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Everybody needs a little love.

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An annoying beep woke her up.
“Turn off your alarm, Stevie. I want to sleep. ”She muttered. A child's laugh finally woke her.

"Mommy thinks your cell phone is ringing, Daddy," a girl giggled. She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a girl's round face. Blue eyes beamed at her.
"Hello Mommy!"
"Rosie, I told you not to overwhelm her." Bucky's face came into her field of vision.
"Hey Doll!" His eyes filled with tears when he finally saw her awake.

"What -Rosie?" She asked confused and tried to sit up.
“It's a longer story. Rosie - It's our Rosie. In the end she found her way to us. "Smiled Steve, who sat next to her on a comfortable chair and held her hand.
"Mommy don't you remember me?" Asked the little girl pouting. Y / N smiled and put a hand on her cheek.
"Of course I remember you, Rosie." The little one's face brightened suddenly and she hopped on the bed. Her hand ran over Y / N's big belly.
"Is my sister in there?" She asked curiously and Y / N nodded.

The door opened and a doctor came in.
"Hello Miss Stark. It's nice that you are finally awake. Your mates and daughter were very worried about you. I'll see if the blood results are already there. ”She took a mat out of her mobile closet and studied it quickly.
“Oh that doesn't look so good! Miss Stark, you have pregnancy poisoning, which happens very often with multiple pregnancies. We will have to get your girls right now, otherwise it will not only be dangerous for your babies but also for you. I will have an emergency caesarean prepared immediately. ”Said the doctor emphatically. Steve and Bucky were frozen and even if Rosie didn't know what exactly had happened, she knew it was something bad. Only Y / N was confused.
“But it's only one child. A girl. ”The doctor showed her an ultrasound image.
“No there are two. Two little girls that we have to getthem out right now. Someone will come and pick you up in a moment, but only one person is allowed to stay with you. ”She said and left the room.

"Twins?" Bucky muttered softly and stroked her stomach.
"Mommy what happens to you now? Are you going to leave us again? ”Rosie asked quietly and looked at her with tears in her eyes.

"No. She won't leave us. Your sisters just have to come a little earlier. How about we both go out for an ice cream? ”Asked Steve and got up. He kissed Y / N as gently as if she could break.
“You can do it, Princess. You have accomplished so much so far. "He whispered to her and lifted Rosie on his arm.
"Daddy put me down. I want to stay with Mommy. ”The little one whined.

"Unfortunately this is not possible. But your dad will stay with Mommy and take care of her. Do we want to see if Uncle Thor is around? “The little one nodded and threw Y / N a kiss.
"I love you Mommy."
"I love you too, Rosie," she said just before they were out of the room.

Bucky looked at her.
"I love you, Y / N." He said and kissed her gently.

"Bucky ... I'm scared," she confessed to him.
“I know, but I am here with you and I will never leave the place by your side. Together we can do it. ”He said and then the door opened again and several people came in. It was chaotic. Bucky had to put on surgical clothes and Y / N was changed too. Then a nurse explained to her what was going to happen now and a doctor gave her a pain reliever in the flexule. And when two nurses pushed her out of the room, she panicked and grabbed Bucky's hand.
"Stay with me."
"Til the end of the line," he said seriously. His fear of losing her again was great. He had lost her too many times.
As soon as they were in the operating room, everything happened very quickly. Bucky held her hand and stroked her hair soothingly while the doctors performed the caesarean section.

“It feels weird.“ She said softly to him, but a nurse had heard and smiled reassuringly at her.
“It's all normal. The first baby should be here soon. ”Exactly at this moment a loud scream echoed through the room and Y / N's heart seemed to stop, only to then beat twice as fast in the next moment. The nice nurse put a small bundle on her breast.
"Baby number 1." she smiled and neither of them could tear their eyes from this little creature. She had brown hair and fell asleep again immediately. Bucky gently stroked her cheek as if she might break.
"She's beautiful, Doll." Bucky kissed Y / N's forehead.
"Welcome to the family, my little one," he said in a soft voice that Y / N was convinced she'd never heard of.

A little later a second scream rang out, this time longer and louder than that of her sister, and a second bundle joined them. The second baby didn't stop crying until she was safely next to its sister. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. In contrast to her sister, she did not fall asleep directly, but it seemed as if she was looking directly at Y / N.
“You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, Y / N / N. I love you so much. ”He said and tears ran down his cheek.

"We don't have a name yet, Bucky," she said worriedly.
"Do not worry. You still have 5 days to look for a name for both of them. ”Said the nice nurse as ahe took the blonde baby from her. The brown-haired girl immediately began to move and whimper, as if she did know that her sister wasn´t lying next to her.
A second nurse came and got the second baby, Y / N looked after them a little worried and then at Bucky, who was just as worried.
"I know they only examine our girls, but do you mind if I go with them?" He asked her softly and she smiled in relief.
"Thanks Bucks." He kissed her again and then followed his two daughters.