂̋̃̕ ̷̧̤͇̤̫͒̔̽̍s̶̨̢͔̺̱̃̔͆̏͝u̶͇̦̐p̶̢̙͚̦̮͙͆̕͠e̷̫͚̬͔̰̗͑̕r̸̡̗̰̫͇̆͊î̷̺̗̣͋̄̌̃͘ō̸̱̭̟̳͋̈́̾̕ȓ̴̮͍̤̮̝͕̽ ̴̯̬̭͍͊͌̆̕d̵͚̹̅̏͌̓̔j̶̩͉͙̲̍

5123NH34D: 7002U, 40Y4M4, 73LL M07H 1'M 7H3 837732 DJ

scopria: tell thse dumbasses im thw bettwr dj!!!

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: ŵ̴̟̰͉e̶̡̪̍͊͊̿͝l̶̛̗͙͒̀̒̌̇l̴̪̤̠͙̿̔̓?̸̧̥̱̝͓̓͛

sirenhead simp: just agree you're all good in ur onw waus

mothmans cousin: mon ami, fuck u

c̴̲̪͖̺̜͊̒͆̔ͅḧ̸̤̰̱͍́͘͠a̶̘̮̭̾͑̂̾o̷̢̢̦͕̭͗̑ͅs̷̺̤̯̝̞͉̿̀̕'̶̡̘͖̰͈̱̅̇s̸͕͛ ̸̹̒͗k̵̨͉͍͍̜̎i̸͍̖͒̂͛̏̀ḏ̶̗̘͈͐̒s̶͔̠̹͉͉̖̉̈́ ̵̬͇̝͈̬$̷̢̙̾u̵̩͓̱͕̇g̵͓͎̏̊͘ȧ̴͍̘̱͙̩̈́̀͝r̴̖̿̃̎̒͝ ̶͖̞̠̳͔̀͜ḓ̸̢̞͌̑̆̒͝a̷͔͎̩̿̓͆̾d̸͕̯̑͂͒̾d̶͈̼̗͕͇̓̌̒̒̀͜y̷̦̣̽͆̕͝ ̵̡̥̜̣̐̐͜1̸̟̪̤͍͓̣̒̈͐̈́͠: �̷̖̻̔͋͝�̸̘͕͙̠̘͆̄̃̇͝

5123NH34D: 0H 5H17, 53CU217Y!!


[10:21 AM; Sunday]

hypno-frogg: wtf happened last night

Whiplash: i don't wanna know....

Chapter Text

dadzawa's  problem children

[10:35 AM; Sunday]

hypno-frogg: anyone remember what happened last night???

5123NH34D: N0P3


C̷̡̢̛̖͍̫̟͉̥͐̅̐͆̑̑͊̾̕͝h̶̡̗̜̙͆͒̉̚̕ä̸̘̺́͛͒̄̋̽̓̌̈̆͂͝o̸̙̯̺̬̦̞͚̿̈̒̌̊͑͛̏͐š̷̫̫̩̣̝̙̻̖͚͠'̴̨̺̞͙̤̺̠͍̣̳͎͍̰̺͒͛̉̆̾ͅs̵̛̫̏̋͊̈́͂̈̐͊͑͌̀̄̃ ̵̣̱̼̗̏̌̅̈͛̂͊̈́̎̆̽̈́̍͝ċ̷̢̡̧̬̠̣̗͇̻͙̝̺͊̆̽̔̊̌͊͑͝h̶̛̬͚̀͊͋̀̌̏͊͆͊͌̏͌̚͠i̴̧̢̲̱̟͚̹̬̗̩͙̰̠͎̱͝l̶͇̰̟͓̺̘͈̍͋̒͋͋͜ͅď̶̹̻̼̮̮͔͖̪͐̐s̷̛͎͑̐͒̍̑̄̊͝ ̷̲̣͍̹͇͚̮͍̪̳̝̅̍̒̈́̈̓̆̾$̴̢̡͎̗͙͔̳̮̠̮̩̑̔͌̆́̉́̈͜͝ų̴̪͕̫͓̯̟̭̈́̇̃̐͝g̷̬̋͐͌̔͐̇̌̇͛a̸̯̯̪̯͔̺̯̜̒͌̊͑̿̀̅̀͋r̶̨̛̛̛͍̝̺̻͉͈͂̉̉̓͂̽͋͆̿͂̓̚ ̷̥͚̝̙̯̩͓̺̟̙͇̣͈͙͌̑͛͗̕͜D̷̢̥̗̗̻̳̯͍̳̤̩̯̮̮̞̓̽ả̷̡̜͕̥͎̺̊͋͋̆̍̄̍͆͛̚͜͜d̸̨̼̮͇͕̠̋̇̒̒̈d̶̻̦̹̦͈͚̳̣̠͂̑̽̔̑̑͠ẙ̵̧̼̪͕͚̖́͊͘ ̸̨͕͉̪͙̞̱̬̿͋̽̄̋̉͝ͅ1̶̡̖͍̜͋̊̍̈̐̒͗͗̇͘: w̵̩̫̩̮̟͓͇̟̥̰̦̒͑̋̓̈ë̷͕̘̹̤̰̲͌̅̊̉̿̂ ̷͔̂͐͛̒͆͊̏͌̏͐̂͒̓g̵̘̣̬̥̮̝͘ỏ̵̢̧̨̟͇̤̝̖͚̣̳̤̣̥̆̔͐̒̆͐́̈́͐̌͘̚t̸̛͉̺̄́̊̅̂͌̈́̽͝ ̴̧͎̥̠̞̪̹̫͉̖̘̥̭͋̎͋͋̒̈́̃̄͑̀̓̂͘k̷̢͎̯̺̦̲͕̱̙̮̺̣͓̓̃͂̋͊͒͒̋̆̉̒͐̔ȋ̵̢̝̯̹̮̥̼̾̈́̽́̽̆͆̒̈́͋̓̓̿c̸̺̭͉͚̀̇͗̅͆̓̄̃̏̚̚͝ķ̴̣̫̺̝̼͒̄̅͝é̸̗̱̝̗̻d̵̨͎̘͍̺̹̑͗̓͋͋̔͛͆͂̈́̀̌̚͝ ̶͎̠̰̙̬͚͙̳̫̩̜̄̂̿̑̀̒̓͑̆̋̾͛o̵̥͕̹̍ủ̷̡̨͈̖̳̹̗̲͠ͅt̶̨̢͍͈͙̼͙͎͐́̓̉̕͜͝ ̴̧̧͖̻̪̠̼̘͇͈̗̰̈́̄̇̽̂ͅo̴̡̧̧̬̮̞̠͉̗̖̪͓̊̾͂̎̀͑̈̿̓͗͝ͅf̵͖̺͈͇̖̪̹̍̔̇͆̊̎̈͐̃͗̑̄̄͝ ̸̢͓̥͉̹̮͓̺̖͇͍͎̆͑̿͆̔̽̒̉͛̐̋̚͜͝t̵̘̳̳͓̮͖͌̔͗̍̽̑ͅh̷̬̘̬͉̪̒̏͜͜ͅę̸͕͍̦̹̬͇̈́̔̎̐̂͆́̑̓̏̕ ̸̧̡̨͔̗͖̲̳̬͛͂͜ṃ̴̡͂̆͂̾̊ā̵̹͊̆̂l̶̟̮͖̭̳̝̯̦̱̙̰̈́͂̎̿̋̒̎̿͗͆͜͝ĺ̸̢̨̛͓͎͔̭̦͕̓̄͒͒͆̒̚̚̕͜


vigilante justice warrior: izuku, why????

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: is he wrong???

demon daddy: must we remind you of hosu??

amy wong: ???

elphaba: im morbidly curios byt extremely hungocer

i believe: what happened in hosu???

vigilante justice warrior: what happened in hosu stays in hosu

mothmans cousin: je ne suis pas energique/patient aujourd'hui

mothmans cousin: why can't you just tell us, monsieur? s'il vous plaît?

G O D: who changed my name??

demon daddy: that was all mothman, momo

vigilante justice warrior: because i'm not allowed to

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: legal reasons.

mothmans cousin: i will complain to the author about this

- sirenhead  simp  has deleted one message-

sirenhead simp: aoyama no we talked about this

if i had to pick a birb: i was summoned by the sound of the veil cracking

drugz: aoyama is staring into nothing pouting and its creeping me out somebody stop them-

i believe: how was hagakure able to delete a message that wasn't,,,, ya know,,, hers???

baby you're a fire work: why the fuck are any of you awake rn

drugz: we're just chillin

not safe for work: fumi's brooding about 'the veil' again wth happened

sirenhead simp: cryptid chat

demon daddy: are we gonna ignore what aoyama said???


c̷̫̯̬̣̺̞͈̦̜͋̈̓͒̎̔̈́̍̿̔̚͝h̷̘̯͓̆̆̑̽̚ͅa̴̛͐͗̀͗̌͆͌͋́̈́̽̄̚͜ó̸̧̲͎̦̦̒̎ͅs̷̡͙͔͕͝ͅ'̷̨̧̗̙͎̘͔̙͍̘̈́̊͝ ̵̹͉̖͓̔͒̅̑̂̈̍̈́͂̋͆̚͠k̶̢̘̯̜̥̙̫̰̞̟̣͚̿̅î̵̢̤͚͕͋͊d̶̨̀̑̈́͂̀͗̊̎̉̔̀̔ş̴̢̢̦͓̭̂̓̌̂͘ ̵̧̧̰̠̞̼̩͎̯̻̘̈́͋̔$̷̨̛̣̹̙̼̘͚̹͙͙͖̗̍̀͂̽̏̈̈́̏̓͘͘̚ú̸̟̱͚̬̘̻̞̱̭̜̫̣͚̓͒̊̒̅̿͆̕ͅǧ̷̨̡̨̙͕̺̞͚̪̯ͅa̸̰̩̐́͆͗͝r̸̨̧̛̙̳̱̰͓͖͓͔̘̞̟͖̈͛͋̐̊́͜͠͝ ̷̞̦͉͙̬̫̼͆̇̌̿̈͋͋͝͝d̴̢̛̖͍̩̥̞̺̥̣̰̳̲̫̄̿̓͒̀̌͋̐̔͘̕ȧ̶͈̻̭̞̬̪̖̝͉̥͌̒̔̂̊̌̍͊̅͊̎̚͠ͅd̶̛̘̹͌͗̋̊̿̓̿͊͛͘d̴̛̖̺̊͊́͜͜y̷̡̺̰̺̜̩̆̆͆͘: ỹ̶̨̢̖͎̦̹̼ȅ̶̖͚̪̼̱̪͇̜́̑̍̏͋͆̏̚͘͝ͅa̴͔͕͚̰̤̪͕̙̼̐̓͌̓̈́̚ ̸̧̯̺͎̝̮̠̪̈́̎͂͑͒̌̽͗̾͊͘͜ͅp̶̭̭͉̤͈̭̯̻̜̪̭̘̒̄̂̓̾̊ř̶̹̝͕̤͈̜̞̼̙̈̅̍̿̉̈̀͆̈́̆̾̕͠͝o̷̘̽̄̌̀̈́̚̕b̷̥͇͂̑̌̓͂a̴̛͉̤̻̬̮̝̳̙̠̲͍͛̒̊̽̽̍͠͝b̴̢͈̲̃̏̔l̵̡̹͈̳͍̖̀͒̒̈̑̐̋̎̆͐̒̔̐͘͠y̷̰̥̫͓͆̐̄̓͊̽͘͝


hypno-frogg: who wants coffee ribbit?

elphaba: oh yes pls

Whiplash: sure, buyt why is kirishima wearing a shark binder surrounded by crocs and shark plushies???

G O D: i

G O D: someone pls wake him up so he can take it off

baby you're a fire work: ill fuckin do it

baby you're a fire work: also, deku, you're lucky i'm not allowed to kill you

demon daddy: :)

baby you're a fire work: ....

baby you're a fire work: deku wtf did you do to shitty hair

demon daddy: why, whatever do you mean, kaachan?

baby you're a fire work: what kind of fuxking demon did oyu summon that possesed shitty hair

demon daddy: (:

crying child bites back: why tf did i just wake up to unholy screeching

crying child bites back: nvm that, who the hell changed my name to this

amy wong: don't tell someone you used to be fnafer and not expect a name change, jirou

crying child bites back: no, i mean this is a shit name you could've come up with something better, couldn't you?

amy wong: .

Whiplash: dayum

i believe: and i oop

-' crying child bites back ' changed their name to ' vanny  and her tapes '-

amy wong: im mad, but also that name's gold

vanny and her tapes: anygay, pronouns?

amy wong: no thank you

vanny and her tapes: understandable have a nice day

sirenhead simp: anybody else worried about the fact that kirishima is possessed?

amy wong: although, i have only played fnaf 4 so don't @ me that i don't know any references, my dude

mothmans cousin: oui, can't we just get roman to fix it

- Whiplash  deleted one message-

Whiplash: did you guys forget i know how to preform an excorcism???

demon daddy: why are ignnoring any of what the hagakure and aoyama arew saying

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: (っ'ω')ノ(╥ω╥)

╮( ̄ω ̄)╭



demon daddy: ...

demon daddy: my brain is still trying to turn auto translate and filter on, blease someone tell me what they said

powerpuff girks: "don't worry about it"

powerpuff girks: wait,, who changed my name??? and why???

elphaba: sato, is thst you??

powerpuff girks: yes pls someobe explaim

amy wong: sugar, spice and ecerything nice!

powerpuff girksi

Whiplash: it fits

Whiplash: ijuhaferf hagakure what happened to your clothes

beleive: i can't believe what im seeing

beleive: hagakure has murder husband robes and never told us

G O D: she was wearing them all night last night

Whiplash: yeah but she started the night with a dress on underneath, now she isn't wearing it anymore what happend-

sirenhead simp: idk what happened to it, i think it ripped it some point i and decided to take it off at some point

Whiplash: what possessed you to do something like that?!

baby you're a firework: speaking of possession-can we get back to shitty hair?!

Whiplash: oof right, on it, give me a sec i need to grab some stuff

demon daddy: wiw, kaachan isn't the only one hissing at ojiro

not safe for work: davvddszvvjk bdh by$fds hnnhserhak ojiro stay away-

Whiplash: i have to get close so i can get to kirishima!!

if i had to pick a birb: ffs stay away mortal scum or so help me i will summons the forces of the void against you and curse you and your entire family and gain strength in your suffering and misery and be joyous upon the sounds of your cries for mercy

elphabadid dark shadow steal tokoyami's phone, what-

Whiplash: that was all tokoyami my dude.... someone hold those two down while i excorsize kirishima

Whiplash: *three, almost forgot bakuhoe has been possessed before

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: what reminded you? was it the hissing? cause i think 1-b can here the noises bakuhoe, tokoyami, and shoji are making.

demon daddy: while our resident evils are occupied, does anyone know what the fuck happende last night?

vigilante justice warrior: i believe it is my turn to share. we stared the party normally, at about 8:10-8:15 about half an hour in mothman and sirenhead arrived at roughly the same time. most of the people from other dorms left after getting wasted/by 10:55. there was a mess of a round of truth or dare led by the izucrew, which left a hole in ashido's dorm room door, hagakure's dress in tatters, a̸͇̻̻̗̼͚̮͕͔̋͊̓o̷̡̮̺͔͋͐y̵̘͙̽̿͑̿̈́̈̓̔̎̈̍ą̴̰̘͆̀̀m̶͚̱͓͔͚̭̾̔͒̄̈́̅̾̃͠â̶͕̥̖̥̻̙̲̑͐̔̂͐̌͂'̴̛͇̹̠̜̫̞̼̻̪̻͍̫͖̗̯̓̽s̷̛̠̥̬̭̪̈́͆̊̓̂ ̶̡͙͙̝̍̔̂̿̅̚̕̚̚w̴̢͔̦͎̼̲͈͚̖̰͖͙̮̗͂̿̄͐̋͌̽̌̐̆̎ͅi̴̡̙̻̱̗̣̜͖̖͓̪̾̈͒͑͐̄͠ͅn̶̳̳͍̤̯͍͈͚͕̣̟̐̔͌̍͊͜͜g̵̛͚͖̞͕̲͚̾̈́̾̾̋͛̐̎͋̿̎̏̊ṣ̵̢͖͈̩̻͖̜̽̉̀̋̽̂͋̊̐̐͊̐̕͝ wet for nearly an hour, causing them to pass out from pain, and even more property damage. a drunken game of spin the bottle\seven minutes in heaven took place, and w

vigilante justice warrior: e all were forced to join, the event having been spirited by the bakusquad. i somehow ended up locked in a closet with sero for twenty minutes. after we stopped playing, kaminari cried and came out to us. after that, everyone outside of 1-a had left and half of 1-a was unconscious. those of us still awake went to the mall, to visit dark denizens and hot topic, and a jewelery store that was most defintaley closed, but you didn't here that from me.

mothman's cousin: but shiny!!!

vigilante justice warrior: after getting kicked out for being out after curfew (and apparently because sirenhead was banned from hot topic for making the regulars uncomfortable or something???) we all came home, jirou gushed about how hot the new security guard in the new fnaf promo is, but how she isn't as pretty as yaomomo, then gushed about yaomomo for awhile. yaomomo and shouto and kirishima and shoji talked for a while about cryptid conspira

vigilante justice warrior: cies, the scp foundation, and creepypasta's and eventually jirou joined in with their extensive fnaf lore/ theory knowledge. tokoyami and izuku also joined, and they pulled out an old looking spirit board, with many engravings and painted on paterns, and an old weathered palanchatte... izuku, i have to ask about it, where did your mother get it???

demon daddy: her mother! it's our version of a family heirloom. it's handmade, and has many old protection charms cast on it, you have to use it in a circle of salt, and the max amount of people around it is 10-11. the protetion charms protect against curses and hexes and being dragged to hell and restricts deal making but people can still be possessed. my mother only ever used it twice, and this is my third time using. a midoriya can only be possesed after their sixth time using it. the palanchatte

demon daddy: is deer bone according to my mother

G O D: i'm,,, scared to ask now, but why was your mother using it those two times??

demon daddy: not allowed to say

G O D: fear.png

vigilante justice warrior: anyway... they communed with the dead for a little while, mostly ancestors spirits. then dark shadow suggested summoning some sort of demon, so they summoned three demons over the course of the night, two being friendly (one recognizing izuku for some reason??? but not bakugo??) and the other was malevolent and possessed kirishima. kirishima raged for a while before his body gave up and he passed out. i went to sleep as well.


vigilante justice warrior: that was aimed at the dekusquad, they have no idea how to function like normal human beings. even aoyama and tge cryptid squad are better at pretending to be functional

hypno-frog: hey!

elphaba: no, he's got sa point and i hate how he just valled us out like that.

sirenhead simp: yes! we can seen functional!

mothmans cousin: that explains why my shirt is damp, and my back hurts...

Whiplash: and it's done, kiri is demon free. mostly.

show em what your colors worth: i feel like death what happened

baby you're a firework: deku got you fucking possessed

show em what your colors worth: oh

show em what your colors worth: nice

demon daddy: uwu

demon daddy: so how ate tokoyami and shoji doing

G O D: they are hissing any time ojiro gets close to them.

G O D: where are you midoriya?

demon daddy: the vents

elphaba: why

demon daddy: idk

vanny and her tapes: dare i ask how?

demon daddy: idk, it comfy up here

vigilante justice warrior: i swear you're part cat sometimes

demon daddy: maybe i am


demon daddy: nya

chaos's kids $ugar daddy 2: god i love my boyfriend

demon daddy: same <3

drugz: i want me a freak like that

vigilante justice warrior: sero, never speak again

drugz: that one will do

- vigilante justice warrior  is offline-

drugz: dayum

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: ρ(- ω -、)ヾ( ̄ω ̄; )

drugz: thank kouda

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: welc

amy wong: burn


c̷̫̯̬̣̺̞͈̦̜͋̈̓͒̎̔̈́̍̿̔̚͝h̷̘̯͓̆̆̑̽̚ͅa̴̛͐͗̀͗̌͆͌͋́̈́̽̄̚͜ó̸̧̲͎̦̦̒̎ͅs̷̡͙͔͕͝ͅ'̷̨̧̗̙͎̘͔̙͍̘̈́̊͝ ̵̹͉̖͓̔͒̅̑̂̈̍̈́͂̋͆̚͠k̶̢̘̯̜̥̙̫̰̞̟̣͚̿̅î̵̢̤͚͕͋͊d̶̨̀̑̈́͂̀͗̊̎̉̔̀̔ş̴̢̢̦͓̭̂̓̌̂͘ ̵̧̧̰̠̞̼̩͎̯̻̘̈́͋̔$̷̨̛̣̹̙̼̘͚̹͙͙͖̗̍̀͂̽̏̈̈́̏̓͘͘̚ú̸̟̱͚̬̘̻̞̱̭̜̫̣͚̓͒̊̒̅̿͆̕ͅǧ̷̨̡̨̙͕̺̞͚̪̯ͅa̸̰̩̐́͆͗͝r̸̨̧̛̙̳̱̰͓͖͓͔̘̞̟͖̈͛͋̐̊́͜͠͝ ̷̞̦͉͙̬̫̼͆̇̌̿̈͋͋͝͝d̴̢̛̖͍̩̥̞̺̥̣̰̳̲̫̄̿̓͒̀̌͋̐̔͘̕ȧ̶͈̻̭̞̬̪̖̝͉̥͌̒̔̂̊̌̍͊̅͊̎̚͠ͅd̶̛̘̹͌͗̋̊̿̓̿͊͛͘d̴̛̖̺̊͊́͜͜y̷̡̺̰̺̜̩̆̆͆͘: ẁ̵͕͚̠͎̭h̷͎̫̺̀̿̐̓͊̆̓̅̒̑͗̚͜͝y̵̭̣̻͛͐̂̉̽̍͠ͅ ̷̢̧̢̱͙̖͇̝̦̭̣̖͋͠d̶̛̛̠̣̲͓̍̽̅̄͑̿̏̚͘o̴̡̨̭͎̰̣̫̻̬̽ ̸̢̢̨̥̣̱͈̝͍̗͉̮̅̏͝ͅị̶̡̧̢̤̝̜͕͍͇͇͇̫̘͗̓̋̐̂͗͒̇̒͑̾̆͜ ̴̱͉̥̤̅ͅt̷̩̜̺̦̰͔͓͙͛̂̐͆͛͂͘a̴̧̞̝̹̳̥̋͘͜ͅl̸͓̈́͑͛̊̋̎̑́͋̚ͅḱ̴̡̻͈͇͚̊͐̌́͜ ̸̹͚̱̜̬̅t̵̨̢̢͕͖̝̭͇̗͈͕̦̘̹̉͌͂͆̈́̎̋̕͠ͅǫ̸͈͍͕͍̝̰̰͓̣̬̾̒͋̐̏͠ ̷̡̡̛͖̮̞̻̣̣̓̽̉̍̃̏̂̕͝y̴̨̨̡̨̢̧̤̻̰̩̖̓̋̈̄͛̋͋̏̽̈́̐̕ͅǫ̷̧̱͍̱͈̯͔̜̠̜͇̜̈́u̵̢̢͍̪̝͒̆̿͆͛̄̽̑̏̓̓̉̈́̑ ̷̢̛̱͔̤̩̫̋̈̄̔̓̏̋̿d̶̡͔͈̤̣̱̙̜̞͑͒̔͊̽̋͗̈́̌̂̈i̸̱̥̹͑̎̏́̓̅̈́̓̕͜͝͝͠š̸͓͉̈͂͑͛͒͐̑͑͆a̷̫̘̯̤̦͓̺̲͆̎͛̔̄̒̒͂̏̈́̒̒̀͘ş̵̡̝̘͔͉̘̳̼͇̇̃͗̐̈́̈́̏̇̊̌͘̚͝͝͝ͅt̷̨̧̯̥̙͇͈͖͚͙͕̜͂̍e̷̲͈͚̼͐̀̍̏̿̃ŗ̶̨̱̱̳̥͙̤̜͚͎̹̕̕s̷̡̧̛̙͔̪͖̮̣̊̌̿̑͂̂̓͜͝


sirenhead simp: cause you have nothing better to do and you know it


c̷̫̯̬̣̺̞͈̦̜͋̈̓͒̎̔̈́̍̿̔̚͝h̷̘̯͓̆̆̑̽̚ͅa̴̛͐͗̀͗̌͆͌͋́̈́̽̄̚͜ó̸̧̲͎̦̦̒̎ͅs̷̡͙͔͕͝ͅ'̷̨̧̗̙͎̘͔̙͍̘̈́̊͝ ̵̹͉̖͓̔͒̅̑̂̈̍̈́͂̋͆̚͠k̶̢̘̯̜̥̙̫̰̞̟̣͚̿̅î̵̢̤͚͕͋͊d̶̨̀̑̈́͂̀͗̊̎̉̔̀̔ş̴̢̢̦͓̭̂̓̌̂͘ ̵̧̧̰̠̞̼̩͎̯̻̘̈́͋̔$̷̨̛̣̹̙̼̘͚̹͙͙͖̗̍̀͂̽̏̈̈́̏̓͘͘̚ú̸̟̱͚̬̘̻̞̱̭̜̫̣͚̓͒̊̒̅̿͆̕ͅǧ̷̨̡̨̙͕̺̞͚̪̯ͅa̸̰̩̐́͆͗͝r̸̨̧̛̙̳̱̰͓͖͓͔̘̞̟͖̈͛͋̐̊́͜͠͝ ̷̞̦͉͙̬̫̼͆̇̌̿̈͋͋͝͝d̴̢̛̖͍̩̥̞̺̥̣̰̳̲̫̄̿̓͒̀̌͋̐̔͘̕ȧ̶͈̻̭̞̬̪̖̝͉̥͌̒̔̂̊̌̍͊̅͊̎̚͠ͅd̶̛̘̹͌͗̋̊̿̓̿͊͛͘d̴̛̖̺̊͊́͜͜y̷̡̺̰̺̜̩̆̆͆͘: ÿ̶̪o̸̰̥̺̥̙͒͊̊̽͋̿͋̈̉͘̕̚͝u̸͍̲͚̰͎̦͍̙̱̠͎͖͔̼̱̓ ̵̧̧̯͉͔̼̼͔̗͖̝̳̼͓͒́ḑ̵̙̩̦̯̗̪̫̤͉̍͋̃̆̅͒͒̊́͊̌̆̚͘į̵͔͉̝̲̘͙͓̻͇̑͐̃͘d̸̨͖͔͇̫̬̠̱͑͆̈͋͐͆ ̸̨͔̼̪̰̻̻̦̀͆̽̄͒̕ͅn̶͈̓̄͌̆͆ȍ̵̤͚̪̳͘͘͜t̶̡̛͕̩̮̉̌̍̓͂̄̾̆̂ ̵̢̳̝̳̭̠̝̙͔̆̽͌̊̃̄̎̄͂̊̔͘͜͠h̵̨̢̼̙͍͓̮̖̘̄́̌̕͠ͅa̷̡̧̫͓̹̲͕̬͉͙̜͓̓͐̓̿̄̍͐̃v̷̢̯͖̦̞̰̠̘͉̒̅͑̂̾̕͜͝ę̴͚̘̯͕͊̋͋̓̉̉ ̵͈̣̝͕̗̰̠̮͓͑̽ţ̸̡̰̫͕͔̤͉͎͉̘̠̼͗̇͗̈̈́͊̿̇̆͘͘͘ő̸̖̜̈́̒̀̌͂͊̆͘͠ ̸̦͈̜͚͖̝̪̺̜̹͆̈́̋͘c̷̛̘̘͖̦͍̦͑͛̄͒͐̊̌͗̊̏͛̋͘a̶̧̧̙̫̞͍̞̦̟̫̿̍ͅl̵͎͖̰͍̩͔̪͊̇̃̓͒̔̽͂̌͘l̶̺̳̮̳̣̥̟͚̻̐̕ ̴̭̻̬̩̩̠̹͔͕͈̭͍̈̿̉͛̍͌̑̑͒̐͌͂͝m̴̰̼̬̠̤̾̑̅̽͛ė̷̢͚̻͇͙̰͖́ ̷̛̫̦͔͍̮̩͊̏̌̊̎͜͠ŏ̶̺͑̕ứ̴̛͔́͊̈́̈̈́̍̃͐́͐̕t̴̡͉̬͍͉͠ ̶̬͖̜͊̍̚̚͜l̶̺̳̹̪̲̯͉͖̮̞͉̰̅̏͑͊͘͜i̴̛͚̤̼̋͆͗͗͆͌̽͘̚ķ̴̧̡̢̫͈̦̜̙͎͇͎̠̻̟̾̑̚ę̵̠̞̯̖̳̄̀͐̄̃͋̇̐̓̓͌̎̎ ̶̘̻͐̂͆̈́̅̄̓̂̊͌͌͂͑͒͌ţ̸̲̩̜͙͚̖̦͔̠̙̻̰͋̽̐̉̾̈́̈̇͆̒ͅh̶̢̡̡͎̦͕̟̮̯̣̥͍̬͔̍́͜i̸̧̡͈̥͉͓̙̩̯͎͕̯̰̍̐̑̈́̔͜ş̴̛̰̙̘̫̪̭̜̩̰͔͚̬̈́̏̈̀̎͊͒́͆͜


sirenhead simp: yes i did

G O D: i suggest you all head the kitchen for some food, take a shower and get some rest. take it easy for the day, to help with your hangover

5123NH34D: Y0U 54Y 7H47 45 1F Y0U2 N07 4L50 HUN60V32

G O D: i will neither confirm nor deny

G O D: now hurry up

Chapter Text

dadzawa's  problem children

[2:30 AM; Sunday]

demon daddy: theoretically quirks like genes, so they should be passed down like recessive/dominant or codominant/incomplete dominance, i'm gonna use shou-chan and his family as an example. endeav*r has a very powerful flame quirk, an ms rei has a very powerful ice quirk. both actually (on record at least) went to ua, and eventually got married. though the contravercies of the marriage were burried, they still exist, but i'm not gonna get into that now. their first child (i couldn't find his name) had a very powerful fire quirk, but his body physically could not handle it and he literally burnt up from the inside each tim

demon daddy: e he used his quirk. his hair was red, but he developed white streaks (or his whole head turned white, hard to tell, info is obscure) like his sister (who was born about a year or two after him). from records and inconsistincies in new articles, it seems like he was forced into the commissions hands as a teenager when shou-chan was born, but died shortly after. the next todoroki we have is fuyumi, shou-chan's older sister. she is registered as having an ice quirk, similar to her mothers, but weaker. she also seemed to have a body weak to said ice quirk, cause according to her medical reco

demon daddy: rds she had been hospitalized for frostbite multiple times. the next todoroki is natsuo, who is listed as quirkless, but evidence may suggest otherwise. he's the second youngest and was born barely a year after fuyumi. it is equally likely he's quirkless, as it is he has a powerful ice/water quirk-and let me explain why i say he might have a water quirk. there was a news article i found, but it detailed him being stuck in a hostage situations w/out any heroes around. he was just at the store, like a normal broke college student. apparently the srinkle

demon daddy: rs avtivated on their own??? when none of the criminals had??? any fire or water quirks??? further more, the sprinklers were all fine and working, and only got the criminals wet. they also had apparently (on witness account) formed a pressurized strema to knock the weapons out of the criminals hands. none of the victims were harmed. then we have the youngest todoroki, our boi shou-chan. we all know his quirk-a combonation of both of his parents. throughout all the todoroki's there's patterns of incomplete / codominace with how their quirks were pas

demon daddy: sed down, and it's not just them!!! i could go on,, and i have several rants about the todoroki's in store, so, this is just,,, what's gonna happen sometimes.

demon daddy: anygay, goodnight normal people, am passing out now.

