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The Brightest Colors

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Izuku sat on the edge of the roof, his legs dangling carelessly over the edge as he looked out at the city. Well looked was a strong word because Izuku was blind, for the most part. He was born with his vision being a completely black void, but around 4 years old he received his quirk. Everything within 30 feet of him was outlined in a color matching its aura. His world looked similar to a chalkboard.

With a sigh, he swung his legs back up and began to make his way towards school. As he approached the building he couldn't help but take notice of the despicable color of the building's outline. It was a horrible intense red, not a red like passion, drive, or love but a dirty rusty red. Like blood filled with garbage. It screamed danger.

He traveled through the halls dodging and weaving through a rainbow of rapidly moving figures. Izuku had spent years learning that people are not interested in talking to him. Even if someone had a nice aura, chances are they'll just pity him because he can't see like the rest of them. He couldn't read papers or watch tv and even his mother, who had a soft nurturing deep green aura, had pity laced throughout her words. He always had loved her but that was one thing he had never stopped hating.

He finally arrived in his seat and he pulled out his laptop and headphones. The keys all had braille on them and the computer always announced what it was doing through his headphones. He switched on the laptop and listened as the AI he named Toshiro asked him what he needed. The computer always gave off a comforting light blue outline so Izuku believed that was Toshino’s aura. He asked the AI to open his Hero analysis files. As the files opened Izuku turned to see an intense orange aura approaching him. Ah, Kacchan.

“I heard you Deku! You don't talk for a whole week then you just casually ask the hunk of metal for something! You think you're too good to talk to me?”

God, why couldn't Kacchan just understand that sometimes he didn't feel like talking to people? Whenever he had a conversation with people it ended in mocking, pity, or insults. None of which he wanted to deal with right now. Kacchan and him aren't exactly friends but he doesn't tend to bully him as much as he used to. Not since Izuku's mom died. He just threw around the occasional insult, but all the physical bullying ended when they were 10. Now Kachhan even tries to convince his other bullies to leave him alone. It obviously is not an ideal friendship but it's the only one he's got, well, besides Toshiro and his cat, Bean.

“Well, Deku? Kacchan questioned getting impatient. Izuku gave a small shrug and smiled up at the blonde. “OH! You want to be smug now! Fine, I don't need you to talk to me anyway, just keep talking to your computer, you nerd!” With a huff, Kacchan marched back to his seat, obviously upset that he didn't reply to him.

Izuku went back to his notes and started imputing what he learned from the Kamui woods and Mt Lady fight he witnessed earlier. Eventually, the teacher arrived and started the lesson.

He listened as the teacher went on about a project and then handed out worksheets to help start it. Izuku waited for the ping from his computer that indicated the teacher had sent him the worksheet digitally but it never came. With a sigh, he raised his hand. This happened at least twice a week.

The teacher looked up and gave a sigh of his own. “What is it Midoriya?” He asked with annoyance in his voice.

Izuku pressed a button as he unplugged his headphones from his laptop. Toshiro read out what Izuku had typed in the text to speech bar. “Excuse me sir but you forgot to email me the assignment.”

“Midoriya, please use your voice. Honestly, it's bad enough you think you could get into UA when you're blind and basically quirkless, but if you can't even talk how are you ever going to get anywhere in life? Really, I'm just looking out for you, ok, you need to use your words now.”

Oh, fuck no! Izuku gritted his teeth as he stood up from his chair. He watched as the disgusting brown outline of his teacher stood arms crossed waiting for him to speak. The whole class watched him, giggling quietly as glared back at the teacher. Izuku stepped out from behind his desk and marched over to where Kacchan was sitting silently. He looked at the blonde who rolled his eyes.

“Fine you loser.” He barked, pulling out his phone and snapping a picture of his worksheet before promptly sending it to Izuku’s laptop. “You honestly couldn't do anything without me, how pathetic, but what's even more pathetic is a teacher who can't even send an email. What!? Your Fingers broken!”

“Uhh, well.” The teacher began. “Let's continue then.”

Izuku gave a small smile to Kacchan as he took his seat and got a scowl in return. He was sure Kacchan was trying to show he cared in his own Kacchan way.

Izuku returned his attention to his assignment but before he could continue a voice filled his headphones. “Ugh, your teachers such a jerk Izuku!” Toshiro winned. “I wish I could give him a piece of my mind!” Izuku smiled as he typed his response.

Thanks, Toshiro but I think that he might take you away if you started sassing him.

“Whatever, he sucks. Do you want me to read out the worksheet Kacchan sent?”

Yes, thank you, Toshiro.

“Of course!”



As the school day wrapped up Izuku typed his goodbyes to Toshiro and promised to talk to him later before sliding the computer in his bag. He turned to exist only to find himself face to face with that familiar fiery orange aura. He gave a small jump out of surprise and Kacchan waited patiently for him to settle before speaking.

“He was right, you know.” He spoke lowly. Izuku just tilted his head in confusion. “Our dumb-ass teacher. He was right. You're not going to make it into UA, you should just stop trying, just become a hero analyst or something, it's the only thing you're good at.”

Izuku took a step backward in disbelief. He thought that even though Kacchan was harsh he didn't hate him this much. He thought that Kacchan was finally thinking of him as his friend. He supported him in class today and had been so nice to him recently. What the hell? This doesn't make sense.

“You’ll just end up hurt or dead. You can't see and you’re basically quirkless. I had to help you simply read a paper today. You will never be a hero.”



“What the hell do you know! Shut up!” Izuku shouted as he began to tear up. “Fuck, heh, I was right, talking to people sucks.” He choked out.


“No, shut up Kacchan! don't talk to me, don't help me, I'm fine.” Izuku managed before quickly scooping up his backpack and hurrying out the door leaving the stunned blonde in the classroom alone.


Izuku marched down the sidewalk muttering to himself trying to understand what just happened. First off, wholly fuck! He yelled a Kacchan! Guilt began to eat at him for that, But he deserved it right? He was being an asshole.

Izuku sighed as he came to the underside of a bridge. He hated this bridge. Its outline was a creepy dark gray and it was longer than 30ft so when he stood on one side the other just looked like an ominous black void.

Izuku started forward and right as he could start to make out some outlines farther ahead he heard a crash and then a wet gloopy sound. He quickly turned around to find himself inches from an aura so putrid he almost threw up. He usually liked the color green, it reminded him of his mother, but this was a completely different green. It was disturbed and ugly, and right in his face.

“What the hell!” He squealed. He immediately spun around and bolted for the other side.

“Oh no you don't!” He heard a sickening voice call. Soon Izuku was enveloped in a disgusting sloopy sludge. It started at his ankle and pulled him in like a horror movie scene. He screamed and cried but there were no colorful figures in sight. Just this neverending green moving up his legs.

Finally, the goop started to slide down his throat and he couldn't breathe. “Don't worry.” The voice cooed. “This will be over soon, then you'll be my vessel. You're my hero!” A grotesque laugh echoed through the tunnel as Izuku began to lose the energy to struggle. Is this really how he was going to die? Some random villain is going to slime him to death? This sucks. The last thing he will ever experience is a horrible slime coating him, this excruciatingly disgusting taste, and the putrid, horrible color.


Izuku awoke to a light tapping on his cheek. He scrunched up his nose and slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh, good, you're awake!” A voice boomed. “Thought we lost you there!”

Huh? That sounded like, “All Might!” Izuku jumped to his feet and spun around until he saw a figure. He was a large bright yellow outline that almost shinned. Izuku was nearly entranced by it before he noticed something. While it was a very impressive aura it almost seemed inconsistent, like there was a completely different aura underneath.

“What the heck?” Izuku questioned.

“Huh?” The hero asked.

“Oh, nothing it's just- WAIT! Where is my bag! Toshiro is in there!” Izuku began to rush around in a panic, hoping that the bag wasn't flung too far away for him to see.

“Ah, do you mean this?” All Might said holding up a backpack with a yellow outline.

“YES! Thank you!” Izuku said, tearing open the bag. He yanked out his computer and pressed the on button and waited. No sound came out. “All Might sir? Is the screen on?”

The hero looked puzzled as to why this kid could not tell that the screen was dark but decided not to question it as he informed the young boy.

“What! … no. I failed him… I couldn't save myself, I couldn't save Toshiro, damn.” He gave a soft exhale. “It's ok, I'll just fix him tonight.”

All Might stared at the child confused. Ah well, kids are weird. “Ok then young?...”


“Young Midoriya! I must be off now, do try to stay out of trouble!”

“W-wait!” Izuku squawked, panicking. This is his only chance there was no way he'd let it pass by. All Might inspires hope in everyone. Even if his mom didn't think he could be a hero, even though Kacchan said he can't, All Might can change that! Izuku needs to hear All Might tell him what so many others haven't. So he leaped forward toward that shining aura.


The ride over to this rooftop was one of the worst things Izuku ever had the displeasure of doing. The wind made it feel like his face was going to fly off, but that's ok, because now he could finally hear what he needs.

“Sorry about grabbing on to you and stuff but…” Izuku began looking at the red outline of his shoes. “You might not have realized this but I'm blind. Well kinda, heh, I can see the outlines of things and people and everyone and everything has their own color! But I also can't read anything or watch television. Besides the outlines, I'm basically quirkless. All my classmates make fun of me. I just want to know… can I be a hero like you!”

As he shouted the last bit he looked up to see an internally different aura. It was a dull yellow, like all the shine was sucked out of a star.

“W-where'd All Might go!” Izuku squawked.

A sigh came from the new figure. “I am here. I'm All Might.”


The hero went on to explain how he was horribly injured in a battle and now he can only be a hero for a limited amount of time a day.

“Wow.” Izuku said, taken aback. “That's a lot.”

“Yes it is, you can't tell anyone ok?”

“Yeah, ok.”

“Back to your question.”

Izuku tensed up. Here it is, he will finally-

“No, I'm sorry but you'll just get hurt or dead. Reading is an essential skill for a hero as well as a quirk that can help in combat. There are plenty of other options though. You could become a cop or something. Ah, I gotta go turn this villain in so bye.” After crushing Izuku's dreams the man casually started down the stairs leaving Izuku standing alone on the roof.

“Wow, I really hate talking to people…”


As night approached Izuku swung into the abandoned apartment he claimed his own through the window and walked over to his desk. He had spent a great deal of time finding a way to provide power to the building and he's glad he did. He turned on the heat and set his bag down on his chair. A fluffy dark brown cat slinked up onto the desk and meowed for attention. “Hey, Bean.” Izuku said, stroking the cat gently and enjoying her peaceful warm brown aura.

