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Possessive Streak

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Emma knew Regina has a possessive streak. The way she held onto Henry when the first curse broke and everything broke loose was a proof of that. So when they started an actual relationship and not just being fuck buddies as Emma eloquently puts it, Regina had let that possessive streak show.


It all started just after they arrived home from Neverland after rescuing Henry from Peter Pan’s hands. Since Emma kissed Hook in a spur of a moment thing after he had saved her father, the guy started following her like a love-sick puppy. The kiss was a mistake, she admits that, but she only did it as a thank you. Nothing more. So Emma did her best to avoid the man as much as possible without letting Regina know. Even though there’s really nothing between them, for some reason she didn't want to upset the former mayor. Emma doesn't understand it, but that’s what she feels. Besides, she doesn't even like the guy. More reason for her to avoid his advances even though she had told him many times that she’s not interested in having a relationship with him, let alone go out on a date with him.


But of course, Regina found out about it. It doesn't matter how, God knows that woman always knows everything, because at the end of the day, Emma was screwed. Literally and figuratively.


Emma let out a trembling gasp as Regina's tongue made its way towards her over-sensitive clit again. She's been teasing her relentlessly since the brunette transported them to the Mifflin mansion using her magic from the diner after having their usual family dinner with her parents and Henry. It seems Regina is in a mood and Emma's not sure if she could handle it since Regina made it her mission to tease the blonde all day. I mean, the woman has very little to do now that she's not Storybrooke's mayor, which made Emma a little curious because it doesn't seem to affect Regina in the slightest since her mother took over the position right after Neverland. But they never got the opportunity to talk about that ever since Regina inserted those sinful fingers deep inside her core.


"Regina," Emma whined as the said woman once again stopped her ministrations. She was so close!


"Just a little longer, dear," Regina cooed as she massaged Emma's swollen folds. "Let me play with you for a while."


All Emma could do was whine, writhe, and gasp as Regina played with her pussy like she has all the time in the world. She usually doesn't mind. But she's been on edge all day with all the teasing from the brunette that she felt her body ready to combust.


So when Regina finally let her come fifteen minutes later, Emma was sure she passed out after that intense orgasm. And when she woke up feeling groggy and her voice hoarse, she felt gentle fingers slowly running up and down her naked back. That's when she realized she's using Regina's chest as her pillow whilst an arm was wrapped around her waist.


"What was that for?" she asked after a few minutes of blissful silence.


"What was what about?" Regina asked, feigning nonchalant as her fingers kept lazily stroking her back.


Emma huffed out at that. "What I mean is, what brought this on? You are not this aggressive and relentless in teasing me before," she clarified. A low growl was the only response she received that made her sit up to look down on the brunette. "Regina?"


"Why didn't you tell me that Captain Guyliner has been pestering you relentlessly since Neverland?" she said with a sneer. "I am slightly disappointed since I heard it from your mother and not from you."


Emma has the decency to look sheepish. "I just didn't want to bother you," she answered meekly. "And Snow promised she won't say anything about it," she mumbled.


Regina let out a humourless bark of laughter at that. "Dear, you should know by now that your mother doesn't know how to keep a secret." She then let out a sigh then caressed Emma's cheek gently with the pad of her thumb. "You should've told me," she whispered as her dark eyes trailed from Emma's kiss-swollen lips down to the small bruises forming on her neck and chest.


"I know," she replied guiltily. "I thought I could handle it. But it seems he thinks I'm playing hard to get, that's why he's so insistent on taking me out on a date."


Regina let out another growl again, this time a little louder. "How dare he believe he can take what's mine," she uttered underneath her breath.


Emma couldn't stop the grin from forming on her lips. "Possessive much?"


Regina's eyes flashed dangerously before Emma found herself on her back whilst the brunette pinned her down the bed with her own deliciously naked body.


“Call me possessive, fine. Because when it comes to you, I admit, I am possessive.”


No words were spoken again after that. And when Emma entered the diner the next day with a small limp in her steps as she made her way towards Regina who was patiently waiting for her on their usual booth, she can feel eyes following her every step but she just ignored them. She was about to sit on the opposite side when Regina gingerly pulled her towards her side of the booth and placed a gentle but firm kiss hello on the blonde's thin pink lips.


To say Hook's jaw was hanging open in shock along with Henry's whoop of joy and Snow's amused chuckle made Regina's day even better.