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Everybody needs a little love.

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It was dead quiet in the large room, despite the people sitting in it. Nobody dared to speak until the elevator door closed. But as soon as it was closed, discussions broke out. 
Another omega was gone, leaving an empty place in the Avengers family. It was the 7th Omega in 2 years. For some, this group of people was just too much. Five alphas plus some betas and pups are a lot of work.
 For others, the paying was the incentive or fame that would fall on them if they were the omega of the famous Earth defenders. These were mostly sorted out during the application process.
 And there were very many of them. Especially those who had the hope that one of the Avengers would choose them as mate were particularly keen to work as their Omega. Just like this time. 

At first glance, Eileen was exactly what the Avengers had longed for her. Someone who became the glue between them. In addition, they could leave, someone who had an open ear, someone who became a cuddlebuddy. A person who was at the center of the pack without really wanting to be at the center.
But Eileen ... she turned out to be a liar and even managed to make Bruce the Hulk. Eileen tried to take advantage of Steve's naivety and had sneaked into his room several times to wait for him naked. But when she tried to steal one of Tony's suits everyone agreed that she had to go.
Bruce was sitting on one of the back sofas with Natasha and she was still humming her song softly so that the big green one was reactivated by the discussion. Tony, Steve and Thor were discussing while Loki grinned slightly amused next to her.

“I said it from the start!” He said softly to Y / N, “Finding a hay-colored needle in a haystack is easier than finding a suitable Omega for this bunch of legging superheroes. If you were an Omega, this problem wouldn't exist. You'd be the perfect person for the job. ”He joked, but the comment hurt deep inside her. 
Normally the second gender of every person presented itself at the end of the teenage years. Y / N was now 33 and long ago she had given up hope that she would ever find out about hers. There weren't many people who didn't present, but there were.
Even if the Avengers already had an Omega, it was utterly unsuitable for the job. Tony, her brother was definitely not a typical Omega. He was raised to be an Alpha.

Loki was right, if she were an Omega, this problem wouldn't exist. She was so comfortable with everyone that she was mostly used for the task anyway. She mostly sat with someone who needed it, cuddling on the sofa, mostly one of the Alphas or Wanda / Peter, the pups of the group. Both were not old enough to present and they were under special protection of the group, even if they were active Avengers themselves.

Y / N leaned against Loki, who put his arm around her and pulled her tighter.
"We can't have everything."
"Why wanting everything when everything I need is right here in my arms," he whispered flirtatiously in her ear. Y / N rolled her eyes and looked at him.
"Always those empty promises," she flirted playfully back.
"You know I would do pretty much anything for you," he growled softly in his alpha voice. If she were an Omega, Y / N would probably have reacted differently, but now all she could do was laugh out loud.
"Oh yes my big strong Alpha." She mocked him and patted his cheek. He smiled and pulled her tighter again.

These games between her and Loki were purely amicable. He was sent here by Odin 1 year ago to work for the Avengers, but it was difficult for him to trust anyone. At first he was just angry and locked himself in his room all day. Loki didn't eat and Y / N was worried about him and brought him a plate with every meal, which she put in front of the door. In the beginning he ignored her too, but she persisted and in the end it paid off for her. Y / N became his best friend. She liked to spend time with the Nordic god and managed to get the others to trust him more, even if she had been asked again and again by some if she was sure that she wanted to befriend him and Tony warned her several times about Loki. Only Thor was the only one who had nothing against it and was even happy about it.

Tony and Steve were arguing so loudly that Wanda whimpered softly and sat down next to Nat, who immediately put her arm around her. Although Natasha mostly gave the tough alpha, she had been taught in the Red Room to disguise her 2nd gender and to adapt. So it could also act like a beta or an omega. She was currently broadcasting for Bruce and Wanda Omega.
Steve raised his arms exhausted and sighed as Tony left the room. The serum had changed Steve's previous gender from omega to alpha, but he still had traits that were more appropriate to an omega than an alpha. For example, he was the mother hen of the pack and tried to look after everyone equally. He was also the one who suggested putting an Omega in the pack.

Steve had told her how it used to be for him to be an Omega. Even then there were few male Omega and the rights of all Omega were severely restricted. That is why he was not allowed to volunteer for the army. Unlike his best friend and True Mate Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. 

Bucky had been his best friend since childhood. He had rescued him from fights or nursed him back to health more often than the other way around. Before, hardly anyone knew that these two men were mates, most believed they were just best friends, and even today many believed they were mates, but nobody knew for sure, as Steve ignored every question about Bucky. He only told Y / N about it.
He and Y / N had befriended each other quickly since he got off the ice and he was now her best friend, which wasn't difficult as Steve was a real sunshine. But hardly anyone knew that he had nightmares about his past almost every night. From his fall into the ice, from Bucky's death, from the war.
Since he told her about these dreams, she informed FRIDAY every time he had nightmares. During those nights she slept in bed with him. She held him while he told her about his nightmares or while he cried. Sometimes they just lay next to each other in silence, Steve's head on her torso while she ran her hand through his hair. 

Y / N loved him, but would never say it out loud, because she knew that this place in his heart was occupied by Bucky and he was never over him.
In addition, who wanted damaged goods? Steve Rogers was expected to find a pretty Omega, preferably female for all Conservative Americans, with which he would get a lot of pups. And certainly not someone who didn't even have a second gender.

Steve sat on the other end of the sofa where her legs were. Loki smiled and let go of her.

“That is probably my cue to go. "Come on, go comfort Capsicle!" He said and went to the elevator. She smiled after him and then sat down next to Steve, who immediately laid his head on her shoulder.
“I thought it would fit this time. She looked so ... right to me, "he mumbled tiredly.
"We'll still find the right person, everything takes time, Stevie."
"We've been looking for 3 years!" He said much too loudly and upset, so that Y / N winced from his sudden change in mood. Wanda could be heard whimpering softly. When he saw Y / N's reaction, his features immediately softened and he ran his hands over his face.
"I'm sorry Y / N.  I- I don't know what's wrong with me either. I don't want to argue all the time and I don't want to be angry. ”He was silent for a moment and then looked at her. "I'm afraid that if it goes on like this, maybe things will be said or done that hurt someone so much that they leave and that maybe forever."
“Nobody will leave us. We need each other. No one is dispensable from the pack. ”She said, but she did not mean herself, because she was dispensable. Y / N didn't have any special powers or a super cool suit like Tony. She wasn't a genius. She wasn't even a real Avenger.
She was just Y / N Stark, 33 years old, dark blue hair, ice blue eyes and an average body. The only thing that was somewhat unusual was the color of her eyes. Otherwise, she was just Ironman's little sister. And co-owner of Stark Industries, although she was never actively involved in it.
But if Tony could call himself a philanthropist, she was the Holy Mother Theresa. She devoted almost all of her free time to other people. Poor people, homeless people, children. She was known in every homeless shelter and every children's home. At least twice a week she helped out in kitchens that distributed food to poor people.
But nobody there knew her as Y / N Stark. Nobody knew that she was a Stark. She was just Y / N, volunteer for everything. She helped where she could and although she was one of the most famous people on earth, hardly anyone knew her and she hoped that it would stay that way.

Steve moved next to her and took out his cell phone. He opened the folder with the applications for the position and began to work through them. Y / N watched him do it, her chin on his shoulder. One application after the other ended up in the trash. Until he ended up with Lilly.
She was ... cute. Just how you imagined perfect Omega. Small, blonde, petite, big blue eyes and a nice smile. Everything about her screamed OMEGA.
He immediately sent the file to the others and positive feedback was returned within a very short time.
Steve grinned at her.

"I hope we finally found the right one with Lilly." Y / N nodded, but she hoped he wasn't hurt again. 

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Lilly was ... perfect.
The perfect omega.
At least that's what the Avengers would call her. Lilly got along really well with everyone.
Only not with Y / N.
But she didn't show that to the others. But she let Y / N feel it.

Lilly didn't say a word to her, unless she was directly instructed to say something to her. When others were around, Lilly was as sweet and friendly to her as to anyone else, but when they were alone Lilly became ice cold and just looked at her with contempt. Y / N didn't know why she was acting like that ... at least partially.
Y / N wasn't an Avenger, just Tony Stark's little insignificant sister. Besides, she wasn't part of the pack, but an intruder. A stranger. An outsider. That's probably why Lilly saw her as a threat.

Nonetheless, Lilly was an asset. It was the balance because everyone wanted so much.
Steve was sitting on the sofa with Lilly, of course snuggled up against him, when Y / N came in.

It was Tuesday, usually the day you and Steve went to one of New York's many museums or movies. They'd been doing that since he'd lived in Avengerstower. She tried to show him all that he had missed over the years.
"Hey Steve, are you ready? The MoMA has a new exhibition "
"Oh. Sorry! I- of course, just let me- "
“Steeeevieee, didn't we really want to watch a movie? You promised! "Said Lilly in an urgent Omega tone. It had the desired effect on Alphas and himself. Steve pulled her back to him.
"I'm sorry, Y / N / N. We'll have to postpone that. ”Then he tickled Lilly gently, and her sad expression disappeared.

Y / N looked at him in shock and turned around. She left without answering. Tony caught the conversation and grabbed her arm.
"Y / N ..."
"Not now, Tony." She poisoned him and tore herself away from him. She just didn't have the nerve for one of his 'encouraging' speeches. It wasn't the first time someone had transferred her since Lilly was there. She had already moved her to anoint Nat and her weekly training sessions had to be canceled twice because Lilly wanted her attention. Y / N didn't feel like being moved by everyone and that no one was interested in her anymore ... She was jealous of Lilly and her power over her friends.

She took the elevator to her floor and threw herself on her large bed. Tony had given her an entire floor, but she only used a few rooms. She had a library, bedroom, living room, large bathroom, and small kitchenette that she didn't use much. She pulled the bedspread over her and mumbled:
 “FRIDAY, can you please make sure that nobody comes to my floor? I don't want to see anyone right now. "
“Of course Miss Stark. Is there anything else I can do for you? ”Y / N thought for a moment.
“Can you please keep my whereabouts a secret. Tony will probably ask about me- "
"I'm sorry. Miss Stark, no one is looking for you at the moment. ”Y / N looked at the ceiling and noticed how tears were collecting in her eyes. Nobody was looking for them. Not even Tony. Nobody wanted her.

Y / N sat up when she had an idea, got her tablet and started looking for an apartment.
"Miss Stark?" Asked FRIDAY and she immediately began to hope that someone had asked about her after all.
"There are 7 apartments in New York that are owned by Stark Industries and are freely available for you." FRIDAY showed her the apartments on the tablet.
“I think Object 274 would suit you. It has a great view and is already set up in a style that is very similar to yours. ”She looked at this object virtually and smiled. It was the perfect apartment, but it wasn't what she needed now.
“Thank you FRIDAY, but I think I need something less conspicuous. Something where nobody would suspect that I live there. "

Y / N got up and went to her walk-in closet. She's always been very uncomfortable with all that luxury and Tony would probably look for her in one of his properties first and to be honest, she needed some distance from all of this first. She loved her friends, but she also had to think about herself and this only hurt all of her.
Normally she would never react so impulsively, but the last 2 months had been exhausting for her. 
Loki and Thor had to go back to Asgard before Lilly moved in.
 If Loki were here ... She really hoped he wouldn't react that way to Lilly. She was actually very sure that he wouldn't react that way to Lilly and push Y / N away. She missed the sarcastic god and she would give up all of her pop tarts for a hug from Thor.

Y / N took out a suitcase and packed some things. It wasn't much, just a few things for the next Days. She could get what she needed later. Then her laptop ends up in her suitcase and her starkphone in her backpack. She sat down on her bed again and looked on the tablet for a small furnished apartment further away from here. Before long she found a suitable apartment in Queens that she could rent immediately under a false name. Natasha had shown her some tricks how to go into hiding, which is why her laptop, tablet and cell phone were not trackable. Y / N really thanked her for all of these tips Nat had taught her.

With the suitcase in hand and the backpack on her back, she drove down to the entrance hall, where she met Happy. "Hello Miss S-Y / N" The Beta smiled in its usual friendly way. He knew she hated being called Miss Stark. Even at FRIDAY she had already tried to reprogram it.
"Should I drive her somewhere?" He asked, looking at the suitcase.
“No thanks, Happy. I've already called an Uber to pick me up. ”Before he could ask any more, she waved to him and left the lobby. She hadn't called Uber and wanted to take the subway, but she didn't have to tell him because he was always worried about him anyway.

When she arrived in Queens, she looked for the building and quickly found it. It was a 5 floor house with several apartments on each floor. The key for her apartment was at the previously agreed location and she unfortunately had to find out that the landlord hadn't told her everything, because the elevator was broken. She had to walk the stairs to the fifth floor. She wasn't really trained, even though Nat had been teaching her self-defense for a few weeks. She stood out of breath in front of the door on the top floor, where there was another apartment.
She tried the keys until she found the right one. The door creaked open and she decided to buy a new security lock or two. The apartment was bright. The living room was also the dining room and kitchen, separated by the small bar with 3 bar stools. Y / N put the suitcase next to the door and took off her jacket. There were 3 doors. The middle one went to the bathroom, the right one to the bedroom. The left room was empty. The landlord said that the previous owner, a young woman with a baby, had taken the furniture and she could furnish this room herself.
All rooms had windows and the best thing was that she could use the fire escape in the bedroom as a balcony and since she had the top apartment, she could even go to the roof. Y / N looked out the window, but she couldn't see the tower in any direction, which she was very happy about.
She sat down on the large king-size bed and took her cell phone out of her backpack.
No message.
No phone call.
Even the chat with the others was calm.

Y / N sighed and turned it off.

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After packing her things in the small closet, she went through the apartment and wrote a small ... a long list of things to get hold of. First of all, of course, the basics of groceries, a pair of new pots and cups. A new shower curtain, new bedclothes, pillow cases, maybe a new carpet and curtains, blankets, candles and fairylights. She looks for a place to go shopping on her tablet. Her field of vision is on her cell phone, but she puts it in the drawer.
Y / N memorized the route and the apartment, keys in hand. She went down the stairs of the apartment building and listened to the noises that came from the other apartments. With some noises they hear loud music or television, with others they make people laugh. Some apartments were still.

The grocery store was just a few blocks away and shopping was done quickly. When she came out of the store, she suddenly missed Steve. She had too shopped and had to carry a lot of things home by herself. She had always been out with him and a gentleman like him, he usually carried things home afterwards. There were a lot of advantages to being a super soldier. She tried to carry the 4 shopping bags as well as possible, but she had to keep putting it down and before she knew it, it was wrong once (or several times). You are standing in a street that you didn’t know. Y / N sinning the shopping bags on a low wall and reached into her pocket to get her cell phone out when she remembered where it was.
"Damn it" she muttered and in her head she echoed Steve for cursing. Y / N looked around, but there were hardly any people around, only a group of men sat in one of the house entrances across the street. They didn't seem like people would help her die, and Y / N tries to walk down the street as inconspicuously as possible without attracting the men's attention. Just as she wanted to turn around to look at the men again, she ran into some garbage cans, which fell over with a clatter, and so did you.
"Fuck!" She muttered and even as they tried to get up, they heard the men walking towards them.

"Hey honey, do you need our help?" He was tall and broad-shouldered, with a beard and dark brown wiry hair. Everything about him and his friends screamed Alpha.
"N-no thanks," she muttered and stood up without his help. She looked around for her purchases, no bag was torn, but there were a few groceries on the sidewalk. Y / N bent down so that she wasn't standing in her back and quickly gathered everything up.
"Honey, why don't you leave the bags to me and we'll take care of you!" Grinned a second, blond Alpha. A chill ran down her spine.
"I can do it on my own," she muttered, trying to scrape together all her courage. Nat had taught her theoretically, but then using the knowledge in real life was another topic. The 7 men moved and now surrounded them on all sides. Never in her life could she take on everyone at the same time.
"Just let me go." Her voice was low and she wished so badly that Tony or Steve or Nat were here. None of her friends would allow anything to happen to her. On the other hand, they weren't entirely innocent that she was in this situation now.
"We should have a little fun together first, Omega."
"I'm not an Omega," she muttered.
"You smell like one, but ... no matter what you are, according to our claim you belong to us." Grinned the next alpha dirty. Y / N tried to breathe calmly, but when she was grabbed from behind, panic rose inside her and a sharp scream escaped her. Immediately a large hand came to cover her mouth and half of her face. Y / N tries to pull away and bite the hand that closed her mouth, but the man was just too strong. Tears ran down her cheeks as she watched the men close the circle around her and get closer and closer to her. The hands that had gripped her hurt and she suddenly felt sick when other hands started touching her body and pulling on her clothes. A hand pulled at her hair and her head was pulled back. They try to fight it, but it didn't work.
It lasts like forever, in her head she screamed for her friends and for Steve, but none of them would show up.

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Y / N was scared until a police siren sounded and all hands immediately let go of it.
A police car came driving up and right next to them. A blonde beta woman got out and a short time later a dark-haired alpha woman joined her.
"Are you okay here?" Likes the Alpha and looked at Y / N. The blonde alpha smiled.
“Officer, of course. We only helped the lady up after she ran into the garbage cans. "
"Is that correct?" Said the brown-haired officer. At first she still nodded in shock, but then she shook her head.
"Donna please take the woman to the car, I'll take care of it." The Beta policewoman came up to her and smiled gently at her. Together they carried the shopping to the police car.
"I didn't do anything, Officer!" Y / N muttered uncertainly.
"Everything's fine. We know that. We'll drive you home now, or should we call someone to pick you up?" Y / N's panic subsided at the soothing voice. Her first thought was to call Tony, but she shook the head
"Um no thanks! You don't have to call anyone for me or take me home. It would be enough for me if you showed me the direction. ”Y / N gave her the address.
“It's a few streets away. It would be better if we drive it. What´s your name? ”The blonde, sympathetic policewoman asked her softly.
"Y / N." SHE hoped so much that she WILL NOT be asked for her last name, because she had no desire to be associated with her brother.
"Y / N. I'm Donna Mills and the other cop is Jody Mills, my wife. You're safe with us. ”She grinned and paused in her door. The Alpha came up to them and looked grim.
“The men are sticking to their statement that they just wanted to help them up, miss. Do you want to file a complaint against the men? ”Y / N shook his head.
"Are you injured or did one of the men hurt you?" Officer Jody with a voice in the Omega and betas do not lie or lie with great difficulty. But she wasn't an Omega or a Beta.
"No, they don't," she lied. The dark-haired Alpha eyed her.

"Ok. We're driving her home now, Y / N. ”Donna smiled. Y / N got into the police car and Donna gave her wife the address.
"They were really lucky that we were nearby - women have been claimed against their will a few times here." Jody said seriously. It happened again and again that the unclaimed Omega were kidnapped by Alphas and then sometimes even sold to other Alphas against their will. Unfortunately, the laws on omegas are still very old-fashioned. As soon as an omega has been claimed, the alpha becomes the owner of the omega and he or she can then control the omega. They were old laws, but the Conservative government hadn't really improved conditions for Omega in the last 100 years. Omega were not allowed to vote, not enlist in the army, they have limited job choices, and Omega should always be accompanied by an Alpha or Beta on the street. Y / N was actually glad not to be an Omega. She disliked being owned by someone. But then she thought about how Lilly is treated by the rest of the Avengers and she wishes someone would take care of her like that.

Officer Jody Mills stopped in front of the house in her apartment.
"Thank you, officers."
"We'll accompany you upstairs." Jody said.
"We don't have to."
“Y / N, you don't want to carry the heavy bags alone. We'll help them carry the bags. ”Donna smiled and opened the door for her. Y / N smiled and reached for two doors, but Jody and Donna were faster.
"We know that, Y / N." Jody smiled. She opened the door and go, lead by the two policemen, up the stairs. The house was quiet, only now and then they could hear other people behind the doors
Then they stand in front of their door, Donna and Jody were breathing a little harder. Y / N opened her apartment door and let the two policemen in so they could put the bags inside.
“It looks pretty ... bare. Have you lived here for a long time? "
"I only moved in today, which is probably why I got lost earlier."
“Yes, I live here alone. Is that reprehensible? ”Jody shook her head.
"Of course not, Y / N. But they should buy a better door lock and ... if there should be something or you have reconsidered it and want to report the men - "She took out a pen and a small card on which she noted something.
"-You can call me anytime." Jody said and handed her the card.
"Thank you." She mumbled and accompanied them to the door.
"Thank you for helping me."

She locked the door behind the two policemen and began to unpack her shopping. Some packaging was a little damaged, but nothing was broken. Slowly The adrenaline subsided and she started shaking all over.
"Damn it!" She sat on the floor of her kitchen and wrapped her arms around her knees to keep from shaking. A sob broke out of her throat and tears ran down her cheek. 
Only now did she realize how dangerous the whole situation really was and how lucky she was actually. Y / N had been so stupid. She should have taken her cell phone with her, or at least remembered the way better.

Why all those hours with Natasha when she couldn't really apply anything? It was just useless. No wonder the Avengers didn't want her. She couldn't even defend herself. 
Y / N cried until she felt empty. Then she got up and put the rest away. She made her bed with new, cozy bedclothes. Immediately it felt better. More like hers.
She took her soft pajamas out of the small closet and went into the small adjoining bathroom. There was a bathtub that she immediately filled with hot water. Of course the apartment wasn't her suite in the tower and she missed the atmosphere, but she had to deal with the new situation. Her apartment would become her new home. Alone.
The bath additive smelled of lavender and she went back to her bedroom quickly to get her cell phone out of the bedside table to listen to music.
Y / N slowly undressed and when she looked in the mirror, she was startled. There were dark blue spots on her upper arms and neck that looked like hands. Those bastards ...
It would take weeks for the spots to heal. She examined the rest of her body. She had barely any breasts and broad hips. It had a little more curves than average and it was set on a small belly. Her thighs were almost as thick as Steve's upper arms. Usually she liked her body, but today just wasn't her day and she hated the way she looked. Everything about her.
Except maybe her ice blue eyes and dark blue curls, she liked about herself. She quickly tied her hair up and got into the smoking tub. The water was way too hot, but at least it made her feel something.

After a few minutes, Y / N picked up her cell phone and switched it on again. It didn't show any calls. But some messages in group chat.
Photos of the others.

And from Lilly.


She scanned the rest of the news. Nobody asked about her.
Just as she was about to leave the chat, a photo of Steve, Wanda, Nat and Lilly came into the chat, lying cuddled up on the sofa and sleeping. Usually she always sat on the sofa, mostly with Steve.
She quickly checked whether anyone had written to her, but no more messages had arrived. Nobody had written to her. Not even Pepper, Tony's fiancée and head of Stark Industrie. This time she didn't cry. She ran out of tears. She felt empty and she couldn't even feel the burning hot water anymore. She got out of the tub and dried off. She should have something to eat, but she wasn't hungry. So she went to bed without looking at her cell phone again.

Chapter Text

The following days were very lonely for her. Y / N hadn't switched off her cell phone again, but she ignored the incoming messages in the group chat ...
She tried to furnish the apartment further, 2 new carpets were now in the living room. As well as a lot of decoration and some new pillows and blankets. Slowly she felt at ease in the apartment, but she missed her friends and her brother. She had also forgotten some things in the tower that she was missing now. It wasn't much, she had never needed much, but she needed to have some things with her. A few photos and clothes, as well as the teddy that Tony had given her when her parents died.

Back then it wasn’t easy. not for both of them. Y / N was only 5 years old and at the time didn't quite understand where her parents suddenly disappeared to. Tony had taken care of her, he had become her legal guardian, but she tried to be there for him from a young age too.
When Y / N came of age, Tony crashed. He drank, partied, and banged women and some men too. Y / N tried, but didn't know how to help him. Nobody could help him because the responsibility and her absent father had screwed him up.
That's why Tony could never become a typical Omega. Her father, Howard Stark, expected him to be an Alpha, and that's how he raised him. Tony wanted to be the perfect son in the beginning, of course, and gave the big strong Alpha. When he finally presented, he created a device that disguised his true second gender and identified him as alpha. That his father rejected his true self has shaped Tony to this day.
Even with Y / N, he couldn't talk about it. She hated her parents for it. She had hated them for so much. For leaving their children alone much too early, for not being there for them. That she and Tony were way too young to run Stark Industries.
But for that she had adored Tony all the more. When she was little Tony was always very careful that she didn't suffer from the stress and that she had a reasonably normal childhood. That's how he kept her out of the press. He was always there for her. Came to every single school performance. They celebrated all the parties together ... Until he could no longer be there for them.

And Y / N got it. It was time to be there for him. She took him to a rehab clinic, was always around when he had to go into rehab. But it only got better when Pepper came. She was his chosen one. He was still drinking and partying, but much less and more calmly. Then came the incident that almost cost him his life and turned him into Ironman. Tony explained to her and Pepper that he no longer wanted to live as Alpha and that he loved Pepper. And to his and everyone's surprise, Pepper loved him too.
She took over the management of Stark Industries and Tony no longer had to go for hard alpha. Of course the rumors didn’t stay away, but they didn’t bother Pepper and Tony. They had found their real mates in each other.
Tony has been in therapy since then, because of his problems and addictions, but also because of his second gender. He slowly learned to deal with it, but when he met other alphas, it was still difficult for him not to slip back into the role of the alpha. Y / N had also been to various therapists for a number of years. She had gone through a lot of tests and even Bruce couldn't find anything on her. She was neither sick nor showed her second gender too little to be noticed. She just didn't have one, which was rare.
Y / N had learned to deal with it by now, even if there were days when she would like one. Where she just wanted to belong.
Now she was just Y / N Stark. It could also be Y / N Strong - Alpha, Beta or Omega. She could be a mate. She could have a mate. It could really belong somewhere.
Only that she would never have it all. She would be alone while everyone found happiness ...

On day 7, Y / N sat on the sofa with no contact with her friends, one of her new super cozy sofa cushions on her lap. She wanted to yell at her so-called family. Each and every one of them.
Nobody had even tried to reach her. Not Steve, nor Bruce or Nat.
Not even Tony.
She had read some messages from the group chat and tried to ignore all of the photos. Everyone looked so happy and she knew they were too.
Now she was sitting there with the phone in hand, staring at the group chat when a new message was sent in.
STEVIE: Assemble. 5 minutes. Quinjet.
A mission for the whole team. That meant none of them were in the tower. She could go there to get a few more things.
Excitedly, she put on her shoes d took her keys and cell phone with her. Once again she wouldn't leave it behind.
With the subway, it didn't take long until she was at the tower, just in time to see the jet fly away and her brother next to him. Y / N greeted Hank, today's security guard, and went straight to the elevator, which only stopped on the upper floors. She entered her code and hoped no one was home. She was nervous ... until suddenly the lights went out and the elevator jerked to a halt.
Panic spread inside her and she reached for the walls. A little red emergency light came on, but it didn't make the situation any better.
"FRIDAY?" She asked softly. It just wasn't her week. First she moved out and nobody cared, then she was almost raped and then she would die in that elevator.
"FRIDAY? What happened? ”No answer. Damn what was going on? FRIDAY and the entire building were fed by an external power source and were therefore independent of the local power grid.
And even if that power source failed, there were backup generators.
Y / N wondered what Clint had taught her about elevators and their shafts. He was very fond of the Tower's vents and therefore knew the smallest secrets about them. There had to be a hatch somewhere on the ceiling. She stood on the small bench that was on the back wall and pushed the tiles around until one could be pushed up. Y / N could see the dark shaft above them, where red lights marked the doors at regular intervals. According to the distance, she must have stopped right in front of an exit.
She just had to get the door open. To do this, she needed the right key or a crowbar ... Probably both. She quickly climbed the bars of the elevator to feel the opening and she actually found the key. She carefully jumped off the bars and put it in the hole. She tried to slide the door open and after a few tries it worked. The door opened a little and she was able to slip out. She was a little shaky in her legs, but very happy to finally be somewhere where she couldn't fall several meters into the depths.

Y / N looked around, she was on the floor where Tony's and Bruce's lab was. All she had to do was go down the hall and there were the stairs. Everything was bathed in the red light of the emergency lighting. She walked slowly to the door until she heard noises from one of the laboratories. Bruce's laboratory. She walked quickly in the direction of the office, the door creaked open and she saw someone standing at the computer that was switched on.

Chapter Text

The young blonde looked at her, startled.
"Um ... Y / N ... I- I - Tony wanted me to do something in his lab for his work." Y / N frowned. This was Bruce's lab, not Tony's. Even if he did, her brother would never ask anyone else to do anything in his lab. He would do it himself or ask Bruce.
"Oh yes? What then? And why does this PC work during the power failure? ”Y / n went up to the young Omega and tried to look at the display. Something was just loaded onto a USB stick.
"Lilly, what are you really doing here?" Lilly looked at her grimly.
“You really have to interfere everywhere, don't you? Without you it would have been so easy to blind this group of stupid alphas and betas. But no, you always had to be there. It wasn't until you were gone that they could really concentrate on their new toy, a cute little omega that no one would ever do anything. It was so easy to wrap Steve around your finger and the rest were just happy to have a decent Omega. A little cuddle, a few lovely words, and then those silly nicknames - Stevie - Tasha - The hardest part was actually your brother. But in the end I fell for them all. It should be an easy job. Gaining the trust of the Avengers by mimeing the sweet, sweet Omega for a few weeks and then stealing some data when they are all on a mission. But of course you had to burst in now. Why are you here anyway? The others didn't even notice that you moved out. ”Y / N looked at her in shock. From the beginning she had had a bad feeling about Lilly. She looked just too perfect, she could fit into the group too quickly and too much.

“I'm not even an Omega. That Natascha didn't notice. She enjoyed the same education as me. Just that I switched to Hydra and not tossed everything and switched to the enemy like them. Trained in the Red Room, working at Hydra. I'm one of the best agents Hydra has ever had. But that mission was just the cornerstone for someone else. And soon he'll be here, but you won't notice any more of that. ” Lilly came up to her and grinned as she pulled a knife out of her jacket.
Y / N took a few steps backwards until her back bumped against a table. Her hands reached back because she knew there was a glass with scalpels there. Nat had always told her that she should never fight with a knife because her opponent could snatch the knife from her and use it against her. The glass fell and rolled off the table, breaking on the floor, but she was able to grab one of the scalpels. She quickly pulled off the protective cap and held it in front of her as a defense.
“Oh Y / N / N, it doesn't have to work that way. You know that you cannot defend yourself. You didn't do that last time either. Yes. Hydra is watching you. That's why we know you're worthless. The last week has shown how expendable you are. I do it quickly. It'll be painful, but I don't have forever either. The others will come back soon and then I want to be gone. You're all just delaying this. ”Then she attacked.

Smooth as Natasha and just as fast. Y / N tried to fight back. In her head, Nat was shouting instructions at her. She had to take care of her cover and try to get out of here. Y / N knew that there was a panic room on this floor in Tony's laboratory. She just had to get there.
Lilly's sharp knife cut her arm several times. She hissed and tried to step out of the room to the side, but Lilly urged her in the other direction. Lilly kicked her thigh and she fell onto a shelf from which some glass containers fell out.
Lilly stabbed in the stomach in a flash. Y / N screamed. The hot pain penetrated her and she fell to her knees. She tried to put pressure on the wound, which was very difficult because Lilly knew exactly where to hit in order to let it bleed to death quickly. Y / N looked up at Lilly, who wiped her knife with a grin.
“That's it for you. Greet your parents from the soldier, your brother will soon follow you. Hail Hydra. “The computer made a noise and she went to pull the stick out and then without a last look at Y / N she disappeared.
Y / N tried to get her cell phone out of her pocket, but she was barely strong. She collapsed trying to get up. Inwardly she screamed at herself to keep fighting and she knew that if she wasn't found soon she would die. Her field of vision blurred ...

Chapter Text

When Tony got to the destination, the jet was landing and the others stormed onto the battlefield. First he got an overview from above. Natasha and Clint are working together as always. Vision supported Wanda and Pietro. Bruce had stayed on the jet, they had an agreement that he would only act if the situation escalated. The Hydra agents fought without scruples, just as Tony was supporting the others when the suit turned off.
"FRIDAY What's going on?"
"Sir - disturbance - lower - crash." He didn't understand everything, but he knew that he had to land urgently, otherwise he would crash. But before Tony could do anything, the electronics completely failed and he fell.
"Damn it." He fell like a stone from the sky 25 meters, and then lay motionless on the ground.

Wanda had seen him too late and was the first to see him.
"Tony? TONY! Captain, Tony is injured! ”She yelled into the headset, but there was no answer. As gently as possible she tried to get Tony in his suit to the jet, which was difficult because there was fighting all around her. Vision tried to shield her and Tony as best he could. When he arrived at the Quinjet, Pietro came running.
“The headsets have failed. The captain says that we should withdraw. ”Immediately he ran on to tell the others. Bruce came up to her and helped her move Tony onto a suitable cot. The other Avengers got back on the jet, all with minor injuries. Steve went to Tony and together with Bruce he managed to take off the helmet.

"Tony? Hey Tony! ”Slowly the self-proclaimed Ironman opened his eyes.
"Capsicle, why are you yelling so loud." He grinned and sat up heavily.
"What happened, Tony?"
"FRIDAY has failed - the suit has energy, but could no longer be controlled." Steve looked at him with wide eyes.
“FRIDAY has failed? What if that was an ambush? We have to go back to the tower immediately. ”Said Cap and quickly went into the cockpit to start the jet.
"Are you all right, Stark?" Asked the red-haired agent.
"I think my arm is broken, but otherwise there were only a few bruises." He grinned and freed himself from his suit with the help of Clint and Pietro. Nat got the first aid kit and made a noose for his arm. It didn't take long until they were back at the tower, where Pepper was waiting for them.


"The power supply in the entire tower has failed - I just had to go up 14 floors and - Tony what happened?" She immediately ran to her mate and immediately pulled him to her. While she took him to Dr. Cho, Steve looked at the others. “I'll check on Lilly. Bruce can you take care of the electricity? ”He nodded and Steve grabbed his shield. He ran down the stairs to the living room, but he couldn't find her there, so he continued down the stairs to your floor. She had been given an extra floor that Tony had specially set up for Omega. The door to her small living room was open.
"Lilly are you here?" He called and entered the room.

On the table was a white envelope with Steve's name on it. He quickly grabbed the envelope and opened it.


“Stevie, I'm terribly sorry to tell you and the others like that, but I can't stay with you any longer. I loved being with you and I felt so comfortable. I wish I could stay with you guys, I've never felt so at home as I did with you guys. But Y / N ... She kept making me feel how much she hated me. She kept saying that you all belong to her and I don't belong. She even attacked me every time we were alone. She's a fury and I'm sorry, but when you left on your mission, she came into my room and yelled at me and attacked. She wanted me to go immediately. I don't know why, Stevie. I don't know what I did Y / N. You are not to blame, she kept threatening me that if I told you she would do bad things to me.
I'm sorry, but I have to go. I can't take it any longer.
Don't look for me
XOXO your Lilly. "

Steve sat frozen on the sofa and reread the letter. A tear ran down his cheek. He didn't know what to do with this information. He would love to look for Lilly right away. On the other hand, he wanted to confront Y / N with the allegations. He would never have judged her that way, no, he would never have thought that she was capable of such a thing. Steve thought of Y / N and his heart ached. He thought that maybe one day he would even be happy with her. Was he so wrong about her?
Steve shook his head. Lilly wasn't going to lie to him. Had he missed the signs? He and the others should have protected Lilly. Even before Y / N.
Steve always knew that there are always problems with a stark.


Chapter Text

Bruce went down the stairs until he reached the level of his laboratory. He knew that he could manually activate the generators in Tony's lab. Everything down here was lit by the red emergency light. The lights gave him a headache, but to turn them off he had to turn the power back on. Bruce walked down the hall to the elevator, which was a little open. Confused, he saw that someone had opened the elevator from the inside and had come out.
"Hello?" The door at the other end of the hall popped open and slammed against the wall. Loki stormed in and ran into Bruce's lab.
"Loki?" He followed him and just as he entered his laboratory he saw Loki pick someone up.
"Damn Y / N!" The god muttered, looking at Bruce.
"You all didn´t even noticed anything."
"What-what happened? Why is there blood everywhere? ”Asked the Doctor, but Loki didn't answer, but ran past him with her.
„Don´t you dare leaving me, Y / N / N." He cursed himself for not really paying attention when his mother tried to teach him how to heal wounds. He tried to heal her as best he could while he ran to the top floor where the infirmary was. As soon as he kicked the door everyone looked at him.



"Dr. Cho, Y / N urgently needs your help. ”He said and laid her gently on a bed. Pepper and Tony jumped up and approached him.
"What did you do?" Tony hissed when he saw the blood. Loki looked at him coldly.
“If I hadn't found her, she would have died. You should be grateful to me and rather ask yourself who did this to her. If Heimdall hadn't alerted me and sent me here, you wouldn't have found her until it was too late. ”Dr. Cho chased the two men from their workplaces and Pepper accompanied them outside.
“Did ... Heimdall tell you who did that? Pepper asked, while Tony sat down on one of the chairs in front of the treatment room.
Loki nodded.
"He didn't say much, actually he never says much, but she was hurt by someone named Lilly." Pepper's eyes widened and looked at Tony.

“It couldn't have been her. Lilly is our new Omega. She doesn't seem like someone who does that - we have to inform the others about it. ”Tony said and got up again. It looked at the black-haired god.
“I didn't do it for you. For none of you. Just for her. ”At that moment the light came on again.
“Whoever did this to her will deal with me personally. Even if it was an Omega. ”Loki growled and the other two knew that he was serious.
"Pep, can you stay here while I inform the others?" He asked and kissed her cheek. She nodded and sat across from Tony. 

