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How Am I Izuku Midoriya?! (A S.I Fic) [On Hiatus]

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My name is Jordan Purcell and the last thing i remember before falling asleep was finishing watching My Hero Academia. The next thing i knew i saw an image of a blonde man staring at me. i jumped up in shock, not expecting to see someones face right there. "What the fuck?!" i muttered quietly. "Where am I... Wait... All Might posters? how is this possible, this isn't even my room. How the fuck did i end up here?" i took another look around the room before getting up to go to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I took a look in the mirror and found Izuku Midoriya staring back at me.

"How is this even possible? How am I Izuku?" I quietly muttered, hearing Izukus voice, perplexing me even more. 'This is so confusing' taking off my? Izukus? shirt off, admiring the muscle that he had built from the months of training 'god damned Izu your body looks way better in person, no homo. Also forgive me for I must know if the carpet matches the drapes.' Pulling my pants down slightly to use the toilet I got a look at a small tuft of green hair and a solid 7 inches of shmeat. 'God damned Izu, make me jealous why don't you. Wait what day is it?' I quickly returned to Izuku's? My? room to check the time and date. 'Oh fuck today is the entrance exam, i also get OfA so that's a plus, shit I gotta hurry up!' I quickly got changed and said goodbye to Inko.

It took 15 minutes to arrive at Dagobah beach using the memories afforded to me by being in Izukus body. once I arrived i saw All Might waiting for me, it was so weird to see the skeleton of a man in person. "Ah young Midoriya, there you are!" Small Might exclaimed as I approached him. "Sorry for being a bit late Small Might" I said with a cheeky grin, while the man in question coughed up blood in surprise at the nickname "W-what's with the nickname my boy?" All Might said while looking shocked "Would you rather Stick Might?" I said with  a chuckle. "I was just surprised is all my boy, I must say that I'm impressed with the work that you have done here."

'I wish I could claim that i did all this work but I can't I'm not Izuku ' was what I wanted to say but what I actually said was "Thank you Mini Might for giving me this opportunity at becoming a hero, I will make you proud as your successor." With a proud smile Yagi responded with "I never doubted you for a second my boy, I know that you will make me proud. Now to inherit my power you must" Small Might grew into All Might and continued to speak, "EAT THIS". Since I knew this was coming i took the hair and ate it without protest except for a small gag.

"Sorry if this is rude but, do you actually was your hair? 'Cause god that was nasty." All Might blanched at that and blushed in embarrassment. "I do wash my hair my boy! Also I'm shocked, I was expecting to have to force you to eat the hair like my master did me." He said with a small chuckle, then deflated."I'm sorry to cut this short Mini Might but I have to get home and prepare for the entrance exams, I hope you have a good day." I said, getting up to walk off."Are you going to stop with these nicknames young Midoriya?" Small Might asked with a chuckle. " I'll stop when I'm dead Skele-Might." I said with a chuckle walking off.

When I returned home to Mama Inko, she had already finished making breakfast for the both of us. "Hello sweetie, breakfast is ready. You can eat then go get ready for your exams. Just know I'm proud of you sweetie." Inko said as I walked into the dining room for breakfast, thanking her with  a smile that if you looked closely at, would notice is a fake smile, facade. After i ate breakfast, got changed and said my goodbyes to Inko I was finally on my way to U.A. The train ride was relatively quiet in comparison to Australia's trains, what with spastics blasting their shitty music and couples having arguments about the pettiest shit ever. I enjoyed the change but cursed to myself for not bringing something to listen to.

Once i had arrived at the gates to U.A I was in awe, never in my wildest dreams would this be able to actually happen. "Move it Deku" 'Ah yes, the one piece of shit i did not want to see today ' I turned to face Katsuki Bakugo. "Oh I'm sorry your majesty, would you like me to roll out the red carpet?" I said, bowing out of his way. "Fucking worthless Deku" Bakugo growled as he walked past me. Being called worthless lowkey hurt because of my past history of being bullied and suicide baited for 7 years of my life. 'If you can somehow hear me Izuku I'm sorry but I have to avoid him at all costs for both our state of mind, there is no use in trying to be friends with him again, all he does is destroy our self esteem and mental state.

After I finished that line of thought that the real Izuku may or may not have heard, I made my way towards the school, tripping on a loose brick in the middle of the pathway, only thought in that moment was 'God dammit Nezu, why is there a loose brick you rat.' My fall was stopped before i could hit the ground by a feeling of weightlessness, turning to my left i saw beautiful brown hair and eyes looking at me. "Sorry for using my quirk on you without asking, I thought it would have been bad luck if you fell right before an exam." She explained before righting me and releasing her quirk,"Thanks for that, good luck in the exams, also nice quirk, i have no doubt that you can get it." I responded with a bright smile that made her blush marks darken. We both walked in and separated, taking our respective seats for the exam.

I made it through the written exam with little trouble, thanking every god imaginable that I could understand and speak Japanese. Now it was time for Tenya Iida to embarrass himself by interrupting Present Mic in the middle of his speech about the robots, this time around I made sure that Izuku wasn't muttering, so I didn't get called out."And you with the green hair! If you are going to sit there looking bored then you may as well leave!" Iida still called me out 'And I still get called out! Oh you fucked up bitch.'

I stand up and level a glare at him. "If you were patient enough to wait for Mic to finish talking you would know that the last robot is worth zero points, hence the name Zero Pointer, Secondly why am I the one you call out? there are so many other people that look just as bored as I do. So sit your ass down and you might learn a thing or two." I finished my little speech by flipping him the bird as i flopped into my seat. The rest of the explanation passed with no interruptions and we were all on the way to the fake city.

Once we arrived at the fake city i felt a sudden rush of power 'Oh yeah! One for All is ready for a combat exercise, I'm not looking forward to losing arm my arm privileges though' I thought with a light chuckle. Once I was ready to use One for All I used a visual of a dam, with the water flow being the percentage of power I can use. After testing the waters a bit I figured I could use abut 5% safely and push it to 8% with a little bit of strain felt in my bones. I also noticed that the sparks were a cyan colour and and the usual green.

My thoughts were interrupted by Present Mic screaming for everyone to go, knowing what was happening I quickly took off into the city, intent on getting as many Villain and Rescue points as I can.

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With the practical exam just beginning and with me half a street ahead of the pack I spot a small group of 1 and 2 pointers. I rushed ahead with 5% Full Cowl active and tore through the robots with ease, earning me 6 points withing the first minute of the exam starting. Thanking my knowledge of watching the show, I was able to run through the city as if it was second nature for me. After breaking more robots and helping a couple other examines when they were stuck I'd have to guesstimate that I'm close to about 50 Villain points at the halfway mark for the exam.

'okay time to both scare Toshi and get onto the roofs' I thought before preparing to move like Gran Torino and jump from wall to wall until I made it to the roof. Once I started to move towards the wall I had the plan play out in my head, run at the wall, jump, kick off to another wall, repeat. like clockwork I did just that and made it to the roof. "Holy shit that actually worked, thank god. Now it's time to see if anyone needs assistance." I started to leap from rooftop to rooftop looking for anyone who needed me to interfere if it got too hard for them. 'Okay, so far so good, no one is in need of desperate help so far.'

After a few minutes of watching over the other examines and helping out where needed, it was now time for the Zero Pointer to be released. Right on cue the big man himself showed up breaking everything in its path. "Well fucking hell Nezu, what crack were you on when you conceived this?!" at that point I started to make my way towards where the Zero Pointer was to see if Uraraka was there at this point in time. And as if on cue, once I arrive everyone is running away from the Zero Pointer I hear a quiet 'ow' and saw her trapped underneath the rubble. 'Fuck this is going to hurt so badly, but its to make sure she gets enough rescue points to pass, so I have to.

I started to run towards the Zero Pointer and it went to attack me when I got in range, so I went straight to 50% Full Cowling and jumped, reaching just under its head and threw a fist towards it, destroying the Zero Pointer, my legs and an arm I became acutely aware of the pain I was in as I fell towards the earth. Thankfully as predicted, my fall was stopped by a slap to the face and a sudden feeling of weightlessness. Thanking all my lucky stars that I was able to inspire her enough to help out, I deactivated Full Cowl as she released hers, dropping us both to the floor, I hissed out a thank you while trying to stay conscious. 'Fuck Izu, how do you fight through all the pain, its so unbearable.'

Recovery Girl came by and healed us all, with me almost passing out, surprisingly enough i didn't pass out. On the way back from the fake city I found myself sitting next to the brunette. Tiredly, I introduced myself "Hi, I'm Izuku Midoriya, thanks for the save back there." I gave a small tired smile. "I"m Ochako Uraraka, and thank you for the save too, that was really impressive." the girl introduced herself with a tired smile to match my own. We passed the time by talking about random things, such as favorite heroes, favorite songs, etc. After the bus ride was over and we all changed out of what we wore to the exam and made our way towards the exit.

I saw that Uraraka was waiting for me and I make my way over to her. "Hey Midoriya, you getting the train?" she asked as we both made our way down the path and out of U.A. "Yeah, I live in the area so its like a 20 minute train ride from here." I said while walking alongside her, praying we don't run into Bakugo. "Oh cool, my place is about 30 minutes from here too." We were both surprised by how close we were to each other in terms of living space. "Hey, do you think I could get your number? Even if one of us doesn't make it into U.A I'd still want to be friends with you." I asked which made Uraraka blush but still give me her number.

After I got off the train and walked through the front door I was tackled into a hug. "Izuku! I'm so proud of you! Just know that if even if you don't get in I am always proud of you!" She practically shouted at me as she dragged me into the living room. 'I should tell her that I'm not her Izuku' I thought as I sat down on the couch. "Um... I don't know how to say this.." I say nervously. Confused, Inko asks "What do you mean honey? Is everything okay?" 'Best to just rip this band-aid off now.' I nervously look towards Inko and tell her about how I'm not actually her son, and what I remember before "becoming" her son.

"Um in reality my name is actually Jordan Purcell, and if i knew how or why I became your son I would tell you." I was  caught off guard by Inko hugging me "I am just as confused as you are Izu- I mean Jordan, just know that I'm not mad or anything, I will do all that I can to support you as if you actually are Izuku." She said softly, I started to cry from her kindness. "Shit, I guess I really am a Midoriya." I said with a wet chuckle, Inko joined me in laughter too. 

"Hey Ink-mom, do you want to see Izukus or well my, quirk?" I asked after we separated from the hug. "Oh my god yes please! Also would you rather Jordan or Izuku?" Inko said like a giddy child. "Um... I think it would be best for you to call me Izuku so I can get used to a different name." I responded, she gave an understanding nod while still being giddy. "Full Cowling 5%!" I called out as cyan sparks danced around my body. I looked to In-mom and she had a look of awe one her face with stars in her eyes. "Oh I also think I should tell you about the quirk too."

And so I told Inko of how I got the quirk, how it was a reward for saving Bakugo and 10 months of hellish training. How I got it from All Might and that he gave it to me this morning. "Wait, as in before the exams!" she practically shouted from her seat. "Yeah, it was both good and bad, good in that it gave the DNA enough time to settle into my system, but bad for how the real Izuku would have ended up using it, cause All Might didn't give him proper advice, just 'clench your ass and yell smash', when he took the exam he shattered his arm and both legs to save someone. I did the same too but not to the point that he did."

After that whole ordeal Mom and I had a nice quiet dinner with some small talk her and there, and then it was time for bed, as soon as I hit the mattress I was out cold.

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While I was waiting for the exam results I was working on new moves with One for All and hanging out with Uraraka. One of the moves i have is called ‘Full Cowling: Overclock’ I was able to get it to allow me to increase the safe limit by 5% for a short amount of time (I am also hoping to increase the Overclock limit), as for my real safe limit currently, it is at 8% and I’m hoping that I should have it at atleast 15% by the first day of class, that way I can overclock myself to 20% for the ball throw and grip strength tests.

Inko came scrambling around the corner shouting “Izuku it’s here it’s here!” I giggled at her antics and sat in the living room with her and opened the letter, the projector disk fell out and immediately played, showing All Might showboating and getting called out for it. Both mom and I giggled at his antics, and then All Might started to talk about my actions in the exam showing some clips of my actions, from watching over others and helping out, to destroying a group of robots in a short amount of time.

“YOUNG MIDORIYA, YOUR ACTIONS TO SAVE ANOTHER EXAMINEE FROM THE ZERO POINTER HAVE SHOCKED SO MANY AT THIS SCHOOL AND CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU HERE!” All Might says before showing the clip of me rushing in to save Uraraka and leaping up to destroy the robot, breaking my body in the process. “Izuku! You never told me you were hurt that badly!” Mom cried out when she saw me falling from a great height with my arm and legs broken. “Hey mom its okay, I had a backup plan if Uraraka didn’t help me out! I was planning on using another superpowered punch to generate enough wind pressure to temporarily stop my fall” I said trying to appease her as she clung to me.

After mom calmed down the results were shown and it showed me in first place with a solid 66 villain points and 80 rescue points, putting me in first place with a total of 146 points. Bakugo made it in second place with his 77 villain points and Uraraka in third. Even though I knew that I would make it in both mom and i still cried in joy at the moment and then my phone dingged.

Uraraka: Hey I got in! I’m so happy ^_^
Izuku: Same! I’m in first place too! ^_^
Uraraka: What class are you in? I’m in class 1-A
Izuku: Me too! I hope we have a great time at U.A

After a few more minutes of chatting on the phone we both had to go for dinner so we decided to meet up every few days before school started, to either hang out and chill or just have little sparring matches on the beach, to be fair Uraraka was a quick learner and knew that she would definitely need these skills just in case she did something other than her rescue heroics dream.

Soon the 2 months before the first day flew by like it was nothing, Uraraka had improved in her hand to hand combat skills and I had increased the safe limit to 15% like predicted, and for my Full Cowling: Overclock, i was able to increase it to 8% and can be used for 10 minutes before i start to feel the effects of the real percentage that it should be.
“Izuku, do you have everything?” Mom asks as I’m putting my shoes on, “Yes mom, I did that all last night and I double checked when I woke up, I love you” I said in response to her valid questions. “I love you too sweetie, now get out there and make me proud!” She said with a smile as I made my way out the door and onto the train, thankfully this time I brought something to listen to so I put in my earphones and put my playlist on, Flirt by NEFFEX came on first, ‘Is the world trying to tell me something? HaHaHa’ I thought as I passed the time waiting for the train to stop.

When I arrived at U.A I was still amazed at how big it was, I still almost managed to get lost in the maze of a school trying to find Class 1-A, I found the door soon after and knew what was going to happen, like clockwork Iida would come and bow 90 degrees and apologise, then Bakugo would glare at me, and then Uraraka would walk in after me and we’d all get startled by Aizawa wiggling into the classroom in a sleeping bag.

I steeled my nerves and opened the door. As I thought, the scene played out the same except Uraraka didn’t call me out the way she did in the show, instead she greeted me and made her way to her seat. I turned around and right on cue Aizawa came through the door, most students were confused by the man who came through the door but science i knew what was happening I waited for him to explain who he was and pull out the gym uniforms, I quickly grabbed one my size and made my way to the changerooms.

Since I was first to grab a gym uniform I was first out onto the field and waiting with Mr. Aizawa, a few minutes later and the rest of the class made their way out towards the two of us, Uraraka stood next to me while Mr. Aizawa did his whole expelling last place spiel, with the events playing out the same in cannon. When it was my turn for the 50 metre dash I used 10% Full Cowling and made the dash in 2.31 seconds. For every other test it was around the same, doing average in most except for the long jump, side steps and grip strength, earning a decent 12.38 metres in the jump, almost 250 side steps and a decent 120 kg on the grip strength test at 15% OfA.

It was now time for the ball throw and almost everyone was discouraged after Uraraka scored her infinity on her turn,now its my turn and so I walk up to the circle and prepare for my throw just as i call out full cowl 15% and go to throw the ball my quirk gets erased. “Thank you Eraserhead, if you are concerned about me taking myself out of the field with this throw you are wrong, now if you will blink please.” I said turning to Aizawa, he was visibly shocked that I recognised him before schooling his face and saying “I’m surprised you know who I am, now if you say that you aren’t planning to break yourself then feel free to prove me wrong.”. “Gladly” I said before turning around to grab the ball to prepare for the throw.

“Full Cowling: Overclock 23%!” I shouted as more intense cyan sparks danced across my body and then threw the ball, deactivating Full Cowl I turned back to Aizawa and waited for the device to beep, once it did he displayed 1,274 metres when he turned the device to the crowd. As expected, Bakugo launched himself to attack me as soon as the score was shown, thankfully Aizawa was fast enough that he didn’t get a chance to hit me. “Thank you Mr. Aizawa, he does have a tendency to lash out at others.”

He grunted noncommittally and dropped him when he stopped struggling, while that happened I returned to Uraraka’s side “Good job Mido! You’re doing amazing at these tests!” I flushed under the praize but returned a smile and said “Don’t forget about yourself either ‘Raka, you’re doing just as good too” now it was her turn to blush under the praise while I chuckled at her expense.

Once it was time for the endurance run some people were already tired from the other tests, I was just warming up, when everyone lined up for the run i prepared Full Cowl at 15% for the run, once the signal to go was given i ran at a pace that would keep me ahead of others but not drain me of energy. After a few minutes some of the other students were dropping out because of how hard they were going, and a couple more minutes I was the last one standing, or well, running. After all the tests were finished and the results were shown I was in third place with Bakugou in 4th, taking a look at him one could tell he was going to go nuclear at any moment, and that’s what he did, which had Aizawa wrap him up in his scarf again and tell him to stop otherwise he will be the one that is expelled. That comment got him to actually stop going feral in that moment

After the day was over Uraraka, Ashido, Kaminari, Iida and I all left the school together to take the trains. Uraraka and I went to my house because mom wanted to meet one of the people who was her sons’ friend. When we arrived mom pulled me into a hug which made me flush with embarrassment because I had a friend over, thankfully she didn’t pull out the baby photos, although I wouldn’t be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see Izuku’s baby photos.

After Uraraka left to go to her home for the night I was starting to write Ideas for more moves to use, I already had Full Cowl: Overclock, now I just need to figure out a move to harness the air pressure while I’m not using 100%. I’m also mentally trying to prepare myself for the USJ attack at the end of the week. After I finished up some basic ideas for different attacks that I can expand on later I decided to turn in for the night to get ready for the battle trials tomorrow.

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I woke up bright and early because of the alarm which I’m slowly getting used to. I got ready for my morning jog and made sure everything was ready for when I got home. Once I finished my jog I quickly had a shower and dressed in the U.A uniform and had my breakfast and was out the door in time for the train to arrive. Putting on the playlist that I made about a month ago, I sat there in a comfortable silence for the duration of the ride to school. ‘It seems like the music that I listen to either doesn’t exist here or is counted as pre-quirk music’.

Once I arrived at school I met up with Uraraka and we both walked to class together, making small talk on what we think our first foundational heroics class will be and who the teacher will be “Hey ‘Raka, I bet you that it will be All Might an dwe will be doing some kind of practical. If I win the bet I get to take you on a date.” I said as we rounded the corner to our classroom. Uraraka was a blushing mess when I said that, “Okay, and if I win the bet you have to buy me mochi for the next few days.” She stuttered out as we got to the door. We entered and waited for classes to start.

Once classes began I could hear Bakugo grumbling a couple of times each lesson probably because I have a quirk and did better than him for the quirk assessment test. Now it’s time for our first lesson in foundational heroics and lo and behold All Might bursts through the door, everyone was cheering while Uraraka started to look a little flustered because she lost her bet. “Now then students, today we are having a trial of battle!” he said as he pulled out a card that said ‘Battle’ on it. “Now you all need your costumes for this so here they are!” he shouted as he pressed a button and our cases came out of the wall. We all grabbed our individual cases and made our way to the locker room.

I decided to keep the costume alpha that mom made me and when it inevitably gets destroyed by Bakugo I’ll just go straight to costume Gamma, the Iron soles and the compression sleeves will help immensely with the future. Once I was dressed in my costume I made my way out with the rest of the guys, walking to the battle trials where All Might was waiting, along with the girls. When I caught sight of Uraraka I walked up to her and complimented her outfit, she blushed and said that she wanted it to be more puffy, like Thirteens. ‘Damn does she look cute in that costume’.

“OKAY EVERYONE! FOR YOUR FIRST LESSON IN HEROICS WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A COMBAT TRIAL, WE WILL HAVE TEAMS OF TWO SET UP TO FIGHT EACHOTHER WITH ONE TEAM DEFENDING A FAKE BOMB AND THE OTHER TEAM TRYING TO EITHER CAPTURE THE ENEMIES OR TOUCH THE BOMB!” All Might said with his loud and bombastic personality. People immediately started asking questions ranging from if they would get expelled if they failed or how badly they could hurt the other team (Which should have set off some alarms in All Might's head but didn’t for some reason) and how their cape looked. He answered all of the questions when he got everyone to calm down and then pulled out a box labeled ‘lots’

“THE WAY WE ARE GOING TO DECIDE THE TEAMS IS THROUGH YOU PICKING A BALL OUT OF THIS BOX AND AND PAIRING UP WITH THE PERSON WHO HAS THE SAME LETTER AS YOU!” All Might said as everyone lined up to grab their ball, but Iida spoke up “How is this beneficial? Wouldn’t it be better to have someone you know on your team?” I sighed at Iidas question and went to explain. “Iida, I’m guessing that the reason it is this way is because heroes don’t always get to choose who they work with and it would also test our compatibility to work with others, is that right All Might?” I turned to look at All Might and saw a small fond smile grow into his signature smile and give me a thumbs up “THAT IS CORRECT YOUNG MIDORIYA, HEROES DON'T ALWAYS GET TO PICK WHO IS ON THEIR TEAMS AND COMMUNICATION MAY BECOME DIFFICULT FOR SOME THEY ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH, THIS IS THE BEST WAY THAT WE COULD TEST FOR YOUR TEAMWORK, COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHERS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO IMPROVE ON IN COMBAT SCENARIOS”

Iida quietened down and nodded his head at the logicality the situation could have when working with others you are unfamiliar with. After everyone got their balls and paired up with their teams I was able to pair up with Uraraka just like in cannon thankfully. “Hey ‘Raka, are you ready to fight? I know that you have improved in hand to hand combat over the past few months, I can’t wait to see you in a fight!” I said excitedly. “Yeah I can’t wait! Although I am a little nervous about our fight and who we could be fighting.” she said while nervously rubbing her arm and looking down away from me. “Hey It’ll be okay, I’m sure we can get through this, also even if we don’t win it’ll just be a lesson for us on what we need to improve upon in the future.” I say, trying to calm down her nerves and offering her a fist bump which she gratefully reciprocates, looking more relaxed we focused in on All Might as he called out the first teams to go.

“ALL RIGHT! FOR OUR FIRST BATTLE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE KATSUKI BAKUGO AND TENYA IIDA AS THE VILLAINS VERSUS! IZUKU MIDORIYA AND OCHAKO URARAKA AS THE HEROES! BOTH TEAMS PLEASE GET INTO POSITION!” All Might called out. I decided to spare a glance at Bakugo and he was there glaring at me, so I did the only sane thing in that moment and decided to smirk at him, it looked like that just enraged him even more. After he left the observation room Uraraka and I followed shortly after to where we would be planning before we entered the building.

“Okay ‘Raka Bakugo will definitely be coming after me so when he shows up, immediately run off, I’ll be able to hold my own and defeat him. When you run off I want you to be careful when searching for the bomb and when you find what room It’s in I want you to radio me to let me know and wait for me, because Iida’s speed can be tricky to fight against even wit htraining. And before you say, yes I do trust in your skills, I just want to be there to see you beat his ass and I’ll only step in if it looks like you need help. Do you understand the plan?” I said to Uraraka while we were waiting for the go ahead to enter. “Yeah I understand but why is the plan so simple? shouldn’t there be more to it?” she asked, confused by how simple the plan seemed. “The best plans are those that don’t have too many moving parts, plus no plan survives first contact with the enemy.” I said before we started to get ready for the trial to begin. “THE HERO TEAM MAY ENTER! YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO EITHER INCAPACITATE YOUR ENEMIES, CAPTURE YOUR ENEMIES OR TOUCH THE BOMB!”

With the greenlight to go, Uraraka and I silently entered the building, listening for any sign of the enemy, and surely enough, Bakugo tries to sneak up on us but i could hear him moving so I shoved Uraraka out of the way and prepared to throw Bakugo over my shoulder. “Uraraka! Run now! I got this!” I shouted as I was pulling him over my shoulder, once he landed on the ground I tried to quickly end the fight by stomping on Bakugo but he threw an explosion my way, throwing me to the floor. “YOU SHITTY DEKU! YOU THINK YOUR BETTER THAN ME?! IF YOU HAVE A QUIRK THEN WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING USE IT! HAH?!” he said while popping small explosions in the palms of his hands. I looked at him and smirked “Fine, you want me to use my quirk? I’ll use my quirk. Full Cowling 10%!” I called out, as soon as the cyan sparks started to dance around my body I leapt around the room bouncing from wall to wall to confuse Bakugo.

When it looked like he was starting to get agitated was when I decided to strike. An enemy that is arrogant or assured of their victory will always slip up at the last second, so whenI decided to strike I bounced off the wall when I was behind him, already cocking back my fist to connect with him. My fist connected with the back of his head but didn’t knock him out, so when I stood back up to face him I said “Damn, I knew you were hard headed but not this hard headed, I used half of that power on the robot in the exam.” That was clearly not the right thing to say, because as soon as those words left my mouth, he immediately jumped at me faster than I could react and launched explosion after explosion at my stomach, during this Uraraka radioed in to let me know she found the bomb. Then Bakugo threw me down the hallway.

When I got to my feet I was in pain and just wanted to finish the fight quickly, so I called out “Full Cowling: Overclocck 23%!” and launched myself at him and threw punch after punch at him and finally knocked him out with an uppercut, I deactivate One For All and quickly tied Bakugo up in the capture tape before running off to meet Uraraka. When I got to Uraraka I slowly got behind her and said “Okay, I’m here. I’ll be watching over you but I don’t know how much that I can do with my current injuries. I will try and help if you need it, or if you want me to I can just rush for the bomb, just give me the signal.” Uraraka turned around and quietly told me “If I either say ‘now’ or if it looks like I can’t do much I just want you to rush the bomb, I dont want you to have more combat experience than me.” She turned away with a smirk and got ready to fight Iida.

When she walked in and started to fight Iida, I started to sneak around in the room, trying to find a good spot to hide and just settling for a spot high above the action so I can just jump on the bomb. Once she started to fight she started off strong because she had the element of surprise buty she lost that shortly after due to Iidas speed, I was anxiously waiting for the signal to touch the bomb from Uraraka. “MIDO NOW!” That was all I needed for me t quickly activate Full Cowl at 5% for the little speed boost to launch me at the bomb. “HEROES HAVE WON THE EXERCISE! PLEASE HELP THE INJURED BACK TO THE OBSERVATION ROOM!” All Might’s boisterous voice came through the radio. We all made our way back with an unconscious Bakugo in tow. When we arrived in the observation room we saw3 everyone there waiting.
“WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO GUESS WHO THE MVP IS FOR THIS MATCH?” All Might called out to the group of students in front of him. A few hands went up “YES YOUNG YAOYOROZU?” All Might called on the tall girl with the spiky ponytail. “I believe it was Iida, since he tried his best to deal with an uncooperative team mate.” She said which got Uraraka to shoot her hand up and all might called on her. “I believe it should be Midoriya, since he can up with a simple yet effective plan that worked, all that the plan was, was that he would deal with Bakugo while I scouted for the bomb and fought Iida. His reasoning being that the best plans are those that don’t have too many moving parts and that they dont always survive first contact with the enemy.” I was surprised that she remembered what I said shortly before things went to chaos.

“...YOUNG URARAKA… IS CORRECT, I WISH I HAD MORE TO ADD BUT YOU BASICALLY HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!” All Might said, which made both of us blush at the praise and Yaoyorozu looked a little dejected that she was wrong but took it in stride. After everything for my match was over I quickly made my way to Recovery Girls office to get my wounds fixed, she scolded me for being reckless in my fight. I returned and watched the rest of the fights and once the day was over we all left for the day. “Hey ‘Raka, remember that bet? I’ll take you out on the weekend, I was thinking Saturday, and dress casual.” I said to Uraraka before I got off the train, leaving her a blushing mess.

Once I reached home I told mom about the date and she was ecstatic for me, she almost went out to go and buy a suit for me before I stopped her and said that it was a casual dress date. She was still happy for me and we chatted about random things over dinner and then I went to bed, slightly dreading the USJ that was just over the horizon.

Chapter Text

When I woke up in the morning I did my usual routine of the jog, then breakfast, and then a shower. That was all done fairly quickly and I was ready for school and out the door shortly after saying goodbye to mom. The train ride was fairly quiet yet again. I have no clue why but songs about the show are here. I am confused because the song that starts to play is 100% of me by Fabvl. I am thoroughly confused but try not to think about it as the song is actually pretty good.


Once I arrived at U.A I could already see the reporters surrounding the gates and asking the students questions about All Might. When I was walking up they started to hound me so I said “You do know that it’s illegal to interview a minor without a guardian's consent right? If you don’t leave soon I will call the police for this.” I started to pull my phone out to prove that I was serious and they backed off immediately. I started to make my way to class quietly singing to my music, once I walked in I sat down and waited for Aizawa to show up. I closed my eyes and started to quietly sing to my music, feeling everyone’s eyes on me I stopped. “No no, don’t stop just cause we’re watching you.” The pink skinned Mina Ashido excitedly said from where she was sitting. “No thanks, besides Mr. Aizawa is just sitting there on the floor in his sleeping bag waiting for you.”


With that classes started for the day. First thing first was for Mr. Aizawa to talk about our battle trial, I was first to be under his criticism. “Midoriya, although you did win the battle trial, it could have been done with less damage to you. Also I can tell that you need to get more control over your quirk.” I nodded along and once he was finished I said “Mr. Aizawa the reason why I fought like that is because I knew my limits and wanted to give Bakugo a false sense of victory, because an enemy that is so sure of their victory is sure to slip up at some point. And yes I know that I need to get more control over my quirk, but you would know that I lived my life quirkless until the exam if you read our student files. Thank you for the criticism sir, I will take it into consideration what you said and use it to better myself.”


After Aizawa gave everyone his criticisms he spoke up once more. “You will need to make a choice that could affect your lives here at this school… You need to pick class presidents.” Everyone that was sitting tensed immediately relaxed and then went almost ballistic saying that they would be the best pick for president. “AHEM! I believe it would be best for us to just vote for who we want to be class president, Yaoyorozu, could you please make a box?” I said getting everyone’s attention and ripping up 20 pieces of paper. “What’s to stop everyone from voting for themselves Midoriya?” Sero spoke up in response to me handing out the slips of paper. “Well someone is guaranteed to have more than one vote.” I said while sitting back down and writing on my slip for Yaoyorozu. 


After everyone finished writing their votes I got up and walked around with the box to collect the votes. Once everyone handed their slips in, I went up to the front and started to count the votes. I had counted 5 votes for me and 3 for Yaoyorozu, making us the class president and vice president respectively. “Okay with that being done Midoriya and Yaoyorozu stay after class to learn what you have to do for your roles.” Aizawa said, poking his head through the sleeping bag and then climbing out to leave, as the next class was starting.


It is now lunch and all of the classes were relatively easy to get through. “Congratulations on being the class prez Mido!” Uraraka said as we sat and ate lunch with Iida, Kaminari and Ashido. “Thanks, I’m just wondering who voted for me.” I said chuckling while slowly eating my food. Everyone at the table said that they voted for me which did bring a sense of warmth to me, knowing that these people trusted me enough to make me the class president. “I wonder who the fifth was though, I didn’t vote for myself.” Before anyone could say anything the alarm started to go off. “Raka float me!” I shouted as we neared the window, she did as I asked and when I saw that it was the press I turned to face the stampeding crowd. “OI!!!! EVERYONE STOP! IT’S JUST THE PRESS! ARE YOU TEENAGERS AT THE MOST FAMOUS SCHOOL OR ARE YOU CHILDREN IN PRESCHOOL!” I shouted, which got everyone to actually stop and look out the window. After everyone started to walk, Uraraka returned my gravity to me and we made our way back to class.


After a few minutes of waiting for Mr. Aizawa to return to class he finally walked through the door and his first words were “Midoriya I am sorry for what I said this morning and I would like to thank you for bringing my attention to your files as a class, it will allow me to give some of you the special attention that you may need due to medical problems or quirk problems. And the next thing I have to say is that we are having rescue training tomorrow at a facility here on U.A grounds, the USJ.” I nodded my thanks at the apology he gave and got excited along with everyone else at the idea of having rescue training, but there was also the underlying anxiety from the attack that would happen tomorrow. After everyone settled down, classes resumed for the rest of the day, and as everyone was packing up, Aizawa called for Yaoyoroza and I to stay behind for our duties. “Okay so your first priority as class reps is to watch over your classmates and make sure they don’t do anything that breaks the rules, if they do let me know. Your other priority is to be in charge of organising them for trips that require us to leave campus. You will also be handing out notes or work to the others. I also want you to make a group chat and add all your classmates and I to it. I will only message the group when I have something important that I need everyone to know.” Yaoyorozu and I nodded and collected our class numbers and Aizawas. 


[Izuku Midoriya created a Group]


[Izuku Midoriya added Momo Yaoyorozu, Shota Aizawa and 18 others]


[Izuku Midoriya changed the Group name to Class 1-A]


Izuku Midoriya: @Everyone This is a group chat for the class to communicate through, please be respectful to each other.


Izuku Midoriya: Mr. Aizawa has stated that the rules are as follows, NO sexism, homophobia, racism, sexual harrasment or quirkism of any kind. Swearing is allowed and you can use this group to discuss anything ranging from what the schoolwork is to what you did on the weekend.


Mina Ashido: Aww hell yeah, let’s get the nicknames started!


Tenya Iida: Ashido! You will do no such thing!


Izuku Midoriya: Iida calm down, it's fine. As long as the nicknames aren’t derogatory they are allowed.


[Mina Ashido changed their name to Alien Queen]


[Izuku Midoriya had their name changed to MeanGreen]


MeanGreen: I guess I can see that from an outside perspective.


Tenya Iida: Ashido it is not appropriate to call your classmates names!


MeanGreen: Iida it’s fine, I like it.


[Tenya Iida had their name changed to ByTheBook]


ByTheBook: I-I… I don’t like that I can't dispute this one.


MeanGreen: HaHa Iida it's fine, just take it in stride.

[Ochako Uraraka had their name changed to GravityWho?]


GravityWho?: well you’re not wrong, anyone who wrongs me goes to visit the sun ^_^


[Denki Kaminari had their name changed to SparkPlug]


SparkPlug: I'm more of a battery thank you very much


[Kyoka Jirou had their name changed to MP3 Player]


MP3 Player: i am pretty well versed in music so this name checks out


[Momo Yaoyorozu had their name changed to CraftingTable]


CraftingTable: What is a Crafting Table?


MeanGreen: It is an item in a pre-quirk video game that is used to make almost everything that you need in the game, so it fits with your quirk.


[Eijiro Kirishima had their name changed to ManlyMan]


ManlyMan: Manly!!!


AlienQueen: Is that all you say Kiri?

[Hanta Sero had their name changed to FlexTape]


FlexTape: I sawed this boat in half!




FlexTape: Aye this man memes!


[Tsuyu Asui had their name changed to CallMeTsu]


CallMeTsu: You better listen to what my name says Ribbit


GravityWho?: Yes Ma’am!


[Katsuki Bakugo had their name changed to WalkingNuke]




MeanGreen: you know exactly what it means Katsuki


[Minoru Mineta had their name changed to DiaperBaby]


DiaperBaby: What the hell ladies?!


CallMeTsu: It’s not our fault your costume looks like a diaper


[Mezo Shoji had their name changed to BestHugs?]


BestHugs?: I guess that you are not wrong to question it


[Koji Koda had their name changed to SnowWhite]


SnowWhite: ^_^


[Fumikage Tokoyami had their name changed to EdgarAllenPoe]


EdgarAllenPoe: i hate that this is accurate to my tastes


MeanGreen: Okay edgelord


[Toru Hagakure had their name changed to InvisiBitch]


InvisiBitch: Yasss Biiitch, I’ll own the name to the best I can


[Shoto Todoroki had their name changed to Frosty]


Frosty: Ok.

[Frosty is offline]


[Yuga Aoyama had their name change to SparklesBitch]


SparklesBitch: This name is fabulous


[Mashirao Ojiro had their name changed to Tail(s)]


Tail(s): How many pre-quirk references are you going to make?


[Rikido Sato had their name changed to Sugar!]


Sugar!: I guess this will do :/


[Shota Aizawa had their name changed to Eraser]


Eraser: Okay now that you have all had your fun in setting up your names I am muting this group chat, don’t @ me unless someone is dying, go to Midoriya or Yaoyorozu for anything less than that.

MeanGreen: Okay I suggest that everyone gets a good night's sleep because of our rescue training tomorrow, don’t want to accidentally drop someone or something like that because you're too tired. GoodNight everyone.


[MeanGreen is offline]

After closing my phone and putting it on charge I went downstairs to have dinner. After that was over I took a shower and jumped straight into bed, ready for the nightmare tomorrow. What I was not expecting was to wake up in a black void with nine people standing in front of me. “Hey Jordan, I wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to actually gain friends, even if it's not really me. It's nice to know that I would be cared for if you didnt come along.” A green figure called out to me. I looked at the figure and realised I was looking at the real Izuku Midoriya. “How? Wait… Does this mean I’m the Tenth? Or am I still technically Ninth?” I asked and then was immediately shocked because I could talk at this point in time. 


“I would say you are the Tenth in the body of the Ninth, And since I was supposed to be more powerful than All Might with this power you inherited that strength and the quirk hit singularity sooner than expected.” Izuku explained to me before another figure stepped up, a bald man. “The first quirk that you’re going to inherit is mine, BlackWhip. Since you already know how to use it just remember to keep your anger in check and it wont go out of control like it did for Nine.” Daigoro said with a laugh at Izukus expense. Another figure stepped up and started to speak “Since you seem to have a plan for how everything will go I will give you my quirk after Fifth does. Mines Fa Jin, and I can already see that you have some ideas for how to use it. Good, we always need a thinker for things like this.” the third spoke as he leant backwards, seemingly leaning on nothing. “Okay okay, I think it’s my turn to speak to the kid. What is the last thing you remember before waking up in Nines body?” The first user of One For All asked me carefully. 


“The last thing I remember is going to bed after finishing up the most recent season of MHA, Why?” I ask, a little confused as to why this was a question that needed to be asked. “Well I don’t know how to say this but you actually died. Your last act in the world where you came from is saving your little sister from a speeding car, you pushed her out of the way at the last second, trading her life with yours.” The First said softly, trying to keep me from breaking down. ”I… I’m dead? H-how is this p-possible? I was I-isekai’d.” I said, almost brokenly with the stuttering. “ It looks like we cant chat anymore for now, please tell mom that I love her Jordan.” Izuku said as everyone started to fade away.


I woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily, so I quickly went into the bathroom to splash cold water on my face to calm me down. Once I finished calming down I left the bathroom and went downstairs and saw mom sitting at the table waiting for me. “Morning mom! I hope you slept well.” I said as I sat down at the table with her. “Hi Izuku, I slept well thank you, how about you?” she asked, most likely noticing the slightly panicked look in my eye. “Okay remember how I told you about my quirk? Well there is another part I forgot to mention, I am able to speak to the previous users, and since Izuku was the Ninth user I am technically the Tenth. I was able to speak to Izuku and some past users, and I’ll be able to use their quirks someday. But the reason why I bring this up is because Izuku told me to tell you that he loves you.” When I finished talking Mom threw herself at me crying because Izuku still loved her. I held her until she calmed down and then I had to leave for school.


When I arrived for school we barely had time to talk to each other since Aizawa had got us to change into our costumes, but since mine was destroyed by Bakugo I just went with the gym uniform, signature red hi-tops and my belt. Once everyone was changed and waiting for Aizawa to give the go ahead to get on the bus we were all in our own little groups chatting away. “Alright 1-A, get on the bus and don’t bother me until we get there.” Aizawa said as we all got on the bus and sat in our little groups. Halfway there, Tsu, who was next to me, spoke up “Hey Midoriya, Ribbit. You know I am one to speak my mind but I just have to say, your quirk is very similar to All Might's.”


I turned to her and started to speak to her, not caring who would listen “Well my quirk may be similar to All Mights currently, but I visited a doctor in the two months before school and they said that it is an energy stockpiling quirk, that can manifest the energy in different ways, from the strength, to possibly flight or maybe even a whip.” Kirishima chimed in at the mention of the possibility of different manifestations and applications to my quirk. “Man you have got such a flashy quirk, all mine is, is just hardening.” I turned to him and started to say “If your hardening works the way I think it does then I can just help you by hitting you constantly at 5% until you crack and then up the percentage each time if you’d like.” Kirishima looked at me with awe before agreeing to that training to help him.


When we arrived at the USJ we all piled out of the bus and waited for Thirteen to finish her speech about dangerous quirks. “Hey Mr. Aizawa what’s that?” I say while pointing at a purple swirling mass down in the plaza, Aizawa turned to look. “Those are real villains! Thirteen! Protect the students!” Aizawa then jumped into the fight to defend us. “I can’t get a signal out! Iida you need to go get help you’re the fastest here” Thirteen said while turning to us. “I can’t! I won’t leave my friends to fend for themselves!” Iida said in protest. “IIDA THIS IS AN ORDER FROM YOUR CLASS PRESIDENT! GO AND GET BACK UP FROM THE U.A STAFF IMMEDIATELY!” I screamed at him to get the message through, this finally got through to him and he took off to get help. But just after he left Kurogiri appeared and introduced him and his group before he split us up. The next thing I knew, i was falling from a height before landing in water, as soon as I got my bearings I swam straight for the boat but a villain in the water had other ideas, thankfully Tsu showed up just in time to help out, by kicking said villain and pulling me onto the boat with her tongue. 


“Thanks Tsu, also Mineta let go of her before you become shark food.” I said to Tsu before turning my attention to Mineta, who was clinging to her body. Once he saw that I was serious he immediately let go. “Okay let’s just survey how many there are then we can come up with a plan.” I said while walking to the edge of the boat with Tsu. “It looks like there are at least 30 from what I can see, Ribbit.” Tsu said while I started coming up with a plan. “Okay I have the plan ready, I will use about 23% with overclock to punch just above the water surface to make the air pressure cause a whirlpool, you will pick Mineta up and grab me as you jump over the villains to get as close as you can get us to the edge. Mineta while Tsu is carrying you I want you to throw as many balls as you can into the whirlpool. Everyone understand?” I lay out the plan for the two infront of me to understand. “Why is the plan so simple? Shouldn't it be more complicated?” Mineta asked as he tried to steel his nerves to be brave enough for the plan to work. I shook my head while saying “The best plans are those with as little moving parts as possible, I said this yesterday too.” Tsu nodded along in understanding.


“Okay let’s do this. Full Cowling: Overclock 23%!” and then I jumped over the edge of the boat and prepared a Nebraska Smash by pulling my arm and twisting it one way, as I got closer to the water I shouted the name of the move while throwing my arm forward and spinning it the other way. With the whirlpool created Tsu quickly grabbed me and Mineta when I deactivated my quirk. With Mineta throwing his balls at the whirlpool the villains were dealt with as soon as we landed in the water. “Okay I am going to need your faith in me again, I just want to see the situation in the plaza with Aizawa and then we can return to the entrance.” I said while we swam to the edge of the flood zone. “I trust your judgment Midoriya, let’s do this, Ribbit.” Tsu said in response, once we reached the edge we saw how bad it was. Aizawa was in the grip of the Nomu and was struggling, Shigaraki appeared out of nowhere and reached for Tsu’s face. 


When Shigaraki turned to face Aizawa I quickly activated 15% and punched him in the gut, throwing him away from Tsu. “We need to go NOW” I shouted while I grabbed the two of them and ran like hell for the stairs, only for Shigaraki to shout for the Nomu to “kill the green haired brat”. Realising what was coming, I quickly threw Tsu and Mineta away from me while I quickly jumped back to avoid the punch thrown my way. ‘ Fuck, I may need to use 100%, if what the past users said is true then I should be able to do this quickly.. Just one shot is all I need.. Full Cowling 100% Arms! ’ I quickly thought as the Nomu got ready for another attack. I put all of my strength into my next punch and launched an assault on the Nomu, thankfully it was enough power to at least throw it to the other side of the plaza just before All Might arrived.


I AM HERE! ” All Might said as he entered the USJ, not smiling. He surveyed what was happening and immediately jumped into action, knocking out the street thugs, then grabbing Aizawa and I and bringing us to the stairs where Tsu and Mineta were waiting. “All Might… that big villain has Regeneration... and... Shock absorption... I felt it... when I punched it.” I said in a strained voice from the pain. He thanked me before heading out to fight the Nomu. Tsu and Mineta helped me and an unconscious Aizawa up the stairs, regrouping with the rest of the class that didn’t end up getting teleported away., “Oh my god Mido! Your arm!” Uraraka shouted as she came over to help Tsu and Mineta. “This is my backlash for a 100% strength punch, I hope I did enough for All Might, because the villains did say that it was the Anti-Symbol of Peace.” I said while Sero got to making a splint for me to use. “That’s a horrible backlash! What’s your safe percentage now?” Uraraka asked worriedly. “My regular Full Cowl is 15% and with overclock I can get an extra 8% for about ten minutes.” I responded through tears as she and Sero tried to put the splint on as carefully as possible.


