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The Traitor is- Oh Fuck Nah, Here We Go

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U.A was under attack.

The fight had gotten to the point where the hero's were losing by an inch. This was when Shigaraki pulled a card that the heros had never expected him to pull in that moment.

"Traitor of U.A!! Show yourself to your 'friends!' Show them who you are!" He yelled, he had been told who the traitor was before the fight. As was the rest of the League.

Hagakure stepped forwards. Shigaraki and the rest of the League grinned as the hero students and their teachers gasped in shock.

"I guess being invisible isn't a bad thing after all." Her gloves suddenly turned into the rest of her uniform. It was purple and black with pink assets. Her boots turned a dark brown and rose up to her knees.


"Tooru how could you!?" Uraraka screamed out. The invisible girl turned to look at her, she only laughed.

" that even you real name?" Todoroki questioned, getting ready to attack the other. Everyone else was saying their own stuff along those lines. All expect Midoriya Izuku who was staring at Hagakure. 

She turned to the greenet and giggled a bit.

"Whags wrong Deku? Surprised that a weak quirk welder like me was the U.A traitor? Or are you surprised that there even was one?" The League laughed at the mockery. Midoriya just sighed before he clapped.


"Oh so this isn't a joke of some kind? Your actually the U.A traitor? Oh my fucking- why you?"

"Excuse you-?"

"Why not Kaminari? Or fucking Aoyama? There the ones that have more reasons for being a traitor in the first place! So why you? Don't get me wrong if your a villain I'm sure you've had a life that's on the harder side but still. You, really? They couldn't have gotten someone else to do it?" He shook his head.

"Well I guess that I can throw that theory book out the window now. Thanks league for that. Really appreciate it. Fucking hell- do you know how hard I worked on that!? I worked real fucking hard only for the traitor to reavel themselves as an invisible chick that doesn't have a personality other then "I want to be in the spotlight more." Like come." He looked around to see that his classmates were all staring at him.

"What? Did I go to far?" He didn't really care did he did. This annoyed him so he had the right to be mad.

"You thought it was me?" Kaminari looked hurt. Ok yep, damage control now.

"Well I guess so yeah. I mean you do have the right quirk for it after all. I can actually get my theory book out now- here it is!" Kaminari watched as he fliped throught the pages. Hagakure was also watching closely. She wanted to know who would have been a  better traitor then her. She was invisible for fucks sake! What could be better then that?! 


"Ah found your pages! Ok firstly your draw back. You fry your brian whenever you use yo much of your quirk correct? And you get fun of for this problem? You have never mentioned any kind of family life or life in general before U.A. You can see that this could be seen as a bit of a tell tall sign that your hiding something.

You have an electric based quirk correct? This leaves me with another theory of mine. You see I have the theory that we follow the personality of our quirk. Kacchan is explosive, Uraraka is bubbly,  Iida is straight to the point, Aoyama is sparkly. This list continues. This could mean that since electricity has both a positive and negative side you could have that as a side affect.

This would mean that while your positive side would be with us, your negative side would be with dear All for One. How lovely. 

Back on the topic of your quirk frying your brain, during the Cavalry Battle at the Sports Festival you used your max amount of power. 3 million volts at the time. You usually would have fried your brian, and as we saw later you ended up dojng so instantly during your fight with the lovely Shiozaki. You also seemed to look quite nervous when you hadnt gone "yay" mode. Was this becuase you had fucked up? Obviously not now that we know your not the traitor but still.

You also seem to vanish completely at 10:24 both times everyday without missing a beat. But that could've just been family. But then that brings us back to eailers statement of them never being mentioned.

You are failing your classes. This could have been so that you wouldn't be seen as a threat as everyone thought that you were dumb. It would have been a good strategy if you were the traitor.

So as you can see I do have quite a few reasons to think you a traitor. You'd be quite the terrifying one." He turned to the league and saw that Dabi was laughing his ass off and Shigaraki was scowling at him. 


Everyone looked at Midoriya as if he had just said he was gay at a family reunion. 

"O-oh." Was all Kaminari could say to that. He hadn't realised that he had done any of that. Mabey he should have payed more attention to what he was doing. And Midoriya thought that he'd be a terrifying villain? He wasn't sure to take that as an insult or a compliment.


"Ok, ok. We get it. The dumb kid would have made a good villain. Can you move onto the next person now?" Shigaraki wanted to know what this kid was thinking. Who else would have made a good villain. Who should he have actually kidnapped?

"Eh why not. What about Kirishima? That'll be fun." He flipped through the pages to the red heads page was.

"Man what made you think it was me? I don't think I'm that unmanly." 

"Its not that your not manly, it's just that you showed signs for not telling the truth. Is me not telling you about my quirk and saying it was something that it wasn't manly?"

"But thats different!"

