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I don't date extras

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Somehow it had become a regular thing.
One night, after Bakugo had gone to bed (which was definitely early by all standards), Kaminari had stood up and proposed to play some videogames. They had gone to his room. They had played until it was very late and Kiri had fallen asleep in his bed. It was a bit of a shock at first that the electric blonde was still up when Kirishima's alarm rang. He didn't remember getting under the blanket, but a blanket was over his body when he woke up. This started to happen quite often, every night that Kiri wasn't really tired, they ended up playing in one of their rooms. Every night Kirishima tended to be the only one to sleep... If Kami was getting any sleep, he was doing so just for a couple of hours, because he was up and perfectly awake no matter how early the redhead woke up. They had fallen into some kind of routine, and in that routine, something else had started.
"Duuude! You are crashing me right now, that's so not manly!", complained Kirishima jokingly, too used by now to lose when he played fight games in the console against the loud blonde.
"That's because you get lost looking at this hot bod I have and can't concentrate. Not that I can blame you, that is definitely my biggest flaw, I'm too distracting", teased Denki back, in the same jokingly spirit. Everything with Denki was a joke, even if they could assume there were a lot of layers underneath that. He had been caught off guard by the first sexual comment, he had laughed instead of answering with words. Next time, he was prepared.
"Come, Kiri, let's make sweet sweet love in my room", said the blonde one getting up from the floor in the common room. The bakusquad rolled their eyes. Bakugo wouldn't have, but well, he was in bed, and this was all in good fun, it was just empty words.
"Oh, how could I refuse such a manly offer?", laughed the shark boy before waving goodbye to the classmates that were still there, most of them already getting ready for bed.
"Good night, boys. Don't spend the whole night playing, Denki, or you'll be tired and you'll crash during the lessons", mummed Mina. Now that he thought about it, he knew that Kami wasn't actually getting much or any sleep, he was shocked he didn't crash way more often than he did... Damn, Kiri had started to set an alarm to go to bed even if he wanted to keep on playing because if he didn't get at least 6 hours of sleep he was completely destroyed and he felt grumpy. Not that anybody else would even say he was grumpy at all, Kirishima still seemed to be the same lovely sunshine he was for the rest of them. But he FELT IT.

This had been going on for a while before Bakugo found out. Kirishima wasn't trying to hide anything from Bakugo, he had actually mentioned that they were playing games together, that he had not slept enough, that he had set a timer to go to bed... Katsuki had thought nothing about it at first, it was Denki they were talking about. Then he discovered Kiri was sleeping in Denki's room and that was why Kirishima hadn't been sleeping with him that often, so he had to make an effort to control his jealousy and not go and kill them both.
"Sorry, I didn't think it was important enough to specify, we are not sharing the bed or anything, I think he doesn't sleep or he just sleeps on the floor. There's nothing happening between us, I promise. You should come, I know you would enjoy it. And you would see it's just playing games and friendly banter, nothing for you to worry about", he smiled and kissed his boyfriend. "I love you, I would never break your trust".
"Right", he wasn't convinced, but he always made an effort to trust Kiri a 100%.
"You could come even if you're just going to sleep, that way I could still sleep with you...", Kiri knew how to tempt him. Bakugo didn't like giving public displays of affection much, but they had already been going out for a while and everybody knew they were a couple, it was not like Denki was going to be shocked because of them hugging in their sleep.
"Sure", no. Eijiro decided not to pressure him, he knew Katsuki needed his time to process things.


They were all in the living room one afternoon, almost Katsuki's bedtime, but even though he was actually not paying much attention, he had not left yet.
"Wow, Sleeping Beauty, you seem awfully awake for a Tuesday afternoon".
"It's all your fault, fucking extras, you are getting soft as fuck and I don't even get tired practicing with you anymore".
"Ey, how dare you call my man Red Riot soft? He's a rock, he's a boulder, he's the manliest man alive". Bakugo avoided looking at Denki, but looked at Kiri with a poker face. Denki didn't even stop a second before changing topics. "Wanna come be our boyfriend tonight then?".
"What?! What the fuck are you talking about, Dunce Face?".
"Video games, dude, you never come play with us".
"... When?".
"Now, we usually go play around this time".
"I don't go because I'm fucking sleeping, like you fucking should, fucking dumbass".
"Oh, right", answered Denki, like he had not counted on that and had just found out the reason why Bakugo was never around during their playing hours. "Anyway, are you coming? Bet I can beat you just with my right hand", like that was possible in any video game…
"Hah? I'm going to crush your skull, dipwit", answered Katsuki, standing up and starting to walk towards the stairs. Kirishima and Kaminari looked at each other, smiled and followed him.

They were playing now, Katsuki and Eijiro on top of Kiri's bed and Denki laying down with his back against the floor, the legs on top of the bed and the face looking at the screen upside down. He had been sitting normally at some point in the past, Kiri could swear, and it wasn't that long ago, but it never lasted.
"And I fucked that pretty face again! Dude, you're so bad even Boom Boom Boy exploded that rock hard ass, Kiri". Until now, Katsuki had been purposefully ignoring the sentences that could be misinterpreted, but it was getting harder by the minute not to get pissed.
"Suck his dick already", grunted Bakugo, more jealous because of the comments than he would like to admit.
"Katsuki!", Kirishima grew red and looked at him, shocked.
"What? It's clear he wants to".
"Of course he doesn't want to! It's just friendly banter. Tell him, Denki".
"Well, I mean, I haven't said anything that wasn't true, you're hot as fuck, and you have a great body and a great butt". That made both other boys look at him in utter disbelief. Kiri wasn't expecting that, Bakugo wasn't expecting him to be so dumb to say that in front of him. There was a silence that grew long enough for Denki to feel it was his turn to speak again. "What? Want to get absolutely destroyed by me again? Maybe you should both go against me at the same time". He was talking about the game, there was no doubt. He was actually signaling to the console. He wasn't even making it sound sexual. "Or we can play the car race game, if you prefer". After a couple of seconds and a long silent stare between team bed, the playing resumed.

It was far past Katsuki's usual bedtime when Kirishima noticed that he had calmed down a little and was falling asleep. He had expected that, he had actually decided they were playing in his room tonight because he knew Bakugo wouldn't stay in Denki's and would have kicked them out of his room as soon as he felt sleepy. This felt nice. Being the three of them in the same room having fun or just enjoying each other's company felt right. He waited for Katsuki to be lightly snoring before trying to cover him up. He had fallen asleep with his arms crossed and his head was resting over Kiri's shoulder. He gestured towards Denki to cover them, even though he wasn't planning on going to sleep yet.
"When he's quiet he even seems cute and all instead of hot and murdery", grinned the blonde one with his usual clown face.
"We would probably say the same about you if you ever shut, or sleep", joked the redhead back.
"There are too many words in my head to not let them free, they would drive me crazy otherwise" he mostly sang back. Eijiro shook his head, smiling entertained.
"By the way, sorry about what Katsuki said before, he's just not used to anybody talking like that about me".
"Nah, it's OK. Not that I wouldn't be up for it, I'm up for everything, you should try everything at least once to know if you like it. But I mean, I would be at least expecting for you to kiss me first, if we are talking about giving me head". Kirishima could have dropped dead right there, Denki's smile as uninterested as always, his eyes already back to the screen and his body in another overcomplicated posture. Eijiro laughed, snapping out of it. Denki's sexual comments were often too bold and he had been surprised before, but it never lasted long.

Kirishima's alarm was about to sound, he stopped it right on time, he didn't want to wake Bakugo up or he would sure leave.
"I should get some sleep, I don't have your superpower".
"Oh, sure". They usually stayed in the same room all night, Denki playing even if Kiri was fast asleep, the blonde one usually just used headphones from that point on. But today it was different, Bakugo was still sleeping right by Kiri's side. "I'll get back to my room then".
"Huh? Nah, it's OK, you don't need to. You can stay", he answered, throwing his headphones towards the only survivor of the night.


Katsuki had heard something. Something that wasn't Kiri's breath right beside him. He opened his eyes and found Denki sitting on the floor, scrolling down on his phone, muttering softly the lyrics of some song, absentmindedly. Katsuki looked at his phone, it was fucking late. He snapped his fingers to the front to get the other blonde's attention. Failing miserably to be heard, he switched the lights on and off. Denki looked at the light and found Bakugo looking at him.
"Ey, Pikachu, it's fucking late". Denki looked up, startled, remembering suddenly he wasn't alone or even in his room.
"Oh, yeah, sorry, I-". Bakugo grunted something and looked at the bed, he was in the middle of it, Kirishima with his head resting against his chest like he had done so many other nights before. If it had been Kiri in the middle, he would have probably make the blonde mess go to his own room, but there was nothing to worry about if he was between them.
"Shut the fuck up and get in the bed already".
"Oh, no, Bakubro, I-".
"I'm not saying it twice, fuck face, either you come here or I'll grab that fucking lemon head of yours and smash it until you fucking fall asleep. Get in the fucking bed already, you'll end up fucking waking Ei", he finished threateningly. That wasn't actually probable, in fact, Kirishima slept like he was dead, you could run him over with a truck and he wouldn't even notice. Denki wasn't aware of that, but he wouldn't have dared contradicting Bakugo after what he just said. He got to the bed and the other one opened the cover for him. Kaminari got into it and lied down sideways, his back towards the grumpy half-asleep Pomeranian. He started scrolling again, it didn't last much. Bakugo's arm went over him and snatched his phone out of his hand and slammed it on the side table.
"I swear to God, Lightning McDumbass, fucking sleep already", muttered, too half-asleep already to even sound really menacing. Denki smiled, enjoying this new fun side (what? He was cute!) of his short tempered friend. He had never been so close to Bakugo, the arm he had used to slam his phone still over him. Well, at least not without Bakugo trying to blast him. He smelled sweet. His touch was way softer than he had anticipated. He could feel his hot body against part of his back and his chest. Kaminari felt his eyelids grow heavier and heard his friend start to snore lightly again. That was the first night Denki didn't have any nightmares in a long while. It was also the first night he slept more than two hours in so long.

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Two nights had passed, nobody had been mad, so the redhead felt confident enough to try and convince Bakugo to join them again. The grumpy one had clicked his tongue and grunted. Then he had shown up with the book he was reading and had sat on the bed as two nights before. This time he hadn't been awake much, he was aware it would happen, though.
"Next fucking time we are doing this in my room. Your bed is a fucking nightmare", it was the first time Bakugo complained about Kirishima’s bed since literally first year, way before they had started dating. He had never had any problem with his bed. At all. Never. Eijiro tried to read something else under those half closed eyes, unable to decipher what was going on. "Hey, Pikachu, you better go to bed before I have to fucking go and find you, you hear me?" Kaminari was surprised about this, even though he didn't bother showing it. Kirishima smiled, loving Bakugo so badly right now, he loved when he cared about people. And he was kind of adamant with schedules, so it wasn’t that surprising.
"Right, right, we don't want to wake up Kiri", he joked with a smile on his face that made Katsuki's eyebrow rise. Eijiro's face became a poem. He didn't have a clue of what all this meant, even though he had seen Denki in bed with them the morning after and Bakugo had told him he had made him get some sleep.
"Dude, you better not be making out with him while I sleep without telling me", he laughed, playfully, taking the sentence as a mean to tease him for sleeping like a rock, far from actually believing those two had anything going on.

That night, Denki only stood awake for half an hour after Kirishima went to bed. He looked at the redhead being the big spoon and he couldn't but think Katsuki's nice smell and touch would feel great. He was actually growing cold. And Bakugo's body was warm and nice the other night. And he was facing the huge open space that was left, inviting, right in front of Katsuki's asleep body. He tentatively laid down by his side. He felt the other blonde move behind him and a strong arm fell over him, half trapping half protecting him. Katsuki grunted and his hand moved trying to push something away. It was his phone. The light of his phone was what he was trying to turn off. Could Blasty blast his phone being asleep? He didn't want to find out, to be fair. He left his phone by the nightstand and felt the other man pull him against his body, chest warm against his back.


"You extras coming or not?" Kirishima looked surprised when Bakugo stood up, hands in his pockets, waiting for them, a couple of nights later.
"Sure thing. Nighty night, gang! Game night at Kiri's it is!", said Denki waving militarily with a grin and a finger gun. The elevator's doors were already opening when Katsuki spoke again.
"We're not going to Kiri's. Take your fucking consoles and your fucking teddy bears or whatever the hell you need. That bed is the shittiest fucking bed and I bet your room is a fucking pile of doom heaven, so we are going to my room from now on". Kirishima shouldn't have been as surprised, Bakugo had said already something about his bed two nights ago, and yesterday while they were sleeping together there. It was true that Katsuki's was some centimeters wider, but he had never complained before two days ago. Also, did he just say ‘from now on?’.
They didn't take long to set everything in Katsuki's room. His room was spotless, as it always was, his TV and bed were, in fact, bigger than the other two guys’. Kirishima could have sworn that third pillow in the bed wasn't there yesterday.
"Wow, Kachan, I'm impressed, I had never been into your room. You're so secretive about it I thought you had a sex dungeon or something hiding in here".
"Keep saying dumb shit and I'll fucking gag you", he threatened, pointing a finger to Denki’s face while the messy blonde laughed wholeheartedly.
"Come on, Blasty, are you trying to convince me to talk less or more? You shouldn't be threatening me with a good time. But maybe that’s because you don't really want to shut me up", he grinned, forcing a jokishly sexy face, biting his lip, framing his face with a finger gun and winking. Kirishima was too shocked by the scene to say anything, just watching that metaphorical tennis game. And the ball was in Bakugo's yard now. A Bakugo who was used to playing cocky and be harsh on everybody, but wasn't as used to someone being bratty to him and just not giving shit about anything.
"Whatever, moron, nothing to see here, no sex dungeon or shit, just don't want everybody coming in here for shit", he grunted.
"Oh, pity! I was still expecting the sex dungeon to just be hidden under the mattress or something", he looked under the bed playfully, Katsuki pushed him with his foot, destabilizing him. The blonde mess laughed again, falling to the ground, making Katsuki grunt in return. Kiri was still in shock about all this, not wanting to blink right now in case he missed any interactions between those two, so weird, so fun, so cute, so not going to complain.


It had definitely become a routine since then. Kirishima and Kaminari had almost stopped playing alone. Denki had started to notice Bakugo's moods, Kirishima could tell before when Katsuki wanted to be alone and when he didn't want to, not that his boyfriend had ever complained if he joined him one of the days he didn't show any interest. But now Kaminari was also stepping up to pace. Kiri could even see how he had started playfully teasing the other one in public like he did when they were in private. Not to the point of making sexual remarks in front of others, not even with the clownest of his faces, Katsuki was too easy to annoy, but he liked bothering him, playing with fire, making him angry. He had started to learn how to piss him but just not enough so he would close the door on their face. That had only happened once, a day Denki had teased too close to the sun and Kirishima literally had received a blast on the chest in his place. The warning was for Denki, and they all knew, but Kiri was used to using his quirk to let Katsuki release stress, so Denki laughed and made some bad pun about some movie Bakugo liked, making him grunt and slam the door quite too violently. Anyway, Denki had learnt not to push that hard ever again, he liked their nights together. Kirishima, being honest, had to say he was finding it too interesting for his own good. He liked that. He liked seeing their dynamic, being the only audience in those moments. Katsuki still played tough, as he always did, but he was now way less annoyed and way more entertained than most people noticed when around Denki. Kirishima knew it. Bakugo knew he knew it. None of them knew if Denki was aware of that. He never seemed to pay attention to anything long enough to be aware of much. Kiri had noticed long ago that he played dumber than he was, the same way Bakugo played angrier and tougher than he was. He didn't care much, he had to say, they could act however they wanted as far as he could be by their side.

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He had no clue where the hell had Kirishima gone to. It was already night time and he wasn't back to the dorms. He stood up from the sofa, same time he always tended to do, ready to go to bed. He avoided looking at Denki, like he tended to do every night. Without Kirishima there, Katsuki wasn't sure he wanted the loud blonde around him, he wasn't sure they could get along without the redhead in front of them. Kaminari, on the other hand, had noticed perfectly how Bakugo had been worried all night.
"Ey, Kachan, wanna play murder?". For some reason, Denki had started calling every fight game like that. He knew perfectly well that Bakugo barely actually played with them, he mostly laid in bed, half reading, half looking at them and cursing when they got overexcited and raised their voices. Well, mostly when Denki raised his voice.
"Whatever", that was a yes. An unexpected one, but he was going to get it. He looked at him for a second, still convincing himself he hadn't imagined it. "U coming or what, Sparkplug?" Denki was lying on the floor, as usual, even though there was space enough for him to sit in the sofas. They had stopped trying to convince him to sit properly a long time ago, he seemed to like it better that way. Denki raised his hand towards Bakugo, in an universal gesture of 'help me stand up', the other one made an annoyed grunt before pulling his hand and making him almost fly up. Then started going towards his room, as any other night, not even looking back to see if Denki was following him. No need though, he could hear him speaking loudly behind him.
"So manly!", Kirishima used the word so much it was becoming a part of his vocabulary. "You're growing stronger by the day, it shows. Look at those guns, you could break my skull like a nut with those".
"Don't you fucking tempt me, Pikachu".
"Oh, come on, we both know you would never hurt me, Kachan, you have grown fond of me", he commented in a singy song voice. The other one directed a preemptive glance his way. Denki changed the topic, knowing perfectly well things weren't the same when Kirishima wasn't there. "Do you think Kiri left us alone on purpose?"
"What an idiotic question. Of course he didn't leave us alone on purpose, why the fuck would he do that?"
"Because he knows you liiiike me? Because he wants us to make out while he's not there and then tell him all about it?", he didn't need to see Bakugo's eyes to know they were rolling. The explosive hero was opening his room's door. "Are you worried about him?" That shift in direction again made Katsuki froze in place. He looked silently at Denki, who stopped too, knowing perfectly well Katsuki had his own way of doing things and he shouldn't get into his room before him.
"No", Bakugo lied. "Why the fuck would I be worried? He's fucking unbreakable", even though his technique was called that way, they knew very well that wasn't true at all, he was just human, and one of the few humans Bakugo truly cared about.
"Oh, then I'm not worried either, wanna watch a movie and not be worried together?"
"Sure, whatever", he muttered, thinking when the fuck had Denki learnt how to read him. He opened the door and tried to act like he wasn't waiting for Denki to close it behind himself.
"So, wanna watch things explode?", what he actually wanted to ask is if he wanted to watch a romcom, but he was painfully aware Kiri wasn't there to soften the other blonde up if he messed up, he had to measure his words.
"Whatever" He took that as a yes. It was usually Kiri and him in the bed and Denki on the floor, at least until he hopped on to sleep or Katsuki threatened him to get him into bed. He sat down on the floor, as he usually did, opening one of the streaming services. He really wanted to see Bakugo's reaction if he played a romcom. A pillow hit the back of his head before he could decide what to do. "What are you doing on the fucking floor, you dumbass? You're gonna get sick". Kaminari chuckled and smirked towards the other blonde.
"What? Is the mighty murder hero 'Dadnamight' worried about me getting a cold?"
"Shut the fuck up, fake eel, it's just because I bet you're even more annoying when you're sick", he grunted.
Kaminari jumped on the bed by his side, too curious to see how far he could force before being kicked out of the room.
"Wanna watch porn?", he was literally pushed out of the bed, with far more strength than was actually necessary to throw him. He cackled and raised his arms in the universal sign of rendition, sitting back down again. "Come on, Blasty, I was joking. Let’s see. Wanna watch..." he took a second and then teased again. "Wanna watch porn?"
Bakugo looked at him murderously.
"Second strike, dumb ass, do it again and you're out the window".
"Ok, ok, geez. OK, OK, serious idea". Even though he tried to suppress it, the sides of his mouth started rising while he tried to look serious. "Wanna..."
"Dunce face...", Kaminari smiled with a teasing grin, too tempted.
"... A romcom?" Katsuki was already brewing an explosion in his hand, so sure he knew what the other one was about to say. He stopped himself midair, Denki laughing his ass out.
"What did you just say?", oh! No cursing! Hah! Victory!
"Come on, it will be fun, we can make fun of it, or we can dub it. 'OH, Katsuki Elizabeth, I have always been in love with you'. 'No, Denki Louise, our love is impossible, my family would never agree to our marriage, you don't own enough cows'", digressed Denki, doing different voices and mimicking. Katsuki was so fascinated by the randomness he couldn't avoid a cackle. A cackle that made Denki smile like he had just won the Number One Hero title.
"You laughed! I won!"
"Shut up, Sparkplug. No, I didn't", Bakugo tried to recompose himself. "Fucking dumbass", but the grin was there, he was actually smiling, he had been awfully quiet all evening, looking at the door constantly, worried. Kaminari had come to know him enough to be perfectly aware of that, even if the rest of them didn't seem to notice. And now he was smiling, he couldn't wait to tell Kiri when he came back.
"So, porn then". The other blonde pushed his head away from him, far softer than ever before. "Wanna diss the hell out of Twilight? Noah's Diary? Fucking Titanic?".
"Ey, no swearing, that's my thing, Dunce Face. What's with you and romcoms?"
"I don't know, it's nice to feel warm and fuzzy inside. Bet you never saw any romcoms", he lied, skillfully. He would bet MONEY that the explosive hero was a softy who watched and read romantic things when nobody was around. "Come on, indulge me, pleeease", he made puppy eyes.
"Ugh, whatever, just choose something already", answered the other one with a tone of annoyance that was far from real. 'And that, my boy, is how you tame an angry Pomeranian', the electric hero told himself.

It had been a rough night for Red Riot. He didn't want to think about it much. He hit the shower to take all of the mud and dust away. It was late, the alarm to go to bed had rang a while ago. He was dispensed from tomorrow's lessons, Aizawa had told him to rest and stay in bed for the day. He was thinking on doing so, even if that meant skipping some lessons. It had been a harder night than they have all been expecting. He dried himself and got into his red and black tartan flannel pajamas before getting to his room. It was painfully empty. He looked at his phone for the first time since lunch, there was one message from Katsuki. "Where the hell are you, Shitty Hair?". There was a whole stream of messages from Denki too. Some were as random as they used to get when talking to the electric hero. There were a lot of memes. There were a couple of pictures too. He opened the first one to find a TV. Twilight was showing on it. What the fuck? He wouldn't be surprised by the randomness if he didn't know far too well that TV was Katsuki's. "Guess who I'm watching Twilight with". So they had been watching a movie together, that was nice. How the fuck had he managed to convince Bakugo of agreeing with that was something he couldn't even imagine. In any case, that was the thing that made him smile for the first time tonight. He opened the second pic. It was a selfie of Kaminari with two fingers forming a V, his head resting right next to Katsuki's over the pillows. Katsuki seemed fast asleep, he should be or he would have never let the loud blonde send that. Kirishima couldn't but think they looked so cute. "Taking care of your boy until you come back" was the last sentence from the blonde tornado. His smile softened as he typed back, even though it was too late.
"Glad to know my boys are taking care of each other".

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When Katsuki woke up, Denki was still there... And still sleeping. Not every time they woke up he was still asleep, and even if he was, most of the times he just automatically opened his eyes as soon as someone even breathed differently. He hadn't yet. He seemed to be peacefully sleeping and his face looked calm. He looked awfully serious to be himself, though. Katsuki discovered he didn't like to see the blonde mess so quiet and serious. Sometimes he managed to make everybody think he was just an empty headed dummy, he had managed to fool Bakugo for quite too long, but now he knew better. He was aware of what had happened yesterday, how Kaminari had been able to make him forget his worries and fall asleep... Not even Kiri had ever been able of doing that. He took his phone and snapped a pic of the electric mess, his face bathed by the light of the early morning. He felt dumb then. He didn't know why he had just done that, but he had. He could erase the pic. He urged himself to do it, it was sappy and dumb and he felt nothing for Pikachu. At all. Yeah, he was kinda nice and funny and he had been a great friend yesterday. He also drove him crazy. All of the time. Not as much lately. Not in a bad way.
"Tsk", he clicked his tongue and looked at his phone. He came back to Earth. No news from Kiri. The only message he had sent him had been read though, that could be a good sign... Maybe. Or he had lost his phone and someone else had taken it. Kirishima never left him on read. He felt his anxiety start to rise. He forced himself to breathe. He didn't want to wake the blonde eel. He sent a new message. "Shitty Hair, you better be in class when I get there".

"Yo, Pikachu, wake up". This situation was weird as fuck. He had actually left to run as he did every morning, hoping Kaminari would be awake and gone by the time he had come back so he could just keep ignoring whatever he was trying very hard not to feel. He didn't know how to wake Denki now, he never slept, he was always energetic and smiling and now he just looked too frail and too serious. 'Why the fuck did I have to adopt a fucking puppy now, seriously, the other one at least is a fucking rock, but fucking Pikachu is just too skinny and too...'. Well, he had to admit he wasn't that skinny, the guy trained and even if he was more slender than he was, he was fit and quite strong... He got lost on his thoughts, looking at his arms and chest. 'We have to help him fucking train more, they are going to break him, and then I'll have to kill them', he said to himself. "Dude, wakey wakey, it's time to get up, Denks", he said, touching his arm lightly.
Denki stretched himself in bed, starting to come back to the real world. It took him a second to realize the voice and the words didn't match.
"Did... What did you just call me?", he smiled, still half asleep.
"What? Nothing. I said 'wake up, fucking Pikachu'. For being so fucking tiny you take so much space, Dunce Face". Denki burst into a laugh, now fully awake, at a speed only he could start functioning.
"You just forgot to insult me for a second, didn't you?", he teased, he knew it was true, but the way Bakugo moved away from him, clicked his tongue and started prepping for the shower just confirmed it.
"You wish, fucking dumbass. I'm heading to the showers, fucking start moving or you'll be late for class".
"Kachan, there's still one fucking hour until class", he laughed until a towel hit him straight in the face.
"Stop fucking swearing, Dunce face, it doesn't suit you". Denki laughed playfully and extended the towel back to Bakugo, who snatched it out of his hands and left for the shower. He could see the explosive guy grinning. Katsuki was trying to control it, but his mouth was acting out, the side of his mouth was lifting.
"What? You are telling ME not to swear? How unfair", he laughed again while Bakugo left, flipping him without turning to look at him. Denki chuckled happily and looked for his phone around the bed.
"Glad to know my boys are taking care of each other". He smiled at Kiri's text. He was so nice. So cute. He was a ray of sunshine. He was the ultimate Golden Retriever boy... He had texted, so that meant he was alright, right? They could stop worrying now. 'Let's check just in case', he told himself. He swiftly jumped out of the bed and headed towards Kiri's room.
He opened the door quietly and looked inside. Kirishima was there, he looked OK, he was sleeping in the most peaceful manner he had ever seen... He entered the room, took a pic of his face and then sent it to him as a reply to the message the redhead had sent him.
"Sleep tight, Sleeping Booty". He texted after the pic, chuckling to himself, then thought the pun was too good to not take advantage of the situation, he took a pic of the hero's butt and sent it after the pic of his face. He was OK, that was great. They could breathe now.


He wasn't there. They had been in class for two hours now and Kirishima wasn't there. Bakugo looked at his phone again, no news. He usually never peaked at his phone during class, but this was taking on his nerves. Where the fuck was him and why nobody seemed to care? He looked at Kaminari. Like looked looked, not from the corner of his eye like he used to, he turned his head to look at him. The messy blonde noticed the attention and looked back. Bakugo tried to signal Kiri's empty table, but the other one just noticed the phone on Katsuki's hand, so he took out his. The teacher cleared their throat. Katsuki took his phone away before they felt like treating him like a baby and reprimanded him. Denki was lost looking at something on his phone while fidgeting with a pen in his left hand. The teacher had to clear his throat and then literally say his name for the lightning hero to even notice he had to put his phone back.

Denki walked towards Katsuki when the class ended, feeling kind of weird. They didn't usually interact in class. And even less without Kiri... Katsuki got up and went outside, where he didn't have so many people looking at them. Kaminari followed him, not even noticing he was doing it.
"Ey, should we wake Kiri up? I thought he would have set an alarm to come to class, but he might have forgotten. I would have forgotten. Or maybe his battery ran dry".
"What the fuck? Yo, Pikachu, he's not back from yesterday’s mission". He looked worried, it took Denki a second to understand.
"Of course he did, I went to his room while you were in the shower". Katsuki felt suddenly dumb and shocked. It wasn't something he was used to feel. He didn't like it.
"What?" Why the fuck didn’t he think of doing that? "Are you sure?"
"Of course I am, I even took a pic, he looked cute. Well, I took two pics, actually", he said, showing his phone to the blonde one. Katsuki's facial expression went from angry Pomeranian to surprised Pomeranian, to looking cute (according to Denki, not that anybody else would have noticed anything but a poker face), to annoyed Pomeranian, then to… was he blushing? Denki didn't get what had happened, so he put his head closer to Bakugo's to look at what the other one was seeing. There were the pic of them both, the ‘glad my boys are taking care of each other’, the ‘Sleep tight, Sleeping Booty’ and the two pics of the redhead, face and ass. "The pun was too good to let it pass", Denki had forgotten why he was looking at the phone. Katsuki was NOT thinking about that but about his boyfriend's sentence. It should have made him jealous. It didn't.
"Fucking dumbass", he wasn't sure who of the three was he calling a dumbass. He rolled his eyes, pissed (mostly at himself for being outsmarted by Denki).
"The name is ‘Denks’", answered the other one with a confident smile and finger guns. Katsuki clicked his tongue, rolled his eyes and flipped him again. Denki chuckled and went back to class, knowing their friends were going to ask questions and comment on that “alone” moment. Better they took it out on him before Kachan came back inside all pissed. Not that he knew why he was pissed, shouldn't he be relieved?

Chapter Text

Kirishima was sound asleep... And in a second he was fully awake because of a Very Loud Noise. The Very Loud Noise was attached to the hands of a Very Annoyed Explosive Hero. He wasn't angry, he was relieved, and therefore his explosion was at a distance of Kiri's face and not against his actual skin.
"God, Katsuki, you almost gave me a heart attack", Kirishima exhaled deeply, recovering from the sudden wake.
"That's for leaving me on read, fucking Shitty Hair". Eijiro looked confused for a second.
"What? I texted Denks and you", motherfucker, THAT is why he had the 'Denks' in his tongue! Fucking sharkboy.
"No, asshole, we don't have a group chat or anything, you texted Sparkplug alone and left me on fucking read". Kirishima looked at his phone to fully comprehend what seemed to be the problem. He was right, he had not answered... And then he saw Kami's messages and pics and he smiled like the softboy he was. After that, the picture he was sent last night caught his eye.
"Sorry, I got mind blown by how cute the scene looked", he turned the phone to show him, not knowing he had just seen it in Denki’s phone too. Kirishima was smiling, like, a lot, with all of his teeth. "Should I be jealous? I don't feel jealous, but I think maybe I should be", the redhead asked, opening the pic to look at it again like a dumbass.
"Fucking stop it", he was pouting now, that wasn't even annoyance anymore, and Kiri knew very well. He made room for him to sit in the bed.
"I won't forget again, it was a shitty night and the picture surprised me, but I’m sorry I worried you", he controlled himself, prioritizing instead of asking about Twilight. "Aizawa said I could skip the classes today, I was planning on getting there as soon as I woke up, but I guess I overslept if you are here".
"I skipped English".
"Wh... You skipped school? Are you OK?".
"Shut up, dumbass", he felt like he was saying that word too much today... "I was fucking worried. Then fucking pissed", also confused he wasn't either conflicted about Denki or jealous about this fucker for answering that dumbass instead of him and calling them 'my boys' and thinking telling one of them was telling both of them.
"You didn't seem that worried in the picture" he teased tentatively, he didn't want him to focus on the negative and he was DYING to know how those two had ended up watching romcoms and sleeping together without him. Katsuki crossed his arms over his chest, defensive, trying to look dignified or hurt or whatever... Not like Kiri couldn't read him like an open book. Kiri's face looked concerned, then very surprised. "You like him!". Kirishima didn't have a single hair of jealousy in his body, so that wasn't a problem, but he was actually shocked about this. He felt deeply grateful too.
"I DON'T like him" he was fast to cut that crap. "Although he was kinda cute yesterday. He's fucking random, I can't see him coming, that's all" and he liked that, at least as much as he was annoyed by it. Kirishima knew this was as far down Feelings Lane the blonde one would go for now. Even if he had already assumed it, which seemed to be the case, he was slow at saying some things out loud, even if it was in front of him.
"You do like him", it wasn't a question, they had been dating for a while, he had been aware when Bakugo fell for him, it was easy once you knew him. "I didn't know you were polyam. Not complaining or anything".
"Still not", well, kinda... Eijiro smiled encouragingly, waiting for the explanation that might be coming after that. "Still not good at liking people" like in a sentimental or sexual way.
"But... you like both of us", right? "Or did you stop loving me?", he knew perfectly well that wasn't the case, but this would be easier on Katsuki than centering it on Denki.
"Of course I didn't stop loving you, Eiji, don't you fucking dare doubting that".
"No doubt, baby, just surprised and happy you feel something for the both of us", he answered with a warm smile before kissing him on the lips and hugging the hell out of him.
"I don’t know what the fuck he’s thinking" ‘about us’, he couldn't read the blonde mess for the life of him. "He's fucking distracting, he talks way too much and way too loud, and he just seems to be teasing all of the time. Whatever, I don't care", he lied, badly. He was better at lying at himself than at lying to Kiri, mostly because he didn't want to lie to Kiri and lying to himself was a good form of protecting himself from a possible disappointment... He didn't have time for that shit anyways. Kirishima took that flushed face between his hands and kissed him again.
"Good morning, Katsuki, I'm glad you two took care of each other yesterday" he answered with a loving smile, near his mouth, then added near his ear, "it was kinda hot to find out”. Katsuki's face grew even redder.
"Stop yapping nonsense, Shitty Hair, we've got classes to attend". Kirishima's smile was his usual sunshine boy one when Bakugo managed to look him in the face again.


Of course they had teased him, in fact they were all prepared to tease Bakugo as soon as he got inside the class again. Denki had endured the teasing and, master of chaos as he was, he had managed to be silly enough to make them momentarily forget they wanted to tease Boom Boom Boy too. It wouldn't be enough for them to permanently forget, but at least the other one would be able to sit and ignore them without them getting much on his nerves. Or so he had thought... Because he saw Present Mic get into the room to start the lesson, but Kachan was nowhere to be found. He played with his phone in his hand, trying to pay attention to Present Mic. Should he text him? No. They would sure be fine. Also, it wouldn't be nice to intrude in their couple things. He had talked about it with Kiri not long ago, after the first night they had slept together the three of them. Kiri had assured him everything was fine. Was everything fine for real? Well, he had kept Bakugo company and helped him relax, that was nice. Maybe it was time to back off, Mina had reminded him they were actually a couple. 'OK', he decided, 'if they ever say you should go with them tonight, you just say no and leave them some space'. Yeah, that was a foolproof plan.

Chapter Text

Bakugo stood up from the couch and stretched. He saw Denki not-look at his body while he was doing so. He was sure about that. Hah, busted, Pikachu. That was one more reason he was shocked when he said he was going to bed and Kiri moved, but Kami didn't. Good thing Kirishima was back to do something he would NEVER do in front of the gang. Kiri stopped, smiled and asked.
"Ey, Denks, you coming?", oh, so that was why Kachan had the ‘Denks’ stuck on his head, thought Denki. It was cute in both of their lips, he had to say.
"Yes. I mean... No".
"No". Kirishima was confused, but Bakugo had frozen mid-way to the elevator, too shocked not to try and listen.
"Ehm, well, no, but yes", at that point, Sero and Mina turned to look at Kaminari too, which made him stand up, he didn’t want to have this conversation here. "I'll come back in a sec".
As soon as they couldn't hear them, Mina and Sero looked at each other.
"He's not coming back".
"So not coming back"

Kaminari stopped before Bakugo's door, not crossing the line. Well, that was it. He had promised himself he would just say no. He had promised himself he wouldn't get up from the floor. He had promised himself he would not follow them. He had promised himself he wouldn't get to Bakugo's room... And he had to stand by at least one of his self-promises.
"So, yeah, no, I'm not coming tonight".
"Oh,... Are you OK?"
"Yeah, no, I'm fine", Bakugo was awfully quiet, Denki thought. That was never a good sign. It was probably better that way, he was probably pissed at him for having to share Kiri with him every night. "Yeah, so have fun!", he turned on the hill of a foot and the toes of the other one and started walking towards the elevator. Kirishima looked at Bakugo, surprised, then looked back at Denki and ran after him.
"Denks, are you OK?"
"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"
"I don't know... You seem in a rush to leave", it wasn't like he HAD to hang out with them, it was just... Weird that he didn’t want to.
"Oh, no, just giving you guys some space", and you're making it pretty hard, I have to say.
"Us? Space...? Why?"
"Oh, yeah, no, you didn't see each other yesterday and all that", and Kachan felt so bad about it he skipped class for the first time ever...
"So have a fun night?", he was getting nervous with this interaction. He didn't know how it was hard to understand... At this point, Kirishima wasn't sure about what to do. He wanted Denki to be there... But he wanted him to be because he enjoyed it... So if he wasn't enjoying it... Katsuki reached the same conclusion, not as accepting as Kirishima was about it, pissed, but if he didn't want to come, he could go fuck himself.
"Let Dunce Face leave, Shark boy. Who cares?", Kaminari smiled at Kiri, convinced by that sentence that he was absolutely right. Kirishima looked back, looked at Kami and smiled, saying bye with his hand.

"Did something happen last night that you haven't told me?"
"What? What the fuck, Ei? Are you suggesting I cheated on you while you were fucking missing?"
"Eh... I was thinking more in the lines of you being a dick to him, to be honest..."
"Oh", yeah, that made way more sense. "Not more than usual".
"OK... Well, OK, he might not feel like it or something, that's OK".

Bakugo had fallen asleep, even though Kiri had definitely had to tiptoe around him, he seemed quite pissed, even though he refused to talk about it. Kiri was fully awake, no sign of any sleep in the horizon. He couldn't just stop thinking about Denki being all weird, he was harder to read than Bakugo in general, but this... He couldn't have changed his mind this fast and not tell them, he was a blabbermouth, he would just say what he thought even if he thought it might hurt you. He picked his phone. He opened his conversation with Denki. He might regret it later, but he couldn't just ignore it.
"Ey, you still up?".
"Of course. Kachan's ZzZ?".
"Yeah, exactly". The next answer from Kaminari's side had been way slower than normal, he didn’t know it, but he had been writing and erasing. Kirishima was surprised when he saw such a short answer, and that specific answer.
"Cool. You can come over if you're bored".
"Cool". And now, he was intrigued. Kirishima went out of the room as quietly as possible, trying not to wake Katsuki up. He knocked in Denki's door and didn't get an answer... Which was to be expected, because he was always listening to music on his headphones quite loudly.
"Ey... Are you OK?"
"Oh, hey. Didn't you already ask me that like a thousand times today?"
"Sorry, I... There's something I don't understand and I don't know how to word it. Is everything OK with Katsuki and you?", he directed a worried smile towards him.
"What? Yeah, I mean, as usual", well, it wasn't actually a lie, between them everything was as usual. He felt something, but that didn't mean their relationship had changed at all. It was a really fine thread to hold on to, but he was answering what he was told.
"Sorry you had to put up with him yesterday, I know he can be quite mean when he's stressed". 'Like tonight'.
"Oh, no, he was actually quite cute, and it was fun annoying him enough so he would watch Twilight with me".
"Cute...", cute was not a word he was expecting to hear about his boyfriend from any other lips than his. And he didn't use it unless he was trying to make him blush. Denki seemed to get nervous with the pause in the conversation. Kiri was worried about something, he didn’t want him to worry.
“Is this because I didn't go play with you to his room?", it had to be that, right?
"Yeah, and you invited me over as soon as he fell asleep, so I assumed he had messed up, you know him, he can be... A lot", Denki laughed.
"Oh, tomato, you are the only one who is not a lot". Between the three of them. No. Stop. That was not something he could think about. He shouldn't be thinking about the three of them as a thing. As any thing. Those two were a couple, he should stop forgetting it.
"T... Tomato?", even Kirishima had a limit of how many randomness he could ignore before asking Denki.
"I was going to call you blueberry, but nothing in you says ‘blue’" he gestured. "Although Blueberry Riot would be a great name if you drop being a hero to become a magical girl". Kirishima burst in laughter wholeheartedly before answering something to try and get the blondie back on track.
"So... Why didn't you come with us tonight? Did you need some time to yourself?"
"Me? No. But I guessed you two would need it".
"Denki...", Kirishima planted both of his hands in his shoulders, trying to get his undivided attention. "We wanted you to come tonight. Both of us".
"Why?". Kirishima looked confused over that question. Caught off guard, he answered as he could, still trying to order the pieces of what was going on.
"Why wouldn’t we?" Denki always joked that he had no filter and he just spouted what he thought, and it was usually true, but now he seemed to be intentionally avoiding being clear.
"Well, I could make you a list, but it's going to take a while", he joked. Kirishima fell silent, turning to his 'patient father' face as a last resort. Denki started to feel visibly uncomfortable. He tried to avoid his stare, he started fidgeting more with his hands and moving his feet as a sign of tension. He took less than a minute to crumble, words falling out of his mouth while he looked everywhere but at the redhead.
"Look, I started hanging out with you and making sex related comments as a joke", he had in fact started doing less, now that Kiri thought about it. "And then with Kachan too, and I didn’t mean anything about it, not that anything I said was a lie, because you are both so hot and I mean, I was bi before I met you hadn't I been already? Damn, I would have gone bi for you. For any of you", he was digressing, but Kirishima was just trying to be sure he understood correctly, so he let him rumble a little more to see if he had to redirect. "But, yeah, I mean, I wasn't expecting anything from that... And then well... I mean, who wouldn't fall for you, Kiri? Come on, you have eyes and a mirror and you're also dating him, of course even if I said it as a joke I would start having Ideas". The word 'ideas' had weight in his mouth. "And yesterday,... Well, yesterday existed. Look, I bought a new game, we could try that". And that was it, he was NOT able to keep listening to Kiri's silence. Kiri didn't know yet how Denki worked internally, but it seemed more like he didn't know what else to say, not like he needed to stop this conversation. So he pushed a little, with a soft smile.
"No, no, back to the topic... You... You just said you like me?"
"Dude, it's fucking You" He had probably started liking him before they were even friends. The way Bakugo told him not to swear had gotten under his skin enough to show back now, making his smile grow less tense for a second. Kiri’s smile grew softer and happier. This made him so happy.
"I like you too"
"Oh, thanks". Kirishima looked at him in disbelief, then chuckled. "In a like like kind of way, Denki. Like romantically like", he clarified.
"OH". Yeah, he hadn't understood it like that. "Yeah, Bakugo is not going to like that", the change from Kachan or Blasty or Bakubro to Bakugo didn't go past Kiri.
"So that's why? You realized you like me and you don't like him and that is why you are trying to distance yourself from us?", from him?
"What? No, I fell hard for Kachan. Like, hard HARD, I knew I was falling for you, but his thing? What a shock", well, Kiri couldn't blame him, right? He was a hot cinnamon roll when you got to know him.
"Oh", Kiri got speechless for the honesty and the lack of doubts and then smiled as the sun he was, illuminating the room. "So this is all because you realized you like him?", is that it? We can work with that! We can all be happy!
"What? No. I mean, it's related, but I don't have a problem with liking any of you. I’m fine with liking people. But also I didn't know that you were dating dating. I mean, I kinda knew but also forgot”, it was hard to explain. He could remember and not remember at the same time. “Mina reminded me this morning. I mean, it was pretty obvious I guess. Anyway, yeah, but good for you! I'm happy for you! Totally happy, I swear", Kirishima felt like kissing him right now, he wanted to stop his rumbling so much, he wanted to just make his brain stop in a good way. "So yeah, I am rooting for you guys, you wanted something manly and you understood the assignment, good for you! RedMurder Dinamight is quite too long for a ship hashtag to use... Redmight sounds bad. DinaRiot? Yeah, I think I'm going with DinaRiot". Kirishima realized Denki was not going to stop talking, so he opted for the easiest way, the one with the less words to process. He took Denki's hand in his, so tiny if you compared them. That made him stop. Kirishima smiled with all of his teeth, like a kid on Christmas morning. He pulled and started walking down the hall. He could hear a really confused Denki just following him. He opened Katsuki's door way too happily, making noise. Bakugo looked at the door, confused and forgetting for a second Denki wasn't there with them until now and he was personally hurt by that.
"Could you fucking extras stop it with the fucking noise and get into bed already? It's getting old". Kirishima pushed a very lost Denki towards the bed, a half asleep Bakugo just made more space, relinquishing the middle of the bed (just for tonight) and getting into one of the sides. Denki didn't try to resist it, even though he was fairly lost. Kirishima made him get in bed near Bakugo and just came into bed himself, by his side.
"Sorry, Katsuki, I was fishing Denki here".
"Fucking electric eel", he muttered, his arm and leg over the electric hero just a second after closing his eyes. Before Denki could even process that amount of Katsuki over him, Kirishima picked his face with his thumb and his middle finger and gave him a kiss in the cheek.
"Stop thinking. Everything's fine. We are fine. I love that both my boys took care of each other yesterday and I love that you two are..." he cut his sentence short before saying 'falling for each other', it wasn't his place to talk about those two’s feelings for each other, they’ll had to do it on their own, even if that might take them weeks or months. And also, it was going to be hilarious seeing that conversation being spurt out of Denki at some point while Katsuki wanted to hide under a rock. He couldn't wait. "Sleep tight, sleeping booty", Kirishima chuckled happily.
"Ehm, sleep tight, ehm..." something very red... Blood? That sounded awful as a term of endearment... Tongue? Tongues were red... "red blueberry?", Kirishima laughed, he loved him so much.
"I swear to fucking God, Pikachu, either you shut up or I’m gonna kill you".
"Oh, sorry"
"Should fucking be me in the middle" he complained lightly, not to Kiri's surprise, he was probably the one who needed the most attention between the three of them.
"Katsuki, say good night to Denks".
"Good night, Denks". 90% asleep Bakugo accommodated himself even more in contact with his body. Denki got completely lost in the las three minutes, his mind empty with just all that warm and fuzzy feelings provoked by them and the tact of both their bodies under the duvet. Damn, this felt good…

Chapter Text

Denki had fallen asleep in a fuzzy soft dream, but of course the nightmares had come, because they were mostly fueled by his anxiety... And well, he was kind of anxious about being intruding in these two's relationship, ‘we want you here’ was a shitty argument, even more knowing (from past conversations with the squad) Bakugo wasn't poly and Kirishima liked liked him and... Eijiro had felt too happy to understand what had happened that he had forgotten Denki was more or less at the same point he was yesterday. For the electric hero, this was a train wreck waiting to happen. He started mumbling in dreams, shaking a little, and then the nightmare stopped, the shadows went away and he felt calm. It was so shocking, like a deus ex machina had just happened in his nightmare, he woke up, startled. Katsuki was hugging him and he was making comforting noises. Denki noticed his blush and his jaw drop and felt the explosive blonde's hand caressing his shoulder.
"Shh, it was just a nightmare", hearing him was even Worse (well, better-worse, you know). WHAT WAS THAT?
"I'm fine, it was just a nightmare".
"Then back to sleep, Sparkplug", he KNEW he was talking to him?! Denki decided he was dreaming. He had just dreamt that. Yeah, that was the only possible explanation. That dream he wouldn’t mind having more often.

He woke up again when he noticed Bakugo was shifting in bed. His brain took that as a sign to wake up too. Blasty, still half asleep, took his arm away from Denki, then gave him a good morning kiss in the neck. Kaminari froze in place, goosebumps in every inch of his body, he looked at him with his eyes wide open. Katsuki realized what he had done at that point and tried to cover his blushed face while stretching and sitting in bed, his back towards him. Denki didn't say anything, still blown away by the Pomeranian being actively cute and tender instead of just looking secretly cute and tender. He had never thought about him as someone cute until some days ago, but now it was undeniable and he was definitely a fan. He watched him prepare to go for a run, frowning a lot, intently not looking at him. Yeah, he sure had mistaken him for Kiri and that was why he had kissed him, that was the only possible explanation. Bakugo left the room without saying a single word. Kaminari turned to look at Kirishima. He decided if that kiss wasn't meant for him, Bakugo couldn't be mad at him for passing it along to the redhead. He awkwardly got closer to Kirishima, a hand on his face to turn it the other way, and kissed his cheek softly, feeling as happy as dumb. Eijiro moaned pleasantly and smiled. For sleeping like a rock, even with noise around him, and not even moving during the night, he sure was sensitive to being kissed... Kirishima stretched in bed, smiling first and looking at him second.
"Oh, it is you!", he laughed happily before hugging him tight, with the biggest and warmest of smiles. Denki felt small and shocked, then laughed back, his face turning as red as the boy's hair.
"Yes, it's me! Did you forget I was here?"
"Of course not, I just wasn't expecting you to kiss me good morning, I could definitely get used to that", none of them could stop smiling, Kiri still not letting him go of his tight hug. Then he looked at the blonde's eyes and kissed him. In the lips. It was just a peck, but it was still a kiss, in the lips. Panic tried to breathe under all of his happiness.
"Bakugo...", and there was that formality again.
"I'll kiss him good morning later on", Eijiro smiled reassuringly. "Is not like I will run out of kisses before breakfast or anything". Denki's panic got covered by a longer kiss, he smiled even wider.


