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Everybody needs a little love.

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Immediately the attention of all three was on him.
"She was - Y / N made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone that I saw her and where she is," he whimpered.
"Where is she!" Tony said in an alpha like voice and the boy sank deeper into his chair.
"TONY!" Natasha echoed at him. “Pete, you can tell us where you saw her. She won't be mad at you, I promise you that. ”He immediately felt reassured by her and nodded.
"She was in my house yesterday ... I think Y / N lives on the top floor. There is an apartment that has been vacant for a long time because the elevator is broken. "He said quietly and Tony and Steve jumped up immediately
"Why didn't you tell us that earlier?" Steve accused him. Tony called Happy to have him drive him to Peter's home. Meanwhile, Nat talked gently to the pup.
“Peter you don't have to come with us. Stay here with the others while you bring back Y / N / N. "Steve said much more gently and the boy nodded.
"I'll stay here with him, but if I hear that one of you hurt Y / N even more, you will deal with me." She said and her true alpha being came through. Both nodded and walked quickly towards the elevator, which was already waiting for them.
"Thanks FRIDAY." Steve muttered. He only thought of Y / N. She wasn't going to convince her he felt guilty, but somehow he would be able to convince her. He had accused his best friend of lying and abusing his trust. In doing so, he had betrayed her trust. But he had to go through that now, because he needed Y / N. His best friend.

Of course, he was friends with the other Avengers too, but Y / N was someone special. She had never seen him as the soldier, but knew him for who he really was.
She knew Steve, the Artist, the Clumsy, The Omega.
Y / N had helped him to get into the 21st century and to understand this society and its technology.
He had shared almost all of his worries, thoughts, and desires with her. She was the only one who knew the full truth about his best friend, his mate Bucky, and she didn't judge him for it.
If he had nightmares at night, she would come to him and hold him. Sometimes they talked about his nightmares, but with her he also knew that he didn't need to talk.

After a particularly difficult assignment that he had with Clint and Nat in Israel and that lasted over 2 months, he came back injured. Y / N yelled at him and he thought it was because he was so stupid to get hurt, but he quickly saw that she was really just worried about him. Steve had pulled her to him to convince her that he was okay. Y / N started to cry in his arms and in that moment he realized that he felt more for her than just friendship. Steve felt guilty after this realization. It shouldn't be Y / N.
It was always Bucky.
It took him some time to remind himself that his mate was gone.
Bucky was dead.

Steve didn't know how to deal with it at first, but Y / N made it easy for him. Everything stayed the same. Only sometimes he enjoyed sitting and cuddling with her on the sofa too much.
But Steve also knew that she didn't feel that way and, thanks to what he had done, would never feel that way.
He regretted it so much.
Lilly had blinded and manipulated him.
She made him forget that Y / N had such a big and important place in his life. She was the reason he could smile on bad days.


Tony looked at him.
"It would be better if you don't come with me."
"Definitely not. I'm not staying here. ”Tony rolled his eyes.
“Y / N is mad at you, at me and the others too, but I'm her brother and she can't be mad at me for long. But you hurt her very much. I don't think she'll forgive you, Rogers. ”Said the dark-haired man and put a hand on his shoulder.
"And if it's really there, I don't want to lose it again right away."
“I don't want to lose Y / N either, Stark. But I'm coming with you. I have to be there. ”Steve said seriously.
"Your consequences. But if you should hurt her again, that would be the last time you spoke to her. ”The elevator stopped and Happy received her to drive her to Queens.

The mood in the car was tense and it took far too long for them to arrive. Steve jumped out of the car as soon as the car stopped at the door. Tony followed him and unlocked the door with the key Peter had given him. There were some stairs up and when they got there they looked for the door without a doorbell.
Steve rang the doorbell while waiting for Tony to come up the stairs. Nothing happened.
He rang again and Tony knocked.
Again nothing happened.
"Probably nobody lives here," Happy said, breathing heavily, when he got upstairs.
"Then nobody's going to bother." Tony said and kicked the door. It moved, but it didn't open.
"Are you just standing around there, Capsicle?" Steve kicked the door once and there was a hole where he had kicked. The door still didn't open.
"Security locks. Locked from the inside. "He stated and rammed his shoulder against the door until it finally gave way. He stumbled into the apartment and immediately felt at home. That had to be Y / N's apartment.

"Y / N?" He went to the right door while Tony went to the left. Behind his door was a bedroom with a large rumpled bed. At first he thought that there was no one here, but then he saw the Y / N in the bed was hidden under some blankets and slept. He exhaled in relief and sat down next to her on the bed. He brushed her hair back from her face, but when he touched her hat, he noticed that she was unnaturally hot.
"Damn it." Steve shook her shoulders, but she didn't wake up.
"Tony!" Shouted the blonde and tried again to wake her up. She just groaned but didn't wake up properly.
"What happened?" Tony pulled him away from his sister.
“It was already there, Tony. She has fever. Your wound has probably become infected and infected. "Steve pulled her sweat-soaked T-shirt up just enough to expose the bandage without exposing it too much. He unwrapped the bandage and saw that his guess was correct. The wound was purple and red.
"Damn it, Rogers, if my sister dies because of it, I'll kill you," the smaller Avenger yelled at him. Y / N winced and her fist slammed into Steve's jaw. She groaned and pressed her fist against her torso without actually waking up.

"You apparently deserve that:" he laughed and Steve could only nod.
"We have to go to Dr. Bring Cho. ”Steve wrapped the bandage around it again and picked her up and the blanket. Despite that she was taller than Tony, tiny in his arms and her skin was clammy and hot, even though his body temperature was already higher than normal.
"Drop them and I'll kill you too." Tony's death threats had hit a new record today. They ran past Happy, who tossed the keys to Tony. Steve took the back seat with Y / N on his lap.
"Y / N woe you are leaving us ... You still have your entire life ahead of you. You should travel and fall in love. We wanted to see the new exhibition at MoMA. Damn Y / N, don't leave me. I screwed up really bad. You should be mad at me! It's all my fault. ”He whispered in her ear before pressing a kiss on her forehead.
"You should cover her up." Tony's worried voice said from the front, Steve nodded and pulled the covers tighter around her. For October it was freezing outside.

The way back to the tower was just as painfully slow as it was on the way there. Sometimes Y / N would move or she would moan, but she would not wake up. Steve only realized he was crying when a tear fell on Y / N's face.

"I'm so sorry, Y / N / N. So damn sorry. I screwed up This whole Omega thing was my idea. I thought that she and would bring peace and harmony, but all it brought us was ruin, arguments and frustration. And in doing so we almost lost what we needed most. You. You were and you are what we need. You're all I need. ”He continued talking to her until Tony arrived at the tower.
When someone opened the door, he handed Y / N into the capable hands of Dr. Cho. Tony went with her, but Steve could only get out and go to his room.