He found Clint and Natasha in the living room.
"The power is back." Clint smiled.
“Y / N was attacked. Loki found her. Hellen is taking care of her right now. ”Tony felt powerless. Someone had hurt their little sister so bad that she could have died and there was nothing he could do about it. He had probably brought her attacker into the house as well.
Nat jumped up.
"What? Who was it?"
“Loki said it was Lilly. Has anyone seen her? ”They both shook their heads.
"Steve wanted to check on her," said Clint. Tony nodded.
"Nat you can look for Steve and Lilly and you can tell Clint to the others." Nat grabbed his arm before he could leave.
"Will she get through?" Asked the redhead.
"I hope so."

Nat stormed to the elevator and drove to Lilly's floor.
"Steve? Lilly? Are you here? "She called loudly and when she saw that the door to the living area was open, she went inside.
"Cap! Y / N is - Where's Lilly? ”She scanned the room and noticed that Steve had something in his hand.
"She is gone. Y / N attacked her and she was scared to tell us. Lilly left while we were on a mission. Y / N threatened to harm her if she told us about it. Lilly left me a letter when she left. ”He handed her the letter, which the red-haired agent scanned and then shook her head.
“You don't think so yourself! You know Y / N. She would never harm anyone. Loki found Y / N in Bruce's lab. She was attacked. Damn Steve, if Loki hadn't found her, she would have died. We still don't know if she'll really make it. She's your best friend and you're more likely to believe someone you've only known for a few weeks? ”Steve didn't move.
"Damn Lilly is not important. Y / N belongs to family. I thought you would feel something for her. "
"Yes but..."
"You have made up your mind, Rogers," she snapped at him and left. Steve was left alone.


Tony was standing in the hallway and didn't want to go back to Pepper and Loki's judgmental look.
"FRIDAY? Do you know what happened to Y / N in Bruce's lab? "
“I'm sorry, Mr. Stark. It will take a few hours before I can access the surveillance cameras again. "
"FRIDAY, please let me know as soon as you can access it." Tony took a deep breath and went back to the waiting area. Pepper got up immediately and wrapped her arms around him.
"Everything will be fine. She'll get through. She has to. ”Tony nodded and let himself fall into the arms of his mate.


Chapter Text

The first thing Y / N noticed was that everything felt soft and fluffy, like in a cloud, but gradually other things got through to her. A pressure on her body. Sometimes there were other voices. Then silence again. She felt someone touch her, but it felt far away. Everything around her was dark and she couldn't open her eyes, she had no energy for it, which is why she kept falling asleep.

Until she woke up to an annoying beep next to her. Y / N grimaced and tried to turn off the alarm clock next to her, but when she moved her arm, she didn't get far. Something was attached to her hand so she couldn't move it very far. 
Annoyed by this and by the annoying noise next to her that gave her a headache, she opened her eyes. It took a moment to get used to the bright light, but when she could see properly again she found that she was lying in one of the hospital beds that she had visited so often in her life. Her gaze wandered over the blanket to her hand on which an IV was hanging. 
Tony sat next to her bed in one of the chic-looking but extremely uncomfortable armchairs and slept. He looked like he'd been sitting there for a while. His hair was shaggy, his beard sprouted in all directions, and his clothes were wrinkled. His left arm was in a cast and hung in a sling in front of his body.
"Tony?" She asked worried and tried to sit up, which made her wince and scream in pain. Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to breathe away the stabbing pain. Her brother winced and opened his eyes. Immediately he looked at her and when he saw that she was trying to sit up, he jumped up and pushed her back into bed.

“You shouldn't sit up yet. That puts too much strain on the wound, Y / N. "
“What happened, Tony. Why are you wearing a cast? "
“FRIDAY has failed and I - Damn that is not the point now. What happened to you? Loki found you bleeding to death in Bruce's lab. If it wasn't for him, you would have died, Y / N. ”He yelled at her, but she could see how scared he was for her. His hands were shaking and she could even see tears in his eyes. Y / N tried to remember what had happened. Who hurt her like that. Her brain was still very foggy and difficult to remember.

“It was ... Lilly. She ... I just wanted to get some things and the power cut made me get out of the elevator ... She was in Bruce's lab ... And had done something on his computer, which was weird because the whole building was without power, why did this computer have power? ”Y / N shook his head. “Lilly is with Hydra, Tony. She told me that. And then ... Then she did... "She let go of his hands and pulled the covers back a bit to look at her stomach, which was now covered by a thick bandage.
“It was Lilly? Our Lilly? ... “He said something else, but she no longer listened to him. Y / N closed her eyes angrily. Of course he didn't believe her. How should 'our sweet little Lilly' do something like that to her too. Tears ran down her cheek. She felt betrayed by him.

Tony put a hand on hers and looked at her sadly.
"I will get Dr. Cho and asked her for pain medication for you. And ... the others are waiting outside. They're all worried about you. ”Y / N nodded, but she didn't really want to see anyone. Neither of them had cared about her for the past few weeks. 

As soon as Tony was outside, the door was slammed again and Peter and Wanda wanted to storm to her, but Clint and Bruce held them back. Both were buxed on one of the sofas and held there by Clint, which both comment moaning. Y / N looked into the compassionate faces of those present and noticed that Steve was missing.
Natasha came up to her and took her hand.
"Y / N, what happened?" She asked gently. Much gentler than the red-haired Alpha had ever seen. Y / N looked at her and shared what she could remember. See realization in the eyes of the redheads, not disbelief.
“Hydra- der Red Room. That explains a lot. Why didn't I think of it earlier. That should have been noticed during the background check. ”She shook her head, angry at herself. 

Wanda whimpered on the couch and Y / N patted the bed next to her.
"Come here." She smiled gently. She couldn't be mad at Peter and Wanda. Both looked so sad that Y / N couldn't help but sit up slowly in pain and hug the two of them.
"I'm doing well. Don't worry, ”she whispered to them. 

Then the door opened again and Dr. Helen Cho came in smiling and shooed everyone out of the room so she could check Y / N's wounds.
“You gave us quite a scare. The others hardly wanted leave his side. We had to kick them out regularly so they could take care of themselves. Everyone was convinced, except your brother. I think he never expected to see you in one of the beds here. ”With a soft smile, she put a new bandage around the wound. The wound didn't look particularly big, but Dr. Cho explained that she had severe internal injuries and that she needed an operation because of it. She also needed some blood to make up for the loss of blood.
“On the outside, only a scar will remain, but ... Y / N During the attack, part of your uterus was injured and a fallopian tube was severed. We couldn't do much to save it ... It's not 100% impossible, but it's very unlikely that you could ever have children. "Y / N nodded sadly. 

She knew what that meant. Should she ever be presented as an Omega, she wouldn't be able to get pups. She couldn't be a good Omega.
She had thought that she was over there never being able to get pregnant, but now that the possibility was completely taken away, she became even more aware of her fate.
“I know it must be difficult for you to understand everything. If you have any questions, my office is open to you at any time. But for now you should concentrate on being said again. You have to rest and take it easy. No jerky movements. No overexertion and strict bed rest. ”Y / N nodded and lay back when Dr. Cho left the room. It was quiet in the room. Dr. Cho had removed her flexure and almost all other equipment so that she could move around more freely.

After a few minutes there was a knock on the door and Loki entered the room.
"Hello Darling. It's nice to see you awake again. ”He came up to her and sat down on her bed. For the first time that day she could really smile.
"Thank you for finding me."
“It would not have been possible without Heimdall. He informed me about it and damn it, darling. Who did this to you? Who is this Lilly? ”She sighed and told him the whole story. She told him everything. Also about how she moved out. She only left out the incident with the other alphas.
"They didn't even notice that you were gone?" He said through clenched teeth. She knew he was angry. Y / N nodded.
He took her hand and looked at her sadly. But before he could say anything, the door was thrown open and Steve stood in the door.

Chapter Text

Behind Steve, she could see Tony and Natasha. Neither of the three looked happy.
"Y / N what did you do?" Asked Steve angrily. She looked at him seriously.
"Oh you know Steve, I thought I'd ram a knife in my stomach to get attention and then bleed to death." she said sarcastically.
“Stop the sarcasm. She's gone because of you. ”Y / N looked at him blankly.
"Lilly. She left because of you. She's gone because you attacked her. ”He was furious. Nat grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him further away from her. Loki got up and stood in front of her.
"Calm down, Steve."
“I will not calm down. She broke everything and I thought we were friends, Y / N. After over 3 years we finally had something like peace and you had to destroy it. You destroyed everything, just like my trust in you. ”This low blow makes Y / n boil over.
"We are friends? Neither of you haven't even asked for me in the past week! You didn't notice that I was gone. I moved out for YOUR peace. Nobody gave me a thought at all. And don't come with Lilly! She just played it all. Trained by the Red Room, she took on this job for Hydra. So that she can get to you and get information. None of you noticed. Lilly was the one who attacked me. ”Y / N wanted to get up, but Loki held her back.

"You shouldn't get up, darling." Natasha and Tony looked at her guiltily, but Steve was still pissed off.
"Y / N / N I am -" the redhead tried to apologize, but Y / N interrupted her immediately.
"Not now, Natasha."
“I didn't think you'd lie to me like that. We did every background check with her. Everything was normal. She´s not from Hydra. Maybe it's better that you moved out. ”Steve said and left the room. Everyone stared after him.

"Son of a bitch. Rogers You come back immediately and apologize! ”Tony yelled and ran after him.
"Y / N ..." Nat came up to her, but Loki blocked her way.
"Please just leave me alone, Nat." She mumbled and shook her head. It hurt what he said. She really thought he would believe her.
“He's an ass. He doesn't deserve your friendship. ”Loki said and took her hand. She just nodded without saying anything.
"Maybe he's right-"
"No. He hasn't. No matter what he says, he doesn't seem to know anything about you. Otherwise he would know that you could never harm anyone. Darling, you are for her. For us. ”Loki was serious, but she wasn't convinced.
“Thank you Loki. Can you check on Tony and S- can you check on them please? I don't want them to argue or ... hurt about me. "
"You know that I really don't care about the two of them ..." She nodded.
"Yes. But ... please do it for me. "
"Darling, you know that I would do anything for you," he said and kissed her on the forehead.
"Please lie down and rest," he said as he went out.


She waited a few minutes before slowly getting up and walking to the built-in closet in the corner. There were some of the others' things lying there in case they needed something and she now urgently needed things so that she could get out of here as quickly as possible.
At first she reached for Tony's, but she knew they wouldn't really fit her, so she pulled on Thor's pants, which she had to pull tighter, and reluctantly a hoodie from Steve. Then she slipped into her shoes and with her key and her cell phone in hand she padded to the elevator. With every step her wound hurt, but her heart ached even more now.
“FRIDAY, please take me downstairs to the lobby without stopping. And if someone asks where I am, please can't you tell them where I am? ”The elevator sat down in the hallway and she leaned against one of the walls.
“Of course, Miss Stark. But if I can give you some advice, please go back to the sickbed. Your wound is too fresh to move like that and Mr. Stark and the others will be worried about you. "
"I'm sorry, but I have to go ..."
"If that's your wish ..." The elevator went down quickly and as soon as she had left the tower and was a few blocks away she called a taxi. Her wounds burned too much to take the subway. 

She just wanted to go home.


Chapter Text

Steve ran to the gym without waiting for Tony and locked it right behind him so that no one could get in.
Tony was pissed and opened a bottle of bourbon and filled a glass completely.
"FRIDAY, do you already have something from the surveillance cameras from Bruce Lab?"
“I'm sorry, Mr. Stark. The recovery is at 89%. ”Tony nodded.
"Are there any recordings of Y / N and Lilly fighting or something like that?" Asked Nat. FRIDAY didn't answer, but immediately played a recording on the nearby large television. It showed Y / N sitting relaxed in her favorite spot and reading when Lilly came in and spoke to her. Everything about her voice was ice cold and snappy. Neither of the two knew her tone of voice. Everything suddenly seemed wrong about her.


"She was trained by the Red Room," said Natasha after the fourth video.
“I know this behavior pattern. Damned. I should have noticed earlier. ”She stood up angrily.
“Romanoff, it's not your fault. We should all have noticed- What we did to Y / N ... None of us noticed that she wasn't there. Not even me, her own brother ... "Tony said sadly. The redhead nodded.
“We were so distracted by Lilly. She adapted too well to this group. Another typical example of her training. In the Red Room we learned to influence the feelings of others. It's almost like brainwashing. And with today's technology and progress, it wasn't just the Red Room that was at work here. "
"Lilly brainwashed us?" He asked and Natasha nodded.

 Nat began to analyze all of Lilly's actions, while Tony could only look at the videos in front of him. Y / N was his responsibility and now she was badly hurt. He hadn't seen her in a week and hadn't even noticed. It had never happened to him before. He had always tried to be there for her even in his darkest time. It hadn't always worked, but he'd never just forgotten her. Not her. Not his little sister.

When he thought of Y / N, he inevitably had to think of Steve too.
The two were usually inseparable and the only argument they'd ever had was about which museum to go to first. Tony had been waiting a long time for the two to become a couple. Of course, a 100 year old Super Soldier wasn't his first choice for his little sister, but he knew she was happy with him and Rogers would always protect her. Tony knew about the crush they both had on each other, neither of them had ever said anything about it, but the entire team had already finished weather who would first confess his feelings to the other.
Most of them had bet on Y / N. Thor and Loki were not privy to the bet. Thor couldn't keep secrets and Loki ... Natasha suspected that he himself had a crush on Y / N and they knew about the unpredictability of the Nordic god.
Steve wasn't aware of her feelings or he would never have acted like this. And Y / N ... she was mad at him and everyone else too. He had never seen her so angry and that really showed how disappointed she was in Steve and her friends.

Tony remembered Steve's last sentence and stormed out of the room. He'd get him to apologize to Y / N right now. He had gone too far and if Lilly had actually brainwashed her, he should find out. In addition, Tony couldn't watch Y / N suffer.
There were few things he wouldn't do to make her happy again and if that meant bashing sanity in the Sentinel of Liberty.
Tony found him in the Tower's own fitness center, where he hit a punching bag that had to be welded to the ceiling several times because of him.


"Rogers!" Tony said to get his attention.
"Not now Stark." Said the latter, breathing a little harder.
"FRIDAY lock the area and only open it again when I tell you."
"Of course sir."
 The doors locked and Steve looked at Tony.
"What do you want? Do you want to beat me up for what I did to her? For what I did to Lilly? "
“For what you did to Lilly? It's not about Lilly. It was never about her to me. It was always about Y / N. ”He said horrified.
“Should I apologize to her? Will not happen."
“Damn it, Rogers, don't you notice anything anymore? Lilly brainwashed you! Just like all of us. Only with you does it seem stronger, most likely because you are more sensitive to it. Y / N didn't do anything at all. She even gave in and moved out for your bloody peace. "
"She still has-"
“Damn it, Rogers, are you even listening to yourself. FRIDAY, play the recordings. "

And then Steve saw Y / N being terrorized by Lilly. After a few minutes he turned away.
“That doesn't prove anything, Stark. She sure started- "Steve knew he was getting lost in his excuses. Y / N would never do it, but that would mean all of this was his fault.
“Are you actually listening to yourself? Y / N is your best friend and you really don't think she would do that. "
"Mr. Stark, the video from Mr. Banner's lab has been restored. Do you want me to play it? "
“Very good, FRIDAY. Play it back. ”The two men saw the power go out and then someone came into the laboratory. The computer was switched on and to Steve's horror they saw Lilly tinkering with the computer. A short time later, someone else came along. Y / N.

Tony and Steve heard every word they said and watched in horror as they began to fight. They saw how the supposed Omega stabbed young Stark in the stomach and she sagged.
Tony had seen and experienced a lot, but he wouldn’t forget that anytime soon.
Steve stared at the now black screen and realized that he had done everything wrong.


"Stark let me out."
"Where do you want to go?"
“Damn Stark, if you don't open that door right away, I'll kick it in. I have to go to Y / N immediately. It's all so wrong. It should never have been like that. I have to apologize to her, even if she won't forgive me for it. ”The blond-haired man breathed in, trembling.
“You finally come to your senses, but you will have to crawl quite a bit for her to look at you again. We all have to crawl. ”Tony said seriously and Steve nodded.
"FRIDAY, Open the door." The doors opened and Steve ran to the elevator, Tony closely followed. He wasn't a super soldier, but he would beat Steve up if he hurt his little sister again. The elevator stopped right on the floor of the infirmary and Steve followed Tony to Y / N's room.

Tony Stark knocked and asked: "Y / N / N may we come in?" There was no answer.
"Y / N?" After a few seconds the dark-haired man opened the door and found that Y / n wasn't there.
"FRIDAY, where is Y / N right now?" He asked nervously.
"Miss Stark is no longer in this building."
"Was anyone here or did someone force Y / N to leave?" Tony looked around nervously.
“Nobody made Miss Stark leave. She left because of you, Mr. Rogers. "Tony's gaze snapped at the super soldier, who at that moment had shrunk a foot.
"It is your fault."

Chapter Text

In pain, Y / N walked slowly up the stairs to her apartment. She loved this apartment too much to look for a new one. One with a working elevator.
She locked the door behind her and locked it with the new security locks. She received by the soft fairylights and in the bedroom she exchanged the things she had borrowed for her own. Someday she would wash the things and bring them back, not now. But when she was about to put on her T-shirt, her eyes fell on her best friend's light blue hoodie and put it back on. Y / N crawled onto the sofa, armed with a blanket that she threw around her body and then she switched off her cell phone. She didn't feel like receiving calls from others when they found that Y / N was no longer in her bed.

Steve had hurt her more with his words than anyone with a gun could ever do. He had not only accused her of lying, but also that she had abused his trust and that she would never do that in her life. Y / N tears ran down her cheeks unnoticed as her heart kept breaking.
She turned on the TV to distract herself and looked for a movie that suited her mood, but in the end she got stuck with her favorite show that could always cheer her up. 

3 days later, Y / N woke up with a throbbing wound. She unwrapped the bandage and was startled to find that the wound was red and hot.
"Damn it." She had tried to change the bandage and disinfect the wound regularly, just like Tony had shown her. But apparently she had done something wrong, because the wound was clearly infected.
She urgently needed antibiotics, which is why she first disinfected and re-bandaged the wound and then slowly dressed herself. Carefully she went down the stairs and cursed herself a little again for not looking for an apartment with a working elevator when a door was opened and Peter stepped out of the apartment.
"Bye Aunt May See you later - Y / N?" The boy turned to her and within seconds he had his arms around her. So hard, unfortunately, that she winced.

"Where have you been! Mr. Stark is worried about you and Miss Romanoff - "
“Peter, take it easy. Everything is fine, I am safe! What are you doing here? ”She stroked the pup's cheek to calm him down.
"Um, I live here with my aunt ..." said Peter and hugged her a little tighter.
"Y / N you have to come back. Everyone has been looking for you for days and worried! We miss you. ”He whimpered and she would have loved to believe him, but she knew it was different. Y / N freed herself from his clutch and patted the pup's head.
"Pete, I'll be back soon ok? But I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone that you saw me. Or know where I live. You have to promise me that, Peter. ”He whimpered again and looked like he wanted to hug her again and never let go.
"Y / N / N ..."
"Please promise me that. I'll be back." At some point she had to come back, Y / N knew that.

"Ok, I promise." He muttered and wrapped his arms around her again, which made her gasp, whereupon he immediately let go of her and whimpered.
"The wound hasn't healed completely yet and it still hurts a little sometimes," she lied. Peter nodded understandingly.
"I have to go Peter." She said and stroked his hair again. Y / N went down the stairs as fast as possible. She hadn't realized at all that this was the house in which Peter lived. She could still feel his gaze on her until she turned the corner. She went to the nearest pharmacy to get an antibiotic. She was so exhausted afterwards that she barely managed to climb the stairs and go back to bed.


Peter was able to keep the promise for a long time. When he arrived at the Tower that day, he went straight to the lab where he helped Bruce. He tried to avoid the others and he managed to do that until he had to go to an official meeting with Fury the next morning. Tony was sitting in his chair, he looked quite hungover and the rest of them didn't look like they had slept much either, but they all sat quietly in their place.
All but the captain. He paced restlessly up and down in front of the window.
"Rogers, finally sit down so we can start." Tony snapped at him, annoyed.
“I have no patience for all of this, Stark. This meeting is pointless and a total waste of time. "
"Listen! Listen! The great Captain America wants to skip a meeting. ”Tony said sarcastically and looked at him.
“Not everyone spends their nights drinking and partying. Some of us have other priorities, ”he snapped back.
"Other priorities? I haven't slept in the last few days! "
“Do you think I slept? I didn't do anything other than look for Y / N. "Steve yelled back, the two of them standing just a few steps away from each other. Natasha stood between them.
"Both of you sit back down immediately." They both continued to stare at each other for a full minute until they sat down.

 The air in the conference room was noticeably thicker and Peter and Wanda were more nervous than before when Fury came in. He looked around the room once before saying:
"I don't care what kind of personal feuds you have here right now, but we have to find the security breach that allowed the tower's entire power grid to fail ..." Everyone looked nervously between Steve and Tony until Natasha fell apart cleared her throat and looked at Nick.
“It was Lilly. Unfortunately, we had to find out that she belongs to Hydra. Lilly is a widow. Hydra must have planned that we could attack one of their bases, Lilly could copy data from the SHILD server. It would probably even have remained undiscovered had it not been for Y / N ... "
"Who ran and approved Miss Evans' background check?" Everyone looked at each other until Steve spoke.
"That was me. And nothing conspicuous was found. Even Natasha and Tony couldn't find any clues or warning signs for Hydra. ”Fury made a note of something.
“Romanoff, Y / N caught Miss Evans doing it? Where is she?"
"Lilly is on the run and Y / N is not here." Nick Fury looked at her confused.
"Then bring them here!"
"Sir, Y / N is not in the tower." Clint intervened.

Fury rolled his eyes.
"Then get her damn it over here!" Tony turned to him.
“We don't know where she is. Capsicle drove them out. "
“We all were, Tony. We all neglected her. ”Bruce said and almost everyone nodded guiltily. Fury threw up his hands and looked at the group.
“Clarify that between you. Are there any records of the event? ”Tony nodded and sent the recording to Nick's tablet. It was watching the video that many of the Avengers had seen a few times over the past few days.
"Take care of it," said Fury and left the room. The others went a few seconds until only Nat, Steve, Peter and Tony sat there.

Nat took turns looking between Steve and Tony.
"Are there any hints where Y / N could be?"
"Don't you think she'd be here long ago if we knew where she is?" Tony said annoyed.
"You have the most modern technology on earth and you can't even find a simple woman?" Steve was annoyed and exhausted. Since Y / N was gone, he hadn't thought of anything but her for a second. He was out on the streets looking for her with Sam Wilson. She couldn't be found. Tony laughed out loud.
“Y / N is not an normal woman, you know that yourself, Rogers. She had to teach Y / N how to become invisible. ”He pointed to the redhead next to him, who looked a little proud. But Nat had already tried to find them, but there were no traces.
“You don't want to find her at all! Hell, her wound hadn't even started to heal, she was supposed to be in bed rest. What if the wound is opened again? She could still bleed to death! She could be death. ”The blonde Alpha only whispered the last sentence. He was a broken man.

Peter shifted restlessly in his chair and whimpered. Natasha looked at him gently.
“Peter you don't have to listen to this. You can go if you want. We'll find Y / N. Everything will be fine. ”He nodded and stood up, looking at the three Avengers again. All three of them showed the concern clearly. Tony was exhausted, Steve was broken and even Natasha's face was full of worry. He had to tell them.
"I saw Y / N."


Chapter Text

Immediately the attention of all three was on him.
"She was - Y / N made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone that I saw her and where she is," he whimpered.
"Where is she!" Tony said in an alpha like voice and the boy sank deeper into his chair.
"TONY!" Natasha echoed at him. “Pete, you can tell us where you saw her. She won't be mad at you, I promise you that. ”He immediately felt reassured by her and nodded.
"She was in my house yesterday ... I think Y / N lives on the top floor. There is an apartment that has been vacant for a long time because the elevator is broken. "He said quietly and Tony and Steve jumped up immediately
"Why didn't you tell us that earlier?" Steve accused him. Tony called Happy to have him drive him to Peter's home. Meanwhile, Nat talked gently to the pup.
“Peter you don't have to come with us. Stay here with the others while you bring back Y / N / N. "Steve said much more gently and the boy nodded.
"I'll stay here with him, but if I hear that one of you hurt Y / N even more, you will deal with me." She said and her true alpha being came through. Both nodded and walked quickly towards the elevator, which was already waiting for them.
"Thanks FRIDAY." Steve muttered. He only thought of Y / N. She wasn't going to convince her he felt guilty, but somehow he would be able to convince her. He had accused his best friend of lying and abusing his trust. In doing so, he had betrayed her trust. But he had to go through that now, because he needed Y / N. His best friend.

Of course, he was friends with the other Avengers too, but Y / N was someone special. She had never seen him as the soldier, but knew him for who he really was.
She knew Steve, the Artist, the Clumsy, The Omega.
Y / N had helped him to get into the 21st century and to understand this society and its technology.
He had shared almost all of his worries, thoughts, and desires with her. She was the only one who knew the full truth about his best friend, his mate Bucky, and she didn't judge him for it.
If he had nightmares at night, she would come to him and hold him. Sometimes they talked about his nightmares, but with her he also knew that he didn't need to talk.

After a particularly difficult assignment that he had with Clint and Nat in Israel and that lasted over 2 months, he came back injured. Y / N yelled at him and he thought it was because he was so stupid to get hurt, but he quickly saw that she was really just worried about him. Steve had pulled her to him to convince her that he was okay. Y / N started to cry in his arms and in that moment he realized that he felt more for her than just friendship. Steve felt guilty after this realization. It shouldn't be Y / N.
It was always Bucky.
It took him some time to remind himself that his mate was gone.
Bucky was dead.

Steve didn't know how to deal with it at first, but Y / N made it easy for him. Everything stayed the same. Only sometimes he enjoyed sitting and cuddling with her on the sofa too much.
But Steve also knew that she didn't feel that way and, thanks to what he had done, would never feel that way.
He regretted it so much.
Lilly had blinded and manipulated him.
She made him forget that Y / N had such a big and important place in his life. She was the reason he could smile on bad days.


Tony looked at him.
"It would be better if you don't come with me."
"Definitely not. I'm not staying here. ”Tony rolled his eyes.
“Y / N is mad at you, at me and the others too, but I'm her brother and she can't be mad at me for long. But you hurt her very much. I don't think she'll forgive you, Rogers. ”Said the dark-haired man and put a hand on his shoulder.
"And if it's really there, I don't want to lose it again right away."
“I don't want to lose Y / N either, Stark. But I'm coming with you. I have to be there. ”Steve said seriously.
"Your consequences. But if you should hurt her again, that would be the last time you spoke to her. ”The elevator stopped and Happy received her to drive her to Queens.

The mood in the car was tense and it took far too long for them to arrive. Steve jumped out of the car as soon as the car stopped at the door. Tony followed him and unlocked the door with the key Peter had given him. There were some stairs up and when they got there they looked for the door without a doorbell.
Steve rang the doorbell while waiting for Tony to come up the stairs. Nothing happened.
He rang again and Tony knocked.
Again nothing happened.
"Probably nobody lives here," Happy said, breathing heavily, when he got upstairs.
"Then nobody's going to bother." Tony said and kicked the door. It moved, but it didn't open.
"Are you just standing around there, Capsicle?" Steve kicked the door once and there was a hole where he had kicked. The door still didn't open.
"Security locks. Locked from the inside. "He stated and rammed his shoulder against the door until it finally gave way. He stumbled into the apartment and immediately felt at home. That had to be Y / N's apartment.

"Y / N?" He went to the right door while Tony went to the left. Behind his door was a bedroom with a large rumpled bed. At first he thought that there was no one here, but then he saw the Y / N in the bed was hidden under some blankets and slept. He exhaled in relief and sat down next to her on the bed. He brushed her hair back from her face, but when he touched her hat, he noticed that she was unnaturally hot.
"Damn it." Steve shook her shoulders, but she didn't wake up.
"Tony!" Shouted the blonde and tried again to wake her up. She just groaned but didn't wake up properly.
"What happened?" Tony pulled him away from his sister.
“It was already there, Tony. She has fever. Your wound has probably become infected and infected. "Steve pulled her sweat-soaked T-shirt up just enough to expose the bandage without exposing it too much. He unwrapped the bandage and saw that his guess was correct. The wound was purple and red.
"Damn it, Rogers, if my sister dies because of it, I'll kill you," the smaller Avenger yelled at him. Y / N winced and her fist slammed into Steve's jaw. She groaned and pressed her fist against her torso without actually waking up.

"You apparently deserve that:" he laughed and Steve could only nod.
"We have to go to Dr. Bring Cho. ”Steve wrapped the bandage around it again and picked her up and the blanket. Despite that she was taller than Tony, tiny in his arms and her skin was clammy and hot, even though his body temperature was already higher than normal.
"Drop them and I'll kill you too." Tony's death threats had hit a new record today. They ran past Happy, who tossed the keys to Tony. Steve took the back seat with Y / N on his lap.
"Y / N woe you are leaving us ... You still have your entire life ahead of you. You should travel and fall in love. We wanted to see the new exhibition at MoMA. Damn Y / N, don't leave me. I screwed up really bad. You should be mad at me! It's all my fault. ”He whispered in her ear before pressing a kiss on her forehead.
"You should cover her up." Tony's worried voice said from the front, Steve nodded and pulled the covers tighter around her. For October it was freezing outside.

The way back to the tower was just as painfully slow as it was on the way there. Sometimes Y / N would move or she would moan, but she would not wake up. Steve only realized he was crying when a tear fell on Y / N's face.

"I'm so sorry, Y / N / N. So damn sorry. I screwed up This whole Omega thing was my idea. I thought that she and would bring peace and harmony, but all it brought us was ruin, arguments and frustration. And in doing so we almost lost what we needed most. You. You were and you are what we need. You're all I need. ”He continued talking to her until Tony arrived at the tower.
When someone opened the door, he handed Y / N into the capable hands of Dr. Cho. Tony went with her, but Steve could only get out and go to his room.

Chapter Text

Y / N dreamed of voices. Loki's voice was in her dreams, but Nat and Tony were also there. Sometimes she hears her other friends too. But there were also voices she didn´t knew and others of which she thought they would never again, even though she was still small at the time she heard them to remember this voices.
Most of all, however, it was Steve's voice. She was gentle and sometimes it seemed like he was reading something to her. She had tried to answer him and the others too, but she had no strength for it. She can sometimes hear parts of a conversation, but all of the voices sounded dull.
At some point the voices began to become clearer. That was the moment Y / N could laboriously open her eyes.

She was in her room. Not in the room in her apartment where she fell asleep, but in her bedroom in Avengers Tower. She tries to listen to herself, to check her body for pain, but there was nothing except a slight tug. She was about to sit up to check her wound when she realized someone was holding her hand. Y / N looked to the side and was delighted that Steve was clutching her hand tightly and his head was beside it. He was sleeping ... He looked so relaxed and young. She should be mad at him, actually. She was mad at him, but could she really be that mad at him?

"He hasn't closed his eyes the last few days." Came from the door. Loki stood there and looked at her.
"If it were up to me, he wouldn't come that close to you anymore."
"Loki ..." she reprimanded him gently, but she knew that he just wanted to protect her.
"I know. I know. But I'm right. None of them deserves to be in your presence. They -"
"I know Loki and I won't forgive them so easily either ... He hurt me too much for that."
"How are you feeling, darling?" She shrugged.
"It actually works."
“Y / N / N, your wound was very badly infected. When they found you, your fever was already very high. "
“I got extra antibiotics when I noticed that the wound had become infected. I - I didn't mean that. "Tears ran down her cheeks and Steve moved beside her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and continued to sleep on her lap. Loki stroked her arm soothingly.
"I know that. But it was very stupid to run away from you. Especially a few hours after the operation and then without me. You know if you had just said one word I would have taken you away. I would have taken care of you and none of that should have been. I'm also a little proud of you, by the way. Neither Stark nor Rogers nor Romanoff could find you. ”Loki didn't say that he couldn't find her either.

"I've learned from the best!" She grinned and Loki stroked her tear-stained cheeks.
"I missed your smile, darling." He stood up.
"I'll let you sleep a little longer."
"Loki ... Before you go ... Can you maybe lay Steve down a little more comfortably? It doesn't hurt, but ... It would be more convenient for both of us. Otherwise he would get back pain. "She smiled gently. Loki rolled his eyes, but helped him to lie down differently before he left.
Y / N lay back with Steve's head on her lap. She gently run her hand through his hair.
“You're an idiot, Stevie. A big idiot. But I love you and you are my best friend. And should you do something like that again, I'll show you what I've learned from Nat. I - I don't know if I can ever completely forgive you for all of this ... You fucking hurt me. "She said softly, before drifting back to sleep.

Tony was standing in his lab and smiling. He had won the bet. But nobody had to know that yet.
"FRIDAY, delete any recording from the last 10 minutes from Y / N's room. But please send the backup copies to my private folder. "
"Of course Mr. Stark."
“Tony, you should have been up in bed by now. It's the middle of the night. ”Pepper's voice echoed through the laboratory. He smiled.
"I'll be up in a minute." A short time later she stood in front of him and looked into his face.
"Tony, I know you're worried about Y / N, but I don't think she'll run away again. I know it's hard for you, but she's not a little girl anymore. ”He sagged his head against her.
“I know that too ... It's just ... She's my little sister. And if I hadn't been so stupid, none of this would have happened. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't make the wrong decision back then ... "he muttered into her shoulder.

“Tony, you don't know where you and she would be now if she hadn't stayed with you. You did that, at that time it was the right war for you and her. There is nothing wrong with that. She has become a wonderful young woman with a lot of potential. You can be proud of yourself. ”She kissed him on the cheek.
“And now off to bed with you. Otherwise you'll fall asleep standing up. ”Pepper took his hand and pulled him to the elevator, where he was so tired that he almost fell asleep.

Chapter Text

The next time Y / N woke up, she felt hot.
Not uncomfortably hot, but she knew immediately who it was from.
It was Steve's normal heat.
During the time she was asleep, he had slipped up and was now lying with his head on her chest. His arms wrapped tightly around her, his hair tickled her nose and she sneezed. Steve startled.
"Sorry!" She said softly when the sleepy man looked at her.
"Y / N, how are you." He smiled sweetly. His hair was sticking out in all directions and he looked very adorable.
"I'm doing well. Just a little hot. ”It was true. Her wound was only slightly painful and she had slept well. He put his hand on her forehead, but she pushed it aside.
“No fever, Stevie. Your body is warmer than mine. ”He looked at her blankly, his brain was completely drowsy. It took a few seconds until he understood and immediately he moved away from her.
"No. Stay here. You know how quickly I get cold. "She pouted, even if it was a little selfish and she should be angry with him. Steve smiled at her and moved closer again. He leaned his back against the headboard and immediately Y / N sat down next to him and put her blanket over both of them.

“Shouldn't you be lying down? I mean ... because of your wound and all ... "he asked thoughtfully.
"I shouldn't let a super soldier sleep on it either," she joked, but Steve looked at her immediately, startled.
"Stevie, that was a joke. I'm really fine. The wound hardly hurts. ”He nodded and looked at his hands.
"I'm sorry, Y / N / N."
"I know," she said and meant it. She knew he was sorry, even if she couldn't forgive him so quickly, she wanted her best friend back.
"I could have said something when Lilly was still there, but when I saw how happy you were, I didn't want to be the jealous bitch," she admitted.
“Typically Y / N. Everyone else is always more important to her than she is. What should I do with you? There are situations in which you can be selfish. ”Y / N knew that she couldn't. Otherwise she would have admitted  her feelings for him a long time ago, but she also knew that his heart would belong to Bucky forever ... She had resigned herself to it ... at least for the most part.

Y / N leaned against him and he put his arm around her.
“You are my best friend Y / N / N. So you have priority with me. ”She nodded and snuggled against his warm body. Her ice-cold feet warmed her on his legs.
"Ah! I'm slowly starting to think you're only keeping me because of my hot body. "He laughed and she giggled.
"I missed that. Your smile. ”He looked at her gently.
"What time is it? I feel like I've slept through the last 2 weeks. "Steve looked at the alarm clock next to him.
"4 am."
"Mmmh." Was all he heard from her. With her eyes closed, she lay in his arms, almost asleep again. He closed his eyes too, definitely needing sleep.

A few hours later, the two woke up suddenly when the door slammed against the wall. Startled, they sat up and saw Peter and Wanda guiltily looking at them and Clint, who stood up behind them.
"I told you to let them sleep."
"It's okay, Clint." Y / N smiled and stretched. Both pups ran to her and hugged her.
"I'm sorry, Y / N. I had to tell them. ”Peter muttered.
"You have done nothing wrong. I even have to thank you. My own stupidity was to blame. ”Steve got up to go to his room and change.
"Pepper made pancakes," Wanda said with a smile. Pietro came running in. He had a plate with a pile of pancakes in it.
"I would hurry, otherwise they'll all be gone." He said, chewing and was gone again immediately. Peter and Wanda jumped up and ran after him. Clint laughed.
"It's nice that you're back, kid." He smiled and left too.

Y / N got up and went to her closet. When she opened a door she remembered that she had some things in her apartment, even if most of them were still here and would stay here too.
But she didn't want to give up her apartment. But Y / N knew that she had to spend a few nights here first. Alone to calm Steve and Tony down. And she had missed her friends too.
Y / N took her favorite pair of pants, which she had left here, out of the closet. It was soft sweatpants that fit loosely. They actually belonged to Steve once. And she put on an oversized hoodie with plush ears and cuddly socks. She knew that she looked like a typical Omega in the outfit, but she didn't care. She loved this look.