[9:13 AM; Sunday]

vigilante justice warrior: ....

hypno-frogg: izu what the hell

amy wong: youve...

amy wong: youve thought a lot about this huh midori???

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy 2: izuku,, i love you,,,, but what the fuck,,,, how do you know so much about my siblings, how do you know more about touya then me the fuuuuuuckkkk

show em what your color's worth: midobro....

show em what your color's worth: whyyy....

baby you're a firework: shitty deku why the fuck are you putting your rambles into the class chat at 1 am???!!!

demon daddy: i have no memory of writing any of that tf??

sirenhead simp: .....

sirenhead simp: add him?

mothmans cousin: oui, he already knows some...

sirenhead simp: ā̴̧̳͉̭͇͍̆ ̷̨͍̯͉̬̋͌͝ͅd̶͎͉̽̅̇ ̷̥̰̬͓͍͓͐̐̍̓͝d̴̛̘̪̻̯͕͇̟͉̬̓̃̎͗̏͐̌̕ ̶̰̅͝h̸̤̓̾̃̈́̇̎̈́̾ ̸̧̨̢̩̥̰̣̗̬̈͗͗̕i̷͖͖̳͍̙̮̍̕ ̴̧͚̲͎̦̺̺̲͚̟̄̂̈́m̸̺̖̰̪̯̘̣̝̾̈ͅ

Cryptids & Demons, Fix the 4th Wall For ONCE

[9:20 AM; Sunday]

-' French  Buttefly ' has added ' demon daddy ' to the chat-

A Monkey: w h a t why

SCP Foundation: check class chat

-' A Glitchy Ghost ' changed ' demon daddy' s' name to ' Newbie '-

A Monkey: ohhhhh

Newbie: kay wtf and who is everyone

SCP Foundation: welcome to cryptid chat, where we discuss being cryptids and stuff of the like and occasionally scream musical lyrics,
i'm shoji,
'A Monkey' is ojiro
'A Glitchy Ghost' is hagakure
'French Butterfly' is aoyama
'Bog Witch' is kouda
'Sugar Poison' is sato
'Shadow Mare' is fumikage, but they're asleep

Newbie: aaaahhhh, does this chat have anything to do with the fact that aoyama is literally related to mothman? or the fact you and tokoyami are demons?

Sugar Poison: how did you know that???

French Butterfly: oui~ it does!

French Butterfly: everyone in this chat is a supernatural entity of some sort~

French Butterfly: and as some of the few, we have access to information of and outside our world too~, and we're technically allowed to break the fourth wall. by adding you to our chat, you are given that permission as well~.

- Newbie  changed their name to ' Smort   Hooman '-

Smort Hooman: oh wow, that's really interesting!! can't say i'm surprised by who's in the cat, but still! thanks for trusting me! what is everybody?

French Butterfly: i am,,, somewhat similar to mothman, but i have butterfly wings instead, and am much more similar to a butterfly, like my name suggests~

SCP Foundation: not allowed to say, just read my name.

SCP Foundation: fumi's a mare (a nightmare/fear demon)

Bog Witch: :)

Smort Hooman: that's ominous thank you kouda

A Monkey: a sasquatch don't ask, i see you typing midoriya

A Glitchy Ghost: read my name! it's why (even though my quirk allows it) i can't stay visible for long periods of time

Smort Hooman: !!! wait are all of your quirks affected by being creatures??

A Glitchy Ghost: yes and no, as far as we know kouda, mashi, and satou's quirks aren't affected.

Smort Hooman: ooohhh, ok

Smort Hooman: i still have many questions but they can wait

French Butterfly: i can send you more information in dms, mon ami~

Smort Hooman: thank

French Butterfly: welc~

SCP Foundation: ...

SCP Foundation: anygay who wants to help me murder endeavore

A Glitchy Ghost: i mean, i'm all for it, but why??

SCP Foundation: i went to fact check some of the stuff midori mentioned last night and apparently when the marriage was announced, one of the contravercies/conspiracies??? say that he bought mrs. rei??

SCP Foundation: no idea if it's true, bu the evidence suggests it is, and i think that's reason enough to kick his ass.

A Monkey: fair enough i'm in

A Glitchy Ghost: okay so what's the plan

Smort Hooman: ...

Smort Hooman: okay you didn't hear it from me but most negative 'conspiracies' about endeav*re are true,,, including that theory that ms rei didn't want to marry him, talk to shouchan if you wanna know more

SCP Foundation: i fuckin new it!!

Shadow Mare: a surprise to see a mortal in this chat, though i expected it, as the aura around the night child was always strange compared to our fellow night walkers. now, what's this about sending the abyss to fuck with a creature from the darkest depths of hell? what a nice way to wake up in the morning!

Smort Hooman: i can't tell if you're sarcastic or not but cool

Smort Hooman: wait what was that about my aura

A Glitchy Ghost: morning toko! how'd you sleep?

Sugar Poison: good morning birb

Bog Witch: ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

Shadow Mare: ah, thank you kouda.

Shadow Mare: and i simply meant your aura always seems to change, midoriya. and not the same kind of emotion-based change most aura's experience. the one consistency i've noticed with it is when you mutter.

Smort Hooman: !! interesting! so you can read aura's?

Shadow Mare: yes. kuroiro and yanagi from class b can as well.

- Smort   Hooman  change ' Shadow Mare' s name to ' NightmareMoon '-

Smort Hooman: it felt fitting

NightmareMoon: fair enought. this is acceptable

Smort Hooman: :3

A Glitchy Ghost: jdhj toko answer my question, you can't get out of this! how did you sleep?

NightmareMoon: i

NightmareMoon: i slept.

SCP Foundation: they didn't sleep 'well', but they slept.

A Glitchy Ghost: well, i guess that's better than nothing :T 

A Monkey: anygay baku made breakfast,, let's goo

Smort Hooman: noooiiiccee

French Butterfly: next time, on the cryptid chat: midori's blood kink

Smort Hooman: can we please not talk about that

A Glitchy Ghost: did author roman suddenly realize and make this chapter accidentally important to the plot because they're tired? yes, yes they did

Chapter Text

We Shouldn't Be Working With Highschoolers

[12:34 PM; Monday]

Hush am sleeping: my problem children are demons and i hate them

Lord of Chaos: Well, at least you're now down one hellion!

Hush am sleeping: not for forever. when can i announce that shinsou is joining 1a?

Lord of Chaos: The end of the week!

I AM HERE: Well, Aizawa I think you're being dramatic! They are all excelet young heroes!

I AM HERE: *excelent

I crave B L O O D: Yeah, there is no way they can be that bad!

Hush am Sleeping: ...i'm getting a sense of deja vu...

I crave B L O O D: what

Screm to da V o i d: sho, one of the problem children just um, ran past me screaming??

Hush am Sleeping: which one...?

Screm to da V o i d: hhh yellow one? the lightning one

Hush am Sleeping: leave him

Screm to da V o i d: okay... so anygay anybody got any news or anything?

Pornstar: i have gossip! yaoyorozu was caught kissing jirou in a closet earlier today

Hush am Sleeping: finally

I am Many™: so like,,, is anyone gonna tell me why the first years are banding together in a project??


F E E D: i don't know what they're doing, but all the tables have been moved out of the way, the lights are off and the windows are blocked out, the only light is from a bunch of candles, and it looks like a sacrifice is being made???

S P A C E: oh yea, tokoyami, the birb one, asked me if the first year classes could do a ritual to 'cleanse them of the demons that feed on stress' during lunch, so i said sure.


S P A C E: i thought he meant they were gonna like meditate to help with anxiety or some shit idk man!


S P A C E: idk!!

Screm to da V o i d: umm

Hush am Sleeping: gdi i'm gonna get a drink then go tf to sleep

-Screm to da V o i D changed the name of the groupchat to ' Oh No, It's the Problem Children Again'-

Hush am Sleeping: gdi Hizashi i'm gonna fucking kill you

Screm to da V o i d: you love me <3

Hush am Sleeping: i know, what of it?

Pornstar: damn

Real Sonic: cold

Hush am Sleeping: nezu why is tensei here again

Lord of Chaos: :-)

The Lord: I hate you all.

Hush am Sleeping: mood

Chapter Text

dadzawa's  problem children

[2:34 AM; Tuesday]

vanny and her tapes: vote; hamilton or beetlejuice (soundtrack vers)

if i had to pick a birb: you should know already.

not safe for work: daylight come and we wan' go~~
in times like these, we have no words-we only have each other. today we come together to mourn the passing of Emily Deetz; devoted wife to charles, beloved mother to lydia. scriptu re tells us, 'sorrow not, for we fo not walk alone...'

if i had to pick a birb: you're invisible when you're sad .... clocks still tick and phones still ring...
the world carries on like mad.... but nobody sees a thingg~~.....
whispering behind their hands... lost for kind words to say~
nobody understands.... and everyone goes away....
grown ups wanna fix things, and when the can't it only fill them with shame... so they just look away~~
is it being greedy to need sombody to see me, and to say my name?

if i had to pick a birb: seems when you loosw your mom, no one turns off the sun...
folks carry on, that's that... you're invisible when you're sad....

demon daddy: holy crap!

demon daddy: a ballad already? and such a bold departure from the original source material!

demon daddy: hey folks, begging your pardon! scuse me, sorry to barge in

demon daddy: now let's skip the tears and start on the whole... y'know. being dead thing!
you're doomed, enjoy the 'singing'! the sword of domacles is swinging! and if i hear your cell phone ringing, i'll kill ya myself!
the whole being dead thing!
death can get a person stressed,

amy wong: 'we should of carpe'd way more diems now we're never gonna see em!'

demon daddy: i can show you what comes next! so don't be freaked,
stay in your seats,
i do this bullshit like eight times a week!
so just relaxm you;ll be fine,
drink your fifty dollar wine and take a breath.

amy wong: wlecome to a show about death!

demon daddy: you're
you're gonna be fine on the other side~

demon daddy: die! you're all gonna die!! you're all gonna die!!!

demon daddy: i'll... i'll be your guide
to the other side!!

amy wong:though in full disclosure: it's a show about death

demon daddy: everyboddy get's on fin here. like rodgers, hart, and hammerstien here!
the womens bathroom? has no lin here!
just. pee where you want,
the whole being dead thing!
you're just gonna love the folks here-
yeah i know you're "woke" but you can take a joke here!
and in every show i do, like, a ton of coke here!

demon daddy: the whole; the whole being dead thing!!
nobody is bullet-proof

amy wong: "i work out!" "i eat clean!"

demon daddy: jesus, pass the dramamine. time to gace the brutal truth,
cause we're all on a hitlist! might not live till christmas! choked to death on triscuits-hey, it's just statistics.
so take a little break here, kinda like a wake here,
the scenery is fake here, but there's a giant snake here!!

amy wong: welcome to a show about death!

demon daddy: you're... you're gonna be fine~~
thank you!
on the other side!
how you doin?!
not good?

demon daddy: i;ll... hey! i'll be your guide... to the other side~!
seriously though, this is a show about-

amy wong: death is taboo, but it's hardly something new,
there's nothing medical proffesionals can do~
...cept maybe just bill you~~

demon daddy: if you die while listening to this album... it's still gonna keep playing.

amy wong: there;s no destiny or fate, just a terrifying wait filled with people that you hate!
and on a certain dat the universe kills you~~

demon daddy: that's the thing with life, no one makes it out alive~
toss that body in the pit~

amy wong: 'gosh it's awful! aint it tragic?'

demon daddy: 'blah blah bible jesus magic'
when you're dead, who gives a shit?

amy wong: no pulates, no more yoga!

demon daddy: "namaste" you freaking posers.
from the cradle to cremation~
death just means a little conversation~
i have mastered the art~!

amy wong: dies irae!!

demon daddy: of tearing convention apart~!

amy wong: dies irae!!

demon daddy: so how about e all make a start~!

amy wong: dies irae!!

demon daddy: on the whol being dead thing~!
god i hope you're ready for a show about death.

not safe for work: look at this crib~! in all of it's glorious antiquary~
every curve and surface speaks to me~
saying 'pamper and spoil me,
sand me and oil me~'

not safe for work: come on! i know to the untrained eye, it's 'boring'...
but nothings a chore when you're restoring~
apart form frustration, pain, and financial drain... it's fun!
folks say, 'adam,

not safe for work: why do you polish your crib when you don't have a kid? and even if you did have a kid this crib is too precious for placing a baby inside it
so it simply exists to remind you
your sens of perfection is just a reflection that
you are not mentally prepared to make room for a kid, adam!
why don't you live, adam!?
just make start!!'

not safe for work: are you willing to take the next step?
ready, set,
ready, set!

vanny and her tapes: look at these jugs!
amazingly glazed and terracotta-ery!!
i took some clay and made you pottery!
the world will never wreck you, i'll protect you in a mother's embrace!
folks say, 'barbara

vanny and her tapes: wy can't you see that ceramics is simply a manifestation of motherly panic by making a baby thats breakable aren't you creating a way of translating the terror of making maternal mistakes into clay hiding away so you don't have to face being a bad mom! barbara!
that's what you've done, barbara!
just make a start~~
are you willing to take the next step?' ready, set~!

not safe for work: here we stand! at the end of a ten year plan~! A house,
a yard,
a minivan!
a baby should be next....! Together let's leap off the cliff! Fall forever, then smash to bits~!
Trapped in a terrigying viper pit, of diapers and regret~! Are we willing to take the next step?

vanny and her tapes: here we stand! at the end of a ten year plan~! A house,
a yard,
a minivan!
a baby should be next....! Together let's leap off the cliff! Fall forever, then smash to bits~!
Trapped in a terrigying viper pit, of diapers and regret~! Are we willing to take the next step?

not safe for work: ready set

vanny and her tapes: ready set

not safe for work: not yet

vanny and her tapes: not yet.

not safe for work: why rush?

vanny and her tapes: why rush...

vanny and her tapes: soon enough our hopes ans all dream will be crushed~!

not safe for work: soon enough our hopes ans our dreams will be crushed!

vanny and her tapes: but not yet~!

not safe for work: not yet!

vanny and her tapes: not now...

not safe for work: not now

not safe for work: oohhhhhh?!
See, we can't start a family in a house with creaky floor boards!

vanny and her tapes: you are absolutely right, let's add it to the list with the cracks in the plaster~!

not safe for work: the wifi could be faster!

vanny and her tapes: this sofa needs a castor!

not safe for work: the bathroom's a disaster!

vanny and her tapes: what about global poverty~?

not safe for work: what about world peice?!

vanny and her tapes: then there's the whoel darn economy...!

not safe for work: the whole middle east!!

vanny and her tapes: we should learn mandarin~!

not safe for work: yeah! or spanish at least!

vanny and her tapes: no habla espanol~ do cervas por favor~!!
and that's all we got, and that's not a lot... do we want a bilingual household or not?
so let's go slow, no breaking a sweat~
what's the point of having children if we're drowing in debt?

not safe for work: no habla espanol~ do cervas por favor~!!
and that's all we got, and that's not a lot... do we want a bilingual household or not?
so let's go slow, no breaking a sweat~
what's the point of having children if we're drowing in debt?

vanny and her tapes: now we're totally~!

not safe for work: completely!

vanny and her tapes: maybe  80%~

not safe for work: i'd say 78~

not safe for work: ready to take the next step~!

vanny and her tapes: ready to take the next step~!

demon daddy: yeah yeah yeah yeah~!

vanny and her tapes: the next step!

not safe for work: the next step!

demon daddy: zooby dooby dooby, doovy dop bow!

vanny and her tapes: the next step!

not safe for work: the next step!

demon daddy: zweeby beeby bo bah bah dee-!!

not safe for work: the next step!

vanny and her tapes: the next step!

not safe for work: ready set let's-

vanny and her tapes: ready set let's-

demon daddy: ....
see i wasn't kidding it's a show about death!

demon daddy: ready? okay!
hi! i'll be you're guide! i'll be your
to the other side!
don't go to the netherworld--

not safe for work: nethereworld?!

demon daddy: did i say netherworld? nevermind.
i'm the b-to-the-double-e-j-f-u-
jesus, i can't spell....

amy wong: hi!
he'll be your guide!
he'll be your g-u-i-d-e tp the other side!

demon daddy: let's all get naked!

vanny and her tapes: no!

not safe for work: no!

demon daddy: eh, worth a try! i';m the

vanny and her tapes: what us happening??!

demon daddy: i understand it's a lot o process but,
the good newa is that you and your spouse died in your own house, that gives you clout
that means you should stick around!
lucky for you I dropped by! yeah, you seem like nice guys

demon daddy: ...a little on the pottery barn and dry white wine, side
as for me? i've been scaring for millenia, i'm the bioexorcist giving houses enemas!
push out all the breathers, you can pray at ease, just stick with me,
i'm like a ghost zombie jesus!

amy wong: ghost zombie jesus!

demon daddy: and i do it for trh love of it. money? ah, who gives a shit?
i think we're a perfect fit-come on let's make out a bit!!

amy wong: yeah!

demon daddy: it';s the perfect day to die, cause this guy happened to be passing by~!
to give you control of your soul
for the whole being dead thing~!!

demon daddy: the whole being dead thing!! oh yeah!

if i had to pick a birb: ... hey mom, dead mom? i need a little help here... i'm prob'ly talking to myself here, but dead mom i gotta aske....
are you really in the ground? cause i feel  you all around me.... are you here? dead mom? dead mom.
dead mom, i;m tired of trying to iron out my creases, im a bunch of broken peices!
it was you who made me whole~!

if i had to pick a birb: every day dad's staring at me, like all; "hurry up, get happy. move along~
forget about your dead mom."
cause daddy's in denial, daddy doesn't wanna feell~~~!!
he wants me to smile and clap like a performing
seall~~~~!!!! ignored it for a while, but daddy lost his mind for real~
you won't beleive the mess we've become....

if i had to pick a birb:'re my home.... my destination....
and im your clone.... your stange creation...
you held my hand, and life came easy....
now jokes don't land, and no one see's me... nothing seems to fit....
mama is this it? are you recieving? I want something to believe in or i'm done~!!!!

if i had to pick a birb: take me where my soul can runn~ or i'll be in my bedroom!
wake me when i'm 21~!!!
daddy's moving forward, daddy didn'y lose a mom!!
mama won't you send a sign, i'm running out of hope and time!

if i had to pick a birb: a plague of mice, a lightning strike, or drop a nuclear bomb~!!!
no more playing daddy's game, ill go insane if things don't change!!!!
whatever it takes to say your name, dead mom!

demon daddy: okay, listen up, i'm not gonna lie...
right now, you couldn't frighten a fly,
or scare a seagull off of a fry...
you ever stop to ask yourselves "why"?
both of you are super polite!
middle class, suburban, and white~!
well, all of that is finished tonight!
except for the white part- obviously

demon daddy: take your places, i want scary faces! now go!
harder! not bad,
sever a head-preferably someone you know.

vanny and her tapes: look at me i'm so scary~!

demon daddy: ugh, don't be so vanilla! would a little anger kill ya? c'mon drop your panties i;m tryna fill ya with wisdom and skill,
and the instinct to kill-!

not safe for work: again! we do not want to kill anyone!

demon daddy: fine. but somehow, someway, you gotta make em see ya! i'm talking jumpscares, the jerky japanese ghost walk! plus-
("learn to through your voice; fool your friedns! fun at parties!")

not safe for work: now that is cool! i wanna do that!

demon daddy: whatever it takes to make em go crazy! raising thw stakes, by punching a baby!
scare em awake till they break, theyll be quaking in fright~~!
cause you got some evil deep down inside you, put all the farmers markets behind you!
you've gotta work,
gotta haunt, till it hurts through the night~~! and give those guts the fright of their lives! yeah yeah!
let's start with things that you jhate!

not safe for work: hate's a very strong word-.

vanny and her tapes:  perhaps when people are late?

not safe for work: or getting pooped on by birds?

demon daddy: no- what fills you with rage!

vanny and her tapes: being mean to a pet!

not safe for work: chefs who use too much sage when they make beurre noisette

vanny and her tapes: over glurinous foods

not safe for work: or when kids call me "dude"?!

vanny and her tapes: oh i find that so rude!

demon daddy: well, there's lots ther to use...
take a deep breath and give me your best primal scream!

vanny and her tape: aaaahh!!

not safe for work: barbra tht was briliant!

vanny and her tapes: really?!

demon daddy: try again, maybe this time pretend that you mean it!

vanny and her tapes:  aaahh!!

not safe for work: that was even better!

vanny and her tapes: thanks!

demon daddy: i want freedom, but to get my freedom i need them to get a living person to say my name!

vanny and her tapes: betlegeuse, betlegeuse, betlegeuse?

not safe for work: betlegeuse, betlegeuse, betlegeuse?

demon daddy: i know that beggars can't be choosers, but do they have to be such losers? both of them are deathly dull and lame!
why god/satan did you send these bed wetters? even like a tak attorney would've been better! omebody with gravitas
somebodyto fear who~-

not safe for work: excuse me, mr. betlegeuse! we can kinda hear you?

demon daddy: yeah, well, that was a soliloquy, so you're the one being rude.
whatever it takes to make em go crazy!

vanny and her tapes: turn all the lights on~!

not safe for work: dress like a baby!

demon daddy: adam- i don't even- no.
get your heads in the game~~!!

vanny and her tapes: let's hide their phones!

not safe for work: let's hide their phones!

demon daddy: screw their phones!
ugh, these dopes are both hopeless! how will i ever survive~!!?
unless they get the fright of their liveess!

vanny and her tapes: yes yes, we're feelin it! they're gonna feel it-we're killin it!

not safe for work: yes yes, we're feelin it! they're gonna feel it-we're killin it!

demon daddy: they gotta get the fright of their lives!

not safe for work: we're scary, very, very scary!

vanny and her tapes: we're scary, very, very scary!

demon daddy: they'll never get the fright og their lives!!

not safe for work: yeah!

vanny and her tapes: yeah!

demon daddy: ugh...!

vanny and her tapes: that needy pervert was rigtht, if we want our house back we have to fight for it!

not safe for work: how? no one can see us.

vanny and her tapes: we're ghosts' dammit! let's... haunt this bitch!

not safe for work: barbars!!

vanny and her tapes: oblivion calls~, so we might as well walk through some walls~, i'm sure we can haunt our own halls~!
cause adam, we're as ready as we'll ever get!

not safe for work: if we wanna win back our home... i gotta get right outside my comfort zone~!

vanny and her tapes: we'll rattle chains and- i don't know! just wail and moan until they go~!
are you willing to take the next step~?

not safe for work: yes!
ready set~!

vanny and her tapes: ready set~!

vanny and her tapes: ready, set, let's-
h̵̪̙̬̫͎͉ ̵̦͐̒̔͗a̵̜͌̍̒͂͝ ̸̠̻̯̱̭̘͛͑̾̓ú̷̧͠ ̵̤̫̂͗ñ̵̬̯̩̬̦̫ ̷̡̨̳̇̉͋̏t̴̙̒͘̕~̷̛͎̹̟̘͗͘͘~̸̡͉̺̆̈́̋͝

not safe for work: ready, set, let's-
h̵̪̙̬̫͎͉ ̵̦͐̒̔͗a̵̜͌̍̒͂͝ ̸̠̻̯̱̭̘͛͑̾̓ú̷̧͠ ̵̤̫̂͗ñ̵̬̯̩̬̦̫ ̷̡̨̳̇̉͋̏t̴̙̒͘̕~̷̛͎̹̟̘͗͘͘~̸̡͉̺̆̈́̋͝

i beleive: the universe is more than just space with no end!
la la la la la~!
just think of the unicerse as a female bestfriend! and you can be like, "hey universe, what's hapening, girl?" and she'll be like,
"oh nothing, just running the world."
and you'll be like, "what?!"
amd the universe will be like "i know~!!!"

i beleive: you're on the right track girl, i got your back girl i'm helping you grow~!
think positive, act positive, you are a child of the earth~!

i beleive: life coaching; nailing it!
time to take command, you dictate the hand the universe deals!
look; science makes no sense, who needs evidence? go with your feels~. i'm like a radio, tuned to the stars~! i found my frequency-crystals speak to me!

if i had to pick a birb: what are they saying?

i beleive: buy more crystals...!
everything, everything everything happens for a reason~!
become a beacon of light in the world, put a little 'alright~' in the world~!
there is spiritual guides aboe, look up and see em~!!
perception is reality, just listen to the melody the universe sings~!
cause everything,everything happens for a reason~!

if i had to pick a birb: gee, i hat to break it too you-the universe is just the contents of time, matter zand space. 91 billion lightyears across in the earth's small space; where good people die-

i beleive: no-

if i had to pick a birb: yeah.
in famine and war~, the pacific islands are sinking, but negative thinking is hardly the cause!
you think life is all unicorns and rainbows, cause you're bored!
and positivity is a luxury few can afford~...!
we're gonna die, yes you and i. meaningless and alone~-

i beleive: no no no no~! one day you may wake up alone~!

if i had to pick a birb: okay?

i beleive: cause your husband and his boyfriend bought a boat and they sailed away to rome~!!!

if i had to pick a birb: that's specific

i beleive: so you cry yourself to sleep in deep despair, talking to the walls cause there's no one there-!
and you have to buy a cat  cause that's the last chance to have a family~~!!!! take it from me! that you're ageing asswhole has to believe that,
everything everything happens for a reason~!!
put some more fun in the world! a little "oh you're still young!!" in the world!
be prepared to take your eggs, and freeze em-!

if i had to pick a birb: is this still about me?

i beleive: cause everything everything happens-!!

if i had to pick a birb: sounds like terrible things can happemn caus the universe id random!!

i beleive: yes but- random for a reason~!!!

if i had to pick a birb: no reason~!!!

demon daddy: you're invisible when you're me.... there's no one to see my truth... if they could look up they;d see...
"hey, somebody's on the roof!"
god it's mortifying, what's the point of even trying?!
cause now, i'm trapped with no escape...!

demon daddy: banished! disavowed! i vanished like a cloud of dirty hipster vape... nobody said life's fair, guess they'll never seee... the demon who isn;t there~....
you're invidible when you're me.....

demon daddy: woah, what have we got here?

if i had to pick a birb: by the time you read this, i, lydia deetz, will be gone.... there's nothing for me here. i;m alone, foresaken...invisible...!

demon daddy: that makes two of us....

if i had to pick a birb: who the hell are you?

demon daddy: can you... see me...?

if i had to pick a birb: yeah...?

demon daddy: you can see me! i;m gonna have a new best freind~~~!!!!!!!

demon daddy: you could use a buddy. don't you want a pal?
"yes i do, yes i do!"
girl the way i see it your daddy should be leavin and you should stick around-and kill him!

if i had to pick a birb: what?!

demon daddy: ...nothing!
so lydia don't end yourself defend yourself! daddy is the one you should maim! together we'll exterminate, assassinate!

if i had to pick a birb: no!

demon daddy: the finer points can wait but first you gotta say my name!
go ahead and jump, but that won't stop him! here you gotta solid plan b option, i can bring your daddy so much pain! all you gotta do is say my name!
girl just say it three times in a row, and you won't beleive how far i'll go!
i'm on the bench but coach! just put me in the game! all you gotta do is say my name!

if i had to pick a birb: i don't know your name.

demon daddy: well i can't say it!

if i had to pick a birb: how about a game of... charades?

demon daddy: yes let's play it!

if i had to pick a birb: two words.

demon daddy: right!

if i had to pick a birb: second word?

demon daddy: uh huh!

if i had to pick a birb: drink?

demon daddy: no.

if i had to pick a birb: beverage?

demon daddy: no!

if i had to pick a birb: wine?

demon daddy: no!!

if i had to pick a birb: juice?

demon daddy: yes!

if i had to pick a birb: okay; first word.

demon daddy: okay.

if i had to pick a birb: bug

demon daddy: no

if i had to pick a birb: ant?

demon daddy: close but no!

if i had to pick a birb: beetle?

demon daddy: yes!!

if i had to pick a birb: betlegeuse?

demon daddy: wow, i'm impressed! and all you gotta do is say my name three times!

demon daddy: three times it must be spoken, unbroken!

demon daddy: ready?

if i had to pick a birb: yeah.

demon daddy: okay, go!

if i had to pick a birb: betlegeuse...

demon daddy: yeesssss......?

if i had to pick a birb: betlegeuse...

demon daddy: yeesssss............?

if i had to pick a birb: beeeeeeeeee.........

demon daddy: oh, oh this is gonna be so goood!!

if i had to pick a birb: -cause~,

demon daddy: what

if i had to pick a birb: you're so smart, a stand up role!
i'll think about your offer let you know!
but i prefer my chances, down below!

demon daddy: yes?

if i had to pick a birb: betlegeuse

demon daddy: yes!?

if i had to pick a birb: being young and female doesn't mean i'm an easy mark! i've been swiming with piranhas, i don't need a shark!
yes life sucks, but not that much!
be a doll and spare the lecture!

demon daddy: im offering you a full time spectar~!

if i had to pick a birb: are you any good?

demon daddy: you betcha~! trust me baby!

if i had to pick a birb: i just metch'ya~, really it's a flattering offer~!

demon daddy: don't you wanna see dad suffer?!

if i had to pick a birb: i think i'd rathher just jump off!

demon daddy: no!

if i had to pick a birb: i may be suicidal but betlegeuse it's not as if i've lost my mind!

demon daddy: so... playing hard ball huh? you are tougher than you look.

if i had to pick a birb: just wanna know who i'm working with. got any refrences?

vanny and her tapes: lydia, there you are!

not safe for work: are you alright?!

demon daddy: a dog, b town! my old pals!

not safe for work: get away from her-! lydia this is a dangerously unstable individual-

vanny and her tapes: "betlegeuse is sexy!"

not safe for work: "betlegeuse is smart!"

vanny and her tapes: "bj is a graduate of julliard! he can help! we found him on yelp! our troubles all ended the day that we befriended him, every word is the truth~~~!

not safe for work: "bj is a graduate of julliard! he can help! we found him on yelp! our troubles all ended the day that we befriended him, every word is the truth~~~!

vanny and her tapes: what the heck was that?!

not safe for work: so violating...!

demon daddy: there you go kid, a couple of five star reviews!

if i had to pick a birb: what was that?!

demon daddy: that was possession, any ghost can do that in less than one lesson!

if i had to pick a birb: ...any ghost?

demon daddy: pretty much, any ghost'll do, sure.

if i had to pick a birb: then betleguese; what do i need you for?

demon daddy: woah, woah, woah woah woah-!
hold up, hold up girl, i'm your pal! they're sweet, but i'm a demon stra ight from hell!
i know i went a little hard on the sell, but we're b-f-f-f-f's forever-!

vanny and her tapes: lydia!

not safe for work: lydia!

if i had to pick a birb: what? he was already dead!  and you heard what he said, any ghost can do that possession stuff!
we don't need that demon, the three of us alone can wreck dads evenin'!
together we can make a grown man weep! guys, i got a dinner date to keep!

not safe for work: okay, so what's the plan?

if i had to pick a birb: teach dad a lesson, he's gonna freak when we posses him!
so he wants the perfect daugher~....!?
i'll lead that lamb to slaughter!
yeah i got game! i'm gonna make him say my name!

vanny and her tapes: make him say your name!

not safe for work: make him say your name!

if i had to pick a birb: i'll make him say my name!

not safe for work: make him say your name!

vanny and her tapes: make him say your name!

if i had to pick: i'll make him say my name~~!!!!

not safe for work: make him say your name!

vanny and her tapes: make him say your name!

if i pick a birb: not runnin away~~~!!!!!
i'll make him say my name!

i beleive: business friends! i have only known this amazing, amazing man, and his unique daughter for a few month. i don't even know how many, i'd have to check my pay stubs! but as my guru otho always says-

mothmans cousin: what?

if i had to pick birb: what's wrong delia? are you alright?

i beleive: um, i-i'm so sorry! i don't i don't know what just happened! i meant to say-
me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day~~o!!

mothmans cousin: delia, do you need to lie down?

i beleive: no no! i just need to-
daylight come and me wan' go home~!
what is happening to me?!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy 2: maxie!

amy wong: yes?

