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Obsidian Velvet - Version 1

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The next morning, Gildarts woke up to see Onyx missing. He immediately sat up and exited the tent.

When he got outside, he noticed Onyx sitting a little ways away smoking a cigarette. He quietly sat next to him.

"I didn't know you smoked"

"I usually don't but like, my minds' fuckin racing."

"What about?"

Onyx shrugged "trivial shit. Emotions. Relationships" he flicked the ashes to the ground before taking another drag and blowing out the smoke


"This mission. It feels off. Boss never sends me out to hunt a mage. I feel like it's just a set up. I'm not entirely sure why yet. As for emotions, I feel...wanted. Like someone actually cares enough to double even triple ask if I'm okay. Only Kaliel does that and by now they can just glance and be like, tell me. I'm glad someone else makes me feel like that. And relationships, well, I won't spill that one yet" Onyx said as he continued smoking

"Yet? Does that mean I'll get to know soon?"

"Ask the right questions and maybe" Onhx smirked and winked at him before taking one last drag of his cigarette then putting it out.

Gildarts was now confused but intrigued. He watched Onyx stand and start popping his bones.

"Why are you doing that?" Gildarts was genuinely curious

Onyx shrugged "it feels good, sounds satisfying, and it also helps me relieve tension." He snapped his fingers and Asmodeus appeared. He looked at Gildarts before helping Onyx pop his back and shoulders.

"Thaaank you" Onyx said as he went back into the tent

"If you ever see him do that, ask if he needs help. I'll show you how to if needed"

Gildarts nodded and Asmodeus disappeared.

Later in the day, the two mages went back to the guild. Before they got to the doors, Gildarts gently grabbed Onyx's arm. Onyx turned towards him and raised a brow


Gildarts stuttered a bit. "I was wondering if you'd wanna go on a date tonight?"

Onyx smiled a little soft smile "I'd love to actually. Tonight at sundown?"

Gildarts smiled and nodded "sounds perfect"

Onyx smiled a little wider and disappeared to his hotel room while Gildarts went into the guild.

Mira smirked when she saw Gildarts alone. "So, how'd it go?"

"You set us up. There was never a mage to be dealt with." Gildarts accused

"Alright alright you got me. But seriously, how'd it go?"

Gildarts smiled a bit and told her everything that had happened, leaving out a few details he felt Mira shouldn't know.

Mira squealed "I'm so happy! That is great news, oh my goodness"

Cana walked over as per Mira summoning "yes?"

"Gildarts has a date" she said immediately

Cana's eyes widened "is it with who I think it is?"

Mira nodded and they squealed "you best dress semi nice" Cana told Gildarts

Gildarts rolled his eyes but nodded and stood "I'm going to get ready. Wish me luck"

Mira giggled and waved him on.

Later on that night, Onyx waited outside the guild for Gildarts. He was wearing a dark red button up with the first two buttons unbuttoned, the sleeves rolled neatly up to his forearms, tucked into his usual jeans with a black vest and black boots. He was smoking a cigarette to try and calm his nerves.

Kaliel has graciously fixed his hair. It was braided completely on one side and pinned under the rest of his hair, which was parted to the left.

He waited for quite a while until the moon was high in the sky. He was beginning to get nervous. He had sunset right? He was sure he had. So why was he not here?? He sighed and went inside the guild, seeing Mira and Cana still there.

He sat at the bar and lit another cigarette. Mira looked at him then at Cana. Cana got the hint and went to where she wouldn't be heard and used a calling card for Gildarts. Mira and Onyx talked quietly while Cana did so

"Where the fuck are you?" Cana asked immediately when she saw her father in the card vision "he's been here for hours waiting. He looks damn good too."

Gildarts looked away "I can't."

Cana was infuriated "why the fuck not?!"

"Because I just can't"

"So you're gonna stand him up?! Pathetic."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to get your ass over here, look nice, and give him a nice time tonight. He deserves at least that much after all the shit he's been through. Besides, you asked him in the first place and you're looking like a real asshole." She cut off the card before he could respond and went back to the other two.