"No it's really not. Now, here's your page!" He looked to make sure that none of the League wad getting ready to attack. They seemed to be to interested in seeing what the greenet had to say that they forgot that they were meant to be attacking him. Hagakure, though he couldn't see it, seemed to be getting more and more pissed off. Midoriya could relate. 


"So Kirishima. Your best friends with Kacchan right? Mabey even more? It's plan for everyone to see really, you don't hide it well if at all. Now back on topic. Your the one that's been closest to Kacchan since day one. Could this mean that since day one you thought him a possible candidate for traitor? Obviously not now that we know it's Hagakure, bit it was a possibility.

You have a good reason for being a villain as well. No one ever really believed in your dreams to become a hero did they? Just becuase of you "weak" quirk. People have become villains for less in the past. It's a possibility that you snapped and said "fuck it why not" and stumbled upon the league. They could have later trained you and made you who you are now." 

Kirishima didn't know what to say as Midoriya flipped the page. There was more? What the fuck-


"Now if you were the traitor your actions when we went to save Kacchan would have been explained. You seemed to have a look of guilt on your face, perhaps because you had grown close to him and regretted ever telling your boss to kidnap him? You also somehow had enough money to get some high quality night vision binoculars. You have to understand that the average person wouldn't have been able to afford them. The only reason that Kacchan could even pay you back is becuase he's well off family wise and he saves his pocket money. 

Your also a bad actor. This is in no offence but you are. I figured that the manliness thing was just an act that sucked. You really need to work on that by the way, I know now that its a gender neutral thing but if you keep it up people are gonna think your a sexist. After all its suggesting that you think you have to be "manly" to be worth something. Many people will think that this means you think woman are weak and helpless. So just watch out for that." He filpped the page again.


"You tell 'em Izu~!!" Toga yelled out. She 100% agreed with what he had just said. This is why she liked him so much!


"Thank you Toga- I just thanked a villain. This day is turning out to be a crazy one don't you all think?" He paused before starting up again.

"Now Kirishima you also only ever mention your mother. And even then it's only once that I can recall. This really isn't anyone's business but what about your father? Is he still in the picture? Or did he run for the hills like my dad did? I bet Todoroki and Touya here wish their dad did." Dabi choked at that. How does this kid just have the confidence to call him by his real name? 

"Now cirlcing back to what I said eailer, it has been shown time and time again that you do not act like a straight man would. Big Sis Mange became a villain becuase she suffered hate and discrimination for being LGBTQIA+ so have a lot of villains. Funny that really- this is why you find out if your parents are homophobic or not kids. Anyway by its possible that your dad hated you for being gay, if you are that is, is hate to label you as something your not. Now he could have either left ypu and your mother in a tight spot and you gave up or he got abusive. Blood is red, perhaps you got a bit to attached to it." He smiled. 

"How did you- I thought I hid it well!!" 

"No you really didn't. I knew on the first day. Your not the only one dont worry. I swear it's not U.A its U.GAY at this point." He flipped the page and saw that it was blank.

"Huh I must have fallen asleep. Ah well, we can move onto he next person now. Unless you'd rather keep fighting for the rest of the day?" In that moment Toga walked over to Hagakure and sat down. Knife at the ready still. Midoriya laughed a bit, watching as Toga proceeded to pull at Hagakure's uniform so that she would sit with her.


"Ok next is Aoyama." He flipped the page to his sparkling friends. Aoyama looked at him intently.

"Aoyama your quirk isn't fit for your body correct? Always fights against you? That must have been hard for you growing up. That is...if you even had it your whole life. There wa something you said to me about knowing what I have gone through that stuck out. I was quirkless before All Might gave me this quirk. Who's to say that we weren't just opposite side of the story and you got yours from All for One? 

You also seem to always be looking off into the distance for no apparent reason other then to be confusing. Perhaps this could have been yoj looking at cameras you had installed across the school so that you could spy on more people? You also seemed to spy on me more often then not. And as we all now know, i have a quirk of interest. You could have been assigned to find out who had One for All. And once you had found put you could have been assigned to befriend me to get more info." He flipped the page.

"You also always used to sit by yourself. This could have been becuase wits easier to betray strangers then it is your friends. Also when you were in the classroom by yourself you could have been snopping around and none of us would have known.

You were hiding from Touya while at the training camp correct? Him and Twice? You were telling me about it before. I found it weird when you briefly mentioned getting seen by Touya but you never got attacked, or killed for that matter. Why would he leave you be when he had seen that you were there?" He turned to the white haired male.

"Why didnt you attack him? You had the perfect opportunity to ruin U.A even further then you did. So why leave him?" He tilted his head in confusion. Dabi cleared his throat before responding hesitantly.

"I, um. Didn't think it was worth my time?"