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy 2: on behalf of delia and myself i'd just like to say-
work all night on a drink of rum!

daylight come and we wan' go home!

i beleive: daylight come and we wan' go home!

amy wong: daylight comw and we wan' go home!

mothmans cousin: daylight come and we wan' go home!

i beleive: stack bannana till the morning come~ brrraah~!
daylight come and we wan' go home!
day! me say day~~~o~!

amy wong: daylight come and we wan' go home!
day! me say day~~~o~!
daylight come and we wan' go home!

mothmans cousin: daylight come and we wan' go home!
day! me say day~~~o~!
daylight comw and we wan' go home!

mothmans cousin: come mister tally man, tally me bannana~!
daylight come and we wan' go home!

amy wong: daylight come and we wan' go home!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy 2: daylight come and we wan' go home!

i beleive: daylight come and we wan' go home!

mothmans cousin: come mister tally man, tally me bannana~!
daylight come and we wan' go home!

amy wong: daylight come and we wan' go home!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy 2: daylight come and we wan' go home!

i beleive: daylight come and we wan' go home!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy 2: lydia! call 9-1-1! wait- why aren't you dancing?!

if i had to pick a birb: it's like i told you dad, this house is haunted, and the ghost's who lived here want you out! barbra, the pig!

vanny and her tapes: who wants bacon?!

i beleive: no, no! i'm a vegan!!

mothmans cousin: a beautiful bunch, o ripe banana!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy: daylight come and we wan' go home!

i beleive: daylight come and we wan' go home!

amy wong: daylight comw and we wan' go home!

mothmans cousin: daylight come and we wan' go home!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy: lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!
six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!

amy wong: lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!
six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!

i beleive: lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!
six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!

mothmans cousin: lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!
six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!
daylight come and we wan' go home!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy: maxie, please, forgive me! if i had known-

amy wong: shut up you moron, don't apologize! we're gonna be rich!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy: what?

if i had to pick a birb: what?!

amy wong: i was never gonna invest in your stupid 'gated community'! but genuine haunted house?! it;s a gold mine!

if i had to pick a birb: no!

Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy: did you here that delia?! these ghosts are gonna make us a fortune!

i beleive: eee!

if i had to pick a birb: no, you're supposed to be scared!

not safe for work: lydia we're sorry, it didn't work...

if i hade to pick a birb: there's one thing that can still stop him...

vanny and her tapes: lysia, no! you don't know what will happen!

if i had to pick a birb: i can't keep living like this!
betlegeuse !

demon daddy: oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! i'm so glad you changed your mind! you are never gonna regret this!

if i had to pick a birb: betlegeuse !!

demon daddy: we are gonna make such a great team! just give me one, more...!

if i had to to pick a birb: *betlegeuse !!!!!*

demon daddy: it's show time....!

demon daddy: it's our house now, kid!

if i had to pick a birb: ...woah....

demon daddy: looks like we're not invisible anymore~!!

vanny and her tapes: welcome to the intermission! those of you who are awake to watch this shitshow, you have five-ten min to go get a snack or coffee or smth idc. shoji and i will be making coffee/tea for the insomnisquad, and ashido will change the casts names to their main character. aoyama, thank you for being otho, i didn't know you were awake.

mothmans cousin: non problem~, and i was very much asleep. i was just summoned by the call of a musical~

mothmans cousin: i am a theatre gay~

vanny and her tapes: understandable, have a nice insomi hour

mothmans cousin: merci~

vanny and her tapes: alright, we will be back soon! without further adieu (don't at me i know that's not right im tired) i hand the reigns over to ashido mina!

i beleive: thank you, thank you! your humble alien queen is here, to make things more clear~!

-i beleive changed demon daddy's name to 'beetlejuice'-

-i beleive changed their name to 'delia'-

-i beleive changed Chaos's Kids $ugar Daddy's name to 'charles'-

-i beleive change if i had to pick a birb's name to 'lydia'-

-i beleive changed vanny and her tapes's name to 'barbara'-

-i beleive changed not safe for work's name to 'adam'-

-i beleive changed amy wong's name to 'ms.argentina'-

-i beleive changed mothmans cousin's name to 'otho'-

i beleive: im done~! denki is also most of the backup voices/side characters

otho: !!! i am honored~!!

ms.argentina: :0

ms.argentina: the cryptid likes us!

otho: of course, mon/ma ami(e)~!

ms.argentina: (she/her!)

otho: (merci~!) *ma amie

beetlejuice: i am at my full demonic power! >:D

sirenhead simp: not yet, in a few ch- weeks idk time is an illusion in this universe

beetlejuice: what wait

lydia: no

-lydia deleted one message-

lydia: i said we shant talk of this yet!

ms.argentina: shant

lydia: silence bottom.

delia: did

delia: did they just

beetlejuice: better not to question it

delia: right...

beetlejuice: so what should we talk about now?

ms.argentina: the fact that thirty minutes ago you chugged a horrible concoction of redbull, three five-hour-energies, a monster, teo three-hour-energies, and an entire bottle of literal caffeine and you're completely unaffected?

beetlejuice: not true

beetlejuice: i'm pretty sure my heart has come to a full stop

otho: and... they're letting you drink more coffee, mon ami~?

beetlejuice: in all honestly the concoction just made me more exahausted and kinda high

delia: he laughed at litterally nothing for ten minutes while typing lyrics, and then started playing with my horns and rambling about how different quirks/mutations affect each other. it was pretty funny and interesting

lydia: besides, i'm sure if his heart did stop, the coffee could probably restsart

5123NH34D: G0 70 5L33P DUMB45535

beetlejuice: never!

5123NH34D: W3LL, 1 7213D.

lydia: not very hard, peasant.

5123NH34D: 1'M N0 P3454N7, 1 C0ULD L17324LLY K1LL Y0U.

lydia: so could a knife, so could my quirk, so could a really determined bird. you're not special.

5123NH34D: W3LL D4MN.

beetlejuice: ixabt b r w a t r o mh  goddd f i c k un f

delia: go home, mido, you're drunk

lydia: i would like to point out that midoriya, high as the void, is laughing hysterically

otho: that's the cacklling i hear, i just though bakugo was awake~

barbara: and we are back with sustenance and coffee, so we will be back in two minutes, give or take!

adam: get comfy, because we're getting to more of the... 'wtf' songs :)

barbara: aoyama, my boi, my fellow demigender, please honor us and be the girl scout in girl scout!

otho: !!!

otho: it would be my pleasure!

barbara: !!!

lydia: a shining creature from the void, as a shining light creature in a musical... fitting.

beetlejuice: ikr

barbara: okay, we're staring in 3...

barbara: 2....

barbara: 1.....

otho: this is it, the day i've been waiting for~! wishing, hoping, working and praying for-
the day my parents hav been delaying for years~!
ooh, i'm gonna sell some cookies!

otho: it's not their fault, that they're overprotective, i was born with arrhythmia, my heart is defective!
only takes one shock, and i could be dead from the fear!
still... i'm gonna sell some cookies~!

otho: hike by hike~, song by song~, the girl scouts helped my heart grow strong~!!
they'd have my back if anything went wrong with me~!
jamborees, soda pop! distract me from the fact that my heart could stop from tetrology of fallot in my pulmonary artery~!!

otho: when you're a girl scout~, everything's gonna work out~! even if you're born with a cogenital heart disease, and you could be killed by a random sneeze!
you're a girl scout~, and everything's gonna work out~!
just gotta ring the bell of this creepy looking house~!!

lydia: hello little girl...

otho: aahhh, oh um, hi! my name is skye! and i'm here today to supprot the girl scouts! -by selling cookies-!
four dollars a box, would you like some?

lydia: sure.

otho: really?!

lydia: yeah, what flavours you got?

otho: well, i've got chocolat, banana, oat pran, pecan, and one that tastes like apple pie~!!

lydia: why don't you come inside~?

otho: but we're really not supposed to!

lydia: why.?

otho: pedo*philes!

lydia: ...

otho: ...

otho: but it's so cold... and you're not.. mean! and no one get's molested by a goth-y teen! so i guess, okay! it's fine!

lydia: yeah?

otho: alright, i'll come inside~!

otho: it's so dark in here....

lydia: is it? i hadn't noticed....

otho: okay, well, maybe i should come back another time when your parents are home?

beetlejuice: *boo!*

otho: *aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!*

beetlejuice: do you hear that sound?

lydia: that beautiful sound!

beetlejuice: that's the sound of clean, white, shorts turning brown!
torture and pain~! breaking the brain~!!
a sound that says, 'i will never sleep well again~~'

lydia: the sound of a scream~, is music to me~! a sound that sayd fifteen years full time therapy~!!
trauma and fear~, it sings in my ear~!
aint it the sweetest noise around~?! that beautiful sound~!

beetlejuice: ooh! someon's at the door!

lydia: you wanna answer this time?

beetlejuice: more than anything!

lydia: don't oversell it, act natural.

beetlejuice: psh, come on, you're giving me advice?

ms.argentina: hello! i'm with the us census byuro, time for a few
oh my god!

beetlejuice: hi!

ms.argentina: how many... people live here?

lydia: just me.

ms.argentina: oh.... and you?

beetlejuice: i don't live here! i'm dead!

ms.argentina: aaahhhh!!!

lydia: panic and stress!

beetlejuice: panic and stress...!

lydia: oh aint it the best?

beetlejuice: aint it the best!

lydia: the sound of a heart

beetlejuice: heart

lydia: exploding inside a chest!

beetlejuice: exploding inside a chest!
hey, y'know what would make this even more awesome?!

lydia: what?

beetlejuice: more me!
all we wanna do is hear that sound!
all we wanna do is hear that sound! fellas!

beetlejuice: all we wanna do is hear that sound!
all we wanna do is hear that sound!
all we wanna do is hear that sound!
all we wanna do is hear that sound!
all we wanna do is hear that sound!
all we wanna do is hear that sound!

beetlejuice: ooh, someone's at the door!
alright, let's make more people scream!

otho: pizza for deetz

lydia: hey, what'd you order?

beetlejuice: pepperoni, mushrooms and snakes!

otho: snakes? aaauuuaah!

beetlejuice: uh, holy moly... a lot of people come to this house.

ms.argentina: hello, new neighbors? I brought you a pie! it's from the store!
oh, i don't see anything-

beetlejuice: hi there!

ms.argentina: *aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!*

beetlejuice: hey, lydia, check this out-! dance break
hey lady, you're forgetting something!!

ms. argentina: my pie!!!

beetlejuice: yes i hear that sound~! (yes we do!)

lydia: (yes we do!)

beetlejuice: that beautiful sound! (yes we do! it's beautiful!)

lydia: (yes we fo, it's beautiful!)

lydia: a sound that means no more condesending adults hangin' around~!!
every groan~!
each wail and each moan~!
adds up to daddy's leavin' me the hell alone!

beetlejuice: every groan~!
each wail and each moan~!
adds up to daddy's leavin'

lydia: hey look at me!

beetlejuice: we're lookin at you!

lydia: i'm finally free!

beetlejuice: you're finally free girl!

lydia: i was invisible~!
but now they all see~!

beetlejuice: she was invisible~!
but now they all see~!

lydia: they're out of my grill~! because of that
shrill symphony~!
aint it the sweetest noise around, that beautiful sound~!

beetlejuice: shill symphony~!
aint it the sweetest nois around, that beautiful sound~! (that sound!)
sound (that sound~!)
sound (that sound~!

beetlejuice: that beautiful sound~!
that beautiful sound~!
that beautiful sound~~!
that beautiful sound!!

lydia: that beautiful sound~!
that beautiful sound~!
that beautiful sound~~!
that beautiful sound!!

barbara: look at this stuff... God it's depressing!

adam: You don't like this stuff-? Barbara this is our stuff!

barbara: A shrine to the feelings we've been repressing!

adam: well, then, maybe we should go!

barbara: unfinished projexts... meaningless objects...plans or abandoned or quit~!!
it's the stuff of our lives....
and all of it's shit.

adam: wha- barbara!

barbara: books on computers... a spin-your-own yarn kit?!

adam: okay, that... wasn't as much fun as i thought it'd be.

barbara: home brewed kombucha, that tasted like armpit.

adam: we are not kombucha, we did find that out...

barbara: take it and trash it! burn it or smash it! we have to adapt to survive!
we can be fighters, with fire inde us!
we're more then detritus we're finally alive!!
the barbara you married~, she is dead an buried!
six feet below~~~

barbara: time to let go~!
say hello~, to barbara 2.0!!

adam: i never even used this... then i felt bad that i never used it...

barbara: break it!

adam: ...barbara you're right! i think i've been hiding...

barbara: i was too! i don't even like pottery!

adam: stuck out of sight like my unused aluminum siding~!

barbara: we are not aluminum siding people!

adam: tragic and static... trapped in this attic! now adam is shedding his skin~!!
we're no longer useless, we've got nothing to lose we can finally begin~!!
the new adam is wiser... the old one's fertilizer~!
it's time to let go~,
say hello~-

barbara: i'm tired of doors, to better or more... we could walk, but we've done that before!
what we cannot ignore is that lydia needs us~!

adam: that must be the reason she sees us!

barbara: adam, i wanna stay~!
she needs people who won't run away~!
friends who won't stop at problems or obstacles!
not a house, but a home~!!!

barbara: ready set, let's go~!!

adam: ready, set, let's go~!!

barbara: time to let go!
cause the new updated maitlands, are charging out the gates and they're gonna unload~!
say hello, to maitlands 2.0~!
maitlands 2.0~!
maitlands 2.0~!

adam: time to let go!
cause the new updated maitlands, are charging out the gates and they're gonna unload~!
say hello, to maitlands 2.0~!
maitlands 2.0~!
maitlands 2.0~!

ms.argentina: i was hot... i went parties, a lot. yknow?
i was driving lamborghinis
sipping super dry martinis
in the tiniest bikinis on a yacht!

ms.argentina: but i was depressed...
also completely obsessed. an unhappy beauty queen
who dreamed to be miss argentina
i had such low self-esteem, i was a mess.
so i gave it all up for the netherworld

ms.argentina: i've been here forever, girl,
if i was more clever, girl,
i would've stuck it out, knowing what life's about!

ms.argentina: pain and joy and suffering
failing but recovering
i'll tell you another thing
everyone here is alone
so if you are breathing?
go home~!

ms.argentina: if i knew then what i know now~,
i would have looked within and let love in somehow
if i only knew the truth back then~!!

ms.argentina: i wouldn't have had my little accident


ms.argentina: don't be blind!
you left your whole life behind!!
see a shrink, call a priest, ask the recently deceased,
death is final and you cannot press rewind!

ms.argentina: 'don't jump when the light is red!'
'toasters should be used for bread!'
'never smoke cigars in bed!'
'nietzsche was right, y'know, to live is to suffer, bro.'
'don't cheat on the one you wed!'
'never whip a thoroughbred!'
'angry pygmys shrunk his head'

ms.argentina: 'why did it take death to see?
happiness was up to me?'

ms.argentina: ''if i knew then, what i know now...
i would've laughed and danced and lanced every sacred cow~!!!
i thought i knew, but i was wrong~!!
'cause life is short, but death is super long~!


beetlejuice: 'i exploded!'

ms.argentina: if i knew (if i knew~!)
what i know now~!!

ms.argentina: i would've crossed every line and drank all the wine befor my final bow~~!!!!
if i knew (if i knew) the things that now i know~!!
i would ridw rhw highs and cherish the lows,
going it's a quick trip rounf the rodeo~!!
so before they lower the curtain, be certain to enjoy the show~~,
that's what i know!!

ms.argentina: life is short but death is long, here one minute then it's gone
thought i knew what i know now~!!

lydia: mama, i could use some help here... tired of talking to myself here....back at home, you don't exist...
so here i am in the abyss... are you really in this place?
it's like the emptiness of space...
i could search for all eternity...
and never see your face... help me out... im lost without you...

lydia: standing, stuck on this impossible road~!
no idea which way to go....
whichever path i chose, i lose you know~!
and i don't know which way's home~!!! oh~oh!!
i don't know which ways home~!!!

lydia: you always saw life as a game~!
but since you left, it sucks to play...
i'm beaten and bruised, confused by the rules that  alter every day...
where to next~!?

lydia: you left but i'm still standing~!!
spinning on this infinite road~!!
terrified of letting you go!
no light above and there's no hope below~!!
and i don't know which way's home~!!
mom, i've got my heart in my hand

lydia: speak to me and i'll understand~!!
one little word to know im not alone~!
and show me the way back home~!! oh~oh!!
is there a way back home~!?

lydia: the nothingness ahead of me, is this the end you meant for me~?!
every living minute, there's no home without in it~!
i'm falling, quit stalling~!!
your daughter is calling your name!!!
i've burned all my bridges and games~!!!

lydia: mom? i don't wanna forget you! i promise! i'm never gonna forget you!

lydia: i'm gonna go back home~!!!!
adam, barbara, delia and dad!!
it's a mess but they're all that i have~!!!
i'll make the best of being flesh and bone~!!

lydia: mama i'm going home~!!
yeah~!! mama i'm going home~!!!
i'm going home~!!
mama, i'm going home!

lydia: way back when, i was just ten, simple and sweet~!!
everywhere, fellas would stare on the street~!
and i felt used, kinda confused... i would refuse to look in their eyes
but now i really love creepy old guys!

delia: we all do!

barbara: we all do!

lydia: gum disea, skin like grilled cheese~,
saggy old asses

delia: saggy old asses!

barbara: cute and vile!

lydia: hey baby smile, to each girl that passes!
they make me blush

delia: can't get enough!

lydia: now one of em loves me, wants to be mine~!!!

beetlejuice: that's right!

lydia: marrying my own creepy old guy!

beetlejuice: i'm a creepy old guy!

lydia: my creepy old guy, my creepy old guy~!!!
i'm so happy i could cry~!

delia: girls may seem disgusted, but we're actually just shy~!

barbara: girls may seem disgusted, but we're actually just shy~!

lydia: my creepy old groom, my creepy old groom~!!!
play that wedding tune!
hey folks step aside~

beetlejuice: i am older but, i'm glad i waited

lydia: cause here come the bride~!
i'm marrying my creepy old guy!

barbara: creepy old guy, creepy old guy, creepy old guy~!

delia: creepy old guy, creepy old guy, creepy old guy~!

lydia: he's my creepy old guy~!

barbara: creepy old guy, creepy old guy, creepy old guy~!

delia: creepy old guy, creepy old guy, creepy old guy~!

lydia: fix his hair, get him prepared, for armageddon~.
sure, the groom crawled out of a tomb...
but hey hey, it's a wedding~!!!
so dim the lights, pick up some rice, say something nice
it's my day to shine~!!
i'm getting hitched to my creepy old guy~!

beetlejuice: it's showtime!

lydia: creepy old guy, creepy old guy~!

charles: she's marrying a creepy old guy!
have you seen lolita? this is just like that-but fine...

lydia: creepy old dude, creepy old dude~!
our faith has been renewed~!
now love is alive!

lydia: wave your baby girl goodbye
i am walking down the aisle!!
i wanna see a tear in every eye as i pass by~!
i know that on the outside, he's disgusting-
and even on the inside, he's disgusting....

lydia: but i know that this time, i'm making it right~

barbara: making it right, making it right!

delia: making it right, making it right!

lydia: with my family by my side~~....

beetlejuice: omg... dressed to a t!
fancy and formal... i found me a wife... l'chaim to life...
this is so normal~!
i was ignored... but now, i'm adored!
cause i extorted, tortured, and lied~!!!
give it up for my underage bride!

delia: here comes the bride, here comes the bride~!!!
god, be glorified~!!
i can't believe some cultures think this kind of thing's alright!

barbara: here comes the bride, here comes the bride~!!
god, be glorified~!
i can't believe some cultures think this kind of thing's alright....

adam: here comes the bride, here comes the bride~!!!
god, be glorified~!!
i can't believe some cultures think this kind of thing's alright!

lydia: here comes the bride, here comes the bride~!!!
god, be glorified~!!
i can't believe some cultures think this kind of thing's alright!

charles: here comes the bride, here comes the bride~!!
god, be glorified~!
i can't believe some cultures think this kind of thing's alright....

ms.argentina: here comes the bride, here comes the bride~!!
god, be glorified~!
i can't believe some cultures think this kind of thing's alright....

lydia: my creepy old guy, my creepy old guy~!!
doesn't he deserve a chance at life~~?

beetlejuice: oh yeah, that's right! yeah, that's right!

lydia: so let's make him alive~!!!
i'm marrying my creepy old guy~!!

delia: guy, guy, guy, creepy old guy!
guy, guy, creepy old guy!
guy, guy-

barbara: guy, guy, guy, creepy old guy!
guy, guy, creepy old guy!
guy, guy-

ms.argentina: guy, guy, guy, creepy old guy!
guy, guy, creepy old guy!
guy, guy-

beetlejuice: i have chills!

barbara: yeah!

ms.argentina: yeah!

delia: yeah!

lydia: shake shake shake senora, shake your body line!
shake shake shake senora, shake it all the time!
work work work senora, work your body line!
work work work senora, work it all the time

charles: my girls name is senora,

lydia: i tell you friends i adora her!

adam: and when she dances, oh mother!

barbara: she's a hurrican in all kinds a ways!

barbara: jump in the line~, rock your body on time!

delia: jump in the line~, rock your body on time!

charles: jump in the line~, rock your body on time!

adam: jump in the line~, rock your body on time!

lydia: okay! i beleive you!

barbara: shake shake shake senora, shake your body line!
shake shake shake senora, shake it all the time!
work work work senora, work your body line!
work work work senora, work it all the time

adam:shake shake shake senora, shake your body line!
shake shake shake senora, shake it all the time!
work work work senora, work your body line!
work work work senora, work it all the time

delia: shake shake shake senora, shake your body line!
shake shake shake senora, shake it all the time!
work work work senora, work your body line!
work work work senora, work it all the time

charles: shake shake shake senora, shake your body line!
shake shake shake senora, shake it all the time!
work work work senora, work your body line!
work work work senora, work it all the time

lydia: momma, if you're listening, doesn't this just blow your mind~~~!?
i was on a mission, this is what i left behind~!!!!
i miss you everyday! think a little stranger than usual~!!
and you will find, world beyond your comprehenstion!!
unless you noted all dimensions!

lydia: a little unconventional, i know~!
but momma, i'm home~!!!!!!

adam: shake shake shake senora!

delia: shake shake shake senora!

barbara: shake shake shake senora!

charles: shake shake shake senora!

lydia: i'm home~.....!

beetlejuice: goodnight everybody! thank you for coming to insomnia hours, to those of you who did!

otho: i will be going to sleep now. i need my beauty rest~

delia: pleasant dreams, dude.


[7:34 AM; Tuesday]

sirenhead simp: okay, who tf would like to explain why i woke up with 608 notifications and 599 unread texts

otho: you have to read them to find out~

ms.argentina: it was lit, bro

drugz: bro, that was beautiful... you'd make a wonderful ms. argentina....

ms.argentina: thank u UvU

hypno-frogg: you know what.

hypno-frogg: i dig the musical themes.

-hypno-frogg changed their name to 'galinda'-

galinda: ribbit

elphaba: .///.

beetlejuice: ha gay

charles: you are litterally latched onto my fire side right now like a koala.

beetlejuice: i know

5123NH34D: 1 W022Y F02 Y0U 4LL 4 L07.

beetlejuice: everyone does.


Chapter Text

League of no Dads

[4:13 AM; Wednesday]

Burning Leather: lol yuo kno tht nometn whn you thunk biut thst tume u akmisr killed ur littke brithwr do tue misolsced jealiudy causrde parytually bi groeinf iu in a toxuv environet feon yesrs of abusr fein yur fsthwr buing s swldisg pruck and pricwwd to spral for 4ty minytes? im three write now

DoubleMask: Dabi!! Are you okay?? ó^ò


Burning Leather: ni im nit ok

Wine Aunt: Dabi, i'm really worried bout you, where are you rn??

Burning Leather: idk im junds in limbp it feeks lijr yu know?? yu know??

Handjob: why tf does dabi look high as hell on the couch right now? answer me peasants.

Handjob: wait wtf dabi has siblings

Sicko Mode: DABI HAS SIBLINGS???!!

Beyblade: you guys didn't realize?

Beyblade: he acts like a big brother all the time


Burning Leather: sti[ cslling mw 'hw' adn ''hum'. din;'t like it. hoky dhut i donr like beung aboy. thst ecplsind sofucing mucg....

Handjob: ..da

Handjob: dabi im jo

Handjob: im joing you in limbo....

PortalMaster: I sense emotional discourse, what happened and who needs hugs?

Wine Aunt: Dabi is currently having a breakdown in the living room,  and shigaraki is crying on the floor, mumbling about a dog and someone named hana

PortalMaster: Oh dear... Thank you Magne, for informing me of this situation. I will be right back, with their comfort foods.

Sicko Mode: i wonder if Dabi's siblings are as pretty as he is!!! i bet they'd look absolutely delicoious covered in blood!!!

MarbledMagician: Now is not the time.

Sicko Mode: sorry,,

MarbledMagician: I will try to calm down Dabi while Kuro's not here.

DoubleMask: gay :>

DoubleMask: GAY.

MarbledMagician: And?

Sicko Mode: we need to lighten the mood somehow...

-Sicko Mode changed Wine Aunt's name to 'Big Sis Mags'-

Big Sis Mags: ksjhajhdh Toga no! i must keep up my villianess exterior!

Sicko Mode: OwO

- Beyblade changed Big Sis Mags's namr to 'Wine Sis'-

Beyblade: compromise.

Wine Sis: fine...

Wine Sis: this is exceptable. v_v

Sicko Mode: UwU I agree UvU


[6:01 AM; Wednesday]

Burning Leather: hello im dabi, im about to pass out, and i reakized i am nonbinary, gn everyone

Wine Sis: welcome to the trans cult Dabi

Sicko Mode: Ooh! Dabi has a new gender!!

 Beyblade: Mags did you say cult?

Wine Sis: you can't prove anything.

DoubleMask: omg congrats!!


PortalMaster: Unrelated, but we will have to worry about toppling the government later.

MarbledMargician: Our new primary objective is making Endeavors life a living hell, before we ruin his career. Then we will kill him once he's outcasted in shame and no one wants him around anymore.

Sicko Mode: Okay but why?

MarbledMagician: Let us just say, he does not deserve to be a hero.

PortalMaster: Dabi will tell you when they're ready.


Chapter Text

Bloodlings, We Gather

[4:02 PM; Thursday]

Prepare for trouble!: Ok, so like, i kno we have a rule against talking bout 1a here, but ummm

Prepare for trouble!: im a little worried bout them???

And make it double!: yea they are acting a littol weird???

I am not a furry: What do you mean?

Prepare for trouble!: hhave u guys not noticed it??? am i going crazy?

Technically a Ghost: I dOn't knOw... whAt ArE yOU rEfErIng tO In thEsE tryIng tImEs?

Prepare for trouble!: well... how do i explain it...

And make it double!: they're acting like a fucking cult

Team Rocket!: I saw like, six of them tposing and chanting in latin or something

Team Rocket!: they noticed me and their heads all snapped towards me and their eyes were glowing and i was scared and ran

Monoma be quiet: I'm sorry what?

And make it double!: THAT BAKUGO BITCH!!! I SAW HIM!!! HE WAS IN FRONT OF ME!!! AND HE FUCKING!!! TURNED!!! ONLY!!! HIS!!! HEAD!!! TO!!!! LOOK!!! AT!! ME!! ALL!!! 180 DEGREES!!!

Prepare for trouble: jskpfjikasdfriuha and todoroki?? weird things just happen around him???

Team Rocket!: and maybe im going crazy but it seems like tokoyami is slowly gathering members to form a cult???

I am not an alien f---cker: Maybe it's a suppor t group? Heaven knows what they've all been through, and it seems that many people in their class have 'villianous' or 'useless' quirks?

I am not a furry: I remember hearing smth about the green kid not getting his quirk until right before the entrance exams? And that being the first time he used it.

Responsible: Maybe we shouldn't talk about 1A behind their back? They might take offense to it....


Monoma be quiet: turn capslock off

Prepare for trouble: Because!!! they're acting like literal demons!!!

I am Lesbian: i think we shouldnt talk bout 1 a like this!!! D:>

I am Lesbian: so what if they act little weird? like shishida and shiozaki said, they could be discriminated against because of quirks and/or mutations!! like tokoyami!! or ashido!! or hagakure!! or shoji!!

