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Everybody needs a little love.

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Y / N was ready two weeks later that she could go to Wakanda with Steve and Bucky. Even if her pack didn´t liked to let her out of sight, Tony had to admit that it was the right thing. Despite their best efforts, Y / N was still plagued by nightmares and fears that only the presence of their alphas could placate. Helen managed to put the Y / N on weight and she started eating regularly again. Bucky and Steve spoiled their mate and everyone else kept bringing her little things for the baby.

Peter and Wanda were even more affectionate than before and tried to spend all of their free minutes with Y / N. Steve had read that it was normal behavior for pups when the Pack-Omega was pregnant. When Y / N announced that she would go to Wakanda, Peter and Wanda were the only two who disagreed. They didn't understand why Y / N had to leave them again.
It caused her worry and sleepless nights. She didn't want any tension in the pack and felt bad that she was leaving her pack behind again.

When the day of departure came and she had said goodbye to everyone, she sat in the jet between her mates and tried not to burst into tears. Steve rubbed her back as she pressed her face into her teddy bear.
"And what if you need me?" She whimpered and Bucky took her face in his hands.
“Y / N / N we've talked about it and it's time we took care of you. To both of you. You are the most important person in this pack. Steve and I quit our Avenger job. But in order to be completely free of Hydra, this last connection has to be cut. I'm sorry that you are separated from the others because of me. ”She looked at him.
"No, Bucky. Please don't blame yourself. I - I couldn't stand being apart from you and Steve. I don't know if it's just because I'm pregnant or because I've been separated from you for so long, but when I think about not being with you alone, my whole body aches and I feel my heartbeat accelerate . I have to be with you. ”She took her mates hands and squeezed them.
"I love you so much." They both wrapped their arms around her and they stayed in that position.


Wakanda was different from anything they had experienced before. Unlike Asgard or New York. They were greeted personally by the royal family, and Shuri, T’Challa's little sister, immediately took a special liking to Y / N. She reminded Y / N of Peter and her brother Tony. T’Challa showed them her new home. It was a little house a bit away from the hustle and bustle and to Bucky's surprise there was a small herd of goats in the house. His eyes lit up when T’Challa told them to take care of the goats.

He immediately agreed. Shuri led her around the house and showed her every room. One had been set up for the child because they didn't know how long it would be before she came. And one was a nest for Y / N.
Steve examined the room more closely and was satisfied, but Y / N knew that she would never use this room because it smelled of a strange Alpha and she already had her nest in the apartment back in New York. But she did not say this because she did not want to claim the hospitality.

For the next few weeks Shuri hardly left her side. They quickly discovered that there was hardly any Omega in Wakanda, so it was new for her to have one this close. It reminded her a little of Asgard. The Dora Milaje reminded her of Thor's tales of the Valkyren.
Steve and Bucky spent most of their time with Y / N. Except when Bucky had his therapy sessions.
Every time he came back he locked himself in the bedroom and didn't come out until hours later.
And even then he was aloof, but when Y / N hugged him it was like a burden was falling off his shoulders.

It tooked three weeks before he could talk about therapy. He told his mates about the flashbacks and nightmares that plagued him.
Y / N also plagued nightmares and panic attacks. Sometimes it was enough for her to find out that her mates were around. But it also happened that she couldn't find her way out of the panic attack on her own and then her mates were there to help her.

After three months, Bucky was finally freed from Hydra's power. Y / N was now spherical and they had decided to stay in Wakanda until their daughter was born. She was too pregnant to travel, but her pack came to visit her whenever possible.
Her nightmares had diminished, but sometimes she would wake up at night.
So this time too.
She woke up and heard Bucky say something. He gently stroked her stomach and talked to the baby.
“Your mommy is wonderful. She is the best that could have happened to us. She is smart and funny, brave and beautiful. And if you're even a fraction of that, we'll have our hands full when you're older. But we are happy to take the risk. I love you so much, my little girl. ”He pressed his lips to her stomach. Y / N felt her baby's kick.
"She loves you too." Y / N smiled sleepily. Bucky looked at her flushed, but before he could say anything, she took his hand and put it where she felt the kick again. 

He grinned broadly while Y / N grimaced because her little girl was stretching and she was now so big it hurt. Bucky already knew it and stroked her stomach soothingly.
"It's time for her to come out of you." Bucky smiled and kissed her. Y / N put her arms around his neck and pressed against him. But just as she was about to say something, a ringing broke the silence of the night. Steve sat up so jerkily that Y / N had to hold on to Bucky to avoid falling backwards. He stared at both of his mates while the cell phone kept ringing. It was the cell phone that hadn't even rung in the last 3 months and should never ring again.
"Stevie ..." Y / N mumbled and tears welled up in her eyes as Steve took the call and his face turned serious.
Bucky helped her sit up while Steve talked softly into the phone. When his gaze fell on Y / N, he sighed and hung up.
"Please no- Please don't make it a mission. Fury has promised that you don't have to do any more missions and the little one will be born soon. I can't be without you- "He shook his head.
“It's not a mission. The earth is under attack. "