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The Brightest Colors

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Izuku sat on the edge of the roof, his legs dangling carelessly over the edge as he looked out at the city. Well looked was a strong word because Izuku was blind, for the most part. He was born with his vision being a completely black void, but around 4 years old he received his quirk. Everything within 30 feet of him was outlined in a color matching its aura. His world looked similar to a chalkboard.

With a sigh, he swung his legs back up and began to make his way towards school. As he approached the building he couldn't help but take notice of the despicable color of the building's outline. It was a horrible intense red, not a red like passion, drive, or love but a dirty rusty red. Like blood filled with garbage. It screamed danger.

He traveled through the halls dodging and weaving through a rainbow of rapidly moving figures. Izuku had spent years learning that people are not interested in talking to him. Even if someone had a nice aura, chances are they'll just pity him because he can't see like the rest of them. He couldn't read papers or watch tv and even his mother, who had a soft nurturing deep green aura, had pity laced throughout her words. He always had loved her but that was one thing he had never stopped hating.

He finally arrived in his seat and he pulled out his laptop and headphones. The keys all had braille on them and the computer always announced what it was doing through his headphones. He switched on the laptop and listened as the AI he named Toshiro asked him what he needed. The computer always gave off a comforting light blue outline so Izuku believed that was Toshino’s aura. He asked the AI to open his Hero analysis files. As the files opened Izuku turned to see an intense orange aura approaching him. Ah, Kacchan.

“I heard you Deku! You don't talk for a whole week then you just casually ask the hunk of metal for something! You think you're too good to talk to me?”

God, why couldn't Kacchan just understand that sometimes he didn't feel like talking to people? Whenever he had a conversation with people it ended in mocking, pity, or insults. None of which he wanted to deal with right now. Kacchan and him aren't exactly friends but he doesn't tend to bully him as much as he used to. Not since Izuku's mom died. He just threw around the occasional insult, but all the physical bullying ended when they were 10. Now Kachhan even tries to convince his other bullies to leave him alone. It obviously is not an ideal friendship but it's the only one he's got, well, besides Toshiro and his cat, Bean.

“Well, Deku? Kacchan questioned getting impatient. Izuku gave a small shrug and smiled up at the blonde. “OH! You want to be smug now! Fine, I don't need you to talk to me anyway, just keep talking to your computer, you nerd!” With a huff, Kacchan marched back to his seat, obviously upset that he didn't reply to him.

Izuku went back to his notes and started imputing what he learned from the Kamui woods and Mt Lady fight he witnessed earlier. Eventually, the teacher arrived and started the lesson.

He listened as the teacher went on about a project and then handed out worksheets to help start it. Izuku waited for the ping from his computer that indicated the teacher had sent him the worksheet digitally but it never came. With a sigh, he raised his hand. This happened at least twice a week.

The teacher looked up and gave a sigh of his own. “What is it Midoriya?” He asked with annoyance in his voice.

Izuku pressed a button as he unplugged his headphones from his laptop. Toshiro read out what Izuku had typed in the text to speech bar. “Excuse me sir but you forgot to email me the assignment.”

“Midoriya, please use your voice. Honestly, it's bad enough you think you could get into UA when you're blind and basically quirkless, but if you can't even talk how are you ever going to get anywhere in life? Really, I'm just looking out for you, ok, you need to use your words now.”

Oh, fuck no! Izuku gritted his teeth as he stood up from his chair. He watched as the disgusting brown outline of his teacher stood arms crossed waiting for him to speak. The whole class watched him, giggling quietly as glared back at the teacher. Izuku stepped out from behind his desk and marched over to where Kacchan was sitting silently. He looked at the blonde who rolled his eyes.

“Fine you loser.” He barked, pulling out his phone and snapping a picture of his worksheet before promptly sending it to Izuku’s laptop. “You honestly couldn't do anything without me, how pathetic, but what's even more pathetic is a teacher who can't even send an email. What!? Your Fingers broken!”

“Uhh, well.” The teacher began. “Let's continue then.”

Izuku gave a small smile to Kacchan as he took his seat and got a scowl in return. He was sure Kacchan was trying to show he cared in his own Kacchan way.

Izuku returned his attention to his assignment but before he could continue a voice filled his headphones. “Ugh, your teachers such a jerk Izuku!” Toshiro winned. “I wish I could give him a piece of my mind!” Izuku smiled as he typed his response.

Thanks, Toshiro but I think that he might take you away if you started sassing him.

“Whatever, he sucks. Do you want me to read out the worksheet Kacchan sent?”

Yes, thank you, Toshiro.

“Of course!”



As the school day wrapped up Izuku typed his goodbyes to Toshiro and promised to talk to him later before sliding the computer in his bag. He turned to exist only to find himself face to face with that familiar fiery orange aura. He gave a small jump out of surprise and Kacchan waited patiently for him to settle before speaking.

“He was right, you know.” He spoke lowly. Izuku just tilted his head in confusion. “Our dumb-ass teacher. He was right. You're not going to make it into UA, you should just stop trying, just become a hero analyst or something, it's the only thing you're good at.”