I am Lesbian: it's rude to judge someone based on how they act, and not on if they're terrible people. 1 a is full of wonderful people! that all care about being heroes to save people, to not be the bad heroes like the police, or endeavor, but more like underground heroes!! and some vigilantes!! not like stain tho, he was kinda bad vigilante,,

I am Lesbian: they might act little weird, but they have gone through lots of trauma in the past year,,, much more than us!!! we have no right to judge them for how they act.

Prepare for trouble!: ...

Team Rocket!: ....

And make it double!: ....

Monoma be quiet: ...

Better then 1-A: ............

BRO: ...bro.,...

Everybody Gets High: You feel rather strongly about this, huh Tsunotori?

I am Lesbian: mhm! mhm! it is important! not just to me! but in general!!

Everybody Gets High: Understandable.

-sand betwixt my toes changed their name to 'Sand Man'-


Sand Man: wait what are we talking about

BRO: just read up bro!

Sand Man: ...

Sand Man: guys wtf

Human Godzilla: !!!! Have u guys finished the math hw assignment??????

-Monoma be quiet, Better then 1-A, and twelve others logged off-

Human Godzilla: That's......... a no then??


Chapter Text

dadzawa's problem children

[3:00 AM; Friday]

powerpuff girks: because roman forgot to do it in the last chapter they wrote about us

-powerpuff girks changed their name to 'powerpuff girls'-

powerpuff girls: ok, now i die

ms.argentina: ?????!???!!??


[7:04 AM; Friday]

beetlejuice: new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new stude

beetlejuice: nt new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new student new stu

Whiplash: ??? mido you good?

lydia: he heard a rumor about who the grape stains replacement will be.

vigilante justice warrior: well, he is in luck! aizawa-sensei is due to announce who they are in class today

elphaba: i've never seen izuku move that fast

charles: wa

charles: was his quirk activated??

vigilante justice warrior: he's your boyfriend, go get him!

charles: you think i have any input in what he does? my boyfriend is uncontrollable and i love him for it

C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝:
 ţ̶̣̰̩̙͕̫̱̍̈́̓̒̍̈́͜h̶̼̰̆̑̎̀̀͘͘͜e̶̜̼͕̺̗͈͌̐̓̆͌̆̍͛͠ṟ̵̎ẻ̴͓̈́̊̔'̵̺̭͇̩̘̥͍̙̬̥͓͎͋͜s̶̡̛̭͕͉͓̖̣̪̠̏͊͂̓̉̓ ̷̛̘͍͚͙͇͎̬̝͖͙͚̺̈́̎͋ͅa̸͓̟̎̏̏͝͝ ̴̡̳̮͙̲̬̭̗̫̈́̇͜r̷̛̖͇͍̗͕͙̹̥̿̆͋̄̇̄̃̏̽̃͋͠ę̸̡͓̘̥͕̓̏̿́̎̂̐̂̿͐̿̕å̵̧̻͎̞̤̣̖̯͙̼̯̹s̴̺͓̋̆̕͝͝ơ̷̢̡̝̲̩̘͐̉̋͋̑̈͋̏̿̊̕̚͜͠n̵̬̱̑̆͆̂̑ ̶̦̝̗̟̈́͘ì̵̛͎͖͙͓̟͙̤̠̦̗̰̔̽͐̊̍̾̓̀͂̉͜͠ ̶̛̜͍̼̲͓̖̆̀͊͛̆̎̐̂̿͜͜͝c̴͍̭̊̋̃̌͐̈̈́̓̍̉͝͝ą̵͉̻̠̦̣̦̺̗̥̤̮͊̽̈̓̿̕l̵̨͖͙̬̪̣͇͚̙̟̩̋̅̂͗̈͗͑́̈́l̷̡̢̨̮̖̼͙͍͓̹̄͆͘ ̴̩̳̲͖̾̐͑̽͌͂̈́͗̔͐h̶͈͙̘̦͗̋̄͊̈̀̾̏͆͝i̶̡̨̢̢̢̳͈̲̙̯̹̠̥̟̝͗͠m̷͕͖̠͕̎̎̊͗̔̈́̿̈́̊̾̓̏̄̓ ̷̦͔̞̖̱̖̱͍͗͒͝ţ̶̨͓̼̙͚͓̱̟͈̣̐̓h̸̨̧͍͈͎͓̤͖̹̠̀ͅe̶͖̮̹̬̫͚̒ ̶̭̜̘̼̫̪̘͇̼̤͎̰̐̂̑̓̿̏̌̾͋̾̀̾͛͠c̸̡̛͔̮̝̺͕̫͎̠̯̳̻̠̄̅h̶̢̨͖̤̼̫͔̜̫͊͋̎̉̈́̿̆͛̈́͒͐̒̌̕ͅi̵͔̬͇̰̳̖̲̤͑̒̑̿́̈́͌̇̉̊̔̚l̶̛͎͙̝̦͚̜̱̖͉̓͌̂ͅd̸̯̺͖̟̾͑̐͝ ̴̟͇̬̠̪̝͉͚̻̈̔̍͋͜o̵̮̓͆͝f̸̧̤̗̲̪͇̬̏̈͊ ̵͉̺͔̱̈́̑̎̒͐͌̃̇̈̏̓̽̿͘c̴̢̢̢̙̱̻̬̣̪͔̥͕̻̏̊͐̊̏͊̾͊̍̃h̶͉̭͛͛͜͝ȁ̶͕̝̹̪̻̜̤̲̼o̵̡̨̥̱̘̭̰͕̥̱̟̟̫̖̾s̵̰̜̻̣̦̹͉̲̏͛͝,̸̡̢̞̙͈̈ ̵̡͚̲͒ï̷̡̜͍̳̳̱̗͔̟̎̔̿́̕i̸̟̎̋d̸̛̛̗̜͔͆̀̄̓̍͐̀ḁ̴̛͈̦̯̣̞̠̠̠̩͉̱͊͂͋͘͜͜

vigilante justice warrior: hmm fair enough

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: (ーー;)

vigilante justice warrior: however! we should get to class as early as possible!!

G O D: yes!! we should, to make a good impression, get to class on time. maybe not iida early, but at least a little early!

ms.argentina: okay, good and all, but??? i'm still confused about what sato said at three am???

-sirenhead simp deleted one message-

sirenhead simp: we talk not about it.

ms.argentina: ??!!??!?!?!!!?!

5123NH34D: T002U, Y0U 423 50 84D 47 Y0U2 J08

sirenhead simp: fuck you

baby you're a firework: oi!! extras!! come eat some fucking breakfast before i shove it down your throats!!! and four eyes, when you leave bring the shitty deku some food too!! we have practical training and i can't have the dumbass passing out in the middle of it!!

ms.argentina: ooh! food!!

vigilante justice warrior: yes! thank you, bakugou! i will be sure to bring izuku some of the food you've prepared.

baby you're a firework: whatever

baby you're a firework: there's some fucking katsudon on the counter, take it

vigilante justice warrior: alright! thank you

baby you're a firework: you already said that, dumbass!!

drugz: i don't know if i should be worried or excited, so im gonna have an edible and decide then

vigilante justice warrior: sero no!

drugz: sero yes!

- - - - - - - - - -

Shinsou didn't know what to expect. He's heard of the chaos of 1-A before... But the closest he's gotten to it is his fight with Midoriya-who now insisted they were friends. He knew he had to work harder then everyone in this class. He wouldn't have time to make friends with anyone. He still had a lot of catching up to do.

Standing outside this door, a door to the class he worked so hard to get to... It almost felt like a dream. Gods, he hoped this wasn't a dream. He took a deep breath, focusing on everything around him and not the fear blossoming in his chest.

This was an important moment in his life, his first introduction as a future hero to the most social-media famous UA class of the decade... And, probably the most arrogant if the Sports Festival was anything to go by. Either way, he was glad he got here, he'd prove everyone wrong.

Shinsou opened the door, and walked in. Everyone was staring at him, and Midoriya looked like he was actively vibrating in his seat. As far as he knew, he was still a few minutes early to class. He didn't think that everyone would be here. "...This is class 1-A, right?  Am I late?"

The blue haired six-foot-something kid stood up. "Not at all! You're early! I am Iida Tenya, the class representitive! You must be the new student?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"At least this person is hotter then the Grape That will Not be Named," the lightning one said-Kaminari, Shinsou's mind supplies. He was the one who adopted that cat as a bribe for Aizawa.

"Denks, you said that out loud," the 'Nice Try Guy' said, elbowing the lightning one lightly.

"I know~..."

"You are the walking definition of a disaster."


"Alright you little shits, listen up," Aizawa appeared in the door. "This is Shinsou Hitoshi, your new classmate. Treat him kindly, he'll be moving in over the weekend, and I don't want you problem children to scare him off immediately. Go sit down now, so I can start today." Shinsou nodded and sat in the only empty seat he could find.

Aizawa talked for about ten minutes, then pulled out his 

sleeping bag. "Alright, I'm sleeping for the rest of the hour. Take this time to get to know Shinsou, but don't wake me up. You'll regret it." He went to sleep.

Shinsou sighed. He took out his headphones and a notebook and started doodling. He turned Skillet songs on to listen through his headphones, blasting them. Hopefully looking like he was busy would ward off anyone who wanted to try to talk to him. That worked back in Gen Ed and in middle school.

Apparently, even though about half the class was on their phone, it did not apply here. "Hi!" It was the brunette, the one that almost took Sparky down in the Sports Festival.

Shinsou narrowed his eyes slightly, and took off his headphones slowly. "...Hello."

"I'm Uraraka Ochako! I'm glad you're here, you'll make a much better hero then... Our last classmate, the one you replaced."

Shinsou was taken aback. "Um... Thanks? I guess?"

"I'm just being honest! Oh, I was going to ask if I could add you to our groupchat!"


"Because! You're our classmate, and it's a class chat!"

"And there's no other reason?"

Uraraka looked confused. "I mean, I want to be your friend, but other then that what other reason would I have to be nice to you?"

Shinsou raised an eyebrow. "Even with my quirk?"

"Well duh! Your quirk is so cool! It's one of the best I've ever heard of!"

Shinsou wasn't expecting that. "Huh... Okay, I guess I'll join your group chat."

"Yes! Fair warning, it's very chaotic."


- - - - - - - - - -

dadzawa's problem children

[8:07 AM; Friday]

sirenhead simp: okay, so i have been informed ura was successfulll!!

sirenhead simp: so, cryptids! siren, mothman, don't speak up for a little while, we don't want to scare him off.

5123NH34D: F412 3N0U6H

C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝: k̴̩̹̜̮̥̬̋͗͘.̸͉̤̖̩͔̈́͋͌̉̄͝ͅ ̵̟̒̽̂͋̏j̶̢̰͖͎̼̺̦̬͇͗̿̈̒̽̇̏̍͒̃̿̚̚ų̴̪̲̙̜̐͊͋͂̌͌̅̿̾̿̊̽͜s̴̺͕̠͖̙͋͑̐̑̎̃̒̅̔̃̐̂͜͠ͅt̸͙̰̙̎̉̒̂̋̾͋̈́̽̒̉̏̓͘͘ ̶̯̱̮̤͂͋̈́̀͠b̷̧̨̫͍͔̩̻̙͖̼͔̾̅̾̓̈́̓̄̍͝͠e̵̡̗̮̲̬̺̗̮̺͇͌̾ ̷̪̺͉̥́̿̈̋š̵̡̡̛̼͍̣͈̳͔̠̖̳͓̿͛̊͑̈́̓̐̋̎̃̓͝ͅu̵͓͔̭̇̊͛ȓ̷͍͚̗̳͍͖̜͎͓̇͊̍̔̆̏͠ë̸̺́̍̌͑̈́̾̓̅̈̕ ̶̼̣͎̗̳̈́̀̔̌̋̚̕͘͠͝ţ̵̡̦͍͚̤̬͚̟̘̪̬̟̞̬̐̀͑̏̒̎̈̍͆̅̚͝o̴̧̠̲̘͚̯͉̩̱̠̣̒̎̍͐͐͒̐̑͑̇̚ ̶̱̩̬̥̩̦͓̟̝̞͓͈͛̈̊͌̆̈́̚̚͝͠c̸͎̗̗̟̪͊͗̉͋͌́̅̚͠͝ǫ̶̢͉̗͖̻͎͉̻̥͙̭̪̱̈́́̇̋̒̽̆̑̕͝͠n̸̙͎̤̳̅͜t̵̛̠̀̌̄̽̾̎̇̍͝r̶̡̧̧̩̥͇͕̝̱̋̔̾́̏͐͐̊̏ỡ̴̲̫̩̺̗̙̩͈̲̣̦͔̳̬͘͠ḽ̵̢̢̟͚̞̣̭͚̲͚̼̺̒̄̇͗͒̇ ̵͚̿̍̾̍̎̈́̓̉̚̕y̴̤͉͈̮̥̙̹̻̘̱̝̾̆͆͒̅͂̈͑͐̿͋̆͘û̶̡̢̘̯̱̫̖̮͍͙͓̇u̵̞̬̬̼̳̦̳̳̬̗͔̓͛̈́g̵̘̮̯͇̙͎͇̠͋̒͂̈́̊̆͌͠a̵̺̭̯̓̽͛̑́̃̋̄̈̇̈́͘͘ ̷̥̤͔͐͝ͅa̴̢̛͇͕̤̣̭̫̺͓͚̮͎͗͆̓̎̿̇̔̋̚̚͝͝ͅn̴̰̟̤̏̃̌́̾̓̑̈́̂̂͒̏̈́d̸̛̦̖͍͎̣̼̲̱̥͋̈́͌̏ ̴̳̭͕̻̮̭͉͔̟͈̠̩̃̃̾͊̑̉̉̿ĥ̶̛͔̮̝̿̿́̊̃̑̚͠͝ͅǎ̵̗̅̈́̈́̒͛̈́ͅg̵̠͓̓̑̕ā̸̛̛̦̄̇͛̔̍̄̕͠k̸̡̦̘̙͓͎̮̜̮̔̇́̄̂͒̎̈̈́̈́̀ũ̶͎̱̱̰͙͓̹̮̩̟̅́̔̓́͂͋̍̀̚͝r̶̜͔̜̹̫̖͍̭͖͈̺̱̈̍͐̇̂̒̀̈́͐̾̉͋̿͜͜͜ḛ̵̜̠̤̦̳̤͚͖̼͕̌͜ͅ

powepuff girls:
 will do

Whiplash: i'll try to control my girlfriend.

barbara: well, we've got a new person to enlist in the war against capital letters.

beetlejuice: perfect...

vigilante justice warrior: stop with your cult shit

-elphaba added Shinsou to dadzawa's problem children-

beetlejuice: say that to tokoyami! they run the most fucking cults out of all of us!

Shinsou: Wtf

lydia: (:

vigilante justice warrior: shinsou! very nice to see you here.

Shinsou: aight vigilante wannabe

vigilante justice warrior: ...

vigilante justice warrior: we should all introduce ourselves with whatever information we're comforable sharing-midoriya no rants.

beetlejuice: it just happens sometimes!

Shinsou: i could just scroll up to the beginning of the chapter and find out whos who ya know?

vigilante justice warrior: what

-Shinsou deleted one message-

Shinsou: what

Whiplash: well that just happened. scuse me, while i go stop my girlfriend from dying of laughter.

vigilante justice warrior: well, i'm iida tenya! he/him pronouns, and my quirk is engine. i have engines in my legs that allow me to propel myself and run farther and faster

Shinsou: kay but why's ur name,,, that

vigiliante justice warrior: blame shoto and izuku.

beetlejuice: uwu

charles: (:

beetlejuice: you know me, shinsou. i am the one and only, midoriya izuku! he/him. i am the lieutenant of army for the war

Shinsou: ??

beetlejuice: the war! against capital letters. oppressive fucking bitches that don't deserve being the learders of the alphabet.

barbara: hey, i'm jirou kyouka, she her and they them, and i am the learder of the anti-capital letter army. you can enlist now, if you wish, it would require you to only type in all lowercase letters from now on.

Shinsou: sure, sounds like fun

charles: hey im todoroki. you probably saw my quirk at the sports festival. he/him.

Shinsou: hey

elphaba: hey! im uraraka ochako! she her. my quirk is zero gravity, i can make anything weightless and defy gravity if i touch it with all five fingers.

Shinsou: that explains your name

ms.argentina: omygods he knows musicals im in love

ms.argentina: wait no i said nothing i sent thdt tj the wrinh griuo chst pls donr ewad tgay

Shinsou: ...that was almost completely incomprehensible

ms.argentina: thanks, it's the dislecsia

barbara: *dyslexia

ms.argentina: i hate autocorrect with the burning pashion of a thousand suns.

barbara: there there

barbara: it's not auto corrects fault that you're dyslexic ass is too fucked up to save.

barbara: also

barbara: *passion

ms.argentina: i will stab you.

barbara: no you wouldn't.

ms.argentina: no bat bakubro would

baby you're a firework: you're damn right i would!

Shinsou: so that's bakugou im assuming?

beetlejuice: you are correct! im especially proud of that on v w v

ms.argentina: nyway, im kaminari denki! quirk; electrificatin! nice to meet you, bro! well, officially anyway!

barbara: *electrification

Shinsou: you're the one that adopted the cat to use to bribe aizawa, right?

ms.argentina: hahaha you would be correct ukjhsafjasjhvc i can't beleive you remeber me

Shinsou: it was kinda hard to forget you

ms.argentina: hjsbdufvhbdsuygfgyuhgsaduygaduyhgyeugvbhjbelaadioheiarujvbuhebvuhabdhvgjbvfadjuvbuyhbruyvgebyohgauirsoyfgua<f vbohgfbyuogdscuipaeguhbdf

Shinsou: is... is he alright..?

delia: denki's fine, this happens all the time

drugz: give it a couple minutes, denki will bounce back soon enough.

drugz: eiji can you stick a charger in denki's mouth to help em come back?

show em what your color's worth: yeah sure!

delia: im ashido mina! pronouns are a privellage that only the few who pass the test may know, for now just use she/her! my quirk is acid!

Shinsou: ominous /lh

drugz: sero hanta, quirk, tape. he/him. let me know if u want some weed, i know where to get some. i'm good at that

Shinsou: nice try guy, right?

drugz: gdi

drugz: i hate that that's my legacy

Shinsou: sorry?

drugz: nah man, it's fine.

galinda: im asui tsuyu. my quirk is frog, i have the characteristics of a frog and can do almost anything a frog can. idc about pronouns, use whatever. and call me tsu.

lydia: i am tokoyami. my pronouns will be given if you prove yourself worthy. my quirk is dark shadow.

Shinsou: sh

Shinsou: should i just not refer to you or something?

lydia: yes.

Shinsou: ...aight seems legit

Whiplash: i'm the only one who's escaped the weird name changes since we started the chat and im happy about that. ojiro mashirao, he/him. the one with the tail.

Shinsou: oh. oh. i'm sorry about the sports festival dude

Whiplash: it's fine. at least you're apologizing. tbh, i would've done the same thing in your position.

Shinsou: thanks. for not being mad

Whiplash: no need to thank me

Shinsou: still.. thanks

sirenhead simp: that was overwhelmingly soft, im proud of you mashi!

Shinsou: i am terrified but also intrigued by your name

sirenhead simp: i just want you to know i'm not actually a simp.

sirenhead simp: i'm hagakure tooru, she/her. im invisible, i know everything (:

Shinsou: will you spare me if i don't fuck with you? ...and if i bring cats from the pet store every now and then to the dorms..?

sirenhead simp: bribery, a good strategy. yes. you shall be spared from the gossip chat. instead, i will send you gossip about the others.

Shinsou: nice, blackmail material

sirenhead simp: nice

delia: i like this one

baby you're a firework: god, can you fuckers hurry this shit up?!

Shinsou: alright pomeranian.

baby you're a firework: the fuck you say to me troll doll?!

Shinsou: troll doll, that's a new one

Shinsou: normally people just call me a villain

beetlejuice: shinsou.... no...

baby you're a firework: mood

charles: ....

beetlejuice: kaachan... no...

baby you're a firework: fuck off deku

powerpuff girls: ....

powerpuff girls: well, this is awkward...

powerpuff girls: um... im satou rikidou! nice to meet you. he/him/his. my quirk is sugar rush, i turn the sugar i eat into power. i like to make candles and bake, so if you want something of either, just come to me!

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: (⌒▽⌒)ノ
\( ˙▿˙ )/\( ˙▿˙ )/
/(='x'=)\ (°))<< ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ (=^・ェ・^=)

powerpuff girls: translation; this is kouda koji, and they want to be friends. their quirk is anivoice, they can talk to animals. just so you know, they use she/her, he/him, and they/them, any of those pronouns work. they're pretty quiet

Shinsou: aight. they seem nice, i like them already.

show em what your colors worth: hey man! im kirishima eijirou! he/him! i just gotta say, you were hella manly at the sports festival!

Shinsou: snhdfbhbkjhdc tha n k s

show em what your colors worth: my quirk is hardening! i can make my entire body into a rock, essentially.

Shinsou: that is a very unfortunately named quirk.

show em what your colors worth: yea i know

otho: it's time for moi~!

otho: i am aoyama yuuga, my quirk-navel laser~! i am as shiny as one can get~, they/them and he/him pronouns~, but mainly they/them~

Shinsou: looking at you makes my eyes hurt and that is not an easy thing to do, good job

otho: merci~, merci~

G O D: hello shinsou! i'm glad you're finally in the hero course!

Shinsou: god? is that you?

G O D: no, i'm yaoyorozu momo! she/her.

barbara: don't listen to my girlfriend, she is a god and we all are worshipers in the church of yaomomo

Shinsou: oh, we have an actual simp

barbara: can you blame me?! look at her! her quirk is literally creation! look at her beauty! she is a g o d d e s s

Shinsou: ... fair enough, yaoyorozu is pretty. where can i join the church of yaoyorozu?

barbara: that's what i thought

barbara: just respect her and you can join

G O D: jazdjfahfuhf k y o u ka!!!

G O D: and shinsou, please just call me yaomomo! it's a lot easier then my full name, and everybody else already does!

Shinsou: really? aight

Shinsou: was that everybody?

adam: no.

Shinsou: oh there's more

adam: yes there's more

Shinsou: so...?

adam: shoji mezou, he/him. my quirk is dupliarms, i can create things like eyes and ears and more hands from my arms.

Shinsou: that's probably pretty useful

Shinsou: uh, im shinsou hitoshi. he/him/his. and my quirk is brainwashing, i can brainwash people if they answer a question i ask, but only if i want to brainwash them.

elphaba: i still think that;s such a cool quirk

Shinsou: tha nk s

beetlejuice: ochako's right! especially for a hero, it's super useful!! you're gonna be a great hero!!

ms. argentina: yeah!!! definitaly one of the best quirks ive seen!! super heroic!!

vigilante justice warrior: no rambling, izuku.

Shinsou: s to p i  c a n ;t h s n dl e a f fe c ti o nn

delia: osduhhjdsajfbjlkakhjdbc aww

charles: you get used to it

sirenhead simp: shinsous trying to hide in his jacket it;s adorable.

Shinsou: n o

G O D: so, shinsou, when are you moving in to the dorms?

Shinsou: my plan was to move in some time tomorrow

G O D: alright!

beetlejuice: do you need any help?

Shinsou: uh, probably

show em what your color's worth: dude! we could help you!

ms.argentina: yeah! bro, we could totally help you move your stuff into our dorms!

drugz: denki, no offense, but you have no muscle how will you help

ms.argentina: jkhndsfjbajhsfdbgjhh you don't have to call me out like this man!

drugz: bro, it's for your own good

ms.argentina: bro...

drugz: bro, im sorry

drugz: but you're too much of a disaster bisexual to help

ms.argentina: like you could help either

drugz: denki i can carry you, bakubro, and mina around at the same time while swinging around a room with my tape.

drugz: no, i don't intend on helping, but if i did, i could.

ms.argentina: you just hate me, don't you

drugz: i don't you just need to except that you're a dumbass twink

drugz: i am a dumbass twunk, but at least ive excepted it.

Shinsou: ... does this happen a lot

delia: yes

show em what your colors worth: all the time

baby you're a firework: it's annoying as all fuck

barbara: you havent seen the half of it

G O D: this is pretty tame compared to the usual

sirenhead simp: the cryptids arent even online

Shinsou: ?

- sirenhead simp  deleted one message-

sirenhead simp: what

Shinsou: ok then

otho: so, mon ami, what's something you enjoy~?

Shinsou: cats and coffee

Shinsou: people are stressful

drugz: mood

Shinsou: why do you ask

ms.argentina: oh, you're going to love coming to our dorms for the first time

Shinsou: ?

otho: i ask because we are planning a welcoming party for you~!

Shinsou: why

adam: shinsou. literally the only way you could be worse then the person you're replacing is if you where transphobic, homophobic, aphobic, biphobic, racist, sexist, quirkist, and a literal murderer all at once and even then there's still a chance you would be nicer

adam: you're a fucking saint compared to the fucking grape that used to be in our class.

Shinsou: jesus fucking christ what the hell was wrong with your last classmate?? why would i be any of those things im trying to be a hero not endeavor

adam: ufdshghjsdbfuhjasdbh

charles: i like this one. he can stay.

charles: fuck endeavor

Shinsou: isn't endeavor your dad...?

charles: yes and that's exactly why i'm saying fuck endeavor

Shinsou: aight fair enough

Shinsou: i have a question; is he just as much of an asswhole in person as he is on the tv?

Shinsou: bc i wanted to prove smth to a gen ed kid i new

charles: yes, yes he is

beetlejuice: he might actually be worse in person cause normally people aren't recording him unless they're reporters or smth

Shinsou: yea that's what i thought

sirenhead simp: wait, quick question shinsou, are you a straight

Shinsou: not cishet, if that's what you're asking

sirenhead simp: but are you a straight?

Shinsou: oh! no, definately not a straight

sirenhead simp: ok, good to know

Shinsou: look, it's not my fault that people look pretty in general. like gender shouldn't be a thing, we should base our attraction off of a persons theme song.

elphaba: m o o d

ms.argentina: idhhuafdx yeah, gender is as useless as i am

Shinsou: um.... are you okay

ms.argentina: sjhdfjagsdhgyuhbvfv yes u'm fuine!! i promisuhajnfbhafbuewqfycdchajkl,ajlxjn

show em what your color's worth: mina what the fuck we're in class!!!!

vigilante justice warrior: ashido! we are in class, that is extremely disrespectful, and you could've woken aizawa-sensei!

delia: well i gotta make sure my besties okay!! i don;t give a shit if i get in trouble, denki comes first!

Shinsou: um....

ms.argentina: you didn't have to fucking tackle meee

ms.argentina: i'm in spain without the s

Shinsou: im... sorry?

Shinsou: how am i to interract with people

lydia: don't. join us insomniacs and introverts in the corner of suffering.


Shinsou: that works


[2:34 AM; Saturday]

Shinsou: nobody's gonna be up, probably

Shinsou: does that mean i can spam the chat with cat pictures

Shinsou: great now im talking to myself

Shinsou: why is this class so nice no body's ever this nice to me

Shinsou: well my parents are nice, but they legally have to be.

Shinsou: maybe i should try and go back to sleep

Shinsou: i mean, it'd be useless i physically cannot sleep but it can't hurt to try anymore then i already have

Shinsou: probably better then talking to myself

lydia: welcome friend

Shinsou: jesus christ you scared the shit out of me

beetlejuice: we have a new insomniac in our midst...?

Shinsou: midoriya????!

charles: hm. the purple gremlin that dissed my father. this is quite a pleasing development

Shinsou: sh.... should i be scared

ms.argentina: nah, you'll be fine, they're just being weird.

delia: welcome to insomni hour, shinsou! usually we use our own chat so sanic doesn't yell at us for staying up so late

adam: but we make acceptions from time to time

ms.argentina: like when one of our other classmateds can't sleep every now and then

beetlejuice: or for shenanigans™

Shinsou: oh

delia: yeah

delia: wait, where's jirou?

ms.argentina: howdtheydothat???.img/msg

delia: they're asleep?! wow, and she couldn't even share with the class.

adam: i won't sleep

adam: *want

adam: well, both are true

beetlejuice: wait denki, how did you know??

ms.argentina: she came to my room screaming about her goddess of a girlfriend, then promptly passed out on my bed. im currently sitting on the floor watching youtube quietly

beetljuice: ahh, that makes sense

Shinsou: praise yaomomo the goddess among women and all humans, we are below her

beetlejuice: yes, she;ll ascend before even us insmoniacs and we are closer then most snyone in this class to shedding ourt mortal flesh

Shinsou: that's a little cult-y ngl

ms.argentina: he hasn;t slept in a week, he doesn't know what he's saying

vigilante justice warrior: why are you all awake!? go to sleep! we have to help shinsou move into the dorms tomorrow!!

adam: scatter!


Cryptid Hunter: Insomnia Addition

[3:01 AM; Saturday]

-Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee added Shinsou to Cryptid Hunters: Insomnia Addition-

Bisomniac: sry bout iida, our running theory is that he doesn't know how sleep disorders work

Shinsou: so he's just always like that when you're in the main chat during insomni hour

Sleepless Trans Gay: eh, depends on if he wakes up or not

Sleepless Trans Gay: earlier this week we sent the entire beetlejuice musical soundtrack in text form to the main chat and only a few people woke up cause of it, and tenya wasn;t one of them

Shinsou: oh

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: yeah

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: if we get caught with a non-insomniac who was awake later then usual and couldn't go to/fall sleep, then we add them to the insomnia chat, then kick them the next morning or once they've gotten a decent amount of sleep

Bisomniac: the person that visits the chat the most is hanta, but he won't tell is why

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: he doesn't have to, denki

Bisomniac: but mina! im worried!!

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: dm me denki

Sleepless Trans Gay: so shinsou do you normally get a lot of sleep or are you an insomniac like the rest of us?

Shinsou: oh, no, i don't sleep

Shinsou: my quirk prevents me from getting more then four hours of sleep a night, sometimes less if i overuse it

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: that sucks man

Shinsou: yeah

-Shinsou has changed their name to 'cats now, sleep later'-

Sleepless Trans Gay: wait, did tokoyami fall asleep? tokoyami's not online atm

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: dark shadow is telling me to tell you that fumi is refusing to log on to the insomnia chat

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: apparently fumi thinks fumi's name reveals too much and doesn't want shinsou to make fun of

cats now, sleep later: ok, but why would i want to make fun of tokoyami? they seem chill

Sleepless Trans Gay: did you refer to toko as a they?

cats now, sleep later: sh... should i not have?!?!! im sorry jshndcjbackl!

cats now, sleep later: they said not to refer to them and I didn't know if that meant just referring to them with only their name which felt awkward and 'they' seemed easier thjough dome people do prefer to not be adressed with pronouns im sorry did i do something wrong?

Sleepless Trans Gay: no, no, you actually did really good

Sleepless Trans Gay: trust me it isn't a problem!

