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The Monster(s) I (We) Created

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Caitlyn was aware that her new… ‘partner’ wasn’t completely sane. Vi would mutter to herself, sometimes, yelling at shadows to shut up, glare daggers at anyone who came near her. Other times, she seemed completely normal, smiling sickly sweet, biting sarcasm telling Caitlyn: “You’re hot, cupcake.”


But confront Vi with any mention of her sister, and the sarcastic, normal, pink-haired girl would slip away. Her recent fight was evidence enough of that. Vi had been bleeding out as Caitlyn shouldered her weight, a stab wound deep in her abdomen. The other woman - Sevika, Vi had called her - wasn't looking much better, though. She had been bruised and bleeding even before Caitlyn had shot her arm off. But Vi had been bleeding out, and so Caitlyn had gone for help, trading her necklace for a vial of purple liquid. The Shimmer healed the brawler physically, mending skin in record time. It didn't have the same effect on her mind, however. The faint tinge of pink to her eyes matched Vi’s hair, but did nothing to hide the slight signs of mania.



Vi stepped onto the platform, taking a good look at the other girl in front of her. Powder was taller now, with lean muscle cording her arms and torso. Her sister’s frame was still thin, but with a lithe quality to it now instead of the malnourishment of their youth. “Powder?”


The blue-haired girl turned slowly, head down, as if afraid of what she would see if she looked up. Slowly, her sparkling blue eyes met Vi’s own, and the older girl rushed to her sister, pulling her into a crushing hug. “V-Vi?”


Vi nodded against Powder’s shoulder, tears tracking lines down her grimy face. “It’s me, Powder. I’m here.”

“Are- are you… real?” asked the younger sister, as if afraid of the answer.


“I spent seven years waiting for this moment,” Vi replies.


From around the two came a hiss. “No. She killed us, don’t you remember? ” asked Mylo’s ghost, whispering in Vi’s ear. “She abandoned you, left you alone! ” he says to Powder. “It’s not quite like that- ” tries Claggor. But the voices begin to overlap, whispering, hissing, pulling this way and that, mounting to one sentence. “Not the same sister who left…


Vi and Powder cringed away, screaming as one, for the ghosts to go away and SHUT UP! Quiet, blessed silence fell, and Powder’s eyes widened, staring up at her older sister. “You hear them too?” she asked, voice almost inaudible.


“I- every night,” responded the brawler, “In prison, alone. Only their voices for company.” There was a clanging of boots on metal, and a panting breath behind the siblings. “Vi, who,” Caitlyn puffed, straightening up from where she had been catching her breath, “who's she?”


Powder swung around, gun already up and pointed at the enforcer. “Who am I?" Her mouth quirked into a sneer. "Who are you?”


“Not a great time, cupcake.” growled Vi.


Caitlyn gaped, before bringing her own rifle up to bear. “Your sister... is Jinx?"


Powder glared at Vi, betrayal in her eyes. “Sevika wasn't lying? You’re working with an enforcer?” She twisted, shoving the barrels under Vi’s chin as Jinx gestured with her chin at a glowing blue sphere by Vi's feet. “Is that why you’re really here?” she snarled, “For this?”


“What? No!" said Vi, genuine bewilderment on her face. "I don’t even know what that is!”


Liar, liar. But which one? ” sniggered Mylo’s ghost, much crueler than he had been in life. "Will it be Jinxy-jinx? Or shall it be V-"


“SHUT UP!” Vi and Jinx screamed in unison. Quiet returned, and Jinx turned her gaze back up to her older sister, really taking her in for the first time. Taller still than herself, muscular frame filled out instead of the scrawniness of seven years ago. Pink hair covering half her face in an undercut, prison tattoos lacing up her bare arms and disappearing beneath her jacket. VI tattooed under her left eye, and a gear-shaped brand on her neck. Ice-blue eyes with just a hint of pink that hadn’t been there before. Jinx drank it all in.


“You're a class act, sister." Jinx tried to sneer, but her brain and heart had a complex conversation she didn't truly understand, and her face only twitched. "Sister who thought I missed her.” she laughed, a short, ugly sound. “Bet you wouldn’t miss her.”


The spinning barrels slowed, then stopped as Jinx tensed, looking around. “Do you hear that?” asked the blue-haired girl. Vi paused, straining her ears, a faint humming reverberating around them. Even Caitlyn looked worried, her rifle up and tracking through the air.


