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Everybody needs a little love.

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“New York was attacked by aliens. Whoever it is, he wants the Infinity Stones. "
"Infinity stones?" Asked Bucky confused. Y / N was still trying to process that the earth was under attack.
"It is hard to explain. But in Vision's forehead is the Mind Stone and now Nat and the others come here to remove and destroy the stone. Wakanda is more developed than the rest of the world and it is the safest place. But- Y / N we have to get you out of here. ”She stared at Steve in horror.
"No. I'm staying here with you guys. You swore to me that you would never send me away. Besides, I'm not allowed to travel, ”she said stubbornly. Bucky and Steve both looked at her sadly.
"Please. Please hide me somewhere here in Wakanda, but don't send me away. ”Panic rose in her and both mates felt how they felt overwhelmed by her feelings. Steve nodded.
"We'll find a way to protect both of you," he said, pulling her into his arms. Steve looked sadly over her head at Bucky.

"What happened?" He asked calmly.
“Loki warned the others. He - He said that Asgard was attacked and destroyed by someone named Thanos. Odin was killed in the process. ”Y / N looked at him wordlessly. She felt nothing for Odin even if he was her father. During her visit he had behaved so badly that she had no desire to meet him again. Even if she would have liked to see more of Asgard visited Frigga.
"How are Thor and Frigga?" She asked softly, afraid of the answer.
"They are alive and come from Asgard with the rest of the survivors." Steve looked at Y / N.
“There's something else I have to tell you. Y / N / N ... Tony is- "Her eyes went wide and tears pooled in them.
"What happened, Steve" "asked Bucky.
“Pepper said he was on a spaceship. Peter is with him. There is no longer any contact with them. ”The tears ran down and she sobbed.
“Hope has not died, my love. You know your brother He'll be able to get back to us. ”She nodded tearfully and buried her head on his shoulder.

It took her a while to calm down and none of her mates wanted to let go of her. At some point they had to get up because the others would soon arrive. They dressed in silence. Again and again, her mates put their hands on her stomach or kissed her.

When the sun rose, they stood on the landing pad and waited for the others to leave the jet. Natasha came up to her grinning and hugged her.
"Y / N / N you look like you've swallowed a planet."

"It's always good to upset a pregnant Omega." Came from Loki, who immediately hugged her.
“You look lovely, little dove. Pregnancy suits you. ”He smiled.
"How are Frigga and Thor?" She asked him softly.
“They mourn. The Allfather is dead. “Y / N nodded and Nat looked at her.
“What are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be somewhere else by now? ”She stiffened and Bucky took her hand.
"We're not sending her away."
“You are not serious. They will attack Wakanda!“ Clint argued, but Steve cut him off immediately.
“Let's move this conversation inside. Something tells me that  we don´t have much time. ”Bucky and Steve took her into their midst and together they went to Shuri's lab. Steve got a chair for her because she couldn't stand that long and her feet hurt quickly. She smiled gratefully at him before he started to discuss with the others what they should do now and how best to destroy the stone without killing vision.

Loki joined her and wrapped an arm around her.
"How are you, little Dove." He asked softly.
"I honestly do not know. It's all too much right now. Tony has disappeared. Just like Peter. Asgard was destroyed. Wakanda is attacked and all because of us. ”She said exhausted and leaned her head against him.
"I promise you that I will use my life to ensure that nothing will happen to you and your baby. I will protect you.!"
"It's going to be a girl." Y / n smiled gently and took his hand and placed it on her stomach.
"She is awake. I don't think you get all the excitement any more than I do. ”Loki looked at her astonished when he felt the baby move and press against his hand.
“I've seen stars be born, peoples colonized planets, and civilizations perish. Yet nothing is as powerful and wonderful as the bond between a mother and her child. She's already as wonderful as you are, little dove. "He smiled starstucked at her.
"She will be someone very special," she said.
"She already is," he contradicted.

Suddenly she winced when a loud bang came from outside.
"The time has come." said Natasha seriously and looked at everyone around.
"I'm going to protect Y / N and the little scientist" came from Loki immediately. Steve nodded and came over to Y / N to hug her.

"I love you and our baby," he whispered and first kissed her and then her stomach. Bucky immediately took his place and repeated what Steve had said and done.

"When this is over, we'll finally have to agree on a name for our baby," he smiled, but something about his smile was sad. all three had tears in their eyes and when Bucky let go of her, the tears ran over her.
"Promise me that you will come back to me. I - I can't lose you. ”She said and wanted to get up, but Loki prevented her.
"Nothing will happen to you and our baby." Was all Steve said before he left the room with the others. Loki had to hug her to prevent her from running after her mates.

“Now is not the time for this discussion, dove litte. We have to stay here. Go over to Wanda. She looks like she could use a hug. ”Loki said. She looked up and saw that the young pup was sitting on a table next to Shuri, who was busy removing the stone from Vision's head.
Y / N got up and hugged her, Wanda whimpering and hugging her. Stroking the hair, she tried to calm the redheaded one.
Loki started to cover the room with various protective spells. They weren't much of a barrier, but they provided at least a little protection. He was ready to do anything for his sister, his family.