Nonbinary Insomniac: ....

Nonbinary Insomniac: congrats on earning the right to my pronouns, shinsou.

cats now, sleep later: wait really

Nonbinary Insomniac: yes really

Nonbinary Insomniac: i use they/them pronouns

cats now, sleep later: wait really

cats now, sleep later: im so glad i wasn't misgendering you at all sahkjjhdcfkujhdbsfuhjadbfc ajscxas

Nonbinary Insomniac: this is why you get the right to my pronouns, you care about whether or not you're misgendering me.

cats now, sleep later: i mean, why wouldn't i? that's a kinda important thing

Nonbinary Insomniac: hhhhhh

Nonbinary Insomniac: why are you nice

cats now, sleep later: honestly idk either, im just trying to show basic human decency

always tired: todays 3 am thought; i love my boyfriend

Nonbinary Insomniac: we know todoroki

always tired: he's so pretty

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: we know todoroki

Sleepless Trans Gay: aw, i love you too shou!!

cats now, sleep later: they are so domestically cute it's almost disgusting

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: yeah

Sleepless Trans Gay: you and tokoyami are the same way sometimes

cats now, sleep later: damn am i the only one without an so?

Bisomniac: i'm dingle! im single. we're both single. we can be single together.

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: careful your disaster is showing over your bi

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: gods i'm friends with this disaster

Bisomniac: you wouldn't trade me for the world, mina

Sleepless Lesbean: look, you're both disasters, but mina can pretend to be functional, now that that's settled, welcome to the insomnia chat shinsou

cats now, sleep later: ah, thank you jirou. tbh, half the people in this chat i didn't expect to be in here, but you seemed like an insomniac.

Slepless Lesbean: i don't know if that's a compliment or not.

cats now, sleep later: i don't know either

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: im taking coffee orders now; what does everyone want?

Bisomniac: the usual

Sleepless Lesbean: ^

Sleepless Trans Gay: ^

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: that strawberry tea yaomomo got the other day!

always tired: my usual as well

Nonbinary Insomniac: ^

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: alright. shinsou how do you like your coffee/tea

cats now, sleep later: honestly, just anything with lots and lots and lots of caffeine and sugar in it works

cats now, sleep later: but preferably coffee + redbull/monster/mt dew

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: wait, like (redbull or monster or mt dew) or (redbull, monster, and mt dew)

cats now, sleep later: 2nd one

Why Have Sex When Theres Coffee: it

Bisomniac: anygay who wants to watch futurama

cats now, sleep later: do you think i can sneek into your dorms to join

Bisomniac: ajlkajcbahbuvieiubehgjblregjvhbn

Sleepless Lesbean: sry bout him, denki is a ~disaster~

Sleepless Lesbean: but that's a yes from denki

Bisomniac: hdvd,mfdbsnrtkhnjj

Sleepless Lesbean: i think denki's short circuiting...

cats now, sleep later: ... sorry?


dadzawa's problem children

[7:05 AM; Saturday]

vigilante justice warrior: okay! good morning class! shinsou, would you like me to head over to your dorms on my morning run?

Shinsou: jesus christ it's seven in the morning why are you awake?!

vigilante justice warrior: why are you

Shinsou: you woke me up

vigilante justice warrior: oh! i apologize, then!

Shinsou: i still have stuff to pack, dude, i'm not moving in until i've had some coffee, and i've had approximately four hours to pack the rest of my room up

Shinsou: so calm down sanic remix

ms.argentina: sanic remix sajfbnkjlhfbvgdjhfkbvakjgv

beetlejuice: we're gonna call you that from now on tenya

vigilante justice warrior: it's better then 'vigilante'

beetlejuice: we're not changing your name

Shinsou: so why is discount sanic up

vigilante justice warrior: well to be honest, i would've woken up sooner but you all woke me up earlier

vigilante justice warrior: you did get some sleep last night, correct?

Shinsou: yes. it was aweful /s

vigilante justice warrior: good for you, for going to bed after i told you to

Shinsou: damn sanic is just out here ruining the fun of friday nights

Whiplash: either all of you get offline or go back to sleep, i don't care, just stop texting, because if your texting wakes my girlfriend up, i will stab all of you.

beetlejuice: yessir

Whiplash: thank you


[1:04 PM; Saturday]

ms.argentina: im just saying we should totally introduce shinsou to lem jr

baby you're a firework: how about no

ms.argentina: okay, okay, but what if. what if. we do

ms.argentina: like he really likes cats i think it's a good idea

baby you're a firework: troll doll isn't gonna get near my room with a ten foot pole

beetlejuice: kaachan the dorms arent big enough for that

baby you're a firework: shut up deku

beetlejuice: fuck off kaachan, im just saying

show em what your colors worth: i dunno bakubro, it's kinda unmanly of you to not introduce a classmate to a class pet

baby you're a firework: do i look like i care

elphaba: idk bakubitch you usually care about what kirishima says

baby you're a firework: what did you call me?!!? i'll blast you to hell!

elphaba: try me bitch

5123NH34D: WHY D0 1 3V3N B07H32 4NYM023.....

sirenhead simp: your loss dude

G O D: please tell me it's not bakugou and midoryia fighting in the common room

otho: non~

galinda: it's ochako and bakugou, ribbit

G O D: oh that's fine

drugz: jkndslkjvbdha damn 

drugz: momo's cold

G O D: im only saying there is less risk of broken bones and injuries when it's those two versus if it was midoriya and bakugou

delia: she makes a fair argument

delia: anygay we haven't heard from shinsou all day do you think he's good

beetlejuice: shinsou's probably fine

charles: and if not, we can always go find his dorm room and make sure he's not dead that way

drugz: ....

delia: well that's one way to put it

Shinsou: im not dead so you don't have to worry bout that

drugz: he's alive!

Shinsou: anygay im done packing for the most part, all that;s left is putting my cats bed in a box and taking my lights down and that'll take me like, ten minutes so you guys can start heading over to the gen ed dorms now

vigilante justice warrior: alright! me, izuku, shouto, kirishima, ochako, and satou are on our way to help you move your stuff into the dorms

lydia: and the room you're moving into has been thoroughly cleansed from all sin and darkness that the person who had it last commited

Whiplash: don't let them fool you shinsou, tokoyami can't preform an excorcism.

galinda: but you can

Whiplash: yes i can

galinda: and you just came out of shinsou's new room

Whiplash: yes i did

galinda: so you preformed the excorcism for tokoyami

Whiplash: it was implied, yes

galinda: just checking, ribbit

Whiplash: :thumbs_up:

Shinsou: i need to be concerned

show em what your colors worth: nah, it's fine bro

ms.argentina: wait you have a cat

Shinsou: yeah?

ms.argentina: may i request pictures please

Shinsou: mybaby.img/msg

ms.argentina: ohmygod she's gorgeuos

Shinsou: isn;t she

Shinsou: her name is selene

show em what your colors worth: does she get along with other cats?

Shinsou: yea why

show em what your colors worth: bakubutkitty.img/msg

Shinsou: i m i n l o v e

Shinsou: you guys have ca t

Shinsou: why wasn't i told i wouldve moved in yesterday

beetlejuice: i guess it just never came up idk

beetlejuice: lem jr is kaachan's cat, so she mostly hangs around the bakusquads rooms

beetlejuice: denki isn't allowed to have her in his room though

Shinsou: ?

ms.argentina: im allergic to cats but i do not c a r e

ms.argentina: l o o k a t th e m t h e y a r e a m a z i n g

ms.argentina: i love them

ms.argentina: jus,,, look at them

Shinsou: i want to say im surprised that you're willing to ignore your own physical health to hold a cat, but im not

vigilante justice warrior: shinsou! we have arrived at the general studies departments' dorms! can you please tell us which room is yours, the students in the common room are looking at us oddly

Shinsou: left side, third floor, second door on the right

Shinsou: i painted the door purple and it's slightly open, you can't miss it

vigilante justice warrior: thank you

Shinsou: try to avoid eye contact with any of the other gen ed kids in the common room on your way up


Shinsou tried not to smile too much as he placed his phone in his back pocket. Normally people don't like his smile. He finished rolling up the second to last string of Fairy Lights, and tossed them onto his bare mattress. Selene meowed at him for almost hitting her. She was sitting-laying? Cat loafing-on the mattress near one of the boxes.

"Shinsou?" Midoriya poked his head into the room. "Can we come in?"

Shinsou turned to look at the small group of people standing outside his door and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, come in. You wouldn't be very helpful just standing there."

Midoriya chuckled as he and the others walked in. "Just wanted to be sure. So, um, what do you want us to help you move?" Midoryia looked around. Shinsou's walls were painted a light purple, and there where probably decorations he had previously put up but took down while packing. All around the room, boxes where set on top of each other and on the ground. Selene was still cat-loafing on the mattress.

"Anything you can carry, I guess. Mostly everything's packed, so just grab any box you can."

Midoriya nodded and lifted a few boxes, carrying them out of Shinsou's room. Iida handed a few to Uraraka, who insisted she could carry more as she activated her quirk. Satou grabbed and carried some of the bigger boxes with furniture in them out of the room.

Once Iida had decided Uraraka had taken enough boxes and essentially forced her to leave, he started taking boxes of his own. Iida reached for a box that was slightly open and had a few sweaters sloppily dropped inside it. Shinsou opened the box and and hastily put Selene's cat bed in it. "Oh, uh, I got this box. Thanks, though."

Iida hesitated briefly, but nodded. "Alright. I will be back momentarily." Iida walked out of the room.

"Oh- be careful! I should've warned you guys sooner, but the General Studies kids really don't like- Ah, they're gone. Oh well." Shinsou shook his head and finished rolling up his Fairy Lights and put them in the box with Selene's bed and sighed. "That was close," he mumbled. Selene meowed at him again.

"No, Selene, I'm not going to tell them, I sort of want people to like me."

Selene rolled her eyes, and hopped off the mattress and walked out of the room. Shinsou rolled his eyes at the cat. She could probably find her way to the Class 1-A dorms on her own.

Shinsou closed the box with some duck tape and stacked the last few boxes on top of it. He took one last glance around the room. Shinsou wouldn't miss this place, but it would be weird leaving.

Shinsou picked up the boxes, and started walking out of the room. He received a few glares from people as he walked out of the dorm building, but he didn't care. He was used to it... But this was his chance, and he was going to take it.

The walk to the hero course dorms, as he's found, is actually pretty short. Or, maybe he's just fast. Aizawa has said he was fast at a lot of things, before. But he was stunned with how excited the 1-A kids where when he entered the dorms. They cheered, and congratulated him. Kaminari called him the 'Better Purple Boy', whatever that meant.

Selene was lazily mewling at and laying near a blonde, fluzzy looking cat. It took Shinsou a second, but he recognized the cat as Lord Explosion Murder Jr., Bakugou's cat. The two looked to be getting along, so he figured he had nothing to worry about. Other then whatever two cats can plot with each other right after meeting.

Now, all he had to do was unpack, and he could hide in his room for the rest of the weekend.


Shinsou sighed and flopped onto his bean bag. He just finished unpacking, and he was tired. Selene was napping in her bed, purring lightly in her sleep. His eyes where starting to drift close, when suddenly someone started knocking at his door. There goes my chance for a nice nap. He thought, as he got up and opened the door. The person knocking was Kaminari.

"Shinsou! Hi!"

"Hey... Did you need something?"

"Oh! Uh," Kaminari looked at his phone. "Two things, actually. One, dinner's going to be ready soon, and two; we're doing a class game night!" Kaminari looked back up at Shinsou, smiling. "We figured you didn't want too big of a party, so we-after stopping Aoyama from being too extra and planning an actual party, the class-figured just a game night would be fun, and since it's a welcome for you, we where hoping you'd want to come?"

"Oh, um..." Shinsou thought a moment. He was tired, and his social battery was pretty low. Not to mention how much his chest was aching. He really needed to try and get some sleep, and he didn't want to risk any of his new classmates finding out, no matter how long his binder has been on. Sure, he had sweaters he could wear to hide his chest, but that wouldn't hide his discomfort, and it definately wouldn't make him feel good about his body around other people like the binder did.

Shinsou sighed, and ran a hand through his hair. "Sure. Why not? I've got nothing better to do."

"Okay," Kaminari tried and failed to hide his smile. "I'll let you know when dinners ready! Well, Bakugou is pretty loud, I'm sure you'll know when it's time for dinner, uh," Kaminari started walking away, waving. "See you later!"

Shinsou smiled slightly as the blonde walked away. Once he disappeared, Shinsou sighed and walked back into his room. Apparently hiding would not be an option for him. He rifled through some of his sweaters and hoodies, picking up a simple grey sweatshirt. He put it on, and Selene meowed at him tiredly.

"Oh, so now you're awake?" Shinsou said to his cat. The cat in question simply meowed and walked out of his room. Shinsou rolled his eyes and followed the cat downstairs.

Downstairs, over half the class was in the common room, and the rest (mainly the Bakusquad) where bothering Bakugou and Satou as the two worked on dinner. 

Shinsou decided to sit down in the common room, flopping onto the nearest unoccupied bean bag. They had bean bags! And comfy ones too! Shinsou sighed and melted into it. It definitely wasn't as comfortable as the giant one he had stored in his room, but it was soft and nice all the same. Shinsou took this as a chance to rest his eyes and hope he falls asleep.

"So..." Goddammit. It was Midoriya.

Shinsou sighed and opened one of his eyes. "Hello, green gremlin. What do you want?"

"We wanted to know what you wanna do first! Truth or Dare, or Never Have I Ever!" Midoriya smiled at him. Shinsou sighed and closed his eyes again.

"Whatever. I don't care."

"Izuku!" Ah, Sonic Remix was yelling. "Aizawa-Sensei has forbidden us from playing Truth or Dare after... Ahem... Last time!"

"Oh, it doesn't matter so long as we don't get caught! I mean, you let us play at the party and the rule was in place by then!"

"I was intoxicated, and celebrating the fact that the Grape Bitch was gone!"

Shinsou opened his eyes again and shifted in his bean bag to sit up straighter. "The Iida Tenya, Immitation Sanic, did something illegal?" Shinsou grinned. "I need to hear about this!"

"Oh, Tenya's done many illegal things, he just doesn't want people to know cause he has a 'Reputation'," Uraraka chuckled.

"There is a reason everyone in class is, at the least, lowkey terrified of the Dekusquad," Ojiro said.

"Really? I just thought it was the fact that they all sort of have the vibe of being related to a primordial eldritch entity like Garfield," Shinsou said.

Ojiro's response was, "What?"


Midoriya laughed loudly. "The 'I'm Sorry John' subreddit?"

"You've heard of it?"

"I grew up on the internet with no friends and hyperfixating on dark and gorey stuff a bit in middle school as a coping mechanism, obviously I've heard of it!"


"Deku, what the fuck," Jirou said. "I never would've pegged you as the kind of kid to like that kind of thing. And you got both Kirishima and Baku-bitch possessed."

"I'm sorry, what is the I'm Sorry John subreddit?" Shoji said.

"Ah, I'll show you later, Shoji!"

"Can we go back to the part that Midoriya of all people got someone possessed?" Shinsou asked.

"Oh, it's a long story...!"

"I have time."



"He really doesn't know how to chill, does he?" Shinsou questioned.

"Eh..." Midoriya shrugged. "H-he can, just only around certain people..."

"We should probably go get our food before he actually get's mad," Jirou said, standing up.

"Yeah, plus, I'm hungry!" Uraraka stood up.

"Alright," Shinsou stood up as well. The group of teenagers walked and talked into the kitchen, Shinsou tried to stay in the background to limit his social interaction, but once Kaminari saw him, the blonde immediately ran over.

"Shinsou! Hi!" Kaminari smiled widely.

Shinsou rolled his eyes. "Hello Kaminari..."

"I hope you like sushi! Bakugou didn't feel like actually cooking, so him and Satou just made a ton of sushi! It's better then nothing though, sometimes Bakugou likes to leave us in the dust to fend for ourselves. And only like, three people know how to cook! I once nearly burned the kitchen down simply trying to make instant ramen! Is that believable?!"

"I've only known you for about a day, and I can say that that is beleivable. You're a walking disaster."

"Hey!" Kaminari crossed his arms. "I may be a mess, but I'm not a complete disaster!" Then Kaminari tripped. Shinsou snorted.

"Sure. Need help getting up?"

"I'm fine!" Kaminari stood up, blushing. "Not like that wasn't super embarrassing or anything."

"Maybe you shouldn't wear five-inch platform boots in the dorms, Kaminari," Jirou said.

"One, you have no room to talk! Two, they're not five inches! They're three."

"Oh, that's such a huge difference," Jirou rolled her eyes and walked over to Bakugou.

"They have a point, Denki," Sero said.

"Oh, fuck off, Hanta."

"I'm just saying!" Sero laughed. Shinsou sighed and walked over to where Bakugou and Satou where serving food, and grabbed a plate.

"Hello Eye Bags, take some fucking sushi and enjoy it or I will fucking murder you," Bakugou growled, putting sushi on Shinsou's plate. Shinsou rolled his eyes.

"Sure, threaten me into enjoying your cooking, that'll work."

Bakugou flipped Shinsou off as the brainwasher walked away.

Dinner was lively. Shinsou spent most of the time trying to avoid conversation, to no avail. Kaminari and Ashido kept trying to include him, asking him questions, asking for his opinion, engaging in conversation. Kaminari at one point managed to get him to start talking about poetry, something he's passionate about, and Kaminari just sat there... listening. Asking questions, talking about what kinds of poetry he likes to read... Shinsou was really excited. Not that he'd ever say that... But this was close to the first time someone had treated Shinsou like he mattered, like he was more then some quiet weirdo with a villains quirk.

At some point, Uraraka joined the conversation and brought up video games. Everyone began talking about some of their favorite games... Then things started getting heated once people began debating what the best game between Deltarune and Undertale was. "Look, I'm sorry Tsu," Aoyama said, "but Deltarune is much better then Undertale. I love them both, they're both dear to me, but Deltarune is more interesting then Undertale."

"You're just saying that because you like Rouxls Kaard more then Mettaton, ribbit," Asui countered. "I personally think the story of both games was great, but I just enjoy the Genocide route more in Undertale."

"Frisk is fucking, what, five?" Bakugou growled, "They don't even know what the hell a genocide is! And besides..." Bakugou smirked. "Kris is better cause they've got the guts to lock the player up and do their own thing, and the Spamton Neo boss battle is cool as fuck."

"I prefer the Jevil fight honestly," Aoyama shrugged.  "The little gremlin reminds me of Tokoyami."

"And Spamton reminds me of Kaminari," Asui said. "No offence intended Kami, but you would totally become a virus bot if you were in Spamton's situation."

"Oh yeah, I agree. Once, my parents dressed up as Undyne and Alphys for Halloween, and they got me a little Spamton cosplay! I can probably find evidence, actually, let me just ask my mom or dad for a picture."

"Kaachan and I once cosplayed as Susie and Kris respectively," Midoriya said, "to prove a point."

"That the fucking nerd can be scary when he wants to be," Bakugou nodded.

"You know, I can see it," Kirishima said. "Funny enough, one time I begged my parents to let me cosplay Noelle cause she was so relatable! And then I figured out I was gay and trans and things just made so much sense."

"Speaking of Noelle, fuck the player for making her and Kris go through with Snowgrave!" Shinsou said. "Like, I  was watching a gaming YouTuber, and he decided to go ahead and just do the genocide route, but like- the two are children! Kris is a child that hates their SOUL enough already, cut them some slack!" Shinsou took a deep breath. "Sorry, had to get that off my chest."

"I know this has nothing to do with the conversation, but like, Sans's line about 'befriending' Toriel... And Asgore... I'm just," Kaminari took a deep breath, "Sans bisexual icon confirmed? But seriously, that through me for a loop."

"Okay, but you all are sleeping on Queen and you know it!" Hagakure shouted. "Look at that funky overlord who doesn't want to destroy the world! She's just a fun computer program trying to do her best and get all the banana's before her car explodes!"

"Okay, but like, Lancer calling Queen girl-dad?" Satou started. "Warmed my heart to the point it melted. Love how he's just going around collecting dads."

"None of the Darkners know what a gender is and I will fight on this," Tokoyami said. "They are creatures birthed from the eternal darkness and void of a great fountain, and while they understand there is a Thing called gender, none of them know what it is. They are just orbs floating around within the void of their realm, finding friends in such odd places."

Kaminari gasped. "Agender Every-Darkner-in-Deltarune confirmed?"

"What do you think, Sero?" Iida asked. The black-haired kid had barely engaged in the conversation since video games came up.

"I uh... I don't really play a lot of video games?" He said awkwardly. The cries of 'blasphemy' could be heard in the 1-B dorms.

"Quiet!" Iida shouted. "Sero, you said 'a lot', are there any video games you do play?"

"Uh, yeah! It's this game called 'Diablo'. I usually only play the third one cause it has the best graphics in my opinion."

"Oh yeah," Shinsou said, "I've played that too. I think my highest level character is my... Hardcore monk? I'm pretty sure I've got like, two-hundred and eighty two paragon on him."

"Dang that's impressive! I think my highest is my... Necromancer seasonal? I think so, at least. I've got like.... 897 paragon on her, or something like that at least."

Shinsou stared at him blankly. "Sero the new season started two days ago."


"How do you already have eight hundred paragon?"

"I mean, I play whenever I get anxious or when I can't sleep but I don't feel like bothering people so..."

"Sero, what the actual fuck."

"I don't see the problem."

"That is- how?!"

"Seriously, what's the issue? I- I don't get it.

"I- nevermind, I'll drop it."

Iida cleared his throat. "Well, you seem to greatly enjoy this game, Sero, so why don't you show us how it's played? Maybe we'll all be as enamoured with it as you are."

Sero seemed to light up at the suggestion.  "Yeah, yeah! Oh, I have the game up in my room! Let me go get it and my console and shit, we can play it!" He quickly rushed up to his room.

"I'mma be honest," Kaminari said, "I have never seen him that excited about something."

Sero came back down soon after with a gaming console, four controllers, and the the game itself. "Uh, would you like some help?" Ojirou asked.

"It's fine, I've done this before!" Sero plopped down in front of the elevision.

"Not gonna lie, that feels like something we should be concerned about," Satou said.

In a very short amount of time, Sero had his console hooked up to the television and Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls started up. "Okay, I've started a new account for whoever wants to play, and I'm already logged in with a new character! I.... Should probably delete some, I'm running out of character slots..."

Iida sat down next to him, and the rest of the class sat around. He picked up the controller. the screen was at the 'Create New Character' screen. "Which character should I choose?"

"Depends, which type of character are you looking for?"

"Wizards are all arcane based and stuff, and are good long range fighters. Monks are similar, but have more healing powers and are more close range fighters. Witch Doctors can be either, really. They're kinda intermediate, same with Demon Hunters. Demon Hunters get bows and crossbows though, so that's cool," Shinsou said. "I mainly use Monks and Demon Hunters though, so I can't tell you a lot about some of the other stuff."

"Crusaders and Barbarians are the tank classes," Sero explained, "they're the characters you pick when you want to brute force your way through everything. And Necromancers are kinda like wizards and Witch Doctors, but with Death and stuff. I don't really think Necromancers are good introduction characters, though. Some of the powers use health as a resource cost, and if you get carried away it could easily kill you. But we're also not going to jump right into hardcore mode, so pick whatever you want."

Iida took a moment, cycling through all the classes,, before settling on Demon Hunters. "The crossbow prospect did sound rather interesting."

As Sero guided Iida through the first Act, Shinsou asked, "Weren't we supposed to be playing Never Have I Ever or something?"

"This is what happens when all your friends are neurodivergent," Kaminari answered easily. Shinsou rolled his eyes with a smirk.

"Yeah, I guess your right." It was only after he said it did he realize what that meant. Oh. Oh shit. I have friends. Dammit.


Chapter Text

Cryptid Hunters: Insomnia Addition

[3:00 AM; Sunday]

cats now, sleep later: hey i have a question

Bisomniac: yeah whats up?

cats now, sleep later: why is the chat name what it is

Sleepless Trans Gay: oh cause we met mothman once!

cats now, sleep later: 

cats now, sleep later: what

Sleepless Lesbean: yeah

Sleepless Lesbean: he's really chill, and also is a sort of sugar daddy to midoriya? he brings mido a lot of gifts and shit, so

Sleepless Trans Gay: yeah he's so cool

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: he knows absolutely nothing about memes though

always tired: he and sirenhead are actually in the class chat

cats now, sleep later: why wasn't i informed of this sooner that's so fucking cool

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: you actually believe them?

cats now, sleep later: yeah i mean, there's a shit ton of stuff that is definitely not normal or human and are other so

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: 

Nonbinary Insomniac:

cats now, sleep later: also mido has gotten several people possessed and i still want that story

Nonbinary Insomniac: you. i like you. you seem trustworthy.

cats now, sleep later: an ally, interesting interesting.

Bisomniac: (what the fuck is happening?)

always tired: (no clue, tbh)

Sleepless Trans Gay: (i wouldn't worry too much about it)

cats now, sleep later: anygay who wants to come see selene? she's sleeping on top of me and im stuck in the common room

cats now, sleep later: help my legs are falling asleep

Sleepless Trans Gay: didn't you go back to your room like four-ish hours ago? idk time is irrelevant

cats now, sleep later: yes but i wanted to watch tv and i wanted some food

Sleepless Trans Gay: fair fair

cats now, sleep later: 

cats now, sleep later: am i hallucinating or did you just teleport kaminari

Bisomniac: who cares selene is amazing

cats now, sleep later: that didn't answer my question

Sleepless Lesbean: yeah especially when denks hasn't slept for a long time weird shit just seems to follow him

cats now, sleep later: i'm still confused and concerned

always tired: i'm agreeing with shinsou on this

Sleepless Lesbean: eh it doesn't matter too much

Sleepless Trans Gay: i mean, the same can be said for you shou.

always tired: ?

Sleepless Trans Gay: weir shit just follows you it seems like

Sleepless Trans Gay: especially out in the woods

Useless Genderqueer Insomniac: oh thank the gods im not the only one who noticed?? yeah animals flock to you more often than they do to kouda!

Sleepless Lesbean: also??? the amount of fairy rings??? we've seen with you around??? you know how rare that shit is now adays???

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: also you're so good with plants? i know it's not as weird as the fae rings and the animals and some of the other shit, but oh my fucking gods you have said that before moving into the dorms you''ve never touched a plant in you life how the fuck have you kept so many houseplants alive??

always tired: i

always tired: i never noticed those were odd things?

always tired: can we go back to interrogating kaminari

Bisomniac: hey!

cats now, sleep later: you guys are weird

Bisomniac: you're the one who brot it up!

Sleepless Lesbean: *brought

Bisomniac: dammit

cats now, sleep later: because you teleported into the common room!

cats now, sleep later: also, someone come get him his allergies are acting up i think

Bisomniac: i m f i b ew

cats now, sleep later: 

cats now, sleep later: *fine

Sleepless Lesbean: i'll go get him...

cats now, sleep later: thank


dadzawa's problem children

[3:38 AM; Sunday]

Whiplash: god fucking dammit

Whiplash: because roman forgot to do it again

-Whiplash changed the name of the groupchat to 'dadzawa's demon children'-

lydia: it's not the fault entirely of roman

otho: oui, you were the one who drew the short stick and were supposed to change the chat name last chapter~

Whiplash: oh shush

5123NH34D: 5HU7 7H3 FUCK UP Y0U L177L3 5H175

adam: ...

-adam deleted seven messages-

ms.argentina: what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck


[10:58 AM; Sunday]

G O D: why the chat name change...?

Whiplash: felt like it was a necessary change.

G O D: alright

Whiplash: i mean, with the amount of exorcisms i've had to preform in just the last week 

G O D: understandable reason

good purple boi: yall are insane /j

delia: i've been meaning to ask you about that

good purple boi: ?

delia: the (/j) thing

delia: what is it?

good purple boi: oh that

good purple boi: it's a tone indicator, they're supposed to make my intentions clearer over text cause it can be kinda hard to tell over the interwebs, ya know

good purple boi: like; /s=sarcasm
/lh=light hearted
/hj=half joking

good purple boi: those are the ones i use most often anyway

good purple boi: there's a shit ton more! i can probably find a list to send you guys if you want

delia: i'm intrigued, yes send us the list

G O D: i think it's a lovely idea!

good purple boi: nice, give me a sec

good purple boi: okay i've found it

G O D: wonderful!

vigilante justice warrior: i'm sure these will be helpful! thank you for introducing this concept to us!

good purple boi: aight it's not that big a deal

drugz: nice

sirenhead simp: ooh that's fun!

show em what your colors worth: this is an awesome thing to wake up to!

otho: oh, good morning kiri~!

show em what your colors worht: morning everybody! hey, does anyone wanna go on a run with me?

good purple boi: sure

baby you're a firework: whatever

beetlejuice: yeah! sounds fun!

drugz: sure, why not

charles: alright

powerpuff girls: yeah, i need to work on endurance training anyway

ms.argentina: sounds fun!

delia: yell heah!

