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Obsidian Velvet - Version 1

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Lucy has been a member of Fairy Tail for almost a solid month and she's already gotten used to what the guild has to offer.

Guild brawls, endless missions, endless destruction, consistent complaints from the Magic Council and town. The usual.

The day started off normal enough. She threw Natsu out of her apartment for what seemed like the millionth time and made it to the guild in time for a big announcement from Makarov.

"Glad to see a majority of you have arrived. Now, the reason I called you all here is simple. In about an hour, we will have a new member joining Fairy Tail. Or returning, rather. He has been away for almost a year now and is finally back. I know you are all excited for him to be back, but please do not crowd him, especially you two" Makarov declared as he pointed to Natsu and Gray.

The guild was nothing more than quiet murmurs for a solid hour. Lucy was obviously confused but Mira refused to say a word.

As Makarov had said, an hour later a guy entered the guild.

He had black hair that faded to white with both sides and the back shaved, he wore a black button up with 3/4 sleeves and white stitching, black skinny jeans, and black and white high-top shoes. His arms were covered in demonic symbols and writing that looked very ancient. He had a lip piercing and many ear piercings. He was as tall as Natsu and looked as scary as Laxus.

He calmly walked in and sat at the bar, quietly asking Mira for a cherry vodka. The guild was semi quiet for a while before slowly building back up to normal volume. Lucy sat down next to the guy and began a conversation with Mira.

The guy stared daggers at Makarov, who was sitting on the bar observing his guild. Makarov acted like he didn't notice, but he obviously did. Lucy slowly stopped talking with Mira and stared at the guy. He was cute but scary at the same time.

Lucy could sense the aggression radiating off the guy. She leaned close to Mira "why is he so aggressive towards Makarov?"

Mira led her further down the bar and spoke quietly "Makarov sent him away for a year long mission."

"But why does that require his aggression?"

Mira sighed "He and Makarov are not exactly on the best of terms right now"

"Why is that?"

Mira shrugged "That, I cannot tell."

Lucy pouted and stared at the guy as Natsu and Gray walked over to him.

"Onyx, glad to see you're okay!" Natsu said before hugging him tightly

Gray smiled a little and patted Onyx on the head "it's been hell without you here"

Onyx chuckled slightly and removed Natsu's arms from around him "well, I'm back now so the hell can stop"

Gray and Natsu smiled at this. "Wanna go on a mission with us, Erza, and Lucy?" Natsu asked quietly

Onyx looked a little confused "Who's Lucy?"

Lucy pouted at the fact that she hadn't been noticed by him.

Natsu pointed in her direction "she's the blondie talking with Mira."

Onyx nodded "yea, I'll join you guys. Go choose one. Imma talk to boss real quick." Onyx got up and walked over to Makarov and quietly talking with him.
"So, am I able to join my friends on a mission and you not interfere?"

Makarov nodded "you can go on a mission but I still need an eye on you. You're not yet in full control."

Onyx rolled his eyes "why does it matter? I get the missions done with minimal damage and destruction. I get back in record time. What's the big deal here?"

Makarov tried not to get frustrated "the big deal is that the Magic Council could get you at any given point. Do you not see the danger you are in? I'm trying to keep you safe!"

"By doing what?! By not letting me figure this out on my own?! You don't even know what the fuck's going on! All you know is what I have told you! All you care about is keeping me away from the Council. A guild master should fucking care for his members, not hide them away to rot or send them away on a mission that nearly fucking killed them! Thrice to be precise! I almost died three fucking times on that mission. And not once did you check to make sure I was okay" Onyx glared at him as his eyes glazed over. He quickly walked out and went to a place nobody would bother him.

Mira looked at Makarov sadly as he just sat there looking at the doors.

The entire guild was quiet, nobody bothering to ask what happened as everyone knew the guild master would snap.

Natsu and Gray quietly went after Onyx while Makarov went to his office. Everyone returned to their business and left it at that.

Meanwhile, Gray and Natsu knew exactly where their friend was hiding. They walked deep into an overgrown field just outside city limits.

They had been here countless times with Onyx. It was the trio's favorite place. If one disappeared, the other two knew where to find them.
In a small clearing, Onyx laid on the ground on his back with his eyes closed and his arms laying on his tummy

"Yes?" Onyx asked without even opening his eyes

"Everything okay?" Gray asked as he sat on Onyx's left side, Natsu sitting on his right

Onyx shrugged "Just the stupidity of the guild master. I mean, nobody besides you two ever really make sure I am okay. I know many people wouldn't make such a fuss but when he claims he is doing this to protect me and help me, I just find it as bullshit. He makes the decisions for me, threatens to throw me out of the guild."

"Rose, you're overreacting. He's just looking out for you. The Council has a tight hold on your whereabouts and he doesn't want you to be hurt by them. He would do that for any of us."

Onyx sighed "Maybe you're right."

As the three talked out the whole issue, Lucy was trying to get answers.

Mira giggled at her persistence. "I will tell you, Lucy. You will figure it out within time."

Lucy pouted and whined "I just want to know what's going on"

"Then go on a mission with him." Makarov said as he popped up on the bar

Lucy jumped and looked at him "What do you mean?"

"I am sending him on a mission and it requires a team. You, Erza, Natsu, Gray, Happy, and Onyx will be going to Isvan with an issue."

"But that's so far away" Lucy mumbled

"The pay for the mission is big" Makarov persuaded

Lucy's eyes gleamed "I'm in!"

Not too long after, the trio returned. Gray and Natsu looking proud of themselves

"Something happened that ended in their favor" Mira said, smirking as they approached the bar "what's with the proud looks boys?" She asked

"Rose here has agreed to take our mission but it just be the three of us." Natsu said

Makarov shook his head "no. I have a mission for him and it requires a team. You three plus Erza, Happy, and Lucy."

Onyx growled and turned to walk away but was cut off by Gray "come on Rose. At least the three of us can go together this time"

Onyx sighed and nodded "fine. But I am keeping the rewards this time."

Makarov nodded "fair enough" he said as he handed the paper to Onyx

"Son of a bitch! I swear to whatever higher being above if I end up worse than what I am now, I am leaving this guild"

Makarov didn't say a word as the rest of the team looked over the paper

"It's just banishing a demon. That's not so hard" Erza spoke as she looked over the paper

"Maybe not to you guys. But if this demon gets to me or takes over, I'm fucking screwed. I will die" Onyx said seriously.

Gray and Natsu remained silent while Erza and Lucy were shocked "well he wont get to you"

"Best hope not." Onyx growled as he turned and left.