Then she went into the living room, where the others were waiting for her. Pepper must have started early, because mountains of pancakes were piled up on the plates. She sat in her seat between Steve and Tony and Pepper brought her a plate of her favorite pancakes.
"Don´t even think about to you scare me like that again." she said in a serious tone and gave her a short hug. Then Y / N looked at her brother.
"Tony ..."

“If you do that again, I'll have a transmitter implanted for you. Or you can get one of those electronic ankle cuffs, ”he said seriously. She just nodded.
"I'm back now," she said and gave him a squeeze. In the corner of her eye she saw how he tried to steal a pancake from her.
"Hey! These are mine! Tony you have your own! "
"Run away again and you will only get bread and water," he teased her.
"Tony, leave your sister alone." Pepper said smiling and Tony left her pancakes on her plate.
She stuck out her tongue and turned to her pancakes. Within a few minutes her plate was empty and she glanced at Steve's plate. He had regular pancakes, not chocolate pancakes like her, but she didn't care. It was something of a tradition that she stole pancakes from him. 

Y / N looked at him sweetly.
"Stevie? Can I have a pancake from you? "
“There's still a whole stack not even 30 centimeters from your plate. Why do you want mine? ”He looked at her with a grin. Steve enjoyed the fact that Y / N was sitting next to him in such a good mood and he had to admit that she looked very cute today.
"But I want some of yours!" She pouted for a few seconds until he gave in and pushed his plate towards her. She grinned widely and grabbed some pancakes. Performing a little dance, she happily ate his pancakes. That's how he loved her.

Everyone was talking and eating their breakfast.
"Sam will come over later and then-" Steve's cell phone rang. Everyone knew what that meant.
“It's not like taking a break from time to time. Maybe I was planning to take a great woman out .. "said Pietro and winked at Y / N. Tony tossed his dinner bar at him while Steve answered his phone.
After a short time he hung up and looked around.
“There are 2 missions. Team 1 consisting of Nat, Vision, Tony and Bruce, you're going to Norway, so dress warmly. Team 2, Pietro, Wanda, Clint and me. We're off to New Mexico. Departure is in 10. "He got up and looked at Tony.
"Come on kids! You heard Grandpa. Let's go! ”Everyone jumped up so that only Peter, Pepper and Y / N were sitting there.
"I have to study for an exam." Said Peter and left too. Pepper looked at her.
"You're supposed to come back to Helen later, but otherwise we can have a girls day today." She grinned and Y/N nodded.
"Don't  want to say goodbye to Tony?" She nodded and got up.
"Leave everything. I'll do that while you're checking your wound. "Pepper disappeared and Y / N got up too.
"FRIDAY, play my favorite playlist."
"Of course, Miss Stark." The good mood music ran loudly through the room. She began to put the plates together and put them in the dishwasher. She trilled along loudly 'Walking on sunshine'.

Until she grabbed two large hands from behind by the hips and she was pulled to another body.
"That's what I call a friendly greeting." She screamed in panic and whirled around, a ladle in hand.
"Take it easy, darling." Loki smiled at her and she threw the ladle at him.
"The captain wouldn't be happy that you used swear words like that." The panic wasn't easy to fight and she had to sit on the floor with her head between her knees.
"Darling?" He knelt in front of her, worried.
"Y / N? All is well. Breathe in and out deeply. Come on, let's do it together. ”Loki helped her out of the panic attack.

When she felt better, her head felt like it was going to explode.
"FRIDAY, turn off the music."
"Darling, where did the panic come from?" He asked gently. He sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulder.
"I'm sorry ... I don't know myself ... PTSD." He nodded, understood without asking. "They talked about the time with Lilly and Loki was getting angrier.
"Y / N, you should have come to Asgard with me. You would have been honored as a princess there, ”he said gently.
"You know that this is not my concern. I just want to find a place where I belong. ”She mumbled softly.
"Did you see the recording from Bruce's lab?" She asked him silently after a few minutes. Loki shook his head.
"FRIDAY, play the recording." When the video started, she leaned her head against his shoulder so that she didn't have to see it. Still, she heard everything. When the fight started, Loki's arm tightened around her. As soon as the video was over, she looked at him. He looked like he was going to kill someone."I hope for her that she is far away and that I will never meet her," he said in a controlled manner.
"Thank you for finding me." She said softly and hugged the black-haired god.
“I will always find you. "


Chapter Text

A few weeks later everything was back to normal, almost everything. 
Everyone, especially Steve and Tony, tried to involve Y / N everywhere. Even with things she was otherwise not involved in. Of course, they also talked about what had happened. She told them how disappointed she was in her friends and how much she was hurt by them. Y / N didn't want to be mad at their friends forever, which is why, after talking about it, she decided that it shouldn't be between them anymore. Together they decided not to let any more omegas into the team, but to be satisfied with what they had.

The wound healed surprisingly quickly, suspecting Loki of having helped the wound heal. She still had panic attacks from time to time, but Loki had taught her how to deal with them on her own.
Her apartment was also preserved. Tony even managed to get the elevator to work, but when he wanted to install FRIDAY and other security systems in her apartment, she stood sideways and he left it. It should remain her apartment and not just any Stark property that was top modern. Steve helped her modernize some things in the apartment. They repainted some walls and built a new kitchen. Building IKEA cabinets with Steve was something she should have videotaped. He was completely confused by the instructions and in the end she did it herself.

Although she and Steve spent many hours in their apartment, most of the time she slept in the tower.
Steve wasn't the only one having nightmares anymore. 
When Y / N woke up at night because of her own nightmares, most of which she didn't remember, she padded into Steve's room afterwards. Each time it was as if he was waiting for her, because as soon as she lay next to him, he pulled her to him and only then could she go on sleeping. Whenever someone saw her come out of his room in the morning, no one commented.
On nights when he was on missions, she slept in her apartment and watched the new episodes of her favorite series. 

In addition, Christmas was just around the corner, the time when many people were lonely and she tried even more to be there for these people. She helped host the Christmas party every year in a children's home and this year she was able to convince Steve to help her; it was part of his reparation and all he had to do was give out the presents. As Captain America.

Happy let the two out in front of the children's home. Ordinarily she would come here on the subway, but since Steve was already in his suit it was easier to be brought over. He was still wearing a large coat and hat so that the children wouldn't recognize him, but it was safer to come here like that. Y / N pulled Steve with them to the front door, where they waited until Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper and director of the children's home, opened the door for them.
"John is busy with the kids upstairs, let's go quickly to the living room." Said the older British woman with a smile. Y / N had already decorated the large living and dining room together with her the evening before and now in the daylight it looked even more impressive.
She hugged the elderly lady before introducing her to Steve.
"Mrs. Hudson, this is Steve Rogers. "
"I'm happy to be here ma'am," he said formally and held out his hand to her.
“I know who you are. I met them at one of their campaigns. You look a lot nicer now than you did then. But maybe my memory is just fooling me. At that time I was only 11 years old myself, "she said with a smile when she shook his hand. Children's feet could be heard from above.
“I should take care of the rascals before they get away from my husband. Y / N you know where everything is. Just ring the bell when you're done and we'll come down with the kids. ”She disappeared and left the two of them alone. Steve looked at her in surprise.

"I didn't even know that she had met you back then."
“I met a lot of people back then, unfortunately I can't remember most of them. So what does it look like. What's the plan? ”He grinned, just as excited as the children above them.
“You put the costume on over your outfit and I'll get the presents from the room. Then you sit on the armchair there next to the decorated tree and I ring the bell. There's a name on every gift. Every child gets one. ”Y / N beamed at him and took another gift out of her bag, along with a silver envelope.
“The two things here are last. They are for Mrs. and Mr. Hudson. "Steve nodded and admired how beautiful Y / n looked in the light of the Christmas tree. She had a big heart and was too good for this world. And for him.

He took the garment bag from the chair and looked at what was inside. He would never fit in there.
"Y / N?"
"Mmmh?" Y / N just came in with a sack of presents.
“That won't fit. The pants are way too small. ”She looked at her and the pants he was holding in front of her.
"OK. You're right. But at least try on the coat, it's always extra large so we could stuff it. ”She watched him as he put the coat on. It was a little tight on the upper arms and didn't close at the front, but somehow it still fit. When he tried to put on the cap, he noticed the beard.
"But I don't have to wear that, do I?" She grinned.
"No! No! Please do not. Please no beard! ”Y / N pouted.
"Please Stevie, do it for the kids." She flicked her eyelashes and he gave way. Steve turned around to put on his beard and then looked annoyed at Y / N.
"Satisfied?" She had taken out her cell phone and took a picture of him, then giggled.

“Nat and Clint lost the bet. Both didn't think I could convince them to put on the beard. ”She grinned at him cheekily.
"That means I don't have to put on my beard?" She nodded, he tore off his beard and grinned dangerously at her.
"Give me the phone." She giggled and held it behind her back. He came slowly towards her, like a hunter stalking his prey. Y / N went backwards, giggling.
"Give me the cell phone, Y / N and nothing will happen to you." She shook her head and put the cell phone in her back pocket.

At that very moment he pounced on her and began to tickle her. She struggled as best she could until she stood with her back to the door, completely out of breath.
"I surrender! I surrender Steve! Please! ”He grinned, her face just inches from his. Y / N looked up and blushed. A mistletoe hung over them. Steve looked up too and grinned at her, his cheeks flushed too.
"It's tradition," he muttered and slowly leaned down to her. Y / N no longer felt the difficulty of laughing. She held her breath and stretched a little towards him.
Their lips were about to touch when they heard both children's feet running down the stairs.
"The children!" She said, frightened, and woke up from her trance. Steve nodded and straightened up. Swallowing his disappointment, he went to the armchair and quickly put away the rest of the costume, while Y / N put the sack with the gifts next to him.
"You can do it," she said encouragingly and pressed a kiss on his cheek.
Seconds later the door was thrown open and 32 children, ages 1 to 17, stormed into the room. Everything suddenly got louder as they gazed at the room until a child spotted Steve.
"This is Captain America!" The children all talked at once until Mrs. Hudson asked for silence.
“Please all sit down. What should our visit think of us? ”Immediately there was silence and all the children obeyed.

Y / N sat down on the thick carpet. Janine, one of the oldest in the house, handed little Rosie to her. The 1 year old baby beamed at her. She played with the kids during her visits, but Rosie had Y / N wrapped around her little finger ever since she was here. All the other children took their places around her.
Steve felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but when the children sat and beamed at him his nervousness disappeared.
Mrs. Hudson introduced him unnecessarily, of course all the children knew him and then he was allowed to start. Little by little, every child got their gift, everyone was excited, but waited to unpack until everyone had their gift.
Then there was only the last present left.
"Mrs. Hudson, Mr. Hudson, this is for you. ”Y / N beamed as the older lady accepted the present. Then all the children tore open the wrapping paper and the screaming started again.

Steve watched Y / N, who sat with a baby in her arms, unwrapping the little girl's present. He always knew that Y / N would become a good mother, but for the first time he imagined that she could become the mother of his child. This image burned himself into him and he smiled.
A little boy came up to him, he had received a Captain America doll and was beaming at his idol.

Mrs. Hudson approached Y / N.
"Y / N / N ... The gift ... That's too much. You already got all the presents. ”She said softly to her.
"Use the money to renovate the upper floor." Y / N knew that the couple had been saving for years to buy new beds and paint the walls. With the money they could finally do that. Mr. Hudson put an arm around his wife's waist.
"We don't know how to thank you for that." Y / N smiled.
"No need. You deserve it."


Chapter Text

It took a few hours left until the two came back out of the house. 
The children were so excited to meet Captain America that they besoped Steve during the dinner and ask him questions about his life and the avengers. Y / N knew that he enjoyed spending time with the children, just as she enjoyed it.
Now she went with Steve the road down to a big mall.
"That was nice." She chuckled and he looked at her bright face.
"Next time we get you an elf costume." He hecked her. "With a short rock and knee socks." He winked to her.
"Thats something you would like to see on me, right?" She laughed and struck him against his arm. Steve winked at her.
"I definitely did not mind." They stopped and looked at each other.
"Steve, earlier ... under the mistletoe ..." Steves Mobilephone rang.
"Remember that, y / n / n. I have to take this briefly. "He interrupted her and got his cell phone. His carefree face hardened fast and when finished the call he was no longer her Stevie, or Steve.
He was Steve Rogers -Captain America.

"What happened?" She asked him softly.
"I have to take care of something. Please go home. "She nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek before he went away. It was not the first time that happened. Steve was always worried about her, but when she told him she had threatened a group of Alpha, it was particularly bad. She had secreted that they had touched her and probably even raped her when the officers had not come.
Since then, he has always tried to send someone with her when she wanted to go somewhere what she was restricting, because she could not buy christmas present when another was there. Y / N looked at the mall on the opposite street side and grinned. That was her chance to buy the remaining Christmas gifts.

Joyfully she crossed the street.
 For Nat, Clint, Bruce and Wanda, she had already bought things that waited in her apartment on packaging.
For Tony she acquired a bottle of whiskey. For Steve new drawing mutasils.
She would later ask Peter's Aunt May what she could buy for him. Vision's gift was a cookbook and Pepper's found her in the jewelry department. Happy would get a voucher for a wellness weekend and Pietro new sneakers.
For Thor, she had ordered a huge package poptarts a month ago.
Loki was the hardest. Even if he was more open to her than to all others, she did not know what she could buy him. Until she pushed in a bookstore on a series of her favorite author, from which she believed that he would like too.
Happier she got a bubble tea and a donut. Although she should not eat so much greasy food, there soon the holidays started and she would have to be present like every year on some parties, but that did not matter.

Y / N strolled a little bit through the shopping center until there suddenly gave a loud bang and people started shouting loudly and ran in all directions. Panic grabbed her and she searched for the next exit. Whatever happened, panic crowds that ran away from somewhere were never good.
The purchases firmly under control, you ran to the toilets, where an emergency exit was signposted. She cursed inwardly, she always had such a bad luck when she wanted to do something. Arrived at the toilets she stated that no one was here. Nobody followed the signs. She opened the emergency exit sign and ran outside. It was a small alley with garbage cans in which she landed. She wanted to run grade towards the outcome of the alley, when a few meters in front of her held a motorcycle. Scared they stopped when the long-haired man jumped from the motorcycle and ran towards her. Y / N knew that she should run, but she was frozen. He wore a black mask and when he decreased his glasses, she could see piercing blue eyes.

Behind her, she heard people scream and the door closed short time later. He reached for her arm and she breathed panickly when she met the smell. His smell... 
"Mate." Came without control from her mouth. The man froze and looked at her with big eyes.
"Omega." Y / N whimpered. Everything in her called him to submit to him. His eyes clarified and became gentle.
"Alpha." She whimpered and leaned to him. Some seconds he looked at her until he shook his head.
"No." His eyes was hard again and he let her go. The man went to his motorcycle without looking at her again and drove off. 

When he disappeared from her field of view, she whimpered and fell on her knees.

A police car got out of her and a woman rose.
"Miss -y / n? Are you alright? "She recognized Officer Jody, the policewoman who helped her when the men had attacked her
She nodded, but could not really think.
"We bring you home, Omega." She said gently and helped her into the car. Y / N whimpered softly and looked at the alpha next to her.
„Nothing will happen to you. We bring you home now and then we call someone who can help you through. "Jody put a blanket around her shoulders and smiled softly.

Her apartment was not far away and when Jody brought her up, y / n sat on her couch.
"Shall I call someone for you?" Asked the alpha gently, but y / n shook her head. She did not need anyone who steals her. She just wanted to be alone, because she felt empty.
"Should something be, you can call me at any time, y / n." Said Jody before leaving the apartment and y / n was alone. She had never felt so alone. She had found her mate and he rejected her. He did not want her.
Her whole body began to tremble.

She was an Omega and her alpha did not want her. Her sobs penetrated the silence and she could not anymore. Y / n jumped up and ran into her bedroom, where she drew her on her bed and cried in her favorite teddybear. He smelled like her home and Steve, but it didn´t calmed her down.

She was not good enough. Her alpha didn´t want her because she was broken.
It burned into her head that she was not worth a mate.
Her mate didn´t want her, why would someone else would want her....


Chapter Text

Steve had already spent weeks trying to find the data breach and Lilly, but the Hydra activity was not currently available.
He hated it.
And he hated leaving Y / N alone. He wanted to bring Y / N home first and then drive to the mission, but Hydra was attacking right now and it was close by. He hoped she would actually go home.
It was his chance to find Lilly or at least find some informations about the traitor.
Steve ran to the agreed meeting point, where Natasha was already waiting for him. She tossed him his shield.
“You forgot that. Where have you been anyway? ”She grinned at him and pointed to the Santa hat he was still wearing.
“I was away with Y / N. How is the stand? ”He distracted from the topic.
“The Winter Soldier was seen again. He's around here. Two blocks- “Natasha was interrupted by a loud bang. Both Avengers instinctively ran towards the source. Nat informed the others via her headset to join them as well. Tony flew overhead and someone else suddenly ran behind them.

"Wilson?" He asked.
"Aye Aye Captain." Steve smiled and took off his coat and hat. They ran through the crowds when a van pulled up to their left and armed Hydra agents jumped out of it. The situation was very confusing and there were still too many civilians here. At the other end of the street, 3 SHIELD vans stopped and immediately began evacuating people.
While Nat and the others began to take apart the Hydra agents, Steve kept an eye out for the Winter Soldier. He had only seen him in the SHIELD files before and heard stories from Natasha, who had already met him personally.
It wasn't long before he saw him, his silver arm betrayed him. The Winter Soldier got on his motorcycle and drove away. Steve responded instinctively and buckled his shield on while grabbing a SHIELD agent's motorcycle to chase after him.
"Sam, send Red Wing after the Winter Soldier," said Steve as the Winter Soldier moved further away in traffic.

"Steve, next junction left and then left again." He let himself be guided by him, Steve couldn't see him anymore.
"The next left ... No right ... Fuck, I lost him Cap. I'll keep an eye out. "
 Steve drove on looking for the winter soldiers. But after a few minutes he drove back to the others.

In the meantime order was restored there, SHIELD had managed to arrest some Hydra members.
"Any trace of the Winter Soldier, Rogers?" Fury was there, as always, and was, as always, the serene director of SHIELD.
“Yes, but the trail was lost. Wilson is still looking for him. ”He nodded and went to his agent. Nat came up to him, there was a small laceration on her head.
"Who would have thought that these idiots would actually try to break into a bank." She grumbled and grinned at him.
"Nice that you had your fun."
"Beating up Hydra Agents is better than any workout." She laughed and pointed at the van that SHIELD was loading some Hydra members into. Some of them actually looked like Natasha was having fun.
“Cap, I found him again. He's very close to a mall, ”he heard over the headset for a short time. Immediately he started the engine again. Nat swung onto a second motorcycle.
"The two of us manage to catch him." She grinned and he nodded. They drove off as fast as they could, but no sign of the Winter Soldier.

"Wilson where is he?" Asked Nat next to him. Steve saw the mall.
“I was around here earlier with Y / N. I sent her home ... "he said to her.
“Y / N must have gone home. She's not that stupid and stays here while Hydra is just a few streets away. "
"I didn't tell her about the mission -"
“You can talk about that later. The Winter Soldier is at the western entrance right now. It would be best if you split up and come from both sides. ”Nat nodded to Steve and drove in the other direction.
"Cap he's coming right up to you." In front of him there were people running out of the building in panic, but then he saw him. And the Winter Soldier saw him too.
"I see him." Steve drove through the crowd as fast as he could, but they made it difficult for him.
"Ste-" the signal from his headset broke off.
"Wilson?" He shook his head and focused on the Winter Soldier who was now only a few meters ahead.

Steve grabbed his shield and threw it against the rear wheel, causing the vehicle to skid around a corner. The motorcycle fell and so did the Winter Soldier. Steve jumped off to follow the fleeing man on foot, his shield in hand again. The Winter Soldier was quick, but Steve managed to jump onto his back and wrestle him to the ground. They fought and a couple of times the long haired man looked like he was going to win, but then he managed to grab the man's mask and tear it off. When he saw the man's face, he froze and the dark-haired one slapped him in the face.

"Who the hell is Bucky?" The man fought against him. The same man he once called his mate.

“Bucky, it's me. Your mate. Steve. Steve Rogers. "
“You are Captain America. You're the enemy. ”He gasped.
"Bucks please. I don't want to hurt you- ”Steve's true Omega nature showed up and he whimpered. The blue eyes of the man below cleared and finally saw him for real.
"Stevie?" He asked confused and stopped struggling. The blond-haired one smiled at him and helped him up. Bucky opened his eyes and studied the bloody face of his counterpart.
"I'm sorry ..." Steve shook his head.
"I have to get you out of here now." He heard police sirens approaching them.
“Come on, Bucky, I'll take you to safety. We will sort it all out. Everything will be fine. "

Chapter Text

It had been 2 days since Steve was on the run with Bucky. Everyone was looking for him. So far Bucky has mostly just followed Steve or sat there and tried to tell him about what he could remember. He told him almost everything. There was just one thing he couldn´t tell him about.
It was so memorable that it had knocked him out of Hydra's control. It wasn't Steve, Steve just brought down the last barrier, no, it was a young woman. A young woman who ... was his mate. Bucky has two mate.
He felt guilty. Steve was his mate, not that blue-haired Omega woman.
And he didn´t even deserved Steve.

Steve was reserved and considerate the whole time, he wanted to give Bucky the free space, because he could hardly imagine where his mate had to go through the last years. But because of that he couldn't leave him alone. He had to stay with his mate, even if that meant he was on the run. Steve wasn't sure who was supporting SHIELD, but he knew Nat wasn't. She would have found him in a matter of minutes.
Bucky told him a lot about the deeds the Winter Soldier had done. He had killed Howard and Maria Stark. Y / N and Tony's parents. Steve already knew that, it was in the files he'd read about the Winter Soldier. That's why he knew that Tony should like to see him dead or in jail.
But there was also an unspoken law.
Mates were taboo.
Nobody of the Avengers was allowed to harm Bucky ... at least in theory. There were so many reasons why they could do it anyway. Steve's matemark was gone. SHIELD could capture him and hide from him in one of their secret prisons.
So much could happen.

After 2 days they arrived at the hangar and an angry Sam was waiting for them, but after a few minutes of discussion he gave in and promised to hide him and Bucky. They search for Steve but he was not considered fleeting. Everyone thought that the Winter Soldier and Hydra were holding him prisoner. After Steve explained the whole thing to him, he understood and agreed that they could hide in the small apartment that was part of the hangar but was never used.


Sam was just about to make eggs for the two men when there was a knock on the door.
“You two are hiding in the bathroom. Should you hear fighting noises, disappear through the window. ”He whispered and the two men nodded. Sam went to the door and the two disappeared into the bathroom. It wasn't exactly big, Bucky had to stand in the bathtub. Both listened intently but could not hear anything. Until the bathroom door was thrown open and a grinning redhead stood in front of them.
"That you really hide from me in the bathroom, Rogers," she grinned.
"Nat? What are you doing here?"
"Save your ass. Stark is on the way here and he wants him. ”She pointed to Bucky, who looked at her confused.

“Less than 3 minutes. He was monitoring Sam. "
"Damn." The blonde cursed and Bucky only gave a quiet "Language" Nat had to grin.
"No time for that. Steve, I have your shield with me. If you leave it somewhere again, I'll tie it to you and you  James I hope you can fight. "She said and Bucky was surprised that she called him that.
"Yes ma'am."
"Please ... Natasha Romanoff." Bucky looked at her and suddenly a memory came back.
"Наталья Алиановна Романов, моя маленькая балерина .." he called her in Russian and smiled at her. She looked surprised that he was calling her that.
“We'll have to talk about that later. But we don't have time for that now. Stark will be here soon. ”The four ran out and not a second later Tony landed in front of them.

“Rogers, I never thought I'd say that, but you're in trouble right now. Hand over the Winter Soldier. "
“Only over my corpse, Stark. He is my mate. "
“He killed my parents! HE killed Y / N's parents! How can you still protect him? Does Y / N mean nothing to you? ”He yelled at him and came a few steps closer.
"It was under the control of Hydra," said Steve, standing in front of Bucky.
"He could still be under their control." Bucky shook his head.
“I vouch for him, Stark. He won't harm anyone. He's not dangerous. ”Tony raised his arm towards him.
"Rogers, Romanoff, Wilson, get away from him or I'll have to hurt you." Steve got ready to fight, as did Natasha and Sam. Only Bucky was ready to face because he didn't want anyone to get hurt because of him.
"Last try," said Tony.

Exactly at that moment Peter came flying and landed right between them.
"Mr. Stark!"
"Peter, I told you not to get out."
"But Mr. Stark, Miss Potts is on the phone!" Peter whimpered and held out the phone to him.
“I know, Peter. I told her that I would call her back when I was done with this. "
"But Mr. Stark, it's about Y / N!" Steve gave up his defensive stance and picked up the phone from Peter to put it on the loudspeaker.
“Anthony Edward Stark, if you hang up ever again, you can sleep on the couch for the next year. I'm with Y / N right now and she ... She's an Omega and there is more, her mate rejected her. ”Tony cursed.
"If I catch him ... Y / N? Who is it? I'll kill him. ”All they heard from her was a whimper. Bucky straightened up.

"Omega!" He growled. Immediately there was only one word from Y / N as an answer.
"Alpha." Tony looked at the long haired man and groaned in annoyance.
"That can't be true now." Steve looked confused at his mate.
“Tony, I don't care who he is or what he's done. Pack it up and bring it here. Y / N needs him here. ”Another whimper could be heard, then the connection was broken and everyone looked at Bucky.

Chapter Text

When Pepper returned to the Tower the evening after Steve's escape with the Winter Soldier, the first thing the young beta noticed was the bad mood. Tony was holed up in his laboratory and didn't let anyone in. Natasha was the only one who was not influenced by his mood.
"Where's Y / N?" Pepper asked the redhead. The movie night was actually planned for tonight.
“Tony probably told her what happened and that's why she stayed in her apartment. I can't blame her. "
"FRIDAY, is Y / N in her apartment?" She asked the good soul of the tower. Y / N had forbidden Tony to build FRIDAY into their apartment, but he was allowed to build FRIDAY into the elevator. Just as a precaution.
"Miss Stark is in her apartment, Miss Potts." That calmed Pepper and she went to Tony's laboratory. It was a miracle that he hadn't excluded her too. He was sitting at his table with a whiskey in hand, writing something on his computer. His hair stuck out in all directions.

"Tony, I know you're looking for Steve and the Winter Soldier, but SHIELD will let you know as soon as they find him." She tried to persuade him. In moments like this, Tony was more Alpha than Omega.
"Come to bed with me, Tony," she whispered in his ear when he didn't answer.
"Pep I ... He killed our parents. I can't just let him get away like that. I don't know what Rogers has to do with it, but he supports him. "
"Tony, I know that. But you also need to sleep. Also, I think you had enough alcohol today. Come with me. ”She reached for his glass and drunk the rest of the alcohol.
"Come over. SHIELD will let you know. ”Pepper took his hand and pulled him into the bedroom.

Two days later, Pepper drove with Happy to the Stark Industries headquarters. She had a lot to do, but she also enjoyed it and was good at it.
During the lunch break, she directed Happy to drive her to Y / N. She hadn't heard from young Stark since Steve was gone. Pepper got Y / N's favorite food from a little Italian around the corner and then let herself into the apartment. Y / N had given her one of her spare keys because Tony would only take advantage of it, and Steve had one too.
She put the bags with the food on the little counter when she met a smell. There was an intense smell of Omega and Y / N.
"Y / N?" She asked aloud, but got no answer. She opened the door to the bedroom. The bed was rumpled but no Y / N whatsoever. She couldn't find Y / N in the bathroom either. Her gaze fell on the last door, it was a room that was still empty. Y / N hadn't decided yet what to do with this room. Pepper opened the room and the smell of Y / N intensified. And then she saw her.
Y / N was huddled in the corner of the empty room. She sat there with her head leaning against the wall and her legs drawn up. Her arms were red and bloody.

Pepper knelt in front of her.
"Y / N / N?" She gently touched her hand, but Y / N whimpered and looked at the beta. Her eyes were full of tears.
"Not good enough," she mumbled and Pepper couldn't help but hug her. She didn't know what Y / N meant by that, but she knew that the smell and her behavior meant that Y / N was an omega. She finally presented. Y / N's skin was hot, even if the room was freezing and she only wore a light shirt and panties. And then she realized it.
Y / N was in heat.

Pepper took a deep breath. She had to bring Y / N out of this room and warm her up. Having been with Tony for several years now, she knew how to take care of an Omega.The Young Beta helped Y / N up and took her to her bedroom. Again and again she whimpered and said incoherent words, which almost broke Pepper's heart. As she sat on the big bed, on which young Omega looked much smaller than she was, she looked at Pepper sadly.
Pepper took out her cell phone and called Happy.
"Happy, please get Dr. Cho. Y / N is in her first heat. ”She said nothing more and hung up immediately. She went into the bathroom and got a bowl of warm water and two clean towels. She found a disinfectant cream in a drawer.
"Y / N / N I have to wash the blood off your arms. I don't want the wounds to become infected. ”Nothing was further from her than hurting the young woman. She dipped one of the towels in the warm water.
“I will now touch you with the wet towel. But only very gently. ”She warned before stroking Y / N over her arm. Immediately she heard the whimpering again and Y / N began to tremble.
"Too much," she muttered through tears.
"I know. I'll hurry up. ”She already knew that from Tony. Each time he could hardly bear to feel anything but her skin on his.

"Y / N can you tell me what happened? "she asked after she finished and Y / N was lying with her head in Pepper's lap.
"My mate ... doesn't want me. I'm not enough" Y / N began to sob softly and Pepper was horrified. How could someone do this to Y / N? She had always had great self-doubt, but the rejection made it worse. And if she was actually rejected by her mate, it could be dangerous for Y / N. Pepper hoped that Helen would be here soon. Y / N was curled up and Pepper was able to get up and put away the towels and dirty red water. The towels ended up in the trash can and when she went back she took the bag with food.
"Y / N / N when was the last time you ate something?" She asked carefully, but the Omega shook her head.
"Not hungry."
“But you have to eat something. I brought you your favorite food. ”She took the packaging out of the brown bag, but as soon as she opened it, Y / N had to choke.
"No food," she muttered, trying to breathe through her mouth. Immediately the beta resealed the packaging and put it away.
"Cold." Y / N muttered, wrapping her arms around her trembling torso. Pepper pulled the blanket over her body, but when she touched the skin she felt the Y / N glow. The doorbell rang.

Immediately she hurried through the apartment to find Dr. Cho and Happy open the door

“Y / N is in the bedroom. She has scratched her arms open and her skin is glowing, even though she says she is cold. I think she has a fever and she gags when she smells food. I don't know when she last ate something. ”She summarized briefly. Dr. Cho nodded and hurried after her into the room where the Omega was.
Y / N had uncovered themselves again and had started scratching their arms again.
"Y / N / N, Dr. Cho is there to examine you. So that you feel better soon. ”She whimpered, but calmed down a little when Pepper took her hand.
"Y / N I have to do a few tests with you now. I have to touch you for that. If it gets too uncomfortable or even hurts, I ask you to squeeze Miss Pott's hand. "
It took Dr. Cho finished the exam, but when she finished she looked at Pepper.
"Y / N was rejected by your mate, correct? It seems like her body and mind just can't handle it. An omegas is made to be with its alpha. But if the Alpha does not want that, there are cases in which the Omega gets sick and could even die. If Y / N continues like this, she will die of the proverbial broken heart. "

Chapter Text

Pepper gave her a startled look. She had heard of it before, but also knew that it actually only happened in very rare cases. And now should it happen to Y / N?
She looked at the young Omega who was holding her hand and knew that she had to inform Tony about it.
"What do we do now, Helen?" They make quietly.
“There is a drug I can give her. It can be that the symptoms are weakened by it. ”She said and drew up a drug with a syringe. As soon as Y / N has it injected, she stops shaking.
Pepper left Y / N briefly in the care of Dr. Cho to get one of the bags that Happy brought for Y / N from the living room. Inside of it were things that were supposed to help an omega during the heat. She set about re-covering the bed with a duvet cover made especially for Omega. Then she managed to convince Y / N to put on a dressing gown, the fabric of which was very light on the skin, but would still warm her.

Y / N was sitting on the bed with her teddy bear in her arms when Pepper called Tony, but he didn't answer. Confused, she saw to the young Stark and tried to call again immediately. This time he answered.

“Pepper, I'll call you back in a minute. I'm on the way to put Rogers and the Winter Soldier into arrest. ”Before Pepper could say anything, he hung up again. Now she got so angry that the Y / N next to her started to whimper again. Pepper tried 3 more times, but the mailbox answered each time. She looked at Y / N and wondered what to do now. Thenshe thought about Peter and she hoped he was near Tony. He answered immediately on the first ring.
"Miss Potts?"
"Peter! Are you near Tony?"
“Yes, Miss Potts. He's outside talking to Mr. Rogers. ”Pepper let out a relieved breath.
"Pete, you urgently need to hand the phone over to Tony. It's urgent and about Y / N. "
"Of course Miss Potts." She smiled and heard Peter talking to Tony. He discussed with him. Until someone picked up the phone.

“Anthony Edward Stark, if you hung up again, you can sleep on the couch for the next year. I'm at Y / N right now and she ... "Pepper sits down next to Y / N and stroked her head.
"She's an Omega and there is more, her mate rejected her." They could hear Tony swear.
"If I catch him ... Y / N? Who is it? I'll kill him.“he was so loudly and aggressively, that Y / N whimpered again. Seconds later, both hear a deep male voice through the phone.
"Omega!" Y / N stood up immediately and started the phone in her hand.
"Alpha." Y / N suddenly looked very sad and started scratching her arms again
“Tony, I don't care who he is or what he's done. Pack him up and bring him here. Y / N needs him here. ”Then Pepper hung up.
"He doesn't want me," she muttered and sobbed.
“Tony makes sure he comes here. Everything will be fine Y / N / N. "She whispered soothingly and hoped that he would actually do it.

Y / N curled up in a ball only to then jump up seconds later and run across the room. She stopped by the window and pointed her head against it.
"Y / N. Don't you want to go back to bed? ”Pepper softly, but she shook her head.
"Too warm." Pepper got up and walked over to her.
"Come on, let's sit down on the armchair," she said and took the Omega's hand to put her on the broad armchair. Y / N carries their head against Pepper.
"Wasn't he wanting me?" She said softly and Pepper brushed the blue curls off her face.
"Y / N / N, I don't think he doesn't want you ... It's all very complicated."
"I'm broken. No wonder he doesn't want me. Nobody wants me. ”She mumbled softly.
"You are not broken. You are perfect the way you are and we love you the way you are. ”Y / N slumped and fielded against her.
"Y / N, come on, let's get you back to bed. You can sleep in peace there. ”She said, but the young Omega did not move.
"Y / N?" She shook the shoulders of the young Omega, but she was long asleep.
"Happy?" He came into the room.
"Can you help me pack her into bed? Helen said that could happen. "

After putting Y / N in bed, she called Dr. Cho on and she advised her to stay close to Y / N until her mate is there.
She looked at Y / N, whom she had known for so long. It hurt her soul that she had to suffer so much in her young life. Pepper hoped for Y / N that her mate would accept her after all and that she would finally get the life she deserves.

Then the doorbell rang and Pepper and Happy jumped up to open the door. Steve was at the door with a man she recognized as the Winter Soldier. He had long brown hair and ice blue eyes. The man just walked past Pepper. It was Y / N's mate. Steve looked like he wanted to go with him.
"Steve, no!" Happy and Pepper held his arms. He growled loudly until Pepper closed the front door and all three were in the hallway. They looked at him for a few seconds.
"Sorry," he muttered ashamed.

“It's normal to react like that, Steve. She means something to you. "Said Happy.
“Can we trust him? Will he be able to take care of her? ”Pepper looked at him.
"Yes, he knows how to take care of omegas," he muttered sadly and got into the elevator. The two betas followed him.

Chapter Text

Bucky instinctively knew that his Omega was on the other side of the door. Slowly he opened it and saw her lying on the bed. As she moving gently, Bucky walked slowly towards her, caught up in her scent. He eyed her, her blue curls were wild around her head and even if it wasn't her natural hair color, he thought it suited her. Her face twisted and she whimpered.
Bucky sat down next to her and stroked her cheek.
She was an Omega, but very different from Steve. Steve was skinny and she, Y / N, had curves. She was softer, but just as beautiful in his eyes.
That he was rejected when they first met because he wanted to protect her. He was still dangerous, but Steve believed he could take care of her the way he used to take care of Steve.

Y / N opened her eyes and her ice blue eyes met him.
"Mate." She whispered.
"Yes, Omega. I'm your mate. ”He smiled. She sat up and suddenly looked at him sadly.
"You do not want me. I'm broken. ”He looked blankly at her as she began to scratch her arms open. He didn't understand how she could think she was broken, whereas he was the broken one.
Bucky took her hands in his. Even if she was only a few inches shorter than him, her hands were significantly smaller than his.
"Y / N you are not broken. I'm sorry for what I did to you, but I just want to help you now and then I'll go. I just want to help you and I'll leave if that's what you want. But please let me help you, Omega. I have to help you. ”She looked at him and nodded.
"Please help me Alpha."

It took a few hours until the fog of Y / N`s Heat cleared and she lay exhausted next to her Alpha. He had an arm around her and was sleeping. Y / N eyed him.
He was the first she had sex with and it had been ... intoxicating, even if it was painful at first.
The man lying next to her had long brown hair and something about his appearance was familiar to her. He had a distinctive face and tanned skin.
Y / N ran her fingers over his face. First over the angular chin, then over his cheeks, his eyebrows, down his nose to his lips. When she got there she felt his muscles twitch and a smile spread under her fingertips.