Izuku took a step backward in disbelief. He thought that even though Kacchan was harsh he didn't hate him this much. He thought that Kacchan was finally thinking of him as his friend. He supported him in class today and had been so nice to him recently. What the hell? This doesn't make sense.

“You’ll just end up hurt or dead. You can't see and you’re basically quirkless. I had to help you simply read a paper today. You will never be a hero.”



“What the hell do you know! Shut up!” Izuku shouted as he began to tear up. “Fuck, heh, I was right, talking to people sucks.” He choked out.


“No, shut up Kacchan! don't talk to me, don't help me, I'm fine.” Izuku managed before quickly scooping up his backpack and hurrying out the door leaving the stunned blonde in the classroom alone.


Izuku marched down the sidewalk muttering to himself trying to understand what just happened. First off, wholly fuck! He yelled a Kacchan! Guilt began to eat at him for that, But he deserved it right? He was being an asshole.

Izuku sighed as he came to the underside of a bridge. He hated this bridge. Its outline was a creepy dark gray and it was longer than 30ft so when he stood on one side the other just looked like an ominous black void.

Izuku started forward and right as he could start to make out some outlines farther ahead he heard a crash and then a wet gloopy sound. He quickly turned around to find himself inches from an aura so putrid he almost threw up. He usually liked the color green, it reminded him of his mother, but this was a completely different green. It was disturbed and ugly, and right in his face.

“What the hell!” He squealed. He immediately spun around and bolted for the other side.

“Oh no you don't!” He heard a sickening voice call. Soon Izuku was enveloped in a disgusting sloopy sludge. It started at his ankle and pulled him in like a horror movie scene. He screamed and cried but there were no colorful figures in sight. Just this neverending green moving up his legs.

Finally, the goop started to slide down his throat and he couldn't breathe. “Don't worry.” The voice cooed. “This will be over soon, then you'll be my vessel. You're my hero!” A grotesque laugh echoed through the tunnel as Izuku began to lose the energy to struggle. Is this really how he was going to die? Some random villain is going to slime him to death? This sucks. The last thing he will ever experience is a horrible slime coating him, this excruciatingly disgusting taste, and the putrid, horrible color.


Izuku awoke to a light tapping on his cheek. He scrunched up his nose and slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh, good, you're awake!” A voice boomed. “Thought we lost you there!”

Huh? That sounded like, “All Might!” Izuku jumped to his feet and spun around until he saw a figure. He was a large bright yellow outline that almost shinned. Izuku was nearly entranced by it before he noticed something. While it was a very impressive aura it almost seemed inconsistent, like there was a completely different aura underneath.

“What the heck?” Izuku questioned.

“Huh?” The hero asked.

“Oh, nothing it's just- WAIT! Where is my bag! Toshiro is in there!” Izuku began to rush around in a panic, hoping that the bag wasn't flung too far away for him to see.

“Ah, do you mean this?” All Might said holding up a backpack with a yellow outline.

“YES! Thank you!” Izuku said, tearing open the bag. He yanked out his computer and pressed the on button and waited. No sound came out. “All Might sir? Is the screen on?”

The hero looked puzzled as to why this kid could not tell that the screen was dark but decided not to question it as he informed the young boy.

“What! … no. I failed him… I couldn't save myself, I couldn't save Toshiro, damn.” He gave a soft exhale. “It's ok, I'll just fix him tonight.”

All Might stared at the child confused. Ah well, kids are weird. “Ok then young?...”


“Young Midoriya! I must be off now, do try to stay out of trouble!”

“W-wait!” Izuku squawked, panicking. This is his only chance there was no way he'd let it pass by. All Might inspires hope in everyone. Even if his mom didn't think he could be a hero, even though Kacchan said he can't, All Might can change that! Izuku needs to hear All Might tell him what so many others haven't. So he leaped forward toward that shining aura.


The ride over to this rooftop was one of the worst things Izuku ever had the displeasure of doing. The wind made it feel like his face was going to fly off, but that's ok, because now he could finally hear what he needs.

“Sorry about grabbing on to you and stuff but…” Izuku began looking at the red outline of his shoes. “You might not have realized this but I'm blind. Well kinda, heh, I can see the outlines of things and people and everyone and everything has their own color! But I also can't read anything or watch television. Besides the outlines, I'm basically quirkless. All my classmates make fun of me. I just want to know… can I be a hero like you!”

As he shouted the last bit he looked up to see an internally different aura. It was a dull yellow, like all the shine was sucked out of a star.

“W-where'd All Might go!” Izuku squawked.

A sigh came from the new figure. “I am here. I'm All Might.”


The hero went on to explain how he was horribly injured in a battle and now he can only be a hero for a limited amount of time a day.

“Wow.” Izuku said, taken aback. “That's a lot.”

“Yes it is, you can't tell anyone ok?”

“Yeah, ok.”

“Back to your question.”

Izuku tensed up. Here it is, he will finally-

“No, I'm sorry but you'll just get hurt or dead. Reading is an essential skill for a hero as well as a quirk that can help in combat. There are plenty of other options though. You could become a cop or something. Ah, I gotta go turn this villain in so bye.” After crushing Izuku's dreams the man casually started down the stairs leaving Izuku standing alone on the roof.

