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How Am I Izuku Midoriya?! (A S.I Fic) [On Hiatus]

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It was now the day of the practical portion of the exams. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the pain that I would receive from All Might and possibly Bakugo. I am thankful that I could raise my safe limit to 40%, I also figured out how to properly use Fa Jin and can use a Faux 90%.


“Hey guys, ready for the practical?” I asked as I arrived in front of Kaminari, Ashido, Ochako, Himiko, Kirishima and Yaomomo.


“Yeah, I’m sure we will do great!” Kirishima said in his enthusiastic voice.


“I think I’ll do great against the robots!” Ashido said with a smile.


I chuckled at her answer and seemingly caught their curiosity. They all turned to me and Kaminari asked “What are you chuckling about MidoBro?”


“Oh nothing, it’s not robots we’re fighting.” I said, which caused some unrest in the group.


They all leaned in conspiratorially waiting for my answer.


“We are going to be fighting the teachers I heard. Apparently they’ll have handicaps from what I’ve heard.” I whispered just loud enough for my friends to hear.


Their eyes bulged out comically at the new information but they didn't make a noise. When they finally calmed down they all looked to me and Himiko asked “How do you know?!”


“I just heard some of the teachers talk about it in passing, I could be wrong though. It might be for the second or third years not us. But don’t discount the possibility that I could be wrong, just try to be prepared.” I explained quietly so no one else heard me.


“Yeah okay, just don't make solid plans, yeah I think I can do that.” Ashido said, trying to keep herself hyped.


“You are good at making on-the-fly adjustments to plans, Ashi you will do just fine. I believe in you.” I comforted Ashido.


Ashido smiled at the compliment and it looked like she was relieved. Soon after we fell into chatter about random subjects while waiting for the teachers to arrive and bring us to where the test will be. A few minutes later Mr. Aizawa came out and told us to get on the bus.


“Hey, how does everyone think they did on the written portion of the exam?” I asked aloud to everyone on the bus.


“I feel like I did well enough on the exam.” Tsu said from in front of me.


“I kinda struggled with the math but got through it.” Kaminari said from next to me.


“Yeah I struggled with that too, like who thought it was a good idea to make it even more complicated.” I complained.


“Shut up Shitty Deku! I did better than any of you extras!” Bakugo yapped from the back of the bus.


“Why do you hate me? Is it because when we were younger I tried to help you when you fell in that stream? Am I not allowed to worry for someone who I saw as a friend?” I said, slowly growing irritated.






“Sit down now you brats!” Aizawa shouted from the front of the bus.


I sat down and calmed myself before I felt like throwing a 90% punch to his gut. Bakugo also ‘Tch’d’ and sat down grumbling. After a few more minutes of waiting we finally arrived at where the exams would take place.


“Alright everyone, as some of you may have heard, your practical has you going up against robots.” Aizawa droned on in his tired voice.


But due to recent developments“ a squeaky voice said from Aizawas scarf “We have decided to change up your physical portion of the exam.” The voice was revealed to be Nezu as he popped out of Aizawa’s scarf and made his way to the floor.


“For your exams you will be facing-” Aizawa was cut off as All Might landed.


US ” All Might’s booming voice called out.


“Yes… you will be facing us teachers. We will have these weights to handicap us.” Aizawa said as he pulled out his weights and put them on.


“They are designed to be half our weight, so that should be a reasonable handicap.” Aizawa continued.


“Now then! Time to find out who you are paired with and who you will be facing.” Nezu said, ever so cheerful.


“Jirou and Koda, you will be facing Present Mic. Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, Eraserhead. Sato and Kirishima, Cementoss. Asui and Tokoyami, Ectoplasm.” Nezu called out, the mentioned pairs moved next to each other and talked about plans.


“Uraraka and Aoyama, Thirteen. Ashido and Kaminari, Me. Sero and Toga, Midnight. Iida and Ojiro, Power Loader. Hagakure and Shoji, Snipe.” Nezu said.


Everyone sent me looks of pity as they realised who I would be against. I just smiled at them to calm their worries, after all, I had a plan that didn't need Bakugo.




Bakugo had a feral look about him, probably at the prospects of facing All Might and proving he is the best. I just kept a calm face and walked away from Bakugo and towards the others.


“Excuse me Midoriya, but your teammate is in the other direction.” Nezu called out.


“Yes I am aware of that. But if anything he is also an opponent, he refuses to work with anyone, I fail to see why I am teamed up with him though.” I responded.


“You need to learn how to work with others problem child.” Aizawa’s tired voice called out.


I saw red. “What the fuck do you mean I need to learn how to work with others?! I am not the problematic one! It is him! You are just too shit of a teacher to realise that fact.” I called back.


Everyone looked stunned, including Aizawa, before he schooled his features and said “Do you want to fail or for me to expel you?” 


“Ohohoho, you hear this? When someone points out his flaws he threatens expulsion. I don’t even need Baku-Bitch in my team to take on All Might! Just you fucking watch!” I shouted back and walked into the observation room.


I watched impatiently as everyone else had their exams. I saw that they all went relatively the same except Kirishima, Sato, Ashido and Kaminari passed. I was thanking myself that I gave Ashido that quick piece of advice that Nezu would use a wrecking ball. Everyone did amazing in their exams but I couldn’t focus on that, I was thinking back on my plan.


Soon enough it was time for my exam to happen, I made my way towards the bus in silence and sat far away from Bakugo. ‘ Hey Third, do you think my plan will work? ’ I mentally called out to the vestiges.


What, make sure that bakubitch ends up unconscious and then 1v1 the strongest man alive? Yeah… no you’re fucked. ” Third responded.


