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Argent, Amour et Pouvoir.

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Gold was blinding Chan’s eyes, the bright color everywhere in the room. The white light was reflecting it, making his head hurt. He hated events like this, where everything was a display of wealth. From the hundreds worth suits, to the Rolex tied to their wrist.

The ballroom was full of them, men, rich men, CEOs, directors, businessmen, heirs, affluent men, powerful men, Alphas.


In their society individuals were divided into three categories, Alpha, Beta and Omega. Being an Alpha was seen as a gift, they were the leaders, the head of the food chain. Bang Chan was one of them, he had his place in that stupid even, being the CEO of an innovative pharmaceutical company.

He could be considered as a success, a self-made man growing his business from scratch to one of the most lucrative in the world.


He felt like a failure.


Aside from Alphas, Betas were the middle of the pyramid, they didn’t have a scent or

the ability to smell an Omega or an Alpha, they didn’t get rut or heat. They also were the most common gender. Alphas were 25% of the global population, Betas were 60% and the bottom of the food chain Omegas were the last 15%.


They were rare, so rare, that Alphas mating Betas and Betas mating within their category was much more common now. 


Omegas were rare, so rare, they were cherished. They were the only ones with the ability to bear Children, even if now Betas could be implanted with an artificial womb to have their own children. 


Male Omegas were less than 5% so mating with one was seen as something highly, like a final step in life.


Chan hated all of this hierarchy bullshit, he hated having to live up to people's expectations. He had developed a barrier around himself along the years, showing only a small part of his true self, refusing countless engagements with Betas or female Omegas. Chan lived for his work, throwing himself in piles of paperwork to sign or project to overview didn’t scare him.


So assisting to a stupid gathering, organised by one of his major investor should have been a simple task.


It could have been, until he saw him.


An Omega, a male one, getting down the marble stairs with an Alpha Chan knew too well, Seo Changbin. The Omega dressed in an all white suit, black silk gloves on his pretty hands clasped around the muscular Alpha’s arm. He had such a gentle smile on his face it was even more blinding than the gold surrounding him.


Seo Changbin was the mastermind behind this sumptuous gathering and it all just made sense now. It was all a show, a stage to display the man linked to his arm. The Omega was like some kind of eye candy, attracting the others present in the room.


The younger Alpha was one of Chan’s acquaintances, he was in fact one of his major investors. The Seo came from old money, owning hospitals, malls and hotels all around Asia. Seeing him with an Omega was a strange thing, Chan had so many questions, how did he even manage to snatch such a beautiful Omega ?


He decided to make his way to the pair, who had moved from the stairs to the buffet. Changbin held a champagne flute in his free hand while the Omega was picking food to fill his plate.


“Good evening, Changbin-ah.” Chan greeted, smiling easily to both of them. 


“Chan hyung,” The Alpha smiled back, setting his cup down on the table to pat his shoulder as a greeting. “I’m glad you could make it.”


“Of course," He chuckled playfully. "You are my most important client."


Changbin smirked at that. "When you put it that way." Then he looked at the man next to him, deciding to finally introduce him to Chan. "I don't think you already met him yet, this is Yang Jeongin, my fiancé."


Yang Jeongin, Chan repeated in his head. 


He smelled so fresh, his scent like lavender and morning dew. Chan couldn’t help but note to himself how much his own pine scent could balance the other's scent so well.


Jeongin gave him a small smile, putting his plate away to offer his hand to Chan, the Alpha kissed the back of the gloved hand gladly. "Nice to meet you," His voice was soft and his eyes sparkled under the light. "I heard so much about you."


"Only good things I hope ?" 


"Of course," Jeongin affirmed, linking his fingers with Changbin. "Words travel fast in our circle."


"Innie is the youngest Yang corporation son," Changbin explained, the Yang had only a daughter, how come Chan had never heard they had a son, an Omega on top of that. “He presented not long ago while you were in Australia”


Chan nodded, it was true he had just freshly come back to South Korea after opening a new lab in Australia, his native country. Chan was Australian, born and raised with Korean parents explaining his double nationality. “But how did you two end up together ?”


“Our fathers are long time friends, that's how we met each other." Changbin explained looking somewhat proud, Jeongin shared his smile.


So it was an arranged proposal, Chan internally cheered at that. He didn't even feel guilt toward Changbin, he had a chance with Jeongin, if he only had a chance to talk to him-


"We are getting married next month," Changbin added, and what ? Chan's through was cut short. "Our parents are merging both of our businesses, our marriage is to seal the deal."


