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Make it right

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He has been part of his life since he has memory, he still remeber the day they met, he was practically a kid, baby fat still in his cheeks, plump and cherry lips, a plushie around one arm, grabbing his moms hand, hidden behind his father legs pocking out just his round face.
-Jinnie...- said his mom in a delicate voice, her usual when she talks whit her kids -Come baby...- added streching her hand -Say hi to Namjoon...-
The boy in front of him showed a giant smile that evidenced his dimples, waved his hand and ruffled his hair "Ow, he is so cute". That’s the first thing he said to him.

Kim Namjoon was almost 11 years old when he met Kim Seokjin, who was only 4, he was new in the city after studied in Seoul, Jins parents invited the family to his ville to introduce him to Taehyung, their elder son.

And it’s how started it. Namjoon was always around Tae or Tae around him.

-Where is hyung?- asked Jin days after
"At Namjoon-ah's" answered his mom peeling some carrots -Help me out honey, put all the vegetables on the bowl-
-Im bored... is he coming soon?- the woman lifted her gazed smiling at the little boy.
-Well they have a pijama party so…-
"Without me" said Jin pouting, his mom laughted a bit.
-We can have one too, we could watch some movies, I'm even letting you eat some cake...-
Jin's eyes sparkled a little and forgot about his brother for that moment.

At theirs twenties Namjoon and Tae were inseparables, years were passing by and his friendship growing, it’s was good for the boys, for the families and for the enterprise, the next two CEOs being that close.

-Why can’t I go?-
-Jin-ah it’s a study visit- answered Tae still packing some stuff.
-To Costa Rica?- the elder rolled his eyes
-Well the school picked the place not me-
-Why is Namjoonie hyung going? He doesn’t go to any of your classes-
Tae puckered his lips, and scratched his nose.
-Actually… Dad told me not to tell you Seokjin-ah, but you can’t go because you are only 14….-
Jin felt left out, he wasn’t spending time with Tae and Namjoon anymore.
A week after he started high school and made friends.

"Your brother it's super handsome Jin" said Sarge spying on Tae, who was in the other side at the pool, smile on his face, drink in his hand.
Seokjin looked over, but his gaze never made it to his brother. His eyes stayed in the “man” of tanned skin, incredibly tall, huge arms, six pack, a ‘suave’ smile and dragon eyes. Namjoon blinked his right eye and Jin blushed.
They were at Namjoon's, his parents were at some conference in Korea and had the trust to leave his son alone at their house. Jin and his friends werent supposed to be there, but that day Tae had to check on Jin, so...
-I need another drink… - said Jin moments later leaving Jungkook and Sarge at the pool.
He didn’t know a thing about alcohol, so he just poured some pomegranate juice and vodka.
"Oh" spoke the raspy voice behind him -That's too much Jin-ah- added removing the bottle off of his hand -Noona doesn’t supposed to know that you were drinking ... -
-I… I can handle it… - the older smiled, Jin bitted his lip.
-I’m sure Jinnie, but if our parents… .-
-They don't gonna know ... -
-Seokjin… - Namjoon smiled and took his hand, showed his teeth and played with his fingers, Jin couldn't stop looking at the older face, his structure was so different than before. Was always Namjoon this 'atractive'?, he wanted to hold his jaw, feel him -You are such a cutie Jin- ah- mentioned Joon grabbing his fingers one by one, despite his shamefulness Jin kept his eyes on Namjoon's
-JOON ?! What’s wrong man? - asked Yoongi, another of their friends, at the kitchen door- We are leaving, go and put a shirt… and Jin-ah stop drinking Tae its gonna get mad-
Jin stood there, head in the clouds, hand holding a drink and he could not move his body, it was like Namjoon has took it.

-Had you ever find someone out of this world?- back at his house, the two friends were sharing sodas, pop corn and a Mario car game.
"Oh... like stranger things of so- Jin rolled his eyes
-Not Kookie, like.... I don't know, like had you ever seen someone different of the rest?
-What do you mean?- asked Jungkook still focused in the game.
-I don’t know Kook... forget it-
-Oh…- Jungkook paused the game -Do you like Sarge?-
-Yah!- yelled Jin -Serge it’s like my sister-
-That’s why it’s so weird…-
-It was just a question Kookie it’s not like I can do something about it..-
-Oh so do you like someone?-
Jin laughed. He liked someone?

-No means no Seokjin-ah-
-But Mom…-
-You are only 17, what are you going to do there?-
They were at the dining room, Mr. Kim still in his office so his place was empty.
-I don’t know, dance?- begged Jin -Hyung help me out-
-I don’t even want you there Jinnie- replied Tae
“Ow! Don’t be mean”
-I can go, right Namjoonie hyung?- all the eyes were suddenly on Joon “Well a club isn’t a place I would like to you to be…”
The Kim’s mom smiled.
-Well matter resolved, you can invite Kookie and he can spend the night-

“Is not that bad”
-You crazy? This is amazing Jin!- exclaimed Kook moving his hips at he rhythm of the music, beer in his hands and some eyes on him too -You finally came with a good idea- added before a gulp of the bottle in his hands.
Jin wasn’t paying that much attention to Kook, his eyes were scanning the whole place. But he couldn’t find Na… his brother. The club was nice, big and crowded, just as he imagined from some movies.
After some minutes Seokjin started to lose up. Jin was enjoying the music, had some drinks, flirted with some girls, now was between Jungkook and some blonde who was grabbing his waist and neck.
“Fun” he thought and keep dancing.
-You okay?- asked the girl
-I think, I think I need another drink…-
“Ok let’s go” said the beauty in his hands, walked to the bar and order some drinks. Seokjin closed his eyes, he could feel the alcohol clouding his mind, and it felt good, he was relaxed, a pair of arms circled his neck again and the boy smiled, bited his bottom lip and closed the distance between them. His hands were still on her sides, it wasn’t his first kiss, but the girl was experienced compared to him.
-Jin?!- he left her lips -SEOKJIN-AH?!-
The boy put a perfect smile after heard the known voice.
“Hi” he said, cleaned his lips and waved his hand.
-God, you are totally wasted….- The man took Jin by his waist -Come on…-
“He is with me”
-And you are?
”A friend obviously…”
-I’m with Kookie- said Jin in his ear. The blond man looked around trying to find the other kid.
Walked with Jin to the vip area. The club was even more amazing at the private zone, the lights were red, leather couches, candles in the center of the bar and tables, less people and more mirrors on the walls.
-Where were you Yoongs?- asked Namjoon.
“WHAT THE HELL?” screamed Tae when he looked at Jin -MIN YOONGI WHAT THE HELL?-
Said man put Jin in one of the couches, grabbed a beer, opened and had a big gulp -I don’t know man, he was there making out with some girl…- Namjoon and Tae looked over Jin, who had his eyes closed, and a little smile on his face.
-I’m good, where is Kookie?-
-Ah yeah…- another drink for Yoongi -he said he was with Jungkook, couldn’t find him...-
“Mom it’s going to kill me… Joon… can you?…”
-Yeah let me find Kook, meet you at the car…-
“I mean Joon help me with Jin, Yoongi and I are going to pay and go for Kook…-

“You are so tall” said Jin in his ear. Namjoon was holding him by his waist, they were waiting outside of the club, at the parking lot.
“And you are so drunk” replied Joon, Jin smiled a bit and searched for his hand. “You okay? Who was the girl?”
“I’m okay” muffled the younger “You look good Namjoonie”
-Do I?- Jin asserted with his head. His drunk state helped a little, Jin was brave enough to take his hand, Joon looked at his eyes, Jin wasn’t a kid anymore, but still it was so innocent and this was wrong on so many levels -Jinnie…- said the older when Seokjin was holding his face.
Jin was so close, he could smell the sweet alcohol, but at the same time his cologne. He grabbed his waist and muffled a weird noise when his hands almost encircled his body completely. He walked against Jin, holding, taking him, and supported both bodies at some car.
“Jin-ah” he adverted.
And that was the las thing he did.
The kiss was strong, Jin wrapped his hands on his neck, and Namjoon was taking him by his waist with force. His lips were plump, soft and he swear tasted fruity. One of his hands caressed Jin’s cheeks, and his tongue was trying to appear in the scene.
Jin was dying, literally he was dying there, he couldn’t stop the moans, his stomach was stiff and his blood rushed hot in his veins. His hands locked Namjoon, and his lips started to peck Joons cheeks. The boy started attacking his neck with kisses, Joon thrusted his hips, felt both hardeness and his brain woke up.
“Jin-ah” said trying to endure his composure.
-No- whispered Jin when Namjoon started to move away.
”Yeah…. yeah I know baby, but we can’t…” said Joon bringing their foreheads together.
-Joonie…- Jin begged
“Jin you are just drunk and I’m being irresponsible” Jin denied with his head “Jin.. we need to…”
-Everything alright?- asked Yoongi out of nowhere, Jungkook behind him “The boy was good all this time he was dancing, how is Jin?-
-I’m okay- said Jin releasing Joons hands.
And that was how it started.

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”You know you’ve got me in the palm of your hand, but I love those hands….” 

He opened his eyes an felt the reality, his mouth was dry, his head spinning and his body ached. He started to move under the covers, an arm hard around on his waist. “Kookie…” whispered and the other boy hide his face on his neck.
-Your hair sucks- murmured his friend before kiss his neck -Yah! Kook that’s so weird…- Jungkook laughed and hugged tougher.
-I want to keep sleeping…- 
Jin yawned and palmed the bed in an attempt to grab his phone. 

From: Serge
Just saw the histories I feel betrayed. 
Were you that drunk?? 

From: Jooniehyung
Need to talk 

Jin bitted his bottom lip, blocked his phone, closed his eyes and tried to feel his hands on him. He remember the way Namjoon was holding him, his eyes on him, his breath on his neck… lips on his, hands on him. God Jin knew he was tall and maybe a bit built, but Namjoon was HUGE, when his body started to get hot, he got up. Took a quick shower and left his room.

-Good morning…- greeted walking in the dining room. 
His mom smiled -morning? Please Jin-ah it’s almost 2pm, sit down let’s eat something…- 
Jin took his habitual place and looked at his mom, smiling “What are you doing?” 
-Setting everything for Tae’s birthday…. Your dad requested you to use the black Tom Ford…”
“A tux? For at dinner at home?” His mom raised her shoulders 
-Hyung and Joonie hyung are still sleeping?-
-Tae it’s with your father at the office, you know business, and Joon-ah didn’t spend the night… he left after leaving your room…- Jin licked his lips. He left? Kim Namjoon always spend the night when the boys go out, wait!! Namjoon was in his room?? 

To: Jooniehyung 
Hi(: Have a nice day Jhyung

“No cellphones in the dinning room son”

From: Jooniehyung
Hi Seokjin. Let’s talk. 

To: Jooniehyung
Everything ok?

From Jooniehyung
It is??

“Seokjin-ah please” mentioned his mom

To: Jooniehyung 
Idk. Ok let’s talk. Tonight.

That was the last thing he knew about Namjoon. Now he was wearing a blue navy suit, long sleeve white shirt, a little bow tie, his hair was styled showing his forehead. 
“Oh Jinnie-ah, you are so handsome kid…” said some lady kissing his cheeks, Jin smiled and bowed. He didn’t knew half of the people at his house, but he was used to these kind of reunions. Showing off a white wine glass Jin started to walk, hoping to find Jungkook or someone his age. 
Birthday celebrations at his house were boring, lots of fake people talking about money and business, then a overrated dinner, a slice of cake, a toast, fireworks and good bye.

To: Kookie 
Where are you? :c

To: Jooniehyung
Wanna meet?

Blocked his phone and a hand hold his forearm. 
-My brother Seokjin-ah- said Tae. Jin bowed and looked at his elder. 
“We have been hearing so much about you. Nice to meet you Seokjin-ah, and it’s a placer to have you with us” 
-He is amazing, you won’t be disappointed principal- added Taehyung. Seokjing just keep smiling. Until his cellphone vibrated on his leg. He waited until the man and Tae had been donde talking -Don’t disappear dad has a surprise- babbled his brother. 

From: Jooniehyung
Where are you?

To: Jooniehyung 
My room 

He texted and practically run at his room. He was nervous, and he didn’t know why, it was obvious what Namjoon wanted to talk about, but he wasn’t knew what was Namjoon going to said. His footsteps started to slow down and his heartbeat to increase. His mouth felt dull and his hands cold. 
He opened the door and rested his forehead on the expensive wood. 