“Today was the worst, my teacher was awful, my classmates were awful, even Kacchan, he was horrible.” The cat gave a soft meow and nuzzled his chin. “ Then I was attacked by a slime ball THEN All Might, the symbol of hope crushed my dreams.” The boy sighed and pulled his computer out of his bag. “And Toshiro is broken, it's all my fault.” Tears began to well up in his eyes. Bean licked his cheek. “Thanks. Ah, I don't have the parts to fix him. I bet Mr. Mio does. I'll do a job for him tonight.”

With that Izuku went to change his clothes before leaving. “Watch Toshiro for me while I'm gone, ok bean!”



Izuku hastily jumped from rooftop to rooftop. He had been doing little errands and nice things for people for some time now. It's a small way he can help out others and get essentials for living in return. He got everything this way, computer parts, groceries, clothes, everything. He bounced from building to building on his way back from delivering goods for Mr. Mio. Running about the city like this has made him super agile over the years and he really enjoys the rush.

“Got you.” he heard someone yell just before he was suddenly knocked to his side atop a building. He soon realized how dark it was. He couldn't see anything. Nothing. No auras. No outlines. No chalkboard. It was blank. His eyes are open right? Izuku's hands come up to his face only to find his eyes are indeed open. It's so dark. It hasn't been this dark since he was 4. Oh, oh god. It's too dark. someone make it stop. Please. Where is everything? At this point, Izuku was sure he was sobbing but he couldn't help it. Everything is gone and he’s on a roof. He could fall to his death. He can't see. Make it stop. Make it stop. Help. “Help!”

“Hey, hey, kid. Focus on my voice. Hey.”

Izuku slowly calms his breathing and chokes back the tears when suddenly the world fills with his colors again. A figure with a dark purple aura is crouched down next to him.

“Ok kid, don't try anything. I stopped using my quirk, are you ok now?”

Izuku just looked at the figure in fear. His quirk? What did he do? Will he do it again? He backed away a little.

“Kid!” the figure called right as Izuku felt his hand go off the edge of the building. The next thing he knew he was being scooped up and hurried to the center of the roof. “Geez kid, you're on a rooftop, that was an irrational thing to do.”

Izuku looked closer at the figure's aura. The color was soothing but could be fierce if need be. Izuku found the color nice but the anxiety of what just happened was bombarding him.

“Ok then kid, my name is Eraser Head, I'm a pro hero, are you calmer now?”

A pro? Eraser Head? He’s an underground hero as Izuku recalled. That was about the only thing Izuku knew about him. Just because he was a hero did not mean he was a good person but something about the color and steadiness of his outline felt safe. Izuku nodded.

“Alright then, down to business. Care to tell me what you're doing parkouring across the city at 2:32 AM?” Eraser Head asked.

Izuku shook his head.

“Don't talk much do you? Ah well, you wouldn't happen to be using your quirk without permission for say, vigilante work?”

Izuku shook his head. He couldn't tell for sure but if he had to guess he’d say the pro seemed to be staring at him.

“Well, your parkour skills are amazing, kid. I've been trying to catch up to you for 30 minutes. Are you up here training to be a hero or something?”

Izuku wasn't sure how to answer that exactly. He was here to run errands for a shop owner so he could get parts to fix his AI best friend that was broken in a villain fight. Not exactly something he can explain through nods. And to be honest, he could still do this work from the ground, why was he up here bouncing across the city? To train to become a hero? He can't be a hero. That has been made abundantly clear as of recently. Damn, what to do?

Eraser Head looked at the rather small boy he found galavanting around at night. The kid seemed rather conflicted by his question like something more was troubling him. It would be more rational if the kid just talked to him. Maybe he should ask something else.

“Do you want to be a hero?”

Izuku's eyes shot to the Pro. Of course, he wanted to, but he couldn't. It simply isn't possible for him. He'd get hurt or die. End of discussion. He will never be a hero.



“Yes… I want to be a hero.”


“Well, I'll admit, you have potential.” Eraser Head said softly.

What? Izuku couldn't believe what he just heard. Potential to be a hero? That's insane. He's blind and basically has no quirk. It would never work.

“Hey, kid. If you like, I could help you train.”

Tears began to fill Izuku's eyes. Damn it feels like he spends all his time crying. This man hardly knows him, why on earth would he help him? It doesn't make sense. This has to be a trick, or some horrible prank. This isn't real.

“You can be a hero.”

Eraser Head's outline was so kind.

Izuku nodded. A small smile climbed onto his face and he nodded.

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“aaaand, there!” Izuku cheered as the computer came to life with a slight buzz.


“Thanks, Bean, but I already know I’m a genius.”

“I-Izuku?” a small voice called out from the computer.

“Toshiro! Your back!” Izuku yelped as he tried and failed to hug his laptop. After the awkward mess of an embrace, Izuku sat back in his chair and watched the soft blue outline of his friend. “I… I'm sorry.”

“What? Why are you sorry?” Toshiro questioned as he watched Izuku curl in on himself nervously. The AI was all too familiar with how much fault his friend put on himself. No matter how emotionally intelligent he was, he could never understand why Izuku looked down on himself so much. Not because he didn’t understand humans, he thought he did that quite well, but because he thought that Izuku was the most brilliant, kind, person he’s ever observed. He’s grateful every day to get to be beside this amazing person. I mean he built him, didn’t he! I blind kid made him, and not to brag but he was really advanced, intelligence wise and emotionally. Toshiro thought that should be proof enough of how smart, dedicated, and sweet Izuku is.

“It’s my fault you got hurt.” Izuku sighed, biting his lip.

“Your fault? What happened? Are you ok?”

“Gaaah.” Izuku groaned, recalling the day. “So much, I don’t know where to start…. Yes, I’m….. Ok. I had a fight with Kaccahn, then I was attacked by a villain-”


“Woah, chill out. He was caught and I’m fine but… I couldn’t defend myself. I was useless. And even worse you got hurt. I- I'm so sorry Toshiro, I should have been more careful, I should have been stronger I, I … I”

“Hey! Don’t you dare put down my favorite human! Look, I’m all ok now! YOU fixed me! You can’t blame yourself because a shitty person did a shitty thing to you, it’s that villain's fault. Besides, I want to go into battle with you anyway! When you become the greatest hero I will be your greatest support item! Besides, I’m not a real person, you can always fix m-”

“You are a real person.”

“um… right, thanks. So I am a real person. You made a digital person, that’s awesome! AND just like a real person, I can heal, you’re my healer! Ok, so don’t worry so much.”

“Says you, you're the biggest worry wart i've ever seen!” Izuku snorted.

“W-whatever!” Toshiro bit back as he began to laugh as well.

“Well actually... I've never SEEN a worry wart, so what do I know?” Izuku said, barely containing his laughter. The two broke down into a large fit of giggles as Bean sat on the desk tilting her head in confusion.

After a minute the boy and his computer finally stopped hysterically laughing and the world fell into a peaceful quiet until it was broken by Toshiro. “Ok, so after the villain attacked what happened?”

“Well, actually All Might saved me.”


“Yeah…” Izuku said with an awkward chuckle.

“Why did that sound like it was not a great experience?” Toshiro questioned as protectiveness seeped into his voice.

“Well, he… kinda, sorta, told me… I could never be a hero.”

“....what.” Toshiro asked in the scariest voice he has ever heard his best friend use.

“Yeah, don’t be too mad. It’s ok, really, something good happens next!”

Izuku could tell Toshiro wanted to commit homicide but he was hoping that the news about Eraser Head would distract him enough. Although would it be considered murder if it was carried out by an AI? Or would… Izuku get charged for making Toshiro in the first place?!

“Fine.” the computer bit out in a “we need to talk about this later” voice.

“Ok, I met that underground hero Eraser Head when I was getting parts to fix you! He… he said he sees potential in me! He promised to start training me to get into UA! I'm going to meet up with him in two days and start training! Isn’t that amazing!”

“Really! Holy shit! That’s awesome Izuku!” Toshiro cheered. “Wow! Look at you! My human is all grown up and starting his hero journey! It’s enough to make an old AI cry!”

“Psh, you're not old.”

“Yeah, yeah. Oh! Izuku, it’s 7 AM. You have to be at school in 1 hour!” Toshiro reminded.

“Gaaaah, I forgot about school! And I didn’t get any sleep!”

“Tch, you should have waited to fix me till tonight!”

“ I wouldn’t have gotten up for school on time without you.”

“Ah, true.”

“Gah, I just really don’t want to see Kaccahn today. I yelled at him… I feel bad.” Izuku began to bite his lip again thinking about how Kaccahn would probably hate him now. How their relationship that was built up so carefully just crumbled and it’s all his fault. How Kachhan will probably just start hitting him again like when they were little kids.

“Oh, right… Kacchan.” Toshiro spoke with hesitation. “ Izuku, there's something you should know. An article was put out this morning about something they’re calling the sludge villain incident…”



After the day he had yesterday Izuku desperately did NOT want to be here. He had arrived at school and sat in his chair already planning to “suddenly get a stomach ache” later so he could go home early. The school honestly did not care what happened to him at all, if he wanted to go home he could, they didn’t even try calling his parents, which was good because there would be no answer anyway.

The only reason he came at all was because he had to do something.

He sat uncomfortably in his chair and waited anxiously, his laptop already set up on his desk. Finally, the familiar orange aura of Kacchan entered. Izuku sat incredibly still as he passed by him to his chair. No threats? No trying to pound his face in? … weird.

Izuku turned to look at Kanchans outline. This is one thing he really hated. He could never tell someone’s facial expression. It made communication rather difficult at times and sometimes lead to him accidentally saying something insensitive. Sometimes the auras would react to its owner’s mood, but only when they had intense emotions.

Kacchan’s aura seemed… a little agitated? Maybe? It was hard to tell.

Izuku turned his attention to his computer. He plugged in his headphones and typed a message to Toshiro. Hey, could you send a message to Kacchans phone?

“You sure?” the AI asked with worry in his voice.


“Alright… just type it and I'll send it.”


It was finally lunchtime and Izuku stood to find the teacher to try to go home early when Kacchan marched over to him and grabbed him by the collar.

“Follow me.” the taller boy said as he dragged Izuku from the classroom and to a secluded staircase.

Welp, this is when I die, Izuku thought.

They finally stopped walking and Kacchan let go of his shirt. An awkward moment of silence passed over them as Izuku waited to be pummeled to death.

“Were you really attacked by that sludge villain?” Kacchan questioned.

Izuku nodded.

“Are you… ok, or whatever?”

What? He’s worried about HIS health? He was also attacked! Wasn’t Kacchan supposed to kill him where he stood for yelling at him yesterday?

“In your stupid text you mentioned being attacked by the same guy so, are you ok?” Kacchan tried again, obviously annoyed at how long Izuku was taking to answer.

Izuku nodded.