Kirishima had his arm over Bakugo's shoulders while he was talking about today's practice. They didn’t tend to touch each other in public much, but Kirishima just felt like it. Katsuki didn’t seem to care, he was not participating in the conversation much, he was there, he intervened to say his usual mean things about the rest of the students, but he wasn't there there. He was looking at Denki. He tried not to make it obvious, but Kirishima noticed, and he just couldn’t wait for them to be alone. Katsuki had noticed Kaminari was specially electric today, he was faster in training, he looked more confident, he had done his best practice ever and his smile was contagious. He looked gorgeous today. Katsuki clicked his tongue at himself for thinking that last part, but he was just so magnetic right now, you wanted to be around him. Everybody was congratulating him. Sero was hugging him and messing with his hair. He felt a jolt of jealousy and looked at the dark haired hero, getting annoyed by the second. He wanted to blast him away from Pikachu. Pikachu who had just looked straight at him, who had just seen his deadly stare towards his friend. Denki winked in his direction, too happy to even bother thinking what was that about, bet Boom Boom Boy was mad because he had been the star today. Bakugo was caught completely off guard, his face blushing immediately and he turned away, leaving all of them there.
"Fucking extras, it's not that fucking impressive", he grunted while he went away.
"Don't be jealous, Blasty. I can teach you to be as cool as me", Denki teased.
"You have nothing to teach me, you fucking Dunce Face", he stared at him murderously, his chin up, looking at him directly for the first time since the second their eyes had met in bed this morning. He saw Denki's stare become brattier. He hold onto it, onto that smugness, to avoid the intrusive thoughts of how he would erase that smug face with his lips if they were alone. Kaminari's eyes went down and up his body to his face again, clearly hinting a sexual thought back… and a second later he started to look like his dumb self again, acting like nothing had just happened, like Bakugo hadn't been able to read a pretty sexual answer on his eyes. Bakugo grunted and blasted at Deku's side while he was going away, just because, causing the surprised boy to hide behind Uraraka. Kirishima smiled, watching his boyfriend go away and having seen the exchange between those two. So cute. So manly. So great.

Chapter Text

Denki came out of the common shower, half brushing his hair, half singing into it, feeling as light and happy as he had ever been. It had been a good day. He didn't remember much of it, because he had spent it reliving Katsuki's kiss on his neck and Eijiro's kisses on his lips. He couldn't stop smiling and he felt BOLD. He walked back to his room just wearing a towel, finger guns pointing to whomever he went past by, saying "Hey, there" while he danced to a music that was just sounding in his own head. Things couldn't be more perfect. He opened the door to his room with the elbow while looking at his phone and pushed it closed with one of his feet.
He heard him before he saw him.
His eyes went up from his phone to Bakugo, who he found sitting in the nearest part of his bed, staring at him, his elbows over his knees, his hands in front of his face but not covering an intense look, all of his body pointing towards the door, menacingly, like a predator, he looked serious. Bakugo stood up and walked straight to Denki. The electric blond had no clue what was happening right now. He felt threatened, he thought for a second that maybe he had find out about Kiri kissing him and he had come to kill him. The palm of the explosive hero's hand slammed against the wood of the door, right next to Denki's head. He jumped, startled. Before he could say anything (which was quite fast), Bakugo pushed his body against the loud blonde's and against the door. Denki’s head hit the wood hard when the explosive hero pressed his lips against his, aggressively, desperately. He kissed him like he would die or kill him. Denki melted, continuing the kiss, finding hard to do anything but follow his lead. Katsuki pressed his body against him, not leaving any space between them and as suddenly as he had started, he ended it. The kiss broke, the serious face and the fiery eyes filled with unsaid words stepped back. Bakugo opened the door, pushing him forward and out of the way.
"Fucking disgusting room", was the only thing he said before going out and slamming the door behind him, leaving Denki alone and surprised. Denki touched his own lips, still warm from Bakugo's touch, a dumb smile covered his face. God, this was the single hottest thing that had ever happened to him. He slid down the door, grinning like a dumbass and chuckled while falling to his side. God, that was hot.


Bakugo slammed the door to his own room, and then found Kirishima inside it. He clicked his tongue, his face flushing. He went to his boyfriend and kissed him aggressively too. Kirishima laughed after reciprocating his kiss, half hugged half tackled his boyfriend and threw them both on the bed.
"You are so cute when you get like that".
"Shut up", the angry Pomeranian barked. The redhead started passing a hand through the blonde hair, stroking upwards, just on the lower part of the back of the neck, the only place and form Bakugo accepted his hair to be touched. He was so adamant about his hair.
"I kissed him this morning", Eijiro told his boyfriend, he didn't need to say who. Katsuki looked at him, pissed. He wanted to bark at him for that. He couldn't, even if he felt kind of jealous for a second, his emotions too high right now. "It's nice having him around too, isn't it?", he kept on caressing his hair, still not releasing the trap he had done with his arms.
"Fucking annoying", Bakugo murmured against his chest, still made it sound like a bark.
"I would be happy to be a throuple with him", he was almost sure Bakugo wanted that too, but he couldn't count on his boyfriend to have an actual conversation where he used words right now, he was feeling too soft and vulnerable to dare to put his desires into words. What if everything went to hell? He wasn't even able to know what could go wrong or how, he was just mentally blocked. "And I think he would like that too. I mean... Would it be so bad? You know, waking up, the three of us. Kissing him. Spending time together..." Katsuki grunted, no word out of his mouth. "I love you, and you are more than enough for me... So if you don't want that, that's perfectly OK".
"I love you too", he was used to understanding him for what he avoided to say instead of for what he said, but this was too serious. He would have to find an opening in Bakugo's wall, there always was.
"I can back off if you're not OK with it. Do you want me to put some space between me and Denks?"
"Do YOU want to put space between you and Denks?"
"No", this one sounded like a kid being forced to apologize.
"Who would have known you were polyam too, huh?"
"Whatever. Still not poly", he huffed and puffed, still sounding like a kid. Kirishima decided to leave that conversation for a moment when he was ready.
"And he’s poly too! We hit a jackpot”, well, in fact Kaminari didn’t consider himself poly. “Although knowing him is not that surprising..."
"Shut up already".
"Are you going to kiss him then?"
"I already did", that shocked him, but he grinned anyway. "Aaaw, so manly!" that sounded a lot like 'so cute'. "I wish I had been there to see it! Did it hurt?", he teased his boyfriend jokingly, knowing very well he was embarrassed because of that self-control failure. Bakugo pushed him. "And what did he say?"
"Shitty hair, you know damn well if I kiss, I kiss your brains out until you can't fucking talk", he sounded slightly proud of that. It was actually quite a fit to manage to leave Denki speechless, Kirishima had to give him that, he smiled tenderly again.
"I bet he had... A blast with Blasty".
"Eiji, what the fuck? God, such a bad pun", he muttered, way more relaxed now. Kirishima loosened his arms, giving his boyfriend space to run away if he needed to, now that he knew he didn't want to.
"Bet you... Blew him away".
"I swear to fucking God".
"Bet his mind is... exploding", Bakugo blasted a really small explosion right against his chest, his cheeks turned a deep pink and looking completely ashamed, so Kirishima decided he didn't need to torture him anymore. "I love you. You're the best. I'm so glad we can have him in common too. We should let him know, though”. Katsuki grunted. "He already tried to run away yesterday because he didn’t want to intrude, he could take months to understand we are together the three of us". Their only hope was for Denki to realize Bakugo was falling as badly for him as he had fallen for him and talk it through... It wasn't great.
"He's pretty smart, he'll figure it out", he grunted. Or maybe there was another option...
"Wanna bet?", he said, not expecting his boyfriend to fall for that lame try. The smile in Bakugo's eyes made him regret not specifying. He didn't wanted them to play with Kaminari’s feelings, so he had to specify and fast. "Let’s bet on how soon we can make him realize without literally saying the words", that was a good way to help Katsuki lower his barriers in front of him, Eijiro wasn’t planning on saying anything else about their feelings to each other.
"Gonna fucking make him spell it", he answered, decisive. Kirishima smiled again, sometimes his competitive side was amazing.

Chapter Text

This was the best idea he had ever had. Seriously, he hadn't actually planned for it, but Bakugo baking was so manly, and also tasted so nice. He couldn't take his eyes out of him, so he heard someone get into the kitchen before seeing who he was.
"Uuuh, Blasty McCook! What are you doing?", Denki had recovered from the kiss sooner than later, even though he now pined for those two even harder than before, which was quite a lot. He was slightly concerned they were cheating on each other with him, but the suspicion was just that. He pinched some of the batter Bakugo was kneeding right now.
"I'll fucking blow your face, Sparkplug", he said, his hand covered in batter up, a little explosion cooking on his palm. Denki took the calculated risk of taking some of the batter from one of his fingers with his own and licking it. He would have licked his hand for sure, if it weren't for that brewing explosion. Maybe it was for the best, he was losing his mind, maybe he hadn't recovered enough from the kiss yet.
"Who is this for?".
"Who the fuck do you think?", Kirishima saw how the words got stuck in Katsuki's throat. "My fucking boyfriend, obviously". 'Well played, well played'.
"Aw! But I want some too! Kiri, don't be mean, you should share! Sharing is caring!", Kiri laughed. So close, yet so far.
"I can share, don't worry, I would love to share".
"Yay! Awesome! For real?". He knew perfectly well one of them was just talking about cookies.
"Yeah, for real", the way Kiri was looking at him sent chills down his spine, if Bakugo didn't know about them liking each other... Well, he had to be blind. But they say love is blind...
"Cool, cool, cool. Do you need a hand?".
"Do you know how to cook?".
"I am the best at making too raw or too burnt food. I have also made several microwaves explode. See? We have that in common".
"Out of my kitchen, go fucking annoy the other extras," puppy, "Dunce Face". Kiri didn't know what Bakugo had thought, but he could say it was NOT dunce face.
"Ok! But don't you eat all of whatever he's making without me", he answered before living the kitchen like the blonde tornado he was. Kiri made sure nobody could hear them before commenting with his pointy tooth grin.
"For your boyfriend, huh?".
"Shut the fuck up".
"I bet you're already calling him cute names in your mind".
"I'll throw your sorry ass out of the window, Shitty Hair".

It was past his bedtime when Bakugo finished the batch of cookies. The squad came by, attracted by the smell. He clicked his tongue and acted annoyed, then made them think he was too slow to stop them from taking one each. Like he didn't already count on those idiots coming to eat some.
"Everybody has a cookie? You have so many boyfriends, Blasty", Kaminari teased. The couple looked at him intently. The look went up his head and unnoticed because he was burning his fingers trying to pick a cookie from the hot tray instead of from the plate were most of them were already. "Would it be manly of me to steal some of your boyfriendhoodness, Kiri?" Denki asked signaling the cookie 'for Bakugo's boyfriend' he was about to take, trying to pick up on some sign that made him sure those two KNEW they had kind of cheated on each other with him. Katsuki stared at Kiri, his eyebrows raised. 'He knows', he wanted to say, Kirishima's teethy grin answered 'He has no clue'.
"What's mine is yours, it will be a pleasure to share with you".
"Hmfmf fhmf", answered Denki, his mouth already full of cookie, not getting the extra meaning by a mile.
"You're gonna fucking choke, don't try to swallow it all at once".
"Title of your sex tape", Denki answered, referencing Brooklyn Nine Nine. Bakugo's face tried and look disappointed while the sides of his lips raised slightly.
"You will find out the title of my sex tape in time, Pikachu", his lips curled in a dangerous grin. Kaminari had to make an effort not to just stop and stare.
"Your room or mine?" he chuckled, not taking him seriously At All.
"I'm not stepping into that fucking jungle until you clean the fuck out of it". "Clean" was the perfect word to make the blonde thyphoon spin moods and conversations again.
"But that's boriiiing", Kaminari sounded immensely annoyed about that.
"We can help, if you want".
"The fuck? I'm Not cleaning his room"
"Would you?!", Bakugo rolled his eyes, thinking 'Fucking Puppy' once again.
"Sure, why not, let's go".
"Yeah, of course, don't you want us to hang in your room?"
"I guess..." well, yes, but... He could just forget about his room, he didn't need it. "Orrrr, we could forget about my room and go play races, right, Kachan?", Katsuki clicked his tongue.
"I'll clean this fucking mess and go to that fucking dumpster with the cookies in a sec". Denki pouted, no ally to back him up.
"We can do a karaoke clean up", Kirishima suggested, throwing his arm around Denki's shoulders. Denki's face lit up like it was Christmas day. 'Puppy'.

By the time Bakugo arrived at Denki's door, there were two voices singing quite too loud some shitty song. He didn't bother knocking, he came in and found Kiri and Denki singing into a brush while they threw things to the trash can aggressively to the beat of some shitty song. He had to control himself not to smile. God, what a mess... He wasn't planning on helping, this was not his mess to clean... But he had brought cleaning supplies from the kitchen and he started with one of the things that annoyed the fuck out of him when he was a kid, he took everything that was cluttered over Denki's desk and threw it all in an empty bucket. Then he cleaned the surface of the table, snapped his fingers towards the electric tornado and gave him the bucket. Denki looked inside the bucket and to the table.
"It was white?!".
"I want all of that sorted or I'm giving your cookies to Eri", he had already reserved some for Eri too.
"Noooo, Boomboom boy, not my cookies!", he dramatically threw himself in the floor, on his knees right in front of Bakugo.
"Then fucking sort that".
"Only if you sing with us".
"We'll let you choose the song", 'fucking puppy'...
"Just one song, and don't get fucking used", Kaminari's face shine bright while he got up and started taking things out of the bucket one by one, roaming around the room and placing them in... Well, probably what Denki would considered their place. "Let it go" from Frozen started to play and Bakugo turned to face Kirishima, who had chosen it, with a murderous face. Kiri smiled angelically. "Not in your fucking wildest dreams, shitty hair".
"Let it gooooo, let it goooo, I don't know where my meds are anymoooore, let it gooo, let it goooo, Ill ask for more to the doctooor", Denki improvised while moving through the room, making the other two burst into laughs.
"Here we are, and we're here to stay, cook for your boyfriend mooooore", Kiri teased, trying to make Bakugo join.
"You extras didn't bother me anyway", he closed the chorus, making them both go "awwwww" and Kiri go towards him, take his face into his palms and kiss him on the lips gently before biting his lip playfully.
"Ey! They were here!". The couple distanced and Bakugo started taking off the sheets.
"What was where?".
"My meds! I have been looking for them for months!" they both stopped and stared at him while he placed them somewhere carelessly... They could bet he had forgotten about them again immediately, and they would have won.
"So you really take meds?"
"Yeah, when I remember".
"When was the last time you took them"
"I don't remember, one day I placed them in the table and then they hid from me. And then I couldn't find them and stuff".
"Can we take a look at them?".
"Yeah, sure, they are around here", he pointed generally to the part of the room they were still cleaning. Kiri and Bakugo exchanged a look and Kirishima tossed the bottle of pills to the explosive bomb. Bakugo caught it mid air and threw it in one of his pockets before finishing with the clean sheets. He would investigate on the pills later on and find out when and what for he was supposed to take them. They both knew he was the one out of the three who would never forget on something like that.

The room ended up clean quite fast, faster than Bakugo expected, for sure.
"Look! There's enough empty floor to roll around".
"Good. Your cookies", he didn't even swear.
"Yaay, cookies. Mf mfkdkd mdme" he mumbled, already one of them inside his mouth.
"Can I never ever clean again?".
"We're doing this every fucking week from now on, Dunce Face", Kaminari didn't look happy about that. Kirishima hugged him from behind.
"But we will karaoke you while you do it. And Katsuki will make cookies for you".
"Orrrr, you could clean and I make the cookies".
"Do you have any idea on how to make cookies?", he threw his head from side to side. "Then I think we'll keep the original plan, what do you think?", Eijiro asked resting his chin on the blonde tornado's shoulder.

Chapter Text

Bakugo woke up in the center of the bed again, as he liked, he gave a kiss in Kirishima's neck, making the redhead smile slightly in his dreams and then did the same thing to his other side, pretty aware of their "bet". And of course the fucking puppy was completely awake when he did. He swallowed all of his shame for being openly affectionate with the blonde mess and got up from the bed like nothing had happened. He dressed to go run, as he did every morning, and paused to look at the electric nightmare.
"Going for a run, wanna come?" The puppy had too much energy, maybe it would be good for him to just spend some.
"Oh... Sure?" Kirishima was still asleep. "Just the two of us?"
"What? Are you fucking scared?”
"If I say I’m scared you’ll kiss me… you’ll kiss me?", so random so soon. Katsuki rolled his eyes, he was not changing his routine.
“Coming or not?”
“Yes”, he jumped out of the bed.


They had run Bakugo's laps as fast as he had marked, Denki with his headphones blasting music while he singed along the most ridiculous of songs, mimicking voices and accents and guitar reefs and inventing half the words because he didn’t really care that much. Bakugo should have hated it. He didn't. He wanted to hate it. He wanted to regret inviting him. He wanted to find a reason to never run with him again.
"Wanna race? I bet I can do the last lap faster than you".
"Not even in your fucking dreams, Pikachu".


They were all laughing at something in the canteen, having lunch, messing with each other, talking about the classes, when someone asked out loud.
"Where's Kaminari?", they both had noticed, obviously, but they hadn't said anything. Sero was the one that had spent more time with him and understood him better, at least until the three of them had started dating (if you could call it dating when one of them still didn’t know), so he felt in the obligation to answer.
"He sometimes forgets to eat. Don't worry". Kiri caressed Katsuki's leg under the table, noticing how his boyfriend wanted to snap at Sero for that sentence, trying to calm him down. Bakugo was such a dad when it came to nutrition and schedules, this was a bomb combination.
"How can anyone forget to eat?", Jiro asked confused, Sero smiled and shrugged.
"Yeah, I know, right? Not that the canteen food is anything special, I bet he wouldn't refuse proper food". Kirishima grinned towards Sero, fully aware he had just ticked Bakugo's boxes on purpose. Sero smiled back at the redhead. Bakugo got up from the table, grunting.
"Gonna fucking snap that extra's neck".
"Uuh, Bakudaddy", teased Mina while he went away. Bakugo flipped her and kept heading the dorms, his hands in his pockets.
"OK, seriously, Kiri, what's going on between those two", Sero asked. "I thought you and Bakugo were dating".
"It's not those two, right? Is the three of you", corrected Mina, leaning forward in her chair.
"That makes no sense. Bakugo is a jealous boyfriend, he wouldn’t share you, even less with Denki. Fuck his brains out as some sadistic vengeance? Maybe. Sharing you with him? No way”. Kirishima knew that, he would have agreed with Sero three months ago, except for the part that Bakugo didn’t feel sexual interest before he had feelings for that person. He didn’t need to tell him that.
"I know, it was unexpected for me too, but we are dating, the three of us". Sero made a weird face. He had said before that he didn't believe in polyamorous relationships, he had said so every time they had talked about it. The difference was that back them there weren’t any around them.
"Nooo. Are you? Aaaaaah, I'm so happy for you three!", Mina hugged Kirishima, who smiled and hugged her back. "I didn't think TimeTicking Bomb would accept him going around you. I was so shocked he didn't seem like he was going to kill him for talking to you that much".
"Yeah, it was nice... But you should see those two interact, they are the absolute cutest".
"You keep saying Angry Boy is cute like we could ever believe you", Sero smiled. "Kicking and shouting seems to be his love language". Kirishima smiled, not answering to that, which Sero took as a confirmation. Mina knew better, not just because they had extensively talked about Bakugo when the relationship was starting, but also because she knew Kirishima since they were 14 and she knew the redhead could turn anyone soft and cuddly, being the spiky teddy bear he was. "I thought he said he didn't get that polyam thing you like". Kirishima grinned, looking as calm as ever, but preparing himself to get serious if Sero dared to say something disrespectful.
"Well, I thought so too, but it seems he changed his mind".
"Oh my God, you need to tell us all", said Mina, cutting that ramification of the conversation there. "So, how long has this been going on? Who said I love you first? Are you moving in together after school’s out?", she wanted to know EVERYTHING.

Denki didn't hear the (only) knock on the door because he was again singing while he draw, sitting on the floor, crouched. Katsuki opened the door, fully aware the messy blonde didn't hear knocking most of the times. He rolled his eyes when he saw him laying on the ground while the bed and chair were completely empty. He pushed him with his foot. Denki laughed and stopped what he was doing on the tablet.
"Ey, Kachan, what are you doing here? Is it bed time already?" What the fuck?
"It's lunch time, you fucker".
"Oh", yeah, OK, he didn’t think he had spent that many time in his room, but it wouldn’t be his first time. He looked back to his tablet, sitting again and reclining against the bed, holding it over his bent knees. Wait... Bakugo wasn't often in the dorms at lunch time. "OK, then why are you here?"
"Did you fucking eat lunch?", maybe Sero was wrong and he had already eaten before the rest of them and then came back here...
"Eh? No", he answered, again fully focused on what he was doing.
"I'm gonna kill you". He took the electronic pen out of his hand as a mean to get his attention for more than 3 seconds. "Kitchen, now", and he turned towards the door, the electronic pen in his hand. Kaminari and his tablet followed him like a duckling following his mum, headphones still on in his ears. Bakugo waited for him to be sited in the kitchen to give the pen back. He could have just taken him to the canteen with the rest of them, but it was fairly late already, he lied to himself, and the puppy seemed to be enjoying himself, this way he could keep on enjoying whatever he was doing but he would eat lunch.
Kaminari completely forgot where he was or why in a matter of seconds, focused on what he was doing, then Bakugo left an omuraisu in front of him. Denki looked at the plate and up to look at him. The other blonde was cleaning the two or three things he had used to leave it all tidy and neat.
"I'm not leaving until you fucking eat that".
"Does that mean if I don't eat you will keep me company for the rest of the day? I thought we already agreed you shouldn't threaten me with a good time", he teased jokingly.
"If you don't eat, I won't fucking stay, Sparky", Katsuki changed the sentence. Kaminari gave him a ‘busted’ grin before leaving the tablet to a side, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, ‘Sparky’ was new, it felt nicer than Sparkplug for some reason. It was, in fact, his nicer way of calling him. But the Denks part, obviously. He remembered he couldn't use the pen as an eating tool right on time and looked around for chopsticks. Katsuki slammed them against the table by his side. ‘Seriously, fucking puppy’. He shoved his hands in his pockets again, standing close until he started to eat. Then, he gave him some space and went chill against the kitchen counter. Denki burnt his tongue while humming a kpop song and moving the other hand in some sort of dance moves that looked as ridiculous as he did. How had he fell for this bitch? At least Eijiro was strong and a good fighter, but this guy? He was actually burning his mouth out of impatience, the fucking dumbass. "Fucking blow on your food, dumbass, what are you? Five?".
"It's not that hot", he answered childishly, moving his hand in front of his mouth to try and make it grow colder. OK, maybe it was a little hot.


Bakugo fell in bed, crushed after helping the squad in a group study session. He didn’t know how they had managed to convince him. Then he had to bully Denki towards the canteen again. What the fuck was wrong with him? He rubbed his face and watched those two choose an anime to watch so Denki could keep on drawing at the same time. He stretched and yawned and his body found something annoying between the sheets. It had rolled around to the middle of the bed. To his part of the bed. They were Denki's meds.
"Ey, Pikachu, did you take your meds today?"
"I don't know, I guess." He hadn't actually seen him take them... He was fidgeting with them when he last saw the bottle, and seeing how he was lost on his tablet again... He was going to murder him, for real, what the fuck.
"Do you feel bad when you take them?", asked Kiri, worried that was the reason why he was avoiding them.
"Oh, no, they are OK, they are the pause button. You take them and you can have the rest of things on hold while you do the one you are supposed to do. It's just hard to keep track of if you took them"
"Maybe we could keep track for you".
"Ehm, ok? If that makes you happy?", what a weird hobby.


Bakugo woke up, gave a kiss to Kiri's sleepy neck, gave a kiss to Denki's fully awake neck, heard the blonde mess emit something of a quiet happy noise when he felt his lips on his skin. Bakugo grabbed Denki's arm before he was able to take his phone or tablet again. Denki gave his hand a confused look. Bakugo picked the bottle of meds from the night stand and put it in his hand.
"Meds. Now". Denki fished one of the pills, threw it inside his mouth and swallowed with some water. "Good boy", Katsuki aggressively kissed the back of his head once. Denki felt hot in the face. "Wanna come run?"

Chapter Text

Denki laughed. Kirishima didn’t seem to believe he was ok after the three of them having sex together for the first time. Denki was actually not worried at all, at most he was sure Bakugo would freak out as soon as he thought about it.

"Yes, for the millionth time, yes, I'm fine. This is not my first rough fuck". Kiri smiled at him, his head over Bakugo’s chest. "Want me to leave you guys alone?"

Kirishima stared at the explosive blonde, who was very quiet and quite tense. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna go to my room", he smiled, understanding. He didn't dare kissing Katsuki goodbye, not wanting him to explode, he didn't dare kissing Kiri in front of Katsuki either. Kiri stopped him and gave him a quick peck anyway.

Denki went for the door and stopped, feeling he should say something to Bakugo's insecure ego.
"You two are the best fuck I have ever had in my life, the both of you. And your 'secret' is safe with me. I'm not loud about my private life, and this counts as my private life", 'even if you might call it off after you guys talk'.


"How are you feeling?" Kiri was a teddy bear any given day, but after rough sex he made an extra effort, he was spooning and hugging Bakugo like he would disintegrate if he stopped holding him together.

"Ashamed of myself...".

"Did you have fun?"

"Oh, hell yes", too much fun.

"Then there's nothing to be ashamed of, as any other day".

"Maybe I am ashamed of enjoying being degraded so fucking much".

"Well, it's just a game, a part in a play, like actors".

"Like porn actors".

"So? Still, dressing as Aizawa doesn't give you his quirk".

"God, the image, Shitty Hair".

"Sorry. It is true, though. I would never hurt you, but you have quite a scratch on your back because I was so horny", sorry...

"I don't give a shit about that, I know you would never hurt me".

"Well, I know you are not a slut". Bakugo turned to face him, kissed him lightly on the lips.

"He's definitely a fucking cat", Eijiro chuckled.

"Yes, he is. Puppys are as happy, but way easier to read. You never know what to expect from a cat".

"Did I fuck up?" for needing to be alone with you? Kirishima wanted to say no, but he couldn't be 100% sure.

"I think he meant it when he said he was OK". 'I would prefer to check on him and have him around to make him feel loved, though'. “Are you sure YOU are feeling ok about this?” ‘about having him in bed with us?’.

“It was fucking amazing…” but his face said what he didn’t feel comfortable saying.

“I love you. I love you with all of my heart. And I don’t need this, I like this, but you are my boyfriend and I’ll definitely cut this completely and get back to just being friends or being friends that share a bed in a non-sexual way”

“I love you too” he was still so bad at saying that. “I think I’m ok with this. I’m fucking worried he won’t be ok because I fucking kicked him out”

“You didn’t kick him out, come on. He looked fine, and he always voices what he wants.” Kirishima saw no reason to be worried.


Kaminari went to the toilet before getting back to his room, feeling the high of the best fuck of his life going down. Then a lot of noise made him head for the common room. They were doing a very loud karaoke at this time on a Saturday? So weird.

He went through the living room to see what was happening and summoned his best grin and sang and danced with them the song they were playing right now. Then someone noticed he was there and they turned the volume down.

"Karaoking without me?! So mean!" They all quietly looked at him. "What?"

"We are singing a Saturday at fucking 10 am because you woke us all up with your moaning, dude!" Sero was PISSED. Denki looked confused for a second. Oh. OH. 'I'm pretty sure who woke you up was Bakugo, not that I'm gonna say that'. He smiled again, looking a little ashamed because he was, but because of the mental image, not because of him waking all of them up.

"Sorry, it wasn’t me, it was a porn film". None of them believed him.

"I'm gonna buy you a gag, dude, so fucking loud. One of those is clearly a beast on the sack though, good for you" Some of them complained to Sero for getting into the topic.

"Sorry, sorry. It won't happen again, don't worry." ‘Probably a first and a last’… Denki gave them his usual smile. "Anyway, karaoke tonight?"

He wasn't smiling as he usually did. Mina was sure. She knew him less than Sero, so she looked at him to check, Sero’s face said she was right. Sero and Denki had been best friends since they had started in the UA, he knew things about Denki the rest didn’t know. In any case, she didn’t feel comfortable enough to say anything if Sero wasn’t saying it. She could ask Kiri, maybe.

"Of course, here or out?"

"Maybe out, I wanna show off my dance moves", he said dancing like Mina had taught them since first year, with a finger gun around his chin.


“He looked fine, and he always voices what he wants” famous last words.

Someone started knocking aggressively at Bakugo's door. Nobody knocked on Bakugo's door. Even less people would dare knocking aggressively. What the fuck? The knocking stopped and they could here Mina.

"I agree, Sero, but please let me do the talking, please. Kiri, open up, it's me".

Kiri looked at Bakugo, concerned, and then got up from the bed. He waited for Bakugo to get dressed enough, then opened the door halfway, standing in the middle just in case his boyfriend got angry too fast.

"Ey, guys, what is wrong?"

"Is everything o-" she couldn't even end the first question when a Very Angry Sero talked over her. Mina turned to face him, a second wall between Katsuki and Sero.

"I don't give a fuck if you wanna call it polyamoury or whatever the fuck, but if you fucking use my friend and then break his heart, I'll murder you, do you hear me, pieces of shit?!". Mina rolled her eyes, yeah, so long for being diplomatic.

"What are you fucking talking about? What did he tell you?" he was gonna break Denki’s fucking neck.

"Shut up!", Mina was trying to shut Sero, but it worked long enough for Bakugo too. It would keep them in check at least 30 seconds, she hoped. "He didn’t say anything. He just said the moaning was a porn movie, not him, but he... didn't smile normal?" it was a week argument, but they were actually worried.

Bakugo clicked his tongue, relieved, feeling guilty and kind of worried.

"I mean, he was smiling, though, maybe we are worried about nothing", maybe they were wrong... Sero snapped again.

"Nothing my ass. Gonna fucking break your skull, it had to be fucking big for him to be moaning like he was paid for it and then look all depressed ten minutes later"

"He was smiling, he was not depressed, come on, don't say that"

"Sorry about the noise." answered Bakugo, calmed and not swearing, that was the scariest shit they had ever seen.

Katsuki tried to push Kirishima so he could get out. He didn't move an inch, he didn't trust Sero and Bakugo not getting into a fight. It had never happened before, but it wouldn't surprise him. Kirishima talked then, trying to make things clearer.

"I promise you we love Denki and we don't want him to be sad. He seemed fine when he left. We will go talk to him"

"Like you could EVER trust Denki saying he’s fine. Yes, WE are going to talk to him", said Sero, crossing his arms over his chest.

"No, you won't, this is a private thing and it has to do with them as a throuple".

"Yeah, sure, what a throuple", he meant it as an insult the way he said it, Kirishima turned to stop Bakugo.

"That's not nice or fair, Sero." Mina just wanted all them to listen to Kiri and solve this instead of going head to head like raging dumb bulls.

"What is not nice or fair is them playing with Denki and saying they are something and then discarding him like a used sock". Denki wasn’t there to correct his sentence to ‘a used cock’, so the narrator would have to.

"You better shut that fucking mouth, you fucking extra", Bakugo was getting pissed, but he was controlling his anger as much as he could, trying to focus on the important part. It was not easy for him.

"I understand your concern, Sero. We are concerned too. He said he was OK several times before he left, and he seemed to be OK, so we didn’t see reason for him not to leave"

"You can't trust Denki with his 'I'm ok's, when have you heard him say or look not OK?"

The four of them looked at each other for a second. Sero was right. Denki was very vocal about what he wanted, but they had never seen him say something had hurt him, not in all those years of jokes.

Kirishima stepped outside, letting Bakugo leave the room and close the door behind him.

Bakugo slammed the door behind him, still quiet and serious. He towered against Sero.

Kirishima redirected him in Denki's direction. Then stayed behind.

"I'm not saying this twice, Sero. I understand and respect that you are worried about your friend and I really appreciate you telling us, but don't you ever suggest again that we lie about our feelings towards Denki". He didn't like talking about Katsuki's feelings, but he definitely needed to make this clear.

"Come on, guys, let's just go and make sure he's OK, OK? Then you can sort this out as the misunderstanding it is" If Kiri said they didn’t know he was not ok, she believed him. It was Kiri. Mina looked towards the stairs. "Are you sure letting Murder Explosion Assassin Hero talk to him alone is a good idea?" It was not that she didn't trust he had feelings for him, if Kiri said so... "You always say he is really bad at expressing how he feels".

"He'll find the way" I hope. "And if he doesn't, you can be sure he's not going to hurt him. That I can promise you".

Bakugo started walking to Denki's room, but his growing stress drove him to almost run. 'Please, be in your room, please be in your fucking room'.

He opened the door without knocking, and found himself in overstimulation central.

The natural light was blocked and the electric lights were on, even if it was barely 10 am. All of them. Denki never used the lamp on the ceiling, but that one was on too. There was a movie playing in the laptop. Denki had his headphones on, and was blasting way too high. He was also fidgeting with literal electricity in one of his hands and spinning a pencil over a paper, not sure he would not break his tablet. It had happened before.

Bakugo could just hate fucking Sero for being right, Denki wasn't OK. He had somewhat known, but he had been selfish enough to convince himself Denki would be ok.

Bakugo looked for the light switch and pressed it up and down a couple of times.

Denki looked at the light, that was flickering. Then he understood that it wasn't flickering but someone turning it on and off.

He looked at the door and he would have expected to see anyone, even an alien, before Bakugo. Katsuki pointed towards the headphones, so he stopped the video and took them off, but didn’t stop the music, the happiest songs on earth blasting out of them.

"You're gonna make yourself fucking deaf, Pikachu", he had added the Pikachu to try and feel everything was OK. He saw how Denki's face changed to his dumb clow grin in front of him. His heart broke a little. Why the fuck did he felt he needed to do that in front of him? "You shouldn't have left if you werent OK".

"What? I'm OK, Bakubro, what are you talking about?" Bakubro? He had not called him that ONCE being alone, ever.

"Don't you fucking lie to me, I don't like lies", he looked pissed. "Why did you leave if you weren't OK? Why did you say you were OK if you weren't?"

Someone knocked at the door.

"Two fucking minutes!" he roared to his back.

Bakugo stepped closer to Denki so he could talk to him without feeling listened through the door.
"Don't you ever leave if you are not OK. If you're not OK you stay and we fucking solve it, but you don't go away".

Denki tried to answer with his usual smile.

"I left bec-".

Katsuki talked over him.

"I'm gonna fucking murder you, Denki.” not Pikachu, not Dunce Face, not Sparkplug. “You can't fucking lie to us." Denki’s fake smile fainted with the last part of the sentence.

"I understand you needing time with your boyfriend after-"

Bakugo blasted an explosion in his hand, the spark on Denki's hand joined and made it bigger, making both of them take their hand back to their chests. Explosions were definitely not a good idea right now.

Kirishima decided the two minutes were over the second he heard the blast.

"I swear to fucking God I'm going to kill him, Eijiro", he assumed it was him, he didn't bother looking back. If he looked back, he would leave.

They could all tell from the door the death threats were not real, he seemed more frustrated than angry for once.

"How the fuck do you want me to spell it? You ARE my boyfriend. YOU. ARE. OUR fucking boyfriend, Kaminari", his name was too short on his tongue, he needed more sylables for emphasis. "We have been trying to make you understand that for fucking weeks already! I'm in fucking love with you! With both of you!"

"But you are not poly!", Denki yelled back, so nervous he omitted the first part for now.

"I know! But here we fucking are!"

There was a second of silence, Mina, Sero and Kiri not daring even to breathe and interrupt the moment.

Denki gave him a small smile, probably the more honest and shyish smile they had ever seen him. He seemed to calm down a little. Now he had the mental space to think about the first part too.

"I am in love with you too, just FYI."

"I FUCKING KNOW!" Bakugo yelled back, so high on anxiety because of the whole situation. "But thanks for telling me! I guess!" he shrugged, then crossed his arms around his chest, flustered.

That made Denki laugh.

The other three panicked.

Bakugo stared at him murderously, brewing a new explosion on his hand. He heard steps coming to stop him.

"Ey, Kachan, wanna watch porn?" Denki chuckled.

The explosion died, Bakugo grunted, kicking him softly with his bare foot and getting a small electric discharge on it. He had to control himself not to smile, but it showed in his voice. The Bakubomb had been defused.

"Fucking dumbass, you do this again and I'll fucking kill you" he threatened. "We don't need a fucking audience" he said then, looking at the door, annoyed.

Kirishima made a sign like he was zipping his, well, his gigantic smile. Then he retired and closed the door, taking Sero and Mina with him.

As soon as the door closed, Denki neared Katsuki and kissed him, his hands on his cheeks.


Outside the door, Sero was really serious. Mina was covering her face, her cheeks all pink.

"Oh, my God, they are the cutest!", she said excitedly.

Kiri chuckled lightly.

"I know, right? I mean... It shouldn't work, but it does."

"He defused the Bakubomb, I... Seriously, that IS a superpower better than the electric thing."

She smiled and hugged Kiri.

Kirishima looked at Sero who was still deadly serious.

They stared at each other for a second and Kirishima turned to be serious again.

"He does love him." Sero had never doubted Bakugo loved Kirishima, it was so obvious, but Denki he hadn’t been convinced at all. Now he was.

"We both do, yes."

"I don't get all of the loving two people at the same time thing, but sorry for saying you didn’t."

Kirishima hugged Sero, happy that had been so easy, he was definitely not used to people who apologized.

Sero patted him in the arm, uncomfortable.

"I still appreciate you telling us he wasn't OK, I did believe him." Kirishima knew Bakugo hadn't, he had to trust him more when it came to Denki's feelings. "Please do so again if you ever notice anything."

"I will”.

“By the way, karaoke tonight? It was your boy's idea.”

“With no moaning on the background, if possible.” Sero grunted.

"I'll be there. Gonna try and understand what happened and why you have to offer watching porn to defuse 'the Bakubomb', it sounds useful."


When he went back in, they were both sitting on the floor, shoulder rubbing shoulder. Katsuki's hand was resting in Denki’s thigh. He was showing the electric blonde some random video about objects made of matches exploding.

Kirishima knocked even though he had already opened the door and was inside. He closed the laptop slowly and then sat in front of them on the floor.

"Are you OK? For real, this time", he didn't look mad, but he had that disappointed parent look on his face.

"I was OK, I promise, at least I thought I was, I just started overthinking, that's all", well, it wasn't all, but it was solved, so who cared.

"Because...", Kirishima looked back at the door, but there was nobody else around, they could talk. "Because of the sex?", he looked guilty.

"What? Of course not, do I look like a noob to you?" Denki was offended.

"Oy!" Bakugo blasted the littlest of explosions in front of his face.

Denki laughed like that just tickled him.

"Then what? Why did you overthink?"

"Well, because... Do we really have to talk about it? It's fixed!"

"Yes", his boyfriends answered at the same time.

"Look, you two are a couple and..."

"Oh, my fucking God! I'm gonna kill you", he had to stop himself, about to blast him again.

Denki chuckled once again, clearly following a thought that was NOT directly connected to the conversation.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, pain kink", he pointed at Bakugo and then at himself, "and quirks that hurt".

Bakugo rolled his eyes and blasted near his face again.

“Focus, Pikachu”.

"Katsuki", warned Eijiro. 'Why do I bother? He's laughing every time he gets blasted around'. "We were a couple. But we are not anymore."

"What?! Did you broke up!? When!? Why!?"

Bakugo couldn’t believe Denki had just literally forgotten about his telling him they were all together now.

"I'm gonna fucking murder you, Sparky."

"We didn't broke up, we are still together, and you are with us. If you want to be."

"We are a thraple. A throuple. A thriple. Whatever that shit is called." He didn’t like that dumb word.

" We have been trying to make you understand for a while, you know? The boyfriend cookies. Unless you don't want to be our boyfriend."

"Me? Are you serious? Have you MET YOU GUYS? Of course I want, why wouldn't I want? It's a fucking dream!"

Bakugo blasted by his side.

"Fucking language, Pikachu".

"So, am I going to karaoke night with both of my boyfriends tonight?"

Bakugo didn't look convinced.

"I'm not going".

"Don't play tough now, Kachan, now I know you're a softy."

And there came blast in the face number... four? Kirishima had lost the count.

"Whatever. I don’t promise anything".

Chapter Text

Of course they were all going to the karaoke. The only person to ever doubt Bakugo would end up joining him was… well, himself. But he couldn’t resist Kirishima, who always managed to convince him about almost anything… and now there was the puppy too… and he seemed so happy…

Bakugo was acting all annoyed, but Kiri had promised he would love it.

Nobody had ever managed to convince Bakugo until now. They hadn’t even tried.

Kiri was the only one who could have even thought about it, but he had assumed his boyfriend would be bothered by the rest of them. Mostly about Denki. Who would have known.

They decided to go sooner than they usually did, knowing he would probably leave as soon as their time in the karaoke ended.

They got into the building, being as noisy as ever. They paid for the room and the drinks and then they followed to the costume rack.

Nobody had told Bakugo he had to dress up, and he was NOT going to change his mind. He had no doubt about it. Even if he had a leather jacket Denki had assigned to him in his hands.

"Nice! It's a farm theme!" Denki was overexcited.

They all laughed.

"How the actual fuck is this a farm theme?" It was not just about the leather jacket, there was definitely no theme at all.

"Yes, look, Mina is the cow, Sero is the toucan, Kiri is the horse, Jiro is a banana, which also grows in farms, and I'm the farmer."

"That is a maid costume."

"What? I have two jobs, I'm a single mum of three, I need the money." They all bursted in laughter, even Bakugo was grinning a little. "And you are the cowboy." Who rides the horse, obviously.

"This is a leather jacket." Said Bakugo looking at the biker leather jacket he had been assigned by the blonde typhoon.

"Cowboys wear leather. But fine, you can be the monkey." He dramatically went to take it from the rack.

"Don't bother, Dunce Face. Leather jacket will be, then." He surrendered.

Kirishima was still in awe by how easy it seemed for Denki to get Bakugo to do whatever he pleased just by applying a lot of energy and randomness to everything. He was literally a typhoon. You hanged to whatever because the other option was not knowing where you would end.

They went up to their private karaoke room and they started throwing their classics on the list, randomizing it.

The first had just started blasting and Mina and Jiro were going to sing it, Sero and Denki were immediately up and singing their lungs out.
Kiri didn't take much to join. He also was the second to get up on the stage, not that it mattered, seeing how loud everybody else sang.

Bakugo knew the songs, mostly he had heard them go out of Denki's headphones, so he sang to himself, the rest of them acting like they didn't notice.

"Come on, you didn't sing any yet!" Denki tried to convince him.

"Not in fucking hell, Sparky".

"Are you that bad of a singer?" Sero pushed.

"I mean, you don't have to be self-conscious if you have no rhythm or your voice is bad." Added Denki. 

Obviously Bakugo fell for it. He snatched the mic out of his hand and started singing, the rest of them chorusing and hyping him.

They all clapped and looked what the next one was, like that had been completely normal.

"Me! Me! Denki, Sero, back up dancers!", and immediately the toucan and the maid prepared for the steps, because of course Mina had taught them the steps of all of the kpop songs she liked.

Bakugo rolled his eyes, but still Kiri could see he was paying quite a lot of attention to one of the backup dancers.

When the song was ending, he went to look for the toilet. When he got back, there was a song half way and even though they were all singing he couldn't recognize that raspy low sexy voice. He opened the and found Denki in his maid dress, on top of the small stage they had, hugging the mic on its stand, giving sexy attitude like a rock star. He almost forgot even his own name. He had just started snapping out of it when Denki turned his eyes towards him and kept on interpreting, but intensely looking at him.

The world faded around them.

He could have lived in that moment of perfection forever. But of course Denki snapped him out of it as easily as he had sucked him in. Bakugo went back to sit, happy they were all under Denki's spell and nobody was paying attention to him at all.

They all cheered when the song ended.

"So manly!", Kiri shouted his way, dropping on his knees and adoring him like the king he was.

Sero got by his side and did the same thing.

Denki answered winking sexily at them and then immediately topped it all with some idol feminine poses to tone it down.

Fuck, he was going to drive him crazy.



"Who's coming clubbing?", Sero asked as soon as their time run out, singing and dancing in the middle of the street, Denki vibing immediately with him.

Those two were pretty close. They were definitely in the same frequency.

"Me! Let's go!"

"Go ahead, I'll join you in a sec." Eijiro was pretty sure Bakugo wasn't coming, so he stayed behind.

That made Bakugo feel immediately suspicious. Obviously he was not going to join them, but he hand't even tried to convince him before.

They all waved goodbye, Denki included. He didn’t even think of saying goodbye from a closer distance. He was partying with his friends, not on a date with his boyfriends.

Katsuki got pissed by that too. He was not kissing him goodbye?

"Would you have liked him to kiss you in front of everybody?", sometimes he felt Kiri could read his mind.

Bakugo knew he would have been pissed about Denki kissing him in public too, he would have felt too exposed.

"It would have been fucking nice", he complained, his eyes back to the redhead.

"He's hyped up Denki, I'm not sure you are ready for him."

"What the fuck do you mean by that?"

"It means I have partied with Mina, Sero and Denki before and you might not like being in that scene." Kirishima thought now they should have talked about boundaries and limits in their relationship, but he had been too worried today to think of that and he was noticing now it might have been a mistake. He could handle overhyped electric Denki anyway, no matter what happened tonight, he had done it before, he would not feel hurt if Denki ended up spending the night with someone else. They will have to talk about them being exclusive, he feared, it was never necessary for him and Katsuki, but the blonde mess would not just assume it like he had done when he started dating Katsuki.

"What? He gets hammered?"

"Oh, no, nothing like that. Never mind, don't worry. Do you want me to go back with you to the dorms?" It might be for the best, that way he wouldn’t know and there wouldn’t be any drama. He would text Mina and tell her he had left with Katsuki.

"It's unlike you to bit around the bush. What the fuck are you not saying? Spill it out already."

"They usually get quite a lot of attention", meaning the three of them could get as much sex as they wanted from any night out, they were pretty good at it, "and wingman for each other", so Denki was probably going to do that tonight.

"He's with us."

"He is. And he won't stop loving us no matter wh-" he stopped his sentence mid phrase. "We didn't talk the terms of our relationship. You and I talked and I knew you were not into open or poly relationships, but we didn't talk about it with Denki, and Denki is not me.” Meaning Kirishima had started falling for Bakugo very soon and he had just adapted to a closed relationship immediately, he had never missed messing with strangers.

"Then we will fucking talk."

"Yes, we will, but we haven't yet, so you can't get pissed at him for something we didn't agree on. Nor jealous" And there was his dad face.

Katsuki clicked his tongue.

"What if I want to fucking go."

"You'll have to behave taking that into account and not touch the topic until tomorrow. If you can't handle him flirting with other people, you shouldn't go."

'Or I can scare away whoever the fuck dares coming near him.' Bakugo thought.

"Yeah, I can fucking do that".

By the time they arrived, the four of them were dancing, no shits given.

Jiro was a blushing mess between the other three, but they were hyping her and teaching her steps and being supportive and laughing.

She was doing what she could. She enjoyed way more singing than dancing but she was having fun.

Bakugo could understand why the rest of the club looked at those four dorks like they did.

They were charming, they were magnetic, they were hot, they were having fun and you felt like having fun with them.

When they met with the rest of the group, they all acted like it was supernormal having Bakugo there too. 

Kiri joined the dance team and Jiro took advantage of Bakugo standing apart from them to get out of the spot light. She smiled at him, embarrassed.

"You're not a bad dancer, Ears." She could have just kept on dancing.

"You're not a bad singer." But he had just sang that one song.

"Still not really my thing." She smiled as an answer to that.

"But they are still fun to hang around." Yes, they fucking were.

After a while, Sero and Denki had gone for drinks. They were taking a while to get back.

Kirishima saw them talking with some girls. He looked at Bakugo, who seemed to be relaxed talking to Jiro, they had been talking all night, in fact. OK, this night might not end up badly.

Even though he looked relaxed and had promised Kiri (and himself) he wouldn't make a scene, Bakugo had been perfectly aware of the movements of all of them through the night. Right now, a group of girls had come to talk to them.

Even if they weren't looking for anything sexual, those four idiots seemed fun to be around cause they were. But he could swear they were looking for something more.

He saw two girls talking to Kiri, holding his arms, they were asking him about something hero or muscle related.

He wasn't worried about Kirishima, he didn't flirt with them, he had never been interested in women and even if he had been, he was extremely loyal. Bakugo had been dating him for two years now, he had thought he wasn't a jealous person anymore until he had started falling for Denki.

Mina was already flirting heavily with a girl and Jiro, Sero and Denki were talking to another part of the group, the girls very close to them. And he was flirty. Dumb flirty, yes, public Denki flirty, nothing to do with what happened between them when nobody was watching, but still something Katsuki liked to watch.