-Seokjin-ah- Jin gulped and turned around.
And he was there, using a tux as well, he looked so handsome, his body proportion was perfect to wrap Jin fully, his left hand on his chin, no dimples at his cheeks, his dragon eyes were serious causing a weird atmosphere.
“It was a mistake Jin, we both know that…” Jin opened his lips a bit, that was fast “We can forget about it or talking it now, but that’s it’s, once I left the room we can’t never touch this topic again…”
Seokjin lowered his face, and he can’t remember the moment his eyes started to fill with water. He was expecting to talk about what happened, but not like this. 
He came back to the moment where his lips encountered Namjoons, he remember the way Namjoon hold him, caging his body, his hands caressing his hair, and he didn’t understand where was the mistake…. It was because it was younger? Or because his brother was his best friend? 
The tears started to fell on the carpet, and Namjoon took a giant breath, before sitting down on the mattress.
“I thought you wanted to kissed me too..” Jin lifted his gaze and found Joons. 
“You didn’t?” another tear rolled in his little face and it was enough for Namjoon. 
-Dont cry, come… come here…- the older stretched out his hand, holding delicately Jin’s, wanting to put him down at his side, instead the younger took his lap. 
Namjoon rounded his waist and Jin encircled his neck. He looked so fragile, and that was the last thing Joon wanted this morning when he opened his eyes and decided to talk the things “I’m trying to do best for both of us Jin…” 
Seokjin hugged tightly, and Namjoon started to comfort him caressing his sides. “This is mad Jin-ah” said Joon on his ear, then took his cheek and kissed his skin. 
Gentle and gentle, butterflied kisses going forward until reached the skin on his neck. Just a simple touch of Namjoons lips and Jin moaned and closed his little fists on Joon suit.
“Jooni..” the needed kiss didn’t let him finish, supporting his knees at each side of Namjoon, Jin took a better place on his lap, Joon strongly took his waist taking him to his crotch and all gone down.
Namjoon was taking more and more with every kiss, Jin was panting over his lips, moving his hands on his pecs, starting to push off the suit. Namjoon understood the signals and freed him just to throw his jacket to some part of the room.
Jin smiled, took Namjoon by his tie and connected their lips. It was more intense.
-Look at this…- said Joon pecking his lips and grabbing him by his middle -Look at this baby waist- added, lifting him a little just to kiss his chin. Seokjin blushed and looked at him “What babe?” Asked and Jin brains malfunctioned meanwhile Joon was petting his hair.
“I want you to kiss me..” said Jinnie, still on his lap. Joon linked their lips “I am kissing you babe…” purred over his lips. 
He holded his rounds cheeks and smiled at the masterpiece in front of him. Jin was blushed, his hair 
all tousled and his lips, god his lips were the death to him, his lips were fat, juiced and reddish, he touched his bottom lip with the tip of his finger and Jin left a little kiss there. 
-What? What’s wrong?- 
Namjoon smiled and used the palms of his hands to rest his body on the bed, Jin STILL on his lap, kissed his shoulder, and smelled his lotion. 
-You know what’s wrong, you are younger but not a kid-
-It’s because of Tae, he will approve it…- Joon smiled and licked his lips.
“Perhaps sunshine” a kiss on his lips “it’s because” another one “we haven’t ” and another one “came out..”
-Oh! But I don’t like boys…- Namjoon arched his eyebrow, Jin threw himself over Namjoon and hugged him -just you…- 
Namjoon shook his head before reunited their lips. A soft kiss, his hands traveled more this time taking Jin’s lower back, pulling him it using his belt. Jin whined and started to move his hips over Namjoons “Jin.. wait…” Namjoon throw his head back, grabbed Seokjin by his waist and thrusted. 
“GOD…” groaned the elder picking up the speed of his actions. Jin was hiding his face on Joons neck,    sometimes his lips touched the hot skin and Namjoon grounted. 
Namjoon stoped and stood up, the door opened and Kookie pocked his face. Jin was still processing…
“Jungkook…” greeted Joon. 
“Hey Jonnie hyung. What were you doing?”
-We… I was… I asked Jin for one of his suits…- Kookie stared at Jin, then at Joon. 
-Both looked affected.
“Kookie we are a little busy here. Can you…”
-What?! No…- interrupted the elder -We aren’t… we… I was leaving Kook, talk later Seokjin-ah-
“Kookie you suck” said Jin after Jon closed the door.

To: Jooniehyung
Are we ok?

Sended after minutes of being ignored by him. They were at the salon with all the other people, Jin was looking for contact but Namjoon avoided every try. 
“There Seokjin-ah- said his mom putting a glass on his hand -be ready, Dad it’s gonna call for you…-
-Thank you so much for join us, it’s was a great night Taehyung it’s finally 25 and he’s gonna take his charge at the business, I trust him, and you can trust me… we are on good hands…- the guests started clapping -so this toast is to my firstborn…- Jin raised his hand looking at Namjoon smiling for his best friend -And last but no least my son here my Seokjin-ah….- all eyes on him -was accepted in my alma mater back in Korea…-
Jins champagne made a knot at his throat, everyone clapped and shouted. 
Namjoon raised his eyebrows and looking at Jin finished the alcohol in one swig.

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Kiss me quick but make it last, so I can see how badly this will hurt me when you say goodbye…” 

He was playing with his crooked fingers, wearing his school suit, a cappuccino and slice of cake in front of him, the other spot still empty. It was a nice place, he had heard about it but it was his first time there, business men and trophy wife’s surrounding him. After begged to meet him, Namjoon agreed. 
“But we are gonna talk, nothing else Seokjin”
Jin just wanted to see him, talk to him if it’s possible touch him or even kiss him. He arrived 20 minutes early because he was so anxious, he sweated all morning. 

What’s wrong with you?” asked Kook after Jin failed the third serve in a row. 
“Sorry, I’m just a bit distracted”
answered Kim taking his racket. 
Focus Jinah, I want a good grade” and they failed, Kookie wasn’t mad, but neither the happiest. 

Namjoon was almost 40 minutes late, and that was making Jin more nervous.
-Kid you need to order another thing… a coffee and cake isn’t enough…- Jin raised his head, his sad almond eyes captivated the waiter, who exhaled after seeing him -We can wait another pair of minu…-
“Evening…” greeting him. Tall as handsome, a brown trench coat covering the black suit, designer dress shirt, tie around his neck, a heavy Rolex in his wrist, he wasn’t showing his dimples… in fact he was a bit irritated.
“Good evening Mr. Kim…” Namjoon greeted again raising his hand. 
-Same as always and take his order…-
“The kid…already…”
-The kid?- repeated Namjoom, pointing at Jin -he is a Kim, Kim Seokjin ok?…- clarified, the waiter bowed and left “…Fuck, sorry I’m late Nini” Jin smiled at the pet name, the elder smiled too. 
They stayed there looking at each of other for some time. 
“How was school?”
-Same as always… I hate this club days, I opted for tenis, you know?-
-Your family is good at tenis… Tae it’s amazing…-
-I know, I’m trying to fulfill my dad stereotype…- 
Seokjin looked at Namjoon, he seemed more relaxed. He adores every detail of Joon, his slanted eyes, his tiny moles all over his face, his full lips, the way he smiled and showered his dimples, his bigs hands, his huge arms, his hard torso and his….
-You wanted to talk..- 
-Are you avoiding me Namjoonie hyung?- asked Jin at the same time crossing the table with his hand, taking Namjoons pinky finger between his. Joon quickly removed his hand. 
“Jin…” his voice came a little raspy “Seokjin…”
The waiter interrupted, placing the orders. “Something else?”
-That will be everything, thank you…- 
Namjoon took a sip of his americano, warming his throat, closed his eyes, and breathed out. He knows why he was there, for days he spared this moment, since the first kiss outside the club every encounter with Jin was risky. The last time he made the boy cry and came in his Lexus after picking him at the school, he remember the way Jin was moaning in his ear asking for more, sitting at his lap, moving his hips, kissing with fervor, fingering him, and before that Jin bit and marked his neck on the sofa of his apartment, Jin clothes gone except for his briefs, Namjoon came when Jin took him in his little fist and started to jerk him off, for days he was almost embarrassed, almost.
-I’m leaving Jonnie, in one month…-
“I know, Tae told me…”
-You talk with Tae about me?- 
“You are his brother… he talks about you…” Jin smile started to dissolve. In his others encounters Joon wasn’t this cold, perhaps it was because they are in public, but Seokjin think he is cute, so why Namjoon would be ashamed? 
No one said anything else, Seokjin almost finished his cake, and Namjoon was there just admiring the piece of art that Jin was. Damn, if his parents knew what he was doing right now he could be disowned, and what about Jin’s parents? Or Tae? Everyone trusted him with Jin and he was here in front of the kid eating cake and thinking different ways of taking him in his school uniform.
“Jin we need to stop this”
“We need to stop…”
-Aren’t we okay?- 
-Jin… fuck… why you always ask me that?…- 
“I just wanna know…”
-Know what?-
-If we are okay, If leave what’s going to happen to us?-
-Jin… there’s no an us…-
“But we kissed and did all the other things…” Seokjing mumbled at the verge of crying. 
-I know Jin but… Nini this is so wrong, I’m way too… just look at you, you are wearing your uniform and are going home to study or do some homework, and I…I came from a business meeting, and have another one in some hours and… this is… we can’t… there’s no an us ok?- 
“I’ll take what you gave me..” 
Joon smiled and took Jin’s hand.
-Jin, I can’t give you anything…-
Seokjin did nothing, just started crying, his head low and his hands on his lap, drawing the attention of some customers. The younger stood up in one movement.
-It’s okay Namjoon… I really don’t understand but it’s okay…- Jin smiled and left. 

Two weeks had passed and Joon still remember Jin’s hurt eyes asking for reasons. 
Jin stopped texting, and he was never around with his brother anymore. He started to get irritated by the situation. He didn’t updated his instagram or twitter. And Namjoon just wanted to know if he was okay.

To: Jin
You Okay? 

A week later he started to ask for him in the group chat he shared with Tae and Yoongi.
He is cool”
“At home?”
“With Kookie?”
“Gaming? I don’t know man, Jin it’s always in his room”

He stoped, when Yoongie replied privately if it was something happening with Jin.
U okay?”
“Something happened to the kid? Why the sudden interest?” 

From: Mr. Anderson 
Tomorrow 19:00 
Be ready, this would close the deal.

To: Mr. Anderson 
Okay. See u tmrrw.

To: YHyung, Tae.
You free tomorrow? I’m closing that business I told you about.

From: Tae
Wu! Ok man, see u there. 

From: YHyung 
Congrats man, ok. Talk tomorrow.

To: Jin

-You need to check every detail, this reunión it’s huge… hide the numbers I want them to focus on the production and the new system we are going to implement, we need them on board…-
-…If they want to change some terms you can do it, just don’t move the launching date, convince them … mention all the tools and technologies we have available, ask for some interns and engineers just close that deal son… Im telling you Namjoon-ah this is huge… it’s the global step we need- 
Namjoon exhaled, he was really nervous.
-Are you even listen to me Namjoon-ah?-
-Yes, I’m sorry…- 
-You have been distant-
-Everything all right, trust me I can do this…- 

From: YHyung
See you in a few, you business man. 

From: Tae
Talk to me in business. 
Proud of you bestie.

From: Jeon Jungkook
Hey. You with Jin? 
Noona is looking for him.

To:Jeon Jungkook
No. Haven’t talked in a long time.
Update me.

To: Jin
Where are you?

The reunion finished two hours later. He was still between his partners arms when his phone started ringing. 
Namjoon-ah, you are the best son a father could ask… congrats. And thank you for bring it this amazing opportunity to our enterprise, this is the first success of everything you are going to do… One more time, congrats son…”

To: Jin
You home? 

He texted before Taehyung pulled him into a tight embraced.
“Man I can’t believe it!” Said Tae on his ear -I’m so happy Joon. God, man this project it’s huge, Champagne it’s on me- added ordering a bottle with his index finger.
It was a good place, a bit luxurious but he was there because he just made his father more rich so… Yoongi brought Hoseok, and Tae some girls from his masters degree, he was having a good time, wasn’t drunk but no doubt no in all his senses. 

From: Jeon Jungkook
You with Tae hyung?
Plox he need to answer his phone

“Tae answer your phone” 
Said Joon before take a sip of his neat whiskey.
“Fuck man, it’s mom let me take this…” Tae left the nightstand. 

To: Jeon Jungkook 

Everything all right?

“Man gotta go, Jin is having some crisis mama wants to know if I can help…”
-You need me to… I can go…- 
“What? No don’t worry Jin has been weird lately, I’m sure he just need some hug or something you know him…”
-Tae I can go…- Yoongi looked at Joon 
“Nah don’t worry, stay. Take home some girl, blondie here want some action. Talk later…”
Kim Taehyung left and Namjoon stayed looking at the bar door. 
“Out for a smoke” announced and walked fast to the exit. He needed to breath, and make a call. 
“Come on… please answer…”

-You fucked the kid?- His iPhone slipped from his hands, and the smoke caught in his throat, came out in a strong cough.
-Seokjin?, did you…”
”Jesus, Yoongi I heard you the first time…”
-We didn’t fuck…- 
“God, Namjoonah, that’s fuck up man…”
-I… Yoongi…- his cellphone started to vibrated on his hand, reading Taes number he answered immediately.
“Hey man, how it’s everything going there?”
“Fine, we are leaving though, isn’t the same without you, what happened Tae?”
“Namjoon this is gonna sounds so weird man, but… well Jin is asking for you. Just to reassure my mama, can you… he is having a bad time… maybe you can… can you?”

On my way”
He didn’t tell anything to Yoongi, but his friend knew where he was going. 
“Taehyung is trusting you, you know?” Yoongi screamed before Namjoon closed the door of his luxury car.

He was there, after greeted his mom, he was walking behind Taehyung who was talking about Jin, Jungkook was looking at him with some annoyance, understable. Did Jungkook know everything about them?
-I’m sorry Namjoon, you know how he appreciates you…- 
“Yeah, let me handle…” he said and before Tae crossed the door he closed it.