“...good. I know you said not to talk to you but frankly, I don’t give a shit, I’ll talk to whoever I want ok?” Kacchan said oddly calmly in Izukus opinion.

Izuku nodded.

“And don’t apologize for yelling at me yesterday, jeez, you really are stupid huh. I just didn’t want your dumb ass getting hurt again.”

Again? Oh... OH! I am stupid! Izuku realized. Kacchan is just worried about him, but he said he didn’t want him hurt again. What does he mean again? Oh… he means like back then. Does Kacchan think it was his fault that that man hurt him so badly? That’s ridiculous! It wasn’t even remotely Kacchans fault!

“Um. Kacchan.” Izuku said quietly. “ You shouldn't blame yourself for shitty things some shitty person did to me.” Izuku remembered the words his friend used just earlier that day. “I'm ok now, and I’m going to be a hero. I won't be running into anything alone either, I have Toshiro to back me up, and you too, right?”

“.... Whatever, like you could do anything without me anyway. I'll maybe consider gracing you with the opportunity to fight by my side, but only if you take care of yourself, loser.”

“Thanks, Kacchan.” With that Izuku waved goodbye trying not to cry at how nice Kacchan was to him just then. He made his way towards the nurse’s office preparing to dramatically collapse on the floor in pain and complain till her patients ran out and she just sent him home.


Finally! Two days had passed since the incident and it was Saturday, time to meet up with Eraser Head! A bird sat humming on Izuku's apartment window and Izuku hummed along in excitement as he slid his shirt over his head. It's the same shirt he wears on errands at night. He felt pretty lucky to have gotten his hands on it. The outline was different than most shirts he'd seen and it was a soothing deep green.

Izuku walked over to Bean and began to stroke her soft fur. Today he'd see Eraser Head again. Izuku was still not too sure how he felt about the man. They had only talked that once and Izuku had been in a rather panicked and emotional state at the time. The main thing conflicting Izuku was talking. Toshiro and Bean were so easy to talk to but even Kacchan, who Izuku had known longer than anyone could not get much out of the boy. He decided a while ago that he would only talk to those he trusted, and no matter how great and comforting Eraser Head’s outline was, Izuku knows very well, auras can lie.

The boy sighed and Bean stared up at him curiously.

“Izuku.” Toshiro called from his desk. “You ready to go?”

“... yeah, are you?”

“Yep! Oh my god, I'm so excited!” Toshiro chirped happily. “This is my first time out of the computer!”

Izuku smiled sweetly elated he made his friend so happy. He had skipped school on Friday and worked a few jobs to get the parts for his new project. Izuku had built a phone for Toshiro. Although it was more of just a small thin box with a screen and braille keypad on it that Toshiro could sit in while still being connected to the internet on the go.

“Ok one second.” Izuku said as he plugged the phone into the computer.

“Hit enter to transfer.” Toshiro supplied. Izuku nodded as he pressed the button and a second later the phone beeped on.

“Toshiro?” Izuku called. The phone device that used to have a dull gray outline like most electronics took on the comforting soft blue light of his friend.

“Weeeo, that felt weird.” the AI spoke from the phone. “But hey! I think it worked! Damn Izuku, your so smart!”

“Gah… thanks.” Izuku said not really understanding how to take the compliment. “Alright then, let’s go!”

Izuku rushed over to the window and swung out.


Izuku landed on the rooftop and slowed to a stop. “Toshiro you ok?”

“Yep, I'm fine!”

“Alright, I want you to record everything Eraser says so I can listen back later, ok? Oh, I'm meeting Eraser in the cafe below right? You said this is where it is?”

“Yep! According to my GPS were here.”

Izuku left out a soft breath. “Ok.” He began to jump down a fire escape and easily made his way down. Taking in one more large breath for luck he went to the front door and entered.

Glancing around he saw the dark purple aura sitting in a booth near the back right. He slowly made his way over and then slid in the seat opposite the pro.

“Hey, kid.” Eraser greeted. Izuku stared up at him awkwardly for a moment before giving a small wave. “Not in a talking mood I see. Well, that's ok.”

Izuku listened closely for any hint of annoyance but could find none. Eraser genuinely thought it was alright if he wasn't comfortable talking? This man truly confused him.

“Well, I just wanted to talk to you before we start this whole thing. I need you to understand that this training will be incredibly hard, there's no point in trying to sugar coat it. The entrance exam for UA is in a month and a half. That's not a lot of time. But you're already starting with some good physical agility and parkour skills, those are impotent. I still need to know more about your skills and weaknesses. That's what today is. It's only rational to gather all the intel you can before you go into anything.”

Izuku nodded as the waitress approached the table. “Hey there! Can I get you two anything?”

“We're still looking.” The pro said.

“No problem.” The yellow outlined waitress spoke as she walked away.

“You hungry?” Eraser asked as he glanced down at his menu.

Izuku nodded as he realized he hadn’t eaten at all that day.

“Ok, here.” Eraser slid him a gray outlined rectangle which Izuku could only assume was paper and after that was a white outlined pen. “Just write what you want on there and I’ll tell the waitress.”

Oh, Eraser didn't know he was blind. Fuck. Of course, he doesn't know! There's no way he'd have taken on a project like me if he did! Izuku cursed inwardly. As soon as he finds out he’ll just leave him. Damn. Should he attempt to write? He was taught the shape of letters and he knows how to spell but if he tries to handwrite he's sure it will become obvious he can't see. Maybe he should just say he's not actually hungry. Damn.

“You don't have to write it down, you could just point at the menu if that's easier?” Eraser said sensing that the thought of writing made the kid uncomfortable.

God, he's so kind! Pointing at the menu doesn't help though if he can't read it! Why does this have to be so hard? Izuku sighed. He should just tell him the truth. Trying to trick him was wrong. Izuku pulled out his phone and started tapping at the keys as Eraser stared at him curiously.

“Oh.” Eraser said monotone as ever. “Brail, so you're blind?”

Izuku had forgotten about the brail. Dang, well there go his chances.

“Do you have a text to speech you could use?”

What? He isn't just going to leave? Or say something full of pity? Or mock him for wanting to be a Hero? He just wants to know what he wants to eat?! Izuku nodded slowly as he typed out his order for Toshiro to read out, still completely dumbfounded by this guy.

After Izuku had finished his mack and cheese and tried to pay for it only to find out Eraser wanted to pay with only confounded him more the two exited the building and jumped up to the top of it to talk.

“All right down to business kid. What's your name?”

Oh, wow. They didn't even go over names yet. That's embarrassing. Izuku took a second to type.

“My name is Izuku Midoriya, but I'd prefer you call me kid like you have been.” Toshiro said.

“Alright, do you have a quirk, kid? It doesn't matter to me if you do or not, I'll still train you.”

“I can see the outline of people and things around me up to about 30 feet. Each person and thing has a different color but I can't read or see things on a screen.” Toshiro readout.

“Ok.” Eraser said as he seemed to take a moment to think. “ Any other skills other than parkour?”

“Oh! Izuku is great at computers and coding!” Toshiro piped up unprompted as Izuku panicked a little. “He also is amazing at hero analysis and super smart in general-” Izuku quickly turned down the volume until his friend could no longer be heard.

“Woah, what was that?” Eraser asked, taken aback slightly. Izuku sighed as he turned the volume back up and typed a rather rude message to the AI.

“Well then!” Toshiro exclaimed. “Hello Mr. Eraser, I'm Izuku’s best friend and future hero partner, Toshiro! He made me!”

“Wow, that's incredible kid.”

“I know, I'm so awesome and it's all thanks to Izuku's genius!” Toshiro boasted.

SHUT UP Izuku typed out angrily.

“Fine, fine, whatever.” the AI consisted. “Continue Eraser.”

“Actually I think I have everything I need for today. Meet me back here every day after your school ends, we will train until my shift starts at 10 pm, sound ok?”

Izuku nodded.

“All right then kid, get ready for a month and a half of hell.”

Now Izuku couldn't see the half-crazed smile plastered on Eraser's face but an unnerving jolt ran through his outline that made Izuku sure that this training was going to be a bitch to keep up with.

Chapter Text


Chapter Text

Today was awful.

Izuku climbed up the building side slowly so as not to aggravate the new bruise on his side. Kacchan wasn't at school today and some asshole decided to use him as a punching bag. Of course, the teacher didn't do anything and even though Izuku had been training with Eraser for 2 weeks now he didn't want to use his hero skills to hurt a civilian child.

Needless to say, Izuku was in a rotten mood.

“Oh, there you are.” Eraser said as he sat up in his bright yellow sleeping bag. “You got here later than normal.” The pro said it as if it was merely an observation but Izuku knew that Eraser rarely said meaningless things. That's why he recorded all their sessions.

Eraser stared at the kid watching as he walked towards him with a very slight limp. Izuku finally made it over and Eraser unzipped his bag. He laid it out like a blanket before pulling out some books.

“Instead of combat, we're going to work on hero education today. I'll read the book to you, there's a written test to pass to.”

Izuku flicked the air, an action Eraser has come to know as his way of showing annoyance, pouting, or rolling his eyes.

“Let's get started.”

After what felt like an eternity of studying, Eraser finally closed the book.

“Hey, kid, I was thinking we should start some weapons training, it's important to use any tools at your disposal so weapons practice would be a good idea. Just don't get too reliant on them, if you do, you become helpless once they're gone. Anything you want to try out?”

After contemplating for a moment Izuku brought out his phone and started typing rapidly. “Can I build one?!” Toshiro read out. The boy nearly vibrated with excitement and it made Eraser worried what would happen if he agreed. He swore if this kid didn't want to be a hero so bad he would rule the underworld’s support department.

“ uh, sure. Just make it something that can be effective without a ton of experience. You will get better at using it with more practice but right now we just need to get you through the exams. Even though we don't train on the weekends, do you think you could show it to me on Sunday? I want to start you working with it as soon as possible, I'll treat you to food.”

The kid nodded joyously and soon after the two departed for the night.

Izuku walked home happy that he didn't have to do a job that night. Eraser had brought some snacks to training so there was no need to work for a meal. Good thing, all he wanted to do was crash for the night and heal up this damn bruise.

Izuku started up at the empty building he called home and cursed the fact he couldn't get in through a door. He slowly made his way up the fire escape and slid in through the window.

He huffed out a sigh as he kicked off his shoes then he simply stumbled to the mattress he slept on and collapsed right into it. Eraser was not kidding when he said training would be hell but Izuku didn't mind. He was eternally grateful to the pro. Eraser was the kindest adult he'd ever met and he had no pity in his voice. It was something Izuku had never experienced before.

After little time he fell right asleep, not even bothering to send Toshiro back into the computer for the night.


Saturday rolled around and Izuku was bored. He had finished making his weapon the day before and had absolutely nothing to do since he didn't train on weekends.