"Hey Doll." His blue eyes opened and looked at her intensely. Y / N blushed thinking about what they'd done together. She took her hand from his face and covered hers with it. Y / N felt him move next to her and then her hands were gently pulled from her face.
"Don't hide your beautiful face from me, Doll." He smiled and she blushed even more.
"We slept together and I don't even know your name," she whispered. His smile stopped.
"James," he said curtly and she nodded.
"Y / N." Now he smiled again.
"I know." She found that she liked his smile.

“I think someone brought us some food earlier. Are you hungry? ”He asked. She hadn't even noticed that anyone had even been there, she had been so distracted. She shook her head, embarrassed, but at that moment her stomach decided to growl.
"I think your stomach disagrees." He jumped up and pulled on a pair of pants. With a T-shirt in hand, he turned and looked at her.
“I'll wait for you in the kitchen and warm up the food. Take your time. ”Y / N nodded, but when he was out the door she wanted to have him next to her again. Her lower lip came out and she sat up. Her muscles ached, but it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling. She pulled the feather-light sheet from her body, but what she saw almost made her pull the sheet up again. She had some stains and brushes on her body that she couldn't explain. Y / N whimpered and quickly put on her dressing gown.
She padded barefoot into the kitchen where her mate was standing at the stove and warming something in the pan.

Y / N tried to cuddle in his arms, which he immediately agreed to and took the pan off the stove.
"Don't go away," she muttered into his shirt and hugged him. James held her with his Human Arm, trying to touch her as little as possible with his metal arm. He didn't trust himself enough, even if Steve had been trying to convince him for the last few days that his arm is not a weapon, but that he could decide for himself what to do with it. He wasn't quite sure yet whether he would manage not to think about the deeds he had done with that arm.

He kissed her on the forehead and noticed how she relaxed in his arms.
"Shall we eat on the sofa?" He asked gently. She nodded and looked at him with her big ice blue eyes.
"Do you want to sit down?" She shook her head and whimpered. He nodded and took her hand.
“I'm not going to send you away doll, but I have to put our food on plates. You also need something to drink urgently. ”He touched her dry lips. She nodded and sat on a stool near him.
He searched the cupboards until he found a large plate where he was putting the food up. With the plate, a bottle of orange juice and cutlery in one mechanical hand and Y / N's hand in the other, he went to the sofa and sat down. He pulled his Omega onto his lap.
"Too heavy," she muttered restlessly. He smiled.
"Doll, you are not too heavy. Do you want to sit next to me? ”He gave her the choice and she shook her head. Bucky moved her so that she had easier access to the plate. Y / N grabbed the fork and eat embarrassed from the plate while he watched her. Then she held the fork in front of his mouth and he accepted the food with a smile.
Y / N grinned broadly and began to take turns to eat and feed him until she was full, he got her to drink half the bottle and then she let herself sink exhausted against him. Bucky put the plate on the table and hugged her. Her legs were cold, so he pulled the blanket off the chair and covered her with it. Y / N snuggled up against him and grunted happily.
"Satisfied?" She nodded and yawned. Bucky smiled and thought of Steve.

He had been his first and so far only Omega. In the past, same-sex mates weren't forbitten, but homosexual couples were still met with a lot of hatred. That's why many couples hid. It was the same with them. Everyone thought they were just best friends, which they were, but they were true mates too. This was rare and everyone strived to find their True Mate. And he had found his at the age of 18, even if they had known each other all their lives. Or so he thought. But when he first saw Y / N, it was like when he found out that Steve was his mate.
She made it through decades of control of Hydra with a single word. Her smell had filled him and awakened his heart, believed dead.
And when he met Steve afterward, Hydra's control over him was broken. Now his heart was fighting his mind.
He only knew the new Steve for 2 days, but he also recognized his Stevie in him, but the young woman in his arms was also his mate, if not his true mate.

He didn't know anything about her except that her name was Y / N, but he wanted to get to know her if she let him.
Still, there was Steve. Although he had learned that homosexuality was normalized now, Bucky was also worried that Hydra would get his hands on him again and that his memory would be erased until he no longer recognized them and Hydra would then lead him to his two potential mates kill. Steve might still be able to defend himself, but Y / N would be an easy victim. Or Hydra killed them. Or they froze him again.
Through all those years at Hydra, he knew that they were unpredictable and that no one was safe from them. Hydra always get what they wanted. He was less afraid of SHIELD and Tony Stark. Sure he could be locked away for his actions and that would probably be better that way, but Y / N and Steve would be safe from him and hopefully from Hydra as well.

Y / N had fallen asleep in his arms and he lifted her gently to carry her to bed. But when he saw the bed and the stains, he sat her on the armchair and began to re-cover the bed. He had seen new sheets in the bag by the door.
After it was freshly made, he gently lifted his Omega into bed without waking her. Then he took off his shirt and lay down next to her. Y / N snuggled up to him immediately and her hair fell so that he could see the soft part of the crook of her neck, where his claim was now emblazoned.
Bucky tried to remember when that happened, but a lot had happened in the past few hours.
He hoped that he wouldn't let her down and that she would forgive him for claiming her without her consent.

Chapter Text

3 days later Y / N woke up and she felt normal again, only when she turned on her side she felt how sore she was in some places. The bed next to her was empty, but she still felt the remaining warmth and heard someone fiddling in the kitchen. She decided to take a shower first before meeting the man who was her mate.
In the bathroom, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror.
The first thing she noticed was the mark on the crook of her neck. She gently ran her fingertips over the symbol, it looked a little like a star.
She smiled at the rest of her body. She had some hickey marks on her body and bruises on her hips that looked like fingers. Her hair was sticking out in all directions and it was greasy.
Y / N laughed and got into the shower.

Then she went to her bedroom, wrapped in a towel, where her mate had already tidied up while she was in the shower and the bed was freshly made. Y / N got a pair of soft cloth trousers from the closet, which she put on together with cozy socks and Steve's blue hoodie. She felt a less normal and not so exposed. Her gaze fell on the bed on which her teddy was sitting and she felt the need to hug him, but left it. She knew that it was normal for Omegas to take a comfort toy with her, but she didn't yet know whether she was already feeling so comfortable in her new role as Omega.

Taking a deep breath, she entered the living area and saw that her mate was standing at the stove, preparing something.
"Good morning, Y / N. I thought I'd cook us something for breakfast. ”He smiled nervously at her.
"Thanks, James," she said, and it felt weird calling him that. For the past few days she'd always called him Mate or Alpha and he'd called her Omega or Doll. But that was during their heat. Now she could think clearly again and everything was new to her.
Actually, she couldn't be happier.
She was an Omega and she had a mate. But as nervous as he looked at her, he was anything but happy about it ...

"I'm sorry," they both said at the same time. Both looked confused.
"Why?" They spoke again at the same time.
"You first, Y / N" he said and she nodded.
“I'm sorry that you have me as your mate and that you were forced to take care of me. When I first met you, your reaction showed how you really feel about me. No hormone-controlled wanting. It's ok if you want to go There is likely someone waiting for you at your home. You must have a great wife and pups. Do not worry about me. I'll be fine I have been for the last few years too. Thank you for making food and taking care of me. ”She looked at her trembling hands.


Bucky looked at the wondrous creature in front of her and couldn't believe what she had just said. He would never think of her negatively in his life. He was sorry he rejected her, but it wasn't him ... He's not the Winter Soldier.
"Doll, you are not broken. I don't know you enough to have a complex opinion about you, but what I see is perfect. I don't have a wife or children. and i'm so sorry i rejected you I swear to you this will never happen again. Why did i do it? that would be a long and complicated story that I will tell you at some point. But I promise you that I will never push you away again, Y / N. ”He said first and took her hands in his. She looked at him a little incredulously.
"My life is ... complicated, but you'll always have a place in there, whether you want me as your mate or not. And even if you should choose someone else, I'll be there for you. ”Y / N felt a little guilty when she thought of Steve at that moment. She still felt the same for Steve as she did before, but James was so loving to her. And it was her mate. There was clearly a connection between them that she wanted to explore. It confused her that suddenly there was another person who was moving something in her life. James put a plate in front of her.
"Let's eat before the food gets cold." He smiled gently at her and she nodded. Again she found that she liked it when he smiled.

She was about to start eating when her cell phone vibrated next to her. An indulgence from Pepper had arrived.
Do you want to come over? Everyone is worried about you. x pep
Y / N grinned and immediately typed her answer.
Naturally! Can you send happy
He'll be there in 10 minutes!

Y / N happily started to eat.
"Good news?" Asked James, grinning.
"No. I look forward to seeing my family right away. Do you want to come with me? "She asked excitedly, but added immediately afterwards:
“So only if you want to. You probably have other plans and I don't want to impose you ... "
"I'll be happy to come, Doll." He smiled  at the young woman. He was amazed how she can be so full of self-doubt ...
"Really?" He nodded and finished his plate only to nibble off her plate.
"Hey, that's mine!" She giggled and ate faster, but halfway through she was full and pushed the plate over to him.
"Ok you can eat the rest." She smiled and jumped up. She ran to her bedroom to get her bag. Some of the Christmas presents were still inside, so she put them in her closet. The doorbell rang. Her gaze wandered around the room and stopped at her teddy bear, but she shook her head.

Y / N rushed to the door where James was waiting for them.
"A happy is waiting downstairs," he said confused.
"Happy is the driver." She smiled and put on her shoes and jacket.
"Do you have everything?" He asked, looking at her bag. She thought for a moment and then ran quickly into the bedroom to get her teddy bear. Ashamed, she came back with the teddy bear and put it in her pocket. James looked at her gently-
"We can go," she said, blushing. As she passed him, she could hear a soft "Good girl." And her smile widened.

Chapter Text

Happy stood next to the car and smiled at her. He opened the car door for her and they sat in. Y / N noticed that her mate was feeling uncomfortable and she took his metal hand.
"I don't really like driving in a car," he said quietly to her and pointed to his motorcycle.
Y / N nodded and began to play with his fingers, but when she saw that he was looking at her in amazement and amusement, she let go of his hand and looked out the window. Her hands were buried in her handbag and stroked the teddy’s fur soothingly.

Bucky looked at her for a long time and hoped that she wasn't ashamed of him and that she would be able to deal with him carefree one day. He wanted her to be with him. She should be herself.
"So where are we going?" He asked her and stroked the curls behind her ear with his hand.
"To the Avengerstower." He looked at her confused.
"Your family are the Avengers?" She nodded and smiled.
“They are all my family. Actually, I only have my brother, but since the Avengers existed, everyone else has joined my family. Especially Steve. He is my best friend. I think you would get along well. I hope you get along ... “Bucky swallowed. It got more and more complicated for him.
"They'll all like you ... Although ... I hope Tony will pull himself together. I know that as a big brother he has a particularly strong protective instinct, but don't take it to heart. ”She beamed at him and only now did he notice the resemblance to her brother. She was Y / N Stark.
Not only would her brother let out the Protector, he would kill him. And he could understand him. If someone did this to him and Rebecca ... He would have freaked out and had a fight with them. He would have protected Rebecca from him.
But now he was the bad guy and Tony Stark's little sister was the one who snuggled up against him and put her head on his shoulder.

And then there was Steve. His mate. He was the man he has vowed to love and he still loves him. He had to explain everything to him. They had to find a way to keep no one hurt, but Bucky knew it wasn't going to be easy. In the end, someone would always get hurt.
He couldn't lose Steve, but he didn't want to lose Y / N either.
Y / N relaxed next to him and looked at him.
"Who would have thought that is how fate would have played. “Steve had been looking for an Omega for the Avengers for years and after the ... incident with the last Omega and me, he had given up. And now I am an Omega! But maybe I'm not the Omega they want ... "She looked so sad that Bucky put his hand on her cheek and she snuggled against him.
“Of course you will be the right one. what happened between you and the last Omega? ”he asked curiously. she hesitated.
"The Omega, Lilly, she belonged to Hydra and she ..." She was silent for a minute before pulling up the hoodie a bit.
"She is the reason for this scar."
"What did she do?" He asked through clenched teeth.
"She tried to kill me." She played nervously with her teddy bear, avoiding her mate's gaze, who growled deeply.

Bucky didn't know what to answer to that. He thought he knew Lilly. She'd been trained by the Red Room, just like Natalia. Just that Natalia was one of the best.
Hydra often used the women from the Red Room for their missions. That Y / N survived was no accident. If Lilly wanted her dead, she would be dead now. He pressed his lips to her forehead soothingly.

The car stopped in front of the tower and both got out. She took his hand and beamed at him.
Suddenly he realized that he should tell her about him and Steve. But maybe it was better to talk to Steve about it first.
Y / N felt him through the large lobby into the elevator.
"FRIDAY? Where's Steve? "
“Welcome back Miss Stark. Mr. Rogers is in the common room waiting for you there. I'm supposed to tell you from Miss Potts that she'll be there for lunch. ”Y / N nodded, but her mate looked confused.
"What was that?" She giggled.
“FRIDAY, our good soul of the house. Artificial intelligence created by my brother. She controls the entire building. ”When the elevator stopped and the door opened, Bucky stumbled upon her smile changing and becoming even brighter.

Steve came towards them and she let go of him to throw himself into the blond's arms-
"Hey Y / N / N. How are you? ”He asked and looked at her intently. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
"Things are going great! Stevie, this is James. ”Steve looked at the brown-haired man.
"Hello James. Y / N your brother wants to talk to you. He is in his workshop. I'll have a little chat with James until you come back. "She nodded and took the elevator into Tony's workshop. He was working on one of his suits when she walked in.
"Tony!" She trilled and he put down his tools.
"Y / N / N!" He pulled her into his arms.
"Are you all right?" She blushed under his scrutinizing gaze.
"Yes! James took good care of me. "
"James ... Y / N I -"
"No Tony. You know I love you, but I don't want to hear what you found out about him. You have probably already studied his whole résumé and found out the sister of the midwife who helped during his birth back then. Let me find out for myself who he is. "
"I don't want you to get hurt, Y / N / N."
"And if it does happen, Tony, this is life- and we can't hide from life."
"Far too wise ..." he muttered.
“Go back to Rogers and the others. They were all worried about you. ”Y / N nodded and hugged him again.
"I love you, little one," he whispered and let her go.

Y / N sauntered back to the two men happily, but when she opened the door to the common room she heard them arguing.
“Do you think I picked all of this, Steve? Damned. I was happy. We were happy. And then I swore to you that I would follow you everywhere and that I am. I will keep doing it. When I fell off the train back then ... all I could think of was you. Steve you were my mate and you still are if you want to, but ... Y / N is my mate too. “He looked guiltily at the blonde. Y / N held her breath and tried to process what she had just said.
"Bucky ..." Steve whispered and pulled him close to kiss him. Suddenly Y / n realized that her was James, James Buchanan Barnes. Steve's Bucky.
His soul mate.
Y / N had tears in their eyes.
That why Bucky felt guilty about her...

She walked over to the two of them and cleared her throat. Steve and Bucky jumped apart, startled. When they both looked at her, their faces turned white.
"Y / N!" Bucky started to explain, but she cut him off immediately.
“I understand now and am not angry with either of you. Actually, I should have noticed it earlier. The eyes, the face. Why did you tell me your name is James? ”She shook her head.
“I should know that I won't push myself between you. I don't want you to have to hide anymore. I know this is what you wanted most, Stevie. And now you can finally have it. Please be happy together. I'll be fine. ”She said quietly but firmly and turned away to leave. Steve held her arm.
"Y / N / N it doesn't have to be that way-"
"Steve, that's the way it should be - you two are Soulmates and True Mates and I know how much you love him and how much it would break your heart not to be with him now. I love you too much to deny you this wish. ”Steve dropped his hand and Y / N quickly walked back into the elevator. As soon as the doors were closed she asked softly:
"FRIDAY? Is Loki in the house? "
"Yes, he is in his room." The elevator stopped on the right floor.

Y / N knocked gently on his door and a short time later he opened it with a big grin.

"Hey little Omega."
"Loki, you said if I asked you, you would take me out of here?" He looked at her and nodded. Her lower lip trembled and tears pooled in her eyes.
"Please." His eyes widened.
"You want to get out of here?" She nodded and Loki eyed her a moment before he took her hand and led her to the balcony, where he and Thor always called Heimdall.
"If that's really what you want, I'll take you out of here, darling." He pulled her tightly into his arms.

Bucky and Steve came just in time to see the bifrost close again. They both looked at each other sadly and they knew that they had lost her.

Chapter Text

When the glaring light disappeared, she was standing in a huge room and a tall man stood across from her. He smiled at her and she noticed that his eyes were fascinating.

“Welcome back Loki and welcome to Asgard Omega Y / N Stark. My name is Heimdall, I see and hear everything that happens in the 9 realms. I'm the gatekeeper of the Bifrost and protector of Asgard. ”He said and bowed to her. Y / N didn't know how to react and looked at Loki, who was walking towards them with a huge black horse.
"I can't ride, Loki," she said in awe. She was even afraid of heights and the horse was very big.
"Don't worry darling, I won't let you fall off." He grinned and lifted her onto the horse's back. Immediately she closed her eyes and held on.
"Loki, I'm scared." He slipped into the saddle behind him and wrapped his arms around her.
"I'm here." She noticed how the horse started to move and pressed herself against Loki's body. After a few seconds he whispered in her ear.
“Open your eyes, darling. Nothing will happen to you. ”She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Immediately she was blinded by the bright light, but when her eyes got used to the light, she could not get out of the amazement.

"WOW!" She whispered enthusiastically. Thor and Loki had already told her a lot about Asgard, but no story matched the true beauty of this place.
"Welcome to Asgard, Y / N / N," he grinned.

After a short time they arrived in the family's private stables and Loki helped her out of the saddle.
"You survived," he grinned.
"Thanks." She smiled and didn't just mean riding. With her purse in hand, she followed Loki.
"Don't worry Y / N. Nothing will happen to you here. You will quickly notice that we treat omegas differently. Besides, you are my guest. ”He took her hand and led her through the palace until after a short time a group of well-dressed women came towards them. Y / N suddenly felt uncomfortable when she thought about her outfit.

"Loki!" Smiled the oldest and most elegant woman of the group and came up to her to hug her son.
“Y / N, that's the Allmother Frigga. My mother. ”Loki introduced her, although she already knew who this woman was. Y / N didn't know what to do and tried to curtsy, but Frigga interrupted them.
“No need for formality, little Omega. My sons have told me so much about you. It's nice that you've finally found your destiny. ”Frigga hugged the young Omega and it was a mother's hug. She immediately felt secure.
“Loki, the Allfather would like to speak to you immediately. Don't worry, I'll take care of Y / N. I'll show her the palace and take her to her bedchamber. "Frigga smiled gently.
Loki said goodbye, not without hugging Y / N again. Frigga sent her companions away.

She showed her around the palace and told her a lot about Asgard, the warriors, Valkyries and of course about her sons. From Loki's pranks and Thor's fights. Y / N found that Frigga loved her sons. Both arrived in a hallway after a good 2 hours and she opened a door.
“These are your rooms. Loki's room is right behind the next door and mine is down the hall. ”Y / N entered the large room, which was just the vestibule for the actual room.
"Allmother ... That doesn't work. This is too much. A small room is enough for me ... Or just a bed ... "
"It's been a long time since Loki brought someone with him ..." Y / N tried to explain with a stutter that it was definitely not what she thought, but Frigga interrupted her with a raised hand.
"I know. Your heart is quite torn and does not belong to one of my sons, even if both have a place in your big heart. But I also know that you are Loki's best friend and that you alone deserve more than this for what you've done for him. Y / N / N in Asgard there are very few omegas, Loki told me it is similar in Midgard, but we treat our omegas very well. We live longer than Midgardians, Loki is over 1500 years old, but in Midgard he would be just 35. ”She smiles at the astonished Omega.
"Do we want to have some tea before we change your clothes?" Asked Frigga and pointed to the small table on the balcony, which was already set for her. Y / N nodded and put her bag on a cupboard.

"I am grateful that I can be here." Y / N was completely overwhelmed by everything. Frigga beamed at her and put back her empty teacup.
“And you only saw a fraction of Asgard. Next time you come here I'll show you the real beauty of Asgard, my child. But now it's time to get dressed. ”Two women came into the room and smiled at her. They were beautiful Betas.
"I don't think I fit in your clothes ..." Y / N muttered.
“Oh believe me, you will look beautiful. But first, let's take care of your hair. I have to say that I love your hair color, it makes your eyes shine. ”She blushed at the compliment and smiled at the women.
While the two women began to tie their hair up in a complicated braided hairstyle, Frigga told her about the young Loki and Thor's love for snakes, which Loki liked to exploit.

her hair
It didn't take long for another beta to come in, with her a beautiful blue dress. Y / N would never have chosen this dress for herself, but when she stood in front of the mirror in this dress she had to smile ..
"I think I never looked better," she muttered, running her fingers over the soft fabric. The sleeves went to the floor and that was just one of the many details that she liked about this dress. The only thing she didn't like was that everyone could see her claim and it hurt her.
Frigga agreed that she could leave her cozy socks on and Y / N promised her to bring some for her the next time.


The next time there was a knock on the door, no other woman came in, but Loki. When he saw her, he stopped and stared at her.
"Wow ... Y / N ... you look beautiful. I mean .. you are always beautiful, but the dress suits you perfectly. ”Loki had exchanged his black suit for a dark green traditional tunic. It looked very classic on him and when he turned her once to see her from all sides, she giggled.

He took her hand and pulled her out of the room towards one of the gardens.
“This is my mother's favorite garden. She collects the most beautiful flowers from all worlds. Some are even from Midgard. Thor and I always try to bring something back to her. Some time ago I found a rose that reminds me of you. ”He pointed to an inconspicuous bush with closed flowers.
"An inconspicuous plant ... just like me," she said quietly, not knowing whether that was a compliment or an insult from him.
"No, absolutely not." Loki blew some magic on the rosebud and it opened. The result was a brilliant ice blue sapphiric blossom.
“She's a little shy and reserved, but with a little love and affection, she shows her real self . Just like you, darling. ”He smiled gently at her.
"Oh Loki, you know exactly what a girl wants to hear." She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“The Allfather wants you to be present at the dinner today. But if you don't want to, I can apologize both of us. You don't have to participate if you don't want to. Omega's wishes are respected by us, not even the Allfather can speak against it, ”he said after they had walked through the garden for a while. Y / N looked at him.
"I would like to be there." She smiled.
"You will sit next to me and the Allmother, should anything happen, I can take you away at any time, a word from you and we go. Celebrations in Asgard can be quite overwhelming. ”Loki tried to prepare her for it. Y / N looked around the garden one more time and smiled at him.
"When does it start?"
"Now," he said apologetically and took her hand. They walked hand in hand through the corridors, holding hands not feeling romantic at all. It was just normal.

Chapter Text

They had almost reached the great hall when she noticed the absence of Loki's brother.
"Loki, where is Th-"
"Y / N / N! I just found out that you are here! Wow! You look great! ”Thor wrapped his arms around her and whirled her in a circle, while she giggled and grabbed his upper arms.

"Thor! I've missed you!"
“I missed you too, little Omega. And I think it's nice that you've finally found someone. "He pointed to the mark on her neck,
"I hope you will be treated well by them!" Y / N's happy eyes became sad and filled with tears.
“You idiot with an Axe! Why do you think she is here! ”Loki pulled her to him.
"Come on, let's go in." He mumbled softly and she nodded. Thor cursed and went with them.
"I'm sorry, Y / N / N." He said bent and she just nodded.


When the large double doors were opened for her, the noise reached her unfiltered. It was very loud and Thor grinned broadly, hammer in hand, he went ahead. The cheers grew louder. Y / N looked a little scared at Loki.
"One word." He said softly and she nodded. When she entered the hall at Loki's side, the cheers stopped and everyone stared at her. Y / N looked down at the floor and Loki escorted them to her seat. As soon as she sat and looked up, she noticed that everyone was still staring at her and Y / N was blushing.
A man she identify as Odin got up and everyone suddenly looked at him.
"Today we celebrate the return of my son Loki and we welcome Omega Y / N here in Asgard." Everyone cheered and Y / N looked at Loki. His lips were pressed together and she noticed how uncomfortable he felt when Odin called him that. Y / N put a hand on his arm and her thumb gently stroked the fabric of his shirt. The Asgardians watched this gesture carefully. Frigga leaned over to her.
“For a long time there has not been a strange Omega visiting. Many will suggest that Loki is your mate. Of course we know better. ”She winked at her.
“Even if there are centuries-old rules for dealing with omegas, things keep happening that you shouldn't experience. But I am here and I will protect you. And even if you regret the time and the person didn't deserve you, it's an additional protection. ”Loki explained.

Y / N thought about it. She didn't hate Bucky. She couldn't do that. And she couldn't hate Steve. But she also knew that there was no place for her in this relationship. The two were soulmates, 2 people who just belonged together .. And they would only bother us. Loki saw the Y / N was brooding and lifted her chin.
“Don't worry your head, darling. Just enjoy the time here. You deserve a break. "
Y / N nodded and began to eat the delicious food, while Loki and Frigga tried to include them in their conversations. Over time, the volume of the others and the many intense smells overwhelmed her. 

Just when Loki decided to take her out of here, Odin got up and everyone was silent.
"When I said earlier that we would like to welcome Omega Y / N here in Asgard, I did not mention that we would also like to welcome our new Princess Y / N here." The hall burst out cheering and raging. Y / N looked panicked at Odin.
"You can't be serious!" Loki jumped up and followed Odin out of the hall, followed by Frigga. So that only Thor and they sat there. He came over to her immediately and took her hand.
"Y / N. It's all just a big misunderstanding. Loki and mother will be able to sort it all out. Nobody will force you to do anything, not even the Allfather. Do you want to stay here or back to your rooms? ”He asked gently.
"I would like to follow Loki." She mumbled softly and he nodded.

Thor led her into the throne room and she could hear Loki from afar.
"I never thought you'd be so cold-hearted and make an Omega marry against her will." Frigga interfered.
“Odin, you have to take this back. Please tell me that you don't mean that. Y / N will not be married to any of your sons. They are my sons too. As for Loki ... Loki was never your son. He was always my son. ”She hissed at him. Odin looked at Y / n, who came into the hall with Thor. Thor stood a little in front of her.
"Y / N step forward." He said in a certain alpha voice.

"It's bad to influence her like that." Loki growled and stood next to Y / N, who had stepped in front of Odin. But the Allfather ignored him.
"Y / N who are your parents?" He asked.
"Howard and Maria Stark." She answered truthfully.
"You look like your mother," he said and came closer.
"The reason I said that Y / N is Asgard's princess is because it's her birthright."
"I beg your pardon?" Everyone looked at him confused.
“I met Maria Stark at Midgard a few years ago. She was a great woman with a mate who neglected her very much. I was just doing my duty as Alpha. And that's how Y / N was made. ”he said smugly.

"You ... are you my father?" She asked confused and Loki threw his arms around her.
“They are all lies. You lie to her for your little games. ”Loki hissed, but Frigga interrupted him.
“Loki- He's not lying. He- I never thought I'd meet her and I didn't know it was Y / N either. He told me about the child. But that she would ever be here. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. The Allfather is not exactly known for his malpractice. ”Frigga looked at her sympathetically and Y / N felt as if her head was about to explode.

She looked at Loki.
"I want to get out of here." She whimpered and he nodded immediately and took her to her rooms. Thor accompanied them.
Tears ran down her face as she sat down on the soft bed.
"My whole life is a lie." She whimpered and Loki handed the bear out of her handbag before he sat down next to her.

Chapter Text

Y / N was crying.
Her whole life at least she was certain that her parents were her parents. And now she had to find out that Tony was only her half-brother and that her father was not her father.
Y / N cried loudly until Loki couldn't take it any longer and got up.
Thor stood in front of the door and looked at him.
"How is she." Thor looked like Loki was feeling.
"Will you stay with her, please?" He said, pointing to Y / N. Thor stopped him before he could leave.
"Where are you going, brother."
“I cannot let him destroy the only thing that should remain untouched by him. He destroys everything. "
"Loki she needs you now."
"Please go to her, Thor." He looked at his black-haired brother for a long time and then nodded.
"Hurry up." Thor walked into the room and it broke his heart to see her cry like that. He hurried to the bed and sat down next to her.

“Come here, little bird. Everything will be fine. ”She let him pull her onto his lap, where she made herself even smaller, but snuggled up against him. Y / N cried into his shoulder and Thor tried to comfort her. He looked at the young woman in his arms who was supposed to be his sister. He had always felt very fraternal for her, but he couldn't quite understand that she was his little sister. He was sorry that she had to suffer so. He didn't know what had happened to her mate, but he would find out and then make the man or woman suffer for what they did to his little sister.

Within a very short time she was asleep, her bear tightly in his arms and Thor pulled the blanket tightly over her.
When Loki came into the room hours later, he was in a bad mood.
“I'll bring Y / N home tomorrow. It should be as far away from him as possible. ”Loki looked down at the sleeping Y / N.
“She is my - our sister, Loki. We have to protect her! ”Loki nodded.
"Yes. We have to. "

When Y / n woke up the next morning, she looked around, disoriented, until she remembered where she was and what had happened.
Immediately the tears ran down her cheeks again.
"Don't cry, little bird," said Thor, stroking her cheek. He was sitting on the bed with Loki next to her.
"I want to go home ..." she muttered and looked at the two men.
"We'll bring you home, little bird." Said Thor and Loki got up. There was a knock on the door and Frigga came in.
"Boys, do you leave us alone for a moment?" Asked the Allmother. Loki looked at Y / N.
"Is that okay with you?" He asked. She nodded and he left the room.
Frigga came to bed with a tablet with breakfast and sat down where her sons were just sitting.

"Y / N I'm sorry. I know your last few days were very complicated. Please don't be angry with Loki and Thor. They did not know that the Allfather still had another child. I didn't even know it was you. If I had known, I would have told you. I'm really sorry that you had to find it out that way. ”Frigga looked seriously upset.
"It's not your fault. The Allfather is not really to blame too. My parents - they should have told me, but unfortunately they died far too early, I was only 4 years old myself and Tony didn't know anything about it. To be honest, I don't know if they would ever have told me ... "she said after eating something.
"Such a young life - so much suffering." Frigga hugged her and Y / N fell into the arms of the Allmother.
"I don't know what to do ..." mumbled the young Omega, ashamed.
"You are welcome to tell me everything," said Frigga in a mother's voice, that's exactly what Y / N needed now.
“I don't know how much Loki and Thor told you about me, but I wasn't an Omega until recently. I was nothing. Then I met James and suddenly I was an Omega. Then after my first heat it turned out that James was the mate of my best friend who thought his mate had been dead for decades and with whom I happened to be in love for years. He and James had lost each other decades ago. Steve thought the whole time Bucky had died, but an evil organization had captured him and used him as a weapon. And now he's back and Steve can finally have his true love back. Of course I can't push myself in between them. This will go away, but Soulmates don't go away. ”She pointed to her claim and Frigga eyed her.

“Y / N you have a big heart. For Asgardians, it is not abnormal that they only present when they meet their True Mate and you have apparently met him. It is very noble of you to give up what you love for someone you love, but maybe Steve feels about you the same way you feel about him? You should talk to them about it, my child. ”She said and Y / N nodded.
“And then there is the thing with the Claimmark. Loki had already told me about it being on midgard normal that only the alpha marks his omega. It's different here. Here the claim is carried out from both sides. As a result, the claim stays forever and a bond of love and trust is created. Of course, it can no longer be broken. Y / N it is important for you to listen to your heart. It won't lie to you. ”Y / N nodded.

Suddenly she understood that she wasn't abnormal or broken. No, she was even normal, now that it had come out that Odin was her father. But that would also mean that Bucky was her true mate. But Bucky and Steve were also true mates.
"Talk to them about it," Frigga said softly when she saw the young Omega racking her head.
"I know that you are going straight back to Midgard, but I want you to know that you always have a place here in Midgard." Frigga smiled and handed her a small box. Y / n opened it and a bracelet made of silver and various blue gemstones came to light.
“I always wanted a daughter to give this to. And even if you are not my biological daughter and we have only known each other for 2 days, I would like to give it to you. It has certain powers that will help you get along as an Omega. "

"Thanks Allmother." Mumbled and smiled gratefully at her while she put on the bracelet.
"I hope you will visit me again soon. And then maybe longer so that I can show you more of Asgard. "
"I will!" She promised and hugged the Allmother. They got up and at that moment the women who styled them yesterday came back in. They had another blue dress with them, this time a less flashy but no less beautiful one. Frigga accompanied her to the chair before leaving the room.

The ladies brought her tea and fruits while they braided their hair and tucked it into the new dress. Y / N mumbled thanks before taking her handbag with her teddy bear and walking over to the two Asgardians who were waiting for her in the hallway. The conversation with Frigga strengthened her and she smiled at her two brothers.
"Are you ready to go back?" Asked Thor worried.
"Yes. I need to talk to Tony about this and ... I can't always run away. Thank you for bringing me here, Loki. ”He looked at her astonished.
"Y / N I hope you don't regret that I brought you here." She shook her head.
“It made some things clear to me. And somehow my family has expanded as a result. "
“I'm just adopted. Thor is your new half-brother. "
"You are Thor's brother, so you are mine too!" She smiled at him and only then hugged him Thor.
Loki took her hand and together they went to the stables. A small foal came towards her and smiling, she stroked the small horse while she waited for the men to fetch the big horses.

Thor already rode forward, while Loki helped her to find a comfortable position in the saddle and then slid into the saddle behind her so that she would not fall off.
"Next time I'll teach you to ride." Loki grinned.
Faster than when they rode out, they were back in the Great Hall and Heimdall was facing her. Thor came to her and Frigga was there too.
"Hey little bird." He put his arms around her. She had always liked the tall blonde, and she especially valued his friendship.
"Hello big brother," she said and he beamed.

"Now I definitely don't want to let you go!" He laughed.
"Then come with me!" She suggested, but he shook his head.
“Another time, little bird. I have obligations here. But Loki will come with you and Heimdall will always keep an eye on you. "
"Just like I've always had it before." Said the mysterious man and smiled at her. Frigga hugged Loki first and then her.
"Come back soon, Y / N." She smiled and Y / n nodded.
"Ready?" Asked Heimdall and they both nodded. Loki took her hand again and then the bifrost opened.

Seconds later they were back on the roof and it was pouring rain. Y / N shrieked and ran into the house. Tony ran towards her.
"Y / N Strong! This time you actually get a tracking device! ”He pulled her close and she didn't know whether to cry or laugh.
"I missed you too, Tones!"
"First that happens to you and Barnes and then you and the Gothkid disappear over there for a week!" Y / N looked at Loki in surprise.
"The time in Asgard passes differently than the time here in Midgard," he explained.
"Sorry Tony, I didn't mean to worry you," she said, tears streaming down her cheek. Loki grabbed Tony by the collar.

"You made my sister cry," he said in his alpha voice.
"Your sister? Y / N is my sister. What are you imagining? ”He said aloud and tried to growl at him.
"Tony, I have to tell you something ..." She sobbed and Tony pulled her close.
"What's little?"
"Howard is not my father." She looked at him sadly, mentally preparing for the rejection.
"What?" Y / n slumped.
"The Allfather helped Maria Stark with a heat because your father was just as much of an idiot as you," said Loki and gave the younger one a challenging look.
"Is that right?" Y / N nodded. Tony took a deep breath.
"I don't care that you are my half-sister. You will always be my sister to me. ”He said and Y / N cried when the fear of losing him fell away from her.
“You have always been too good. He couldn't create someone like you, ”he said when she let go of him.

Chapter Text

Tony led her into the common room, where Wanda and Peter were playing a video game. When Y / N sat down, they looked at her and immediately jumped up. Loki and Tony left when she was buried by the two pups.
"I missed you too!" She giggled.
"Omega! Omega! "Both shouted and snuggled up against her, and suddenly she remembered that she had this effect on both of them from now on. Both pups accepted her as an omega. She pulled the two hyperactive farts tighter, who giggled as she tickled them.
"Go on playing and give our Omega some air to breathe." Rang out behind her and Clint entered the room with Natasha. Y / N looked at the two betas in disbelief.
"No wonder that we never found the right one when we had the right Omega right in front of our noses." Nat smiled and tousled Peter through his hair, who then sat down on the floor again with Wanda and continued playing.
"You want me as your Omega?" She asked softly.
“Of course, Y / N / N. Each of us loves you. You're the only one we all want. ”Clint smiled and sat down next to her. Y / N pulled her legs up and looked at Natasha.
"There's no better choice than you, Y / N / N." Tears welled in her eyes and Natasha pulled her into her arms.
"Don't cry, Y / N!"
"Those are tears of joy!" She smiled and gave her best friend a hug. Y / N was happy that she could be the omega for her friends. That she was finally part of the pack.

Everyone relaxed with Y / N nearby. Natasha and Clint talked about their latest mission, and the pups played. Pietro came in and hugged Y / N and brought her a hot chocolate.
Eventually Pepper came along and started cooking lunch for everyone with Tony. Sam and Rhodey came in from their daily patrol flights and sat down with the others at the big table. When the meal was ready and everyone started to eat, Y / N looked around and saw that Steve and Bucky were missing.
"Where's Steve?" She asked quietly Nat, who had sat down on Steve's seat.
"In his room ... He and Bucky ..." Y / N nodded. She understood what Natasha was trying to say.
"Is someone bringing him food?" She asked.
"Yes, either Bruce or Clint usually do that and put the food in their living area." Y / N looked at the two of them.
"Can I do that today?"
"Are you sure that you can do it?" Bruce asked worried, but she nodded.

"We just don't want you to feel worse afterwards and disappear again." Clint said worriedly.
"I can do it. We all live in the same house and we have to get along." She smiled to convince the two betas and the rest of the pack. Both nodded and she got up, took the tablet and went to the elevator. Pepper and the rest looked after her pityingly.