G O D: i can't, but i'll join you next time!

barbara: what momo said

galinda: yeah i'll join you!

vigilante justice warrior: of course i will accompany you kirishima!

drugz: wait, shit, sorry, i just remembered i've got something to do, so i can't go on a run but i promise to join on the next run!

vigilante justice warrior: are you sure, sero? that's the sixth run you've opted out on

drugz: lol, yeah, i just have homework i need to catch up on

vigilante justice warrior: alright... you would tell us if something's wrong, correct?

drugz: yeah, ofc class pres! besides, have i ever lied to you?

vigilante justice warrior: alright, i trust you

drugz: anygay, i'm gonna get started on my homework! see yall later, have fun on your run!

ms.argentina: yall

drugz: shut /lh


Inter-squad Relations

[4:08 AM; Monday]

jk, i'm high af: i wish i could sleep

jk, i'm high af: and there's so much i want to tell you

jk, i'm high af: am i really plain? with the mutations my quirk causes? do people really just... forget about me so easily?

jk, i''m high af: i know my parents like it when i look plain

jk, i'm high af: i hate how i looke

jk, i'm high af: my body just...

jk, i'm high af: fuck, everything feels so wrong and not right and i don't even know why

jk, i'm high af: i'd say it's just the chronic sleep deprivation but this feelings been there for so fuckiing long i know it's not me being sumb and tired

jk, i'm high af: i haven't slept well since i was nine...

jk, i'm high af: i'm so worried about my siblings...

jk, i'm high af: i keep having nightmares too

jk, i'm high af: and i don't know what to do

jk, i'm high af: and when i'm not having nightmares everything is just too much and i feel like i can't breathe and it's impossible to sleep because there's so much that could go wrong in the span of such a short time

jk, i'm high af: i don't think i've been relaxed since my quirk came in...

jk, i'm high af: i know i'm just going to bother you if you wake up and see these... i'm sorry about that

jk, i'm high af: but it's so hard to breathe

jk, i'm high af: i only feel fine if i'm high and it takes so long to actually get to that point for me...

jk, i'm high af: my quirk gives me a higher poison tolerance, did you knwo that?

jk, i'm high af: ofc you didn;t, no one knows. they're not allowed to know cause then my parents will be pissed at me...

jk, i'm high af: and all i really know for sure anymore is that i like you. that you'll always be there when i can finally find a way to reach out

jk, i'm high af: isn't that so cheesy? i have all these anxieties and stressors and i know so little about myself, a lot less than i thought i knew, and yet you're like my rock

jk, i'm high af: but i shouldn't mind all the shit going on, wer'e training to be heroes, right? heroes aren't allowed to fall apart, not when there's people to save

jk, i'm high af: and i still need to save my siblings and myself

jk, i'm high af: bu t can i save anyone if i'm drowning? i'm always drowning, i'm used to it but everything just needs to stop for five minutes cause if it doesn't i don't know if i'll ever find a way to come back up for air

jk, i'm high af: gods, you're probably gonna wake up soon and see i spammed you, i'm sorry so asorry

jk, i'm high af: does anyone even like me? am i really needed? i should just quit while i'm ahead, right? i'm so tired, some rest will be nice...

jk, i'm high af: but i cna't, cause who'll save my siblings if i'm gone? who would even know they need to be saved?

jk, i'm high af: fuck i just need someone to stop it

jk, i'm high af: i feel like i'm always overwhelmed and there's nothing i can do and i have no energy to do jack shit and my grades are falling behind more than usual and

jk, i'm high af: fuck

jk, i'm high af: just... fuck

jk, i'm high af: i just want to fucking sleep

jk, i'm high af: i wonder if denki's arachnophobia stems from anything... i'd never understand it. spiders aren't too bad in my experience.. but i want to. i want to know where denki's coming from. why he's afraid of them.

jk, i'm high af: but would denki be afraid of me too? if he knew...

jk, i'm high af: wow, that was all super heavy haha! i can't bother you with all that, with all my problems, i'll just delete all these before you wake up!

jk, i'm high af: i... hope you know i didn't go on the run because you did. i just

jk, i'm high af: idk, i felt like i couldn't get out of bed. it's fine. i feel like that all the time.

jk, i'm high af: fuck the suns up, i need to delete these...

-jk, i'm high af deleted thirty eight messages-


[6:00 AM; Monday]

why do i talk to you: sero? is there a reason you texted me at four in the morning? did you need help with your homework?

jk, i'm high af: lol yeah! but i figured it out, it's fine

why do i talk to you: alright, it's good that you got a handle on it, from the amount of messages you deleted it looked like you had a lot of questions

jk, i'm high af: eh, it wasn't too hard once i figured it out

why do i talk to you: is there anything else?

jk, i'm high af: if you won't make fun of me for it

why do i talk to you: i would never make fun of you! you're a valued friend, sero :) /gen

jk, i'm high af: okay, but i'm warning you, it's kinda weird

jk, i'm high af: i actually think spiders are really cool. they might be my favorite animal

jk, i'm high af: weird, i know

why do i talk to you: i don't think that's weird at all! many people think spiders are fascinating, and i agree that they're quite a cool species! arachnids in general are quite interesting

jk, i'm high af: i know! all the different kinds out there? they're cool and some of them have poison! and the different kinds of webs they create depending on the type of spider they are and their habitat? it's all so interesting!

why do i talk to you: you really like spiders, huh?

jk, i'm high af: lol yeah, the way their webs can be structured helps give me ideas on how to use my quirk, plus they're super fascinating like you said

jk, i'm high af: i thought about getting a pet spider while we were at the pet store, but i decided against it

why do i talk to you: how come?

jk, i'm high af: a few reasons, tbh. mainly cause denki and kouda don't like bugs or spiders, and cause my parents would be fucking pissed at me lol

why do i talk to you: ah, fair enough. i suggest getting ready for school soon, so you can be on time!

jk, i'm high af: yeah, i'm getting into the shower now

why do i talk to you: alright! see you in class, sero!

why do i talk to you: you must already be in the shower...

-why do i talk to you changed the name of the group chat to 'arachnids are cool'-


Chapter Text




Meme Lords




[8:35 AM; Monday]

Secret Meme King: mina? do you have a moment?

Meme Primarch: *gasp!* is that.... iida tenya, the iida tenya, texting??? during class??? how utterly scandalous! /j

Secret Meme King: yes, i know, how unprofessional of me, but aizawa is asleep and i fear this may be an urgent matter /srs

Meme Primarch: oh shit what is it?

Secret Meme King: i am concerned about sero, and i figured being one of his closest friends, you'd be able to help.

Meme Primarch: ofc! ofc! tbh, he's been acting a little off the past little while,,,

Meme Primarch: what is it? i'll try to help in anyway i can

Secret Meme King: last night (well, earlier this morning technically) sero sent me a long rant that woke me up. once he was done he deleted it, but i managed to get some screenshots before. some of the things he said trouble me deeply and i'm unsure of how to proceed.

Meme Primarch: what were some of the things that he said?

Secret Meme King: some of it seemed to be highly personal, so i don't know how much i can share

Meme Primarch: fair fair

Secret Meme King: however, from what i could glean from it, he's suffers from some kind of anxiety, and not the normal amount either...

Secret Meme King: and he said something about being near unable to sleep because of those anxieties and because of nightmares

Meme Primarch: the sleeping thing i sort of new about already

Secret Meme King: really?

Meme Primarch: yeah, he's always awake at odd hours of the night with us insomniacs and is always visiting our other chat

Meme Primarch: he mentioned once something about nightmares, and when we asked about what he kinda laughed it off and said 'who wouldn't have nightmares after everything we've been through!'

Meme Primarch: seeing as a rule of the insomniacs is not to push for reasons about it, we just left it alone. it's not our place to pry. some people can't sleep cause of quirk reasons, others their brain is just on too much, others it's nightmares, it doesn't matter to us

Secret Meme King: right...

Meme Primarch: and before you go on your whole 'sleep is good for you and necessary and shit' rant, i want you to know sometimes it's not that easy. sometimes your brain just makes it unable to sleep. insomnia isn't a choice, half the time we don't even want to be awake. and besides, i know. we've heard that shit dozens of times from people other than you. it's not goign to actually help us sleep you know

Secret Meme King: oh, i was unaware... i apologize, i didn't realize that that's what you were all going through.

Meme Primarch: yeah, we figured

Meme Primarch: but whatever, we were talking about hanta not how insomnia works

Secret Meme King: yes, another thing that concerned me was how he talked about himself. i think he has some serious self esteem issues and he seems to think no one likes him?

Meme Primarch: which, we both know, is not true, as you have a massive crush on him /lh

Secret Meme King: ashido

Meme Primarch: i'm joking! tbh, i wouldn't know were that stems from, he's one of my best friends and he carries himself really well, he looks super confident. i guess he was pretty upset about the 'nice try guy' thing, but he always joked about it so i just assumed it wasn't that big a deal... guess i was wrong...

Secret Meme King: i have a few suspicions from where the issues have come from, but i don't like it and i'm not entirely sure so i'm not going to act on those suspicions

Meme Primarch: right...

Secret Meme King: i guess... for now, i'm just looking to find a way to help him and comfort him when he needs it.

Meme Primarch: alright, that;s easy. hanta is a very tactile person, even if he may deny it. but lots of contact very suddenly freaks him out

Secret Meme King: he is always hanging off you and the other bakusquad members

Meme Primarch: yeah. when we comfort him, we usually bring the bakusquad comfort blanket (or the blanket for short) and just give lots of small side hugs

Meme Primarch: denki also headbuts him lightly, but they do that with everybody...

Secret Meme King: a cat? /gen

Meme Primarch: like a cat

Meme Primarch: they also purr which is a whole other conversation on its own

Secret Meme King: what the fuck... /lh

Meme Primarch: yeah we just stopped questioning it
but yeah, small little touches help keep him grounded
if he gives a really small smile that's how you know that he's feeling better, not the huge grin he gives everyone all the time, just a soft, tiny smile

Secret Meme King: alright. thank you for all your help, ashido

Meme Primarch: iida, we've been friends for a while! you know you can call me mina

Secret Meme King: right, thank you mina

Meme Primarch: i'm always down to help a friend in need!


dadzawa's demon children

[12:09 PM; Monday]

elphaba: shinsou what the ffuck /lh

elphaba: that's so much fish what

better purple boi: i don't see why it's that big a deal

elphaba: literally the only thing on your plate is fish and rice

better purple boi: and cheesecake

elphaba: shinsou w h a t

better purple boi: fish is good, i don't see why it's a problem

elphaba: it's not, it's just weird /hj

5123NH34D: L3T TH3 B0Y 347 H15 F15H 1N P34C3

sirenhead simp: no <3 /lh


C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝: ÿ̵̨͚̭̹̣͚̣̜͎̩̳͋̈́̎͂̅͌͒̕͠͠ó̷͔̜̥͉̑̓̅̓̒̏͒̆͆̄ͅu̶̡̨̠̭̙͚͎̹̮̙̎͗̎̀̊̍͝͝ ̸̧͚̻̭̘̩̖̬̙̰̈́̉̚g̴̛̮͎̯͈̯̓̽̍̂̏̏̔͜͠ȗ̸̧̺͉͈̹̙̖͖̤̊̈́̄̇̾̉͒̓͂̉̊͠y̸͚̭̥̔̇̈͊͐͋͒̄̂̀̕s̶̨̫̱̻̥̮̣̬̘͉̥̲̃̚͜ ̶̧̡̟̹̺̻͇̳̦̆̈́͒̐̒a̵̧͓̗̣͙̔͜r̵̡̪̰̟̫̋̋̎̄̑̃͐͂͘͘͝͠ͅe̵͉̳͉̰͍̜̫̝͉̺͆̔ ̶̛̘͛̿͆͑͛͊͆̿̍̌͑ä̶̧̯͚̲͎͕̞́͘s̷̡̧̢͍̘̥͆̎̈͋͛͂̄̀͋̓̇̃͒ͅs̶̫̈́̅̀͋w̵̢͙̬̟̼̳͉̙̥̘̦͎̝̞̅ͅh̴̞̻̘͔͌̀̇̍̅͌͠͝o̵͙̅̓̄̉l̶̢̢̜̽̎̔̈́̊́̃̏̓͗̈́e̶͒̂͜š̸̢̥̞̼̗̻͍͓͕̺̹̭́̽̑̓͒̆̈̈́͝͝ͅ

otho: silence your mother buys you mega blocks instead of legos


C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝: i̶̘̖̎̌̓̏͐̊̾͆̆̅͠'̵̣͙̖͍̲͇̘͇̳̏̿̊̈̈́̈́̚͠m̶̢͔̮̗͈̦̹͕̺̼͙̤̲̀͒̓͋͐̂̋͗̓̃͘ͅ ̸͓͕̼͎̫͉̐̕͜ṇ̷̢̢͇̗̬̯̐̂͜ǫ̸̮̖̖͔̰͛̒̈́̊́̅̆̒̐͌̕̚ṭ̵͙̓͌͗̌́̅̌͑̚͝͝͝ ̵̳̤̝͊̑̆̑̿͐̉̓̃͑̋͠͝ͅe̶̺͇̥̯̤͎͉̫̮̭͒̋͌̍̃̇̓̆̕ͅń̵͙̳̒̉̾t̵̞̬͈͖̹͍̍̈̅̓͆̅̋̌͆̿͑ę̸͉̩̻̰͉͕̣̰͇͖̊̄̅̓̓͋̿̔ŗ̸̠͚͐̓́͌t̸̛̯̹̹̂̉͆̃̄̕ǎ̷̢̭̹͙̩͕͚̇̓͆͒́̈́̓̎͝ͅǐ̷̡̡̛̼̘͉̲̖̏̌̄̒̊͋̈́͂͂̃̈́͊͜n̴̢̨̬̜͔̬͈̮͎̼͕̲̙͉̄̐̍ȉ̴̻̯̠̈́̾͒̇̕͝n̵̛̮͕̱͇̯͇͚̦̘̾̓̊̿̂́͜͜g̵̱͉̠̽̀́͋͐͒̄̈̊̓̕̚͘͝ ̷̻̦̦̿̈́̆y̸̧̧̧͔͎̖̭̫͕̏ͅͅǫ̶̨̛̜̗̭̳̣̜̳̯͓̾̃͊͗̇͆̋ų̸̧͇͙̝̳͍͕͙̤̫͋͗͘͜ͅ ̷̡̪̖̞͚̬͈̱̳̲̬̒̏̀̾̈̕͠͝y̴̛͖͋̌̏̈́͐̋̐ư̷̡̡̬̙̠͉̖̤̟̱̅̑̏͒̆̓̑͠ģ̵̤̥̥̜͊͑̉̂͆͋͗͒̅̉̽̔̾̚ả̴̧̛̛̼̣̹̿͋̌̃̇̊͜͠

otho: >:\ (/lh)

better purple boi: :0 mothman?


C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝: s̵̩͐̂̋̇͌̂̄̌̔͌̇t̴̨̼̰̓̉̏͒̓̓̾̈͝r̷̺̞̬͒͘ą̷̙͍̬̥͖̤̫͖͚̩̖͆͊̌̋̌̉̎̽̔͂̍n̶̝̤̙̱̝̖̱͒̃̆̈́͐̿͠ģ̵̧̘̲͚̥̳̼̭͔̱̦͖̔͊̌̓̒̋̑̿̓͝ͅé̵̺̻͍̜͈̠̯̗̽ ̸͚̺̳̤͇̮͌c̷̡̹͈̯̬̜̪͉̭̪͎̪̿̆̽̒̅͆̑̋̕̕͜͝͝h̴̨̟̘̩̱̤̲̄͂̃̍̔͂͐̊͂̕͝͝i̴̢̹͙͛͌̄̎̆̾̊̓͝ͅl̵̙͔̖̥̼̪̟̯͉̽͂̆̏̏́̅̏͗̿͗̒̄̕̚d̵̢̧̫̬̙̗̥̥̩͖̼̰͔̔̑̍͊̈́͗͑͑̄̈̆̓̾̂?̸̧̢̜̼̣̞̤̘̝̺̖̭̠̞̊̃̆̈̄̑̚

better purple boi: you're my hero /hj

Whiplash: everyone here... you're all insane

G O D: so are you for sticking around so long

Whiplash: i never said i wasn't


Unknown Number

[12:16 PM; Monday]

Unknown Number: shinsou.

Shinsou: weird person?

Unknown Number: oh, sorry!

-Unkown Number changed their name to 'Hagakure'-

Hagakure: there. i always forget to do that

Shinsou: chill, i know you

Shinsou: so what's up?

Hagakure: would you like to join my cult?

Shinsou: sure. is it the kind where we worship a god and do there unholy bidding and sacrifice shit and eat people?

Hagakure: sadly no, it's a gossip cult, but we're looking into starting one around someone soon. if tokoyami's info is right, that is

Shinsou: damn. oh well, i'll still join

Hagakure: lit but how do you know so much about cults?

Shinsou: i've lived many lives in the past.

Hagakure: makes sense. anyway, here are the rules:
1. whatever happens in the gossip chat stays in the gossip chat
2. only my identity is known in the chat, do not ask about the others.
3. simple nicknames to avoid people learrning your identity
4. refer to everyone with gender neutral terms and shit
5. when something's confirmed to be true; always start the text off with 'I Heard A Rumor'
6. when somethin's not confirmed true, is possibly true but context is missing, or is just overheard in the halls; always start the text off with 'Rumor Has It' (with the capitals)

Hagakure: 7. you must be willing to except the impossible, the powers that are not a quirk. if you are untrusted, you will lose all respect

Hagakure: as you're clearly an other yourself, i don't think you'll have any problem with that
8. respect the three tiers
9. don't bring an untrusted into the chat.
10. always run a candidate to the chat by me first.
11. don't expect someone to tell you which tier or realm they're from, or what kind of other they are
12. refer to the person you're gossiping about with a nickname for better anonymity
13. the chat is encrypted with both magic and regular encryptions and such. be aware of this throughout your journeys in the chat.

Hagakure: 14. when someone new joins the chat, just say welcome
15. if you can confirm someone elses rumor, do so as quickly as possible
16. don't disrespect people for any reason
16.5. endeav*r and m*neta are exceptions to this rule
17. respect admin encrypt. ey are the only reason we have such strong encryptions.
18. you don't have to give your pronouns, but can if you wish.

Hagakure: 19. if you find out about someone being an other, don't out what kind of other they are
20. Trust the Trusted Desecrate the Untrusted

Shinsou: of course. i'll try my best to respect all the rules

Hagakure: we could all die or get hunted down if someone untrusted finds the chat, so don't worry too much about the glitch texts

Shinsou: yeah. monster hunters fucking suck

Hagakure: and it's not really a rule, but you can use capital letters there. it's a nuetral spot in the war against capital letters.

Shinsou: got it

Hagakure: ready?

Shinsou: as i;ll ever be


Gossip of the Gods

[1̴̧̧͓̫̹͙͚̫͖͎̝̣̜̖̜̓͐̓̀̄͘͠2̸̹̫̺̔̂͛̂̎̏͌̉͊̂̈́͜͝:̴̛̹̈́͂͒͗̈́͌̉͐͗̚͘ͅ3̶̡̥͖̳̯̖͈̱̪̣͖̄̽̇̽̈̏̀̎̆̂̕ͅ1̵̧͇̦̞͇̱͉̺͕̍̇͑͗̈͆̓̒̎̒̈́̆͘͝ ̸͕̭͕͕͎̖̣̬͎̟̆̂̾͊̑̾̓̏͌͑̂̾̚ͅP̵͎̌̆͌͑̂̇̽̕M̷̪̹͈͎͊̐̈́͊͘;̴͓̟͎̞̲͓̖̙̙͔̱͌̓̄͋̚ ̴̨̫͔̆̃̎M̵̰͕̪̩͌̄͆̑̓͊̽͝o̷̧̭͍͙̹͕̱͙̙̫͕̯̽̈́̆͊̅̆͌͒̃̚ͅn̵̢̡̛̟͇̭̗̥͎͙̖̿̋͋̊̈d̴̨̡͇̗̼͓̠̣̭̫̫̮̤̪͒̇̄a̷̻̺̹͉̩̲̲͎̲̪̟̣̬̔͑̉͋̿̇͛̈͆̒̆͜͝y̷̟̞̗̳̯̟̦̬͊̓͆̌͌̐͝]

-Ghost has added Unknown Number to the chat-

Unknown Number: ...

Split: welcome

Seelie: welcome

Lightner: welcome

Darkner: welcome!!

Breach Seal: welcome

Spider Ruler: welcome

Hello Neighbor: welcome

Winged Beast: welcome

Encrypt: welcome

Knowledge: welcome

Primrose: welcome

Consume: welcome

Fox Lord: welcome

Change: welcome

Ashen: welcome

Cult Leader: welcome

The Alien: welcome

Size Up: welcome

Regrow: welcome

Bed Time: welcome

Mourning Shriek: welcome

Leeching: welcome

Conduit: welcome

Ghost: welcome [̷̞̈R̶͓̍E̵̡͛D̴͙̀A̶̜͗C̴̹͆T̸̥̏E̸̪͘D̴͚̑]̵͛ͅ

Ghost: the only required question we have for you is; human or other?

Unkown Number: other

-Unkown Number changed their name to 'Cat God'-

Cat God: a true v̵͇͠o̵̖̰͗̋i̴̘̕d̴̺̦̎̿l̸̰͊ĭ̸̡̭n̶̻ḡ̷͔̱ through and through.

Ghost: great

Change: Rumor Has It that there's an elder demigod in the hero course

Lightner: I Heard a Rumor that there's an elder demigod in the hero course

Change: wait what

Change: i was right

Change: hell yeah

Cat God: Rumor Has It one of the teachers is Untrusted

Change: shit,,,

Seelie: wait really??

Cat God: not sure

Winged Beast: sadly...
I Heard a Rumor that one of the hero course teachers is Untrusted

Cat God: fuuuuuucckkk

The Alien: Rumor Has It that there's an eldritch creature in the LOV

Seelie: Rumor Has It that the mist portal person is actually an abandoned seelie

Primrose: if they are that'd be so sad...

Knowledge: Rumor Has It there's a person with a spider quirk who goes to UA

Cat God: that'd be so fucking cool though

Shinsou smiled. Yeah, even if he failed at the whole 'not here to make friends' thing immediately, he knew he was going to like it here.

Chapter Text

turn the frogs gay

[1:08 PM; Thursday]

distraction 1: someone kill me

distraction 1: i can not stand their pining much longer

insurance: now you know how we all felt watching you and monsieur roki~

planner: it was horribly painful and obvious, one mil

distraction 2: can we focus back on what my boyfriend is saying

distraction 2: he makes some valuable points.

distraction 1: we should go with my original plan and lock them in a closet until they confess

executioner: that is still a horrible idea, izuku

distraction 2: is it as bad as taking an internship in hosu where the hero killer was lurking? /lh

executioner: ....

executioner: touche.

planner: damn frosty isn't leaving any survivors today! but yeah, at this point we should jsut lock them in a closet and hopw for the best!

insurance: hatsume darling, you have not slept in over one hundred and sixty eight hours, you do not get to make any decisions until after you crash

planner: you sound like my parents >:T

executioner: it's the rules, hatsume. you know this.

planner: i;m still allowed to to pout about it.

insurance: right, but what are you going to do about the pining dorks~?

distraction 2: lock them in a closet.

executioner: no

distraction 1: than we might have a problem

executioner: unlock them then!

distraction 2: we might have a few problems

distraction 1: i swallowed the key

executioner: how?!

distraction 1: body horror


execution: kill me now... (/j)


dadzawa's demon children

[2:00 PM; Thursday]

elphaba: help

galinda: why are we in the closet...?

beetlejuice: you will be released once you pass

elphaba: the note in here just says 'get togfether you useless gays'

galinda: please unlock the door ribbit

beetlejuice: sorry i swallowed the key

G O D: once i get back i'll make a new key so you can get out...

G O D: i;ll be back in about thirty minutes

galinda: alright


gay frogs in space

[12:06 PM; Thursday]

space: how long before they realize that we've been dating for a while

gay frogs: we'll probably have to tell them ribbit

gay frogs: but i kinda want to let them think we're still pining for a little while

space: fair fair

space: wanna makeout?

gay frogs: sure

space: nice


Chapter Text

Bakusquad Chaos

[11:48 PM; Friday]

Pikachu I choose you!: okay we need to steal shinsou and induct him into our squad before the dekusquad or the cryptid squad gets him

Racoon Eyes: dude isn't it a little early

Tape Face: he has had a full week to adjust to our classes chaos, he desaerves to be inducted into one of the squads

King Explosion Murder: shut the fuck up asswholes it's too late for this shit

Tape Face: but we need to convince shinsou to join the bakusquad

Blocky Rock: yeah! it'd be super manly if he joined our squad!

King Explosion Murder: i don't fucking care!


~Dekusquad~ <3

[11:51 PM; Friday]

Leader Deku: alright i demand shinsou becomes a memeber of our squad.

Un-Gravitied Bi: alright i'm down

it's your power todoroni: he's already sort of been inducted anyway cause of what happened last night

Speedy Boi: alright

Ribbit-Kermit-Ribbit: all in favor then? eye

Leader Deku: eye

Speedy Boi: aye

Un-Gravitied Bi: i

it's your power todoroni: aye

Leader Deku: alright let's go get a tired purple boi


dadzawa's demon children

[12:00 AM; Saturday]

beetlejuice: shinsou i request you report to the common room for your induction

better purple boi: what

ms.argentina: hey no we saw him first fuck off

beetlejuice: you already have two people in your squad that can purr we only have one we get shinsou in retribution

ms.argentina: he's my love interest our sqwad grts him!

better purple boi: what no one "get"'s me i'm not an object what's happening

beetlejuice: well he already sort of got inducted into the dekusquad last night so bite that

show em what your colors worth: fuck no we get shinsou! he's supposed to be a part of the bakusquad!

better purple boi: why are there so many cults in this class /hj

elphaba: we already decided! he's a member of our squad!

drugz: wait waddya mean he already got 'sorta inducted' into your squad???

vigilante justice warrior: last night. we ran into him, and the sort of induction went from there

better purple boi: wait your squad induction includes hiding a dead body?????!!


drugz: i;m sorry what

vigilante justice warrior: not always. it's a bit more complicated then that, to be honest.

charles: just read the first two words in tenya's username

elphaba: we are the first word, we enact the first two words

drugz: please tell me yall aren't serious what

better purple boi: alright sounds lit as hell

better purple boi: what does the bakusquads initiation consist of?

show em what your colors worth: eating bakubros spicy curry
can we go back to what the dekusquad is saying what

better purple boi: i;m gonna go ahead and say i'm more interested in the bs going on with midoriya and his pals

better purple boi: sorry

delia: but can we get the story behind this?????

charles: simple version; last night, we both had bodies to hide for one reason or another. we (the dekusquad) went to the forests around here to burry it and dispose of it properly and shit. we ended up in the same clearing as shinsou, who had his own body. while ours was in a body bag, his was just fully exposed. it also had several bites taken out of it

better purple boi: he was delicious and an asswhole. i don't regret it.

charles: we acknowlegded each other, and just disposed of our bodies in peace, and headed back to the dorms with each other. no words were exchanged.

delia: that's the simple version???

charles: well i left out quite a bit of context so yes


drugz: idk if that's hot or terrifying what /hj

drugz: i kinda wanna be a part of the dekusquad now /hj

ms.argentina: same shit /lh

baby you're a firework: you're my shitheads you don't get to leave now

delia: don't worry blasty we wouldn't trade you for the world <3 /gen


Honorary Squad Memebers

[12:21 AM; Saturday]

Ears: fuck

~Shiny~~Crab~: haha you owe me money~~ /lh

Ears: dammit

~Shiny~~Crab~: what can i say, the dekusquad is fast and batshit /hj

Chapter Text

Cryptids & Demons, Fix the 4th Wall For ONCE

[4:09 PM; Sunday]

Smort Human: please let's stop talking

Bog Witch: ^

A Glitchy Ghost: but your reactions are funny lol /hj

Smort Human: i don't even have a blood kink! i just like the smell

Smort Human: and the taste

Smort Human: but it doesn't turn me on!

Smort Human: who do you take me for? toga? /j

French Butterfly: kure, darling, that's like saying i have a blood kink because i drink blood~

French Butterfly: which we know isn't true~

A Glitchy Ghost: fair fair

A Glitchy Ghost: i'm sorry for saying you have blood kink mido /gen

Smort Human: it's okay /g

Smort Human: but i do expect some form of repayment in the near future

A Glitchy Ghost: fear /j


[2:59 AM; Monday]

A Glitchy Ghost: tokoyami fumikage if i find another shadow creature in my room trying to possess me i will get mashi to cleanse your room in a way so you can't get back into it for a week

NightmareMoon: it is not my fault dark shadow feels lonely. besides, you're immune to possession you're just being dramatic

Sugar Poison: i'll make you a candle to ward the shadows off, hagakure.

A Glitchy Ghost: thank you v_v

A Glitchy Ghost: at leasat someone care me /j

French Butterfly: i am going to fucking scream

Sugar Poison: uh oh there's no ~swirly~ this must be serious

French Butterfly: as the cryptid in charge of keeping track of who can and cannot be trusted with what information, i get the updated list of who's trustworthy and who is untrusted every month, usually i pick the lists up at tea time with roman

A Glitchy Ghost: yea we know

French Butterfly: and this bitch had the audacity to give me the new list now. in the middle of the fucking night.

French Butterfly: and it's not like the list changed much since last month, just less heroes are trustworthy but that's kind of to be expected

French Butterfly: but by the fucking abyss, they gave me not just the list i needed, but a plot outline for another universe. it wasn't even one adjacent to ours! i lit it on fire in retaliation

French Butterfly: they interrupt my beauty sleep to tell me to do my job, i burn their plot outlines so they can't do theirs!

French Butterfly: apologies, i just had to get that off my chest

SCP Foundation: ok

SCP Foundation: but more importantly, where is midoriya

French Butterfly: uhhhh vigilante patrol i think~

A Monkey: yeah i think he's doing a solo patrol without the rest of his squad

Sugar Poison: you idiots

Bog Witch: he should be fine,,, so long as nothing too bad happens,,

Sugar Poison: it's three am on a sunday night why do you think nothing bad will happen? /lh

A Monkey: don't get mad at kouda trying to be optimistic! /lh

French Butterfly: whatever, i'm going to head out now to try and find him~

SCP Foundation: don't get caught, i'm not bailing you out again

NightmareMoon: i;ll see what me and dark shadow can do

Sugar Poison: i'll get the abyssal candles ready in case things go south

A Glitchy Ghost: alright! roll out, we got a potentially murderous cryptid on the loose!

Midoriya wasn't sure what time his patrol started. Iida doesn't like them patrolling on school nights, but he just had to get o̴̢̬̔ů̵̳̥͑t̶͔̖͌. He felt closed in, stuck, suffocated. He doesn't always feel like that, but when he does an extra patrol or two or a long workout usually helps. He couldn't let it build up for too long. Last time he did... He doesn't actually remember what happened the last time he let the feeling build up too much, it was back when him and Bakugou were still friends. The only thing he really remembered was blood. Lots of blood.

Midoriya wasn't sure how long he's been hopping on rooftops now. It was at least twenty minutes... probably more. Time is an illusion, anyway. It was a slow night, it was a Sunday after all, and that slowness didn't help with his process of time.

Suddenly, he heard something, a crash. Then a yell. He was rushing towards the noise before he could think too hard about it. Hiding on a roof by the noise, he observed the situation. Two people were yelling, he couldn't see their faces very well. There was a splatter of something red. Midoriya scrunched his nose. He recognized the smell.

One of the people arguing tried to leave, but the other guy-the one who smelled like blood-grabbed their hair. Midoriya, deciding this is definitely something he should interfere with, jumped down and cut the persons hair. "Sorry for the hair cut!" he said immediately, standing up. He had a mask and voice changer, so he didn't worry about being recognized.

"It's fine kid," the person said, running a hand through their now shoulder length hair, "I was planning to get it cut soon." The person nodded and left quickly.

Geez, how long was their hair to begin with? Midoriya thought. "Well, that was lucky..." He mumbled.

"Fucking hell, you ruined my night!"

Midoriya turned to the other person. His nose was bleeding. That must've been where the splatters and the smell came from. "I'm sorry? Not really, but how did I ruin your night?" Midoriya focused on the nosebleed. Why was he so hungry all of a sudden? Everything was feeling too small, too closed in still.