A small lump was on the bed, his hands under his teary face. God, Jin looked precious even in this state, his lips looked plumped, his eyes soft and puffy, his face all rosy.
“Hi” he said, taking a space on the mattress, Jin looked at him reached for his hand Joon took it and kissed his knuckles.
-I hate you Joonie…-Jin muttered before crawling across the bed to his lap. Caressed his cheeks, and Joon his hair.  -Can you kiss me?- Namjoon did it. Grabbed his face with tenderness, and connected his lips. 
Softs movements, his lips were made for each other. Joon used his arms to envelope all of Jin, who by instinct wrapped his around Namjoons neck. It was a gentle but thirsty kiss. Namjoon was trying to make Jin feel better by molding his lips with his, his tongue traced Jin bottom lip and the younger panted over the kiss. Hugging with more force causing Joon to fell on his back, Jin on his lap started to giggle. 
“You are so beautiful” mentioned Namjoon, caressing his face. “You can’t cry for me…”
Jin lowered his face, and started to play with his fingers on Joons dress shirt buttons, before left a single kiss on his neck. 
-Are we okay?- asked Namjoon after some minutes. Jin still on his lap, between his arms, resting his face on his shoulder, kissing from time to time Joon neck. -Now listen to me babe- said the elder, encountering their gazes -You are going to leave, and we are going to try… but we need time… time will fix us, and tell us what we really need ok?…-  Jin agreed with his head, putting his best boy smile. 
“Now kiss me because I don’t know when we could do it again, and I have to leave your room and do some explanations…”

Chapter Text

If you like having secret little rendezvous, If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do, baby I’m perfect for you…” 



I miss you so much”
“Seokjin you have been away for eight days”
“Don’t you miss me?”
“A lot honey… and the pictures you sent are making it worse..” 
Jin blushed a little, smiled and rolled on the bed, phone on speaker, hand over his flat abdomen. Think about the lasts conversations with Namjoon produced a warm feeling in his stomach. 
You know, some of the boys in the dorms are seeing their girls this weekend” Namjoon laughed a bit 
Do you think of me as your girl?….” More laughs “We are not like those couples Jin-ah”
Are we a couple?“
“Are we really discussing this over a phone call? Jin… babe… I got some things to do okay? I call you later?” 
Okay hyung” 
“Don’t miss me so much Seokjin, I’m not that good…” 

The call ended and Jin left his body rest, he started to fake crying on the mattress, he wanted to be close with Namjoon or Tae, or Kookie, or Serge, or his parents or even Yoongi. 

To: Kookie, TaeHyungie
I miss you :(

He was going to write a specific text for Namjoon, when the door of his room opened without a knock.
-Jin, I need some caffeine, wanna come?-
Seokjin lifted his head, smiled at the boy at his door and agreed with his head.
Coffee and bakery are perfect for his mood right now. He walked side by side with his roomie Jimin. The small boy who was beautiful and fierce, his attitude was magnetic so Jin feel comfortable with him. They still don’t share secrets or are best friends, but they really got along well. 
-We are here because someone mentioned the new cute barista- said Jimin after taking one of the tables closer to the bar. Both looked at the same direction, and Jin flushed, Jimin meant a man. 
The new cute barista was a man -Well he is something…- 
The man was older than them, maybe about Joons and Taes age, but he was so different to them. His clothes didn't compare to the swanky suits they wore, but the boy looked great either way in just a pair of jeans. His attractive face was accompanied by a big smile, his expressions were energetic which caused to turn to see him.
Jin head went blank because he thought the man was handsome. And that was a first, apart from Namjoon, because Jin swear JOON could turn every straight man, if you don’t fall for his look, you would be enchanted by his character.
“He’s good looking” mentioned Jin, cheeks still a bit rosy. Jin bit his lip and looked at Jimin.
-What?… what? Why do you look so guilty? He’s a man an he’s attractive, so what?-
-It’s weird Jimin…-
-You are weird…- 
The new barista name is Jackson, and he is really attractive. He is doing major studies, works at the cafe and sing at some nearby bar. 
“You should come…” he said straight to Jin “Save my number just in case” 
And that was how he ended with Jacksons number on his IPhone. 

From: Kookie
I miss you too Jinnie, how are u? FaceTime?
From: Serge 
Kookie it’s super bored without you.
It’s like you are his funny part. 
From: TaeHyungie 
Hey! How it’s everything going? Miss ya 2.
Text mama too, she misses you.
From: Jooniehyung 
*photo attached* 
Eight days are enough babe, I miss you more.. more…more.
I’m coming this weekend.  

Jin ignored all messages, he quickly unlocked his phone and called him. 
Two calls in one day. Am I that special?”
“Hi hyung”
“Hello there babe”
“It’s true?”
“Kinda, I’m going on business trip this Friday, but I can extend it until Sunday morning” 
Jin smiled, Joon too on the other side of the call. 
“Ok. Joonie I’ll be waiting”

Uni wasn’t that interesting, Jin just do the basic for a foreign student. Study at the library, select an extra class club, drink a beer in his living room, eat instant soups and ramyeons, well the basic for a nerdy foreign student. His life with Jimin was pretty easy, blondie never give problems and Jin, who we kidding Jin was the perfect roomie. He even woke up early to shower and leave Jimin sleep more, he cooked for two and muted his video games when Jimin read.
-Going out?- asked Jimin when Jin walked over the shared room. A tv, sofa and video games component the living room. Seokjin raised his left eyebrow -You look cute Jinah, you look handsome.
He took an Uber to the place Joon choose. Simple but stylish restaurant far away from the city. 
“Good night. Are someone waiting for you or do you have a reservation mister?”
-Kim Namjoon-
“Follow me” 
He was there, gaze at his phone. Black Armani tux, hair combed, he couldn’t see at his face but he knew he looked so handsome. Now he thinks he looks fool with his silky pink shirt and black trousers.
-Hi- he said shy voice, waving his hand nervously.
Joon lifted his head and showed his dimples. 
“God, I wanna swallow you up Jin” That was the first thing Namjoon said after twelve days apart. Kim Namjoon stand up, stretched out his hand until takes Jin’s. In a single movement he pulled Seokjin towards him, kissed his knuckles, and hugged him.
-I missed you- murmured Jin on Namjoons neck. 
“Yeah? Me too honey” Jin smiled, and looked at him and between his arms he smelled to save his manly scent. 
‘Let’s order, I’m starving…”

Two hours after they were walking at the little forest that the restaurant had, with every step his hands touched but Namjoon never grabbed, and Jin wasn’t that brave, so he was just listening his raspy voice, his little laughs between the conversations, being with him it’s calm.
-Jin? You okay?- asked Namjoon, pausing his walk. 
-Yeah, I’m sorry… I’m just…- Jin caressed Joons cheek, he quickly took his hand and putted it away. 
“We are in public Jin” 
-You hugged me before- the younger said, hurt voice but no pout on his lips he was angry not sad.
-Because I payed for privacy Seokjin, we talked about this, we did…-
-You said we are a couple…- 
-I didn’t mean it like…” JOON stopped talking when a grown man passed by. 
-Do you want to come back to my dorm?- 

The kiss was slow, Jin was a prisoner between him and the door, Joons arms involving Seokjin anatomy, he couldn’t stop the moans, his hands were on his hair. His lips were taking Namjoon slowly, Jin instead was relaxed, because that is what Joon caused, he caused his body to chill out, his mind to void and his soul to loosen up.
The man took Jin cheeks and forced the kiss, made it passionate. He need it him, Namjoon needed every part of Jin by his side to be comfortable with the world.
-I am sorry- said in the middle of the kiss -you have to understand where I’m standing dear…- added taking off his suit -you are so pretty honey…- recited before grabbing Jin’s buttocks, and moved his hands until reach his thighs and made him jump to reach his waist, and form a lock there.
Jin moaned, never stopped kissing him, he was now devoted to his lips, he couldn't believe he was there on Joons lap, comforting the skin of his neck after marked him red. “Take it off” whispered Jin trying to open his belt. 
Namjoon slowed down, held Jin by his face and looked at him.
“Pretty face…” Jin lips were red and swollen, fat cheeks, galaxied eyes. What a forbidden fruit. “What do you want baby?, Tell me what I need to do to satisfy you…- 
-I want you- 
Joon pecked his lips. -Yeah?- started to unbutton the silky shirt -What do you want?- another kiss on Jin’s lips.
Seokjin visibly embarrassed hid his face in the crook of Namjoon neck, who laughed bit. -Oh where’s the boy who sent texts about me fucking him senseless…- Jin kissed the elder chest. 
“Don’t make me say it”
-You need to…-
“I want you Joon” Said man captured his lips again, now sensually and wed. His tongue made the first appearance and and Jin was consumed.
Two fingers in, a lot of moans, Jin moving his hips in slow motion and Joon biting his shoulders was the picture at Jin’s room. “God you are so tight…” 
“Relax baby boy” purred on his ear, before took him on his big hand and started to jacking him off.
“Ow” whimpered Jin “ah… I’m gonna come Joon..”
-On my hand?, wait until I’m inside and do it on top of me…- Jin then put his hands over Joons Abds, Jin could feel Namjoons hard tip crashing on his belly every time he moved on his fingers. 
“Too much Joon, do it now” 
The pain was inevitable, and he couldn't feel the pleasure, just the big obstruction on his body.
“Hey, hey….eyes on me babe”
-It’s hurts-
“Yeah? I’m sorry honey- Namjoon kissed his all his face -… give it time it’s going to feel good- he trusted again slow and deep. Jinnie closed his eyes opened his mouth and left a moan Namjoon smiled, and after that it was all a commotion.

Jin opened his eyes still on top of a very nude Joon, who was sleeping. Jin reached his phone.

6 lost call from: Kookie
4 lost call from: TaeHyungie 

From: Kookie
I miss you.
Everything okay?
Answer the fucking phone Jin.
From: TaeHyungie 
Kookie it’s worriiiieeeed
And I’m trying to have a drink, it’s fckng friday I deserve it
Answer your phone
From: Jimin 
So it’s weird to think a barista it’s attractive but not to get fucked in our dorm. 
Shame. I deserve all the info. 

A strong knock woke up Jin again, Joon started to move behind him. 
-Jin open up your brother and some Jungkook at the door…-

Chapter Text

"I know how it goes from wrong and right, silence and sound. Did they ever hold each other tight, like us?"

A strong knock woke up Jin again, Joon started to move behind him.
-Jin open up your brother and some Jungkook are at the door…-
Jin opened his eyes, Namjoon, who in spite of the noise on the other side of the door, was still sleeping, face relaxed, arm around Seokjins waist, the younger smiled before kissed his forehead, and get out of bed.

He quietly left the room, making sure to close the door behind him, walked to the living room to be welcomed by three pair of eyes over him.

"Good morning"- greeted Jin
-It´s everything ok Jin-ah?- asked his brother, worried gaze, no boxy smile, hard cheeckbones. Jungkook behind him, nervous. Jin nodded looking back at his door -are we interrupting something?
"No" answered Jin -Why do you ask?-
-Jiminah said you arrived with someone- Seokjin and Jungkook looked at the blond, who hid behind the cup of tea.
"Well Jimin hyung has his own issues to address" said Seokjin -And yes someone was with me, but say person left earlier, I was trying to sleep the drunkeness away-
"You never replied Jin, I just wanted to visit and I convinced Tae hyung at midnight..."
"It's okay Kookie, I really miss you, I'm not mad... Did hyung offered some breakfast?, Do you want coffee Taehyungie?"
-Yes Jinah-
Matter resolved. Minutes after the three were drinking some coffee and eating Jins favorite pastries that Kookie brought for him.

To: Jooniehyung
Don't leave the room

"Are you going to spend your birthday here or...?"
-I want to go home, just that weekend... make something big-
-You should talk to papa, 18 could be an amazing party....-

From: Jooniehyung
Jin. I got a plane to take

To: Jooniehyung
It can wait.

From: Jooniehyung
Its not.
I need to be at the office.

To: Jooniehyung
Tae and Kookie, are here.
*Photo attached*

From: Jooniehyung
Well Shit.

-I know, I remember your partied at some beach in Mexico for your 18 birthday- Tae smiled and Jungkook looked at him.
"It was amazing Kook-ah, Yoongie hyung and Namjoon still cant remember half of the tour..."

From: Jooniehyung
Make them go away.
Leave with them, we can talk later.

To: Jooniehyung
I'm on pajamas

From: Jooniehyung

"Let me change and we can go for a drink"
-At morning?-
"Or something to eat, go for Jimin hyung, let me change..."

Jin opened the door and put the lock. Namjoon was on his tux looking mad.
"I am sorry I didn..´" he put his hand in the air to stop him from talking.
-Just leave- said Namjoon throwing some jeans at his arms.
-Seokjin, please we not have the time right now, and this... Jin just leave. I promisse we are going to talk later...-
-In a text?!- Joon waved his hands in the air, stressed.
-I don´t know right now. Leave Seokjin...-
Jin was about to open the door, when suddenly Joons Iphone started to sound on the mattress, the elder was quick, and answered.

-You still in the city?, Im at Jins, but we can do something together...-
-I don´t know Tae, I need to be...-

"Come on man, you love Jin, you can go back with us, Kookie's dad took out the jet for us..."
-It's my lil brother, you know he loves you...-
Namjoon looked at Jin.
-Ok, ok. Send me the ubi. Talk later, busy right now-

Jin looked at him and Joon breathed heavy, Seokjin walked over him.
-Not now Jin...- the elder disobeyed and circled his arms around the neck of the taller one. Elevated his heels, and pecked softly his lips.
Namjoon did nothing, was just standing there.
-Namjoon I...-
"Seokjinah come one!! I got a surprise for you..." Namjoon lowered Jins arms, and walked away a little bit.
"I said not now Seokjin..."
"Ok" said Jin before left the room. Jeans in his hands, sadness in his body.
-The hell you did in your room? Go change...- exclaimed Jungkook.

"This is Hyung fave restaurant" Said Tae when some waiter opened the door -Thanks, I just did a reservation. Kim Taehyung...-
Jin walked behind Kook, who still was submerging in a conversation with his brother. "Since when this two get along that well?"

-Bring us the menu, and the Chefs entry of the day- kindly ordered Tae -So ten days changed you already?-
Jin lifted his eyebrows
-You are so serious, its weird...-
"i'm just kinda hungover..."
-clubbing that much Jin-ah?-
"a bit"
Jungkook and Taeyung looked at each other.