Thankfully after a few minutes of waiting the rest of the Staff showed up to help apprehend the villains and help with any student injuries. With me being the student with the worst injury I was immediately taken to Recovery Girls office as quickly as I could get there. Once I arrived Recovery Girl treated me and then I fell asleep in her office, finally succumbing to the exhaustion her quirk causes.


After a few hours of me being asleep and then giving a statement to Detective Tsukauchi I was finally able to return home, once I arrived I was immediately pulled into a bone crushing hug from mom. “Izuku, I was so worried! When the school called to say that you were injured I started to think the worst.” Mom cried into me as her tears reached my knees. “I’m okay mom I promise. The only thing I broke was my arm because I went 100%, I promise that I won't use it that high unless there is no other option or I can control it.” I said, trying to calm her down. Once we had calmed down we had a nice quiet dinner, then I went to sleep for the night, ready for a day of nothing tomorrow.

Chapter Text

MeanGreen: Hey everyone, I am just checking on everyone, and remember that It is okay to not be okay, what we went through was traumatic.


GravityWho?: Holy Shit! Mido! How are you?! Your arm was a mess!


SparkPlug: Mido how are you feeling?


CallMeTsu: I would like to thank you Midoriya, Ribbit. For helping save me from Shigaraki.


MeanGreen:  I’m doing better after visiting Recovery Girl. TBH I’m feeling tired but thats because I just woke up kami ^_^. And It is no trouble Tsu, looking back at it, it’s kinda funny, the way i just one punched Shigaraki away. I think he even threw up a little too.


MeanGreen: How is @everyone else fairing after this incident?


SparkPlug: I’m doing alright, although I don’t really remember what happened after I went Whey-Mode


CraftingTable: I am holding up as well as one can after such an incident. Thank you for asking Midoriya.


ByTheBook: I cannot help but think that I ditched you all in your time of need.


MeanGreen: Iida it’s fine. If you didn't end up alerting the teachers there would be more casualties and possibly deaths, so Iida, you have my thanks for getting help.


ByTheBook: Thank you for the words Midoriya.


ManlyMen: I’m doing okay, when we saw you punch that Bird Villain I honestly thought you were a goner, but then you punched it to the other side of the plaza and that was the manliest thing I’ve ever seen.


MeanGreen: I’m glad I could give you some entertainment then Kirishima! Maybe one day you could get your hardening to that level!


Frosty: I am okay.


MeanGreen: That’s good to hear Todoroki!




MeanGreen: uhuh, yep sure, keep telling yourself that buddy, not even your gauntlets would have enough punch to make it budge.




MeanGreen: 1. I am not worthless 2. I have NEVER said or implied that I am better than you. 3. And now that you mention it, yeah I am better than you.


ManlyMen: Woah okay guys! Calm down!


  MeanGreen: Sorry kirishima, It's just infuriating with him, he has a superiority and inferiority complex rolled up into one explosive package.




[WalkingNuke Is Offline]


MeanGreen: God I wish I knew how to handle him like Auntie Mitsuki does, sorry for that everyone.


DiaperBaby: Thanks to you Midoriya I am A-Okay! Not even a scratch!


MP3: I am doing about the same as Yaomomo, class rep. Just trying to forget what that villain that had sparky implied to us.


MeanGreen: As long as you are all okay that’s what matters, remember, Hound Dog is the councilor for U.A students and staff. It is free to visit him, in fact it’s encouraged that you do. Also keep in mind that it is not weak to have a therapist, most heroes do.


MeanGreen: Also Raka, Don't forget tomorrow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


[MeanGreen Is Offline]


With me turning off my phone to avoid seeing what the girls would be asking her, I decided to do my workouts, afterall, I desperately need to build the muscle mass needed to be able to safely use more and more of One For All. After my workout I decided to organise what clothes I would wear out, I grabbed a light blue jacket, plain white shirt and black shorts. I also had to check if I had enough money to get a small lunch and maybe some ice cream on the date, thankfully I had plenty to spare, so I had dinner and then went to bed, excited for tomorrow.


The next day I woke up well rested and excited for a day out with Uraraka, double checking I had everything ready I then took a shower to freshen up. Once I got dressed I messaged Uraraka to see if she was ready for the date, when I got an affirmative back I said bye to mom and made my way to her apartment. When I arrived I knocked on the door and waited.


“Hey Mido! Let’s go!” Uraraka shouted as she walked out of the door with her fist raised. I laughed and followed behind her. “So, where are we going first?” she asked with what looked to be the biggest puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen ‘ Must… resist! ’ I thought before caving into her question. “I was thinking we should go to a little diner to have lunch and then grab ice cream as we walk along the beach.” I placated to her, she looked excited for the whole thing, she was pretty much bouncing on her heels the whole time we were walking to the diner that I had picked out.


Once we arrived at the diner she saw that it was a little American style diner. “I chose this place because it has delicious food while still being cheap enough for a highschool student.” I said as we grabbed a booth to sit down at. Once we decided what we were going to have for lunch a waiter came over to our table, “Hello Sir and Miss, what can I get for the both of you today?” the waiter said as they got a little notebook out to take our order. “Hi, I’ll take the New York Burger with a side of fries please, how about you ‘Raka?” I said then turned to Uraraka for her order, she couldn’t decide what to get so she just asked for the same as me.


While we were waiting for our food we started to talk about random things, from what she was wearing (Which was a beautiful outfit that consisted of a pink button-up shirt and light green shorts.) to what the rest of the date would consist of. When the food arrived our mouths were salivating at the sight of the burger, we ate in a fairly comfortable silence that we both enjoyed.

When we finished our food and paid, we were on our way to an ice cream parlor when I had this chill down my spine. I looked behind me but saw no one there. “Is everything okay?” Uraraka asks me, looking concerned. “Yeah, I’m good, just felt like I was being watched for a second.” I say, trying to show that I was okay. As we got closer to the beach I felt the chill a few more times but I just tried to ignore it.


Once we had our ice cream, we sat down on the sand and stared at the waves while we ate. “Hey Raka, why did you want to become a hero?” I already knew the answer but had to act curious to see if she would tell me. “Umm.. I haven’t been truthful with you, I want to become a hero for the money… But only so I can help my parents!” she said, trying to make it sound as altruistic as possible. “Hey that’s okay, I understand wanting to help your parents with finances. And you chose one of the more dangerous jobs too! Didn’t you want to be a rescue hero?” I asked, because we didn’t really get into what type of heroics we wanted to be in. “Umm yeah. Thank you for not thinking anything different about me Mido!” Uraraka said to me with a smile on her face.


As we sat there in the peaceful silence of crashing waves, Uraraka rested her head on my shoulder and I laid my head on top of hers, sighing contently. ‘ This is nice… It’s peaceful here, and Uraraka looks beautiful in her outfit and the light. ’ I thought before hearing a slight shift in the sand behind me. I slowly raised my guard ready to counter the attack that I thought would be coming as the shifting of the sand got closer. 


Once the attacker was in range for a grapple I quickly threw Uraraka away and grabbed the wrist of the attacker with my right hand, pulling them off balance and then grabbing the back of their neck as they landed in the sand. It turns out the attacker is one Himiko Toga, shouting for blood, literally. “Ochako can you grab my phone for me?” I ask as it had been thrown during the scuffle with the girl. I sat on the girl's back to make sure that she couldn’t go anywhere, once I had my phone I went straight into group chat.


[MeanGreen is Online]


MeanGreen: @RatGod, would it be okay if Uraraka and I come to U.A right now with a +1? She is showing signs of quirk psychosis and is crying out for blood, I think it’s safe to assume she needs it.


[RatGod broke into the chat]


RatGod: Certainly Mr. Midoriya! I will be awaiting your arrival!


AlienQueen: What the fuck was that?! Midoriya?


MeanGreen: While on my date with Uraraka we were attacked by a girl who is in a quirk psychosis state. I almost didn’t hear her sneaking up on us in time. It’s my personal belief that she would be an amazing underground hero because of her stealth. And I’m not explaining why I was on a date right now, I need to get going.


[MeanGreen is Offline]


I carefully got off the girl’s back and Uraraka used her quirk to make it harder for her to escape. We started to make our way to U.A after I took her knives. While we were walking there we did get some weird looks but no one stopped us, probably because Toga was still a little crazy at the moment. “Calm down, you will get your blood soon.” I said trying to soothe her, which seemed to work and earned me a worried look from Uraraka.


We made our way to school with very little interruption, only Toga asking for blood and me reassuring her that she would get some. Once we arrived at the school we were met with Nezu and Vlad King. “Hello Principal Nezu, this is the girl who I was talking about in the message.” I gestured to the girl who was in my grasp. “Ah yes, thank you Mr. Midoriya, let us continue this talk in my office.” Nezu said as Vlad King began to walk away, the three of us followed after the U.A staff and soon found ourselves in the principal’s office.


“So from what I have gathered is, her name is Himiko Toga, her quirk is transformation which requires blood to work, but it would seem as though her quirk councillor urged that she would need the blood for her to stay sane and that her parents forced her to suppress her quirk, would I be correct in assuming that Miss Toga?” Nezu asked in which he got a nod from Toga who was busy drinking from a pouch that was provided to her courtesy of the blood hero. “Okay on your file it says that your first incident was in your last year of middle school, where you attacked a fellow classmate and drank his blood. Would I be correct in assuming this is the first time your urge for blood has ‘forced’ its way to the surface?” Nezu asked carefully, not knowing if he would set her off. She shook her head as she finished the pouch. “Could you elaborate?” 


“The first time I drank blood was when I was a child… I drank from a cute bird and then… I showed my parents… they called me a ‘monster’… a ‘demon child’ and… a villain waiting to happen.” Toga explained in an uncharacteristically small voice compared to before she got blood. Nezu nodded solemnly, while Uraraka and I listened with horror and how her parents did to her. “I think I know what we can do with your situation Miss Toga, I believe we can make you a ward of U.A and put you through a rehabilitation program. Then we can put you into the heroics course, because if what Mr. Midoriya said is true, that you were able to sneak up on him and almost harm him while being quiet. I personally think that you could make an amazing Underground Hero.” Nezu said in a cheery voice “Um… I was also following him for a while too...” Toga replied in a small voice. “I honestly thought that we were being followed for a bit, I felt a chill go down my spine every now and then on our walk.” I said, rubbing the back of my neck sheepishly.


“Also… do you mean it? That I can be a hero?” Toga said, on the verge of tears. When Nezu nodded his head she finally started to cry, Uraraka and I surged forth and hugged her. The two staff watched with small smiles at the display. After all was said and done Uraraka and I were able to go home. When I walked Uraraka to her door I also apologised for ruining the date with what happened. “It’s fine Mido, the date was enjoyable enough!” Uraraka said, and then I guess in a moment of bravery, she quickly kissed me before she ran inside. I returned home that day with a smile. I slept comfortably  knowing that Toga wouldn’t be in the hands of the LOV and that Uraraka was brave enough to kiss me without prompting.

Chapter Text

When I awoke on the first day back at school I saw a figure standing in the corner of my room, I almost screamed in surprise but then I took a closer look at the figure. A tall muscular bald man dressed in a black leather jacket. “Daigoro? Why are you here? How are you here?” I ask, clearly confused as to why he was standing in my room. “Just wanted to scare ya kid, clearly it didn’t work well enough. But I also wanted to let you know that you are going to end up unlocking BlackWhip at some point today, I honestly just hope that it happens during your heroics lesson so it doesn't lash out at anybody.” Daigoro said before he disappeared. ‘ Fuck… I guess I can talk with the previous users without needing to be asleep ’ I thought as I got up to get ready for school. 


Once I arrived at school I was greeted by Uraraka looking at me while blushing at the school gates, so I walked up to her. “Hey Raka, how are you?” I asked, falling into step with her. “I-I’m alright, M-Mido, Umm… What are w-we?” Uraraka asked with trepidation, possibly hoping that the answer would be positive. “Well… If you want, I can be your… boyfriend?” I said, unusually shy all of a sudden. She turned to me and gave a blinding smile “I’d like that.” When she said that, my hand suddenly found hers and our fingers interlaced. We walked in a comfortable silence until we reached the classroom.


Everyone was sitting down, talking between each other quietly while we all waited for Mr. Aizawa to show up. When the door slid open everyone fell quiet immediately “Good, you’re learning. Now we have a new addition to the class. Come in.” the tired voice of Mr. Aizawa called out and turned to the open door. A girl with messy blonde buns dressed in U.A’s girls uniform stepped through the door, cautiously looking around. When her eyes landed on Ochako and I she visibly relaxed and smiled “H-hi, my name is H-Himiko Toga, and my quirk is Transform. I hope w-we all get a-along.” Toga looked like she still had that underlying fear of being rejected still, I will have to help her overcome that fear. Mineta made a comment about her that visibly unnerved her, so I turned in my seat and gave him a glare that was enough to make All Might shit himself, he shut up and looked as pale as paper. Toga then took her seat near Ochako.


“Okay now that that is over and done with, your fight isn’t over yet.” Everyone tensed in their seats as they paid close attention. “The sports festival is coming up, this is your chance to get noticed by pro heroes for internships.” Everyone sagged in their seats with relief. I put my hand up to ask a question.“Yes, Problem Child?” Aizawa answered with a glare. “Two questions, are you sure you are okay to be teaching with your arms broken and a minor head injury? And would I be able to use Gym Gamma after school with your supervision, because I think I might have reached a threshold for a new technique with my quirk.” I said unaffected by the glare but still concerned about his injuries. “I am fine, thank you for the concern and why me specifically?” Aizawa asked, still sounding tired. “It is because I believe this technique is going to be dangerous upon its first activation and I would need you to erase my quirk before I lose control. Also I can feel it bubbling under my skin right now.” I said, not caring about the interruption to the class. “Okay, I’ll be there.” I nodded my thanks and let him continue the lesson.


“You will also be picking your hero codenames, but I won’t be supervising it will be-” Aizawa was interrupted by the SLIDING DOOR  being kicked  OPEN and standing there wasa Midnight “Me~” she said in a flirty tone as she walked into the room. “How the Fuck did you kick open a SLIDING DOOR?!” My question was ignored as she sauntered up to the front desk. “Now kiddos~ Today you will be picking a hero codename that we will be using during the sports festival and may or may not stick as your hero name too~” Midnight said, somehow making everything she says sound flirty. “You have the rest of the hour to come up with a code name to use.” Aizawa said, peeking out from his sleeping bag. ‘ Okay, I should probably help Todoroki pick something that isn’t his name, and since this is before Stain I don’t have to worry about Iida, maybe help Bakugo. Maybe Aoyama too. ’ I quickly started to scribble some ideas down for the others to use.


When everyone was showing their names they were all approved, Aoyama went with The Shining Hero: Polaris, Iida went with The Engine Hero: Turbo, Todoroki took my suggestion and used The IceFire Hero: Cold Blaze. Toga was also allowed to pick a name, she went with The Vampiric Hero: Carmila, if that wasn’t saying something then I don’t know. Bakugo was the most surprising, having taken my suggestion to use The Explosive Hero: GroundZero. It was now my turn to share my hero name, I stood up front and turned my board. It showed The Unconquered Hero: Deku. Everyone looked at it with confusion, then Midnight spoke up “Are you sure you want to use that as your hero name?” She asked in clear confusion, I nodded. “I chose this name as a way to take back an insult and change its meaning from ‘useless wooden doll’ to ‘you can do it’.” I said and glared at Bakugo, who was not paying attention at all. My name was approved and I went to sit back down.


When the time for lunch came around I could feel BlackWhip itching to get out. When the class went to leave the room we were blocked by a group of first years. I couldn’t be bothered to listen to the speech that Shinso made, but when Monoma showed up was when I lost all control. I picked him up by the collar and slammed his back into the wall still holding him. “DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE WANTED TO BE ATTACKED BY VILLAINS?! DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE GOT THROUGH THAT UNSCATHED? MY RIGHT ARM WAS DESTROYED AND OUR TEACHERS WERE INCAPACITATED!” I screamed in his face, feeling BlackWhip reach the surface, as I went to slam him again I was stopped. BlackWhip came out in full force, and was about to strike every person in the crowd, but thankfully Aizawa was fast enough to erase my quirk. I fell unconscious soon after.


When I woke up I was in the nurse’s office with Ochako on my right side and Toga on my left, with Aizawa standing at the foot of the bed. “Ugh what happened?” I asked slowly sitting up. “When you got mad at Monoma these black tendrils came out of you. Any explanations?” Aizawa asked as he looked at me. “Yeah, that was BlackWhip, I guess I know the activation requirement now, anger. I got mad at Monoma because of how he was acting. That’s what caused BlackWhip to lash out, how long have I been out?” I say to Aizawa while looking at the man in question. “About 2 hours, you can either choose to go home now or we can use Gym Gamma now so you can get control over it so it doesn't happen again.” He says to me, I agree to use the gym to get a finer control over it.


We arrived at the gym and I stood a fair ways away from Ochako, Toga and Mr. Aizawa. I start to think of things that would get me angry but I try to keep my mind clear enough so I’m not blinded by rage. I started to feel something under my skin slowly rising to the surface and eventually it came out and I used it to grab onto a couple things and yank them to me, then grab a railing and pull myself towards it. I continued doing that for the rest of the hour that I could use the gym for. There were only small instances where a stray tendril would lash out but Aizawa was quick enough to erase it. “Thank you for your help Mr. Aizawa, have a good day.” I say bowing to him and then walking away with Ochako. 


I walked Ochako home holding her hand the entire way and when we got to her door I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said my goodbyes. I reassured the class that I was okay and then went to sleep. The next two weeks were a blur of schoolwork, training and spending time with Ochako, that I didn’t even realise that the sports festival was upon us.

Chapter Text

“I hope that you are all prepared for this, because this is your chance to get noticed by the pros.” Aizawa said as he was finishing up attendance. For the past 2 weeks I have been training with BlackWhip and One For All, I am now able to use 20% safely and use an extra 10% with Overclock. I was also helping some other classmates with their training, primarily helping kirishima with his hardening, he was at this point now able to defend from five 10% punches and last for 20 minutes with his hardening. Uraraka has also gotten help with using hand to hand combat efficiently.


We all left to get changed into our gym gear and go to the waiting room. Todoroki walks up to me with an expressionless face and says “Midoriya, you are objectively the strongest here, so I will beat you with just my ice.” Bakugo is shouting in the background about how he was challenging the wrong person, we both ignored him. 


“Well if you believe that just your ice can keep up with me you are in for a surprise.” I said just before we were all called out to the field. This was where my nerves were trying to get the best of me, a massive crowd was watching us and expecting great things. 


“Now for the players' pledge, for students' safety we had them use code names, so will Deku please come up here.” I jolted when my name was mentioned by Midnight and steeled my nerves and got up on stage and approached the mic.


“I just want to say that, those in the hero course, do your best otherwise you may lose your spot. Gen Ed, do your best to earn a spot in our course. Support, show that the hero course can rely on you and your inventions. And business, do your best, even if you don’t want to.Give us all a challenge! PLUS ULTRA!” I said and then everyone shouted the school’s motto with me, I stepped off the podium and returned to where I was standing. 


“Now that sure was a speech!~ Now for our first challenge: Obstacle Course!” Midnight said into the mic after spinning the wheel. 


Everyone moved into position and waited for the signal to go, so I prepared 15% Full Cowl, believing that would be enough of a speed boost. “GOOOOOO!” Present Mic shouted and everyone took off into the tunnel, knowing that Todoroki would freeze the ground to slow everyone down I jumped just at the right time avoiding the ice. I took off out of the tunnel and ran forward, and within a few minutes I reached the first official obstacle, the ‘Robo Inferno’.


 I used BlackWhip to pick up some of the smaller robots and throw them at the others, I then used BlackWhip to latch onto a Zero Pointer and pull back against it, trying to use it like a bungee cord. I let myself be pulled forward by BlackWhip. It threw me through the air. I landed with a roll and continued to run forward, still a fair distance between me and Todoroki, with Bakugo not too far behind him.


Once I reached the Pit I already had my plan to traverse in mind. I pumped an extra 5% of One For All into my body and leapt through the air. I landed on each outcrop every now and then and was shortly on the other side of the Pit. As I continued to run forward I was attacked by Bakugo trying to slow me down. 


“YOU SHITTY DEKU! I WON’T LOSE TO YOU!”  He said as he threw an explosion at me.


 “You will if you keep going the way you are!” I shouted as I caught him with a tendril of BlackWhip and threw him all the way back to the Pit. I quickly retook first place from Todoroki as he tried to encase me in ice just barely missing me.


When I came up on the Minefield I quickly shouted “Full Cowling: Overclock 30%!”. Since I was prepared for the extra speed gained from the higher percent I was able to clear the entire sand pit in one large leap, I surprised myself with that along with everyone else watching. Since I was surprised, I didn't land properly and almost destroyed my ankles while landing.


Once I regained my balance I quickly took off and reached the finish line within a minute. Deactivating Full Cowl, I sat down exhausted from the energy used during that race. Soon after, all of the next contenders crossed the finish line. “Mineta let go!” I heard Yaoyorozu say in the distance, I quickly made my way over.


“Mineta, let go. Or would you rather I pull you off?” I asked with a smile and a tilt of the head that made me look unhinged, the boy in question quickly got off and ran away crying.


 “God, if he is this scared how does he expect to handle a villain?” I say before turning to Yaoyorozu. “Sorry you have to deal with his perverted antics, also if someone says something about you girls needing to be in cheerleaders uniforms don't listen to them, tell the other girls too.” She thanks me and walks off to the other girls and tells them.


“The next challenge is a Cavalry Battle!~ but there is a twist, first place is with 10 million!~” As soon as Midnight said what my score would be, everyone turned to glare at me.


I glared back at them and they all faltered and turned away from me. It was now time for everyone to get into their teams, so I grabbed my girlfriend, Tsukoyomi and Carmila for my team. I would be on top with Carmilla and Tsukoyomi at the front with Uravity in the rear using her quirk to make me weightless. 


Once the match started my mind went on autopilot and only remembered glimpses of what happened. The most prominent was that of me using BlackWhip to slap Bakugo in the face as he came for us. By the end of the event no team was able to take our points. 




During the break before the final round, Todoroki took me aside to tell me something. “Are you All Might and Mr. Aizawas secret love child?” I started to laugh at his question.


Before he could continue I had to stop him, “If you want to say something that you want to stay private you should probably make sure that you aren’t being followed, BAKUGO FUCK OFF!” I said, which surprised both boys. 


“WHY DOES THE SHITTY DEKU GET TO KNOW!” Bakugo shouted as he came around the corner.


“You don’t get to know because Todoroki clearly wants to tell only me. The world doesn’t revolve around you Katsuki ” I said in a tone that sent a shiver down his spine. 


He walked off in a huff and a few minutes later Todoroki told me the story of how Endeavor had a quirk marriage and everything that happened to him. “Todoroki, I feel bad that you had to go through tha but you need to drop that grudge otherwise it is going to hinder you as a hero, your quirk is Half Hot, Half Cold, not Hellfire. Yes you did get the genes from him but not the quirk. You need to be the hero you want to be, not the hero he wants you to be. Keep that in mind.” I said to him and then walked off to get ready for my fight.


On the walk back to the stands I heard someone mention something about the girls as cheerleaders. “Okay no, girls you're not supposed to be wearing that, that idea was all Mineta and Kaminari’s Idea. I will let Aizawa know, He was already on thin ice.” I said to the girls as they were walking past me with the cheer uniforms in their hands. They thanked me and then returned to the stands. I pulled my phone out and dialed Aizawa's number, after a few rings the phone was picked up. 


“Hello little listener?” I heard Present Mic say, “Hi Mr. Yamada, can you please put the phone on speaker?” I asked. 


“What is it Problem Child?” Aizawa’s tired voice rang out through the phone. 


“Mineta tried to get the girls to dress in Cheerleader uniforms for his pleasure, I know that he is already on thin ice, am I right in assuming this is his last day at U.A?” I informed him. 


“Yes it will be, but don’t tell him that, or anyone else, keep quiet and I’ll inform the rest in class.” He told me before hanging up.


Since my fight was up first I was ready pretty quickly. “WILL HYPNO AND DEKU PLEASE COME TO THE STAGE!” Present Mic’s voice rang out through the intercom, I got up and made my way to the arena. There Shinso was, staring at me on the other side of the stage, clearly ready to fight but didn’t put work into his body. 


“Fight!” Midnight said, and Shinso immediately started to throw insults at me, trying to get me to talk. “I bet that you must have had everything handed to you with such an amazing quirk” Shinso snarked, trying to get a rise out of me.


“Tch why wont you talk huh? Scared your girlfriend will see how weak you are?” Shinso smirked as if he had already won. 


I just walked up to him and grabbed his shirt spinning him and threw him out of bounds. Winning that match I returned to the stands and watched Todoroki absolutely fold Sero and almost impale a bunch of the crowd including myself. After his match it was Kaminari versus Shiozaki, Who easily took him out after he wasted all his brain cells as the match started. The next match was Iida versus Toga, she wasn't able to use knives at all in the match but she still put up an admirable fight, giving Iida a literal run for his money. Mina also was able to K.O Aoyama after he used his laser and bent over due to the backlash.


Yaoyorozu also put up a decent fight against Tokoyami, but couldn't get enough breathing room to be able to create anything else to help her in her fight. When her fight was over she walked away in tears, I got up to go and comfort her because when she is crying it doesn’t look as good on her as a smile does. When I got closer I could hear quiet sniffles from around the corner, when I saw her sitting on the floor leaning against the wall with her face in her knees I knelt down next to her.


“Hey Yaoyorozu, it’s okay, just because you lost this fight doesn’t make it a bad thing. It just shows that you need to improve in certain areas. Is it okay if I hug you?” I ask, unsure if she is uncomfortable with physical touch or not. When she nodded I surged forward and wrapped my arms around her.


“It’s okay, you aren’t a failure or any of the things that you think of yourself after that fight” I gently reassure her as she continues to cry into my chest. After she was finished she apologised for crying on me but I reassured her it was okay. We both returned to the class shortly after that and sat back down.


“Oh fuck! It’s Ochako and Bakugo isn’t it?!” I said in realisation of what was coming up. ‘ He won’t hold back!’ . I frantically thought, worrying about her physical health, knowing how this fight woul;d go. I couldn't watch but I also couldn't turn away, Ochako was actually landing some punches on him, giving him a run for his money and also preparing her meteor shower move in between strikes.


“GRONDZERO IS THE WINNER!” was all i needed to hear, already dreading to see the position he put her in I was already running to the infirmary. When I got there I was stopped by Recovery Girl before I could enter.


“She is still unconscious, so you should probably prepare for your match against Todoroki.” Recovery Girl informed me.


“Okay, when she wakes up can you tell her that I’ll get her revenge for what he did? It looked too brutal for a fight like this.” I said before leaving and going to prepare for my match against Todoroki. Before I could reach my room the temperature in the air got warmer, indicating Endeavour was near.


“You are the one that All Might has taken an interest in, don’t look like much. My shoto will beat you because he is going to surpass All Might!” Endeavour said as he stopped me.


“Look Endeavour, Todoroki isn’t you and I’m not All Might, so leave us out of your decades long pissing match. Did you even ask Todoroki if he wanted to surpass the two of you? Also I plan on getting him to use his fire, but not because of you but because he could be a much better hero with his fire too.” I said, stunning Endeavour long enough for me to slip past and into my prep room.




Todoroki and I are now staring each other down from opposite ends. “Are you going to use Your fire Todoroki?” I asked during our staredown. He shook his head while keeping eye contact. I just sigh and prepare myself for a fight. When Midnight gave the all clear to fight Todoroki went to encase me in a glacier, I let it happen to show that ice wont work all the time.


“Hehe… HaHaHaHa… HAHAHAHAHA!” I let out a laugh that could be compared to a maniac as I flexed One For All and shattered the glacier. “Come on Todoroki… Ice won’t work on me.” I tilted my head as I looked at him.


He continued to send ice wave after ice wave at me, with me either dodging or destroying his ice. After a few minutes of this he was already at his limit. “Come on Todoroki! You are already at your limit! USE YOUR FIRE!” I shouted at him, but it seems like it isn’t getting to him.




Todoroki prepared to use his fire, and remembering what happened next I prepared to use BlackWhip to anchor myself to the ground while the air heated up rapidly. I was able to get BlackWhip to pierce the stage and keep me locked in place while Todoroki blew up the air around him. After a few seconds the dust cleared and I was left standing and breathing heavily, I looked to the other side and saw Todoroki knocked out on the floor. 


“WOOOOW! DEKU IS THE WINNER YEOW!” Present Mich said over the speakers, I walked away as quickly as I could so I could visit Recovery Girl and get checked over.


Once I returned to the stands I got to see the aftermath of Iida against Shiozaki. I watched Ashido lose to Tokoyami and then Kirishima hold a decent fight against Bakugo. The training I did with him was working for him, he could withstand more powerful attacks but still couldn't win his fight. Soon enough it was my turn to fight Iida.


“DEKU VERSUS TURBO! WOOO!” Present Mic shouted as Iida and I got up on the stage. I could hear Aizawa’s quiet voice telling him to shut up.


“Fight!” Midnight shouted.


Iida immediately took off towards me. ‘ Full Cowling: Overclock 25%! ’. I had to use a quarter of my max power to be able to keep up with Iidas speed. We both met in the middle of the stage and he threw a kick at my side, I blocked it with my forearm and prepared to roundhouse kick him. When my foot connected with him, it threw him a few feet away, giving me a few seconds to think.


Okay, maybe I can try and use a higher percentage if I wrap my limbs inside and out with BlackWhip. Okay let’s do it. ’ I quickly summoned BlackWhip and wrapped my arms and legs in it, pumping an extra 10% into my body. I was now at 35% and used it to quickly rush at Iida and throw rapid punches slowly pushing him backwards with him trying to dodge my attacks. Soon enough he had stepped out of bounds and I deactivated BlackWhip and Full Cowl, I congratulated him on a good fight and gave some small pointers, such as not fully focusing on kicks.


I got to watch the fight between Tokoyami and Bakugo, which was really sad to watch since Dark Shadows' weakness was light, Bakugo just let off a flashbang and threw Tokoyami out of bounds and won the Semi-Finals. There was a 30 minute interval while waiting for the Finals to be ready, so I spent that time hanging out with Ochako, Toga, Ashido, Yaoyorozu and Kaminari.


After the wait was over we were called up to the stage. When we arrived I looked towards Bakugo and he had an absolute feral look about him. ‘ Clearly did not expect me to get this far, probably hoping to teach me a lesson. ’ Once Midnight gave the all clear to fight he immediately launched himself at me. I was only able to react quick enough to activate a regular 20% Full Cowl.


Jumping away from him I quickly Overclock to 30% and wrap my limbs in BlackWhip, giving my limbs extra reinforcement for higher percentages. I launched at Bakugo and punched him in the gut, but unlike Shigaraki, he didn’t throw up or get thrown far. He used his explosions to stabilize himself right at the edge. I tried to use that to my advantage and quickly chased after him ready to kick him out of bounds.


He saw me coming and quickly moved out of the way, I was able to redirect myself to bodyslam into him. Luckily this worked and I hit him with enough force to throw him into the wall below the stands, with him out of bounds I deactivated everything and got ready to leave the stage after it was called in my favour.


As I was walking away I heard the loud booms of Bakugos explosions getting closer, so in one swift motion, I turned around and wrapped him up in a tendril. Pulling him towards me I started to speak.


“Do you want to know who you remind me of? Shigaraki threw a temper tantrum when he didn't get his way at the USJ. And you are doing the same as he did because you weren't able to beat me. If you keep going this way you may be a better villain than a hero.” I said, at the mention of him being like Shigaraki he went pale and stopped thrashing around. I let go of him and walked away. ‘ Okay I will admit that was a bit too harsh but if he doesn't fix that attitude he won't be a good hero at all if he continues this way. ’ 


After the awards were handed out, with me in first place, Bakugo in second place, chained and still thrashing around. Tokoyami and Iida had a shared third place with Iida not attending due to a “Family Emergency”, I took his medal to give to him at a later date. Everyone went home with Ochako coming over to my house to celebrate with mom. We had a good time and I walked her home afterwards. When I returned home I collapsed on my bed from sheer exhaustion.

Chapter Text

MeanGreen: Good Morning everyone! Would any of you like to come to Dagobah Beach today?


AlienQueen: Hell yeah! Beach Party!


MP3: I can bring the music


GravityWho?: I would love to come! Though I can't bring anything :(


MeanGreen: That's okay! Just you being there is enough!


ManlyMan: I can bring a barbeque!


CraftingTable: Isn’t Dagobah an illegal dumping ground?


MeanGreen: No as of 3ish months ago it’s clean. I will give you one hint as to who cleaned it: Stockpile Quirk.


CallMeTsu: You cleaned the beach?! Ribbit. Wasn’t there like SUV’s in there too?


WalkingNuke: Bullshit that worthless Deku did that!


Sugar!: Dude… You actually did that?!


MeanGreen: Yeah I did that for training, needed muscles before U.A. And I’m not the worthless one Bakugo, also do you not remember the rules at U.A? No quirkism, Bullying, Sexism, Homophobia etc. otherwise you could be expelled.


[WalkingNuke is Offline]


GravityWho?: Do you think we would be able to include Toga?


MeanGreen: Possibly? Let me ask


MeanGreen: @Eraser would it be possible for Toga to leave school grounds and come to the beach with us?


Eraser: Sure, just make sure that she doesn't try to attack anyone Problem Child.


MeanGreen: There is still a risk of that?


Eraser: yes, but it's only a small chance she will. Come and take this demon off my hands, I need my sleep.

MeanGreen: on my way sir. @Everyone who is going, meet at the beach at 10am.


[MeanGreen is Offline]


After I informed the group chat I got ready for a day at the beach, I made sure that I had all the songs I wanted to play on my phone, made sure to grab a change of clothes and a towel for the beach. After I had everything ready I left my room and headed downstairs to inform mom.


“Hey mom, I’m going to be going to the beach with my classmates, I have to go early to pick up one of my classmates from the school.” I said, walking into the living room.


“Why are they at school?” Mom asked with an eyebrow raised as she turned to me.


“They um, they’re a ward of the school, since they don’t have anywhere to live, they’ve been staying in the dorms for students from overseas.” I explained as I got my shoes on. Mom wished me luck as I walked out.


As I was walking to the station I realised I should probably bring Ochako with me, just incase something happens. So I got on the train and made my way to Ochako’s apartment. When I was finished with the train ride there I walked up to the door and gave it a few light knocks.


“Hey Izu, why are you here early?” Ochako asked as she opened the door to me.


“I came to get you so we could both walk to the beach with Toga, since she appears to be more behaved around the two of us I  figured having us both near her would help.” I explained.


“Oh yeah… I guess that does make sense, just give me a sec to get ready for the beach, please come in.” Ochako said, gesturing for me to enter with a smile.


I entered her apartment and she led me to a couch to sit on while she got her things ready. I was sitting there in silence just checking my phone wondering how the others were doing when I heard a slight creak in the floorboards. “Nice try on sneaking up on me Ocha, you would have done it too if the floor didn’t creak.” I said, not looking up from my phone until I felt a pair of arms wrap around my neck.


“Damn, I almost had you.” Ochako said, not sounding disappointed.


I kissed her cheek and stood up in her arms “Maybe next time, you are getting better though” I said before lifting her up and putting her on my shoulder.


“Hey! Put me down!” Ochako complained while giggling and hitting my back.


“Nope! I’m gonna carry you to U.A!” I said, laughing while bending down to pick up her bag and walk out the door.

The walk to U.A was relatively peaceful with a few weird glances and some comments on “the cute couple”. At some point during our walk I put Ochako down and we just walked, hand in hand, in a comfortable silence. “Hey Izu, What do you think about the other girls in our class?” Ochako said out of nowhere, I am pretty sure I would have done a spit take if I was drinking.


“Where did this come from?” I was a little panicked.


“Just humor me, I wont be mad, I promise.” she said with her pinky outstretched.


I took her pinky in mine and said “Well the girls are nice, Yaomomo is smart, a beautiful mind that's plagued by self doubt. Tsu is blunt but that can be good at times. Ashido is a fun and bubbly personality in the class that is infectious. Hagakure is the same as Ashido, her personality makes up for the lack of a visible body in my opinion. Jirou seems like she has great taste in music, and possibly has self esteem issues when compared to you girls. Toga seems like she hasn’t gotten the chance to be her normal in life and seems to be fun to be around. And then there is you, you are amazing my Mochi, I love everything about you, from your intense personality when driven, to the way you dress, to who you are as a person.”


Ochako was blushing by the end of my answer but managed to say “I think I might like some of the girls.”


That threw me for a turn, I did not expect the country girl to be into other girls, so I asked “Which girls? Because I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also into them.”


“Umm… Yaomomo, Toga and… Mina.” Ochako looked like she wanted to die from embarrassment.


I hugged her to calm her down before she actually keeled over from embarrassment. Once she calmed down I said to her in  a soft voice “Funny, I also like those girls alongside you. If you want we could date them if you wanted, it’s called Polyamory.” I continued to talk and explain what Polyamory was while we continued to walk to U.A. Once we arrived she had a good grasp on what Polyamory was and agreed that she wanted to try it out.


“Het Toga, you ready for the beach?” I asked as we got to the front gate, Toga was dressed in a cute pink skirt and a light green T-Shirt with some black checkered converse style shoes.


“Yeah! I can't wait Izu-kun!” Toga shouted with enthusiasm that was infectious, soon enough Ochako and I were at the same level of enthusiasm as we made our way to Dagobah.


Once we arrived we saw everyone in the class except for Bakugo (what was to be expected). “Wasn’t this place a dump?!” Toga shouted in confusion and awe at how clean the beach was.


“Haha yeah, I cleaned it up for muscle training. You even saw it when you attacked us both, which you were not at fault for in any way.” I explained to Toga while we made our way to our classmates.


“Hey you three! Took you long enough!” Kirishima shouted from the Barbeque.


“Sorry! Had to grab Toga from school and brought Ochako with me!” I shouted as we made our way over to everyone.


“What are you making?” I said to Kirishima and Sato who were working the BBQ.


“We have some sausages, patties and kebabs.” Sato said while flipping said patties.


“God this sounds oddly Australian.” I said, enjoying the smells of all the meats being cooked, reminding me of home.


“I thought it would make sense, since you know, BBQ’s and beaches are almost synonymous in Australia,” Kirishima said while getting the plates ready.


It was then that I looked around, there was a canopy with a few students underneath it, a speaker playing some pre quirk music, some of which I could recognise. There were a few who were playing in the water and there was Kaminari who was sitting in the sand making a sandcastle.


Everyone was enjoying the time at the beach and then came time for everyone to eat lunch. Some people had the kebabs, others had burgers and some had sausages. I looked around and everyone was enjoying their time, chatting in their own little groups while eating, then I saw a little bit of purple in the corner of my eye. I quickly stood up and looked in the direction that I saw the purple in, startling everyone.


“Whoa you okay Midoriya?” Sero asked, looking at me.


“I swear I saw purple in the corner of my eye.” I explained, still looking around.


“Why would seeing purple cause you to react like that?” Kaminari asked.


“Mr. Aizawa was going to tell you at school but I may as well tell you now. Mineta was expelled for his sexual harrasment, I must’ve forggoten to remove him from the group, girls, cover yourselves. Boys either stay here or come with me, don't leave the girls alone though.” I explained as I walked off in the direction of the possible Mineta sighting.


After a few minutes of searching turned up nothing me and a few of the boys who came with me returned to the girls. Only to see some of them pinned down in purple balls and Mineta standing over them triumphantly, looking like he was about to do more than just pin them down. I quickly rushed him and tackled him to the sand, pinning his arms to his back.


“Kirishima, call the police! The rest of you check on the girls!” I shouted while holding the piece of human trash underneath me.


After a few minutes of waiting the police arrived to take statements and arrest Mineta.  Since the day was ruined we just decided to pack up and return home. I walked Toga back to school with Ochako, and then walked Ochako home after we dropped Toga off. Returning home I pulled out my phone to check on the girls, thankfully they were fine. The furthest he got was groping a few of the girls. With my day ruined I just decided to think up of more moves until it was time for bed.

Chapter Text

Today is the first day back after the sports festival and the day when Aizawa introduces us to our internships. I got up and did my daily morning routine of brushing my teeth, going for a morning run, returning and showering then eating before getting dressed and leaving for school. The recognition on the way to school was a little uncomfortable but bearable for the time being.


When I walked into class I was greeted by everyone. “Hey Midoriya, what do you think is happening today?” Kaminari asked from his desk.


“Wouldnt have a clue, maybe congratulate us for the festival?” I lied and joked. The others chuckled along with me. Aizawa then walked in and greeted us.


“Welcome back hellions, Midoriya, Bakugo, Iida and Tokoyami, congrats on the top 3. Today We will be going over your internships and your offers.” Aizawa said as he took the podium.


We then had packets handed to us with our internship offers in them, I had the thickest in the class since I was first place. We all opened our packets and looked at our offers. I was surprised to see Gran Torino sent me an offer. ‘ I thought All Might gives me the offer? Actually… is it because I did this good that he sent it to me like this? ’ I thought, and then wrote down Gran Torino as my internship of choice.


I walked up and gave it to Aizawa. “Already problem child? That was quick, did you even look at the other offers?” He said as I placed my application in front of him.


“Yes sir, I did look through them. I have some prior knowledge of Gran Torino and his fighting style, I believe it would be more beneficial for me to go to him with my current frame.” I explained to Awzawa before adding “Plus he also trained All Might so how could I not want to be trained by him?”


Aizawa just sighed, probably thinking that my points were logical until I brought up Torino training All Might. I turned away from Aizawa and went over to Ochako to see if she would need any help in choosing.


“Hey baby, you need any help?” I ask as I kneeled down next to her desk.


“Hey Izu, I was just double checking to see if there was any better offer than GunHead, I need to expand my hand to hand combat, no offence that time spent training with you before school was good but I think it would be better to get some proper training.” Ochako said before panicking once she realised what she said.


“Hey it’s okay I understand, you want proper moves, not improvised ones taught by me.” I said chuckling. Seeing her calm down I then whispered. “Hey I think im going to see if our shared crushes need any help.”


I got up and walked away, leaving Ochako a blushing mess, possibly forgetting that she mentioned it. I walked over to Yaoyorozu and got in the same position next to her desk. “Hey Yaoyorozu, need any help picking?”


“Hmm? Oh no thank you Midoriya, I was going to pick Uwabami.” Yaoyorozu explained when she noticed me.


“Umm no offence but it’s probably not a good choice, whenever she has interns she mainly uses them for commercial shoots, would it be okay if I took a look at your list?” I said.


She handed me her list and I looked it over. I saw names that were more well known and others that weren’t as popular. One name caught my attention though ‘FatGum’.


“Hey Yaoyorozu, I would probably go with FatGum since he has a quirk that has to do with foods, he could probably help you learn more and be more useful on patrols.” I said as I pointed to FatGums name.


“Oh, I didn’t think of that, thank you Midoriya.” Yaoyorozu said with a smile.


I left Yaoyorozu with the knowledge of her internship choice and went over to Toga, who looked around the room happily, almost childlike giddiness. “Hey Toga, have you found one that you are interested in?” I ask as I arrive at her side.


“Oh Izu-Kun! I’m thinking of going with Aizawa!” Toga said as she surged fourth and gave me a hug that I happily returned. ‘ God, either I still have some of Izuku’s tendencies and he was touch starved or I was actually starved of attention my whole life, maybe both. ’ 


I left Toga to her devices while I walked over to Ashido to see what she had picked. “Hey Ashi, pick one yet?” I say when I get closer to her.


“Oh hey Midori! Yeah I’m thinking of going with Present Mic! Since he does a bunch of stuff with the public I thought it would be best to get a jumpstart with that stuff.” Ashido explained, almost vibrating in her seat.


“I can see you two getting along well, you’re both energetic!” I chuckled along with her.


I got up and left Ashido to her devices and sat alone for a bit. ‘ What should I do now? Hmm… maybe I could get Hagakure to help me out with the whole Traitor thing. Yeah, that will work. ’ I thought before getting up and going to where Hagakure was seated.


“Hey Hagakure, could I talk to you privately for a sec?” I ask politely when I arrive at her desk.


“Hmm oh yeah sure Midoriya. Let's go.” Hagakure said as she got up and walked out of the classroom with me.


When we were alone I got close to her and practically whispered “I think that there might be a Traitor. Don’t tell anyone or say anything about it with anyone else, I need you to keep an eye on one of our classmates for me.”


Hagakure is obviously taken aback by the information and asks “How are you so sure that there is a Traitor?”


