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Everybody needs a little love.

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Steve got up with the trembling Y / N on his arm. She held Bucky's hand tight and planned not to let go of it. He carried her out of the hydra base, where all the other Hydra agents were just arrested by the Avengers. Steve and Bucky took them back to the tower, where they headed for the infirmary. Dr. Helen Cho was already waiting for her and when Steve wanted to lay her on the prepared bed, she whimpered and clung to him.
"No. Please don't leave me. ”She whimpered. Steve looked at Bucky and then sat on the bed with her on his lap. Bucky spread the covers over her with one hand and sat down next to her on the bed.
"Never again. We'll never leave you again, "Bucky swore.

Helen got the ultrasound machine and Steve helped her to free her stomach. As she spread the contact gel on her stomach, Y / N winced. Steve stroked her head soothingly.
“Everything will be fine, Y / N / N. She just wants to see if the baby is okay. She won't hurt you. "Bucky whispered to her. Both mates couldn't take their eyes off her.
"She's a fighter," said Dr. Cho smiling.
"She?" Asked Bucky, looking at the screen.
"Yes. It is a girl around the 18th week. She looks very healthy. To check that, I have to draw some of your blood, Y / N / N. ”She said while some new pictures were being printed out. Steve and Bucky couldn't take their eyes off the screen. The baby was fine. Tears of relief and joy ran down their cheeks.
Helen got up to get something from a closet while Steve gently wiped her stomach clean.
"The baby is fine." Y / N whimpered and she closed her eyes calmly.
"Yes Y / N. The baby is fine. Now we just have to make sure that Mommy is fine again. ”Helen came back with a needle and various other items.

“Y / N / N, I have to take your blood now and then you will be given an infusion so that your nutrient balance is replenished. It will only hurt a little moment, "she said, disinfecting the crook of her elbow. Bucky let go of her hand and Y / N immediately started shaking again. Bucky stroked her cheek and held his hand there.
“I'm not going away, Doll. I'm right next to you. ”She nodded weakly, but when Dr. Cho she touched her breathing accelerated. She was heading straight into a panic attack.

Her two mates tried to calm her down while Helen put on the flexula and drew her blood. Only when she was no longer touched by her, Y / N's panic subsided and she was able to calm down again. When the infusion was connected, Y / N closed her eyes exhausted.
“We stay with you. Nothing will happen to you. We protect you both. You can now close your eyes and sleep. ”Y / N nodded and snuggled into her mate's arms. A short time later she fell asleep.

“I gave her a sleeping med. It didn't harm the baby and she needs sleep and no nightmares, "said Helen. Both nodded. Bucky covered her completely again and his hand rested on her stomach.
"She's so emaciated," said Steve. Helen nodded.
“Y / N urgently needs to increase. It is a miracle that this condition has not harmed the baby yet. And so much worse could have happened. Separating a pregnant Omega from her mates and her pack for such a long time can be life-threatening not only for the baby but also for the mother. ”Steve's hand lay next to Bucky's on her stomach.
"It is important that she now gets a lot of calm and closeness so that there is no permanent psychological damage." Both nodded again. Neither of the two would leave her side. Helen said goodbye and left the three of them alone.

"We have her back." Said Bucky and smiled at his mate. Steve nodded.
"What happened to Lilly?" He asked after a while. Bucky looked at him and he could see the regret in his eyes.
“She will never be able to hurt her again. I am sorry-"

“No, Bucks. You do not have to be sorry. It is OK. No one will judge you. ”Steve interrupted him. Bucky nodded and leaned back until he sat next to Steve on the bed.
"Nobody will hurt our girls anymore."
“Bucky I think you should take T'Challa's offer. This is the only way you are really free from Hydra. ”T'Challa had offers to remove the keywords on his subconscious. But for that he would have to go to Wakanda for a longer period of time. He didn't like the fact that he was separated from his mates and right now he couldn't leave Y / N alone.
“Steve, I can't just go to Wakanda for months. Not now. I can't leave you both. "
“Who says you have to go to Wakanda alone. I've talked to T'Challa about it a time ago. He offers us that all three of us can come to Wakanda. Bucks, look, it's the first step into a free, normal life. "Steve said quietly and put a hand on his cheek. He nodded.
"We can do it. All three together."