He sighed and rolled onto his stomach burying his head into his pillow, he then turned to his side and held it close to his chest. He found this pillow the first night he spent without a real house. It was super dirty and Izuku found it in a dumpster, however, at the time, it seemed like a miracle. He had found this place after only a week and had started working on fixing it up. After about 2 months he had electricity, heat, water, and even air conditioning. Really, people were so wasteful, the place only needed a little TLC and it was good to go. Maybe not the best furnished but livable.

Eventually, he sat up and asked, “Toshiro, what time is it?”

“11 AM” The AI chirped back.

“Gaaaaaahhh” Izuku winned. “I'm going out.”

“Ooo, where? To do a job? I thought you didn't have any today.”

“I don't, I'm going to a gym to practice!”

“Cool! Can I come?”

Izuku flicked the air towards Toshiro as if he were calling him an idiot. “Of course, how am I going to get there without you? Although, I am going to need to leave you in the locker. I should find an easier way for you to travel with me so I can fight with you.”

“Yaaay!” Toshiro cheered as Izuku picked him up in the phone off his desk and took off into the city.


Izuku eventually arrived at a building Toshiro proclaimed the nearest gym. The boy observed the building and found it to have a calm blue aura, it was nice.

He reached his hand out for the door handle just as another hand reached out as well.

“Oh, I'm sorry.” the stranger said, backing away. “Go ahead.”

Izuku looked at the boy. He was slightly taller than himself and had a tranquil beige-ish aura, but the most interesting thing was the outline of a tail on him. Izuku found that people with mutation quirks were more interesting to look at and this one was even more intriguing. The tail seemed to give away the boy’s emotion like what people have described expressions to be like. At current, the tail was slightly curled in on itself awkwardly.

That's when Izuku realized he's just been staring at this stranger for about a minute. The shorter boy nodded and walked in through the door.

Once inside he walked to a large desk with a person sitting behind it and did his best to sign his name on a safety agreement. He turned to see the beige outline waving his arms at him from across the room in front of what seemed to be lockers.

Izuku slowly made his way over and stopped before him.

“By the way, my names Ojiro. Is it your first time at this gym?”

Izuku nodded as he watched the boy's tail waggle back and forth a little.

“Oh, cool! Iv been coming here for a while,” he began as he opened a locker and put some stuff inside. “They have a sparring area and stuff to practice martial arts. It's a really nice place. I don't normally ramble this much but it's been so long since a new person came here, it's not very popular. Oh, sorry I realized I never asked your name.” He closed his locker and opened the one next to it for Izuku to use.

Izuku quickly typed into his phone. “You can call me Izuku.” Toshiro read out. Ojiro seemed to still for a second before picking back up his tail wagging. He was caught off guard by Izuku's lack of speaking but seemed surprisingly chill after the initial shock finished.

“Nice to meet you Izuku. Are you here for a normal workout or do you know any martial arts?”

Izuku thought for a moment then typed “ I was planning on working but I'd also like to practice some moves.”

Ojiro’s tail picked up speed even though his voice stayed at a pleasant calm volume. “Great! I thought you might know something about martial arts. Would you like to spar with me? I'm warning you though, I won't go easy on you.”

Izuku spent a few moments processing that this stranger just challenge him to a friendly duel. Then Izuku processed that he would love a sparring partner and this guy seemed experienced, kind, and was literally offering so, he was accepting this stranger’s friendly duel. He nodded and watched as the other boy’s tail moved so fast it nearly blurred the outline.

“Great let’s go warm-up and stretch.” Ojiro spoke happily strolling over to some mats. Izuku swiftly put Toshiro in his locker then followed along enjoying watching as Ojiro slowly but excitedly set up an area for them to work.

A huge gasp of air escaped Izuku as he was slammed down onto his back. Damn, he thought he was doing well with his training but this guy was completely wrecking him every time.

“You ok?” Ojiro said offering a hand to help him back up. Izuku took a deep breath and nodded accepting the hand and pulled himself to his feet. They had sparred about 6 times now and Ojiro won every round. He seemed to know exactly what to do to take Izuku down.

“You're definitely already better than when we first fought.” The tailed boy commented. “ You're amazing at dodging too, you're so agile. Do you want to go again?”

Izuku took a second to breathe before nodding again.

The two stood on opposite sides of a padded area. Ojiro stared hard at the boy in front of him. Watching as the green-haired boy he'd just met leaned forward slightly. He is going to charge. Izuku surged forward. He ran straight at him before stopping seconds before a collision. He then made a sharp turn and tried to weave behind him but Ojiro quickly spun in the opposite direction and whacked Izuku with his tail.

The shorter boy stumbled backward but regained his footing quickly. Ojiro wasted no time dashing forward but staying low to the ground. He crouched and used his leg to swipe at Izuku's feet. Izuku barely jumped in time to not get tripped. Once he had landed he pushed the taller boy onto his back and tried to pin him down however Ojiro used the momentum to push Izuku off him, flipping him onto the floor behind him.

Izuku felt the familiar sensation of the air being knocked out of him as his back hit the ground roughly. He tried to get up only to see Ojiro diving onto him and pinning his shoulder to the ground.

Izuku brought his leg up and kicked Ojiro in the stomach, getting the boy to topple backwards a little before cementing his footing. Izuku rushed forward and dodged the other boy's punch, successfully finding his way behind Ojiro. He jumped up and tackled him from behind, sending him to the ground.

He had pinned him! Finally! Man, Ojiro was a really good fighter, he must have been practicing for years. Izuku could barely hear anything over his own breathing. Fighting this guy was almost as hard as the one time he asked Eraser to not hold back when they sparred.

Izuku was so caught up in his successful pin he hardly realized something was wrapped around his waist. He glanced down, dread began to make its way to his face.

Oh, right, the tail, Fuck.

Quickly Izuku found himself thrown off Ojiro and not seconds later completely pinned to the ground. He wriggled helplessly for a moment before giving in.

7 losses, 0 wins.

Both boys lay on the ground for a second breathing hard. “That was… a…. Good match…” Ojiro huffed.

Izuku nodded, still panting.

“I think next time… you should try not to look where you're about to attack. Your eyes are very telling.”

Well isn't that ironic. Izuku nodded as he almost giggled that his “vision” is what tipped the tailed boy off to his next move.

“Um…” Ojiro mumbled as he sat up and his tail started to swivel awkwardly. “Do you want to do this again sometime? like next weekend… maybe…”

Izuku watched as his tail slowed to a halt as the boy waited for his answer.

Izuku gave a large smile and nodded.


He nodded.

“Saturday, same time?”

He nodded.

“Great! I'm glad. Your really good and a fast learner. I think I’m also learning a lot from you.” Ojiro’s tail was swaying again. Izuku decided he liked his tail, and of course Ojiro too, but getting the chance to better understand Ojiro’s emotions is comforting and he seemed like a pretty calm, nice, guy. “Oh, look at the time!” The tailed boy exclaimed. “I gotta go, I have to make dinner, see you later Izuku.”

Ojiro waved as he jogged over to the lockers then out the door. Izuku continued to sit there for a moment, still computing that he just made a friend. A human friend who even used his real name! Not that he didn't love Toshiro and Bean but no human person had ever done that for him.

Izuku left the gym very happy that day.


Eraser didn't want to meet in their normal place today on the cafe roof. He had messaged Izuku saying that they should have a place for him to use his new weapon that was farther away from the public so whatever insanity Izuku brought didn't cause a panic.

Toshiro quickly imputed the addresses the pro gave them into his map.

“Hey, Izuku?” The AI questioned. “This seems to be a house.”

“Really?” he asked. Izuku had thought they might be going to some private training facility or something, but a house?

“Yeah. Well, he did tell you he'd treat you to food, maybe it's a home-cooked meal?”

“Eraser wouldn't do that,” Izuku said as he pulled on his training shirt. Technically they weren’t doing any training today but Izuku didn't care, he just liked his shirt.

“Hmmmm, well you can never be too sure!”

Izuku just shrugged as he tucked phone Toshiro into his pocket and lept from his window.


Izuku arrived at the address and according to Toshiro, he was 5 minutes early.

It was a relatively small building with a vibrant yet cozy teal aura. Izuku carefully walked up to the door and knocked 3 times. He waited for a moment as he heard some shuffling and murmuring inside.

Soon the door swung open. Standing on the other side was a tall purple outline, but not Eraser purple, more like violet. The person's hair seemed to be rather messy and their aura seemed almost as tired as Erasers.

The two stood there awkwardly in silence. This is one of though times Izuku wished he could see faces. He had absolutely no idea what this guy might be feeling.

After a second the figure seemed to hum in understanding. “You're the new stray.” He said monotone. “ Dad, your stay is here!” He called into the house.

“Dad is getting changed!” Another voice called as Izuku heard footsteps approaching. “And don't call them stays!” it scolded as a second outline came into view. This one was an intense yellow.

“Were all his strays.” The violet retorted with amusement in his voice.

The yellow chuckled and all Izuku could do was stand there trying not to look awkward. Who are these people? Why are they here? What's happening?

“Hey, little Listener!”



NO WAY. That Present Mic!

“I'm Hizashi Yamada!” He chirped. “Shota’s husband. Oh, you probably know him as Aizawa huh?”

“What?” Violet spoke up. “Dad said he only calls him Eraser, he might not even know his name.”

Izuku tuned out the playful bickering. His mind was only working on one thing. Eraser Head… was married to Present Mic. That makes so much sense. Izuku has listened to the Present Mic radio show forever, well except when he first didn’t have a home and didn't have anything that could toon into it. BUT Present Mic ALWAYS dodged questions about his love life, it was a very popular topic in online hero forums. His partner being an underground hero only made sense!

“Hey, don't go scaring him away.” A new voice piped up as Eraser finally came into view. “Hey, kid.” Izuku smiled and gave a small wave.

“Ah.” Violet said. “This is kid. Good to meet you, you can call me Shinso, I'm Eraser and Mic’s son.”





Well, today is full of surprises.

“Anyway, come on in.” Eraser said and he walked into the house. Izuku nodded and began to follow the three. They eventually arrived in a large-ish room that seemed to be dining, kitchen, and living. It smelled absolutely wonderful. Eraser led him to a table and pulled out a chair for him as the other two went to the kitchen.

The underground pro eventually settled in a chair on Izuku's right. “ We could have just gone to a restaurant but Zashi insisted you come over, ah, Zashi is Present Mic.”

Izuku nodded vigorously and pulled out his phone. “I know!” Toshiro read out. “I have listened to him for years!”

“Ah, well I'm not surprised about that. Your notes on heroes are very thorough-”

“huh.” Shinso cut off as he approached with his hands full with bowls. “What was that thing that just spoke?” He placed the bowls down and sat opposite Izuku, silently waiting for an answer.