“Firelights.” breathed Jinx, as the first green glows lit the darkness.



“Drop the gun!” Caitlyn said, voice as steady as the cannon in her hands. Jinx’s eyes widened as she turned, taking in the scene.


“No, please.” said Vi, already working at her own bonds. “Caitlyn, don’t do this. She's my sister!”


Jinx eyed the spinning barrels, idly twirling her gun as she weighed options. "KillHerKillHerKillHer." chanted Mylo. "But Vi hasn't chosen yet!" Claggor responded. "Vi won't need to choose if she's Gone." came the answer, and Jinx found she agreed. Vi and Silco looked on uselessly, the former whispering only "No, no, no, no, no." as she listened to the ghostly voices, working at the knots binding her to the chair.


It’s time, it’s time. Time to choose, Vi. Sister or Enforcer. Sister you abandoned. Enforcer using you.” said Mylo, and for once, Claggor agreed with him.


Jinx’s eyes tightened, and in one, terrible moment, everyone knew what would happen. She raised the pistol, Caitlyn’s gun spat bullets, and there was a blur of pink hair. A deafening silence, as everyone was frozen. The only movement were the slowing barrels of Caitlyn’s weapon, and Vi, standing between the enforcer and her sister, eyes wide. She slowly looked down at her chest, red blossoming like deathly flowers across her white shirt. The brawler coughed, once, blood dripping from her mouth, and crumpled to the ground.


Time unfroze, and Caitlyn dropped the cannon, falling to her knees. “No, no, why?” She whispered, eyes glued to Vi- Vi’s body, her chest stuttering as it tried to draw breath despite the bullet wounds raked across her body. There was a primal scream of rage, and then a gunshot, two, and Caitlyn felt a shock of pain in her shoulder, barely registering the impact of the bullet. She looked up, and there was Jinx, burning pink eyes incandescent with rage.


She moved faster than Caitlyn’s eyes could follow, and one, two, three punches battered the enforcer’s body before Jinx was back at Vi’s side, cradling her head. Caitlyn stumbled away, away from the Cannery, back to Piltover. Nothing to show for her troubles but a dead friend, and a shiny blue rock which she wasn't entirely sure had been worth the price.



Jinx held Vi as she tried to draw breath, coughing up more blood. She had untied Silco, and he stood, unsure as he so rarely was, in the corner. Vi smiled weakly, hand reaching up to trail blood-stained fingers across Jinx’s cheek. “You- cough - you were right.” She coughed, breaths rattling through her chest. “Jinx. You’re… perfect… how you are.”


Her hand fell limp, leaving a bloody trail along Jinx’s chest and stomach. “No, no, Vi!” she screamed. “No! Don’t leave me! Not again!” The blue-haired girl, eighteen years old, but suddenly seeming much younger than that, looked up at her father figure. “Please, you saved me. The- the doctor, the Shimmer! Save her, please, please,” she sobbed. “I- I can’t lose her again, I need her.”

Silco’s eyes flicked back and forth, but he could not resist his daughter. “We-” he hesitated. “Yes, we’ll save her. But, Jinx,” he cautioned. “It is painful. It will change her.”

“It doesn’t matter.” said Vi’s younger sister, carding her fingers through Vi's short hair. “She has to live. She has to. And when- when she’s better, she can help, she can help us. She’ll understand. She’s- she’s my sister. My. Sister.”



And violet-eyed Vi awoke, with a strength and speed unlike any she had ever known. The whispers hissed in her ears, stronger, subtler, Mylo and Claggor's haunted voices gone, new, quiet whispers telling her that everything was okay. She looked to her side, and there she was. Her sister. Her Jinx. And nothing would ever, ever take them away from each other again.


In Piltover, Sheriff Caitlyn Kiramman heard tales of Silco’s lieutenants. Stories of a thin girl with long blue braids and a penchant for explosives and autocannons. Those were the ones she expected to hear. She didn’t expect the whispers that accompanied them, of a stocky pink-haired girl who moved with blinding speed and used gauntlets that glowed a menacing red, who’s punches could shatter rock and throw a man clear across the room.


One detail always made it into the stories. The girls’ burning purple-pink eyes, and their shared maniac madness.