Was Denki even interested in them? He looked comfortable enough with that girl almost breathing over his face. He told himself it didn't affect him, it was just some extra.

Then she gave him a peck on the cheek and he decided Denki didn't have a drink and they could go buy one together.


Denki couldn't care less about the kiss, it was nothing, but he didn't want her to get the wrong impression.

He smiled with his nicest smile and neared her ear so she would hear him.

"Sorry, I didn't come alone."

He would have said the same thing even if Bakugo wasn’t there. The truth was he didn't even remember he was there, Bakugo had been hiding in the shadows and not dancing with them for too long, so the blonde mess had completely forgotten he hadn’t gone to bed. But Kiri was there, and he was FAR more interested in Kiri than in any of those girls.


Bakugo came into their field of vision and the girl made some space between the both of them. Shocked by the sudden hot angry man.

"Blasty!" Katsuki was sure he had definitely forgotten he was there, damn puppy. At least he looked happy to see him, so that was good. "See? This is what I meant about a hero body."

She had tried to conquer him saying he looked like a hero and he sure had to be strong and things like that before Katsuki had interrumpred them.

Bakugo decided to ignore the extra, as one should, and made a sign with his head to the blonde tornado.

"Let's go get ourselves something to drink."

"Ok", he smiled at him with adoration, then waved the girl goodbye and followed him.

Chapter Text

They came back home with Denki yawning. Kiri hugged him from behind all the way back, both of them awkwardly synchronize walked together towards Katsuki's room.

"You smol", Kirishima grinned happily. He did look more like a kid than ever, almost silent and tired. He looked like he could have fallen asleep standing.

“I baby.” Denki answered in a new yawn.

“I think this is the first time we see you run out of battery.”

“I am only human.”



Katsuki woke up, his alarm sounding at the same time every day, no matter if it was a Sunday.

He kissed Kiri's neck and turned to kiss Denki’s before getting up from the bed, just to find his spot empty. He looked around and he didn't find him. He gave his phone a worried look and opened Denki's conversation. Then heard the ruffle of clothing.

"Is there something missing?"

Katsuki looked to the door to the balcony and had to blink twice. Denki was not just wide awake, he was completely dressed and wearing Bakugo's sweatshirt, but that was not the weirdest part. He was up in the air, his back against one of the sides of the frame of the door, his feet pushing the other one, like he was sitting on an invisible bed. And he even seemed comfortable.

"What the hell are you doing there?"

"Playing", he showed him a game open in his phone.

Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"Were you worried about me?" Denki asked with some amusement in his tone.

"I wasn't worried, I just didn't know where you had gone to", 'or if you were ok'. "That's my sweatshirt".

Denki jumped back to the floor.

"I was cold, it looked comfy". He took it off.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, annoyed for thinking it looked cute on him.

"If I go take one from my room will you run away before I'm back so you can run alone?" He joked, pretty sure he would.

Katsuki stopped getting dressed to look at him for a second, clicked his tongue once again and throwed the sweatshirt back his way.

"But don't you get used, Sparky".

Denki couldn't have predicted that, not in a million years. He took it back and slid into it fast, before the other blonde had a change of heart and before opening his mouth again. Just in case. He rejoiced inside it for a sec. So comfy. So warm. So smelled slightly like him.

"Morning, Kachan." He whispered, just loud enough for him to here, then put a finger under his chin and kissed him lightly in the lips. "I could definitely get used to you spoiling me rotten." He then whispered in his ear, tauntingly. And as fast as he had started playing, he stopped. "OK, let's go ran those laps."

Once they ended up the warming bit, Denki took his wireless headphones out of the case. He looked at them, then looked at blondfriend (yes, he had starting differentiating them in blondfriend and boyfRed).

"Wanna share?" He offered one of the in-ears to him.

Bakugo picked it, grunting, like it had bothered him instead of melted his heart.

"Your music is horrid." But he was placing it in his ear, nonetheless.

Denki pressed play.

Katsuki had noticed he had grown quieter around him. Was that a good or a bad thing? Was he trying to be more what he expected Bakugo to like?

As if he had read his mind, Denki started his singing and humming and half dancing with his hand, then turned back and started running backwards, maintaining the same pace.

"You're gonna fucking fall, Pikachu, focus".

"You just say that because you would lose if y-", and like that he tripped, and fell backwards, his head knocking against the floor. Denki busted into laughs immediately.

Bakugo's worried frown turned into a grin and he shook his head around, what a mess. Then he offered him a hand to get back up.


"Dumbasslover." Denki winked at him.



Sero, Kirishima and Denki were talking in the common room sofa’s when Mina appeared through the door.

"Bueno, you didn't hear this from me," sang Mina with a gossipy attitude, referencing the In the Heights song. "But some little birdie told me, Kaminari had sex with Bakugo."

Denki laughed. Sero rolled his eyes. Kirishima and Denki followed through with the song.

"No me diga!"

Sero took a sentence from before that one in the song.

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Come on, Sero, don't be jelly! You didn’t want a piece of hot Chargebolt but now that I’m out of the market you want me, huh? Can’t judge you." Fingergun under his chin, biting his lip.

"Yes, that's exactly the reason. Not all the noise or the sappiness."

"Ha! I knew it! You'll always have a special place in my heart. Or be the rebound fuck after this ends." He added, both arms around Sero's shoulders.

"Hey!" Kirishima pushed his boyfriend. "Don't joke about that." 'I know it's just banter, but if Katsuki heard you...'

"Just a joke, nothing to worry about, love." Well, Kiri called them cute things, he could try do so too if he didn't mind.

Kirishima looked at him like he was the most wonderful thing in the world, then gave him a short kiss.

"Awwww, you guys are so cute!"

"So sappy, seriously, no, unnecessary."

"So, Mina, what’s the hot goss?"

"It was really weird having gossip from you. First year it was all about Denki, then never again, and now someone from class B came to tell me they had seen Denki and Bakugo running together all lovey dovey. It seems Denki was wearing his sweatshirt and all. Did he really lend you his sweatshirt?" The rest she already knew.

"I took it this morning, then he lent it to me, yes."

"Pity he refuses to be that cute with all of us. Anyway, I guess if anyone had a doubt you two are together, there is none now.”

Denki felt unimpressed.

“Well, it’s not like we have been trying to hide it, isn’t it?”

“No, but someone else already asked me if Kiri and Bakugo broke up, I bet they think you’re both cheating on each other with Denki”.

“I mean, it crossed my mind and I was there.” Denki could definitely understand whoever thought that.

“You were the only one not to know better, baby.” Kirishima hugged him. It was nice to have a partner that accepted being constantly hugged in public and didn't make any huge deal about it or what other people thought.

“You three are so cute. You guys wanna watch Hamilton or In the Heights again together? We have time for Hamilton if we don’t stop for dinner."

“I’ll go make popcorn!”.

Chapter Text

Things had been calm, everything had seemed to be falling into place. They all were comfortable, they understood each other fairly well, they had been deciding limits.

Everything seemed perfect.

Until Bakugo had fucked up.

It all started with his mum's phone call.

"What do you want, old hag?"

"Hi, Mitsuki".

"Hi, Bakumom!" Denki was playing video games, sitting on the floor.

"Nobody. No, he's no one, just some extra. Shut the fuck up."

Kiri had given him one of those looks.

Katsuki looked at Denki, sure Kirishima was overreacting. Even though he was not facing them, he just seemed to be vibing and paying close to no attention to them. Katsuki thought he hadn't heard him or he had understood his reasons for answering like that. He didn't mean anything by it, it was just a way to not give explanations to his mum, she was already a huge pain in the ass about Kiri. So he immediately discarded the thought.

The rest of the night had been normal, he looked normal, he was fine. He seemed fine.

Katsuki had been unwillingly paying more attention to everything Denki did. He then had ignored his own instinct and decided not to even ask or explain himself. Denki seemed OK so he sure was OK.


Denki was out of bed and looking to the sky absentmindedly from the balcony when Katsuki had woken up. He felt something wasn't ok, so he went out and stopped near him. Denki didn't say anything.

“Too much quiet around you. Are you ok?”

The shortest one turned back to look at him, his clownish smile in his face.

“There’s no quiet, you can hear the bugs and the cars in the distance and the train, and the wind through the leaves.”

Katsuki noticed he hadn’t answered. He thought it couldn’t be anything, but asked again.

“So then you’re ok.”

“Yes, I’m OK. Why shouldn’t I be?”

The explosive blonde forced himself to believe him, even if he looked too clownish instead of his usual mixed bag of randomness.

He should have listened to himself. He should have listened to the voice of Sero saying "You can't trust Denki's 'I'm ok's".

They had been running together and had stopped to stretch when everything exploded.

"Do you train your quirk with Kiri?"

Bakugo was surprised about the question, Denki knew the answer perfectly well.

"Yes, why?"

"Can I join?"

"No", 'I would hurt you, you're too fragile'.

"Need sexy times alone, huh?" He joked, finger guns on his chin and then pointing at him. Then he winked in a really exaggerated manner.

"Fucking Pikachu. No, because I would kill the shit out of you in two fucking minutes if we trained together."

"With those tiny explosions? Please, they don't even tickle me." He answered, serious.

Katsuki took his seriousness as cockiness. He shouldn’t have.

"What the fuck did you just say?"

Bakugo started charging, frowning.

Denki looked at him with a huge smile. It wasn't the clown one, but Katsuki didn't manage to see the difference. He called off the blasts and clicked his tongue.

"Stop pushing my buttons. Why do you want to train with us anyway?"

"Why would I not want to train with you?"

They should drop the conversation, Denki thought, he was starting to feel needy with all of the asking to be included. He was fine. He didn't care. He didn't need for Katsuki to think he was as good as them. He was used to people not respecting him. He forced his smile to bright shiner.

When Bakugo saw that absurd smile grow bigger and brighter he could not keep on ignoring what had been obvious since he had woken up.

"What's going on? Are you OK? And don't you fucking dare lying to me." He pointed his finger towards him, menacingly, yesterday's fuck up too recent in his memory to let it pass. Katsuki saw the clown mask flinch.

Denki smiled his clown smile again while he opened his mouth to answer, then his smile froze in his face, as soon as he remembered Bakugo had just asked him not to lie to him. After that, the mask went away and his smile became a small protective smirk.

Katsuki grew more worried, Denki looked even smaller like that. He noticed the electricity in one of Denki's hands. He didn't seem to be doing it on purpose. He wasn't even sure he was noticing it.

"What happens is I feel you don't take me seriously as a hero". It was not just that, but that was the easy part to explain.

Katsuki looked at him in disbelief. Ouch.

"That's the dumbest shit you have ever said. I know you are strong."

The electricity in Denki's hand intensified, he looked tired and he clearly didn’t believe him at all.

Bakugo saw the second his mask went back up, the second he considered this conversation was not going anywhere. He missed Kirishima really bad right now, Katsuki knew he was not good at this.

"I don't want you to get hurt" explained, clenching his teeth.

It was far too late, the blonde mess had literally had gone back to singing kpop and was walking away.

Katsuki felt pissed, he felt he had failed and he knew the longer he took on making this right, the worse. He did the only think he knew, he blasted Denki's way.

Denki's quirk reacted on its own, the electricity flying to meet his explosion.

He knew immediately that couldn't be a good sign, but at least made Denki turn back to look at him.

"I don't want to fucking hurt you, Denks." He almost yelled.

Denki opened his mouth and stopped again, no mask now, just that tired look and the electricity again.

"Is that on purpose?" Katsuki pointed towards his hand.

Denki followed his gaze and suppressed the electricity as soon as he noticed. Then grew a couple of inches higher and immediately recovered the mask, he couldn't have a break down now.

"Race you to the door."

Katsuki couldn't believe it.

"Stop. Just fucking stop. I'm not Kiri, I'm not good at this. Tell me whatever the fuck is bothering you so we can solve it."

"Bakubro, is freezing out here, I need a shower, I don't know what you're talking about". Bakubro. Ouch. Katsuki so wanted to have Kiri here to take care of this.

He watched Denki turn back again and he blasted his way, the electricity did its thing again. He didn't stop this time, he just moved his hand and the rests of electricity seemed to disappear. 'Fucking dumbass', he blasted again, stronger this time.

Denki fell to the ground, propelled by the explosion.

"You are not going anywhere, Sparky. We are not done talking."

If Denki had told him he needed time or he would be through it or whatever other thing, Katsuki would have stopped and give him some space. But he didn’t. Denki stood up, still his back against him and said:

"You worry too much, Boom Boom Boy".

Bakugo got very frustrated about that sentence. They were there because he hadn't cared enough when he should have. He blasted his way one more time.

"Fight me. Didn’t you want to train with me?"

At least that made the electric hero stop.

"No need, I don't want to be a burden".

Katsuki blasted him again, making him fall one more time. 'I am not Kiri, there's only one way for me to do this, making you angry, but I don't want you to get hurt or hurt your feelings... For fucks sake'.

"Fight me".

"You only ever look up, Bakubro, you don't fight extras." Ouch.

He would have never thought Denki's words could be that sharp. Katsuki blasted with far more power than he should, the electricity thundered uncontrolled, attracted by his blast again. Denki rolled over the floor and ended up looking at him at least.

"You are not a fucking extra."

"I beg to differ." ‘You said so yourself. And you are proving it, even now’.

"I don't date fucking extras."

There was a silence. ‘Yes, Katsuki, exactly my point.’ Denki thought, but he didn't answer.

Katsuki recognized in his eyes a hurtful comment about to burst. He was not expecting that from Denki, he had never thought how Denki would act if he were angry. He somehow had thought nobody could makie him angry. He understood now how dumb that was. Bakugo pointed at him and blasted again.

Denki jumped out of the explosion area. Aizawa was going to kill them both.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You are not that almighty, Bakugo". 'You can't hurt me more than I hurt myself.'

"You are having problems to control your quirk, but I haven't seen you get spent lately so it’s not because you’re overcharged. Why is your quirk acting up?"

"It reacts to my emotions", mostly his insecurities, his anger and his sadness. "All quirks are harder to control if you spiral".

"Stop fucking spiraling, then, Dunce Face. Fucking talk to me or fight me".

"I can't do any of those things with someone who doesn't respect me."

That pissed him off. It felt very unfair. Bakugo jumped over towards him and Kaminari blasted electricity at him, it took him by surprise. Denki didn’t usually do that, he had tried to make it as soft as possible until now, he didn't even try his quirk with his classmates.

"Careful, Bakugo, I can hurt you too."

"Do you want to?"

"Right now?" That sounded as a yes, his eyes looked dangerously empty, the sweet clown kid he was used to talk to was not there... Until a second later, when his mask went up again as soon as he noticed how he would definitely like to hurt him. He forced himself to breathe and the fake smile covered his face. "Dadzawa is so gonna kill us, let's get inside before he finds out."

Katsuki could just see his mask was not as good as it should have been. Denki was not going to calm down, he felt it, he knew about insecurities and rage.

"Hurt me, then. If you are not an extra..." The second he said it, he realized he had made a mistake. He was trying to piss him, but he had done so by confirming  exactly what Denki had said before.

"We're all extras to you. But Kiri. And Deku. You're gonna get killed because you feel so high and mighty that someone you don't recognize as an adversary could shred you to pieces any given day." Katsuki didn’t expect him to attack him with words. This side of Denki was very unexpected. “Like Shinso did furst year. You just look at your same level or up, and that’s exactly why-“

"Please, stop. Both of you." Kiri was looking serious and concerned, he had just arrived and found Katsuki charging, hurt and mad, and Denki seemingly calm but burning in whatever feeling he was brewing.

The interruption was enough for Denki to notice Kirishima wasn't the only one who had appeared, they had done a lot of noise. The mask went completely back up, so easily Kirishima and Katsuki felt pain for not having noticed that was a thing before.

"Sharky! You're up soon. You too, Aizawa sensei! Good morning, Eri!" Too many people.

Aizawa gave his cup of coffee to Eri to take back inside again. He looked at the three of them by turn.

"Training grounds, now". They were fucked.


Denki started walking in silence, Eijiro got to Katsuki’s point, then forced Bakugo to look at him, both heading to the training grounds at good pace. He didn’t need to ask before the blonde, pissed and worried, explained as much as he could.

"He thinks I think he's an extra because I'm worried he will get hurt. And he's losing control over his quirk."

A jolt of electricity hit the ground were Bakugo's feet would have been a second later, leaving the ground charred. If they hadn’t been so aware of the mask now, they would have misunderstood his next sentence.

"You're going to worry poor Kiri, Bakubro." ‘Don’t mix him in this, this is your mess, not his.’

The clown smile was perfectly visible at his face, but there was a tension to it, it had a sharp edge. He could have zapped him for real, there was more control than ever in that jolt.

"I am worried, Denki." He dropped any nicknames and swearing, knowing this was very serious.

"Well, don't be. You worry too much, I'm OK."

Bakugo didn't handle well lies. He blasted open the training grounds door because the other option was blasting him.

"That's a lie." ‘That’s rich coming from you’.

"Oh, no, I’m better than ever."

Bakugo blasted his way, feeling murderous. The electricity didn't respond to it automatically. Denki didn’t respond to it. He didn’t even move. He endured it, his smile didn't even flinch, no matter how much it probably hurt, his smiling face humorless.

"Stop clowning and lying, you are exhausting yourself and you’re going to get hurt, fucking dumbass." 'And I can't ignore your shitty comments forever.'

Kirishima walked towards Denki, who looked at him with his enormous grin. Kirishima hugged him.

Denki felt weak. He tried to softly push Kiri away. The electricity hit him. He felt immediately guilty. Kirishima looked at him, not letting him go. Eijiro smiled back at him, but with a reassuring smile.

"I'm unbreakable. Let me help you."

The blonde typhoon seemed to yield for a second. Then answered.

"You're both so dramatic, everything's fine, come on, let's fix the door before Dadz-"

"I love you, you are hurting yourself so I'm not going to leave at least until you are not hurting anymore. And I don't know how but I know Katsuki hurt you too. And probably I did too. We are not going anywhere. You are not an extra. We love you".

Denki’s grin grew colder again. Kirishima shouldn't have used the e-word.

"He said I don't respect him as a hero because I don't want him to get hurt. Because I don't want to hurt him".

"Well, you do train with me and don't mind hurting me. I can see his point there." Katsuki wasn’t expecting that answer. He felt bad.

"Let me go already." Denki sounded childishly bored, like he did with schoolwork.

Kiri ignored him.

"Your quirk is becoming a rock, my blasts don't hurt you. It makes us both stronger."

"I'm sorry, but I have to agree with him, Katsuki. You ARE treating him like an extra". Ouch.

"I don't fucking date extras."

Kiri felt the electricity augment right by his side. Kirishima looked back at Katsuki, a soft 'I told you so' with bright lights pointing at yesterday's conversation with his mum clearly in his mind. He didn’t say anything about that, he unknowingly agreed with Denki that Katsuki wouldn't understand something like that if he didn't understand this part before.

"And still treat him like one". The family part should have to wait for another time. "You consider him weak, fragile."

Bakugo closed his mouth and looked pissed. Denki already knew, but seeing the explosive one not denying it didn’t help his mood.

"He's fucking broken right now! Just because of some dumb shit."

Kirishima stared at him with a very angry look (for being him).

"You are being a dumbass, Bakubro. YOU are the 'dumb shit', WE are the 'dumb shit'. I CAN break you, Katsuki, I have done before. We can hurt each other. And we are still together. You are not treating him like an equal." He didn't want to be mean, but he understood how Denki had reached that conclusion. 'We are not treating him like an equal, Sero was right to suggest we didn’t.' "You two should fight. With all you've got. I'll take the pieces to Recovery Girl when you are done".

He wanted to comfort Denki, but he knew that was not what he needed and this was definitely not his fight, so he stepped away from Denki, giving him space to fight. He would spend the next eight hours regretting that.

Denki attacked immediately.

The fight didn’t last long.

They started tentatively attacking each other. Kirishima saw Aizawa and Present Mic come in, Mic more worried than he had ever seen him since Aizawa had been hurt last time.

"Please, don't expel us, they are working it out, even if it’s in the most unhealthy way ever.”

"You kids don't listen: Dating your classmates is never a good idea." Aizawa had warned Kirishima in first year too, when he found out Katsuki and him had started dating. Mic's face was a poem.

"Classmates sometimes fight."

"This could have you killed in a mission."

"And that's why you have been trying to teach us all to trust our classmates. Bakugo is bad at trusting others. He's learning right now. He’ll grow from this."

Aizawa looked at Kirishima, then looked at the two blondes, in time to see the exact moment when a very bright electric dischargespurt out of Denki. He activated his quirk a second too late. They saw Bakugo receive a huge strike that sent him to the floor and made him stay there, his body trembling. They also saw Denki's face go blank and his body fall.

Kirishima started running.

“Don’t touch them. They are both charged, that is why they are shaking.”

Mic looked at Aizawa, worried, then walked towards the kids.

Mic and Kirishima arrived arrived were they were lying. The charred mark was a couple of meters away from Katsuki, it seemed Denki had done his best to miss at the last second. That strike had been no joke.

Aizawa kneeled next to Katsuki and talked. Bakugo couldn’t hear him, his ears just a constant beep, but he had his eyes open, so he managed to read his lips.

“The electricity messes with the electric signals from your brain to your body. Breathe constantly and touch the ground with your hands.”

Bakugo felt like shit. All of his muscles ached. When he managed to make his body work again, the first thing he did was  looking towards the other blonde. Kaminari was out, he had emptied himself and he looked like a discarded puppet.

Once Aizawa saw Bakugo would survive this he added:

"I won't tolerate any more fights. Solve this like adults or I will solve it for you", 'and you won't like that'.

"Help me take them to Recovery Girl, Kirishima", intervened Mic. Asking Eijiro to use his quirk before touching the shorter blonde. Katsuki heard enough under the beeping and raised his voice as much as he could.

"I will take both of us there. It's my mess, I'll clean it up". The other three looked at him get on all fours, his arms and legs trembling, while he forced his body to stand up. It looked like it should be hurting and messing with his body like crazy if it took him so long. Kirishima helped him get Kaminari on his back, like the blonde mess was piggyback riding him. They both thought they didn't want to see him this quiet ever again.




When Denki opened his eyes it was already dark outside. When he understood where he was and noticed how his body ached, he checked what he remembered and saw parts of his memory were missing. He also had some blanks scattered through the days before. It was one of the worst things about his quirks, it wasn't the first time it happened. 

When he managed to look around, he found Bakugo at one side of the bed and Kirishima at the other one. Both had been quietly looking at their phones, not interacting, until they had heard him shift in Recovery Girl’s bed.

"Hi, Denks, I’m so glad you’re back", Kirishima squeezed his hand. “How are you feeling?” Before he could say anything, the redhead had a glass of water with a straw in his hand.

Denki drank some just because he knew Eijiro would not let him be if he didn’t.

"Can you leave us alone, Eiji?" Katsuki’s voice sounded raspy.

He looked at his boyfriend for a second, then Kiri stood up, kissed Denki's head and gave Bakugo's shoulder a squeeze. The door closed softly after him.

"Does it hurt you like it hurt me? Does it hurt all of the time? Does it always mess you up inside? It's not like my quirk, yours is always inside…"

"I got used to it. That’s OK, Kachan, I'm-"

"You're not OK. Don't say you're ok when you're not, dumbass. You're not ok, and it's my fault, so please, don’t say you are. You are in the infirmary and even after Recovery Girl did her thing, you still took almost eight hours to wake. You are not ok. And I'm sorry I thought you weren't strong enough to train with us. I was wrong. But I still don't want for you to get hurt, not by me, not by anybody, because I love the fuck out of you.” He paused. “But I do want to help you control it better so it hurts less. So you can fry them like you would have fried me if it weren’t because of Aizawa. Please, let me help."

Denki smirked, too exhausted to talk too much or have the clown mask on.

“Now you want me to train with you guys…”

Katsuki caressed his hand, shyly, not sure if he would reject the touch, like he didn’t know Denki was always up for any display of affection.

“I should have wanted from the beggining. I thought you needed protecting, but I was wrong. You need to train more. I really want you to join us." He stopped and felt uncomfortable with the situation. He was not answering, maybe he didn't want to train with them, or didn't even like him anymore. "Just if you want, Sparky…” He had to push the last sentence out of his mouth.

"Have you met you two...?" Denki quoted himself, jokingly, oblivious to Katsuki's negative thoughts.

"I have. One of us is a dumb piece of shit who didn't treat you fairly. And he wants to do things right now. I want to tell my mum so she can be a pain about you too, if you are ok with that. I have nothing to hide, I meant it when I said I don't date fucking extras. You are not a fucking extra to me." Denki's smile shone a little more, still weak, but honest.

"Language, Kachan." Denki teased him as his only answer.

"Don't make me kill you, Sparky", he didn't even dare blasting the smallest of explosions as he would have done as an answer for his teasing. He should have known how badly damaged he was if the explosions, even the tiny ones, didn’t affect him. He should have known.

Denki cackled before starting to cough.

Bakugo couldn't look more guilty.

“Stop looking at me like I’m dying, Blasty. I have dealt with things in more destructive ways than fighting with Mister Explosion.” He hold his hand into his and softly caressed Katsuki’s with his thumb.

"Are... Are we ok?" The soft smile in his face looked real, and he was caressing his hand. He knew Denki wasn't ok and it was his fault, but them... 'Can we get past this?' “Are WE ok?” Katsuki felt Denki's bandaged hand over his cheek, the tears rushed to his eyes.

The electric blonde smiled at him with a loving smile, all of his anger and his sadness gone with the electric overcharge. He had never been one to hold grudges. His thumb wiped one of the tears away.

"We will be, Kachan."

Chapter Text

Bakugo exited the room feeling like shit.

Kirishima was waiting for him outside. He hugged him. Katsuki tried to push him away, he didn't deserve a hug. Kiri knew him well enough not to let him go.

"You owned up to your mistakes, you feel bad and you talked it out, you deserve a hug".

Katsuki didn't find strength enough in himself to contradict him.

"I didn't notice he was feeling like that..."

"You would have felt like that too in his place."

"Yes, I know, I don’t blame him."

"It's OK, I don't think Denks holds grudges."

"I told him I want to tell my parents about us.”

"I think that's a good idea.” His parents had always been supportive, they couldn't be sure if they would still be when they found out his kid was in a polyamorous relationship, but Kirishima honestly thought it was for the best anyway. “Let's go to the dorms, we both need some sleep."

"He does too, but he’s not going to get any." They had stopped sleeping on their own, and it had become pretty obvious he was bad at sleeping unless Katsuki was hugging him.

"Well, he has been recovering the whole day, maybe he doesn't need it that much. But he'll get back to the dorms tomorrow and you'll put him to sleep." 'If things get back to normal after this’. He didn't expect Denki to be angry forever, but Katsuki had broken him and he couldn't know what he had told him. He had to trust on Katsuki's good hand at apologizing and making him know how much he loved him and in Denki accepting that apology... He hoped they would be able to get past this.



When Denki came back to the dorms the next morning and the rest of the class rushed to see how he was feeling.

Sero immediately acted as overprotective as they all had expected, even not knowing what had happened. Mina and other people had asked Kirishima how Denki was when him and Bakugo had come back from the hospital, but Sero hadn't even wanted to be in the same room as them. They had decided to give him some space, seeing how Denki's best friend acted as a guard dog every time they even appeared in the other end of the hallway or the canteen. That had been even worse since Denki had come back from the hospital. It didn't matter how many times the blonde mess said he was OK, no matter how many times he smiled, laughed, joked during the next few hours, Sero's attitude hadn't changed a bit.

Denki didn't give it much thought at the beginning. It was nice being take care of, he wasn't used to that kind of attention. Kirishima and Bakugo had given him space and he had smiled their way a couple of times, but he had been surrounded by people all day and by Sero every single second. The rest of the class even dragged him to lunch.

He seemed happy with the attention, Kirishima thought.

By lunch, Denki, too used to being him who looked for people and came and went and changed places and company all of the time, was feeling smothered. He was still happy everybody cared about him, but he already had had to stop several mean comments about Bakugo. And by now he just wanted to go see his boyfriends. He didn't get why they had been keeping their distance. He didn't remember much of what had happened the day before.

Their friends brought a tray full of food. Denki didn't feel like eating, but he ate anyways with a smile, knowing he would worry them if he didn’t and it would be even worse.

They all started pushing him to go to the living room after that. And for the first time in three years, Denki dropped the clown act in front of everybody. He fell silent, serious and tired. His classmates shut almost immediately.

"I really appreciate you wanting to be with me, guys, but I wanna go to my room now, OK?" They all nodded, shocked and worried. "I'm not going to do anything stupid, Sero. I mean, not more than this year’s usual stupid, at least." The clown face was starting to get back up. Sero nodded. After being for several hours with him and seeing how he looked at those two from that distance maybe he wasn't that bad after all. He wanted to go with him, but he respected his decision and hoped those two would not break him again. Or they'll have to face him.

"I'll have my phone here in case you need anything."

Denki went upstairs and got into his room. He sat down in the silence for a second. At least all of the silence he could get with the tinnitus he had learnt to live with.

He looked at the door, thinking he didn’t like not knowing. He needed to know what exactly was happening and where did all of these left them. He stood up and opened the door. Kirishima was right there, his hand about to knock.

"Hey, how are you feeling? Can we talk?" He felt pushy, but he needed to know how Kaminari was right now. He had left Bakugo in the training grounds, warming up. If Denki really accepted them back it was going to be a whole journey watching Katsuki try to give it his all and not ever hurt him again at the same time.

Denki couldn't but notice that Kirishima looked anxious. He had always seen him as the least anxious of the three of them.

"Sure, I was right about to go look for you guys."

"How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. Tired. I'm OK, Recovery Girl already worked her magic on me." His smile was an honest one.

"I meant about the part she can't cure."

Denki stood in the tips of his toes and kissed him tenderly, somehow expecting the redhead to push him away. Kirishima reciprocated the kiss, not knowing if it should relieve him or worry him more. But him not rejecting the blonde one helped the little typhoon get more confident.

"Well, I think that can be cured by someone else.” 'If you guys want'.

"You know I don't like voicing Katsuki's feelings for him, but I think I can confidently say we both are still madly in love with you. I want that to be clear for you." Denki smiled, feeling soft and fuzzy and warm inside. "I do get why he did feel like protecting you, but I should have kept him in check. I should have..."

The blonde typhoon cut the sentence with another kiss.

"Sometimes things have to go horribly wrong so they can be good in the end." He smiled. "At least that has always seemed to be the case for my life."

"I don't want anything bad to happen to you, ever."

"Because you're a sunshine and a softy, and that is why your quirk is making you hard. That sounded all kinds of wrong." He bursted into laughter. "But now I REALLY need to know if you have ever used your quirk during sex.”

Kirishima laughed at that, not answering, too glad Denki was going back to the flirty sexual jokes. It was a good sign.

"Come on, even as a teen, I bet you have done that at some point."

"I'm not going to answer that." At least not while they were still worried about him. "We are going to train, we need to release some tension. Wanna come?"

"I don't think I should be training yet, but I can sure go piss Kachan while you kick his butt, if you want." He was smiling honestly and Kirishima just could think of how handsome he was when he smiled like that. How he could hug him and forget about everything else in the world (but Katsuki) forever.

"I think we would both love that, yes."


Katsuki was not looking at the door when they arrived.

Kirishima noticed even if he should have heard the door open, he had not complained about him taking too long or anything. Either he hadn’t heard them get in or he was too worried.

"He's not even doing push ups, you promised me there was a hot sweaty man in here." Denki joked, just a dumb way to make Katsuki know he was there and he was OK.

The blonde turned to look at Denki, so relieved to see him on his feet.

"Hey... How are you?"

"Terrified. If you don't swear in the next 30 seconds, I'll have to call Recovery Girl to check on you."

That made Katsuki smile a saddish grin.


"Dumbass lover." He had already called him that before, not that long ago.

Katsuki looked at him, his head low, guilty, but his eyes found a lovely honest smile in the other end.

"Yeah, that I fucking am."

"Good for me."

Denki felt everything too tense and quiet. It was really weird. Kirishima had to agree, seeing Denki smile for real had been more than enough for him, but Katsuki had more things to regret than he did.

"Want me to give you two space to talk?"

"We already talked. What else do you want us to talk?" Katsuki was so bad at talking, he hoped there was nothing else to talk about. Ever. He moved, uncomfortable, not knowing how to act.

"I don't know... Maybe you had left something unsaid."

Denki took Kiri looking at him as that sentence was for him.

"Oh, yeah, sorry." He said looking at the other blonde. "Sorry I almost fried you... I... I am not the greatest when I'm feeling like that. My coping mechanisms are mostly very unhealthy."

"You shouldn't be apologizing for that, Denks, I deserved it."

"Nobody deserves death or excruciating pain. I remember the exact second I noticed what I was doing and I tried to divert the strike from you. Dadzawa told me he blocked my quirk on time... But still. I'm sorry I hurt you. I know it hurts."

"It... It did hurt." It hurt a lot more than he had expected, Denki had been taunting him and he had really thought he wouldn't be that powerful. "But I earnt it."

"That's very dumb of you." Denki caressed his face, softly. Katsuki felt so guilty he didn't even had the spirit to feel dumb for looking that vulnerable in front of them. "And you are supposed to be the smartest one of the throuple. Dumbass." Denki kissed him, very softly.

Katsuki's hands made a gesture towards his waist, then stopped and fell to his sides. Denki noticed, and he was losing his already quite small patience. He took one of his hands, put it on his back, took the other one and rested it over his shoulder, then kissed him again. Katsuki kissed him back, all of his desperation and guilt showing.

"I will call my mum later and tell her everything, you can come with Kirishima and me to my house next week if you want.”

"No.” That was a little too high pitched and a little too loud. “I mean, I love you, but no. No. I mean... No."

Both Bakugo and Kirishima looked at him, confused and worried. Had his brain zapped that badly? Did he want to break up?

"Adults are not... If I ever meet your parents I would definitely prefer them to know me first and know we are dating later. And if I can never meet them that would also be great. Adults are just... no."

"Ok, then I won't tell them, but you could come anyway, I don't want to hide our relationship from them."

"You are not hiding our relationship from them, Blasty, I'm hiding myself from them. I... Seriously, I perform better at exams than at talking to adults. AND the boyfriend to compare me with is already a 10 out of 10 and I seriously can't compete with that." 

"You too are-"

"Don't you guys try to sugarcoat it. If I wouldn't be already dating you I would have a son, then raise him with just Red in mind, then introduce him to Kiri so he would fall in love with him so I can have him as my son in law." The sheer ridiculousness of the comment helped them relax a little, but obviously, Denki didn't stop there. "You're a sunshine, you're gorgeous, you're strong, you're kind... I can't think on many people from the class you could introduce to any parents that would not end up with them thinking: ‘He already had Eijiro, why did he felt like dating someone else too?’".

"I can. You. Cause you are amazing. And gorgeous, and strong, and funny, and kind, and interesting and many more nice things." Eijiro answered, then hugged him from the side Bakugo wasn’t at.

"I’m fucking awful at saying nice things, but if you insult yourself again, you’re insulting my boyfriend and only I can do that. I swear to god I'll kick your ass, Sparky." He was still very soft, but he was trying to come back to normal.

Kiri looked at him intently. They had talked extensively about the problem in the last 24 hours, it was important Denki knew they loved him and valued him and he was more than enough. He stopped Denki from talking, because if he answered to that, Katsuki would never find his voice. Katsuki was, in fact, looking very uncomfortable. But he inhaled and started talking, looking at his own feet.

"You are so hot, and fucking hilarious. I can never know what's gonna come next. You are witty, and you keep me in my toes, you always have a comeback and you make me think about things I never thought before... And you are strong, Denki, you are no fucking extra. You could have killed me, and you decided not to do so, because even if I had hurt you, you were the better man..."

"Not a man. And I am not better than anybody, I did hurt you. I wanted to hurt you. I really wanted to. And I tried to control it, but you kept pushing."


"No, no, I didn’t mean it like that. It was a good call. I... When I feel I’m somewhere I’m not loved, I spiral and I go away. Then I cope in unhealthy ways and I fuck everything up. So it was a good call you didn’t let me leave."

"I wish Eijiro had been there..." He would have known how to treat him. How to avoid this.

"But we can't depend on Red to do the emotional hard work for us, can we? I mean, we are all together and it's nice we can support the others... But if you guys fight, I'm sure not going to apologize to him in your place, I should be able to tell you if you're being a dumbass. Let's be honest, it'll probably be your fault."

"Yeah, that's for fucking sure."

"See? That's another great thing about you. You are not worried to say what you think. You always tell us if something is not OK. And you tell us if we mess up. You are not scared of telling us." Kiri added.

"Oh, no, I am always scared you are going to stop liking me if I say something.” Even if they had use the word 'love' several times, he didn’t find the strength to use it when talking about what they felt towards him. “But if I'm feeling something's off, we either work it out because we love each other, or we didn't love each other enough to make it work and therefore that is not a relationship I wanna be in."

"Fuck, I think Pikachu is more mature than I am..."

"He's the most mature of the three of us, that's for sure. So manly." He hugged him.

"It's not maturity, it's just therapy." He smiled.

"Do you wanna tell us about that?"

"Oh. No, thanks. Not because it's you, don’t worry, if I had to talk to someone about it? You would definitely be the two people I would talk about it, believe me. It's just... The past is in the past, there's no point on suffering remembering the past when you can live the present and enjoy having the two hottest men in the school as your boyfriends. As I said yesterday, sometimes things have to go badly so they can get better."

Katsuki hugged both of them at that point.

"Nothing is going to be bad for any of you if there's anything I can fucking do about it."

"We know. I think we all feel the same about that."

"No, no, don't count me in, I'll let you two suffer and watch from the sidelines eating popcorn.” Denki joked.

Katsuki found himself about to blast him, like he had always done when he had joked like that before. His face went immediately white and he froze.

"I'm a thunderstorm, Blasty, those baby explosions you use to flirt with me don't even tickle me. Right, Kiri?"

"Yeah, that can only hurt extras, not us, so blast away, Katsuki."

Bakugo smirked and blasted over their heads instead of against them as he usually did.

Eijiro was the first one to break the triple hug.

"Pffffffff. You're weak. Was that supposed to be an explosion? Dinamight more like Dinameh"

"What did you just fucking call me, Pikachu?"

"I said you have become a softie, Tickling Sensation Cuddle Cutie Dinameh."

And now, Katsuki blasted him for real, as he always did.

Denki laughed and evaded him a little, just in case, because in any other moment making fun of his name to that extent would have gotten him really injured.

They exchanged smirks and Katsuki clicked his tongue, the explosive blonde unable to push the sides of his mouth back down.

"Careful, Pikachu, next time you train with us, you're going to eat those words."

Chapter Text

Things had gotten back to normal quite fast. As soon as Sero had seen Denki laughing with the two of them that same night, he had started to relax again. He had ended up asking Denki if everything was ok, but he really seemed happy. Happy happy, as happy as he had ever seen him, so he let it go quite fast.

They had slept together, they had kissed, Bakugo had cooked for them (well, actually for Denki, but Kirishima was not going to miss that opportunity) because the blonde mess had said he didn't feel like eating in the canteen with the rest of the class. He also wanted the rest of them to see everything was back to normal and there were no bad feelings, and Katsuki cooking for them and the three of them having lunch alone seemed like the easiest way.

He had started training with them. It wasn't a disaster and his teasing seemed to help Katsuki work even harder. It also helped that Aizawa had paired Bakugo and Denki in one of the practical classes and they had managed to work together and against each other under adult surveillance too.

After that, Denki started joining them and training with them everyday for a few hours, until he started getting bored. He always said he was leaving because there was so much 'unresolved sexual tension' between them and he didn't want to get caught in the middle of that. That was never the case, obviously, even though he was sure some time just the two of them alone was good for them. The truth was they always trained for too long and he wanted to do something that wasn't a responsibility, like learning dances with Mina or air guitaring while Jiro sang.


It was already time to go to class, but Denki hadn't appeared in the common room.

Lately he had started leaving to his room after showering after breakfast because he said there was a lot of time for him to do things before school in those 45 minutes. Sometimes he even did his homework during that time. Most of the days they had to go look for him because he lost track of time.

Kirishima suggested looking for him in his room, as he did every morning. Katsuki grunted, pissed for having to go look for him, as he did every morning.

"I don't know why you still fucking bother knocking, Red. You can hear the music from the outside."

"I would still appreciate for people to knock first, and you appreciate it too."

"But I actually fucking listen and answer when someone knocks."

Katsuki looked at how the mess had been growing since last week's clean up. How? How the fuck did he manage to make such a mess in such a short time. There was just an empty corner, everything piled up everywhere but in the corner, almost like a barrier. In front of that corner, there was a tripod. The tripod had a ring light and Denki's phone in the middle. It was pointing directly to the corner where a line of red leds covered both the corner and where the corner met the ceiling. Then there was someone in between the camera and the corner.

Hadn't it been for Kirishima, Katsuki would have taken some time to understand what was going on.

"Uuuh, so you did it in the end! That Hawks cosplay looks AMAZING. And you look super hot in it." Denki tried to do the dance, fingergunning towards them, but broke into laughter, messing the last part of the dance, then stopped the recording.

A Denki cosplayed as Hawks, fake red wings, make up, wig and flight suit included, appeared in front of them.

"Thanks! I almost broke my wings twice trying to do the dance right".

"What the fuck is all this?" 'And why did Red know, but I didn't?’. It was Kirishima who explained it to him.

"So you know we all have TigTog accounts, right? Not that I use mine much. Anyway, at some point, Present Mic told us we should be careful with what we uploaded because we might give up our location and who our loved ones are and make it easy for villains to attack us. Denks and Mina thought they wanted to keep on uploading dances and stuff, so they decided to create a new account were they dance in cosplay. Mina has several, but this is Denki's first".

"A fucking Hawks cosplay."

"What? You don't like it?" Denki turned his back to them. "I think my ass looks awesome in it. I don't know if it's because of the wings or what." Katsuki's eyes flew to the aforementioned butt. He clicked his tongue and grunted, slightly blushing. "Oh, you agree with me, then".

"Of course he does, you look as hot as Hawks, but better because you are you." Kiri could understand why people were starstruck by Hawks, but he wasn't appealed by him.

"So sweet, Red." He kissed him.

"We have to go to class or we'll be late. And you can't show up like that".

"OK, OK, last try and I'll take everything off, OK? Just once more."

He didn't wait for an answer he just jumped back to the corner and tapped the screen again to start recording. The music started blasting again and quite a sexy choreo developed before their eyes. Katsuki had to remind himself to breathe. He had never seen him dance. Not like this. Not getting into it. It reminded him to the karaoke song.

Denki had progressed a lot after three years of being taught choreographs by Mina. And Sero, Jiro and Kiri tended to get bored fast, but Denki didn't, Denki was never bored if he was moving and there was music in the background. He always wanted her to teach him all of the choreos. And now that he had his own TigTog just for cosplay dances and duets and things like that he was even more invested on learning with her.

Bakugo heard a cackle.

"Thought you didn't like me dressed as Hawks."

He blushed, turned away and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Whatever. I'm heading to class". He was NOT going to simp for Hawks. He didn't like Hawks that much, he was good and all, but he was definitely overrated because he was nice and hot.

"Let's see how fast you can change clothes to your uniform." Kiri had learnt a lot about getting Denki to places on time and to make him focus.


"OK, OK, I have a question. Who is the hottest prohero and why are they Hawks?"

The bakusquad and some other classmates were in the common room, just hanging out.

"It's definitely Mirko" Mina was adamant about that. She looooved Mirko.

"You should so cosplay as Mirko so we can dance together." She usually cosplayed as some anime characters, but a pro hero she loved sounded great.

"Oh! That's an awesome idea! Wait, let me look for her cosplay online right now. That's gonna look AMAZING."

"Kiri, you said you don't think Hawks is the hottest, so who then?"

"Well. I have to say I have a thing for Fat Gum, you know? I don't know, he's so manly. And soft. And a great mentor."

"What the fuck, Shitty Hair?"

"You complain a lot, but who is the hottest according to you, then?"

"I have a little respect for my boyfriends, I don't fucking simp around for pro heroes."

"Uuuuh, he said boyfriends." Even though it had been a while already since they were public-public, some of them still teased Katsuki because he was the only one to get nervous about that.

"I don't want respect, Blasty, I want an answer."

"It has to be someone strong and manly... like Gang Orca?" Kirishima tried to guess.

"Or All Might" added Sero.

"I think he's lying and the hottest pro hero for him is Hawks too. I saw the way you looked at me when you saw me cosplaying him."

"That wasn't because you were dressed as Hawks, Pikachu." It was still weird seeing Katsuki saying cute things to Kiri and Denki in front of them.

"Was it because of my ass then?" he stood up and did some dance moves, Mina recorded him while she laughed. Katsuki shut up and tried not to blast all of them.

"It wasn't that one, it was the other one", Kiri moved his hands to explain which one. Denki answered going for it and doing it whole.

Katsuki flipped them all.

"Stop it already. And stop fucking recording him, Raccoon Eyes" He added throwing something against Mina to make her stop recording his boyfriend shaking his ass.

"Come on, even Mina thinks Hawks is the hottest hero, you can't say he's not."

"I said it’s Mirko, I don't find him hot, I don't like men, remember?"

"Oh, yes, you weird picky people. 'Oh, no, I don't like men. I don't like women'. Like gender was actually a thing."

"Well, it's not being picky, gender is a thing." Sero and Mina had already had this conversation too many times with Denki, but at least this time more people were in the room, so maybe he would get the electric blonde to stop teasing all gays, lesbians and straights about caring for gender.

"It is just a construct, just like monogamy and binarism and marriage and all those things, come on. It's like Valentine's Day. You were born here and they tell you this day means this and then you should act like that because it's this day and you were born in a place where they think that, but if you were born in Bora Bora, that day you wouldn't act like that. So it's not actually a thing, just a construct."

Whoever hadn't talked about this with him, didn't understand much from that sentence, obviously.

"But still you are dating two men and one of them is gay."

"Poor Kiri, he had to have some flaw, don't mess with him, he's perfect in every other way, we can accept him being picky. Also, merely coincidental that they are both men. And some gay, straight and les like nbs too, because you can be very picky or have me as a joyfriend" He bit his lip, finger guns around his face.

"That sounded very wrong." Sero shook his head. 

"I agree." Somehow they had all forgotten Shinso was present.

"Obviously, non binary minds are the best minds, sib." Denki put his fist in the air his way and after a second of thought Shinso bumped it with his.

Bakugo didn't like that either. He had decided it was OK if he sometimes felt jealous. And Shinso was definitely in all of those times lately. He seemed to like Denki too much. And Denki seemed to have some sort of connection with him. They seemed to enjoy each other's company too much. Kiri thought there was nothing there, but he could see why they were a good match.

Denki looked at Jiro. After a second, she smilled and put her fist in the air his way, shyly. Instead of taking the hand away from Shinso's fist bump, he crossed his other one on top of the first arm and fistbumped Jiro too.

"Non binary heroes Siblinghood supremacy. Pity we already have future jobs, we could have created the first non binary pro agency the three of us."

Bakugo didn't give a shit about any of the other ones, but he would have liked knowing about Denki before the rest of them.

"I'm shocked you look this surprised. I didn't know about Jiro, but Denki always says gender is a scam, every time a person says they are not pan or bi. Every single time. All of the time." Sero was very confused. "Shinso, you use they/them pronouns, right? At least it is what Denki uses for you."


"So... Is it OK if the rest of us do too?" Kirishima just wanted to be respectful and supportive to everybody, now that he had noticed he had not paid attention enough.

"Of course. Denki wasn't outing me."

"Yeah, Mic uses it for them in class too." Of course he didn't out Shinso. Not even Jiro, because he hadn't said anything, just looked at her, and she had joined on her own.

"Joyfriend," Kirishima called, trying to recover Denki's attention by testing the word he had used for himself. Denki looked back at him with the biggest of grins. Katsuki couldn't avoid the thought. 'Puppy'. "I am sorry I didn't notice, I've been using masculine pronouns for you."

"No, have mercy on me, don't ask Denki about pronouns. You should know by now what he's going to say." Sero complained.

"Pronouns are a construct. Same as gender. Same as monogamy. Same as..."

"Yeah, yeah, everything's a construct. Homework is a construct."

"Mmm... Maybe. But what it sure is is a waste of energy. Like having to care about pronouns. I don't care, use whatever you want, Kiri. Even they use he." Denki pointed towards Shinso.

"What about you, Jiro? Still rocking she/they?" Mina asked, trying to help her purple haired friend to be heard. Of course Mina knew, she always knew everything.

"Yes..." the rest could barely hear her, blushing now that someone was paying attention to her.

"Any preferences?" Asked Shinso. Then put his fist in the air, with the same poker face as ever. She was so nervous she looked at it, not sure what it meant.

"Enby heroes siblinghood!" Denki put his fist with theirs. Jiro understood and joined in the triple fist bump timidly. Then smiled at Shinso.

"I don't know. I... Just Momo, Mina and Denki knew until now."

"Want me to try using ‘they’ for you? See how it feels?"

"OK" she smiled softly.