To: Jooniehyung

-Well its saturday, we can do something fun...-
"Are you spending the night?"
-We can leave tomorrow, I have a business reunion until Monday, but I need to prepare everything. Jungkook came with the idea, we even reserved an hotel room-

To: Jooniehyung

"Why are you still checking your phone?"
-Im telling Jimin he can come along-
"Sounds like a plan"

To: Jimin
Come, we are going to drink.

From: Jimin
Its this a kind of order?

To: Jimin
You like to drink, and fancy rooms, Tae room its amazing

From: Jimin
I like your brother too

To: Jimin
Fuck you Jimin.

The hotel room in fact was amazing, Taehyung knows how to spends his father's money. They were drinking some import whisky, Kookie as a dj was playing Post Malone, the balcony was open and the lights out, so the room iluminated by the city lights, it is an experience.

"I have some pot" mentioned Tae leaving the room. Jungkook looked at Jin.

-Who was with you?- asked right away.
-No one...-
"Seokjinah... Jimin said..."
Oh!- screamed Tae from his room -Reception said Jimin-ah its at the door-
Seokjin ignored Jungkook and opened the door.
Jimin smiled, behing him the tall and handsome man did it too.
-He's with me...- said Jimin before moved Jin aside and enter.
"Hi Jinnie..." muttered kissing his cheeck.
-Hyung, come say hi to Seokjin-ah brother....-
"Jackson, nice to meet you"
Well this night was going to be interestinting. Some weed rolls later the boys were on point the conversation was lost, Jimin was laughing of Taehyung in an attempt to get fucked by the Kim.
Jungkook was drinking from a Vodka their ordered, and Jin was dancing, in front of Jackson who was just enjoying the view.
Drink on his hand, smile on his lips, eyes on Jin. "You are so cool Jin-ah" mentioned when the boy started to move his hips, throwing his hands on the air.
"Oh look at Jinnie" screamed Jungkook, recording the younger.
On the screen, the door opened, the man behind wasn't happy.
-What are you doing Seokjin?- asked, all the gazes on him.
Jin smiled, walked over him and took his hand.
"Dance with me..." the elder rolled his eyes.
-Tae, everyone its already wasted...-
"I know man" answered Taehyung before do a shot.
-Who are you?-
"Jackson, a friend of Jinah" answered the black haired guy.
The young man looked at Seokjin, who was trying to hide the smiled behind the glass on his hands.
"You said you needed to leave..." almost screamed Jin, but just him and Jackson listened.
He approached Jin, took the glass of out his hand.
-Stop drinking-
"I missed you"
-Are you high?- Jin smiled “This is what im talking about Jin, you are just a boy..."
-who you just fucked...-

-Seokjin, come lets dance..." shouted Jimin from the other part of the room.
Jin looked at Joon, and leave him.
He was moving his body, spinning under Jimins hand.
"We need some chicks, this is so boring" murmured Tae "Joon do you still have friends around?"
Jin elevated his gaze to him. Namjoon nodded, and passed his IPhone to Tae.
-We are leaving, have a reservation at some club near-
It wasn't even ten, Seokjin wasn't high anymore, a bit tipsy but conscious, dancing with Jimin, Jungkook and Jackson.
Tae with some blonde on his arms, Namjoon at the couch looking at them.
Jungkook take a sit at his side.
-How are you Kookie?-
-Drunk- replied Jungkook smiling "What were you doing still in the city?"
"You know, you are older than him" said Jungkook and Namjoon looked at Jeon Jungkook -I'm his best friend, I even know him better than Tae hyung- added
-I know-
"He is still discovering himself..., that doesnt mean he doesnt want you, he does, im sure he even has feelings for you, but you doesnt feel the same..."
-You don´t know Jungkook- Namjoon's jaw hard.
"Oh I know, he isn't the first rich boy to fell at your knees, Im not gonna to said nothing to him, because you will stop this before hurt him"
"You know this is wrong Namjoon hyung, if it isnt why didnt you greeted us this morning at his dorm?"
Jungkook slapped his leg and smiled before going back to dance

Chapter Text

”I know what I want, I know what I get… I’m only here to find you…”

Kim Seokjin is an ethereal being, his presence demands attention, his face has angelics factions, soft almonds eyes, round cheecks, glossy, red , and fat lips. His body was a sin, broad shoulders, tiny waist, long and smooth legs, Namjoon swear at his almost 18 years Jin is already taller than Tae. But Seokjin isnt just looks, his essence as a person is loved by nature, he is cute, kind, polite, smart and funny. 

Namjoon was on the palm of his hands, Jin could move a single finger and Joon will obey, when they were kids Joon always did what Seokjin said: 

-I don’t want to play this game anymore- he remember the boy saying…. pout on his mouth, arms crossed.
-Hyung I want ice cream-
-Joonie hyung I want to go to the park-
-Hyungie take me with you- 
-Hyung I want to be with you and Taehyung-
-Joonie hyung are you going to eat your slice of cake?- 
-Namjoonie hyung try this video game with me?
-Hyungie can’t you take me to the school tomorrow?-
-Joon I want you to come to my tenis practice-

Etc, etc… and nothing had changed. Jin texted 'I miss you' and Namjoon canceled all his weekend reunions and plans, just to hold and kiss the Kim.

"Dance with me?, please Namjoon..." the small hand grabbed his, and led him to the dance floor. A flirty red dress, shiny high heels, jewerly on neck and wrists, long and silky black hair, green eyes, perfect smile and curves, the beaty was dancing way too close of his body, grabbing his waist and neck.

He knows Jin was looking at him, and he knows his attitude hurt him, but he couldn't just stop, he even hold the girl too. The music was filling his ears, Namjoon wasnt a fan of alcohol and parties anymore, but he missed the feeling, with the girl on his hands he doesnt any feel presure, he felt free. He didn't feel consumed like when he was with Jin, Speaking of the devil, where was his boy?

He tried to located Seokjin with his gaze but he couldnt find it, his body ached when he noted that another person was missing too. He went mad, he remember the way Jackson was looking at him, the guy was devoted to Jin just as him. 
No at the dance floor, no at bar, thank god no at the restrooms...

To: Jin
where are you?
He was looking at the screen, but there wasnt any answer. His heart was beating faster, and his blood hotter. Did Jin left? Did he hurt him that much? Took a cigarette and walked of the club without warn anyone. 

And there he was, Jackson envolving his body, Jin face rested on his shoulders, rosy cheecks, teared eyes.
"Seokjin" both of them looking at him, Jin quickly looked away and grabbed Jacksons bicep, holding close to him, and Namjoon met jealousy. He didnt care about the guy with him, approached them until grab his waist and draw him into his arms. 
“Im sorry babe"... caressed his cheecks and kissed his forehead. 
"I want to leave" murmured Jin before rest his head on his chest. And Namjoon tied around his little finger, holded his hand and started to walk. Without looking back, or around.

Their fingers were intertwined, they were waiting for the lift, no word left his mouths the whole way. Namjoon placed his hand on his lower back to make him climb the cubicle. He showed his dimples at him, but Jin didnt smiled. So Joon grabbed his delicated hand and kissed every one of his knuckles. 
-Do you want some dinner?- asked Joon once on his room, taking off his tie and undoing the first buttons of his shirt. Jin shook his head. Namjoon took a seat  in the leather armchair infront of Seokjin. 
-What are we going to do?- 
"I don't know Jin"
-You clearly dont want me near when we are with someone else...- Namjoon closed his eyes and denied with his head.
"Come here" mutered Namjoon. Jin advanced until sit on his lap, Joon smiled and rested his hands on his face and lower back "Im here Jin, because of you, look of all the things I have done... I'm riscking our future, our families relationship, our enterprises and reputations… and I will do anything for you babe, but  we need time to settle down, to think, to see how its going to be everything... for now I can promise I am just gonna be yours..." 
Jin smiled at him, hooked his fingers on his cheeks and closed the distance between their lips. 
Mouth to mouth, his lips were on full contact, Jin sat down on him, leg to each side of Namjoon, making a lock on his back, the kiss was deeper, but exquisite. Seokjin smiled and played with his tongue on the verge of Joons lips. 
"I want you" purred Jin on his ear, hugging him with fierce, and starting to mark his neck. Joon smirked, kissed his cheeks and grabbed his ass, teasing him with his fingers, Jin moaned over his lips, moving his hips against him "On my mouth Joon" 
"Fuck babe, you just cant said things like that" 
Jin smiled, and left his body to kneel down in front of him. Namjoon pet his hair, caressed the soft skin of his face and insert two digits on his mouth. 
Seokjin gently sucked the fingers,  Namjoon groaned, and pushed deeper, the younger used his small hands to open the belt. 
Joon took his face and dragged him to his mouth, Jin whimpered before being kissed again. 
"Be a good boy Nini" spoke Namjoon, Jin nodded. On his knees again facing him, guided his hands until take him on his fist. Namjoon threw his head back, brains blank, eyes closed.
The pleasure was  inmediate, and Jin still didnt do anything most that jerking him off.
Seokjin kissed his innertighs and Namjoon dragged his legs for more contact, Jin hand still moving around him.  
Seokjin stuck out his tongue and licked.
"Seokjin..." the younger took it all at once "... fuck baby..." The delight space possesed Namjoon, who grabbed Jin from his head and started to fuck his mouth. Seokjin throat burned but he liked, he liked the feeling of being in the verge of tears just to satisfy the man in front of him.
"Dont smile Nini, dont do that" said Namjoon and without a warn he came.
The picture at his feet was delightful, Jin open mouth, gasping, with his come all over his lips.
-Do I look good hyung?-
The elder nodded “Im going to take you now..." added Namjoon carrying him, bridal style, to the bed. 
Seokjin naked under him, begging to be fucked was insanity. 
He was opening him with three fingers, Jins theet on his shoulders, arms and legs around him. "God Joon, this is so good" moaned Jin before came for the first time. Namjoon kissed him, deeply. And let his heavy body fall on him before entering him. 
"You are doing amazing Nini..." Jin took his face and pecked his lips, Namjoon started to move "Look at you..." said the elder holding him by his tiny waist "all wrecked for hyung..." 
-more...- pleaded Jin, Namjoon thrusted deeper, Seokjin almost screamed. 
"Shit bae, you are a daze" said Namjoon before coming, Jin trembled under him, and took everything.
Five minutes later Seokjin was still trying to calm down, his naked body was shacking, his breath fast, and his blood still warm, smiled when felt a palm on his stomach. Namjoon cleaned him, and pecked his lips thousands of times. 
-You okay?-
-You just...- Jin took a breath -just ruined me- completed Seokjin before pat the bed until interwind his fingers with Namjoon. 
Joon crawled on the matress to hold him between his arms.
"Im only here to look at you..." Joon started to caress his body, kissed his lips "What do you want from me eh?, what can I do to have you just for me?"
Jin smiled, rolled until be over him. "Just look at me Joonie, take a chance on me...".

Chapter Text

And look me in the eye, promise I won’t cry this your choice to make because if you go, baby then go…”
He was awake, his eyes closed but he could smell his frangance all over his body, feel his warm surrounding him, the fingertips caressing his hair, and the butterflies kisses on his cheeks. His body still naked embracing him, he didnt want to open his eyes and lose that moment.
"I know you arent sleeping..." said Namjoon before peck his lips. Toothpaste flavor, his skin fresh and his hair a bit wet.
Jin opened his eyes and threw himself over him, wrapping his arms on his neck.  Namjoon raspy laughed. "What a needed baby..." said before kiss his forehead "Are you sore?
Jin shook his head "Yesterday was a night..." Joon searched for his lips, the younger moved away, cover his mouth "morning breath" mentioned before left the bed. 
-What are we gonna do today?-
"Need to get back today, have a tight schedule" replied Namjoon tying his tie, Jin returned to the room. Looked at Namjoon and smiled, Joon streched his hand, took Jins and hugged him by his waist. 
Seokjin rested his hands on his chest, Namjoon grabbed his face and kissed him. 
A simple kiss, but full of warm, his lips were his home now. They made out a bit more, hands on bodies, Jin’s trousers at the floor again, Namjoon fingers in his ass, lips on his neck, moans at the sky of the room. Joon took him again, slow, deep, standing supporting him by his waist and wrists."Lets go" whisper Namjoon once out of the shower, resting theirs foreheads together.

"I can't visit every weekend" said Joon at the lift of the dorm.
-Gonna talk to dad to get back once at month-
-I have class on sats- 
"mmm.." replied Namjoon before kissed his lips.
At the door of his dorm, they released hands.

"Oh you are alive" said Jimin coffee on his hands "You two owe me a big one, Tae just left. I lied, said you are pass out in your room"
Namjoon bit his lips nervous. 
"You know Namjoon hyung"  muttered Jimin "Its okay right? if I call you hyung"
-Yes Jiminah-
"Okay, you know hyung you can trust me" Jin smiled a bit "I dont know why you are keeping this in secret, but  im not gonna to talk if you dont want me to" Jimin smiled, put the cup on the table and left.
"Let's go, we can have a meal, than I can go home"
Jin wore a pair of  jeans, his balenciaga black jacket and took Joon hand. "You live here, choose a place"
"I dont go out that much"
-You have been here half month-
"I know" Jin smiled and rested his head on his shoulder -Believe me, i dont know any special place-
"Ok, im going to choose today" 
It was a good place, away from the buildings.

From: Kookie
Left without said goodbye.
See you next week.

To: Kookie
Love you bestie.

From: Kookie
I don't :/

"You want to eat a slice of cake?" Jin nodded -No, please bring the same order, and cake as a dessert- 
The waiter left and Namjoon looked around, at some tables away a man smiled and raised his glass. A fucking client was there, in the same restaurant. 
"Im going to miss you..." said Jin when Namjoon was trying to remember his business when said man.
-I'm still here-  he replied, fake smiled on his face.