"You fuckin' ruined it! So did that bitch, she didn't want to accept my fuckin' help!"

Midoriya scrunched his nose again. This guy wreaked of alcohol. It made the blood smell less appetizing. Appetizing? "They didn't look like they needed your help, dude."

"Shut up!" The guy reached into their pocket and pulled out a knife, lunging at him. Midoriya easily dodged, using his own knife to slice the guy. He left a large cut on their arm. Some of the blood landed on his jacket. Too tight. Too small. The guy lunged again, more desperate this time. He managed to cut Midoriya's hoodie, barely. That would be an easy fix, so he didn't think too hard about it. Midoriya sliced upwards, aiming for an artery in the guys' arm. He missed, but still managed to lodge the knife into his attackers' hand. More blood got on his outfit. Hungry. Hungry. H̶͚͐͊u̸̺̟̒n̷͙͛̄ğ̸͚ͅr̶̹̂y̸̙̎.̷̄̈́ͅ ̸̩̏̚F̷̢͔̆ẹ̷͚̃̽ȅ̷̥ͅd̶͖̋̋.̶̡͈̌͑ Midoriya stumbled away, further into the alley. B̸̟͆ĺ̶͙ő̴̱͑ò̶̲͘d̶̞̥͑.̵̲̈́̋ ̴̝̦̎̿H̶̨̞̓ű̵̖n̴̈́͜g̸̮͒̎r̷̠͌̚y̴̢̭͠.̸̛̤͈ ̴̝̓F̵̛͙̜ḙ̸̛̂ě̵̮d̷̨̐.̷̻͌̇ ̶͍̟̅T̴͎̊̓ǒ̸̤o̵̭͂̈́ ̵̫͋S̷̟̭͂m̵͔̫͗a̵͓̓l̸̯̳̽̑l̷̙̑̉.̸̻̂ ̶̼̗̈́̿F̵̣̿ë̸̢́͠e̵͓̝͝d̴̨͜͠.̵̇ͅ ̷̰̐B̵̲͉̕l̸̗͝ö̶͓́̍õ̶̧̩d̴̜̏.̵̢̄̄ ̸̥͎͘͝M̷̤͖̊o̶̩̝̽͌r̸̳̝͆̌e̵̪̬͒̾.̶̠͉͊̑ ̷̪̠̎̓N̵̳̉̍e̸͓̠̔̋e̵͕͊͠ḋ̵̪ ̸̞͒M̴̀͜ő̶̖̯̄r̵͍͆̅e̸͙̎.̸̡̹̄

Midoriya was so focused on the blood he didn't notice the person coming right for him. They stabbed him in the chest, right in the sternum. (B̷̨̟̍ͅi̴̙͎͇̙̓͌͗̅Ǧ̷̛͓̝͈̫̇͘ ̶͙̘̣͚̎̈́̋̿m̶̩̉I̶̭̜̻̺̒̂̕̚s̶̢̖͖̝̾̇Ṭ̴̡̤͇̏̾̚a̸̛̮̜̦̚K̶̛̯̠̀̂e̷̤͙̗̠̅̿͘.) He felt himself smile. A large, unnerving, cheshire grin. His attacker couldn't see the grin behind his mask, but they felt unnerved all the same. They took a step back. Midoriya chuckled, the sound reverberating against the walls of the small alleyway.

"̴̙̌B̸̲̉ĕ̵̟ ̵̮̍c̶͉̾à̶͍r̷̘̍e̶̪͆f̵̺͌u̶̹ļ̸̈́ ̵̰̚w̶̪͗i̵̠͝t̵̲͐h̴̙́ ̴͇͑ẘ̶͎ḫ̸͋o̷̪̚ ̵̲͋y̵̲͗ő̷͜u̵̗̅ ̸̕ͅm̵̬̕ẻ̴ͅş̸͐s̸͈͒ ̶̪̇w̵͚͒ȋ̵̳ẗ̴̲́ȟ̸̡,̴̫̅"̴͍̃ Midoriya said, reaching to remove the knife, his body making sickening squelching and cracking sounds with each movement. He yanked the knife out of his chest. While the offending weapon was caked in blood that was a normal color, the wound was dripping some sort of black sludge that was staining his sweatshirt. The sludge was leaking out of his mouth as well.

A single tendril emerged from his wound and took the mask off. Might as well show your victim the face of their killer, right? It's not like anybody in the police force would think to question spirits. A stupid oversight on their part, in his humble opinion.

Midoriya no longer had two eyes, he had a single eye, the color of blood. His sclera was black with green and red cracks webbed throughout. His teeth were sharp, sharp fangs. His smile was so wide it looked like his face was splitting apart. The cracks in his sclera started spreading across the rest of his face and his body.

His stomach split open, to show rows and rows of sharp fangs and a long, green tongue. From that gaping hole in his body, something emerged. Midoriya's body dropped limply, and a shadowy, nine-foot mass of pure fear.

His skin was a shadowy texture, and black tinted green. Instead of arms there were three tendrils in each shoulder socket. There were two visible eyes. One on his face and one on his chest. The eye on his face had black sclera with thin green and red cracks webbing through it, and a red iris. It was the only feature he had on his face. The eye on his chest had a normal white sclera and a green iris, with thin red and green cracks webbing through it as well. There was a large mouth in his stomach, with a long green tongue sticking out of it. His hair was bright white, though it seemed green because of the large halo glowing behind his head. He had large red wings on his back, and slightly smaller red wings for ears. Instead of legs, he had several tendrils.

His two visible eyes were glowing an ominous red color. The mouth on his stomach smiled widely, showing off the uneven fangs.

The person who stabbed Midoriya, the catalyst of their own fate, dropped to their knees. They started mumbling prayers, praying to any god that could exist to spare them. Hoping that they'd listen. They didn't want this to be the end, they didn't want to die like this!

B̶̧̔ǔ̶̟͙̕ṭ̵̂ ̷͎͕͑͑͜i̶̳͇͙̇̅t̴̞̃̌ ̶̪̮̇̚w̸̛͎̋̾a̸̫̮̟͛ṣ̵͉͙̉̚͠ ̵̌ͅt̶̞̍õ̶͉̘̥ó̷̞̲̝̈́͠ ̵̪̳̏̋͠ḽ̵̝̂ͅą̸͎͈̃̕͝t̶̜̚͠e̷̤̗͍̍.̵̙̙̈́͊̍

The last thing they saw before they died was the inside of this demons' stomach.

Midoriya's... form collapsed, crawling back into his body. Aoyama landed next to a puddle of blood and Midoriya's unconscious body shortly afterwards. "Merde..." they cursed.

Cryptids & Demons, Fix the Fourth Wall For ONCE

[4:31 AM; Monday]

-Smort Human changed their name to 'actually eldritch'-

actually eldritch: so.

Sugar Poison: so

French Butterfly: so

A Glitchy Ghost: so

A Monkey: so

NightmareMoon: so

Bog Witch: so...

SCP Foundation: so

actually eldritch: you all knew, didn't you?

NightmareMoon: sort of. i am in charge of knowing who is what kind of other. unlike aoyama, who recieves a detailed list of who is trustworthy and untrusted every month, i simply get a vague list every now and again of who is what... it never tells me exactly who is what, but it's easy to figure out through the process of elimination. slowly.

NightmareMoon: dark shadow and i just assumed you were the eldritch horror based on your ever shifting aura

actually eldritch: and you didn't think to tell me because....?

NightmareMoon: we were not sure, and were unsure how to.
i am really sorry i didn't, midoriya (/g)

actually eldritch: apology accepted. /g

actually eldritch: but to make it up to me, you will have to answer all of my questions /j /nsrs

NightmareMoon: that seems like a reasonable request /hj

French Butterfly: ask away mon ami~ /srs

actually eldritch: ...

actually eldritch: okay but i have a lot of questions so buckle up

Bog Witch: ( ̄ω ̄;) (/nm)


Chapter Text

Cryptid Hunters: Insomnia Addition

[11:58 PM; Monday]

cats now, sleep later: on a scale of one to ten how pissed do you think aizawa will be when i show up to class witjh a hoard of catrs that wont leave me alone until i get more than three hours of sleep /gen

Bisomniac: probs an 8, cause like, on one hand, cats
on the other, i have an allergy to cats,
and on another hand, what the fuck

Why Have Sex When There's Coffee: i;m sorry "when"?

cats now, sleep later: read my name /hj

cats now, sleep later: but in all seriousness, i odn't know what to do they're following me and i cant' get them to stop

cats now, sleep later: i think selene bribed them w food or some shit


dadzawa's demon children

[12:02 AM; Tuesday]

delia: it hath begun

beetlejuice: it hath begun

charles: it hath begun

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: it hath begun

ms.argentina: it hath befun

otho: it hath begun~

galinda: it hath begun

elphaba: it hath begun

powerpuff girls: it hath begun

barbara: it hath begun

lydia: it hath begun

adam: it hath begun

show em what your colors worth: it hath begun

sirenhead simp: it hath begun

good purple boi: the fuck is wrong with this fucking class what has begun is this a cult im scare /hj

G O D: it's just one of the class cults

good purple boi: yea i don't know whether i'm surprised or not


Betting With the Gays$$$ at Midnight

[12:08 AM; Tuesday]

Green Gay: whats up mina?

Pink Queer: it's meeting night

Green Gay: oh right! i completely forgot, lol

Disney Gay: (◕‿◕)

Green Gay: ioh that's so ominous

InvisiBi: good. /lh

InvisiBi: pay up motherfuckers!!!!!

InvisiBi: i was fucking right!

Green Gay: im scared and confused what's happening

Pink Queer: about which bet?

InvisiBi: the one about who vore an actual fucking person first before second year!

Green Gay: dammit

Bi Pride: fucking hell do you know how much money i had riding on that bet izuku?! (/nm)

Green Gay: how do you think i feel?! /j

Red Gay: damn. i for sure thought it was gonna be dark shadow

Emo Queer: fair
(fair!! -dark shadow)

InvisiBi: and because we (kouda and i) were right, we won the bet~!

Pink Queer: damn, we need to learn not to bet against you, this is like, the fortieth bet you won

Disney Gay: ....φ(︶▽︶)
(シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ(シ_ _)シ
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

InvisiBi: what they said. we expect you to pay up tomorrow

Green Gay: i hate my life..... /j


dadzawa's demon children

[3:48 PM; Tuesday]

good purple boi: ok, it is too early fo r this, why are they doing.

good purple boi: that /gen

G O D: i

G O D: i don't know

5123NH34D: 17'5... 17'5 F0U2 1N 7H3 4F732N00N

good purple boi: i said what i meant

drugz: im so fucking concerned what is happening??? /lh

sirenhead simp: i can explain!

sirenhead simp: so they lost a bet, and now uraraka, kami, tsu, shouji, todo, aoyama, mina, jirou, sato, and kiri have to worship mido for three hours and pay us twenty dollars each later

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: (:

G O D: i. what was the bet?

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: (:

G O D: horribly ominous, thank you kouda

good purple boi: why mido? like. ehy worship him?

sirenhead simp: because of how we won the bet

good purple boi: ...
ok seems legit. tbh i don't wanna know

sirenhead simp: lol

drugz: ...welp. im going to go hide in my room and do my hw, i want nothing to do with whatevers going on over their /lh

vigilante justice warrior: ...

vigilante justice warrior: i'm going to go drink myself to death /hj

vigilante justice warrior: if you need me, i'm going to be drowning my sorrows with that strong alcohol we have left over from one of our last party

Whiplash: yeah... that's fair...

Chapter Text

Discount Gays

[1:08 AM; Wednesday]

Trans+Gay=Disaster: someone pls get kaminari, i cannot handle their fucking pining atm

Trans+Gay=Disaster: i'm gonna fucking fight them pls /j/j

Ace of Diamonds: sigh. i'll come get them

Lesbutch: what was it now

Trans+Gay=Disaster: three hours of describing shinsou's eyes. three. hours. of describing his eyes in excrutiating detail.

Trans+Gay=Disaster: *excruciating

Pink and Genderqueer: at least you don't have to deal with kiri and sero fucking screaming aboyt their respective crushes.

Questioninng Crackhead: have hyou even seen iida's biceps thouhgh????!?!! that man coulfd benmch press me so fucking aeasily lkadsjflkajflkjsd

Pink and Genderqueer: see?

No Gender, Only Darkness: ashido, you have no room to talk.

No Gender, Only Darkness: you rant about shiozaki every time she gets you tea.

No Gender, Only Darkness: which is fairly often

Pink and Genderqueer: look

Pink and Genderqueer: you don't iunderstand. she looks ethereal and i feel so fucking blessed that she cares about me to get me tea sometimes it is completely different

Trans+Gay=Disaster: i'm ten seconds awya from locking all of you in closets until you confess /hj

Cassgender Frogg: no more locking people in closets, mido ribbit

Trans+Gay=Disaster: where did you come from??? /j

Cassgender Frogg: i am everywhere (/j)

Trans+Gay=Disaster: well that's ominous /j

Questioning Crackhead: j;lkfdsaklhfdkjakajfalkdsjcnvakjfkjdskejoiafjeoinc vjkad;jvlkajd

Questioning Crackhead: so i goit iisa to help me w hw i didn't dfinish righr???

Questioning Crackhead: he fell asleep on my bed cuddling me aim in heaven i must be deaed this is maazing what is this

Pink and Genderqueer: affection

Questioning Crackhead: amazinf. give me more

Questioning Crackhead: akfdjlka;jfoiakjfalkjf;LKJFLKkja;ljfd

Questioning Crackhead: /pos

Questioning Crackhead: he's so ficking comfyu what

Questioning Crackhead: hes so waerm too 

Questioning Crackhead:  midoriya how dare you keep him all to you and your squads selves

Trans+Gay=Disaster: why am i suddenly at fault?!

Ace of Diamonds: -_-

Fluid as a River: have any of you heard shinsou recite old poetry his voice is melodic and amazing and im in love what the fuack

No Gender, Only Darkness: great, now there's more of them /lh

Fluid as a River: look

Fluid as a River: look

Fluid as a River: shinsou si the most perdect being i have ever layd eyes upon

Fluid as a River: therefour, im legallu rewquired to inform eevry one that he is absolytely the most amazizng and eleganr and beatigul and assthetically pleasing persong ever

Lesbutch: hm... i feel like being annoying /lh


Lesbutch: *perfect


Lesbutch: *therefore

Lesbutch: ******amazing

Fluid as a River: r00d! /j

Fluid as a River: i meant to do that one

Lesbutch: i-

Lesbutch: yknow what? you do you dude

Questioning Crackhead: lka;dsfjlkhakjdhfkjjlj iida is the most amazing person and the only one that matters in this world you all suck /j

Questioning Crackhead: iidaisasleeplookathimilove.img/msg

Ace of Diamonds: ...

Ace of Diamonds: i didn't know iida drooled in his sleep

Trans+Gay=Disaster: he also sleep talks

Trans+Gay=Disaster: like, a lot

Trans+Gay=Disaster: once i had a full 'conversation' with him while he was asleep

Questioning Crackhead: iakjldakfjal he's so preetttyy

Fluid as a River: srsly though, shinsou's voice is my reason for living /nsrs

Fluid as a River: he's??? so fuckjing nice??? and pretty??? and hihs eyse???? adre so so rpetty???

Fluid as a River: also i may have accidentally fille d a notebook up with drawingd of him. is thar creepy??? am i creepy??? /gen

Lesbutch: it's a little creepy

Trans+Gay=Disaster: he's been here for like, three weeks???

Fluid as a River: yteaahhh i knoowoww

Fluid as a River: kjakjdhfalkjdshkjahfkjHSdkjf hes' texiting me, he;s sentme cat videos, shinsou marry me (/hj)

Trans+Gay=Disaster: i'm not dealing with your guys' pining rn, if you need me i'll be with my boyfriend watching totally not pirated disney and pre-quirk era movies


Chapter Text

dadzawa's demon children

[4:09 PM; Saturday]

ms.argentina: game night game night game nigh game neight game nught

delia: game night game night game night game night game night

elphaba: game night game night game night game night game night

good purple boi: ?

vigilante justice warrior: every weekend, at about six oclock, we have a movie night or a game night, changing which we do every week

vigilante justice warrior: three people get to choose what we watch/play for either, and this week it's kaminari, uraraka, and mina's turn to choose the games

good purple boi: ah

ms.argentina: you beetter be ready everyone huehuhehue

barbara: that's less ominous with the misspellings /j

ms.argentina: (¬ ¬)

barbara: vuv

vigilante justice warrior: as it's your first game night, shinsou, would you like to choose one of the games we play? i'm sure that one of the others would be fine with giving up their choice for this week

good purple boi: lol, i'm good. i can have my turn another time

elphaba: good \(✧∀✧)/¤=[]:::::> (/lh, /j)

good purple boi: horrifying thank you /lh

elphaba: uwu 

good purple boi: so what games are we playing

elphaba: monopoly :>

ms.argentina: you'll see :)

delia: i'll be honest, i normally go for t or d, but w'ere gonna do something different today! i got this really old pre-quirk era game from my older sibling, and i thought it'd be fun to play!

good purple boi: is it a pre-quirk era game like undertale?

delia: we'll see!

good purple boi: cool

barbara: denki usually goes with puzzle games or horror games or something like that, so we're probably also going to have to do some puzzles

ms.argentina: i hate how well you know me and my patterns

good purple boi: i didn't know you liked puzzles /pos

ms.argentina: lol yeah. between hero trianing and school and hw and everything, i don't gett too much time to work on them so i abuse game night privellages to share my interests with the class lol /hj

good purple boi: i think that's really cool dude /gen

ms.argentina: lkajfdksjfal you do??

ms.argentina: al ot of people at mu old school thoughr i was weird for linking puzzles

ms.argentina: *liking

ms.argentina: ivesaidtoonuch

good purple boi: well i don't think it's weird /gen

beetlejuice: just fucking kiss already omfg

-sirenhead simp deleted one message-

sirenhead simp: i always have fun when denki get's to chose something for game night!

Whiplash: what she said

ms.argentina: lajkdlkdajslkfjadfkljfkajflkajfds;lk

G O D: i also agree with everyone. i find the puzzle games entertaining

ms.argentina: yall are gonna make me cry, brooo /pos

drugz: yall

ms.argentina: dude

drugz: you called me out on it bro, and no matter how much i love you (/p), i have to exact my vengeance /j

drugz: but yea your games slap bro /gen

drugz: this coming from somoene who doesn't know jackshit about most video games/board games

ms.argentina: i love you /p

baby you're a firework: will you fuckos shut the fuck up?! some of us are trying to fuckingf study

delia: can't you just mute the chat dude

beetlejuice: fuck you kaachan we can do whatever we want (/j)

good purple boi: the two kinds of people /j


[5:57 PM; Saturday]

good purple boi: you guys just went silent huh

ms.argentina: got distracter lol

ms.argentina: you coming to game night?

good purple boi: yea i'll be down in a minute, selene is being stubborn and not getting off my lap

ms.argentina: :thumbs_up:

The class's game night turned out to be a. A lot. Shinsou noticed that described almost everything Class 1-A did.

Uraraka slammed the Monopoly box down on the common room table. "Who's ready?" she grinned.

Shinsou sighed. "Alright. I'm going to be the roller skate, though."

Twenty minutes later, Midoriya and Bakugou were yelling and screaming at each other over property. "KAACHAN, JUST PAY ME THE FUCKING TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! YOU OWE ME, THAT'S HOW THE FUCKING GAME WORKS!"



"I regret this immensely," Shinsou groaned. Uraraka was just cackling. "Is this normal?"

"Yeah, unfortunately," Iida sighed. "Midoriya, please be the rational one in this sitaution."


"Let's just... Move on to a different game."



Another hour later, and Ashido brandished xyr game of choice. It was a game called Super Mario Bros. "Welcome back to my older siblings insane collection of really fucking old video games!" Xe said. "This week, we have a really fucking old game they lent me, that if it gets damaged, Dorion will kill me."

"Are you sure it's alright to play it?" Kaminari said, raising an eyebrow. "Like, it's not going to give the console a virus or something?"

Ashido hesitated. "Probably not, let's play!"


Sero walked into the kitchen, sighing. He quietly got a mug and started making some tea. As he was waiting for the water to boil, he stood there silently, lost in thought.


Sero jumped and turned around. "Oh, hey Iida!" he said, smiling. "Something up?"

"Ah, nothing!" Iida replied, adjusting his glasses. "You just looked a little tired."

"Heh, I'm good! Just making some tea, and I guess I got a little absorbed in my thoughts."

"Alright, I just wanted to check on you."

"That's... Nice of you," Sero said.

"It's just common curtesy! It would be rude if I didn't check up on my friends every now and then!"

Sero snorted. "Doesn't mean it's not nice, Iida."

"Well... Whatever." Iida looked away, a faint blush across his face. Sero nodded, satisfied at his victory, and turned back to the water. "Are... You know you don't have to stay for the entirety of Game Night, right?"

Sero chuckled. "Yeah, I know. But really, I'm fine! I already feel kinda bad for dipping out on Movie Night last time, anyway."

"You were visiting family! No one would mind if you went to bed early."

"I know, I know, but like I said, I'm fine. A little tired, but it's fine."

"Right... Well, I trust you." The two stood silently in the kitchen for a moment. "You're, uh, your water is burning."

"...Fucking. Dammit all."

Chapter Text

Oh No, It's the Problem Children Again

[10:09 AM; Sunday]

Hush am sleeping: nedzu, hello, i have some questions about the lesson plan for this week

Lord of Chaos: Why, whatever is confusing about it?

Hush am sleeping: the guest teacher this week for stealth training? you still haven't informed me of who it is this year

Lord of Chaos: Oh! That's because I do not know myself!

Hush am sleeping:

Hush am sleeping: what

Lord of Chaos: You see, because of how much the HPSC President is breathing down the neck of UA, they've decided to send one of their dogs to help with the Stealth Training Week this year! I will inform you all, once I know who it is.

Hush am sleeping: fucking

Hush am sleeping: im going to bed its too early for this bullshit

Screm to da V o i d: haha im in danger!


[3:00 PM; Sunday]

Lord of Chaos: The email from the Hero Public Safety Commission Office has arrived! The guest teacher this year is the Underground Hero Other Sight!

Screm to da V o i d: haha, i'm in danger!!

S P A C E: you. u cna't be serious right??? other sight lost his liscense years ago!!!

I crave B L O O D: What about the students???!

Lord of Chaos: I don't like it either, however I cannot sway this decision, I've tried. Other Sight did lose his heroics license, however he was able to earn it back after a few months of community service.


Screm to the V o i d: h a h a, i m i n d a n g e r

Lord of Chaos: Now now, we must remain calm and put the students safety first and foremost. We will be taking measures to make sure Other Sight cannot harm the students for his beliefs.

Real Sonic: if Other Sight is anywhere near UA for ANY period of time, Tenya is not going near him as long as i can help it

Lord of Chaos: Unfortunately, Stealth Training is mandatory for all years and all classes. You know this, Tensei. If this decision was still in my paws, the outcome would be different.

Hush am sleeping: as one of the only ones who've had the fucking displeasure of working with other sight, that man is the least stealthy individual when his beliefs are involved. how exactly are you going to prevent that overzealous asswhole from doing something he'd regret?

Lord of Chaos: I plan on enlisting the help of Hatsume Mei and Midoriya Izuku for that!

Bulldozer: fucking dammit that gremlin may be a gremlin, but at least she can create decent aura cloaks

Bulldozer: pretty sure she admins for a chat of pretty much only others so she's probably the best for this kind of job.

Lord of Chaos: Exactly my thought process! She and Midoriya can create wonderous things, indeed, especially working together! And Midoriya's mother, Inko, is a well respected (and feared) individual in many communities! Not only that, the young boy has a brilliant mind! Some of the analysis of his I've read has been astounding! Almost on par with mine, though it's a little messy and he's in desperate need of coding experience. Their combination is nearly unmatched, and is quite perfect for our purposes! After this, I may take the two on as personal students, even!

Bulldozer: dammit

Hush am sleeping: please don't midoriya can take over the world on his own, he doesn't need you to help him

Lord of Chaos: For now, we just need to prepare for the worst, and hope no one ends up dead on our soil. Not again.

Hush am sleeping: ...
okay. okay i'll go along with it

I AM HERE: I'm afraid I don't understand all of your worry... From what I've heard of this Other Sight fellow, he's a rather upstanding hero, that even Stain avoided.

Hush am sleeping: stain avoided him because it would've been two mass murderers against each other, and Other Sight's Quirk is much more dangerous to Stain than Stain's is to Other Sight. Stain avoided him because he was smart and wanted to live.

Pornstar: also he's real buddy buddy with the hero commission, especially for an underground hero??? which is just weird on a couple different levels????? it's the hpsc?????

Screm to da V o i d: H A H A, I ' M I N D A N G E R



Lord of Chaos: Look. We are all going to prioritize the students, do you understand me? Hound Dog, I expect increased security around the dorms for the next two weeks. Other Sight is known to be persistent.

T H E R A P Y: will do. Counselling will be mandatory for all of the Otherly students after this experience, I won't accept criticism on this, Principle.

Lord of Chaos: Of course. Eraserhead, Power Loader, send Midoriya and Hatsume to me now. We have much to do in little time. Let's try to avoid causing a panic in the students, don't inform them until Other Sight is here. That is an order.

T H E R A P Y: seems like that could and will cause more problems,but i don't get paid enough to care tbh

F E E D: You're literally the counselor...???

T H E R A P Y: And?

Bulldozer: hatsume is headed your way now. fair warning, she hasn't slept in several hours

Bulldozer: wait no, *days

Hush am sleeping: same with midoirya

Lord of Chaos: Wonderful! Now. Let's hope we can prevent a disaster in the coming weeks...


Chapter Text

(the ref for Other Sight i drew! ^)tw; cursing, vigilantism mention, cannibalism mention, monster hunting mention, death mention, child death mention, child murder mention, attempted child murder mention, murder mention, magic/demon mention, canni...

(a ref for Other Sight i drew! ^)





Gossip of the Gods

[̸̻̤̪̅͋͗̃̑1̴̛̱̤̰̇̇̋2̷͔̂:̴̻̈́0̶̨͗̿0̶̱̩̾̏̿͋̇̿ ̵̘͎͂̍̂̐͂͝Ă̴̭͙̳͙̬̟͔̭̿̋̈͝M̵̦̤̮̐;̴̠̣͓͆̄́̋͘ ̶̱͍̳̥̠̏̎͋̓Ṃ̵͎̖̣̖̥͓̈́͋͋͗̽͐ǫ̶͇̥̮͌̓͝n̴̻͕̰̥͗́̿̓͘d̷̬̯̘̈́̓̓͒̌̇̕͝ḁ̸̡̮̻̝͔͒̌͋̄y̵̦͕̅̏͝ͅ]̷̗͉͚̠̠̾

Mourning Shriek: I Heard a Rumor that Õ̶͙ͅt̶̳̒̏ĥ̴̬̠̇ë̷̥́͘r̶̟̈́͝ ̸̳̍͂S̸̫̭̽͋ǐ̷͙̱͝g̵͎͙̑h̴̛̦t̵̡̠́ will be coming to UA this week.

Bed Time: I Heard a Rumor that Õ̶͙ͅt̶̳̒̏ĥ̴̬̠̇ë̷̥́͘r̶̟̈́͝ ̸̳̍͂S̸̫̭̽͋ǐ̷͙̱͝g̵͎͙̑h̴̛̦t̵̡̠́ will be staying for the entire week for a teaching thing

Ashido frowned as panicked messages poured in. That wasn't good. Xe's only heard of Other Sight through stories, but his Quirk was a risk to xem just like it was to many people in the gossip chat, or even just people in xyr own class. There was a reason xyr name in the chat was 'The Alien', outside of xem just liking sci-fi alien movies.

But Admin Encrypt was always updating the encryptions and protections in the chat. There was no way that he found his way into the chat, unless someone dropped or lost their phone, but everyone was accounted for according to Hagakure. And Hagakure was always careful with who she decided was added into the gossip chat. Xe didn't notice how quiet the other insomniacs became. "Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw then," Ashido mumbled. This could only spell disaster.

dadzawa's demon children

[5:58 AM; Monday]

delia: heeeyyy mido, out of completely innocent and not at all nosey curiosity, why'd dadzawa bring you to see nedzu yesterday?

beetlejuice: no fucking clue! it was really weird! he had mei and i make something, i don't know how i feel about it

G O D: what did you two have to make?

Fear the Hacker: an aura cloak!

beetlejuice: an aura cloak for the whole school

beetlejuice: hatsume wtf how are you here when did you get here what the fuck

Fear the Hacker: i've been here approximately two minutes, since you mentioned me! ya'll are really easy to hack, which is surprising, and dissapointing


beetlejuice: i'm afraid of you

Fear the Hacker: good!

charles: yeah but... why did he ask you to build an aura cloak?

beetlejuice: no clue! i'm fearing for my life right now ngl (/gen)

beetlejuice: als o might be having a panic attack who knows certainly not me lol

charles: i'll be over in a moment, love

beetlejuice: <3

Many members of Class 1-A were tense walking into class. Most didn't even want to go, but they had to. They were remarkably quiet. The 'Hell Class', as they were often called, hadn't spoken a word since walking in. The only noise was the rustling of papers and clothes and Kaminari fidgeting with a fidget cube. They probably heard something's different. Maybe they heard about Other Sight somehow. Aizawa thought. He sighed. "Alright Problem Children, listen up. This week is a special training week." That caused some people to perk up. "It's dedicated to practicing and improving your stealth abilities. It's a yearly occurrence, and is mandatory no matter what class you're in or type of hero you want to be. Because it's a school-wide training week, and there's only so many teachers, UA tends to hire temporary teachers specifically for the hero courses. This year, the person accepted was-"

"Was me!" Other Sight said, bursting into the room. He rubbed his neck awkwardly, smiling brightly. "Was that my que? Sorry, was that too soon? I can head back out-"

Aizawa sighed, rubbing his eyes. "No, it's fine, shut up. Everyone, this is Other Sight. He's another underground pro hero. I'll let him introduce himself." Aizawa climbed into his sleeping bag and laid down. He didn't go to sleep just yet, though. He has to make sure the stupid problem children don't get themselves killed immediately.

Other Sight sat on top of the podium. "Hey everyone! Like Eraser said, I'm Other Sight. You can just call me by my hero name while I'm here, no need to worry about calling me 'Sensei' or anything. How are you all?" There was a mumble in response. "...Okay. Well, my Quirk is noncombative-, and most people who know about me like to think I lie about having a Quirk even though it does have other, more visible affects when active, but whatever, -so Underground work really was the only path for me! And that's part of the reason why I volunteered to help with this training week!"

Aizawa glanced at him, glaring harder. He didn't know he asked to come. That was worrying. Well, more so combined with the fact that he was here in the first place.