Bakugo had been acting strangely. He wasn't mad. He wasn't frustrated. Those two feelings Denki was sure about. In any case, if Boom Boom Boy had something on his mind, Denki assumed he would say it when the three of them were alone.

Kirishima had noticed the weird mood too, obviously. 

"Hey, Denks, could you please go bring some water?"

"Oh, sure! Be right back." Kiri knew that would give the two men some minutes to talk. A lot more minutes to talk if Denki got distracted by something or someone.

"Why are you acting weird since Denki said he is non binary?" Kirishima had that disappointed father energy right now. He had cautiously asked, but he was not going to be permissive at all about Bakugo being anything but supportive.

"Because he told fucking Megamind before me. Us. Whatever. I'm always the last one to know things."

Kirishima relaxed a little, still cautious.

"I don't think he tried to hide it from us, they are non binary too, so I guess the nbs have their own gaydar? Enbydar?"


"Are you jealous of Shinso's relationship with the puppy?" He had used one of Bakugo's private nicknames to soften him up. It worked perfectly.

"Look, I try, OK? I do try. I know you guys don't feel jealousy and all, but I do. This polyam thing you have makes me nervous". He didn't bother trying to tell him again his problem was not polyamory but insecurity and polyamory didn't mean they would go around having sex with everybody.

"Well, we talked about it with Denki, we agreed this was not an open relationship."

Kirishima knew, even if he had never complained about it, Denki would sure have had casual sex outside of their throuple if they hadn’t asked him not to.

"Yes, but still, we are already three. What if he falls for Purple Freak too?" Bakugo crossed his arms over his chest, defensive.

"Well, if it ever happens, we'll worry about it, OK? You just need to know we love you and we won't stop loving you" At least not because either Kirishima or Denki had started loving someone else too. "I was worried you were conflicted about him being NB".

"I'm already in love with him, Shitty Hair, it doesn't change who he is." Denki had stopped at the other side of the door when he had heard Kiri's last sentence, he smiled now and opened like he hadn't heard anything.

“I’m back with the water. Is Red done micromanaging everybody's emotions or should I go to my room?”

“Sorry.” Denki was right, Kirishima should have let Katsuki explain himself in front of Denki.

“That’s ok, but if my boyfriend has something to say he should tell me, shouldn’t he?”

“There was nothing to say, I just don’t like Shinso.”

"They are a good hero and they are powerful, why don't you like them?".

"I don't fucking like them around you, dumbass." Mpf. Denki smiled mysteriously.

“Nah, nothing to worry about, Blasty, not my type at all.”

Chapter Text

Their time as students was almost over. The last parents' day was a week away. They had all started to talk about moving to their own places, most of them already had accepted future jobs in agencies. It was a happy and sad moment, but it was still not a thing they thought about much.

Kirishima and Bakugo had started looking for places for the three of them. They had decided they needed an extra room for Denki's over-stimulation needs and for him to be a mess after they discovered the more cautious he was in Bakugo's room, the more of a mess he was everywhere else.

So now they needed 'Bakugo's's room, aka the master bedroom, and a secondary room for Denki to constantly make a mess in. Also the room where he could keep on recording his dances in cosplay, thing that had been happening for a while now. His account was taking off. He had started making videos in public places and he had been recognized, but not as Chargebolt, but as HawksSimpBoi. The name was crap, as expected, he only had very good or very bad ideas for names and puns.

In any case, Kaminari had been called to get a package that had arrived for him. At first he didn't know what it was, but then he saw the name in the address and smiled like crazy. He ran to the common room where everybody (well, everybody he wanted to see right now) was sitting talking about some random stuff he didn't really care to listen. He entered the room like the blonde typhoon he was.

"Pinky, I have something for you."

"For me? What is it?"

He was so excited. He threw it her way and she had to catch it mid air.

"What is this?"

"Open it!"

She did as requested and a pair of white gloves, a pair of thigh highs and a white swimming suit with a big moon and a fluffy collar went to her hands.

"A Mirko cosplay?" What?

"A note just fell." Kirishima noted.

Mina bent down to take the note and read it out loud.

"I'll be waiting for all of those videos." What?

"Look who sent it!" Kaminari was getting nervous.

Mina looked at the package and her eyes became huge.

"No way... No, it can't be."

"It is." Denki had an amazingly huge smile in his face.

"Please, tell me this isn't true. Oh my God, I'm gonna cry." She was dying (figuratively) right now.

"What is it? Who sent it?" Now they were all paying attention.

"Is this for real? You got Mirko to send me her real hero costume?" She couldn't believe it still.

"Yeah, remember I had a mission with her a couple of weeks ago? I showed her one of our videos over l-"

Mina jumped over Denki, her legs around his waist, her arms wrapped around his neck. They fell to the ground.

"Denki Kaminari I could kiss you right now! You are the most amazing ever! Aaaaaaah! I can't believe it!" She laughed uncontrollably and kissed his face randomly.

Katsuki coughed from the sofa, not liking her this close to his boyfriend. Mina heard him and turned around to look and point at both of them.

"If you don't marry those two, I'll make an exception and marry you even if you're a man". Aaaaaaaah, so excited.

Denki laughed.

"Not a man, but happy you like it. You should go try it with the wig and the ears and all. I saw a couple of trends we could do together... And people are shipping us together, so we should definitely try that one with the bed."

Katsuki was so not happy with any of this.


The explosive blonde had left for bed. Kiri and Kami were having a conversation he didn't really care about, so he was the first one in the room and he wasn't expecting them to come still for a long while. So he did what he had been doing lately when he had some alone time. He had been stalking Denki's TigTog. He had been watching all of his videos, not just in the official account, also in the HawksSimpBoi account. He told himself that he hated that account... But he always ended up coming back because it was the most used account he had and he had A LOT of dancing videos. So even if Denki was cosplayed like Hawks, he was still dancing Denki, and dancing Denki made him go dumb. Like dumb dumb. He simped for him really badly in that account.

He was actually simping so hard, he didn't even hear the door open, so he didn't turn off the phone's screen fast enough. Denki and Eijiro had come in too soon or he had spent too long simping on his account. The thing was Denki heard the song that was sounding from Katsuki's phone and picked up the steps where they were in the actual video he had been watching.

Katsuki closed the app as fast as he could, making pretty obvious that he was doing something he didn't want them to know.

"Was that TigTog?" Denki jumped into the bed with all of the intention to watch his screen. He took his phone away from the messy blonde and tried to play cool.

"Are you dumb? Why would I fucking watch TigTog?"

Denki pushed his palm firmly against his chest, made him fall backwards on the bed, then immediately sat on top of him.

"Well, that sound was a TigTog trend. Show me then."

"There's nothing to show, dumbass."

"If there's nothing to show, there's nothing to hide, and you are trying to hide whatever that is from us. Come on, it can't be that bad, what are you? Watching people cosplay you?"

"Who the fuck is cosplaying me? I'm gonna kill that fucking smartass."

Katsuki tried to sit back. Denki pressed firmly his chest against the bed. He was feeling Bakugo get nervous under him... And teasing him was always an amazingly interesting game.

"You should cosplay Katsuki. You would do an amazing Dinamight impression." Kirishima said.

"What the fuck are you saying, you fucking traitor?"

"Uuuh, that's an amazing idea." He stopped pushing at his chest and immediately entered his cosplay supplier. Katsuki thought he could take advantage, Denki's body pressed towards him, pushing chest against chest, forcing him to lie down. Then he used his elbow against his chest to make him stay put under him and his own hand to rest his head. "Kachan, I'm really invested in this conversation, you can either tell me what you were watching, or I can buy these."

Denki showed him a wig that simulated his hair and a teeshirt that was part of his merch and simulated his hero suit. And some red contact lenses.

"Pf, like I care about that. Move already."

"Uhh, maybe the top too, I would do an amazing Femnamight. I'm staying here till you show me, by the way. "

"No, you're fucking not."

Katsuki tried to push him away. Denki resisted his push, partially because Bakugo was still holding his phone tightly and away from him, so he couldn't really push him with all of his strength.

"You are just making me more interested with this. Are you really going to make me tie you for something that is not sex related? Or maybe it IS sex related and that's why you won't tell us."

"You are just saying dumb shit now, is there even sex shit on TigTog?"

"A lot of it. So it IS TigTog, then."

Katsuki felt his face blush.

"Busted." Denki smiled unmovable on top of his hips. He winked an eye at him, teasingly. Katsuki clicked his tongue.

"Why the fuck do you care so much? You doomscroll on that shit endlessly."

"That's exactly why, you wouldn't see me interested in what Kiri watches because we both know which things the other one is following. But you? You deny everything, make fun of us, and now we catch you red-handed. We didn't even know you had a TigTog account. Tell me, Boom Boom Boy, what are we watching. I can stay here all night... And I can make it really hard for you. Also, I am pretty sure you wouldn't like me making hot dance trends cosplayed like you for all of the extras to simp and start going after you like they do Hawks. I'm pretty sure if anyone can do a hot Dinamight cosplay and make it super real that's me."

"Don't you fucking dare."

"Then give me that phone so I can see what that was. It can't be worse than me making you look caterable to the extras, can it?" Katsuki moved his head to look at Kirishima, found himself pulled by the chin and his face turned towards Denki again. "Don't go looking for daddy, you are talking to me. And you are going to answer or this is going to be a really really long and exhausting night."


"No, no, I'm not medling in my partners' arguments. Also, I'm rooting for Denki on this one, you seem too reluctant and too shy about it... And that makes it just more interesting. Also, Denki cosplaying you? I didn't know I needed that, but I definitely need that."

"You don't seem too convinced, let me give you a taste of how that would be. There are already some VERY interesting audios I can say I have listened to way too many times." Denki left his chin alone, then took his T-shirt out to get naked waist up. Katsuki gasped, not understanding what was going on, too stubborn to surrender. Getting more flustered by the second, with Denki so close and still sitting on top of his hips. He scrolled through his phone and found an audio. The audio sounded very similar to Katsuki's voice, but said some things Bakugo had never said in public. It was something like: 'What are you looking at fucking extra? I'm gonna erase that stupid grin off your face.' Denki mouthed all of that with a disdainful look in his face, then slammed his hand by Katsuki's head at the same time a loud thud was heard, his face so accurate, mimicking him SO well. Then he gave him a stare like he was evaluating him. 'Bet you would fucking love that, wouldn't you?'

Katsuki felt himself simping, not for himself, but for Denki again. He tried to summon all of his despise against whoever had created that sound. He felt immediately that he had lost, still simping into Denki's eyes.

"Fine. It was your TigTog. Your Hawks dancing videos."

That was so unexpected Denki didn't believe him.

"It has to be really embarrassing for him if he lied with THAT." Kachan would NEVER do that, he despised his videos dressed as Hawks, Denki thought. He looked at Kiri, surprised, just to find the other one with a really interesting look in his eyes.

"Don’t look at me, I’m just here respectfully simping. Go on." he did a hand gesture, urging them to continue their talk.

"I fucking mean it, dumbass. If I'm watching anybody on that shit is you two." He unblocked his phone and showed him the list of watched videos in his empty account. It was all Denki as Hawks. All of his videos. Some of Kiri's and his official accounts too... But mostly his Hawks videos. He didn’t even bother following anybody else, it was just their accounts.

Denki was so shocked he turned Bakugo's hand and phone towards Kiri so he could see it too.

"You're so hot in your Hawks outfit, I can understand him. Don’t worry, Katsuki, I do that too, but Denki already knew that because I like and comment his videos. You can do that too, no shame on simping over your hot joyfriend. And if you cosplay Dinamight? Uf."

"Don't you fucking dare, Pikachu."

"Too late, Kachan, gonna make you the hottest pro hero in the app." Denki smiled, so fond of himself, his self-esteem through the roof for once.

Chapter Text

Aizawa had reminded them that parents’ day was around the corner.

Denki seemed to have forgotten that meant Katsuki's parents were coming too. In general, Kirishima's mothers didn't seem to worry him, but he had kept rejecting meeting Katsuki’s. They didn’t know he didn’t seem to care about Kiri’s mums just because he knew they lived far and he would be less likely to have to talk to them.

When parents’ day arrived, Denki seemed to be anywhere but wherever Bakugo's parents were. He didn’t make any effort to be around the only one of Kirishima’s mums who had been able to come see him, but he seemed to be actively avoiding Mitsuki and Masaru. It hadn't been that obvious at first. Mina was the first one to notice and told Sero. They had done a couple of tests. As soon as Mitsuki was in sight, Denki had something really urgent to do in any other place. It had become a game for them trying to make Bakugo and Bakugo's parents come towards them during the day. They weren’t aware Mitsuki had noticed that.

When everybody went into the classroom and everybody scattered around, Denki felt TRAPPED. The good thing was that Present Mic was talking to everybody and they were all facing him. The bad part was that Mitsuki had managed to understand there was something fishy going on, so she had ended up positioned right behind Kaminari.

And he was dying. He needed to run away from there. Present Mic had noticed too.

Present Mic heard Denki's fidget pen fall, the second time in the last two minutes, so he signed his way so he knew he was allowed to go out if that was what he needed.

Denki seemed cool about it until while he picked his pen from the ground, then he was out the door and running to look for a quiet place to relax.

Mitsuki gave Mic a curious look. She could have asked him, and she probably would later on, but for now, she had a son she could torture, and she was not going to miss that opportunity. She was perceptive and she knew Eijiro and him were hiding something, Katsuki had seemed to be looking for that blonde the whole day, even if he thought his parents hadn't noticed.

As soon as the chatter started again and they were allowed to talk and move again, Katsuki headed to the door.

"Katsuki, where are you going?", he wasn't expecting his mum to notice. He turned to face her. She was expecting an answer, she was not going to let him go that easily.

"To fucking pee, woman, leave me the fuck alone", he lied.

She didn't buy it.

"That can wait, Come, come, I want to talk to you", he turned towards her, grunting, pissed.

"Who is that kid Present Mic used sign language with?"

"I don't know who you're talking about", but he knew, of course he knew, they had talked about a kid in his class some teachers signed to in first year.
The hard of hearing and deaf community wasn't that big, they all knew each other, in fact Mic and his parents knew each other, there were several hard of hearing people in his family and they all assumed with his quirk he would end up completely deaf.

"That blonde guy who Present Mic clearly signed 'Loud' and 'Out' to and who went immediately away and never came back. Who is he?"

"Nobody", he snapped, automatically. Then he felt bad, remembering the last time he had made that mistake.

Mitsuki was smiling like a shark, and not like the cute redheaded one.


Mitsuki smiled even more. Not an extra, first 'nobody', then his name, not even his family name. Also, was he blushing?

"Denki... And why does he speak sing language?"

"I don't think he fucking does. Why the fuck do you care?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing, I was just curious. So this Denki kid..."

"What's up with Denki?" 'Did you tell her?' Kirishima smiled.

"Mic used sign language to let him leave."

"Oh, yes, several of the teachers do. Mostly Present Mic and Aizawa."

"That's nice of them. He seemed pretty nervous", it was one of two options. "Does my lil piece of shit of a son bully him?" he head-locked him, Bakugo complained loudly.

Eijiro couldn’t but think of the times Denki teased him saying 'And then I'm considered the loud one'.

"Oh, no, not at all, he doesn't bully anyone, he's even doing better around Deku".

Mitsuki grinned like a shark again. ‘He’s dating the kid, then’. Then she remembered Eijiro and Katsuki had been a couple for years now and they still seemed to be, at least if she took into account how they looked at each other. She didn't dare asking in front of the redhead just in case. She released his son and just changed the topic. For now. She would pay attention to how Kirishima treated the other kid, maybe that would tell her something.



The last part of the day was in the training grounds with full hero costumes. The idea was to show their parents how much they had grown. This would be the last time they would have a parents’ day, they would become pro heroes in just a month and a half.

All of the families were on the bleachers that had been set for that purpose. All of the students were on the grounds, the class tight together after all they had lived together these past years.

Mitsuki didn't mind having to watch kids that weren't hers, but she was way too invested in her mystery. She followed those three around with her eyes. As soon as she was not around and they had somewhat forgotten about their families, suddenly Katsuki and that Denki kid seemed to always be just arm distance away from each other, the loud blonde came and went around and he was quite touchy and grabby with literally everybody else... And he didn't touch Katsuki at all, but he teased him. He teased him and her son answered with humor, instead of trying to kill him. Or, well, humorously trying to kill him.

The more students she saw, the more intrigued she was. Denki seemed to be one of the loudest if not the loudest of them all, and he seemed to be able to cheer and chant and make the rest of the class join in the hyping of the other students. A part of her was sure those two were something, another part of her wasn't able to imagine how her son would end up even befriending him. She could see Eijiro as a bridge, but... There was a piece missing.

Her husband touched her back once, to make her stop staring and stop with the obsession.

She managed to stop until Denki’s turn. He displayed a lot of electric zapping, they all cheered for him... But his son, he was smirking, he looked satisfied, proud? When the blonde one went back to the group there was a lot of touching and a lot of laughing and a lot of hugging, from Eijiro included. Then she saw her own spawn, who hated anybody touching his hair, actually ruffle Denki's. What was she missing? Had he mentored him? Why would the short one avoid her then? Why wouldn’t he say that then?

She proudly watched his son wreck... Well, almost everything, his destructive power bigger and flashier than ever. And when he came back to the group, Eijiro and him interchanged a manly pat on the back. Denki and him just exchanged a glance. What was happening here? Eijiro's arm rested on his son's shoulder. Nobody seemed surprised by that. Those two were still together.

"He knows you're staring right now", her husband had just accepted she was not going to stop. "He might not have known before, but it was his turn, so he knew we were watching". Fuck, he was right. Observation should end, then, she wouldn’t get anything from now on.


Mitsuki and Masaru joined Aizawa so he would make a thorough report on their son. They were proud. He just had good things to say about him.

Mic entered the room when they were almost over and waved.

“Sorry, you sounded like you were done.” Hizashi smiled at Aizawa. Mitsuki and Masaru knew them from the outside, they weren’t just Katsuki’s parents, Mitsuki and Mic knew each other since they were in their twenties.

“Yes, I have already finished.” I’ll leave now.

“By the way, I hope Katsuki’s relationship with Eijiro didn’t give you many headaches this year.” Masaru sighed. That woman.
“Of course not, they are a lovely couple, they help each other grow so much.” Answered Mic with a smile. Did she know about Denki? None of them could be sure, but Hizashi was dying to be a gossip and talk about it with Mitsuki. Hizashi was actually hoping for the year to end already so he could tell her everything.

“By the way, that Denki kid, you signed to let him leave.” ‘She knows, doesn’t she?’

“Oh, yes, some kids need to move more than others, so I taught him some sign language on first year so I could send him out when he needs it.”

“How is Katsuki’s relationship with him?” Present Mic smiled, he avoided looking at Aizawa, but he could hear his voice telling him not to say anything he wasn’t supposed to.

“Oh, well, they hit a rough patch in the beginning, but they are doing fine now.” Mitsuki didn’t know what to do with that information, was it too vague or completely the opposite? She didn’t know. Hizashi felt bad for not being able to tell her more or be more explicit, Aizawa’s eyes clearly on them. They hoped she could connect the dots on her own. “Have you asked Katsuki about him?”

“Hizashi.” Aizawa never used his real name in school. Hizashi just smiled.

“You should go say bye to your son. I guess you don’t have many opportunities to see him have fun with all of his friends.” Hizashi pointed at the window with their eyes to help her understand.




The parents were already leaving, it was all coming to an end and Denki had started to relax for real and be his usual clownish self. He was trying to hype up Uraraka, who had just come out of a break up (she always seemed to be, the poor thing, she deserved better) and was feeling quite soft because most of them were moving out of the dorms and going separate ways. Either him or Sero had started singing again, because the rap that fan had made for her was too good and too catchy, and she loved it, and they all imitated her moves with the chorus which always made her laugh.

So now Mina was singing:

"Levitate!" and the ones that were loud and didn't care about anything, Kirishima included, answered:

"Float, float."


"Float float."

Uraraka laughed and joined them.

Mitsuki and Masaru saw the group while they approached it. Masaru didn’t try to stop her, he knew her too well.

Katsuki was not actively participating in the shenanigans, but he was there with them. Eijiro had an arm over Denki's shoulders, Denki very close to the redhead. More than most men would accept, even more, men that age. And Katsuki was, again, an arm's distance away. And he didn’t look pissed about them being this close.

Katsuki hadn’t even flinched when Uraraka left to say bye to her parents and Denki passed his hand behind Eijiro's back or the redhead caressed his shoulder with his thumb.

"Let the kids be...", he knew it was absurd trying to stop her, even after actually talking with Aizawa and Mic and knowing nobody had broken up with anybody and 'they made a bit of a mess at the beginning, but they are OK now’.

She got to the group before her son could react, then hugged him and Eijiro around the back, by surprise. Denki discreetly pulled away from the redhead.

"You are all amazing, seriously, amazing. I think we should all celebrate. Why don't you come by to have lunch at our place, this Sunday, you are all invited." She made eye contact with the electric blonde when she said All but was kind enough to keep on looking at the rest while finishing the sentence.

"What the fuck are you talking about? No fucking way." Katsuki complained, but Mina and Sero were already hyped up about it and celebrating. Eijiro didn't join at first, even if he shared a glance with Denki. Denki seemed to freeze until that moment. And in the blink of an eye you would have said he hadn't stopped moving or talking for even a second.

"Lunch at Kachan's! Is he going to do the cooking?". 'Kachan, huh?'

"But wait, do WE want him to do the cooking?" Mina stopped him. "I mean, he must have learnt from someone".

"Uuhh, you're right! He's the padawan! Who's the master then?" Denki repressed his dirty mind and he did all he could not to look at any of his boyfriends while asking that.

"My husband is the master,” ‘Title of my sex tape’, Denki added to himself. “I don't have patience for cooking."

"Heh, twinsies!" and like that he grabbed the hand that was nearer to him and high fived it himself like he hadn’t been avoiding her all day. Had she imagined everything? Well, she sure didn't want him to escape, so she pushed.

"So, we count on all of the five of you for Sunday, then, right?" Mina and Sero were too happy they were going to see a part of Bakugo's life they had never even dreamt of seeing, they immediately nodded. Kirishima smiled at Jiro, so she nodded too. There was one electric blonde left to answer. "What do you say, 'twinsie'?" Denki's grin was huge and seemed to hint there was nothing behind it, the clown of the class was good at not reacting and at protecting himself, but she knew what to look for, so she saw it. She saw how his eyes went to check on her son's for a second before answering. ‘Gotcha’.

"Obviously, but we need you to have all of the baby pictures ready!"

"You better start fucking running, Pikachu, cause I'm gonna rip that fucking empty head off." Denki laughed, unimpressed.

"Come on, Blasty! It's our one and only chance! Worried we will see you be adorable?"

"I haven't been adorable a fucking day in my life, I would have blasted your head off as a baby."

"Death by cutiepie, I accept." Bakugo grunted, thinking his mum was too close to answer blasting him how he wanted to do.

"OK, then, it's settled, Sunday morning it is, then."




The parents had gone away and the students had gone back to the dorms, where Sero and Mina tried teasing the hell out of Denki, who seemed unimpressed. At least until the three of them were alone that night in Katsuki’s room.


"I thought you didn't want to meet my parents, Sparky." ‘Did you change your mind?’


"Well, I’m not, your UA friends are". Including him. 


"That makes no fucking sense, you are meeting them anyway."


Suddenly Kiri understood.


"But it’s not the same thing, is it?", he hugged Denki. Aaaw, so cute, nervous about meeting the in-laws and not knowing how to act. “Same thing with my mum, you didn’t want me to introduce her directly to you, but you were ok when she said hi to everybody.”


"I don't do good with adults." He summarized it. He didn't know how to act one-on-one. In fact there was not many people he interacted one-on-one with that wasn't them, not even Mina unless they were dancing. Just his family and Sero.


"They are going to adore you. They are so sweet, you'll see." smiled Kirishima. 


"Of course they adore you, Red", Bakugo's private nickname for Kiri had just stuck with Denki too. "Have you met you?" He smiled, avoiding the important part. Katsuki kissed him softly (for being him). 


"They will, you are amazing" 'or I'll kick their asses'. Also it was a possibility that his parents had already figured it out, his mum was asking a lot of questions... But that information was not going to help Denki, and that he was sure about. The blonde mess felt safer being just one of the friends that was coming than being 'the new boyfriend', and he could understand and respect that, even more if the other boyfriend was Shark Boy. "I'm happy you're coming, Sparky. Even if that means having a lot of extras in my house."

Chapter Text

Sunday had come at last and if they hadn't known Denki better, they could have sworn he was not even a little bit concerned, he could have fooled them some months ago. Katsuki, on the other hand, looked like he was made of anxiety.

"See you in my house. At eleven. Don't be fucking late."

"We know, baby, we'll be there with Mina and Sero, we won’t be late. Go." 'I'll take care of Denki until then'.

And there they were now. Kirishima was planning to try and give Kaminari a pep talk before they went in, but as soon as they had met with the rest of the bakusquad, clown Denki had appeared and there had been no point.

Mitsuki and Masaru had greeted them and invited them to come in. Katsuki waited in the background, his arms crossed over his chest. 

Kiri smiled softly when he noticed Denki not leaving his shoes just everywhere like they tended to be in the dorms. He even aligned them properly. So cute. So nervous under all of those layers.

They had all gone to the living room, trying to be the most respectful possible... Which had worked until Mina saw the photos of Baby Katsuki.


Yelling was definitely the best way to get Denki's attention.

Katsuki looked at his mum, pissed. She had displayed more frames with pictures than there usually were, he was sure. He clicked his tongue, annoyed.

"Kachan! You were a baby once! Who would have known?" Denki joked, making dramatic surprised faces.

Katsuki had to turn his back to all of them so nobody would see him smile. Damn Puppy. Mitsuki obviously noticed. She didn’t expect this to be so easy after her son being even more quiet and private than usual this morning.

"Uuuh, I have the bestest of ideas. OK, let's play. We each choose one of the pictures. The theme is: The last time Kachan accepted people to call him Kachan, got it?"

Mitsuki looked at her husband, amused, then at those four (because of course Kiri wanted to play too) and then at her son, to see his face, that looked way less pissed than it would be expected of him, at least until he noticed her eyes on him. She wasn't expecting the typhoon to come her way too. 

"Bakumom, Bakudad, pay attention, you're the judges, let's start." And she had invited all of them thinking the kid might be shy.

"OK, I'm ready. Let's see how good you are at this." A new way to piss her son was always welcome.

Mina and Sero each picked one, all of them gave their own reasons. Inventing the blonde's past in the meantime.

"I can't choose a picture, because he still lets you call him Kachan, so I win." Kirishima winked at Katsuki, to compensate the teasing.

"You’re right, but also completely wrong, you gorgeous shark boy. I talked about accepting it. He doesn't accept me calling him Kachan, I'm just unavoidable."

"Like Thanos." Sero grinned. They knew Denki was dying of anxiety inside, so helping clown Denki to the surface was clearly the way to go.

"Excuse you, like an even more handsome Thanos." Fingergun under his chin, the other one pointing at Sero. "Although purple skin would suit me." Mina laughed.

"You are definitely more handsome than him."

"Thank you, my point exactly. Let's resume." He showed his pick, the one picture were Katsuki was just a tiny potato, a newborn pic. "You all failed, I bet 'Not Kachan' was his first sentence." To make it clearer he put the pic over his face and said, with a really high-pitched voice: "Not Kachan!"

Mitsuki cackled. The kid was so funny. She was about to remind him the judges were them when she was caught off guard.

Katsuki immediately blasted his way. It was the tiniest of explosions, but it was still an explosion, and an explosion most people found at least menacing if not dangerous. The voices of his dad, his mum and Kiri sounded at the same time. Not concerned at all in the same way.


Katsuki groaned and rolled his eyes.

Denki didn't even flinch, too used.

"See? That’s the sign that I’m right."

"Are you OK?" Masaru seemed worried.

"He's perfectly fine. He didn’t even blink." His dad looked at him with a deadly stare. Katsuki pressed his lips together and shut.

Denki chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, don't worry, Bakudad, we are used to Boom Boom Boy getting mad at everything". But the adults had seen how Sero and Mina had jumped a little when he had blasted Denki’s way, and they weren’t even close to him, just Kirishima and him were used to that. He didn't usually do that in public, but he had lowered his guard unknowingly.

Denki took the picture Sero had chosen, were he looked four or so and was with Midoriya. "I'm gonna fucking kill you, you extra", he did the impression with the same high-pitched voice.

Mitsuki chuckled again.

Her son looked at her in disbelief, then had to look away because that had been fucking hilarious, to be fair.

"He didn't swear that much yet", she answered, more interested in that blonde typhoon each second.

"Please, sit down. Katsuki, bring some tea for the guests." His son groaned and rolled his eyes while he left the room.

"So are you five moving in together when the school ends?"

Mina and Sero reacted immediately and in a really visceral way.


"No way, what a nightmare."

"Oh, why is that?" She already knew they weren't going to be five, she had seen the houses his son and Eijiro (and Denki too?) had been looking at.

"Because this one is loud."

"You wake up everybody in the dorms once with your" ehem "singing and they forever call you loud, me, the quietest person to ever exist, can you believe that?" He dramatized.

"You are not shut even when you are fucking asleep, Pikachu." It was a way of talking, but his mum looked at him and there was a smirk in his face. He tried to ignore her. She had given him A Talk about Behaving Properly before the group had arrived. He insulted her in sign language as soon as the tray touched the table.

She kicked his leg and he hissed.

Kirishima smiled and asked them something about their job.

"Wait, are you fashion designers?" Mina was hyped.

Denki started to look at Katsuki with a huge grin on his face, going back and forth between Mina talking and his boyfriend, once, twice, three times, it was not that he was trying to control himself as much as he didn't want to interrupt her.

"You had to Love when he interned for Best Jeanist then!"

Katsuki would have blasted him, but he didn't feel like being reprimanded again that soon, so he kicked him discreetly as a warning sign. Denki laughed again.

"That hair, oh God..." Mina laughed. "How did you let him do that to you?"

"Uuuh, cosplay idea! I so should dress as Best Jeanist for Halloween!"

Mitsuki was completely in awe. 'How did he ever even started to be friends with my son? Because at least those two are very good friends.'

"For the TigTog account?"

"That can be arranged too, but no, to go all dressed in Halloween. But then we can't have a group costume..." He rambled to himself "Unless... We all go as Best Jeanist! What do you guys say?" Finger guns pointing everywhere.

"And then you'll say we are dressed as astronauts or something" Denki looked at Sero, confused. The rest of them laughed. He was the only one who didn't follow.

"Why would I say that?"

"Because last time you considered a maid dress a 'farmer dress' and a leather jacket 'cowboy clothing'."

"How...?" Mitsuki needed context for that level of clothing randomness.

"We went to a karaoke and he convinced us it was a group costume and the theme was 'the farm'." Eijiro showed her the picture from last karaoke.

"How did you convince him to go karaokeing AND dress up?" She smiled, those three were so close in that picture. She had assumed it was Kirishima's doing.

"Are you so fucking old you have become blind?! You saw a toucan, a banana, a maid and a leather jacket in a farm theme and THAT is what surprised you, old hag?"

"She's a fashion expert, she understands my genius, unlike you. Bakumom and I know about the hip trends.”

"Shut the fuck up, Pikachu. I have more fashion sense than any of the extras in our class, you included." ‘In our class, not as an extra’.

"OK, then, Mister Fashion Bomb Dinatrend, then prove it, do a fashion show for us with things from your closet."

"In your fucking dreams, Dunce Face."

Denki grinned so much Katsuki heard his thoughts. What a pity, such an easy answer NOT to give in front of his parents. He dramatically clicked his tongue, then shrugged.

"I had to try, it would have been awesome if he had fallen for that, right?" The other three nodded.

"I'm fucking sick of you fucking guys." He growled.

Mitsuki was so entertained she didn't even care to tell him to stop swearing.

Masaru asked his son to help him in the kitchen, he was seeing him get anxious for not being able to control anything and that couldn’t end well. He was right. Katsuki could have worked with Denki and his mum, but with the other two extras there and clown Denki teasing him? Not that much.

"So, now that Katsuki’s not present, tell me, Denki, you are in love with my son, aren't you?" She asked point-blank, in a low voice so her son wouldn’t come back immediately, all her whole body directed towards Denki. She meant to destabilize him.

The question was so direct, Kirishima had to drink tea to avoid staring or trying to save Denki. Suddenly everyone was drinking tea very avidly.

Denki mirrored her posture, all of him pointing towards her. His smile didn't even flicker.

"Who wouldn't be? He's a hotty. Although now I see where his beauty comes from." He winked at her jokingly, not even caring about being heard.

She had been amused before, but now she was Entertained by that fucking cheeky little nugget.

Katsuki slammed something in the kitchen. They heard him loud and clear.

"Did you just fucking flirt with my mum, Sparkplug?!"

"What? I'm human, I'm not made of rock." He pointed towards Eijiro, like he could see him from the kitchen. "And I like my women like I like my men: hot. And she's hot, and she didn't yet tell me to shut up in all of this time, AND she has a fashion sense. That’s a match made in heaven. We're meant for each other. You can choose to call me daddy or father, as you prefer, I don't see myself as a 'pops'."

Katsuki thanked God for being so far, because he didn't have to control himself not to crush his skull.

They heard the faucet open in the kitchen and the water run. They didn't hear Masaru talk to him.

"You should tell him if you don't like him teasing you."

They didn’t hear Katsuki’s answer either.

"It's just banter, I don't care. It's just this situation is weird. Whatever. I’m fine, dad."


In the living room, Kirishima, Sero and Mina wanted boards with numbers, Denki's come backs were being top-notch today, he thrived under pressure, it seemed.

"Does he always have an answer for everything?" She asked Kirishima directly, pleasantly surprised.

Denki was about to answer when a chorus of 'yes' and 'definitely' covered him.

Masaru cleared his throat, back from the kitchen with part of the food, and they all looked at him.

"Let's eat before this gets cold" And he had dreamt Mitsuki and Katsuki would control themselves. “I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure all of the things you make are delicious.” Denki filled his mouth immediately to suppress a smile, because the comeback had been too good to miss it.

Everybody stared at him for a second but Masaru, who chose to think that was just a compliment.

Mother and son shared a thought, unknowingly. ‘No, you didn’t. Did you just suggest what you just suggested!?’

“Thank you. I hope it’s not too spicy for you.” He didn’t mean specifically Denki, but Denki took the soup to his face because he was about to burst into a cackle. Mitsuki and Katsuki both looked at him in disbelief. “It’s going to get cold, please start eating.”

“It’s delicious, Masaru, thank you.” Kirishima intervened after tasting it.

“Yeah, it’s not too spicy, it’s just perfect.” And Denki didn’t mean to keep with it, but it was too easy and he was too nervous to control himself.

Katsuki kicked him quite hard under the table. Mitsuki looked at Denki in awe until her husband talked again.

“I’m glad you are enjoying it.”

Both of them looked at Masaru who wasn’t even smiling or teasing anybody, just as calm as he always was. Was he…? Were they…? Katsuki and Mitsuki looked at each other in disbelief. Maybe they were reading too much into it.

“Very much, thank you for the treat.”

Mina looked at Kiri and just signaled “ten” with her fingers. He really seemed to have an answer for everything today.

”You’re welcome”.

Mitsuki decided to change topics before they went on.

"By the way, the other day Present Mic used sign language with you, didn't he?" Denki had something in his mouth, so Mina talked first.

"I didn't know you knew sign language."

Obviously that distracted Denki from the first question.

"Yeah, he's half deaf. I thought that was common knowledge. And Dadzawa too."

"What? Aizawa is not deaf." Sero answered. "He can hear even your thoughts."

"Of course not, but he had to learn when he saw his husband was losing his hearing." 'Oh, fuck, that was a mess up... Now I can't backup, it would look suspicious.' So many years covering what he knew to fuck up when there were just a month of classes left.


"What husband?"

"Present Mic, obviously." Now he had no other choice than to look his clown self to make them think he was making it up. And that usually meant saying a lot of truth so they wouldn’t believe him.

"What the fuck? Present Mic and Aizawa are not a couple."

"What? Yes they are! They even wear their wedding bands to school and all, every day, how are you finding out about this now? I was expecting this level of obliviousness from Kachan, but not from you guys. Mina?"

"Well, I mean, there are rumors..."

"It's not a rumor. Come on". He couldn't actually talk about it, he had promised, he couldn't say more, but at the same time they would be suspicious if he discarded the thought. He never discarded chaos.

"You know because you're BabyMic?" They had joked around that endlessly, not knowing how close to the truth they were.

"Yes, basically, we are the same person, loud blondes we vibe in the same wavelength." He made 'wavey' gestures with his hands.

"Does that mean you wanna marry Aizawa?" This conversation couldn't get more random, Bakugo thought.

"Well, no, that wouldn't make sense, he's too old, but Babyzawa on the other hand... I could marry that for sure."

Mina laughed, knowing exactly who he was talking about.

"Shinso! You do look good together, and seem to have fun together too."

"Shinso is not related to Aizawa."

"Shinso is so his kid, come on, Shinso’s exactly like Dadzawa but tiny." Denki omitted the part that he was their kid too... Also, he was burying himself and they would kill him if he didn't do this correctly, but there were a lot of rumors about that too.

Katsuki completely missing what was happening for real, decided he had to be more careful with Shinso, just in case.

"Like Eri. Eri calls Dadzawa dad."

"Everybody calls Aizawa Dadzawa, and it's your fault. It has nothing to do with him being anybody's dad".

Katsuki looked at his parents by that point, because he had actually thought about the Eri part and they knew Present Mic, they also knew Aizawa. His mother cut the conversation there, not wanting to lie to her son but not in a position to tell him what she knew.

"You shouldn't comment on your teachers private lives, don't you think?"

"They sure talk about ours." He had pointed towards Kirishima and Katsuki, but he was fast enough to open the hand gesture to include Mina and Sero too.

"So you speak sign language with them." Masaru refocused the conversation again towards something less private.

The rest of the kids expected him to say no. They were up for a ride.

Denki thought he didn't want to lie to Katsuki’s parents because he would have to tell the truth in no time, so he said the truth.

"Not much, Dadzawa doesn't like me to do so."


"I don't know, but Zashi t..."

"Zashi? Who's Zashi?" Fuck... Talking with adults and outside school was messing with his ability to separate public and private.

"Present Dad." That hadn’t been intentional either, but they had heard him call Present Mic like that other times, so they didn’t give it much of a thought.

"Wait. Did you just fucking call Present Mic ‘Zashi’." Not even his full name. Katsuki couldn’t be more surprised.

Kiri smiled at him.

"I don't think you should be this surprised, 'Kachan'." Katsuki grunted. 'Whatever'.

"Zashi... How are we learning this now?" Asked Mina, too good at hearing rumors and starting to tie some things together.

Denki decided the best way to get out of that was over a wall of words. But he would have to choose them wisely and fast.

"So, anyway, Present Mic came to me first week of first year and said 'You look like you have ADHD, I have it too', then took me to the doctors, then said 'I'm gonna teach you some sign language so you can ask me to go out of class when you need to walk or whatever' so he started teaching me, then Dadzawa saw us and decided if Zashi" He better kept on using that like it wasn't important "taught me we were never going to end because we both get easily distracted and I had learnt how to sign ‘flute’ before I learnt how to say ‘class’, then he said I should just learn what I was going to need, but it was fun so I was trying to sign while listening to music but I didn't know enough so I ended up looking online and mixed it all up because I didn't know each country had its own sign language so Zashi said if I was going to learn I should learn properly and started teaching me every afternoon." When the rest of the students went back home to their families. "But Dadzawa doesn’t like me to use it at school because he says I'll get distracted and I'll distract you guys, so I started signing with the songs again because I will forget if I don't use it and because it's also a great way of stimming." He shut suddenly, being aware he had been infodumping way too much and not knowing how bad he would mess up if he wasn't careful.

"I didn't know Present Mic and Aizawa knew sign language." That counted as a question, because he was anxious, even if it just looked like his regular self. He should have shut, but he couldn’t anymore.

"Course they do, since they met in high school, they didn't tell, but I'm pretty sure Dadzawa dadded him to learn when he found out about his hearing problems."

"They went to high school together?"

"He has hearing problems?" How did they not know that and the high school part escaped Denki, those two things weren't a secret at all.

"Some quirks damage your body faster than others, you guys know that, they have said a million times we have to be careful with that and our specific quirks.”

"Do you have hearing problems?" Masaru always seemed to ask the question nobody else in his family was asking. And he was good at choosing them.

Katsuki had forgotten his parents were present. His mum was shut at least, but somehow his dad being the one to ask made Denki answer seriously instead of clowning, which was somewhat even more stressing for both of them. He thought his mum would be the problem, but maybe he was wrong.

"I have auditory processing problems, but I don't know if that should count." Sero looked at him, intently. He knew the face. He had to answer honestly. "I also tend to get tinnitus when I overdo my quirk too." He added, like a grumpy kid, caught red-handed.

Kirishima touched his thigh, reassuringly.

Mitsuki was shocked by the level of intimacy of the gesture, but even more about how not even his kid seemed surprised about it.

"I didn't know that, why didn't you tell us?"

Sero answered for him, knowing Denki wasn't comfortable and giving him a couple of seconds to think and try to calm down, which seemed to be a thing he needed right now.

"Loud voice, loud music, not bothered by explosions, it was pretty obvious." Sero answered pointing at Katsuki with his hand, because of the explosions, then Katsuki's and his eyes met. Oh. Yeah, it made sense that Bakugo would have even more hearing problems than Denki, his quirk had always been powerful and he tended to overdo it. "So you know sign language too?"

Katsuki nodded.

Denki couldn't hold the tension anymore and needed an escape, even if everybody else seemed to be calm. He was spiraling, he had messed up badly about the EraserMic House for Stray Cats and Kids, as he had jokingly called it since first year. He took advantage of Sero answering for him to call Present Mic under the table on his phone, as he did in any emergency, then hang up and waited for him to call. Present Mic would accept anxiety about outing them as an emergency.

Hizashi had had his phone by their side since they had woken up, they knew perfectly well this could happen today, Denki had told them about today’s lunch.

"Then now you have to learn too." Said Mina looking at Kiri and pointing at his two boyfriends... Ups...

Mitsuki looked at her, the next weakest link, maybe.

There was a silence, Denki was frozen in place by his anxiety so he didn’t say anything, his silence was the loudest thing in the room. And then his phone rang at last and he could breathe.

He looked way too happy about the interruption and just sang along the version of the Taylor Swift song while standing up to run away to any other room to take the call and stop having this conversation. Oh God, Kachan's parents, he was gonna be mortified when he had the time to regurgitate every dumb word he had said in front of them. He dance-stimed it off while running away from the living room.

"And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone, I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run" so fitting... "you'll be the prince and I'll be the princess, it's a love story, baby, just say: Hi! I'm not dying!" He changed the lyrics when he took the call, cutting the sound in the right moment of the song.

Mina chuckled at the last thing they heard before he closed a door somewhere. She looked at Kirishima. 'Sorry'.

Kiri smiled back at her and shook his head.

"I don’t think you said anything they weren’t already thinking themselves, even if they might not get what’s going on here yet, don't worry."

"How is his family taking the problems with his quirk?" Masaru asked, preferring to give his kid the opportunity to explain that when he felt like it instead of his wife forcing him to do it in front of his friends.

"He never says shit about his family, so we don’t know. They have never been to the parents’ days either, have they?" Katsuki had never thought about that before.

Kirishima shook his head, a worried smile on his lips.

"No, they have never come, and I have offered him to talk about it, he just says thanks and changes topics." Kiri looked at Sero, his best friend, their last resource.

"He has a found family that cares about him, the rest is not important." They weren’t sure if Sero meant them, himself or his friends.

"That's why you are so protective of him?" Kirishima could understand.

"I'm so protective of him because nobody is. Was.” He corrected himself. They thought Sero was talking about them, and he partially was, but even if he didn’t know all of the story he also knew Present Mic was somehow a father figure to him.

"That's probably why he didn't want to meet your parents." Kiri reasoned out loud looking at his boyfriend.

Mitsuki felt kinda bad she had been teasing him.

"So..." Mitsuki pointed at the door where Denki had left, looking at her son.

"Yes, we are dating. The three of us." Every muscle in his body said 'I dare you to fucking fight me'. Katsuki was not going to take shit about this. He was ready to defend their relationship.

She didn't understand how the three of them could be dating together, but she knew her son well enough to not doubt his feelings or whatever those three were doing.

"You should have told us before throwing the poor kid in here, Katsuki." Even though he didn't like talking about his feelings, he had told them about Kirishima weeks before they met him. She didn’t understand how he had been there all morning, refusing to say anything. Even less with the attitude he had right now. If he was expecting resistance from them it was weird he hadn’t created a fight this morning and solved it or cancelled lunch.

"He asked me not to tell you because he would be more nervous about it, so I didn't." Even if he really really wanted to.

"I think you should go check on him." There would be time to ask how that worked, but she knew everything she needed to know for now (and some more, because that kid had no filter).



Katsuki walked down the hallway and saw the door to his room closed, he knocked, opened the door and saw Denki on the phone, sitting on the floor as usual, his body all bundled tightly, like he was very cold or trying to protect himself from something. He closed the door behind him.

"Kachan's here. Yeah. Yeah, I will. OK. Sure. Yeah, no, I'll be fine, I think. Yeah, as soon as I get back. Sorry to... OK, OK, then thanks."

Katsuki sat by his side and passed an arm over his shoulders to hug him protectively. It had taken him months, but he knew Denki needed contact as a sign of affection.

Denki hang up.

None of them knew what to say.

"I messed up badly." At least Hizashi and Katsuki didn't seem angry...

"What the fuck are you talking about? You did absolutely nothing wrong, Denks. I just wished you would tell us the things that are hurting you instead of keeping them to yourself. That time" when they had fought, "it messed with my hearing for a while, but I thought it was because my hearing is already quite bad."

Denki wasn’t thinking about that part, but he knew Katsuki didn’t like being the last to find out about things… and he was right now, so he apologized.


"Don't apologize, dumbass. I just want you to tell us so we can be there for you."

"You already are. Training helps. The more I control my quirk the less problems my body has. So your hearing..."

"I lost a lot as a kid, when I still didn't know how to control it properly. I'll probably need hearing aids in the future." But that wasn't important. "I didn't tell them before, but I just did now."

"Oh, God..." Denki tried to become as tiny as possible, covering his face with his hands. He felt like running away so badly, what a mess.

Bakugo tightened his hug around him, like Kirishima tended to do.

"Everything's fine. I am sure they like you." His dad was not a person who judged others and his mum... Well she was a lot like him, he was sure she had understood what he saw in him.

"No need to lie."

"I mean it. You know I don’t fucking date extras. You are amazing. You are witty, you are strong. You are perfect. Of course they like you." He tried to distract him, he was awful at saying nice things. "Did you know my mum and Present Mic know each other?"

"I mean, he's your teacher..."

"No, I mean like... The hearing impaired community is not that big, and my mum’s brother and dad are deaf, so they met a long while ago."

"And you still didn't know he was married to Dadzawa? I thought you were smarter, Blasty." Hizashi had told him Mitsuki and Masaru knew, they hadn’t expected Mitsuki not telling her son. Also, as Hizashi had just told him, third year was ending and Katsuki and Kirishima were his boyfriends, they were expecting Denki to tell them when the year ended anyway. A month before or after didn’t change much.

"Shut up. I don't give a fuck, puppy.” He didn’t realize what he had called him, Denki did. He blushed and smiled softly, until Katsuki talked again. “That was a lot of infodumping."

"Oh, god, don't remind me..." Could he jump out the window?

"Well, at least we all know where we stand now." He felt weird saying this, but he felt the need to say it. He didn't know for whom to hear. "You are safe here." Katsuki saw immediately Denki didn't believe him. He pulled his chin up to make him look at his eyes. "You are safe with me." He kissed him softly.

Denki responded to the kiss and inhaled deeply trying to calm down, because that he could believe. He knew none of them would let any adult be mean to him.

"Ey, Denks... Wanna... Watch porn?" He joked, remembering when he had taken care of him that time and made him forget. He wished he were as good as him at that...

Someone had coughed by the door, catching them kissing and now talking about porn, but those two were so lost in each other’s eyes they didn't hear it, so she had to make the lights flicker.

They were both immediately mortified when they found Mitsuki at the door.

Denki's reaction was to get away from him as fast as possible, but Katsuki saw it coming. He dropped the hand from his chin, but kept on hugging him reassuringly with the arm he had above his shoulders.

"He meant Twilight." Denki's mouth tried to help. He felt so self-conscious about his posture and how close he was with Kachan and everything.

Katsuki on the other hand was mortified too, but he felt he needed to make a statement, so he put his second hand over his.

Mitsuki found the gesture unnecessary, but mostly cute. She tried her best to just look serious and honest instead of teasing them as she definitely wanted to do right now.

"I think I don't want to know. Sorry to intrude, I just wanted to assure you all of Katsuki's partners are welcome in this house. If he loves you enough to ask you to meet us, I'm sure we'll also love you."

Denki blushed completely.

That was enough for Katsuki to change his posture so it wouldn’t be as overprotective.


And there it was, the witty comeback, Katsuki could almost hear it in the tip of his tongue. He rolled his eyes, still happy he had seemed to snap out of it so fast.