"Yeah well that worked out well for you didn't it? You ended up nearly being zapped with a laser beam. Bloody idiot." Bakugo laughed at that fact that not only was Midoriya swearing for the first time he was present, but also insulting villains. Best day ever.

Dabi ended up walking over to where Toga and Hagakure were and sat down with them. He looked a tad bit embarrassed as Toga laughed at him. Hagakure was starting to understand why Midoriya thought that she wasnt a good traitor. All these other ones seemed to have a lot more reasoning behind them.

"Now back on topic. You also don't really seem to care about your academic score. In other words you don't seem to care about whether or not you do well in hero classes. This was a very telling sign that you were a the traitor. But of course, much like the others. This idea has to go out the window with my dreams of becoming an underground hero."


"You wanted to go underground? Why? I thought you wanted to be more like All Might?" Shinsou questioned. Head tilted.

"Meh, I wanted to save people with a smile sure. But I've never liked being the center of attention. Then again that could just be the trauma talking." He laughed at that last part. Everyone else stood there awkwardly. They weren't sure of what to say. The villains on th either hand started laughing their asses off.


"Ok so do you guys want more examples or not? Cause I have 'em at the ready." They all looked surprised at that. He had more? Why? 

"Yeah sure go ahead. Im starting to get into this so please continue. I'll shoot you if you dont." Hagakure spoke up for the first time since they got into this mess. She pulled out a gun from seemingly no where at the same time.


"Oh wow, that's why they got you to do it ok. That's cool. But aggressive but ok. Just chill ok? Lemme think as to who it could have been- oh I know who to do. Let's do a teacher shall we!!" He flipped through the pages befor ehe got to the most recent ones. 


"Ah here we are. Principle Nezu!! Oh this was a fun one believe me!"


"How could you even suggest that our principle was a traitor!? It is very disrespectful of you to suggest such a thing!" Iida chopped his hands as he walked stiffly over to the greenet. Midoriya laughed a bit before shooting back at the real life sonic.

"You do realise that Nezu hates humans right? And he, when he has the opportunity to, takes joy in bringing harm to them? Just look at the midterm exams before we went to the training camp. He looked to have a great deal of fun messing with Ashido and Kaminari. Dare I say he wished to do more. As you can see hes actually one of the bigger people- oh how dare I even suggest that- animals, greater beings if you will to suspect." He smiled as Iida shut his mouth. He did have a point now that he thought about it.

"I suppose your correct as always Midoriya." 

"Mh, yeah, now. For more reasons as to why Nezu could have been a traitor." He looked down at the page to read what he had written.


"Ok so, Nezu was experimented on by humans only for the reason that he is an animal with a quirk. A powerful one at that. He has suffered much abuse his entire life and is still finding that people dislike him and wish him dead for being a talking animal. 

This is a good motive for turning villain if you ask me. People have turned villain for less so I don't see why he couldn't have been traitor. And since he doesn't really do the physical part of the fight he could have led us all into a death trap and we never would have known.

Hes also the principle of U.A, this means that he's had inside knowledge of everything that goes on in the school since he started there. This would explain how the villains knew about All Might working there when they did, and about how All of One knowing that I am All Might successor. The U.S.J would also be explained. All Might as telling me afterwards that Nezu had been tlak i ng to him befor ewe had decided to head off and come to the U.S.J. He could have been purposefully holing him back so that we'd have a harder time fighting for our lives. You know cause why not?" The villains laughed a bit at that. Why? No one knew, but they were and that's what counts. Midoriya ingnored them as he turned the page.


"You all were telling me about how the hero's had all been telling you to not come after me while I was a vigilante. I still wish I was out and about still but whatever. But you also told me about how Nezu was the first, and only, one to say to vome after me and lock me up in the school full to the brim of people that could have been considered hostages. Why would he do that when All for One wanted me at U.A? It just doesn't make sence." Shigaraki had to agree with that. Why had the rat wanted Deku there? It had been easy to start up chaos with him there so why?


"He also built up the walls if U.A to act as a cage almost. Now I see that that wasn't his original intention but still. He could have dongle that so that we were all trapped inside of them and so that we couldn't get out. After all, all the hero kids and civilians were in there, and all the heros were our here trying to help people. 

Nexu would have made a good traitor if you ask me. And a lot of people would have loved to have seen him explain why. He's a manipulation expert after all." He finished Nezu's reasoning. 


"Your smart." Came a voice from everywhere. A voice that you could place where it came from. A voice that belonged to All for One.

Midoriya froze for a second before becoming confused. Had the boogy man just say that he was smart?

"Indead I did Midoriya."

"Naw hell nah! Get outta my head!" Midoriya shouted at the voice. The voice proceeded to laugh.

"Oh but why should I? You are quite a fun mind to read. It's always thinking of something. Your so unlike the previous welders of my brothers quirk. You actually have a brain." Midoriya held back a laugh at that.