The elevator stopped gently on the correct floor. Y / N knocked but heard nothing. Long arm she opened the door with her elbow and entered the room. On the table lay the untouched food from the last meal.
A door was thrown open and slammed against the wall. Y / N dropped the tablet in shock, but was just able to jump backwards so as not to be hit by the food.
"I said we don't need food - Y / N?" Steve was in a bad mood, but when he saw Y / n he stopped and stared at her.
"Damn it!" He walked up to her quickly, tearing a towel from the small kitchenette to help her, but as he got closer she took a few steps back.

"Steve?" Bucky appeared at the bedroom door.
"Y / N." He looked at her sadly and Steve stopped.
"You're back." She looked at the floor where the food was spread out.
“I have to apologize to you guys for running away. I hope you weren't worried. ”Bucky stood next to Steve and looked at her.
"Not worried? Doll Steve and I didn´t sleep since you were gone, we were so worried sick. ”Both had dark circles under the eyes and generally looked very tired.
"I didn't mean to," she muttered guiltily.

"Y / N .. We ... Bucky and I were talking and ... I love you." Y / N looked at him startled and her heartbeat sped up.
"But I love Bucky too." She nodded.
"I get it." Bucky shook his head.

"No you do not. At least not quite. We are mates, Y / N. And I want it to stay that way. I like you and want to get to know you better. Steve wants you. Our question is ... do you want us too? Us both equally? ”Bucky looked at her. Y / N didn't have to think twice.
"What would that mean for us?" Bucky took Steve's hand and stepped closer to take her hand as well.
“We are all three together. Equally. Steve did a little research and what he found was something called polyamory. ”She nodded and knew what he meant. Steve took her other hand.
"Is that what you want, Doll?" Bucky smiled at her. She nodded.
"Please say it out loud. "
"Yes, I want you both!" She beamed as Steve pulled her tight and Bucky led her to the sofa and placed her between him and Steve.
"I should mop up the food-" she said and wanted to get up. Steve held her tight.
“No, I'll do that quickly. I think Steve just wants you to go. "He nodded and Steve pulled her onto his lap.
"May - May I kiss you?" Asked the blushed captain. Y / N nodded and blushed as well.

He leaned over to her and put his lips gently on hers. Her lips answered instantly and her hands went into his hair. When Y / N gently pulled his hair, he groaned and Y / n grinned. Bucky sat down next to her and Y / n let go of Steve.
"I should have kissed you much earlier," mumbled the cap, blushing.
Bucky looked at her questioningly and she leaned down to him. He took her face in his hands, his metal hand cooled her face a little, and then he kissed her.
Steve was rampant and invasive, while Bucky was more controlled but more intense.

Breathlessly she let go of her mate and watched Steve kiss Bucky. She didn't feel any jealousy, but felt safe in the arms of her boyfriends. She knew it would work.

Chapter Text

Y / N was sitting between her boyfriends, Steve had his head on her lap so she could gently run it through her hair. Her back was against Bucky's chest and he had her arms wrapped around her.
"I think he's sleeping," smiled Bucky, pulling Steve's hair.
"Let him sleep." She giggled and slapped his hand. He laughed and kissed her on the shoulder.
"How did that happen?" She nodded at his metal arm.
“When I fell off the train, I lost my arm and Hydra made me this metal arm. It's a weapon screwed tightly to my body. So many died from that arm ... "he muttered darkly. She took his hand in her hands.
“It wasn't you. That was the Winter Soldier. You wouldn't have done it. ”He tried to pull his hand away from her, but she held it and pressed it to her cheek.
“Still, it was me who killed them. I should have prevented it. Sometimes I wish that I would have died before any of this could have happend ... "he admitted quietly. Y / N looked at him sadly.
"Bucky no ..."
"It would have saved so many lives."
“Hydra would have found someone else to whom they would have given their serum and whom they would have imposed their will on. If you hadn't survived, we wouldn't be sitting here now. ”His hand gently brushed her cheek.
“I'll be forever grateful to have you, Doll. You and Steve. ”He kissed her gently on the forehead.
"And I'm grateful for you and Stevie!" She snuggled up against him, enjoying the presence of her mates.
It took a while before he spoke again.

"Doll- I have to tell you something. I'm actually surprised that Tony didn't tell you beforehand. ”She moved away from him to look at him.
"Y / N ... I'm - it's my fault that your parents are dead," he muttered and looked away, ashamed. Y / N looked at him confused, not knowing what he meant until she understood what that meant. It wasn't a car accident. It had been the Winter Soldier and because of that he now felt guilty.
"Bucky ..." He didn't look at her, which is why she took his face and turned it to her.
"James ... It wasn't you. This is you. Your smile is you. You are the gentle Alpha who took so good care of me. You are my gentle alpha and you are definitely not a killer. That was the Winter Soldier. And I'll do everything I can to ensure that you never have to be him again. ”She kissed him gently.
"You are really too good for this world, Omega," he muttered and kissed her.

Steve suddenly moved and sat up. He looked sleepily at his two mates and blushed when he saw that they were kissing.
"I think I should go to bed," he muttered. Steve got up and pulled her up with him.
Y / N nodded.
“You should both go to sleep, especially after you haven't slept for the past few days. I'll go and- "
"Woah! Baby nobody's talking about leaving unless you want to, of course. We won't force you to do anything. But I think I speak for both of us when I say that we would like you to be with us. ”Bucky said and took her hand. She smiled and realized that she liked this pet name.
"I don't want to impose myself."
"Y / N we want you here." Said Steve and she nodded. Bucky pulled her into Steve's bedroom.

Both men took off their shoes and pants and threw themselves on the bed. Y / N looked down at her dress and she blushed.
"Um, maybe I should-"
“Just get something out of the closet. Or just take the dress off, I don't mind if you're lying between us with no clothes on. "Bucky grinned. She picked up his shoe and threw it in the direction of her mate, who then laughed.
"Y / N / N, the bed is so empty without you." Steve muttered, half asleep again. Y / N reached into the closet and pulled out one of Steve's t-shirts and a pair of boxer shorts. Then she disappeared into the bathroom, where she changed quickly and then barefoot back into the bedroom.
"Mmmh. From now on you can wear my things anytime. "Steve grinned and looked at the light blue top that was printed with his shield.
"As if I hadn't done that before." Y / N grinned cheekily and crawled between her mates. Steve moved over her and kissed her sweetly.

"So when I look at you like that, I'm not that tired anymore, right, Bucky?" Steve grinned and pulled her closer to her bare thighs. Y / N giggled and tried to wriggle her out of his arms, but Bucky had slipped right up to her and wrapped his arms around her too. Y / N's feet touched Bucky's legs.
"Wow Doll! I'm called the Winter Soldier, but you're the Winter Queen! Your feet are chunks of ice! ”She giggled and continued to press her feet against him.
"Steve, we have to warm up our ice queen!" They both moved closer to her and pressed their upper bodies against her.
"You are both very hot, but that is extremely uncomfortable right now." Both immediately moved away from her and she could snuggle up comfortably against both of them. Her head was on Steve's arm and Bucky had both arms wrapped around her.

"Better?" Asked Steve and kissed her temple.
"Mmmh ... Good night my Alphas." She muttered and she only heard a tired murmur from both of them as an answer.
It didn't take long for everyone to fall asleep.

Chapter Text

Waking up next to her mates was the best thing she could imagine.

And now she could do it every day. When she woke up after the first night, she was lying in a Steve-Bucky-sandwich. She felt very warm and urgently needed to go to the bathroom. As she tried to free herself from the arms of her lovers, Bucky grimaced and pulled her back to him.
"Bucky ... I have to get up," she muttered, giggling.
"Mmmh ... later." He buried his face in her neck.
"Please." She whimpered. And Bucky opened his eyes and nodded.
"Sorry, Doll." Y / N jumped up quickly and after a very short time she was back next to him and snuggled up against him.
"Thank you," she whispered, pressing her lips to his cheek. Steve grumbled and buried his face in her hair.
"I think I'll have to overthink this thing with you guys ... You talk too much in the morning." When they both looked at him, they saw that he was grinning widely.
"Then I'll keep Y / N to myself." Bucky wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, out of Steve's reach.
"Hey, I didn't mean that!" He complained and tried to get closer.
Y / N giggled

For the first few days, none of the three left the bedroom for long. Most of the time they cuddled, ordered food and had it brought to Steve's living room. That went on until Tony complained that he couldn't see his own sister anymore. Her other friends also missed her.
Y / N apologized to everyone for this and promised not to do it anymore, even if she missed the time alone with her boyfriends, but they still had the nights.
When everyone was eating together in the common room, Y / N explained what had happened in Asgard. Bruce was very interested in whether she had any more Asgardians and she promised him to take some tests.
Tony and Loki weren't too happy when she told them about their relationship with both Super Soldiers, and they both made a 'Big Brother' talk.
And then all of the Avengers voted for Y / N to be the omega of the pack. Her tears came as everyone hugged her afterwards.
 She spent the next few weeks in the Tower because Fury had Bucky house arrested until he was officially allowed to be an Avenger. And she didn't want to leave him alone since Steve was on a mission. In addition, she quickly noticed that her brother was not getting on so well with him.
Y / N tried to still be there for others in spite of that, only that Happy now mostly always accompanied them, since nobody wanted anything to happen to her.

Y / N was just back from a long day in the soup kitchen and she felt like the smell of cabbage was coming out of every pore of her. She went to her floor and undressed on the way to the bathroom to take a shower. She wrapped a towel around her body and one around her hair to go into her bedroom, but when she saw herself in the mirror, she stopped and examined herself more closely. Her first glance fell on her claim mark, which was slowly fading and she became a little sad. Why hadn't Bucky renewed it yet? Didn't he want to renew it? She remembered the conversation with Frigga and she knew that she had to discuss the matter with both of them. She wanted to wear the mark from both of them ...

Her gaze wandered critically over her body and she let the towel fall to look at herself better. She had already noticed that she had put on weight over Christmas but now she felt like she could see every pound. She noticed more and more what she didn't like about her body. In the end there was little left that she really liked about herself. Her hair, even if it desperately needed a new color, and her eyes. Steve had already told her several times that it looked like her eyes were sapphires. She liked the rest of her body less. It was too soft everywhere and had too much padding.
She went to her bedroom naked to get new cloths from the closet.

"That's a view, Doll." Came from Bucky, who was lying on her bed reading. Surprised, she pulled the blanket off her chair and covered herself with it.
“You don't have to cover yourself because of me. You know that I like you with and without clothes. "
"But I don't ..." she muttered and turned away. Bucky sat up.
"Come here Y / N." She shook her head.
"Y / N please." He didn't like her thinking about herself that way and just wanted her to see herself as he saw her. She stepped over to him and he put her in his arms, careful to only touch her above the blanket.
“I would never force you to do anything, you know that, Y / N. I think you are beautiful. Inside and outside. But I also know that you are not always aware of that. Stevie and I will try to show you how we see you. And we'll work on it every day to convince you how good you look. ”He kissed her gently. Tears gathered in her eyes.
"I am sorry. Sometimes I wish I was more like Nat. She is confident and beautiful and knows how to deal with it. I - I'm just ... me. In a bunch of perfect looking superheroes. ”He took her face in his hands.
“But if you were like Natasha, you wouldn't be you. We all love you for who you are. You are the main member of the pack. You are the glue between us all. Do you understand? ”She nodded hesitantly.
"And now we have to make you smile again." Y / n playfully pushed out her lower lip and Bucky grinned, his fingers running over her sides and starting to tickle her.
"You didn't want it any other way." He grinned and she laughed out loud.
"No! Bucky! Please don't! ”He continued.
"Bucky, I'm already smiling!" She kept laughing and he stop. Bucky pulled her onto his lap and covered her mouth with his. His hands brushed her bare back and Y / N's hands wandered into Bucky's hair.

"That's what I call a greeting." Came from the door and when they both looked up in shock, Steve was standing in the door frame, grinning. Y / N jumped up and straightened the blanket to be completely covered again.
"Stevie!" She beamed at him. He kissed Bucky first and when he leaned down to kiss her, she wrapped both arms around his neck to kiss him more intensely.
"Did you miss me?"
“Of course we missed you. Steve you are hurt! ”When she saw the wound on his forehead, she immediately let go of him. He just shrugged and wrapped his arms around her.
"Are only minor injuries."
"Injuries? Several? Stevie, you need to see Dr. Cho. ”He shook his head.
"Then let me look at it. Sit down. "She looked at him seriously and Steve sat on the bed.
"I'll get dressed quickly and then I'll have a look at your wounds!"
"You don't have to get dressed because of me, Dr. Y / N. "Steve grinned and Bucky laughed.
"I told her that too." She rolled her eyes and went into her walk-in closet. Y / N dropped the covers and pulled on underwear, snuggly socks and a T-shirt by Bucky and sweatpants by Steve. Then she got some supplies from the bathroom to dress Steve's wound.

She stood between his legs and dabbed his wound with a damp cloth. It wasn't bad, so she just put an antibacterial ointment on it.
"Where else are you hurt?" She asked gently. The two alphas noticed that they felt uncomfortable with the fact that he was hurt.
"My shoulder. But you don't have to look at it. Nat has already sewn it. "
"What?" She stared at him in horror and pulled his shirt down a bit.
“A bullet hit me on the shoulder. Do not worry. It healed in 2 days. ”Y / N looked at him sadly and kissed the injured shoulder.
"I don't like it when you get hurt." Bucky throws his arms around Steve's middle.
"Just a minor injury." Steve pulled her onto his lap and then slumped against Bucky.
"You know that I heal faster than normal people don't you?" She nodded.
“This little wound is nothing at all. Do not worry about me."
"You're my boyfriend and that's why I can worry about you." She pouted and he kissed her until she gave in with a smile. 

Bucky stroked his mark on her.
"It's fading." She nodded and suddenly got nervous.
"I wanted to talk to you about this - I want to be claimed by both of you."

Chapter Text

She sat down between their boys and pulled one hand from each into her lap. Both looked at her in surprise.
"Really?" Asked Bucky and she nodded.
"I am yours and you are mine. When I was in Asgard I had a conversation with the Allmother and learned why the Claim Marks keep disappearing. In Asgard it is normal that not only the alpha claim his omega, but also the omega claim her alpha. There is a special connection between Alpha and Omega and it cannot be broken. ”She added and looked at the clasped hands.
"That makes sense ... Is that what you want?" Asked Steve, looking at both of them seriously. Y / N nodded and still couldn't look at them for fear of rejection.
"And you Bucks? Do you want it?"
“Eternity with you and our girl? Where do I have to sign? ”Y / N beamed at him when he called her that.
“Then we've cleared that up. Everyone agrees. ”Y / N beamed at both of them.
"How do we do it best? Shall we wait for the next heat? ”She shook her head. Even if it wasn't long til her nextbheat, she didn't want to have to wait.

"How about now?" She asked quietly, uncertainly. Bucky looked at Steve, who was nervous.
"Doll, how about you sit on Stevie's lap and we both do it at the same time?" She slid onto his lap and Steve wrapped his arms around her, burying his head in her neck.
"I love you, Y / N," he muttered and kissed her gently.

"Do you want to be my mate, Alpha?"
"Yes Omega. Yes, I want you as my mate. ”She leaned her forehead against him.
"I love you my alpha."
"I love you too, my Omega." She looked at Bucky.
"Would you like to be my my mate too, Alpha?" She asked gently.
"Oh Doll of course!" He kissed her neck and grabbed her hair to tie it with one of his hairties.

"James?" She turned and looked closely at him.
“I know we haven't known each other that long, but it feels like I've known you forever. And ... no matter what I say now, you don't have to reply. It's just ... I love you, "she said nervously. He looked at her in disbelief.
"What did you say?" She blushed.
"I love you."
"Once again. You know I'm older and don't hear so well anymore. ”He grinned at her.

"Bucky ... why are you making fun of me?"
He took her in his arms.
"Hey, Doll. I don't make fun of you. I - I love you too. "
"Don't just say that because I said it." She looked at him a little sadly.
"No. No. Doll, Babe- Y / N. I really love you. Damn it, I love you as much as I love Stevie. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make fun of you. I- It was selfish- I just wanted to hear it from you one more time. I can't hear it enough from you. ”She smiled gently at him.
"Oh Bucky, I love you." Y / N threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. Steve smiled at his mates.

"Are you ready, babe?" Asked Bucky after she sat back properly on Steve's lap and he had wrapped his arms around her.
“Steve and I will do it at the same time. So that you only have to feel the pain once. ”She sat up straight so that both of them came to the spot.
"I'm ready."
Steve counted to three and then their mouths fell on Y / N`s neck and bit shut. The pain was intense but short-lived. She whimpered in pain and when it stopped she began to shiver. Both alphas let go of her and cuddled her in their midst. Tears ran down her cheeks as they both apologized and tried to calm down.
Bucky made soothing noises and rubbed her back while Steve covered her face with kisses.
It took a little while to recover, but when that was the case, she smiled all over her face and looked at her mates.
"Thanks Alphas."
"Our brave girl," Steve said proudly and Bucky smiled.

"Now it's my turn. But I want you to do it individually. "Steve looked at Y / N and Bucky with a smile.
“Then it will hurt you more. I don't want to hurt you, Alpha. ”She whimpered.
"Then we'll distract him, Y / N / N. While you claim him, I kiss him and when it's my turn you kiss him. "Bucky grinned broadly.
"That could work." Y / N said, sliding onto his left thigh so that Bucky had enough room to kiss Steve and when she put her lips on the soft flesh, her alphas started kissing. That was her sign. She took another deep breath and then closed as hard as she could.
Immediately she felt a tingling sensation all over her body and a feeling of Steve now filled her. She gasped and let go of him, her head drooping against his shoulder. 

Bucky looked at her immediately and brushed the hair back from her face.
"Are you okay, Y / N?" She nodded. Steve looked at Bucky then Y / N.
"Wow... That was ... Wow. "
"Now it's my turn." She pressed him a kiss on the wound and then kissed him. It felt so different. More perfect. They lost themselves in the kiss until Bucky cleared his throat. Y / N turned red.
"Sorry." Steve smiled, also flushed.
"Now it's my turn. Doll you first. ”He sat down so that he could pull her onto his lap and Steve could kiss him.
"Ready or do you need a break?" He asked her gently.
"I can do it," she whispered, touching the soft flesh of the crook of his neck.


When she took a bite it felt like Steve's at first, but then the feeling changed into something new. It felt more like Bucky. They both fulfilled her and she felt complete. Bucky looked at him after she broke away from him.
"Now I know what you mean, Stevie." Y / N giggled and kissed him while Steve claimed him. Y / N's hands were digging in his hair and she didn't want to let go of him anymore.
Bucky fell back after a while and giggled.
"I feel drunk." She giggled, throwing herself next to him and he laid his head on her stomach.
"I feel so complete." Steve lay down next to her and snuggled up against his mates.

"We belong Together. Forever- Stevie, can you imagine what our girl will look like when she is pregnant with our pup at some point? ”Y / N froze and hadn't thought about the subject at all. She hadn't told anyone.
"Beautiful. As always. Even in the children's home, back then before Christmas I had the fantasy ... only then did I not believe that it would actually come true. At least at some point. Then when it is ready. Y / N / N You're going to be a great mom. ”Y / N had to sit up as tears formed in her eyes.
"Y / N?" She jumped up and rushed into the bathroom, where she locked right behind her.

Chapter Text

Curled up behind the freestanding bathtub, she cried while her mates stood by the door worried. Y / N would never have believed that anyone would ever want children with her, and now there were these two wonderful people who loved her and who deserved to have pups. They talked quite naturally about the fact that she would get pregnant and she wanted it too, only it was no longer possible.
She felt the feelings of her mates clearly through the new bound.
"Y / N? What's happening? Why are you crying? What did we do wrong? ”Came the voice of one of her mates through the door.
"Please open the door, Doll. We're sorry. ”She continued sobbing. Just the thought that their alphas thought they had done something wrong made her even more sad and her guilt grew.
"FRIDAY, please open the bathroom door." She mumbled softly. After a brief hesitation, the door actually opened and they were immediately with her.
"I'll pick you up now." She heard Bucky say and she was picked up and carried back to bed. She couldn't look at either of them, but cried into his shoulder. Steve wrapped a blanket around her and snuggled up against his mates.

It took a while before she was calm enough to be able to speak.
"Doll, what happened?" Asked Bucky softly.
"Icantgetpregnant." She said incomprehensibly.
"Unfortunately we didn't understand you," said Steve gently, wiping the tears from her cheek.
I can't get pregnant. ”She said more clearly.
"At least there's no chance." She pulled up the top and pointed to the scar.
"After the accident with Lilly- Dr. Cho has tried everything, but there is only a very slim chance. ”She finally looked at the two frozen men.
“Doll, that wasn't an accident. She tried to kill you. ”Bucky said through clenched teeth.

Steve was angry. But not on her. He was mad at himself.

He got up from the bed and looked around grimly.
“It's all my fault. Without me, Lilly would not have been here and she would not have attacked you. It's all my fault. All your pain- it's my fault. ”Y / N whimpered as Steve became more and more furious.

"Steve. Stop. No. Calm down. "Bucky got up and wrapped his arms around him, but he freed himself from his grip and paced on through the room, talking about how much he was to blame for everything.
Y / N threw her arms around her and whimpered because she didn't know the extreme emotions.
"Alpha." She whimpered restlessly and immediately both looked at her. Saw her tears running down her cheeks and she tried to make herself very small.
"Fuck. Y / N I'm sorry. I- "Steve threw his arms around her. He knew exactly how she felt.
Back when Bucky found out that Steve had also tried to volunteer for the Army, Bucky had freaked out and Steve could hardly bear to feel these emotions from his mate.
Immediately he tried to calm down and at the same time to exude calm on his Omega.
Her breathing calmed down, and so did her alphas.

"Y / N / N I'm sorry. We should have been more sensitive to the topic. I didn't know- "She shook her head.
“Nobody knew. I should have told you beforehand. Now you're tied to a broken omega. An omega that can't even give you pups. ”She started crying again, which is why Bucky and Steve hugged her both.
“Angel we can still adopt. You know that many children are waiting for loving parents. Little Rosie for example. ”Steve said gently. Y / N nodded. Together they would find a way.
"How did I deserve you?" She asked softly and Bucky kissed her.
“You do so much good every day. You don't deserve all the suffering and worries, Doll. "Steve nodded, he hated that she thought she was inferior just because she couldn't get pregnant.

"How about we give her other thoughts, Bucks?" Steve looked at him with a grin.
"What are you going to do, Rogers?"
“Fury said you are free of your house arrest. And then I thought we could maybe take our girl out. "
"On a date?" She asked surprised.
“I think that's exactly the right thing to do. I wish we could have taken you out before then. Can court you properly. As you deserve it. ”He grinned broadly and kissed her excitedly so that she could only giggle.
"Angel, you put on something nice and we'll pick you up in 15 minutes." Steve gave her a quick kiss and then pulled Bucky with him.
"See you soon, Doll."

Y / N jumped up as soon as the boys were out of the room and looked in their closet for something nice to wear. Her eyes fell on the silver dress Nat had given her for Christmas, but it would be too cold outside to wear it. Then her gaze fell on a red dress with a point on the sleeves and she knew it would be perfect.

Y / N put on thick tights and when she put on the dress she realized how perfect it was. It perfectly showed the claim marks that she was very proud of. She braids her hair easily and only used a little mascara and waterproof red lipstick.

Her trench coat under her arm she was just putting on her boots when there was a knock on the door.
"Come on in." She smiled and Bucky opened the door nervously.
"Wow! Doll I am very glad that there are two of us, because we will have to scare away some recruits tonight. You look beautiful. ”She blushed and stood in front of them. Her hands went to Bucky's bow tie, which was a little crooked.

"We should definitely take them out to dance," grinned Steve and wrapped an arm around her.
"After dinner, Rogers." Bucky helped her into her trench coat, then tied her under. Steve flanked her other side.
"Are we going to eat?" She asked excitedly.
"There is our pretty girl." While Bucky called the elevator, Steve kissed her breathlessly and she had to hold on to his broad shoulders because she was dizzy.

Chapter Text

Happy drove them to a restaurant where Steve had reserved a table for the three of them. As soon as they entered the establishment, Y / N immediately noticed that everyone was watching them.
Just Steve, actually.
Many of the women present gave her venomous looks. She tried not to show anything and her two mates managed to quickly forget everyone else around her.
They told her about the past.
Bucky told her about thin little Steve, who was constantly sick and whom Bucky had tried several times to pair up.
It wasn't until the age of 19 that they both found out that they were mates. They told of all the fights Steve got into and from which Bucky had to rescue him every time. Y / n had seen pictures of Steve before the serum, but hearing those stories from Bucky made it more real and she had a lot of fun.

After the 2nd course she apologized to the toilet. Y / N looked at himself in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were bright. She was just about to leave the room when she heard voices and she ran quickly into one of the cabins.
“I can't believe Captain America paid a whore to go out with him. The other man is sure to be her pimp. He could have any woman. For him I would even drop my husband. ”She heard one of the women say. Y / N couldn't believe what she was hearing. These women really thought she was a prostitute.
“Let's see what the paparazzi think of it. I let André know and he called some of his colleagues. They should be here in the next few minutes. The press will tear it up. ”Y / N breathed a sigh of relief as the women disappeared and she could finally go back to her mates.

"Hey beautiful girl." Steve smiled at her.
"The paparazzi will be here in a minute," she said softly to the two of them. Bucky looked around unobtrusively.
"Yes. There are at least 7 outside. "
"How did you know?" Asked Steve, taking her hand.
"Later," she just mumbled and Steve called the waiter to pay. Y / N wrote to Happy, who was waiting outside for them a short time later.
In the meantime there were a lot more.
She put on her coat and followed Steve outside, who shielded her from the front while Bucky was behind her. As soon as they were outside, the cameras flashed and they were bombarded with questions. Most of which were directed at Steve.
Tony had always made sure that she was kept out of the press and Bucky didn't recognize anyone.

She grabbed her mates' hands.
"Steve Rogers, who is your new friend?"
"Are the rumors real that she's a prostitute paid by you?" Steve stopped dead in his tracks and looked dangerously at the reporter, but Y / N pushed him along, pulling Bucky with her, who looked like he'd like the reporter kill by hand.
When they were in the car, she almost pleaded with Happy.
"Please take us home." He nodded and drove off. Both alphas were frozen beside her. Nobody said anything during the ride and when they got to the tower, Steve ran straight to the gym. Y / N followed him and sat on one of the mats while he hit the punching bags. Bucky arrived with a soft blanket and wrapped it around Y / N.

"Why don't you hit the punching bag, Bucks?" She leaned against him and he brushed a strand off her face.
“Someone has to take care of you. After all, you are the one who got insulted. Also, I'm angry, but there's nothing I can do about it other than make sure you're okay. Steve is just mad at himself for not getting rid of all the rumors right away. Y / N none of us thinks that way about you, you know that. "
"I know. 2 women came into the toilet earlier and talked about calling an André and then they called me a whore. They didn't know that I was listening to them. But .. I know that I'm not. ”He kissed her cheek.
"Smart girl," he said proudly, wrapping his arms around her. Steve dropped onto the mat next to them and looked at Y / N.
"I'm sorry, Y / N / N. I should have responded immediately and got rid of the rumor. I'm also sorry that our date had to end like this. ”She brushed his damp hair off his face.
“All right, Stevie. I don't care about the rumors. They pass. "

"How about a date in front of the TV? Maybe you can show us one of your tv shows you like? ”Grinned Bucky and helped her up. Steve nodded.
“That sounds like an idea. I could make popcorn. "
"Rogers, you can't even boil water," laughed Bucky
"I can do it, Barnes." Y / N laughed and picked up her coat.
"I'll change quickly and do we meet at your place?" She asked and they both nodded.

Fifteen minutes later they were all sitting on the sofa in comfortable clothes and she had the remote control in her hand.
"So what do you want to show us, Doll?" He grinned.
"Supernatural. It's about two brothers and an angel who hunt monsters and save the world. Well, mostly it's their fault that the world is going to end. Does not matter. I love this show. The brothers are called Sam and Dean. And the angel is called Castiel. The special thing is that everyone dies all the time. In the beginning I was always very sad, but now i have got used to it. Most of them come back somehow. There is actually everything at Supernatural. Even God. The first 2 seasons are pretty scary. It's about Sam and Dean looking for their father, who is looking for the yellow-eyed Demon who killed their mother. They found him at some point. And then Sam dies and Dean sells his soul to save Sam. But he only gets one more year to live and then he has to go to hell. That happens in season 3. In the end he ends up in hell and that's where we start. In season 4. Dean comes back. Cas gets him out of hell. “She grinned at the two. Both looked a little perturbed.
"Is this your favorite show?" Asked Steve. She nodded.
“I always watch them when I feel bad. Supernatural cheers me up. "Steve shook his head, but turned on the first episode.

During the episode, Bucky became more and more excited about what was happening and Y / N tried as best she could to explain the characters.
"Somehow you are both like Sam and Dean. Bucky you are Sammy. Not just because of your hair, of course, believe me Sam will still compete with you in the later episodes. But you're also a little like Sam. What is the demon blood with Sam and Ruby is with you Hydra. ”Bucky nodded understandingly.
"And you're Dean, Stevie!" She grinned.
"Then you are Cas?" He interrupted her.
"No. Dean and Cas are shipped from the fandom and I thought it was cute at the beginning, but in the current episodes he's pretty abusive towards Cas and Sam- So not that you're abusive, Stevie. You're more like Dean in the previous seasons. “Both nodded.
"Then this would be incest!" Bucky kissed Steve and Y / N grimaced.
"OK. Stop. No, Steve, you're not Dean. ”Everyone laughed.
"You're more like Cas." She grinned and Bucky turned on the next episode.

Chapter Text

The press response came immediately. Tony freaked out when he read that his sister was mistaken for a whore. He immediately called a press conference and yelled at all the media people present while she was sitting between Bucky and Steve and tried not to hide behind her mates. Both noticed how tense she was and held her hand. After Tony finished his monologue on such articles about his little sister, Steve stepped over to the microphone and told the press that she, Y / N Stark, was his mate. And when he mentioned Bucky as his second mate and a the new avenger, a lot of questions immediately came up that Steve and Bucky should answer as best they can.
Since it was announced who she was and that Bucky was now an Avenger, Y / N's quiet life was over. Paparazzi followed her everywhere.
Every time she was in a children's home, photos of it ended up on the cover of newspapers, puzzling over whether she had adopted a child. Some people even pretended to be couples trying to adopt a child just to find out information about them and their mates.
But worst of all for Y / N were the rumors that she was pregnant. The rumor came up every few weeks, and even when she stopped reading newspapers and online articles, they found her every time.
She could usually handle it, but Steve and Bucky had been on missions for almost a month now. She was not allowed to have any contact with them and the whole pack noticed how much it took her. Everyone tried to cheer her up, but when Y / N noticed how much she influenced everyone else with her mood, she tried to appear happier on everyone else and to convince them that she was fine.
She was also busy preparing for the wedding. Tony has finally proposed to Pepper and they want to get married in September.
Y / N was supposed to be the bridesmaid and she was already looking forward to the wedding. Tony didn't want anything to do with planning the wedding, so she helped Pepper where she could.
That distracted her from the absence of her mates, at least during the day.
She only lay awake at night.
She slept in Steve's bed, although the three of them mostly slept in her bed. But at least that way she was surrounded by her smells and could relax a little.
As the omega of the pack, she had to get up whether she wanted to or not. The others needed them.

Y / N sat on the sofa. Nat had her feet on her lap, Peter was sitting to her left and Wanda at her feet, reading a book.

Y / N let her head fall back. She had spent the whole day in Pepper's office so that they could plan in the short breaks between Pepper's meetings. The whole atmosphere in the building had been so tense that it gave her a headache. She hadn't let it show and stayed in the small room as much as possible. Now she was at home and the pups really wanted to spend time with her, which she would have been happy on any other day, but today it was difficult for her to keep smiling. Nevertheless, she tried to offer the pups and everyone else the comfort they deserved.
Natasha sat up and looked at her intently.
"Y / N / N ... I can feel your headache up here. Why did not you say anything! Maybe it would be better if you lie down! "She said gently.
"You're right. I'm sorry. ”Y / N got up, but Wanda pouted at her.
"Come here, Wanda." Said Nat and knocked next to her. She jumped on the sofa and immediately snuggled up to Nat.
Y / N looked gratefully at Nat and disappeared into Steve's room. She put on Bucky's sweater because she was always cold and then snuggled into the duvets. It still smelled of their mates.
She clutched the pillow and cried herself to sleep.

Y / N woke up and both her mates were standing in the room. Immediately she jumped up and wrapped her arms around Steve.
"You are back!"
"What are you doing in our bed?" Asked Bucky confused.
“I - was lonely. You've been gone so long! How are you? Are you injured? ”They both looked coldly at her.
"Y / N ... We have spoken. Actually the mission was over weeks ago, but we wanted some distance from you and the whole drama around you. ”Steve said and freed himself from her grip.
“We don't want you as a mate anymore. Steve and I want pups and you can't give them to us. That's why we're going to look for a new Omega. ”She looked at both of them, startled.

“Buck, that's not true, is it? Stevie, please say it's not true! ”He looked away and Y / N stood shaking, tears running down her cheeks.
"What about it?" She pulled down the collar of the shirt, but there was nothing there.
“We found a way to break the bond. Now please get out of our rooms. ”Steve said and pushed her out of the room. The last thing she saw of the two of them was Bucky hugging Steve and kissing him. She didn't know what had happened. Weeping, she stumbled into the elevator and drove to the common room floor where she hoped to find her brother.

Chapter Text


She stormed into the living room where she heard everyone laughing. Tony sat on the sofa and next to him -
"Lilly?" She asked horrified and Lilly jumped up immediately.
"Tony do something! She wants to hurt me again! "Shouted the blonde-haired and Tony stood in front of her.
"Y / N disappear. You are not allowed to be here. "
"What's going on here? Tony, I'm your sister ... "she whimpered brokenly.
"HALF - sister. If anything. ”He said coldly and pushed her back into the elevator.
The door closed and went down.
He accelerated and got faster and faster until she fell ...

Bathed in sweat, she woke up and screamed. Someone was standing in the doorway. Steve.
He came up to her quickly and she whimpered when he reached her, still caught in the dream.
"Y / N / N. Everything is Ok. It was just a bad dream. ”He pulled her trembling body close and she cried into his shoulder.

“Yes, Princess, I'm here. Everything will be fine. ”She clung to her mate.
"Please do not leave me. I'm sorry. I do whatever you want. I'm trying to give you pups too. I'll try. ”She kept talking until Steve closed her mouth with his.
“Princess, take it easy. Nothing will happen. What did you dream? ”He asked gently as he pulled her onto his lap.
"I dreamed you both would leave me- because ... because I can't have children. And then Lilly was back and Tony hated me because I'm only his half-sister. "She suppressed the sob and buried her head in his chest.
"Doll that will never happen." Bucky came up to her with his hair wet. She reached out to Bucky and pulled him next to her.
"Stay with me," she muttered sadly.
"Of course, Doll. Forever. We'll stay together forever. ”Bucky said and kissed her.
"Til the end of line." Said Steve and kissed her too.

"I'm sorry that we were gone for so long. I'll talk to Fury that we won't do long missions for the time being. "He said and Bucky nodded. Y / n pulled Bucky closer.
“Can you both hold me? I- I - you've been gone too long. ”She started to shiver. Bucky and Steve lay down next to her and hugged her.
“Everything is fine, Princess. We're here and we're not going to leave either. "Steve muttered and slowly the presence and warmth of her mates calmed her down. Bucky distributed gentle kisses everywhere he could reach her.

"Next time you will take me with you."
“NO!” Came from both of them at the same time.
"Why not?" She pouted sadly.
“It's too dangerous, Doll. I have to worry about Steve enough already. Better for you to stay here. ”She averted her face.
“You don't even know how it was for me. I was alone for over 1 month and every day worried something might have happened to you. During the day the others were there, but at night I lay awake for hours crying and just wanted you back with me. ”Y / N was crying again. The last month had made her thin-skinned. Both alphas looked guilty at each other.

“I'm sorry, Doll. We didn't thought about that. ”She nodded and snuggled closer to her mates.
"We shouldn't have said yes to this mission at all," said Steve to Bucky, who could only agree.
“We'll stay with you, angel. Try to get some sleep. We'll be here when you wake up. "Steve stroked her tear-soaked cheeks.
"And what if I wake up and you guys don't want me anymore?" Bucky looked at Steve, whereupon they both kissed Y / N on the cheek.

“You're the only one we want, Doll. This will remain so. I used to think Steve would be enough for me. His love would be enough for me. But then you were there and since then I don't want to live without your love anymore. "
“I feel the same way, Princess. I love you both. ”Y / N smiled. Bucky sat up and she whimpered.
"Steve just got it for me again, I want you to have it." He took off his necklace and put it around her neck. Y / N looked at it. His dogtags.
"Bucky ... that's too much ... you don't have to give it to me," she muttered.
"I want to." He looked at her gently.
"I really need to find out where mine are so you can wear mine too." Steve grinned and kissed her gently.
“I love you even without it, Steven Grand. And I love you, James Buchanan. ”They both kissed her on the forehead and snuggled up against her again.
"Sleep." Bucky pulled the blanket over them and covered all three of them. Y / n nodded and with the presence of her mates she could fall asleep without crying herself to sleep. It only took a few minutes before she fell asleep again.

Steve looked at Bucky.
"Pepper said it was bad, but not that bad. We should have come back earlier. "
“If we had come back sooner, we wouldn't have the information about Hydra that we have now. As soon as we smash Hydra and Lilly for her actions have been punished, I will stop this all. I know the Avengers need you, but I want to take care of Y / N. ”Bucky looked at him.
“I wish I could, but ... The Avengers really need me. But I'll try to spend as much time with you guys as possible. No more long missions. "
“She will understand, Steve. Nobody will be angry with you. Especially not us. ”They were both silent. After a while, Bucky looked back at Steve.