To: Yhyung
Whats the name of the man we met at the tenis court?
The one who closed a deal with dad last year.

From: Yhyung
Mr. Choi?? 

Fucking Mr. Choi, he wasn’t that important, but he was there. 
"Can we talk about us hyung?" Jin dropped, trying to reach his hand, Namjoon looked at him and snorted, nervous. 
-Seokjinah, we are okay, dont do that, not now- raised his gaze, Mr. Choi was talking with other persons.
-do what?-
"Try to... Jin.." the waiter started to fill their glasses. Namjoon wanted to leave, or ask for a private table, but Jin was looking at him. 
-Try to what?-
-Babe, I want to eat in peace-
Jin stayed quiet, words stuck on his throat. He didnt even tasted the food, his fork wag al the portions, but never made it to his mouth, and that pissed of Joon a bit more. 

"Why are you being like this?" asked the elder a bit mad, because he wasnt enjoying his food either. 
-Like what?-
"Like this spoiled kid who can't take an answer...-
-You didnt gave me any answer...-
"and what you want me to tell you?"
-I want you to explain me what are we?, you always leave me hanging... inside the room you are this kind of perfect boyfriend and infront on everyone you talk to me as one of you business partners..."
-I am not your boyfriend-
"That's what I want to talk about Namjoon"
-We don't need to label it-
"I do"
Namjoon said nothing else, "finished" his dish, payed and stood up. Seokjin walked behind him. 
"You really know how to ruin a date" exclaimed Namjoon once in the car.
"This was a date?" asked Jin incredulous -you suck at this Namjoon ...-
"I am trying ... you are pushing and forcing everything ..."
-How? -
-You wanted this, I did tell you how hard was going to be ... but you cried and beged and I knew how wrong this is but you pushed it and here we are. Why you didnt denied everything to Jimin? since the begining we said no one has to know ... "
-Beacuse you fucked me one day ago in our share dorm-
"Seokjin" spoke Joon, raising his voice a little.
-What? do you think you fucking chauffeur doesnt know about it? -
Namjoon covered his face with one hand.
-Stop ... we need to stop this now, while we can ...-
"What are you talking about Namjoon? So it's gonna be always like this? Every chance you have you threat me with finish this, and I have to beg you to stay with me ..."
"You can't even hold my hand in a restaurant and we are miles away from home…"
-That’s was I mean Seokjin we are miles apart from home and still our circle its around us, we’ll could never have something more serious than this...-
"This is what you call serious? You just fucking me from time to time?"
"Don’t baby me Namjoon I could be 17, but I don’t want a inmature piece of a man, so don’t threat me If you want to leave, then leave..." 
-Jinah... you deserve much better-
-Yes I do Namjoon- 




Chapter Text

"I can't remember the last time I heard your voice, I'm sad in silence, living in a world of noise, because you were perfection..."

-Besides that meeting you have a reunion with Mrs. Chung and his husband, your father called and said you need to call him back, he its coming back tomorrow, dinner with Mr. Lee at 20:00 and Mr. Kim Taehyung requested to clear your schedule after 22:00...-
"Busy day..." replied Namjoon reading the deal on his hands.
-Mr. Kim Seokjin its arriving today, do you want to send some flowers?-
Namjoon raised his gaze, licked his lips and his secretary smiled "The lasts ones we sent were very pretty..."
-Yeah, yeah pick ones and send them...-
"Ok Namjoonssi.."
-Pink ones please...-

To: HyungChat
Tae what in hell do you want to do at 10pm?
I'm 25, I need to sleep.

From: Hobi (HyungChat)
Boh, you are so bored Joonie

From: YHyung (HyungChat)
Just round of solitary
And rounds of beers

From: Tae (HyungChat)
Forgot. I cant. 
Jin its coming back today.
Jungkook planed something, wanna come?

To: HyungChat

From: Tae (HyungChat)
Boh, you are so bored.

From: YHyung (HyungChat)
We'll be there. 

From: YHyung
The last thing you can do its be there and apogolize.
Stop being misserable Namjoon.

To: YHyung
He blocked me.

From: YHyung
And what do u expect?
You left him after fucked him a whole weekend.

He left Yoongie on read. Started to pack his briefcase, and stood up. 
"Come on. Spend all day with me" Abi Pyeon, his secretary, smiled took his purse and left with him. 

Almost at 18:00s Namjoon started to feel tired, hadn't been able to sleep well since the last moment he saw him, one part of the day he desperately wanna call him, ask him to come back in his arms, say sorry, kiss his cheeks and taste his lips, and  the other part he was there merely existing.

"I dont want this business to fail, i trust your company Kim, but I need more assurence.."
-Trust us, we are the best out on the market, you can even be at all board meetings, whatever it takes  so you can see that we are trustworthy...- 
The man signed the deal and shaked his hand with Namjoon. Abi smiled and order another round of rose wine. Kim's enterprise its on charge of the 
maintenance and update of the new tools for operating systems, they were growing and taking big steps, thats means all eyes on them. 

From: Jungkook
Talked with Tae.
If you are going to be there, dont ruin the night

To: Jungkook
How could I?

From: Jungkook
I dont know, you already ruined his 18 party and its not yet.

To: Jungkook
I did follow your advice

From: Jungkook
As if.
I told you to broke with him. Not him.

To: Jungkook
oh yeah, he looks so broken. 

From: Jungkook
respectfully, FUCK YOU NAMJOON.

But he wasnt lying, after he left the city Jin shared and shared all kind of photos, videos and stories out with Jimin, dumbass Jackson and unknown friends. He knew Jin, he knows he was trying to get his attention and he had it, but Seokjin was acting like what he was, a kid.
-Namjoonssi you have postponed all week that date with Mrs. Maeng... she asked again...-
"What do she wants?"
His secretary raised his shoulders, smiling -Well you are a single, successful and handsome man, so I believe a marriage...- Joon laughed for the first time in a while.
-I dont know...-
"I will say to her, just a coffee, seems to you?"
He agreed, and they got out of the car for the last meeting of the day. 
-Thank you Abi- said Namjoon once back in his office -You can leave, I'll do the rest- the young woman showed her perfect smile waved with her little hand and left.

-It doesnt surprise me that you are still here...- exclaimed Yoongie suited, a bottle of water on his hand, hair combed out of his face -I told Tae we were going to be there...-
-You love seeing me in trouble...- 
-Its my kink...- Namjoon smiled -I wanna talk Joonah, serious talk...-
-Im listening-
"How I say this... Namjoon I dont care about what happen there, you are my friend so I dont care if he its young or a boy but... around us care, they were going to judge, they were going to be on your neck, I am not saying you need to do an statement because you shouldnt care if they do, but coming out with the younger of the Kims... you could wait until Seokjin grow up-
-I fucked up...-
"You know, Im not that worried about him, but you my man... you cant fall in love like that you were together barely a month it was reckless move..."
-I dont regret it-
"I know Joonah, dont get me wrong, But whichever way you saw it, it was a mess, you stoped everything on time..."
-Jungkook said...-
"Kookie it his bestfriend obviously he its going to hate you, but he its a good kid, he asked for my advice" Joon raised his eyebrow "So yeah, I know everything that happened. The city was cruel to you Namjoon, so come on, let's grab a drink, apologize to Seokjinie and start over...-
Namjoon wanted to cry, but smiled, sigh and followed his hyung steps.
Kookie organized the welcome party in one of his dad hotels, it was a small reunion, some friends from their school, some from the club, and tennis yard. Namjoon arrived with Yoongi, Hoseok was already there, empty places at his sides, a glass of white wine in front of him, gaze at his phone. Yoongi was the first one to greet. 
"Kookie reserved this for us..." said Hoseok before hugged Namjoon. 
"My man, so handsome Joonah" exclaimed and hugged him again.
They were listenning Yoongi and his dream come true of open a music study.
-I am just polishing the last details...- said before a tequila shot.
"That's good bro, you were always talking about it" 
The doors of the salon opened and Tae was there, box smile and behind him his gorgeous young brother.
"Happy Birthday Jin!" screamed some of his friends, the boy smiling every moment. five minutes later Tae was with them.
"He already knew, Kookie sucks planning surprise parties" 
-He tried...- replied Namjoon "Jinnie missed us so much, he'll be here any moment" Namjoon was nervous, the last time he saw him he made him cry. Yoongi squeezed his shoulder and smiled. 
They already had time at the party, all drinking but no drunk, dinner already served but they passed. 
"Hi" Jin waved and smiled, even at Namjoon. Hoseok wrapped him up and manhandled him around. "Seokjinnie i missed you so much" Tae laughed.
-It was only two months...-
-I don't care, I missed you so much Jinah...- repeated Hoseok.
"Me too Hobi, theres no one good in tenis as you in the city, so the matchs are bored"
"Happy to have you back Seokjin..."
-Even if its just a weekend?-
-Even if its just a day kid, i missed you- replied Yoongi. 
Namjoon was just looking. Seokjin changed his color hair, its was light brown, almost the color of the chestnuts, his almond eyes werent that bright but expressed happiness, his round cheeks were rosy, and his lips juicy, red and plump, he looked marvelous. 
-Hi Seokjin...- Jin turned until face him, smiled innocently and Namjoon was again at his feet.
-Looking handsome Namjoon...- Joon looked at Yoon, who nodded.
"Do you have a moment?" 
Seokjin still didnt answer when Namjoon started to guided him to one of the balconies, hand on his lower back.
He was there just admiring Seokjin, he was wearing a button long sleeves shirt, with a plain black tie, black trousers and shoes.
It was a mesmerizing view. 
"I wanted to apologize..."
-Damn Namjoon, not now...-
"Everytime we talk its a good day or a bad day, you are never in the middle. Why did you sent flowers?"
-Because you like them...- Jin raised an eyebrow "... and I was feeling bad and wanted to apologize but never knew how..."
-The card said “have a nice day Jin”
“I didn’t know what to write, and Abi was asking lots of questions, so…”
-do you regret it?-
-The last day?-
Namjoon shook his head -Not the part of being together...-
-But saying goodbye?-
-I regret the way I did it...-
"But no saying goodbye..."
-Its hard for me too...-
"You know Namjoon, age its a number..."
-Not for us...-
"It doesnt matter anyways we had one in a million chance and you ruined it"
-I am sorry Seokjin, I was wrong from the beginning, as the elder I should never have let things progress... I am sorry...-
Jin looked at him, took his hand and brought it up to his cheek. Namjoon wanted to stop, but his body reacted to Seokjin's will. "You are handsome... I miss your face..."
Joon smiled.
-Its more than a stupid crush Namjoon I really feel something...- Namjoon closed his eyes and enjoyed Jins fingertips on his skin.
-We can do whatever we want Namjoon...-
"We cant Seokjin..." replied  Joon taking his hand, holding it delicately. "We can't let the whispers start, I got the enterprise on my feet, and I can't let my dad down..."
"You know this is wrong... I didnt wanna hurt you, I swear I never thought we'd come to that..."
-We could do this right-
-No Seokjin, understand I am a man, not a prince charming who are going to solve your problems just because you love me... I'm going to bring more...- 
-What's happening? Why are you crying Seokjin?- asked Tae, glass on his hand, Jungkook mad behind him. Namjoon sighed before felt the fist on his face. 

Chapter Text

"I'd rather crash, I'd rather crawl then never have your love at all"

-What's happening? Why are you crying Seokjin?- asked Tae, glass on his hand, Jungkook mad behind him. Namjoon sighed before felt the fist on his face. 
It was a sharp punch, took a few steps back and grabbed his jaw.
-Kookie!!- screamed Jin, Tae wasn't too fast to stop Jungkook, who pushed Namjoon a bit more. Joon wanted to react but Jungkook had warned him.
-Jungkook stop!- screamed Tae, Yoongi come runing from the inside, drawing the attention of the guests, phones on hands, flashes on, and the press was there too, beacuse obviously Jeon Jungkook thought it was a good idea to document the 'welcome back party' of his best friend.
-I did told you Namjoon!- Jungkook screamed his lungs out, and suddenly it was a disaster. Hands and punchs everywhere. 
"Fuck guys" said Tae looking around, Yoongi held down Joon and Hoseok was trying to hold back Jeon Jungkook. 
"Namjoonah stop before you regret it..."
-He started...-
"Stop Namjoon..." ordered Min Yoongi.
Seokjin still amazed by the situation walked up to Kim Namjoon. Joon was mad, his jaw was hard and the veins of his neck bulging.
"Jinnie..." said Jungkook in a needly tone, breathing heavy, streching out his hand to Seokjin. 
-What happened? what the hell happened?- asked Tae once Jin shooked his head to Jungkook. 
-Give them a minute Tae...- Min Yoongi released Namjoon and made him walk away. Tae was vexed and still standing between the all mess. Jin looked at Namjoon, then a Jungkook, who now resembled sad.
-Seokjinah take Kookie away- asked Tae -and all of you put your fucking phones away!...- exclaimed desperately.
Seokjin  closed his eyes, intertwined his fingers with Jungkook and walked away. Jeon Jungkook embarrased behind him, head low with slow steps. 
"Thak you for coming It's all done..." said Jin to the guests when they were walking away.
Hid Jungkook in one of the salons. Darkness surrounded them. Jungkook was crying. 
"Im sorry Jin... I... Jin I was trying to... I dont hate him, but... but you were so sad these days and you... you are like... I'm sorry... i didnt tell you, but I know, I think i know everything...-
"Its okay Kookie..."
"Well 'everything' its over, and now we have to explain to Tae but... yeah Kookie everything its okay-
-I ruined the night...- said Jungkook leaning his head on Jins shoulder.
-Mayhaps, but you punched a big guy...-
"He is big" replied Jungkook before started to laugh, Jin did it too. Kookie hugged his best friend and Seokjin kissed his cheek "Thats so gay Jin..."
-Yah!, just you defended me damsel in distress...-
"Because im a gentleman..."
-Jungkookah, Seokjinah, time to leave...- It was Yoongi -We are leaving for one of the backdoors, you two are leaving with me, come on kids...-
Min Yoongi come from a successful family, he met Taehyung and Namjoon at some business course, and since then he was part of their life.
The ride was being awkward, Yoongi was on his phone, Jungkook, although was fine before, now was again with his head low. 
"How is Namjoon hyung...?"
Yoongie raised his gaze. "You got a heavy hand, and Namjoon has no reflections" Kookie smiled -he will survive, have to attend next reunions with a bruise but things happens..."
"Should I...?"
-Its okay Jungkook, I would have done the same...- Said Min Yoongie blocking his phone -Now we need to spect for the gossips...-
"Dad its gonna be mad..."
"The Kims will too..."