"What is your Quirk?" Iida asked.

"Oh. You, ah, you all probably wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"You'd be surprised what kinda bullshit we believe," Todoroki said.

"Okay. Well, it's called Perfect Sight! It essentially lets me see ghosts, but other than that it lets me see the auras of people! And that's just the passive affect! I can use the auras to determine whether or not someone is... Human. Hence my hero tagline! 'The Aura Reading Hero'! When it's active, I can see exactly what kind of supernatural entity someone is, if they are anything inhuman, and the weaknesses of that supernatural species!"

"Oh! That's so interesting! I didn't know there were Quirks that let people see spirits and things, I always thought that was a trait unique to Quirkless individuals and certain Others..." Midoriya said excitedly, beginning to mumble rapidly. He knew about Other Sight's Quirk long before today, but he intended on making a convincing fanboy. He was actually a nerd about heroes, after all. It was also probably a decent idea to not mention the lie about what it was called... at least for now...

Other Sight laughed a bit. "Oh, it's not all that! It's quite a simple Quirk, really, but it is useful in my job!" Other Sight glanced at a watch he was wearing. "Well, I've gotta go! I do still have a few other classes I need to introduce myself too! Don't wanna keep them waiting!" He jumped off of the podium, waved, and walked out the door.

Once his footsteps faded, nearly everyone visibly relaxed. Iida glanced at his classmates in concern and confusion. Aizawa stood up and walked back over to the podium. "Alright class. Because we're begrudgingly letting Other Sight teach here this week, Stealth Week is gonna have a different mission outside of teaching you better stealth, specifically for all of the Others possibly in this class. Don't get caught. Your life could actually depend on it. Understand?"

"Yes Sensei," was the unanimous reply from the class.

Healthy Family Bonding

[8:24 AM; Monday]

be more ice: hey, ive got a question for you

Legally Dead: i hate that you changed the name of the musical. you know it still would've worked as 'be more chill', right dude?

be more ice: yes but i care not. do you know who ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ is? my classmates and izuku all seem rather terrified of him

Legally Dead: yea i know the bitch why?

be more ice: well, he's teaching here at ua for a week for some kind of special intensive training, it doesn't seem like any of the teachers like him though

Legally Dead: shit...

Legally Dead: alright. shit alright, shouto listen to me very fucking closely. avoid combat with him at all costs, and never get seperated from your freinds. travel in fucking packs or a buddy system for all i care, just don't be alone

be more ice: dabi, what's wrong? why? i'll do it but i'm confused

Legally Dead: trust me on this kid. ive done some horrible shit, but Õ̶͙ͅt̶̳̒̏ĥ̴̬̠̇ë̷̥́͘r̶̟̈́͝ ̸̳̍͂S̸̫̭̽͋ǐ̷͙̱͝g̵͎͙̑h̴̛̦t̵̡̠́ is so so much worse. alright? like, stain avoided him for his own safety, not cause he liked Õ̶͙ͅt̶̳̒̏ĥ̴̬̠̇ë̷̥́͘r̶̟̈́͝ ̸̳̍͂S̸̫̭̽͋ǐ̷͙̱͝g̵͎͙̑h̴̛̦t̵̡̠́, alright? that man is dangerous not just to you, but to most of your friends, and i know for a fucking fact that he's absolutely willing to hurt and maim and fucking kill innocent children for shit beyond their control. just stay away from his as much as possible, alright?

be more ice: alright...


Icarus was smart

[8:10 AM; Monday]

Not a Villain: hawks i need a favour

Not a Hero: oh? so early in the day~?

Not a Villain: Shut the fuck up Hawks, that's not the kind of favour I'm asking for.

Not a Hero: oh shit, okay what's up? is it smth to do with endeavor? or one of the other todoroki kids?

Not a Villain: kinda

Not a Villain: do you know Õ̶͙ͅt̶̳̒̏ĥ̴̬̠̇ë̷̥́͘r̶̟̈́͝ ̸̳̍͂S̸̫̭̽͋ǐ̷͙̱͝g̵͎͙̑h̴̛̦t̵̡̠́?

Not a Hero: yeah...? he's always at the commission office

Not a Hero: i think he's cheating on his wife with one of the people who file cabinets...

Not a Hero: anyway, not important. what's up? did you run into him?

Not a Villain: not exactly

Not a Hero: ?

Not a Villain: he's at ua for a week, some sort of special training, i think. i think the ua students could be in danger cause of it

Not a Hero: why are you concerned about the lives of ua students?

Not a Villain: my kid brother goes there?

Not a Hero: right, nvm, i forgot abt that

Not a Villain: dumbass

Not a Hero: (affectionate)?

Not a Villain: anyway, I need you to go and check in on ua at some point. just make sure the students are safe.

Not a Hero: bold of you to assume i'm not flying there right now

Not a Villain: then whyt the fuck are you texting me dumbass! fly responsibly idiot! you've had way too many fucking cuncussions to not understand that!

Not a Hero: lol, i'll be fine!

Not a Villain: that's literfally what you said last time you flew into a window

Not a Hero: shush


dadzawa's demon children

[8:30 AM; Monday]

vigilante justice warrior: are you all alright? you all have been extremely tense since ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ came in and introduced himself

C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝: i̶͇̰͐̕'̷̝̃̑m̴̦̣̹̈ ̶͔̇s̵̙͇͌̍ö̸̝́r̸̡̗͎͝ȓ̷͔͇̖y̴͛ͅ,̶̢͖̔͘ ̴̙̺̾̐ẘ̸̧͍̂͗h̶̪͊̑̆o̵̡̳̯͂'̷̰͉̽̾̈́s̵̡̫̘̽̊ ̸̢̓͐̄ḁ̸̚t̷̹̑͗ ̸̜̭̏̚͠y̷͙̕̕o̵͙̿u̵̡̨̺̐̈́͘'̸̯̿̄͜r̷̤̤̤̐e̷̫̚ ̵̹̄̈́s̴̠̋c̶̼͈̎ḧ̵̰̰̜́̅͛o̶̢͈͌o̸̲̾̊l̶̫͇͍̆?̵̩͍̂͂̀!̶̦͂̽͋

vigilante justice warrior: i didn't know you knew ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ mothman

vigilante justice warrior: odd, i didn't expect his name to become glitched when i sent it...

otho: iida, all you need to know as of this moment, is that... he is not to be trusted. he's an u̶̡͐n̴̙͝t̸̫̒r̶͓u̸̱s̷͚̓t̶͛͜ë̸̹́d̴̪̈

C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝:d̸̙̦̅͘͝ͅȯ̶̞̥͌ṉ̶͓̠́'̷͖̼̬͗t̴̨̜̉̓͗ ̴͍̓̈̚i̸̗̰͍͊͝g̴̼͕̃n̵͈̂o̶̮̓̇r̵̙̊e̸̮̰̽̆ ̶̙͚͒͘m̶͍̋ḛ̶̓̃͋ ̶͖͍̏̕y̶̧̬͝ͅu̶̡̬͗u̵̧͓̗̇̚g̸͍̍̂͝a̷̻̾!̴̂̿ͅ!̵͈̠̩̍̅̂!̵̣̲̈́

otho: many of us have our own and valid reasons to fear him

C̵͚͚̽̉̓͗̇̄̾̚͠͝ḩ̵͔̭͈̏̈́̈̀̕͘͝͝a̷̧̩͒̉͛̅̄̿͗̈́̚ͅo̷̢̹̍͒̄̄͜s̶̨͉̟̏̉̂̂̄̍́͘͠'̶͈̳͕̖͇̭̐̏̄͂͆̚͝ͅs̷̝̟̟̞̅͆͆̄ ̶̨̟̐̑̐K̸͉͍̺͕̒̎̊͒̐͝į̴̧̖̱̻̺̍̏ď̵̫͚͓̈́̎͌̚̕ͅs̷͈͙̪͔͙̣͗̋̈́̊͊̈́̿̉̚͜ ̷̨͊̊̍̓̈̎͆̀́̕$̶̨̟̗̦͌̓ũ̶̢̨̙̰͈͖̬̜̽g̶̼͉͎͙̓̏̈́͋̓a̴͖͇̳͚͌̇̍̈̆̂ŗ̴͉̬̼̰͕͉̃͂̆̾̉̂̎̈́͑͗ ̵̫̓̏̊̏͐̂͐̚͝͝D̶̫͇̜̖̆̍̊͌̄̈́͆̓͜ȃ̶̱̑͌̽d̷̢̧̙̖̮̰̖̗̈́͠ͅͅḑ̴̫̻̦̯̲̲͌̋̍̐̎̈́͝͠y̸̢̘̩̌̌̓͘ ̷͉̫͕̭̀̇̅̈̕1̶̡̞̫̪̰̤̋̉͂͝: y̶̧̬͝ͅu̶̡͗u̵̧͓̗̇̚g̸͍̍̂͝a̷̻̾!̴̂̿ͅ

vigilante justice warrior: ...

vigilante justice warrior: ...alright. but i do wish to have a proper explanation when we retreat back into the dorms at the end of the day.

barbara: we promise

vigilante justice warrior: also, aoyama, i think you should respond to your cousin

vigilante justice warrior: i'll hold you to that, jirou

"We're one day in and I already want to die," Midoriya groaned, flopping onto a couch in the common room. "This is torture! It has to be!"

"Mido, you're overexaggerating just a bit," Kaminari said. Midoriya rolled over and glared slightly at them.

"I am still awaiting the explanation I was promised," Iida said, doing his hand chopping thing. Jirou rolled their eyes as she sat down on the floor near the couch Midoriya was laying on.

"Prez, we've been back for like, five minutes, you can chill a bit. I think we need a moment to collect our thoughts."

Iida nodded. Everyone gathered in the common room, several of them had changed and several others had stayed in their uniforms. Not for comfort reasons or anything, just because they didn't feel like putting in the effort of changing. "Are you all ready to discuss Other Sight?" Iida asked.

Midoriya sighed, and sat up on the couch. He stretched, several things popping and cracking as he did so. Everyone ignored it, having gotten used to the unnatural sounds Midoriya's body could make. Shinsou was still getting used to it, but he had stopped staring at him in horror relatively quickly. Midoriya sighed. "Ready as I'll ever be... Well, to start of strong, he tried to kill me when I was eight."

Everyone who hadn't heard of Other Sight and the dangers that followed him paled. "But, h-he's a hero!" Iida tried to argue.

Todoroki sat down next to his boyfriend, and held his hand. "Heroes aren't always good Tenya," he said. Iida looked down solemnly.

"It's not the first time he's tried to or successfully killed either," Jirou continued. "In the Other community, he's literally one of the most dangerous people you could run into. He's worse than a lot of villains... I'd argue he's so, so much worse than the League of Villains. Like, the number of actual children he's successfully killed is sickening."

"He's a monster hunter, in Laymans terms," Shinsou said. "Others have reason to fear him because he's not hesitant to kill. And he's not one of the pathetic and untrained hunters you could simply run away from or outsmart, he's known as being one of the best. He doesn't kill for money or anything, like some do, but because he thinks that Others are beneath humans. That, and I quote, 'Humanity must be saved and purged from the beasts posing among us'. He doesn't think of Others as people. It's not uncommon for hunters to have that kind of goal, but like. That's his whole reason for existing, pretty much. He abuses his hero status to kill Others."

"People like him are reason why the Field is still divided," Kirishima sighed. "It's not the worst it could be, but things aren't good either."

"Just... You know how some of us are Others or have Other Blood in us?" Hagakure said, sighing. Iida nodded. "If he knows that, which he probably does unless that aura cloak Mido and Hatsume made was active all day, then that means our lives are in serious, genuine danger."

"Alright... I understand your wary of him. Just... I'm surprised, and appalled that the Hero Commission endorses him and his behavior! But, I mean, they also endorse Endeavor. So thinking about it, nevermind, I'm not actually that surprised."

"How did he figure out there were Others here, though?" Sero asked. "That might help figure out why he volunteered to be here."

"I have a few suspicions," Hagakure turned and glared at Midoriya. No one could see her expression, but the feeling and intent was there. Midoriya looked confused for a second, before something clicked.

"Ohhh, yeah, no this is probably my fault."

"Oh gods, the fuck did you do?" Uraraka groaned.

"So I went on an extra patrol a few weeks ago, right?" A collective groan amidst the Dekusquad. "It was just a normal, extra patrol. I was feeling kinda claustrophobic, so I thought it was a good idea! Cut to twenty minutes later, me eating someone alive and discovering I am in fact, an Eldritch Horror. It... It was a weird night."

"Why is it always you, Midoriya?" Iida asked

"It's not my fault I'm accident prone!"

"I feel like we're starting to branch away from the actually dire topic at hand, so I'm scooting us back to that. So, what are we going to do about Other Sight?" Shinsou asked.

"We could always kill him!" Dark Shadow said, appearing from Tokoyami's chest.

"Dark Shadow, no. We cannot. Then more eyes would turn to us and question how connected to the Void we all are," Tokoyami protested.

"I mean, I'm open to killing him," Shinsou said.

"See! Purple Cat thinks it's a good idea!"

"I'm also not a good role model, though. The Void does not like me, like, at all."

"Please, Fumi? I promise we'll be careful! And to thoroughly get rid of the body!"

"Let's leave murdering him as plan Z. A 'worst case scenario' type of thing," Yaoyorozu interrupted. "That way if we get caught, we'll at least have a decent holding in court as to claim it was in self-defense."

"We also need to be aware of who to look out for, ribbit. Who's the most endangered by Other Sights presence," Asui said.

"Right! So... do we know who of us should be worried?" Iida asked.

"Raise your hand if you're a possible target of Other Sight," Ojiro said, raising his hand. Following his example, the rest of the Cryptid Squad (including Midoriya) with the exceptions of Shoji and Satou rose their hands. Jirou rose their hand as well, and brought Kaminari's hand up with theirs. Kaminari looked at them and the Cryptids confused.

"Wait, what?"

"Just trust me on this Pikachu."

Next to raise their hands was Shinsou and Kirishima, followed by Ashido and Todoroki, lastly. "Don't ask," Ashido said.

"Doesn't help our curiosity, but will do." Sero gave xem a thumbs up.


"I'm unsure, but when I informed one of my older siblings that Other Sight was here, they were extremely insistent that I try my hardest to avoid altercations with him, and do not go anywhere alone, so with this new information presented, I assumed that must mean I have some sort of Other Blood that I'm unaware of."

"Makes sense."

"Jirou, dude, please explain to me why my hand is up?! Like, I trust you, but I'm so confused," Kaminari questioned.

"As someone who's actually met your mother, there's no way you don't have Other Blood."

"Ominous. I'll be asking my parents about that, just so you know."


"I think my aura is close enough to being human that he'd get confused, even if I'm like. Slightly to the left of human," Shoji said.

"Wow there are. A lot more Others in class than I thought there were," Uraraka said, eyes wide. All the Others put their hands down. "Okay. So, I was thinking, buddy system. We do everything in pairs or groups, but in a way that wasn't suspicious you know? So, like... Say, me and Mido are a pair, and Bakugou and Kirishima. We should do something like that!"

"The problem is the fact that we're trying to protect the Others in class, but the amount of Others outweighs the amount of humans. So what should we do?" Sero asked, biting his nail.

"What about a random name generator? Or a name wheel?" Hagakure suggested. "We could use that to randomly generate our names into groups, so even though the number of Others is uneven to humans, we can just, you know, still have groups of people. So no one's alone. It'll probably look less out-of-place then, too!"

"That. Actually is pretty reasonable."


"And think about it, this week is all about stealth training. If no one notices something's up, or that we're alone less often, then we could consider it part of participating in training!" Iida said.

"Alright, I'll go get my laptop!" Hagakure said, jumping up. An urgent-sounding knock echoed through the room from the dorms' door. Everyone froze. Yaoyorozu stood up and went to get it, after the knocking didn't stop after a minute.

Opening the door, Komori from Class 1-B was standing there, looking anxious. "May I come in? I-if I'm not bothering you, of course!"

"Of course, Komori! It's always a pleasure to see you!" Yaoyorozu said, letting the shorter in. The girl with the mushroom Quirk smiled gratefully, and followed Yaoyorozu to the common room.

"Oh, I didn't know I was interrupting something! I can come back another time-" Komori started quickly upon seeing the gathering in the common room.

"Nonsense! Maybe we can help! What's up?" Iida questioned, standing.

"It's, um... It's about... Other Sight."


Chapter Text

"What about him?" Aoyama asked. "Did he do something? What happened?"

"Um... He hasn't done anything, yet, I don't think... I hope not... but I'm really worried!"


"Why exactly? If you don't mind me asking," Yaoyorozu asked, sitting back down on the couch.

Komori sighed, and immediately started pacing. "So, there aren't a whole lot of Others in my class, other than me, but there are a few people who would probably register as Others to Other Sight's Quirk, right? Right! But most specifically I'm worried he's going to try and go after Monoma because Monoma's half human, and doesn't know he's half Other, so he could be an easy target, right? And I can't do a whole lot about it, I could lose my Court Rights! But you guys don't have to worry about that kind of thing! So um, I came by to ask if you could... Help me? With dealing with Other Sight?"

Ojiro rubbed his eyes. "There's... a lot to unpack there. Monoma is half Other?"

"He's half vampire, but like I said, he doesn't really know."

"We're gonna unpack that later, but to answer you, yes, we'll help."

Komori smiled widely, and relaxed, just a bit. "Thank you!"

"We were actually just talking about who we should deal with Other Sight!" Midoriya said, offering her a seat. Komori sat down. "We decided to set up a buddy system so no one would be alone, and everyone could avoid him. It seemed the safest option cause like, a lot of us turned out to be Others, you know?"

"Yeah, that makes sense."

"Okay, so how exactly do you think we can or want us to help?" Sero asked.

"Um, just. Keep an eye on Monoma? And make sure that fucking dumbass doesn't get himself killed? Cause knowing him, he absolutely would get himself killed if he isn't watched constantly. And, uhh, in return I can give you all something, or-"

"You don't need to give us anything, we'd help you no matter what!" Uraraka interrupted. Komori gave them a dead stare.

"I'm going to give you something to show my gratitude, no matter what you say."

"Alright, then, um... Why don't you give us your friendship?" Midoriya offered. Komori turned to him.

"...How do you mean?"

"Like, we help you keep Monoma from getting himself killed, then in turn you become our friend!"

"I... I guess that could work. Could. Could we still make a Contract or Deal or something?"

"Uh, I mean, sure, but why?"

"It's, um, a F-Fae thing."

"Fair enough!"

"Okay, I've got my laptop! Let's get the pairs set up!" Hagakure said, holding up said device.

"When did you...?"

dadzawa's demon children

[5:01 PM; Monday]

-beetlejuice added Komori Kinoko to 'dadzawa's demon children'-

-lydia changed the chat name to ' ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎  murder plans '-

lydia: uwu

lydia: kj,mdsafhkjhfadkja apologies, dark shadow stole my phone

Komori Kinoko: ... you guys are really weird...

elphaba: we get that a lot

good purple boi: state your preferred name and pronouns, new one (if you want to)

Komori Kinoko: she/her and they/them

Komori Kinoko: you guys can just call me komori!

Fear the Hacker: hatsume mei of hatsume industries~! ze/hir or she/her at the moment, but it's prone to change!

good purple boi: excelent

good purple boi: shinsou he/him/his

vigilante justice warrior: iida, he/him pronouns

barbara: there's like twenty of us let's not do that again it takes forever

barbara: anygay, its jirou. komori would you like to join in on our war against capital letters?

Komori Kinoko: i
i'm sorry what???

beetlejuice: we just don't type in capital letters at all and everyone who joins the chat gets recruited if they want to join

Komori Kinoko: 
you are very weird, you know that?

beetlejuice: yep <3

Komori Kinoko: sure, i'll join

drugz: hey, mido,, i don't think we actually talked about it but why did ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ try to kill you when you were younger??? /gen

beetlejuice: uhhh idk actually


drugz: i should be surprised but i'm not anymore

- baby you're a firework changed Komori Kinoko's name to 'mushroom nerd'-

mushroom nerd: ????

delia: it's better not to question bakugou /hj

baby you're a firework: the bitch ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ tried to kill shittty deku cause he's a fucking ritgheous dumbass. he tried to fucking save a random demon ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ was trying to murder, and got himself nearly killed. literally the only fucking reason the nerds' alive is cause ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ didn't notice me sneaking up on him with a metal pipe. the demon got all three of us away from him after i knocked the bitch out, but still. deku's an idiot.

beetlejuice: there was also that time that he set fire to my and my moms apartment

baby you're a firework: he did what

beetlejuice: lol yeah. my mom is the reason he got arrested the first time cause she called the cops after finding some way to prove that it was definitely him that set fire to the apartment. luckily our apartment wasn't too badly damaged so like

beetlejuice: and no one died so like

baby you're a firework: 

baby you're a firework: you are such a fucking idiot deku

beetlejuice: fuck you kaachan

charles: no, you definitely are a bit of an idiot, izuku.

beetlejuice: >:T

delia: then how come he didn't recognize you???

beetlejuice: idk, he might've.

baby you're a firework: besides, the bitch just has a face that no one remembers well

baby you're a firework: it's really punchable

beetlejuice: i could litterally kill you with little to know effort kaachan

baby you're a firework: so can i you shitty nerd!

mushroom nerd: are they always like this?

elphaba: yea

galinda: yep

ms.argentina: it's kinda heilarios.

barbara: *hilarious

ms.argentina: curse autocorrect!

otho: oui~, they are always like this indeed~

G O D: it's kind of sad, honestly

good purple boi: they need so much fucking therapy

drugz: lowkey tempted to lock them in a closet or smth so they can work out thier issues w each other

powerpuff girls: lol yeah we're used to it at this point

drugz: do you think ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ knew that midoriya was an ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ before mido knew?

sirenhead simp: probably.

mushroom nerd: considering the fact that when ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ is using the active part of his quirk he's completely blind to human beings, definitely

delia: how

delia: how do you know that

mushroom nerd: my old babysitter used to rant about ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ a lot cause they met at their provisional licensing exams and on patrol every now and then

mushroom nerd: wait shit

ms.argentina: you're old babysitter is a pro hero???!

mushroom nerd: i've said too much

ms.argentina: do we know them???

mushroom nerd: probably not

ms.argentina: ahh, underground hero then. we'll not question you about it then

mushroom nerd: thank you

Fear the Hacker: everyone! i have come to the realization that ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ has been lurking around the support lab! if someone would come and knock him out for me, i'd greatly appreciate it!

Whiplash: why do you need someone to knock him out??

Fear the Hacker: i want to implant a tracking device in his brain!

Whiplash: hatsume what the actual fuck?!!?

Fear the Hacker: it woul help us all avoid him if we constantly know were he is!

Whiplash: still!!

drugz: and that's enough of the real world for today! /hj

drugz: if you need me, i'll be screaming into my pillow /gen

drugz: see you all tomorrow

-drugz is offline-

delia: damn...

delia: i don't think he's ever actually logged off before...

vigilante justice warrior: i'm going to go check on him

vigilante justice warrior: someone go make sure hatsume doesn't actually implant a tracker on ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎

Fear the Hacker: too later!

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: too late

vigilante justice warrior: sigh... (/nm)

vigilante justice warrior: i'm so done with all of you. /j

Chapter Text

ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎  murder plans

[12:04 PM; Tuesday]

otho: komori, i have a question~

mushroom nerd: yeah?

otho: why have you not just, told monoma that he's half vampire~? /gen

otho: he's almost more of a conspiracy nut than todo is, i'm pretty sure he believes i'm a demon, and i know he'd be fucking ecstatic that he's and ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑~

delia: wait you're not a demon???

Fear the Hacker: wait seriously? damn i had money riding on that :T

otho: you've all seen my w̷͈̱̰̝͈̥̯̔̔̈̐͗̓̿̓̕i̵̖͓̪̺̫͒̂̐̔̿̿̿̎n̸̞̳̗͚̝̣͉͓̒̈́͌̌̚͘͠͝͝ģ̶͍̤͉̖͇̹͎̺̀̈́̏̈́͑s̴̤͕̱͛̀̇͑́̄͘??? you know i'm related to mothman on my mothers' side??? you know mothman isn't a demon????

Fear the Hacker: he's not??

delia: he's not???

beetlejuice: he's not???

otho: ...

otho: dumbasses. all of you.~

beetlejuice: you both eat people don't blame us for getting confused!

otho: but back to my question~

mushroom nerd: i'm afraid that he'd think i'm crazy or wouldn't believe me, so i figured i'd just let him figure it out on his own

otho: ...that's fair, i suppose~

beetlejuice: i have a feeling that's going to end in bloodshed, but alright

good purple boi: monoma is the fucking kazoo kid looking dramatic weirdo right?

beetlejuice: yeah why?

good purple boi: cause he's approaching the table

elphaba: just ignore him, he usually leaves eventually or kendou comes get him

good puprle boi: aight


[12:31 PM; Tuesday]

good purple boi: holy shit he really does not know how to shut the fuck up huh /hj

good purple boi: it's been like fifteen minutes

ms.argentina: i'm ready to deck him in the face fucking hell...

mushroom nerd: i can get kendou if you want

elphaba: pls

beetlejuice: wait

elphaba: ???

mushroom nerd: ???

ms.argentina: ???

beetlejuice: targetaquired.msg/img

ms.argentina: oh shiitt

Fear the Hacker: ah shit, that's the bitch ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎ lurking over there

ms.argentina: ajdflkajflka;shgkfjahfdkjaflkj he's coming over heree what do we do

beetlejuice: follow my lead

elphaba: i'm not hallucinating right? mido just fucking jumped onto the ceiling rafters carrying monoma and kouda right?? everyone saw that rifht???

adam: ...

adam: i'm not even surprised anymore

good purple boi: welp. this has been fun but i'll be hiding on the roof for the rest of lunch. bye

mushroom nerd: 

mushroom nerd: did kaminari just pull himself and ashido into his fucking phone

drugz: are we not gonna mention shinsou just poofing out of existence in a cloud of purple smoke or...?

delia: we're surrounded by nothing but static i think i'm loosing my mind what the fuck

delia: denki doesn't know where we are either help

delia: the only thing in here is just a lone television but the screen is also static i don't

drugz: guess we're not going to than

G O D: i'm going to go find shinsou...

vigilante justice warrior: at the very least no one seems to notice that several of you disappeared so. that's a plus?

mushroom nerd: don't mind me, i'm  just hiding under the table cause i can't teleportx

drugz: ...

drugz: we're gonna fucking die...

Monoma bit down on Midoriya's hand. He almost drew blood, and Midoriya tore his hand away from Monoma's face. "What the actual fuck was that for?! I knew you 1-A students were fucking weird but this-"

"Will you shut up?!" Midoriya snapped, whisper-shouting. He leaned over and watched as Other Sight approached the table his friends were sitting at.

"Why did you drag me to the fucking rafters?" Monoma whisper-shouted back. Midoriya didn't answer him.

'I think he panicked, sorry,' Kouda signed.

Monoma rolled his eyes. "Whatever..." He leaned over and watched the commotion with Midoriya. "So, why exactly are we hiding from him? I would assume you two have nothing to fear other than failing at a training exercise."

'We probably have more to fear than a halfling does.'

Monoma blinked at Kouda. "How so?"

'E-L-D-R-I-T-C-H Blood,' Kouda pointed at Midoriya, 'consumes human, and most O-T-H-E-R, blood and slowly makes someone into a full O-T-H-E-R if they're born to it. F-E-Y blood,' Kouda pointed at himself, 'is easy to mask, but still is more obvious than halfling blood.'


'That is my job, after all.'

"Maybe Tsuburaba had a point when he called you guys a fucking cult..."

Other Sight looked up at the rafters, and all three immediately jumped away from his view.

"Strange," he said. "I swore I heard someone talking up there..."

"I didn't hear anything, sir," Jirou said, twirling her earphone jacks. "Maybe it's just cause it's drafty up there."

"Hm. Could be. Anyway, what was I saying?"

As the ones still at the table distracted him, Midoriya, Kouda, and Monoma breathed a sigh of relief. 'Too close,' Midoriya signed. 'Mono, shut the fuck up.'

'I get it, I get it!' Monoma rolled his eyes as Midoriya went back to observing. 'K-O-U-D-A, right?' The Druid nodded. 'How did you know I was a halfling?'

'A hunch.'

'H-A-F-L-I-N-G is such a weird word to describe someone who's half O-T-H-E-R and half Human,' Midoriya signed. 'Especially because I immediately think of the D-N-D kind of Halfling.'

'I'm never going to get that out of my head now, thank you,' Kouda signed.

'Anyway, Mono, how do you know J-S-L?'

'My father taught me when I was younger.  Why?'


'Fair enough.'

Midoriya sighed as Uraraka and Bakugou lead Other Sight away and out of the cafeteria. "Okay... He's gone." Midoriya jumped out of the rafters.

"He... Did he mean to leave us up here?" Monoma asked.

'I do not know.' Kouda shrugged. Midoriya jumped back up onto the rafters.

"Okay, I didn't mean to leave you both up here..."

"Whatever..." Midoriya grabbed Kouda's hand and tossed Monoma over his shoulder. "Hey!" Midoriya activated One For All at about seven percent and jumped back onto the table some of Class 1-A were sitting at. He dumped Monoma on the ground. Kouda regained their balance, and got off the table. Midoriya jumped on to the ground.

"Sorry for stepping on the table!" He said, smiling awkwardly. "I wasn't watching where I was landing!"

"It's fine, Midoriya."

"Monoma, are you okay?" Kendou asked, running up.

"As fine as I can be," Monoma said. He turned, eyeing the Class 1-A students still there warily. He looked at Midoriya. "Look, we both clearly have reasons to be wary of Other Sight, and we're not going to survive if we're constantly at each others' throats. So, as much as it pains me to ask this. Truce?" Monoma held up his hand.

Midoriya smiled widely, taking the blonde's hand. "Truce."

ȏ̴̤t̸̘͒ḣ̵͍e̸̡̿r̶̦͑ ̸̤̂s̴͍͂ì̶̖g̶̘̽h̸̝̾t̵̤̎  murder plans

[12:52 PM; Tuesday]

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: good news and bad news! what do you want first?

mushroom nerd: um... good news?

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: you won't have to tell monoma he's a halfling! somehow, he already knows!

beetlejuice: and he's accepted a truce with us, don't forget that

drugz: what's the bad news then?!!?!

animal Ĝ̵̡̞̳̫̯̤̲̗͍̣̘̻͚̭̉̾̊̊̈͒͗̎̂͊̊͗̅͝ ̸̨̛͖̠̟̳̟̬͉͐̾̓̕͘͜͜͠O̵̗ ̶̯̫̟̽ͅḎ̴̺̦̯̯̐͊̔͐̈͑̑̿͆͆: i'm 90% sure he's actually related to toga!