"Hey I'll have you know-"

"You were just holding back a laugh, don't try me." People looked at Midoriya with shock that he'd ever have to hold back a laugh at something a villain had said, little known All for One.

"Ok whatever, why are you here and what do you want from us? To taunt in our faces that you tricked us?" The voice laughed again.

"Oh no. I'm simply here to tell you who else would have made a fantastic traitor. Shame it wouldn't have worked." 

"Oh and who would that be? I'm pretty sure I got everyone that would have been a good one." He raised an eyebrow. Shigaraki did the same, but for different reasons. Why was his master talking to his enemy?

Everyone was paying close attention to the voice at this stage. Who would have All for One recruited if given the chance? Who would have made a good traitor? Hagakure was listening intensely. Who was it that she should have had kidnapped? 

"Now now everyone, no need to be so eager. I'm getting there. Kids these days are so impatient."

"We wouldn't be if you would hurry it up!" Ashido dared to yell out. The voice ignored her. 

"So? Who is it? Or are you making this a guessing game now?" Midoriya got ready to attack in case the man popped up out of no where.

"Oh but it's obvious!"

"What's obvious?"

"Who the perfect triator is!" 

They all waited for the man to continue.

"The perfect traitor is none other then the same boy thats All Mights successor!" Everything was still at that. The villains were shocked. The hero's were even more shocked. Everyone stood there still. 

"And if you want my reasoning I'm more then happy to give it!" Midoriya was the first to move. He nodded. What made him a good villain candidate?


"Haha! your the perfect villain candidate because of your former quirklessness! You suffered from abuse all your life because of something that you couldn't control!" Midoriya froze up again. He wasn't was he? He wouldnt reavel what- 


"Your own childhood friend hated you for the longest time! He told you to take a swam dive off the roof of a building! Someone who said that they wer going to be a heor told you to end it all! How brilliant don't you think?" Oh shit he was.

"Onto the rest of you class shall we? You teachers always said that you had done the wrong thing when you hadnt. Always blaming you for minor inconveniences. Your classmates left spider lily's on your desk every day before school. They would blame you for things they had done. They would push you done the stairs and call you names. Lock you in small spaces for hours on end, it was a supply closet with a skeleton in it last time was it not?" Midoriya nodded.

"Tatata, kids can be so cruel. But not as cruel as a negltful parent." Oh shit, this wasn't good.

"You mother never took much attention to what you did now did she? Or what happened to you at school? Thats not what i would consider a good parent. 

She would always see you come home with bruises and burns, but did she ever help fix them up for you? Did she ever let you cry on her shoulder? The answers no isn't it? She just walked away, turing a blind eye to what was so obviously happening. 

But as it seems the moment you being a hero is brought up that's when she cares about you. She never wanted you to be a hero did she? Said it was to dangerous for someone so weak, did she not? Tried everything in her power to stop you from chasing your dreams. But you already knew this didnt you?" Midoriya looked down as everyone stared at him.

The people that he said would be good traitors stared at him with a knew found understanding. He thought they would be good traitors because deep down he recognized himself in them. He wasn't able to do that with Hagakure as she didnt have much thay happened to her from what she told them.


"Now, know that I could continue but I have more important matters to attend to to. For example aiding in the escape of my, as Tomura would say, players. Tata now." And with that all the villains disappeared.


"Damn it!! They got away!"

"Do you really think we could have gotten them? Their all so powerful."

Midoriya was stood still as a statue still. Everyone looked at him with concern. Shinsou we the one that walked over to him first. He stood there awkwardly for a second before he spoke.

"Im sorry." Midoriya looked up surprised. Why was he sorry?

"I'm sorry for what I said during the Sports Festival. I didn't think that you would have had a hard life but now- now I see how wrong I was. Compared to you what I went through was kitty litter."

"It's not a competition. And it wasnt that bad."

"Yes, yes it was. And I'm sorry that I didn't notice that."


"I'm sorry as well problem child. I should have realised- you showed all the signs."

"I'm sorry as well. Your my friend and yet-" 

"Its ok really. I hid it well." Midoriya interrupted the apologies before Bakugo walked over as well. Midoriya got ready for a second apology from the blond but- instead he got a hug.


"I'm sorry nerd. I-I thought Auntie, no, I thought Inko we don your side. I thought that people had stopped at the cleaning closet. I don't know-"

"And you couldn't have. I never told anyone." It was then that Midoriya had another realisation.

"Oh shit." He broke the hug.

"What's wrong? Is danger sence going off?!"

"Are you ok? Did you get hurt?" 

"No no I'm fine it's just-" no they would have.

"What? Problem Child tell us what's wrong." Aizawa slowly made his way over.

"Its just." He stopped. Should he really bring this up?

"Its just?"


"They never said that there was only one traitor."