"Stevie ... you told me about how you were with Y / N at the children's home before Christmas. And since it was that little kid with the brown curls that Y / N is so fond of. And I don't know about you, but we've both lived so long now and maybe you see it differently. It is likely because- "
“Do you want to adopt a child? Bucky I have the thought a lot longer. We should talk to Y / N about it. I don't want her to feel rushed into anything or that it triggers her. "Bucky nodded.
“Maybe we can adopt little Rosie. Y / N has been hoping for a long time that they will find great parents for the little ones. And who better than two hundred year old super soldiers and a half asgardian? "Grinned Steve.
"I know that it is really bothering for her that she can't have children, but we can still be a family." Bucky kissed Steve gently.
"We'll talk to her about it tomorrow," promised Steve. He himself thought it was a great idea to adopt little Rosie. Just as Y / N always told about her, the little one already had a bond with her.

Chapter Text

Bucky woke up the next morning from someone snuggling closer to him. He grumbled and pulled her tighter into his arms. Y / N giggled and pressed her lips to his neck.
“It's too early to be awake, Bucks. Go back to sleep. ”She giggled. He opened his eyes and grinned at her.
"Mmmh. Why should I sleep when I can look at you? "
"Charmer," she giggled, reaching up to kiss him. He half pulled her towards him.

"Go back to sleep," she whispered.
"Now I'm awake," he complained.
"Mh ... what do we do with you now?" She grinned and stretched to kiss him again.
"That definitely doesn't help me fall asleep." He turned so that she was lying under him and kissed her again. Steve stirred next to them and tried to pull Y / N towards him.
"Hey Rogers, find someone else." Bucky laughed and Steve opened his eyes.
"Someone else? Ok! ”Steve pulled Bucky into his arms. Y / N laughed. She loved such moments in bed.
"That's not what I mean by that," Bucky complained half-heartedly. Y / N pulled out to Bucky's now empty page and snuggled into his blanket. Both looked at the satisfied face of their Omega and smiled.
"You are beautiful." Steve said the thoughts of both of them. She blushed and buried her face in the pillow.

Bucky thought about how perfect this moment was and only one thing could make this moment more perfect. He imagined little feet coming into the room and laying down next to her.
"Doll. Steve and I talked a little last night and we have something we wanted to talk to you about. "Her eyes widened in shock.
"No! Not about that! We promised you that we would stay and love you. It's about something else ... Y / N / N how do you feel about an adoption? "She relaxed visibly and looked at her mates who looked at her intently.
"I know that there are a lot of children and young people out there waiting to be adopted-"
“Yes, we know that. We wanted to ask you if you can imagine adopting a child with us. ”She looked at both of them in disbelief.
"Really?" Both nodded and waited for her reaction. An incredibly beautiful smile suddenly spread across her face.
"YES! Of course I want to adopt a child with you! ”She threw herself into the arms of her mates. Both smiled happily.
"You've said so much about Rosie, maybe we should-"
"YES! YES We should adopt Rosie. Oh we need a nursery. A cot. Toys and clothes. ”She sat up and picked up the tablet, which was on the closet next to the bed.

Y / N sat with her back to the headboard, Steve and Bucky by their side. She opened Pinterest. Steve saw that she had different folders there like baking, decorations, wedding, and one folder about a omeganest. And a folder on the subject of children's rooms.
“I actually wanted to delete folders for a long time. But somehow I never could. ”She said as she clicked on the folder. Immediately there were hundreds of pictures of children's rooms and other things that children need.
"There is one room that I particularly like," she said and all three of them spent the rest of the morning in bed.

They ordered children's furniture and other things for the child. They decided that it would be best if they moved into Y / N's apartment and it became the main nursery. Of course there would also be a children's room in the tower, because she didn't want to leave the pack and still be their omega even if she were a mother.
Y / N still couldn't quite realize that their mates actually wanted to adopt a child with her. She beamed at the others so much that neither of them could say anything against it. Not that they wanted to. Both were ready to start a family. Bucky swore that he would do anything to keep Y / N's cheerfulness and little that he know, Steve swore exactly the same.

Since the first furniture will not be delivered and set up until the next day, Steve had refused to set anything up, Y / N wanted to use the afternoon to paint the room and buy other things for the child. It was hard to stop and exuded an energy that was contagious.
When they were dressed and sat at the counter in the kitchen, grinning widely, the others looked at them suspiciously.
"Ok, what's the matter? Why are you three so excited? ”Nat asked her after a while. Bucky just shrugged with a grin and Y / n smiled sweetly.
"You'll find out soon!" She wanted to slide off the bar stool, but got caught on it and fell over along with the stool. Before she could hit, Wanda caught her.
"OMEGA!" She squeaked in horror and immediately came to her to see if she was okay.
"Thanks Wanda." She said a little shakily and hugged the pup tightly.
"Clumsy as always," grinned Tony and rolled his eyes.

Steve handed her her jacket.
"Do you have everything?" He asked, holding up her bag. Since the date disaster, she has taken the bag with her everywhere. Her comfort toy, the teddy bear, was always with her. She was just getting used to being an Omega and this uncertainty that sometimes came over her was something she didn't like at all.

Steve drove his two mates to a large mall that had several stores selling children's items.
As soon as they were in a shop with clothes for small children, a woman came running up to them.
"Hello, can I help you?" Asked the young alpha and looked at all three. She immediately recognized Steve as Captain America and Bucky as Winter Soldier. Y / N nodded.
"Is it your first child?" She asked Steve and Bucky.
"Yes." Answered Bucky and took Y / N's hand.
"Very nice. Then I can only congratulate you. ”The saleswoman beamed at Steve.
"Do you already know what it will be?" Steve was asked again, who clearly felt uncomfortable.
"Even if that's none of her business, it's a girl." Said Y / n and stood in front of her alphas.
"Then you need some clothes first." They followed the saleswoman into a pink nightmare.
“You need rompers, hats, sweaters, T-shirts, bibs, long-sleeved and short-sleeved bodies, dresses, pants, tights, socks. It will be a little early for shoes. Oh jackets, of course you need them. "Steve and Bucky 's heads were spinning at all the things, but Y / N kept the overview.

The saleswoman handed Bucky a pink dress that was so small it couldn't even fit Steve's hand.
“It's too small. I don't think she'll fit in there, "he said.

“That´s what you say now. But when the little one is there, you will quickly find out how small she is. ”She took Steve's hand and put another dress on the palm of his hand.
"Can you see it? She'll be so small. ”Flirted the Alpha. Y / N took the dress and handed it to the saleswoman.
“Do you already have a midwife? We have contact with the best midwives in all of New York City. If you want, I can forward the contact to you. All I need is your phone number. ”She ignored Y / N completely and touched Steve again.

"Sorry, but we don't need that." Y / N looked at her angrily.
"Naturally. You surely have the best doctors your brother can pay for, ”she said arrogantly to Y / N.
"Do you know who the father is?"
"Both of us." Bucky said seriously.
“I mean, of course, who fathered the child. After all, you can't both be the father. Maybe it's a little Captain America. Who wouldn't want this beautiful man to be their daddy. ”She fluttered her eyelashes.
"Sorry but-" The Alpha held up a hand to interrupt her.
"An Omega should know when they-"
“Shut up! You don't know anything at all. You flirt with my mates! ”She burst out and the alpha looked at her in shock.
"Same attitude as your brother." Y / N shook all over and Bucky pulled her into his arms. Steve stood up in front of her.
“Now listen to me. It´s irrelevant who is the father, and if you talk to an Omega like that again, it will have serious consequences for you. And you definitely won't talk to my Omega like that again. ”he growled. Y / N pulled her teddy bear out of her handbag and pressed her face into the soft fur.
"We're going," Bucky said decisively.

Steve led Y / N out of the store and together they went to an area made especially for omegas.
"Are you okay?" Asked Bucky and brushed a curl from her face. Steve threw his arms around young Omega. She nodded.
"I have to honestly say that I'm impressed with the way you showed her your forehead." Bucky grinned and when she giggled, the tension fell away from them.

Chapter Text

They stood there for a few minutes, both alphas held her embrace until she stopped shaking.
"Let's go to another shop," she said and pointed to a small, inconspicuous shop. Y / N put the teddy bear back in her pocket and tookthe hands of her alphas.
"Hello, welcome," a friendly beta greeted them as they entered the store.
"How can I help you?" She asked.
"We want to buy some things for a toddler," Y / N smiled. She felt much more comfortable here than in the other shop.
"Of course, how old is the child?" Asked the saleswoman and came around the counter.
"18 months." The beta nodded.
"We just got new things in." She led the three into a neutral-colored corridor. There were great prints with animals, balloons, flowers and much more. Y / N's enthusiasm was back.
The beta took a few sizes off the shelf.
"Do you know what size the child is?" Y / n shook her head.
"Unfortunately not. We are going to adopt a little girl. She´s relatively small. ”The Beta nodded.
"That's not bad. You are welcome to take different sizes with you and if you know what size the little one is, just come back and exchange the too small things. "
"That's very kind of you. Thank you. ”Steve smiled.

Y / N reached for a pair of pants from the shelf and grinned broadly. Steve's Shield was printed on the stretchy light blue fabric.
"Look at this Stevie!" Y / N excitedly gave him the tiny pants. Bucky laughed.

"Do you have those from the other Avengers too?" The Beta laughed.
“I have to look into the warehouse. My colleague is ordering the new things. ”Y / N giggled.
"That sounds very good." She went into the warehouse followed by Bucky to check on the other pants. Steve took from Y / N whatever she had taken off the shelf and found good.
"Is the fabric Omega friendly?" Asked Steve when the saleswoman came back. Behind her was a crying Bucky. Y / N rushed to him immediately.
"What happened?" She took his face in her hands and wiped away the tears. Bucky smiled broadly.
“They even have pants with me on it!” He handed her the pants with his arm printed on it. Y / N grinned and hugged him tight.

"Of course the material is fairtraide, organic and omega-friendly." The saleswoman smiled at Steve.

Y / N jumped from one shelf to the next. The pile on Steve's arm grew bigger and bigger.

She found so many things that she thought were good for the child. When the pile was paid for and stowed in bags, Y / n promised to come back. Bucky and Steve carried the big bags out of the store and when they were on their way to the car they passed a Build-a-Bear and Y / N stopped at the shop window.
"Can we go in here?" She asked, looking excitedly at her mates.
"Of course, Doll. Anything you want. ”Bucky grinned and together they went into the store. A bored teenager stood at the cash register.
“Welcome to Build-A-Bear. What can I - oh my god you are Captain America! And you are Bucky Barnes and Y / N Stark! ”He looked at her excitedly.
"What can I do for you?" Y / n smiled.
"I would like to have all of the Avengers!" He nodded excitedly. Steve took the bags from Bucky and brought them to the car while Bucky watched her make one bear after another. Y / N had a t-shirt printed for each bear and finally wrapped up all bears as gifts.

Bucky and Steve looked at the 9 packages.
"Who are they for?"
"For the others. So we can tell them that they will be a uncle / a aunt soon. "Bucky grinned at her.
"You're a genius, Princess." Y / N grinned proudly at the praise.
"Let's get the parcels into the car and then we'll get some paint."

Each took three of the packages and together they took the things away. Y / N told her alphas about the preparations for Pepperony's wedding. Pepper had finally found a matching bridesmaid dress for her, which had a white-blue gradient. The wedding would take place at a forest cabin Tony had bought for himself and Pepper some time ago. This was on a beautiful lake and was so remote that they won't have a problem with paparazzi. Since not many outsiders would take part of the wedding crew, everyone with a secret identity could easily take part without fear of their identity being revealed.
Y / N was really looking forward to the wedding and she had to promise both mates to dance with them.
Hand in hand, they ran to a shop that sold paint and other paraphernalia.

Y / N sat on the floor with a large catalog of colors on her lap, while Bucky looked over her shoulder blankly.
"Why are there so many names for the same color?" Y / N chuckled.
“They're not the same colors, that's why they have different names!” She heard Steve say, who got all the other things they needed to paint. 

"They look the same to me," Bucky grumbled.
"Guys, we need a nice dark green!" She interrupted the conversation before Steve Bucky could give a lecture on the nuances of colors.
"No blue and red?" Asked Steve. She rolled her eyes.
“No, Stevie. A nice dark green for two walls and creamy white for the others. ”Bucky took another color catalog from the shelf and sat cross-legged next to her on the floor.
"How about the green?" He asked as he randomly opened a page of the book and pointed to a green box.
"Oh Bucky this is perfect!" She kissed him stormily and Steve could only smile at his mates.
“Then I'll find someone who'll mix this color for us. What's the name of the color? ”He leaned over the book and read the name.
“Dark green. Really? ”Y / N chuckled as Steve walked away.

Bucky got up and pulled Y / n into his arms.
"Is everything as you want it to be?" He asked her softly. Y / N looked at him.
"But you know that you should also have a say, right?"
"Doll, we want you to be happy." He smiled and kissed her forehead.

“But it's not just about my will. She will also be your daughter. "
"And all we want is that our girls are fine so we can spoil them." Steve came back with a paint bucket.
"Do we have everything?" Asked Bucky. Steve nodded.
"Let's go home, Alphas."

Chapter Text

When they arrived at Y / N's apartment, they brought the shopping upstairs. They left the bears in the car because it made no sense if they could still distribute them today. Steve brought the paint and other utensils to the future nursery, while she and Bucky put the clothes in the washing machine. Then she sat in the middle of the room and watched her alphas start painting the walls. Both had decided that Y / N needed a break and so they painted the walls alone - at the beginning more paint landed on their clothes than on the wall.
"I think we won't have to apply a second layer." said Steve, lowering his brush. Bucky took the brush off him and went into the bathroom to wash everything off. Y / N jumped up and kissed Steve.
"Now you have color on your face." He grinned and kissed her again.
"We should leave the window open so that it can dry well and it doesn't stink of paint anymore." Said Bucky when he came back and was amused to see that his mates hadn't moved yet but were making out with each other. Y / N nodded, blushing, and opened the windows while Steve grinned at Bucky.

"How about we both jump into the shower and then we order pizza for everyone in the tower and tell everyone about the good news." Y / N beamed at the two of them and nodded excitedly. Bucky reached out and wiped the paint off her cheek. She pressed a kiss on the palm of her hand and shooed the two of them into the bathroom so that they could change in peace, as their things had gotten some stains.

Y / N picked up her mates' belongings and threw them in the washing machine. Both men came out of the bathroom grinning, Bucky's arm around Steve's waist.
"We're put on some clothes quickly, can you order the pizzas?" She took out her cell phone and sent off the order while she waited for her mates.

The pizzas arrived in the Tower shortly after them and after all the Avengers had eaten, they picked up the parcels and distributed them.
"Is it a public holiday on Midgard today?" Asked Thor, looking at his little sister.
"Just open it." She grinned and gave Steve and Bucky a package too.
"For us too, Doll?" She nodded.
Everyone tore off the wrapping paper and stared at the bear variant of them.
"A bear! From me! “Grinned Thor who was the first to open it.
"Uncle Tony - Y / N are you pregnant?" Tony gave her a big look and came up to her. Y / N swallowed and shook her head.
"We want to adopt a child," said Steve, pulling Y / N onto his lap. Immediately everyone was enthusiastic and happy for them. She told them about Rosie and they spent the evening together.

Y / N sat excitedly in the back seat next to Bucky while Steve drove her to the children's home a few days later. The nursery was now fully furnished and she and her mates had filled out all the forms they needed for the adoption. Y / N came to tears when she saw the finished nursery for the first time. And now it wasn't long until little Rosie would be with her. Neither of them had closed their eyes last night, so delighted they were to take little Rosie home with them.
When the car stopped, she almost jumped out and bobbed nervously on her feet. Together they went to the door, where Steve rang the doorbell. Mrs. Hudson opened the door, beaming.
"Y / N! Nice that you're there. MR. Rogers, Mr. Barnes, it's nice to see you here too. Is there a special reason why you are here? ”She asked when they were in the house. Y / N nodded excitedly.
"We'd like to adopt a child." Said Bucky and wrapped an arm around Y / N's waist.
“Y / N / N I always knew that at some point you would adopt a child from us. I see you brought the forms with you. Shall we go to my office? ”She took the folder from Steve and led it into the small room. Sitting in her chair, she read the papers carefully while the three mates sat nervously in the chairs opposite.

“It all looks wonderful. The social structure is there, financially everything is right. I have to say that I have never thought so little about entrusting a child to someone. But there is a problem. ”Y / N caught her breath.
“It says here that you want to adopt little Rosie. Only this morning she was picked up by her birth mother. She has gone through rehab and is now being looked after by Family Welfare. I'm sorry, Y / N. ”Tears welled up in her eyes. Her dream of being the mother of little Rosie had broken. Both of her mates wrapped an arm around her.
“If the family welfare department should decide that she is not allowed to stay with her mother, I can gladly note that you have been interested in adopting the child since. Don't give up hope yet, ”Mrs. Hudson said gently. 
"Please do that, thank you." Steve said and stood up. He had to pull Y / N up with him. She managed a smile as Mrs. Hudson said goodbye.

Y / N was sitting alone in the back seat, both of her mates were in the front.
"I'm sorry," she muttered as Steve drove off.
"It's not your fault," Bucky said and regretted sitting in the front. He wanted to take her in his arms.
“The others will be disappointed. Tony and Nat were so excited to be sponsors. ”She felt empty.
"Maybe it's a sign. Maybe I just shouldn't be a mother." Bucky turned around.

"No! Doll you mustn't think like that. Steve stop. ”The car stopped and Bucky jumped up to sit next to Y / n and pull her into his arms.
"Y / N you are going to be a mother and you are going to be a great mother," he said, stroking her head. She buried her face in his shirt. Steve's cell phone rang. He looked at his mate in the rearview mirror. Both knew it was Fury. Steve took the call and his face hardened.
"Tell him whatever he wants, no," growled Bucky. He couldn't leave Y / N alone now.
"Barnes, if you don't get your ass right away -" Steve had turned it on loud.
"It is OK. He will have his reasons why you two should drive. I'll be fine. "Y / N said softly and they both looked at her.
“Listen to your Omega. In 10 minutes. ”Fury hung up.
“It's just a short mission. 3 days maximum. "Said Steve and drove to the tower.
“Y / N we don't have to drive. You are not doing well and honestly, we are not feeling better either. "Said Bucky and looked at her sadly. She nodded.
"I can do that. You two will be back in 3 days. "Steve stopped right in front of the tower and all three got out.

"I'm sorry, Princess," said Steve and kissed her.
“Both of you take care! I need my Alphas safe and sound back with me. "She said and kissed Bucky goodbye.
“Omega, of course. We come back to you. We love you. "Said Steve and with one last kiss they disappeared into the car.
Y / N went back to the tower. She really needed her mates badly right now, but asking for that would have been selfish.
The elevator took them to the common room, where Tony and Natasha were talking. Her red-haired friend smiled at her for a moment, until she realized what a mood the young Omega was in and she came up to her and hugged her.
"What did the idiots do?" Asked Tony. She shook her head.
"And where are you?"
“On a mission. Fury just called her. Doing- “She buried her face in her best friend's shoulder.
"While doing this?" She asked gently.
“And I just need her more. Rosie is back with her birth mother, "she cried. Nat looked at Tony over the head of Y / N.
He shook his head.
She led the young Omega to the sofa and wrapped her in a blanket before snuggling up against her.
“Everything will be fine, Y / N / N. We're here for you."

Chapter Text

The alleged 3 day mission now lasted over 3 weeks.
3 weeks without any contact with her mates.
Ordinarily, Y / N would be full of worry and fear for her mates, but she didn't feel anything. She tried to isolate herself from all feelings and to think of nothing. Y / N threw herself into work and helped wherever she could. She was almost worse than Tony. Pepper had to force her to take breaks several times or to go to sleep. She hardly ate and even if everyone else noticed and cared about her, no one could change it.

And when Steve and Bucky came back it didn't get any better. They were about to find Lilly and set out to find the wrong Omega. Focused on the goal and that they could enjoy their life with Y / N afterwards, they were always on the go or training while Y / N threw herselves into the wedding preparations. At first Y / N was happy that her mates were back, but when they barely had time for her, she swallowed her sadness and frustration and tried to concentrate more on the other members of the pack. And when Steve and Bucky came back in the evening or late at night looking for their mate, they usually found her with someone else.
They tried to give their Omega space, because they both knew that she was still struggling with the adoption issue. It pained them that Y / N didn't want to talk about it and shut herself off, but they both distracted themselves with the search for hydra and other things. Both sides thought of the other that they needed space.

That went on until Y / N was shortly before her next heat. When she woke up, she was freezing. Her alphas hadn't spent the night with her again. This has happened a lot lately. Mostly because Bucky and Steve came back later and didn't want to wake them up. She put on her lightest dressing gown, because she could already feel her skin becoming more sensitive, and slipped into the common room. She looked in the direction of the kitchen, but couldn't convince herself to eat anything. So she sat down on her favorite sofa, from which she had a good view out of the window. It was still very early and the sun hadn't risen yet. She pulled the dressing gown tighter around her body as she began to shiver and cursed Tony for paying more attention to design, which is why there weren't any cozy blankets when she heard someone fiddling in the kitchen. She didn't turn around as the person got closer.
"Little bird! Why are you up so early? ”Asked Thor. She smiled at her brother.

"I could not sleep anymore. How long have you been back? "She asked and he sat down next to her.
"Last night. You were already gone. Do you want a PopTart too? ”He asked with a grin and offered her a pastry. She shook her head in denial.

"What's going on, Y / N / N? Where are your mates? "
"I dont know. They weren't there when I woke up. Just like the last few days, ”she murmured sadly and exhausted.
"What happened? Do I have to take care of both of them? ”Thor asked through clenched teeth. She shook her head.
"All is well. Just- I don't know. They've been so ... aloof lately and constantly on the move. They've been pushing me away since the adoption thing. I think they regret it ... ”She dropped her head, defeated.
“Oh little bird. I don't think it's that. It's not your fault that the adoption failed, ”he said, patting her back.
"It's my fault that I can't get pregnant," she said upset and burst into tears.
The blonde big alpha pulled his little sister into his arms. He didn't see how much she suffered from it.
“Don't cry little bird. I can't take it, when you are crying. ”he muttered into her blue curls. He pulled her onto his lap and rocked her gently to calm her down.

Steve and Bucky got off the elevator, working on the surprise for Y / N all night. Both noticed how she was getting further and further away from them and they did not know how they could prevent that, which is why they had planned a surprise for them. FRIDAY had told them that Y / N was in the common room, but it surprised them both when they saw that she was sitting on Thor's lap and hugging him tightly.
"I'm going to bed." Bucky muttered jealously and disappeared into the stairwell. Steve nodded and went into the kitchen to at least bring some food for him when he heard his Omega sniffing. The noise immediately awakened all instincts in him and he was with her in a few steps. Y / N looked at him briefly before burying her head on Thor's shoulder again.
"Princess ... Y / N / N what happened? Why are you crying? ”He immediately sat down next to her and when he touched her, she looked at him.  Her whole body began to shake.
"Stevie - Alpha," she whimpered. She threw herself into the arms of her Alpha. Even if he hated that she was crying, he finally enjoyed feeling her in his arms again.
"Sshhh- everything will be fine, baby."
"Why do you keep telling me that everything will be fine? It's only getting worse. ”Steve touched her red cheeks and echoed himself for being so inattentive.
"Y / N / N, your heat will start soon." She nodded.
"May I carry you?" He asked gently. She nodded again, tightened her grip on his neck, unwilling to let go of him.

Steve took her to his area and bedroom, where Bucky paced around. He didn't understand why Y / N could let others get to her so easily, but he and Steve weren't allowed to approach to. Of course he could understand that she needed space, but it tormented him that he wasn't allowed to be the one in whose arms she was lying. Bucky came with the jealousy he felt every time he saw her with someone else was slowly killing him. He always wondered why they were allowed to treat her like that and what he and Steve had done wrong. Just as Bucky was about to go to the bathroom, Steve came in.
"I'm not in the mood for one of your sermons right now, Steve." But all he heard in response was his whimpered name. Immediately he spun around and saw Steve slowly put Y / N down. Reluctantly, she took a step towards him and held out her hand.

"Please Alpha." She whimpered and within a few moments he had pulled her into his arms.
"I missed that, Doll. I missed you. ”Y / N clung to his arms.
"You said that you would never send me away .. And then you weren't there. You were constantly gone and you weren't there in the morning either. "She looked at both of her mates, who looked at her guiltily.

“We didn't want to send you away. We- damn we thought you needed the free space after what happened. "
“I don't need any space. All I need are my alphas. But you were on missions or during training or wherever. Just not here with me. You weren't where you were needed most. ”She burst out and clapped her hands over her mouth, shocked at her words.
"Excuse me. I didn't mean that. There are more important things -"
"No there is nothing more important. It's okay. You are right, doll. We have neglected you. That should not have happened. We should have been there for you. ”He kissed her gently on the forehead. His guilt was enormous. Steve pulled his mates close.
"We're so sorry, Princess." He kissed her gently and when his lips parted from hers, all they heard from her was a whimpering "Alpha." Immediately both alphas straightened up.
"Omega." Came from them in unison when the smell of Y / N`s Heat hit them.

Chapter Text

When the first wave of her heat was over, all three were in bed together. Bucky had his arms tightly around Y / N`s center and she was lying with her back to his chest. Steve on her other side, her head on his chest.
“Y / N / N, the missions we've been on for the past few weeks had a goal. Shut down Hydra. ”He muttered, gently stroking her skin.
“I understand. It's okay that you go on missions. You're superheroes, that's your job, ”she said softly.
"We just want you and everyone else to be safe from them." She looked at Steve.
"And what if Bucky gets into their fingers again?" She asked and both heard the panic in her voice. Bucky lowered his lips to her bare shoulder.
"That won't happen," he promised her quietly.
"You can not know that. Nobody can know. They won't let you come back to us. ”She turned so that she could look at him.
“I know, Doll. But we have to shut down Hydra. This is the only way we can have a normal life. And that's all I want for us. A carefree, normal life. ”He took her face in his hands and kissed her gently.
"You have to take care of each other," she whispered.
"And you have to promise me that you will always let me know when you have a Hydra mission." Both nodded. She snuggled closer to her two alphas.

"Can you promise us something, Doll?" Asked Bucky softly.
"Sure what?"
“Princess, you know that we love you for who you are, but we don't want you to starve yourself. Will you promise us that you will try to eat regularly? ”She looked at her mates.
“I didn't want to starve myself down. I- the stress- I just forgot. "Bucky nodded.
"I know that. But when I touch your hip I can clearly feel your bones. We just want our girl to be happy and healthy. "
"I'm happy with you guys and I'll try." She smiled widely and her alpha relaxed.
"But now I have an appetite for something else!" She grinned and pulled Steve close.


A few days later, Y / N's heat was over and, to the promised surprise, their mates kidnapped her. Y / N was excited until she saw Steve park the car in front of her apartment.

She hadn't been in the apartment since the adoption thing. Everything in her refused to go back there. She looked at Bucky in panic.
"Do you trust us, Doll?" He asked her softly.
"With my life," she muttered. He took her hand and helped her out of the car. A few moments later, all three were in the apartment. Steve led her to the door behind which the nursery was.
"I don't know if I'm ready for this yet," she muttered in panic. Bucky put a hand on her cheek.
“Trust us, Doll. YOU can do it. ”She put her hand on the doorknob and opened the door. Y / N expected to see the fully furnished children's room, but it was only dark, even though it was the middle of the day. Steve reached for the light switch and suddenly the light from a hundred fairylights illuminated the room.
"What?" She turned to her mates, confused.

“You are our omega and we were sadly very bad alpha. It is our duty that we look after you and take care of you. I know that you are not quite able to cope with life as an Omega, but every Omega deserves a nest. And we have borrowed your Pintrest account in the last few days and implemented everything according to your ideas. "Bucky grinned like a boy.
"You are too good to me." She threw herself into the arms of her mates and kissed them stormily before looking around the redesigned room.

Fairylights hung everywhere and her mates had hung a large net and made a cozy cave for her underneath. She took off her shoes and scurried into the cave. There she found her mates' two bears. She hugged the teddies happily. When she noticed that they smelled like her mates, tears came to her.
"Thanks!" She said and smiled at her mates who were still standing at the door.
"Why don't you come here? There's so much space here, ”she said.
"Some omegas don't like their alpha entering their nest." She got up and walked over to them.
"As long as you take off your shoes, I would like to have you in my nest with me." Giggling, she pulled them both into the room with her.

Chapter Text

The weeks that followed were heavenly. They spent more time together than before. And all three talked more openly about what was and what they were feeling. As a result, they were all more balanced, which was also reflected in the rest of the team. Even if Thor and Loki didn't want to be with Steve and Bucky at first, it soon went away and they could be in a room without attacking each other.
Y / N also knew that her mates would soon be returning on a mission, but when it did, it couldn't come at a worse time. There were only 2 days left to Pepper and Tony's wedding and they both had to go on a mission.

"Do you really have to go?" She said softly and pulled her mates closer to her. Bucky wrapped his arms around her.
“We're back on time for the wedding, Doll. You can't miss us at all. Tomorrow you'll have a nice day with the girls and we'll see you again on Sunday. ”He said and kissed her.

"I love you, Doll." She reaches up to kiss him again.
“I love you too, Bucks. And I love you, Stevie. ”Steve pulled her close and kissed her until she gasped.

"I love you, princess." They both squeezed it again before releasing it.
"Take care of yourselves." She said with tears in her eyes. They both walked away and waved goodbye to her. Nat took her hand and pulled her back inside.


"Come on, Y / N we're going to watch a movie." Nat said and took her to the sofa. As soon as she was seated, Wanda ran towards her and snuggled up against her.

Peter sat at her feet and offered himself to her legs.

Y / N's nerves calm down as she sat in the middle of the pups, Natasha on her other side, but her stomach doesn't calm down. She felt sick all morning because she knew her buddies were going to be in danger and she couldn't do anything about it.
Just as she seemed to overcome another wave, Natasha began to stroke her hair.
“Nothing will happen to both of them. It's just a small mission and the day after tomorrow you'll be back. ”Y / N nodded and offers himself to the red-haired Alpha.
"And if both of them will be too late or get injured, I'll have to beat them up for it!" Laughed Nat and suddenly she felt so sick that she jumped up and had to run to the bathroom. Natasha was right behind her, holding her hair while Y / N choked the food out.
"I'm sorry, Y / N / N! I shouldn't have said it that way. ”Nat apologized, while she stroked her back soothingly. She hands her a towel with which Y / N dabbed her mouth.
“I've felt sick all day. Maybe the sushi was bad and I upset my stomach yesterday. Or is it because Bucky and Steve aren't there. ”The bathroom door popped open and Pepper stood in the doorway.
“The day before the wedding, my first and only bridesmaid gets sick. Of course that had to happen."
"I'm going to Dr. Cho. She surely has some meds against that. Peps don't worry. Everything will be fine. You will have a great wedding and no one will mess up your wedding. "


Nat led her up to the infirmary and where Dr. Cho was treating an injured Hawkeye.
"I don't know how I keep getting shot." Y / N walked over to him and took his hand. Natasha rolled her eyes.
"You'd better be careful." Y / N muttered and Clint stroked her hair.
"I know, Y / N / N. I'll be more careful next time. ”He promised her and then got up to go to his room.
Y / N sits down on one of the loungers and waited until Dr. Cho was done. Nat and Pepper sat on a small couch and talked about the wedding preparations.
Dr. Cho came over to her and smiled at her.
"What can I do for you, Y / N / N."
“I think I got food poisoning. I've been dim all day today and I threw up. "Dr. Cho nodded.
"But you ate the same as we did, Y / N." Added Pepper. “Are we all going to vomit?” She asked  worried. Dr. Cho examined her closely.
"How do you feel now?"She Asked the Omega. Y / N Listened to her body.
"I'm fell not sick anymore, my stomach still feels weird." Cho went to a closet and took out some things.
“Y / N / N, I need a little blood from you. Just to check if your body is missing something. It goes very quickly and hardly hurts. "

Y / N looked at the needle in her hand and whimpered. Natasha came over to her and took her hand.
"You can do it, Y / N / N." First she looked at the red-haired Alpha and then at Dr. Cho and nodded.
She disinfected the area and Y / N stared at her best friend while her Dr. Cho took the blood. She whimpered when she felt the needle stick through her skin, but couldn't flinch away.
"You're doing very well, Y / N / N." Said Nat and smiled at her. Dr. Cho removed the needle and put a plaster on the wound.
"Very well. that's it. It doesn't take long then we have the result. So you can wait here. ”Y / N nodded. Pepper came over to her and they talked about the coming weekend.
“I've booked the entire spa for tomorrow. So that we can all relax. Maria and a few other SHIELD agents will be there too. But no worry. It's going to be very relaxed. ”Pepper said with a broad grin.
"You're going to be a wonderful bride, Pepper." Y / N smiled at her. Of course she also knew that Pepper would be nervous. Not because she was afraid that Tony would not show up, each of the Avengers would make sure that he would be there on time and dressed appropriately, but because Pepper was afraid that something would go wrong.

Less than 10 minutes later, Dr. Cho back and smiled at her.
"Y / N I have to do another examination. Don't worry, I don't have to hurt you anymore. Can you lie down? ”Helen rolled a device into the room and Y / N looked panicked at Natasha and Pepper. Nat sat down next to her and Pepper started stroking her hair.
“Can you pull the top up? Just so that the stomach is free. ”Y / N nodded and did what Dr. Cho had instructed her. Helen put a cold gel on her stomach.
"Did you notice anything about your weight or your body?" She asked as she started to press on her stomach with an object. Y / N considered.
“I've eaten more in the last few weeks and probably gained a few pounds, which is where the little belly comes from. I should probably pay more attention and make a diet, ”she admitted. Dr. Cho looked at the screen as she continued to run the white thing up and down her stomach until she stopped right above the scar.
"There it is," she muttered, which worried Y / N.
"What is it?" Cho smiled.
“I can't see that yet. We'll have to wait a few more weeks for that. When was your last heat? ”Y / N turned red.
"About 5 weeks ago," she muttered. Dr. Cho looked back at the screen.
"Actually it is way too big for 5 weeks ... The serum probably accelerates the growth." Y / N became more and more restless and looked nervously at Nat. Natasha grinned at her when she saw that Y / N didn't understand what had happened.
“Y / N / N, you are not sick. You're pregnant! ”The doctor turned the screen to face her so that she could see what she was seeing.

Chapter Text

"How can that be?" Asked Y / N breathlessly.
“Well, of course, there was a very slim chance that you could get pregnant. And now you are pregnant. Y / N, this pregnancy is likely to become a high risk pregnancy, but if we all take care of you and you take it easy for the next few months, it will work. I don't know how the Super Soldier Serum affects the pregnancy, but the baby is already growing faster than during a normal pregnancy. That means your child will need less than 40 weeks to be born. "Y / N nodded with tears in her eyes and couldn't take her eyes off the screen.
"Do you want to hear the heartbeat?" Asked the doctor and she nodded again. And when the child's fluttering heartbeat resounded across the room, it wasn't just her who were crying. Y / N would never have believed that she would ever get pregnant, especially after the accident with Lilly. She couldn't stop smiling.

"I'll print the pictures three times for you." Helen smiled knowingly.
"Yes, the daddies surely wants a picture too," grinned Nat.
When she took the white thing off her stomach, the pounding of the heart stopped. Pepper handed her a towel so she could wipe her stomach.
Y / N sat up and smiled at her best friend and future sister-in-law.
"I'm so happy for you, Y / N / N." Pepper smiled and hugged her.

"You're going to be a great mother," said Natasha, hugging her too.
"I never thought it could happen," she admitted quietly.
“Your mates will be very surprised when they come back. But they will also be very happy. And they'll probably never take their eyes off you again. ”Nat laughed and Y / N was sure that their mates would be very surprised.

Since Dr. Cho said she could still be the bridesmaid at the wedding, but she should be careful not to overdo it and not to overwork, so everyone went to the hut in the forest on the morning of the wedding. The day before they had all spent in the spa and let themselves be pampered, even if Y / N couldn't really switch off and constantly had to think about their mates and their baby. She hoped so much that she would soon be able to hug her mates. Y / N decided to tell their mates first before the others found out. She had put the original T-shirt on the two teddy bears of her mates and packed them together with the printed photos in a box each so that she could give it to both of them after the wedding. Last night she could only fall asleep when she enveloped herself in the scent of her mates.

Now all of her attention was focused on Pepper, who looked beautiful with the smooth braid and the simple white dress.

Y / N's hair was pinned up and the make-up covered her dark circles under her eyes.

Pepper stood nervously in the living room and everyone waited for the music to start.
“You look great, Tony loves you. Everything will be fine. ”Her Y / N said softly.
"He really loved me." She grinned immediately and when the music started they both straightened up and hugged one last time.
"Remember to smile." Pepper said and Y / n strode down the porch and then along the way between the chairs to the jetty, where Tony was already waiting and looking at her nervously.
"You look good Tones," she grinned and turned around. Pepper was accompanied to her future husband by Happy, Tony's best man.
Y / N's gaze flew over the guests present until she saw her mates and the tension fell away from her.

Both sat in the front row with the rest of the Avengers and only had eyes for their Omega. While Pepper and Tony were saying their vows, Y / N held Pepper's bouquet and could only look at her mates, so she almost missed the moment when she was supposed to give Pepper the ring for Tony.
Everyone clapped as Tony kissed Pepper.
Y / N wanted to run to her mates immediately afterwards, but she had to go to the photographer with Happy and the happy couple to take wedding photos.

