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Everybody needs a little love.

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Bruce went down the stairs until he reached the level of his laboratory. He knew that he could manually activate the generators in Tony's lab. Everything down here was lit by the red emergency light. The lights gave him a headache, but to turn them off he had to turn the power back on. Bruce walked down the hall to the elevator, which was a little open. Confused, he saw that someone had opened the elevator from the inside and had come out.
"Hello?" The door at the other end of the hall popped open and slammed against the wall. Loki stormed in and ran into Bruce's lab.
"Loki?" He followed him and just as he entered his laboratory he saw Loki pick someone up.
"Damn Y / N!" The god muttered, looking at Bruce.
"You all didn´t even noticed anything."
"What-what happened? Why is there blood everywhere? ”Asked the Doctor, but Loki didn't answer, but ran past him with her.
„Don´t you dare leaving me, Y / N / N." He cursed himself for not really paying attention when his mother tried to teach him how to heal wounds. He tried to heal her as best he could while he ran to the top floor where the infirmary was. As soon as he kicked the door everyone looked at him.



"Dr. Cho, Y / N urgently needs your help. ”He said and laid her gently on a bed. Pepper and Tony jumped up and approached him.
"What did you do?" Tony hissed when he saw the blood. Loki looked at him coldly.
“If I hadn't found her, she would have died. You should be grateful to me and rather ask yourself who did this to her. If Heimdall hadn't alerted me and sent me here, you wouldn't have found her until it was too late. ”Dr. Cho chased the two men from their workplaces and Pepper accompanied them outside.
“Did ... Heimdall tell you who did that? Pepper asked, while Tony sat down on one of the chairs in front of the treatment room.
Loki nodded.
"He didn't say much, actually he never says much, but she was hurt by someone named Lilly." Pepper's eyes widened and looked at Tony.

“It couldn't have been her. Lilly is our new Omega. She doesn't seem like someone who does that - we have to inform the others about it. ”Tony said and got up again. It looked at the black-haired god.
“I didn't do it for you. For none of you. Just for her. ”At that moment the light came on again.
“Whoever did this to her will deal with me personally. Even if it was an Omega. ”Loki growled and the other two knew that he was serious.
"Pep, can you stay here while I inform the others?" He asked and kissed her cheek. She nodded and sat across from Tony. 

He found Clint and Natasha in the living room.
"The power is back." Clint smiled.
“Y / N was attacked. Loki found her. Hellen is taking care of her right now. ”Tony felt powerless. Someone had hurt their little sister so bad that she could have died and there was nothing he could do about it. He had probably brought her attacker into the house as well.
Nat jumped up.
"What? Who was it?"
“Loki said it was Lilly. Has anyone seen her? ”They both shook their heads.
"Steve wanted to check on her," said Clint. Tony nodded.
"Nat you can look for Steve and Lilly and you can tell Clint to the others." Nat grabbed his arm before he could leave.
"Will she get through?" Asked the redhead.
"I hope so."

Nat stormed to the elevator and drove to Lilly's floor.
"Steve? Lilly? Are you here? "She called loudly and when she saw that the door to the living area was open, she went inside.
"Cap! Y / N is - Where's Lilly? ”She scanned the room and noticed that Steve had something in his hand.
"She is gone. Y / N attacked her and she was scared to tell us. Lilly left while we were on a mission. Y / N threatened to harm her if she told us about it. Lilly left me a letter when she left. ”He handed her the letter, which the red-haired agent scanned and then shook her head.
“You don't think so yourself! You know Y / N. She would never harm anyone. Loki found Y / N in Bruce's lab. She was attacked. Damn Steve, if Loki hadn't found her, she would have died. We still don't know if she'll really make it. She's your best friend and you're more likely to believe someone you've only known for a few weeks? ”Steve didn't move.
"Damn Lilly is not important. Y / N belongs to family. I thought you would feel something for her. "
"Yes but..."
"You have made up your mind, Rogers," she snapped at him and left. Steve was left alone.


Tony was standing in the hallway and didn't want to go back to Pepper and Loki's judgmental look.
"FRIDAY? Do you know what happened to Y / N in Bruce's lab? "
“I'm sorry, Mr. Stark. It will take a few hours before I can access the surveillance cameras again. "
"FRIDAY, please let me know as soon as you can access it." Tony took a deep breath and went back to the waiting area. Pepper got up immediately and wrapped her arms around him.
"Everything will be fine. She'll get through. She has to. ”Tony nodded and let himself fall into the arms of his mate.