Gee thanks… What about you, Izu? Nana? ’ I called for my two predecessors.


While I dont approve of doing that to Kacchan I’d say you have a decent shot, just don’t go overboard, Recovery Girl is mean. ” Izuku’s vestige responded.


Yeah I agree with Little Nine, you have a decent chance against Toshi. Especially with his handicap. Third is just jealous that you get to fight someone strong and he doesn’t. ” Nana’s vestige responded.


Thanks guys, Third is jealous and he probably cheats at Uno I bet. ’ I called back.


Oh you wouldn’t believe how much he does. ” Nan chuckled back.


Oi fuck you Tenth! ” Third shouted.


No thanks, I have Chako and Himi for that, maybe second can help you there? ’ I thought with a sly smile.


Whats this about me helping someone? ” Second’s voice came in.


Tenth was wondering if you’d help Third fuck his own ass. ” Nana cackled.


I gotta go guys, I’ll talk later. ’ I thought before closing the connection to the vestiges.


The bus came to a stop and we both got off and made our way to the gate. “Stay out of my way you worthless piece of shit.” Bakugo growled.


“Uh huh, keep on yapping you dog.” I grumbled under my breath.


When we got the green light to enter I activated Full Cowling at 35% and jumped up onto a roof. I don’t think that Bakugo noticed, because he is still stalking down the street looking retarded with his waddle. I followed from above and waited for All Might to strike. I heard the wind pressure before I saw the effects, it tore up the street and threw Bakugo back.


I AM A VILLAIN NOW, WHO CARES ABOUT PROPERTY DAMAGE! ” All Smite called out from the centre of the city.


“I’M GOING TO BEAT YOUR ASS ALL MIGHT AND PROVE I’M THE BEST!” Bakugo screamed as he used explosions to bring himself closer to All Smite.


I shook my head as I tailed behind, staying hidden so as to not get caught by the big man himself. When Bakugo got closer he let one of his biggest blasts he could out in All Smites face. When the smoke cleared Bakugo was shocked and then had a fist driven into his gut, throwing him away.


I winced in sympathy at the sight and then saw All Might rush towards the volatile blonde. When All Might reached him, he was picked up by the face and called out “ YOUNG MIDORIYA WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU NOT GOING TO SAVE YOUR TEAMMATE?


“I don’t need that worthless bastard’s help… I’d rather lose than work with him!” Bakugo choked out.


“You’re right. I’m not going to save him.” I called out, hoping that the echo of my voice was enough to make it harder to pinpoint my location. “If he refuses to work with others than he wont make it as a hero, why am I being punished by being with him.”


YOUNG MIDORIYA IT IS NOT A PUNISHMENT. IT IS TO TRY AND GET YOU TO WORK WITH YOUR CLASSMATE ” All Might said as he broke character but not his grip on Bakugos face.


I silently scoffed at that and activated a Faux 90% Full Cowl, ready to attack All Might. “I WORK WELL WITH EVERYONE BUT HIM! HE IS MY ABUSER OF 10 YEARS! YOU EXPECT ME TO WORK WITH THAT MONSTER!?” I screamed as I jumped off the roof and aimed a kick at All Might’s head.


When the kick landed it threw him a fair distance away. I had enough time to grab Bakugo and throw him away, so I did just that. I picked him up, jumped high in the air and launched Bakugo towards the exit on the other side of the city, knowing he would rather fight.


When Bakugo was launched away I turned back to All Might and he looked shocked. “What are you surprised about? He is a disgusting human being. Now, LET’S FIGHT!” I shouted.


As if brought out of his shock at my proclamation, he got into a stance ready to fight. All Might rushed forwards and threw a punch towards my centre mass, since I’m smaller and more agile I was able to dodge out of the way. I countered with a quick jab to his extended arm to weaken it.


All Might pulled back a little and looked like he was getting ready for a stronger attack. “ DETROIT SMASH! ” He called out as he threw his fist forward.


I brought my own fist forwards but missed because I have shorter arms than he does. A massive fist was brought into my stomach, making me throw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner from yesterday and today, I also felt a crack in my rib. When I landed down the street away from All Might I quickly ran a hand over my ribs and winced as I felt the pain of the crack.


I did my best to ignore the pain as I rushed back towards All Might and drove a foot into his unscarred side, staggering him. I quickly pressed the attack and threw a whole bunch of quick jabs at the Big Guy, not giving him enough time to react.


When I had thought I wore him out sufficiently I grabbed the cuffs with one hand while I threw one last punch with the other. I then quickly put one cuff on his wrist and the buzzer went off and an automated voice called out “Izuku Midoriya And Katsuki Bakugo Pass.”


Well done young Midoriya,I am impressed with your combat skills yet I must ask, why did you do that to young Bakugo? ” All Might asked as he stood back up.


“I just got sick of his shit, he has been the same since four. I always followed and looked up to him, even when he hurt me , I just couldn't take anymore of his shouting about being the best and then also him screaming about how I am better than him. I am also sick of him just putting everyone else around him down just for his fragile ego.” I vented as we walked towards the exit.


Young Midoriya, I hope you know that we will have to talk about this right? Also are you injured in any way? ” All Might spoke as he walked alongside me.


“Yeah I know. Also I think I have a cracked rib at best, Recovery Girl is most likely going to hit me with her cane yet again .” I said in an exasperated tone.


As we made our way to Recovery Girls tent we picked up Bakugo along the way, I was wondering why he didn’t try to return to the fight but it turned out that he had been knocked out on impact with the ground. Recovery Girl hit me with her cane as expected and then gave me a healing kiss. I soon passed out from exhaustion, while dreading the meeting after all this.