I expected that reaction so I explained “When the press broke in, the U.A Barrier was turned to dust. Shigaraki’s quirk is Decay. The USJ attack happened because they had our schedule, they got the schedule from a secure room here that is hard to find if you are looking for it. How would Shigaraki know where that room is if that was his first time on campus? He had to have had an insider give him directions.” 


“Oh no! Please don't tell me you think one of us is the Traitor!” Hagakure whispered in a tone that was practically begging, it made me feel like shit for what I was about to say.


“I have a lead but I’m not entirely sure. Remember how Aoyama kept asking us to ask him where he was during the attack and then he said it was a secret? I honestly think that it is him but I’m not entirely sure, that's why I want you to keep an eye on him while I check the others.” I whispered to her while looking around for anybody else.


Hagakure took a deep breath, probably to calm her nerves, before saying “Okay, I’ll help you. Let's do this.”


We both returned to the classroom and it looked like everyone was none the wiser to what we talked about.Everyone was talking amongst themselves about their offers. While I was sitting down I could hear loud footsteps and thunderous laughter before the door swung open, revealing All Might.


I AM HERE! TO KIDNAP YOUNG MIDORIYA! ” All Might boomed into the classroom, and before anyone had time to react, he grabbed me by the back of my uniform and sped out of the classroom.


After a minute of him dragging me around while he was running, we arrived at his office and entered. “I could have walked Stick Might” I complained while he deflated.


“HaHaHa sorry Young Midoriya, I just wanted to cause a little chaos.” Mini Might said, laughing as he sat down.


“Yeah everyone is probably so confused back there, probably even Aizawa. I’m guessing this is about either my progress with OFA or internships, or is it both?” I joked and asked Stick Might.


“Both actually. I already have an internship lined up for you with my old master, Gran Torino.” Small Might said while trembling.


“I know about Gran Torino, he is who I picked since he sent me the offer.” I said, interrupting him.


“Ahh okay, that’s good. Also what was that thing in the festival? The black tendrils that you used?” Mini Might asked, probably confused since I was originally quirkless.


“Oh yeah that! Well I am able to use the previous users' quirks! That was BlackWhip, the fifths quirk. The next one I am able to use is FaJin, the thirds. I can also use a safe maximum of 20% and I have a technique that allows me to ‘Overclock’ my body and use an extra 10% safely for 10 minutes.” I said with a smile.


“Oh thats great Young Midoriya! You are making amazing progress with One For All, I have no doubts that you could possibly use up to 45%, maybe even 55% by the end of the year! And even being able to use the others quirks for yourself will surely make you a greater hero!” Yagi said excitedly, I nodded along with him.


After my little chat with Toshinori I had to return to class, deciding to fuck with my classmates I made myself look deshevelled enough to make it look as though I escaped an actual kidnapping. I quickly ran into the classroom and slammed the door behind me, faking panic in front of everyone. They were all understandably worried, especially Ochako, I just laughed at them and explained that it was a prank. The day went by without any other interesting things happening.


Soon enough it was time for the first day of the internships and I was standing outside Gran Torinos ‘Agency’, if you could even call it that. I walked in and saw him lying on the floor, I immediately said “Yeah im not cleaning that up. If you're going to ask who I am, I’m Deku, the one Toshinori picked to succeed him with you know what , also is that Taiyaki?!” I then ran for the kitchen area.


Torino was quick to get up and came to the defense of his Taiyaki and tried to kick me in the back of the head. I quickly moved out of the way as he came to rest on the wall in front of me. “Nice reflexes. Dont touch my Taiyaki. Lets spar!” He said as he got ready.


“I want to make a deal with you, if I can land one hit on you I can choose where we go to patrol and when, if I hit you once more I can get full authority to use my quirk to save civilians and fight criminals without needing your interference, deal?” I asked as I put my bag and case with my hero gear in it down.


“That’s if you can even hit me! But sure I agree to those terms!” Torino grinned as I got Full Cowling up to 15%.


I immediately jumped at him. Torino wasn't ready right away and just barely dodged my attack, and started to bounce around the room. Thanks to One For All I was able to keep track of where he was and started to chase after him. When it became clear that I couldn’t get him at 15% I pumped an extra 5% through my body and finally hit him in the back. With my choice in patrol area and time secured I started to try and land another hit on him but he just got faster.


FULL COWLING: OVERCLOCK 30%! ’ I took off after him at a faster rate and was able to hit him before the time was up. We stopped sparing and Gran Torino stopped moving as I came to a halt.


“Well damn kid, you're decent with OFA. what percentage did you use to hit me?” Torino asked, obviously intrigued with how I was able to keep up with him. I told him and he was shocked that I was able to hit him at that percentage and that I had a technique to use a higher percentage safely. 


After the sparring session we talked for a little bit, he explained what would happen during an internship, when we would spar, and more. After the first day of the internship I was excited yet anxious for the Stain fight that I was undoubtedly going to be involved in, with or without Todoroki. I went to bed ready for a hell of a week.

Chapter Text

I have spent the majority of the first few days with Gran Torino working on my combat skills. He saw that I needed to not be so predictable in a fight, so he had me learning different martial arts and flipping through them trying to make it as fluid as possible. Soon enough it was time for the Nomu attack and Stain fight in Hosu, so I went to Gran Torino to ask if we could patrol in Hosu.


“Hey Torino, I think I would like to cash in my reward for the first day.” I said, walking into the kitchen.


“Oh, and where would you want to patrol?” Torino asks when he sees me in the kitchen.


“Could we go to Hosu? Also don't forget that I have full permission to use my quirk to fight and/or rescue people without getting in trouble.” I said, to remind him just incase he has gone senile while training me.


“I’m guessing there is a reason for Hosu?” He asks with a raised eyebrow.


“Yeah, a classmate of mine is interning in Hosu and he is the younger brother of ingenium, I‘m worried he will try and get revenge. I want to go to Hosu to keep an eye on him and help incase he does do that dumb fucking move. I also have a gut feeling that something else will happen there too.” I explained, then continued to eat the food I grabbed.


“Okay, we will go to Hosu tonight, most of the time gut feelings turn out to be true in the hero industry, so I’ll trust you. Let’s get ready to go out.” Torino says and then goes to get his costume.


I  got up and went to my room to get my hero costume. I opened the case and saw that there were the Iron Soles that I asked for along with the compression sleeves to compensate for the higher percents. I put my costume on and looked at myself in the mirror and decided to flex and take a photo to send to the group.


[Class 1-A Group]


MeanGreen: CostumeGamma.png


ManlyMan: Looking good MidoBro!


MP3: Holy Shit that looks good!


GravityWho?: That looks amazing Izu!


CraftingTable: That is a very nice costume, Midoriya!


MeanGreen: Thanks guys!


MeanGreen: Oh crap! I’ve gotta go! First patrol and it’s in Hosu, if anyone is there and needs any backup just send your location to the group and I’ll try to get there! Cya!

I smiled at all the reactions to my costume and then I had to get moving to meet with Torino downstairs.”Finally, it took you long enough. What’s with the sleeves?” he said as I descended the stairs.


“Oh, the compression sleeves are to help with the strain on my limbs in case I use a higher than safe percent of OFA. And the soles are to help with kicks.” I explained as we made our way out of the building.


We walked to the station in a comfortable but alert silence. Once we made it onto the train we took our seats and we were on our way to Hosu. As predicted there were fires and explosions off in the distance, that meant that the flying Nomu would be here soon.


“EVERYONE DUCK!” I shout, thankfully everyone listens and does so just before the Nomu crashes through the side of the train.


“Torino! That’s a Nomu! It’s not alive anymore! Go for the exposed brain! And give me my permission damnit!” I shouted at Torino as he got up.


“I, pro hero Gran Torino, give my intern, Deku permission to use his quirk as he sees fit! Now let me fight!” Torino said before launching himself towards the Nomu and tackling it out of the train.


“Is anyone hurt?” I ask as I get up and survey the damage.


“No, just minor scrapes here! Thank you for the warning!”one of the people on the train said to me. I nodded, put my mask on and jumped out of the train after Torino.


Fuck! I need to focus on Iida! Shit!! ’ I screamed in my head before heading off in the direction of the alley he should be in.


Along the way I saw Shigaraki in the corner of my eye with a bandage around his neck, I chuckled and continued on my way to Iida. when I arrived at the location I quickly sent a message to the groupchat that was just my location, hoping that Todoroki would understand before I accidentally fuck up the fight. After the alert was sent I quickly started to bounce off the walls into the alley at 5% to build up speed and get closer to Stain. Once I got closer to him I grabbed his attention by shouting.


“DETROIT SMASH!!!” And then I punched him in the face and sent him down the alleyway.


“MIDORIYA! WHY ARE YOU HERE!” Iida shouted at me from the floor.


“To watch over you idiot! I knew you were thinking of doing this but I didn't think you were stupid enough to go through with it!” I shouted as I slowly dragged Iida closer to Native.


“LEAVE ME! THIS IS MY FIGHT!” Iida continued to shout at me.


“NO YOU FUCKING IDIOT! IF I DIDN’T SAVE YOU, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD! HOW WOULD TENSEI FEEL?!” I screamed at him while watching Stain finally get up.


“You false heroes have to be purged from this world!” I heard him shout from down the alley.


“YOUR DEFINITION OF HERO IS SKEWED SO SHUT THE FUCK UP CHIZOME!” I shouted as I started to rush towards him.


I think I shocked Stain because he stalled for a second and then continued to run.when we were close enough I quickly slid under his swing. I quickly jumped just over his head and shouted “Detroit Smash!” and punched the top of his head. As I backed off he brought a dagger up to his mouth.


Oh Fuck! He cut me! ’ I thought, right before his tongue licked the drop of blood on the blade. My body immediately froze up and fell to the floor. I started to panic, because I thought I was being more careful. ‘Stop it! Survive now and panic later! ’  I had to get him talking to stall for time.


“Your definition of true heroes is false! I bet if All Might didn’t exist you would think that Endeavour would be the only true hero! Ingenium was a great hero! He was selfless and cared about others! Just as All Might does!” I shouted while on the floor.


“Shut up kid! All Might is the one true hero!” Stain shouted back.




Stain continued to stalk towards me silently. When he got over to me he raised his blade and was about to bring it down onto me. I started to panic, but was saved when a wave of flames flew over me and forced Stain to back up. “Deku, thank god I got here in time.” I heard Todoroki say from the end of the alley.


“Careful! Don't let him lick any of your blood! He paralyzes you! Blood type O is the shortest time limit!” I shouted at him as he got closer to us.


“How the fuck did you figure this shit out kid?!” Stain said as he drew near.


“Why the fuck would I tell you?! Full Cowling 20% Delaware Smash!” I shouted as I sat up and flicked my fingers towards him. The air pressure hit him and pushed him further away. Todoroki held out his hand and I took it, pulling myself up. I got into a fighting stance next to Todoroki. “Thanks for the backup, now don't engage, I’ll finish this real quick.”


Full Cowling: Overclock 40%, BlackWhip: Reinforcement! ’ I felt the surge of extra strength and Blackwhip wrapping around my limbs for protection. I then launched myself towards Stain and screamed “St. Louis Smash!” I jumped just above Stain and roundhouse kicked him in the face, knocking him out instantly. When I landed I deactivated Full Cowling and got to work on removing his weapons.


“Todoroki, can you get me rope or something while I do this?” I asked, removing all the obvious blades from Stains body.


“You got it.” Todoroki said, and left to find the rope needed.


“Iida, you’re an idiot, I hope you know that. Aizawa is going to have a talk to you about this.” I say while getting the rest of Stains hidden weapons off his body.


“I'm sorry Midoriya, it won’t happen again” Iida said, sounding defeated.


“Look Iida, think of this as a chance to learn that you can’t do everything on your own. And yes I know that sounds hypocritical coming from me, but I was currently the strongest and best suited to take Stain on.” I explained to Iida as Todoroki returned with the rope.


“Thanks for the rope Todoroki, where did you find it?” I ask as he hands it to me.


“I found it lying at the entrance to the alley.” Todoroki said as I was tying up Stain.


“Weird, I didn’t see it on the way in.” I said as I finished tying up Stain. I also wrapped him up in Blackwhip as an extra precaution. Iida was now able to move, so the three of us made our way out of the alley while the other two helped Native move.


“God damnit rookie!” I heard Gran Torino say as he flew towards me. I quickly caught his foot before he hit my face.


“Nice try Torino, but I don’t want to lose concentration while carrying my cargo.” I said while gesturing to a captured Stain. Gran Torino looked at me with a face that screamed ‘Are you fucking with me right now’. He then spoke.


“Well I'll be damned, I guess you are as good as you say kid. Let's get him to the police and the rest of you to the hospital.” The rest of us made our way out of the alley when there was a loud screech that was getting closer. Torino screamed for everyone to duck but I wasn't fast enough to react. The flying Nomu grabbed me and started to fly away with me.


AHH Fuck! I cant break free without using that move! Stain is still knocked out, I have to use it! ’ I thought frantically as I was being taken away.


“BlackWhip: Rampage!” I screamed through the pain. BlackWhip came out of my body all over and the tendrils started to fly all over the place, eventually some of them pierced the Nomus brain, killing it. I began to fall to the ground but quickly reigned in BlackWhip to a single tendril and used it to swing off a street light and land safely.


“Jesus kid, you gave me a heart attack! You’re covered in burns, let’s get you to the hospital” Torino said as I got close.


After that whole ordeal we ended up in the hospital. Thankfully Stain stayed knocked out long enough to make it to the police and they took him away. Soon enough the chief of police entered our hospital room, along with Manual, Endeavour and Gran Torino. The chief started to talk about how it was illegal for us to fight Stain like that and how Endeavour would be getting credit, before I interrupted him.


“With all due respect sir, I had permission from Gran Torino to use my quirk to help others and fight if necessary, I engaged Stain with the intent of buying enough time for Iida and myself to get backup. Todoroki was there answering a distress call I put out in our class group chat. The only thing Todoroki did was use his fire to push Stain away from me and protect Iida and Native. And Endeavour getting credit would not be fair or true because he was not involved in the fight at all. I want my due credit for the fight.” I said, silencing everyone in the room.


“It’s true, I gave the kid permission to use his quirk to fight.” Torino said, giving me a sympathetic smile.


After all was said and done I was able to get my due credit and was soon sent back to Gran Torinos “Agency”. I spent the remaining days on patrol and sparring with Torino. By the end of the Internships I was able to use 30% safely and an extra 15% in Overclock. “Thank you for training me Torino, I appreciate all I have learned here. This is goodbye.”


“Bah. get out of here kid.” Torino said with a smile as I left. I was on my way back to school after the internships, biding my time to laugh at Bakugo with a haircut.

Chapter Text

The return to school was relatively uneventful, aside from people recognising me in public. The walk to the school was boring to say the least, I didn't have my music and I didnt have anyone to talk to. Once I saw the great gates of U.A I had to prepare myself for the shitstorm that would happen with the knowledge that everyone would be hounding me for the Stain fight. I can only take so much hounding and only handle it from certain people, Ochako and Toga being two of those.


I walked into the class and was met with stares. After the initial silence Ochako ran up to me and tackled me into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay Izu” she sounded like she was on the verge of tears so I held her. It felt a little awkward since everyone was watching.


“I’m sorry for worrying you everyone. My mentor spent the last days beating me up as payback for fighting Stain, that's why I couldn't respond to any messages. Please forgive me” I said while holding Ochako tighter.


Everyone forgave me relatively quickly and we all returned to our seats. I was silently cursing the seating arrangement, wishing to be closer to Ochako. Everyone fell into a comfortable chatter, quiet enough that everyone could hear the door open. We all turned and saw Bakugo, with his hair like Best Jeanist.


Everyone erupted into laughter at the sight. Soon after a different kind of eruption happened, Bakugo was setting off explosions in his palms to intimidate everyone, and in doing so his hair returned to normal. I was able to snap a quick photo of him before his hair returned to normal.


“Hey Bakugo! Look what I got!” I said, turning the phone to show a picture of him with a hairdo.


“DELETE THAT NOW SHITTY NERD!” he screamed at me.


“Nah, I would send it to your mother but I dont have her number. So I have to rely on my mum sending it to her. Also I was going to tell you to not go with Jeanist but you wouldn't have listened.” I said to him and then quickly sent the message to mum before he would kill me.


Before he had the chance to actually try and commit murder the door opened again, revealing Aizawa standing there somehow looking even more tired than normal. It’s probably my fault that he looks like that to be fair. “Good morning Mr. Aizawa!” I said, chipperly, probably adding more gray hairs to his head.


“Welcome back from internship Hellions, hope you learned something useful.” Aizawa said, his gaze lingering on Iida, Todoroki and I longer than the others.


“1. Iida, you are going to be having a chat with me about your punishment after school. Todoroki and Midoriya technically aren’t supposed to be punished since one had permission to fight and the other was answering a distress call. 2. For your Heroics lesson today you will be doing a Rescue Training Race. All Might will be teaching that lesson so he will explain it further. Now onto our classes” Aizawa said before starting our lessons for the day.


Most of the day went by uneventfully,everyone just biding their time so they can show off in the race at the end of the day. Soon enough the day came to a close and it was time for the heroics lesson of the day. All Might burst through the door yelling his signature catchphrase.


TODAY WE ARE HAVING RESCUE TRAINING RACES! GRAB YOUR COSTUMES AND HEAD FOR GROUND GAMMA! ” All Might said, pulling out a card that had the words ‘Rescue Training Race’ on it.


We all grabbed our cases and made our way to the changerooms. Once everyone was there we all got changed into our costumes. We made our way out of the changerooms and met up with the girls on our way to Ground Gamma.




He split us up into our groups of five. I was put in a group with Ashido, Sero, Ojiro and Iida, we were set to go first. All of us got ready to start the race, with me getting a good luck kiss from my loving Mochi before I left to the start gate.


As soon as the gate opened and the siren blared I rushed out at a measly 10% Full Cowl. I wanted to give everyone at least a chance to beat me. Iida was one of the only few who could realistically beat me at this percentage, but I would also be using BlackWhip to pull myself along the pipes that I slid across with my Iron Soles.


Seeing Iida and Sero slightly ahead of me I decided to boost up to 20% and I almost disappeared from how fast I was going. I stopped using BlackWhip and started to use the movement skills I learned from Gran Torino and bounce off of surfaces towards my goal. ‘ Aha, there he is! Lets boost an extra 5%


I did just that and was running at 25% Full Cowl. I made my way up to the building where All Might is, I ended up scaring him because I was moving as fast as Torino usually does and ended up almost kicking him in the face. “Oh shit sorry All Might!” I apologized for almost attacking him.




We sat together and talked for the remaining time that it took for the others to reach us. Soon after everyone arrived we all left to return to the observation room and the next group would run in. The moment I walked in I was almost hit by an explosion, but thanks to having quick reflexes I activated One For All, and with the extra speed I dodged out of the way and summoned BlackWhip to wrap around Bakugos hands.


“And here I was thinking that you changed, I honestly didnt think that you would have tried that with All Might nearby and so many classmates too but… stupid is as stupid does.” I said, before turning to All Might and continuing “Could you possibly arrange for a fight after this class? He doesn't like seeing that I am strong. He thinks I'm looking down on him or some bullshit.”


All Might agreed to get a fight arranged and then left to get ready for the other race groups. I wished Ochako luck and gave her a kiss as she left for her race. I watched the screen intensely as Ochako made her way through the maze of an industrial area. I was incredibly proud of her since she came 2nd when she was against someone like Todoroki who was able to skate his way to the end goal.


“Congrats on second place baby.” I said to Ochako as she made her way next to me.


“Thank you Izu! I’m surprised I was able to get second in that group.” Ochako gave me a quick kiss and then leaned her head on my shoulder.


“Hey, do you want to come over to mine for dinner?” I ask as I wrap an arm around her.


“Sure.. um would it be okay… if I stayed over? I was just scared that you got into a fight with Stain, and I’m afraid I could lose you.” Ochako said, getting quieter the more she spoke.


“Of course you can stay over, how about after school I walk you to your house and you can pack a bag with spare clothes and other things you need yeah?” I say, pulling her closer to me.


“Yes please. I love you so much.” Ochako said quietly, leaning into my side.


I kissed the top of her head and said “I love you too baby, now If you’ll excuse me I have a dog to put down.”


Ochako started to giggle as I got up and left to go into Ground Gamma to fight the explosive prick. When I entered the grounds I saw that there was a relatively clear area that we would be using as our arena. I got into position opposite of Bakugo and prepared to give him a beating.


“I’ll give you one last chance to back out before I fold your ass!” I shouted towards Bakugo.




“Fine, lets  make a deal. I use ONLY 5% and if I beat you, you have to keep your fucking mouth shut and be nice. If you beat me then I will leave U.A since your “Perfect Backstory” is ruined.” I bargained.


“FINE BUT I’M GOING TO WIN YOU SHITTY DEKU!” He accepted the deal screaming the whole time.


I activated 5% Full Cowl, the same cyan sparks of energy arcing around me less frequently than at higher percentages, the only tell that I’m weaker currently. We both launched towards each other, when we were in range I quickly went for a St. Louis Smash. It connected with his side and threw him away from me.


Bakugo caught himself with his explosions and then launched back towards me. He started with a right hook but feinted when I went to block. He created a smokescreen and then used his left hand to throw another explosion my way. I quickly reacted by moving myself closer towards him so the explosion wouldn't hit me.


I then lifted my right leg and slammed it into his sternum, the result causing Bakugo to be sent back and to be gasping for breath at the same time. “GIve up yet?!” I shouted as I drew closer.


“NEVER YOU USELESS BASTARD!” He screamed while gasping, he then raised his right arm and it looked like he was going to use his gauntlet.


“Wow cant beat me without support items huh? I knew you were weak!” I shouted, trying to rile him up and cause him to slip up.


“SHUT UP YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD!” He screamed, bringing his left hand towards the pin.


There is my window! ’ I thought as I got closer. When I was in range of him I quickly raised my foot to kick his hand away from the pin, but it was too late, the pin was pulled. I grabbed the gauntlet and raised it into the air. The resulting shockwave from the explosion pushed me back and I started to panic.


He is trying to kill me! That was a much stronger gauntlet explosion than canon what the fuck! ’ I frantically thought as I pulled myself to my feet. I looked towards Bakugo and he looked absolutely feral. I brought my hand to my ear, speaking into the earpiece.


“All Might call this off now! That was a lethal explosion!” I shouted into the earpiece.


A few seconds later All Might was in front of Bakugo, almost seemingly teleporting, but he was just that fast. All Might had to restrain Bakugo physically to prevent him from trying to attack me again. All Might called off the match and left with Bakugo, while I walked back to the observation room nursing my burns.


When I walked back into the room everyone’s eyes were on me which made me feel uncomfortable with the amount of attention I was getting. Ochako noticed this and came up to me and offered to walk me to Recovery Girls office. I accepted the help and leaned on her for a bit of support.


We walked through the halls in a comfortable silence on our way to Recovery Girl. When we arrived I knocked on the door and walked in. I was almost met with a smack to the shins because she hates when I show up.


“What happened to the fucking hipocratic oath! Also this wasnt even my fucking fault! Do you see anything other than burns on me?!” I pretty much shouted at her.


“Don't you get an attitude with me sonny! Sit down now.” Chiyo said, sounding irritated.


I reluctantly did what she said and she healed my burns and scrapes, but one of them wasn't able to be healed, it was on my right forearm and was probably when he tried to use his gauntlet, he probably hit me with an explosion before I was thrown away by the shockwave.


After I was finished with Recovery Girl, Ochako and I walked back to the change rooms since class was over for the day. When I walked in everyone was shocked to see me there. “You okay Midobro?” Kirishima said as I walked past.


“Yeah, aside from the sensitive skin from the burn, I’m fine.” I said as I got to my locker.


I slowly started to peel off my costume, careful to not aggravate the skin of my burn. When I got the outfit off I grabbed the bandages in my locker as a habit and carefully wrapped my forearm up. Once the burn was covered I got to work putting on my school uniform, and when  putting the blazer on I rolled the sleeves up to keep the burn safe from further aggravation.


Once school was done I made my way towards Ochako’s apartment to get her things for a sleepover. On the walk I quickly stopped at a corner store under the guise of getting drinks for us, but I also bought a pack of condoms, just in case I was going to get lucky tonight. I hid the condoms and handed Ochako a Mochi flavoured drink while I had an orange flavoured drink, oddly reminiscent of fanta from back home.


After we gathered Ochako’s things we made our way to my house, and when we arrived I got her to put her things in my room while I got started on dinner.I checked the fridge and saw that we had steak, so I grabbed that and then went to the pantry and grabbed a few potatoes and some veggies from the freezer.


I started peeling and slicing the potatoes and then putting them into a pot of boiling water to soften. I then moved to put the veggies in a separate pot of boiling water. Then I got started cooking the steak, I put some salt and pepper on the steak while it was cooking.


I noticed that the potatoes were soft enough so I strained them into the sink and started mashing them and mixing in a little bit of butter and milk every now and then. When I was done with the mashed potatoes, I put half on one plate and half on the other, and did the same with the veggies.


I almost forgot the steak and quickly returned to flip it over and season the other side. “Ochako! Dinner is almost ready!” I called out while getting everything else ready.


“What are we having?” She asked as she rounded the corner into the kitchen.


“We are having steak, mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was all I could make with what I had here currently, I hope you enjoy it.” I said as I finally got the steak off the stove and onto the plate.


“I'm sure I’ll love it baby.” Ochako said with a smile as she took a seat at the table.


“Here you go.” I said, placing the plate in front of her.


I then took the seat opposite her so she could be assured that I wouldn’t disappear, and began to eat dinner, making some small talk while enjoying the food. ‘ I’m not one to stroke my own ego but fucking damn I cook great food ’.


After we finished dinner I collected our plates and put them into the sink to soak and wash tomorrow. Once that was done I took Ochako by the hand and moved towards my room, when I opened the door I saw that some of the things she grabbed were sitting on the bed. I turned towards her only to see that she had a seductive look on her face. I didn't get a chance to say anything before she threw herself at me and started to kiss me.


I started to walk backwards slowly towards my bed, once I felt my foot hit the bed I grabbed Ochako and lifted her up with a squeak and sat down on the bed. Once she saw that I was sitting we proceeded to mash our lips together again, lustier but no less passionate.


After a few minutes of making out we separated, breathing heavily. When I looked into her eyes I saw nothing but pure love and lust. When she reached down and rubbed her hand against my rapidly hardening cock I groaned and said, “Are you sure you want to go all the way babe?”


“Yes… I want you to be my first, just be gentle.” she said breathlessly.


With that confirmation I slowly started to undress myself. When I was shirtless I got to work on Ochako, starting with her blazer, then moving to her shirt. When we were both shirtless I was able to look at her beautiful body, and saw that she was wearing a light green bra.


I started kissing her while working on getting my pants off. When I finally got them off, I got to work on helping Ochako, pulling her skirt off slowly, then moving to her pantyhose, taking note of the matching panties. When we were both in just our underwear, we took each other's underwear off and saw each other as nude as the day we were born.


“Baby, I’m on birth control. So you can put it in raw, just be careful.” she said while laying down on her back.


“Okay Ocha, I’ll go slowly until you say.” I said, and then proceeded to go between her legs.


There was a little bit of brown hair sitting atop her pussy, I started kissing my way down her thigh slowly, building the pleasure as she moaned quietly. When I got to her lower lips I planted a quick kiss to gauge her reaction and got a beautiful moan out of her that encouraged me to go further. Sticking my tongue out, prodding her lips I entered her pussy, which caused her to moan and grab my hair,pulling me closer into her.


“Fuck Izu… like that, fuck… just like that!” She moaned as I had my tongue wriggling inside of her.


I continued to lick and prod her pussy while she moaned in pure ecstasy. After a minute of me licking her lips all over and getting her dripping wet, I sat up and slid forward so I was looking down at her.


“Are you ready?” I ask carefully while slowly stroking myself.


“Yeah.. just be careful… put it in slowly… please.” She practically begs from beneath me.


I nod and align myself with her dripping folds. I slowly start to push in but stop when the head is in because I heard her hiss in pain. I looked up at her and saw that her face was scrunched up in concentration and pain.


“Are you okay?” I ask, a little worried that she is hurt.


“Yeah… just give me a minute to adjust.” She said while looking up at me, with tears brimming in her eyes.


I just nodded and leaned down to kiss her, to take her mind off of the pain. She gracefully accepted the kiss and wrapped her arms around me. After a minute of kissing she pulled back and said “Put it all in… I can handle it.”


“Okay, here we go.” I said, and then took the plunge, pushing all 7 inches into her warm, tight pussy.


Groaning in pleasure I sat there for a bit, trying not to cum straight away. After sitting and waiting, I started to move in and out of her. We both locked our lips together and started moaning into eachothers mouths, sounds of pure pleasure filled the room as we started to move in sync.


“Fuck! Harder! Faster!” Ochako begged from beneath me.


“You asked for it!” I said and started to pick up my pace, hitting deeper inside of her warm core.


Slaps and moans rang out throughout the room as we made love to each other, we were both in bliss with each other’s bodies up against one another. “Fuck Ocha! You’re so tight!” I groaned into her shoulder, planting kisses on the area.


“Fuck yes Daddy!” Ochako screamed.


I’m pretty sure Ochako felt my dick twitch when she said that, since she is moaning even louder than before. We continued to fuck each other like animals, groaning and growling in pleasure. Soon enough I started to feel my climax start to build as I started to move faster.


“Fuck yes Daddy! Fuck me! Cum in me!” Ochako screamed as her walls clamped down on my cock.


That was the breaking point for me, as my orgasm exploded inside her warm wet pussy. I slowly pulled out so as to not over stimulate myself or Ochako. When I finally pulled my cock out of Ochako, I laid down next to her and pulled her into my side.


“So you like me cumming in you huh?” I said with amusement.


“I-I-I It w-was a h-heat o-o-of t-the m-moment t-thing!” Ochako stammered in a panic.

“Hey it’s okay you don’t need to panic, if anything I found it hot.” I said calming her and pulling her into being the little spoon.


Ochako pouted and said “I think we should get cleaned up, but I’m too tired to get up.”


“Me too, let's just sleep and then clean up tomorrow.” I agreed and closed my eyes.


Ochako murmured an agreement and we both soon fell asleep in each other's warm and loving embrace.

Chapter Text

I woke up with my arms wrapped around something soft and warm. So being the confused man that I am, I opened my eyes and almost shouted in  shock. Ochako was laying in bed with me, naked as the day she was born. ‘ Oh that's right… we had sex last night. ’ I lazily thought as I yawned.


I quietly pulled myself out of bed and gave Ochako a kiss on the forehead. Once I was out of bed I got to work cleaning up what I could without needing to wake her up. ‘ I hope she doesn’t freak out when she wakes, I don't know if or when mum comes home.


Once I was finished cleaning what I could, I quietly sat down in my chair that I moved closer to the bed and held onto Ochako’s hand while she slept. While I was sitting in my chair I had my notebook in my hands, I was writing down possibilities for the future and the quirks of my classmates and the L.O.V, I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't notice Ochako staring at me.


“Hey baby, why are you there?” Ochako asked, startling me enough to make me jump and throw my notebook and myself onto the floor.


“Jesus christ! You scared me. I was sitting here waiting for you to wake up so we could finish cleaning up.” I said, getting up from the floor and walking to her.


“Mmm, I don’t wanna get up…” Ochako whined. I chuckled at how cute she was.


“Come on, we need to shower. We still have school today and I doubt you want to arrive smelling like sex with my cum leaking out of you all day.” I said while pulling the blanket from her.


“You sure you don’t want to go another round?” Ochako asked, giving me a seductive look.


“Why are you so much bolder now? Also I would love to go another round but we kinda have school today.” I said while picking her up.


She leaned her head into my chest while I walked us both to the bathroom.when we got into the bathroom I turned the shower on and set Ochako down. We both walked into the shower and proceeded to get clean.


“Hey baby, can I see what was in that notebook?” Ochako asked while we were rinsing off.


“Umm… I guess you can, just please don’t freak out or anything” I say carefully.


After we finished showering we both got out and dried off. Ochako then climbed into my arms and begged me to carry her. I walked into my room and put ochako down in the chair while I pulled the bedsheets off and put them in the hamper. I then got dressed in my uniform alongside Ochako.


Once we were dressed I handed my notebook over to ochako while I got started on breakfast.


“Umm… Izu? What's One For All?” Ochako asked, looking up from the book.


“Ah, forgot about that page. One For All would be the real name of my quirk. It’s a transferable stockpile quirk that was created at the dawn of quirks. The First was the younger sickly brother of All For One, he had the ability to take and give quirks to others, with that he forced a power stockpile quirk onto his seemingly quirkless brother, but he had a useless on its own transferability quirk.” I said, pleased to see that Ochako was paying attention.


“Okay but how does that quirk make its way to you?” Ochako asked with trepidation.


“The First passed it onto the second before he died to AFO, The Second has an unknown quirk because his bitch ass refuses to tell me or any of the other 7 users. The Third received OFA from second and has a kinetic energy build up and release quirk known as Fa Jin, he then transferred it onto the Fourth, Hikage Shinomori, his quirk is Danger Sense, and acts as a sort of early warning system for attacks directed at the user, he died from old age at the age of forty, the quirk was stockpiling strength, personalities and quirks since the First. The Fifth user, Daigoro Banjo, pro hero Lariat, received it I think a few weeks or something before Shinomori died, Banjo’s quirk is BlackWhip.” I explain and then let BlackWhip slither out and wrap around Ochako’s hand.


“Wait! You’re getting more quirks?!” Ochako asked, looking at me like I was crazy.


“You say that like you haven't seen the strength stockpile used and BlackWhip isn't wrapped around your hand.” I say with a deadpan expression.


“Oh yeah.. Hehehe… I guess I kinda forgot, sorry. You can continue the story.” Ochako said, looking sheepish.


“Banjo died to AFO but not before giving it to the sixth, En. En has a Smokescreen quirk and was able to pass it onto the seventh user before he eventually died to AFO. The seventh user is Nana Shimura, her quirk allowed her to fly and was friends with Gran Torino, my internship mentor. Nana was the first user of OFA to train someone to take the quirk before she passed. She passed the quirk onto a quirkless child some 40 odd years ago. The eighth grew into the man we all know today as All Might.” I said, and then waited for Ochako to register what was just said.


“Wait All Might was Quirkless! Wait, what happened to All For One?!” Ochako asked, almost begging for the information.


“I think sixish years ago All Might got into a fight with him and was able to severely wound him to the point we all thought he was dead, but that victory came at a price. All Might had one of his lungs and his stomach ripped out, thus giving All Might a time limit for how long he can use his muscle from, before the USJ his time limit was something around 3 hours, but after he overexerted himself he cut his time down to about 2 hours to an hour and a half.” I explained for Ochako.


“Okay I am following, who are the Ninth and Tenth?” Ochako asked.


“Well the Ninth and Tenth are Izuku Midoriya and Jordan Purcell.” I said, waiting for the inevitable question.


“Who is Jordan Purcell? And did you already pass it on?!” Ochako asked looking at me frantically.


“I am Jordan Purcell. For some reason when I died in my world I was reincarnated in this body, before you panic or anything, the person that you have known since the entrance exam is me. I woke up in Izuku’s body the day of the exam. If I didn’t wake up in his body you two would have been pining for each other from day one up until he goes Vigilante.” I explain trying to calm her down.


“What do you mean goes Vigilante?! Also should I call you Izuku or Jordan?” Ochako asked.


“Something happens at the end of the year and we are all sent to fight a war, both sides have casualties, Mirko loses an arm, Aizawa loses his leg, Fuck Midnight loses her life!” I started to cry, just remembering reading about it brings a tear to my eye, but possibly living through it would break anyone.


“Hey, hey it’s okay. Now that you know about future events you can work on changing them.” Ochako said as she pulled me into a hug.


I leaned into the hug and said “I already got started on making changes, It would have taken the real Izuku until the internships to get control on OFA, he would have spent that time destroying his bones. I also got Toga into the school, taking away one asset from the League. When I fought Stain I was able to take him down quick enough that he couldn’t go on a rant about fake heroes. I don’t doubt that some of the main players of the league will still find their way to the League, but they shouldn’t be as plentiful.” I said while hugging Ochako back.


“How about other future events? Think you can change them?” Ochako whispered while she held me.


“Yeah, umm… after our finals we go on a training camp that gets attacked by the League, that is where the other members should first be seen. Ragdoll loses her Search quirk. Kota gets attacked by Muscular but I should be able to save him in time. Bakugo is the one who would have been kidnapped but I'm expecting it to be me since I came first in the sports fest. Honestly I think I should explain all of this to All Might. You want to come with me to talk to him at school?” I ask while looking up at her.


“Sure! I’d love to be there for you, you’re still the same boy I fell in love with.” Ochako said with a smile.


After she let go of me we quickly got the rest of our things and made our way out the door. We made our way in a comfortable silence while holding hands. When we were on the train she leaned her head on my shoulder and fell back asleep. I didn’t dare wake her so when it was our stop I just picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.


“Hey kid fuck your bitch ass too!” an unfamiliar voice called out, I looked around and saw what looked like the second user walking alongside me.


“You’re the bigger bitch ass for not telling me anything about your quirk. Why are you here anyway Second?” I said while walking towards the school.


“Well lets just say you finally proved yourself to me and you get to know what my quirk is, but you wont get it until after smokescreen.” He said, still walking alongside me.


“Alright bitch ass, what’s your quirk?” I ask, still joking around with him.


“My quirk is Weather Manipulation.” He said, looking like he was getting ready to hit me.


“What? Like the same Weather Manipulation as that Villain NIne?” I said, thrown off by the revelation.


“Well yeah, but don’t let the Todoroki kid hear about this, I don’t want to hear any theories on how we could be related.” Second said, looking like he had an aneurysm.


“You got it boss. Well it looks like I'm getting close to school, see ya bitch ass.” I said, walking up the hill to school.


“Yeah fuck you too brat!” Second said with a chuckle.


“Hmm.. who were to talking to Izu?” A soft voice said from within my arms.


“Oh hey you’re awake. I can speak to the past users, the one I was talking to was the Second user. His bitch ass finally found me worthy of knowing his quirk.” I said while putting Ochako down.


Ochako let out a tired giggle as she fell into step next to me. We walked next to each other hand in hand towards All Mights office. When we arrived at his door I knocked and waited for him to answer.


AH YOUNG MIDORIYA, AND YOUNG URARAKA! WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE? ” All Might's booming voice called out as he opened the doo in his muscle form.


“Hey All Might, we need to talk, also you can drop your muscle form, Ochako knows about it.” I said as I walked into the office.


WHAT? HOW DO ES SHE KNOW?!” All Might sputtered and unintentionally deflated. 


Ochako didn’t look extremely phased but she did recoil at the sight, not expecting the sudden change. “Umm, Izu told me about it because we both need to talk, desperately.”


“All Might, I need to explain to you why I’m not that timid little boy you met a year ago.” I said as we all sat down.


“What do you mean my boy?” Toshinori said, clearly confused.


“Remember when I received OFA? And yes Ochako knows too, she is trustworthy.” I said to Toshinori.


“Oh, uh yeah… you were really confident all of a sudden, I just chalked it up to training with me making you more comfortable to crack jokes and the sorts.” Yagi said with a chuckle.


“Yeah well… let’s just say I am not Izuku Midoriya, yes I am in his body but I am not him, nor am I the Ninth. My real name is Jordan Purcell and I am for some reason in this body. But I am not from this world, in fact in my world, this one is just a manga and anime series.” I said, scratching my cheek.


“Okay, so you know about the future, yes?” Yagi asked, leaning forward in his seat.


“Yeah, I know about the events that happen from now up until I think April next year. And let's just say it's not pretty. But it has to stay the same for the most part. I can make minor changes here and there, like taking the quirk erasing bullets from the Hissaikai Raid and using them to get rid of AFO. But I need things to stay the same up until that point to do that.” I said while leaning back in my seat.


“What do you mean by that young man?” Yagi asks, understandably confused.


And so, I began to explain. I told Yagi what I knew about each event from today up until April next year. I only knew the surface amount of information since I can't really refresh my memory by rewatching the anime or re-reading the manga. I explained how in his fight with  AFO after the camp he needs to use OFA in one arm to take him down, and how his embers would burn out after that fight. I also told him about how I now know all of the previous users' quirks and that I can talk to them whenever.


After all of the talking was done we said our goodbyes and went on with our day as normal, I also quickly ducked into the support department to drop off the design for the Air-Force Gauntlets. After the day was over I returned home and finished putting the sheets on my bed, then had dinner with mom and collapsed in bed, ready for the I-Expo incident to happen soon.

Chapter Text

I awoke a few minutes before my alarm and decided to get a headstart on packing my things for the trip to I-Island tomorrow. I grabbed a suitcase and packed spare clothes and an all black suit with a green tie instead of that nasty suit that Izuku wore in the movie. After I was packed I got ready for school and was out of the door soon after.


When I arrived at school I saw Ochako waiting at the gates for me, so I sped up to meet her. “Hey babe.” I greeted her with a kiss.


“Hey baby, this may be out of nowhere but I have been thinking more about the other girls recently. I was kind of wondering if you wanted to add one or more to our relationship.” Ochako said with a small smile.


That threw me for a loop because I was honestly expecting to have to bring it up with her first. “Oh… Um sure, who should we talk to first?” I ask while falling into step beside her.


“I was thinking Toga, since she obviously has an attraction to the both of us.” Ochako offered.


“Yeah, that seems like the best choice for right now. So when should we ask her out?” I replied while grasping her hand.


“How about we pull her aside during lunch and ask her?” She offered.


“Okay, sounds like a plan.” I say with a smile as we round the corner to our classroom.


Once we got to the door I opened it and we walked in and took our seats. We talked to those around us in a comfortable low murmur waiting for Aizawa to show up. When the door slid open next, everyone fell silent within a second because it was Aizawa.


“It took you one second to quiet down, good you’re learning. Now as a reminder for those who may have forgotten, there is a trip to I-Island for the Expo there. Only a select few can go, those being the top 4 from the sports festival, and anyone who wants to sign up as extra hands to help out around the island.” Aizawa said once he got behind the podium.


Everyone listened intently to what Aizawa was saying and then started to say that they all wanted to go. “Oh, I also forgot to mention that you can bring one classmate if you were top 4.” Aizawa informed us before continuing with the lesson.


The classes went by smoothly, Maths being a little difficult even though I learned it all before, and English with Mic was enjoyable because he has an infectious positive energy around him. Soon enough lunch rolled around and everyone was filing out of the classroom. “Hey Toga, me and Ochako want to talk to you in private, is that okay?” I ask as I walk over to said girl.


“Of course Izu-kun!” Toga replied cheerfully. ‘ It looks like she is out of the shell she was in when she was first here, that great! ’ I thought as I led the way to an empty classroom with Ochako and Toga in tow.


When we entered the classroom I closed the door behind us and turned to face Toga. “Okay, Toga, the reason we called you away is because Ochako and I like you, and we were wonder-” I started to speak but was cut off by a blonde bullet that slammed into me and started to kiss me.


“Yes! Izu-kun, yes! I would love to be with you and Ochako-Chan!” Himiko said as we separated from the kiss.


“Well that was easier than expected, wouldn't you agree Ocha?” I said with a smirk as Himiko attacked her with kisses next. 


After we all had our fill of kisses for the day we left the room and headed off to lunch. After we had lunch we went to our last classes for the day and then went home. When we got home we were notified of who would be coming to the Expo via group chat. Once everything was sorted I got settled in bed and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning I awoke with a start and got ready in casual clothes for the trip to I-Island. I put on a plain black T-shirt, some black cargo shorts and a Blue jacket. I quickly got my shoes on and went to collect my hero suitcase from the school to bring to I-Island.


Once I had all of my things ready I waited for All Might to pick me up, once he did we were on our way to the Island via plane. I decided to sleep on the way there because it would be a pain in the ass to sit there for however long it would be. I woke up when we were landing because of the bounce in the cabin from the landing.


Once we had our things we got out of the airport and met up with Melissa Shield. “Uncle Might!” she shouted as she jumped into his arms.


We spoke for a short while and then we were taken by Melissa to David Shield’s lab. Once All Might and David were reacquainted Melissa dragged me off to show me something. Once we arrived into the room that Melissa was pulling me towards, she showed me what she wanted to.


“Here, this is a bracelet that will expand into a Full Gauntlet that should allow you to use higher power punches, and it can survive 3 of All Might’s prime punches.” Melissa said as she put the bracelet onto my wrist.


“This actually looks really cool!” I said as I expanded the Gauntlet.


“Oh yeah, and you can keep that one too, it should help you out when you need to punch harder.” Melissa said .


“Wait really? Thank you! Also, do you think it's possible to make more of these?” I ask as I collapse the Gauntlet.


“Um yeah sure, I should be able to get more at a later date, why?” Meliassa asked as she turned to a computer.


“Umm well, my body isnt used to my quirk, so I tend to break bones if I use more than a safe amount. But if my predictions are correct, I should be able to use 100% either halfway through next year or by the end. Maybe sooner, who knows.” I explained as I continued to play around with the Full Gauntlet.


“Okay, then yes, I should definitely be able to get you more of them at a later date, but they do take a while to make, so be careful with them.” Melissa warned when she turned around.