“Wow, I really hate talking to people…”


As night approached Izuku swung into the abandoned apartment he claimed his own through the window and walked over to his desk. He had spent a great deal of time finding a way to provide power to the building and he's glad he did. He turned on the heat and set his bag down on his chair. A fluffy dark brown cat slinked up onto the desk and meowed for attention. “Hey, Bean.” Izuku said, stroking the cat gently and enjoying her peaceful warm brown aura.

“Today was the worst, my teacher was awful, my classmates were awful, even Kacchan, he was horrible.” The cat gave a soft meow and nuzzled his chin. “ Then I was attacked by a slime ball THEN All Might, the symbol of hope crushed my dreams.” The boy sighed and pulled his computer out of his bag. “And Toshiro is broken, it's all my fault.” Tears began to well up in his eyes. Bean licked his cheek. “Thanks. Ah, I don't have the parts to fix him. I bet Mr. Mio does. I'll do a job for him tonight.”

With that Izuku went to change his clothes before leaving. “Watch Toshiro for me while I'm gone, ok bean!”



Izuku hastily jumped from rooftop to rooftop. He had been doing little errands and nice things for people for some time now. It's a small way he can help out others and get essentials for living in return. He got everything this way, computer parts, groceries, clothes, everything. He bounced from building to building on his way back from delivering goods for Mr. Mio. Running about the city like this has made him super agile over the years and he really enjoys the rush.

“Got you.” he heard someone yell just before he was suddenly knocked to his side atop a building. He soon realized how dark it was. He couldn't see anything. Nothing. No auras. No outlines. No chalkboard. It was blank. His eyes are open right? Izuku's hands come up to his face only to find his eyes are indeed open. It's so dark. It hasn't been this dark since he was 4. Oh, oh god. It's too dark. someone make it stop. Please. Where is everything? At this point, Izuku was sure he was sobbing but he couldn't help it. Everything is gone and he’s on a roof. He could fall to his death. He can't see. Make it stop. Make it stop. Help. “Help!”

“Hey, hey, kid. Focus on my voice. Hey.”

Izuku slowly calms his breathing and chokes back the tears when suddenly the world fills with his colors again. A figure with a dark purple aura is crouched down next to him.

“Ok kid, don't try anything. I stopped using my quirk, are you ok now?”

Izuku just looked at the figure in fear. His quirk? What did he do? Will he do it again? He backed away a little.

“Kid!” the figure called right as Izuku felt his hand go off the edge of the building. The next thing he knew he was being scooped up and hurried to the center of the roof. “Geez kid, you're on a rooftop, that was an irrational thing to do.”

Izuku looked closer at the figure's aura. The color was soothing but could be fierce if need be. Izuku found the color nice but the anxiety of what just happened was bombarding him.

“Ok then kid, my name is Eraser Head, I'm a pro hero, are you calmer now?”

A pro? Eraser Head? He’s an underground hero as Izuku recalled. That was about the only thing Izuku knew about him. Just because he was a hero did not mean he was a good person but something about the color and steadiness of his outline felt safe. Izuku nodded.

“Alright then, down to business. Care to tell me what you're doing parkouring across the city at 2:32 AM?” Eraser Head asked.

Izuku shook his head.

“Don't talk much do you? Ah well, you wouldn't happen to be using your quirk without permission for say, vigilante work?”

Izuku shook his head. He couldn't tell for sure but if he had to guess he’d say the pro seemed to be staring at him.

“Well, your parkour skills are amazing, kid. I've been trying to catch up to you for 30 minutes. Are you up here training to be a hero or something?”

Izuku wasn't sure how to answer that exactly. He was here to run errands for a shop owner so he could get parts to fix his AI best friend that was broken in a villain fight. Not exactly something he can explain through nods. And to be honest, he could still do this work from the ground, why was he up here bouncing across the city? To train to become a hero? He can't be a hero. That has been made abundantly clear as of recently. Damn, what to do?

Eraser Head looked at the rather small boy he found galavanting around at night. The kid seemed rather conflicted by his question like something more was troubling him. It would be more rational if the kid just talked to him. Maybe he should ask something else.

“Do you want to be a hero?”

Izuku's eyes shot to the Pro. Of course, he wanted to, but he couldn't. It simply isn't possible for him. He'd get hurt or die. End of discussion. He will never be a hero.



“Yes… I want to be a hero.”


“Well, I'll admit, you have potential.” Eraser Head said softly.

What? Izuku couldn't believe what he just heard. Potential to be a hero? That's insane. He's blind and basically has no quirk. It would never work.

“Hey, kid. If you like, I could help you train.”

Tears began to fill Izuku's eyes. Damn it feels like he spends all his time crying. This man hardly knows him, why on earth would he help him? It doesn't make sense. This has to be a trick, or some horrible prank. This isn't real.

“You can be a hero.”

Eraser Head's outline was so kind.

Izuku nodded. A small smile climbed onto his face and he nodded.