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Everybody needs a little love.

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The alleged 3 day mission now lasted over 3 weeks.
3 weeks without any contact with her mates.
Ordinarily, Y / N would be full of worry and fear for her mates, but she didn't feel anything. She tried to isolate herself from all feelings and to think of nothing. Y / N threw herself into work and helped wherever she could. She was almost worse than Tony. Pepper had to force her to take breaks several times or to go to sleep. She hardly ate and even if everyone else noticed and cared about her, no one could change it.

And when Steve and Bucky came back it didn't get any better. They were about to find Lilly and set out to find the wrong Omega. Focused on the goal and that they could enjoy their life with Y / N afterwards, they were always on the go or training while Y / N threw herselves into the wedding preparations. At first Y / N was happy that her mates were back, but when they barely had time for her, she swallowed her sadness and frustration and tried to concentrate more on the other members of the pack. And when Steve and Bucky came back in the evening or late at night looking for their mate, they usually found her with someone else.
They tried to give their Omega space, because they both knew that she was still struggling with the adoption issue. It pained them that Y / N didn't want to talk about it and shut herself off, but they both distracted themselves with the search for hydra and other things. Both sides thought of the other that they needed space.

That went on until Y / N was shortly before her next heat. When she woke up, she was freezing. Her alphas hadn't spent the night with her again. This has happened a lot lately. Mostly because Bucky and Steve came back later and didn't want to wake them up. She put on her lightest dressing gown, because she could already feel her skin becoming more sensitive, and slipped into the common room. She looked in the direction of the kitchen, but couldn't convince herself to eat anything. So she sat down on her favorite sofa, from which she had a good view out of the window. It was still very early and the sun hadn't risen yet. She pulled the dressing gown tighter around her body as she began to shiver and cursed Tony for paying more attention to design, which is why there weren't any cozy blankets when she heard someone fiddling in the kitchen. She didn't turn around as the person got closer.
"Little bird! Why are you up so early? ”Asked Thor. She smiled at her brother.

"I could not sleep anymore. How long have you been back? "She asked and he sat down next to her.
"Last night. You were already gone. Do you want a PopTart too? ”He asked with a grin and offered her a pastry. She shook her head in denial.

"What's going on, Y / N / N? Where are your mates? "
"I dont know. They weren't there when I woke up. Just like the last few days, ”she murmured sadly and exhausted.
"What happened? Do I have to take care of both of them? ”Thor asked through clenched teeth. She shook her head.
"All is well. Just- I don't know. They've been so ... aloof lately and constantly on the move. They've been pushing me away since the adoption thing. I think they regret it ... ”She dropped her head, defeated.
“Oh little bird. I don't think it's that. It's not your fault that the adoption failed, ”he said, patting her back.
"It's my fault that I can't get pregnant," she said upset and burst into tears.
The blonde big alpha pulled his little sister into his arms. He didn't see how much she suffered from it.
“Don't cry little bird. I can't take it, when you are crying. ”he muttered into her blue curls. He pulled her onto his lap and rocked her gently to calm her down.

Steve and Bucky got off the elevator, working on the surprise for Y / N all night. Both noticed how she was getting further and further away from them and they did not know how they could prevent that, which is why they had planned a surprise for them. FRIDAY had told them that Y / N was in the common room, but it surprised them both when they saw that she was sitting on Thor's lap and hugging him tightly.
"I'm going to bed." Bucky muttered jealously and disappeared into the stairwell. Steve nodded and went into the kitchen to at least bring some food for him when he heard his Omega sniffing. The noise immediately awakened all instincts in him and he was with her in a few steps. Y / N looked at him briefly before burying her head on Thor's shoulder again.
"Princess ... Y / N / N what happened? Why are you crying? ”He immediately sat down next to her and when he touched her, she looked at him.  Her whole body began to shake.
"Stevie - Alpha," she whimpered. She threw herself into the arms of her Alpha. Even if he hated that she was crying, he finally enjoyed feeling her in his arms again.
"Sshhh- everything will be fine, baby."
"Why do you keep telling me that everything will be fine? It's only getting worse. ”Steve touched her red cheeks and echoed himself for being so inattentive.
"Y / N / N, your heat will start soon." She nodded.
"May I carry you?" He asked gently. She nodded again, tightened her grip on his neck, unwilling to let go of him.

Steve took her to his area and bedroom, where Bucky paced around. He didn't understand why Y / N could let others get to her so easily, but he and Steve weren't allowed to approach to. Of course he could understand that she needed space, but it tormented him that he wasn't allowed to be the one in whose arms she was lying. Bucky came with the jealousy he felt every time he saw her with someone else was slowly killing him. He always wondered why they were allowed to treat her like that and what he and Steve had done wrong. Just as Bucky was about to go to the bathroom, Steve came in.
"I'm not in the mood for one of your sermons right now, Steve." But all he heard in response was his whimpered name. Immediately he spun around and saw Steve slowly put Y / N down. Reluctantly, she took a step towards him and held out her hand.

"Please Alpha." She whimpered and within a few moments he had pulled her into his arms.
"I missed that, Doll. I missed you. ”Y / N clung to his arms.
"You said that you would never send me away .. And then you weren't there. You were constantly gone and you weren't there in the morning either. "She looked at both of her mates, who looked at her guiltily.

“We didn't want to send you away. We- damn we thought you needed the free space after what happened. "
“I don't need any space. All I need are my alphas. But you were on missions or during training or wherever. Just not here with me. You weren't where you were needed most. ”She burst out and clapped her hands over her mouth, shocked at her words.
"Excuse me. I didn't mean that. There are more important things -"
"No there is nothing more important. It's okay. You are right, doll. We have neglected you. That should not have happened. We should have been there for you. ”He kissed her gently on the forehead. His guilt was enormous. Steve pulled his mates close.
"We're so sorry, Princess." He kissed her gently and when his lips parted from hers, all they heard from her was a whimpering "Alpha." Immediately both alphas straightened up.
"Omega." Came from them in unison when the smell of Y / N`s Heat hit them.