“Yes ma’am!” I joked and saluted.


We left the lab shortly after that and made our way through the Island and found Ochako, Yaoyorozu, Jirou and Himiko along the way. I gave my girlfriends a kiss each and then explained what happened so they wouldn't get mad or anything. After we walked around and spoke for a bit we heard explosions in the distance, I knew what it was but the other girls panicked and ran towards the sounds.


When we arrived we saw that Bakugo had just finished the Villain Attack or whatever it was referred to. Kirishima saw the rest of us and encouraged me to try it out. “Fuck it why not. Don't blame me if he goes ballistic.”


I hopped over the railing and got up to the starting line. ‘ Full Cowling 25% ’ Cyan sparks danced around my body as I got into a position to start. “Ready… Set… Go!” The announcer called out.


I took off and started to take out the robots with quick jabs and kicks. Once I was confident that I got them all I returned to the start. “Izuku Midoriya! Sets a new record of 10 seconds!” The announcer calls out. I returned to the rest of my friends and was met with their cheers.


After we all had fun we had to end up getting ready for the Expo, so we went to our respective hotel rooms to get changed. I got dressed in my all black suit that I packed and took a while to do my tie. Once I was finally ready I took a look at myself in the mirror and saw a hunk in a black suit and green tie staring back at me. ‘ Black and green suit me better like this than that other suit that was worn.


I went back down to the lobby and waited for everyone else, I had to constantly check if I had the Full Gauntlet on me to pass the time. After a few minutes of me waiting for someone to finally come downstairs, I looked up from my phone and saw that Himiko was walking towards me in a gorgeous dress. It was a red dress with black accents and black rose patterns along the hems.


“Heya Izu-Baby!~ what ya doin?” Himiko said as she greeted me with a kiss.


“Hey Himi, I was just going through random things on my phone and waiting for everyone else, it's just us two for now.” I said as I kissed back.


“Who knew I would ever get the chance to do something like this, just a month or so ago I was on the streets searching for blood. Now look at me, in a beautiful dress, on I-Island, going to U.A.” Himiko sighed as she sat down next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder.


“I knew.” I mumbled to myself in response to Himiko’s concerns.


We sat around in a comfortable silence and waited for everyone else to come down to the lobby. After a few minutes we waited until everyone finally came down and were wearing what they did in the movie.’ God Ochako looks cute in that.


Once everyone had arrived we all left for the Expo, I stayed on edge the whole time but I did my best to not show it. We all had a fun time. I got to dance with Ochako, Himiko and I somehow ended up in front of Yaoyorozu.


“Hello Yaoyorozu, you look wonderful tonight.” I said with a smile as we got into a dancing position.


“Thank you Midoriya, you look nice too. Although should you be saying such things to another woman?” Yaoyorozu said while blushing.


“I’m sure they would say the same about you, plus Ochako and Himiko don't mind that.” I said while leading our slow dance.


“What do you mean about Toga too?” Yaoyorozu said with a questioning look.


“Oh, Himiko, Ochako and I are in a polyamorous relationship. And they have told me that they are interested in a few other girls, but I won't say who for the sake of their privacy and dignity. Or whatever dignity Himiko has left.” I said while laughing towards the end.


Yaoyorozu blushed at the idea. We then focused on our dance. After a few more minutes of dancing, we separated and sat back down. After talking to the other guys about other things I decided to excuse myself and grabbed Ochako and Himiko as we walked away.


“Ooh does Izu-Baby want some fun?~” Himiko said as we got outside of the Expo centre at the base of the tower.


“Himi! No it’s not that, Ocha, remember what we talked about? My knowledge?” I said as I turned back to the girls.


“Yeah?... Oh shit! Is it happening?” Ochako said, sounding a little panicked.


“Yes, it is happening, in a few minutes. But it’s okay, we got this, we can do this, I believe in both of you.” I said as I took their hands.


“Okay, what are you two talking about?” Himiko said as she looked between the both of us.


“Oh, let’s just say that there is going to be an attack here in a few minutes.” I explained to Himiko.


“How do you know?!” HImiko said while whisper-shouting.


“Let’s just say that the easiest way to explain it is that my consciousness was sent back to the past. I have knowledge from now up until April next year. I’m sorry that I cant explain it better at the moment but we need to hurry.” I said and then kissed both Himiko and Ochako before asking “Can you float yourself and Himi, Ocha?” 


Ochako did as I asked and I grabbed them both with BlackWhip. I then activated 10% and jumped up and used another tendril of BlackWhip to pull us up. As we got onto the roof of the Expo centre we moved quietly to the skylight. 


As we reached the skylight the door behind us opened up and I spun around, only to see the other students crowding onto the roof. “Okay everyone, calm down.” I said as everyone quieted down to listen to me.


“The best way to get through this is to observe the enemy and figure out a plan of attack.” I said and then returned to the skylight.


When I looked into the atrium I saw All Might wrapped up in those cables that he can't break. He looked up at the skylight at the same time I started to count the opposition. I turned to face him and raised my hand to sign [The only way we can do this is if we have permission to fight, do you have over an hour left to spare?] 


All Might nodded ever so subtly so as to not get caught doing so. [Okay, do you grant permission to the U.A students stationed on the Island to fight back?] I signed to him. Getting a nod in response I signed one last thing. [Stay safe, leave it to us.]


I then turned back to everyone who was looking at me weirdly. “All Might gave us permission to fight back. But we have to somehow shut down the security to help everyone else out, Melissa, is there anywhere we can shut the security down from?” I said and then turned to Melissa.


“Yeah, but we need to get to the top of the tower. The problem is that it’s 200 stories high.” Melissa said while cringing at the height.


“Fuck me dead.” I groaned to myself.


“Later.” Ochako whispered loud enough for me and Jirou to hear, which caused both the purplette and myself to blush madly.


Calming down I said to everyone “Okay, we can do this. Everyone stays on high alert while we climb, who knows if there are more around.”


We all returned to the door on the roof that led to the stairs and started to make our way up the stairs.


Floor 50


“God, my legs are burning already.” Kaminari said from the middle of the group.


“Come on Kami, you can do this.” I encouraged him while pushing forward.


“God, Midobro, how can you keep this up?” Kirishima asked from close behind me.


“My quirk allows me to have increased stamina, plus I also cleaned up a whole beach for strength and stamina training, remember?” I explained while at the front, leading the way.


“Oh yeah, forgot about that ehehe.” Kirishima said while scratching the back of his head.


“Alright, try to not talk too much, we don't know where they are if there's more.” I said while moving forward.


Floor 100


“Man it feels like we have been climbing these stairs forever and were only halfway up.” Himiko said from her position in the group.


“God, tell me about it. If I ever have to do this again it’ll be too soon.” I said while starting to sweat.


“Guys shut up and get ready! It sounds like they are a few floors away from us.” Jirou said from close behind me.


Everyone fell silent soon after that and we made our way up the stairs, the only sounds were our breathing, and our footsteps. When we reached floor 104 we saw the first group of villains. “I got these guys, this will be quick.” I whispered to the group and then ran off into the middle of the villains.


“HEY FUCKERS LOOK HERE!” I shouted, grabbing their attention.


When they all turned around to face me I called forth BlackWhip: Rampage and used it to incapacitate all those enemies rather quickly.


When I returned to the group I noticed some of the girls were blushing at me, so I looked down and saw that I had lost my suit jacket and shirt in that altercation. “Ah, sorry guys, kinda forgot Rampage destroys my clothing like that.” I said while scratching the back of my head.


Yaoyorozu created me a simple T-shirt to wear for the time being and we continued our way up the stairs.


Floor 150


“50 floors left guys, we can do this!” I encouraged as we were now ¾ of the way there.


“Yeah we know, we're trying our hardest here.” Kaminari panted alongside everyone else.


“More enemies 3 floors up. Sounds like robots!” Jirou shouted to everyone.


“Fuck, they’re starting to use the security system against us. Alright, we need to be quick about this. Kaminari, don’t use 1.3 million volts, if I’m right I-Island was made with defenses to counter such things like your quirk, right Melissa?” I stated then turned my head to look at Melissa while still climbing the stairs.


“Yeah, they are pretty tough to destroy, I think the only ones here powerful enough to break them are you Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki and maybe Yaoyorozu if she can make the right stuff.” Melissa told us from her position in the group.


“Alright, with that info I want Bakugo and Todoroki to take out as many as you can and clear a path for us. Everyone else hold back and support them if you can.” I ordered the group.


“Understood Midoriya, I will follow your lead.” said Todoroki in his monotone voice, while panting. Bakugo just grunted in response but looked like he was going to do as he was told. When we reached the floor that held the security bots Bakugo and Todoroki immediately got to work while the rest of us held back so as to not be in their way. ‘ It’s good to see that he won't go ballistic anymore. It’s also nice to see that everyone can follow orders


Todoroki started off his attack with a glacier to trap as many robots as he could, and with that Bakugo let a massive explosion rip through the horde of robots. With all of the robots dealt with, we made our way to the other side of the room and started using the stairs there to continue the climb. With the short break that the rest of us had we had gained a little bit more energy, just enough to push us to floor 185.


Floor 185


When we reached floor 185 the shutter was closed and there was no immediately obvious way around it. “Fucking hell, now they use the shutters?! Why not use them earlier you fucking dumbasses!” I shouted into a camera that was looking into the stairwell.


“How did you know we had shutters for the stairs MIdoriya?” Melissa asked while we caught our breath.


“When we were climbing the stairs I noticed that they were shutters based on the look of the gap in the ceiling of the stairs. I’m just wondering why it took them so long to use both the robots and the shutters now. Did they only just get access to them? Or did they think we wouldn't make it this far and had access earlier?” I said as I leaned against the wall.


“They probably thought a bunch of kids wouldn't be able to make it past all of the thugs and robots, they just got cocky.” Kaminari said, still catching his breath.


“Okay, let's just take a breather and figure out how we can get past this.” I said as we all sat down.


After a minute or so of sitting and looking around I spotted a vent. “Hey Melissa, does that vent lead into this floor?” I ask while pointing to said vent.


“Yeah, it does lead to this floor. This floor is used for agricultural purposes and such. If I remember correctly there should be a balcony on this floor too.” Melissa said as she took a look at the vent.


“Okay, well now we just need to get to the other side of this door. Himi, do you think you can fit in that vent?” I asked Himiko who looked at me then to the vent.


“Yeah, I should be able to, just let me know what to look for on the other side to let you guys in.” Himiko said as she stood up.


I stood up as well so I could help her get up to the vent. When she was able to open the vent I lifted her a little bit higher so she could be able to lift herself up into the vent. When I did she pulled herself in and soon she disappeared from sight.


A minute after I pulled away from the vent the door opened, showing Himiko bowing to her audience, with a small ‘Tada~’ we walked into the agriculture area. There were a bunch of plants around, most of them looked really beautiful. “Okay guys, let’s get to that balcony.” I said, pulling everyone’s attention to myself.


As soon as we made it to the balcony an alarm went off, alerting the security to our presence. “Shit! Okay I think I have a plan to get up to the top floor. Ocha, I need you to float me and Melissa. Melissa I will need you to hop on my back and I’ll get you as high as I can go so we can get control back of the Island.” I said my plan and it was immediately put into action. 


“What about the rest of us?!” Kaminari asked as he took the metal escrima sticks from Yaoyorozu.


“You just defend each other while Melissa gets the security under control, once that happens meet us up top.” I said and then bent down, getting ready to jump. “Full Cowling 30%” I mumbled as the sparks danced around my body.


I leapt as high as I could and took Melissa with me. It was a few seconds before we reached the 199th floor, I used BlackWhip and pulled myself towards the wall and punched it open. When the wall was broken open Melissa and I had our gravities returned as we entered the hole.


“Hey you brats!” A voice called out to us and charred forward. 


I looked up to see one of the villains charging at me. With Full Cowling still active I charged forwards quicker than the villain could react and slammed my fist into his gut. With the Villain out of the way, the two of us took off towards the stairs.


Floor 200


When we reached the top floor the two of us burst through the door and into the room that held Wolfram, David Shield and Sam-whatever-his-name-is. When we looked at the scene in front of us, we saw that Sam was lying on the ground with Wolfram pointing a gun at him. Before anyone could react, David ran in front of Sam, taking a bullet for him.


When that happened Melissa and I were spurred into action, she ran for the nearest terminal while I dashed towards Wolfram, intending to punch him but was met with a solid metal wall. When my fist landed on the wall it almost shattered into tiny shards. As soon as I pulled away from the wall to get ready for a second punch I was pushed away from the group of people by a bunch of metal poles that wrapped around me and pinned me to the wall.


“You worthless heroes aren’t saving the ‘Good Professor’!” Wolfram shouted as he grabbed David and started to move.


“The security is down Midoriya!” Melissa shouted as she was looking at a computer screen.


Good… I can go harder! Full Cowling: Overclock 40% ’ I then ripped the metal off of my body and ran for the stairs. When I got to the stairs I was met with the sight of Wolfram throwing David onto the helicopter, who then turned around surprised to see me.


“You think you can save him? You’re not a hero!” Wolfram shouted as the metal poles sprouted out of the ground.


“Shut up! A hero is someone who helps who they can when they can! I will save the professor!” I shouted as I started to move along the poles and towards Wolfram.


“You think you can save him but with one more movement he will have a bullet going through his brain!” Wolfram shouted as he pulled a gun and pointed it towards David.


I stopped in my tracks and watched them leave, I shouted “If you are thinking of killing him then why take him hostage!”


When they were a decent distance away from the building a blur of movement shot up from the side of the tower and above the helicopter. I saw All Might dive down and smack the helicopter while grabbing David out. When he landed we all reunited but I stayed on edge as I watched the helicopter come crashing down into the roof.


“He still has the Quirk Amplifier!” David said when he turned to look at the crash.


When there was movement all of us got ready. What happened next was something that I would have found cool if I weren’t in a life threatening situation. Wolfram had the Quirk Amplifier on his head, and he started to manipulate the metal all around us and raised himself up high. David and Melissa retreated back into the tower while All Might and I were hit with a massive pole that pushed us both back in surprise.




“Let's do this All Might! BlackWhip: Reinforcement! Full Cowling: Overclock 50%!” I said, and felt BlackWhip wrap around me and felt a massive surge of power and my bone creaking under the power flowing through me.


The two of us took off up the metal manipulated tower punching through metal cubes and poles. About three quarters up Wolfram made a massive metal cube and threw it towards us. “ DOUBLE! ” All Might called out.


“DETROIT!” I responded, drawing my fist back.


SMASH!!! ” We both called out and punched the cube with all our strength. It crumpled like tissue paper under our combined might.


With our momentum that we still had, we were carried the rest of the way up the tower.when we were above Wolfram we were moved into position for another attack. When Wolfram noticed this he immediately wrapped himself in as much metal as he could before our fists made it to him. When my fist connected to him, I drove it deep into the metal and it tore through him with the Full Gauntlet being broken in the process.


I was now falling through the air as I made my way down from the artificial tower, when I got close to the surface I was able to grab something with BlackWhip and carefully bring myself back down to the ground. With all the chaos ended we were able to make our way back down the tower. When we met back up with the rest of the students I was peppered with kisses from both Ochako and Himiko.


With the I-Island incident resolved we were now able to head home. I was sitting on the plane and fell asleep from the exhaustion I had from the fight. I was lulled to sleep by the quiet chatter of my girlfriends.

Chapter Text

“Okay Hellions” Aizawa’s voice droned out when the door slid open. “You have two week until the Mid Term exams, they will be split up into a written test and a practical.”


The whole class listened to Aizawa explain how things would work for the exams. Everyone was anxious, but none more so than Ashido and Kaminari. Those two started to beg Yaoyorozu and I for help.


“YaoMomo please help us!” Ashido got down on her knees and begged Yaoyorozu for help.


“I could host a study session at my home, and please Ashido, get up.” Yaoyorozu offered and then helped Ashido up from the ground.


“I’ll be able to help at your place too Yaoyorozu.” I offered my help and got a grateful nod in return.


Soon after everyone was saying that they needed some sort of help with studying, whether that be organizing notes or help with a specific subject. 



(Yaoyorozu Estate)


I was looking up at the massive house that was Yaoyorozu’s, with Himiko and Ochako at either side of me. I had to catch Ochako so as to stop her from falling on the pavement out of sheer shock at how rich Yaoyorozu was.


“Come on girls, let’s go inside. Try not to pass out Ocha.” I said, grabbing their hands.


“It’s not my fault I can’t see myself being this rich.” Ochako grumbled under her breath.


“Okay , I’m sorry. I’ll stop making jokes like that.” I said as I kissed her cheek.


Ochako took the kiss and we continued our way towards the door. Once we got to the door I knocked and we waited for a minute before the door was opened. Yaoyorozu was standing there, dressed in a red skirt and black top. “Hello, Midoriya, Uraraka, Toga, welcome to my house. Please, come inside.” Yaoyorozu said as she stepped to the side.


“Thanks for the invite Yaomomo. How many of our class are here?” I asked as I crossed the threshold.


“It is everyone except for Bakugo here. Which would probably be for the best, since he is loud and distracting.” Yaomomo said as she closed the door behind us.


“I think I have an idea as to how to help certain people with studying.” I said as she led us to everyone else.


“What is your idea Midoriya?” Yaomomo asked with a tilt of her head.


“For Ashido and Kaminari I would recommend something fun that would still teach them the required material. For the others it depends on who it is. We should also take breaks every now and then, and have little pop quizzes to help retain information.” I explained as I walked to everyone else.


“Hey Midobro! How are you!” Kirishima asked as I got situated.


“I’m doing alright Kiri, got some ideas to help others study, just let me know if you need any help, I should be able to help.” I said with a smile.


Everyone started to study and enjoy themselves. Yaomomo, Iida and I went around and helped out where we could. Ashido and Kaminari seemed to be taking in the information relatively well. Kirishima needed a little bit of help understanding some things, but other than that he was doing pretty well. Ochako and Himiko were able to help each other study with me jumping in every now and then to help out. After about two hours I noticed that everyone started to slow down a bit, so I pulled Yaomomo aside.


“Hey Yaomomo, I think it’s time for a break. Everyone is starting to look fatigued. Do you have a microphone and speaker? I think we can do a little karaoke to wind down for our break.” I whispered to Yaomomo when we were on the other side of the room.


“Yes, I think I have them somewhere, I think it would do everyone some good to stop for now. I’ll go get them and you get everyone to stop for now.” Yaomomo answered with a smile.


Once Yaomomo left the dining room I turned back to everybody else. I saw that they were still working and struggling a little bit to keep their attention. I was extremely proud that Ashido and Kaminari took to the study plan like fish to water. I decided that it was now time to grab everyone’s attention.


I clapped my hands and said “Okay guys, we are taking a break for a while. Yaomomo and I decided to have a little karaoke to cool down.”


“Ugh finally, my head is starting to hurt from all that studying.” I heard someone say. Everyone stopped what they were doing and got up to stretch and walk. I don’t blame them for wanting to get up and move, most of them sat for the whole two hours. Shortly after everyone stopped their studying Yaomomo came back downstairs with a speaker and microphone.


“Alright, who wants to sing first?” I ask as Yaomomo is getting things set up. Everyone pointed to me and said “You”.


“If you say so, don’t blame me if it sounds bad.” I said as I got my phone out to get the song ready.


Hmm… What song? Maybe something from The Score… or… how about NEFFEX? Yeah that sounds good. How about something inspiring to the class? Soldier? Yeah that's a good one. ’ I thought as I got the song ready.


The music started to play and I could see everyone getting excited to listen.




I spit raps like a heart attack, fast fatal hard impact

Past painful scars in fact, I blast tasteful bars in packs

I back up my actions, fact, don't ask, grab reactions, jacked

Attack with every word then act with class, as they hear me snap


I got nothing to lose, 'cause I fought and felt the bruise

Now I'm not the one confused, call the shots and they produce

I ain't lost I'm finally loose, pick a noose over excuse

I need the views to boost me to a new abuse of being used


Everybody wants a piece now, y'all can rest in peace now

Your dead to me so peace out, remember your discrete doubt

Get ready for defeat now, I'm gon' make you bleed out

Listen on repeat now and weed out all the weak now


Get up and make a change, don't remember yesterday

If you got something to say, speak your mind before your grave

'cause your life is yours to save, ain't nobody gonna change

Everybody stays the same, so be different, make a name, huh?


I paid attention to everyones reactions and saw that Jirou had stars in her eyes. I also saw that most of the class was nodding in time to the beat. I started to get into the song more too.


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over

And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


By this point everyone was doing some form of dance or just nodding along to the beat. I noticed Ashido dancing along with my singing and saw that Yaomomo was looking on with a little blush on her cheeks while smiling and nodding along.


It's ridiculous, I'm spitting this meticulous and limitless

While others out there spitting shit, got hits up on the charts that sit

I see why other artists quit: 'cause people don't reward good shit

They love to hate but hate to live, society you swing and miss


And honestly, I get it, promise me you won't regret it

Wasting energy, forget it, don't look back, go on get it

Bite the bullet just a bit, bite your tongue and don't say shit

Make your actions hard to miss, be a legend not a myth


It's obnoxious that I'm conscious, rapping honest

As promised, try to harness, as an artist

Stay modest, it's a long quest, I will not quit

'til ten thousand people going off when I drop this


I gotta make it now, swear to god I'm breaking out

Swear to god I'll take a bow, center stage with a crowd

'cause I got it figured out, I'm just honest and I'm loud

Staying modest but I'm proud, no, I never had doubt, yea


Coming up on the end of the song I noticed that everyone was now dancing, it put a smile on my face to know that everyone was enjoying themselves.


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over


And just like a soldier

I keep on moving forward

Always getting closer

I march until it's over”


I finished the song a bit out of breath and watched as everyone clapped and other such things for me. A few other people had turns singing which ranged from great (Jirou, Yaomomo, Ochako) to less than desirable (Sato, Ojiro, Aoyama). Everyone loved the study session and karaoke and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s just the karaoke that they loved.


[Private chat between IzuSon & Mamadoriya]


IzuSon: Hey mom, is it okay if I sleep over at Ochako’s for the night?


Mamadoriya: Sure Izuku, just make sure that you are safe.


IzuSon: I am literally the strongest in the class mom, of course I will be safe.


Mamadoriya: Also use protection! I don't want grandbabies just yet!


IzuSon: Aww okay :( I wanted to give you grandkids though.


Mamadoriya: Maybe after highschool Izuku, I don’t want you being irresponsible and getting that sweet girl pregnant.


IzuSon: Sure thing mom. I love you!


Mamadoriya: I love you too, have fun!


I closed my phone and walked over to where Ochako and Himiko were and said “I can stay over at yours for the night Chako, are you able to Himi?” 


“Yes Zuzu, I can stay for the night.” Himiko said with a cheerful attitude.


“Well let's get going you two!” Ochako said as she dragged us to the door.


“Bye Yaomomo!” all three of us said as we made it out the door.


Ochako pretty much dragged us the whole way to the station. Himiko and I didnt mind as we both loved seeing her so happy. ‘ I am so lucky right now. ’ I thought with a smile.



I ended up carrying both girls the rest of the way to Ochako’s apartment. Himiko was on my back and had her arm wrapped around my neck and I had Ochako in my arms like a baby. When we arrived at her door she grabbed her keys and unlocked the door for me to open.


Once we were inside I put both girls down and made my way to the kitchen to get started on dinner. While that was happening I asked the girls to get plates and such ready for when I am done. While I was cooking the girls came over and kissed me every now and then until the food was done. We ate in a comfortable silence and then got ready for bed afterwards.


I pulled Ochako to the side while Himiko went into her room and I said “If Himi wants to, is it okay for her first time to be here?”


“Yeah, that’s okay as long as I get to have some fun too~” Ochako purred into my ear.


I pulled Ochako into a kiss and she put up a good fight before I won. When we separated we both looked over and saw Himiko standing in the doorway looking at us. “Do I get some too Zuzu, Chako?” Himiko purred from where she was. 


We both walked over to Himiko and started to push her into the room while making out with her. When we reached the bed I pushed her down and said “Are you sure you want to go all the way?”


“Yes Zuzu, I want you. And I want Chako too~” Himiko said in a seductive voice as she started to peel her clothing off.


Her words and actions sparked a reaction in me and I felt my pants becoming tighter. I quickly took my shirt off and grabbed a condom then took my pants off. I looked at Himiko and she looked like an angel, her beautiful breasts and shapely ass on full display for Ochako and I to play with. I started to kiss her all the way down her body. I started at her neck, taking little nips and earning moans from the girl beneath me.


When I reached her breasts I took one nipple in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and pinched her other. Himiko squealed and arched her back under my touch and moaned “Oh my god Zuzu yes~”


I moved onto her stomach and kissed my way down the faint abs towards her thighs. When I made my way to her legs I slowly grasped my lips along her inner thigh, causing her to squirm more. “Zuzu please, stop teasing me~” Himiko begged.


Not being one to disobey, I made my way to her lower lips and started to drag my tongue up the lips. When I flicked her clit she squealed again, and clamped her legs around my head. I took that as a sign to start eating her out, and I did just that. I made long slow drags with my tongue whilst also mixing in a finger or two. 


Within a minute or two, Himiko had grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to face her. With some of her fluids still around my lips, she kissed me and purred “If you dont fuck me right now I swear to god~”


Getting the message, I quickly put the condom on and aligned myself with her entrance. I looked up to her face and asked “All at once or slowly?”


“All at once~” Himiko moaned.


When I received the answer I was waiting for I took the plunge and drove all of me into her warm wet walls. Himko screamed in pain and pleasure so I bent down to kiss her to take her mind off it. While I waited for Himiko to get used to my size I looked over towards Ochako and saw that she was fingering herself and watching through half lidded eyes.


“You can move now Zuzu~ Ruin me for any other man~” Himiko purred.


I started to move back out, almost pulling out fully, but when it was just the tip left in, I plunged back in harder and faster. Himiko screamed in pleasure at being pounded for the first time. I groaned at how warm and tight she was. 


“Fuck youre so tight… I’ll ruin you for anyone else!” I growled and spanked her ass.


“Ahh~ Fuck yes!~ Harder!~ Faster!~” Himiko shouted.


I obliged her and started to move even faster and thrust even harder than I was before. I think Ochako got frustrated from where she was because she ended up coming over and sitting on Himiko’s face and growling “Eat!” to the blonde beneath her.


Ochako moaned loudly as I saw Himiko’s tongue move out of her mouth and flick over Ochako’s clit. I leaned forward and capture Ochako’s mouth with my own, swallowing her moans. I continued thrusting forward into the girl below me while kissing and groping the brunette in front of me.


“I’m close girls!” I Grunted


“Me too Izu~” Ochako  moaned and rolled her hips.


Himiko lifted Ochako quickly to Whimper “Me too Zuzu~ make me cum!~” Himiko then pulled Ochako down and doubled down on her efforts, if Ochako’s moans were anything to go by.


I also doubled my efforts and started to smack Himiko’s ass raw. A few more strokes later and I buried my head in Ochako’s neck  while she did the same to me. I also felt Himiko clench around my cock and heard her muffled scream of pleasure from beneath Ochako. After a few moments to catch our breath, Ochako climbed off Himiko and laid next to her on the bed.


I slowly began to pull out of Himiko and we both moaned at the movement. Once I was out of her pussy, I took the condom off, tied it off and then threw it out. I then climbed into bed with the girls and wrapped my arms around them. We all drifted off to a comfortable slumber.



It’s now two weeks later, the  written exam is going to start soon. I was able to unlock Fa Jin, and received a few broken bones because of the shitty advice third gave me on how to activate it. Recovery Girl also kept hitting me every time I ended up breaking a bone, I almost had to physically restrain myself from lashing out at her. 


I walked over to everybody and saw that some were stressing more than others. I grabbed their attention and said “I know you guys will do great. We have had two weeks to study and everyone has done great during our study sessions, I believe in you.”


Everyone looked over at me and gave a smile. I smiled back and then we were told that we had to get ready for the written test. Everyone sat down and got ready to begin. When we were told we could start I went through and sorted the questions that would be the easiest, and which would be the hardest.


Once I had them all sorted out I did a small amount of the easy ones and moved to the harder ones. I had a little bit of trouble figuring out some things like the harder algebra questions (WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO USE LETERS?!). I soon finished the hardest questions and cooled down by completing the rest of the easier ones.


When we were done I just wanted to take a nap, so that’s what I did, I ended up falling asleep. I hated having to endure this for two more days but I got through it. At the end of the three day written test period I pretty much crashed on my bed and passed out, not ready for the Physical portion of the exam.

Chapter Text

It was now the day of the practical portion of the exams. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the pain that I would receive from All Might and possibly Bakugo. I am thankful that I could raise my safe limit to 40%, I also figured out how to properly use Fa Jin and can use a Faux 90%.


“Hey guys, ready for the practical?” I asked as I arrived in front of Kaminari, Ashido, Ochako, Himiko, Kirishima and Yaomomo.


“Yeah, I’m sure we will do great!” Kirishima said in his enthusiastic voice.


“I think I’ll do great against the robots!” Ashido said with a smile.


I chuckled at her answer and seemingly caught their curiosity. They all turned to me and Kaminari asked “What are you chuckling about MidoBro?”


“Oh nothing, it’s not robots we’re fighting.” I said, which caused some unrest in the group.


They all leaned in conspiratorially waiting for my answer.


“We are going to be fighting the teachers I heard. Apparently they’ll have handicaps from what I’ve heard.” I whispered just loud enough for my friends to hear.


Their eyes bulged out comically at the new information but they didn't make a noise. When they finally calmed down they all looked to me and Himiko asked “How do you know?!”


“I just heard some of the teachers talk about it in passing, I could be wrong though. It might be for the second or third years not us. But don’t discount the possibility that I could be wrong, just try to be prepared.” I explained quietly so no one else heard me.


“Yeah okay, just don't make solid plans, yeah I think I can do that.” Ashido said, trying to keep herself hyped.


“You are good at making on-the-fly adjustments to plans, Ashi you will do just fine. I believe in you.” I comforted Ashido.


Ashido smiled at the compliment and it looked like she was relieved. Soon after we fell into chatter about random subjects while waiting for the teachers to arrive and bring us to where the test will be. A few minutes later Mr. Aizawa came out and told us to get on the bus.


“Hey, how does everyone think they did on the written portion of the exam?” I asked aloud to everyone on the bus.


“I feel like I did well enough on the exam.” Tsu said from in front of me.


“I kinda struggled with the math but got through it.” Kaminari said from next to me.


“Yeah I struggled with that too, like who thought it was a good idea to make it even more complicated.” I complained.


“Shut up Shitty Deku! I did better than any of you extras!” Bakugo yapped from the back of the bus.


“Why do you hate me? Is it because when we were younger I tried to help you when you fell in that stream? Am I not allowed to worry for someone who I saw as a friend?” I said, slowly growing irritated.






“Sit down now you brats!” Aizawa shouted from the front of the bus.


I sat down and calmed myself before I felt like throwing a 90% punch to his gut. Bakugo also ‘Tch’d’ and sat down grumbling. After a few more minutes of waiting we finally arrived at where the exams would take place.


“Alright everyone, as some of you may have heard, your practical has you going up against robots.” Aizawa droned on in his tired voice.


But due to recent developments“ a squeaky voice said from Aizawas scarf “We have decided to change up your physical portion of the exam.” The voice was revealed to be Nezu as he popped out of Aizawa’s scarf and made his way to the floor.


“For your exams you will be facing-” Aizawa was cut off as All Might landed.


US ” All Might’s booming voice called out.


“Yes… you will be facing us teachers. We will have these weights to handicap us.” Aizawa said as he pulled out his weights and put them on.


“They are designed to be half our weight, so that should be a reasonable handicap.” Aizawa continued.


“Now then! Time to find out who you are paired with and who you will be facing.” Nezu said, ever so cheerful.


“Jirou and Koda, you will be facing Present Mic. Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, Eraserhead. Sato and Kirishima, Cementoss. Asui and Tokoyami, Ectoplasm.” Nezu called out, the mentioned pairs moved next to each other and talked about plans.


“Uraraka and Aoyama, Thirteen. Ashido and Kaminari, Me. Sero and Toga, Midnight. Iida and Ojiro, Power Loader. Hagakure and Shoji, Snipe.” Nezu said.


Everyone sent me looks of pity as they realised who I would be against. I just smiled at them to calm their worries, after all, I had a plan that didn't need Bakugo.




Bakugo had a feral look about him, probably at the prospects of facing All Might and proving he is the best. I just kept a calm face and walked away from Bakugo and towards the others.


“Excuse me Midoriya, but your teammate is in the other direction.” Nezu called out.


“Yes I am aware of that. But if anything he is also an opponent, he refuses to work with anyone, I fail to see why I am teamed up with him though.” I responded.


“You need to learn how to work with others problem child.” Aizawa’s tired voice called out.


I saw red. “What the fuck do you mean I need to learn how to work with others?! I am not the problematic one! It is him! You are just too shit of a teacher to realise that fact.” I called back.


Everyone looked stunned, including Aizawa, before he schooled his features and said “Do you want to fail or for me to expel you?” 


“Ohohoho, you hear this? When someone points out his flaws he threatens expulsion. I don’t even need Baku-Bitch in my team to take on All Might! Just you fucking watch!” I shouted back and walked into the observation room.


I watched impatiently as everyone else had their exams. I saw that they all went relatively the same except Kirishima, Sato, Ashido and Kaminari passed. I was thanking myself that I gave Ashido that quick piece of advice that Nezu would use a wrecking ball. Everyone did amazing in their exams but I couldn’t focus on that, I was thinking back on my plan.


Soon enough it was time for my exam to happen, I made my way towards the bus in silence and sat far away from Bakugo. ‘ Hey Third, do you think my plan will work? ’ I mentally called out to the vestiges.


What, make sure that bakubitch ends up unconscious and then 1v1 the strongest man alive? Yeah… no you’re fucked. ” Third responded.


Gee thanks… What about you, Izu? Nana? ’ I called for my two predecessors.


While I dont approve of doing that to Kacchan I’d say you have a decent shot, just don’t go overboard, Recovery Girl is mean. ” Izuku’s vestige responded.


Yeah I agree with Little Nine, you have a decent chance against Toshi. Especially with his handicap. Third is just jealous that you get to fight someone strong and he doesn’t. ” Nana’s vestige responded.


Thanks guys, Third is jealous and he probably cheats at Uno I bet. ’ I called back.


Oh you wouldn’t believe how much he does. ” Nan chuckled back.


Oi fuck you Tenth! ” Third shouted.


No thanks, I have Chako and Himi for that, maybe second can help you there? ’ I thought with a sly smile.


Whats this about me helping someone? ” Second’s voice came in.


Tenth was wondering if you’d help Third fuck his own ass. ” Nana cackled.


I gotta go guys, I’ll talk later. ’ I thought before closing the connection to the vestiges.


The bus came to a stop and we both got off and made our way to the gate. “Stay out of my way you worthless piece of shit.” Bakugo growled.


“Uh huh, keep on yapping you dog.” I grumbled under my breath.


When we got the green light to enter I activated Full Cowling at 35% and jumped up onto a roof. I don’t think that Bakugo noticed, because he is still stalking down the street looking retarded with his waddle. I followed from above and waited for All Might to strike. I heard the wind pressure before I saw the effects, it tore up the street and threw Bakugo back.


I AM A VILLAIN NOW, WHO CARES ABOUT PROPERTY DAMAGE! ” All Smite called out from the centre of the city.


“I’M GOING TO BEAT YOUR ASS ALL MIGHT AND PROVE I’M THE BEST!” Bakugo screamed as he used explosions to bring himself closer to All Smite.


I shook my head as I tailed behind, staying hidden so as to not get caught by the big man himself. When Bakugo got closer he let one of his biggest blasts he could out in All Smites face. When the smoke cleared Bakugo was shocked and then had a fist driven into his gut, throwing him away.


I winced in sympathy at the sight and then saw All Might rush towards the volatile blonde. When All Might reached him, he was picked up by the face and called out “ YOUNG MIDORIYA WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU NOT GOING TO SAVE YOUR TEAMMATE?


“I don’t need that worthless bastard’s help… I’d rather lose than work with him!” Bakugo choked out.


“You’re right. I’m not going to save him.” I called out, hoping that the echo of my voice was enough to make it harder to pinpoint my location. “If he refuses to work with others than he wont make it as a hero, why am I being punished by being with him.”


YOUNG MIDORIYA IT IS NOT A PUNISHMENT. IT IS TO TRY AND GET YOU TO WORK WITH YOUR CLASSMATE ” All Might said as he broke character but not his grip on Bakugos face.


I silently scoffed at that and activated a Faux 90% Full Cowl, ready to attack All Might. “I WORK WELL WITH EVERYONE BUT HIM! HE IS MY ABUSER OF 10 YEARS! YOU EXPECT ME TO WORK WITH THAT MONSTER!?” I screamed as I jumped off the roof and aimed a kick at All Might’s head.


When the kick landed it threw him a fair distance away. I had enough time to grab Bakugo and throw him away, so I did just that. I picked him up, jumped high in the air and launched Bakugo towards the exit on the other side of the city, knowing he would rather fight.


When Bakugo was launched away I turned back to All Might and he looked shocked. “What are you surprised about? He is a disgusting human being. Now, LET’S FIGHT!” I shouted.


As if brought out of his shock at my proclamation, he got into a stance ready to fight. All Might rushed forwards and threw a punch towards my centre mass, since I’m smaller and more agile I was able to dodge out of the way. I countered with a quick jab to his extended arm to weaken it.


All Might pulled back a little and looked like he was getting ready for a stronger attack. “ DETROIT SMASH! ” He called out as he threw his fist forward.


I brought my own fist forwards but missed because I have shorter arms than he does. A massive fist was brought into my stomach, making me throw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner from yesterday and today, I also felt a crack in my rib. When I landed down the street away from All Might I quickly ran a hand over my ribs and winced as I felt the pain of the crack.


I did my best to ignore the pain as I rushed back towards All Might and drove a foot into his unscarred side, staggering him. I quickly pressed the attack and threw a whole bunch of quick jabs at the Big Guy, not giving him enough time to react.


When I had thought I wore him out sufficiently I grabbed the cuffs with one hand while I threw one last punch with the other. I then quickly put one cuff on his wrist and the buzzer went off and an automated voice called out “Izuku Midoriya And Katsuki Bakugo Pass.”


Well done young Midoriya,I am impressed with your combat skills yet I must ask, why did you do that to young Bakugo? ” All Might asked as he stood back up.


“I just got sick of his shit, he has been the same since four. I always followed and looked up to him, even when he hurt me , I just couldn't take anymore of his shouting about being the best and then also him screaming about how I am better than him. I am also sick of him just putting everyone else around him down just for his fragile ego.” I vented as we walked towards the exit.


Young Midoriya, I hope you know that we will have to talk about this right? Also are you injured in any way? ” All Might spoke as he walked alongside me.


“Yeah I know. Also I think I have a cracked rib at best, Recovery Girl is most likely going to hit me with her cane yet again .” I said in an exasperated tone.


As we made our way to Recovery Girls tent we picked up Bakugo along the way, I was wondering why he didn’t try to return to the fight but it turned out that he had been knocked out on impact with the ground. Recovery Girl hit me with her cane as expected and then gave me a healing kiss. I soon passed out from exhaustion, while dreading the meeting after all this.

Chapter Text

When I opened my eyes I saw the swirling darkness of the void in front of me. I looked down to see how much of my body I had and noticed I had my arms revealed, along with my torso. I looked back up when I heard voices.


“Hey guys.” I said with a wave.


“Hey Ten, how are you feeling?” First asked from his throne.


“If I am being honest, I feel like I have a knot in my stomach. Something has been weighing on me for a while.” I said with a sigh.


“Is there anything we can do to help?” Izuku asked from his throne closest to me.


“It… it actually concerns you, Izuku. Is it possible to get a little privacy?” I said while anxiously rubbing my arm.


“Uh yeah sure… we can move away from the others.” Izuku said as he got up.


We both moved away from the other predecessors so that we could have as much privacy as we could get in the void.when I turned back to see how far we were I saw that the vestiges looked like ants from where we were. I faced Izuku and debated on how I should start this talk.


“So, uh… I just want to say… I’m sorry for how this happened. If I could, I would give you your body back.” I said while looking away in shame.


“Hey, Jordan, look at me please.” Izuku’s voice was soft. When I looked back I saw a face of understanding.


“How… How are you not mad? I asked softly. “I pretty much stole your life from you.”


“Because, even if I was mad, there is nothing that I would be able to do. Plus, I’m not known to get mad, remember?” Izuku said with a soft smile.


“I know… but still, you should still feel some anger towards me for practically impersonating you while you are trapped in my mind.” I said while I could feel the pinpricks of tears starting to form.


“Hey… stop that, I think that you can be better than what I could have been. Remember what you said to mom? About how I would have been breaking bones until the internships? That there is proof that you are already better than me.” Izuku said while resting a hand on my shoulder.


I let a sob wrack through my body as I fell to my non-existent knees in tears. “It shouldn’t be like this though” I sobbed out as Izuku leant down with me.


“I know, but it’s the reality that we have to live with. Jordan, out of anyone who could have taken over my body, I’m glad it was you. You’ve already saved multiple lives, You saved  Mr Aizawa, Asui, Mineta, Toga and Iida, you also saved Todoroki from his self hatred of his quirk. Let's also not forget you helped All Might save I-Island” Izuku said as he hugged me.


“You would have done the same too!” I argued while crying.


“Yes, I may have, but you can already use One For All better than I could at this point.” Izuku retorted softly.


“It is thanks to your knowledge that you can save many more people than I could ever dream of. I know that you will be a good hero, just don’t forget to smile.” Izuku said as he held me.


After a few minutes of me crying and constantly apologising, I calmed down enough and Izuku helped me up. Izuku led me back to the other vestiges who looked at us with understanding eyes. When Izuku sat back down on his throne, the first spoke up.


“Ten, there may be a way to “Fuse” the two of you together. We don't know the possible side effects since this would be the first time it would be done.” First said from his throne.


“Okay, what would… what would happen if we were to fuse?” I asked.


“Well, Nine and yourself would become one person. Your consciousness would dominate the body, while Nine would become part of your subconscious and would only be able to affect your body if he felt it would be better than any action that you yourself would take. When that happens you two would swap places temporarily. And since Nine would be part of your subconscious you wouldn’t need to use One For All for him to be able to see what’s happening, he would also be able to offer input on many different things that happen around the two of you.” First explained to Izuku and myself.


“Would you… would you be comfortable doing that Izuku?” I swallowed nervously.


“Um… sure, I just… I feel like I don’t deserve this.” Izuku said as he fidgeted nervously.


“I know how you feel Izuku…” I said with a sigh.


“Enough of that you two, Nine, you deserve this because of all the things you went through in your life. And Ten, you deserve this just as much for trading your life for your sisters and dying too soon.” Nana chided softly.


“I know that mentaly, but emotionally I don’t feel like I deserve this.” I said while scratching a phantom itch.


“Same here… I just wish that I knew I deserved any of this, but I can’t bring myself to.” Izuku said while scratching the back of his head.


“Is there anything else that we need to know about the fusion?” I asked.


“Yes, you may get some involuntary tics such as mumbling, scratching where there is no itch, things like that.” First explained for us.


“Okay… I-I’m ready.” I stuttered nervously.


“S-same here… let’s do this Jordan.” Izuku said with a smile, trying to be comforting.


“Okay… what do we do First?” I asked as I faced the man.


“Well you both need to stand and put your hands on each others.” First explained, and Izuku and I did just that. “Then you need to focus on the feeling of One For All, and try to force it towards each other. After that you need to focus on the feeling of becoming one.” First continued.


Izuku and I did just that and I could see a Cyan coloured crystal leave my body and the same crystal but green leave Izuku. They both crackled with electricity the closer they got. When they met in the middle they continued to move forward as Izuku and I focused on becoming one. The crystals merged into one and let off a bright flash. When the flash disappeared Izuku was nowhere to be seen and the crystal in front of me swirled with green and cyan energy.


I’ll make you proud Izuku… I promise ’ I thought as I closed my eyes.


I know you will… make sure that everyone can keep smiling. ” I heard Izuku’s voice say.


I turned back to the other vestiges and most of them were looking at me with wide eyes.


“If you guys dont mind, I have to get going, I have a meeting for what I did in my exam.” I said waving goodbye to the others.


“Of course, we will talk another time Ten.” Nana said with a soft smile.


I closed my eyes in front of the vestiges but when I opened them next I wasn’t met with the void but a bright white ceiling. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the brightness before observing my surroundings. I saw that I was in the nurse’s office. I sat up in bed and swung my feet over the edge of the bed and sat there for a bit.


After a minute of sitting there I heard the door open and turned to look at who was entering. Recovery Girl looked at me and sighed. “Young man, what you did was incredibly reckless, you understand that yes?” she asked with a wave of her cane.


“Yes I am aware.” I said as I got up from the bed.


“You are free to go, Nezu wants you in his office.” Recovery Girl said as she pointed to the door.