Izuku found Shinso to be somehow impatient and very patient at the same time. He seemed to let Izuku take all the time he needed to answer something but also seemed like he was in a hurry to know details about him, like he was used to trying to desperately grasp something just out of his reach but was also used to communicating with people who needed to take there time. So Izuku just concluded that he's a weird guy. In a good way. Of course Eraser’s son would be weird. Izuku couldn't help but be curious about him. If not because he's weird but also because it's more info on heroes. When did Mic and Eraser adopt him? What was his life like before? What's his quirk? What did he think about Izuku? What were those “starys” he mentioned?

Izuku soon realized he was spacing out, staring at a stranger… again.

He went to go type into the phone when Toshiro decided to intervene. “Excuse me! I'm not a fucking “thing”! I'm Izuku's amazing AI Toshiro!” He huffed as Izuku quickly started typing for him to shut up.

Shinso sat there a moment before he broke into laughter. “Wow, he's cool.” He spoke as his laughter died down. “Sorry, didn't mean anything by it. I'm going to grab some drinks, what do you want?”

Izuku typed. “Water.” Toshiro read out.

“Kid likes apple juice.” Eraser said monotone.

THE AUDACITY. He was right, but that didn't mean Izuku wasn't embarrassed. Izuku turned to face him and flicked the air towards him in annoyance… but that also means that Eraser paid enough attention to him to know what he wanted to drink… Izuku wasn't sure how to feel about that.

“Ok, apple juice.” Shinso said as he went to the kitchen again.

“You know,” Eraser began. “He's also going for UA, you two could be classmates.”

At least one of his possible future classmates might be nice to him, that's good to know.

Not long later a glass of juice was placed in front of him and Shinso retook his seat across from Izuku.

“OOOOK!” Mic cheered as he entered with some food. “READY FOR SOME DINNER!”

“Jeez Zashi, not so loud,” Eraser said as the food was placed on the table. Izuku looked at its outline. This may sound odd but its tan aura did look appetizing, however, Izuku could not tell what it was, just that it smelled great.

Eraser served some of it in Izuku's bowl and offered it to him. Izuku tilted his head at it. “Ah, it's Katsudon.” Eraser said. Izuku reached his hands out and placed the bowl in front of himself.


That's his favorite.

She used to make it all the time.

Izuku grabbed a fork and took a bite.

“Like it, little listener?”

He nodded.


After dinner had finished Eraser took Izuku into their basement which seemed to be a large training area.

“Ok kid. We're just here so you can show me your weapon today, I have to leave for patrol in a few minutes so let's go. What tool of chaos have you made?”

Eraser watched as Izuku took a step back from him and his anxiety about allowing the kid to do this went through the roof.

After Izuku was a few feet back he gave a small smile. He was so excited for this. Once he had enough space he lifted his foot and tapped his toe on the ground. Something quickly shot out of the heel of his shoe into the air and he caught it. He had been practicing that. He held it proudly for Eraser to see.

“..... a knife? I mean knives can be very effective but…”

Izuku smirked as he flipped up a small section on the knife handle revealing a button, he pressed down on it and with a sudden spark, the Knife came to life.

“..... Did you really- is that an electric knife?” The pro questioned.

Izuku nodded as he demonstrated that it could be used as a normal knife or as a teaser when the safety was on or, Izuku's favorite part, it can stab someone and electrocute them from the inside. Now he knows that sounds bad but come on, some pros use guns, like snipe, so why shouldn't he have an electric knife?!

Eraser just sighed and knew he'd regret this at some point. “Approved. Jeez kid… I'm going to work.”

Izuku's smile just grew, he couldn't wait to start training with this!


Getting Tazed hurt like a bitch.

Izuku had been training with his new weapon for a week and a half now and no matter how much he loved his new creation it was NOT pleasant to be on the receiving end of it. Besides that, training was going well. He kept practicing with Eraser and went to spar with Ojiro on Saturday. Although he couldn't use his new knife at the gym.

Izuku lept to the nearest building and slowed to a stop.

“Taking a break?” Toshiro chirped in his ear. He had built a small machine that rested on his ear so he could take Toshiro into fights with him and he had to admit it was helpful. The AI could help him understand the environment he was fighting in better along with the people he was fighting. It was also a quick and easy way to gain outside info.

“Yeah.” Izuku said as he plopped down on the roof's edge. He had been out running errands for people and he was hungry. Maybe he should have eaten earlier but midnight food is still better than no food.

He swung his legs as he pulled a convenience store sandwich out of his pocket. Man, he wished he could have Mics cooking. Maybe he could come over again sometime… that would be nice. They seemed like really good people. They accepted him without question but they're so close to one another and have a great dynamic, he wouldn't want to mess it up. Eraser is just his teacher and Erase’rs family are just Izuku's acquaintances.

He sighed and quickly shoved the last little bit of sandwich in his mouth.

“Let’s go.” Izuku said as he stood up. He looked around to find the best rooftop to rump to next. “Hey, is that?” Izuku's attention was caught by an outline down below, the figure seemed to be sitting in the park.

Izuku scrambled down the side of the building and started making his way over. He quickly typed something into his phone for Toshiro to read out. “Ojiro?”

The beige-ish outlines head snapped up to look up at him. “Oh, Izuku. You scared me a little.” Izuku walked closer till he was standing directly in front of the tailed boy. He seemed anxious. And what is he doing out so late?

“Ojiro, are you ok?” Toshiro read out.

“Oh, It's nothing, I'm ok. I just really don't like the dark you know.”

Yes, he knows.

“Then why are you out so late?” Izuku watched as the boy's tail curled nervously. Something is definitely wrong here.

“Well, my brother came home, he was fired from his job and needs a place to stay. I don't really… like him. So I left, stupid huh?”

Izuku shook his head and sat on the bench next to him trying to convey that he's listing. Ojiro’s tail uncurled a little as he watched his new friend sit down. “Well, what are you doing out so late Izuku?”

“A job, don't change the subject!” Toshiro scolded for him.

“...right. Well, my parents aren't around much so I usually just take care of myself. Katsuro, my brother, is a little…. Mmm, bit of an asshole.” Woah, Izuku had never heard Ojiro swear, he didn't think the tailed boy could.

“We were left home together a lot as kids and he’d boss me around. I cooked all the meals since I was 8 and if I wasn't cooking or out practicing martial arts he made me stay in my room so his friends could hang out at the house. Once I came out to see what his friend and him were doing and he locked me in a dark closet. I didn't get out until the next night… I, hate him. I was so happy when he moved away last year and now that he's back I don't want to be there. Sorry! We just met. I didn't mean to just ramble all this.” He quickly stood up. “Well, I'll just sneak in through the window so he doesn't see me, bye, thanks again Izuku!”

Ojiro turned to leave but Izuku shot up and grabbed his wrist. The tailed boy turned back to him confused.

“Why don't you stay with me tonight?” Toshiro read out. What was he thinking? What the hell will Ojiro think when he sees his “house”? Besides, staying with him is not what Izuku would call comforting. He hardly talks and only has one mattress. He has nothing to offer for breakfast and no front door.

It was silent for a moment. “Really?” Ojiro asked and the hope in his voice killed Izuku. The shorter boy nodded. “If. it's really ok… I'm sorry.”

Izuku typed into his phone. “It is ok, don't worry about it. I understand the need to get away from people who aren't good for you just… don't ask questions about my house…”

“Eerm, sure.” Ojiro said with confusion as Izuku grasped his hand and started leading him through the city.

This is literally insane. Not even Kacchan knows where he lives right now, not even Eraser, especially not Eraser, but he's inviting this guy who was a stranger 2 weeks ago? Izuku felt at this moment, his life choices suck. He is definitely going to get reported to the police or heroes for this. All he knows is that he has heard too many orphanage horror stories to trust them and he definitely does not want to go into foster care, but here he is risking it all for a stranger. He really is an idiot.

“Here it is.” Toshiro read out as they approached the base of the familiar abandoned building.

“Here?” Ojiro questioned. Izuku nodded as he dragged his friend to the building side and jumped up to the bottom of the fire escape. He looked back to watch Ojiros outline then gestured for him to follow.

The two made their way up until they came to Izuku's window. He slid inside the other boy right behind him.

Ojiro climbed through the window and looked around the small dirty apartment. To the right of the window was a mattress with a single pillow and blanket. A Little farther ahead was a brown desk and old chair. A laptop rested on the desk along with a cat, a little past that was a small kitchen. To the left was an open door leading to a bath/laundry room.

Izuku watched nervously as his friend took in his odd surroundings, glancing around. Oh right. Izuku typed into his phone “careful walking over there.” He gestured to a pile of scrap materials. “There might be sharp stuff.”

“Ok.” Ojiro said with a nod seemingly satisfied with looking around.

Well, this is fucking awkward. Izuku walked over and sat on the matres, he pated the area next to him. Ojiro walked over and sat down.

Fuck. Not only is he going to get the cops called on him, but he’s also going to lose his new friend.

“Thanks for letting me stay over.” Ojiro said calmly as he picked at the mattress edge.

“No problem. You can anytime…” Toshiro read out.



“Izuku, I know you said no questions but,” damn, here it comes, the why are you living here? Where are your parents? I think I should call someone. It was nearly a disaster last time he brought a person here. Good thing no one took someone saying a blind kid is building computers in that abandoned building seriously. “I'm just worried about you now, are you ok?”

Izuku sighed and typed into the phone “I don't want pity.”

“What? No, just like, are you getting enough food? Water? Is it cold in the winter? Do you need a space heater?”

Huh? He’s really just worried. He’s not asking why he's here, just how he's doing?

“Don’t you want to know why I'm living here alone?” Toshiro read.

“Well. of course I'm curious but it's not really my business, if you want to tell me you can, and I'll listen but until then I just want to support you.”

Wow, this is… different. Izuku wasn't sure what to do. Could Ojiro possibly just be the chillest guy ever?! But it's nice to have someone who wants you to be well.

“Thanks,” Toshiro read out. “I'm good, really, I have everything I need and I appreciate your support. The only thing I really want is to keep sparring with you! I- I'm trying to get into UA so I need to improve my skills…”

“No way! Me too! We're going to be classmates!” Ojiro’s tail waved quickly and his voice filled with joy. He was going for UA too. It would be amazing to get to be in class with Ojiro every day!

“Um, well I was thinking, I know we just met but I already call you by your given name, and we're probably going to be classmates soon so if you like you can call me Mashi or Mashirao, I like it better than Ojiro anyway.”

Izuku knew the feeling. He nodded and smiled. Izuku watched as the taller boy's tail wagged and his aura shinned, he was happy. This person was happy to be friends with him. Wanted to spend time with him and there was no pity. It seems Izuku kept finding people like that. Izuku doesn't think he's ever met a human person who was this safe before, he trusted him.

