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How Am I Izuku Midoriya?! (A S.I Fic) [On Hiatus]

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My name is Jordan Purcell and the last thing i remember before falling asleep was finishing watching My Hero Academia. The next thing i knew i saw an image of a blonde man staring at me. i jumped up in shock, not expecting to see someones face right there. "What the fuck?!" i muttered quietly. "Where am I... Wait... All Might posters? how is this possible, this isn't even my room. How the fuck did i end up here?" i took another look around the room before getting up to go to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I took a look in the mirror and found Izuku Midoriya staring back at me.

"How is this even possible? How am I Izuku?" I quietly muttered, hearing Izukus voice, perplexing me even more. 'This is so confusing' taking off my? Izukus? shirt off, admiring the muscle that he had built from the months of training 'god damned Izu your body looks way better in person, no homo. Also forgive me for I must know if the carpet matches the drapes.' Pulling my pants down slightly to use the toilet I got a look at a small tuft of green hair and a solid 7 inches of shmeat. 'God damned Izu, make me jealous why don't you. Wait what day is it?' I quickly returned to Izuku's? My? room to check the time and date. 'Oh fuck today is the entrance exam, i also get OfA so that's a plus, shit I gotta hurry up!' I quickly got changed and said goodbye to Inko.

It took 15 minutes to arrive at Dagobah beach using the memories afforded to me by being in Izukus body. once I arrived i saw All Might waiting for me, it was so weird to see the skeleton of a man in person. "Ah young Midoriya, there you are!" Small Might exclaimed as I approached him. "Sorry for being a bit late Small Might" I said with a cheeky grin, while the man in question coughed up blood in surprise at the nickname "W-what's with the nickname my boy?" All Might said while looking shocked "Would you rather Stick Might?" I said with  a chuckle. "I was just surprised is all my boy, I must say that I'm impressed with the work that you have done here."

'I wish I could claim that i did all this work but I can't I'm not Izuku ' was what I wanted to say but what I actually said was "Thank you Mini Might for giving me this opportunity at becoming a hero, I will make you proud as your successor." With a proud smile Yagi responded with "I never doubted you for a second my boy, I know that you will make me proud. Now to inherit my power you must" Small Might grew into All Might and continued to speak, "EAT THIS". Since I knew this was coming i took the hair and ate it without protest except for a small gag.

"Sorry if this is rude but, do you actually was your hair? 'Cause god that was nasty." All Might blanched at that and blushed in embarrassment. "I do wash my hair my boy! Also I'm shocked, I was expecting to have to force you to eat the hair like my master did me." He said with a small chuckle, then deflated."I'm sorry to cut this short Mini Might but I have to get home and prepare for the entrance exams, I hope you have a good day." I said, getting up to walk off."Are you going to stop with these nicknames young Midoriya?" Small Might asked with a chuckle. " I'll stop when I'm dead Skele-Might." I said with a chuckle walking off.

When I returned home to Mama Inko, she had already finished making breakfast for the both of us. "Hello sweetie, breakfast is ready. You can eat then go get ready for your exams. Just know I'm proud of you sweetie." Inko said as I walked into the dining room for breakfast, thanking her with  a smile that if you looked closely at, would notice is a fake smile, facade. After i ate breakfast, got changed and said my goodbyes to Inko I was finally on my way to U.A. The train ride was relatively quiet in comparison to Australia's trains, what with spastics blasting their shitty music and couples having arguments about the pettiest shit ever. I enjoyed the change but cursed to myself for not bringing something to listen to.

Once i had arrived at the gates to U.A I was in awe, never in my wildest dreams would this be able to actually happen. "Move it Deku" 'Ah yes, the one piece of shit i did not want to see today ' I turned to face Katsuki Bakugo. "Oh I'm sorry your majesty, would you like me to roll out the red carpet?" I said, bowing out of his way. "Fucking worthless Deku" Bakugo growled as he walked past me. Being called worthless lowkey hurt because of my past history of being bullied and suicide baited for 7 years of my life. 'If you can somehow hear me Izuku I'm sorry but I have to avoid him at all costs for both our state of mind, there is no use in trying to be friends with him again, all he does is destroy our self esteem and mental state.

After I finished that line of thought that the real Izuku may or may not have heard, I made my way towards the school, tripping on a loose brick in the middle of the pathway, only thought in that moment was 'God dammit Nezu, why is there a loose brick you rat.' My fall was stopped before i could hit the ground by a feeling of weightlessness, turning to my left i saw beautiful brown hair and eyes looking at me. "Sorry for using my quirk on you without asking, I thought it would have been bad luck if you fell right before an exam." She explained before righting me and releasing her quirk,"Thanks for that, good luck in the exams, also nice quirk, i have no doubt that you can get it." I responded with a bright smile that made her blush marks darken. We both walked in and separated, taking our respective seats for the exam.

I made it through the written exam with little trouble, thanking every god imaginable that I could understand and speak Japanese. Now it was time for Tenya Iida to embarrass himself by interrupting Present Mic in the middle of his speech about the robots, this time around I made sure that Izuku wasn't muttering, so I didn't get called out."And you with the green hair! If you are going to sit there looking bored then you may as well leave!" Iida still called me out 'And I still get called out! Oh you fucked up bitch.'

I stand up and level a glare at him. "If you were patient enough to wait for Mic to finish talking you would know that the last robot is worth zero points, hence the name Zero Pointer, Secondly why am I the one you call out? there are so many other people that look just as bored as I do. So sit your ass down and you might learn a thing or two." I finished my little speech by flipping him the bird as i flopped into my seat. The rest of the explanation passed with no interruptions and we were all on the way to the fake city.

Once we arrived at the fake city i felt a sudden rush of power 'Oh yeah! One for All is ready for a combat exercise, I'm not looking forward to losing arm my arm privileges though' I thought with a light chuckle. Once I was ready to use One for All I used a visual of a dam, with the water flow being the percentage of power I can use. After testing the waters a bit I figured I could use abut 5% safely and push it to 8% with a little bit of strain felt in my bones. I also noticed that the sparks were a cyan colour and and the usual green.

My thoughts were interrupted by Present Mic screaming for everyone to go, knowing what was happening I quickly took off into the city, intent on getting as many Villain and Rescue points as I can.