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Everybody needs a little love.

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It was dead quiet in the large room, despite the people sitting in it. Nobody dared to speak until the elevator door closed. But as soon as it was closed, discussions broke out. 
Another omega was gone, leaving an empty place in the Avengers family. It was the 7th Omega in 2 years. For some, this group of people was just too much. Five alphas plus some betas and pups are a lot of work.
 For others, the paying was the incentive or fame that would fall on them if they were the omega of the famous Earth defenders. These were mostly sorted out during the application process.
 And there were very many of them. Especially those who had the hope that one of the Avengers would choose them as mate were particularly keen to work as their Omega. Just like this time. 

At first glance, Eileen was exactly what the Avengers had longed for her. Someone who became the glue between them. In addition, they could leave, someone who had an open ear, someone who became a cuddlebuddy. A person who was at the center of the pack without really wanting to be at the center.
But Eileen ... she turned out to be a liar and even managed to make Bruce the Hulk. Eileen tried to take advantage of Steve's naivety and had sneaked into his room several times to wait for him naked. But when she tried to steal one of Tony's suits everyone agreed that she had to go.
Bruce was sitting on one of the back sofas with Natasha and she was still humming her song softly so that the big green one was reactivated by the discussion. Tony, Steve and Thor were discussing while Loki grinned slightly amused next to her.

“I said it from the start!” He said softly to Y / N, “Finding a hay-colored needle in a haystack is easier than finding a suitable Omega for this bunch of legging superheroes. If you were an Omega, this problem wouldn't exist. You'd be the perfect person for the job. ”He joked, but the comment hurt deep inside her. 
Normally the second gender of every person presented itself at the end of the teenage years. Y / N was now 33 and long ago she had given up hope that she would ever find out about hers. There weren't many people who didn't present, but there were.
Even if the Avengers already had an Omega, it was utterly unsuitable for the job. Tony, her brother was definitely not a typical Omega. He was raised to be an Alpha.

Loki was right, if she were an Omega, this problem wouldn't exist. She was so comfortable with everyone that she was mostly used for the task anyway. She mostly sat with someone who needed it, cuddling on the sofa, mostly one of the Alphas or Wanda / Peter, the pups of the group. Both were not old enough to present and they were under special protection of the group, even if they were active Avengers themselves.

Y / N leaned against Loki, who put his arm around her and pulled her tighter.
"We can't have everything."
"Why wanting everything when everything I need is right here in my arms," he whispered flirtatiously in her ear. Y / N rolled her eyes and looked at him.
"Always those empty promises," she flirted playfully back.
"You know I would do pretty much anything for you," he growled softly in his alpha voice. If she were an Omega, Y / N would probably have reacted differently, but now all she could do was laugh out loud.
"Oh yes my big strong Alpha." She mocked him and patted his cheek. He smiled and pulled her tighter again.

These games between her and Loki were purely amicable. He was sent here by Odin 1 year ago to work for the Avengers, but it was difficult for him to trust anyone. At first he was just angry and locked himself in his room all day. Loki didn't eat and Y / N was worried about him and brought him a plate with every meal, which she put in front of the door. In the beginning he ignored her too, but she persisted and in the end it paid off for her. Y / N became his best friend. She liked to spend time with the Nordic god and managed to get the others to trust him more, even if she had been asked again and again by some if she was sure that she wanted to befriend him and Tony warned her several times about Loki. Only Thor was the only one who had nothing against it and was even happy about it.

Tony and Steve were arguing so loudly that Wanda whimpered softly and sat down next to Nat, who immediately put her arm around her. Although Natasha mostly gave the tough alpha, she had been taught in the Red Room to disguise her 2nd gender and to adapt. So it could also act like a beta or an omega. She was currently broadcasting for Bruce and Wanda Omega.
Steve raised his arms exhausted and sighed as Tony left the room. The serum had changed Steve's previous gender from omega to alpha, but he still had traits that were more appropriate to an omega than an alpha. For example, he was the mother hen of the pack and tried to look after everyone equally. He was also the one who suggested putting an Omega in the pack.