“Umm, ok, Mashi, thanks.” Izuku spoke in a small voice.

Mashi’s tail stopped. Then quickly picked up again. “Of course Izuku!”

Chapter Text

“Izuku!” Toshiro called from where he sat in the computer on the old desk. “Izuku it’s time to get up! You have the entrance exam today!”

The boy in question lazily rolled over and pulled himself to a sitting position before yawning.

“Oof, Izuku, you look like Eraser with those eyebags! Did you not sleep?”The AI asked as he observed his sleepy friend.

“I couldn’t sleep, I know iv been training for a while but it doesn’t seem like enough, I guess I’m just nervous.”

“There’s no need to be nervous! You worked so fucking hard, be proud! Besides, you’ll have me to support you the whole time.”

“Thanks, Toshiro.” Izuku said as Bean jumped onto his lap.

“Meow.” she purred as he began petting her soft fur.

“Thanks, Bean, ok, I better get going, Eraser wanted to see me before I head off for the exam.” The boy lifted the cat away much to her displeasure and quickly got dressed. He swiftly transferred Toshiro to his phone and swiped an apple from his fridge before dashing off into the city.

After a few minutes, he arrived at the roof of the cafe and saw Eraser’s familiar aura sitting at the edge. “Hey, kid.” The tired man spoke softly. “You ready for the exam today?” Izuku gave a nod as he carefully sat down next to him. “Good, you’ve worked hard. Hitoshi will be there so you won’t be alone ok?” Eraser let out a sigh as he stood up. “You got this kid.” After that, the man quickly jumped to a nearby building and ran off. Izuku watched as his outline passed 30ft and vanished.

Izuku thinks Eraser is too good to him. The man spent all this time training him and he even continually encouraged him. The green-haired boy thought as he descended the building to the ground and began walking towards UA. He had to do well, he couldn’t let Eraser, or any of his new friends down. Friends, are they? Well, considering he uses Mashi’s first name and let him see his house and all, they’re friends, but what about Shinso?

They have only met a couple of times and it’s always pretty quiet. Shinso doest talk much either and almost everything he says is sarcastic. Not that Izuku doesn’t like sarcasm but not being able to see Shinso’s facial expiration makes figuring out sarcasm harder. Izuku let out a sigh and he continued to walk. No, Shinso is not a friend, he’s just a nice acquaintance. Izuku was sure the purple-haired boy felt the same, why would Shinso consider him a friend? They barely know each other.

“Izuku.” Toshiro spoke up from his phone that rested in his pocket. He pulled out the device. “Izuku, listen to this!” He tilted his head curiously as audio began playing from the phone.”

“Hello, hello, hello, listeners! How are you this fine morning?!” oh it’s Mic’s radio show, Izuku was so nervous he forgot to tune in earlier. “As you all know today is a special day for our young aspiring heroes out there. The UA entrance exam! I want to say good luck to all little listers out there and a special dose of luck for a certain purple-haired boy I know, as well as that green-haired kid! You two know who you are! Anyway, don’t forget the entrance exams for Shiketsu High are tomorrow as well! More on that later for now I want to introduce you to a song I’ve been listing to nonstop, from Disney’s Encanto, Surface Presser!”

Music began to fill his speaker as Izuku slowed to a stop. Mic, the amazing voice hero and radio personality just gave him a shout-out! He could die happy now. Really, these people are too nice to him.

“Izuku!” A voice called from behind him. He turned to see Mashirao’s beige outline come into view. He waved to him and gave a small smile. “ you nervous for the exam?” Mashi questioned as he caught up to him as he resumed walking. Izuku brought up his hand and motioned that he was a little nervous. “Me too.” Mashirao replied as his tail slowed.

“You ok Mashi?” Izuku asked in a small voice still not totally confident in talking with him yet.

“Yeah.” He sighed. “I just couldn’t slip out before my bother woke up, that’s why I’m here so early, I woke up at dawn to try to leave without seeing him, but it didn’t work, anyway, why are you here so early?”

“Mm.” Izuku hummed. “I need to talk to someone before the exams.”

“Ah, ok then!” The tailed boy chirped as they walked. They stared with a mostly one-sided conversation as they continued to stroll towards the school before they fell into a comfortable silence.

“Um. Mashi?” Izuku asked shakily. He had wanted to ask his friend this earlier but he just couldn’t bring it up. “Do you think, um, if I get in-”

“When you get in.”

“...right, when I get in, I could, um, put your address on my forms. I know it’s asking a lot and we haven’t been friends for that long but I can’t let the school find out I don’t have a real house, I'm sorry I know its a lot of trouble for you and you’d have to bring me my mail, howeverIcouldalwaysjustdropbyyourplacetogetit.ofcousetheresyourbrothertothinkaboutbutIjustreallyneedsomewhere-”

“Hey, Izuku. Don’t worry it’s fine. You can list my address as yours. Wow.” Mashi laughed. “I think that’s the most I ever heard you talk.”

Izuku’s face burned with the comment but he was happy non the less. Mashi was so nice. He sighed. “Thank you, Mashi.”

“Mmhm!” The tailed boy replied. “Oh, look it’s UA!” He called as he pointed forward. Izuku followed his finger but it seemed the school was too far away, however eventually they reached the front gate.

“Well hey, there kid.” A low voice spoke from nearby. Izuku and Mashi stopped to see who said it.

Ah. Izuku pulled out his phone and typed something in for Toshiro to read. “Hello Shinso, you’re here early.”

The purple-haired boy chuckled dryly. “Couldn’t sleep, who’s the monkey?” He questioned as he motioned to Izuku’s right.

“Ah, this is my friend Ojiro Mashirao.” Toshiro read.

“I'm not a monkey.” The normally chill boy bit out.

“I don’t know, with that tail, you kinda seem like one.” Shinso said stepping in closer.

“Well, I’m not, ok?” He snapped. Wow, is Shinso… getting on Mashirao’s nerves? Izuku didn’t know that was possible. He found Mashi to be one of the most patient understanding guys he knew, the only person he truly held contempt for was his brother. This was the boy who once waited 15 minutes for Izuku to decide what coffee he wanted and then type out his rather long complicated order to be read out, then when the barista didn’t understand he continued to wait as Izuku did it again, and he was content and happy the whole time. Izuku wondered how Shinso could have pressed his buttons so fast. He wasn’t sure he could annoy Mashi if he tried.

“Whatever monkey boy.” The tried boy drawled. “I'm Shinso, I'm also Kid’s friend.” Holy shit! Did Shinso just call him a friend?! But, they hardly talk! Is he just trying to get on Mashi’s nerves more? That must be it, right?

“Kid?” Mashi questioned his tail swishing annoyed.

“Yep, my whole family calls him Kid.”

“But he’s not just a kid he’s very capable.” Mashi replied, stepping closer to the other boy as his calm aura became slightly agitated.

“You saying kids aren’t cable?” Shinso said as he stepped even closer, the two less than an arms-length apart.

“No, just- um, that’s not what I meant!”

“Hmmm, but that’s what you said.”

Great, Izuku’s friend and good acquaintance just met, and they’re already fighting.

“Shut up, now your just being rude.” Mashirao huffed.

“Well, maybe I-”

“Both of you shut it.” Toshiro barked silencing the two. Izuku sent annoyed flicks at them. “Please try not to kill each other while I go talk to someone ok?” With that Izuku stormed towards the building leaven the two in awkward silence.

He sighed as he came to the front doors. While he wasn’t planning on them meeting it was disappointing they didn’t get along. It would have been nice if they could have all hung out together. Izuku pulled out his phone once he was inside. It was so early the halls were deserted.

“Toshiro.” He spoke up.

“Yes, Izuku?”

“Could you direct me to Principal Nezu’s office?” He asked as he plugged in his headphones.


Getting up to Nezu’s office was a pain in the ass. The mouse, bear thing seemed to like his office on the very top floor and Izuku hated how difficult it was to find. This rich as hell school has giant doors to accommodate big people and a huge support department to help all sorts of hero students but not a single bit of brail. Toshiro directed him the whole way and Izuku set his mind to learning the layout. He had gone over a digital layout before but there’s only so much Toshiro could describe about a picture, walking the halls is much easier.

Eventually, he reached a large set of doors that Toshiro informed him, said Principal Nezu across a nameplate nearby. Izuku raised a hand to knock on the door when a voice came from above.

“Come in.” It said as the door swung open. Ah, that must be Nezu, he probably has cameras or something. Once inside Izuku saw the outline of a desk, a chair was waiting in front of it and a mouse was waiting behind it. Nezu’s aura seemed to be in a constant state of slight agitation. Izuku sat carefully in the chair and decided that Nezu must never really be comfortable around humans. Of course, the green-haired boy had done lots of research on him. He knew little about the specifics, just that his potential future principal had not had a fun childhood as he was mercilessly experimented on by humans. Izuku isn’t sure if he can compare, but he likes to think he understands. He himself didn’t really like humans either. They betray you and hurt you… or the ones you love. They pay no mind when an 11-year-old child sits in the street bawling his eyes out on the second night of his homelessness after the shock wore off. They just think “oh a hero will come save them, so I don’t have to do anything.” They beat you up for being blind or give off suffocating waves of pity then don’t even attempt to help. Humans were selfish creatures.

Most of them anyhow.

“Hello, Midoriya.” Nezu greeted casually.

Izuku typed into his phone. “Please, call me Izuku.”

“You don’t like Midoriya?” He asked leaning forward on his paws.

Izuku shook his head.

“Ah, I see. Ok, Izuku. Do you not trust me?”

“I do not.” Toshiro read out.

“I see. Well all right then. You came here to ask me something?”

Izuku nodded as he typed into the phone. “ Mr. Nezu, I am blind and I use this AI to assist me, I also have a support weapon id like to bring with me to the exam.”

“An AI? Interesting, what’s their name?”

“I'm Toshiro.” He spoke up of his own volition.

“That’s quite impressive, who made them?”

“Excuse me sir but you should direct questions about me, to me, it’s only polite! Izuku made me. He is very talented and you would be honored to have him at your school!” At that Izuku type furiously trying to hush his friend.

Nezu gave a small laugh. “I see, sorry Toshiro. I will allow him to accompany you, as for the weapon, here is some paperwork, fill it out and you can bring it with you.”

“Thank you, but do you have a digital version?” Toshiro asked.


Izuku took his time filling out the paperwork with Toshiro before waving goodbye to Nezu and making his way down to the bottom floor once again working on memorizing the layout.

He exited the building looking out and expecting to see a violet and beige outline yelling at each other, however, neither were around, instead, there was a fiery orange outline marching forward. Kacchan. Izuku quickly walked over toward him. “Hey Deku.” The taller boy grumbled as he shoved his hands in his pockets.

