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Everybody needs a little love.

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Y / N woke up hours later, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. Her heart was racing and when she opened her eyes, she didn't know where she was at first. One arm squeezed her and she turned to the person, startled.
“Everything is fine, Y / N / N. We are here. You're safe. ”Bucky kissed her shoulder and she relaxed again.

"Bucky?" She asked in a trembling voice.
"Yes, Doll?"
"Where's Stevie?"
“He's just getting some things for you quickly. We didn't want to wake you, which is why we let you sleep here. If you want, we can bring you to your room right away, ”he said softly. She turned and could see him in the face.
"If everything around me is just my imagination, you and Steve are the best thing I've come up." Y / N put a hand on his cheek.
“I love you, Y / N and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry we didn't found you sooner You were so close to us and yet we couldn't find you. ”He lowered his head and leaned it against her torso.
"It's not your fault-"
“I can't even imagine what it must have been like for you. You could see us And then you didn't know if we would ever find you. "
“I knew you would find me. I never gave up hope. ”The door swung open and Y / N winced. She looked scared at the door, but there was not Steve but Tony.

"Y / N Stark!" She sat up and Bucky with her. He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her head.
Her brother came closer and looked at her angry and relieved at the same time.
"Never do this to me again! You will get house arrest for the next 150 years, just for frightening us so much. ”Now he was standing right in front of her and grabbed her arm, whereupon she began to whimper and shiver.
"Please don't!" She pressed closer to Bucky.
"Tony let go of her!" Said Steve who had come in the door. Startled, Tony let go of her and took a step back so Steve could join her.
“Everything is fine, Y / N. It's just Tony, your brother. He won't hurt you. Nobody's going to hurt you! ”He stroked her hair and tearful cheeks soothingly.
"I - I would never hurt you, Y / N / N." Tony said quietly. She nodded, but still couldn't stop shaking.
"Don't touch-" Y / N mumbled softly and Steve looked at Bucky.
"Shall we let go of you too?" He asked softly and she shook her head.
"No. Don't leave me alone. "She whispered and took Steve's hand.

Tony eyed his sister and disappeared from the room. As soon as the door was closed behind him, Y / N collapsed crying.
"I don't want him to be mad at me," she cried into Steve's shoulder.
“He's not angry with you. More at yourself and angry at the people who did this to you. "Bucky explained and she nodded.
“Don't be sad, Princess. It is normal that Omega dislikes when alpha other than their own touches them during pregnancy. Your need is now reinforced because you have been separated from us for so long. Don't worry, princess. That will never happen again. You - you two - will stay with us forever. Nobody will ever be able to part us again. "Said Steve and put his hand on her stomach.
“She's going to be the most spoiled baby on the planet. And that's best protected. "Bucky smiled and put his hand next to it.

Y / N giggled and snuggled up against their mates.
"The nicest sound." Steve smiled and kissed her gently. She giggled again when she felt something. Immediately they looked at their mates in astonishment.
"What was that?" Asked Bucky. Her grin broadened as it repeated itself.
"That was our baby." She smiled and put her hand over it.

Steve leaned forward until his face was right in front of her stomach.
"Hey baby girl. I'm your dad, your other daddy is here too. We will always protect you. You and your mommy. We love you, baby girl. ”Steve grinned when they felt the baby again.
"I think she likes your voice." Y / N grinned.
There was a knock on the door and Y / N stiffened again.
"Everything will be fine. I will send them away. "Said Bucky and got up annoyed because the person had just ruined this intimate moment.
“No, Bucks. It's ok. they are worried too. Let them in. ”She said softly.
"Are you sure?" Asked Steve worried.
"Yes. As long as you are with me. "
"We'll never leave you, Doll." Bucky opened the door and an excited Wanda immediately ran past him.
"Y / N / N!" Wanda got to her faster so that Bucky couldn't stop her. Steve was just able to avoid it, otherwise he would have been knocked over by her.

"Wanda." Y / N opened her arms for the young pup, who immediately threw herself in. She stiffened briefly, but when she smelled the familiar smell of the pup, she relaxed immediately and was happy.
"Pup!" Said Wanda and put a hand on her stomach.
"Yes, Wanda. A little girl. That's why you have to be careful with her. ”Bucky said worried and pulled her to him. Nat and Clint came in too.
"Y / N / N, we missed you." Said Nat and took her in his arms. Immediately afterwards, she was hugged by Clint.
"I missed you all so badly, every day." Y / N tried to hold back the tears, but when Bruce came in with a big teddy bear they ran.
"Oh Bruce!"
“It's just a minor thing. Something for the baby. ”Y / N got up and hugged the black-haired Doctor.
"You are the best family and the best pack an Omega could ask for," she grinned.
"So aren't you angry with us?" Came Tony's voice from the door.
"Tones I can't be angry with you. According to your dark circles you did everything in your power to find me. ”She said and hugged her brother.

"I'm sorry that I reacted that way earlier." She nodded.

„Where are Loki and Thor?“ she asked after a small break, where everyone sat down.
„Asgard. They had to go. Neighter of them wanted to leave, but The allfather summoned them so they had to go. There are some problems back in Asgard. We havn´t heard of them in weeks.“ said Natasha. 
“Rogers left your food in the kitchen. I thought I would bring it here. ”An unfamiliar voice told her. Y / N stiffened immediately.
"Don't worry, Y / N / N. This is Yelena. My sister. I already told you about her. ”The young blonde Alpha looked at Natasha.

"You told her about me?" Y / N smiled and nodded. 
"Thank you, Yelena." She said and took the plate from her. She quickly went back to her mates, who took her into their midst, where she could eat in peace. Meanwhile, the others told her what she had missed.

Happy to be back with her pack, she leaned against Steve and smiled at everyone.