Steve had told her how it used to be for him to be an Omega. Even then there were few male Omega and the rights of all Omega were severely restricted. That is why he was not allowed to volunteer for the army. Unlike his best friend and True Mate Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. 

Bucky had been his best friend since childhood. He had rescued him from fights or nursed him back to health more often than the other way around. Before, hardly anyone knew that these two men were mates, most believed they were just best friends, and even today many believed they were mates, but nobody knew for sure, as Steve ignored every question about Bucky. He only told Y / N about it.
He and Y / N had befriended each other quickly since he got off the ice and he was now her best friend, which wasn't difficult as Steve was a real sunshine. But hardly anyone knew that he had nightmares about his past almost every night. From his fall into the ice, from Bucky's death, from the war.
Since he told her about these dreams, she informed FRIDAY every time he had nightmares. During those nights she slept in bed with him. She held him while he told her about his nightmares or while he cried. Sometimes they just lay next to each other in silence, Steve's head on her torso while she ran her hand through his hair. 

Y / N loved him, but would never say it out loud, because she knew that this place in his heart was occupied by Bucky and he was never over him.
In addition, who wanted damaged goods? Steve Rogers was expected to find a pretty Omega, preferably female for all Conservative Americans, with which he would get a lot of pups. And certainly not someone who didn't even have a second gender.

Steve sat on the other end of the sofa where her legs were. Loki smiled and let go of her.

“That is probably my cue to go. "Come on, go comfort Capsicle!" He said and went to the elevator. She smiled after him and then sat down next to Steve, who immediately laid his head on her shoulder.
“I thought it would fit this time. She looked so ... right to me, "he mumbled tiredly.
"We'll still find the right person, everything takes time, Stevie."
"We've been looking for 3 years!" He said much too loudly and upset, so that Y / N winced from his sudden change in mood. Wanda could be heard whimpering softly. When he saw Y / N's reaction, his features immediately softened and he ran his hands over his face.
"I'm sorry Y / N.  I- I don't know what's wrong with me either. I don't want to argue all the time and I don't want to be angry. ”He was silent for a moment and then looked at her. "I'm afraid that if it goes on like this, maybe things will be said or done that hurt someone so much that they leave and that maybe forever."
“Nobody will leave us. We need each other. No one is dispensable from the pack. ”She said, but she did not mean herself, because she was dispensable. Y / N didn't have any special powers or a super cool suit like Tony. She wasn't a genius. She wasn't even a real Avenger.
She was just Y / N Stark, 33 years old, dark blue hair, ice blue eyes and an average body. The only thing that was somewhat unusual was the color of her eyes. Otherwise, she was just Ironman's little sister. And co-owner of Stark Industries, although she was never actively involved in it.
But if Tony could call himself a philanthropist, she was the Holy Mother Theresa. She devoted almost all of her free time to other people. Poor people, homeless people, children. She was known in every homeless shelter and every children's home. At least twice a week she helped out in kitchens that distributed food to poor people.
But nobody there knew her as Y / N Stark. Nobody knew that she was a Stark. She was just Y / N, volunteer for everything. She helped where she could and although she was one of the most famous people on earth, hardly anyone knew her and she hoped that it would stay that way.

Steve moved next to her and took out his cell phone. He opened the folder with the applications for the position and began to work through them. Y / N watched him do it, her chin on his shoulder. One application after the other ended up in the trash. Until he ended up with Lilly.
She was ... cute. Just how you imagined perfect Omega. Small, blonde, petite, big blue eyes and a nice smile. Everything about her screamed OMEGA.
He immediately sent the file to the others and positive feedback was returned within a very short time.
Steve grinned at her.

"I hope we finally found the right one with Lilly." Y / N nodded, but she hoped he wasn't hurt again.