“Hello.” Izuku said softly clearly uncomfortable with the number of people who were out there now. Kacchan tsked.

“Come on nerd, let’s get to the exam already.” With that, he turned and resumed his stomp towards the school. Izuku gave a large smile as he watched Kacchan. Could he consider him a friend? Well, they have known each other for a long time. Sure it wasn’t perfect but it’s getting better, that’s just going to have to be good enough for now.

Izuku proudly took a step forward and immediately began falling. Ah, his biggest weakness, cracks in the ground not prominent enough to be outlined. Well, he could have died worse ways.



He hasn’t hit the ground yet. Well this is odd.

“Sorry.” A bubbly voice called out from above. Soon a hand rested on his shoulder and guided him until his feet hit the ground. “I used my quirk to catch you, I hope you don’t mind.”

Izuku looked up to see a light pink aura standing in front of him. He gave a smile and pulled out his phone. “Thank you.” Toshiro read out.

“Oh!” She squeaked. “That’s cool, is it part of your quirk?” She asked curiously.

“Deku!” Kacchan shouted from ahead catching Izuku’s attention. “Will you stop flirting and get your ass over here!”

Izuku furiously typed as he started briskly walking towards Kacchan while sending annoyed flicks at him. “ Shut up Kacchan! I was not flirting!” Toshiro shouted from the phone.


“Don’t you “Whatever” me!” The AI yelled changing his voice to sound like the blonde for a second.

“Don’t imitate me with your dumb robot!!”

“I am not a robot!” Toshiro yelled back on his own, sounding offended.

The two humans and one AI entered the building screaming at one another, leaving a very confused girl with a pink outline, standing awkwardly, unsure of what she just witnessed.

Once inside the building, Izuku and Kacchan were directed to a classroom to take the written test. Izuku scanned the room pleased to find the test was on laptops instead of paper, however, he was not pleased to find they were assigned seats by nameplates. He cant read nameplates. A small sigh passed his lips.

“Deku, your seats to the left of me.” Kacchan said as he sat at a desk near the back. Izuku smiled at him and took his seat. After Izuku plugged Toshiro into the computer and plugged in his headphones he sat impatiently waiting for the test to begin, tapping his fingers in a rhythm he heard on Mic’s show that morning.

Eventually, a tall silver aura entered the room standing at the front of the room. “Hello.” He announced. “I'm your written test supervisor.” He said sounding utterly uninterested in being there. “Please, no talking during the test, no phones out, and” His voice quickly switched to something intense and serious. “No cheating… obviously.” His voice returned to the same monotonous tone. “Begin.”

Izuku took a deep breath. He can do this, he studied with Eraser Head, it will be fine. Toshiro he typed. Please read me the first question. He sat quietly as Toshiro’s voice filled his headphones.

“Ok, are you ready Izuku?”

… yes.

Chapter Text

Holy FUCK that test was hard, even for a hero encyclopedia like Izuku. He sat at his desk hitting the complete button and exhaled sharply.

“Izuku! You did it!” Toshiro cheer through his headphones. “You should be proud!”

Thanks, Toshiro but I know I could have done better. Izuku typed.

“While there’s always room for improvement you did awesome! So, shut up and give yourself some credit!”

Izuku gave a small smile. Thanks.

“Everyone.” The supervisor announced sounding board. “The test is now over, please close your computers and follow the signs to the practical exam instruction room.”

A chorus of thank you’s rang out as everyone started to leave. Izuku quickly transferred Toshiro back to his phone and stood up.

“Follow me loser.” Kacchan barked out and Izuku gave a nod as he began to trail the taller boy. They were walking down a long winding hallway that branched out into many different areas, one Izuku hadn’t encountered yet, so he set his mind to memorizing it. He was so caught up tracking where they are he bumped right into someone.

Izuku stumbled backward but caught himself looking up to see a tall dark blue outline, it seemed nice.

“Excuse me but I believe you should be more aware of your surroundings, as a hero candidate you should know more is expected of you and thus you should always strive to be prepared for traversing crowded places.” The person stated loudly. Wow so stuffy. The two stood in awkward silence for a second and Izuku honestly had no clue what was happening. What is this kid waiting for him to do? “Um, It is only customary to apologies when you bump into another person, is it not?” He said expectantly.

Well, no one ever apologized for bumping into Izuku. The shorter boy just continued to stare up at the figure tilting his head as if he didn’t understand till he felt a pull on his arm. He flinched slightly at the unknown contact but turned his head to see Kacchan. “Move your ass Deku.” He spat out dragging the confused kid away leaving the stranger behind.

Izuku stumbled as he was manhandled into a new room. This room was large. Very large. Izuku could see a few rows of seats and then nothing. He sighed and Kacchan continued to drag him along. He was eventually yanked into a chair and the two sat in silence. From where they were sitting Izuku could barely see a podium but not beyond it. He surveyed the crowd as they entered looking for Mashi or Shinso, but no luck.

He plugged his headphones in and put them over one ear so he could hear what was being said and have visuals explained to him via Toshiro.

After a few minutes, all the kids had gathered a were talking as they waited. A low cacophony of whispers filled the area and suddenly a voice rose above the rest. Izuku looked up to see Mic’s cheery yellow outline standing behind the podium.

The radio announcer went into detail about the test, that they’d be fighting robots with different point values and after a loud question from a kid (Izuku was sure it was the stranger from before) he explained that there is a zero-point robot as well.

Well, having robot opponents certainly made things harder for Shinso. It seems this system is geared towards destructive physical quirks, which are needed in the hero industry but just as important are support-based, healing, or non-physical quirks. So many amazing heroes have come out of UA but Izuku couldn’t help but wonder how someone like Eraser got in with these bias tests. It looks like the world is going to miss out on a ton of amazing potential heroes, it probably already has. What happened to those powerful hero hopefuls who couldn’t make it in places like this because of what society decided was or was not a “good” quirk for heroism? How many people have been pushed away from this because of expectations like that?

Izuku sat deep in thought completely blocking out the rest of the world before he felt a ruff shove. He glanced up out of his haze to see Kacchan.

“Fucking move it Deku. It’s time for the test.” Izuku quickly stood up and went to follow the taller boy. “Idiot.” Kacchan continued. “Did you even listen? We’re from the same middle school so we’re not going to the same area. Go find someone else to follow and don’t get your dumb ass killed or I’ll do it myself!”

Oh. Izuku smiled and texted Toshiro for directions to his testing area. He followed the AI’s voice until he stood in front of two huge doors. This must be one of the fake cities UA has on its property for teaching hero students, SO COOL!

A small crowd of students gathered and Izuku sat in the back glancing around. There were tons of people, some nervous, some warming up, some complaining about them wanting the test to start already. Up ahead he could make out a pink aura he swore he’d seen before. OH! The girl from the entrance. Izuku thought back to their interaction and bit his lip as he realized how insane that must have been for her. Should he apologize? Should he wish her good luck? Is it worth it to potentially get mocked? But… She did seem nice… He sighed and decided it was best to just mind his own business.

“She looks busy.” Someone announced from his right. The person was there so suddenly it made Izuku jump when he spoke. He turned to see the Dark blue outline from earlier. This guy is everywhere! “You probably shouldn’t bother her.”

Izuku just stared at him again. This person really didn’t make much sense to him. He seemed to talk to him for no reason and did not get the message he is not going to reply. The taller boy waited quietly and awkwardly in front of Izuku before clearing his throat. “Anyway, I noticed some things and I have a question for you. Of Course, this is not my business but as a hero candidate, it is my duty to take interest in these sorts of things. Seeing as you are the victim in this scenario it’s my job to ensure your well-being so…”

Victim? Of what? Izuku tuned out what the boy was saying contemplating. Does he know about the sludge villain attack? But there was no one else there. Does he consider him a victim cause… he’s blind? That must be it. Great, a white knight who just wants to take care of the poor blind kid.

Izuku clenched his fists tightly.

“-and that’s why-” He continued. Izuku took one breath in, one out, and then swiftly stomped on the taller boy’s foot eliciting a loud yell from him.

“W-why would you do that?!” He stuttered out confused.

“Is there a problem here?” A beige aura stepped next to Izuku. Mashi!

“Fuck off nerd.” Another voice echoed as a violet aura approached his other. Shinso!

“Um, no no, there’s no issue.” The blue outlined boy said. “I am sorry for whatever I said to offend you… goodbye.” With that, he stepped away walking rigidly.

Izuku turned to his friends and typed into his phone. “Thanks.” Toshiro read.

“Of course.” Mashirao said his tail wagging slightly. Shinso chuckled lowly. “What?” The tailed boy asked as he turned to the taller boy.

“It’s just… your tail.” Shinso giggled.

“What about it?!”

Wow, they have been standing in the same vicinity for less than a minute, and they’re already fighting.

“It waggles!” Shinso laughed. “Like a dog. So, which is it? Are you a dog, or a monkey?”

“W-what! I'm a person.”

“Tch, duh. I know that. It’s called sarcasm, look it up.”

“Well. it’s. not. Funny.”

“Your right, it’s hilarious monkey boy.” Mashirao’s fists tightened as the two stared at each other.

“Well, whatever, maybe people would like you more if you went such an asshole!”

Ok, time to stop this. Izuku pulled out his phone. “Will you two quit it!” Toshiro shouted. The duo stopped and turned their attention to Izuku, both a little surprised. “Both of you stop. Ok? Fighting is not going to get us into the hero course! so here’s the deal, you both will work with me and EACHOTHER to get through this exam, understand? You two are acing anything but heroic right now and the people grading this test will see that, so, shut the fuck up unless you got a strategy that includes us all.”

The two sat in silence for a moment not moving a muscle. Crap. Izuku thought as dread seeped in. Did I go too far? Do they hate me now? That’s how it always happens, people figure out I’m too much trouble to be associated with and they leave. Shit, I shouldn’t have yelled, I don’t really know these people and I overstepped my bounds. They hate me. Of course, they do, no one wants a mouthy friend. Is Shinso even my friend? Well, it doesn’t matter cause neither of them will want to be anymore. I was lucky that they put up with me to begin with. I shouldn’t have pushed it. No one should have to waste their time with me. Mashi- no, I can’t call him that if we’re not friends, Ojiro will tell the cops about where I live and I’ll have to move and Shinso will convince Eraser I’m not worth his time and-

“Your right Izuku, I'm sorry.” Mashirao spoke up resting his hand on Izuku’s shoulder and pulling him from his spiral.

“Yeah, I went a little far…” Shinso added.

Oh… weird. Right, Mashi is really chill, and so is Shiso, just ironically not with the other. T-they don’t hate me, at least they haven’t realized yet that they could do better than me so I should enjoy it while it lasts…. I'm so selfish.

