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Make it right

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”I loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us..."

"You have no shame"
-was the first thing he heard when he openned the door of his room,  Jungkook was there on his mattres, hard cheekbones, lips  in a straight line, no bunny face.
"Hyung what are you doing here?" asked Jin tired.
-What am I doing here? I'm your best friend, I was worried about you, I was missing you, I just risked everything for you yesterday and you went to him!!-
-I am sorry Kookie hyu...-
"You aren't sorry, all of this is a game to you?"
-Jin listen to me this can't go any further... Tae will be so hurt...-
"Hyung would understand..."
-No Jin! Tae hyung would not understand!! His older best friend is fucking his younger sibling!! He trusted him and Namjoon hyung... he knows this is bad...-
Jin stayed quiet, just looking at Jungkook. "I know you have feelings Jin, but..."
-It is because both of us are boys?-
"He is a fucking grown up man Jinnie"
-I cant remember where I started to see him different-
Jungkook tilded his lips "You have always looking at him as if he were the sun"
"Since the moment I met you, you always talk about him, even more than Tae hyung"
-You think he feel something for me?-
"He put a strange face when he sees you"
Jin deep breathed -Don't worry Kookie hyung its all over...-
-Jinnie you just spent the night with him-
"Dont be mad with me Kookie hyung, i love you so much"
-Im furious, but i cant treat you bad on your party day right?-
"I hate parties"
murmured Jin before fell on the bed, Jungkook lay down too resting his head on Seokjins stomach. "At least someone of us its active sexually" Jin giggled.
"Boys" said Mrs. Kim sticking his head out the door. "JungKookie, Jinnie" 
-I am awake mama...- 
"You need to take a shower honey, Dad want to talk with you..."
-You are so precious my love, you are our universe never forget it- said his mom, resting by his side, caressing his sweet cheeks -I love you the way you are Jin...- 
Seokjin looked at her, nervous... he just percibed the weird vibe. 
"Everything okay?"
-All great- answered his mom. Gorgeous face, kind smile undoubtedly the kim brothers inherited her beauty.
"All the people love you, you know son?, our first floor looks like a flower shop"
Jin smiled. 
"Come on, look for your father, he is waiting" Jin stroked Jungkook to wake him, arranged his clothes and left his room.
His way on the stairs was fairytail, just as his mother said was all cover on flowers. "Evening mister, baskets keep arriving" said one of the housekeepers. 
Flowers were a way to thanks the invitation to the party, since in town turning 18 its a serious thing, even more when you live in a classist high society, unwritten rules say you need to have this, without purpose, pompous celebration, get a luxury car or dept from your parents and all kind of gifts from people, they called it "Society day".
The younger of the Kims thanked everyone who were working already at his house, walked bowing until reach his dad office in one of the wings of the Kims village. 
Opened the door an the four pair of eyes where quickly on him.
His dad had a tough face, Tae was sad, Mr. Kim looked displeased and Kim Namjoon seem worried.
It is a business reunion, since he was kid Jin was told never interrupt one. 
-Evening Seokjin...- Namjoons dad talked first, trying to smile but failed.
"Seokjin..." then his dad "Son we are being extorted"
"Some people want money Jin..." explained Tae
-I know what an extort means... why this has to be with me?-
"Seokjin..." said his dad
-Someone took pictures of you and Jackson, they sent it to my dad and now they are asking for thousands of wones- spoke Joon, jaw hard, voice breakeable, dragon gaze.
-Seokjin?- Jin looked at Joons dad -The pictures are compromising- 
He was on the verge of crying, his gaze was at his feet, no one was talking, Jin was sure they were just looking at him, he started to shake, heard the footsteps, smelled his manly scente and felt strong arms around him. 
-Its okay Seokjin...- said Joon almost at his ear -We are going to...-
"Is not okay son..." Talked Joons dad -I mean, let me recap, I... we... we already talked about it, we dont care about your sexual preference, but we do care about the image of the enterprice... and this...-
"Dad stop, let him breath..."
Jin started to cry even more. Tae made his lips sound.