"So no feelings ?" Chan let out without thinking, "I mean, that’s all a deal right ?” He tried to add trying not to seem rude but failing miserably.


“It’s more than a deal,” Changbin replied, kissing Jeongin’s forehead lovingly. “I think I found my soulmate.”


Soulmate .


The word alone was putting Chan in a sour mood.


Jeongin was all Chan could think about the next day, the previous night had ended in a blur, Chan had spent the rest of the night chatting away with some guests trying to erase the Jeongin’s scent and his pretty eyes from his mind. 


The Omega had felt him craving more, more than a polite conversation, Chan was not ashamed to want something more even if the younger was engaged to one of his friends. 


After a long Monday busing himself every way he could, making his secretary go crazy, Jisung hated when he was in his work alcoholic mode. Chan couldn't help it, reading reports and making phone calls kept away any risky through. He was the CEO after all, he had work so he didn’t understand why his Beta secretary was so mad about it.


“If you keep going like this you are going to die young,” Jisung complained, Chan had spent eleven hours straight in his office, it was almost seven pm now and Chan was still typing like a madman on his computer. “If we consider twenty-eight young.”


“Shut up Jisung,” Chan said with no bite in his voice, aware of the younger personality. “You can go home if you want.”


Jisung let out a soft hum, considering this opportunity. “What if I don’t ?” He left the door frame where he was resting to walk up to the desk, sitting down on top of it.


Jisung bit his bottom lip lightly, knowing well how much it drove Chan crazy. He pushed himself forward, taking a firm hold on the older tie, bringing their faces close together. The two of them were a pantern, they had a playful relationship, they played an innocent game. Chan and Jisung liked to see who was going to break down first and just ask for it, to tease until one of them submitted to pleasure.


Jisung had to confess he was usually the one to beg first, terribly affected by Chan’s Alpha power and his undenying sexiness. Today was no different, Jisung connected their lips in a lustful kiss, all tongue and teeth, sparing no time for sweet and mushy love making. 


The two of them were like that, fucking with no purpose, the only goal was to take the pleasure gifted to them. 


“One round here and then back to my place ?” Jisung mumbled between two kisses, trying to catch his breath.


For the first time that day, Chan had not once thought of Jeongin.


The next time he saw him, the prettiest Omega, was totally by chance, the Wednesday following their first meeting. Chan had promised to fetch an Americano for Jisung, being the nice person he is and totally not losing a bet -he shouldn’t have underestimated how long Jisung could actually last- to the younger.


The Alpha had already ordered, waiting for his name to be called when he had heard the younger Omega call out his name. “Hello Channie hyung.”


“Jeongin,” Chan greeted back, taking a good look at him. He even looked good in a simple black shirt and jogging pants combo, a casual outfit still costing more than Chan’s suit, he couldn’t help but take note. “Hey, how are you ?”


“Fine,” He replied, “And you ? I never saw you here before.”


Chan smiled, resisting the urge to pinch his cheeks. “I’m getting coffee for the first time here actually, my secretary won a bet so here I am.” He explained making the other chuckle.


“What a lovely boss.” He teased, making Chan blush.


“I try,” The Alpha laughed off,  “and you, why are you here ?” He added embarrassed, trying to change the subject.


“I’m on cake duty,” Jeongin explained, smiling at him. “It’s my mom’s birthday today so I’m taking care of it for her.”


“Such a good son.” The older complimented.

“I try.” Jeongin smiled playfully, totally mocking him, but weirdly making Chan feel things inside.


“Order for Chan!” And just like that their moment was broken, the Alpha excused himself fletching the two cups at the counter while Jeongin was called out to check out the cake at the other side of the coffee shop.


Chan was halfway through the coffee shop when Jeongin called him out again. “Yes ?” He answered.


“You should come tonight,” He said shyly, “At my mom’s birthday party.”


“Jeongin, are you sure ? I don’t want to invade or anything.” 


“I’m sure, I will ask Binnie hyung your number, don’t worry.” He tried to convince the older one.


“Fine,” Chan smiled, trying to hide how much he liked that idea. “You win.”


“Great,” The younger beamed, “Oh and hyung ?”


“Yes ?”


“You should lose bets more often.” He added in a flirty way, making Chan freeze on the spot. The younger was flirting with him, he clearly was. There was hope his crush wasn’t that one sided after all. He left the coffee shop happy, tonight was a great opportunity.