"Oh, my fucking god... Say whatever you are thinking, Sparky." That he had some dumb joke to say was a good sign.

"Are you open for an exchange? I think I like your mum better than I like you." Denki had to physically evade Katsuki’s hand, because he immediately tried to blast him in the face.

Mitsuki couldn’t control her smile longer.

"You really are 'BabyHizashi'. I had a crush on him for a while, you know? Maybe it was meant to be that you are dating BabyMitsuki instead of BabyAizawa." She winked at him. They were both speechless. "We'll be watching baby videos in the living room, if you want to come roast my kid in company. But Hizashi said you should look at your phone. I would say they are worried." She smiled.

Denki looked at his phone, still processing that Bakugo’s mum had been in love with his adoptive dad. There was a screenshot of the conversation with Mitsuki for him to read. He had texted her “Tell my baby to look at his phone when yours is done talking to him. I should have warned you. It’s ok if you tell Katsuki about my family. Denki will next month if you don’t.” They had talked about that extensively since it had been obvious that he was moving with them and that relationship was not some whim from the blond mess.

Denki sent him an audio.

"Present Dad! You texted Bakumom!? That's not nice, dude." He then sent a second audio, just in case. "But I love you. Thanks."

Katsuki assumed wrongly that “I love you” was definitely because he was nervous.

"If you ever call me BabyMitsuki you’re so fucking dead." Denki's smile told him he had messed up, he hadn't thought about doing that until now... "Feeling ready to go back?"

"Yeah, I guess we should. Sorry about the drama..."

"Don’t fucking apologize. You don’t know what drama is. Let's get back so I can kick my mum’s ass for listening in on our conversation and then showing you baby videos."

"OK, but before that..." He kissed him softly, as a thank you. "Did Red already know what an AllMight figure collector you were?"



Kirishima seemed to relax when Mitsuki came back to the living room and smiled at him. She didn't want to comment, not with their friends there, but she really wanted to talk to Kirishima about the other kid and try to understand everything.

The blonde typhoon reappeared in all of his glory, followed by Katsuki.

They were aware of that devilish grin he sometimes made way before the explosive hero was.

Denki discreetly moved away from the hallway and from Katsuki and rested his arms on Mina and Sero.

"Hey, guys, you're NOT going to believe what I found in Kachan's room." Their two friends looked at each other and then ran towards the room. Katsuki run behind them, yelling at them.

As soon as they disappeared, the clown face faded.

"He was already in love with someone else, wasn't he? Back at that point." He was cryptic, but Mitsuki understood.

"Yes, he was".

"Then BabyMitsuki might be me, but I got luckier, because he was dating a Kirishima instead of a Dadzawa." He smiled a small honest smile. "Also, his loss. You are way hotter than Dadzawa." Denki gave the redhead a quick peck on the lips and yelled towards the room, not giving the adults any time to try and talk to him. "I'm SO making a TigTog with your figures AND your cosplay, Blasty!" He yelled while disappearing through the hallway again.


Kirishima smiled towards the messy blonde, then looked at his family in law.

"Let me help you take the rest to the kitchen."

"Can I ask?"

"Take advantage now, I’m probably the only one of the three of us who already had this conversation with adults and would not die of embarrassment having a real conversation about it." He smiled encouragingly.

"So you were dating Katsuki and then..."

"Then we both started spending time with Denki alone and he typhooned us to love him. It was a happy coincidence we all fell for each other more or less at the same time."

“It sounds sweet.”

“It was. And it has been way easier than I expected, seeing how long it took for Katsuki to date me. Denki has blown up any doubts or barriers any of us might have had. I just have to remember to let them solve their things on their own and not ‘micromanage their feelings’ as he calls it. I have messed up trying to solve their arguments for them and protect Katsuki instead of holding him accountable. We are still learning."

"I... It sounds really complicated."

"It could be, but it's surprisingly easy most of the time. I don’t know why or how, but it is.”

"Denki's moving in with you too, right? Katsuki didn’t say anything about it and the houses you have been looking at only have two rooms."

"Yes, of course. We don’t need many rooms, we have been sharing Katsuki’s most of the time for months now.”

“…Months? But how long has this been going on?” And how didn’t they know?

“Four months or so? It’s hard to say when it all started. I don’t think we have spent a single night away from the other two since November.” And he was sure they had started dating before that.

"He seems like a nice kid." Masaru tried to close the conversation.

"He is. And he cares about Katsuki very much, he would never hurt him on purpose."

"Im too old to understand this kind of thing, but I'm happy it works for you. They look very cute together."

They could both see how Eijiro’s face lit up. He SO wanted to talk about how cute those two were together. He had already done so with his mums.

"They are VERY cute together. And in general. I'm lucky." He looked absolutely in love with both of them. Both adults could understand that.

"They are lucky to have you too." Mitsuki touched his hand lovingly over the table.

Chapter Text

After going for a run and getting clean with Katsuki like he had done every morning for the past two or three months, Denki left those two to have breakfast for an hour or whatever they did during that much time. It was their last whole day in the dorms, they were leaving tomorrow and he didn’t want to think about it. It just pended over their heads and they were all trying to deal with it as well as they could. Denki had found a healthy way of coping with that, he thought.


He had threatened Katsuki saying he would cosplay Dynamight a while ago. He had actually bought the contact lenses and the wig and the headpiece and even one of his merch shirts. It was so cool he was already so well regarded that he had his own merch already. That wasn't the case for most of them yet, most people had to start working as pro heroes before that happened and not every pro hero had that many things either.


He prepared everything and looked in the mirror. He had to stop himself from laughing, because that was hilarious. Denki imitated Bakugo’s faces in front of the mirror for a while, then sat in front of the camera in the clean corner of his room and used the audio he had been saving for this moment. It went something like this:


"Do I want women to be attracted to me? Meh. Do I want men to be attracted to me? Meh. Do I want anybody to be attracted to me? Meh. But do I want strangers to think if they get really close to me I'll bite them? Absolutely, I want that."


Denki needed several tries before he could stop laughing doing it. Once he managed to take a good video, he typed as a description: 'New cosplay, I didn't want to start with the thirst traps from day one but of course they are coming (flame emojis). Good thing #Dinamight doesn't have a TigTog account, he would totally bite me, and not in the good way (winking emoji).'


Mina's secret account was the first one to comment.


"OMG, I bet Dinamight would totally say something like that!"


That message from Mina, who was probably having breakfast with them right now, made him go straight for the second video. He had been waiting to do this video for so long. Soooo long. Denki was not planning on uploading it until Dinamight's first press conference. He had to be careful.


He took his shirt off and set the camera in a way the background wasn’t really seen but there was a wall for him to hit. Because he was so hitting that wall. The audio started and he went with his best Katsuki impression. That one just took one shot.


“What are you looking at fucking extra? I'm gonna erase that stupid grin off your face.” Denki mouthed all of that with a disdain look in his face, then slammed his hand right next to the camera, like the camera was the other person’s head. His face was so accurate, mimicking him SO well. Then he gave the camera a stare like he was evaluating whoever that was. “Bet you would fucking love that, wouldn't you?”

Now he needed another shower…

Mina received the video, her earphones on and her mouth full of cereal. She almost choked there. Everybody looked at her. She had to close the video and look away and her eyes met Bakugo's and Kirishima's.


"Kiri..." She needed to show him that. She couldn't just have it for herself. "You are dating a beautiful man."


"What the fuck?" Was she talking about him or Denki? No matter who she was talking about, Katsuki didn’t understand shit.


"Should I answer 'not a man' to that or...?" Because she couldn’t be talking about the explosive blonde, could she?


"Look, it's hard, I don't know. I'm almost simping and that is not a thing for me." Not with men and male presenting people. And that was very male presenting.


Kirishima understood what was going on at that point. He took his phone out and of course the first Dinamight video was available in HawksSimpBoi's account. He watched it with Katsuki, who was obviously going to watch it later anyway, so there was no point on hiding it from him.


"This is so you!" He laughed. Katsuki rolled his eyes and growled.




"Come on! It's very funny!"


"OK, fine, it's a little funny. Whatever, I'm going to brush my teeth and get ready."


The way Mina looked at him made Kirishima stay.


"See you in a sec."






"Oh, my God, Kiri, you have to see the video Denki sent me after he uploaded that one."


She just passed him the earphones, it would be better that way.


The redhead looked confused, but trusted her. The video caught him by surprise even if he had already simped (respectfully, as he had put it himself) about that same audio and that same Denki… just without the whole cosplay, eyes and things.


Kirishima smiled a huge shark smile.


"God, I love him so much... He's so gonna kill him... I saw that in person, and... I mean... Uf, goosebumps. Please please send me the video. He'll make him erase it as soon as he founds out and THAT can’t be lost. God, it's so hot in here, isn't it?"


She laughed.


"Just for you. No shame, though, if my girlfriend did a video like that dressed as my other girlfriend? I would explode. Damn, if Denki made that video as fem Dinamight I would probably explode too!" She laughed.


“He would be up for it. I don’t care for it, but he’s so gonna be up for it. You should tell him”.


Mina texted him immediately, obviously.




It was already the last night in the dorms for all of them and a half festive half sad vibe floated over everyone. Sure, they would see each other again, they would sometimes have missions together... But it wouldn't be the same, all of them already started their adult jobs in different agencies in the next few days, scattered all over the country.

So the music had blasted, alcohol had appeared at some point, and they had ended up partying in the common room like the world was going to end.

After dancing, singing their lungs out and all of that stuff, someone had started convincing the remaining people to play Never have I ever. That someone was Mina, obviously. She wanted to know all of the gossips she had missed before leaving the school forever and becoming a respectable pro hero.

"Come on! Let's play. You don't have to drink alcohol, you can have whatever you are having! Pleeeease!" It was definitely not about the drinking, just about the gossiping.

So half of class 3A and some of 3B sat on the living room.

"OK, I’ll start. Never have I ever liked someone who is in the room right now!" Mina needed to get something sorted first. She already knew everybody’s crushes, she thought. But she was seeing how Ochako had been pining for Kendo after her last break up. Well, she had intermittently pined for Kendo since first year, but she always tended to date dumbasses in the middle, so… Now it was her time.

"Never have I ever wanted to kiss a woman from class B that is here." Sero was not going soft either. They all agreed Ochako should have done this long ago.

Kendo felt suspicious about that question immediately because there weren’t that many people drinking or that many class B women in the group right now. Denki had a great relationship with (well, everybody, but in this case) Ochako, so he knew, and he had actually never kissed Kendo. Kendo arched an eyebrow towards him, counting on Mina or Denki to make sense of what was happening for her.

Denki cheered to her, saw Ochako turn a bright pink, because she knew Denki enough to know what was coming. Then he said:

"Never have I ever wanted Kendo to kiss the hell out of me. Oh, I mean, Never have I ever wanted Kendo to kiss the hell out of me right now." He had in the past, so he couldn't say the first one, not that anybody care for the difference.

Kendo looked at him, confused and amused, then looked around, ignored Mineta and saw Ochako blushing badly and drinking so much of her soda, hoping they would stop staring at her. It didn't work, obviously, but Kendo stood up, went to her and kissed her passionately.

"I drank too!"

"She's a lesbian, Mineta..."

"I don't care!"

They decided to ignore him, then said bye with a lot of teasing to the two women that had quickly lost their interest in the game.

"That was fast."

"She likes things straight. Not straight straight, just direct and honest." Denki had lost truck of his own sentence.

"I didn't know you knew her that well."

Shinso coughed, covering a smile with the glass.

"What?" Someone asked Shinso’s way. The purpled hair hero didn’t answer, but Denki (suspiciously) did with a huge smile.

"We are playing Never have I ever, not the questions game thingy. OK, who's next?"


"Never have I ever... Had sex with someone in the room."

Most of them drank. Most of them were surprised about everybody else.

Katsuki noticed Shinso had drank too. He had to wait for his turn, though. He waited patiently. Then he asked.

"Never have I ever had sex with fucking Dunce F-" Both Denki and Eijiro had seen him coming, but Denki was faster because he didn’t feel like having drama tonight and because he was probably the only one who cared about accurately following the rules.

"Stop! You HAVE had sex with me, so you can't ask that one. And you shouldn't ask things you might not like the answer to." Denki warned, knowing Katsuki did his best not to be jealous but tended to fail miserably.

Kiri tried asking something to make Katsuki forget about the other question... Because he had reasons to believe a lot of the people around them had had something with Denki before they had started dating. He was Mina’s best friend after all, and she knew a lot.

"Never have I ever made a thirst trap cosplayed as Dinamight."

"What the fuck did you just said?"

Denki cackled and drank.

"Guilty as charged, you beautiful snitch of a shark. Also, Pinky!"

"I had to! I almost even simped! And I don't like any of you!"


"I didn't upload it!" (yet)

"Show." What the fuck? Why did Shinso want to see that?

Denki looked innocently at Katsuki while half of the class joined in on the request.

"Whatever. It better be good." Or really bad. He wasn’t sure what he would prefer. There were a lot of 'uuuuhs' while they all gathered to watch it.

“It makes Hawks’ thirst traps kid games.” Eijiro felt the need to add, also wanting to prepare his boyfriend and happy he was taking it as a good thing.

Denki made a sign to Mina so she showed them the video in her phone, assuming Blasty would not blast HER phone into oblivion. There were a lot more uuuuuhs after that. And a lot of 'Damn's. And too much simping everywhere for both of them.

"It is hot in here" Kirishima said one more time.

A very conflicted Katsuki looked at his boyfriend, then clicked his tongue.

Then he saw Shinso do an appreciative nod towards Denki and immediately remembered his original question.

Denki finger gunned the purple hair’s way.

Katsuki needed to know.

They kept playing, and when it was Mina's turn, Katsuki stared at her.

She looked back at him, then looked at Denki, then looked at Kiri.

"Are you sure you wanna know? Because I know a lot and..."

"Fucking do it, Racoon Eyes."

"OK, OK. Never have I ever had sex with Denki Kaminari."

Kiri and Katsuki drank, obviously. Followed by some people from class B, Shoji, ...

"You should have just asked me if you only wanted to know if he had fucked me. Or could have asked him." Shinso had never said those many words to Bakugo ever. Then, they drank looking at the explosive boyfriend.

"What the actual fuck? Have you slept with the whole fucking school?"

"Oh" Like she just remembered something, Tsuyu took Ochako's glass and drank too. When they all stared at her, she added, confused. "It's Ochako's. Because of the Christmas party last year."

Shinso drunk once again and looked at Denki, the hint of a smile on their lips. Bakugo looked at Shinso intently. What the fuck was that about?

"Our evil ex is gonna hate having missed this chaos. So, to him."

"That bastard would definitely love this chaos." Smiled Denki, not caring at all about that. "Tell the unhealthy coping mechanism we toasted to him."

"Unhealthy coping mechanism? Mutual evil ex?" Mina was missing something huge.

"It’s..." Denki stopped and looked at his boyfriends. "Are you sure you guys wanna hear this? Because I just couldn't care less about talking about exes and exlovers." Even though it could get weird.

"Spit it out, Pikachu."

Kirishima nodded too, assuming (wrongly) he would not care.

"Remember I asked.” Just in case. “You should have listened to Toshi, if you just wanted to know if we had slept together, you should have asked me, I would have answered. Now don’t complain when you both get more than you bargained for.” He waited to see if they would back up. They wouldn’t.

“Come on, it can’t be that bad.” The redhead was so invested in this, poor thing.

“Neito is our evil ex and my unhealthy coping mechanism. Was, obviously. Sorry, Kiri."

Until he had said sorry to him, Kirishima hadn't been able to pinpoint who Neito was. He lost the huge smile immediately.

"Wait, you slept with MONOMA at some point?" Kiri didn't raise his voice often, but he was more shocked by that than anything else. He was somewhat infuriated (for being him) too.

"Not just at some point." Shinso seemed to enjoy the chaos as much as the aforementioned evil ex.

"Well, first year counts as a point in time." Denki corrected them.

"You slept with Monoma several times?"

"Wait, I thought that rumor was not true, I kept hearing it but it was just a rumor and knowing Monoma I just assumed he was the one spreading it." Mina was confused.

"Oh, and he was. He was pissed all the rumors were about me or something like that. I don't know, it's Neito, he's always pissed about something."

"So perpetually angry men is your type." Sero summarized it.

"Hurting yourself through someone who treats you and himself like garbage is a thing. Definitely the hottest worst decision of my life. I could have done way better." He didn't look at Shoji because he didn't want to make Katsuki even more mad, but Shoji agreed discreetly.

"I'll quote you on the 'hottest worst decision' part." Shinso was talking way more right now than in the last 3 years together, probably. They were clearly used to the topic and to Denki.

"He'll definitely make himself a mug with the sentence. Tell him with my voice in the voice modulator, he'll fuck your brains out for sure."

"I couldn't be less interested even if it was the other way around."

"Awww, I'm slightly more sexually interesting than Neito to you. That's nice, taking into account he is actually your ex and we are just each other's most disappointing good idea ever." Denki chuckled.

Shinso offered their drink and Denki cheered with them.

"What the fuck does that mean? So you fucking slept with them but it was a bad idea?" Bakugo felt the need to focus in one thing at a time, and there were too many things to focus on right now, and Denki was being as chaotic about this as he was about everything else. Or even worse.

"Yes. We did. First year."

"We are not compatible in bed." Added Shinso. Denki did another 'aww', knowing they had added it so Katsuki would relax about them.

"Because you are the single more dullest person in bed and you don't appreciate a good fuck." The messy blonde pointed out to make things clear.

Bakugo didn't have time to ask his next question, Kirishima was still in shock and couldn't care less about the Shinso part.

"But why Monoma!?"

"I don't even remember how that started, I just know I got sucked in pretty badly and pretty fast."

"And for too long. That was the most horrifying train wreck I have ever seen in my life. It was very self-destructive." Sero added.

"Yes, as I said, the hottest worst decission ever. Also, the perfect revenge fuck."

"What the fuck did you just say?!"

"Truly not interested in him, don't worry, I'm just saying if you want to hurt anyone, me included, fucking him is your quickest fix. It even works on Kiri. Damn, it would even work on you and me if Kiri wanted to bury us."

"How did this escape me?" Mina exclaimed, too interested in all the hot gossip, even if it was from first year. "How long where you dating?"

"Who knows. It was most of first year. Did you know they dated?" Denki pointed at Shinso. They had said it before, but maybe she hadn't heard it.

"No... Seriously?" Mina was learning so much.

"Short but intense."

"Long enough for Dadzawa to find out though."

"Just because you got destroyed when you found out about us."

"I didn't just 'found out' about you. But, thank you, Monoma, for being a petty bitch and crushing me, I had never seen my mistakes so clear than in that second." But it had been hot, though, as unhealthy as it was. Good memories. "So glad I got over that bastard."

"Not the only one. I cheer to that too."

"Yes, please." Sero joined Shinso and Denki on cheering for that. Kiri felt like he had to join too so he neared his drink.

"Seriously fucked up times of my youth." Denki added.

Bakugo was so confused with all of this he blasted Denki and talked at the same time.

"Language, Pikachu."

Denki looked at his boyfriend and saw he was quite overwhelmed, so he stood up.

"OK, let's go." He felt those two were going to need some answers. "Mina, just... Whatever you heard in first year? Probably true. All of it. Yes, that one that seems impossible too."

“Wait! Koda?” It couldn’t be, could it? “The one that seems impossible” had to be Koda.

Denki smiled.Koda… so soft. So nice. That had been the sweetest. Pity he was not there to cheer with him to that.

“Ask Sero or Shinso, they know.”


Katsuki and Kirishima had said they needed to process everything so Denki had gone to his room, they knew where to find him, and they would find him there when they pleased, so he just doom scrolled on the phone listening to music. He had no reason to feel bad, he had offered them a way out, he had not done any of that since they had started, not even in the last year. He had nothing to hide.


"He fucked the whole school!"

"Well... He has always had a good relationship with everybody, even with General Studies, Support and Management students. I always wondered how he had come to know so many people." Now he knew... "I'm just shocked we didn't find out before. How didn't we find out before?"

"I have no fucking clue."

"And with Monoma! I can't."

"Is Monoma the only person that bothers you? I mean, fucking Shinso, and Shoji, and Ochako, even Koda!"

"We don’t know about Koda. And I have to say if I hadn't already been dating you when Mina told me in first year that everybody said Denki was amazing in bed, I would have probably ended up in bed with him myself... He seemed to have fucked everyone in first year and nobody seemed pissed about it. I heard he had stopped because the teachers talked to him. Then I completely forgot and nobody ever mentioned it again..."

"So you knew? And you didn't care?"

"I mean, I really want to know what happened with Monoma..."

"You are fucking obsessed."

"Come on! He's the most obnoxious person ever!"

"It's going to take a while for me to fucking forget this."

"Are you regretting it now?"

"I'm not going to break up with him because of things he did a fucking thousand years ago, but it's fucking weird knowing everybody has slept with your boyfriend and he’s all lovey dovey with all of them."

“Don’t be unfair, he’s just lovey dovey with me. And with you when you let him. I think I'm going to choose thinking like Shinso, and thanking Monoma for being such a dickhead, because that means I now have two amazing boyfriends instead of one. And I'm going to talk to him, because now that I'm getting over the shock... Well, I want to know what happened for him to consider him “the hottest most unhealthy coping mechanism."

"I might take a while."

"That's OK, baby. Let us know if you wanna sleep alone." Because Kiri sure didn't feel like punishing Denki for something he had done before they were together and Katsuki wasa too used to being spoiled by Kiri when he shouldn't be.


Denki took his headphones off and smiled at Kiri from the bed when he made the lights flicker to call his attention.

"He's that pissed off, isn't he? Toshi was right, he should have asked me instead of asking about everybody when he always gets pissed if people knows or finds about things regarding me before he does."

"I agree with Shinso too. You know he gets jealous easily, he'll wrap his head up around it in no time, you'll see."

"I'm not going to apologize for something I did years before dating you."

"Of course not! And he knows that too. It's just the shock of the moment. But I really want to know what happened with Monoma!"

"I don't know, I ended up fighting him over some shitty thing he said one day and then we were in bed and scratching each other and making each other horny and... It was the most hot toxic amazing lover I had ever had. He made me so mad... I just felt rage around him. But then we fucked each other's brains out and it was amazing, I managed to stop spiraling and thinking anything negative. And then we went on with our lives until the next time one of us wanted to fuck, so we would go look for each other and piss the other one until the other one was so enraged he wanted to crush us. It was seriously bad. Then I was told I would be expelled if we kept doing that, so I tried to cut it out. He didn’t like that. He thought I was seeing someone else, so he booty called me and fucked Shinso in the place I was supposed to meet him so I would find them because he thought I was leaving him for Shinso and he wanted to break us up." There was a little more to the story, but it wasn't important to this. All of the part where Shinso and Monoma had ended up dating and then… Kiri didn’t need to know that right now.

"Uf, that sounds like Monoma... There was a point when I also thought you were dating Shinso too. You seem very comfortable around them."

"A lot of people did. But it would have never worked. We had sex once, we didn't match and all of the interest faded in both of our parts. Shinso is family to me."

"How couldn't you be compatible with them? I mean... You are a switch and have tons of experience. Now I know to what extent."

"I'm not apologizing for-"

"No, no, sorry, I just understand better why you thought you were OK our first time having sex. You were actually OK, but then Katsuki asked you to leave so..."

"I liked you guys a lot and I had started to daydream about having something with you so… I got negative fast, it would have sucked not being able to be with you two."

"Yeah. Thanks, Monoma, for being a petty bastard."

"See? You get the point now."

"So then, with Shinso, why didn't it work?"

"Oh, it's just Toshi is... VERY Vanilla." He made a face like he was going to puke. "Can you imagine? Having that quirk, knowing how to use Dadzawa's scarf and being freaking VANILLA?! That quirk is LOST on him. The things I would do with that quirk..."

"No, honey, the things I would do to you with that quirk." Kiri answered, taking him by the chin and kissing him. "Thank you, Shinso, for being a softy, then. You looked so hot in that video."

Katsuki opened the door and found those two kissing on the bed.

"Yeah, thank you, Toshi." It was getting hot in the room...

"Thank whom for what? And don't you fucking start now, I am not having whatever this is until we are done talking." He sat on the bed too, breaking them appart with his presence.

"Thank you Toshi for being a ball of sex fluff instead of any interesting in bed to me at all. Toshi is just family."

"So Shinso is a softy in bed?" Katsuki tried not to sound too full of himself or too happy about that.

"Very VERY soft. So very boring. The Vanillasest."

"The guy looks boring as fuck."

"They are cool in general, they are fun to have around and we have tons of things in common, but as a lover? No, thanks."

"Do I want to know about Monoma?"

Denki looked at Kirishima, maybe it was better for him to summarize, Denki could get really honest when he talked about Neito, and even if it had been a while...

"Toxic relationship. He revenge fucked Shinso to make Denki jealous." It was a good summary not to worry Katsuki.

"That sounds like him a lot. I'm trying not to care, but I do care some."

"It was years ago. I didn't sleep with anybody from the UA since the end of first year. Well, Ochako last Christmas, but she was just looking for some comfort after a break up. You know how bad she takes break ups..."

"You fucking dated Ears too, didn't you?"

"Jiro or Shoji?”

“Shoji is Hands.” Tried to help the redhead.

“Shoji I dated for a second. Jiro I didn't, no, we have never dated or had sex. We are good friends, though, they are very nice to be around. I did try, first year, and probably at some point in second year too, but they stopped me and told me they were not interested."

"So you fucked some other extra instead."

"Yes, of course. Someone from one of the other departments. I didn’t want to have sex with too many people from the same class. I don’t know who I slept with when Jiro rejected me. I know Shoji came short after that. It was right at the beginning of first year."

"What about him? So many hands..." If stares could have killed, Kirishima would be dead right now. Denki would have sure been blasted if he had asked that.

"Thank Neito for that too, I'm pretty sure that could have worked, but that's when Neito and I started being kind of exclusive, and when we broke up Shoji had started dating someone else and we grew apart."

“Can we drop the fucking topic already?”

“Ok, but one last question, now I need to know. Koda?”

“So sweet. So nice. Very vanilla, but in a sweet way, not in a dull way. I wanted to kill the guy he dated after that when he broke his heart. So baby.”

“And you dated him afterwards?”

“No, no, I never tried to date him, it wasn’t like that for us, I was just a fuck.” He didn’t want to give them more information, it was not his story, but Koda had actually feared he wouldn’t know what to do with his would be boyfriend so Denki had been a very caring practice dummy. Sweet Koda, he hoped nobody would say a thing to him about any of this tomorrow… Still so shy.


"But you dated Monoma..." 


And like summoned from hell after being named too many time, Denki's phone rang with Neito's name on the screen.


Denki sang Taylor Swift's song and showed it to the guys. Then he took the call on speaker, making a sign for them to be silent. If he knew Monoma well enough, this could be a very good example of why he had stepped away from that relationship. 


And a song BLASTED on the phone, so loud Denki had to turn off the speaker and they could still hear it perfectly. The song was a lot of fucks and fuck yous and don't you talk about me's.

Denki sighed, then answered to the phone's mic. 

"Good night, Neito. Thanks for being your usual asshole self." Then he just hang up. 

"What the fuck was that...?" 

"He does that from time to time. I guess he heard somewhere I named him. If Toshi had told him he would have done something else." 

"He still resents you, it seems..."

Denki shrugged.

"I'm over him. Just don't fuck him, if possible." 

"Like in kicking his fucking butt or like in sleeping with him." 

"I would suggest both, but mostly the last one."

"Would that make you jealous?" Katsuki was not used to Denki asking them not to sleep with people, he was just in an exclusive relationship because of his jealousy. 

"I don't think jealousy is the word, it would sure make me hate him, and be disappointed in you. And it would probably lead to some more destructive toxic sex between him and me. I don't hold much grudges, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you don't ever want to see me again."

"Chill the fuck out, Sparky, I wasn't meaning to tease you or anything. I was just surprised because you never seem to feel anything of that kind."

"Would they work in bed?" 

"Kiri... Aren't you a little too interested in how he fucks? I thought you hated his guts."

"Hate is a really strong word, I just dislike him very much. Even more now."

"You would definitely have an amazing time trying to tame him, FYI, he's the brattiest person ever. Blasty here I bet would enjoy, then hate him forever for what they did together. And then he would have to kill him, because he'll make sure to comment on their sex publicly and made it loud enough for everybody to hear."

"How would I enjoy sex with someone like that?"

"I haven't seen you complain with me. And we are not that different."

"You two are very different."

Denki tended to forget Katsuki was demisexual. 

"Not in bed, just in life. And just because I had help." 'My family'.

"Any other fucking lover we should know about? I don't want to be on a mission and have someone come say 'Hey, say hi to Chargebolt from my dick.'"

"That would be the weirdest of conversations." Kirishima looked at Katsuki like he was mental. 

"No, mark my words, that is totally a conversation Neito would have with you to piss you off in a mission. So don't ever let him know he can piss you about me, because once he knows he won't stop. I'm quite surprised he didn't try to get under your skin or inside your bed since we became a public thing."

"I would fucking destroy him if he tried."

"Maybe he is more mature now?" 

"Maybe. It would be great for him. I hope he has a good life as far away as possible from me or anybody I care about. If not, let's just hope he respects Toshi enough not to try to get under your skin." 

"Why would he? He doesn't seem to respect anyone." 

"An ex who has a quirk that can make you do whatever they please and then not remember it? That's scary. And Neito's an asshole, but he knows better than to piss his best friend."

Chapter Text

They had already assumed he was going to be the last one to pack and the one that would not be ready, but he had actually not even started until five in the morning. So now it was 10 and they were still packing because planning ahead was clearly not a thing for Denki and there still were things all over the place.

Denki sang to the song that blasted in his phone with a picture of Present Mic.

"Hi. We are finishing with the boxes, taking them to the truck and then we'll go there and start unpacking."

"Are you on speaker?" Bakugo and Kirishima looked at each other, why was Present Mic calling Denki?

"Yes. Why? Oh, yes, wait. Sorry." Denki took the phone to his ear and turned the speaker off. Then put the phone to his ear again. "No... Yeah. No. I didn't. Are you sure? I don't know, it is weird... No, no, of course I want to tell them, it's just it has been such a private part of my life for so long, and we are still in the dorms and all... Are you sure I can? Is he OK with it?" Denki played the pronoun game instead of using names, very aware of Katsuki and Eijiro just a step away from him. "Ok, see you in the afternoon at our new place."

Denki was never secretive, they felt very compelled to ask. They looked at each other silently and gave him a minute. Whatever this was, he had just said he wanted to tell them.

"So... Mmm... You might want to sit down for this?"

Katsuki complained.

"Dunce Face, we should be fucking packing, not sitting".

Denki made last night's 'don't say I didn't warn you' face. Kirishima sat down immediately, never doubting that face again.

"My family is coming to help with the moving."

And now Katsuki stopped with the boxes and sat next to Eijiro too.

They both looked shocked. Eijiro was the first one to ask, shyly.

"Do you want them to come?"

"Yes! Of course! I'm thrilled!" The redhead smiled then. That was the only thing he needed to know.

"So we are meeting your parents. You could have fucking warned us with more time." Bakugo on the other hand knew perfectly well he didn't have Eijiro's charisma.

"Are you worried my family won't like you, Kachan?" Denki seemed to find that very funny.


"You're so cute." Denki chuckled.  "But it's not the same as with your parents, you have nothing to be worried about, my family knows you already."

"Fuck you. It's exactly the same, Pikachu." 'Cute', dumbass.

"Do you mean you talked to them about us?" Eijiro supposed he would say as few things about them to his parents as he said about his family to them, but he could dream.

"Of course I have talked with them about you, they were aware we were together before I did. But what I mean is they know-know you. And you know them."

"You are not making any fucking sense, Sparky."

"I'm trying to, Blasty, but no questions about my childhood, I don't think I can..."

"That's OK, baby, just tell us what you want and if we ask something you don't want to talk about we will respect it." Kirishima assumed by all of his doubts they would have questions.

"OK. It's so weird being able to tell anybody about this after so many years... and even more still being in the dorms. I guess this means I'm not a student anymore..." The closing ceremony had been nothing compared to this. "So, first year, Present Dad found out I was... alone." He had jokingly called Present Mic like that before when talking about him. He also called Aizawa Dadzawa, so they had just assumed...

And suddenly the pieces started falling into place for the two heroes, a lot of small details they had not thought about, the way Present Mic and Denki seemed to be on the same lengthwave, the way he talked about him, the sign language, the conversation about Aizawa and Present Mic being married, Mitsuki changing topics, the phone call and...

He noticed their faces, he smiled coyly and then started to explain himself for real.

"My grandparents had died a couple of months before the start of our first year and..." His voice fainted. He coughed then went for what he considered the important part of the story, the part he was able to talk about. "Zashi found out I was living in the streets, they took me to their house and I gave me a room to stay there with them and Dadzawa."

"I didn't know Present Mic was non binary."

"Present Mic is he/him, you know, the pro hero persona. But Zashi is genderqueer, yes. You know, queer birds flock together and all that. But you can ask him about that later." ‘I don't know why you asked that’. "They asked me not to tell anybody about their personal lives, about them being a couple since like forever, not to tell anybody I lived there and well, that's all." As far as Denki was concerned everything was already explained now and they were very informed and they already knew everything.

"What the fuck?" That was not enough information.

"Thanks for telling us. I am glad you found someone to take care of you. I think I understand Sero a little better now... He said something about this yesterday too, right?"

"Well, yes and no, he knows Present Dad is like a father to me, but he doesn't know much else. He doesn't know I lived in their house with them before the dorms and about Dad and all that."

"Where are your real parents?" Bakugo had so many questions, so he started from the beginning. Denki's face went blank immediately. "No need to tell us if you don't want to, don't fucking stare at me like that, just say you don't want to and that's all."

Denki managed to sign 'I can't'.

Katsuki replied signing too. 'Sorry, that's ok. Thanks for telling us.'

"How didn't we know you signed until Mitsuki said it?"

"Dadzawa didn't want anybody to see us sign, because he signs most of the time at home, so it just a private life thing. Also, I mess up more separating private and public when I sign because I can't cover my mess ups like I did with things like them being married or calling Sho Dadzawa around the class. Or what I said at your parents' house..." Denki couldn't know, but it was mostly about him not knowing to cover up and Aizawa not wanting to answer why any of them knew sign language. "I guess he was also aware Kachan signed too. Anyway, we only sign at home. The same way I only call them by their names at home or I only use Zashi's pronouns in private. Oh, that's why you asked me if they are non binary... Yeah, Present Mic is he/him, Daddy is they/them."

"Not complaining, but it's fucking weird hearing you call him, sorry, them, Daddy." Who said Daddy being more than five years old?

"Seeing you guys and my family together out of school is going to be really weird for me too. So many pro heroes to hide in my life now..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well... We can't publicly say we are together, can we?" Kiri was the only one of them who wasn't extremely aware about it.

"Of course we fucking can't or someone will target y... One of us to hurt other of us."

"So mature, he didn't say they would target us to hurt him, did you notice?" Denki teased.

"Shut the fuck up, Pikachu". He pushed his head. "And start again with the fucking boxes, I'm not trusting you to do things on time on your own ever again." He had so many questions, but he needed to get done with the moving first.


They moved all of the boxes to their new house. It was really weird. They all had a moment of saying goodbye to the dorms. Then as soon as they were left alone in the new house there was a 'What am I doing with my life, moving with my high school boyfriends?' panic moment. They laughed it out when they became aware they had synchronized freaked out, then started emptying the boxes.

They were almost done when the bell rang.

Katsuki went to get the door because he was about to kill Denki right now. He thought it was going to be hard getting used to the new dynamic, but as soon as he opened the door he couldn't avoid groaling:

"I'm gonna fucking kill your kid."

Hizashi chuckled.

"See, Sho?! And you were so worried it was going to be weird. It's exactly like being in school!"

"Great..." Aizawa didn't seem happy about that supposedly positive outcome.

Hizashi looked at Katsuki, all excited.

"Can I give you a hug?"

'...Another puppy...'

"Yes...?" 'I guess?'

"That's considered hug-consent in this house!" Yelled Denki from behind, so Present Mic hugged him tight for just two seconds and then let go of him and gave him an extra step of space.

Katsuki would have thought it was weird if it weren't because then Denki literally jumped on top of Hizashi and hugged them, giggling excitedly. Hizashi giggled back and those two looked almost like a wacky cartoon for a while.

'...two puppies...'

"Sweetie! Oh, I'm so sad, they grow up so fast!" Hizashi said, with a smile as big as their head while grabbing dramatically Aizawa's arm.

"Please, stop."

"He said 'please', that's a bad sign." Whispered Denki too loud. Then came near Eraserhead. "Can I hug you?" He asked his other dad, excitedly, while going from one foot to the other.

Aizawa sighed, then literally dropped a hand on top of Denki's head and left it there for ten seconds.

Denki cackled, so happy, and seemed to accept that as a hug.

"You are right, he does look like a puppy." Kirishima smiled, coming towards the door. Katsuki felt really uncomfortable about him saying that out loud in front of other people. Kirishima wasn't expecting anybody to answer to the comment or even pay attention to it.

"Of course he does." Answered Aizawa. "And you better keep him that way."

"Uuh, Dad is playing tough dad-in-law." Hizashi joked while taking their boots off and getting into the living room.

That was when they saw Shinso and Eri in the back.

"What the fuck is Purple Freak doing here?"

"Oh, did I forget to tell you my siblings were coming too?"

"What? Your siblings?" What the fuck? "Wait, you fucked your sibling?!" wtf.

Denki tried to run away. He wasn't fast enough. Aizawa headlocked him.

"You did what?"

Hizashi tried to be so very quiet, that was the most suspicious thing they had seen in their lives.

Aizawa shot the blonde teacher a deadly stare.

"And you knew." Then he added. "Of course you knew." He should have known. "And you hid it from me." That was an argument they were going to have, just not now.

"It was just once!" Denki tried to justify and make Aizawa less mad.

Shinso acterd like they weren't even a part of this conversation, taking off their shoes.

"Shouldn't you be pissed at" Mindfreak "them too?"

"Ohhh, he's protecting him from his Dad? So cute." Hizashi 'whispered' to Kirishima, whom he was hugging now.

"Yeah, so manly."

"You are so tall."

"Just as tall as you." Kirishima smiled.

Aizawa hit Denki in the head with a knuckle, making him complain loudly, quite dramatically for someone who was blasted several times a day and didn't even notice it.

"I expected more common sense from you, Hitoshi."

"I was 15 and sharing a room with him, Dad, you shouldn't have."

"I told you to stop making out with all of the UA."

"And I stopped!"

"You clearly didn't."

"Well, I did stop. We did it way before you forbid it."

"Like months before. You were really late to that one, Dad." Shinso was enjoying themself quite too much. If Denki had shut, maybe Aizawa would have focused on being pissed at Shinso too.

"We just had to." Denki added.

"You just had to." Aizawa hit him again.

"Aie! But it was just once! And I never ever made out with anybody else from school after Neito's thing stopped."

"Until these two." Groaned Aizawa. He released him and Denki literally jumped away from him and behind Katsuki. Bakugo turned to look at him, confused. 

Shinso opened his mouth as soon as Denki was released, there was a hint of a smile on their lips.

"Except for Uraraka."

"Excuse me?" Aizawa looked even more pissed now.

"Snitch! She was so sad!" He justified. "She had just been broken up with on Christmas morning! Christmas is a couples holiday even if you are decided to make it about family."

Aizawa inhaled deeply.

"I should have kicked you out of the house."

"But you already loved me by then, so you couldn't?" Denki dared answering, still using Bakugo for cover, clinging to the back of his t-shirt, not even showing his head from behind him, just in case.

"Yes, I did."

There was an audible 'Aww' from Denki and Hizashi. Kirishima joined the aww, now that he knew that was an acceptable option.

"Wait, that's why you disappeared on Christmas’ Eve last year for several hours and were late for dinner?"

"Sorry... I was planning on inviting her to have dinner with us, but Toshi said it wasn't a good idea..."

"See, Sho? We did well in adopting them too, siblings helping each other."

"Eri, I don't think you need two parents, I think we can kill the other one. And maybe one or two of your siblings."

"Are you going to watch musicals with me then?" She looked amazingly innocent. Too innocent. Suspiciously innocent even for a 9 year old.

"Ok, we will spare their life for now." He then looked at Hizashi. "The small one is too smart, we should exchange her for another kid. We don’t need more smartasses, we already have two of those." She pushed him, grunting.

Denki pushed his purple haired sibling as a way to say hi before hugging them.

Shinso patted him in the head like Aizawa had done, not reciprocating the hug but not getting away from it either.


"Fuck boy." Then they looked at Bakugo, the purple eyebrows high in a teasing attitude. "I told you you should have asked Denki instead of asking about all of his exes in public."

"Uh, you did that?" Hizashi looked like that hurt. "That was very masochistic of you."

Denki opened his mouth and Aizawa pointed at him menacingly, then pointed at Eri, who was an amazing excuse to make Denki not over inform them.

"Control yourself. You make one sex joke around us, I make Eri turn you into a five year old."

"Can I? Baby sibling!" Denki stuck out his tongue towards her. She did the same thing back.

"Let's get this over with. Where's the doom room? I wanna leave." The sheer honesty of the sentence made Denki focus.


"OK, kids, let's go get the supplies we need from the car while Dad assesses the territory."

"What supplies?"

"Didn't you tell them?"

"Eh... Didn't I tell you?" He looked like he had no clue of what Hizashi was talking about. He had too many things to tell them in the past 24 hours, he couldn't remember all of them.

"You won't have Eraserhead at home to stop his quirk from going out of control or Mind Jack to make him sleep and forget why he's spiraling. And I know you have been doing a great job at keeping him stable and healthy since he almost killed Katsuki, can I call you Katsuki? But it is suspicious and annoying having the electrical system fried for the whole building, so we better insulate the room as much as we can to prevent that. It also gets really expensive when he fries the TV and all of the computers in the house."

"That makes sense."

Bakugo remembered suddenly their last and only fight. He was shocked Aizawa and Present Mic had been there almost immediately but had let them fight instead of immediately expelling them. And the comment about dating in school...

"You cut his quirk before he fried me for real. I would have let him fry me if I had been you."

"You were lucky my quirk is not a combat quirk." Aizawa would have gladly made him suffer that day. "You hurt my kid. And then blasted him."

"He could have stopped Denki before he struk you, but he didn't." Hizashi looked at their husband, the blonde teacher was far from happy about his behavior that day. It was not the first time they had this conversation.

"I could also have been far too late to stop his quirk and we wouldn't be having this conversation." It was obvious Katsuki and him would have chosen that option.

"But you are a good man and a good teacher." Remembered Hizashi. Aizawa clearly would have preferred not being. "And know how hard dating your high school loud blonde love can be."

"Yeah, yeah. Go take the supplies already. I want to be in my home with my cats and the kids that aren't married yet." He vaguely pointed to Shinso and Eri.

Katsuki's and Kirishima's faces turned bright red with the sentence.

The rest of them just started moving towards the door.

Chapter Text

As soon as they all entered the room, the family divided itself in two. The loud corner took their wireless headphones out. 

"Wanna sync the music?"

"I almost feel insulted about that question."

The quiet corner prepared their earplugs. Kirishima smiled at Katsuki, not brave enough to give a peck on the lips to his angry Pomeranian, then joined the loud corner.

Aizawa left a pair of earplugs in between him and Bakugo just in case he wanted to join them.

Katsuki looked at the loud three for a second, asking himself... 

"You can still hear them over the plugs if you are not completely deaf, they are loud, even louder with headphones. And yes, you'll miss hearing them after a while." Katsuki turned his head, surprised, to look at his... Well, not teacher anymore... To look at pro hero Eraserhead. His father-in-law. So fucking weird. "But don't come asking for advice." 

"Why the fuck would I?" 

"Cause I'm his dad and I married a loud blond too." He kept using the word marry to talk about them. It was somehow uncomfortable and somehow nice to hear. 

"We are not married."



On the other side, Kirishima smiled at Hizashi.

"I'm really glad you don't have problems with us being a polycule". 

"We know a couple of things about being an unconventional family." Hizashi smiled at Kirishima. "And he could have done way worse." 


"Shhh, if you say his name three times he manifests." Hizashi joked. 


As soon as the music started blasting, their voices became a singing tool and any information exchange became a signing exchange.

Kiri had been aware he had to learn sign language, but it became really obvious now that everybody else but him knew how to sign fluently and used that instead of talking.


Half the job was done when a song started playing and Denki stopped it very fast.

"Are you OK, sweetie?" That was not a good sign, he had never skipped through that song until now.

"Yes, but I want that on speaker." That made Hizashi relax.

"Are we singing that as a family?"

"Of course."

"Can I provide some context for your hubbies?"

"Sure, go ahead, they already know some thanks to your snitch of a middle child."

"Snitching is bad, Toshi, that's not what siblings are for unless your siblings are hurting themselves."

Hitoshi ignored them blatantly.

"Ok, musical context. Denki had been dating the most awful person in the world for all of first year until that son of a... slept with his sibling, our genius of a middle child with a love for chaos. Three weeks later, Hitoshi finally breaks up with that shit of a... at last. Then, first week of second year the... Freaking Monoma has the audacity of trying to rebound and revenge fuck our eldest to hurt them both." Hizashi pointed at Denki, in case they were lost about who was to be revenge fucked. "And of course he accepts the date and leaves to meet with his unhealthiest coping mechanism ever after so many tears and so many months of therapy and after having been the most poisonous person ever for him..."

"So dramatic... It didn't help you trying to forbid me to go either." Hizashi decided to ignore Denki, they talked about it like it was nothing, but that had been the hardest most painful moment in their relationship for them.

"And suddenly, like three hours later,  this song starts blasting in our speakers, out of nowhere, then the door opens and Denki appears with the biggest most peaceful smile he has had in months."

"Who would have known your child would have a flair for the dramatic entrances." Aizawa rolled his eyes again.

"More context.” smiled Denki. “Fast forward to the present, when your dads finally realize they are not your ex’s teachers anymore and they might never see him again."

Hizashi and Aizawa looked at each other, as he had just said, they hadn't realized that until now.

"Does that mean I can sing it too?" Eri just wanted to know if she could swear.

"Just this once." Aizawa caved, far too happy with the revelation.

Even though they had said they were all singing it together, Denki started air guitaring and singing alone. Katsuki noticed he had never heard this song during their runs. It seemed important to him.

“I swear I meant to mean the best when it ended
Even tried to bite my tongue when you start shit
Now you're textin' all my friends asking questions
They never even liked you in the first place
Dated a them that I hate for the attention” Denki changed the pronouns from the song, then pointed at his sibling to sing the next verse. “They only made it two days, what a connection
It's like you'd do anything for my affection
You're goin' all about it in the worst ways.”

“I was into you, but I'm over it now” The way he sang that, his eyes closed, a smile escaping from his lips, Kirishima had goosebumps. He knew what a hard break up was. “And I was tryin' to be nice
But nothing's getting through, so let me spell it out”

And the chorus came with all of them together:

“A-B-C-D-E, fuck you” Katsuki couldn’t be more shocked when seeing both their teachers swearing and singing that and their nine year old singing with them too this song that was DEFINITELY not the clean version.

“And your mom and your sister and your job
And your broke-ass car and that shit you call art
Fuck you and your friends that I'll never see again” Denki pointed at Toshi when he said the word ‘friends’. “Everybody but your dog, you can all fuck off

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
A-B-C-D-E, fuck you.”

Denki became ‘the lead singer’ of sorts again, helping Hizashi with the board the blonde teacher was trying to set in the wall. They seemed to know the words perfectly but just sang the chorus. Hizashi tried not to nail their kid’s fingers while the kid sang.

“You said you just needed space and so I gave it
When I had nothin' to say you couldn't take it
Told everyone I'm a bitch, so I became it
Always had to put yourself above me.

I was into you, but I'm over it now
And I was tryin' to be nice
But nothing's getting through, so let me spell it out.”

Kirishima looked at Katsuki, with a smile and joined the chorus, messing up because of course that chorus was slightly different for everybody to fuck up.

“A-B-C-D-E, fuck you,
And your mom and your sister and your job
And your craigslist couch and the way your voice sounds
Fuck you and your friends that I'll never see again
Everybody but your dog, you can all fuck off

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
A-B-C-D-E, fuck off
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
A-B-C-D-E, fuck you”
The song went to a last verse, mostly just the singing voice and Denki helped Eri over a table. And seeing she was never allowed to sing this, they sang together.

“And your mom and your sister and your job
And your broke-ass car and that shit you call art
Fuck you and your friends that I'll never see again
Everybody but your dog,” Denki put an imaginary mic in front of her mouth and let her finish it, the song ended up soft, but she yelled like that was death metal.

“You can all fuck off!”

“Never again”. Aizawa warned her.

She jumped off the table to keep on helping.

“Can we have the music on the speaker now?” It was his house, but Denki couldn’t help but ask anyway.

“We are never ending if you two start getting hyped with every song.”

“We are already hyped with every song, you are just not hearing them.”

Aizawa sighed.

“Fine. But we are changing to the other playlist.”

And then the musical theatre songs started to sound in the room.