To: Unknown
Are you okay?

From: Unknown
I am. 
Are you?

To: Unknown
I am
On my way with Kookie and Yoongi hyung

From: Unkown
Tae sent hyung with you beacuse he couldnt stop laughing at me. 

Seokjin smiled. Yoongi its a weird person. 

To: Unknown
Have you talked with Tae?

From: Unknown
Stopped asking about it few minutes. 
But i'm gonna talk to him. 

To: Unknown
Want me to be with you?

From: Unknown
Dont worry Seokjin. 

To: Unknown
Are you coming to my party tomorrow?

From: Unknow
Well, that depends of the talk with Tae.

To: Unknown
Please dont do that, I'll make up something, and let’s pretend that nothing happened. 
I want you there.
I want you with me now.
Can I come? I promise just as friends.

From: Uknown
I'll be waiting.

-You dont want to stay? are you sure?-
"I'm okay Kookie..."
-I'm wont punch you- the three of them laughted, Jungkook closed the door of the luxury car and started to walk to his building.
"His dad almost sell his soul for that penthouse..." said Min Yoongi looking at the luxury complex.
-Its was a nice gift..." It was really a great present, part of turning 18 it’s the hundreds of expensives gifts you receive. 
The driver looked at Yoongi through the rearview mirror.
"To Kim Namjoons adress.." glance on Jin "his friend wanna talk with him" added Yoongi sarcastically.
-I don't hit like Jungkook, but I like to defend my friends too... and you know going to him right now its a mistake but i dont know why Namjoon and you live as life were a kdrama, you two are involving everyone but the people who really should be involved...-
Jin's eyes started to get big and teary, his lips pouting. "God, now I know why my friend can't said no" mentioned the blonde hair man “Just don’t make this mess bigger Jin…”
Once on his apartment Seokjin got rid of his tie, and shoes.
"What a night..." said flopping down on the leather couch "Your furniture its so uncomfortable"
Namjoon was still on his room, changing his clothes "You want some pants?"
-Im okay hyung...- said Jin lying on the sofa, phone on his hands -There are lots of videos...-
-My father its going crazy...-
"Kookie's too..."
-It was a wild move, I cant wait for the mocking comments of my business partners...-
Namjoon opened the door and Jin looked at him. The tall man was wearing a gray pajama set, his face was clean, his lips swollen and a pair of bruises were there.
-You look like a bad guy...- said the younger.
-I got a leather jacket and motorcycle to match- replied Joon.
" handsome..."
-Dont be a brat...-
Jin laughed, throw his head back and his laugh made a stranger sound, Namjoon smiled. He missed him.
"What did you said to Noona?
-The true, that I was a bit worried about you and going to spend the night here, he asked about Tae but i really dont know anything about my brother so...-
-He left with Hobi, they'll spend the night in his apartment... you could do the same..."
-I dont have an apartment- said Jin sitting near Namjoon -It hurts?- murmured, running his finger carefully over the little wound. 
-Im okay...-
"You are..."
-Before you came I talked to Abi, as an apologize to ruin Kookie's party I'm gonna pay the bad press...-
"It was my party, no Kookie's"
-You know what I mean, I really... he is a good kid...-
"He cried"
-Am I a monster or what? All I do is made kids cry- 
"He isnt that mad anymore, Yoongi hyung talked to us...-
-He did?-
"He was a bit harsh with me... wasnt all happy with me coming here..."
-Well we are messing with his social life too...- then an harmonious silence, you could hear the city below Joon apartment.
"I missed your voice... at least lets be friends I cant get you out of my life... I have always looked at you at this kind of perfect man  because you are Joonie, and I'll need you by my side, if you dont want to keep forward as my... my boyfriend... lets be friends, dont put me out of your life.... not now” said Jin with a teary gaze.
-Who is the elder here? When did you become this mature person?- Jin smiled.
-Friends- Namjoon looked straight into his eyes, what a wonderful brown , Seokjin showed a tiny smile and the elder caressed his left cheek "You are really beautiful..."
-That is not something that friends say to each other- Namjoon smiled and Jin stood up to take a seat on his lap. -Joonie I'm so tired...- spoke Seokjin on his ear -Can I sleep with you?- added before start stroking Namjoon's hair. 
-¿As a friends?- Jin nodded.
"Maybe you can hug me too... as a friends obvs..." Namjoon smiled, pecked his cheeks and both started to walk to the main room. 
His body felt less heavy tangled in Namjoon's arms, his heart wasn't broken anymore, and his head quiet and full at the same time, the scent of Namjoon was on him and his lips on the back of his neck made the ideal combination.
"Tomorrow will be a nightmare" was the last thing Jin heard. 

Chapter Text

”And darling you had turned my bed into a sacred oasis"

He cant remember what he was dreaming of, his body started to awake when he feel the strong gaze on him, a little palm over his chest and softs caresses on his forearm. Namjoon opened his eyes and smiled immediately, almond eyes shinning looking at him, bare face,  plumpy lips with the tiny dimple over them making his cheeks round, tousled hair and shiny skin.
"Good morning" murmured pocking Jin cheeck.
-I dont like being friends with you...- spoke Seokjin pouting -I wanted to be your boyfriend you know?-
Namjoon smiled and kissed his forehead -Could you imagine it? we'd the perfect couple- said the younger climbing on top of him, both of his hands on Joons chest. "Mornings would be wonderfuls" Jin tilded his head as he speak  -Dad would approve it, he loves you, in his eyes, you and Tae are perfect...-
"You are his world Jinnie, he would put me in jail, and Tae... god my best friend would kill me..."
"Tae loves you, maybe he would get mad, but he knows you are the best person for me and he'd understand because he is your best friend... Was that what you feared the most? My brother?"
"Sunshine I havent fears if you are with me, I could live just by looking at you every morning..." Joon caressed his face delicately -But the world would be so cruel to you... and I dont want that, I want you to have the life that you deserve, with your family and your friends by your side..."
-And what about you Joonie?- Jin kissed his cheeks -I want you so bad in my life...-
"I will always be by your side..."
-would we someday be together?-
"I don't... I doubt so honey"
-Would you date someone else?- 
-Are we really friends?-
-So you can't kiss me?- Namjoon smiled, he already knew this gonna happen. 
Joon held Jins tiny waist, and the younger slowly fell on top of him, he laced Joon's fingers unoccupied, and smiled softly, Jin hid his face in the elder neck, and started to kiss his skin there, meanwhile  Namjoon ruffled his hair, and then conected their lips.
It was a marvelous kiss, passionate and sensual, they dragged their mouths slowly tasting their breaths, Jin was minty, Joon was sour and still alcoholic, but Jin didnt care. 

The younger started create the motion on the bed, bringing his hips to Joons crotch, littles 'oh, oh, oh's leaving Jin mouth when he felt Namjoon hardeness. Jin smirked when the elder walked his fingertips over his naked legs, pulling off the calvin kleins. 
Namjoon raised his eyebrow "What do we do have here uh?"
Joons took Jin on his hand, and the younger dropped his head back, riding  Namjoon thighs as he searched for his first climax of the day. "Come on bae... you like that right Jinnie?"
Jin closed his eyes and bit his lips.
"Answer me Jin..." demanded Joon on his ear "Do you like that?" Jin moved fast his hips and Namjoon his hand, squeezed harder Jins waist and the boy groaned when the warm white spilled all over Joons stomach. 
"Such a view"
murmured Namjoon before sink two fingers on Jin. 
"Oh my... Oh my... Joon..." exclaimed Seokjin before bit the skin of Joons shoulders. 
"You can take it, right?"
Jin nodded with his head, leading his body to Joons hand, deeping the fingers on him.
-I'm going to take you now- recited Namjoon before inmersed on Jin. 
Seokjin held on to Namjoon's strong arms...
"Give me a minute" asked trying to take away de pain.
-So tight Seokjinnie...- 
-I was missing you so much...- dropped on his ear and then rammed him. Tongue out, rosy cheecks and teary eyes, Jin was a beauty out of a dreamy world. Joon encircled his waist and started the calamity. The bed was moving as them, Namjoon was being rough but tender, his hands were so tender on Jin. 
Namjoon was sure his downstairs neighboors were hearing everything, and that caused something on him, he wanted them to know who was making feel this good the younger of the kims dinasty. 
"Hyung... is too much"... complained Jin scratching Joons back.
-Seokjin, call me by my name...-
"Nam..." Joon deeped his lenght "Oh" Jin grumbled.
-My name...-
"Namjoon" said finally Jin and Namjoon exploded inside him, rested his head on Jin shoulder, and the younger started to kiss his hair.
-Are you happy now?- asked Namjoon, Jin with his eyes closed, tiny smile and round cheeks agreed with his head.

Chapter Text

”I loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us..."

"You have no shame"
-was the first thing he heard when he openned the door of his room,  Jungkook was there on his mattres, hard cheekbones, lips  in a straight line, no bunny face.
"Hyung what are you doing here?" asked Jin tired.
-What am I doing here? I'm your best friend, I was worried about you, I was missing you, I just risked everything for you yesterday and you went to him!!-
-I am sorry Kookie hyu...-
"You aren't sorry, all of this is a game to you?"
-Jin listen to me this can't go any further... Tae will be so hurt...-
"Hyung would understand..."
-No Jin! Tae hyung would not understand!! His older best friend is fucking his younger sibling!! He trusted him and Namjoon hyung... he knows this is bad...-
Jin stayed quiet, just looking at Jungkook. "I know you have feelings Jin, but..."
-It is because both of us are boys?-
"He is a fucking grown up man Jinnie"
-I cant remember where I started to see him different-
Jungkook tilded his lips "You have always looking at him as if he were the sun"
"Since the moment I met you, you always talk about him, even more than Tae hyung"
-You think he feel something for me?-
"He put a strange face when he sees you"
Jin deep breathed -Don't worry Kookie hyung its all over...-
-Jinnie you just spent the night with him-
"Dont be mad with me Kookie hyung, i love you so much"
-Im furious, but i cant treat you bad on your party day right?-
"I hate parties"
murmured Jin before fell on the bed, Jungkook lay down too resting his head on Seokjins stomach. "At least someone of us its active sexually" Jin giggled.
"Boys" said Mrs. Kim sticking his head out the door. "JungKookie, Jinnie" 
-I am awake mama...- 
"You need to take a shower honey, Dad want to talk with you..."
-You are so precious my love, you are our universe never forget it- said his mom, resting by his side, caressing his sweet cheeks -I love you the way you are Jin...- 
Seokjin looked at her, nervous... he just percibed the weird vibe. 
"Everything okay?"
-All great- answered his mom. Gorgeous face, kind smile undoubtedly the kim brothers inherited her beauty.
"All the people love you, you know son?, our first floor looks like a flower shop"
Jin smiled. 
"Come on, look for your father, he is waiting" Jin stroked Jungkook to wake him, arranged his clothes and left his room.
His way on the stairs was fairytail, just as his mother said was all cover on flowers. "Evening mister, baskets keep arriving" said one of the housekeepers. 
Flowers were a way to thanks the invitation to the party, since in town turning 18 its a serious thing, even more when you live in a classist high society, unwritten rules say you need to have this, without purpose, pompous celebration, get a luxury car or dept from your parents and all kind of gifts from people, they called it "Society day".
The younger of the Kims thanked everyone who were working already at his house, walked bowing until reach his dad office in one of the wings of the Kims village. 
Opened the door an the four pair of eyes where quickly on him.
His dad had a tough face, Tae was sad, Mr. Kim looked displeased and Kim Namjoon seem worried.
It is a business reunion, since he was kid Jin was told never interrupt one. 
-Evening Seokjin...- Namjoons dad talked first, trying to smile but failed.
"Seokjin..." then his dad "Son we are being extorted"
"Some people want money Jin..." explained Tae
-I know what an extort means... why this has to be with me?-
"Seokjin..." said his dad
-Someone took pictures of you and Jackson, they sent it to my dad and now they are asking for thousands of wones- spoke Joon, jaw hard, voice breakeable, dragon gaze.
-Seokjin?- Jin looked at Joons dad -The pictures are compromising- 
He was on the verge of crying, his gaze was at his feet, no one was talking, Jin was sure they were just looking at him, he started to shake, heard the footsteps, smelled his manly scente and felt strong arms around him. 
-Its okay Seokjin...- said Joon almost at his ear -We are going to...-
"Is not okay son..." Talked Joons dad -I mean, let me recap, I... we... we already talked about it, we dont care about your sexual preference, but we do care about the image of the enterprice... and this...-
"Dad stop, let him breath..."
Jin started to cry even more. Tae made his lips sound.
-Seokjin its okay baby...- 
"Let me talk with him alone..." his dad finally talked.  Tae kissed his head before left the room and Namjoon squeezed his hand.
-Seokjinah...- said his dad -raise your face...-
"Im sorry papa..."
-Im sorry even more... why you didnt talked with me? or your mom? or Tae?...-
-We... dont you trust us Jin-ah? Im corcerned by the fact that some damn paparazzi has to extord us to know whats happening with my son life...-
-Im sorry papa, its... its... I'm still confused...-
"Is this man bothering you or..."
-No, no, no he is... he is a good friend, he...-
"Is he your..."
-No papa-
"Are you just trying to prove something or..."
-No papa, I like him... I like boys...-
"Ok" his dad bit his lip, his face was cold, his father was terrefied -Kookie and you...-
-Oh no, no, no, Jungkook hyung it's like my brother...-
"Ok" answered his dad, playing with his fingers, Jins tears still falling of his eyes.
"Well, we obviously paid for the pictures, and today... I... I... Jin-ah I dont know how to lead with this... we... I dont want to expose you... but... we have to do something..."
-Something like what?-
"I dont know"
-You are the boss-
"I am a father too Seokjin, and as a father I dont know what to do... I know what is the best for the company, but thats not the best for my son..."
-What Tae hyung and Namjoon hyung said?-
"Your brother its sad because you didnt tell him and he didnt had an idea, and Joonah, well i dont know... I suppose he is mad, he was yelling as crazy, wanted to sue for privacy but we know we cant do that..."
-Im sorry papa- 
"It's okay Jin... it's okay son the photos aren't going to leak, and when you are ready the world will know... If something happen we already have some options to divert attention"
His father stood up until hug him. Jin cried a bit more.
Hours later Seokjin was on his best tuxedo, welcoming all his guests with his family by his side. Tae haven't exchanged a word with him yet, Seokjin was defeated, his skin wasnt glowing, a sad dementor was on his face, his body looked tired, and his thoughs were betraying him. 
He smiled a bit when he saw Jimin at the door, Park looked expensive on a black Hugo Boss. 
The blond hugged Jin and kissed his cheek.
"Oyw everything alright?" asked his friend on his ear. Jin agreed with his head.
Glass on his hand, Jungkook talking about the gossips around the city he left, Jimin lauhging as if he knew anyone, Serge listening Kookie and taking all kind of stories for his socials media.
"Excuse me, I am going to said hi to my godfather"
lied Seokjin and left his friends, it was his house, he knows where to go when he was feeling disquiet. 
-Hi...- his voice resounded in the quiet of the patio, Jin didn't move -If I had been in the morning at the office I'd saw the pictures...-
"But you were with me..."
-But I was with you yeah...-
"It is my fault isn't?"
-No Jin, we... thats what I mean when I said we can go far but never leave...-
"I dont know if Im glad that is Jackson on the pictures and not you... the world its dividing us and we arent still even together"
-I'm gonna date a girl Jin...- Seokjin looked at him -And if something go wrong we are gonna be public to get attention-
"So you are trying to say me that you are going to sacrifice yourself fucking some girl to devay rumors in the future?"
"Fucking great, you are a genius" said Seokjin before pour his wine on Namjoon.
"Son I was looking for you, its time for the toast"
-Oh look at him...- some entertainer at the party said -The glorious and perfect eighteen man Kim Seokjin- people at his house clapped. 
-Thank you all for comig today, Its my pleasure to introduce socially official my son Kim Seokjin- His mom put her hands together and smiled. The flashes started to fire when he opened his mouth
-Thank you, thank you. Its an honor be part of this successful family, be a son of a powerful and leader man, son of a kind, gorgeous and smart woman, brother of a brave, bold and worker man, they inspire me the want to be someone valuable in this life, and I'm trying hard. I'm just eighteen years old and I'm making my mistakes and as one, I'm going to say it to save people of some arranged business and to save my family some money, I'm Kim Seokjin and I'm kinda gay.... cheers" he raised his glass in the silent room and finished the glossy liquid in one shot.


