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An Immortal Family, An Immortal Bomb, An Immortal Bass Drum, and a Mortal Philadelphia

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I encourage all reading this to comment if you like it! I’m trying to get better with Ruv and Whitty’s canon personalities. Constructive criticism is allowed but please be kind!(and if you don’t want to comment that’s okay too, I just like feedback)

Chapter One.

Ruv’s POV


I don’t remember much.


I remember a lot more than much.


And a part of me wishes I didn’t.


My extremely spacious mind glazed over all of the events that happened today, replaying them in perfect detail. I hoped Edward didn’t hear me. He would want some mind bleach if he did. You could say today wasn’t the best day for me… It was my first day of being a vampire.


And might I say, Bella made it seem a lot more glamorous than it actually was.


I should probably start from the beginning… My memories of my transformation are rather foggy, though, so they might not be very accurate.

4 days beforehand…


I was taking a break from the church. I didn’t like the reverent and formal aura it emitted, even with my sister, Sarvente, leading it. I couldn’t stand the grand building with the huge organ and the stained glass windows. I never really liked the white walls with lots of windows design. {Little did he know he would be leaving that one just to find himself in another building with the same design. He probably feels like he’s being trapped in an endless loop of running away and eventually ending up in the same buildings, again and again and again.}


{Oh wait, I’m getting off track.}


So anyways, I decided to go into an alleyway. It was rather sketchy, but the feel was a lot more casual. Kinda badass, actually. There was graffiti everywhere and tall nearly wrecked apartment complexes all around me. Almost as if I’d found myself in a mafia movie. I smiled and waited for a gang to run by. They might even challenge me. That would be fun. This place gave me a newfound confidence, and I couldn’t wait to tell Sarv about it.




So this was how extroverts felt…


It was a cold night. I loved the cold. Even more excuses to use on Sarv to let me be here. I heard footsteps behind me, and I immediately was broken out of my dreamland. I snapped back to my introverted mindset and stood guard. I saw a man, probably around his teenage years, watching me. He looked a little bit like the tiny piece of trash I had to rap battle a week ago, with the neon blue hair and the short body. But there was something off about him.


He had bright red, menacing eyes.


And, in my moment of surprise, he attacked me. 


The only thing I remembered after that was the fire. The blazing, screaming hot fire. I hoped I wasn’t making any noise, but I couldn’t know for sure with all the confusion going on in my head. And for some reason, my thoughts were getting remarkably clearer.

 Too clear for my liking.