I walked out saying my thanks and walked towards the principal's office. I pulled out my phone and instinctually went to the camera to see if there were any physical alterations that The First forgot to mention. When I turned on the front facing camera and almost dropped it straight away. What stared back at me was the face I had grown accustomed to, but with a blue eye that had a slight glow to it.


Hey Izuku, can you hear me? ’ I mentally asked, not sure if I would get a response.


Yeah, whats up? Oh wow this feels weird. ” Izuku responded from in my, our? head.


Do you know why one of our eyes is my own colour from before I died? ’ I asked, making sure to refer to the body as ours.


Hmm… maybe it’s to signify that you’ve accepted me as part of you? ” Izuku guessed.


Maybe, do you think how the soft glow in the blue one could signify who has control? ’ I asked as I continued to walk.


Possibly, but we wouldn’t know until we switch, which we probably shouldn’t do just yet. ” Izuku explained as I arrived in front of Nezu’s office.


Talk to you later Izu. ’ I said my goodbyes and raised my fist to knock when it swung open.


I peered inside the room and saw that it was occupied by Nezu, Aizawa and All Might in his buff form. I walked in and Nezu said “Ah, hello Mr. Midoriya, please have a seat. Tea?” I took a seat and accepted the tea from the rat-bear principal.


“Am I correct in assuming that you know why you are here Mr. Midoriya?” Nezu asked.


“Is it because of how I acted during my exam?” I asked with a raised brow.


“Yes, it is because of how you acted during the exam, but one question before we get to that. Are you aware that one of your eyes is blue and has a slight glow to it?” Nezu asked after he placed his cup down.


“Yes, I am aware, I do not know why it happened but I do not feel any different and believe it is a side effect of getting to a comfortable percentage of my quirk.” I explained while lying through my teeth.


“Okay, now with that out of the way. Onto the meat of this meeting.” Nezu started “Your actions during your exams can be taken in the wrong way, but thanks to testimonies from your classmates you won’t be receiving too harsh a punishment. Starting next semester you will have detention with Mr. Yamada every second day after school for the first week.”


“What about Bakugo?” I asked.


“Bakugo is not your concern problem child. Worry about yourself and your own problems.” Aizawa said with a scoff.


I turned to Aizawa and said “Why was I paired up with the most uncooperative person in the class?”


“Because you need to learn how to work with others.” Aizawa said with a glare, as if daring me to refute what he said.


I Need to learn how to work well with others? Are you hearing this man Nezu, All Might?” I asked turning to face the others.


I am the one that needs to learn to work with others, I’m the one who works well with everyone in class except for Bakugo. If Aizawa was as good a teacher as he claims, then he would see that Bakugo is nothing but a bully that shouldn’t have been let into the course.” I said, raising my voice slightly.


“Bakugo is his own case.” Aizawa said raising his voice to match me.




“Don’t raise your voice at me or else!” Aizawa threatened.




“How do you know that name?!” Aizawa demanded as he rose from his seat.




“HOW DO YOU KNOW ANY OF THIS?!” Aizawa demanded, finally shouting back.




“All Might, Nezu, I’m sorry you had to see that but I will be taking my leave now. This is my form to change my hero name. Also I’m bringing my gloves to the camp, I’d rather not have to destroy the forest with a flick of my fingers.” I said, placing a sheet of paper on Nezu’s desk with the name ‘Limitless’ on the paper.


I left the office and made my way to the changeroom to take off my costume and change into my school uniform. I looked in the mirror and admired the body that Izu and I built up over the past year and a half. I left the change room with a noticeable scowl on my face and made my way to class.


When I returned to class I went and sat back down in my seat and put my head down. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me so I lifted my head. “What?” I growled, still irritated.


“Are you okay Izu?” Ochako asked as she made her way to me.


“I’m fine, it’s just fucking Aizawa man. Like why am I the one punished for being uncooperative while Bakugo just fucking does whatever to whoever without consequence.” I complained as Ochako warped her arms around me.


“It’s okay Zuzu, after you fought All Might I think everyone knows not to fuck with you since you were able to kick him away. How did you do that anyway?” Himiko asked as she wrapped her arms around me too.


I leaned into their touch and said “I used a technique that I figured out with my quirk that allows me to store and release kinetic energy. I used that in combination with 40% to simulate 90% of my strength.”


“Holy fuck, if thats what your 90% is supposed to be like I’m just glad you’ve only just started to hit me with double digit numbers.” Kirishima said from where he sat.


“Oh yeah, I honestly don’t expect you to be able to handle those punches until hopefully our third year or maybe a year or two into pro hero work.” I said with a chuckle.


“Hey guys, how about we go to the mall tomorrow?” Hagakure said as she got up.


Everyone agreed with Hagakure and everyone agreed on the Kiyashi Ward mall. Soon after everyone agreed the final bell went and we all left for home. I went home alone so as to cool off and be alone with my thoughts for a bit.


When I arrived home I walked in and kicked my shoes off while saying “I’m home mom!”


Mom came around the corner and greeted me. “Welcome home Izuku! Oh! Your left eye is blue!” Mom exclaimed.


“Yeah about that, can we sit down and I’ll explain.” I said walking towards the couch.


Once mom and I were situated on the couch I started to talk. “Remember how I told you that I could talk to the past users of OFA?”


“Yes, has something happened to it?” mom asked


“Kinda, Izuku is no longer in the void, me and him are one and the same. His mind is this body’s subconscious and my consciousness controls the body. But in desperate situations Izuku would override my control and I would be taking a backseat so to speak.” I explained.


“So is Izuku gone?” mom asked, already tearing up.


“No, in fact Izu and I believe that we can swap whenever.” I explained.


“Hey Izu, wanna try swapping now?” I asked aloud.


Sure, I’d love to actually move around for once. ” Izu said in my head.


I closed my eyes and focused on trying to swap places with him. I felt a strange feeling as my eyes opened but not of my own control, everything looked like I had tunnel vision.


Got this feels weird. ” I tried to say but my voice didn’t come out.


“Oh Izuku, your Right eye is glowing!” Mom exclaimed.


“Hey mom, long time no see.” Izu chuckled


Smooth Izu, smooth. ” I chuckled from inside Izu’s mind.


“Oh shut it you!” Izu joked as he hugged mom.


“Izu? Is this you?” Mom asked, starting to tear up again.


“Yeah mom, it’s me.” Izu said with a smile.


That was to tipping point for mom as she started to bawl her eyes out while hugging our body. After mom and Izu caught up for lost time, it was time for bed and Izu handed me back control as I made my way to our room. 


I guess we know how to tell others who is in control right Izu? ’ I mentally asked.


Right, Glowing blue eye means you. Glowing green eye means me. I have to say though, it felt nice to be able to move like that again. ” Izuku said.


Oh I’ll bet, if you want I can hand you control when you want. ’ I said to Izu.


Oh, you don’t have to do that. ” Izu said, sounding panicked.


You’re right, I don’t have to. But I want to, it’s the least I can do for taking your body. ’ I explained to Izu.


Oh alright fine, but it’s our body though, got that? ” Izu said in a stern voice.


You got it boss. Good night Izu. ’ I thought with a yawn.


Good night Jordan, don’t forget Kiyashi tomorrow. ” Izu said with a chuckle.


“Mmhmm, I’ll remember dad.” I said as I closed my eyes.


I fell into a comfortable slumber that night, with  the weight that was on my chest being lifted.

Chapter Text

I didn’t want to wake up in the morning but I had to get up for the mall. When I eventually got up from bed I did my daily morning routine of showering after a workout and getting dressed for the day.


“Morning Izu.” I said when I put my shirt on.


Morning Jordan, sleep well? ” Izu asked while yawning.


“Yeah, as well as I could, how about you?” I responded.


Yeah, I slept alright. I’m surprised that I can sleep while I’m like this. ” Izu said while yawning once more.


“Same here. Hey, should we reveal you to the class?” I asked Izu.


Umm, I dont really know. I mean, it would help explain the glow and personality change when we do swap, but I dont really know how people will take it. ” Izu explained.


“Maybe we should wait a little bit, think about it?” I asked.


Yeah, that sounds like a plan. ” Izu responded.


I walked out of our room and into the kitchen, mom wasn’t awake just yet so I decided to make breakfast. Once the food was finished mom came down and walked into the kitchen.


“Morning mom.” I said with a smile.


“Morning boys, how are you two?” Mom asked as she sat down at the table.


“I slept as well as I could, and Izu slept alright. How about you mom?” I asked as I finished plating the food.


“I slept alright thank you.” Mom said with a smile on her face.


“Hey Izu. Switch. ” I said and vacated our body.


“Huh? Oh alright, thanks Jordan.” Izu said as he started to eat.


No problem, I think you deserve to eat a proper meal for once and talk to mom directly. ” I explained while watching Izu eat.


“My god, Jordan, your cooking tastes amazing!” Izu said as he started to scarf the food down.


“I know right?!” Mom said while giggling.


It’s nothing special Izu, I’m glad you like it though. ” I said in our shared mind.


“Hey mom?” Izuku said as he looked up from his plate.


“Yes Izuku?” Mom said as she did the same.


“Me and Jordan were wondering if we should let the others in our class know about our shared body situation.” Izu asked mom.


“Hmm, I think… maybe only the people you trust should know. That way you have people you can confide in.” Mom answered.


“Okay, thanks mom. Me and Jordan are going to Kiyashi Ward mall today with the class so we can get what we need for the training camp.” Izu thanked mom and explained the day's events.


“Okay, stay safe boys, I love you both.” Mom said as she hugged us.


She… she still loves me? ” I said, and would be crying if I had control.


“Of course she does, idiot.” Izu said with a smile.


“What’s wrong Izuku?” Mom asked.


“Jordan was surprised that you still love him.” Izu responded.


“Can you bring him out?” Mom asked.


“Sure mom, Switch. ” Izu said and took his place in our mind while I took the body.


“Huh? Mom?” I said as I wasn’t expecting to switch out.


“Listen here Jordan, you being in our life has brought so much happiness to us. I am grateful for you and Izuku, it’s thanks to you that I am happier than I have ever been. You and Izuku are my sons, I don’t care that you aren’t mine biologically but you are still my boy.” Mom said in a stern but loving voice.


I started to tear up in mom’s arms. I wasn’t expecting to be loved still, but I wasn’t going to argue. Feeling a mothers love is a great thing. After I eventually calmed down, I returned to my room to finish getting ready for the day. I sat down on my bed and grabbed my phone, opening it to the class group chat.


[Class 1-A]


InvisiBitch: Okay everyone, remember we are going to Kiyashi as a class!


AlienQueen: Yes Tooru, we remember. You aren’t our mom or dad. That's Midori and Yaomomo.


MeanGreen: God if I was your all your parents, I’d have put you all up for adoption, I got a headache just trying to teach you all English and Maths during our study sessions XD


GravityWho?: Awww c’mon, I’m your favourite kid aren't I?


Vampire: No, that’s me!


MeanGreen: How about, it’s neither of you, Koda is my favourite child.


SnowWhite: >-<


GravityWho?: Okay, I can see that. Koda is sunshine child!


Vampire: Koda is sunshine child!


MeanGreen: I will meet you sperms in Kiyashi, cya!


[MeanGreen is offline] 


I grabbed a suitable change of clothes and put them on. After that I grabbed what spare money I had and put my shoes on. I left the house, saying bye to mom and made our way to Kiyashi.


Hey Izu, you want to listen to some music? ’ I mentally asked.


Sure, I honestly didn’t listen to music all that much before, but when I could hear what you were listening to thanks to OFA, I started to like the stuff you listen to. ” Izu said happily.


Alright, what song do you want to start with? ’ I asked.


Hmm… Oh how about Ghost Town. ” Izu said, sounding happy.


Which one? Layto or Adam Lambert? ’ I asked for clarity.


Layto obviously! I honestly think this one might be my favourite! ” Izu said with the same energy as Ashi.


I put on the song that Izu wanted and continued our way to Kiyashi Ward mall. We travelled by train with me asking for directions every now and then. Soon enough we arrived outside the mall and waited for everyone else.


“Hey Izu!” I heard the voice of one of my favourite people shout from behind me.


I turned around in time to catch a speeding Brunette bullet in my arms. “Hey Chako! How are you?” I asked while holding her.


“I’m alright, oh, your eye is still glowing.” Ochako said as she got a better look at my face.


“I am aware, I have something that I should tell you and a few others but I’ll tell you guys later. After you know who ruins the trip.” I said, trying to be vague.


Wow, real vague there Jordan. ” Izu said unimpressed.


Oh shut it you! ’ I growled in my head.


Ochako and I made our way inside the mall and were met with the rest of our class.


“Hey you two! What took you so long?!” Ashido asked as she came up to us.


“Well, I honestly thought I was first here so I thought that I’d wait for you guys outside, then Chako showed up.” I explained myself to the pink ball of energy.


“Well come on! We are gonna split up into smaller groups so we can get the stuff we need.” Ashido said as she dragged Ochako and I to the rest of the class.


Everyone ended up splitting up into groups to grab the things they needed. I ended up going with Ochako, Himiko, Yaomomo, Kirishima and Ashido, my most trusted friends. We all ended up grabbing what we needed, but then everyone but me needed to use the restroom, so I waited for them to return.


While I was waiting I felt a hand slip around the back of my neck and squeeze. “Well look who it is, Izuku Midoriya, I haven’t seen you since the USJ.” The raspy voice that belonged to the hand said.


“Hello Tomura Shigaraki, how have you been?” I asked rhetorically.


“I have not been doing well, why do people focus on Stain and not me?” Shigaraki’s raspy voice questioned.


“Maybe because he has a goal unlike you.” I answered.


Jordan no! ” I heard Izu shout as Shigaraki tightened his grip.


“I have a goal, brat.” Shigaraki growled.


“And what’s that? Destroy everything? Is that truly your goal, or is it your masters?” I questioned, slightly choking as he tightened his grip a little more.


“And what would you know?” Shigaraki asked.


“I know that your ‘Sensei’ is the reason why Kotaro used to beat you as a kid… Nana Shimura left because she thought she was protecting you. But she left you with a monster wearing the skin of a man.” I choked my answer out.


Jordan! Quit it! ” Izu begged.


“Oh, is that so?” Shigaraki questioned with a dangerous edge to his voice.


“Yeah, don’t you find it weird how the Shimura family grave is missing one name? Yours Tenko. You are Tenko Shimura… and All For One is using you… he doesn't see you as anything other than a tool… just like his brother… ask him when you return… ask about Yoichi Shigaraki and what happened to him.” I tried my best to answer while sounding coherent.


 “Shut up… that isn’t true!” Shigaraki growled, but it didn’t feel as threatening since his grip loosened.


“All For One is known for manipulating others. That is what he is doing to you, it’s what he has done to his brother. He tried to give him a quirk to force him to submit but he was stronger than AFO expected.” I said while swallowing as much air as I could.


“Shut up… I’m not a tool… I’m his successor… right? ”Shigaraki said, probably trying to keep the last part to himself.


Jordan, you need to quit this right now! ” Izu urged.


“You might want to leave… I sent out a signal the moment you touched me… heroes will be here any second… you will go to Tartarus and AFO will find another tool… this is the only time I’ll help you…” I bluffed while gasping.


I think my bluff worked, because he let go of my neck and walked off. The moment he was out of sight I dropped to my knees and gulped down air as my lungs burned. 


I probably shouldn’t have done that. ’ I said to Izu.


You think? ” Izu said, unimpressed.


“Izu! Are you okay?” I heard Ochakos voice ask.


“Shigaraki showed up… I got him to back off without confrontation.” I explained as I stood back up.


Ochako pulled me into a hug to calm my racing heart. After a minute the others in my group returned to see Ochako comforting me.


“What happened here?” Kirishima asked.


“Shigaraki showed up, I thought I went too far with what I was saying, fuck.” I said, finally able to think properly.


“What happened to him?” Ashido asked as she came up to my side with Himiko.


“He showed up, pretty much took me hostage, asked why Stain was focused on during the Hosu thing, then I exposed who he really is.” I said as I sat on a bench.


“And who is Shigaraki really?” Yaomomo asked, concern written on her face.


“Tomura Shigaraki is Tenko Shimura. Tenko is the grandson of All Might’s master. Nana left her child Kotaro alone in an orphanage because of the person she was sworn to fight since she received something the villain was after. The villain killed Nana some 40 odd years ago. Kotaro married a woman and gave birth to a son and daughter, Hana and Tenko Shimura. Hana was quirkless and Tenko awakened his quirk in the middle of the night. His father hates heroes and beat Tenko whenever a hero was mentioned. Tenko only had killing intent when he attacked his father, the rest of his family were accidentally killed when he unlocked his quirk.” I explained.


When I looked up I saw everyone’s faces, some looked dazed and confused, while Ochako had a look of understanding, as she already knew that I knew about things I shouldn’t.


“How… how do you know that?” Yaomomo asked, sounding a little worried.


“You know how I like quirks, yeah?” I asked, when I got nods in response I continued “well when I saw Shigaraki’s quirk in action at the USJ my mind went back to a news report of a family that was reduced to ashes, and that one body was missing.”


“So, your excessive quirk enthusiasm has led you to end up researching villains?” Ashido said, with an incredulous tone of voice.


Heyyyy! ” Izu whined, I chuckled and caught everyone’s attention.


“What are you chuckling about Midobro?” Kirishima asked.


“Oh, I think it’s time to tell you guys now. See how one eye is glowing and blue now?” I asked the group.


“Yeah I was wondering about that Zuzu.” Himiko said.


“Well there is a new aspect to my quirk. A kind of split personality.” I said.


“Do you have any idea how dumb that sounds Midori?” Ashido asked with a raised brow.


“Yeah,  but I can prove it. Switch .” I said and took the back seat in our mind.


“Um… hi, I’m the ‘other personality’ in the body.” Izu said, looking shy now.


 “Oh wow, okay yeah, the other eye is glowing now, we believe you.” Ochako said.


“Yeah… umm, can we just keep my existence known to this group only… please.” Izu asked, growing quieter and quieter as he spoke.


“Aww of course!” Ochako said as she pulled him into a hug.


Izu went rigid and started to blush heavily. 


“Oh, so you are like the shy but smart personality?” Yaomomo surmised.


“Y-y-yeah… t-t-thats m-m-me. s-s-switch ”Izu stuttered out and I returned to the wheel.


“I quickly wrapped my arms around Ochako and said “Okay, I’m back, were you guys nice?” I joked.


“Yeah, but it was cute seeing you be all shy and blushing. You looked like a strawberry!” Ashido said, while squealing.


“Okay, now that that’s out of the way, do you think it’s time to return home?” Himiko asked.


“Yeah, I’m honestly a little tired already, plus, I want to get used to switching as fluidly as possible, just in case.” I said as Ochako and I separated.


“Yeah, I’m a little tired too, I’ll talk to you guys later, yeah?” Ochako said.


“Sure thing, Oha also before I forget. When we go on the trip, we will make a stop on the way and get thrown into the forest by the pussycats.” I said.


“And how do you know this?” Kirishima questioned.


“Secret!” I responded with a wink.


After we all separated and returned home Izu and I brainstormed a few super move ideas, we named one ‘San Andreas Smash’ since it is a smash that is supposed to shake the ground and is named after the fault line in California. After we brainstormed we went to bed ready for the training camp.

Chapter Text

Everyone was excited for the camp today. I looked around and noticed that most of the class was chatting excitedly in their own little groups. ‘ I wonder who will be taking us to the camp? ’ I wondered.


I don’t know, but I hope it’s a good pro hero! ” Izu exclaimed with the energy of a child.


“Okay you Hellions.” A tired voice called out from behind us.


My eyes widened as I turned around and saw Aizawa addressing us, ‘ What. The. Fuck. Nezu. ’ 


Ditto…"  Izu growled.


“When the buses get here everyone get on.” Aizawa said, sounding more irritated than usual.


I hope that he is irritated because of what I called him out on. Fucker deserves a wake up call, just like Bakugo, who has been given so many. By the time the bus rolled up everyone climbed on board and I was able to sit next to Himiko with Ochako on the other side of the aisle next to Ashido.


Everyone was chatting about random things, from what they thought we would do, to what kind of food there would be. I decided to rest my eyes for a little bit, so I laid my head on Himiko’s shoulder and closed my eyes. I felt Himiko put her head on mine shortly after and we laid like that for the rest of the way.


I heard Ashido ask Ochako questions about our relationship at one point but didn’t really pay it any mind. By the time I opened my eyes the bus was slowing down. I softly shook Himiko to wake her.


“Miko, we’re here.” I said.


“Mmm… M’kay Zuzu.” Himiko said as she sat up and stretched.


“Okay everyone, off the bus.” Aizawa said from the front.


I got up and made sure to grab my gauntlets before hopping off. I was fiddling with them while standing next to everyone, waiting for something . When that something arrived, it was the Wild Wild Pussycats, I paid no mind to their intro, but when PixieBob came up to me, I knew what she was going to try.


“I don’t date older women sorry, also how was it to debut so long ago?” I asked with a smirk.


“I’M 18 AT HEART!” She shouted at me as she ran off and crouched, sulking.


“Sorry about her, well, the facility is a few kilometres in that direction, and it’s 9:30 right now, maybe you can make it there by noon. Your training begins… NOW!” Mandalay said as PixieBob used her quirk to shift the earth beneath us and throw us off the cliff.


I was prepared for the sudden change in the ground so I quickly ran off the edge of the cliff down into the valley. I landed with 5% Full Cowl active and heard Mandalay shout “This is all private land! So you can use your quirks to make your way to the facility! See you there!”


I looked around and saw some of the class still lying on the ground, mostly due to the shock of having been thrown off a cliff. I went and helped some of them up and said “The best way that we can do this is if we stick together. Jirou, Shouji and Koda, you guys will be our ears. Yaomomo, Himiko, Ochako, Sero and Kirishima will be support. The rest of us will be clearing a path to the facility.” 


“SHUT UP DEKU I DON'T NEED YOU TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” Bakugo screeched and blasted off in the wrong direction.


“Is anyone going to tell him?” Sero asked.


“Nah, if he is late then he is late.” I said as I fiddled with my gauntlets one last time.


Everyone then did what their role required of them. Yaomomo made conductive escrima sticks for Kaminari, Ochako floated some of the golems that appeared so the rest of us could fight them, Sero and Himiko worked to pull the class out of danger while Kirishima acted as a shield incase they were too slow.


We all went on like this all the way to the facility. I used some finger flicks and kicks to break the golems. I didn’t want to do too much because I wanted the class to be able to get some combat experience and also learn to not always rely on the strongest.


I of course still had to pull my fair share of classmates out of danger but not enough to make them do even more dangerous shit than they already were.It took us a few hours but we made it to the clearing that the facility was located in. Most of us looked drained of energy and bruised, while I was enjoying the fighting but sad it was over, but I didn’t show that.


“Wow you kids got here fast, wait one of you is missing.” Mandalay said as she approached us..


“Bakugo refused to work with any of us and when we landed he immediately took off in the wrong direction.” I explained.


“Did you guys try to work with him?” Mandalay asked with a raised brow.


“Yeah we did, I even tried to include him in the plan so that he would be fighting with us, but he got all pissy like always and ran off.” I said as everyone walked towards the facility.


“Okay, we will try to find him. In the meantime everyone, today’s lunch is prepared by yours truly, however your dinner and lunch for the next few days will be prepared by you.” Ragdoll said, as she overheard what Mandalay and I were talking about.


All of us made our way over to the benches and got to eating. Everyone was in their own little cliques happily chatting while enjoying the food. I heard Sero mention something about Yaomomo’s quirk being like poop or some shit like that.


“Sero, apologise. Don’t you think that you’d feel the same as Yaomomo is now if the same was said about you?” I said as I looked up from my meal.


“Right, sorry Yaomomo, I wasn’t thinking when I said it.” Sero said apologetically.


“It’s okay Sero…” Yaomomo said as she looked back to her food.


I looked around and then I saw Kota in the distance scowling at us all. I decided to be as inconspicuous as possible by walking up to Mandalay to ask about him even though I already know what happened. I needed the cover to be believable for when I approached him.


When I got the necessary info I waited until it was dinnertime to go and talk to him, as I knew that was when Kota would go to his hiding spot. Surprisingly it took Ragdoll using Search to find Bakugo, and he was a few kilometres away from where we were supposed to be, so he didn’t get to eat lunch and just barely made it in time for dinner.


“Hey guys, I’m going to go and give some food to the kid.” I said as I grabbed a plate and stood up.


“Alright, just be safe baby.” Ochako said.


“What she said Zuzu, we need you safe.” Himiko pouted.


I promised them that I would be safe and made my way to where Kota’s hideout was. I almost got lost along the way but I was able to see his small footprints in the ground. I followed the footsteps for a few more minutes until I reached where Kota was. I said nothing as I walked up to him and put the plate next to him.


“Why and how are you here?” Kota asked gruffly.


“I came here to give you some food, since I noticed that you didn’t have any. As for how I am here, well I followed your footsteps.” Was all I said as I sat next to him.


“I know what happened to your parents, and you have every right to feel abandoned. I know how it feels because that's what happened to me. I thought that my dad was the greatest person in the world to me, but one day he died and I was angry at everything. I wanted to go out and get revenge, or do something. But I couldn’t.” I said sadly.


“Why didn’t you?” Kota asked, sounding slightly more intrigued.


“Because I still have people who love and care about me, just like you do. So please… don’t shut everyone out. You have every right to hate heroes and villains, but what happens when heroes just stop, and let the villains do as they please?” I spoke softly.


“But all heroes and villains do is kill each other!” Kota argued.


“No, they don’t. Most heroes are who they are because they want to help people. While yes there are heroes who kill villains, they are few and far between. Most heroes do what they do because they care about people and do all that they can to help others.” I spoke softly, looking at Kota.


“But why do you fight if you know that you might die?” Kota asked, sounding desperate.


“Well me personally, I fight because I want to make the world a better place. I want to become a Symbol of Hope, so that when All Might eventually retires, I will be able to bring hope to others and give them another pillar to look up to. It’s funny, I wanted to be a hero for as long as I knew what the word meant, even when I was misdiagnosed as quirkless I still wanted to help others.” I laughed lightly.


“Just… please leave me alone.” Kota said, quietly.


“Of course, just remember that Mandalay and the others still care for you. I’ll hopefully talk to you later.” I said as I got up and ruffled his head while walking off.


Wow, who knew you were good with kids? ” Izu snarked in my head.


“Well I did have a sister, remember idiot? Also you are so snarky in there aren't you.” I spoke while grinning.


Alright alright, I concede, you make a good point with kids. But honestly, that was pretty good back there. ” Izu said honestly.


“Thanks, was there anything else you wanted to talk about?” I asked.


Hmm… no not that I can think of, although, don't forget about the attack. ” Izu reminded in a stern voice.


“Yeah, I know. Knowing my luck, the attack on the camp might happen tomorrow for all I fucking know. If it does I just hope I’m not too exhausted to fight.” I mumbled as I got closer to camp.


Ah there it is, was wondering when you were going to start mumbling. ” Izu recalled fondly.


Shut up, it’s not my fault. ’ I called out in my mind.


Yeah I know, now I am going to go dark, see if I can somehow make a mental block in here to give you privacy. ” Izu spoke.


Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. ’ I thought as I returned to the camp boundaries.


When I returned everyone was able to go into the hot springs. I quickly got changed and ran into the warm waters and chilled. I closed my eyes for a little when I felt someone’s eyes on me. I opened my eyes and saw at the top of the wall, Kota, looking down at me with something unknown in his eye. I gave him a smile and waved at him, he turned away still looking a little grumpy. I took it as progress and turned to the rest of the boys.


“Hey Denks, you don’t feel like sneezing at all do you?” I joked, preparing to get out if he actually did.


“Har har, not I don’t.” Denki said, before a cruel smirk came to his face and continued, “Not yet anyway.”


Okay yep that's enough, not taking my chances. I got out of the water as quickly as I could without using my quirk. I didn’t want to risk Denki actually doing it as a joke and becoming a Homicide suspect.


“Hey, I don’t wanna accidentally die if you mistakenly activate your quirk in the water.” I joked as I made my way out of the springs to get ready for bed.


When I was changed into nightwear I was walking towards where I would be sleeping and was grabbed by three pairs of hands. I looked at who was dragging me and saw that it was Ochako Ashido and Himiko. I smiled as they pulled me away from everyone and towards the trees.


“Okay you three, what’s happening?” I questioned when we were out of sight.


“Well, Ashido has been wondering about our relationship recently.” Ochako started.


“Oh yeah, I heard some of what you said on the bus.” I said offhandedly.


“Ummm.. w-what did you h-hear?!” Ashido squeaked while going from pink to purple.


“Something about how it works, yadda yadda, and how you were interested.” I said with a smirk.


“Umm… oh god this is embarrassing. Do you think I could join your relationship?” Ashido questioned quietly.


“Well, you do know we are polyamourous right? All three of us love each other and any newcomers. Do you know what that means?” I asked.


“Yeah, the newcomers would also have to be attracted to more than one person right?” Ashido said softly.


“Correct, now I have a question for you. Are you interested in just me or are you also interested in the others?” I questioned.


“I… I like all t-three of you.” Ashido said while hiding her face.


“Well then, Mina… would you like to join our relationship?” I asked with a smile.


My answer was the form of a kiss, Mina steeled her nerves to quickly kiss all three of us. When she finished kissing us she ran off in embarrassment. We all chuckled good naturedly at her, because we were not really expecting the most outgoing girl in the class to become insanely shy as she did ust now. I gave Himiko and Ochako a goodnight kiss and left for bed.


When I woke up it wasn’t to the ceiling of the room I slept in, but the void within One For All.


“What’s up guys?” I said as I looked at my predecessors.


“Well Ten, we need to tell you something about the Second.” Nana said from her throne.


“What's that?” I asked, tilting my head.


“Second was known for pranks back when he was alive, so I just want to say that he is pranking you with what his quirk actually is.” First said, sitting next to him was a pouting Second.


“I had a feeling that something like [Weather Manipulation] was too powerful to be conceived during the dawn of quirks. So, what’s his actual quirk?” I sighed and asked.


“Well since I Have to tell the truth, it’s called [Enhance & Reinforce]. It allows you to reinforce whatever is on your person or another nearby, and will also enhance its durability. Back before I got hold of One For All, I was able to make bandages as strong as thick wood, and after I received One For All with the little amount of strength it had, I was able to increase the durability to that of something like stone.” Second said while still pouting.


“That’s pretty powerful, I’m guessing that when I start using it I will be able to make something like a bandage or something as tough as steel or harder thanks to all of you.” I said, thinking about the possibilities for [Enhance & Reinforce].


“Yeah, that’s going to be useful in your efforts against AFO. I would tell you how to activate it now… but as you can tell, we can’t exactly change the order in which you get our quirks. You’ll be receiving Seven’s quirk next, then Fourth’s, Sixth’s and then mine.” Second said as he pouted, probably not wanting to wait that long to see how I would use it.


“Is there a reason why it’s in that order?” I asked, confused on why the order was like that and not going from most recent to the oldest quirks.


“We honestly don’t know, there could be a number of factors that we wouldn’t have a clue about since One For All is pretty much an anomaly amongst quirks.” First said, finally speaking up again.


“Well that’s certainly weird but not unexpected. Is there anything else you guys wanted to tell me?” I questioned.


“No, just don’t forget that we are proud of you both. See you some other time Ten.” Nana said as she faded with a wave.


I woke up with a start, I looked around and realised that I was the first guy up. I made my way into the kitchen to make myself some coffee. I knocked on the mental wall in my mind to get Izu’s attention.


Mmm… yeah Jordan? What’s up? ” Izu asked as he sounded tired.


I had a meeting with our predecessors, turns out that Second is a prankster. His quirk isn’t [Weather Manipulation], it’s called [Enhance & Reinforce], apparently it can make things on our person more durable and have more force behind them. Do you have any ideas as to what else it could possibly do? ’ I stated to Izu as I got my coffee ready.


Maybe it might be possible to spread it out to others, might also be able to enhance specific properties such as shock absorbing maybe… mumble mumble mumble ” Izu said as he began to mumble out possibilities.


Hey Izu, sorry to knock you out of your mumbling, but it’s too early for me to listen to that before my coffee. ’ I interrupted, while pouring my coffee.


Well excuuuse me Princess. ” Izu snarked.


“Did… did you just meme?” I blue screened and spoke aloud unintentionally.


“Who meme’d Midobro?” I heard Kirishima’s voice from behind.


I jumped in shock and turned to face him. “Remember what I said in Kiyashi? About my quirk and the eyes thing?” I said to Kirishima.


“Yeah, something about a second personality in your head.” Kirishima answered.


“Yeah well he was mumbling about possibilities on my quirk and different applications for it, and then when I interrupted him he meme’d that Legend of Zelda meme. You know the ‘excuuuse me princess’ one?” I said.


“Oh god I know that one. Is he snarky in there but shy out here?” Kirishima softly questioned.


“God you wouldn’t fucking believe how snarky this asshole is, and he has only been in my head for a week at most!” I whisper-shouted.


Shut up, you're the asshole! ” Izu grunted.


“Yeah fuck you too buddy.” I said while smacking my head.


“Let me guess, he said something else again?” Kirishima asked with a chuckle.


“Yup, called me an asshole.” I said, in a matter-of-fact voice.


Kirishima just light heartedly chuckled in response as he got himself ready for the day. I finished downing my coffee and washed the mug, then returned to my room and got changed for the day. When I got changed I returned to the facility’s common room and waited on the couch. I had a little conversation between myself, Kirishima and Izu while waiting.


When everyone was awake Aizawa and the PussyCats, along with 1-B and their homeroom teacher were all gathered outside. When the teachers explained what would be happening everyone split off with either a teacher or one of the PussyCats. I ended up splitting off with Tiger, who was followed by Kirishima, TetsuTetsu, Shishida, Todoroki and Tsubaraba.


Tiger had us testing the upper limits of our quirks. Kirishima was tasked with staying as hard as possible for as long as possible while I hit him with increasing  percentages little by little and get faster and faster after every few punches. TetsuTetsu was tasked with staying in his Steel form for as long as he could while Todoroki used his flames to try and increase both his flames temperatures and TetsuTetsu’s ability to handle hotter temperatures. Tiger also had Shishida and Tsubaraba doing something but I didn’t see what they were doing, so I didn’t pay it any mind.


The day went on like that for the most part. Our exercises changed every once in a while, I was able to improve my accuracy with my Air Force shots, and also surprisingly fine tune my control of One For All. Within ONE day, I was able to bring my strength to where the current manga Izu is at. I then moved onto moving around at high speeds through the trees too, with a mix of just pure [One For All], and then [One For All] mixed with [Fa Jin].


When time came for dinner everyone was already tired and made their way back the the outdoor kitchen. Everyone was helping each other cook while I caught glimpses of Bakugo sulking in a corner away from everyone. ‘ Probably a punishment for abandoning the class ’ I thought as I returned my attention to cooking.


When dinner was finished being prepared I got myself a plate, sat down and took my gloves off. I began to eat the curry that we all cooked, it wasn’t all that good but it’s edible enough. Once I was finished with the mediocre curry I sat there playing with my gloves and chatting to those around me when I smelled smoke, but it didn’t smell like it was from the fire we cooked, so I looked around and saw blue flames off in the distance.


“Hey Mandalay! There is a fire over there!” I shouted, pointing in the direction of the fire.


I heard Mandalay curse to herself before grabbing everyone’s attention, “Hey everyone! We’re going back inside! It looks like a villain attack!” 


Everyone got up and calmly made their way inside the facility, I was about to enter when I heard Mandalay ask her team, “Where’s Kota?”


“Mandalay! I know where he might be and I can get there fast, I just need permission to use my quirk!” I said as I made my way to her.


“It’s true the kid is insanely fast to the point I couldn’t see him during our training.” Tiger vouched.


“Argh, fine. Midoriya, please save Kota, I give you permission to use your quirk to save him and defend yourself from any villains that you may encounter.” Mandalay acquiesced, I nodded my thanks and activated [Full Cowling] at 45% and took off running.


Thanks to the training earlier in the day I was able to move around the forest with ease at this speed. I ran around trees and over roots as I made my way to Kota’s hideout. When I arrived I made it in time to see a large figure about to punch the boy, I used a little bit of [Fa Jin] to boost to 50% and was able to grab Kota before he was hit.


When Kota and I were safe from the man’s Immediate attack, I looked at him and saw that it was indeed Muscular.


“Oh what’s this, some brat that’s come to play hero?!” Muscular shouted as he built more muscle.


“Kota, stay behind me.” I said to the boy as I prepared to fight with Muscular.


I quickly dashed towards Muscular in an effort to push him away from Kota. I raised my fist and drove it into his stomach, but Muscular put his arm in front of my punch to block it. I tried to pull back quickly but was too slow, Muscular was able to swat me like a fly, into the cliff face.


I coughed and tried to get up in an attempt to defend but was thrown into the air by Muscular driving a muscle covered foot into my stomach. When I landed I struggled to get up while Muscular spoke.


“You put up a decent fight. Now tell me where Katsuki Bakugo is and I’ll let you live… maybe.” Muscular said as he walked towards me slowly.


“Fuck… You!” I hissed at him through the pain.


“Oho, still got some fight in you?” Muscular smirked at me.


[Full Cowl + Fa Jin] 95% ’ I mentally called out as I rose to my feet. 


I leapt towards Muscular and shoved my left hand through his muscles. I punched him in the face as hard as I could while screaming “Detroit Smash”. Muscular was thrown into the cliff face from the attack, and I saw that Kota was thrown over the edge from the wind pressure. I quickly moved towards him to grab him but he just slipped out of my reach.


I quickly called fourth [BlackWhip] from my shoulder blades and grabbed Kota under his arms with them. I pulled him back up and turned to face where Muscular was, already knowing he wasn’t down for the count. As predicted, Muscular came walking out of the cliff face without his muscles.


“Oh man! You hit hard! I love it!” Muscular shouted as he grabbed one of his fake eyes from his pocket.


“Stay the fuck down!” I shouted as I met Muscular in the middle, while he used his quirk to build up enough muscle to look like a prolapsed anus.


“Run Kota! I’ll hold him off!” I shouted while struggling to stand underneath the bulging muscles.


Jordan! You cant last much longer! ” I heard Izu’s voice shout in a panic.


I struggled against Muscular, slowly being lowered to the ground by the prolapsed anus above me. When I was eventually pushed into the ground, I still struggled with all my might, as I tried to stand back up. It was when I was about to give up that both Muscular and my attention was diverted to someone showing up.


“NO PLEASE STOP HE’LL KILL YOU TOO!” Kota shouted as someone new showed up.


I looked to my left weakly and saw that Ochako was there. She began running towards Muscular, probably in an attempt to help me by making him weightless. Muscular then diverted his efforts from me to Ochako, as he got up from me and kicked Ochako into the cliff. It was then that I saw red, I activated 100% of [One For All] in conjunction with [Fa Jin] giving an extra 50%, while also calling forth [BlackWhip]. I rose from the floor and wrapped Muscular up as best as I could.


When I had Muscular as restrained as I could get him, I quickly kicked off the ground and started to wail on him. I delivered so many punches to his body, to the point where he deactivated his quirk at some point. I didn’t know what I was doing until Izu had to hijack the body.


Argh Jordan, [Switch]! ” was all I heard as I was pulled away from the wheel.


“Uraraka! Are you okay?” Izu shouted as he used [BlackWhip] like he was a spider to move around, using four tendrils as if they were legs.


“I’m okay! Oh, Green! Wait, why are you here?” Ochako asked, probably confused that I wasn’t in control of the body.


“If I continued to let Blue have control he would have killed Muscular.” Izu said as he gestured towards the man in question.


Muscular was, for lack of a better term, broken. He was lying in a crater that was quarter filled with his blood, with all his limbs shattered. It looked like it would take years for his body to get back to where it was, and that’s if he isn’t put into a coma.


Fuck, I kinda went too far. Im sorry Izu, I didn’t mean for it to be that bad. ” I said, finally calmed down and seeing the damage that I caused.


“It’s okay, just try not to lose control like that again okay?” Izu said as he made his way back to the camp with Kota and Ochako in tow.


I understand, I dont think I would have been able to live with myself if I did kill him. I think the only acceptable death that woul be AFO, but I don’t really want to fight him just yet if our limbs are this bad from using 150%. ” I said solemnly, while also shivering at the damage I cause to our arms.


Its okay, I feel the same about AFO too. Are you stable enough to switch? ’ Izu asked mentally.


Yeah, I’m good. Sorry again. [Switch] ” I said as I took control again.


It’s okay, just try not to lose control again. I’ll stay silent for now, talk later. ” Izu said as he put up the mental block.


“Chako, what was the camp like before you left for me?” I asked as I looked towards her.


“Good to see you back in control baby. The camp was doing fine when I left to follow you, but to be fair I was only there for a minute before I left.” Ochako explained as we approached the clearing.


“Understood. Let’s get back.” Was all I said as we returned to the facility.


When we got there it was an organised chaos, people were panicking inside while a scared man with blue flames was preparing to set it on fire. I was about to rush forward and punch him, until I remembered the pain of my shattered arms. So I elected to get his attention.


“Touya Todoroki! If you surrender now we will give you a lighter sentence and a chance to kill Endeavour!” I shouted. I caught his attention as he turned to me as his flames died.


“Touya is dead!” He snarled at me.


“Do you think that I would be that dumb!” I said to him before shouting “OI SHOTO! TOUYA IS ALIVE AND RIGHT HERE!” 


I quickly called on 20% of [One For All] and used a {St. Louis Smash: Air Force} to push him into the exterior of the building. When Touya hit the building, Shoto came out and saw the man who I was referring to. He quickly identified him as a threat and froze him over.


“Is this supposed to be Touya?” Shoto growled, in one of his more expressive moments.


“Touya’s quirk burned him because his body was made for an ice quirk. Touya’s flames were originally red before they changed to blue and he ran into the forest where he ‘died’. The reason why his hair is black and not white like you remember is because it is dyed black from all the soot that has fallen into his hair.” I answered with a brief overview of what the situation was.


“How the fuck do you know any of this shit!” Touya shouted as he tried to melt the ice.


“I’m good at analysing things. You also have the same eyes as Shoto too.” I said as I got ready for him to break free of the ice.


“What’s your objective here? Is it to kill me? To capture Bakugo? Are you here because you thought it was a good idea thanks to your spy in our class?” I interrogated Touya, not caring for the gasps from next to me.


I wasn’t able to get my answers, since Eraserhead came out and saw what happened. He quickly incapacitated Touya before he could even think of an answer. I turned my attention to the hero and irritated, said “What the fuck Eraserhead! I was trying to get information out of him! All I know is that one target is Bakugo! We don’t know why else there here!”


“Shut up and get inside Problem Children.” Eraserhead said through gritted teeth.


Ochako, Shoto, Kota and I walked back into the facility. When we entered I took a quick headcount to make sure that everyone was safe. I came up short two people, Ragdoll and Bakugo.


“Fuck! Ragdoll and Bakugo are gone!” I shouted after I realised.


Yaomomo quickly came up to us and pulled me to the side. When we were out of earshot of everyone, she said “I may or may not have encountered a Nomu and put a tracker on it. Maybe we can use it to figure out where Ragdoll and Bakugo are.”


“Yaomomo you absolute genius. Thank you for making my job so much easier, now I need to rest because I’m afraid to lose all feeling in my arms if I do any more.” I said, noticing that she flushed under the praise.


After a few minutes the authorities and paramedics showed up. There were a few minor injuries from the students and heroes. With Ochako having a broken arm and me having my arms completely mangled. There was also a report of two missing persons, Bakugo and Ragdoll. I was silently hoping that I would be able to save ragdoll before AFO steals [Search].


I was transported to the hospital and fell asleep during transport. I stayed asleep for most of the time. When I woke up it was the day of the L.O.V bar raid. 

Chapter Text


When I came to, I realised I was in the hospital without even having to open my eyes. The sanitary smell of the hospital was suffocating to the point that I felt if it were any stronger I would start coughing. When I opened my eyes it confirmed that I was in hospital. I sat there quietly for what felt like hours when I finally decided to look around,


When I looked to my left I saw Yaomomo sitting there alongside Mina, Ochako and Himiko. Himiko was the first to realise that I was awake, and walked over to me. When she got to the bed she leant down and kissed my forehead while saying “Hello sleepyhead. How are you feeling?”


“A little sore.” I croaked, noting how hoarse my throat felt. I then said “Feels like someone shoved a sandpaper dildo down my throat.”


Ochako, Himiko and Mina laughed at that while Yaomomo looked slightly scandalised. “What happened while I was out?” I rasped while Ochako grabbed me some water.


“Not much, apparently you wont get charged with excessive force for what you did to Muscular though.” Ochako said as she handed me the water.


“What did he do to Muscular?” The other three girls asked at once.


“I got really mad at him when he hit Ochako, I ended up losing control and beating him into a coma. If it wasn’t for Green, Muscular would be dead.” I explained.


“Holy fuck, I knew you were strong but I didn’t know you were that strong!” Mina exclaimed.


“Trust me, if you knew you still wouldn’t believe me.” I said cryptically.


“What do you mean by that?” Yaomomo asked.


“I mean, there is a reason why my strength seems astronomical, and even if I told you, you still wouldn’t believe me. I may explain it some other time though.” I said while finishing the water.