“I don’t see how that is better.” Toshi didn't care, but they knew those two.

“They don’t know the choreographies for all of these, they might even get some work done so I can get back to my own house.”




“Do you guys know ALL of the lyrics to ALL of the musicals?” Kirishima asked, amazed.

“You know some too, respect.” Hizashi hugged the redhead again.

“My mums love musicals too. But I haven’t seen most of the ones you are singing.”

“You haven’t seen Hamilton?”

“No, I haven’t, it didn’t look like an interesting topic, US politics from a long ago.” Even though Mina and Denki loved it, but it was too long, so he always left before it started.

“It’s a piece of art.” Hizashi managed to answer before Denki interrupted them, putting his head in between them, singing to the song in the background.

“You're an orphan. Of course! I'm an orphan” He sang pointing at himself, then at both his siblings. “God, I wish there was a war
Then we could prove that we're worth more than anyone bargained for” He pointed at Katsuki with that sentence. “Can I buy you a drink? That would be nice.” He winked an eye towards the redhead, a finger gun enmarking his face even though the song was definitely not trying to be sexy at all. Kirishima laughed.

But the surprise was just a second later, when they heard Aizawa’s voice recite (because that was NOT singing).

“Let me offer you some free advice: Talk less”

Denki chuckeled and even if in the song it was the same person who said it, Hizashi and him pointed at the four quiet ones, Katsuki included, before singing with the song:

“Smile more”

Aizawa and Hizashi sang alone:

“Don't let them know what you're against or what you're for”

Denki answered:

“You can’t be serious”.

The adults replied:

“You wanna get ahead?

Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.”

And then Eri took an invisible mic again for her favorite part ever.

“Ay, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!

What time is it?”

Eri, Hizashi and Denki sang:

“Sho-time!” instead of Showtime.

Aizawa rolled his eyes, but there was a small smile on his face.

“Not working, no music.” They all got back to work after that, almost done with everything anyway, but not wanting Aizawa to cut the music.

Kirishima looked at Katsuki and smiled, so amused about the way those four had been going from nothing to synchronize teasing each other. Shinso just rolled his eyes a lot. Denki seemed to be vibing as ever. He was being the Denkiest Denki to ever Denki. It was pretty obvious he felt at home right now. Katsuki and Eijiro just could think they needed to see him smile like that forever.


They were just cleaning around the rests when “The Schuyler Sisters” started to sound, so Hizashi, Eri and Denki jumped immediately into it, using whatever they had as a mic. It seemed they even had the sisters assigned.

Eri sang:

“Daddy said to be home by sundown”

Shinso, who hadn’t even sang a note since Monoma’s song, joined Denki to sing the answer:

“Daddy doesn't need to know” Denki laughed so hard after that sentence. Aizawa cut the music immediately. “Nooooooo, bad music karma!”

“Daddy doesn’t need to know… Should have expelled you all first week.”

“So mean.”


Once they had left the room as protected as it could be, they started preparing to leave.

It was immediately obvious that Hizashi didn't want to leave and Denki didn't want any of them to leave. It took Kirishima until they got to the door and started to take their shoes on again to notice Denki was not wacking around. Eijiro touched Katsuki’s arm, wanting him to notice too they were now seeing an openly vulnerable side of Denki that he had not really shown in front of them just yet. Not in their best or worse moments. He looked broken. Eijiro wanted to go and hug him. Katsuki stopped him.

"So... I guess that was it. Thanks... For everything..."

Hizashi looked at their husband, their eyes louder than any word they could have said. That was NOT about helping with the room, and both Denki’s dads knew it. Hizashi could have handled it, they could handle it alone, but they knew perfectly well Denki wasn't about to cry for losing his Daddy, he had known since day two no matter what happened the bond with Hizashi could never be broken. The blonde adult gave Shota five seconds to react on his own. They deadly stared him the whole time in case he wanted to play dumb.

Aizawa sighed, knowing that battle was lost from the beginning. He didn't feel like looking vulnerable "in public", but he was not going to let Denki feel lost to avoid it. His hand fell on top of the blonde locks again, like he had done when they had arrived.

"That's what family is for."

"Yeah, I guess... Thanks for taking me in..."

Aizawa sighed. 'Oh, for fuck's sake. Couldn’t you take the hint? Are you really going to make me spell this?’

Denki's eyes teared up, they could all see him start really falling apart.

Bakugo couldn't see him like that anymore. Hizashi stopped both boyfriends with a hand gesture, Denki didn't need any of them right now, he needed his dad to say what he never said. And Aizawa knew too. And he would obviously put his kid before his pride and before the facade of invulnerability he had created during all of these years. Or else.

"You are our kid. Nothing will ever change that. I already told you when you moved to the dorms: WE are not leaving you behind. You ARE part of the EraserMic's Household for Stray Cats and Kids. You are our baby."

Kirishima melted. Katsuki couldn't believe those tender words were getting out of Aizawa's mouth. Denki sniffed, tears rolling down his cheeks. He looked like the kid they had taken in four years ago. Even to Katsuki and Eijiro.

Aizawa didn't hug a lot. He didn't like it. He liked his personal space to be empty. Except for cats and once in a while his husband. He hugged Denki anyway. There was barely any pressure in his arms, but he seemed to cover him completely, like Denki was a very tiny child.

"Stop it, we will come to have dinner once a year, ok? And you can come home as much as you want. Alone. With them once a year too." That was a joke, even if he sounded serious. Denki cackled and Hizashi smiled, cleaning a sneaky tear from their own eye. "You can't stop coming by, the cats would miss you."

"All of the cats?" 'Does that include you?'

"All of the cats."

Denki chuckled lightly, cleaning his tears with the palm of his hand and giving Aizawa his space back.

Then the pro hero did the most ridiculously sweet thing his ex students would have ever imagined seeing him do. He took a cat hair from his own clothes and put it on Denki's sweatshirt.

The blonde mess laughed for real this time, swiping the rests of the tears away, brightening up again and starting to jump excitedly in his place. He signed 'I love you'.

Aizawa grunted and signed 'I love you' back.

"You are not going to stop until I give you permission to hug me, are you?"

"Great evaluation skills, dad." 'Puppy...'

Aizawa just made a surrendering gesture, Denki hugged him by the waist, his head against his chest. The blonde mess looked tiny once again.

Aizawa took advantage of his kid not seeing it to sign towards the new hubbies. "Take care of small loud." Kirishima didn’t understand, but Katsuki signed affirmatively.

Denki gave Aizawa his space back after a minute.

"I'm leaving." And like that he barely even waved goodbye, he just took his things and Eri and left.


"Such a sentimental." Hizashi chuckled, an arm over the small blonde. "He could never resist you being baby." Not 'a baby', just 'baby', 'smol', tiny and unprotected.

"I am always baby." Denki looked soft, but happy again, as happy as he had been since they had come through the door.

"It's easy to forget helping you move with your hubbies who are as tall as we are." They laughed. "We love you very much. We will come whenever you ask us too, just don't ask Dad too much so he can’t say no."

"Can I ask you too much?"

"You better do or I'll claim those two have kidnapped you and start coming unannounced." They kissed Denki in the head.

"I love you too, Present Dad."

"Awwwww, stop it, you'll make me cry." They pushed Denki, then hugged him again. "You two, take care of my baby." Hizashi said while he hugged Kirishima goodbye. He opened his other arm, invitingly, to Katsuki, who didn't move, but didn't reject it.

"That counts as hug-consent for him too." Denki translated.

So Hizashi hugged the both of them for a second.

Katsuki felt his face blush slightly. So weird. His family was SO not that much into hugs.

"So many children now. Two more sons, good job, baby, I always wanted a big family. You can call me Present Dad in private too, if you want."

"No fucking need." So embarrassing.

"I definitely will." Smiled Kiri, the sunshine he was.

"Let's go, Toshi, your dad is going to teach Eri how to drive just to get away from here if we don't get back to the car."

Hizashi got to the point to turn his back towards them and give an unwilling step towards the door. But Denki couldn't resist.

"Dad, there's one more thing I have to mention."

Hizashi looked back, the most loving smile in his face, knowing the reference Denki was quoting perfectly well.


"I love you, bye." He quoted Steven Universe.

"Awwww. Now we have to re-watch that."

"As soon as everything's ready here and I have my job schedule. Also Hamilton, the hubbies need to learn the songs."

"I'm leaving, you two are unbearable." Shinso knew those two could take forever.

"Don't be jealous, I love you too, sib."

"Same. Bye."

Hizashi hugged the small blonde once again.

"I love you, I love you, I love you. Convince the hubbies to make a dinner with all of the families together, Shota won't be able to say no to that"

"Can I say no to that?" Denki was So Not prepared to have to talk with his family in law without the rest of the bakusquad present. Not even Kiri's mums.

"Oh, don't you dare!" They put one hand on their hip, the other one pointing at him. "All of their parents are adorable and I bet they already love you, because you are baby and you are my child." They hugged and kissed him in the head again.

"Mitsuki does for sure. And my mums sure will" Kirishima noted.

"They all will."

"Awwww, see? Nothing to worry about, baby. Just more found family to love you for being the great person you have become. Things got rough, but they got better after all." Both their phones started ringing. "Synchronized calling, I better run or your dad will leave me here for real. I love you three! See you soon!"




"That was fucking weird... They kept calling us hubbies." And saying 'I love you' a lot.

"Well, we are moving together, it's similar to getting married." Eijiro didn't care, at most he found it cute. "Anyway, it has been amazing being with your dads and your siblings and being a part of that and learning more about your family. Thanks for including us on that." He hugged the messy blonde who still looked like the same happy puppy.

"Yeah, it was nice."

"It did, but it was still fucking weird."

"Less worried about Shinso now?"

"Yes, now you fucking look like siblings, not like in school."

"We have always looked like siblings, it was all in your head. Don't overthink the use of married and hubbies, It's just kind of their way of giving us their blessing."

"That makes no fucking sense."

"Well, it does if your relationship is or has been illegal." Like their own throuple was. “If you are a married pro hero with a conventional family your spouse might even be known, but it would make a mess if I ever said I'm with you.”

"Still fucking weird."

"I'll tell them not to use the M or the H words around any of you then."

"I do like it." The redhead wasn't going to reject any cute things.

"No need, it's just another weird shit to get used to. Like you guys being so much into fucking musicals. Anyway, not marrying anybody."

"Me neither, marriage is just another construct like gender and binarism and monogamy."

"Well, I would love to marry you, guys."

Katsuki clicked his tongue, Denki saw him blush and look back at him. They knew immediately they would both eat their own words gladly to make Eijiro happy.

Chapter Text

They had just slept there for the first night and even if everything was weird at the same time things felt nice. They had even gone for a run in the morning, still too early, in Kirishima's opinion. He had gone with them, but had immediately decided he could definitely let those two run alone as they had been doing for months now. They were now having breakfast all together.

"By the way, when are your parents coming?"

"What?" Denki wasn't aware of any of that.

"For dinner."


"Are you cooking for all of us then?"

"Of course I'm fucking cooking, are you two going to cook instead?"

"Uuh, Katsukooking. We can help." first not 'what' from Denki.

"Did you take your meds?"

"Of course." But he went to find the pills and back. "It was easier at home, I wasn't the only one who took pills. Can I run away?"


"Tonight. Can I run away?"

"Why would you fucking run away?"

"Because your parents are going to hate me."

"His parents love you, baby. And Pre... Hizashi told me to tell you if you freak out you should call your dad."


"Language, Puppy. What's the problem with calling Aizawa?" He seemed very soft on Denki yesterday, for being Aizawa.

"Because Dad is not going to let me run away..."

"Well, the sooner you stop running away, the sooner you'll get used to talking with them and see they don't hate you, right?"

"I like my running away plan better, you gorgeous mountain. I'm just going to make a fool of myself."

"Probably, but who the fuck cares?"

"Dont say that, you'll do great."

"No, I won't do great, I agree with Kachan. And I care... I don't want your parents to hate me."

"Stop caring, dumbass. We love you, who the fuck cares about anybody else?"

"I care!" What if they ended up not loving him because their families didn't love him?

"You better not be fucking doubting we would love you even if our families didn't, Sparky."

"Eh... No." He lied badly.

"And they already love you. And my mums are dying for us to go visit them and meet you."

"Can I run away from that too?"

And suddenly there was a phone on speaker mode over the table, because Bakugo already knew this conversation was only going to get worse.

"You bastard."

"Language, Pikachu. You fucking spiral, I fucking call your dad."

"Bakugo." Aizawa's voice sounded cautious at the other end.

"Your kid is being a fucking mess." Aizawa seemed to relax, therefor he seemed more pissed about the call.

"If you are going to call me every time he's a mess, we better move to the same house."

"Is everything OK?" They heard Hizashi in the back.

"Small Loud is spiraling." The sleepy teacher answered to his spouse.

"Is this about the dinner?"

"What dinner?"

"Katsuki's parents are having dinner at their place."

"Is this about the dinner, Kaminari?" The coldness, the anger, the use of his family name instead of his surname.

"No..." He lied very badly.

Obviously, Aizawa knew that was a lie.

"Are they homophobic?"

"What the fuck? Of course my parents..."

"You called me to talk to my kid. Shut the fuck up and listen so you don't have to call me every week, Bakugo." Katsuki didn't like that, but he shut. "Are they homophobic?"


"Did they make any transphobic or nbphobic comments?"


"Did they say something mean to you at any point?"


"Did any of your partners convey that if the dinner doesn't go well they would break up with you?"

"... No..."

"Is there any single objective reason why you should be worried about this dinner?"

"We are not objects, so our reasons can't be objective reasons?" Tried Denki something Toshi said quite a lot, his hands in his pockets and starting to look like a scolded child.

"Try again."

"Not objective." He groaned.

"Would a hug make it less scary?"

Denki felt like he was five. That was humiliating (and on point) and not in the fun way.


"Then ask for a hug and talk it out. You know better than this."

Denki was looking at the ground, kicking softly the leg of the table with his foot. Kirishima stood up and hugged him. Denki rested against him, his hands still in his pockets.

They heard Aizawa breathe deeply at the other end of the phone. Somehow it was obvious the conversation wasn’t over.

"They are not like your parents. Not like my parents. Not like Zashi's parents. Not like Toshi's parents and definitely not like Eri's parents. I understand it is scary, but I'm pretty sure those two families' only red lines are you hurting their kids. Are you planning on hurting their kids?"


"I asked a yes or no question, Kaminari."


"How likely is for you to fail that mission?"

"Who is dad talking to?"

"He's roasting your sibling over having dinner with Katsuki's parents."

"I can get you through dinner. You won't remember anything afterwards, that would be great." Shinso’s voice sounded serious but they were obviously teasing him.

"Me! Me! Make him act like a duck all dinner." Eri was there too.

"Good one, Eri."

"Denki" Aizawa was back to a first name basis. "In class A, taking into account Bakugo does count, who would objectively do worse than you at a family dinner with some in-laws they don't know."

"Uuh, good one, Sho." Hizashi wanted to play too. They were all making their lists now.

Katsuki and Kirishima looked surprised about that.

Denki scratched his head.

"I already know them." They couldn’t see him, but Aizawa rolled his eyes.

"Humor me."

"Mineta for sure. Jiro, Koda, Toshi and Todoroki would be awfully quiet, so they would probably make it really uncomfortable."

"Who else?"

"I would fucking come up either as too quiet or too disrespectful if they didn't fucking know me like your dads do. They would think I'm abusive and I don't love you. You can say it." Helped Katsuki saying what Denki wasn't saying.

"Yeah... And Uraraka would panic, so she would probably do pretty badly too."

"That's 7. Who would do better than you for sure?"

"Mina, Ojiro and Shoji. Tokoyami, Ei and Momo would definitely be in the top 3. Tsuyu would probably be top 7..."

"You would rank better than Tsuyu."

"And than Ojiro, he wouldn't be rude, but you are way more charismatic than him."

"Top 6 then." Denki blushed and smiled a little. "You are in the top 6 of class A on meeting the parents assignment."

"Sib, you have not been in the top 6 of anything but 'most likely to die before graduation' in class A in 3 years."

"Not true, I was top 3 of most likely to be expelled on first year with Deku and Kachan."

"Don't remind me of that... Being top 6 in this assignment and with one of the top 3 on your team, do you need Hizashi as a backup there tonight?"

"No... I think I might be able to handle it."



"You're welcome. You three are babysitting Eri for waking me up this early."

"Noted. Sorry."

"What was that?"

"I mean... Thanks for the help. I'm better now."

"I thought I heard you apologize for asking for help, but you know better than to apologize for asking for help, don't you?" This looked like a conversation they had had for way too many times already. Denki answered accordingly.

"Yes, because there's nothing to be sorry about for asking for help when you need it."

"Obviously. Saturday afternoon. The new princess' movie."

“Yay! Really!?”

“Yes, really.”

"See you on Saturday when we pick her up, then."

"Bye." Aizawa hanged off.

"Sorry about the drama." Denki still felt like a kid.

"I'm not apologizing for calling him, Pikachu." It had worked, and he had learnt how to deal better with him for next time.

"I would have probably ended up calling him myself, no need to apologize."

"Are you OK?"

"Still nervous? But I guess if I'm doing something before they come I'll be fine?"

"Something like what?"

"I don't know?"

"We'll find something to stop you from spiraling, don't worry."


They had tried helping Katsuki in the kitchen. That had gone unsurprisingly wrong unsurprisingly fast. He was already stressed enough to handle any of those two messing around in the kitchen.

They had tried making Denki watch something on TV. That had ended up with the TV blasting and him in the kitchen messing with Katsuki's nerves again.

They had finally sent him to buy something to the store around the corner.

Forty five minutes before the parents arrived.

He was still gone when they arrived.

"It smells nice! So cozy. Didn't you use to have another boyfriend?" Mitsuki teased.

"We sent him to the store, he'll sure come back any second. Please, come in." Eijiro said, trying to calm Katsuki.

"Gonna fucking call him." He went to find his phone and called Denki. Denki's newest obsession started blasting in the other room.

"Of course he fucking forgot his phone."

"Or he ran away." Joked Mitsuki. Then she saw her kid's face. "I'm sure he's fine and he didn't ran away, stop being so dramatic and cute and give your mum some slippers." She pointed to her feet.


They were showing them the doom room so Mitsuki would stop messing with her kid for sharing the only bed and assuming (correctly) he always wanted to be in the middle so he would get cuddled without asking for cuddles, when they heard the key get in the lock.

"Yes! Third time is a charm! I'm back! I got lost!” He yelled while getting in and starting to take off his shoes without using his hands. They all went to the living room to make eye contact with him. “I didn't remember which one was our building! Then I saw the guy with the pug that lives downstairs and I asked him which building did he live in, I should have asked which floor does he live in too. And he recognized Kachan! He asked me if we were all UA alumni. Is that a bad thing? Do we have to move now because he knows his not so secret identity?” He looked up to be sure he was being listened to and get Katsuki’s answer. “Riiiiiight. I forgot about your parents." Ups. "Hi, welcome. I've lost my phone I think, too. I had it on me and then I noticed the music wasn't sounding, so I guessed I left it at the store, so I came back to the store to see if it was there, then I got lost trying to trace my steps back. I would have called Mina to ask where her place was to use that as a reference, but I didn't have my phone, so I had to go around until I saw the pug guy."

Katsuki showed the phone he had had in his hand since the second he had noticed Denki had forgotten it, visibly less worried now. Still slightly pissed.

"You fucking left it here, you dumbass."

"Oh, great! I didn't lose my phone then. And I bought Coke. The drink, not the drug."

"Did you buy nori and eggs?" Eijiro assumed he was too anxious to remember what he had been to the store to look for, but it still looked cute to him.

Denki looked at the bag, then at them, with an innocent smile.

"Two boiled eggs?" They were three in the house, but he hand’t thought about that either.

Katsuki growled. Kirishima chuckled.

"Even now I would still consider him top 6 though." Eijiro couldn't but laugh. Katsuki snorted.

"Top 6?"

"Dadzawa told me this morning I would be top 6 not to fuck up in a dinner with the in-laws. And that was before knowing them and not taking into account who you were or anything. Bakudad knows my only reason for dating his son is to steal his wife, so I’m not entirely sure how that affects the ranking." He clowned, nervous.

Mitsuki smiled about that. Masaru didn’t seem to mind much.

"Did you tell them about your family?"

"Yesterday. You could have fucking told me before, hag."

"It was not our place to say. Have you seen them afterwards?"

"Yes, they were here yesterday, it was fucking weird."

"And how well did you do on the dinner with the in-laws ranking?"

"Aizawa told me he would have gladly murdered me some months ago for hurting his kid."

"Well, I wouldn't blame him for wanting to kill you if you hurt his kid. What happened there?"

“He was being too overprotective and treating me like an extra, so I got pissed.”

“You don’t seem easy to piss.”

“I wouldn’t say I am, but I’m human. Anyway, don’t listen to him, he’s being overly dramatic. He didn’t say he wanted to kill you, he just found it hard not letting you die. And they both said we are married and include you in “the hubbies”, and Hizashi hugged you several times and told you to call him Present Dad. And you are on babysitting Eri's duty. You could be doing way way worse. You are clearly top 2."

"Top 2 of how many?"

"Of 2 under Red." Denki winked. Katsuki scoffed and had to control the sides of his lips, that were clearly curling up.

"Take that to the fucking kitchen, try not to get lost on your way there, Pikachu."

"I'll try. I can't promise anything.” Denki said, and as soon as he dropped the bags in the counter, he added. “Uuuh, what is this? It looks good, gonna try it."

"Don't fucking touch anything!" Katsuki left immediately for the kitchen after him.


When he got in, he found Denki wasn't even near the food. He had just summoned him in the most discreet way possible, he was just smiling at him. He signed, now that his parents couldn't see them and were talking with Kiri about yesterday.

"Sorry for worrying you."

Katsuki signed back.

"Are you OK?"


Katsuki neared him and kissed him, then hugged him protectively and sighed.

"You two better not be talking about porn again." Mitsuki yelled from the living room, knowing perfectly well what had happened just because of the sudden lack of jokes and yelling.

Denki chuckled, then went back to the living room.

"Are you jealous, Bakumom? I can tell you the last porn movie we watched."

"Is it the one I know?" Kirishima had not thought how bad that was going to sound.

"Yes, we haven't been alone for a whole night since that night, so you haven’t given us any reasons to watch emotional porn." He had seen Masaru’s face and had assumed it was not a bad idea to add the “emotional” part.

"... Emotional porn?"

"Yeah. It's porn for your heart."

"The best of definitions." Eijiro said, laughing.

"You just made that up, Sparky."

"Ask Zashi how we call that at home. But I think it’s a Dad thing, in fact. Zashi handles sappiness better. Do you really think it wasn't my plan to watch emotional porn with you from the beginning, Kachan? I don't know if I should feel insulted because of that."

“Pf, no way you would have fucking planned that. I know you.”

"I hadn’t planned it long before, but obviously when I asked 'wanna watch porn', I was not planning on watching any porn with you, I was just trying to guess how much you would blast my ass if I tried to convince you to watch Twilight with me."

"So the porn was Twilight? Like the regular movie." Not some weird porn version.

"Yeah, and it worked nicely. Also I told him I was sure he had never watched any romantic movies or red romantic books, but that was a lie. I bet he loves them and it’s your fault."

"Masaru’s fault in fact. I’m not the romantic one of the couple. But you were right, we have seen plenty of romantic movies at home." 'Before you deny it'.

“Whatever.” Mpf.

"Hah, I knew it. You’re a softy.”

“I mean… we didn’t need his parents to confirm that, we already knew.” Katsuki shot Kiri a deadly stare. He smiled at him, lovingly.

“Not at all, but teasing him about it is the absolute best.”

Chapter Text

"Pinkyyyyy! What's up?" Denki stopped the music, the broom fell to the ground and he threw himself in the sofa.

"Chargeboooolt!" She laughed, imitating him over the phone. "Are you going to be home in like two hours? I'm coming back from a mission right now."

"Yes! Kiri has to be about to come back too! And Kachan will be more or less by then."

"Ok, then I'll come by with a friend to say 'hi'."

"Uuuh, a friend or a grr friend?"

She laughed at the other end of the phone.

"A male friend."

"Not a grr friend then. OK, see you now, byeeeee!"


Kiri and Denki were in the living room when Mina rang. She went up to their apartment and they exchanged the classical pleasantries after not seeing her for a whole week. Even if now they didn't live in the same building, she lived with Tsuyu just around the block, their flat right over Jiro and Momo's, so they tended to see the four of them quite often.

"By the way, weren't you bringing a friend with you?"

"Yes, and I did." Mina went to the balcony and opened the door with a huge smile.

There was a ruffle or air and of red feathers and Hawks appeared 'out of nowhere' (literally flying down from the roof, like Mina had suggested right before getting into the building because she knew Denki would appreciate the dramatic entrance). He landed on their balcony.

"Hi. Long time no see, Red Riot."

"Hi, Hawks! Yes, it has been a while. Please, come in." Shark boy smiled like a handsome bird man flying into your apartment was something that happened to him all of the time. Hawks looked tiny compared to him. Well, a lot of people looked tiny compared to him, he had grown a lot in his UA years. And he trained a lot.

Hawks took his boots off before getting inside the house. Mina closed the door to the balcony behind him when he came in.

Denki had been in quiet shock since before he had even touched the floor.

"Hi, I don't think we have been introduced yet. I'm Hawks."

"NO!" Denki had just literally yelled when Hawks had even looked or talked to him. He hadn't been this red in his life, nor this quiet. He covered his mouth with both of his hands, overwhelmed.

'Now I see why you wanted so much for me to meet your friend, Pinky'. Hawks smiled a very innocent and harmless smile that had nothing innocent or harmless behind it before speaking again.

"Well, yes, believe me, I would know if I were not me."

Bakugo opened the door and that was the first thing he heard. He knew Pinky would be there or arriving when he came back from his patrolling round. He didn't expect That Guy to be in his house. Or Pikachu to be simping as hell for him. He didn't like that. At all. He frowned.

"Yes." Was everything Denki managed to say, in the same manner he had said “no” right before. He couldn't get over his internal monologue right now. It went something like: 'Aaaaaaaaaaaah'.

Katsuki slammed the door a little, which would be considered slamming the door a lot if you didn't know him.

"Ah, Dinamight. Hi." Hawks smiled in a friendly way. "Pinky didn’t say Red Riot or you would be here."

"Hawks. Pinky." Katsuki side-eyed Pinky, who smiled back, unimpressed about Bakugo being somewhat mad.

Katsuki approached them, then took Denki by the waist and kissed the hell out of him. So long for not making their relationship public as pro heroes, but it was not like Kirishima was going to cut that kiss just because Hawks was looking, seeing those two be cute together was definitely one of his biggest pleasures. So cute, so manly, he was amazingly lucky to have them both.

Kaminari seemed to come back to life with the kiss.

"Oh, hi, Blasty."

"Blasty..." Repeated Hawks. ‘How cute’.

"It's Dinamight for you, Birdman".

"Yes, yes, of course." Hawks was NOT going to forget that nickname. Or that possessive kiss. So those two were together, noted.

Denki was already back on Earth, at least enough to consciously turn his body in a way he could ignore the existence of Hawks in his close vicinity so he could tell something to Mina without simping like crazy.

"Pinky! I have a great idea! Now that we know Mirko and you know Hawks..."

Hawks saw his opportunity and leaned towards them, making himself visible for the electric hero.

"What idea?"

"Ah!" he covered his mouth again. "No!" And he was out and red again.

Mina and Kirishima laughed, very entertained.

Hawks felt like making him suffer a little more, but Dinamight was giving him the side-eye and even if he had only been a pro hero for a month, he was already known for his short temper. Seeing if he could make him snap at him was somehow even more tempting than making his partner react.

Denki snapped out of it again by focusing on Mina.

"You could teach them a part of the choreo and we could make an awesome transition!" He managed to mutter under his breath, all in one exhalation hand gesturing A LOT.

Hawks had been bored for far too long, so he decided Dinamight would probably not make his own house explode if he tried to tease them both a little more.

Denki felt the feathers brush against his back and his arm, Hawks was standing right by his side. The internal 'Aaaah' gained force again.

Bakugo could have sworn he was doing it on purpose, his feathers were actually in contact with Denki. Nobody would believe him, he would be considered paranoid, Hawks' wings were big and were to an extent in the middle no matter what he did. But he knew he was doing it on purpose. He was definitely right.

"I have to fly now, but we should do that, yes. I'm dying to see you wearing my cosplay." Denki was the one to (metaphorically) die. Katsuki frowned even more. "Ask Pinky for my number."

Was that bastard flirting with his Pikachu?! He was, wasn't he? He was still smiling with that seemingly harmless smile of his. Kirishima held Dinamight's hand in his to remind him not to blast the pro hero. Bakugo remembered then he hadn't kissed Kirishima when he had come in, so he did now, just a short peck because he didn’t want to stop looking at those two for too long just in case.

Hawks took note of that too. This had proven to be a way more interesting visit than he had expected. The new generations were definitely not pulling their brakes. Good for them.

"I almost forgot. Pinky brought me here to give you this. She has the real Mirko costume, so it made sense for you to have the real one too." He offered him a bag.

Denki had already been (metaphorically) dead, but he froze in place with all of the attention. And the closeness. And the brush of his feathers against his back. He had called his account HawksSimpBoi for a reason.

Hawks saw he wasn’t moving, so he took his hand in his, deliberately slowly and took his time to softly turn it up. He could feel 'Blasty’ stare at him. He left the handle of the bag on the palm of Denki's hand, then used his own to close it.

They hadn’t seen Denki this red in his whole life. They hadn’t seen Denki this quiet in his whole life either. He was not even breathing anymore.

"You're welcome."

"Thank you!" He managed to scream.

"You're welcome." Hawks repeated with a smile. He acted like he hadn’t noticed Red Riot was literally holding Dinamight back now, so he stepped back. "See you around, guys. Call me for that video, Chargebolt". And without saying anything else, he went out to the balcony, put on his boots and flew away.

Mina screamed excitedly.


Denki started to come back to life then, still blushing like hell, the internal monologue screaming: ‘He knows my hero name!!'

"I'm fucking dyinggggg!"

"Language," puppy "Pikachu."

The blonde typhoon turned to look at him, overexcited.

"Hawks was just in our house! And he gave me something!" He was actually thinking ‘And he touched me, and his feathers are so soft’, but he didn’t want to die and even if he was simping, he had recovered some of his brains.

"Still the most fucking overrated pro hero" Bakugo grunted. "I'm going to take a shower.”

Denki made sure Katsuki was far and the door to the bathroom was closed before answering.

“I definitely need that shower to cool off more than he does.” Mina and Kiri laughed.

“I haven’t seen you that quiet ever.”

“That’s because you weren’t hearing my mind scream constantly and have IDEAS.” He seemed to remember now that was something you shouldn’t tell your boyfriend. "Sorry."

Eijiro laughed.

“No need to apologize. I don’t mind you simping over him the same way I don’t mind you simping over Katsuki. You look super manly when you’re simping over someone.”

“Was he trying to make Bakugo mad or it was just me?” They had worked enough with him to know he liked to push people's buttons while he was not working, but she had been surprised to the extent.

“Oh, most definitely.” Kiri had zero doubts about it. Every tease loved teasing Katsuki if he couldn't kill them.

“Well, you’re welcome! Happy feathered wet dreams.” She teased.

“Nooooo, shhhh, stop it! Let’s change topics, Kachan is going to kill me if I’m still simping this bad when he gets out.” He rubbed his cheeks, wishing that would make them blush less.


Denki had looked all over his part of the closet and also in the doom room, he had been completely unable to find it. He came back to the living room, where Katsuki and Eijiro were sitting.

"Kachan, have you seen the shirt Hawks gave me? I can't find it anywhere."

"That will teach you to be less of a fucking mess."

"Well, I am a mess, but you aren't, so maybe you found it?"

"No, I didn’t find it.” Because it wasn’t lost. At all. “Can't you use the cosplay one for your videos?"

"Sure, yes, of course. I just haven't seen it in a while."

As soon as Denki went away, Eijiro smiled at his boyfriend, amused.

"You hid it, didn't you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."


"If he ever needs it, he'll find it." But he didn't need it, and Katsuki couldn't think on any life-or-death situation where he would, so end of story.

"You better keep it safe, or he'll kill you when he finds out. And I won't have any reasons to stop him."

"Whatever. I could roast that chicken." Mpf.

Chapter Text

As soon as they had started working as pro heroes, both Katsuki and Eijiro had become especially important parts of their teams and agencies. In just two weeks Eijiro had texted them in the middle of the day.

"Going on a mission for several days. No phone. Don't worry about me, I love you. Take care of each other for me."

That had been weird. It had become even weirder when two days later Bakugo was called for a mission away too and Kiri hadn't come back.

Denki wasn't jealous. He didn't care about being the best or the number one, he just wanted a happy life and knowing he was doing his best. He knew he was not like them and that was OK for him. He didn't like having to be alone, though. He didn't like having to sleep alone, eat alone. He didn't know when they would come back. He had sent some memes to the group the first day, but he had stopped almost immediately because they couldn't answer and he just wanted to forget they weren’t there. He wasn't even worried something would happen to them, it was not a huge mission for sure and those two were strong, he was more likely to die in the shower than those two... But it still sucked.

He started making more cosplay videos. He had finally gotten a Best Jeanist one, and he had fun with that for a couple of hours. He had bought a long blonde wig and a breast plate. He also had bought a red lion mane. It was still longer than Kiri's, but he was sure it wouldn't be that different in a couple of months. He had also bought a red top. And he already had Katsuki's female merch top which was not much more than a bra.

He found himself trying "female" cosplay versions of both of his boyfriends, breastplate included. He couldn’t but think what would happen if he showed up in front of any of them as the fem version of each other. That somehow helped, he could imagine teasing them about it when they got back.

Toying with those cosplays and the patrolling had given him a little entertainment to keep on with his days.




Kirishima was the first one to come back from his mission, some 5 days later. He turned on the phone and saw there was nothing on their group almost since the day he was gone. He immediately saw Katsuki had sent him a message saying he was going on a mission too. Then he called Denki.

"Hey! You have your phone? Does that mean you are back?" Denki sounded thrilled.

"Yeah, I just came back from my mission. You got me a little worried for a sec, the chat was very quiet."

"There was nobody to answer. I'm at work." It was hard to talk from work, he wanted so badly to keep on talking with him, but he had to be careful. Even though he was very vocal about having a boyfriend, they had all agreed they should protect each other not saying they were together. Katsuki had immediately ignored that rule when Hawks had appeared, and Denki was holding on to that in case he messed up, but he at least tried.

"Oh, right." He wanted to comfort him and be cute, but he shouldn't at work. "Going for the press conference, ok? Can't wait to get home."

"Yes, please."

"See you after your shift."




When Eijiro arrived home, everything was a mess. Denki's things were all over the living room... And by the look of it, he had not touched the bed, that was definitely Katsuki's bed making. There was a pillow in the sofa too.

He looked around and found the fridge completely empty, no Katsuki meant no cooking. He also found at least one cup of coffee to go with too many sugary things in it for every day they had been missing. They were all over the house. He found one in the shower too. At least the paper cups were empty.

"Hi, Present Dad :) Have you seen Denki this last week?"

"No, is he OK?"

"Don't worry. But it seems we need a contingency plan for when he ends up home alone because we are away on missions."

"Let me know if you need any help or ideas. And call me next time he's alone."




Eijiro sent Denki a list of groceries through the group chat. Denki answered with a thumbs up.

Denki went to the store on his way home. He felt lighter than through the week. He felt better. He had asked for his bobba with just extra sugar, instead of an unhealthy amount of sugar and extra cookie crumble.

He was so happy to see Kiri back home, he dropped the bags at the door and hugged him. The redhead hugged him back.

"Hi, Denks. Are you OK?"

"You were the one in a mission, are you ok?"

"Yes, it was nothing, it was easy and fast. You haven't been sleeping much, have you?"

"My brain didn't feel like sleeping."

"What about lunch?"

"I could eat lunch, sure.” It was already dark outside, it was definitely way past lunchtime. Kiri had expected him to eat something at work. “Wanna order something?"

"...did you have lunch today?"

"I had a coffee this morning. And a bobba now." He pointed at the grocery bag where he had put the empty plastic cup.

"Have you eaten anything since Katsuki left?"

Denki tried to remember, then stopped trying because he didn't want to be lectured.

"I'm fine, stop worrying. You're back!" He went on his tip toes to kiss him.

"Yes, I'm back. Let's eat something, shall we?"

"You gotta tell me everything, how was it? Are you already number one in your agency? You so have to get to number one before Kachan does."




Eijiro helped Denki clean, and they ate readymade food from the store. Then they hugged and kissed in the sofa.

"It worried me to see the group chat empty, he doesn't have his phone, but next time do some thirst traps and send them our way at least."

"But you wouldn't see them until you come back anyway."

"I don't care, I wanna be flooded by them when I come back.'

"Oh, I have been doing a lot of videos lately."

"I saw the long wigs on the floor, what's that about?"

"Wanna see it?"


Denki had done a lot of videos in the dorms, but since they had started working, he had almost stopped... Until now. It seemed every day he had been alone he had uploaded at least two videos, he also was reserving some of the Best Jeanist ones for the future. He pointed at some of the images, Eijiro recognized the top and the grenades.

"Wait... Is that fem Dinamight?" Eijiro was shocked.

"Yes! Mina suggested that last month of school, remember? Because of the thirst trap. I redid it as Femnamight." Denki was about to show him when he asked again.

"Wait, and those videos with the red wig?"

Denki laughed. He selected one. That was unmistakably Fem Riot. She had breasts and a tiny red top, but the trousers were literally his, he had taken them from his closet. Fem Red Riot flexed her arm and kissed her own muscle. It red 'Unbreakable', it seemed tattoed.

"Wait, that's me?"

"I tried being you you instead of Fem you, like with Kachan, but you looked too tiny, so I tried a ripped Fem you."

"You look so hot on that video."

"Wait till you see me as Femnamight then. I bet you’re gonna love her. And if you don’t I can so try the same without the breasts or the wig." He winked.




They went to sleep acceptably soon and Eijiro cuddled the blonde mess there.

"I would love to get back from a mission and find messages from you. I did worry a little something had happened to you."

"I can send you memes and things like that. I didn't want to bother."

"You are not a bother. You are my joyfriend and I have missed you."

"I missed you too."

"And you can't live just of tea and coffee while we are away."

"... I just wasn't hungry, that's all."

"I know, I know, but I'm going to worry if every time we are both on assignment you are going to forget to eat at all. So please..."

"I'll try to remember."

"Are you worried about us?"

"You are unbreakable, it has to be Kamino level for you to have trouble, and if that happens, I'll be called to be there too."

"About Katsuki then?"

"I haven’t seen any mid-sized cities destroyed in the days he has been away, so I think it's safe to assume he is either perfectly safe or unbelievably bored for not having anyone to blast."

Eijiro couldn’t but laugh about that.

"I would have to agree with you in that, good thinking. What then? I know you are not doing great, I can feel it, baby."

"It’s nothing, love, I just felt lonely. And bored. Didn't know what to do at home without you guys. I hadn't been this alone since..."


"Since before high school."

"Oh. Why didn't you go to EraserMic's?"


"It never occurred to you?"

"No... I just wanted time to fly so you would come back again."

"I've missed your smile so much. What can I do so you don't feel alone while we are gone?"

"Don't worry, love, I'm baby, but I will survive."

"I don't want you to survive, baby, I want you happy."

"I am happy now." Eijiro dropped the topic and kissed him again.




Denki came back from work and Kiri almost jumped on him to hug him. Denki laughed.

"Hey! I'm so glad you are back. It is really weird being at home alone all day."

"Yeah, I know."

"I have eaten all of the chips and all of the cookies, and too many onigiris. I also did rice for dinner and ate it all too..."

Denki chuckled lightly.

"Wanna go for a night run with me?"

"But you just came back from work..."

"I have been going out to run by night all of these days to see if that would help with my sleep. I just didn't yesterday."

"So weird. You never used to do that, right?"

"No, I usually go in the morning with Kachan, but he's not here so I have been going in the morning if I'm awake and then at night." They were still hugging at the door.

"I love that you love cuddling. I love hugging you."

"And I love being hugged by my gorgeous boulder of a boyfriend." Eijiro laughed.

"Run, dinner then video games?"

"Or run, then dinner and scary movie."

"Uh, yes. We should totally do that, he has nightmares when we watch them and he just sees them because we are watching them, so I never offer to watch those anymore."

"I know! I noticed! He says it's OK, but then he has trouble sleeping."

"OK, then, Katsuki's days out are horror movie nights from now on."

"Awesome. Cuddles and horror movies, then."


They had just taken a shower and they were about to start watching the movie when Denki brightened up even more.

"Waaaait, I have an amazing idea!"


"Katsuki is not home so we can be as cuddly as we want! We can be sappy! Wanna be sappy with me?"

Eijiro laughed, so glad to see Denki this happy, he seemed to be back to being himself.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean things like..." He drank a little water to help his throat, turned to face him in the sofa, then sang one of the sappy songs he had heard Hizashi sing to Aizawa, looking in Eijiro's eyes and caressing his cheek softly and lovingly.

"Dumb conversations

We lose track of time

Have I told you lately

I'm grateful you're mine?" He didn't have a great voice, but that had never been the important part.

"Awwwww... I love you so much... Yes, please, I can get used to you being sweet with things like that. Katsuki better come back soon or I might get too used and ask you to do them around him too."

Denki chuckled and kissed him softly.

"Don't worry, I can sure help you snap out of it in bed." He winked. Kirishima laughed.

"Or you could sing that again for me..."

"For the rest of my life."

"Awww, you are so good at this! I didn’t know you were so good at this. I’m so mad at myself for not finding out earlier."

Chapter Text

Katsuki came back three days later. He turned on the phone and found sappy messages from Kirishima and pictures of Kirishima made by Denki. Dumbass... He wrote in the group to let them know he was back.

They turned on the TV to watch him on the press conference. Denki sent him a picture of the screen where they could see him. He looked as pissed as always. He texted the explosive blond immediately.

"Dude! Smile some! Then you complain I only do thirst traps and videos of you blowing things up. BTW, you're going to LOVE my latest videos *demon emoji*."


Katsuki watched some of the videos on his way back. He wanted to kill him when he got back home. He slammed the door open.

"What the fuck is that Femnamight shit, Dunce Face?"

There was a second of shock when they all looked at each other. Eijiro and Denki were almost fused into one, sharing the same spoon, under the same blanket, their legs intertwined, Denki almost sitting on top of him in a very cuddly way.

Katsuki felt a jolt of jealousy.

Denki felt nervous, but he didn’t know why. He couldn’t be happier to see him. Eijiro just smiled, the only one of them who didn’t have any feelings that weren’t warm.

"What the fuck?"

"Kachan! You are back!" He looked genuinely happy to see him. Eijiro did too.

"Hi! We were waiting for you. You have been away for too long. We missed you."

"Yeah, we missed you. Want a hug?"

"Pf. No." Maybe. Yes. He had been away from them for almost 10 days, and he was feeling so disconnected from this, from them. He wasn't sure who he felt jealous of... He felt left aside.

"Aren't you going to give us a kiss?"


Kirishima was starting to get worried. Denki was faster at getting what was happening.

"Wait... Kachan... Are you jealous?"

"Why the fuck would I be fucking jealous of any of you?!" Wtf?

They untangled themselves and stopped being sappy to stand up and near him.

Eijiro hugged Katsuki and kissed him softly. He seemed to feel out of place. Very out of place.

Denki walked towards him, the shortest of the three of them. He caught Katsuki’s chin in his fingers and kissed him, no sappiness found, just pure sexual drive. Katsuki reacted kissing him like an addict. Then pulled Kirishima against his body the same way.

"Welcome back, Blasty" Denki purred. "Someone missed us."

"Shut the fuck up, Dunce Face."

It had taken Eijiro some days to find his lust back after his mission, he only felt like cuddling for a while. It seemed it was going to be the complete opposite with Katsuki.


Once they managed to help Katsuki unwind and went out of bed and to real life again, Denki and Eijiro seemed to get back to their cuddly ways.

"You two seem fucking glued together."

"Is that bad?"

"We can be glued to you too."

"Hell no...” definitely too sappy for him, he didn’t need them all over him every second. “What's been going on here while I was gone? The house is a fucking mess."

"What? No, it's not." Denki couldn’t understand where he was seeing any mess.

"Well, I mean, is messier than when you are here, but you should have seen it when I came back. Oh, by the way... Denks doesn't eat while we are gone."

"What did you just fucking say? Pikachu." He readied an explosion in his hand.

"He’s just being dramatic... I just had more coffee and bobba than usual, that's all. I'm going for a run. Any of you wanna come?" He was not feeling like being dadded right now.

"For a run?" What? "This fucking late?"

"You weren't here to go run with you, it was too soon for Red to wake up and run with me, so we have been going for a run in the evenings." It also helped to let go of excessive energy so he could sleep easily afterwards. Even more without Katsuki to hug him.

"I think I'm going to stay tonight, if you don't mind."

"To micromanage?" Denki definitely felt micromanaged right now, it had been nice not to be micromanaged for some days. It was a low price to pay in exchange for having them both back, but still. 

"How dare you? To help with dinner."

"OK. Call me when it's ready if I'm not back."


"He's right, isn't he? You fucking want to micromanage."

"Yes, sorry... I can still help with dinner. I have missed you so much."

"I've missed you too."

"Have you missed him?"

"Of course I have fucking missed him, what do you mean?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean anything by that, just wanted to be sure. I'm worried. As soon as we leave, he stops eating. And he wasn't sleeping either. He felt lonely. And, I mean, after I spent my first day alone at home, with you gone and him at work... I can get why he felt so lonely... And he didn't text or talk to us, he isolated himself. He didn't go to his dads' house either... It is hard being alone in here and you and I are going to get more missions away than him."

"Pf, you're both overreacting."


They went to bed and Katsuki ended up sleeping in the middle, like he loved. In the morning, Denki didn't wake up until he moved. Katsuki felt bad for waking him. Maybe Eijiro was right, and the blonde mess hadn't been sleeping at all. He looked flimsier too.

"Keep on sleeping, Sparky. I'm going for a run."

"So... You don't want me around?" That was a first...

"Of course I fucking want you around." There was an uncomfortable second, Denki was going to get pissed if Katsuki told him to keep on sleeping, it seemed Eijiro had been dadding him too much the past few days. "Wanna come run with me?"

"I have some new routes to show you."



"OK, you were not overreacting." Was the first thing Katsuki told Eijiro when the redhead came back from work. Katsuki had seen both of them leave for work and he was convinced he would love that day alone... And he did, for the first couple of hours. Then he started getting antsy and feeling the house so empty.

"Hi. Yes, I tried to warn you. It is very weird being all alone here used to having the other two around. Imagine not even knowing when we are coming back. And he's not eating while we are not here. Once I got back, I was able to make him eat once a day, but he might listen to you better with that." He had already said something about that twice yesterday.

“Yes, yes, you told me. I’ll talk to him.”


"Sparky, I'm leaving bentos in the freezer. And I better find pictures of your fucking food and meds ready for every day I'm out or I'm gonna come back from the mission and kill the hell out of you."

"You are too dramatic."

"Yes, I'm a fucking drama queen, so fucking humor me from now on, OK?"

"OK, OK, jeez, you two worry too much, you are the ones risking your lives, I should be the one worrying about you, not the other way around."

"I don't give a flying fuck. And by the way, what the fuck are you doing making Fem Red Riot and Fem Dinamight?!"

"Oh, yeah, do you like it? Because I mean, Kiri is gay, but you are not, so..."

"Pf, it is so fucking dumb."

"I'll take that as a yes. I actually kinda wanted to see if I could make Mina simp for any of you being female presenting. It worked, by the way, but making you simp for me as Fem Riot? Way better."

"Want me to simp for you? Make a Fem Chargebolt cosplay." Denki looked shocked, then started to smile, his smile growing bigger by the second until he looked more like a shark than he had ever had. "What? Shut the fuck up, Pikachu."

"I haven't said anything." Huhuhuhu.

"I can read your fucking mind because you're so fucking obvious."

"Oh, do you know what's not obvious? You wanting to see me with long hair and boobs." He put his finger gun under his chin.

"Pf, whatever, I just want you to fucking stop making shitty videos about me."

"Sure, sure... You'll have your birthday present, don't worry." He had 24 hours to think that through. He worked better under pressure anyway.

Chapter Text

(roughly a month before)


"Pst, I have had the most amazing idea for Kachan's birthday!" Denki had been able to shut until Katsuki had gone cook, but not a second more. Now he was almost whispering on Kiri's face so the explosive blond wouldn't hear them.


Eijiro couldn’t but think he looked super cute when he was this excited. He thought a “puppy” in Katsuki’s voice and smiled even tenderer.


“Have you?”


"Yes. It’s perfect. He would die. There’s only the tiniest of problems: we are not rich."


Eijiro was not good at gift giving. He was loving, he was kind, he loved them with all of his heart and would have given the world for them… but he had always been clueless about what a good gift was.


He had no idea what to get Katsuki last year and he had ended up asking Mina last minute to help him.


He had asked for Mitsuki's help for last Christmas.