Mira was doing his makeup and talking quietly to him

"Makeup huh?" Cana asked as she sat next to Onyx

Mira nodded "he said he wanted a little make up but not only does he not own any, none of them know the first thing about it. So I've been giving him a lesson." She giggled and applied a light purple tinted lipstick.

He now had a little bit of dark purple eyeshadow and the little bit of lipstick she just put on him. Plus a little foundation.

"You look amazing" Cana said with a smile, managing to get a soft smile in return

"Thanks Cana"

"So, you doing okay?" Cana asked, already knowing the answer from seeing the cigarette in his hand

Onyx shook his head "I have waited hours and he still hasn't I doing something wrong?" He told them, sadness evident in his voice

Mira shook his head "he's just being an asshole."

"But why couldn't he just tell me rather than makin me wait?" Onyx was about to cry dudes.

Mira gently helped him wipe them away before they could ruin his makeup "that, I do not know. But the moment he shows up here, he's gonna get an ass beating"

Onyx giggled a bit before finishing his cigarette "I think I'm gonna just go back to the hotel, guys. It's getting late and I'm not sure if he's actually gonna show"

Cana gave him a sad look and was about to say something but was interrupted by the guild doors busting open. Gildarts stood there, panting from running.

Cana glared at him with Mira while Onyx turned around and just stared at him. Gildarts was wearing a black button up, black jeans, and black boots.

"Why are you here?" Mira growled "you've done enough"

"Look, I'm sorry for making you wait-" Gildarts was cut off by Onyx putting up his hand, signaling him to stop talking

"Don't bother. I don't want to hear your exscuse. Next time don't get my hopes up" he then stood and walked right by him and to his hotel room.

Gildarts looked at the two girls and was met with burning anger in their eyes

"Why the fuck did you do that? He was so excited but you ruined it." Cana said as she crossed her arms

"You're lucky I distracted him. Otherwise he would've smoked another cigarette. He already had two beforehand." Mira said

"He was looking damn good for you" Cana said "and you couldn't even tell him you didn't want to. Instead you made him stand out there for fuckin hours waiting"

Gildarts stood up straight "look, I got nervous. I didn't know what the fuck to do-"

"PERHAPS START BY ACTUALLY TELLING HIM!!" Kaliel yelled as they popped up. He and Asmodeus stood there with their arms crossed "thanks to you, he's at the hotel room crying. I'm more than fuckin furious with you."

"When we said we gave you permission to be with him, we didn't mean BREAK HIS FUCKIN HEART!" Asmodeus yelled.

The four of them now stood in front of Gildarts, lookin hella pissed. Gildarts remained silent.

"He's not just someone you can do that too and it not have any consequences. You may have done it to other women before but we refuse to let you do that to him." Cana said bitterly "Makarov even said you gave him that same look you did mom"

"Look I'm sorry, okay? I panicked. I was excited for this but I panicked." Gildarts said with sincerity "and yes, I do feel the same way I did with your mom. Which is why I panicked"

The doors slowly opened and Jeju walked in, Onyx following close behind "he forgot his cigarettes and the makeup Mira gave him" Jeju explained softly as they walked over to the counter

Gildarts made a move towards the two but Kaliel stood in his way "you will not lay a hand on him nor will you talk to him. I don't care if Makarov made you his babysitter. It's not happening." They roughly shoved Gildarts back and made him trip and fall on his bottom.

The four of them essentially tried to beat him up, succeeded in landing a few punches and kicks, but he eventually got back up like it was nothing.

Jeju guarded Onyx like one would a king. Gildarts walked over to them, causing them both to look up at him

"Look, I'm sorry about tonight. I panicked and bailed, like usual."

Onyx sighed "you should've told me. Would've been nice to know beforehand."

"I know. And for that, I'm sorry. Would you give me another chance to make it up to you?"

"One more shot. But you mess this one up, and I'm done." Onyx said with a soft smiled "but yea. One more shot"

Gildarts smiled "tomorrow then. I'll meet you here."

Onyx nodded "sounds like a plan" he smiled a bit and hugged him before leaving with Jeju.

Gildarts turned to the other four. Kaliel spoke first "while I am very disappointed, I will give you another shot too. But seriously. Don't fuck this up" the two Demons disappeared