“Yeah, even though I know it’s still kinda hard to believe.” Ochako voiced her opinion.


“Would you mind elaborating?” Yaomomo probed.


“That’s information for another time. How are my injuries looking?” I questioned, moving around a little.


“There was apparently a doctor here with a healing quirk that would allow you to heal a lot quicker over the next coming days, and right now they said that your arms are usable but to not put too much strain on them.” Mina explained.


“Fuck… what hospital are we in? And how long was I out?” I asked, only just realising what was going to happen.


“We are in a Kamino Ward hospital, and you’ve been out for 2 days. It is now 7:30 pm.” Himiko informed me.


“Shit shit shit… Okay Yaomomo you still have that tracker right?” I asked, looking at the Yaoyorozu Heiress.


“Yes I do. Are you planning what I think you are planning?” Yaomomo asked with a questioning gaze.


“If you mean follow that tracker and rescue Bakugo then yes.” I confessed, no point in hiding what I want to do.


“Why did you sound panicked, Zuzu?” Himiko asked from her seat on the bed.


“Can you girls keep a secret?” I asked, getting nods in return I continued,” All Might is going to assault the bar that the League uses. When that happens, where that tracker takes us is a warehouse in Kamino. Ragdoll will be there along with a bunch of Nomu but they should be inactive. All Might is going to fight an old nemesis of his and we need to get Bakugo out of there before he even attempts to get involved. I know I would be asking too much and I don’t intend to. So I’m not going to ask that you come with me, only that you don’t tell anyone what I will do.”


“You’re going to have to tell us at some point how you know that. But I think I speak for all of us that we can wait for that moment.” Yaomomo spoke for the girls.


“I’m coming.” I heard a male voice call out. I looked towards the door and Kirishima stood there looking at us.


“Kirishima, no. I don’t intend on letting anyone get hurt because of me.” I said while pushing up further.


“I know, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help out both you and Bakugo.” Kirishima retorted.


I sighed in exasperation and said “Fine you can come,just us two though. I don’t want you girls getting potentially hurt because of me. Also I want all five of you to know that you are all the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


I got up and out of the hospital bed and made my way to the door, when I was stopped by a hand on my wrist. I turned around and saw Yaomomo looking at me. She spoke.


“Be careful out there. Also you will need some kind of disguise so you don’t get caught, take some money.”


“I- Yaomomo. You don’t have to give me any money.” I said.


“I know but still, it's better to have the money and not need it than to need money and not have it.” Yaomomo said as she handed me the money with a smile.


“Fine, but I’m going to pay you back one way or another.” I said and took the money. I gave my girlfriends a quick kiss each before walking out of the hospital with Kirishima in tow.


We both started following the tracker that Yaomomo gave us and soon figured out where the Nomu storage was. We quickly went into a clothing store and changed into a disguise. I wore a black hoodie with a facemask and some jeans, while Kirishima opted for cargo pants, a red long sleeve top and another face mask. He also grabbed a hat to cover his very noticeable hair.


Once we had changed and got back on our way to the warehouse we started to discuss the plan. “Okay Kiri, when we get there we are going to sneak in, try and rescue Ragdoll before All Might forces the league to retreat here. When they do eventually show up, I’ll wrap you up with BlackWhip and keep you as close as I can while we get in the air to rescue Bakugo.” I outlined the plan.


“Okay, understood. I got your back in the warehouse too,” Kirishima said, I nodded my thanks and we continued onward in silence.


We both walked towards the warehouse taking note of our surroundings and noting that the population began to this out as we got closer. When we arrived at the warehouse we went around the side and spotted a window that was just out of reach, I quietly gestured to Kirishima and he understood. He squatted with his back to the wall and cupped his hands, I put my foot in his hands and was lifted up towards the window.


I peeked inside and saw that the place was lined from wall to wall with vats, in each vat held a Nomu in various stages of completion. I tapped Kirishima’s hands with my other foot lightly and he lowered me. When I was on solid ground I began to speak.


“There are a bunch of vats in there, each holding Nomu’s in various stages of completion. I didn’t see Ragdoll but we need to go in and look. I wasn’t able to count how many there were so we need to be careful.”


“Got it MidoBro, I’ll follow your lead.” Kirishima responded quietly.


Kirishima and I quietly made our way around the building searching for an entrance. We eventually found a door that was locked, but I was able to use 2% {Full Cowl} to break the lock without further damaging my hands. When the door was unlocked we both entered silently and looked around. We were both deathly silent, afraid that any noise we made would be our last.


We eventually found Ragdoll in a vat of some liquid, when we got closer to the vat we saw that there was a little display, showing her current status. From what I could understand of the medical equipment, it said that she was currently healthy and stable. We got to work on figuring out how to get her free of the vat as quietly as possible.


When we had Ragdoll out of the vat she was held in I tried to quietly wake her up. She started to groan and make noise as she came to, so I had to cover her mouth to keep her quiet. When she realised she couldn’t talk she started to struggle a little.


“Shh… Ragdoll calm down, we need you to be quiet.” I whispered, and when she nodded I took my hand away.


“Can you use your quirk for me please?” I quietly asked.


“Yeah I can try… wait what?” Ragdoll started to speak before she grew confused.


“What happened?” I said, growing slightly worried.


“I can use my quirk, but it is significantly weaker. I think I can only track up to 25 people now.” Ragdoll explained while we made our way out of the warehouse.


“Shit… he has a portion of [Search] already, this is literally the worst case scenario. Okay, Ragdoll, we are getting-'' I started before I was interrupted by an explosion.


An explosion rocked the area and I knew what was coming next. The warehouse walls began to crumple from the shockwave from the explosion. I tried to will my body to move but I couldn’t due to the overwhelming feeling of dread.


From where the three of us were we could see the aftermath of the explosion. There was a massive crater, and in the middle of it all was All For One. I could just see him floating there menacingly. Soon after, All Might appeared and tried to punch him away.


Ah, Toshinori Yagi… just the man I was waiting for. That petulant brat is just over there, surrounded by my League, do you think that you can save him and everyone else here? ” All For One’s voice rang out, sounding both silky smooth but also like sandpaper, as if every word that he had ever spoken since birth was a malicious lie.


ALL FOR ONE! YOUR REIGN OF TERROR STOPS HERE! ” All Might said as he got ready to attack.


While their interaction was happening, Kirishima and I gave Ragdoll to some random civilian as we both made our way to find Bakugo so that All Might could fight uninhibitedly. When we arrived at where Bakugo was, we saw that he was engaged with all of the currently surviving members of the league. From what I could tell there was Shigaraki, Kurogiri, Mr. Compress, Mustard and Magne.


“Any ideas Green?” I asked aloud, only Kirishima could hear me but he kept quiet.


Maybe grab Kirishima’s hand wrap both yours and his arms in [BlackWhip] and leap off with about 15-20% and when Bakugo grabs on, wrap [BlackWhip] around his arm too. And if you need to move around in the air then I suggest that you boost to maybe 30% and kick behind you to get speed. ” Green said, we both agreed at some point to just call each other Blue and Green, based on what eye colour is glowing.


“What did Green say?” Kirishima asked softly.


I told Kirishima what Green had said to me. Kirishima agreed to the plan and we soon got into a position where I could hold his hand whilst also being able to kick off the ground. When Kirishima’s hand was gripped in mine I wrapped both our arms in [BlackWhip] and got ready to leap.


When  kicked off the ground I was not expecting for there to be so much weight, I was almost thrown off by it but I kept strong.


“Come on!” I heard Kirishima yell. 


Not long after Kirishimas yell I heard a powerful explosion and prayed that it was Bakugo and not All For One. 


A few seconds of waiting for Bakugo passed and I heard Kirishima say “Got Him!”, so I slithered the [BlackWhip] tendril down Kirishima’s shoulder and around his arm that was holding onto Bakugo, also wrapping around him.


I Boosted to about 25% of [One For All] and kicked the air, forcing all of us forwards faster. Within a minute we were out of the combat zone and we started to fall to the ground. Bakugo used his explosions to help stabilise the landing and I used a kick to slow us down enough for the landing. I didn’t use any flicks in fear of potentially damaging my hands more than they already were.


When we landed on the ground again I wanted to go and find where Ragdoll was, just to make sure she was safe. When I found her again I walked up to her and she greeted us.


“Hey you kids. I hope you know what you did was extremely reckless.” Ragdoll said in a stern tone.


“Yes ma’am, we understand.” I spoke for both Kirishima and myself.


“But with that being said, thank you. If it wasn’t for you two I may have been either dead, turned into a Nomu or completely quirkless.” Ragdoll said as she thanked us for what we did.


“You’re welcome ma’am, I’m just happy that you’re okay now.” I said with a soft smile.


“What were you going to say before the explosion by the way? Something about him having a portion of [Search]?” Ragdoll said in a questioning tone.


“That guy in the centre of the crater there can steal quirks. He was apparently only able to steal a portion of your quirk because he was interrupted. I just hope that your limit isn’t capped and you can still train it to get it back to where it was.” I said while turning to a tv showing the fight.


During our whole talk All Might was fighting the monster wearing human skin. It got to the point where his skeletal form was revealed to the whole of Japan.


See this Japan? This is your so-called ‘Symbol of Peace’, he is just a husk of the man who he used to be. ” All For One said, and thanks to the people recording we were all able to hear it.


“Do you think… revealing this form… will stop me from… defeating you for Japan?” The emaciated form of All Might called out while gasping for air.


Tch… you heroes disgust me. How about I find your successor? Let’s see if he will put up as much of a fight as you have? ” All For One threatened, and I felt my blood run cold. I wasn’t ready to face him yet! I don’t want to fight or have people know I’m All Might’s successor yet!


“You will not touch him!” All Might shouted as he bulked one arm up and shouted “UNITED STATES OF SMASH!”


All Might moved into punching range of All For One and was able to deliver an extremely powerful blow. All Might caused another massive shockwave with that attack of his. We could feel some of the wind pressure from where we were watching from.


I took one more look at the tv and noticed that something was missing. ‘ Oh fuck the League got away! ’ I shouted in my mind.


Fuck! We need to get to a police station or something with Bakugo and Ragdoll. ” Green swore and reminded me.


I turned to the pro hero and explosive blonde and said “We need to get to a police station for your statements or whatever happens next. I suggest we get moving.” I said and started to walk in the direction of the nearest station.


When we arrived at the station all our statements were taken and Ragdol vouched for Kirishima and I, saying something along the lines of “If they didn’t do what they did, I would have been dead, quirkless or a Nomu, they don’t deserve a punishment.”. Kirishima and I thanked her before we made our separate ways back home.


I managed to let the girls know that we are all safe before I got home. When I returned home I was pulled into an almost bone crushing hug and was then subsequently told I was grounded because of what I did.

Chapter Text

“Hey mom, would it be okay if I took my girlfriends out on a date, just for the day? And then I’ll return home as soon as it is over. Please?” I asked mom as I made my way to the kitchen.


“Girlfriends? Plural? How many do you have?” Mom asked as she turned to me, stars visible in her eyes.


“Three, You’ve already met Ochako. Then there is Himiko, the one who I helped with her quirk problem. And then there is Mina, she only just joined the relationship the day before the attack and I’d like to take them all on a date.” I explained, mom seemed appeased.


“Alright fine, but make sure that you return home before it gets too dark.” Mom said in a stern tone.


“Thanks mom!” I said as I gave her a kiss and then returned to my room.


[Partners-In-Crime Group Chat]


GreenSin: Hey girls, are you all free to go out?


FloatingSin: I’m free, dress casually?


GreenSin: Yup, casual dress, wanna take all you girls out on a little date.


BloodSin: I’ll be ready, I can’t wait!


AlienPurity: I’m excited! I’ll be ready soon, also what’s with the names?


GreenSin: Have a guess at what in means


AlienPurity: Hmm…


AlienPurity: Wait…


AlienPurity: Don’t tell me this is cause you have fucked?!


BloodSin: Ding ding ding! She guessed it!


GreenSin: Okay girls, time to get ready, I’ll go to each of your houses and pick you up by 11am at the latest.


I closed my phone and grabbed a picnic basket that I found in the house. I went into the kitchen and got started on making all kinds of foods. I made a serving of mochi, an apple pie, a few sandwiches and a few other snacks. When it was all in the basket I returned to my room and prepared a change of clothes. I then grabbed a picnic blanket and took a shower. Once I was finished with the shower I changed into the clothes that I had picked out after I dried off. Once all that was finished I grabbed the pack of condoms I had and buried them under all the food so they wouldn’t be immediately spotted.


It was now 10am so I grabbed the basket and blanket and made my way out of the apartment. I then headed from the station towards U.A to pick Himiko up then grabbed Ochako on the way to Mina’s. When we arrived at Minas we were assaulted by a pink speeding bullet that crashed into us. 


“Hey Mina.” I said as I gave her a kiss.


“Hey Zuku, Chako and Himi!” Mina said as she climbed off me and ran to the girl for the same treatment.


“As you can see Mina, I have a picnic planned for us.” I said gesturing to the basket with a smile.


“You better have cooked something good.” Mina joked with squinted eyes.


After that interaction we all made our way to Dagobah beach for the picnic. When we got there, there wasn’t anybody there. ‘ Weird, I would have expected a small group here, but oh well.


“Well girls, let’s set up over here.” I said, pointing to a more secluded spot of the beach.


“Ooh~ is there a reason you want to be more secluded Zuku?~ Do you plan on fucking us?~” Mina said in a seductive voice.


“Yes, I plan on fucking you Mina.” I said in a deadpan tone, that made it hard to tell if I was joking or not.


The girls and I walked over and set everything up then sat down. I pulled the food out of the basket and set it around us. Everyone started to dig in,starting with the sandwiches then moving to the pie.


“My god this tastes great!” Mina said, having a “FoodGasm”.


“I know right?!” Himiko said in exasperated excitement.


“Mhm! Who made this?” Ochako asked as she turned to me.


“I made it with a little help from mom, I didn’t have enough hands so mom helped out.” I supplied, while enjoying all the food.


The food was soon finished and packed away. We all decided to lay down and just enjoy the day in each other’s company. Mina had cuddled up on my right side while Ochako cuddled up to my left and Himiko laid on top of me.


We laid there for who knows how long. We all eventually decided to take a nap, basking in the warmth of the sun and each other. When I opened my eyes the sun was starting to set. I then decided to make my move, I mentally called out to Izu (Green from now on) and asked him for some privacy.


I moved just a little to wake the girls up. When they woke up, they all stretched and the shoulders of their tops slid down, seriously eroding my will. When Himiko and Ochako noticed that they decided to give me seductive smirks and flash me quickly while Mina wasn’t looking.


“Hey Zuku?” Mina asked as she turned back to us.


“Yeah Mina? What’s up?” I said as I faced her.


“Would you umm…” Mina mumbled the rest of what she said.


“Sorry I didn’t catch that. Can you repeat that?” I asked, wondering what she was asking.


“Could you… please… fuck me?” Mina asked as she closed her eyes, possibly waiting for the rejection.


I answered her by capturing her lips with my own. Our kiss went from sweet to lustful within a minute. By the time I pulled away Mina was looking at me through half lidded eyes and panting lightly. I reached for the basket and grabbed the box of condoms, pulling one out ready for when she was ready.


“Ooh~ you planed this didn’t you Zuzu~” Himiko said from behind me.


“Maybe Miko, think you and Chako can wait while I deal with Mimi?” I said suggestively. I got an affirmative noise back and heard Ochako squeak from behind me.


“How do you want to do this Mimi?” I asked as I recaptured her lips.


“Can you… do me… from behind.” Mina said in between kisses.


“Of course.” I whispered and started to peel her shirt off, as she did to mine.


Soon enough I was sitting there topless, staring at Mina in a white and blue striped bra. I surged forth and continued to make out with Mina, hands wrapping around her in the process to get at her bras clasps. When Mina’s bra was undone I pulled away so we could continue to undress. I peeled her shorts off and exposed her white and blue striped panty covered pussy to me. She then pulled my pants off and exposed my black briefs to her.


I then pulled my briefs down and Mina got a good look at my dick. She gasped and moved to touch it. Her hands were really soft and she started to move them up and down, shifting from fondling my balls to having both hands on the shaft.


“I’m ready Zuku~” Mina said as she pulled away and turned around to bend over.


Sure enough, Mina was ready, as evident by the slowly growing wet patch in her panties. I quickly put the condom on and moved to slowly peel Mina’s panties down. When her pussy was exposed to the open air, it was glistening. Mina was now nude for the world to see, but only Ochako, Himiko and I would ever get to see this sight.


I slowly dragged a finger up her pussy, loving the sound of her strangled moan. I took a quick look at the other two and saw that they were face deep in each others pusssies. I turned back to Mina and bent down to lick her folds, enjoying the moans I was rewarded with.


I sat back up and lined myself up with her pussy, I looked up and asked “Are you ready Mimi?”


“Yes, just go slow please.” Mina begged as she shook her ass in front of me.


I slowly pushed into MIna’s wet folds, enjoying how tight she was, but not too much that I would end up losing myself to the pleasure just yet. I was about halfway in when I think Mina got tired of the wait and just slammed her hips backwards. She cried out in pain and I bent forwards to distract her from the pain by kissing her neck and pinching her nipples.


“I’m good now babe, you can move.” Mina said after a minute.


“Okay, I’ll go slow at first.” I husked.


I slowly started to move inside and out of my pink queen’s pussy. Soon enough we were moving faster, earning louder and more frequent moans. I was going in and out at a steady pace when I got the urge to spank Mina, I did so and almost immediately regretted the decision but Mina moaned louder, so I did it again, causing Mina to squeak.


“Fuuuck Mimi… You’re so tight.” I moaned through gritted teeth.


“You’re so big Zuku~” Mina moaned.


The sounds of wet flesh slapping and moans filled the air around us. I was going in and out of Mina like a piston and she was loving every moment of it. I continued to grope and squeeze Mina’s ass while pounding into her, loving all of the squeaks and moans that she let out.


“Ooh my god~ Zuku~... Fuck. I’m close baby~” Mina purred and I felt her tightening.


“Me too baby~ Fuck I’m going to cum soon!” I cried out, feeling the pleasure slowly build to its climax.


“Cum with me baby~ Please cum with me!~” Mina begged.


I continued to fuck the pink girl below me and decided to bring a hand down on her ass. The slap that echoed out was the tipping point as I felt Mina’s pussy clench around my cock and her legs buckle. I also came when I felt Mina’s pussy clench around me, sending load after load into the condom and not her needy pussy.


I slowly pulled out so as to not overstimulate both of us. When I was out of Mina I pulled the condom off, tied it off and pulled Mina into a kiss. We both made out for what felt like hours when we finally heard the cries of the other two girls as they came next to us. I looked over and saw the petite form of Himiko laying on top of Ochako with her head hanging in front of her pussy.


I waited for a minute before I spoke up,”Are you ready for more Miko?”


“Yeah I am Zuzu!~” Himiko said as she sat upright and gave me a predatory look.


I grabbed another condom and put it on while Himiko looked like she was getting ready to pounce on me. Once I was done Himiko literally pounced, and locked her lips to mine while pushing me onto the blanket. I felt Himiko begin to straddle me and rub her pussy up and down the length of my cock.


“Are you ready Zuzu?~” Himiko asked as she sat up and grabbed my shaft.


“Yes Miko, I’m ready.” I moaned as Himiko started to impale herself on my cock.


Himiko started to bounce up and down slowly, to get used to being fucked after a while of not having sex. Once Himiko was ready I let her take full control of the experience. She started to bounce harder and faster while moaning and screaming. I had to grit my teeth and focus on not cumming, just so Himiko could have her fun and not be disappointed.


“Fuck Miko, you’re still soo tight.” I husked through gritted teeth.


“Fuck Zuzu! You’re splitting me!~” Himiko screamed while throwing her head back.


I started to thrust upwards to help with Himiko’s pleasure. She squealed as she collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her back and started to pound into her harder than I have done before. This went on for a few minutes until HImiko’s pussy clenched around my cock and she squirted a little. I then came into the condom that was the only protection from having a child, although having one with any of these girls didn’t sound like a bad idea.


I carefully pulled out of Himiko and tied the end of the condom off and just laid there, basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. After we both cooled down I laid her next to Mina, who immediately latched onto the blonde vampire and hugged her from behind. I then turned to Ochako, and saw a brunette angel laying in front of me with her legs spread wide.


“I’m still on the pill baby~ you can cum in me~” Ochako mewled through half lidded eyes. 


I crawled over to her and began to kiss her. I let my hands wander and they found her breasts, I started to squeeze and pinch them, enjoying the squeals and moans I was rewarded with. I did that for about a minute and then pulled away, much to her annoyance, as she whined for me and followed with her head.


I sat up and grabbed my still hard cock and lined it up with her cunt, I looked up to her face for confirmation and she gave me a look that screamed ‘give it to me hard and fast’ so that’s what I did. I slammed into her cunt and started to move rapidly, pistoning in and out of her at a rapid pace. I felt Ochako clench around me and assumed that she came within that time, but I paid it no mind, as I continued to fuck her as if she was the last woman on earth.


“FUCK ME DADDY! PUT A BABY IN THIS CUNT OF YOURS!” Ochako screamed while clawing at my back.


“TAKE IT! FUCKING TAKE EVERYTHING!” I shouted as I brought a hand down on what little of her ass I could slap from my position.


Her cunt then squeezed me harder than any other time she came and that was the tipping point for me. I unloaded everything that I had left into her warm, needy little cunt. I bent forwards in an attempt to catch my breath but Ochako pulled herself up and kissed me like her life depended on it.


“Fuck that was hot.” I heard Himiko mutter from where she was.


When we stopped making out I was finally able to catch my breath. I also slowly pulled out of her and watched as my cum leaked out of her. Himiko and Mina pushed past me and started to lap up the cum that was dripping out of the brunette’s cunt.


When the girl were done with what they were doing we all got dressed and packed up. Once we were finished packing up we all returned home, while I brought Himiko back to the school. When I retuned home I was met with an intimidating sight, an angry momma bear named Inko.


“Where were you?” Inko said in a menacing tone.


“I took a nap with the girls on the beach.” I squeaked out, cursing how my voice broke.


“Oh, and is that why you smell like sweat and god knows what else, and why you look like a mess?” Mom said in a tone that made it sound like she already knew what happened.


“Yup… napping in the sun made us all sweat a lot hehe.” I tried to joke, but Momma Bear Inko wasn’t having it. 


“Son, don’t lie to me. You had sex with them didn’t you?” Mom said with a mischievous smile on her face.


“No.” I squeaked, hating that my voice broke yet again .


“What did I say about lying? A mother knows son, a mother knows.” Mom said in a sage-like voice.


“Alright. fine yes… I had intercourse with them…” I said, feeling my face heat up.


“Oh I’m so proud! My baby is growing into a man!” Mom squealed and looked like she wanted to pull me into a hug.


Mom then let me go take a shower while she got to work on dinner. When I was done I came down and ate with her, while she asked me safe for work questions about the date, like how they enjoyed the food and such. Once the interrogation, I mean dinner was over I was able to go to sleep and pass out from the exhaustion of fucking three girls.


Few days later


While I was lazing around and watching TV there was a knock at the front door. Mom went to get it and returned with the guests. When I turned the TV off and turned to look at the guests I saw that it was Skelle-Might and Present Mic.


“Hello All Might, Present Mic.” I said with a wave.


“Hey little listener.” Present Mic responded with an exaggerated wave.


“Hello Young Midoriya, how are you?” Yagi asked in a polite tone.


“I’m doing good, but are you okay?” I asked, worried that it might have been worse due to my interference in the story.


“I am as well as I can be, considering the circumstances.” Yagi said while to took a seat with his casted arm.


“Well at least you don’t have to worry about constantly spitting up blood right?” I joked, looking on the brighter side of things.


“Haha, always the optimist, I will still cough out blood but it won’t ever be as bad as it used to be.” Yagi said with a chuckle.


“What did you wish to speak about?” Mom asked as she returned from the kitchen with some tea.


“Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. UA has taken more measures to make sure situations like the summer camp don’t happen again. As such we have set up dorms for the students to live in during their time learning at UA.” Present Mic informed.


“Okay, and you basically want me to give permission for my boy to move into the dorms, correct?” Mom asked.


“Yes that is correct Ma’am.” Yagi said.


“Do you know what my quirk is?” Mom asked, a menacing aura growing around her.


“It’s the attraction of small objects yes?” All Might said nervously, probably wondering where this was going.


“Correct. And do you know what counts as a small object?” Mom asked, seemingly innocently.


“No miss, I do not know.” All Might said, almost shaking in his seat.


“Anything that can fit in my hand, ranging from books, to pans, to knives and to any part of the human body.” Mom said, her aura growing darker the more she spoke.


“Okay miss, I think we get the idea.” Present Mic squeaked from his seat.


“Mom please don’t tell me you just threatened to kill my teachers!” I begged, almost not believing what was happening.


“Oh no, I’m not threatening them Izu, I’m making a promise that if you get hurt like that again on their watch, I will go through with my promise to squeeze their capillaries shut.” Mom said in a sickly sweet tone.


“Okay we get it mom you can stop! They won’t do it, right guys?” I said as I threw a sideways glance at the teachers.


“Y-yeah the little listener is right! W-we won’t do a-anything like that!” Present mic squealed while All Might nodded vigorously.


Mom finally dropped the act and put on a smile as if nothing ever happened.”Okay, I give permission for Izuku to stay at the dorms.”


Everyone sweatdropped at the sudden change in demeanour, but were thankful for it. “Is there anything else we need to know about Present Mic, All Might?” I asked, hoping to get this scary experience over and done with.


“Y-yeah, I’ll be your homeroom teacher from now on. Eraserhead is under investigation for his actions during the current year, that’s all I can say. I hope that we have a great time together in class Midoriya!” Present Mic explained, getting excited to teach our class.


“Yes, that was all we had to talk about. This is goodbye for now Young Midoriya, we will see you back at school.” All Might said as he stood up from his seat.


“Goodbye All Might, Present Mic. I can’t wait to see you at school again!” I said with a smile.


When they were gone I got started to pack my clothes and other things needed for the move in. Once I was done I made my way to the livingroom to have dinner, then took a shower and went to bed.


Move in day


Today is the day of the move in. I am now standing outside of Heights Alliance, the dorm building for class 1-A and could see everyone in their little cliques, with Bakugo still being a salty little bitch and sulking away from everyone.


Soon enough everyone was let inside and shown around. I grabbed my key and went straight to my room to unpack. I didn’t bring much, just clothes, one poster of All Might (Green had to fight me over making the room an All Might shrine.), a couple of posters of prequirk bands, and a guitar in the corner of the room (Mom was nice enough to buy me one when she heard my singing and thought I would be a great guitarist, I took to it quickly which surprised me.).


Once I was done unpacking I made my way back downstairs and collapsed on the couch in the common room. I fell asleep not long after laying on the couch. When I woke up again, I was in my room and noticed that it was a day later.

Chapter Text

I woke up in my room instead of the common room where I originally remember falling sleep.


How did I…? Oh right, Ochako exists. I forgot she could’ve just floated me to my room. ’ I thought to myself as I got out of bed and got ready.


When I was finished getting dressed I grabbed my phone and made my way downstairs, intending on making myself and my girls some breakfast. I decided on another western style breakfast of Bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. When I was finished making the food the girls finally came downstairs, in varying states of awakening.


“Mmm… that smells good.” Mina mumbled as she made her way to the table.


“Oh yes! I love it when you cook Izu!” Ochako said as the smell of the food woke her up instantly.


“Mmm.. too loud, need food before loud noises.” Himiko grumbled as she sat down in her seat and began to dig in.


“Morning girls.” I said with a smile.


“Morning Izu/Zuzu/Zuku.” The girls said in unison.


My phone then buzzed notifying me of a message. I grabbed my phone and went to my messages and saw that it was from Nezu.


[Private chat between RatGod and MeanGreen]


RatGod: Good morning Mr. Midoriya, I would like to speak to you before the school day starts.


MeanGreen: Of course sir, will there be anyone else attending?


RatGod: Yes, there will be one other. A close friend and police detective if that is alright with you.


MeanGreen: Yes that is fine sir, I will finish up with my breakfast and make my way to your office shortly.


RatGod: Splendid, I will be awaiting your arrival.


I put my phone down and stared at the plate in front of me for a quick second. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Ochako lightly holding my hand with a pinky raised. I looked at her and saw concern in her eyes, then she spoke.


“Is everything alright Izu?”


“Yeah, just Nezu wants to talk to me before school starts, I think I know what it is about. I’ll need to talk to Hagakure before I go though.” I said with a sigh.


“Okay, just know that we are always with you okay.” Ochako said in a tone that made no room for arguments and the other girls nodded, agreeing with what Ochako was saying.


“Thanks girls, I love you all.” I said with a smile.


“We love you too.” They all said in unison again.


I soon finished my breakfast and washed my dishes. I then left for the girls’ side of the dorm and made my way to Hagakure’s room. I knocked on the door and waited for a minute before it was opened. Hagakure was standing there in her pajamas still, and judging by her posture she just woke up.


“Yes Midoriya?” She asked groggily.


“Remember that project I had you work on for me? I kinda need it now.” I said, trying to be as vague as I could.


Hagakure immediately stood upright, as if the mention of it woke her up instantly, “Oh yeah, I got it here somewhere, come in.”


I stepped inside her room and it looked about the same as it did in the anime. I sat down on the edge of her bed while she rummaged around looking for what I asked. When she came back to me she had a manila folder in her invisible hands. She handed it to me and said “You’re not gonna like what’s in there.


“I don’t think I’d like it anyway.” I said as I opened the folder.


I looked down at the contents and saw a bunch of before, during and after shots of crimes being committed, some audio devices with conversations between Aoyama and an unidentified third party. There was also pictures of Aoyama’s face, which looked like he was enjoying what he was doing. I was getting sick, not only because of the contents but also the detail in the photos, not only could you see the pain that the victims went through, you could also see their innards hanging out from either stab wounds or wounds caused presumably by his quirk. I closed the folder and pulled Hagakure into a hug.


“Thank you for doing this, not just for me, but for the whole of U.A. I am also sorry that you had to witness such things. I have a meeting with Nezu so we should be able to get this done with. I also suggest therapy for having to witness and record such things. If you ever need it I will always be here, and as payment I will help you with your quirk because I have some ideas about it.” I said as I held the invisible girl.


“Thank you Midoriya, and please call me Tooru. I-I wish I d-didn’t have t-to see a-an-any of that, b-but I’m glad I-I was able t-to help s-stop him.” Tooru said as she cried in my arms.


“Shh… it’s okay, again, I’m sorry you had to do that. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you just let me know.” I whispered to the crying invisible form in my arms while stroking her head.


After a few minutes of calming her down I was finally able to leave and get the evidence to Nezu. I walked out of the dorms and made my way to the office with the folder in hand. Soon I was in front of the door that led into the RatGods dungeon. I steeled my nerves and brought my hand up to knock but the door opened before I could make the first knock.


I peered inside and saw Nezu sitting behind his desk, calmly drinking his tea. I also saw a man dressed in a beige coat with tired eyes standing behind the rat, who I identified as detective Naomasa Tsukauchi. I stepped in and greeted them both, “Good morning Nezu, Tsukauchi.”


“Good morning Mr. Midoriya. You are probably wondering why you are here, yes?” Nezu asked, and I nodded my confirmation.


“Well, I brought you here today because I have noticed some things about you that strike me as peculiar. For instance, All Might described you as a timid and shy boy, but the day of the exam you had a completely different attitude towards everything. There is also the fact that you seem to know a great many things before they ever actually happen.” Nezu said calmly while taking a sip of his ever present tea.


“I’m being accused of being a traitor or something aren’t I?”I asked, and the look of shock on the detective’s face confirmed it.


“Well, are you a traitor?” Nezu asked curiously.


“No, but I do know who it is.” I said, I also took note of the detective tapping near Nezu once, possibly indicating the truth


“And who would you be blaming for this accusation?” Nezu asked, a sadistic glint in his eye appeared.


“It’s not an accusation if it is fact, Yuuga Aoyama is the traitor. Everything in this file confirms it.” I said as I placed the file on the desk.


The detective grabbed the file and looked through it. While that was happening I was having a conversation with Green, “ Fingers crossed this works and we don’t need to reveal anymore.


Don't get your hopes up, I thought you learned this by now. ” Green chided


Yeah yeah, shut up. I can dream alright! ” I argued back.


“This is… this is disgusting.” the detective swallowed.


“How did you get all of this?” Nezu asked, a little bit of hostility in his voice.


“You are gonna hate me… I had a classmate spy on him because of his suspicious actions.” I lied about the last but, I already knew that he was a spy I just needed the evidence that was in their possession now.


I saw the detective tap twice and Nezu immediately said, “Dont lie to me Mr. Midoriya.”


“Fuck! What am I supposed to say huh?! That I am not from this world?! That I got isekai’d into my favourite anime/manga series! That I know the future?! Yeah because people will definitely believe me!” I bit back sarcastically.


“Well I know that you are telling the truth, remember my quirk? Even if it tells me the truth it is a little hard to believe.” Tsukauchi finally spoke up.


“If you do not mind Midoriya, may I ask how far into the series our apparent manga is?” Nezu asked with a different gleam in his eye.


“Chapter 335. From what I remember it was sometime in april or may next year and Hagakure was spying on Aoyama in the last panel, revealing him as the traitor. The details get a little fuzzy because of how long ago I read the manga. There is also a war that will happen at either the end of the year or start of the next, and Deika city will be destroyed as the LOV fight the Meta Liberation Army. Shigaraki’s quirk evolved to no longer need all five fingers to decay things, he also assimilated the MLA into the LOV, creating the Paranormal Liberation Front. Also there is a tartarus breakout somewhere down the line.” I informed them.


“Do you know anything else? Like where the league is located or what their next move is?” The detective asked as he looked up from a notepad.


“Not that I can remember, all that I do remember is that Kurogiri is taken down by Gran Torino and arrested sometime during the work studies. There is also a raid on the Shie Hissaikai that will involve some first years. If things stayed the same they would be me because of Nighteye, Kirishima because of FatGum then Ochako and Tsu because of Ryuukyuu. The only reason why I am with Nighteye’s agency is because of One For All, he will want me to give it to Mirio, but if I did he would die because of how unstable the power is to quirked OfA users.” I informed them of what I remembered.


“Okay, this is a lot but I believe that we are done for today. Thank you for your cooperation Mr. Midoriya, you may return to class now.” Nezu said politely.


“Thank you Nezu, Good day to the both of you.” I said politely before walking out of the office.


Was it wise to reveal that much? ” Green asked.


It was either that or get arrested. I don’t think they would have let us go without divulging as much information as I did. ” I replied.


If you’re sure… let's just hope it doesn't bite you in the ass. ” Green said reluctantly.


Hey if it does come to bite me in the ass, I’ll be sure to swap you out before it does. ” I joked as I got closer to the classroom.


Sorry but I’m not the one that has a biting kink. ” Green snickered.


Shut up dickhead. Now be quiet I’m needed in class. ” I bit back.


Sure sure, talk later. ” Green said before the mental wall was up.


I walked into class and it looked like everyone was sitting anxiously, probably waiting for Aizawa I surmised. I walked in and made my way to Tooru quickly and patted her on the shoulder while saying “Thanks for what you did for me, Nezu loved the gift.”


“Oh I’m sure he did, he seems like he loves puzzles doesn’t he?” Tooru joked and giggled a little.


I walked over to my seat and sat down, more relaxed as I didn’t have to worry about the constant threat of expulsion looming over my head. I soon heard footsteps outside the door and it opened, revealing a cockatoo- I mean Present Mic. He walked in and was smiling to reassure all of us.


“Hey kids! I’m your new homeroom teacher after some things with Aizawa were spoken about. Don’t worry, I’m not going to threaten you with expulsion or the likes. I just want to raise good heroes that will help those in need.” Mic said with a warm smile.


“Sir, why is Aizawa no longer our homeroom teacher?!” Iida shouted as he stood up with his robot arms.


“Ah shadup!” Present Mic said as he beamed Iida in the forehead with a piece of chalk.


A couple of students chuckled at the scene while Iida was left baffled. Soon after the class started, everyone was also beginning to realise that they could relax and act like normal teenagers in class. Some were chatting with Mic while others spoke to their friends. Mic was already starting to be a positive change to the class and we all loved it.


When it came time for our Heroics lesson everyone was gathered in Gym Gamma, dressed in their costumes. Present Mic walked in, alongside Cementoss, Midnight, Ectoplasm and the emaciated All Might.


“Hey kids! Today we are going to be preparing you for the provisional licence exam by helping you create some super moves!” Present Mic said in his overly bombastic way.


Some students cheered, while others looked lost in thought. Soon enough we were all paired off with an Ectoplasm clone and got to work on our super moves. My Ectoplasm clone took me to one of the higher pillars and began to talk.


“Okay Midoriya, do you have any ideas for moves?” His gravely voice asked.


“Yeah, I have a few. Some are inspired by classmates while others are ones I’ve had on my mind for a while.” I responded.


“Okay, lets hear them.” Ectoplasm said.


“Well one is an area of effect one, where I slam my foot on the ground with 20% or more, that one is {San Andreas Smash}. Then there is {Pinpoint Focus}, I was thinking that if I can increase my accuracy with [BlackWhip] then I could use it to basically snipe targets from long range. {Froppy Style} is inspired by Tsu, it’s where I can theoretically pool the energy from [BlackWhip] in my mouth and create a tongue like appendage to use as manoeuvrability and also offencability. And the last one I can think of is {Iowa Smash}, where I clap my hands together at 25% or higher and create large gusts of wind.” I spoke to the clone.


“Well that’s certainly a lot, maybe just focus on one for now until you can master it then move onto the next.” Ectoplasm said as he looked around at the others.


“Understood, I’ll start with {Froppy Style} now.” I said as I closed my eyes and focused the energy from [BlackWhip] towards my mouth.


I opened my mouth and eyes at the same time. I could feel the buzzing warmth that I was familiar with in my mouth and then focused on trying to get it to shoot out. I was able to get it to come out slowly and have it wrap around a rock, I then pulled myself towards it. My training went like that for the majority of the day. Just before the end of the lesson I was able to get it to come out quickly but I wasn’t able to get it to latch onto anything when it came out that fast, it just shot out, slapped whatever the target was and then retreated.


I smirked as an idea popped into my head, I looked over to where Ochako was and saw that she was sitting down, probably resting after using her quirk on herself. I used {Froppy Style} and it quickly shot out and lightly slapped Ochako on the arm before it retreated. Ochako saw what happened and laughed a little. I soon joined in with her as I made my way towards her after the lesson ended.


“Hey Izu, I’m thinking that I need to get some costume upgrades. Wanna come with?” Ochako asked as we walked towards the change rooms.


“Yeah sure, I think we should also bring Mina, Miko, Yaomomo, Jirou and Tooru along too. I have some costume designs for them.” I said while holding her hand.


“When did you start calling her Tooru?” Ochako asked suspiciously.


“Oh! She told me to call her that, remember when I said that she had that little project for me? Well it was relatively traumatic and I comforted her, then she asked me to call her by her first name.” I explained.


“Okay, as long as ya ain’t cheatin’” Ochako said while squinting at me.


“Chako, why would I ever cheat when I have you, Miko, Mina and possibly Yaomomo in my life?” I asked.


“I know, I was just kiddin’, I know ya love us too much to go and to that.” Ochako acquiesced.


We both went into our respective change rooms and got into our school uniforms. When I left the change room I noticed that it was the girls who I asked for standing and waiting for me chatting amongst themselves. I walked up to them and spoke. 


“Do you girls have any ideas for your costumes?”.


“No, I do not believe I do.” Yaomomo said in her elegant way of speaking.


“Got one idea for mine.” Ochako said.


“Nope!” Mina said with a pop of the p.


“No clues.” Tooru said.


“I think I do?” Himiko said, confused.


“No, I haven’t got one.” Jirou said, nonchalantly.


“I believe I do have one, ribbit.” Tsu said in her blunt tone of voice.


“Okay, for those of you that dont, I think I do have a small idea for what might work for you.” All the girl looked at me like I was weird, “Hey don’t look at me like that! I like quirks and seeing how I can help you guys improve yours!”


Eventually the girls relented and we all began to walk towards the development studio. There was a little chatter between the girls that I didn’t really pay attention to because it felt like an invasion of privacy. Soon enough we were outside the development studio and the door blew off its hinges, revealing an insane pink dreadlocked Mei Hatsume.


“God damnit Hatsume! One more explosion and I am permanently banning you!” A gruff voice called out, one that I recognised as Power Loader.


“Failure is the mother of invention! And you wouldn’t keep me from my babies would you?!” Hatsume said as she made her way back inside, completely ignoring us.


“I’m guessing you are hero course kids?” Power Loader asked as he looked at us.


“Yeah, we need some costume upgrade, but I’d prefer if it wasn’t her that did them, I have a feeling that she would somehow figure out how to make a simple paper aeroplane explode.” I said while nervously looking at the girl.


“Sure, I wont give your costume ideas to Hatsume. Either I or an upperclassman will design the upgrades for you. Now then, lay it on me.” Power Loader said as we got out a notepad and closed the door.


“Okay, so I was thinking that I could have some kind of grappling hook in my bracers to help me manoeuvre around objects and move said objects as weapons.” Ochako said as Power Loader wrote that idea down.


“If I may interrupt, I think you should also have some kind of gyroscope and compressed air in your boots to help you with manoeuvers in the air easier.” I suggested, Ochako nodded her head and Power Loader wrote it down.


“For Tooru, I was thinking of some kind of DNA integrated suit that would allow it to go fully invisible, also some noise cancelling shoes too.” I said.


“Oh my god! That’s a thing?!” Tooru said, shocked.


“Yes Tooru, no one wants you running around in just boots and gloves, what if there was a villain that could see invisible objects or people?” I asked rhetorically.


“Oh my god they could see my girly bits!” Tooru exclaimed as she tried to cover herself up.


“I believe that the point he was getting at was that the villain could see you and take you down.” Yaomomo explained.


“Oooh, yeah I can see how that would be bad, yeah that's a good idea, thanks Izuku.” Tooru said, and Power Loader wrote down the idea.


“I have the same idea for Yaomomo too, I think you need some kind of DNA coded suit so that you don’t have to worry about tearing your suit with bigger objects. Also it probably shouldn’t be a leotard now if we are changing it. Also instead of having that shelf on your lower back how about we get a wrist mounted computer for all the formulas you need.” I said as I looked towards the girl.


“Now that I know about the DNA coded fabrics I will be sure to revise my costume design and forward it to you Power Loader. And I would also like that wrist mounted computer idea too.” Yaomomo said elegantly.


“Okay, just so you know, the DNA coded fabrics will take a while to produce, so you will have to stick with your current iteration until I can get it produced for you two. Does anyone else need any DNA coded fabrics?” Power Loader asked, already looking tired.


“No, we don’t. For Jirou, I would suggest some speakers that are wrist mounted and some sort of melee weapon that you are comfortable using.” I said and turned to the purplette.


“I think I would do better with something like Kaminari’s idea, with the escrima sticks.” Jirou said while twirling her jac around her finger.


“Okay, we can do that, speakers that are light enough to mount on the wrists and then some escrima sticks. What about you four?” Power Loader questioned looking up from his notepad.


“I would like an upgraded heat regulator in my costume please, ribbit.” Tsu asked the hero.


“Okay, that was pretty much my idea too, maybe add some pouches for medical supplies and whatnot?” I suggested.


“Yes, that would work, thank you Midoriya.” Tsu responded and Power Loader wrote it down.


“Miko, how’s your suit looking?” I asked, remembering that it was a black bodysuit with blood red highlights with some armour plates along her abdomen.


“I like it, but I would like to have something that would let me collect blood, even if its just a small amount.” Himiko said.


“I think we can add some kind of reinforced collection and storage device to your costume, maybe some claws in the gloves?” Power Loader suggested.


“Ooh then I’ll look like a cat with them! Yes please!” Himiko said in a childish giddiness.


“Done, they will be added to your suit for use next time.” Power Loader said.


“Mina, is any of your suit acid proof?” I asked, hoping to not get irritated.


“Umm… no, it isn’t.” Mina said, sounding at least a little bit apologetic.


“Who the fuck are these support companies?!” I shouted and slammed my head into the wall.


“I feel ya kid, so we should just make the suit acid proof?” Power Loader said in a sympathetic voice.


“Yeah, and add some kind of way to let her spray her acid further.” I said, still smacking my head into the wall.


“And… done. Alright now what about you kid?” Power Loader asked me. I finally stopped hitting my head into the wall and spoke.


“Can I just get tougher materials for my suit, and have two four centimetre holes in the shoulderblades of my suit? Also I need new Air Force gloves, I kinda broke them on Musculars face.” I said, scratching the back of my head.


“Got it, but why the holes?” Power Loader asked, curious as to why I needed them.


“Oh, because I discovered I can summon [BlackWhip] out of any part of my body, not just my hands.” I said, demonstrating as I had a tendril come out of the back of my neck.


“Huh, impressive. I’ll get it done for all of you kids, now go on. I think I’ve left Hatsume alone for too long.” Power Loader grumbled as he returned to the room.