This year and a month before his birthday? Absolutely no clue. He hadn't even started stressing about it yet. And he did stress about it, because he cared. Katsuki might not say it, but he enjoyed gift giving and also receiving presents. And he knew he had been underwhelming. Katsuki had always given him such perfect gifts…


In any case, Eijiro had assumed Denki was going to be as awful as he was at picking presents for everybody else. Good gift givers were, as far as he was concerned, a rare thing.


"No, we are definitely not rich. What is it?" He was expecting something that either made no sense or was impossibly expensive, like buying him his own plane.


"A drum set." 


"A drum set?" 


"Yeah, a drum set." Denki played an air drums set. "I asked Jiro and they told me he had kept on playing the one we used for the school festivals... And now we have space! The doom room has definitely space enough for drums. I measured it while he was in the bathroom." He was definitely excited, he had done the research.


"It would be so cool… But we would be kicked out of the building." Eijiro had already been typhooned into the idea. 


"No! There are drums you can play with headphones!" He whisperedly yelled, excited. 


"Why are you two so fucking quiet out there?" 


"Cause we are making out, Blasty, if you weren't so obsessed with eating you could be here being quiet with us too, but you preferred cooking." Eijiro was still amazed of how fast Denki was when delivering comebacks and excuses.


"I don't fucking WANT to cook." Well, kinda. It relaxed him. And he enjoyed them eating and enjoying what he cooked for them. 


“I’m so really glad you are not a cheater, you would be an amazing cheater, you are an amazing liar…”


“I don’t do cheating, no.” Denki didn’t know what that was about. He looked confused.


"How expensive are we talking about?" Denki showed him the link Jiro had sent him. Eijiro looked at the price. "It is quite expensive for us, but if we had had a job for some t... Wait. You could ask Mitsuki and Masaru."



"What? Me?” Denki hadn’t died talking to them last time, but that was far from literally calling her or writing to her.


"It was your idea, come on, I bet they will love that you have come up with this." 


"Isn’t there another option?"


“They love you, baby, you’ll be fine. I can check the message before you send it if you want.”




"Hiiiii, Denki and Ei here." He took a selfie with the redhead and sent it too. Eijiro was hugging him and looking over his shoulder, but he didn’t seem to need help. "We have an idea for Kachan's birthday present, but it costs adult money and we don't have adult money yet. Could you help? We could repay you? I can’t just shut for a whole year about the idea.” He was going to have trouble not messing up during a month…


Mitsuki was shocked Denki felt comfortable enough to write to her. She liked the kid, but he still seemed nervous around them. In any case, she didn't consider her son an easy person to choose presents for... And Eijiro was definitely bad at giving presents, so a gift idea coming from Eijiro and the little ball of energy didn’t sound promising.


"Hi Denki and Ei, Mitsuki here." She sent him a selfie doing some weird face. "How much adult money are we talking about? What do you have in mind?"   


Denki laughed looking at the picture.


"I love her, I swear." He told Kirishima, showing him the picture, then replied sending the link. 


Mitsuki opened the link. She was shocked. She didn’t answer immediately, but went to look for her husband. She explained and showed him the link.


"That is actually a great present idea for Katsuki." 


"Right? I'm so surprised. Eijiro never has a clue about what to give him." 


"Then it might be Denki's idea." 


"Oh... Do you think? Yes, I guess it could be, he’s definitely creative. However, it's a lot of money."


"Well, yes, it is.” He looked at it again. “We could afford it if you are convinced." 


"I don’t think they are thinking on us buying it for him, but them paying us back." 


"That's a lot of money for two kids." 


"It is."


"Ask them if we can share." 


Mitsuki wrote again. 


Denki was getting nervous nobody answered. He looked at Eijiro like he had broken something. Then Mitsuki answered at last.


"Does it have to be a boyfriends’ gift?" 


"Not really, he's going to like it no matter who the present is from." And that was the important part. "We can think of something else if you want to gift it to him."


"Wanna share? That way you don't have to repay us." 


"We haven’t even started working yet *laughing emoji* we will have to repay you." 




(20th April)


His parents had called Katsuki to wish him a Happy Birthday while he was going to the agency. Mitsuki had suggested they should have lunch together to celebrate. He had tried to resist... Until his dad had literally asked for a date and a time. Then he had caved and accepted dinner the day after.






He was planning on telling his boys... But well, *cosplay things* had happened, and he had definitely forgotten. Until he woke up in the morning.


Denki was already vibing with his headphones on. Katsuki could only think about how hard he was gonna burst his happy bubble by stressing him with his parents coming for dinner.


He kissed Eijiro in the neck, like every morning, then he turned to get up and found Denki looking at him with the biggest smile.


"Hey! Good morning!"


"Good morning, puppy. You look happy." 


"Nooo..." Katsuki looked at him, confused. "I mean, yes! But normal happy!" He was acting weird as fuck, but the explosive hero was so worried about telling him about tonight so he could prepare mentally he just ignored the signs.


"I forgot to tell you yesterday... My parents are coming for dinner."


Denki opened his mouth to answer that he knew, then closed it again. He had almost forgotten he wasn't supposed to know. 


"Oh... OK."






"Don’t you want to run away?" 


"Oh... Yes. But I guess it's because of your birthday, right?" 




"Then it’s ok." 


"OK...?" wtf...? 


"Wanna go for a run, Blasty?" 


"That's my fucking line."


"You seem a little slow today."


"What the fuck did you just say?" 






Katsuki came back from work and went directly to the kitchen to start cooking things for dinner. He wanted everything to be perfect.


Eijiro had been instructed not to let him get into the doom room no matter what. It was the easiest assignment ever, Katsuki was super focused on preparing everything even though his parents had told him they could order something or just bring something themselves. 


Everything was almost ready, and he was chatting with Eijiro in the kitchen. The redhead heard the key at the door and made some noise to cover it. Then Denki started chattering near the entrance. Katsuki looked confused, he didn't get a word, but he could recognize his voice everywhere by now.


Eijiro smiled innocently.


Katsuki tried to get out of the kitchen.


The redhead closed the door with the most angelical smile, getting in the middle.   


"What the fuck are you doing, Shitty Hair?" 


"You should pay attention to the food or is going to burn." 


"Everything's ready and you know it, what the fuck is going on?" 


"OK, then tell me about your day, how has it been?" He wasn’t good at improvising like that, talking was something they had been doing for the whole afternoon.


"Shitty Hair, let me the fuck out."    


"Katsuki, baby, just let yourself be surprised, will you? Just for five minutes."


Katsuki was not being rational right now. He called Denki. He heard his phone somewhere in the house. Denki accepted the call and immediately went on speaker. 


"Sparky, either you tell me what is going on or I'll fucking blast your boyfriend." 


"My boyfriend is a rock, Blasty, you can threaten me better than that. But don’t get too creative, I’m on speaker. Say hi." 


"Katsuki, have a little patience, for fucks sake." 


"What the fuck? What the fuck are you doing with my Pikachu, old hag?" 


“Language, Katsuki.” Mitsuki might not care that much, but Masaru was not happy with all of the swearing.


"Your Pikachu, huh?” His mum was so entertained. ‘His’ Pikachu blushed uncomfortable when she teased her son looking at him. He ignored the fact that he had just said something he never said outside of his head.


“Whatever. What the fuck are you three doing, hag?”


“Be nicer, Katsuki, I have something you want, and I can fuck it up.” She was definitely pointing at his present, but he didn’t know.


It was too good to resist for the electric blonde.


"Mitsuki! Not in front of Masaru!" Denki sighed dramatically. Then looked at both adults and felt so self-conscious he had to apologize. "Sorry, sorry, it was too easy." 


"Since when are you that fucking happy around my parents, I should have known there was something fishy with you when you didn’t care this morning." 


"Yeah, you were so slow this morning. This month in general. I was almost worried" 


"Yeah, I have had to cover for him for weeks." The redhead confirmed.


"Enjoy while you can. When he knows you can pull something like this you will not be able ever again." Masaru was obviously right. 


"Dad, what is going on?"


"You'll know in 5 minutes. Start heating dinner." 






Denki knocked on the kitchen’s door.


"You can let Kachan out already,” ‘love.’  


"OK." Eijiro kissed Katsuki and then opened.


By the other side of the door, his parents greeted him with a smile. Denki was vibing around, the upper part of his hair pulled back with a hair tie into a mini pony tail because he had needed to see properly to set the gift and all that.


"Happy birthday."    


"What the fuck is going on?"


"Your birthday dinner. Happy birthday, son."


"Thanks, dad. What the fuck is going on, Sparky?" Why the fuck was nobody answering him!?


"He's not going to drop it until we tell him. He's gonna spend dinner" pouting "mad instead of enjoying it. Can we give it to him already? His birthday was yesterday anyway so it’s already ‘late’ anyway. And I will probably ruin the surprise over dinner if we don't give it to him. It has been SO HARD."


"Such a spoiled baby, even your boyfriends spoil you." Mitsuki pointed to the puppy eyed Pikachu.


"I'm not spoiled, hag, this is my fucking house and you are all being fucking annoying."


"Come, come." Eijiro pushed him towards the doom room, Denki's vibing had gotten into him and he was excited. It was the first time he KNEW he was going to like it.


"What the fuck, Shitty Hair? Just tell me already."


But nobody did.


"Wait!" Denki ran to their room and came back with a sleeping mask to cover his eyes.


"I will blast you, Dunce Face."


"Fiiiiiine. You’re so boring when you’re stressed. Open the door then!" fucking puppy...


Katsuki opened the door. He turned on the light.


There was a happy birthday garland hanging on top of the window. Right under it the drum set was ready, with a pair of sticks in a bow and his headphones plugged.


He took two steps in. He looked at the drum set, his jaw dropped. He was speechless. He looked back to the four of them. They were all smiling, waiting for him to react.


"Happy birthday, Katsuki."


"No fucking way..."


"Yes, fucking way." Answered Denki, so happy with the reaction after he had been all stressed about it.


He was so shocked he didn't say 'language', so Masaru did in his place.


"Language, Denki."


"Sorry, Bakudad."


"I hope you like it." Eijiro smiled. 


"Of course I like it..." He was still in shock. "How...?" He saw his father's eyebrows rise. "Sorry. Thanks. A lot. It's amazing. I love it." 


"You're welcome. We are glad you like it."


"I do. Thanks." 


"No swearing for a minute already, we broke him." 


"Shut up, puppy."


Denki blushed slightly and panicked for a second, not used to Katsuki calling him pet names, and even less that pet name, in front of people (his parents! Oh God!). No, of course Pikachu, Sparky, Dunce Face, didn't count as pet names but just regular nicknames. 


"It was his idea." Eijiro pointed at him with his finger. Denki pushed the finger down, still slightly embarrassed.


"Nah, it was teamwork."


"No, BabyZashi, it was definitely your idea, take the credit when is yours." He blushed a little more.


Katsuki neared them, hugged his parents for half a second, thanking them. He gave Eijiro a peck on the lips and thanked him too. Then gave Denki a very real kiss. In front of his parents. Denki was very dead of embarrassment when their lips parted. In front of Katsuki’s parents.


"Uuuuh." Mitsuki couldn't help but teasing him.


That made Katsuki blush too. He covered it with fake annoyance. 


"Shut the fuck up, old hag." 


“Language, Katsuki.”


“Dare say now you don’t like surprises, squirt.” Mitsuki was enjoying all of this way too much.


“I don’t. But it was a fucking nice gift.” Masaru decided there was no point on repeating ‘language’ after every sentence.


"It was, it was, and he has been able to keep the secret for a whole month." 


"It has been soooo haaaard. You have been so slow. SO DENSE. I’m so shocked you didn’t notice. I’ve messed up like A LOT."


“He has been drumming around the house all month. Over every object. All day. Every day.”


“He’s always fucking overexcited, how was I supposed to tell the difference?” But he hugged him. Denki’s eyes met Mitsuki’s for half a second. He went RED. Katsuki didn’t notice at all. She smiled. He was so cute around Denki. He barely hugged Eijiro in front of them.


"Let's have dinner before it gets cold."

Chapter Text

After their first major missions, both Dinamight and Red Riot had started gaining traction. The first one to notice had been Denki.

They had only appeared in their first press conferences and the internet had exploded. There was people commenting on their hotness, on their outfits, on how much of a sunshine Red Riot seemed to be, on how scary Dinamight was… The videos from their high school events that were available had also come to the internet attention once again.

After two or three important missions, internet had settled down a little, their fan bases were starting to grow.

Then people started recognizing them in the streets. They didn’t interrupt when they saw them, but they stared, they pointed, they commented. People knew now who they were... And that made everything harder, at least for Denki.

It wasn't long until they started getting waved at and strangers tried to talk to them. From then everything became harder for two out of the three of them.

The first time someone yelled Dinamight’s name and waved at him, Katsuki frowned, not understanding what was going on. It was a good thing that had happened while running with Denki and not while he was on his way to the agency.

"You can just nod from a distance, I think they’ll be happy with that." He had seen other pro heroes do that when they were recognized.

Katsuki tried, it worked. Nobody neared him or tried talking to him. His reputation helped, of course, he was never excessively talkative or nice when he was asked something during a press conference, and when there were no questions he mostly looked serious or pissed.

"You won't die for smiling at them."

"I'm not fucking Hawks and I'm not willing to become him." 

"All Might rescued people with a smile..."

"Don't try to pull my strings, Sparky."

"Ah, busted! My mean and cunning plan of making you look a little less like an asshole has been uncovered." Denki smiled.

"I'm already nodding to those fucking extras."

"Oh, yes, we should all be so glad you are not blasting strangers as a way of showing affection." He joked.

"I would never do that. I don't aggressively love extras."

That made Denki shut. Katsuki recognized his victory and smirked. Even after nine months together it was still practically impossible to leave him speechless. Katsuki felt proud. His day had started shining brighter.

Denki smiled, slightly blushed and looked at Katsuki discreetly. He just happened to sing a little louder for him to hear some of the sentences of the next love song that played in their shared earphones.

Katsuki didn't say anything about it, even though he looked cute for a moment (according to Denki, bystanders would still think he was scary as usual) and happened to act like he hadn't realized he was singing to him. 


They had to start randomizing their morning run routes after that, as soon as people started coming to just see Dinamight pass by. It was worrying strangers might follow them and know where they lived. It had been a good idea to live in a tall apartment building, but still.

Kirishima, on the other hand, was not worried at all. He could have been the most scary of them all, being so tall and big, but he was always smiling and he was happy to stop and talk with every single person that recognized him. For as long as he could.

The afternoon runs became unbearable. Eijiro stopped for pictures and conversations and always had a nice comment for everybody. Denki had to leave him there and come back some time later or just go home without him. He missed having time alone with him outside. But as he had said when Kiri had apologized about it:

“I’m happy for you. I just wish I could be a little more selfish and have you for myself instead of sharing you with your fans. But at least I can enjoy being at home with you.”


Next time Katsuki went on a mission, the first morning running without him someone asked Denki during his morning run where Dinamight was. That had hurt, not his ego, he wasn’t expecting anybody to recognize him, but he just was a little less happy every day any of those two were away, and that had been a painful reminder. At least he still had Eijiro at home.

The day after Katsuki had left, they called Eijiro on assignment. It was in a rush and they couldn’t even say goodbye before they both left for work.

Denki started running at random times and random places. He also decided to move half of the furniture in the living room to make it easier sit on the sofa jumping from the back. At least that gave him some dopamine to survive being alone.

It took him three days to start forgetting about food and food pictures. He started to run in the evening from the agency to EraserMic's so they would know he was ok.

The first day he appeared there, they tried to talk to him. They saw him turn up the volume on his noise cancelling headphones, then gave them a sad smile and silently left.

The second day he went there, they watched from a distance. Denki laid on the floor and let the cats bury him. After a while he just went back to his house without speaking to anybody.

Since the next day, supper just happened to be on the counter before he got there. Some of the food disappeared, so Hizashi started sending Katsuki pictures to let him know he was eating. They assumed the explosive hero would be glad to know whenever he came back. They also let Eijiro know too Denki had been there and had been buried in cats.

Denki didn’t seem happy, but even if he didn’t talk to anybody, he was letting them know he was safe and coping as healthily as he could.


Katsuki was the first one to come back this time. It was the first time he was the first one to come back and be alone with Denki, it had always been Kirishima.

The group chat was completely empty. Denki hadn’t even sent a picture or a comment for almost 5 days now. Katsuki read the redhead’s message saying he was going away and that was all. At least he had Hizashi’s pictures from the last 3 days with some nibbled food as a way to tell him his joyfriend was ok.

He opened the door to their house and found The Mess. If he had been pissed and worried before, now he was frowning.

The whole living room was a massive doom pile, all of the furniture had been rearranged and it made no sense now, everything was covered in bobba cups and smoothie cups and iced drink cups.

"Sparky, I'm going to kill you". He sent the audio. It was marked as sent but not as read. He felt like blasting someone. His phone vibrated with an incoming message. It was Hizashi. It was the first time it was a text.

"He didn't eat anything today :("

Katsuki called Present Mic immediately.

"Is he still there?"

"Hi, no, he already left. He doesn’t talk to us, he just appears, sits with the cats in silence and his headphones on and if we try to communicate with him, he leaves. He accepted Sho just petting the cats by his side in silence today, but he didn't have dinner and I think it is because Sho was there and he thought he would try to talk to him if he stopped to eat. However, even with all that he doesn’t seem to be doing that bad. He doesn't seem to be spiraling, just sad, in case you’re worried."

"Yes, I am worried. I'm gonna fucking kill him. Any idea of where he might be?"

"He comes running and I assume he gets cold here… so I hope he gets back home to take a shower."

"OK, I'll wait for him here then, he has his phone, but he doesn't seem to be looking at it."

"I thought he would answer to you guys immediately."

"I didn’t text before the press conference, we usually do so the others know we are almost home, but I didn’t have time." Maybe he just hadn't looked at his phone because he was running. He was starting to be more worried than pissed now that he hadn’t eaten anything.

"OK, can I ask you to keep us posted?"

"Of course. I'll let you know as soon as I have fucking killed him."

"Not literally if possible."


Denki opened the door to their house, music blasting. He hadn’t used the earphones he shared with Katsuki since the day that man had asked him where he was. He needed to forget about the rest of the world, and noise cancelling was the only option for that.

He noticed the door wasn't locked, but he thought he had forgotten to lock it on his way out. He left his shoes without paying attention to Katsuki’s boots, back on their place. He went through the living room without paying any attention, assuming he was alone, as he had been for days now. He didn't even notice the light was on. He never turned on the light when he came back from running and he barely used the ‘big light’ in the ceiling. There were a lot of things he should have noticed, but he was still flustered because of Aizawa had been by his side and he had feel pressured.

"Dunce face." nothing. "Sparkplug." nothing. "Denki!" Katsuki had stopped being worried and started being very pissed as soon as he had seen him, and even more now, because either he was ignoring him badly or he couldn't really hear anything. He could have switched the lights on and off, but he was just too pissed, so he just blasted him a little too hard.

That obviously made Denki’s brain react to the danger. He jumped away and his headphones fell to the floor. His heart jumping out of his chest.

Katsuki could see how his face went from serious to shocked, to worried, to finally realizing he was back.

"Kachan!" Denki had immediately started smiling for real. Then he noticed Katsuki was angry. He also thought MAYBE he was some villain in disguise. Then he remembered he had just been blasted and only Katsuki would 'greet' him like that. And he looked pissed, a villain would be smarter and looked happy to see him if they were disguised as his boyfriend in civilian’s clothes.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Denki waited for him to specify more. "I fucking texted you."

Denki looked at his phone and saw an unlistened audio as the only message.

"Sorry, I was running, you know I don’t look at my phone while I run. The press conference must have been fast." He wasn't sure how to react, because he was really happy to see him, but Katsuki seemed really mad at him. And he still didn't know why.

"I didn't have time to text you before the press conference. Then I arrived home and I found this fucking mess."

"So... You're pissed because I'm messy?" He wanted to be sure what all of this was about. It sounded like a bit too much for being about him being a mess. He picked his headphones off the ground and turned them off, still keeping his distance just in case.

"No, I'm pissed because you fucking did it again." He turned the Bluetooth off too.

“I did what again?"

"Worry the fuck out of me, Denki."

Denki's face grew more serious and more guilty when he started to understand and he stopped fidgeting and looked back at him.

"But I did eat as you asked me!" Almost every day and all.

"You ate for three days, then stopped texting me so I'm going to assume you stopped eating too." He knew that wasn't the case, but that had been their agreement.

"I didn't stop eating..." not completely. However, he felt guilty, because he had literally forgotten why he was sending him pics. He had also forgotten to eat, and he would have not eaten anything if it wasn't because they left food in the counter for him at EraserMic's.

"Don't you fucking lie to me, Sparky." He was calmer now at least.

"I'm not lying, I didn't stop... I did forget some days... And completely forgot you have asked me to send you pics of my food and why... Sorry."

"Yeah, I fucking noticed that, dumbass." As soon as Denki had said sorry, he had immediately cooled down, none of them were sure why. Maybe it was because he understood Denki was just trying to cope the best way he could. "Seriously, last time you stop texting and eating, or I'll take it as you are forgetting about me." He knew perfectly well that was far from what was happening.

"But I'm not! I just want time to go faster."

Katsuki caved by then and approached him. He didn't know how to hug him or kiss him now, he was always more distant the when he was away for some days. He prayed Denki knew how to help. Denki obviously knew, he immediately held on to his t-shirt and kissed him, making everything easier. Bakugo kissed him back and not really knowing why his lips sang the song Denki had sang that day at the karaoke.

"But I'm on my knees and I'm beggin', cause I don't wanna lose youuu."

Denki's jaw dropped, speechless once again. Then he pulled the explosive blond’s face towards him and kissed him desperately. Katsuki reciprocated.

"I've missed you so much."

"That makes two of us, Sparky." He had missed him so bad he could even forget about the mess, the furniture, and dinner for a couple of hours.


Once they were both more relaxed, Katsuki blasted him softly (like he wasn't already paying all his undivided attention to him already).

"Text your dads and apologize. They are fucking worried. And it's your fault."

"Now? Cause... You know, my phone is like super far." He pointed towards the table, which was not far at all but meant he would have to stop being on top of him to take it.

"What’s with all the furniture moving?"

Denki smiled, happy he didn't want him to move.

"Oh, I found out it made me happier to get in and out of the couch by jumping on and off it from the back instead of going all the way around it, so I moved it, because I needed the dopamine and then I couldn't watch TV, so I moved that too and then I moved everything else..."

" you work tomorrow?"

"Sadly, yes."

"We have to clean up tomorrow morning before you leave. This is a fucking mess." He yawned.

"OK. First thing, promised."

"Not first. We are going for a run, then getting a shower, having breakfast and then we are cleaning, Pikachu. And after that you are going to work."

"We'll have to wake up super early for that then, and it's your free day."

“… Are you fucking forgetting about me for real?" He had never had problems with waking up early.

"You are unforgettable, Blasty.” He kissed him, then rested his head against his shoulder again. “I love that you are demisexual, I don't have to worry about if you stopped loving me while you are away, I'll just know when you stop because you will stop wanting sex with me in general." The easiest way to know ever. He kissed him happily.

"I can think of more reasons I wouldn't want to fuck you."

"Pf, you wish" He licked his lips, then bit the lower one, giving him an interested look.

"Fucking dumbass." He smiled before kissing him once again.


Denki came back from work very happy to have a boyfriend at home to spend his free time with.

He found the explosive hero so very bored. He also found out he had been moving things around until he had found a way Denki could get to the couch jumping like he wanted but in a way that made sense somehow with the space they had.

"Niiiice. Thanks!"

"I didn't fucking do it for you. It's just better this way."

"Yeah, yeah." It was perfection. He kissed him. "You got super bored, didn't you?"


"Wanna come pet the kitties? I have to go apologize to Present Dad and Dadzawa, but you don’t have to talk, you can just be with the kitties."

Katsuki didn't feel like seeing anybody else but him, but he felt he owed it to his dads. And he didn't want to spend more time alone without him having the time to spend it together.


“It sucks that I can’t hold your hand on our way there.”

“What the fuck, Pikachu? We have never held hands in the street.”

“Because we’re always the three of us and we would look like Red is babysitting us. But now we are alone, and I’ve missed you and I want to physically feel you’re back. But now I can’t hold your hand because you’re famous. You couldn’t be some extra, could you?” He smiled at him.

“Pf, shut up, puppy.” Denki still blushed when he called him like that, smiling a dumb smile. “I wouldn’t have mind. If you had done it.” He glanced at the blonde mess and saw him smile even more. That made him happier than anything Denki could have answered.


Denki found the way to discretely be close enough for their hands to brush once in a while on their way to EraserMic’s.


Denki pushed Katsuki inside the house and sat him in one of the sofas. He sat by his side and turned on the TV, not paying any attention to what was showing. He got up and went back to the sofa with a bag of cat treats.

Minutes later, three cats started approaching them. Not all of them wanted to be touched, but they all came by anyway.

Eri also approached them silently, one more of the human cats in the house. She sat by Katsuki's side. A minute later she glanced at her sibling, who had one of Katsuki’s arms over his shoulder. She took Katsuki’s free arm and passed it around her own shoulders.

Denki gave Katsuki his arm back discreetly and sat on the floor where he could see them and they could see him. It was so nice that Eri felt comfortable around him.

Katsuki saw Denki petting the kitties, mewling back at them. His joyfriend was definitely in his happy silent place right now. He even looked calm. He tried not to think that thought. He had already thought that thought. He had tried not to think that thought... It was a bad idea... It would be a bad idea... The thought was maybe they should adopt a cat. Or a dog. Something that would take care of Denki when they weren't there. A living thing that would keep him company. That was not a good idea... Was it?


They came back home with Denki vibing, happy one of his boyfriends was back and happy after petting the kitties (which were adult cats and two of them quite big, even if he kept calling them kitties).

Katsuki decided he had to talk about the pet thing with Kiri when he came back.

Some civilians stopped him then. Denki went farther away from him, acting like they didn’t know each other, the same way he did with Eijiro.

Katsuki did his best to be the least unpleasant possible.

By the time the extras left, they had already been separated until they got home.


"Kachan, wanna watch '10 reasons to hate you'?"

"... What?"

"I don't know, you seemed too quiet."

"I’m fine. I just didn't like that we couldn't fucking walk alone together."

"Pf, that’s my life. I can't run with Red anymore, and some extra asked me where you were during my morning run. So, you better get used to that, cause I bet it will get worse as soon as you get in the hero ranking. Everybody will want a piece of you, and pictures and things like that."

"So fucking annoying." He passed his hand over his shoulders in a VERY casual way, like he needed an excuse or something. Denki hadn’t tried to rest against him yet, Katsuki felt weird not having any of them touching him at all while he was on the sofa.

Denki looked at him, amused, then kissed him and smiled softer.

"You are going to be the hottest number one hero ever. So you better get used to the extras simping for you and wanting for you to sign their boobs and all of that."

"You know I don't give a crap about that."

"I know, but it will get worse. You should get used." Denki grabbed the hand over his shoulder and interlocked his fingers with his before getting more comfortable against his body. A part of him told him he would complain. Another part said he wanted that and was just embarrassed to ask for it. Even now he still kept his distance quite a lot, compared to them. "I like this. I could live in this moment for a while." He said softly, inhaling deep his smell and the warmth of his body next to him. “You always smell so nice.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"You can be so fucking sappy..."

"You know nothing about sappiness, Kachan, I hold all of my sappiness and damp it over the cutie rock pie."

Katsuki blasted him with his free hand.

"Don't you fucking call him like that in front of me. So fucking embarrassing."

"I could be embarrassing with you too."

"No fucking need. You fucking call me some shit like that and I'll murder you."

"I'm not dumb, I would not call you that to your face. Just behind your back when I talk to Red."

He blasted him again, Denki laughed.

"I wouldn't mind being slightly sappier with you. For real." He had seen him accept things he didn't use to do because Kirishima would like them... So maybe...

"Tough fucking luck, Sparky." But he had just passed the second arm around him and was holding him tight now. Denki smiled happily.

"Just a little sappiness? You could sing to me again."


"I would sing back..."

"No fucking need." But he remembered Denki singing and there had been no time he was singing that wasn't memorable for him. "You sing all of the time anyway. You sing everyday when we run."

"Barely, and I'm not singing to you, I'm singing even though you are there."

"It's the same fucking thing."

"Definitely not. Let me show you the difference."

Katsuki didn’t complain.

Denki had expected him to stop him. He now had to improvise. The good thing was he had a lot of songs in his head and a lot of songs reminded him of them, so he just had to choose one that wouldn't sound too slow for the explosive blond. He knew Katsuki well enough not to try singing anything he would sing to Kiri.

"It's not a walk in the park

To love each other

But when our fingers interlock," he moved their interlocked hands with a smile. "Can't deny, can't deny you're worth it

'Cause after all this time I'm still into you" The more he let him sing, the more Denki smiled, the more confident he grew. And Katsuki could just look at him and love that smile, even if he made an (unsuccessful) effort not to show it. Denki thought if he had accepted the 'slowest' part of the song, he could sing the chorus too.

"I should be over all the butterflies

But I'm into you

And baby even on our worst nights

I'm into you

Let 'em wonder how we got this far

'Cause I don't really need to wonder at all

Yeah, after all this time I'm still into you."

Denki waited for him to complain. Katsuki didn't. He really got sucked in every time he heard him sing, no matter what.

"This is in your running playlist."

"It is."

"So you fucking think of us every time that sounds?"

"Not on both of you, not with this one. Those lyrics don't sound like my relationship with Red. Some remind me of you, some remind me of him, some remind me of both of you."

"...Can I hear one of his?" He didn't know if he should be concerned about that.

"I can sing one that is for both of you and I would have no doubt singing to Red. But you would probably hate anything softer than the one I just sang, and they get quite soft."

"Fucking humor me." Please?

"OK, but don't say I didn't warn you." OK, there were levels and levels of sappiness, so... He found something still less sappy than he had sang to Kiri for sure. "Ain't it funny how the simplest things in life can make a man?

Little moments that pass us by

Oh, but I remember

The first kiss, the first night, the first song that made you cry

The first drink, red wine, on a step in Brooklyn

I still feel the first fight, and we all made it out alive

And I can't wait to make a million more first times. Uhh.”

"We don't drink wine. And we have never been to Brooklyn, Sparky."

"And I’m not a man either, but if you complain one more time, I'm gonna sing one of the really sappy ones, and I'm gonna sing it as sappy as I sing it for him, so you have reasons to complain."

They knew each other well enough by now to know he was giving him the chance to ask him to be sappy without actually having to ask him. Katsuki had to control the stupid smile that pushed his lips.

"Pf, it can't be worse than this, definitely too fucking sappy already." He was definitely smiling, amused.

Denki smiled softly, knowing that was code for 'OK, make it Shitty Hair sappy'. The blonde mess sat on his lap, facing him. He held his hand, then used the other one to cup his cheek. He was looking directly into his eyes.

"Dumb conversations

We lose track of time

Have I told you lately

I'm grateful you're mine"

Katsuki went red and uncomfortable fast. That was WAY too sappy for him. But now that he was torturing him, Denki's sweet smile became a little teasing to make it less sappy for him when he sang the next verse, twisting the wording a little.

"We'll watch The Notebook

For the 17th time

You'll say ‘It's stupid’

Then I’ll catch you crying." He used his finger as a tear falling down his cheek. Katsuki blasted him immediately, totally blushed and feeling exposed even if he had changed his attitude.

Denki laughed wholeheartedly then pulled him by the back of his neck and kissed him.

“There's also a part about how Red always loses against me while playing video games because he's looking at me instead of the TV."

"Fuck yes, he definitely does that." He was glad for the way out.

"I told you it would be too sappy for you."

"You were right, never again."

Denki sat again on his own like he had been before, hugging himself with his arms because he was sure he wouldn’t hug him now if he didn’t force him to.

Katsuki didn't hold him as tight as before, but he didn't take the arms away either.

"So no Red's lovey dovey songs for you then. But he loves sappy, you know? You might want to think about singing something sappy to him at some point, he would die if you sang something Disney in a karaoke night."

"No way in hell."

"Wanna watch The Notebook with me for the first time so I can sing that sappy song in my head and think about you?"

"Just if you promise to never sing it out loud." He definitely wanted Denki to be sappy thinking about him. He just didn’t want him to tell him.

Chapter Text

It wasn't a surprise for Denki at all they both made it into the top 100 of the pro hero ranking for the first time. They had both been on important missions, they were already known before. They were hot. Even if this wasn't as impressive as Hawks becoming top 10 at 18, it was quite impressive already. Dinamight was on top, for now, he was number 79 and Red Riot was just 97. Denki was sure Kirishima was going to run him over in no time, attitude still counted a lot. The angry Pomeranian, even if he was starting to just look serious instead of about to rip your head off when he was in hero duty still couldn’t compete in charm with the ultimate Golden Rocktrieber.

But that was a problem for the next ranking, so that was a problem for next year.

Except because Denki was definitely a blabbermouth, so a couple of weeks later he ended up saying:

"By the way, I'm gonna ruin your mood, guys. I have been thinking. Are we going to have drama if Red becomes Number One? Because I have been following both of your fanbases and how people is reacting on the internet to any of your appearances and, sorry, Blasty, but it could happen."

Katsuki grew more serious. The redhead answered first. 

"It would be nice to become Number One, but I don't think that's going to happen. Maybe you will surpass both of us on being number one."

"No, sunshine, I won’t, and I couldn't care less. That's your goal, not mine." Probably not as important for Kiri either. "And I'll be very happy for you when you two reach the top 10, and very proud of you, and I'll be the most obnoxious joyfriend, just telling everybody you're my hubbies, but I don't want to have a war at home."

"There would be no fucking war, Dunce Face." Denki looked at Katsuki. "I will be number one. But if I have to be number 2, I can't think of anybody better for number 1."


"Points for effort." Denki answered. He didn't buy it. He knew Katsuki way too much. He was not going to forget his dream that easily. He could just hope Katsuki wouldn't care so much about it when it actually happened. 

“So you follow ‘our fanbases’? Is that a thing?”

“Of course that’s a thing, lollipop, you should know by now, come on.”

“Lollipop?” Eijiro was quite used to Denki looking for red things to call him, but this one was new.

“Fucking sappy…”

“Is red-ish and I like it. I would call him “Sharky” more often, but it sounds so much as a you-word it feels kinda wrong.”

“You call him ‘Red’ all the fucking time. And you started because of me.”

“It’s very different. Red is a nickname, not a pet name.”

“That makes no fucking sense.”

“I have to agree with Denki on this one.”

“Of course you have, you two always agree on fucking everything.”

“Come on, it’s very different. It’s the difference between saying Dadzawa or saying Dad. Or saying Present Dad or saying Daddy. It’s way different. You don’t use pet names in public.”

“Don’t you fucking start calling him lollipop.”

“I can call him Blueberry Riot.” He was not planning on starting calling him that, but it was so fun annoying the Pomeranian some times.

“What the fuck!? That’s fucking disrespectful.”

“So dramatic…”

“Oh, I don’t mind, it’s my magical girl name.”

“What the fuck?”

“But wait, so you consider him calling me Sharky a pet name, and Red and Shitty Hair are nicknames then.”

“Yes. Ei and Eiji are kind of in the middle because he sometimes uses those with parents or with the squad, but would call you Kirishima in public if it wasn’t with people who know we are dating.”

“So Sparky is Katsuki’s pet name for you then?”

“No, I don’t think so. I mean, Sparky specifically is like Ei and Eiji. But he has so many names for me there’s a pattern and everything. He has Dunce Face when he’s mad or annoyed. Sparkplug is like Dunce Face, he doesn’t call me Sparkplug or Dunce Face unless he’s at least somewhat annoyed. Then Pikachu that can be used like Red, it goes at any time. Then there’s Sparky which he doesn’t use if he’s mad at all and it is the closest to calling me “honey” in public. I think he called me Sparky in front of the squad and family at some point, but I’m not sure he would do it now because it has become more of a pet name than a nickname by now because we are mostly alone the three of us. And then there’s ‘puppy’ which is definitely a pet name and he barely uses it in front of me, so every time he does is like Christmas. And then there’s ‘Kitty’ and ‘kitten’, of course, but that’s a whole other story because that’s a sex name, not a pet name.”


They both looked at him shocked by the infodumping.


“You have thought about that shit A Lot.” ‘Every time he does is like Christmas’ was something Katsuki was NOT going to forget.


“You call me so many things, I have ended up looking for patterns.” He wasn’t completely sure about them but it looked something like that.


“You call him fucking ‘love’ as a pet name.”


“Or anything red that I like and comes to mind at that point, yes, like with the ‘lollipop’ thing. I can use ‘love’ for you too, if you want.” He would say he had already done that.


“Do you have a fucking death wish?”


“Yes. I mean, no.” He laughed. “I call him ‘love’, he calls both of us ‘baby’, but he mostly calls you ‘Katsuki’ because he’s scared you’ll find it sappy if he calls you Kachan.”


“You have levels too, right? Like Kachan does.” Kirishima always felt like he was overstepping when he called him like that, so he barely did it at all, usually right after Denki did. “You don’t use Kachan and Blasty interchangeably.”


“No, there are Kachan times and Blasty times and times where I can do Dinajokes without being killed.”


“There is no fucking point in time when you can do names with my hero name without getting killed, Sparkplug.”


“See? Mildly annoyed, then ‘Sparkplug’ is in and ‘Sparky’ is out.”


“Stop fucking analizing shit.” He actually wanted to know the difference between Blasty and Kachan times, but he was not going to ask.


"By the way, talking about pet names, we have had an idea. Would it help you feel less lonely to have a pet?"


"Eh..." That word isolated gave him dirty thoughts.


"I mean a puppy or a cat, to keep you company while we are not here."


"Oh! Yeah, probably. But you are aware you would have to take care of it, right? And it would be at home all of the time, not just when you are not here." It was very weird how Kiri had made it sound like it was a pillow to hug instead of a living being. "Or are you thinking on asking Dadzawa to bring me one of his? He won't agree, by the way, Catzawa is VERY protective of his cat-kids." And of his kid-cats too.


"He meant fucking adopting one, puppy." It was weird calling him that out loud while he was listening, even more after the infodump, but Katsuki was not forgetting about the ‘it feels like Christmas’ and he wanted him to pay attention, and he knew using that word would work miracles. It did help that he immediately blushed every time he called him that too. He enjoyed making him shut and making him blush quite too much. "But you really have to be able to eat while I'm not here before getting any kind of animal. I don't want you and the pet to starve to death."


"I won't starve to death. You're so dramatic."


"Yes, very fucking dramatic, but humor me in my next mission. This time for real."


"Yeah, and after next time we are both on assignment we can all go together adopt a baby cat or a baby dog"


“Are you a dog person or a cat person?”


“If I like them better or if I would prefer having one or the other?”


“Is it not the same thing?”


“Well, at least for me it is not, no.”


“Oh… Ok, do you guys prefer having a dog or a cat?"


"A dog" Katsuki answered.


"A cat" Eijiro replied. Denki laughed, he understood what Red had meant immediately.


"The golden retriever boy wants a cat and the kitty cat wants a doggy. So fitting."


"Shut the fuck up." Busted. He had two puppies now, a rock puppy and an electric puppy, a real puppy sounded nice.


"What about you, baby? What would you prefer?"


Denki smiled and his smile just grew bigger the more he waited to answer. 


"Why choose when I can have both?” He winked. He had just said loud and clear he considered them a dog and a cat and he had never liked having just one thing. “So, two questions. Are we open for other type of animals? And also, is that food picture thing mandatory to get them?" 


"Which kind of animal are you thinking about?" 


"A kid goat." 


"A fucking dog or a fucking cat. No other option." 


"Both? Can we do both? We are three, we can take care of both."


"The pictures are important, baby”.


“If I don't receive a picture every fucking day, fucking believe there will be no animal of any type in this house." 


"I better start getting used to sending them every day while you are still here then..." 




Denki had started sending pictures of his lunch every day since then.


Eijiro was called on a short mission. The same day he came back, Katsuki had to leave.


Denki couldn't help thinking they should have all become circus artists instead of pro heroes, because at least like that they would be traveling together.


And then, nine days after Katsuki was gone, Denki was called to his first long mission.


It had been a shock. He had managed to text the guys to say goodbye before turning off his phone. He didn’t get why he couldn’t have been warned the day before so he could just say goodbye properly in person.


"Duty calls. Take care. I love you with all my heart. No food pics because I can't. You owe me a puppy and a cat." He had his priorities clear.


Eijiro was called for a short mission out of the city that same day. He was happy to go, after 10 days without Katsuki and not having seen him since his last assignment, now being alone without any of them sounded like a huge thing.


When Katsuki arrived from his mission, he found their house completely empty and his boyfriends messages saying goodbye. It had been really weird. He had not spent time alone in a long while. Denki was always home by sunset. He might have liked it better if he had known they were ok and when they were coming back.


At least Eijiro came back in the middle of the night, so he didn't have to sleep alone the whole night. 




The next morning had been really weird. Same thing with the afternoon and the evening. 


"I always complain on how loud the puppy is, but the house feels fucking empty without him. No offence." 


"None taken, I was thinking exactly the same. I don't think we have ever spent time alone without him since we became pro heroes, did we? Even when we were starting it was always him who pushed us to be alone and we felt weird without him... It is very weird. Are you ok with being alone with me?" 


"Of course I'm OK, Shitty Hair. It's just I'm worried about the fucking puppy." 


"Me too. But I guess we should try to do something to avoid obsessing over it. He might take a while to come back, most of our assignments take four or five days.” So it was safe to assume Denki was going to take more or less that long. “I think I have forgotten what we used to do alone before him."




"Wanna try to watch a movie?”





When the movie ended, Eijiro looked at the explosive hero and gave him a weird smile.


“No interruptions."


"No fucking puppy jumping in and out of the sofa to go for his tablet or the pencil or a charger or whatever."


"I don't think we tell him enough how important he is for us. I bet he still feels he's somewhat the third wheel." 


"That's fucking dumb" also, probable, but dumb anyway. 


"You should send him audios like you do with me." 


"Maybe." He didn't like sending those audios, he felt weak. "I'm gonna send him pics of food already." ‘Leave me alone’.


"Are you really gonna hate me if I ever come on top of you?" as a pro hero, obviously. 


"I have always loved for you to be on top of me. I wouldn't want anybody else to be, Red." 


"Smooth." He smiled and kissed him. "I meant in the ranking." 


"I know. And I meant what I said when Pikachu asked: If someone has to be better than me and not let me take number one, you are definitely the right person. And he's right, you are fucking nice, so you probably will." He had done some maturing. He also didn’t feel he would be a better hero by being nicer to strangers, so he would just work harder until he was valued even though he wasn’t nice.




They had remembered how to be happy alone together, how to joke and be around each other without the electric hero making everything unpredictable. Playing video games without him kicking their asses was definitely not as fun, so they had stopped completely. Watching drama movies or complicated long series that required a lot of attention had been a good way to spend some time together too.


But a whole week had passed now since Denki had left for his mission.


The first four or five days had been ok even if they missed him, but after that, it had been impossible to ignore he was not there. Even if they were happy together, things had started to get quieter. Every day after work, not finding something weird out of place, the house still completely clean and in order was a painful reminder that he was not back yet. Every night there was a lack of blonde messes when they tried to sleep. A piece of their relationship was definitely missing. 


Katsuki felt sappy. He felt dumb. He had started sending the audios the first day Eijiro had come back. They were starting to get longer, quieter and sappier. He hated sending those audios. He physically needed to send those audios.


"Come back already, puppy, we miss you a lot." Katsuki said before cutting today’s audio.


The redhead on the other hand had been sending him good morning and good night messages and he had sent him every meme that had made him smile. He just hoped for the message to appear as “read” every time, but it never did.


They had received a couple of messages since Denki had left. It had been far from enough, but at least it was something. At least they knew he was alive. They were aware he was a good hero and he was not alone, but it still was his first mission away. 


"I feel like shit for missing him so much. Like I didn't love you enough." 


"But you do love me."


"Of course I fucking love you." 


"I miss him too, baby. And we miss you when you're not here, it's just he's better than us at making noise to distract us when the other one is not here. I’m pretty sure he does that on purpose." 


"He definitely does that on purpose, yes. And he’s way better at distracting us. I miss you too when you're gone." 


"I know, baby. He'll be back in no time, you'll see." 


"Gonna fuck his brains out the second he gets home."

Chapter Text

Denki’s first long assignment had made him stay away from home for ten whole days.

He had been able to text the hubbies to tell them he was alive a couple of times from a safe phone, but that was all the contact they had had. No phone calls, no pictures, no possible answer from them. No nothing. Not even knowing if Katsuki was back and safe. He hadn't been allowed to have his phone during the mission, none of them were, for security reasons.

Until now.

His team had just come back. The first thing he did, back in headquarters, was go to his locker and turn his phone on.

"Chargebolt. The press is waiting."

"Coming. Give me 3 secs."

As soon as he turned it on, his phone became flooded with messages from those two. That shouldn't have taken him by surprise, but it did, and it made him smile softly.

Kiri had been sending him good morning and good night messages every day. He had sent him some pics of them or of him and some memes. He had also written messages saying he missed him, so many of them, and that felt warm and cozy.

He now started to understand why they insisted so much in him writing when they weren't there. No matter what had happened in the mission, no matter how long it had been, no matter how hard, coming back was worth it.

Kachan had been away on a mission when he had gone away, so they had overlapped. Seeing he had messages from him was immediately nice, lifted a weight off his chest he didn’t know he had. No matter what had happened, just by seeing he had a lot of messages from him, he had known he was safe and sound.

Three weeks. They had just spent three whole weeks without seeing each other. Even with the longest missions they had had, none of them had been separated for that long. Would things be weird now? Katsuki was always weird after a mission, more distant for a sec… Now that they had been alone, things with Katsuki might had come back to how they were before he was around. So he opened the messages while walking towards the press conference already.

Katsuki's chat was full of pictures of food like the ones he had been asking him to send him, but that was not all. Every night almost since the day he had left, Blasty had sent him an audio.

Denki knew he did that for Red, he had never known what he said on those, but he always took some minutes alone to send one for their boyfriend when he was away. Denki had never thought he would do that for him. Sometimes he still assumed he was number two, and he accepted that. Just knowing he had sent him those messages, the messy blonde could relax about Katsuki going back to monoamory.

He neared his phone to his ear and listened to his boyfriend tell him about his first day back. He ended with a 'you better don't fucking die, or I'll kill you, Sparky' that melted his heart. Now all he wanted was to browse and listen to everything they had sent him.

He opened the group chat the three of them shared, wishing he had the time to write them something sappy separately. He wanted to send a video or at least an audio, but he didn't have the time or the private space for that. He took a selfie instead and sent it to them, already in his place and in front of the press, waiting for Midnight to start with the report.

"Press. I love you. I miss you." He wished he had the time to say more, but she was already looking at him intently.

Denki muted his phone and dropped it in his pocket, then apologized with the dumbest of in-love smiles. It was clear for everybody that selfie was for his partner. It was obvious for the press that was waiting too.

It was not his first press conference, but it was the first one after an important mission as a pro hero. He just stood there with a soft smile on his face, daydreaming about the messages he had still to read and listen to and how they would have reacted when seeing his message. He just had to wait for the important pros to answer questions and he would be able to go back home. Being the time it was, at least one of them should be home by the time he went back.

Dinamight and Red Riot had gotten questions from their very first press conference. Katsuki had gotten questions even as a student. Denki had never been asked anything, so he wasn't expecting any questions. Chargebolt wasn't a hotshot, he wasn't important, he wasn't interesting for the public like his hubbies were... And he didn't need to be, he just needed for the press conference to end so he could get back home to them.

Kirishima warned Fat Gum he needed a break as soon as he saw the selfie and the message in the group. Fat Gum offered to turn the TV on so they could all watch, they did that often if they knew a team had just come back, sometimes there was interesting information.

It was Bakugo’s day off, so he turned on the TV at home.

They both looked at him on the screen. They both thought they had to start sending comeback selfies after missions. The immediate weight relief was worth it for sure. He was back, he was safe, he might be tired or whatever, but he was alive and back. And he was looking so cute right now. He was definitely not paying attention at what was being said.

"Chargebolt, this is your first important mission as a pro hero. How does it feel?" He was so glad they had said his name first, he had completely spaced out.

"Great, thanks for asking." He answered with all his honesty, and a smile that neared his clown one.

His teammates laughed, everybody in Fat Gum’s agency laughed, Chargebolt being Chargebolt. Both Katsuki and Eijiro shared a “puppy” thought.

"How are you planning to celebrate?"

He didn't even stop to think, pouring his heart out.

"Hugging the people I love."

The press loved that.

His boyfriends melted, reciprocating the feeling.

"Is there a lucky lady waiting at home, then?"

What seemed like a million years ago, he had made very clear to Present Mic and Eraserhead he would not hide himself as an LGBT+ hero. He understood hiding the identity of his hubbies and even acting like they were just one person, but there was no point on hiding who he was.

"I’m not dating a lady, and I'm definitely the luckiest one in my relationship." He smiled, as honest as he was tired.

Nobody was expecting him to come out on TV. He looked confident. He felt warm and fuzzy inside. The chaos he had just created was the most unimportant thing of all for him.