“Well good.” Toshiro read out. “So, let’s make a plan.”


“AAAAAAND BEGIN!” Mic shouted as the gates to the fake city opened initiating the test. Izuku, Mashirao, and Shino all sprinted forward leaving behind some people who were confused by the abrupt start. Shinso tossed up his scarf witch wrapped its self around a metal rod high above them. Izuku was still perplexed by how that thing worked. Shinso pulled the other two in and flung all 3 of them out ahead of the other contestants.

The trio landed in the middle of an intersection. Izuku held up 3 fingers and quickly tuned his hand so his palm faced the opposite direction. The other two nodded and the three went back to back. Izuku was sure that UA separated people from the same middle school so they couldn’t work together making it easier to gauge a single person’s ability, however, hero’s would have to be stupid not to see the value in good teamwork. Not only that but, they waited at those gates for about 15 minutes, which was 10 minutes longer than it took for everyone to gather there, plenty of time to come up with a team strategy. It’s likely Nezu planned that, that way, the people supervising the test can also get a gauge for candidates’ leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. There is value in going it alone, more chance to show off your personal skills, however, working with others is essential and will be recognized. At least, that’s Izuku’s hope.

Bots began pouring into their little space and the tree flew into action. Mashirao jumped high in the air and slammed down onto a robot smashing it to bits before bounding over to the next one. Shinso managed to blind one with his scarf and quickly began yanking cords out till the bot was disabled.

“Izuku!” Toshiro called out from an earpiece Izuku had made for him. He was quite proud of the little device. It allowed Toshiro to survey the area and talk to him, the only issue with it is if Izuku wanted to tell Toshiro something he’d have to talk aloud to him. This was fine when they were alone but with others around? No thanks. “Izuku, bot coming up behind Mashi.” Izuku spun to see the tailed boy facing away from an oncoming robot and flew into action. There wasn’t much time for anything too tactical so he ungracefully lept in the air, grabbing Mashirao’s tail in the descent and then using his momentum he yanked the other boy out of the bots way.

This only left one problem. He’s in the bot’s way. A hard metal slammed into his side and he winced as he was shoved to the ground. His upper arm pulsed in pain. Izuku winced as he sat up and gripped his injury. That’s going to be one hell of a bruise. “Izuku!” Mashirao cried out as he rushed to him. Izuku held up a thumb as he stood up and he heard a sigh of relief escape his friend’s lips before he turned and broke the robot that hurt him.

The constant onslaught of bots slowed and after a few minutes, the three stood together breathing heavily.

“What happened to your arm?” Shinso said pointing at Izuku.

“He got injured by a bot, maybe you should have been paying more attention.” Mashirao spoke up.

Oh, no.

“Tch, like you have room to talk, you were there and he still got hurt, cant protect one guy? Some hero you’ll be.”

There such idiots…

“WHAT! That’s rich coming from the guy who didn’t even notice his friend was hurt! You-”

Izuku cut off the fight by quickly shoving each boy back several feet, they each tumbled backward clearly confused. They watched as two incoming bots slammed into Izuku from both sides. He bit down on his lip stifling a yelp. His already bruised arm throbbed and tears threatened to well up as blood trickled down to his wrist. His other side stung but was in considerably better shape.

After his friends stopped gaping in shock they quickly disposed of the bots before rushing over to him.



Izuku could see that their aura’s were agitated but he didn’t care much at present, he was too pissed to think about much else besides how stupid they were being. Not knowing exactly how to show that without having his Toshiro translator he simply held up his middle finger to the other’s cause honestly, fighting with each other in battle! Absolutely ridiculous. He turned and started marching away the other two followed silently and awkwardly behind him like children who had just been scolded by their mom.

The painful quiet was short-lived as a scream echoed out. They rushed forward until they came across a small collapsed building.

“H-help! Please!” A voice called. There’s someone down there! Izuku began to rush towards the ruble but an arm quickly stopped him. Its… Shinso?

“Look kid, you're injured and were idiots, but we got this, ok?” Izuku sent out an annoyed huff before signaling them to go. To their credit, the two were working well together….. Now, where was this 5 minutes ago?! They probably feel guilty he got hurt. Izuku sighed as he watched them work together moving debris. They shouldn’t feel guilty, as mad as he is about them it was really his own fault. He should have dodged better. They weren’t to blame, Izuku is just simply a screw-up, he knew that. He’s defective, that’s what he was always told and it’s the truth. he just hopes he can change it someday.

“Izuku?” He looked up to see Mashirao standing in front of him. When did he get there? “You ok?”

Izuku took a breath, this is not the time to get stuck in his own head. He nodded and Mashirao’s tail wagged a little.

“Ok, they’re free now and seem uninjured, you two ok to grab a few more bots before times up?” He said that to both of them but he knew it was aimed at him. His arm continued to produce a dull pain and one of his hands had blood coating it but Izuku knew he could continue. He has had lots of practice working through injuries, this is no different. He and Mashi nodded and the trio continued further into the city.

More people were in this area and destroyed bots lay scattered about. The stuffy bot sped by and slammed his foot into a robot shattering it.

“Release!” Someone shouted. Izuku saw the pink girl up ahead standing still in a clear area. Why isn’t she doing anything? Suddenly 2 bots fell into Izuku’s sight and crashed to the ground adding to the chaotic noise all around him. Woah, zero gravity? Right, just like when she caught me earlier. Izuku thought to himself as the girl started to run farther away in search of more bots.

“ONLY 4 MINUTES LEFT PEOPLE!” Mic’s voices echoed over everything.

Izuku took a breath and decided he should get back to fighting when screams filled the area. What’s going on? Izuku glanced around watching as a rainbow of blurry outlines zipped by him. Stuffy guy’s blue, then a bright red sprinted by, then a light sparkly blue. Everyone was running from something.

“Kid come on!” Shinso yelled as he passed.

“Let’s go!” Mashi said doing the same.

Whatever they’re running from must be more than 30ft in front of him. “Izuku.” Toshiro yelled. “A FUCKING HUGE robot just entered the city, you have to run!”

Shit. Izuku turned on his heel taking in a breath. Ok, let g-

“Gah! …ow…”

That voice is familiar… it’s bubbly?

“Toshiro.” Izuku whispered. “What was that? Who just called out?”

“Izuku, NO.”

Fuck. Izuku took in a couple quick breaths and spun around going into a sprint.

“Izuku! You have to run away! Don’t worry about it, UA wouldn’t let a kid die in their entrance exam and you’re already hurt! So let’s just go.”

“I cant Toshiro. She needs help, I have to do my best to provide that.”

Toshiro sighed. He knew this would happen. Izuku had always been like this, for as long as he has been with him. He helps others no matter how much it could hurt him because that’s what Izuku never got. Toshiro wished he’d be more careful and that he’d give himself more credit for what he does for others but alas, his best friend is a stubborn genius idiot who can’t see how great he is. The only thing Toshiro can do is support him. “Alright fine.” Toshiro relented. “But you won’t be able to get that ruble off of her with the shape your arms are in, we will have to take don the robot ourselves.”

“Great, what’s the pla..'' Izuku's words slowed to a halt as he finally got close enough to see the bot… well, the bot’s feet. It was so tall he couldn’t see the top.

“Don’t worry Izuku.” Toshiro said with a smile in his voice. “ Just trust me and we can beat it!”

Izuku glanced over at the girl trying desperately to pull her foot out. “... yeah, ok.”

“Great, you need to get to the robot’s head, go to the building on the right and get to the roof.”

Izuku nodded as he sprinted to the building and latched onto a window ledge, pain shooting through his arms. Maybe it would have been easier to move the debris but he’s here now. He winced as more blood leaked from his wound and his arm shook slightly. He took a breath before clamoring up further. He continued to jump from ledge to ledge going quickly and recklessly, there wasn’t time for perfection. He must have reached the top in only 10 seconds and honestly, he was surprised he didn’t fall to his death, and from the angry yells from below be decided Mashi and Shinso were too.

“Ok, now leap onto the bot!” Toshiro shouted. “There’s a loose panel on the side of its head. You should be able to disable it from there.”

“Should!” Izuku whisper shouted.

“It’s your best chance.”

Izuku sighed as he lined up the jump. It was definitely a big one. He bit his lip and charged forward landing on the other side with only a slight wobble. He jogged up to the side and huffed in annoyance, frustrated he can’t see the difference between the pannels.

“It’s alright Izuku, it’s the one directly in front of you.”

Izuku placed his hand on the surface in front of him. “Here?”

“Yep.” Toshiro responded. Izuku pealed off the panel and discarded it. Ok, but now how can he disable the robot? Oh!

A smile came across Izukus face, while he really wanted to use this in combat this could be a fun use too. The boy tapped his toe on the ground and an object flew from his heel into the air. He swiftly caught it and clicked the button on it before pulling his arm back. He gave a small laugh. “ ELECTRIC KNIFE!” He shouted hoping that no one below could hear him over the noise before plunging it deep into the bots head. Sparks flew out and he quickly yanked his knife back as the robot began to sputter and shake before… stopping.

Well, that was anti-climatic, but alls well that ends well. Izuku thought as he turned to jump back down the building. He walked along the robot’s shoulder excited to get back down there and get some medical attention then take a nice long na-

“Oh.” he said as he began to fall. Ah, his biggest weakness, cracks in the ground not prominent enough to be outlined. Seems there was more than one loose pannel and one of those just happened to be on his path back. Great. Well, there were worse ways he could have died… right?

Wind beat against his raw skin as he plummeted towards the ground and he clenched his jaw as his sore throbbing arms flapped around uselessly. Fuck. He though. I'm really going to die… Who’s going to feed bean? She’ll starve to death. Hopefully, Mashirao will think to do that. Maybe Mashi and Shinso will learn to work together and they will keep Toshiro company. Shit. Toshiro. Izuku grabbed the earpiece and tried to hold it so it wouldn’t be squished by him. The least he can do is save him, right?

“Izuku.” Toshiro said softly. “Izuku it o-”

The AI’s words were cut off by a studding stinging in Izuku’s cheek like he had been slapped. That was because, well, he had been. Izuku soon realized he hadn’t hit the ground he was just floating there. The zero gravity girl!

Soon after though he found himself face-planted on the ground. He took a second to just breathe cause FUCK that was a lot. He could slightly hear lots of yelling and… vomiting? He didn’t know.


Crap. A realization suddenly stuck Izuku.

“Izuku! Are you alright?” A beige outline kneeled down next to him.

“Mashi.” He said softly as tears filled his eyes. “I didn’t destroy a robot.”

“W-what? Of course you did.”

“No, I didn’t just the 0 pointer… I was distracted, I got no points.” Tears ran down his cheeks.

Well, fuck.