We all returned to the dorms and I went to my room to relax alone to unwind from the day. I just remembered that I forgot to ask Nezu something so I grabbed my phone and shot him a text.


[Private chat between RatGod and MeanGreen]


MeanGreen: I forgot to ask while I was there Nezu, but what happened to Dabi?


RatGod: By the time we went to arrest the suspect known as Dabi, he turned into a pile of what could be described as mud.


MeanGreen: Well at least we know that Twice is somehow involved with the league now. 


RatGod: Twice is Jin Bubaigawara correct?


MeanGreen: Of course you know that, yes Jin is Twice. Also what will happen to Aoyama?


RatGod: Aoyama will be arrested tomorrow and tried in a court of law. With the amount of evidence we have against him will surely be enough to find him guilty.


MeanGreen: Okay, I understand Nezu, I wish you a good night.


RatGod: Good night to you too Mr. Midoriya


I closed my phone and closed my eyes, letting the darkness consume me into a comfortable slumber. When I woke up the next day, Nezu was truthful in saying that he would arrest Aoyama. The boy tried to kick and scream his way out of the police's restraints but failed.


The rest of the time we had before the Provisional Licence Exam was spent training our super moves with the teachers. Present Mic soon became the class’s favourite teacher during that time too, since he always tried to make everyone have fun. The majority of the girls and I were also able to get our costume upgrades as well before the exam.


I was also able to fully master {Froppy Style}, {Iowa Smash} and {Pinpoint Focus}. I also am now able to use 50% of {Full Cowling} safely without any strain or fractures. I also noticed that there were more blue sparks when I was in control and more green sparks when Green(Izu) was controlling instead.

Chapter Text

Today is the day! Today we are all taking our Provisional Licence Exams, and hopefully we will get our licences to do hero work! ‘ I can’t wait! What about you Green?


I’m the same here, if I was in control I’d either be bouncing off the walls in excitement or shaking in nervous energy! ” Green said excitedly.


I chuckled and got dressed for the day then made my way downstairs. I saw that breakfast was already made so I grabbed some and sat down to eat. I started to dig in when Yaomomo came downstairs and sat with me and the girls.


“Good morning MIdoriya, Uraraka, Toga and Ashido.” Yaomomo said politely.


“Morning Yaomomo.” we all said in varying states of alert.


“Are you all ready for the exams?” She asked.


“Kinda, I’m a little nervous.” Ochako voiced her opinion.


“Same here.” Mina and Himiko said at the same time.


“Well, as long as we stay together we will all pass right? Plus I have an idea for if we do end up getting seperated.” I said while finishing up my food.


“What’s your idea?” Himiko asked, intrigued.


“Do you know the formula for a flare gun Yaomomo?” I asked while looking at her.


“Yes I do, would you like me to make you one during the exam?” She asked politely.


“Yes please. My idea is that, if we are all scattered I will try and find a place to easily defend and fire off the flare, and you guys will come to me as quickly as you can.” I explained my plan.


“That makes sense. They would most likely try to scatter us because we are from U.A yes?” Mina asked.


“Right, since we are the top hero school, they will have our asses on a platter if we aren’t careful. And thanks to the sports festival they will know what we are partially capable of, just try not to be as you were those months ago.” I said as I got up to wash my dish.


After I finished washing my dishes we all made our way to class to collect our hero costume cases. We were met in the classroom by Present Mic as he opened the door for us to grab our cases. We all made our way to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive.


“Alright Little Listeners! Let’s get going!” Present Mic shouted as the bus arrived.


Everyone piled onto the bus and I was seated next to Yaomomo. We spoke about the plan and she offered up her observations and suggestions, I listened and added the ones that sounded the most plausible. Along the way I stood up and grabbed everyones attention.


“Okay guys, Yaomomo and I came up with a plan that could work.” I said, grabbing everyones attention.


“What’s the plan MidoBro?” Kirishima asked from next to Kaminari.


“We stay together for the whole thing. Cover each other and help out if the others need it. If we get separated I will look for an easily defendable position and fire off a flare that Yaomomo will make for me at the start of the exam.” I explained, pleased to see that mostly everyone was listening.


“Alright, what if we can't make it to the flare?” Kaminari voiced.


“Hmm… do you think you can make enough flare guns for all of us Yaomomo? If you dont think you can reach my position after the flare then fire off your own.” I came up with an amendment to the plan.


“Yes I believe I can, but I can only make a red or a green flare.” Yaomomo explained.


“Okay, make me the green one, everyone else will get a red one, do everything you can to reach the green flare. If you can’t reach the green one, use yours, and if anyone is near a red flare, regroup with them.”  I said and then sat back down after everyone (minus Bakugo) agreed.


Everyone returned to their conversations as we made our way to the stadium. I noticed that Present Mic was giving me an approving look, so I smiled at him and he smiled back. We soon arrived at the stadium and got off the bus with our cases.


“Alright kids, let’s get going inside.” Mic called out to us kids.


“Mic! Are these your kids?” A feminine voice called out, and I saw Mic’s smile go a little more rigid.


“Hey Ms. Joke, yeah these are my kids, first years.” Mic said as he faced the now named Ms. Joke.


“Oh you’re U.A’s heroics course! Its good to meet you.” A male voice called out and my hand was grabbed.


I looked at the figure who grabbed my hand and saw it was Yo Shindo, the guy with a Quake quirk or something. “You can drop the nice act.” I said as I pulled my hand away.


“Alright fine, you kids better put up a good fight.” Shindo said as his smile slipped off his face and turned away.


“Umm… what was that about?” Yaomomo whispered into my ear.


“He was putting on an act, probably trying to size up the competition, I could tell by the way his smile didn’t reach his eyes.” I whispered back before turning to the class.


“”Remember the plan guys. We got this, let's Go Beyond-” I called out and was interrupted.


“PLUS ULTRA!” A loud voice called out from behind me, I turned around and saw a large male bowing and smacking his face into the pavement.


“Sorry, I just always wanted to say U.A’s motto.” The man I recognised as Inasa Yoarashi said.


Soon after we all had to enter the stadium. We had some tired looking HPSC rep explain the rules to us and what the objective of the first part was. We had to use the rubber balls that we were given to hit a person’s target, each person had three targets to hit each and three on themselves they had to protect.


Everyone split off to change into their costumes and then meet back up at the entrance gate for each school. When I arrived at the gate I saw Yaomomo getting started on making the flare guns. When I got to her she handed me my one, I could see that it was green when I opened the tube. I also got to work on helping Yaomomo hand out the flare guns.


After everyone was ready we all heard the buzzer go off, we all ran into the area. We stayed together for the most part until we were all separated by someone with a quirk that let them bring up a steel barrier. I tried to break it but I couldn’t break it at 50% which was mind boggling.


“You wont be able to break out of there you know!” A smug sounding voice called out.


I looked up and saw a whole bunch of students from other schools standing and waiting to attack me. “I may not be able to break through it but I can always go over or under it!” I called out.


The other students took their chances and tried to attack me. I brought my hands out wide and called out {Iowa Smash} and smacked my hands together. The resulting wind pressure forced all of the ball back away from me and pushed most of the students down. I took my chance to escape. I jumped out of the crater and threw a bunch of balls, hitting one or two opponents on my way out.


While I was in the air I was able to see most of what was happening around the place. I could see the chaos that was other schools fighting each other and I could also see a possible place to defend and fire my flare from. When I landed I started to make my way in that direction, but I had to use a lower percentage so as to not tear the place up. I leapt and bounced from rock to rock while I had one direction in mind.


I made it to the position without too many interruptions, only a student or two trying their luck. When I landed I found a position that was behind a group of rocks that I could hide behind while waiting for everyone to regroup. I fired off my flare and watched as the green smoke rose into the air. I quickly made a dash for the rocks to hide.


While I was waiting for the class to show up I heard movement behind me. I spun around and was met with the face of Ochako, I visibly relaxed as I turned my vision to the sky to see if there were any other flares. I got a whiff of peppermint in the air, I quickly looked around and realised it was coming from Ochako.


“You not my girlfriend are you?” I asked.


“Hey I am totes your gf babe.” The imposter replied, looking hurt.


That cemented in my mind that it wasn’t my Ochako. I raised my fist and flicked a finger towards the imposter. The air pressure hit them and they flew away a fair bit. There was a bit of pink sparkly mist as Ochako’s visage disappeared and out stepped Camie Utsushimi.


“How’d you know?” She pouted.


“The peppermint smell.” I said before I flung my balls towards her, I was quick enough that I caught her off guard and hit two of her three targets.


“Argh, come here!” she shouted as she lept towards me.


I wasn’t able to react quick enough and she was able to tackle me. We tousled for a bit before I was able to overpower her and grab one of the loose balls on the floor. I quickly put it to her target and let her go. She got up and walked off while I got back to waiting for the class.


Soon I found the first group of the class arriving, consisting of Kirishima, Kaminari, Ochako, Himiko, Yaomomo, Jirou, Mina and Tokoyami. We all got together and got back to hiding and taking a breather. I took note of how many targets they had left.


Kirishima had two targets untouched, Kaminari had one untouched and looked to be cooling down from his 1.3 mil volts. Ochako and Himiko had one remaining each while Tokoyami had all three untouched thanks to DarkShadow. Jirou and Yaomomo also has one each remaining.


We waited a little longer before more of the class showed up, Koda arrived with one target remaining, Shouji had two and Sato had one due to the reduced intelligence from his quirk.


“What’s the plan MidoBro?” Kirishima asked, gulping down breaths still.


“Take a breather and relax, when you see a flare go up get ready, because we will be moving towards it to rescue our classmates.” I said as I stood back up.


Soon enough a red flare was spotted in the sky. We all made our way to the location as one and saw that Sero, the boot prints in the dirt indicating Tooru was here too, Todoroki, Iida, Ojirou and Tsu were all surrounded by other schools. I gestured to Jirou to use her Heartbeat Distortion to get the left side of the group while I got the right side.


{Full Cowling 30%} get ready you fuckers. ’ I called out in my mind, then shouted “{Iowa Smash}!!!” While clapping my hands together.


The results were taking out most of the right side and left side groups while everyone regrouped with our classmates in the middle. Everyone heard that the HPSC rep from earlier announced that there was 5 minutes left. Everyone got to work tagging the ones that Jirou and I took out. I also tagged some too, guaranteeing that we all passed.


It took around three minutes for the students that attacked to get tagged out and for us to pass the first part of the test. We all regrouped at the exit and waited for the next part to begin. We all grabbed a light lunch to prepare for the next area. While we were eating though there was a group of explosions that rocked the stadium, some started to panic until the intercoms came on and told everyone to relax as they were reshaping the area for the second portion.


After half an hour of waiting we were finally called back to the open area where the second part would be explained. The HPSC rep explained that this next part would consist of rescuing civilians that were actors. Yaomomo and I got to work organising the class for the job. There were two groups, group one consisted of Kaminari, Shouji, Kirishima, Todoroki, Ochako, Mina, Koda and I. The second group was the remaining classmates with Yaomomo being their team leader.


I also got Yaomomo to create earpieces for us so we can coordinate between ourselves. Yaomomo’s group would work on properly patching up the civilians after they were field dressed by my group. She also made us some basic medical supplies so that we could do the best we could. I also took note that Bakugo was missing, I’m pretty sure that I ended up hearing something about him being disqualified due to excessive force.


When the buzzer went off we all got to work, Yaomomo and her group got to work setting up a field hospital while my group worked on searching for civilians with Shouji acting as our radar with his hearing. He soon alerted us to the position of an injured civilian. He and Kirishima lifted the rubble out of the way while Ochako and I crawled in and did our best to field dress their injuries and then brought them out.


I put them on my back and used [BlackWhip] to come out of my shoulder blades and hold them in place. Ochako also negated their gravity so I wouldn’t jostle them too badly while returning. I radioed ahead to let Yaomomo know that we have one. I started to move when I was sure that they wouldn’t slip, leaving the rest of my squad to rescue who they could while I was gone.


I trekked over the rubble slowly so I don’t ‘hurt’ them anymore than they already were. When I saw the field hospital just in the distance I radioed to Ochako, saying that she could release her quirk. She did just that, as I felt weight on my back as I reached the hospital. I carefully pulled them off my back and placed them on a cot and called for Jirou to help while I returned.


I was able to leap back to my group and repeat the process of going back and forth, changing who was going every now and then. Soon enough there was an announcement that there were ‘villains’ attacking while I was at the field hospital.


“Todoroki you’re with me!” I shouted to the bi-coloured boy.


He came over to me and I crouched, waiting for him to get on. Once he was on I wrapped him in [BlackWhip] and took to the air in a massive leap. From the air we could see Gang Orca and his minions ‘terrorising’ the area, with some hero students fighting back. I brought my hand to the earpiece and tapped it.


“Shouji, Kirishima and Kaminari! Get to where Gang Orca is, I’ve got Todoroki with me. We are going to protect everyone else!” I shouted into the earpiece.


I got affirmatives back and could see the familiar forms of the boys running below me. I started to make my descent towards them and when I was low enough Todoroki jumped off my back after I disabled [BlackWhip] and started running with the boys. I too started running with them and we soon reached where the minions were. I ordered Kaminari, Kirishima and Todoroki to clear a path for Shouji and I to reach Gang Orca.


The boys got to work clearing a path for the two of us as we started running for Gang Orca. When we got there we saw Yoarashi engaged with him already. The two of us joined the fight to distract Gang Orca from ordering around his minions.


“You won’t stop me, heroes!” Gang Orca roared


“Yes we will! {Pinpoint Focus}!” I shouted as I shot a tendril towards Gang Orca.


The tendril was able to ‘punch’ him in the chest and push him back a little. After I retracted the tendril I pushed forwards and brought a foot down towards his head. Gang Orca was able to block the kick in time but his bracer crumpled under the pressure. I saw his eyes widen and then felt a sudden feeling of discomfort that was overwhelming enough to force me to retreat.


While I had backed off Shouji switched out with me and got into a fist fight while I recovered. I watched as the six armed giant was able to push Gang Orca away from me enough to give me time to recover.


“Switch!” I shouted and rushed forwards to bring a kick towards Gang Orca’s side.


Shouji jumped out of the way in time, just before my foot was brought into Gang Orca’s side. He was pushed away a little bit from the impact and winced in pain. The buzzer then went off indicating the exam was over. I quickly rushed towards Gang Orca with Shouji to help him.


“Jesus kid, you both hit hard.” Gang Orca complained as he leaned on Shouji.


“Sorry about that. You are honestly one of the only few opponents that I could go that hard on.” I explained and apologised.


“Jesus, who were the others then? For you to need to use that much strength they had to have been tough.” Gang Orca asked while we walked away.


“Oh, well the first was the Nomu in the USJ, I broke my arm going against that one. The second was Muscular during the Training Camp incident, if there wasn’t a doctor who had the right healing quirk I would have lost all feeling in my arms. And you are the third, I think I was going about half my safe percentage against you.“ I explained as we made our way back to the others.


Soon enough we were all standing outside of the stadium with our licences in our hands. I noticed that Bakugo didn’t have one and Todoroki did. ‘ Hahaha he has to do the make-up exam alone ’ I chuckled quietly.


I took a photo and sent it to mom and All Might. I got an overwhelming amount of positive reactions from both and I’m pretty sure that mom was flooding the apartment with Midoriya Tears™. 


When we were all back at the dorms I suggested we have a karaoke night to celebrate getting our licences. Everyone but Bakugo agreed and soon everyone was having fun. We even invited Present Mic.


It was my turn to sing now so I tried to pick an appropriate song.



I woke up, I chose violence

Choke up, these bitches silent

Get fucked, nowhere to hide and

No luck, I must oblige

I came to bludgeon all you pussies

You could call it what you want

I been feelin' kinda manic, I might kill 'em just for fun

Collecting heads, think you're better off dead

I could lie and say it isn't personal

I'm seein' red

You're the target, I'm the missile

Don't worry, they won't miss you

I think I got some problems, turning nothin' to an issue

Now I'll solve it with my ” 


I watched everyone’s reactions and saw that some looked scandalised while others looked to be loving it.


I popped off, it's been a little borin'

All my enemies are hiding out, it gets annoyin'

Guess I gotta sniff 'em out, I'm searchin' 'til the mornin'

Finally found the prey, okay so now's the day for mournin'

I used to want to kill myself, but now I only kill the snakes

Bitch don't say you know me, 'cause you've always been a fake

I've been posted in my dungeon, got the tools to make you vanish

I been itchin' for destruction, I might take over the planet, uh

White knuckle blade singin' "where you at, bitch?"

They open the fuckin' gates, I came out with my heart ripped

I put 'em in a body bag, yeah you know that's my shit

I don't fuck with you now, it's time to put you in a ditch

Okay, bodies on bodies, I cannot stop, I got a problem

Bitch I'm awful, I got it

Just fuckin' drop me in a coffin

I'm just talkin' shit, this is what you wanted right?

No more "Mr. Nice Guy" you'll be sayin' bye bye


Present Mic looked to be torn between enjoying the song and being shocked at the language. I looked towards Iida and he was on the floor having a seizure at the amount of curses in the song.


Cause I woke up, I chose violence

Choke up, these bitches silent

Get fucked, nowhere to hide and

No luck, I must oblige

I came to bludgeon all you pussies

You could call it what you want

I been feelin' kinda manic, I might kill 'em just for fun

Collecting heads, think you're better off dead

I could lie and say it isn't personal

I'm seein' red

You're the target, I'm the missile

Don't worry, they won't miss you

I think I got some problems, turning nothin' to an issue

Now I'll solve it with my


I started to breathe again after singing and was met with a round of applause.


Jesus christ that kid can sing. ” I heard Present Mic mutter in english.


I can also speak and sing in english too Mic. ” I smirk when he paled, realising that I could hear him.


After everyone that wanted to sing had their turn we all left for bed, though the girls wanted to come and sleep in my bed. I was thanking every deity that we didn’t have school the next day so we could sleep in.

Chapter Text

As I returned to my room I took note of Himiko, Ochako and Mina following me. When I opened my door I was suddenly thankful for all the soundproofing pads I put up, because I was immediately assaulted by kisses. Realising where this was going I tried to make my way over to my bed with Himiko’s tongue in my mouth. When I felt the bed hit the back of my leg I bent forward a little and grabbed Himiko by her thighs and picked her up a little to put her on my lap when I sat down.


“We are all on the pill baby, we want it raw~” I heard Mina purr into my ear while I was making out with Himiko.


I pulled back from himiko for a second to get started on getting undressed. I looked around after my shirt was off and saw that Himiko took her shirt off at the same time that I did, along with Mina and Ochako who were making out next to us. I latched my lips back onto Himiko’s and my hands moved to her back. When I felt the clasps for her bra I unhooked them and let my hands roam the rest of her body.


Himiko and I made out for a little longer and I felt her start to grind her hips against mine. I soon grew erect and she gasped at the feeling, seperating from the kiss and giving me a seductive smirk.


“Oh~ whats this~ Is Zuzu excited~” Himiko purred


“How could I not be, I have three of the hottest girls topless in my room with one on my lap.” I said with a smirk.


“Oh you bad boy~” Himiko purred, leaning in and capturing my lips in another kiss.


While we were kissing I felt Himiko grinding on my lap more. I let my hands trail down to her skirt covered ass and let my hands slide under and grip her ass. While I was squeezing her ass I felt bare skin, so I separated from the kiss and smirked at Himiko.


“Not wearing panties? You naughty girl~” I husked into Himiko’s ear.


“I wanted you to have easier access to fuck me~” Himiko whispered, her face heating up.


“Is that so? Well, don’t mind if I do.” I said as I unbuckled my pants.


When I had my pants around my knees I flipped Himiko’s skirt up and saw that she was already dripping. I started to rub her clit with the tip of my dick. Himiko moaned at the sensasion and dropped her hips down on my dick. We both moaned as I was deep in her dripping wet cunt


I put my mouth to one of her nipples as she started rocking in my lap. I felt her wrap her arms around my head and pull me closer, I also started to thrust upwards into her, earning more eager moans and squeals as she bounced. I started to nibble on her nipple and felt her clench around me and let out a silent scream of pleasure.


I pulled off her nipple with a pop and pulled out of her carefully. I set her down on the bed and saw that Mina and Ochako were sitting there naked and waiting for me. I pulled Ochako towards me and stood her up, I stood up with her.


I then used all the training I had gone through and picked her up and pinned her to the wall while her legs locked around me. I latched onto her neck and reached for my cock while I supported her weight with my other hand. I did the same thing with Himiko and started to rub the tip of my dick against her wet folds.


When I felt my tip catch on the entrance to her pussy I quickly thrusted up while pulling her down onto me. I felt her immediately clench around me and I waited for a second for her to catch her breath.  When she noticed this she screamed at me.


“FUCK ME IZU, GIVE IT TO ME HARD!” She screamed for possibly the whole dorm to hear.


I obliged and started to thrust in and out. The room was filled with sounds of wet flesh slapping and shrieks of pleasure. I bit down on her shoulder causing her to gasp and grab my head, pulling me deeper. I felt the pleasure building up within me and my dick twitched in her cunt, causing her to gasp.


“FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME DADDY! FILL ME WITH YOUR WARM CUM!” Ochako screamed as she clenched around me.


I reached my orgasm fast at the comment and the sensation. I came as hard as I could and filled her warm pussy with cum. We both gasped at the sensation as she had also squirted onto my crotch in the process. I walked over to the bed and placed her down before slowly pulling out.


When I pulled out, my cum started to dribble out of her, Himiko took notice and started to lap at her pussy, moaning at the taste of two of her lovers. I walked over to where Mina was and sat down for a sec to catch my breath. “How do you want it?” I asked.


“Can we do it like we did last time? I really enjoyed you fucking me from behind, especially you spanking me~ Daddy~ ” Mina wihspered into my ear.


“Is that so?” I smirked as I pulled her and put her on all fours.


“Give it to me~” Mina squeaked as she shook her ass in front of me.


“You asked for it.” I said as I took the plunge, balls slapping against her clit already.


Mina screamed as I started ploughing into her, balls slapping her clit. I moved in and out in a fast rhythm and I brought a hand down on her big pink ass, causing her to squeal in pleasure and squeeze my cock with her tight walls. I heard her moaning for more, so I gave her more.


I got a sudden idea to stick a finger in her ass. I spat on her asshole and watched as it clenched and unclenched due to the saliva. I then sucked on my index finger to lube it up and brought the tip to her asshole. I slowly pushed in while fucking her, when I was nail deep she started to squeeze my finger, I saw her turn her head to face me.


“I see you like my ass~ Go on, stick your finger in there~” Mina purred.


“How could I not~” I husked as I sunk my finger into her ass.


“Oh fuck yes~ keep this up and I might ask you to shove that fat cock of yours in there~” Mina moaned as she moved her hips in time with mine.


“Yeah? You want me to fuck your ass raw? Want me to spank you while I’m balls deep in that fat ass of yours?” I grunted as I put the rest of my finger in her ass.


“Fuck yes Daddy~ I want you to fuck your Alien sluts ass raw!~” Mina moaned as her asshole and cunt clenched my cock.


“I’m close baby, you want to be a good girl right?” I grunted, still pistoning in and out of her sloppy but tight cunt.


“Yes Daddy, I’m your good girl~” Mina squealed.


“Then cum with me!” I growled as I felt my orgasm coming.


“Okay Daddy~ OH FUCK YESS FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM DADDY! FUCK YOUR PINK SLUT UNTIL SHE GETS PREGNANT!” Mina screamed as her walls and asshole clenched around my finger and cock.


“FUCKING TAKE IT!” I shouted as I came into her cunt, feeling her squirt onto my crotch a little.


As I came I leaned forward and bit down on her shoulder, causing her to clench even tighter, squeezing my cock more. After her cunt drained my balls of every last drop I pulled out and collapsed on the bed. I pulled all three girls closer to me and hugged them.


“I love you girls.” I said tiredly, realising how difficult it is to please three girls in one night and cum in two of them.


“I love you too Izu/Zuku” Ochako and Mina said just as tired as I was.


“Hmph you didn’t cum in me.” Himiko huffed.


“I’m sorry. How about this, next time I’ll give you two creampies.” I said, and that seemed to have pleased her as she climbed on top of me and laid down.


“Okay, I can’t wait. I love you Zuzu.” Himiko said, as her exhaustion started to take hold of her.


We all fell asleep in a cuddle pile with Mina latched onto my right side and Ochako on my left while Himiko laid down on top of me, snuggling just under my chin. I let exhaustion take over me and pull me into the dark. I muttered one final ‘goodnight’ before I fell asleep.

Chapter Text

I woke up to someone moving on top of me and I opened my eyes to see who it was. Himiko was laying on top of me and looked to still be asleep. I was thankful that I didn’t wake up with morning wood this morning, as I probably would have a hard time convincing Himiko to not claim her two creampies then and there. I then noticed another presence in the room, I looked towards my desk and saw Nana standing there.


“Morning kid, looks like you had some fun.” Nana snickered as she spoke.


“Yeah yeah, shut up.” I grumbled, feeling one of the girls shift.


“In all seriousness, I’m surprised that you were able to keep up for that long with only one real break.” Nana said, clearly impressed.


“I think it might be a mix of the endurance training and [One For All], I think the quirk has some kind of stamina stockpiling aspect to it.” I said quietly.


“That’s certainly a possibility, [One For All] is an odd quirk itself after all.” Nana admitted.


“Speaking of [One For All], why are you here?” I inquired, as I haven’t seen any vestiges in a while.


“Well, I just wanted to let you know that it seems like [Float] is going to some through sometime today. And the schedule for which quirks you get has been accelerated, you will be acquiring [Danger Sense] some time in the next coming weeks. We don’t exactly know how long sorry.” Nana informed, looking apologetic that she couldn’t give an exact date.


“It’s fine, [Float] is going to be some fun to use, always wondered how it would feel to fly." I chuckled quietly.


“Don’t one of the girls there have a [Zero Gravity] quirk?” Nana asked, pointing at us.


“Yeah, but it isn’t actually the same, I am just curious about the difference between your flying and hers. Chako’s makes you feel as though your stomach is doing flips for a bit.” I explained.


“Sorry that I cant help you there, been to long for me to remember how it feels to fly. I think its time we cut this short, they’re waking up.” Nana pointed out, as I felt the girls start to shift more.


“By Nana, talk later.” I said as I turned my attention to the girls.


“Who were you talking to Zuzu?” Himiko asked tiredly.


“I guess it’s time for that conversation.” I grumbled.


“What do you mean?” Mina asked as she stretched, flaunting her goods.


“I think it’s time that I tell you girls what my quirk really is.” I said as I sat up, thankful that Himiko got up.


“Oh! Did something happen with it?” Ochako asked, all signs of tiredness gone.


“Kinda, Himiko, Mina, what I am about to talk about in here does not leave this room, ever . Understood?” I said in a stern voice.


“Yep, I understand. But why not mention Chako’s name?” Mina asked.


“Because she already knows. Okay, may as well get it out of the way, my quirk is called [One For All], not [Energy Manipulation] or whatever I called it.” I said dismissively of the cover story name.


“Oh, like that half of the three musketeers’ motto!” Himiko said, happy that she knew something.


“Yeah, my quirk is an accumulation of about 200 years worth of strength. It is able to be transferred through the consumption of DNA.” I started to explain but was interrupted.


“Wait! Does that mean one of us could blow our limbs off?!” Mina asked, starting to shake.


“No, I have to want to give it up for it to be transferred. Now as I was saying. Since the quirk was originally a stockpiler that combined with a transferring quirk. Every other “technique” that you have seen me use is actually the past user's quirks, and I seem to be getting [Float] some time today.” I said simply., so as to not overwhelm the other two who didn’t know.


“Holy shit… how many quirks are you going to be getting?” Himiko asked, muttering the first part.


“I already have [BlackWhip] and [Fa Jin]. I will be getting [Float] today, [Danger Sense], [Smokescreen] and [Enhance & Reinforce] will come later, I don't know when.” I informed them.


“Wait, you said you see the past users when you are about to receive a new quirk right? That’s who you were talking to just now right?” Ochako asked, face glowing red.


“Yeah, Nana Shimura, the Seventh user who had [Float]. She was here, congratulated me for being able to fuck all three of you with only one break and then told me I was receiving her quirk.” I responded.


“Wait, you said that they can see what happens out here right? Please tell me they didn’t watch us!” Ochako asked as the other two girls covered themselves.


“Don’t worry, they don't see what happens unless I use [One For All], if the quirk isn’t active they can't see anything, and I’m sure they wouldn’t watch us anyway, even though it would be more interesting to watch than play Uno with the third user since the prick always cheats.” I grumbled towards the end.


“How do you know he cheats?” Himiko asked, tilting her head in a cute cat-like way.


“I played against him. And guess what! THE CUNT HAS A MASSIVE STASH OF DRAW 4’S IN HIS POCKET!” I shouted, remembering all the unpleasant Uno games against the prick.


The girls just started giggling at the outburst and I waited for them to calm down. Once they calmed down we got to work cleaning the room, clearing out the smell of sweat and cum out of the air. Once we were finished the girls quickly put on some spare oversized clothes and ran towards their rooms. I also grabbed my things and took a shower myself.


Once I was finished I came out dressed and noticed that Tokoyami and Jirou looked sleep deprived. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed something to eat and sat down on the couch. Feeling two pairs of eyes on my I looked behind me and saw that the two were staring daggers at me.


“Is something wrong?” I asked, temporarily forgetting Tokoyami was my neighbour and Jirou could possibly hear.


“Could you be any louder?” Jirou asked, obviously irritated.


“Yes, please do keep it down or maybe don’t do it in the dorms, I’m just glad you didn’t decide to go for longer. Did you forget my room is right next to yours?” Tokoyami said, looking just about ready to sic Dark Shadow on me.


“Sorry you two. I didn’t realise that the rooms weren’t soundproofed well enough even with the acoustic pads I put up. I promise that I wont keep you up anymore.” I said and bowed while feeling the heat on my cheeks rise.


After that awkward interaction our day went by simply. I was able to work out for a bit with Kirishima, training with him is fun! I even was able to unlock [Float] in the middle of it! I ended up flying up to the roof of the gym though upon its first activation. I ended up having to turn off [One For All] entirely to be able to deactivate [Float]. I ended up falling on my ankle wrong and got a hairline fracture, training was fun while it lasted. I had to go to Recovery Girl, after the training and beating from Recovery Girl we returned to the dorms to unwind.


I watched a couple movies in the common room with three of my favourite people cuddled up next to me. Yaomomo even joined us in watching some movies at one point too, but she only stayed for the Rom-Com ones and ran when something like Alien was on. After we watched the movies we all had dinner and went to bed. I slept alone this time, not wanting to piss off Tokoyami and Jirou more than they already were.


The next day came around and classes started back up, but we had to go to a boring assembly hosted by Nezu. the Rat really liked the sound of his own voice, judging by the fact that he went on for 15 minutes talking about nothing and anything. We finally were able to be sent to class, the day starting for once.


I think that because Bakugo and I didn’t end up getting house arrest this time around, we all saw the big three come through the door at the behest of Present Mic. They introduced themselves as Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado. they started to talk when I got the bright idea to speak up.


“Wait a minute! You're that student that flashed half of japan during the festival!” I shouted from my seat. Some of the students around me snorted.


“I kinda hoped that isn’t what I would be remembered for.” Mirio laughed good naturedly.


“Eh, I just happen to remember embarrassing this at the most random times!” I laughed with him.


“Alright enough of that you two, Togata wanna explain why you’re here?” Present Mic interrupted.


“Sorry Mic, today we are here to inform you about work studies. Now, can anyone tell me the main difference that separates us three here from all of you?” Mirio asked the class.


“Experience. The difference between us is that you have more experience fighting villains than our class combined.” Yaomomo pointed out.


“Correct! Now the work studies program is basically all about gaining experience on the job. Your internships after the sports festival are just a small taste of what the work studies will teach you. But enough about that, I want to show you rather than talk about it, how experience can separate people. So put on your gym uniform and meet me in the gym!” Mirio said as he made his exit from the room, the other two following behind him.


Everyone got up from their seats and made their way to the change rooms. Once everyone was in their gym uniforms we all made our way to the designated gym. As we entered we saw Mirio in the middle stretching while it looked like Amijiki is trying to dissuade him from fighting us.


“Alright kiddos, today I am going to fight all of you at once!” Mirio announced, shocking the class.


“Isn’t that unfair for you?” Kaminari asked, dumbfounded.


“No actually, the big three are the most skilled students in the school and apparently have the skill to be within the top 10 after they leave school.” I piped up from the middle of the group.


“Well you sure are well informed.” Mirio said jovially.


“What can I say? If you want to be a good hero you need to use your brain, but if you want to be a great hero you need to learn from the mistakes both you and those around you make.” I said as I stretched my body.


“Oh I like this one!” Mirio said quietly.


“Sorry to disappoint but I’m not gay!” I said as I charged forward, not giving him time to prepare.


I knew he was going to make me phase through him but I did it anyway, to see if there was any tell of him using his quirk. I found it just before I went through him. Since the light just travels straight through him, his body didn’t have the slight shine of the light bouncing off of it.


I quickly moved myself away before he could retaliate. I moved back towards my classmates as quickly as I could, waiting for any shift in the air that would give him away. As I made it back to the class I said him standing at the opposite end of the gym from us. I watched as his clothes completely fell off of him, and I decided to be a snarky asshole while he was struggling to put his pants on.


“Hey Bro, Nice Cock!” I said with a thumbs up.


That made everyone stop in their tracks for a second before the fighting got back into motion. That window was just enough for me to prepare 20% of {Full Cowling}, and dash around to confuse him while the class got to work trying to hit him. Mirio seemed to be having a little bit of trouble keeping track of me so he decided to move onto the rest of the class. He knocked out about half of them as I tried to interfere, only to be phased through him. By the time I stopped, the only ones standing were Iida , Ochako, Himiko, Bakugo and I. We all gathered into a small group in the middle and waited with baited breath for him to make his move.


Mirio then moved, he went through the floor and appeared a second later in front of Bakugo, screaming ‘POWER’ as he drove a fist into his gut, forcing Bakugo out. He went and moved again and I noticed that he was moving for Ochako,I quickly intercepted with a kick to the back that almost didn’t work. I’m pretty sure that he needed to take a breath at that point because I was able to hit him.


“Oof that’s gonna leave a mark. Congrats to you three for lasting a whole 5 minutes.” Mirio said as he grabbed his pants hastily.


Himiko, Ochako and I let out a sigh of relief that it was over.we went and helped out our classmates stand back up. Everyone returned to the big three and waited for the closing speech he would give.


“So, who here thinks that my quirk is powerful?” Mirio asked.


Everyone put their hands up or murmured some kind of agreement, stating how he could teleport and shit.


“Well my quirk was originally very weak and wonky! When I was younger I would occasionally fall through the floor in front of my parents. I made my quirk as strong as it is, but it still has its drawbacks. Does anyone want to guess what they are?” Mirio asked us.


“Yeah I noticed that everytime that you used your quirk, you sucked in as much air as you could before phasing through the ground. Then you would also take another deep breath when you came back out. I think since your quirk is Permeation literally everything passes through you, including light, sound and air.” I stated.


“Yes actually, got it all in one!” Mirio said, obviously surprised that someone guessed his quirk as well as I did.


“Also I found a tell for when you are using your quirk.” I spoke up once again.


“Oh? And what’s that?” Mirio asked excitedly.


“Your skin looks dull, thanks to the light passing through you. Same goes for your eyes, I wasn’t sure if I found your tell right away during my first attack because I did notice your eyes and skin grow duller.” I observed and informed.


“Well damn, not even I knew that, thanks! Sir would love to have you I’m sure!” Mirio stated it like it was an objective fact.


“Wait really? Sir, as in Sir Nighteye?!” I asked, fake excitement that I hope wasn't obvious to anyone.


“Yep! I’ll recommend you myself!” Mirio said with a thumbs up.


Well that takes care of trying to get Nighteye’s attention. ” Green muttered quietly.


Thank god. ’ I thought quickly.


After the class was said and done we all returned to the dorms, but not before I gave Mirio my number so he could contact me. It was just before dinner that I got a notification stating that he got me an interview but that’s all he could do. I thanked him and then went to eat dinner then sleep for the night.

Chapter Text

I awoke early this morning and got ready for the interview with Sir Nighteye. I don’t really need to convince him to let me join, because he will more than likely keep me on, trying to convince me to give Mirio [One For All]. I had breakfast and kissed the girls goodbye, I then met Mirio at the front gates of the school. We both walked to the station and made our way to Sir Nighteye’s agency.


“Okay Kohai, the best I can do for you is get you through the door. Just make sure to try and make him laugh. Now get in there and kick the door down!” Mirio said jokingly as we approached the door that held Sir Nighteye.


I shrugged and literally kicked the door down. The door opened under the weight of the kick and opened up. Behind the door was Sir Nighteye, the beanpole himself, tickle torturing Bubble Girl. all movement ceased for a moment, before I spoke up.


“Mirio what the hell! You didn’t tell me we were going to some freaky BDSM club! I would have brought Midnight with us!” I joked as I smacked his arm. I earned a snort from both Bubble Girl and Nighteye, before he fixed his glasses.


“7/10 joke, Mirio help Bubble Girl out, I need to talk to Young Midoriya in my office.” Nighteye said as he adjusted his tie and started to walk out, I followed him in silence to his office.


“What do you hope to gain from coming here?” Nighteye asked as I closed the door behind me.


“Experience in paperwork, patrols and the use of more than one quirk Sir.” I said honestly.


“What do you mean more than one?” He asked with a raised brow.


“Well since you already know what All Might’s quirk is and know that it is mine know I can tell you. [One For All] didn’t just stockpile strength, it also collected the quirks, and consciousnesses of the past users.” I explained.


“Interesting.” Nighteye murmured.


“Yes, and I know exactly why you brought me here, you intend to make me give Mirio [One For All].” I stated.


“And you will give it to him. He has to have it.” Nighteye said, starting to get irritated.


“No, he doesn’t. You want him to have it because you want him to be the second coming of All Might. Even if I did give it up, he would die before he even finished the school year. The fourth received the quirk in his 20’s and died at 40, from advanced ageing. Every user after that was quirked started to age rapidly, in Nana’s time of having the quirk she aged something like 10 years in the few short years she actually had it. The only reason why Toshinori didn’t die is because he was quirkless.” I spoke, trying to get him to see reason.


“How do I know that you aren’t lying?” Nighteye asked suspiciously.


“Here, let me try something.” I said and closed my eyes. I let [One For All] flow at around 10% and focused on trying to bring the vestiges out. I found that I could do it one day after concentrating hard enough. I sent the call out to bring Hikage, Daigoro, En and Nana out. I opened my eyes and saw the vestiges, and judging by Nighteyes expression, so could he.


“See how Hikage has the scarring on his face? No offence to Hikage.” I said and pointed to the man.


“None taken Nine.” Hikage said, thankfully remembering to not call me Ten or Jordan outside of the vestige world.


“What about the scarring?” Nighteye asked, possibly getting ready to dismiss it.


“The scarring only appeared after I got the quirk.” Hikage said plainly.


“I have a theory for how the scarring thing works, Daigoro, arms.” I said, and the big man did as asked, rolling up his sleeves, showing the scarring.


“Scars appeared after this old coot handed [One For All] to me.” Daigoro said as he took a swing at Hikage, who dodged it.


“En, if you would please.” I asked politely.


“Sure.” En said as he unzipped his jacket and exposed is scarred torso.


“Nana, scars please.” I asked politely again.


“Of course kiddo.” Nana said with a smile as she took her boots off and rolled her pant legs up.


“Notice how each past user has scars on them somewhere? Hikage’s on his head, Daigoro’s on his wrists, En’s on his torso, Nana’s legs.” I pointed out.


“Yes I see them, what is your theory?” Nighteye asked, seemingly more intrigued.


“Well the scars appear where their quirk is most used by the user. Hikages are on his head since [Danger Sense] is a mental quirk. Daigoro’s on his arms because that how he used [BlackWhip]. En’s on his torso because that’s what part summoned the most smoke from [Smokescreen] and Nana’s on her legs and feet because she needed to focus the energy in her feet. [One For All] was eating it’s quirked users from the inside out because of the amount of power it held. Now do you understand why I, cannot in good faith give Mirio the quirk?“ I said, while waiting for a response I banished the ghosts to the shadow realm.


“I… Okay fine, I conceded. I wont try and get you to give the quirk to Mirio anymore. Now for the true test. If you can grab this stamp out of my hand I will allow you to work here.” Nighteye said.


“Understood.” I said and got ready.


I wont be as dumb as Izuku and bounce off the walls like he did. No, I will use the air pressure from a flick to push the stamp out of his hand. Since his quirk is [ForeSight] it lets him see what happens before someone does it. I made a move as if I was going to dash towards him, but right as he moved his hand away I brought mine up and flicked.


The air pressure pushed the stamp loose enough in his grip that I was able to just yank it out. I stopped my movements and grabbed the sheet for him to stamp out of my bag. After that I handed both the sheet and the stamp over.


“Well Midoriya, looks like you’re hired.” Nighteye said simply.


“Thank you Sir, I look forward to working with you. What’s first?” I asked.


“Familiarise yourself with the building and then find Mirio, tell him that you are hired and he will get you onto your next task.” Nighteye said as he sat down at his desk.


I walked out of the office with a pep in my step and walked around to familiarise myself. Once I had done that I walked around looking for Mirio. I couldn’t find him until I walked a corner and just saw his face sticking through the wall opposite me, all fucking creepy like.


“Ho, you’re approaching me?” Mirio said as I walked closer.


“Can't beat the shit out of you without coming closer.” I retorted.


“Then come as close as you like!” Mirio shouted as he came out of the wall in his costume.


“Pfft” I broke first, laughing at the incredulity of the situation, Mirio following not long after.


Mirio and I finished our little exchange before he had me going on a patrol with him. Once we were out of the office I was glad to be in my hero outfit, even if it is a little tighter now.


“God, I need to get this outfit refitted.” I said as I squirmed.


“Too tight?” Lemillion asked.


“Yeah, just a bit. Might get it resized back at school after this.” I confirmed.


“That would be wise, don't wanna get caught with too stiff movements out in combat.” Lemillion commented.


“Yeah, I learned that the hard way during combat training, almost slipped off the walls from how stiff my first costume was.” I responded.


The patrol was relatively uneventful, just a singular purse snatcher and taking photos with kids. After all was said and done I changed out of my costume and back into my school uniform and returned to U.A. and went to the support department to get my costume resized. I then returned to the dorms and had dinner and slept on the couch, passed out from exhaustion.

Chapter Text

I have been working under Sir Nighteye for almost a week now, and I have been able to bring my control of [One For All] to 60%, along with being able to use more than just the [Stockpile] proper with one extra quirk. I am able to use [Float], [Fa Jin] and ]BlackWhip] in conjunction with one another.


Right now, we are sitting in a briefing room waiting for Nighteye to appear. I sat quietly thinking of different possibilities for different things, like dates for the girls, to new super moves. Nighteye walked in with a folder in his hand.


“Thank you for coming here. Today’s meeting is about the Shie Hissaikai yakuza group.” Nighteye said as he got to the front.


Fuck… might be seeing Eri sooner than later. ’ I said in my head, hopefully no one notice my internal panic.


“We are strictly to NOT engage with this enemy. We need to gather information that can be used to take him down.” Nighteye continued.


“Understood Sir. what happens if we run into him or a member of the Shie Hissaikai out in the street?” I asked.


“As stated before, do not engage. Only engage if there is an active crime going on. If at all possible either get away as soon as possible, or try to get information by following them. But leave the latter to the actual pro heroes, that means you Mirio and Midoriya.” Nighteye said as he looked at us.


“You’re saying it like I’m known for purposefully going into dangerous situations!” I joked, chuckling lightly.


“Well if the reports from the USJ and the Training Camp are anything to go by…” Nighteye trailed off, as if to provoke me into challenging him.


“Hey you also forgot the Stain fight and the I-Expo incident!” I added cheerfully.


“You see my point now?” Niighteye asked with a raised brow.


“Yes Dad .” I huffed and crossed my arms.


“Alright, remember, only the pro heroes should do the tailing. Mirio, Midoriya get changed, your patrol is coming up.” Nighteye said as he finished up the meeting.


Mirio and I left the meeting room and headed to get changed. After we got changed we started our patrol. We walked and walked, helping grannies cross the street and such.


“Your  costume fit better now?” Lemillion asked.


“Yeah, I personally like them a little looser, not loose enough to get caught on anything but enough so it doesn't restrict my movement much.” I said as I stretched my arms around my sides.


“Honestly I wish I could do that but with how finicky my quirk is, it needs to be skin tight.” Mirio said, drooping his shoulders.


“Well think of it this way, when villains see you, there is a possibility of you intimidating them with just your muscles alone.” I joked.


“Yeah maybe.” Mirio chuckled.


“How’s school going for you?” I asked, honestly wondering what third years work was like.


“Ugh, pain in my ass, especially the maths.” Mirio groaned.


“Ha, yeah I feel ya, Maths is never my strong suit even though everyone in class asks me to tutor them.” I said.


“Wait, you tutor your class?” Mirio said, snapping to attention.