Chapter Text


“And now
 I'm one step closer to being two steps far from you"




It was a dead silent, a feather could touch the marble floor and you could hear it. Seokjin was drinking the sparkling substance with a smug pout on his fat lips. His body was still shaking but it was done, he came out to the world just to prove Namjoon that they could make their own decisions and not what the publicist of the family advised. 

His father was looking at him, open mouthed, hard fist on his glass still full of alcohol, his mother had the softest gaze, Seokjin was sure she was almost in tears. Tae was mortified, his face was hard and difficult to read. Kookie was in shock trying to understand his best friend.

Namjoon nt so far away from Jin was mad, his apparence was stiff, biting the inside of his mouth and snapping his fingers. 

A flash started the commotion, the invited press made it to the front and started to throw questions. Seokjin wasnt listenning, his eyes where on Namjoon who was denying with his head, Yoongi hyung behind him was squeezing his strong shoulder.

-WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?, SEOKJIN!! we just talked about how to manage the situation...- screamed his dad once in his office. All the guests still on the other side of the door, because of the fuzz he cant remember how he ended only with his dad and Joon's dad.

His brain was still procesing, there wasnt tears on his eyes but they were teary, his little hands were  resting on his legs, his back was straight just as his mother taught to sit properly. 

-Seokjin this a mess, what you just did... Im sure your father never teach you to act this way...- Mr. Kim was more calm, his father on the other side wanted to rip his hair off his head -We need damage control-

-Im... Im not one of your business dad... you told me I could do whatever I wanted to do...-

-I said it was your decision and that I will support you Seokjin... that wasnt what I meant... you, YOU JUST RUINED EVERYTHING I HAVE BUILD FOR YOU!!-

"But I dont want anything of that!, I dont wanna be far from home, I dont want to study master business, I dont want a place in the enterprise, I do..."

-Shut up!!- screamed his dad, and that's when the tears appeared and Namjoon at the door too. 

"Namjoon please..."

-I am sorry- said gently stroking Jin's arms, comforting him -Mr. Kim, dad its not the proper time to do this... Tae is trying to take over the press situation but he cant just ask them to leave, and the guests come on, we are just showing off how unprepared we are on this kind of situations...-  Seokjins dad took a full breathe and left his office. 

-Your dad just wanted you to feel confortable with this situation Jin and you just throw the enterprise out of the cliff...-

"Dad stop..." the suited man lef the room with heavy steps. 

Namjoon crossed his arms and stood up in front of him, leaning on the fancy caoba desk. His tailored trousers looked perfect on his long legs, the vest emphasized his worked waist and his strong crossed arms prominent his chest. 

"Im not a situation to fix Joon, a situation can change and I ... I can't change what I feel for... what I am..."

-You are a kid sicking for my attention...- He swallowed hard, and began to cry even more. His tears couldn't stop anymore, his cheeks were red and wet, his lips fat over the pout, his hands were hugging himself -You did it because what I said- 

-I did it beacuse I dont want you to sacrifice for me!!- shouted the younger back.

"I AM NOT SEOKJIN!!" replied -Fuck! I want a normal life, I want a woman and kids and... I dont want a future with you that was clear since the beginning, I told you this was just... I did told you this was going to end... but you kept texting, and calling and begging and... Im not sacrificing for you, Im tying to keep going with my life...-

"But we even talked about being a couple..."
-Seokjin...- said Namjoon trying to grab his hand, but Jin took a step back -You... you talked about being a couple I proved to you why we cant...-

"You just send flowers and never talked..."

-It's over Jin lets go...- Yoongi was now at the door. The 18 old boy was a mess and he was hearing from the other side of the door to prevent Joon if Tae was close, but Namjoon was destroying the boy.


-Namjoon its over, let me take the kid to his room- said Min hugging Seokjin. The little one let himself be enveloped by him, crying his eyes out on his chest. To their bad luck, Taehyung was coming with Jungkook behind him. 

-What happened?- asked the older Kim

"I.. I know what happened" answered Kookie heavy breathing, hard face and inflated chest.

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”Sometimes I wish I could go back and make us never happen, save us from it all” 

Jungkook was mad, the sceme of crying Jin was too familiar when Namjoon was around him. Seokjin is his best friend, he would do everything just to make the Kim smile. Jungkook passed over Tae, and hugging his friend, who was a bit taller than him, but however hid his face in the crook of his neck. Kookie embraced him, and started to rub his back. 
-Namjoon hyung knew everything hyung- talked Jeon looking Taehyung at his eyes "he knew everything because..." Seokjin clenched up the hug on his neck, cleaned his face with his little fists and smiled softie at Jungkook. 
-Let me handle it Kookie hyung, I can't control everything, but at least let me have this...- Kookie nodded. 
"What the fuck are you talking about Seokjin-ah?"  exclaimed Tae, desperated. Taehyung felt betrayed from everyone of the room, since some days ago he knew something was happening in his close circle, he could hear his friends whisper and talk behind his back, but never asked until today, he was sick of feeling fooled.
Namjoon closed his eyes and breathed out, nervous as hell, Yoongi was tense and Hoseok was entering the room with a worried Jimin.
-Namjoon hyung knew everything because he was in the apartment the day I was with Jackson...- lied Jin, Jungkook denied with his head, and Namjoon bit his lips -He talked with me, and I asked him to keep the secret from you...- Seokjin was crying again, gaze on his older brother, who was listening and looking at his best friend "And then this weekend happened and he asked me to tell you everything, because he didnt wanted to keep lying to you, and I did it..."
"Seokjin..." Joons voice was deep
-No Namjoon, thank you for being an amazing friend- he said before left the room, Jungkook run behind him. 
Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, and an out of place, Jimin were stuck on silence.
-You need to talk, come on boys, lets check on Jin...- said Yoongi dragging Jimin out taking his hand, and Hoseok followed them.
"What did you said to him?, Did you saw him with Jackson?, Did you tell him something?"
-Taehyung, he is lying...- his friend  frowned
"What are you talking about? What the hell its happening Namjoon?, I'm jaded with this, I don't fucking know what its happening, Jin its always crying and in the photos he is clearly kissing this man Jackson and..."
-I know, I know and I'm mad about that too, I love him so much and...-
“Is Seokjin covering Jackson or someone else?"
-What are you saying Taehyungie?, who is Jin-ah covering?- 
Mr. Kim asked, Namjoon was on silence again, his dad looked at him, and Jins father was waiting for an answer too. 
"I don't know what kind of relationship has Seokjin-ah with Jackson-ssi" Well at least he wasnt lying, he really doesn't know about the Kim and Wang business -I talked with Jinnie about him, I did it the weekend when I was in the city, I told him I didnt like him and that I was a bit angry because Jackson was all over him, i cant remember my words but Im sure I asked him to stop seeing him... after that I even invited Seokjin to share a meal dad, Mr. Choi was in the place, he saw us..."
-At least you were taking care of him- mumbled Tae, squeezing his shoulder, Namjoons throat began to itch, he was digging deeper the hole of his own grave -Im going to talk to him, i dont know what to say but he needs to know that I support him, that he can trust me...-
-I scheduled a press conference...- said the dad of the handsome brothers "Seokjinah isnt gonna talk, Im going to face the situation, not to explain his life, my son could do the hell he likes, but to explain that the enterprise wouldnt support any hate or discrimination with Jin or any of our employees"
"Thats isnt enough, thats not damage control, Seokjinah needs to stop hanging out with this man, graduate with an incredible average and be at his place at the company soon, I just talked with some partners, we are going to introduce Seokjinah better people"
Namjoon was silence, he wanted to scream at his dad, to tell him that he cant control their lives but he remained quiet, didnt even object at the fact of Seokjin meeting new people.
"I think..."
-Its done. Its how we need to act. Im sorry Taehyung you know how is this, we cant have the same liberties as everyone, because behind us are even more people...-
"We aren't perfect dad..."
-I know Namjoon-ah, but we need to pretend that we are...- 
That was the last word his dad said before left Mr. Kim office, Taehyung and him now on silence, were earing just the noise of the people leaving The Kims mansion.
“Do you wanna talk to him?" 
-I don't think he wanna see me right now-
-Is Seokjinah who are we talking about, he always want to see you-
-Believe me Tae, he doesn't now... why dont you go with him? He needs to know what your dad is planning to do..- Tae nodded, hugged Namjoon and left the room. 
"If he was in love I think he really despites you now..." said Jungkook looking all serious -He is gonna face everything all by himself, away from you I expect Namjoon hyung-
"Stop Jungkookie..."
-Dont you ever talk to me again, or him because he is protecting you because he cares about you, but I dont...-
-He is my friend, like my little brother, no a person to fuck and left behind...-
"Maybe thats what you want eh? Fuck him?, but he cant look at you the way he look at me...-
Namjoon should imagine it, the way Jungkook jumped on him, hard fists on his face, he can even feel his strong legs on his waist. It was a heath fight, all about yells and punches. Jungkook was strong, and Namjoon hard in all the parts of his body, it was such a sight see the men over the ground.
"Oh my god!!! Jungkookah!! Stop Kookie!!" exclaimed Mrs. Kim, and Jungkooks mother herself. The screams drew the attention, some flashes were on, even though the press had been asked to leave the scene.
-Jungkook!! Stop!!- Min Yoongi held the younger, Namjoon was at the marble floor, with some blood on his lips and his tailored tuxedo all over the place. 
"Touch me again Jeon Jungkook and I will end you.."
-KIM NAMJOON!- that was his mother, he fixed his suit, bowed at the ladies, and left the Kim village.
Once at his apartment, he was listening his dad yell, ice package on his face, Yoongi at his side, his mother standing up with authority close to his husband. 
-Are you crazy?? Didnt you were with us when I was talked about damage control?? The hell with you Namjoon?! Now I have to clarified everything with the Jeons!! I did tell you to stay away from this kids! Stop defendig Seokjinah as he was a lady in distress, you are acting as he was your...- Yoogie arched his eyebrow and giggled...-Fuck stop Min Yoongi-ah- said Mr. Kim and then all mad left Namjoon's lounge.
"My god, i could write a movie about this night and no one would believe me... Why the hell did you told that to Jungkookie? What if Tae was still around?"
-Hyung just shut up...-
-I told you this was gonna happen, hell I didnt imagining like this but I did told you...-
"How is him?"
-The kid is... he is suffering... He will be okay...-
"What can I do?"
-Stay away Namjoonah-
-Jungkookah and Tae will help, I kinda heard that Kookah its gonna purse a place at the Uni and... well your dad mention better companies, you know who they are..-
-Dongmin and Son?-
"I believe it"

