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Everybody needs a little love.

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The first thing Y / N noticed was that everything felt soft and fluffy, like in a cloud, but gradually other things got through to her. A pressure on her body. Sometimes there were other voices. Then silence again. She felt someone touch her, but it felt far away. Everything around her was dark and she couldn't open her eyes, she had no energy for it, which is why she kept falling asleep.

Until she woke up to an annoying beep next to her. Y / N grimaced and tried to turn off the alarm clock next to her, but when she moved her arm, she didn't get far. Something was attached to her hand so she couldn't move it very far. 
Annoyed by this and by the annoying noise next to her that gave her a headache, she opened her eyes. It took a moment to get used to the bright light, but when she could see properly again she found that she was lying in one of the hospital beds that she had visited so often in her life. Her gaze wandered over the blanket to her hand on which an IV was hanging. 
Tony sat next to her bed in one of the chic-looking but extremely uncomfortable armchairs and slept. He looked like he'd been sitting there for a while. His hair was shaggy, his beard sprouted in all directions, and his clothes were wrinkled. His left arm was in a cast and hung in a sling in front of his body.
"Tony?" She asked worried and tried to sit up, which made her wince and scream in pain. Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to breathe away the stabbing pain. Her brother winced and opened his eyes. Immediately he looked at her and when he saw that she was trying to sit up, he jumped up and pushed her back into bed.

“You shouldn't sit up yet. That puts too much strain on the wound, Y / N. "
“What happened, Tony. Why are you wearing a cast? "
“FRIDAY has failed and I - Damn that is not the point now. What happened to you? Loki found you bleeding to death in Bruce's lab. If it wasn't for him, you would have died, Y / N. ”He yelled at her, but she could see how scared he was for her. His hands were shaking and she could even see tears in his eyes. Y / N tried to remember what had happened. Who hurt her like that. Her brain was still very foggy and difficult to remember.

“It was ... Lilly. She ... I just wanted to get some things and the power cut made me get out of the elevator ... She was in Bruce's lab ... And had done something on his computer, which was weird because the whole building was without power, why did this computer have power? ”Y / N shook his head. “Lilly is with Hydra, Tony. She told me that. And then ... Then she did... "She let go of his hands and pulled the covers back a bit to look at her stomach, which was now covered by a thick bandage.
“It was Lilly? Our Lilly? ... “He said something else, but she no longer listened to him. Y / N closed her eyes angrily. Of course he didn't believe her. How should 'our sweet little Lilly' do something like that to her too. Tears ran down her cheek. She felt betrayed by him.

Tony put a hand on hers and looked at her sadly.
"I will get Dr. Cho and asked her for pain medication for you. And ... the others are waiting outside. They're all worried about you. ”Y / N nodded, but she didn't really want to see anyone. Neither of them had cared about her for the past few weeks. 

As soon as Tony was outside, the door was slammed again and Peter and Wanda wanted to storm to her, but Clint and Bruce held them back. Both were buxed on one of the sofas and held there by Clint, which both comment moaning. Y / N looked into the compassionate faces of those present and noticed that Steve was missing.
Natasha came up to her and took her hand.
"Y / N, what happened?" She asked gently. Much gentler than the red-haired Alpha had ever seen. Y / N looked at her and shared what she could remember. See realization in the eyes of the redheads, not disbelief.
“Hydra- der Red Room. That explains a lot. Why didn't I think of it earlier. That should have been noticed during the background check. ”She shook her head, angry at herself. 

Wanda whimpered on the couch and Y / N patted the bed next to her.
"Come here." She smiled gently. She couldn't be mad at Peter and Wanda. Both looked so sad that Y / N couldn't help but sit up slowly in pain and hug the two of them.
"I'm doing well. Don't worry, ”she whispered to them. 

Then the door opened again and Dr. Helen Cho came in smiling and shooed everyone out of the room so she could check Y / N's wounds.
“You gave us quite a scare. The others hardly wanted leave his side. We had to kick them out regularly so they could take care of themselves. Everyone was convinced, except your brother. I think he never expected to see you in one of the beds here. ”With a soft smile, she put a new bandage around the wound. The wound didn't look particularly big, but Dr. Cho explained that she had severe internal injuries and that she needed an operation because of it. She also needed some blood to make up for the loss of blood.
“On the outside, only a scar will remain, but ... Y / N During the attack, part of your uterus was injured and a fallopian tube was severed. We couldn't do much to save it ... It's not 100% impossible, but it's very unlikely that you could ever have children. "Y / N nodded sadly. 

She knew what that meant. Should she ever be presented as an Omega, she wouldn't be able to get pups. She couldn't be a good Omega.
She had thought that she was over there never being able to get pregnant, but now that the possibility was completely taken away, she became even more aware of her fate.
“I know it must be difficult for you to understand everything. If you have any questions, my office is open to you at any time. But for now you should concentrate on being said again. You have to rest and take it easy. No jerky movements. No overexertion and strict bed rest. ”Y / N nodded and lay back when Dr. Cho left the room. It was quiet in the room. Dr. Cho had removed her flexure and almost all other equipment so that she could move around more freely.

After a few minutes there was a knock on the door and Loki entered the room.
"Hello Darling. It's nice to see you awake again. ”He came up to her and sat down on her bed. For the first time that day she could really smile.
"Thank you for finding me."
“It would not have been possible without Heimdall. He informed me about it and damn it, darling. Who did this to you? Who is this Lilly? ”She sighed and told him the whole story. She told him everything. Also about how she moved out. She only left out the incident with the other alphas.
"They didn't even notice that you were gone?" He said through clenched teeth. She knew he was angry. Y / N nodded.
He took her hand and looked at her sadly. But before he could say anything, the door was thrown open and Steve stood in the door.