-Seokjin its okay baby...- 
"Let me talk with him alone..." his dad finally talked.  Tae kissed his head before left the room and Namjoon squeezed his hand.
-Seokjinah...- said his dad -raise your face...-
"Im sorry papa..."
-Im sorry even more... why you didnt talked with me? or your mom? or Tae?...-
-We... dont you trust us Jin-ah? Im corcerned by the fact that some damn paparazzi has to extord us to know whats happening with my son life...-
-Im sorry papa, its... its... I'm still confused...-
"Is this man bothering you or..."
-No, no, no he is... he is a good friend, he...-
"Is he your..."
-No papa-
"Are you just trying to prove something or..."
-No papa, I like him... I like boys...-
"Ok" his dad bit his lip, his face was cold, his father was terrefied -Kookie and you...-
-Oh no, no, no, Jungkook hyung it's like my brother...-
"Ok" answered his dad, playing with his fingers, Jins tears still falling of his eyes.
"Well, we obviously paid for the pictures, and today... I... I... Jin-ah I dont know how to lead with this... we... I dont want to expose you... but... we have to do something..."
-Something like what?-
"I dont know"
-You are the boss-
"I am a father too Seokjin, and as a father I dont know what to do... I know what is the best for the company, but thats not the best for my son..."
-What Tae hyung and Namjoon hyung said?-
"Your brother its sad because you didnt tell him and he didnt had an idea, and Joonah, well i dont know... I suppose he is mad, he was yelling as crazy, wanted to sue for privacy but we know we cant do that..."
-Im sorry papa- 
"It's okay Jin... it's okay son the photos aren't going to leak, and when you are ready the world will know... If something happen we already have some options to divert attention"
His father stood up until hug him. Jin cried a bit more.
Hours later Seokjin was on his best tuxedo, welcoming all his guests with his family by his side. Tae haven't exchanged a word with him yet, Seokjin was defeated, his skin wasnt glowing, a sad dementor was on his face, his body looked tired, and his thoughs were betraying him. 
He smiled a bit when he saw Jimin at the door, Park looked expensive on a black Hugo Boss. 
The blond hugged Jin and kissed his cheek.
"Oyw everything alright?" asked his friend on his ear. Jin agreed with his head.
Glass on his hand, Jungkook talking about the gossips around the city he left, Jimin lauhging as if he knew anyone, Serge listening Kookie and taking all kind of stories for his socials media.
"Excuse me, I am going to said hi to my godfather"
lied Seokjin and left his friends, it was his house, he knows where to go when he was feeling disquiet. 
-Hi...- his voice resounded in the quiet of the patio, Jin didn't move -If I had been in the morning at the office I'd saw the pictures...-
"But you were with me..."
-But I was with you yeah...-
"It is my fault isn't?"
-No Jin, we... thats what I mean when I said we can go far but never leave...-
"I dont know if Im glad that is Jackson on the pictures and not you... the world its dividing us and we arent still even together"
-I'm gonna date a girl Jin...- Seokjin looked at him -And if something go wrong we are gonna be public to get attention-
"So you are trying to say me that you are going to sacrifice yourself fucking some girl to devay rumors in the future?"
"Fucking great, you are a genius" said Seokjin before pour his wine on Namjoon.
"Son I was looking for you, its time for the toast"
-Oh look at him...- some entertainer at the party said -The glorious and perfect eighteen man Kim Seokjin- people at his house clapped. 
-Thank you all for comig today, Its my pleasure to introduce socially official my son Kim Seokjin- His mom put her hands together and smiled. The flashes started to fire when he opened his mouth
-Thank you, thank you. Its an honor be part of this successful family, be a son of a powerful and leader man, son of a kind, gorgeous and smart woman, brother of a brave, bold and worker man, they inspire me the want to be someone valuable in this life, and I'm trying hard. I'm just eighteen years old and I'm making my mistakes and as one, I'm going to say it to save people of some arranged business and to save my family some money, I'm Kim Seokjin and I'm kinda gay.... cheers" he raised his glass in the silent room and finished the glossy liquid in one shot.