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“Its breaking my heart to watch you run around, cause I know that you’re living a lie…”

He was laying on his bed, the egyptian cotton sheets hiding part of his body, hands beneath his pillow, his hair all tousled, his eyes a bit teary, his nose red, his cheeks wet and his skin kind of pale.
His head on the clouds, or in hell, his thoughts were dark, why the hell he couldn't be normal? why he has to suffer by liking the wrong genre? He could really fall in love with some other man or only Namjoon beacuse he was in his life since forever? He did like Kim Namjoon, damn he did love Kim Namjoon, he could imagine his life by his side just by closing his eyes, he could see all his mornings with him at their bed, could hear his laugh at his bad jokes, could feel his body all over him, just Namjoon. 
He cant put him with another man, hell even a girl. 
It was he really into guys? Because he really enjoyed his times with Namjoon, but maybe it was just because it was Namjoon, because he couldnt see himself riding another man or fucking another girl. He can recognized the beauty of another man but that doesnt mean he want it. 
His eyes started to freed tears, his head was a mess. He just wanted to stop thinking, just for once.
He was tired of feeling bad all the time, it was like he could only take the wrong choices. He knows he was surrounded by love but he felt unrequited, he felt abandoned and the only person who maybe could undertstand him, make that feelings go away, was fleeing, so he felt devastated without energy of nothing, he just wanted to rest, maybe get back to his dorm away from the city, where he can pretend to be happy and be in other arms, he just wanted to be hold but not by his friends or family, beacuse who are we kidding? they are there just by pure pity.
Who would really love him? Like him at least? 
Sank his head in the fluffy pillow and started crying again. When will he heal?
-Good morning my love- said his mom, trying to smile but just worried about him -I made breakfast-
“Im not that hungry momma"
His mom caressed his face, and Seokjin fake smiled -At least eat some fruit Seokjinah, please- Jin closed his eyes again, and left the flashbacks invade him.

-That was the worst brithday party of the world- he answered instead.
"Taehyung puked at his 5 years old party" Seokjin giggled and Mrs. Kim smiled at his beautiful son -He loves you, you know? You are everything to him, he is always taking care of you, thinking about you first, he wants you to be happy- Jin nodded, and exhaled.
"Im... I'm sorry mommy... I know I'm not the son you were expecting me to be, but..."
-Oh, no, no, no my baby you are even more... I could never ask for more from you... you are a lovely boy-
"still mom, I'm sorry if im letting you down..."
-You would never Kim Seokjin-
Jin smiled and hugged his mom, Mrs. Kim enveloped his thin frame in her arms, Jin was still his baby, the younger of his sons was her wonder, she lives to see his kid smile. "Dad isnt mad at you, he is so worried Jinnie… about you, he doesnt want you to get hurt he is trying to protect you, its just a bit stressful to him, but he would never judge you, even, my son he was to become closer to you"
-Jin-ah- Tae said poking out his head at his door, he smiled when saw the cute scene -We are leaving in half hour, be ready-
Seokjin didn't have the energy to wear something nice, but his mom prepared his outfit for him: tailored brown tuxedo, white button shirt and his favourite tie. "Looking good son" said Mrs. Kim combing his hair.
-Why can't you go with me?-
"You already know my place, I can't be at this kind of enterprise meetings, but I'll be cheering from here"'
Seokjin kissed his cheeck and left his room. Waving a goodbye a his sitter, and got in the car with Tae. 
"It's a new car" said Tae palming the leather seat. Seokjin pursed his lips, a bit disappointed.
-Those were your first words to me after everything... "It's a new car"- The older Kim gulped, guilty.
"Seokjin-ah I love you... I'm a bit... still... I just can't believe it... I mean no about you and.... I mean Seokjin-ah I can't believe you didn't came to me, I used to think we were best friends, or at least closer...-
-We are Taehyungie... I just... I didnt knew how to do it... didn't want to text you... "Hey Taee, I think Im gay"-
-I know Jinnie, I... I support you in everything, I do... and I'm proud of you-
Seokjin smiled and Taehyung hugged him. "I love you"
-Don't you think its too soon?- asked Seokjin once in the lift. Tae pushed the number of the floor where the room of reunions where in the building.
-Mine was at the same day as my social presentation-
"Well yeah but you didn't came out in yours"
-good point- said his brothers clicking his teeth -It's ging to be all right, Me and Joon will be there for you- a shiver traveled all his body, we wasn't ready to face him. No after the way Namjoon crushed his heart the day before. 

From: Kookie
Dad did it. We are gonna conquer the Uni.
Noona mentioned your day at the enterprise, I love you Jinnie.
I will be waiting for you at yours with Noona.

From: JacksonW
Jimim told me everything. I'm sorry Seokjina, we were really drunk, but that isnt a excuse.
I really like you. I mean it. 
Lets meet when you get back in the city. 

From: Min Yoongi
Hey! Im here if you need something kid

To: Kookie
I dont deserve you.
I love you Kookaaaaaa

To: Jackson
DW hyung, I really enjoy when we are 2gether. 
YES!! lets met.
kisses xoxox

To: Min Yoongi
I didnt know I have your contact.
Let me alone grandpa :P
Thank you Yoongichi hyung, I love you.

From: Kookie hyung
Love you tooooooooooooo

From: Min Yoongi
I will never text you again

From: Mommy 
I love you. Kim Seokjin you are my life son.

He was sitting in the elegant armchairs of his dad private office, waiting for him and Tae. Seokjin couldn't lie, he was nervous, he overhear about the press outside and the invitated there.
-Seokjin- said the beauty his dad has as a secretary -Your dad its calling you-
He left his dad office, every step more heavy than the other before, Seokjin was biting his lips,  playing with his hands and trying to walk normal. 
"Good moring Mr. Kim" greeting the press when he opened the door. The whole office squad was there, and two faces he knows well, but had never crossed.
Kim Namjoon couldnt even look at him, he was half hidden behind his dad as a scared puppy.  After all they went through, after all the love words, after all the kisses and caressing, after make love now Kim Namjoon couldn't even put his dragon gaze on him. It was all gone, there are not any further, no even a friendship. Who are we kidding? Seokjin could never see him without thinking on Joon over, or under, him, but it was gone. Kim Namjoon left that clear with the last message he received.

From: Unknown 
Lets stop. If you wanna pretend nothing happened ok with me, if you wanna talk just notified me first. But lets stop, im not gonna do nothing about it now, I do respect you so much, live and let me live

His eyes got teary again. He didnt answer, deleted the message and sleep clinging his arms in Jimin.
Seokjin wanted to stop, but his gaze was over his beloved man. Until Tae squizzed his hand.
Kim Seokjin signed all the forms, and all the men started to clap. Taehyung was filming everything, with a huge boxy smile on his lips.
"Its done" said Mr. Kim, Joon's dad -Welcome to the business son- added, kissed both of his cheeks and hugged him. His dad approached Jin, wrapping him. 
-I'm so happy, so happy son...- a few pictures more.
All fake smiles, trying to cover up the night before, the screams and fights where forgotten for the moment, cups and glasses where taking the ‘happy’ moment, happiness is very easy to pretend in high society. Namjoon at some persons away, never tried to make any contact with him. That hurts him the most. 
-Seokjin, come son- talked his dad. They entered a private room, three persons where already there. 
-Seokjin-ah, this is Lee Dongmin and  Son Heungmin- both of them smiled. 
Lee Dongmin was sunreal, Seokjin has heard about him, but words couldn't make him justice, the man was gorgeous, that was the word, Dongmin wasnt just handsome... he was gorgeous his feautures were perfect, soft and dainty, his shoulders wide and his anatomy tall and strong. Heungmin instead was charming, has this sweet spark about being the most lovely man, his smile was big and soft, his face clean and manly, handsome look and frame, fit body and the sweetest eyes.
And who were they? well in the city they are the only sons of social dinasty to came out. Why where they there? Even Seokjin couldnt imagine.
-Nice to meet you Seokjinah, your dad told us alot about you...- said Lee taking his hand.
"I was at your party yesterday, you are so brave..." added Son.
-They are going to help you Seokjinah-
Seokjin arched his eyebrow, he even choked on his own saliva "excuse me?" Jin asked.
-Damage control Jin-ah, i did tell you- said Mr. Kim entering the room, his dad on silence -You are going to hang out with them, they are even doing it for free..., Lee and Son reputation its gonna help us... befriend them-
Dongmin smiled awkwardly. 
-Is this kinda of a arrangement relationship?- 
All the gazes diversed, but no one replied, or the silence was the answer.

Chapter Text

I'm sitting eyes wide open, and I got one thing stuck in my mind wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life”7|

-An arrangement dad, are you serious? Are we still on the XVIII century?- his dad was fuming, listening to him but mad. Once on his floor after Jin's presentation in the office. 
-SHUT UP! , Shup up Namjoon!- screamed his dad, throwing off all the papers at his luxury wood desk -After all you have done, dont you dare to judge my decisions, THAT COULD BE YOU!!- shout Mr. Kim, breathed and poured a glass of neat whisky -I don't know what the hell you told him to make him came out in front of anyone...-
-This wouldn't be happening if you avoided him, I did told you,... stay away, stay away...-
"Im sorry"
-You are costing me billions Namjoon, you and this fucking kid...-
"Don't, don't talk of him like that"
-Namjoon, Mysulk would put you on jail... and I should... I should put you out of the company Namjoon but I refuse to quit everything I have builded, this is my family business and... It's your future... and not Kim its going to be out, do you understand?-
"We are ruining his at life at cost of ours..."
-We? I'm not the one eating him out in the pictures!!! What the fuck were you thinking?? Kissing him on a business trip!! you ruined his life...!-
"I know! And I want to...-
-You are not going to do nothing except for being the head of the company, be the perfect boyfriend for this girl and get a family, that's what men do Namjoon-
-NO NAMJOON!! Now and forever we gonna live with this threat at our heels, how am I going to explain this lost of money to the board?
Kim Namjoon lowered his face, at his twenty five years old he had never felt like this, part of his soul wasn't on his body since he made Jin cry like that, the other half was merely there, trying to survive the hollow on his heart. His body was heavy, his legs weak, his head hurt and his hands ached.
He wanted to be honest with Seokjin, but knowing the Kim, the younger would find a way to be together but his dad was against, and Kim Jung has never lost a war, he will destroy Jin. So he opted for this sick decision, where instead he destroyed Jin, but left them at the bridge where both of them still could make over, and have a ‘nice’ life.
"I cant stay away..."
"I cant dad, he is my..."
-Yoongissi told me he is hurt enough, so unless you do something he will stay away...- 
"Dad, I love..."
-Its the best we can do, Lee Dongmin its an incredible option, he is a good person, and this business it's bringing new associates... Jin its going to be okay Namjoon, I swear his dad just arranged his future, and I'm doing yours...-
Namjoon gulped.
"This is the last time we talk about this and if you say anything remember you signed a contract too"

To: Yhyung
I'm leaving the city, just for a pair of days.

From: Yhyung
Running away?

To: Yhyung
Going to America.
You love the States, come with me.

From: Yhyung
What about Tae?

To: Yhyung
I dont think he would leave Jin.

From: Yhyung
I think you shouldn't leave him too.
Stay close

He ignored Yoongi, breathed out and put his head on his hands, he was tired. He wanted to leave, not just the office but his life. He would do anything just to explain Jin, to make him understand why he left him like that. He was sad, his body was trying to fight the blue feeling, he wanted to cry, to scream but since kid the society taught him he cant. Namjoon should stay with his head high, surpass the pain and dodge the weakness.
Love wasn't for them, at least not for them as a couple, he was a fool to believe they could live their love story, he never thought what a simple kiss would lead, he had'nt a regret but he wish he could change some things but he knew in every change he would do, they could never be together, and that was had him sad. Because he loves Jin, he really does.

-Good morning Namjoonssi, your dad reagent your schedule-
-We have a meeting with Mr. Lee Dongming at midday- Namjoon laughed, his dad was a creature sent from hell -Then we have a meal with the board...-
-Thank you Abi-
Replied Namjoon, standing up, fixing his suit and leaving his office.
He had met Dongmin before, Lee, as him, was on the list of the "most powerful younger people", his business was on the screens, TV or cine, his company was on charge of the publicity. His agency was on a high ride, his family was making so much money at this moment, almost as the Kims, so sell their products to them was a good arrangement. Who would think that now they are selling Seokjin to him?

From: Taehyung
Who are you?
Man, this is fuck up. I dont know what to say to Jin.

To: Taehyung
How is he doing? 
How are you?

From: Taehyung
He is sad mand, can u talk to him?
He always listen to you

To: Taehyung
I dont think so, you saw us the last time

From: Taehyung 
He'll forgive you man, he loves you. 
Srlsy he needs you
He is going to meet Lee at night

Namjoon left his phone on his car. He was already there, a few meters from Lee Dongmin, the perfect face man who now was in charge to make Jin fall in love.