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Everybody needs a little love.

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Lilly was ... perfect.
The perfect omega.
At least that's what the Avengers would call her. Lilly got along really well with everyone.
Only not with Y / N.
But she didn't show that to the others. But she let Y / N feel it.

Lilly didn't say a word to her, unless she was directly instructed to say something to her. When others were around, Lilly was as sweet and friendly to her as to anyone else, but when they were alone Lilly became ice cold and just looked at her with contempt. Y / N didn't know why she was acting like that ... at least partially.
Y / N wasn't an Avenger, just Tony Stark's little insignificant sister. Besides, she wasn't part of the pack, but an intruder. A stranger. An outsider. That's probably why Lilly saw her as a threat.

Nonetheless, Lilly was an asset. It was the balance because everyone wanted so much.
Steve was sitting on the sofa with Lilly, of course snuggled up against him, when Y / N came in.

It was Tuesday, usually the day you and Steve went to one of New York's many museums or movies. They'd been doing that since he'd lived in Avengerstower. She tried to show him all that he had missed over the years.
"Hey Steve, are you ready? The MoMA has a new exhibition "
"Oh. Sorry! I- of course, just let me- "
“Steeeevieee, didn't we really want to watch a movie? You promised! "Said Lilly in an urgent Omega tone. It had the desired effect on Alphas and himself. Steve pulled her back to him.
"I'm sorry, Y / N / N. We'll have to postpone that. ”Then he tickled Lilly gently, and her sad expression disappeared.

Y / N looked at him in shock and turned around. She left without answering. Tony caught the conversation and grabbed her arm.
"Y / N ..."
"Not now, Tony." She poisoned him and tore herself away from him. She just didn't have the nerve for one of his 'encouraging' speeches. It wasn't the first time someone had transferred her since Lilly was there. She had already moved her to anoint Nat and her weekly training sessions had to be canceled twice because Lilly wanted her attention. Y / N didn't feel like being moved by everyone and that no one was interested in her anymore ... She was jealous of Lilly and her power over her friends.

She took the elevator to her floor and threw herself on her large bed. Tony had given her an entire floor, but she only used a few rooms. She had a library, bedroom, living room, large bathroom, and small kitchenette that she didn't use much. She pulled the bedspread over her and mumbled:
 “FRIDAY, can you please make sure that nobody comes to my floor? I don't want to see anyone right now. "
“Of course Miss Stark. Is there anything else I can do for you? ”Y / N thought for a moment.
“Can you please keep my whereabouts a secret. Tony will probably ask about me- "
"I'm sorry. Miss Stark, no one is looking for you at the moment. ”Y / N looked at the ceiling and noticed how tears were collecting in her eyes. Nobody was looking for them. Not even Tony. Nobody wanted her.

Y / N sat up when she had an idea, got her tablet and started looking for an apartment.
"Miss Stark?" Asked FRIDAY and she immediately began to hope that someone had asked about her after all.
"There are 7 apartments in New York that are owned by Stark Industries and are freely available for you." FRIDAY showed her the apartments on the tablet.
“I think Object 274 would suit you. It has a great view and is already set up in a style that is very similar to yours. ”She looked at this object virtually and smiled. It was the perfect apartment, but it wasn't what she needed now.
“Thank you FRIDAY, but I think I need something less conspicuous. Something where nobody would suspect that I live there. "

Y / N got up and went to her walk-in closet. She's always been very uncomfortable with all that luxury and Tony would probably look for her in one of his properties first and to be honest, she needed some distance from all of this first. She loved her friends, but she also had to think about herself and this only hurt all of her.
Normally she would never react so impulsively, but the last 2 months had been exhausting for her. 
Loki and Thor had to go back to Asgard before Lilly moved in.
 If Loki were here ... She really hoped he wouldn't react that way to Lilly. She was actually very sure that he wouldn't react that way to Lilly and push Y / N away. She missed the sarcastic god and she would give up all of her pop tarts for a hug from Thor.

Y / N took out a suitcase and packed some things. It wasn't much, just a few things for the next Days. She could get what she needed later. Then her laptop ends up in her suitcase and her starkphone in her backpack. She sat down on her bed again and looked on the tablet for a small furnished apartment further away from here. Before long she found a suitable apartment in Queens that she could rent immediately under a false name. Natasha had shown her some tricks how to go into hiding, which is why her laptop, tablet and cell phone were not trackable. Y / N really thanked her for all of these tips Nat had taught her.

With the suitcase in hand and the backpack on her back, she drove down to the entrance hall, where she met Happy. "Hello Miss S-Y / N" The Beta smiled in its usual friendly way. He knew she hated being called Miss Stark. Even at FRIDAY she had already tried to reprogram it.
"Should I drive her somewhere?" He asked, looking at the suitcase.
“No thanks, Happy. I've already called an Uber to pick me up. ”Before he could ask any more, she waved to him and left the lobby. She hadn't called Uber and wanted to take the subway, but she didn't have to tell him because he was always worried about him anyway.

When she arrived in Queens, she looked for the building and quickly found it. It was a 5 floor house with several apartments on each floor. The key for her apartment was at the previously agreed location and she unfortunately had to find out that the landlord hadn't told her everything, because the elevator was broken. She had to walk the stairs to the fifth floor. She wasn't really trained, even though Nat had been teaching her self-defense for a few weeks. She stood out of breath in front of the door on the top floor, where there was another apartment.
She tried the keys until she found the right one. The door creaked open and she decided to buy a new security lock or two. The apartment was bright. The living room was also the dining room and kitchen, separated by the small bar with 3 bar stools. Y / N put the suitcase next to the door and took off her jacket. There were 3 doors. The middle one went to the bathroom, the right one to the bedroom. The left room was empty. The landlord said that the previous owner, a young woman with a baby, had taken the furniture and she could furnish this room herself.
All rooms had windows and the best thing was that she could use the fire escape in the bedroom as a balcony and since she had the top apartment, she could even go to the roof. Y / N looked out the window, but she couldn't see the tower in any direction, which she was very happy about.
She sat down on the large king-size bed and took her cell phone out of her backpack.
No message.
No phone call.
Even the chat with the others was calm.

Y / N sighed and turned it off.