It took almost an hour for Pepper to let her go and for them to walk back to the house. Outside there were some tents in which the guests were waiting for the newlyweds. Y / N knew that her mates were waiting for her there, but first she wanted to get the boxes from her guest room. Pepper had allowed her to do it after the wedding because she knew that Y / N would otherwise be way too nervous for the rest of the evening. But just as she entered the room, she suddenly felt someone behind her and her field of vision went black.

Chapter Text


Bucky stood by the lake, away from the wedding party, and gazed at the water, lost in thought. He only noticed that Steve was standing next to him when he wrapped his arm around him.
"Hey Bucks." He smiled at him. "What are you thinking about?" Bucky smiled at him.
"Us. About you and Y / N. Our life. Steve I think I am really ready to step back from all my duties as an Avenger and lead a normal and quiet life. Maybe we can move into a house and adopt a dog ... or we can get goats. Stevie, we have a wonderful life ahead of us and now we have the chance to begin. Together. ”Steve stroked his hair.
“That sounds good. I think I'm ready too. I don't want to be Captain America anymore. I just want to be Steve. Your Steve. ”Bucky leaned against his mate and smiled at her.
"Y / N looks so beautiful today." Steve grinned and Bucky nodded.

“She is the best that could have happened to us. I can't wait to dance with her afterwards. Dancing with you two. ”Bucky hugged him and kissed him.
"Let's see how long Stark keeps us waiting." Said Steve and at that moment they heard applause and cheers from the tents.
"Let's get our girl." Bucky pulled Steve with him and hand in hand they walked back to the wedding party.
Tony and Pepper were walking through the crowd. Steve looked for Y / N but couldn't see her. Suddenly TOny and Pepper stood in front of them.

“Stark, you are really lucky to marry this wonderful woman. Pepper- You must be crazy to marry this loonie here. Congratulations to both of you. ”Pepper giggled and Tony could only shake his head.
"Do you know where Y / N is?"
“She wanted to get a little surprise for both of you. She's probably still in the house.“ Pepper grinned and walked through the crowd with Tony.
Bucky grinned at Steve.
"A little surprise?" Steve shrugged and led Bucky to their seats. The space between them was free for Y / N and Steve quickly got into conversation with the person sitting next to him, T'Challa Udaku, the King of Wakanda. Next to Bucky was Natasha, who was grinning at the long-haired Alpha.
"Ha? Did she tell you already? ”Bucky looked confused.
"What should she have told us? Pepper said she has a little surprise for us, but we haven't seen her since the wedding, ”he said, a little worried.
"A little surprise? I'd rather say it's a big surprise. Should I check on her? ”Asked Nat. Bucky looked at Steve, who was still talking animatedly.
"I'll come with you."

 They both got up and went into the house. Nat showed him the way to her guest room, where the door was open. Nat saw immediately that the boxes were still on the shelf.
"That's weird, she hasn't been here yet." Nat took the small presents and went into the adjoining bathroom, which was also empty.
"Where is she?" Asked Bucky nervously. He and Nat searched the house, but no trace of their mate. Just as they were about to go outside, Thor came towards them.
"Hey, did you see Y / N?" He frowned.
“Just earlier when she got into the house. Maybe she's already in the tent? ”Bucky ran nervously back to the party and his trained gaze flew over the crowd, but she wasn't here either. When Steve saw his angry mate, he stood by him immediately.
"What happened? Where's Y / N? ”Bucky looked at him a little lost.
"I don't know." Steve hugged him and asked Natasha what he meant by that.
"She really just wanted to get these boxes for you ..." The redhead passed them on to the two Alpha. Both tore the carefully tied ribbons from the boxes and stared blankly at the contents.

"Wait does that mean ..?" Nat nodded.
"Y / N is pregnant. Helen said there was little chance she could get pregnant, but you two actually managed to get her pregnant. But she also said that it was a risk pregnancy and Y / N should take it easy. ”The news of Y / N's pregnancy pleased both of them, but it also frightened them. Y / N was gone and they had to find her.

"What could have happened?" Asked Thor and everyone looked at each other. Several other guests noticed the tense mood in them and came over to see what had happened, including Tony and Pepper.
"Where's Y / N / N?" Tony asked softly.
"We do not know it. She's gone. "Steve admitted.
"How did she disappear? Could she have driven away? ”Tony's voice became high-pitched.
"No, all the cars are still there," said Natasha.
"What are we standing around here, damn it, we have to find Y / N." Bucky said tense and everyone agreed.

2 hours later they still had no trace of her. Bucky and Steve were both nervous. They both paced across the room while Tony checked his laptop for ways in which Y / N might have gone.
"What about the catering service?" Asked Tony's bride. She had imagined her wedding celebration differently, but now that Y / N was gone, everyone was worried about Y / N and the unborn baby. Tony looked at her.
“Fury has checked the company several times. In addition, they had no access to the house. ”Tony regretted that he hadn't installed FRIDAY inside the house. Only outside were cameras installed, which showed Y / N how she went into the house, but not how she left it. Tony looked for the recordings of the catering service, which first put the food in the tent and then -
"What is this man doing in the house?" Asked Natasha, who looked over his shoulder. They watched as the man came out of the house a short time later in a service car.
"Stop the video! I know the tattoo. "Said Bucky and looked at Steve.
"It's Hydra."


Chapter Text

Y / n woke up in a dark room that smelled very much of disinfectant and stale air. She was lying on a soft mattress against a wall. She sits up disoriented. Tried to remember what had happened and how she got here. Her hand wanders over her neck, which hurt, up to her stomach. 
The baby! 
In a panic, she tries to feel if something had happened to the baby. But she felt nothing out of place. Y / N didn't know if it was good or bad. Her breathing quickened as she remembered what happened. 
She had been to Tony and Pepper's wedding and wanted to get the boxes for her Mates - damn somebody must have kidnapped her.
It was too dark to see anything, but she no longer wore the dress she was wearing at the wedding. Now she wore a T-shirt and sweatpants that were much too big for her. She winced when her bare feet hit the cold floor. Carefully she got up, she moves a little shakily, and slowly she felt her way along the wall until she found a light switch and turned on the light. 
After her eyes got used to the bright light, she looked around. She was in a small room that contained nothing more than a table with two chairs, a bed and a window with a blind in front of it. There were two doors. A metal one right next to her and a wooden door right across from the bed. She carefully opened the door and saw that there was a bathroom behind, with a shower, toilet and sink. She looked at the iron door and decided to go to the window and find where she was.
When she pulled up the blind, she saw a familiar building. It was in the building across from the Avengerstower. The window had no handle and so she hit the pane trying to attract attention. But not even the passers-by who walked a few meters away looked up at her.
"I wouldn't do it, because it doesn't work." Came suddenly from behind her a familiar voice. Y / N turned around and saw a person she thought she would never see again.

"Lilly." She was happy with her back to the wall and held her hands in front of her in a defensive position. Panicked, she thought of her baby. Her little miracle.
“Don't worry, we don't want to harm you. At least not yet. If the Winter Soldier surrenders and willingly join us again, you may go. It's that simple, Y / N / N. "
“My family will find me. Bucky won't join you anymore. ”Lilly laughed.
“No, they won't. They will be looking everywhere but right in front of them? They won't find you, we will prevent it. We're so close to the tower that you can watch them look for you every day. How they get more and more desperate. Even your alphas won't be able to find you. We have prepared everything so that they cannot find you even through your connection. ”
Y / N was frozen. 
Hydra wanted Bucky back.
 Hydra wanted to take her mate.
Y / N knew she couldn't let that happen.
"Please! Lilly, so it doesn't have to be. Please don't take a child's father. ”Y / N demonstratively put her hands on her stomach.
“You could actually get pregnant? Then it's even better! He won't hesitate and agree to the deal, just to save the life of his child. ”Lilly laughed and studied her for a moment before looking out the window.
"Oh look at the cavalry!" They pointed out the window and in fact their friends were getting out of the cars. First and foremost Steve and Bucky. Neither of them smiled or talked.
Immediately she stormed to the window again, knocked and screamed until she was hoarse. Lilly had left her again, all that was left was a tray with food. Then she slid to the floor and looked up at the tower while she silently stroked her stomach. Tears ran down her cheeks.
"Your daddies will find us," she said softly to her wonderbaby.

Lilly grinned broadly when she left the room. She didn't think it would be that easy to get the Winter Soldier back, but thanks to the new information that Y / N was pregnant, it wouldn't be long before he voluntarily returned to the clutches of Hydra. 
She sent a message to her manager as she walked down the hallways of the secret Hydra base. The few Hydra agents stationed here looked at her respectfully. She was one of the best and everyone knew it. 

When she arrived at the small headquarters, she went over to the screens showing every corner of the tower. Since she stole the data from Stark's servers and infecting their servers, Hydra had been able to overlook every step and conversation that was going on in the tower. Of course, they knew about the wedding and had been planning how to get hold of the former Winter Soldier since the engagement.
Now Lilly saw how desperate all Avengers were. Everyone was looking for Y / N, going through every possibility but would not find it. 
This was the most protected and newest Hydra base and they would never find her. Even if James Barnes reunites with Hydra, it doesn't mean the Y / N should go. Maybe it was better to have leverage against the Avengers and if they had Y / N in their captivity they could control the Winter Soldier.
Lilly grinned broadly and leaned back.
Everything went according to plan.

Chapter Text

Bucky Barnes was sitting on Y / N's bed, which had become their bed for the past few months, and looked down at the picture she wanted to give him and Steve as a present. Y / N was pregnant and Hydra had kidnapped her.
Because of him.
The brown-haired knew exactly what Hydra wanted. And he was the only one who could pay that price.
He would lose everything, but she would be free.
His baby would be free.
He didn't care if he was the biological father or not. The baby was his child. Just as it would be Steve’s child. He fell back and thought about Y / N. She would be a wonderful mother and she deserved to be a mother. He knew that she would look beautiful when her stomach was round as a ball. Even if he didn't live to see it, he sincerely hoped his mates would tell the child about him.

"You can forget about that right away." Steve stood in the doorway and looked at him.
"You do not know-"
"I can almost hear you thinking, Barnes." He had already figured out his mates thoughts.
“Steve, this is the only way to get she back. Hydra wants me. ”Steve shook his head and sat down next to him.
"Y / N would never forgive us."
“Yeah she would forgive us. Because she would be free and with you. She would not be alone and would not have to raise our child alone. Or even worse. Hydra takes the child away from her and Steve we both know that would kill her. Steve she and the baby would be free and if the price for it is my freedom I am more than willing to pay that price. You can't tell me that you wouldn't do it the same way. ”The blond-haired man was silent.
“Stevie, our baby is growing in her. We are the fathers of the child and therefore we have to do everything to protect it. "
“I was just with Helen. She confirmed to me once again that it is a miracle that Y / N is pregnant. Due to the injury she received from Lilly, it is a high risk pregnancy and she should avoid any kind of stress and excitement. This can be dangerous for a normal pregnancy in the first trimester. It's deadly to Y / N, and not just to the baby. You are right, Bucks. Should she lose the child, she would break it. ”Steve lay down next to his mate, who immediately pulled him into his arms.
“I don't want to go back to Hydra. I don't want to go back to a life that I can't determine myself and in which I don't even know who I really am. I want to be with you. Be there when the baby comes and be there when it grows up, ”he admitted. The tears ran down his cheeks.

“But I'll do it. I have to do it. To save our girl. ”Steve shook his head.
"No, Bucky. You will not. We will find another way. I promise to you."

All the Avengers sat at the big table while waiting for Steve to come down with Bucky. They were tense and hadn't slept the previous night. Pepper and Tony had canceled their honeymoon because they didn't want to drive without knowing where Y / N was. Tony had sent all of his suits out looking for his little sister.
"As soon as she's back she'll get a tracking chip," he muttered grimly. Wanda handed him a cup of coffee. He nodded gratefully to her and she went back over to Vision who took her in his arms. Peter was with his aunt.
"We'll find her, Tony," Clint said seriously.

“Of course we will. Damn why did it have to happen to her again. They could have kidnapped me or anyone else here because of me, but ... Y / N is pregnant. She could lose the child. We have to find her as fast as possible. ”He muttered and Pepper took his hand.
"We all know what Hydra wants," said Tony. Everyone was silent.
"Yes. Me. ”Came from the door as Steve and Bucky entered the room.

"Then we know what to do."
"No. Tony we don't sacrifice team members for other team members, ”said Nat.
"I would do it." he said.
"Me too." Bucky said, but Steve looked at him angrily.
“No, we'll find another way. Bucky, Y / N needs both of us. ”Bucky sat down on his chair and everyone looked at Steve.

"What's the Rogers plan?" Asked Clint.
“We have to call up all resources. Anyone who could help us. All contacts. And we'll take apart every single hydra base until we find them. ”Everyone nodded. Most of them immediately took out their cell phones to call someone.
“I'll call Sharon. She will surely help us. ”Steve said to his mate.
"Who is Sharon?"
"Peggy's niece." Bucky raised an eyebrow, but leaved it uncommented. Wanda came over to him and sat down next to him.

"Will we find Y / N / N?" She asked in her puppy voice. Bucky looked at her and put his arms around her.
"Of course little witch, we will find her and the baby will be fine. I promise you that. ”She snuggled up against him and Bucky patted her head.

Chapter Text

Every day followed the same pattern. She was given something to eat three times a day, mostly foods that she could not determine and that tasted like nothing. Every few days she was given new clothes. She didn't know how many days had passed since she was captured by Hydra. Lilly came back three more times, each time mocking Y / N for hoping that her mates would get her.
And Y / N didn't give up that hope. Day after day she sat at the window and watched the tower. A few times she even saw her mates, both of whom looked as bad as she felt. The Avengers jet regularly flew away and returned hours later.
Her stomach grew, as did the urge to be with her mates. She cried every time she saw one of them, but after a few weeks she couldn't even do that. Her body kept getting emaciated, while her stomach got bigger and bigger. She tried to counteract this by eating everything Hydra gave her, but she also felt that the food wasn't the problem.
The room she was in gave her no comfort.
She didn't know how long she would be here.
But despite all this, she did not give up hope.
Bucky and Steve would come and then she would never let go of her mates.

The Avengers had many allies behind them who helped them find Y / N. From the King of Wakanda to another Widow that Natasha introduced as her sister. The Asgardians had to go back to Asgard to deal with a Problem. Antman and the Wasp were there as well as an ally of Fury who got their power from the Tesseract.
They picked up one hydra base after the other, but Y / N disappeared without a trace. Steve and Bucky tried to find them through the connection, which failed as did any of Loki's location spells.
The tension between the individual Avengers increased every day and it wasn't long before they just yelled at each other and argued. They had all forgotten how it was without Omega and the stress only made it worse. Tony slept even less than he had before, not even Pepper could lure him out of the lab now.

All were overworked, but could not be dissuaded from searching for Y / N further. It took everyone that she wasn't there. The press made headlines that she was missing. There were theories that she was dead. Or broke up with their mates.

But it was worst for Bucky and Steve. They only slept when they passed out, which, thanks to the serum, that took a lot longer for them than for Tony. If Nat wouldn´t force them to eat regularly, they would have stopped doing that too. Both were present on every single mission and kept busy because they feared that if they took a break, they would collapse.

It had been almost 6 weeks now. Neither of them brought it up, but everyone thought about what would happen if they didn't find Y / N alive. By now they had changed strategy and were watching the remaining free Hydra members. They even tried to reach for Thor and Loki but they didn´t showed up. Tony suspected that they were moving Y / N from one place to another so that she couldn't be found. The search continues to be unsuccessful until it is no longer.

Y / N no longer had the strength to get up. She no longer had the strength to eat. All she did was lie on the bed. Every time someone came in to bring her something to eat, they told her that if she didn't eat soon, she would be force-fed and it would not be any more comfortable for her. So this time too. She couldn't react to it, she just continued to lie on the bed.
Until she heard her name and turned her head to the voice.
“Y / N!” There was nobody in the room. She sat up. If no one was in the room, it could only mean that someone was standing by the window. She got up cautiously and hurried to the window with shaky legs, but to her disappointment there was no one there. She got dizzy and had to sit on one of the chairs.
Again she heard someone say her name, but this time it came from right next to her. Startled, she looked at the table and the tray and actually there was a small person there.

"Hey Y / N. I'm Antman- i mean Scott- I´m a friend of your mates. I'm here because your mates are looking for you. It took a while, but don't worry, they'll be with you in a moment. ”He grinned. Y / N couldn't believe what she was hearing. Tears ran down her cheeks. She tried to get up, but kept falling back on the chair.
"Y / N it is better if you stay seated. I don't want to have to explain to your mates why you have a head wound. ”He said and jumped off the table. Seconds later it was bigger than before.
"Stay behind me." He turned to the door, who jumped open seconds later and slammed against the wall.

Scott got ready to fight, but when he saw it was Steve, he lowered his defensive stance. Y / N's heart felt like someone was crushing it. He looked worse up close than she could tell from a distance. In addition, he had a large cut on his forehead and cheek.
She jumped up and wanted to rush to her mate, but as soon as she took even one step the nausea overwhelmed her and Y / N fell over. But before she could hit the hard ground, she was caught by two strong arms.
"Y / N!" She looked up and a few inches from her face was Steve's face. Tears stood in his eyes and threatened to overflow.
"Stevie ..." she whimpered and buried her face in his shoulder.
“I'm here, Princess. I am finally here. You are safe. ”He whispered and hugged her tightly.

"Where's Bucky?" She asked in a tearful voice.
"I'm here, Doll." She heard him say. Y / N reached out for him and when he took it she felt like she could finally breathe again.

Chapter Text

Steve got up with the trembling Y / N on his arm. She held Bucky's hand tight and planned not to let go of it. He carried her out of the hydra base, where all the other Hydra agents were just arrested by the Avengers. Steve and Bucky took them back to the tower, where they headed for the infirmary. Dr. Helen Cho was already waiting for her and when Steve wanted to lay her on the prepared bed, she whimpered and clung to him.
"No. Please don't leave me. ”She whimpered. Steve looked at Bucky and then sat on the bed with her on his lap. Bucky spread the covers over her with one hand and sat down next to her on the bed.
"Never again. We'll never leave you again, "Bucky swore.

Helen got the ultrasound machine and Steve helped her to free her stomach. As she spread the contact gel on her stomach, Y / N winced. Steve stroked her head soothingly.
“Everything will be fine, Y / N / N. She just wants to see if the baby is okay. She won't hurt you. "Bucky whispered to her. Both mates couldn't take their eyes off her.
"She's a fighter," said Dr. Cho smiling.
"She?" Asked Bucky, looking at the screen.
"Yes. It is a girl around the 18th week. She looks very healthy. To check that, I have to draw some of your blood, Y / N / N. ”She said while some new pictures were being printed out. Steve and Bucky couldn't take their eyes off the screen. The baby was fine. Tears of relief and joy ran down their cheeks.
Helen got up to get something from a closet while Steve gently wiped her stomach clean.
"The baby is fine." Y / N whimpered and she closed her eyes calmly.
"Yes Y / N. The baby is fine. Now we just have to make sure that Mommy is fine again. ”Helen came back with a needle and various other items.

“Y / N / N, I have to take your blood now and then you will be given an infusion so that your nutrient balance is replenished. It will only hurt a little moment, "she said, disinfecting the crook of her elbow. Bucky let go of her hand and Y / N immediately started shaking again. Bucky stroked her cheek and held his hand there.
“I'm not going away, Doll. I'm right next to you. ”She nodded weakly, but when Dr. Cho she touched her breathing accelerated. She was heading straight into a panic attack.

Her two mates tried to calm her down while Helen put on the flexula and drew her blood. Only when she was no longer touched by her, Y / N's panic subsided and she was able to calm down again. When the infusion was connected, Y / N closed her eyes exhausted.
“We stay with you. Nothing will happen to you. We protect you both. You can now close your eyes and sleep. ”Y / N nodded and snuggled into her mate's arms. A short time later she fell asleep.

“I gave her a sleeping med. It didn't harm the baby and she needs sleep and no nightmares, "said Helen. Both nodded. Bucky covered her completely again and his hand rested on her stomach.
"She's so emaciated," said Steve. Helen nodded.
“Y / N urgently needs to increase. It is a miracle that this condition has not harmed the baby yet. And so much worse could have happened. Separating a pregnant Omega from her mates and her pack for such a long time can be life-threatening not only for the baby but also for the mother. ”Steve's hand lay next to Bucky's on her stomach.
"It is important that she now gets a lot of calm and closeness so that there is no permanent psychological damage." Both nodded again. Neither of the two would leave her side. Helen said goodbye and left the three of them alone.

"We have her back." Said Bucky and smiled at his mate. Steve nodded.
"What happened to Lilly?" He asked after a while. Bucky looked at him and he could see the regret in his eyes.
“She will never be able to hurt her again. I am sorry-"

“No, Bucks. You do not have to be sorry. It is OK. No one will judge you. ”Steve interrupted him. Bucky nodded and leaned back until he sat next to Steve on the bed.
"Nobody will hurt our girls anymore."
“Bucky I think you should take T'Challa's offer. This is the only way you are really free from Hydra. ”T'Challa had offers to remove the keywords on his subconscious. But for that he would have to go to Wakanda for a longer period of time. He didn't like the fact that he was separated from his mates and right now he couldn't leave Y / N alone.
“Steve, I can't just go to Wakanda for months. Not now. I can't leave you both. "
“Who says you have to go to Wakanda alone. I've talked to T'Challa about it a time ago. He offers us that all three of us can come to Wakanda. Bucks, look, it's the first step into a free, normal life. "Steve said quietly and put a hand on his cheek. He nodded.
"We can do it. All three together."

Chapter Text

Y / N woke up hours later, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. Her heart was racing and when she opened her eyes, she didn't know where she was at first. One arm squeezed her and she turned to the person, startled.
“Everything is fine, Y / N / N. We are here. You're safe. ”Bucky kissed her shoulder and she relaxed again.

"Bucky?" She asked in a trembling voice.
"Yes, Doll?"
"Where's Stevie?"
“He's just getting some things for you quickly. We didn't want to wake you, which is why we let you sleep here. If you want, we can bring you to your room right away, ”he said softly. She turned and could see him in the face.
"If everything around me is just my imagination, you and Steve are the best thing I've come up." Y / N put a hand on his cheek.
“I love you, Y / N and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry we didn't found you sooner You were so close to us and yet we couldn't find you. ”He lowered his head and leaned it against her torso.
"It's not your fault-"
“I can't even imagine what it must have been like for you. You could see us And then you didn't know if we would ever find you. "
“I knew you would find me. I never gave up hope. ”The door swung open and Y / N winced. She looked scared at the door, but there was not Steve but Tony.

"Y / N Stark!" She sat up and Bucky with her. He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her head.
Her brother came closer and looked at her angry and relieved at the same time.
"Never do this to me again! You will get house arrest for the next 150 years, just for frightening us so much. ”Now he was standing right in front of her and grabbed her arm, whereupon she began to whimper and shiver.
"Please don't!" She pressed closer to Bucky.
"Tony let go of her!" Said Steve who had come in the door. Startled, Tony let go of her and took a step back so Steve could join her.
“Everything is fine, Y / N. It's just Tony, your brother. He won't hurt you. Nobody's going to hurt you! ”He stroked her hair and tearful cheeks soothingly.
"I - I would never hurt you, Y / N / N." Tony said quietly. She nodded, but still couldn't stop shaking.
"Don't touch-" Y / N mumbled softly and Steve looked at Bucky.
"Shall we let go of you too?" He asked softly and she shook her head.
"No. Don't leave me alone. "She whispered and took Steve's hand.

Tony eyed his sister and disappeared from the room. As soon as the door was closed behind him, Y / N collapsed crying.
"I don't want him to be mad at me," she cried into Steve's shoulder.
“He's not angry with you. More at yourself and angry at the people who did this to you. "Bucky explained and she nodded.
“Don't be sad, Princess. It is normal that Omega dislikes when alpha other than their own touches them during pregnancy. Your need is now reinforced because you have been separated from us for so long. Don't worry, princess. That will never happen again. You - you two - will stay with us forever. Nobody will ever be able to part us again. "Said Steve and put his hand on her stomach.
“She's going to be the most spoiled baby on the planet. And that's best protected. "Bucky smiled and put his hand next to it.

Y / N giggled and snuggled up against their mates.
"The nicest sound." Steve smiled and kissed her gently. She giggled again when she felt something. Immediately they looked at their mates in astonishment.
"What was that?" Asked Bucky. Her grin broadened as it repeated itself.
"That was our baby." She smiled and put her hand over it.

Steve leaned forward until his face was right in front of her stomach.
"Hey baby girl. I'm your dad, your other daddy is here too. We will always protect you. You and your mommy. We love you, baby girl. ”Steve grinned when they felt the baby again.
"I think she likes your voice." Y / N grinned.
There was a knock on the door and Y / N stiffened again.
"Everything will be fine. I will send them away. "Said Bucky and got up annoyed because the person had just ruined this intimate moment.
“No, Bucks. It's ok. they are worried too. Let them in. ”She said softly.
"Are you sure?" Asked Steve worried.
"Yes. As long as you are with me. "
"We'll never leave you, Doll." Bucky opened the door and an excited Wanda immediately ran past him.
"Y / N / N!" Wanda got to her faster so that Bucky couldn't stop her. Steve was just able to avoid it, otherwise he would have been knocked over by her.

"Wanda." Y / N opened her arms for the young pup, who immediately threw herself in. She stiffened briefly, but when she smelled the familiar smell of the pup, she relaxed immediately and was happy.
"Pup!" Said Wanda and put a hand on her stomach.
"Yes, Wanda. A little girl. That's why you have to be careful with her. ”Bucky said worried and pulled her to him. Nat and Clint came in too.
"Y / N / N, we missed you." Said Nat and took her in his arms. Immediately afterwards, she was hugged by Clint.
"I missed you all so badly, every day." Y / N tried to hold back the tears, but when Bruce came in with a big teddy bear they ran.
"Oh Bruce!"
“It's just a minor thing. Something for the baby. ”Y / N got up and hugged the black-haired Doctor.
"You are the best family and the best pack an Omega could ask for," she grinned.
"So aren't you angry with us?" Came Tony's voice from the door.
"Tones I can't be angry with you. According to your dark circles you did everything in your power to find me. ”She said and hugged her brother.

"I'm sorry that I reacted that way earlier." She nodded.

„Where are Loki and Thor?“ she asked after a small break, where everyone sat down.
„Asgard. They had to go. Neighter of them wanted to leave, but The allfather summoned them so they had to go. There are some problems back in Asgard. We havn´t heard of them in weeks.“ said Natasha. 
“Rogers left your food in the kitchen. I thought I would bring it here. ”An unfamiliar voice told her. Y / N stiffened immediately.
"Don't worry, Y / N / N. This is Yelena. My sister. I already told you about her. ”The young blonde Alpha looked at Natasha.

"You told her about me?" Y / N smiled and nodded. 
"Thank you, Yelena." She said and took the plate from her. She quickly went back to her mates, who took her into their midst, where she could eat in peace. Meanwhile, the others told her what she had missed.

Happy to be back with her pack, she leaned against Steve and smiled at everyone.


Chapter Text

Y / N was ready two weeks later that she could go to Wakanda with Steve and Bucky. Even if her pack didn´t liked to let her out of sight, Tony had to admit that it was the right thing. Despite their best efforts, Y / N was still plagued by nightmares and fears that only the presence of their alphas could placate. Helen managed to put the Y / N on weight and she started eating regularly again. Bucky and Steve spoiled their mate and everyone else kept bringing her little things for the baby.

Peter and Wanda were even more affectionate than before and tried to spend all of their free minutes with Y / N. Steve had read that it was normal behavior for pups when the Pack-Omega was pregnant. When Y / N announced that she would go to Wakanda, Peter and Wanda were the only two who disagreed. They didn't understand why Y / N had to leave them again.
It caused her worry and sleepless nights. She didn't want any tension in the pack and felt bad that she was leaving her pack behind again.

When the day of departure came and she had said goodbye to everyone, she sat in the jet between her mates and tried not to burst into tears. Steve rubbed her back as she pressed her face into her teddy bear.
"And what if you need me?" She whimpered and Bucky took her face in his hands.
“Y / N / N we've talked about it and it's time we took care of you. To both of you. You are the most important person in this pack. Steve and I quit our Avenger job. But in order to be completely free of Hydra, this last connection has to be cut. I'm sorry that you are separated from the others because of me. ”She looked at him.
"No, Bucky. Please don't blame yourself. I - I couldn't stand being apart from you and Steve. I don't know if it's just because I'm pregnant or because I've been separated from you for so long, but when I think about not being with you alone, my whole body aches and I feel my heartbeat accelerate . I have to be with you. ”She took her mates hands and squeezed them.
"I love you so much." They both wrapped their arms around her and they stayed in that position.


Wakanda was different from anything they had experienced before. Unlike Asgard or New York. They were greeted personally by the royal family, and Shuri, T’Challa's little sister, immediately took a special liking to Y / N. She reminded Y / N of Peter and her brother Tony. T’Challa showed them her new home. It was a little house a bit away from the hustle and bustle and to Bucky's surprise there was a small herd of goats in the house. His eyes lit up when T’Challa told them to take care of the goats.

He immediately agreed. Shuri led her around the house and showed her every room. One had been set up for the child because they didn't know how long it would be before she came. And one was a nest for Y / N.
Steve examined the room more closely and was satisfied, but Y / N knew that she would never use this room because it smelled of a strange Alpha and she already had her nest in the apartment back in New York. But she did not say this because she did not want to claim the hospitality.

For the next few weeks Shuri hardly left her side. They quickly discovered that there was hardly any Omega in Wakanda, so it was new for her to have one this close. It reminded her a little of Asgard. The Dora Milaje reminded her of Thor's tales of the Valkyren.
Steve and Bucky spent most of their time with Y / N. Except when Bucky had his therapy sessions.
Every time he came back he locked himself in the bedroom and didn't come out until hours later.
And even then he was aloof, but when Y / N hugged him it was like a burden was falling off his shoulders.

It tooked three weeks before he could talk about therapy. He told his mates about the flashbacks and nightmares that plagued him.
Y / N also plagued nightmares and panic attacks. Sometimes it was enough for her to find out that her mates were around. But it also happened that she couldn't find her way out of the panic attack on her own and then her mates were there to help her.

After three months, Bucky was finally freed from Hydra's power. Y / N was now spherical and they had decided to stay in Wakanda until their daughter was born. She was too pregnant to travel, but her pack came to visit her whenever possible.
Her nightmares had diminished, but sometimes she would wake up at night.
So this time too.
She woke up and heard Bucky say something. He gently stroked her stomach and talked to the baby.
“Your mommy is wonderful. She is the best that could have happened to us. She is smart and funny, brave and beautiful. And if you're even a fraction of that, we'll have our hands full when you're older. But we are happy to take the risk. I love you so much, my little girl. ”He pressed his lips to her stomach. Y / N felt her baby's kick.
"She loves you too." Y / N smiled sleepily. Bucky looked at her flushed, but before he could say anything, she took his hand and put it where she felt the kick again. 

He grinned broadly while Y / N grimaced because her little girl was stretching and she was now so big it hurt. Bucky already knew it and stroked her stomach soothingly.
"It's time for her to come out of you." Bucky smiled and kissed her. Y / N put her arms around his neck and pressed against him. But just as she was about to say something, a ringing broke the silence of the night. Steve sat up so jerkily that Y / N had to hold on to Bucky to avoid falling backwards. He stared at both of his mates while the cell phone kept ringing. It was the cell phone that hadn't even rung in the last 3 months and should never ring again.
"Stevie ..." Y / N mumbled and tears welled up in her eyes as Steve took the call and his face turned serious.
Bucky helped her sit up while Steve talked softly into the phone. When his gaze fell on Y / N, he sighed and hung up.
"Please no- Please don't make it a mission. Fury has promised that you don't have to do any more missions and the little one will be born soon. I can't be without you- "He shook his head.
“It's not a mission. The earth is under attack. "

Chapter Text

“New York was attacked by aliens. Whoever it is, he wants the Infinity Stones. "
"Infinity stones?" Asked Bucky confused. Y / N was still trying to process that the earth was under attack.
"It is hard to explain. But in Vision's forehead is the Mind Stone and now Nat and the others come here to remove and destroy the stone. Wakanda is more developed than the rest of the world and it is the safest place. But- Y / N we have to get you out of here. ”She stared at Steve in horror.
"No. I'm staying here with you guys. You swore to me that you would never send me away. Besides, I'm not allowed to travel, ”she said stubbornly. Bucky and Steve both looked at her sadly.
"Please. Please hide me somewhere here in Wakanda, but don't send me away. ”Panic rose in her and both mates felt how they felt overwhelmed by her feelings. Steve nodded.
"We'll find a way to protect both of you," he said, pulling her into his arms. Steve looked sadly over her head at Bucky.

"What happened?" He asked calmly.
“Loki warned the others. He - He said that Asgard was attacked and destroyed by someone named Thanos. Odin was killed in the process. ”Y / N looked at him wordlessly. She felt nothing for Odin even if he was her father. During her visit he had behaved so badly that she had no desire to meet him again. Even if she would have liked to see more of Asgard visited Frigga.
"How are Thor and Frigga?" She asked softly, afraid of the answer.
"They are alive and come from Asgard with the rest of the survivors." Steve looked at Y / N.
“There's something else I have to tell you. Y / N / N ... Tony is- "Her eyes went wide and tears pooled in them.
"What happened, Steve" "asked Bucky.
“Pepper said he was on a spaceship. Peter is with him. There is no longer any contact with them. ”The tears ran down and she sobbed.
“Hope has not died, my love. You know your brother He'll be able to get back to us. ”She nodded tearfully and buried her head on his shoulder.

It took her a while to calm down and none of her mates wanted to let go of her. At some point they had to get up because the others would soon arrive. They dressed in silence. Again and again, her mates put their hands on her stomach or kissed her.

When the sun rose, they stood on the landing pad and waited for the others to leave the jet. Natasha came up to her grinning and hugged her.
"Y / N / N you look like you've swallowed a planet."

"It's always good to upset a pregnant Omega." Came from Loki, who immediately hugged her.
“You look lovely, little dove. Pregnancy suits you. ”He smiled.
"How are Frigga and Thor?" She asked him softly.
“They mourn. The Allfather is dead. “Y / N nodded and Nat looked at her.
“What are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be somewhere else by now? ”She stiffened and Bucky took her hand.
"We're not sending her away."
“You are not serious. They will attack Wakanda!“ Clint argued, but Steve cut him off immediately.
“Let's move this conversation inside. Something tells me that  we don´t have much time. ”Bucky and Steve took her into their midst and together they went to Shuri's lab. Steve got a chair for her because she couldn't stand that long and her feet hurt quickly. She smiled gratefully at him before he started to discuss with the others what they should do now and how best to destroy the stone without killing vision.

Loki joined her and wrapped an arm around her.
"How are you, little Dove." He asked softly.
"I honestly do not know. It's all too much right now. Tony has disappeared. Just like Peter. Asgard was destroyed. Wakanda is attacked and all because of us. ”She said exhausted and leaned her head against him.
"I promise you that I will use my life to ensure that nothing will happen to you and your baby. I will protect you.!"
"It's going to be a girl." Y / n smiled gently and took his hand and placed it on her stomach.
"She is awake. I don't think you get all the excitement any more than I do. ”Loki looked at her astonished when he felt the baby move and press against his hand.
“I've seen stars be born, peoples colonized planets, and civilizations perish. Yet nothing is as powerful and wonderful as the bond between a mother and her child. She's already as wonderful as you are, little dove. "He smiled starstucked at her.
"She will be someone very special," she said.
"She already is," he contradicted.

Suddenly she winced when a loud bang came from outside.
"The time has come." said Natasha seriously and looked at everyone around.
"I'm going to protect Y / N and the little scientist" came from Loki immediately. Steve nodded and came over to Y / N to hug her.

"I love you and our baby," he whispered and first kissed her and then her stomach. Bucky immediately took his place and repeated what Steve had said and done.

"When this is over, we'll finally have to agree on a name for our baby," he smiled, but something about his smile was sad. all three had tears in their eyes and when Bucky let go of her, the tears ran over her.
"Promise me that you will come back to me. I - I can't lose you. ”She said and wanted to get up, but Loki prevented her.
"Nothing will happen to you and our baby." Was all Steve said before he left the room with the others. Loki had to hug her to prevent her from running after her mates.

“Now is not the time for this discussion, dove litte. We have to stay here. Go over to Wanda. She looks like she could use a hug. ”Loki said. She looked up and saw that the young pup was sitting on a table next to Shuri, who was busy removing the stone from Vision's head.
Y / N got up and hugged her, Wanda whimpering and hugging her. Stroking the hair, she tried to calm the redheaded one.
Loki started to cover the room with various protective spells. They weren't much of a barrier, but they provided at least a little protection. He was ready to do anything for his sister, his family.


Chapter Text


When the fighting started, Y / N's nerves were so tense that Loki had to take her to one of the corners and shield her from all noise, trying to calm her down. She was shaking all over and clutching Loki as she felt her mates charging into the fight. The tension strains her so much that her baby went crazy in her bump. She stretched and kicked whatever organs she found. Loki was worried about her and tried to calm the child down with his magic so that Y / N did not have to suffer so much pain. 

Some members of the Dora Milaje were with them to provide additional protection for Shuri and Y / N. Loki kept looking down at the battlefield, looking again and again for his brother, when there was lightning in the sky and he appeared between the fighters with a new axe.
It wasn't long before Wanda left the room and joined the Avengers at the slaughter. Shuri didn't notice anything, she was busy removing the stone.

Shortly after Wanda had disappeared from the room, Loki's protection was breached and members of Thano's army stood in the room. He saw Shuri being brought to safety by a warrior of the Dora Milaje and Vision began to fight with the warriors Thanos.