“Yeah, Yaomomo helps me teach too. I do it to help some of the… how do I put this… dumber? Classmates out.” I said, scratching my head.


“Well I’ll be damned, I never saw you as one to tutor others.” Mirio said, scratching his chin.


“What’s that supposed to mean?!” I said in mock offence.


“Hmm, oh just never thought that any student would tutor another. Didn’t mean any offence.” Mirio said, raising his hand to surrender.


“Yeah I know, I’m just-” I started but was cut off.


Something, or more importantly someone bumped into my leg. I looked down and saw a young girl with very light blue, almost white hair with a small horn on the floor. I crouched down and made sure to appear as non-threatening as possible, even having my arm outstretched with my palm to the sky for her to take. She initially flinched back but after she saw that I wasn’t going to force her into anything, she grabbed my hand and let me pull her up.


“Hey, are you okay?” I said as she stood up.


“P-please… h-help… m-me.” The little girl said as she latched onto me and shook violently.


My heart cracked a little at seeing how hurt this little girl was. I wrapped my arms around her, reciprocating the hug. I put a hand on the back of her head and felt her still, she then leaned into the contact as I started to stroke her hair. I then heard footsteps from the alley and looked up to see a man dressed in black pants, a black dress shirt, a green bomber jacket with purple feathers around the collar, topping off the look was a bird mask.


“There you are Eri, come on, leave the good heroes alone.” The man I identified as Kai Chisaki aka Overhaul said as he spotted the girl.


“Sir, what is your relation to this girl?” Lemillion asked as he pulled my hood over my face.


“She’s my… daughter. Come on Eri, let's go home.” Chisaki said hesitantly.


“Sir, your daughter looks hurt, would it be okay if we brought her to the hospital just to have a check up on her?” Lemillion asked.


“You know how kids are, they tend to get hurt when they play around, she will be fine. Let’s go Eri.” Chisaki said, an underlying hint of irritation seeping into his voice.


Eri immediately slipped out of my grasp, as if she recognised that tone. I noticed that he also started to slip his glove off. Eri must have equated that tone to him about to hurt someone. I watched Eri leave with my arm outstretched, as if  saying ‘No, don't go with him’.


“Are you done with your tantrum?” I heard Chisaki say at the end of the alley, I watched as Eri nodded and then walked alongside him with her head down.


“Mirio we need to go alert Sir about this.” I said as I stood back up.


“Let's go.” Mirio said, curtly.


The two of us finished our patrol then and there. We made our way back to Nighteye’s agency and waited for him to arrive. When we arrived we told Nighteye of our observations.


“So Chisaki has a daughter.” Nighteye said, scratching his chin.


“With all due respect Sir, I don't think that is his daughter. There is no way that a girl who had white hair, red eyes and a horn is related to a man who has Brown hair and amber eyes. I think the guy is a germaphobe too, since he always wears a mask along with gloves, so getting into a relationship with anyone is impossible. His only partner I can see being a thing is a fucking lab.” I said curtly, staring at my lap.


“Okay, thank you for your input Midoriya.” Nighteye said.


I will save her… I will protect her… I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU CHISAKI! ’ I shouted in my mind as I grit my teeth.


“Okay this meeting is dismissed, just remember that you are to tell no one of what happens here.” Nighteye reminded.


I walked out and made my way to grab my gear to return to school. While I was on the train I opened my phone to my messages with the intent of letting the girls know why I might end up being more short tempered or closed off during the forseeable future.


[Partners-In-Crime Group Chat]


GreenSin: Girls, something happened during my work studies and I may end up being short tempered or even rude during the foreseeable future, I just want to apologise in advance if I do something to hurt you at all.


FloatSin: I understand Izu, I won't hold it against you. Is it what I think it is?


BloodSin: As long as you don't end up like my parents then I won't ever hate you


AlienSin: I don't know what happened but we are here for you Zuku, we love you and know that you wouldn't mean to hurt us.


GreenSin: Thank you girls, and yes Ochako, it is what you think it is. I would appreciate it if you girls didn’t push it but just know that I may or may not have a daughter in the coming weeks, hopefully.


I closed my phone and got to brooding. Once the train got to my stop I got off and made my way to U.A, I then dropped my costume off at the support department and made my way to the dorms. When I returned I tried to act as normally as I could. After dinner I set myself a reminder that I needed to try and get the Quirk Erasing bullets during the raid. After that I went straight to bed.

Chapter Text

 During the next week I threw myself into training, hoping to get stronger so as to never allow Eri to slip through my grasp again. Some classmates noticed this and wisely decided to stay out of my way. We were also pulled into a briefing for the upcoming raid, Eraserhead, FatGum, Ryukyu, Rocklock, Nejire-Chan, Uravity, Froppy, Red Riot, Suneater, Bubble Girl, Centipeder Nighteye, Lemillion and I were all present.


“You are all here because we have chosen you for the upcoming raid on the Shie Hissaikai yakuza group.” Nighteye began.


“Wait, why are students here?” Rocklock asked, worried for us but sounding condescending.


“Because we are the stronger first years at U.A, Even though my quirk only just awakened the day before the U.A entrance exam I am one of the strongest students in my grade. For my mid term exam I had to fight All Might, and even though he was restrained I was able to kick him a few blocks away. I understand that you are worried about us but I’m sure Nighteye has a reasonable position for each of us.” I explained.


“Yes thank you Limitless. Each of these students has shown exemplary skills, Limitless has shown to be a heavy hitter during the I-Expo incident and sports festival. Uravity has shown to be good at rescue and capture. Froppy the same. And Red Riot has shown to be an amazing shield, especially with his unbreakable move.” Nighteye complimented.


“Okay, whats the importance for taking down this group?” Ryukyu asked.


“May I Nighteye?” I asked.


“Sure, go ahead.‘ Nighteye said as he sat back down while I stood.


“The Shie Hissaikai is one of the last known Yakuza groups in Japan. They are suspected of dealing drugs such as Trigger and a new drug on the market, Quirk Erasing bullets. I understand that Suneater was hit by one and luckily it seems like Chisaki hasn’t completed his formula for the permanent erasure bullets yet. There is also a hostage that is a young girl named Eri. I believe that she is somehow involved in the creation of these drugs, because when Lemillion and I ran into her running from Chisaki she was covered in bandages, and no little girl should ever shake like she did when I held her.” I briefed, letting a bit of sadness seep into the last comment accidentally.


“Now, the big bad Kai Chisaki,is protected by the Eight Bullets. Their members are Rikiya Katsukame, quirk: [Vitality Stealing], from what I can gather I think he drains others' energy to strengthen himself. Shin Nemoto, Quirk: [Confession], he asks questions and you are compelled to tell the truth. Toya Setsuno, Quirk: [Larceny], allows him to steal anything that can fit in his hand from any distance as long as he can see it. Yu Hojo, Quirk: [Crystalize], allows him to make crystals from his body and use them for offence or defence. Sorimitsu Tabe, Quirk: [Food], allows him to literally eat anything and never feels full. Deidor Sakaki, Quirk: [Sloshed], from the sounds of it he can just make everyone pretty much feel like they’re wearing drunk goggles or they are drunk. Kendo Rappa, Quirk [Strongarm], just allows him to punch really fast and hit really hard, he only wants a good fight. Heikeji Tengai, Quirk [Barrier], pretty much summons shields. Chronostasis, Quirk, [Chronostasis], his hair has an hour hand and minute hand that act at the activation, if you're hit with the minute hand it will take you minutes to do anything, same goes for the hour hand but takes an hour. Then there is Mimic, Quirk: [Mimicry], allows him to mimic anything, including walls and such.” I briefed the room.


“Thank you Limitless. Now I will give you your group that you're assigned to.” Nighteye said as he sat up.


After the briefing was over and our groups were assigned we were told to come back in a week for the raid. Us U.A kids were allowed to head back to the dorms to help us prepare. We spent the whole week training our skills before we were allowed to join the raid.


We were all eventually called back to the Nighteye agency. We arrived and saw a few swat vans waiting outside. We were ordered into them and the first years were out together. I looked at each of us and watched everyone. Ochako was looking calm and ready but bouncing her knee, Tsu was looking around, as if to keep her mind calm, Kirishima was hardening and unhardening his fists.


“We got this guys, the pro’s are the ones who will be fighting all of the bigger ones, we are just here for backup.” I reassured everyone.


“Thanks Midobro, just the nerves I guess.” Kirishima said with a nervous chuckle.


“Thank you Midoriya, ribbit.” Tsu croaked.


“I know baby, just cant help but worry you know?” Ochako said from next to me.


“Yeah I know, I’m worried about how this will go too, like will I be able to save Eri this time around.” I said as I bounced my knee.


We travelled the rest of the way to the compound in silence. Once we got there we all filed out of the van and regrouped with our teams. I was put with the Nighteye team, we were basically the tip of the spear. We all got ready and approached the front gate. Katsukame came charging out and Ryukyu team said they’d handle him and just go ahead.


Nighteye team and FatGum team rushed in with Nighteye, Lemillion, Eraserhead Fatgum and I leading the charge.I had a consistent 8% flowing because I was indoors. Too high of a percentage indoors would be more trouble than good. We took out the yakuza that were in the main entrance with relative ease.


When we finally got to the underground complex was when we ended up getting split up. FatGum and RedRiot were forced into a room that I assume held Rappa and Tengai. We were then separated further when Irinaka split up the remaining half of Nighteye squad. I was separated from Lemillion, Bubble Girl and Centipeder, forced to work with Nighteye and Eraserhead.


“Shit! Eraserhead! Think you can get Irinaka from here?” I asked.


“No, I need to see his body for me to do anything.” Eraserhead said.


“Nighteye, permission to break the wall down?” I asked as I got ready.


“Granted, do it!” Nighteye shouted.


I charged to 15% and rushed to the wall. I kicked it until it gave in. The next room we entered was filled with low level Yakuza. Nighteye, Eraserhead and I got to work dispatching the enemy. I took the right group and slid into the middle of the group, I then used {BlackWhip: Rampage} and it grabbed some of them and flung them into others or the walls and ceiling. 


I turned my attention to the seasoned pros that were with me and noticed that Nighteye seemed to be struggling a little. I ran forward and punched one in the back, pushing him away from Nighteye. We ended up back to back, surrounded by Yakuza and I could see that Eraserhead was still fighting.


“You ready Nighteye?” I asked, ready to fight harder.


“Always Limitless.” Nighteye said.


We split off and put our hand to hand to good use. I charged the first guy and he tried to swipe at me with a knife, I ducked under and drove my fist into his sternum, forcing the air from his lungs and his body from my fist. I then moved onto the next to, I kicked the first guy in the side and he dropped instantly, the second guy tried to grab me with his right hand, which I ducked under and grabbed. I threw him into the next three guys, hitting them with enough force to knock them out. I then surveyed the area and noticed that all the Yakuza guys were K.O and we were free to move on.


I kicked in the next wall and the room was clear so we kept moving. This pattern kept up for the most part, kick down a wall, clear the room, kick the next and so on. Every now and then we would come across the occasional group of Yakuza. At one point Eraserhead was forced through the wall and separated from Nighteye and I. We still pushed forward. At one point the whole place shook and realised we needed to move faster.


When we kicked down the next wall we saw Mirio and Overhaul fighting. Mirio turned too look at us and I noticed that he doesn’t have his cape, I internally cursed for not being quick enough, he was now quirkless. I returned my attention to Chisaki and dashed forward, punching him in the arm, knocking him away from Mirio. I noticed the case that had the completed quirk erasing bullets lying on the floor. I quickly boosted to 50% and dashed over to them to pocket them before dialling myself back to 15% when I returned to where I was standing. I was thankfully quick enough that no one noticed what I did.


“Lemillion, get Eri out of here!” I shouted to the blonde.


I watched as he grabbed Eri and struggled his way out of the chamber. I then returned my attention to the man responsible for all of this and watched as she deconstructed and then reconstructed his arm. ‘ Shit, did I actually break his arm with that? ’ I thought as I got ready.


“Limitless! Lets go!” I heard Eraserhead shout.


I didn’t need to look at him to know that he would be using his quirk on Overhaul. I dashed forwards and punched Overhaul in the face, or I would have, had Eraserhead not needed to blink. Instead what happened was Chisaki smacked his hand on the ground and made a bunch of spikes that thankfully didn’t pierce me, all they did was push me back , but I heard the sound of flesh tearing. I looked to see that Nighteye had a spike in his stomach, just like canon.


“SIR!!!!!!” I shouted as I watched Eraserhead try to pull himself and Nighteye out of the room.


I boosted to 25% and leapt upwards. I adjusted my body so that I would land feet first on the roof. When I landed I then immediately kicked off and adjusted my body again, I raised my right leg in preparation. Just before I landed I used a {Manchester Smash} and tried to kick Chaisaki in the head, but he has just fast enough to dodge to the side. The next time he tried to do the spikes trick was a little better. I did get hit but only by the small spikes. I stayed in my crouched position with two spikes inside me while I took a breath.




I looked up and saw that he was fused with Nemoto. I realised just now that the ceiling was caved in, KAtsukame was down here and Overhaul could also use the quirks of those he fused with, since I heard a quiet “No… I don't want that… please.” I turned and saw as Eri walked over to the man who tortured her.


“I will save her! A hero's duty is to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong! I WILL SAVE ERI!!” I shouted as I pulled the chunks out and crushed them in hand.


At that point Overhaul had used his quirk to create a massive pillar. I watched as Eri was thrown into the air and then grabbed by that monster. I rushed forward and jumped. I tried to climb as high as I could. I bounded from each chunk of rock as I made my way up and watched as a bright yellow flash happened. Eri had just used her quirk and separated Overhaul from Nemoto. I watched as Eri stood at the edge of the pillar and looked down. She then leapt at the same time I did.


“Eri!” I shouted as I reached for her.


When Eri was in my grasp I quickly wrapped my arms around her and fell towards the ground from the impact. I heard Chisaki shout “Give her back!” and then create more spikes from the pillar he was on. I dodged most of them and when I saw one coming right at me I tried to kick it away but accidentally used 100%, which threw me into the sky.


I watched as everything started off as small and got bigger. I started to panic because I wasn’t ever used to flying this high even before I died. We got closer to the ground and then I remembered I had access to [Float]. I quickly activated it and landed safely with Eri.


“Are you okay sweetheart?” I asked as I put her down to get a better look at her.


Eri just nodded.


I felt the ground crack and knew what was going to happen, so I quickly grabbed Eri and ran forwards, dodging the spikes that erected from where I was just standing. I looked to my left and saw a massive creature, I identified as Overhaul fused with Katsukame. I tied Eri to my back using the cape she was holding onto as if it was a lifeline. I got into a runners position and used 100% of [One For All] throughout my whole body and felt my sleeves tear off.


“That child is a curse, but I can cure all curses if you GIVE HER BACK!” Overhaul shouted as he used his massive form to slam the ground and create more spikes.


I dashed forward in the blink of an eye and I was under Overhaul. I brought my right foot up and kicked the monstrosity. We were both sent into the sky yet again. I felt Eri’s [Rewind] get more powerful and knew I needed to finish this quickly.


I activated [Float] and used it to bring me up to Chisaki. I decided to use a {United States of Smash} and started to rapidly punch Overhault while spinning around him. I didn’t finish it off with a dropkick though, I just finished it like the show did. I rose in front of Chisaki’s face and brought one of my more powerful punches down across his face. All three of us fell towards the ground but I made sure to throw Overhaul Vers.3 back towards the front of the compound.

I landed in front of him and watched as he got back up and tried to touch us, but Eri’s quirk leapt from around me and onto Overhaul. With overhaul no longer in his massive hulking from aI made my way towards where Nighteye was. I staggered and eventually had to crawl but thankfully I made it. I was able to touch him and rewind his injuries, Eraserhead then use Erasure on me and Eri. We both proceed to black out. My last waking though was ‘ Please, dont find the bullets on me… ’.

Chapter Text

I opened my eyes to see that I was in the void. I looked around and noticed that it was just Hikage standing around.


“Hey Hikage, what’s up this time?” I asked, getting his attention.


“Ah, hello Ten. I was able to bring you here because I need to talk to you.” Hikage responded.


“Alright, well whats up?” I inquired.


“You are worthy to inherit [Danger Sense] now. But I should warn you, it cant exactly be deactivated.” Hikage said.


“So is it a just constantly activated quirk? And please don't tell me that [Danger Sense] will give me migraines at the first sing of danger.” I whined, praying that would not be the case.


“Yeah sorry, once it’s unlocked, it’s on permanently. And there is a possibility of migraines if the danger is too strong or all around you.” Hikage said apologetically.


“Damnit, oh well. May as well get this over with, I have a unicorn to adopt.” I grumbled.


“Good work on that too, she is adorable.” Hikage said as he reached out for me.


When he touched my head everything went white. I could feel the quirk being inserted into my body, I then woke up in the hospital and saw Yaomomo, Ochako, Himiko and Mina sitting around me.


“What are you three doing here?” I asked with a hoarse voice.


“We saw you on the news, do you think we wouldn’t come and see you dummy?” Mina said as she stood next to me.


“Yeah, we were worried about you. Also Yaomomo has something she wants to ask.” Himiko said while wriggling her brows.


“Ahem… yes I have something I wish to talk to all of you about.” Yaomomo started with a blush.


“Oh, whats up?” I tilted my head.


“Umm… you four are together yes?” Yaomomo asked, as if gathering the courage.


“Yeah we are, is something up?” I asked.


“Well I was wondering… if I could join your relationship? I have liked all of you for some time now and I didn’t know how I should go about it…” Yaomomo trailed off.


“What do you girls think?” I asked, already knowing Ochako’s answer.


“I can see myself with her in our group.” Mina said simply.


“Yes! More kisses and cuddles!” Himiko said excitedly.


“Well I would love to have you in our group.” Ochako said, a little shy.


“Well there is your answer. We would love to have you Momo.” I said, as I got up to kiss her.


After each girl got their kiss I walked out and towards the nurses station.


“Excuse me, do you know where I could find Eri? She is a little girl with pale white hair, red eyes and a horn. Also I was wondering if I could get adoption papers.” I asked as I spotted a nurse.


“Oh of course, let me get you the papers and I’ll lead you to Young Eri’s room.” The nurse said as she grabbed a stack of papers.


The girls and I followed the nurse towards a different ward of the hospital. The nurse pointed us towards a room and handed me the papers, she then left shortly after. I walked towards the unicorns room and noticed the door was ajar.


“Come on let’s go already you brat.” A male voice said in an irritated voice.


“Get away from her!” I shouted as I entered the room.


“This is official HPSC business kid, it doesn’t concern you.“ The man said.


“I’m pretty sure it does when it’s my daughter you are trying to kidnap!” I shouted.


“She isn’t adopted, she needs to be taken by us!” The rep urged.


“Why? So you can train her like you did Hawks and Nagant? Like fucking hell I’m letting you do that to a 6 year old” I growled as [BlackWhip] slipped out.


“What the fuck would you know kid? She is just-” He started but was interrupted when a tendril wrapped around his neck.


“I could easily just squeeze this tendril and you head goes pop. but I wont because I’m a hero student. Now get out of here, you have three days before I expose everything you corrupt shits have done.” I bluffed and let go.


The man scrambled out of the room past the girls after that. I then turned my attention to the little girl sitting on the bed. I walked over slowly and sat on the floor in front of her.


“Hey Eri. sorry you had to see that. I have some people I want you to meet.” I said softly.


“Are… are t-they going to hurt me?” Er asked softly, already starting to shake.


“No sweetie, they are like me. I’m a hero and so are they.” I said softly as I brought her into a hug, she melted into it but was still shaking a bit.


“Hi Eri, I’m Ochako Uraraka, I was one of the heroes who helped save you. I’m also this lovable idiot's girlfriend.” Ochako said as she knelt next to us.


“Hey, I’m Himiko Toga. I am also a hero but I wasn’t able to go save you. And I’m also this ones girlfriend too.” Himiko said as she sat next to her on the bed.


"Hi Eri, I'm Mina Ashido, I am also this green ones girlfriend. and we would love to have you as our daughter'" Mina said as she had to restrain herself from pouncing in the young girl.

“Hello Eri, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Momo Yaoyorozu, I am also one of Izuku’s girlfriends.” Momo sai, and I am guessing she had a blush because I couldn’t see her face.


“It’s… n-nice t-t-to meet y-y-you to.” Eri said quietly.


“Hey Eri, I have a really important question for you. Do you want us to be your mothers and father?” I asked as I pulled back from the hug.


Eri looked towards each of the girls to see their reactions. Ochako looked a little surprised but welcoming. Himiko looked as happy as ever, she was bouncing on the bed next to the girl giving her a smile. Mina looked surprised but happy, it looked like she wanted to pounce on the girl and give her all the love and affection she could. Momo looked surprised, she was blushing up a storm, what with just getting into a relationship with  four people and then becoming a mother, but she didn’t have a look of denial. Eri turned back to me and she nodded, starting to tear up. We all wrapped Eri in a hug and held her while she cried.


When eri stopped crying we all left the hospital and made our way back to U.A. via a limo that Momo used to get here. I also got a message from Nezu notifying me that Cementoss expanded my room a little to accommodate for the new addition, how he knows I have a kid now is beyond me. Midnight and Mic also ended up going shopping for some clothes too, apparently they both love shopping for clothes and little kids. Soon we arrived outside the dorms, so I knelt down next to Eri and comforted her.


“Hey Eri, there will be more people behind this door that live with us. But dont worry, most of them are nice except for one boy. There is also a boy who has the head of a bird but he isn’t with the bad men who hurt you okay?” I said softly.


“Okay Papa… I trust you.” Eri said softly and my heart clenched.


EEEEEE SHE CALLED ME PAPA!!! BEST DAY EVER! ’ I squealed in my head.


I stood back up and offered my hand to Eri before we walked in. When we walked in we saw everyone waiting around in the common room. When they noticed us they all came rushing to us.


“Stop! You’re scaring her!” I shouted as I felt Eri hide behind my leg and start shaking.


“Tch, why does shitty Deku have a fuc-” Bakugo started.


“Finish that sentence and I will personally break your hands so you can't use your quirk.” I growled.


“Tch, as If you worthless piece of sh-” Bakugo continued.


I flared up 15% and dashed towards him. I gripped one hand and squeezed until I heard it break. I let go of both his hand and my quirk and made my way back to Eri.


“If I find out anyone swears around her, I will personally bury you alive.” I threatened.


After that I went to my room with Eri in my arms. When we got to my room I got Eri into some sleepwear and got her ready for bed after eating dinner. When the time came for dinner Eri and I ate in my room and soon fell asleep. She crawled into my bed and laid on top of me for comfort, I wrapped her in my arms and the blanket and shut my eyes.

Chapter Text

I awoke with a stir, I felt a weight on my chest and opened my eyes. I looked down and saw my beautiful daughter Eri, asleep on my chest, huggin on so tight. I decided to let her sleep a little longer, but I also didn’t want to leave her alone. So what I did was use [BlackWhip] and wrap her in it and hugged her to my chest. I slowly got up and looked around my room, thats when I noticed a note on my bedside table. I picked it up and read it.


-If this case has what I think it does then be grateful that I was able to get them from you before you were searched when you were knocked out. Love O-


I put the note down and looked at the case, I opened it and saw that it held the Quirk Destroying bullets, I almost had a heart attack because I forgot about them. I quickly hid them in my closet and mase my way to the door. I held one hand to Eri’s back as I made my way downstairs and towards the kitchen. Thankfully everyone was quiet or still asleep, so I didn’t have to worry about noise waking her.


I got started on breakfast for us and made sure to make extra for Ochako as thanks for getting the bullets. Once that was done I put the food onto plates and brought them out to the dining table. I put them down and then rubbed Eri’s back gently, to wake her softly.


“Mmm, morning papa.” Eri mumbled as she buried into my chest.


“Morning sweetie, I made some food. Do you want some?” I asked softly as I let go of my quirk and held her.


“Yes please.” Eri said politely.


I sat down with Eri in my lap and began feeding her. I also heard a camera a few times but paid it no mind. I got to eating my food when I heard my phone go off. I picked it up and saw that it was a bunch of messages in the class chat. I opened the chat and saw photos of me with Eri in my lap being fed.


“Papa, what are you looking at?” Eri asked with an adorable head tilt that almost killed me then and there.


“I was looking at photos of us, here look.” I said as I put the phone in front of her.


Eri looked at the photos with an adorable innocence. She pulled the phone closer so she could see more. When she was done she handed me the phone back and faced me with an adorable face that I knew I would never be able to say no to.


“Papa, can you make my hair like yours?” Eri asked as she looked up at me.


“Of course darling, lets go shopping today so we can get the dye.” I said as I pulled her into a hug causing the girl to squeak.


“Do you want one of the girls to come to sweetie?” I asked, thinking that it would be best to get her used to my girlfriends and her mothers if she saw them that way.


“Yes please. Do you think Ochako can come?” Eri asked with an adorable face.


“I’ll ask sweetie.” I said as I kissed her forehead.


[Private Chat Between Chako and Izu]


Izu: Hey Chako, do you want to come shopping with Eri and I?


Chako: Sure, but why are you going shopping, didn’t Mic and Midnight already do that?


Izu: Yeah, but Eri saw the pics in the class chat and then asked if she could have the same hair as me, I’m also planning on getting some colouring books and such for her.


Chako: Then I am definitely coming! I need to see Eri with your hair colour.


Izu: Well get ready because we are leaving soon.


“Hey Eri, Chako said yes. While we are out we will also get you some colouring books okay?” I said as I looked away from my phone.


“Okay papa. I can't wait.” Eri said excitedly but still had no smile on her face.


Soon enough Ochako came downstairs dressed for the day.The three of us left the dorms and made our way to the mall. Since Eri was only fully comfortable around me, she stayed around me most of the trip, occasionally moving closer to Ochako, only to get scared back towards me. I was just thankful that her quirk didn’t activate at any point in the trip.


When we got to the mall Ochako took us straight to where we could get hair dye. She ended up grabbing the one that was closest to my hair colour and we paid for it. Then we went to get some colouring books and toys for Eri to play with when she was busy. Ochako and Eri had gotten closer during the trip and even let the brunette hug her. Ochako and I were both surprised at this development but didn’t say anything to upset Eri.


When we returned to the dorms I was dragged by Eri into the girls bathroom so I could do her hair. I was a little worried that I would get in trouble for being in the girls bathroom but I put all that aside as I got to work on dying my daughter’s hair. I was thankful that I remembered how to dye hair from my past life. My sister always wanted some random and crazy colour every second month and begged me to do it. Even though it tells you how to do it on the box I was still a little weary of those instructions because the first time I tried, I ended up dying my own hair of some horrible mixture of blacks, greys and whites.


For Eri’s part she sat there like a good girl, and hummed as she felt my hands work the dye into her scalp. Once I was finished putting the dye in I made sure to keep Eri entertained enough so that it could set. Once it had set in enough, I took her towards a sink and helped her get the excess dye out of her hair. Once she looked into the mirror above the sink she burst into tears, her quirk didn’t activate thankfully. I looked closer and she had a smile, I also cried alongside her when I saw that she was smiling and had my green hair.


I think at some point the girls heard the crying coming from their bathroom and came rushing in. When they saw me I thought they were going to beat me black and blue, but stopped when they saw why I was crying. Eri was standing at the sink with beautiful long flowing green hair. After Eri settled down I gave her a hug and apologised to the girls for being in here, I explained to them that once Eri tries to drag you somewhere you are legally obligated to follow, you cannot do anything to make her upset. 


After all of the tears and apologies I was finally able to walk out of the bathroom holding Eri’s hand. When the guys saw me I think Iida was going to try and reprimand me but failed because Sero shot tape over his mouth. All the guys complimented her new hair and she blushed at all the affection. I found it adorable that she was able to smile from being able to have the same hair as her Papa.

I will protect this brean with everything I have. ’ was my only thoughts as I fell asleep with the unicorn in my bed again.

Chapter Text

Today we were having weapons training with the teachers today. I got up and changed into my school uniform and softly shook Eri until she stirred awake. Eri mumbled for a bit and then she lifted her head, her beautiful green hair falling over her face.


“Hey sweetheart, do you want to get dressed for the day?” I asked softly.


“Okay papa… can you help me choose?” Eri asked softly.


“Of course sweetheart. Now let's see what Midnight and Mic got you.” I said as I stood up.


I walked over to the closet that was split in half, one side was for my clothes and the other was for Eri’s. I searched for a little bit before I came upon some black leggings, a white long sleeve shirt and a nice red skirt. I pulled them out and showed them to Eri.


“What do you think about these?” I asked.


“Thank you papa… they look nice.” Eri admitted shyly.


I helped Eri get dressed in the clothes I picked out. I took a photo to save the moment forever and then we made our way downstairs. We both got to eat our breakfast with the class, she was comfortable around the girls and Kirishima, I think it’s because he was one of the people to help save her. Once we finished our breakfast I walked towards the school with Eri’s hand in my own.


When we got to class we sat down and waited for Mic to enter the class. Everyone was talking amongst themselves while I had Eri sitting on my lap, drawing and colouring in one of her books. Every now and then Eri would grab one of my hands and bend the fingers, playing with and examining them. I found it cute that she was curious.


“Okay listeners. Do what you’re best at and listen up.” Mic said as he walked into the room.


“It’s okay Eri, he is one of the people who brought your clothes. He is a nice person.” I said to the grenette in my lap while she shook a little.


“Okay papa…” Eri said quietly.


“Now, every year we have these little cultural festivals around this time of the year. The principal has decided that your class is to perform for everyone. Oh, and I recommend something that will make a bang.” Mic said excitedly.


I got to work thinking about whether I should let Jirou play ‘Hero Too’, or if I should suggest that we try another song before she brings it up. I shook the thought away for now as I had the rest of the day to think about it. Everyone soon got to work, either excited for the festival or the weapons training today.


The classes we had that day seemed to crawl on forever. MAths seemed to take the longest, Ectoplasm’s voice droned on about how to do Quadratic formulas or whatever. When it was Midnight's class, she tried to be professional but when she caught sight of Eri she couldn’t hold herself back as she squealed in glee at seeing the adorable greenette. Eri had thanked her for the clothes and Midnight squealed again from the absolute adorableness of the little girl.


When it was time for Heroics class, All Might’s skinny form entered the room and explained what we would be doing.


“Hello class, today we are doing some weapons training,this came on because of the reveal of the bullets made by the Shie Hissaikai. When the police and heroes on scene couldn’t find them we decided that we should train you in how to use weapons incase your quirk is either erased or cancelled.” All Might explained to the class.


“I’m sorry…” Eri apologised quietly.


“It’s okay Eri, its not your fault. It was the bad men and Overhaul who did it, you didn’t have a choice and you are nothing like them okay my sweetheart?” I soothed the little girl.


Soon everyone had to leave and get changed. I waited for everyone to finish in the changing rooms before I entered. I didn’t want Eri getting overwhelmed by too many people in a tight space. Once I was able to change I held Eri’s hand and made our way to the gym we would be training at. I think it was something like Snipes Playground or something similar. When we got there Snipe, along with All Might and Mic were standing around.


“Okay kiddos, today we’ll be teachin ya how to handle guns and other weapons.” Snipe said from under his gas mask.


“We will be splitting you off into groups, one half of the class will train with firearms first and then swap with the other group who will be training with knives, swords, staves and such to begin with.” All Might stated.


“Okay, the group starting with firearms first will be Midoriya, Toga, Uraraka, Yaoyorozu, Sero, Kirishima, Tokoyami, Asui and Hagakure. You all will go with Snipe over to the range and go through the basics of firearm safety.” Mic called out.


Those of us who were named walked over to Snipe and followed him. When we reached the firing range Snipe turned back to us and pointed towards where the ear muffs were. We all got the idea and grabbed a pair, I grabbed another for Eri and then returned in front of Snipe.


“Now that you have your ear protection I will teach you the rules of firearm safety. First rule is, always assume that a gun is loaded, even if you know it isn’t, others don’t know that so treat it as if it were. The second rule, only have your finger on the trigger if you mean to shoot what you are aiming at. Third rule, always have the barrel aimed in safe directions and never towards others.” Snipe explained.


“Understood sir!” the students said as we waited for the next directions.


“Now then, the first firearm I’m gonna teach ya kids ta use, are pistols.” Snipe said as he grabbed a pistol off the nearby table.


Snipe then walked over to the range and demonstrated how to use it. He raised the firearm and took aim, he carefully waited and then squeezed the trigger. The gunshot rang out through the firing range and hit the target, he repeated this until the magazine was empty. We all watched as he unloaded the magazine and placed the gun and magazine back on the table.


“Now then, who here feels as though they are comfortable enough to fire one?” Snipe asked our group.


“I would like to give it a try, Snipe.” I said as I stepped up.


“Well then come on up kiddo.” Snipe said with a wave of his hand.


I handed Eri off to Ochako and walked over to the desk, where I grabbed an unloaded pistol and the magazine lying next to it. I walked up to the range and calmly inserted the magazine into the gun, turned off the safety and chambered a round. I held the firearm up, took a deep breath, and squeezed the trigger. I shot the gun until it was empty and then did as Snipe did, put the safety back on, unloaded the magazine and cleared the chamber, I then returned and placed the gun back on the table.


“Well I’ll be damned, you actually managed to get one bullseye from that distance.” Snipe whistled, clearly impressed.


“Alright kids, who’s next?” Snipe then asked as he faced the group.


Everyone had taken a turn using the pistols. Momo was adept at shooting, I guess because she had to try archery or something at some point in her life, which helped her accuracy. Ochako had to wear gloves so as to not rob the bullets of gravity and send them sailing straight. Himiko had a little bit of trouble because she was so used to knives. Kirishima had tried his best but clearly didn’t enjoy it because it “wasn’t manly” to use ranged weapons. Sero had enjoyed it, since it would help him with his accuracy with his quirk. Tokoyami had taken notice of the bright muzzle flash and noted that it seemed to help keep DarkShadow docile. Tsu was a little hard to place, when she picked the pistol up I nearly laughed from being reminded of that image of Tsu threatening someone with a gun. Hagakure was harder to figure out, with how happy she normally seems. It's hard to make out when she is serious, and sometimes when she shot I got scared because it was hard to tell when she was going to shoot. Eri seemed to be alright around guns, she seemed to flinch but never got scared or anything when one went off.


Everyone had a turn with the rifles. I had used one of them and when I pulled the trigger I wasn’t expecting the amount of kickback I got and almost dropped the weapon. After I had managed to use it proficient enough it was everyone else’s turn. Everyone had braced for the recoil after seeing my reaction but still didn’t expect it, Kirishima even used his quirk on instinct. After everyone had finished with the rifles we were brought back to the other group and swapped out.


“Alright, the first weapons we are going to use are Bo staves. Grab on and a partner and begin training. We will come around and offer pointers here and there.” All Might said.


I grabbed a Bo staff and made my way over to Himiko. I knew that she was proficient in knives so that's why I picked her, we would both be just as bad with the same weapon so there were no unfair advantages. We clumsily hit each other and tripped over ours or each other's staves and got some pointes from the teachers. Soon after we were more precise in our actions. After our spar with the staves we were told to pick a new weapon and stick with the same partner. That same pattern happened all the way up to the knives.


“Don’t worry Zuzu, I’ll go easy on you.” HImiko said with a fanged smirk.


“Don’t you even think about it.” I said with a determined glare.


I took note of how we held our knives, She held hers in a front hand grip while mine was a backhand grip. We soon got to sparing and moved with grace. When I felt comfortable enough to push the advantage I tried to swing and strike fast, but I wasn’t as accurate as Himiko was, so most of my swings missed. When I made a misstep in my advance, Himiko was able to take a swing. I watched as she brought the blade up from her side and slashed me, cutting my face deep. She had got me right over the eye, I was bleeding from my right eyebrow and cheekbone.


“Fuck!” I shouted as I dropped the knife to hold my face.


“Zuzu I’m so sorry, come here I’ll help you to Recovery Girl!” Himiko said as she dropped her knife.


“Why did you give us sharpened blades?” I questioned as I walked past, holding my face with my right hand and Eri’s hand with my left.


I walked towards Recovery Girls office and was bombarded with apologies along the way. I said that it was fine and that she wasn’t really aiming for my face. I noticed that she was actually aiming for my chest and slipped on something, which caused her to raise her arm higher than she intended. Recovery Girl was able to heal the slash wound but wasn’t able to keep it from scaring. I honestly didn’t mind the scar, I was just a little mad at U.A. for giving sharpened weapons to first years for training. Shortly after my interaction with Recovery Girl class ended, we were able to return to the dorms.


I then heard people talking about what we should do for the cultural festival. I realised that I had enough time to think about whether or not I wanted to interfere and decided “yes”, I have a good song in mind for the festival, and it helps that it doesn't even exist in this universe. So I got up and got their attention.


“How about we sing and dance? I have been working on a song for a while now.” I said.


“Aww hell yeah! We should sing! We’ve heard you and Jirou singing during our karaoke sessions! Along with Yaomomo too!” Denki said excitedly.


“Well this one actually involves a few people to sing to sound better.” I said as I scratched my neck.


:Well that's okay! We can get Jirou and Yaomomo to help you sing right?!: Denki asked excitedly.


“I wouldn’t mind singing with you Izuku.” Momo said politely.


“Ugh… fine I’ll help sing, let’s get things ready tomorrow so we can sing then.” Jirou sighed.


I was thankful that they agreed to help sing. After all of this happened I got started on dinner with Eri hanging off my back, I had to use [BlackWhip] to keep Eri secured to my back to keep her from falling off as I moved around the kitchen. Once I had finished cooking I got my and Eri’s plates and sat down with Eri next to me. We ate together with some of the others who she was comfortable around. When Eri was finished with her food Kirishima spoke up.


“Hey Eri, I’ll take your plate for you, same with you MidoBro.” Kirishima said as he looked at us.


“Thanks Kiri.” I said as I pushed my plate towards him.


“Thank you Uncle Kiri.” Eri said quietly as she copied me.


Kirishima almost burst into tears at being declared her uncle, but settled on hugging her instead. When we were all showered and ready for bed I had to read Eri a book and she fell asleep halfway through. I then put the book away and pulled the blanket up over the two of us. I kissed her forehead and whispered goodnight. I shut my eyes and fell asleep to the sounds of her soft breathing.

Chapter Text

Today is the day of the cultural festival. I woke up as refreshed as I could and got ready for the day. I dressed in my normal choice of clothes, gym shorts, plain t-shirt and a jacket over the top with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. I then woke Eri and got her dressed for the day, the same thing in the anime cause it’s fucking adorable on her.


I walked downstairs with Eri on my hip and made breakfast. We ate for the morning and then I dropped Eri off with Mirio cause I needed to buy something from the store, I also had the secret motive of stopping Gentle and La Brava before they tried their move on U.A.


I walked down the streets and made my way to that little store near a small house. I walked in and brought some snacks and such for the class and put them into my bag after I paid. I walked out and spotted two people walking away, towards U.A one was tall and the other was short and I could see the red hair poking out from under the hat.


“Well hello there, Gentle Criminal and La Brava. Fancy meeting you here.” I said as I secured my bag to my back.


“Oh? And how would you know if we are who you say we are?” the man answered.


“Because I know that La Brava is short and has red hair and is normally seen around Gentle Criminal, who is your height and has grey hair.” I said offhandedly.


“Well it looks like it's time to get the camera La Brava.” The man, now confirmed as Gentle Criminal, said.


Once the camera was on he started his big speech about how he would infiltrate the school and what not. Once he was done talking I activated 8% {Full Cowl} and ran towards him. Just before I reached him I realised I fucked up a bit cause I heard him say “{Gently Rebound}”, I was thrown backwards by an air membraine and gave them a window to escape. I got back up and started chasing them, then Gentle put his hand on the ground and it started rippling.


“{Gently Trampoline}!” I heard him shout as I got close.


I was thrown into the air by the quirk and watched as he flew off. I thanked every god there was for remembering to grab my gloves before I left as I took aim. I took a deep calming breath and took aim. I flicked my middle finger out and watched as pressurised air flew towards the criminal duo. It smacked into the man and threw him into a construction site. When I landed I ran towards the site as fast as I could.


When I got there I saw Gentle hanging from his cloak from one of the beams. I let him talk and talk, it was clear that he loved the sound of his own voice, judging by the way he used big words and so often too. Once he finally shut up, I shot another air bullet at him and it was deflected by a quickly formed air membrane. Once that happened he bounced off and landed on another beam. He rubberised it and started to bounce. He went on and on about how when his quirk is deactivated an object keeps the same tensile strength as when it was rubberised. He jumped off and the beam started to fall, I quickly ran towards it and caught it.


“There was a person below! You say that you don't kill but here you were, just about to drop a steel beam on someone!” I groaned under the weight of the beam.


He explained that he would have rubberized the ground before it hit. As the duo left the construction site towards U.A I moved up to 20% to help with the weight of the beam. I was able to lift it in one hand and fire off a couple of air bullets before I had to grab it again. I carefully placed it back on the ground and started running towards the crane that he bounced off.


“Okay Green, are you ready to play?” I asked with a smirk.


Oh you bet! [Switch]! ” Green said, I was pulled out of control of the body and got to watch Green go to work.


Green started off by using the crane to throw himself forwards towards Gentle and La Brava. Then he activated [Float] and flew after them while using air bullets to throw them off course. They were now right outside U.A, in the forest that surrounded the school. The fight played out how it did in canon,with Green and Gentle throwing down and bouncing around the trees after La Brava used her quirk to give him a boost. When Green had finally caught him, he felt light hitting on his side and saw La Brava begging him to not “Take her Gentle”. Green was then thrown off into the air and gave me control of the body.


“How was that Green? Have fun?” I asked as I flew the rest of the way back after seeing Hound Dog.


Yeah, it felt good to fight after a while. ” Green said will sounding like he was yawning.


“Are you tired?” I asked.


Yeah, dont mind me, I’m just going to sleep. ” Green said.


“Alright, talk later, sleep well.” I said as I felt the mental wall go up.


I got back to the school shortly after and got changed and cleaned my face of any potential blood. I made my way to the class and was getting berated by Jirou for being late. I apologised and then we all got ready for the concert we would sing. Everyone got onto stage while it was dark and took their places, I got behind the mic and cleared my throat to get ready. The curtain opened up and the music started to play softly.


Legends never die, when the world is callin’ you, can you hear them screaming out your name? ” Jirou started out the song.


Legends never die, they become a part of you, everytime you bleed for reaching greatness, relentless you survive. ” Jirou continued.


They never lose hope when everything’s bold and the fightings near .” Jirou sang, with the music starting to pick up.


It’s deep in their bones, they'll run into smoke when the fire is fierce, Oh, pick yourself up cause. ” I got ready to sing along with her.


Legends never die! When the world is calling you! Can you hear them screamin’ out your name?” I sang alongside the purplette.


Legends never die! They become a part of you! Everytime you bleed for reaching greatness! Legends never die. ” the music started to get lower.


They’re written down in eternity, but you’ll never see the price it costs- the scars collected all of their lives. ” I watched as some of the class danced along and got ready to sing with us.


When everythings lost, they pick up their hearts and avenge defeat. ” We continued, seeing that some of the crowd looked ready to join too.


Before it all starts, they suffer through harm just to touch a dream. Oh pick yourself up cause. ” We watched as the crowd and class got ready.


“ Legends never die! When the world is calling you! Can you hear them screaming out your name? Legends never die! They become a part of you! Everytime you bleed for reaching greatness, Legends never die. ” Everyone in class and some of the audience sang.


When the world is callin’ out your name, beggin you to fight. ” Jirou and I sang alone.


Pick yourself up once more, pick yourself up cause. ” Jirou sang alone.


Legends never die! When the world is calling you! Can you hear them screamin’ out your name? ” we all sang, I could also see Eri smiling from where I was.


Legends never die! They become a part of you! Everytime you bleed for reaching greatness, Legends never die. ” Everyone sang almost perfectly.


The song ended with everyone clapping and cheering for the whole class.Jirou and I took deep breaths to relax ourselves. Soon after the whole festival was over I met up with Mirio and Eri.


“Hey sweetie, hey Mirio.” I called out as I got closer.


“Hey little Kouhai.” Mirio greeted me with a smile.


“Hey Papa! You were great! So was the singer lady! You sound really good Papa!” Eri complimented in a cheerful tone, with an adorable smile.


“Thank you sweetie! Did you enjoy the show Mirio?” I asked as I gave my little unicorn a hug.


“Yeah, it was great actually.I’m surprised after hearing the crowd join in with singing though.” Mirio said as he scratched his head.


“Haha thanks, I wasn’t even expecting the crowd to join in.” I replied with a smile.


“Eri darling, it's starting to get late, you wanna go home now?” I asked as I crouched down.


“Yes please papa, I’m a little tired.” Eri responded with a yawn.


“Well climb on my back, oh also what do we say to Mirio sweetie?” I asked with a chuckle.


“Bye bye uncle Mirio, sleep well.” Eri said tiredly once her head was on my back.


I looked at Mirio and saw him tearing up. I chuckled and lightly hit him on the shoulder. I said my goodbyes and made my way back to the dorms. Once we got back we went straight to bed, passing out from exhaustion once our heads hit the bed.