"Trust me and close your eyes." Loki asked Y / N quickly and pulled her into his arms. When she felt herself fall, she squinted her eyes tighter and tried not to scream. The fall slowed slowly and when she felt the ground beneath her feet again, her eyes widened. They were in the forest near the house they had lived in for the past few weeks. Loki looked at her apologetically.
"We have to get you out of here," he said, but something in Y / N prevented her from going with him. A panic overcame her that did not come from her. Y / N looked at Loki and shook her head.
"I have to go to Bucky and Steve!" She said between clenched teeth and held her stomach, which ached.
“Y / N / N we can't go to yours now. They are fighting and before we even get to them we would be dead because Thano's army has no consideration for pregnant women. I promised to take care of you and protect you, so you have to come with me now. ”She shook her head and walked in the opposite direction.

"Y / N No! Please let me take you away - Thanos - He has all the Infinity Stones, "he said with a deathly voice. Y / N knew what that meant. Loki had told her everything about Thano's plan and she knew what that meant.
"I have to go to you," she said and ran off. She instinctively knew where her mates were. Loki stopped dead in place, which Y / N didn't care about because she had a goal. Walking with a fat baby bump was difficult, but when she saw Nat's blonde hair and Steve's shield, she ran straight to him.
Y / N ran past Thor, past the rest of the pack. She didn't get on with what was happening around her. A sharp pain ran through her just before she reached Steve.

"Stevie!" She yelled and threw herself into his arms, which hurt her stomach even more, but she didn't care at the moment.
"Y / N what are you doing here? You should stay safe! Loki should protect you.
"Where's Bucky? Steve-Thanos will wipe us all out. I couldn't stay any further from you. I had to go to you. What if one of you disappears with me. I cannot lose you. Where's Bucky? ”She asked in panic and tears ran down her cheeks. Buck was there within seconds, pulling both of his mates into his arms.
"Y / N what are you doing here?" She could only cling to her mates, because suddenly she felt weird and somehow weightless.

"Something's wrong here," she muttered and became more and more panicked. Both of her mates looked at her.
"Y / N you're dissolving!" Said Bucky in a voice that was much too high-pitched.
"NO! No that shouldn't happen. Our baby! I do not want to go. I - I love you. I love you so much forget that - “At that very moment, it dissolved. All around them people turned to dust. But all Steve and Bucky did was stare at each other. Y / N was gone.



I close my eyes
Only for a moment and the moment′s gone
All my dreams
Pass before my eyes, a curiosity

Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind (ah, aah, aah)
All we are is dust in the wind
Oh, ho, ho!

Now, don't hang on
Nothin′ last forever but the earth and sky
It slips away
And all your money won't another minute buy

Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind (all we are is dust in the wind)

Dust in the wind (everything is dust in the wind)
Everything is dust in the wind (the wind)

Chapter Text

The world sank into chaos. Half of the living things on earth were gone. Some countries lost their heads of state, anarchy and riots ruled entire regions. Wakanda had lost its king, the Avengers were back to New York so Wakanda could reorganize. While Steve, Bucky and Y / N were in Wakanda for a few months, the Avengers moved to a campus just outside of New York. They had left their things in cardboard boxes and placed them in their new apartment so that they could decide for themselves where they wanted to put what. Now Steve and Bucky had to decide what to do with Y / N's things. Memories were attached to everything they unpacked, and it took them almost a whole day to get a box because they kept crying with everx new item they unpack.

Soon Steve and Bucky decided to put all the boxes in one of the unused rooms in their area and gradually unpack everything. They spent a lot of time just sitting quietly next to each other, always touching each other, and looking at pictures of Y / N. Both cried a lot. They wept for their lost love and their lost baby.

There weren't many left of the original Avengers. They had lost Vision and Wanda, just like Rhodey, Sam and T‘Challa. Nobody knew if Scott had survived and Clint had disappeared without a trace, but according to Natasha's research he was alive. Everyone was worried about Tony and Peter, of whom they had no clues where they were or whether they were still alive.
Nick Fury and Maria were gone too.
Asgard had not only lost his home, but also their Allmother and Loki.
And all suffered from the loss of Y / N. She was the center of the pack even when she was far away in Wakanda.

Life on campus was lonely. Nat was the only one who tried to keep the Avengers going and support the various countries on this planet.

She coordinated the remaining Avengers and Allies. Pepper tried to be there for everyone to distract herself from her own loss. Bruce had locked himself in his laboratory and didn't let anyone in. Steve and Bucky also stayed to themselves. Almost a month after the snap, an warning signal sounded across campus. Everyone was looking at the various screens built into the wall of almost every room.
"A spaceship has entered the earth's atmosphere and is coming straight towards it." Came from FRIDAY. Bucky looked at his mate. “I can't fight anymore. I don't want to fight anymore. I've lost almost everything. I can't lose the last one, too. "Bucky said softly, so that nobody but Steve could hear him.
"I know Bucky, but she wouldn't have wanted us to keep fighting like she would." Steve pulled him close.
"I wish we had more time," he said into his mate's shoulder.

There was a noise from outside and both stiffened and prepared mentally for the fight when Steve's cell phone rang. When he saw that the number was not stored, he took the call.
"Hello, this is John Hudson, who am I talking to?" Steve recognized the voice immediately.
"Mr. Hudson, this is Steve Rogers ... Y / N's mate. ”He heard the old man take a deep breath.
“I'm sorry ... My wife is ... And now there are so many children without parents ... Your number was in the papers for little Rosie Meyer. Would you - I know it's a hard time for everyone right now, but the children's homes are overcrowded and little Rosie recently lost her mother. Not because of the incident ... she died of an overdose. The poor child is emaciated and frightened. She needs a family that can take care of her. Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity here to make that possible. "

"We know you would and I can only tell you that we all can be grateful that you are taking in so many children who have lost their families in." Steve said to reassure the older, yet younger, man.
"Thank you. Would you take the little one. I know how much Y / N was about her.“ John asked desperately. Steve closed his eyes, but he didn't really have to think twice.
"Yes of course. When should we come to pick you up? "

Bucky turned to Steve, confused, promising John to be on his way immediately. After he hung up, he looked at his mate.
"What happened?"
“Rosie's mother died of an overdose and ... I said we would take her. I know it all comes pretty quickly, but Y / N would have wanted us to take her to us. You don't have to come with me, but I would like you with me. ”Steve said honestly. Bucky squeezed his hand.
"Of course I'm in. We'll do it together. ”He gently pressed the blonde a kiss on the lips as people entered the room. Above all, an emaciated Tony Stark.
He looked at the two super soldiers.

"How can you be so happy when Y / N is gone forever?" He almost collapsed, but when Steve and Bucky tried to help him, he slapped their hands away.
“I don't need any help from you! Disappears. I can't watch your happiness. ”Both looked at the other apologetically.
"Give it a few days," Pepper said softly to them as they passed her.


Steve got the key to a car in which they could fit a child seat in. She drove back to New York in silence. Neither of them wanted to go to Y / N's apartment to get the things for Rosie. At least not now. They first drove to a shop to buy a child seat for the little one before they drove to the children's home.
John received them, there were many children running through the rooms, some older ones were taking care of the younger ones.
“It´s great that you could come so quickly, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Barnes. I'm sorry it had to be so short-term. The children's home is overcrowded and little Rosie - she is having a hard time getting used to the new situation. "
“You can call us Steve and Bucky, John. Y / N would have wanted us to take the little one in. ”Steve said and Bucky nodded.
"I'm sorry ... Is she ..." Both nodded.
All three were silent for a moment.
“We should fill out the papers. I don't want to waste your time. "

It didn't take long until the papers were filled out and John asked her to wait in the small room while he fetched the little one.
"We're doing the right thing," Bucky said to Steve, who was shifting nervously on the chair.
"Yes. This is what we do. It's just ... She should be here, "Steve whispered.
Just as Bucky was about to reply, the door opened and John came into the room with a little crying girl in his arms. Both alphas get up and look at the little girl.

"As I said before, she can't handle the whole situation here," John said apologetically. Everyone was surprised when the little one stretched out her arms to Steve. Somewhat taken by surprise, he picked her up and the little one buried her face in his neck.
"I would say she is in good hands." John smiled and they both nodded.

Chapter Text

As soon as Rosie was in her child seat and Bucky next to her, she fell asleep. Bucky stroked her head several times before looking at Steve.
"She's perfect," Steve whispered and smiled. Bucky could only nod.
They stopped at Wallmart for a moment to buy some things they needed for the child. Bucky stayed in the car with Rosie and let Steve do the shopping. When he was alone he looked at her and tears ran down his cheeks.
“I'm sorry that you've been through so much. But I promise you that you now have a family that you can stay with. Even if ... Y / N loved you very much and even if she is no longer there ... "He leaned over her sleeping body and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

It took Steve a while to get back and when he had put the things in the trunk he looked back at Bucky. He fell asleep and put his hand on Rosie's stomach.

Steve smiled and took out his cell phone to take a picture of both of them before heading back to campus.
It didn't take long before he stopped in the parking lot. He quietly tried to wake Bucky up without frightening or triggering him too much. In spite of this, he jumped up and looked at him.
“All good, Bucks. We're back home. ”Steve said as Bucky stretched. Next to him, Rosie opened her eyes and studied both alphas. Bucky opened the child seat and picked her up.
"Welcome to your new home, little Rosie," he said with a grin as Steve got the groceries out of the trunk.

They entered the house when Natasha went downstairs with Pepper and were surprised when she saw the three of them.
"Who do we have there?" Asked Nat and came closer, looking at the little blond-haired girl in Bucky's arms.
"That's Rosie-We ... we adopted her." Steve smiled and put the shopping down. Natasha grabbed the child from his arms and grinned at her. Pepper looked questioningly at the two.

"Is it the Rosie that Y / N had always talked about?" She asked, stroking the little girl's head.
"Yes. Her mother passed away and the children's home still had our files from the failed adoption of the little ones. We know it was way too fast, but Y / N would have wanted us to take care of them. ”Steve said guiltily. Both women nodded.
“We're going to have a lot of fun, little Rosie. And I'll show you all the cool things that your daddies won't show you because they are too scared for you and will wrap you in cotton wool. "Natasha grinned and both Super Soldiers looked at her in shock, whereupon Pepper and Natasha go off had to laugh.
"She's right." Pepper grinned.
When they heard a third laugh, everyone looked at the little girl on Natasha's arm. She giggled and beamed at Steve and Bucky.

"She'll be wrapping everyone around her little finger in no time." Nat grinned.
"Who's going to wrap everyone around their fingers?" Asked a voice from the stairs. Tony Stark's voice.
Steve and Bucky looked at each other briefly and stood in front of Natasha and Rosie. But not fast enough. Tony saw her a long time ago.
"I really didn't think that you and your child could replace her so quickly." He said seriously and stormed down the stairs.
"Tony no." Pepper hissed and tried to hold her arm.
"You didn't deserve Y / N," Tony said seriously, staring at Steve.
“You don't get it, Stark. We'd never be able to replace Y / N or our child with her, "hissed Bucky. “No, you don't understand. It's just a month ... and you're adopting only the best child. "
“Anthony Edward Stark! Now be quiet and listen to them. ”Pepper hissed angrily.

"Okay. I am listening But if you two don't offer me a reasonable explanation, I'm out, ”Tony said. The little one tried to free herself from Nat's arms and she let Rosie down. She ran up to the older Avenger and stopped in front of him, looking at him curiously.
“This is Rosie. She- She's the kid we, Y / N, Bucky and I wanted to adopt, but her mother got her back. I got the call earlier that Rosie's mother had passed away and they asked us if we would take her. Y / N would have wanted it that way. ”Steve said and looked at little Rosie. Tony eyed Steve and Bucky before kneeling in front of the girl and looking at her.
"Hello Rosie ... I know you can't remember Y / N, but she has taken you into her heart. You are one of my last connections to her. And since you belong to her now, you also belong to me. I am your new favorite uncle. Uncle Tony. ”He hugged her and the girl smiled at him.
"Can you say that? Uncle Tony? ”He asked her and went into the living room with her. the remaining four looked at each other perplexed and followed him.
"I didn't expect that now." Natasha said with a grin.
“It's good that we didn't throw things away back then. We have a cot for her and all the other things she needs. ”Pepper said when she saw Tony sitting on the sofa with Rosie.

Bucky leaned against Steve.
"How are we supposed to raise her without Y / N?" He asked his mate.
“We can do it. All together. We are a family. And she would be proud of us. "Smiled Steve.
"We're here for you." Said Nat and smiled at her.
“We should prepare your room and then - I don't know what to do then. I don't know anything about bringing up children and how to handle them. ”Bucky muttered and looked at Steve with tears in his eyes.
“It's okay, Bucky. We do it together and you will know very quickly what you have to do. "Said Pepper with a smile.
"Ey Capsicle, shouldn't she actually speak at that age?" Tony asked from the sofa.
“Maybe she's just shy. I dont know. Every child develops differently. ”Steve saw Rosie slide off the sofa and take Steve's hand.
"Do we want to see where your new room will be?" Asked Bucky and took her other hand. She nodded and smiled at him.

Tony, Pepper, and Nat went to fetch the boxes of children's items while Steve and Bucky took them to their apartment. Rosie ran across the room until she saw the teddy bear on the bed and pulled him close. Steve was about to say something and Bucky shook his head.
"Let her." Rosie pressed her face into the soft fabric of the teddy.

She happily watched as Steve, Tony and Bucky set up the furniture, while Natasha gave them instructions and Pepper sat with her on her lap on the already assembled rocking chair.
Pepper and Nat laughed at how three Avengers failed to put up a cot. It took Tony an hour and almost a nervous breakdown to assemble the bed and the rest of the furniture. Rosie fell asleep on Pepper's lap and after the bed was made, Steve shooed the others out of the room and put them in her bed.
"We're really going to make it, aren't we?" Asked Bucky, wrapping an arm around him.
"Yes, we can do it, Bucks. She will be the happiest child. She deserves it ... our daughter. "Steve said softly and kissed his mate.

Chapter Text

The beginning was difficult for everyone.
Rosie was a calm, curious child,who had them all wrapped around her little fingers. Even Bruce, often came out of the lab and sat down with her to read to her.
With her blue eyes and kind manner, she reminded everyone of Y / N. It was she who smoothed the balance between Steve and Tony.
He and Pepper adopted a one-month-old baby, Morgan Stark, a few days later.
They supported each other wherever possible, even when it came to clearing Y / N's apartment. It shouldn't stand empty forever and even if there were a lot of memories attached to the apartment, they managed to store most of the things. The most important things came into their apartment on the avengers campus. Rosie's nursery was set up according to Y / N's ideas, with the furniture they had ordered at the time.

Steve and Bucky kept trying to tell Rosie about Y / N and showing her photos and videos so she would know Y / N. And as she got older, she started calling Y / N mom. When Steve and Bucky first heard it, there were tears in their eyes. They had never made her see her as a mother, but Rosie chose for herself to see them as her parents.
But not a day went by that they didn't think about Y / N and their baby. They had decided against a funeral because there was no point in burying an empty coffin.
Life became calmer and the Avengers broke up.


A few Memories from the 5 years with Rosie: 

Bucky trying to build Rosies new Bed -taken by Steve who says to him, that he needs to read the manual but Bucky refused to read it

Bucky gave up becaue it didn´t worked the way he wanted -taken by a laughing Steve

Rosie has to take a bath after a long day playing in the mud with her (favorite) uncle Thor (dont tell Tony!) - taken by Bucky

She loves to dance with her aunty Nat - taken by a proud Natasha

She stole one of Thor´s PopTarts and he couldnt be angry at her Angel face! - Taken by a laughing Tony

Uncle Tony playing with little Rosie (past her bedtime) - Taken by a tired Pepper (Steve and Bucky had a night off to finally sleep a whole night)

Rosie is mad that she couldn´t play with uncle Tony´s Suits.- Taking by Tony aka best babysitter in this world (his own words)

Rosie´s first Halloween (you should have seen Tony as Anna!) - Taking by Steve as Sven

Morgans 3th Birthday! Dressing up as princesses with Pepper und Nat ( and Thor who loved to wear the dress) - taking by FRIDAY

Bucky later on that Party - Taken by Steve, who promised to never show anyone this picture

Rosie 2 weeks after her Adoption with Steve and Bucky - taking by Steve

Morgan with her Favorite superhero (yes tony is mad about that!) - taken by a 7 years old Rosie

Rosie got new pencils for christmas (bucky said boring gift but she loved them) - taken by Pepper

Tony every Year on eastern for the kids. (he secretly loves that!) - Taken by a laughing Bucky



Until Scott Lang stood in front of the door and suddenly everyone was talking about time travel and the Infinity Stones.
They sat at the large conference table and discussed the options they had. Bringing the stones from the past is a big risk. Time travel was something that was still completely untested, but still the hope grew in everyone of being able to use the stones to bring back their lost friends and family.

Tony was the first to say something against it.
“I don't want to lose Morgan. You - I know I'm selfish, but I love my family and don't want to give them up. "
"And what if we don't turn the time back, but bring it into the current time?" Bruce asked and looked at Tony.
"That could work," he muttered.

"I can't imagine a life without our Rosie anymore." Bucky said quietly to Steve, who nodded. Rosie was now 7 and in school and she was wonderful. Curious and intelligent. Friendly and helpful. She had become the center of their life.

Steve squeezed his mate's hand because neither of them knew exactly how much they could allow themselves to hope that they would actually make it and feel Y / N in their arms again.
"The suggestion sounds plausible, but ... Rosie and Morgen shouldn't be here during this time. If anything happens, I want you to be safe. And ... Steve, you should stay here too. I don't want that if something goes wrong, Rosie loses both of us. ”Bucky said and Steve looked at him shocked. Before Steve could say anything, Bucky continued.
“We all want it to work. And when we do it, not only will I be back, but also Y / N and our baby. We can finally give Rosie the mother she deserves. We can finally be a family. "
"Bucky, we're already a family, but I see what you mean." While everyone was planning and experimenting, he went to pick Rosie from school.


He was waiting for her outside and when she didn't come out 10 minutes after school was over he was worried and went in to look for her. But shortly after he went in, she ran up to him and buried her face with him.
"What's going on, Birdie?" He asked her and crouched down in front of her to see her better. "She shook her head and hugged them father.

"Do we want to go home and then maybe you want to tell me what happened?" He asked her quietly and she took his hand and together they went back to the car.

"Luca said it was your fault that his mom was no longer alive," she said softly, after a few minutes' drive. Steve looked at her through the rearview mirror.
“I told him you would never do that. You are superheroes and not villains. ”She said firmly.
Steve didn't know what to answer to that. You could have prevented it. It was your fault that so many people were dead.
"Birdie, it's not that easy, unfortunately. We too have done things that we regret. We could have prevented it. "He said quietly and Rosie looked at him.
"I know daddy. Where's dad? ”She distracted him.
"He's at home planning something with Uncle Tony and Aunt Nat," he said and she nodded.
"Rosie, you're going to be spending the weekend with Morgan and Aunt Pepper." She grinned broadly.

When they got to campus, she ran straight to her room. Steve found Bucky sitting on the bed they shared. He had a box on his lap that Steve knew all too well.
"Are you okay, Bucks?" He asked carefully. His mate looked at him and nodded. Steve looked in the box and took out a small box.
"We waited too long back then," said Bucky. Rosie ran in and looked at her fathers.
"What's that?" She asked Steve and he opened the small box to show her the ring.

"Is that Mommys?" She asked, looking at the beautiful ring. Steve smiled.
“No, but it should be hers. We wanted to propose to her as soon as your sister was there. ”Rosie nodded seriously.
“She would have been very happy. Did you love her very much? ”She asked.
“She was the one for us. We love her as much as we love each other. And as much as we love you, little bird. ”Rosie grinned broadly and hugged her fathers.
“I love you and I love Mommy. I wish she could be here You and my sister. Then we'd be a real family. ”Steve looked at Bucky and they both nodded.
They would do anything to make it possible.

Chapter Text

When Steve brought Rosie, Morgan and Pepper to the little forest cabin the next morning, he tried not to think about what would happen in the next few hours. He said goodbye to Rosie and hugged her for a long time. He knew that she suspected something was wrong when she didn't want to let go of him.

During the drive back he tried to concentrate on what they would gain if everything worked out today. Y / N would be back and he could finally feel complete again. Of course he loved Bucky and Rosie, but there was a hole in his soul and he knew that only Y / N could fill it.

Bucky was waiting for him outside the house and pulled him close as soon as he got out of the car.

"I think she senses something is wrong," Steve told him. Bucky nodded.
"When do you want to start?"
"We were just waiting for you," he said and pulled him inside. Everyone had changed into their new white suits, including Bucky.
“If everything works as we discussed, we'll be back in less than a minute. It is important that you interact with the others as little as possible. If we should actually make it and have all the stones, Bruce will bring back all the extinct creatures. ”Everyone nodded and Steve pulled Bucky to him again.

"Take care of yourself," Steve muttered before kissing him again. Tony rolled his eyes but said nothing. Everyone lined up and Steve stood a little apart from the group, was nervous but had confidence in his mate.

"See you in a minute." Nat grinned at him and then they disappeared. Steve took a deep breath and started counting.


"42, 43, 44, 45-" It wasn't long before they were back.
Steve immediately went to his mate, but stopped when he noticed someone was missing.

"Where's Nat?" He asked Clint, who just shook his head.
"What happened?" Asked Thor, pulling the archer into his arms.

“She sacrificed herself for our goal. Without her we would not have got the Soulstone. One soul for one soul. ”he quoted.
"Did she had a family?" Tony asked.
"Yes, us." Steve pulled Bucky close. Everyone allowed themselves a moment of mourning.
"We should -" Bruce looked at the others. Everyone nodded. Bruce put on the glove Tony had made especially for it.
“Remember what to do. Don't turn back time, just bring people into the now. ”Tony said again urgently. Bruce nodded; when the stones were in place and the Force almost brought Bruce to his knees, he still managed to snap. A flash of lightning lit the room and Bruce collapsed. Immediately everyone was with him and freed him from the glove.

"Did it work?" Tony asked and looked at the others when Steve's cell phone rang.

"It worked," he said as he read the name on the display.
Just as he was about to take the call, all hell broke loose.


Time jump because we all know what happens during the fight.


Tony was kneeling on the floor, breathing heavily, the stones shone on his fist, but before he could finish it all, one of Thano's followers threw himself on him and tried to get the stones. A second Ironman suit came flying out of nowhere and pulled Tony out of his fatal grip. When he was back on solid ground, he looked at the second suit in confusion.
"What?" The face visor opened and it looked into his sister's grinning face.

"Y / N? what are you doing here? ”He looked at the stones on her hand.
"The right thing." She smiled and flicked before he could intervene. By the force of the stones, Y / N flew backwards, Tony in the other direction. He quickly got up and ran to her. The suit was destroyed, but there  wasn't even a scratch on her.
"Y / N!" She passed out. He tried to free her from the remains of the suit and finally pulled her into his arms. Steve and Bucky came running, followed by many more.
"Damn Y / N!" Said Steve, kneeling down next to her.
"Is she alive?" Asked Bucky fearfully. Tony nodded.
"Oh you stupid brave girl," Steve muttered, resting his forehead against hers.

Chapter Text

An annoying beep woke her up.
“Turn off your alarm, Stevie. I want to sleep. ”She muttered. A child's laugh finally woke her.

"Mommy thinks your cell phone is ringing, Daddy," a girl giggled. She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a girl's round face. Blue eyes beamed at her.
"Hello Mommy!"
"Rosie, I told you not to overwhelm her." Bucky's face came into her field of vision.
"Hey Doll!" His eyes filled with tears when he finally saw her awake.

"What -Rosie?" She asked confused and tried to sit up.
“It's a longer story. Rosie - It's our Rosie. In the end she found her way to us. "Smiled Steve, who sat next to her on a comfortable chair and held her hand.
"Mommy don't you remember me?" Asked the little girl pouting. Y / N smiled and put a hand on her cheek.
"Of course I remember you, Rosie." The little one's face brightened suddenly and she hopped on the bed. Her hand ran over Y / N's big belly.
"Is my sister in there?" She asked curiously and Y / N nodded.

The door opened and a doctor came in.
"Hello Miss Stark. It's nice that you are finally awake. Your mates and daughter were very worried about you. I'll see if the blood results are already there. ”She took a mat out of her mobile closet and studied it quickly.
“Oh that doesn't look so good! Miss Stark, you have pregnancy poisoning, which happens very often with multiple pregnancies. We will have to get your girls right now, otherwise it will not only be dangerous for your babies but also for you. I will have an emergency caesarean prepared immediately. ”Said the doctor emphatically. Steve and Bucky were frozen and even if Rosie didn't know what exactly had happened, she knew it was something bad. Only Y / N was confused.
“But it's only one child. A girl. ”The doctor showed her an ultrasound image.
“No there are two. Two little girls that we have to getthem out right now. Someone will come and pick you up in a moment, but only one person is allowed to stay with you. ”She said and left the room.

"Twins?" Bucky muttered softly and stroked her stomach.
"Mommy what happens to you now? Are you going to leave us again? ”Rosie asked quietly and looked at her with tears in her eyes.

"No. She won't leave us. Your sisters just have to come a little earlier. How about we both go out for an ice cream? ”Asked Steve and got up. He kissed Y / N as gently as if she could break.
“You can do it, Princess. You have accomplished so much so far. "He whispered to her and lifted Rosie on his arm.
"Daddy put me down. I want to stay with Mommy. ”The little one whined.

"Unfortunately this is not possible. But your dad will stay with Mommy and take care of her. Do we want to see if Uncle Thor is around? “The little one nodded and threw Y / N a kiss.
"I love you Mommy."
"I love you too, Rosie," she said just before they were out of the room.

Bucky looked at her.
"I love you, Y / N." He said and kissed her gently.

"Bucky ... I'm scared," she confessed to him.
“I know, but I am here with you and I will never leave the place by your side. Together we can do it. ”He said and then the door opened again and several people came in. It was chaotic. Bucky had to put on surgical clothes and Y / N was changed too. Then a nurse explained to her what was going to happen now and a doctor gave her a pain reliever in the flexule. And when two nurses pushed her out of the room, she panicked and grabbed Bucky's hand.
"Stay with me."
"Til the end of the line," he said seriously. His fear of losing her again was great. He had lost her too many times.
As soon as they were in the operating room, everything happened very quickly. Bucky held her hand and stroked her hair soothingly while the doctors performed the caesarean section.

“It feels weird.“ She said softly to him, but a nurse had heard and smiled reassuringly at her.
“It's all normal. The first baby should be here soon. ”Exactly at this moment a loud scream echoed through the room and Y / N's heart seemed to stop, only to then beat twice as fast in the next moment. The nice nurse put a small bundle on her breast.
"Baby number 1." she smiled and neither of them could tear their eyes from this little creature. She had brown hair and fell asleep again immediately. Bucky gently stroked her cheek as if she might break.
"She's beautiful, Doll." Bucky kissed Y / N's forehead.
"Welcome to the family, my little one," he said in a soft voice that Y / N was convinced she'd never heard of.

A little later a second scream rang out, this time longer and louder than that of her sister, and a second bundle joined them. The second baby didn't stop crying until she was safely next to its sister. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. In contrast to her sister, she did not fall asleep directly, but it seemed as if she was looking directly at Y / N.
“You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, Y / N / N. I love you so much. ”He said and tears ran down his cheek.

"We don't have a name yet, Bucky," she said worriedly.
"Do not worry. You still have 5 days to look for a name for both of them. ”Said the nice nurse as ahe took the blonde baby from her. The brown-haired girl immediately began to move and whimper, as if she did know that her sister wasn´t lying next to her.
A second nurse came and got the second baby, Y / N looked after them a little worried and then at Bucky, who was just as worried.
"I know they only examine our girls, but do you mind if I go with them?" He asked her softly and she smiled in relief.
"Thanks Bucks." He kissed her again and then followed his two daughters.

Chapter Text

After a while, Y / n was brought back to her room, Bucky had stayed with the babies, she was tired and exhausted but overjoyed. Just as she was about to close her eyes, there was a knock on the door and Steve poked his head in.
"Y / N / N can we come in?" He asked gently, but Rosie pushed the door open.

"Mommy? Where's my sister? ”Rosie jumped up to Y / N on the bed and Y/N grimaced in pain.
“Rosie, you can't jump on the bed. Your mommy is in pain. ”Rosie looked at her mother with wide eyes and Steve stroked her cheek.

"All right. You just have to be a little more careful. ”Steve kissed her on the forehead.
"I love you Y / N / N." She beamed at her mate.
"Where's my sister?" Whined Rosie.
"Birdie you have not only one sister but two sisters," Steve said gently and she beamed at him.
"I have two baby sisters?" She hopped on the bed and Y / n drew in a sharp breath. Steve pulled his daughter onto his lap to keep her from hurting Y / N even more. Rosie snuggled up against Steve and Y / N could immediately see how much she loved Steve.


The door opened and a nurse came in with Bucky and two babybeds. Rosie immediately wanted to jump up and run to the babies, but Steve held her.
"Daddy! I want to see my sisters! ”She pouted.
"Soon birdie." Y / N raised her headboard so that she was almost sitting while Bucky pulled one of the beds next to her.

"They don't like being separated, that's why they're in the same bed." Bucky smiled at her. He gently took out one of the girls and handed it to Y / N, whereupon the other one complained. Steve was frozen with joy and Y / N smiled at him.

"Come here Rosie, meet your sisters," she said and Rosie gently sat down next to her while Bucky brought Steve the second girl.
"they`re so small," whispered Rosie, moving closer.

Three hours later there was another knock. Y / N was snuggling up with Rosie on the bed while Steve and Bucky held the two girls in their arms.
Thor opened the door and grinned widely when he saw his sister.
"Y / N / N!" The door flew open and he came in, followed by some others. Rosie got up quickly and jumped into the arms of her favorite uncle, who of course caught her.

Loki rolled his eyes.
"How are you, sister?" He asked, coming closer. She tried to sit up and Tony got ahead of her and helped her raise the headboard of the bed.
"Where's my little niece?" He grinned and she pointed to the two proud fathers with the babies.
"Wait a minute- didn't you say it will only be one baby?" He asked confused.
"It took us all by surprise," Steve laughed softly.
Tony smiled at his sister and hugged her.
“You are full of surprises Y / N. But woe betide you pull off something like that on the battlefield. Not only I had almost a heart attack. ”He threatened her with real concern before taking the little brown-haired girl from Steve.

Loki managed to get the second baby from Bucky and although everyone else looked at him with concern, Y / N had complete confidence in him.
"Have you already agreed on a name?" Asked Clint, who was taking pictures of all of them.
Bucky and Steve looked surprised at Y / N when she nodded.

"I thought of Sarah Winni for the girl in Loki's arms and Tony you are holding Maria Antonia." Suddenly there were three men in the room with tears in their eyes. Bucky was first at Y / N and kissed her, followed by Steve. Tony looked at his sister with big eyes.

"Thanks." He said touched and Pepper wrapped both arms around him from behind so that she could look at little Maria. Everyone sat down on the various seating options and the babies were passed from one to the other. Bucky and Steve sat down next to Y / N on the bed and she snuggled up to her mates.


When she looked around she noticed that someone was missing, she looked at her mates.
"Where's Nat?" She asked softly and immediately it was very quiet in the room. Everyone looked at her sadly.

"She ... sacrificed herself for the cause," muttered Bucky, stroking her back. Tears began to collect and ran down her cheeks a short time later.
“But - but - that can't be. I wished everything was the way it should be. ”Rosie climbed onto her lap and snuggled up against her. Both babies also became restless and began to cry. Wanda and Pietro brought them the two girls, who only let themselves be calmed down near their mother.
"I think we should leave her alone for a bit." Pepper suggested and everyone nodded. They said goodbye for the day and left the room.


It was quiet for a while. Everyone had their own thoughts while Y / N nursed the babies and Rosie fell asleep on Steve's lap. Bucky had arranged a second bed so that they could all sleep together. Nobody wanted to leave the room, especially not now that the kids were there and Y / N had found out that her best friend was dead.
"She should be here with us," she said softly as she rocked Maria to sleep. Neither of the two contradicted her.
Steve and Bucky had changed and made the bed so they could all fit together. Maria and Sarah lay next to her in one of the two beds, within reach.
Bucky lay down behind Y / N and pulled her into his arms. Rosie snuggled up against Steve.
"She's a Stevie kid." Bucky grinned and stroked Rosie's hair.
"That means one of the twins has to become a bucky child."
"I think one of them is already your child." Y / N smiled.
"Everything as it should be," said Steve and then looked at Y / N in surprise.
"Do you?"
 She smiled and nodded.
"Oh Y / N you're amazing." Steve grinned and kissed her.

“You could have died. Multiple times. That was very stupid. We would have loved the baby as our own, even if it had been clear that it was from the other. "Said Bucky and hugged her without causing her pain.

"I missed you," muttered Bucky.
"It's been a long 5 years," said Steve after they told her what had happened.
"Stevie? Bucky?“ She asked after a while in silence.
"Yes, Doll?" Asked Steve quietly.
"Thank you." She smiled sleepily. Bucky pulled her closer.

"Do you want to marry us?" She smiled and without hesitation she said:


Chapter Text

Y/N and the babies were allowed to go home a few days later. They moved into Tony's forest house until they found a suitable house  for themself. Steve and Bucky lovingly looked after their small family. Rosie loves reading to her sisters, even if the little ones were too young to even keep up with it.
Y / N still had alot of pain, but both of her mates supported her with everything.
A week after she was released, Steve confessed to her that he had to bring the stones back because it would otherwise change the past forever.
She knew that she couldn't say anything against it, because Steve was the only one who could take Thor's hammer, next to Thor of course, but he was just busy helping New Asgard the returning residents to settle in.
Frigga came to her one day after the twins were born. She was happy that she was fine with the girls and Y / N. Y / N was saddened that her bracelet had been lost during the fight, but Frigga told her it had served its purpose. When Y / N didn't get it, Frigga grinned and said that not even Odin had survived the snap unscathed.


The girls were in Pepper's care so Y / N and Bucky could be with Steve when he had to bring the stones back.
Y / N held his hand tightly and didn't want to let go of him, even when she had to.
"Don't do anything stupid until I get back." Steve hugged and kissed Bucky.

"How can I? You're taking all the stupid with you." Bucky smiled at him. Steve laughed and put Y / N in his arms.
"I love you, Y / N. And I love our family. ”He said and she clung to it.
"Take care," she muttered and kissed him.
Steve smiled at her and stepped into the circle, waiting for Bruce's signal.

Bucky pulled Y / N into his arms.
"What if something happens to him?" She asked quietly, but Bucky didn't answer.
And then Steve was gone. Every muscle tightened in her and she counted the seconds.

Bruce flipped a switch, but nothing happened.
"Stevie?" Panicked, she looked at Bucky.
"Has something happened to him?" She asked panicked. Bucky shook his head. He didn't even know what had happened.
"I dont know. He said he'll be back! "Bucky muttered and he really tried to believe it. But panic rose in him too.
Until a car honked behind them and they both turned around.

Steve got out of the car grinning and Y / N immediately ran to him. She threw herself into his arms, crying.
“You can't do that to me. I was worried about you! I thought something happened to you. "Bucky followed her and also hugged him.
"You're an idiot!" He said angrily.

The car honked again and both looked. The window went down and a grinning redhead looked at her.

"Hey Fellas!" Nat came out of the car and Y / N threw herself into her arms.
"NAT!" Bucky looked at her in disbelief.
"Наталья Алиановна Романов, моя маленькая балерина" he muttered. Natasha grinned broadly at him.
"I thought you were dead. Everyone said you died."

"So. When Steve brought the Soulstone back, he took me with him. I don't know why, but I woke up there and no one could explain why. "
"You had pretty strong arguments." Steve laughed and put an arm around Bucky 's shoulders. Nat laughed and stroked Y / N over her hair.
"Where's my little Rosie and her adorable sisters who weren't named after me?"
"I'm sorry," Y / N muttered guiltily.
"It's all OK. As long as I can become godmother. ”Y / N nodded vigorously.

"YES! YES please! ”Y / N pulled her into the house with her to show her the children.

Bucky and Steve followed them.
As soon as they were in the house, Rosie ran towards Bucky. Her white stuffed bunny in her hand.
"Daddy! Dad! You forgot something! ”She showed them the engagement ring that she had hidden in the rabbit's small pocket.

"Where did you get it from? I thought it was destroyed with the rest of our things. "Bucky asked.
"I took him with me, when you showed me the ring" she admitted and waited for her fathers to get angry with her. But Bucky just hugged her.

"Thanks, Birdie." He took the ring and looked at Steve.
"I don't want to wait any longer," he said seriously and Steve nodded.

Y / N stood in the twins' airy, bright bedroom and looked down at their two babies. Pepper held Maria and Natasha Sarah. She was overjoyed as it was now. Nat looked at her, but then she looked behind Y / n and grinned.
"I think you should turn around, Y / N / N." Y / N turned to see Steve and Bucky kneeling in front of her, beaming at her.

“We can not imagine another person at our side.
And now that we've finally found each other again and we can finally spend the rest of our lives with you, we can't wait any longer, that the rest of our lives begin!
Do you want to do us the big honor and become our wife? "Asked Steve and Bucky held out the ring. Y / N looked at her in absolute awe and nodded.
"Yes! Of course I want to be your wife! ”She threw her armes around the neck of her mates and kissed them both.
Rosie grinned broadly and was pleased. Only now Y/N saw that Rosie had filmed the whole proposing with Steve's cell phone.
Bucky slipped the ring onto her finger and then kissed the finger.

"Now everything is really perfect."

Наталья Алиановна Романов, моя маленькая балерина - Natalya Alianovna Romanov, my little ballerina