It wasn't news for any of his coworkers that he was dating a man, he had made it clear from the beginning that he was not straight. At work, when he talked about them, he never specified much and always spoke like they were just one, but that was as far as he was willing to go to be secretive.

He wasn't aware at all he had just been the first pro hero ever to openly come out in public. He wouldn’t have cared at all anyway if he had known.

"So you are gay?"

"..." 'If I answer ‘yes’ you'll let me go home be gay with my hubbies?'

He looked at the person in command, Midnight.

She thought he was asking for her permission to answer that. He was just confused about what was all the questioning about his personal life. He had seen some press conferences from his high school friends and theirs hadn't been this personal. Not that he cared. He took the nod like a way of reassuring him it was normal, and he answered accordingly.

“Not gay. I'm bisexual."

"But you are a man who is dating a man."

"Well, I'm not a man, I'm a non-binary person.” He somehow disliked being considered a man, even though he didn’t care for being called a boy. “But yes, I date men. And women. And non-binary people. When I'm not in an exclusive relationship, which is the case since a while ago." He seemed so calm because he was. None of this seemed odd or worrying to him.

Considering every person that had ever known him, nobody was as calm as he was.

"Aren't you worried about saying publicly you are dating a man?"

He looked at Midnight confused.

She just smiled at him, reassuringly. She had known almost word by word what he would answer until now. She had no idea what he was going to answer anymore, but she knew she could trust him to be charming. He always was, even when the rest of the team lost their cool and treated everybody worse than they should. Even after ten days away and the pressure, she had never seen him say a bad word.

"Well, I've been saved by men that just date women, I haven't noticed any difference. They saved me, I don't need to like who they date for that. I just want to be alive when the danger is gone. I would say is fair to assume being alive is more important for everybody than the gender of whoever is hugging my nightmares away.”

There was a common 'cute' thought around him when he expressed it like that. If you knew him you could definitely see him as the small spoon, but for the public and the press a hero that didn't mind looking vulnerable right after a mission was definitely a first.

"A good night of sleep, the dream of every pro hero after a big mission, am I right?" Midnight recovered the control of the conversation. "Any more questions about the mission? I know our Chargebolt is charming, but let's not make this about him, shall we?"

He looked at her, worried. As soon as the press conference ended, she patted his back.

"You did great. They are all going to be really proud of you." She was one of the few people who knew everything about his life, including EraserMic. He answered in the most unspecific way he could just in case anyone overheard.

"Bet someone is going to lecture me about telling the truth."

"Yes, probably, but nobody will be surprised about that. The press, on the other hand, is going to be all over you after this."

"Nah, I'm not that interesting."

"You are, they just were the last to find out. They will all want a piece of you." Not necessarily in a good way.

"As long as they let me sleep in good company tonight, they can have all of me tomorrow."

She laughed.

"Change clothes, I'll take you home."


Kirishima called Bakugo. He was still at work, but he needed to talk about this with him.

"Have you seen it?"

"Of course I've fucking seen it. Are you still working?"

"Yes, I said Chargebolt had written to the school group chat and Fat Gum turned on the TV. So?" He wished he could be less cryptic, but there were people around him.

"I'm gonna hug the hell out of that dumbass as soon as he's home and make him sleep. Who else would fucking create chaos after his first major mission with a smile?"

The redhead was satisfied with the answer. He wanted to say “I have missed his chaos”, but he couldn’t, so instead, he said:

"Chargebolt being Chargebolt, am I right? Not even half as chaotic as any day in the UA. I gotta go."

"OK. I love you. Be safe, Shitty Hair."

"Same. Bye."


Denki rang the doorbell, still scrolling down his messages, answering to every single one of the memes and listening to Katsuki's audios with a dumb smile. The audios had started to grow longer and softer every day. It was curious how he talked to them way more and way softer when they weren't home.

It was the explosive pro hero who opened the door for him. Katsuki pulled him in, closed the door after him, then hugged and kissed him before he was even able to take off his shoes.

Denki smiled and his eyes closed immediately. He had to remember telling his dad he was right: the important part was not the house but the household.

"I'm home..."

"It was about fucking time. I'm so glad you are back and alive, puppy." He blushed and yawned.

"Back, alive, happier and sleepy."

"I can see that, dumbass."

"Dumbass lover..."

"Yes, I am. Let’s get you to bed."

"Are you going to sleep with me?"

Denki not even making a sexual reference after telling him last time sex helped him be sure he was still in love with him, made it very clear how much he needed to sleep.

"No, I'm gonna cook dinner so we can all have it when Red comes back."

"Who needs food? I want hugs..."

"Ugh, fine, but just for a minute."


Katsuki had stayed in bed with him, stroking Denki’s hair until he had heard Kirishima at the door. He stood up as quietly as he could and closed the door behind him, praying his messy blonde would not wake up. He lost his loving smile as soon as he saw Eijiro's serious face.

"What's wrong?"

"I almost got into a fight."

"You did what?" Katsuki was NOT expecting that at all. "Who do I have to kill?"

"Nothing happened, really. Someone said something very shitty in my agency after the press conference and I answered. Then called me a faggot and I said I was happy to be a faggot and the son of two lesbians."


"It's OK, I couldn’t care less about his opinion. And Fat Gum made him shut and called that guy to his office. But I'm quite pissed."

"Want me to blast his ass?"

"No, I wanna get calmer and see my joyfriend."

"Go take a shower first and cool down, he’s asleep, he can wait five more minutes."



"But he is still asleep. He is never asleep. I wanna hug him to death, but he has to be half dead if he didn't wake up with both of us here talking and staring at him..."

"If you get called on a fucking mission and he hasn't seen you first, I'll be hearing his complaints for days, and you know that."

Denki was quite low maintenance, but Katsuki was very much right about that. He would be quite sad.

"OK, OK. Hey, baby." Kirishima sat by his side and stroked his hair lightly.

Denki opened his eyes and smiled at them with the most luminous and loving of sleepy smiles.


"Just wanted to tell you that I love you and I'm really proud of you. What you did was so manly. I'm glad you are back home safe."

"I'm glad too." Denki smiled and yawned, then made sure to be touching somehow both of them, even if it was with one of his feet. "I now understand why you two were so annoying about me texting you while you were away." He tried to sit but felt Katsuki's hand in his chest pushing him down to bed again.

"Get some sleep, Sparky, we'll hold down the fort."

"I don't want to sleep, I want to be with you guys." Priorities.

"We can do both, can't we?" Eijiro smiled while caressing his soft boy. As far as he was concerned, the day could end right now.

"I'll go prepare dinner then."

Denki immediately grabbed his clothes.

"Nooo, Kachaaaan." He complained. Kirishima had already recovered all of his smile. He had missed watching those two interact, a lot. They were just the cutest.

"OK, OK, fine." Puppy...

For the first time in his life, Katsuki ignored his schedule and being responsible. He lied down in one of the sides of the bed and spooned him. He watched his rock do the same thing from the front. He cuddled his puppy and his puppy fell asleep peacefully almost immediately again. Katsuki just took joy on that moment. He had been worried, he had never been more worried, but right now, he felt peace.




Denki had not woken up when Katsuki left the bed to run in the early morning. He seemed so asleep he felt tempted to ignore his run as he had decided to ignore dinner and just stay in bed with him. He was sure if he did that, he wouldn’t have breakfast either, and then he would be hungry and angry at his job, so he forced himself to leave them there. It was one of the hardest things he had done in his life. 

Kirishima's alarm rang when Katsuki was starting to get dressed. It wasn't until then that Denki woke up. Kirishima hugged him with a smile.

"Morning, sleeping booty."

"Hi, Sharky. What time is it?"

"Katsuki is about to leave for work, and I have to start moving if I want to be on time for mine.

"Your phone has been vibrating like crazy." Katsuki neared their bed, feeling a little dumb for doing so, but wanting to kiss them both good morning. He hadn't dared kissing Denki's neck before the run not to wake him up."

"Good morning, Kachan."

"I still have time to keep you company while you have breakfast if you get out of bed." He would have gotten them breakfast in bed right now.

"You could both call in sick and stay here with me..." Denki proposed, knowing perfectly well they were not doing that.

Eijiro hugged him and kissed him, still in bed.

"There's nothing I would love more than that. I wish I could. Let's get breakfast with Kachan, then."


"Why do I have like a thousand messages and phone calls?" As a way of speaking.

"Because yesterday you came out on fucking live TV, Sparky."

"Pf, come on, like that was important enough for anybody to call me."

"Baby, it was huge. I do have messages from your dads and my mums and our class. Everybody watched it live at Fat Gum's too."


"Because I told him I wanted to see it."

"Oh... OK."

"Someone tried to be a dickhead about it and Red defended you and got insulted for it." Kirishima wasn't going to tell him.

"Don't worry, Fat Gum cut him and lectured him."

"Next time I'm going to your agency I'm bringing coffee for Dad Gum. We Stan Dad Gum. Oh... Midnight says I have some calls from the press and it also seems I have an interview on TV this morning... That lady's program, the one with the cooking and the nice lady. I hope they will feed me…"


Katsuki already had his keys on his hands when he remembered. He went back, got Denki's meds and waited for him to take them in front of him, then kissed them both on the lips.

"See you in the afternoon. You are free today, right, Pikachu?" He so wanted to stay at home with him after these 3 weeks.

"It seems I have to go to the agency after the interview, so I assume they need me for something, but I guess I'll be free in the evening and we'll catch up then, yes, don't worry. I seriously doubt they are going to send me anywhere today. Take care."

"I don't need to take care. Don't fucking get hurt or I'll fucking kill you both. And don't you make a mess of my clean house, Pikachu."

"Love you, don't kill anybody."

Chapter Text

"Welcome back to Morning's with Masako. Today we have a special guest with us, Chargebolt, the Stun Gun hero, who yesterday at the press conference for his first big mission made this brave comments that had gone viral." They played the video for the live audience and the viewers at home. Denki looked at the screen, he hadn't seen it until now. He smiled while watching, feeling a little embarrassed, because he could understand, seeing the lovey dumb face he had, why he had been asked. "Thanks for spending your first morning off with us, Chargebolt. How are you feeling?"

"Very well, thank you for inviting me."

"What can you tell us about the video we have just seen?"

"I looked so tired, I can understand why nobody woke me up for dinner." The live audience laughed about that.

"I hope you had breakfast at least, do you want us to bring you some tea?"

"Oh, no, no, thank you a lot, but I had an amazing breakfast ready when I got up this morning."

"Did your partner cook it?"

He was used by now to make them sound just like one.

"Yes, he avoided waking me up until he barely had time to have breakfast with me and leave for work.” It felt nice when he could say something that was true for both of them. “It felt great. And his food is amazing as always."

"Has he seen the video?"

"He watched it live, yes, I have the most supportive boyfriend."

"What did he tell you when you got home?" Denki chuckled.

"I just remember he tucked me in. And that he looked gorgeous as ever." There was a huge “Awww” from all of the audience. "He was worried about me not sleeping enough during my mission, he had priorities."

"It's great that our pro heroes are being well taken care of. And you seem to love him very much."

"Which one is my camera?" Denki was not shy even in his worst moments, but today he felt happy, proud and himself. He felt confident, he felt big, he felt happy he had said it and he could talk about it. He looked to where he was pointed. "I couldn't love him more." He smiled an honest smile that melted the live audience and all of the audience at home too. "He's at work, but I told him I would be here in the best of companies, so maybe he'll get to see that before we see each other tonight."

"You are just the sweetest, pity you are taken, am I right, ladies?" She smiled. The audience clapped.

"Thank you, thank you, but not just ladies, me being taken is a huge loss for all genders." He clowned. The audience laughed; they were having a blast. Denki knew how to be charismatic, he wasn’t even making an effort, and it showed. This was the kind of interview where he could thrive just by being himself.

"What did he say about you telling on live TV that you are, and I quote, 'nonbinary and bisexual'."

"Well, he already knew I am, obviously. But he said the same thing everybody else told me this morning: they already knew I was not going to hide it, but they are worried about the possible consequences."

"You don't seem to be worried about any consequences."

"I'm a pro hero. I might die in my next shift. Life is too short for hiding who you really are because that might have consequences. What is the worse thing that could happen? It is definitely not worse than dying, so I’m not going to hide.”

"Do you think there will be repercussions about what you said?"

"There have already been. I already know some pro heroes who have been insulted for defending me."

"There has been some people that haven’t liked your intervention from yesterday. What would you say to those who say you shouldn't be a pro hero if you are LGBT or at least you shouldn't talk about that part of your life?"

"I would say fighting from a closet won't make me a better hero, so there's no reason for me to do it. I know some people are still not used to watching LGBT+ people being open about who we are, but if nobody takes the step of saying we exist in all levels of society, people will never get used to us existing." The audience clapped, someone yelled nice things.

"We have already seen several agencies issue public statements supporting you and all LGBT pro heroes. Do you think more pro heroes will follow your example?"

"I saw Fat Gum's Agency's statement on my way here, one of my boys works there, so he sent it to me.” Hehehe. ‘One of my boys’. “They are the best. I'll have to read the rest of them later. I have still not had much time today, I was flooded with messages from friends and family and the in-laws. But I have no clue what others might do. I understand why other pro heroes might not want to come out. It can be hard being openly queer, even more when the rankings are partially based on the public's opinion about you. I don't care about being considered the best, just about doing my best, so if you are an LGBT+ pro hero in the closet, don't worry, I'll wear all of the rainbows for you." He shot with his finger guns to the camera and winked. "Just joking. There is no need for anybody to come out just because I did. If you know me, you know I have a privileged situation and amazing people around me that supports me. Just know you are not alone, we are many. Please be safe, my girls, guys and theys."

"Are there really any other LGBT pro heroes in Japan?"

Denki looked shocked.

"Of course. There is a lot of LGBT+ people around all over the world and all over the hero society. I remember people used to say we are 10% of the population, but that was when just the Ls and the Gs where something people knew about. Then the Bs, the Ts, the NBs, the As, the Is, the Qs appeared. So yeah, many. How many pro heroes are there now in Japan? If we are at least a 10%... Don't make me do the math, I've always been bad at math. Someone please send a 'Sorry you had Chargebolt as a student' note and some therapy sessions to my math teachers." The audience laughed at that.

"So you have been away in a mission for the past 10 days, right? How was it?"

The interviewer passed to less personal questions for a while, then circled back to the interesting ones again. Denki felt pretty confident he was prepared for answering them. That might be the only thing that wouldn’t make anybody worry, he had a witty comeback for everything.

"What about your boyfriend, how did he take your absence? It has to be hard not having a loving partner as you around for so many days at a time."

"I didn't have the time to ask how he felt, but he has to go on work trips all of the time and I get pretty lonely when he is away for more than a couple of days." The audience loved that too. “That is still my camera, right?” He looked at his camera again. "I do remember I was promised we would adopt a cat or a dog after your last trip and I'm still waiting." He joked. "But I am pretty sure he didn't miss me being a mess. I have already been warned this morning not to spoil the cleanliness and the order of the house."

"Does he do all of the cleaning?"

"No, of course not, we used to clean together when we could. We can go for months now without sharing a day off."

"That must be hard, what do you do when you manage to scrap some time off together?"

"Whatever we can do behind closed doors. It's dangerous dating a pro hero, so we can’t do couply things outside. I mostly socialize with other pro heroes outside and enjoy his company in private. It's the safest option, but it really sucks sometimes.. It’s probably one of the worse things about being a pro hero. Nobody wants to make their loved ones at villain risk. Thinks already got pretty scary during high school."

When the time was almost over, she added:
"Thank you very much, Chargebolt, for spending your first free morning after a long mission with us. What a treat. It has been a real pleasure to talk to you. Come back whenever you want.” The audience cheered.

"Whenever you want. If you are planning to cook any birthday cakes, I can sure use that as an excuse to come back, it's my birthday this week." I think.

Chapter Text

Denki wasn't able to find a private place to send a message to the guys. He knew they would be working by that time of day. He had to go from the TV studio to the agency and he assumed they didn't have watched him yet. He went into the bathroom and got into a stall. He positioned the phone somewhere and signed to the camera while moving his lips, but in silence.

"Hi, my loves, I can't trust sending you an audio, but I wanted to call because I miss you both very much and I hate talking about you like you are only one person. I think it went great. I wasn't nervous, I hope you'll have time to see it soon. I still have some short phone interviews to answer. Gonna head to the agency for my meeting. See you later. I love you, can't wait to spend some time with you this evening."


"We think another agency would be a better fit for you."

Midnight clenched her teeth. The actual boss of the agency had her standing there as the responsible for the team he had been working in. It looked like she had been reprimanded for letting him answer yesterday.

Denki was quite shocked. He was smiling a confused smile since he had felt the tension in the room, knowing a storm was brewing and it was definitely going to rain on his parade.

"I don't think I understand, may I ask why am I being fired? Was my job in the last mission not up to par?"

"Your job in the last mission was excellent. You were one of the best heroes to work on that mission." Midnight answered before the boss could say something else.

Denki looked her in the eyes, knowing he was missing something. She had known him for almost 5 years now. She was always a fair teacher. She was friends with his dads. She was a bisexual too. What was going on in here?

"No, this is not about your last mission." The boss didn't like to admit that, Midnight was going to get shit for saying that too. "But your... lifestyle is a PR problem. We don't think the kind of attention you attract fits in this agency."

Then Denki understood.

And Midnight noticed. She saw all his body language change from messy teenager who is always being reprimanded to calm confident adult who knows he has done nothing wrong. She flashed* him a supportive smile.

Their eyes met, and she knew he was OK.

The boss had been talking after that, but Denki interrupted, not caring anymore about being considered unpolite after being fired.

"If my job in here has ended, can I leave then?"

"Such a rude kid, you will get nowhere with that attitude. Yes. Take all of your things with you before leaving and leave your ID card on your way out." 'While everyone is working, so nobody will notice. But they will notice because I'm not the quiet mouse nobody notices.' He had never felt this calm. He had already moved on, he was thinking what he wanted to do now.


As soon as he went out, he took his phone to call Mina and found a message from his family.

"Top 1 ever in the history of the UA in doing interviews. We couldn't be prouder, Small Loud." Hizashi had used the pet name Aizawa used to convey that this was a family message.

"Thanks. I have just been kicked out of my agency because 'my lifestyle is a PR problem’, but I have an idea, so please keep on being proud instead of worrying *winking emoji*. I'll call you as soon as I have some free time. I love you."


"Hi, Pinky! I need a favor."

"Hi, Chargebolt! I saw your press conference yesterday, and I have been listening to your interview today, you were amazing, I'm so proud of you. I would have so married you today. Someone is going to die with that video. I'm so sending a message to my girl during my next interview."

"Thanks, I felt it went great too."

"What were you calling about?"

"Can you give me Hawks' number?"

She was confused.

"Are you going to...? Is this personal?"

He laughed, he could read her mind.

"Oh, no, no, not at all, I'm perfectly happy. They were proud. I want Hawks’ number for a pro hero matter. Nothing to worry about."

"Ok, I'll send his contact in a sec."

"Thanks. Come home tomorrow, we can record some dances together, it has been a while. I'll tell you everything about my meeting with Hawks too."

"Cool! Remember not to simp much, HawksSimpBoi."

"I can't promise anything." He chuckeled.



"Hi, Hawks, sorry to bother you, this is Chargebolt, Pinky introduced us.”

"Chargebolt? No, that’s not possible, you sound too articulate." He teased. Denki became a blushing mess, even if he couldn't see him. He coughed to recover his brains.

"Have you seen the news lately?"

"I have, and I had been in your house, I already knew about your private life, if you are worried about that."

"Oh, no, I wasn’t worried about that, if you would have been a homophobe I would have found out sooner. I just wanted to talk to you. It seems I've become a 'PR Problem' for my agency. Well, former agency."

Hawks understood what that meant. He had been someone else's PR problem.

"I saw you become the first pro hero ever to go public, then I have seen you become Japan's most loving boyfriend this morning. I have never seen anybody so comfortable with the press, I don’t see how you could be considered a PR problem because of that. You, sir, are very smooth."

Denki blushed badly, he was definitely not used to compliments, but coming from Hawks... He had to cough again to snap out of it and be able to talk.

"Thanks. Can we meet? I have all the time in the world in my hands. I can take a shinkansen to Fukuoka, it’s three hours or so."

"Let's meet halfway. See you in Hiroshima. If you are going to bomb the roots of pro hero society, it seems fitting."

Denki smiled at the other side of the phone.

"So dramatic." ‘like Boom Boom Boy’. "I'm just trying to live my life. Thanks for making time for me. This is my personal phone, text me the meeting point."


He was dressed as a civilian, recording a video for his social media. He wanted to thank everyone for the massive support he had been given since almost 24 hours ago. It seemed like way more time than that after the press conference, the live interview, the phone interviews. He saw Hawks appear on camera behind him.

"Video bombing with a dramatic entrance. I mean, if I were that gorgeous, I would definitely video bomb everyone too."

He cut the recording and uploaded it without thinking how that might look. Denki inhaled deeply, with the intention of turning around and facing him, but trying not to simp because this was important. He was cut short of his breathe when he felt Hawks' arm around his shoulders and his wings brushing against his arm. He blushed badly and (metaphorically) died right there.

"Hello, Chargebolt. You ARE that handsome, we would make a gorgeous couple if you weren't already taken, don't you think?" Hawks used his own phone to take a selfie of both of them. Denki looked overwhelmed, so Hawks gave him some space. The electric mess was able to breathe then.

“Aren’t you tired of people simping for you?”

“People, yes. You, not yet.” Denki blushed.


"Because everybody else thinks nothing can make you shut and I can see why, but I know better than that." He winked at him.

Denki had to cough again. He hadn't taken Hawks teasing him into account when he had called him. No other pro hero acted like that. He should have known. That was why Hawks was his role model instead of other pro heroes, because he didn't care about how he was supposed to behave, he just did his job and did it well.

"Thanks for coming. I wanted to..."

"Not here. Let's go somewhere more private."

Denki had to force himself to close his mouth. Even if Hawks had said that in a professional tone, his brain was racing right now. He couldn't say thank you or he would have just drooled. The guy was intoxicating. It didn't get better when he ignored his face and just pulled him from the ground and took off with him.

They landed on top of a building, away from the cameras and the people that had started staring.

Denki had been enough time in the sky to forget his simping when they landed. Also to analize some of the things he had heard him say.

"Now I want wings."

"Well, that can be arranged." His feathers brushed against his arm.

Denki had to cover his blushing cheeks with his hands, somehow that helped him be a little firm now. Far less than he should.

"Stop it already. I would fuck your brains out if I weren't married, but I am and I need to stop simping badly to ask you what I need to ask you."

Hawks had never encountered another pro hero that had been so blunt and so confident about saying something like that, just a very charred villain. He laughed, very amused, then accepted.

"Ok. Let's talk business, then."

"Thank you."

"But I would be the one to fuck your brains out, to be clear, not the other way around."

Denki had to look elsewhere because The Image. And the way Hawks had just looked at him. He inhaled deeply again. He could either wait in silence and give him another chance to make him simp badly for him, or answer and try to get the reins of the conversation.

"I'm a switch, I wouldn't have a problem with that. But I'm pretty sure you get off on not being in charge, so let's agree to disagree" 'birdie' 'Focus, focus!' "Hawks." That was the most polite and aseptic way he had called someone a sub in his life.

Hawks noticed the pause in the sentence and cackled, surprised and defenseless. He was used to being the teaser, not the teased.

"You are very amusing, Chargebolt."

"Call me Denki. Let's see if using my name you stop messing with my head and start talking business, seeing you use my pro hero name when you want me to simp for you."

"Call me Hawks. Because making you simp is my pleasure."

Denki scoffed, completely red, then he sat on the floor, far from him. 'I'm starting to understand why some people in my life seem to lose their mind over my comments, what an amazing tease...'

"So they kicked you out of the agency because they consider you a PR nightmare?"

"So they say, and I don't even think it was about this morning's interview but about the press conference. I could have understood if they had said I take the focus away from the mission or if I had received threats and mean comments, but I have received nothing but support, all of my social media accounts are flooded. Even the cosplay one has comments in the last video of people saying I should cosplay myself."

“That would be amusing.”

“That would be the trickiest, because I have to look like myself but not looking enough like myself. Anyway, I don’t get the PR nightmare thing.” ‘Let’s get back on topic before you remember you can make me simp just by existing.’

"I get why the older generations consider you a PR nightmare even though you have the press wrapped around your finger. You don't just act politely, shut up and do as you are told."

"You are not just my favorite pro hero for your looks."

"But mostly because of my looks."

"Obviously." Denki joked, those kind of comments he could definitely handle.

"I mean it when I say I have never seen anyone that comfortable around the press."

"I have seen you look that confident around the press."

"Thanks. I have been heavily coached to be. But I doubt you were coached for today's interview, were you?"

"Oh, no, I was informed about the interview like two hours before it, the agency called me, that was all."

"So they asked you to go to the interview and then fired you?”


“And they didn’t tell you anything about the interview when they fired you.”

“No, it seemed like something that had been decided beforehand. In fact, Midnight made very clear I was one of the best in the mission too. I mean, the boss literally said it was because of my lifestyle.”

“It seems like they were expecting you to mess up during the interview, but it was clear you didn’t. And I get why they tried. You are very good at looking like an empty-headed blabbermouth. I bet you look like that at work too. Watching the interview you managed to make me think you were dating a civilian, I had to remind myself you have two pro hero partners and I have seen you together. And the way you justified being seen with them, because obviously you have been seen sharing time outside with them constantly. There are videos of you on the street with them. It was very impressive." Denki shut, because he WAS going to simp about his favorite hero analyzing him so easily and even more, complimenting him. Obviously, Hawks noticed and didn't see any reason not to make him nervous again. "You know exactly what to say and when to say it, don't you?" And that sounded So Not like a professional comment his jaw dropped. Hawks smiled at him, which made everything even worse. God, that bird was gorgeous... 'Focus, focus.' Hawks was kind enough to help. "What do you want to do now? Are you planning on joining one of the agencies that has shown support to you?"

Denki was glad for the simping pause.

"That's the reason I wanted to talk to you. I guess I could land another job, but even if I could, I don't think I want to. I'm sick of doing what I'm told. I think I wanna fly solo."

"Pun intended."

"Sorry, it was too easy."

"I feared you were going to ask me to work for me."

"And spend the whole day simping? That would get me killed."

"Most definitely, by pro hero Dinamight himself."

"That too, yes. But Katsuki would be the one to kill me. Dinamight knows you are strong, and I could learn a lot from you. Katsuki would be the one asking himself what exactly I am learning from you." He had not seen Blasty that jealous of probably anyone. Not even Shinso before knowing they were family.

"The things I could teach you..." He looked like a predator. 'Oh, birdie, you kn... Focus! Focus!" He had to use all of his self-control. He had already been getting dirty thoughts the whole conversation and this was the first time his loyalty was really tested. After 10 days without seeing Kiri and 3 weeks without the explosive blond, this was NOT being easy. ‘I’m never talking to him again without having sex hours before.'

"I know I'm irresistible, Hawks, but please try to stop simping for me for two minutes and focus."

That made the bird speechless for a second, then he laughed.

"It is way harder than you think, not to simp for you. You are quite a pleasure to look at." He did mean that as a compliment but saw immediately how the electric hero had taken it as another teasing. He was trying his best not to drool. "You would be amazing at press conferences as head of your own agency. You would tell them what you want them to know and still make it sound like you are completely honest and just the correct amount of dumb not to seem threatening. The only problem I see is, would you be a good leader?"

"What do you mean...?" He was definitely not planning on leading anybody anywhere.

"Your quirk is more useful in a team."

"Oh, yeah..." he hadn't thought about that. That was a problem.

"You have never tried to lead, have you?"

Denki repressed his dirty thoughts. Hawks noticed. Denki still managed not to answer with a sexual comment. He didn’t know how he had gotten to the sex comments so fast, but he now couldn’t get them out of his mind.

"I'm not a good strategist, I'm not smart that way. I know many people who are better at that than me."

"Would any of them be willing to join you in your own agency? Or would they need to be in charge?"

"Oh, I would not mind working for most of them, but most of my people are introverts, they would probably prefer me to be the visible face even if we are a team or they are leading."

"I can't teach you to lead-"

"Oh, that was pretty obvious." Denki's mouth bratted before he could stop himself. He was then aware of having said that and not just thinking it and went all red again.

Hawks was caught by surprise, he managed to smile and give him a teasing look instead of reciprocating the simp. The electric blonde was tickling his interest for sure.

"Please refrain yourself from simping for me on your own, making you simp is my job."

Denki rubbed his face to make himself snap out of it.

"Being a pain to the hero society is your job."

"And that's why you came to see me."

"I came to see you because you don't just blindly comply to the rules even if they don't make sense."

"I blindly respect authority as much as you do, yes. And we both know the only way to avoid that."

"My own agency... That sounds like too much work."

“It is definitely more work than letting other people decide for you, yes.”

”What would I have to do?”



Hawks dropped him at the train station.

Denki noticed how much he stood out, his red wings made him perfectly visible from everywhere. No matter where he went everybody looked.

Hawks brushed his feathers against his arm one more time, making Denki blush and look at him again. Hawks smiled, teasingly.

Denki rolled his eyes, he had been able to manage most of the verbal teasing by now, but the feathers... The feathers against his skin made him go dumb. And Hawks was painfully aware of that.

"Thanks for dropping me at the station, it was not necessary at all and there is a lot of people looking at us."

"A PR trick for you. If everything seems to point to the answer they are looking for, they won’t look farther." Meaning he looked like his boyfriend now, so they wouldn’t look for his hubbies.

"Oh... I hadn't thought about that, I didn't lie when I said I'm not a good strategist."

"But I am, and I don't mind being a disappointment for anybody. This is far from the worst the public has seen from me. And it seems I tuck you in bed at night and I am an amazing cook. I might even get a better public image from being out of the closet."

"Thanks. Also, please never come around my house, you're a menace." He answered very honestly.

Hawks chuckled, still very refreshed by his honesty. He covered them from the view using his wings. If people around them hadn't thought before there might be something between them, now it seemed like he was giving them cover to kiss him goodbye. He detached one of his feathers from his wing.

"I'll be paying attention to your next moves, Chargebolt. I'm looking forward for our agencies to work together." After that he caressed his neck with the feather, making sure to make him shiver in the process, and then left it in his hand. Then he took off with a smile and a wink, leaving behind a simping blushing mess for whomever was recording. And you could be sure there was someone recording wherever Hawks was.


"Hi sib."

"Hi. You are all over the press. I have seen pictures of you simping for Hawks."

"That's what I wanted to talk about with you. That nb agency we used to joke about might be happening after all. I have been kicked out of my job."

"Count me in."

"What about your agency?" He knew Toshi wasn't happy in theirs either, but this was a gamble.

"It's not mine. I just work there."

"True that. True that. How are they?"

"Proud, but freaking out. They saw the interview and received your message. Wanna talk to them?"

"Not now, please tell them I'm OK, everything is under control, and I'll call them."

"Call me about the agency so I can give my resignation letter."

"Please don't do it just yet, I have to tie a lot of loose ends and get an internship before that."

Chapter Text

Katsuki felt like blowing up the door instead of opening it. He had seen Denki's morning video and interview during his break, and he had felt so in love with him it was almost embarrassing. Then, at lunch break, a lot of videos and pictures of his boyfriend with Hawks had appeared online, including the one where he was saying thanks for the support where Hawks appeared in the last second and he called him gorgeous and the one where they were totally kissing under his wings. 


He wasn't expecting to hear music from the kitchen or smelling anything nice. He was usually the one to cook, he had never seen any of the other two cook. The singing told him Denki was the one in the house.


"Did you have fun with Hawks?"


"Hello, Boom Boom Boy, I would say he had way more fun with me than I had with him." 'That guy is a brat for sure'. Denki tried not to add that in front of Kachan for now.


Katsuki tried not to take the having fun comment sexually. 


"I've seen the pictures." 


"I haven't. But he tried to make it look like we are a couple, should I assume it worked?"  Denki felt the stare on him and looked back at Katsuki for real, wanting to give him a kiss. "You know he is not my boyfriend." ‘Don’t you?’ He wanted to tease him badly, but he also wanted to tell him about his day. "I called him, I talked to him, came back, got a long cold shower, then started cooking. You should be proud, I have not burnt anything yet. He knew you would be jealous, by the way, and he seemed to love it. He actively made me simp for him every ten minutes. It has to be exhausting being you around me." He winked an eye to his boyfriend.


Katsuki clicked his tongue and hugged him at last. Then he kissed him until he started to forget he was cooking. Good thing Denki had alarms set not to lose focus.


"Why did they call you to go to your agency on your day off?"


"I would prefer telling you two together, if you don't mind."


"OK. Do you want help with that?"


"No, I want it to be ready."


--- (smut happens: LINK) ----


They finished having dinner and cuddled for a bit in the sofa, needing to spend some time together after three weeks of not being in the same house. 


"I saw the interview, and your video. You did great, so manly, you are way better than any of us when talking to the press."




"Why did they fucking send you to Hiroshima?" 


"They didn't. I called Hawks to meet him in Fukuoka, but he said we could meet halfway, so we both went to Hiroshima. They are not sending me anywhere anymore."


"What the fuck, Sparky? Did you resign?"


"No, they decided I am a PR problem." 


"But you did great! Both the interview and the press conference were amazing and compelling and nice, you didn't say anything that would make you or your agency look bad. And in the phone interviews either. Yes, I have listened to all of them."


"And there are a fuck ton of LGBT+ people in that agency. Fucking Midnight was your leader in the last assignment, for fuck's sake. What the fuck are they worried about?"


"I guess you can be as gay as you want as far as nobody knows."


"I'm going to burn that agency to the fucking ground."


"I'm so sorry, baby. Are you OK?" 


"Don't worry, love, I'm better than ever." He smiled confidently. 


"So you went to ask fucking Hawks for a job?"


"No, I wanted his input on being a one-person agency. But he's right, my quirk is not good for that, I am better as part of a team. The good thing is I know a lot of pro heroes. Starting with my sibling."


"You are creating your own agency?"


"That's fucking mental, Sparky." Kirishima looked at Katsuki, Denki didn't get what he meant, he was about to explain himself and why he thought it was a good idea. The explosive hero smiled a twisted smile. "It fucking suits you." That made the three of them smile. 


"Thanks. I didn't talk to anybody else yet, but I had already asked Pinky to come over tomorrow and I will talk to Jiro and... Well, I'm talking to everybody. I don't count on anybody else joining me but Toshi, but I want them to know I was fired. All our class have showed public support for me since yesterday's press conference. They might get in trouble. I want them to be aware of that in case they want to back up."


"Are you going to say something publicly about being fired?"


"I have not decided it yet."


"Fucking burn them to the ground."


"A part of me wants to. Another part of me wants to create an agency and people to understand without me spelling it out."


"Burn them to the fucking ground, Pikachu."


Denki looked at Kirishima, who tended to be way less hot-headed.


"I think I agree with him this time. What did Hawks say?"


"I didn't ask for his opinion, should I?"


"Well, he's your fucking boyfriend now."


"Come on, Kachan, don’t be jelly.”


"Well, the press has already sold it that way. I saw it when I was getting back. And it will get worse."


Denki looked at the news stories Kiri was showing him.


"He knew this would happen. I hadn't thought about it, but he did. That's why he took me to the train station."


"Aww, did Hawks try to protect us? He knows you are with us, right?"


"He made very clear he remembers. He also remembers Kachan being jealous of him, so you better prepare, because he's one of the biggest teases I have ever known. And I know a handful. In any case, he will know how to handle the press. He told me if they were thinking he is my partner, they would not be looking for my mysterious boyfriend elsewhere. And I think he is right."


"If I ever see you playing Hawks' boyfriend in public, I am going to fucking murder you and pluck him and burn him alive."


"And what do you want me to do? Say we are a throuple? I don't mean to be kidnapped as a trap for you two to fall into. It's better if everybody thinks I’m dating him, and you know it, sorry. I wish it could be some other way."


“…He is a better reason to kidnap you.”


“That wouldn’t put any you in any danger, so I’m OK with that. I’ll just laugh very hard when they tell me my pro hero boyfriend would do anything and remind them I never said I dated him.”


“If they kidnap you we are fucking finding you, Pikachu. No matter who the fuck they think is your fucking boyfriend.”


“Awww, that’s nice of you. Let’s hope the kidnapped one is Red, that way we can both be destructive and reckless with our quirks and our anxiety.”

Chapter Text

Most of class A and some of class B was on their house right now. Denki hadn't planned on having a huge meeting, but it had ended up being like that.

"So, I don't want to take much time off your hands. I just wanted to thank you all for your support and warn you that I have been discreetly laid off by my agency. They say I'm a PR problem and I should find a more suitable agency for someone like me."

"What? I can't believe this! Why didn't you say anything? Wait, that is why you wanted to talk to Hawks?" Mina was fast to tie lose ends.

"Yes, I'm opening my own agency."

That shocked most of them.

"Count me in. I was planning on working alone, but we would make a good team."

Denki smiled at Tokoyami, surprised. He couldn't have asked for a better ally.

"Aren't you happy in your agency?"

"I don't like the leadership style it has. I guess learning from Hawks changed what I expect from an agency."

"Are you going to do something about your former agency?" Jiro gave him a sympathetic smile.

"Burn those fuckers to the ground." Katsuki had been saying that for the last 24 hours already.

"Kachan keeps saying I should, I'm not that sure."

A lot of them agreed with the hot-headed hero.

"We should answer publicly."

"You might get in trouble with your own agencies, they won’t like it."

"I don't care. This is not fair. And if I get kicked out of my agency you will accept me in yours, won't you?"

"Tsukuyomi, Mind Jack AND Pinky in my agency? We would be unstoppable. I would not reject any of you guys. I know you are all the best of the best." He hugged Jiro because according to him, Jiro were baby and they looked too worried about him.

"Fat Gum said if I wanna publicly say I'm gay, he will support me and defend me."

"Of course he will, he's the absolute best."

"We should take a picture. We have a couple of flags, I can go get them from home." Tsuyu pointed to the door.

"We can use stickers or emojis for the flags if you want to do that, or have them painted. But... What do you want to do?"

"I am going to make public I'm a lesbian, no matter what you guys do."


"Don't try to stop me, Denki."

"No, no, I'll be glad to have you on the open side" He smiled at her. He bumped fists with her.

"I'm going to do it too, but I assume we are not all doing that, right? I can do that on my own account or..."

"Awww, Pinky! My supportive team of lesbians." He finger-gunned them.

"I have an idea." They all looked at Kendo. "What about we take a picture of all of us together, and you upload it with a message like 'UA pro heroes against LGTBphobia'. And then you can add 'Way more than 10%', as a reference to what Denki said on TV yesterday, because... Well... The 10% is more like the number of non-LGBT+ people in our year."

Uraraka hugged and kissed her.

"You are the best."

"Thanks, babe."

Kirishima said "Aaaaw" and intertwined his fingers with Katsuki's.

The explosive blond still didn't like public displays of affection, but he lived with two very cuddly boyfriends and they were all in his house, he was expecting them to be ultra-touchy tonight.


The common picture showed them all in the living room of the throuple's house. Denki had taken it as a selfie, and they all had made sure to have the couples mixed up just in case. They had all made sure nothing could help identify the location or the household.

Some of them had decided to go public in it or when they uploaded it.

Kirishima had asked them to paint the gay pride blues and greens as a long flag from ear to ear over his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. With the red lion mane he was as stunning as ever.

Tsuyu, Kendo and Mina had the lesbian pride flag in their hands and Tsuyu was standing in between them, the ace flag painted in her palm.

Denki and Shinso were both wearing matching t-shirts with NB HEROES SIBLINGHOOD written in the colors of the nb flag.

The rest of them were in the picture, hugging them or just smiling or looking serious. They all wanted to support all of them and condemn Denki's former agency. They were aware of the possible backlash that might have on their professional lives, but there was starting to be a 'worse case I'll work for Denki' kind of attitude through all of the group and people were starting to feel brave. They all agreed they would prefer the backlash to not positioning themselves.

"When you get kicked out of your job for coming out as non-binary and bisexual on TV and your former classmates find out. UA ALUMNI stand in solidarity against LGBTphobia. Did I say 10%? I was never good at math". Which was obvious just by the number of people with specific pride flags in the picture.

Some of them prepared a second picture or a different text.

Kiri uploaded a second one just of his face with the flag and his huge smile. Under it said: "Always proud to be the gay son of two lesbians."

Uraraka uploaded a picture covered by the bi flag and hugging Denki who pointed at her with finger guns. He had been the first one to suggest to her she might not be straight in first year. It had taken her 2 more years to assume and act on that.

Tokoyami just uploaded the same picture everybody else did but included the aro and ace flags in the description.

Some phones started ringing, Denki's received a message from Present Mic.

"UA urgent staff meeting. I'm very proud of you, kids."


Katsuki quietly went away from the group and closed the door behind him.

Denki went after him first, stopping Kiri. He knocked and opened. He found him on the phone.

"It just means I don't feel sexual interest if I'm not in love with that person. Yes. No, I'm not saying I'm poly. Maybe. No. OK. I love you too, I just wanted for you guys to know what it meant before you heard somewhere else. OK. Yes. Bye."

"Are you OK?"

Katsuki made a sign for him to get closer, then kissed him.

"If we were going out of the closet because I was saying I'm with you guys I wouldn't fucking doubt for a second."

"We can't do that, Kachan, it would be dangerous. You don't need to do anything. I don't need you to do that."

"I know. But I want you to know it."

"I don't need you to publicly come out, Boom Boom Boy."

"... But maybe someone else does. That's what Tsuyu said while you were painting her flag, right? Someone might feel seen. And they should see there are pro heroes for all of the letters."

"Well... Yes. But I don't think I'm following."

"I'm proud of you guys. I just called my parents to explain to them what demisexual means."

Denki smiled at him.

"You didn't need to do that. Or to tell anybody else."

"But I want to. Even if it's fucking scary."

"It could get you some backlash. I don't want you to regret it later in case it makes you sink in the rankings and it makes harder for you to get to number one."

"I'll have to be the first fucking LGBT+ number one hero, then, and shut some mouths. I'm going to upload it, you can't convince me otherwise, Dunce Face." But it was still very scary.

"Not trying to make you change your mind, just trying to be of help. Do you want cool ideas?"

"Your ideas are fucking chaos, Sparky."

Denki kissed him again.

"You're going to love this one. Wait. MINA!"

"Don't fucking... You had to call her, didn't you?"


Mina and Denki played over Denki's phone, then sent Katsuki one of his most badass pictures, with an explosion in front of him, his back to the camera. It read: "A fucking demisexual can still roast that sorry ass."

Katsuki opened it and cackled. That was so cringy.


"I'm gonna fucking hate that idea too."

Denki went away running, then came back with a pan from the kitchen and gave it to Katsuki. He took a picture while he was looking at him like he was fucking dumb, of course he saw the pun coming.

'Hot and pan'.

"Fucking dumbass."

"Those two are great ideas... But I really think it suits you better doing what Tokoyami did." Of course Mina was the one who had found Tokoyami's post already. And she knew this was important for Katsuki and he was conflicted about it.

"My ideas are better, but that's more like you, yeah. 'Dinamight more like Demisexualmight'".

"Out. The fuck out of my room, now."

Katsuki gave it a thought, then looked for the pictures his mum had taken during his birthday dinner of the three of them. He chose one where he was with Kiri and Denki, rolling his eyes at some dumb shit Denki was saying. It now showed just his face, but the three of them and his parents would recognize it. Under it he stuck the demisexual and pansexual flags. It just said:

"Three years of high school tutoring him in math, still can't count for shit. Way more than 10%".

Kiri found out immediately and looked for Denki. He KNEW that picture. He HAD that picture in a safe folder in his phone and in his work phone too, even if he shouldn't. Then he went to kiss his boyfriend.

Denki started sharing all of their pictures on his own social media.

Then Hawks' post reached them. It was a picture of him flying, it read:

"I always loved having the pan-oramic view". The pan flag was right after that.

Katsuki magically appeared back in the living room.

"Your fucking boyfriend just fucking did a pan pun. You are made for each fucking other." He was very annoyed about the winged pro hero being pan, for some reason.


Their phones vibrated at the same time. A message had been sent through the emergency UA system to reach every phone of every member of the staff and every student of the UA. They hadn’t known former students were in the system too.

A picture of the UA teachers, all in formal clothing and surrounding the principal had just been uploaded to the official school channels. It went with an statement of solidarity with their students. It ended up with:

"We teach our students to fight for what is fair and always go Plus Ultra. UA stands in solidarity with all UA LGBT+ students, staff and alumni."

They were still commenting on that when Present Mic's TigTog went public.

His students' pictures, alone or in group, with their flags appeared first, Katsuki's and Tokoyami's included because he followed all of his former kids. Then there was a picture of a Pride parade, it had been after a mission in Europe, from 10 or so years ago. If you knew what to look for, you would recognize whose hand he was holding, with a very tiny trans flag in the wrist and an equally tiny ace flag. But Hizashi themself was so covered in rainbows you could barely look at the cropped hand. They were wearing a rainbow crop top and ponytails with rainbow bows. They had cropped the picture, but Denki had seen the pink tutu and the pink fish nets over his legs in that one a thousand times.

"Proud teacher of all of my queer (and not queer) students. Thank you all for teaching us older pro heroes to be braver. Present Dad."


Some had stayed. Some had left. As usual, the Bakusquad had been the last there, including Sero who had just come back from a mission and had arrived just in time to be sucked in all the chaos. He was very tired, but he was very aware of Denki’s birthday the next day, and he was pretty sure nobody else remembered, so he would make everything in his power for this to look like a celebration.

They had talked, and sang, and danced and eaten pizza. Some had fallen asleep on the couch.

It was 3 in the morning when Denki unlocked his phone again and looked at all of his missed calls and messages and all of his notifications in social media. He also browsed around the comments under everybody else's pics. Almost all of them were nice and supportive. Present Mic's were full of kids commenting they wanted a dad like him.

Denki smiled and couldn't but answer to the video with a lot of hearts.

"We are proud of you too, Present Dad".

Then he took off his headphones to avoid yelling and recorded a video:

"Hi, it's... Very late here. I just wanted to thank you all for your response. I knew my classmates would support me, they always do, not just the ones here, also the ones that couldn't be here tonight. But I couldn't have known about you all. So thanks. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of the kind comments here and all of the kind comments to my fellow pro heroes that just came out tonight publicly. This is the best birthday present I could have asked for. I... Really, it has been a wild ride until here. So thank you. And be kind. And if you ever need someone to listen and say some kind words to you, please go call Present Mic's radio show, there's a good reason we call him Present Dad. When the sun rises and I answer the way too many calls I have received since we posted the picture, life might get harder for a while, because sometimes things have to get bad before they can get better. But until then. Until I have to be a responsible adult again in the morning, you have all been the most supportive family I could have ever dreamed off."

There was a knock on the door, Katsuki stood there, yawning.

The explosive blond made a soft 'bed now' sign.

Denki's face turned dumb and in love. He looked back at the screen with the dumbest of smiles, yawning for the first time.

"Thanks again." He winked at the camera. "See you on the other side."

Chapter Text

Denki got up when Katsuki did, smiling like a fool. Things just could go South from there, but he wanted to enjoy every second of it. 


"How are you feeling?" 


"I'm fine, worried about you, Sparky." 


"About me? 


"Yes, you are out of a job and in the center of the fucking hurricane."


"Well, I thrive in chaos. And I’m not out of a job, just preparing the next step. New agency, Tokoyami, Toshi and me. And whoever else wants to join us."


"About that... I don't think it is a good idea for us to work in the same agency, Denki." Did he look guilty? The shorter blonde looked quite confused. Even more confused because he had used his real name. 


"I don't think it is either, Kachan. Why are you telling me this?" 


"Because you are fucking opening an agency?" 


"So...? I wasn't expecting you to support me by working in it. I don't think you would like to be professionally bossed around by me. Are you worried about your agency?" 


"Me? No. Do you think I fucking should?" He was working at Endeavor's, he had not even stopped to think about it. 


"No, I don't think so, even if he hated the alphabet mafia you are way too powerful, and your post was discrete. Thanks, by the way. For coming out too yesterday."


"I didn't do it for you, Pikachu." 


"Not for me, but because of me." 


"Bullshit. I did it because I didn't want to feel like a coward, and I knew I would." 


"Kachan, I don't think a single person in the world would consider you a coward even at your worse."


"I don't give a fuck about what anybody else thinks, Sparky." 


"I love that we did this together. And I love that you guys were safe enough to come out without it being tied to me." 


"Me too. But it is tied to you. We did it the day before your birthday." 


"Oh... You knew?" He wasn't expecting anybody to know. Maybe Sero. And obviously his dads.


"Of course I fucking knew, Sparky. Happy birthday." 


"Thanks. But you didn't do it because of that, didn't you?" He was worried now. 


"You fucking wish. Now everybody is sending me sappy comments." 


"You deserve sappy comments. You were really cute yesterday." 


"Whatever, Pikachu." 


"They are also going wild in the comments of the 'do I want people to like me? No. I just want them to think I will bite them' video. it's full of ace and demis feeling happy and represented. Now I'm going to get shit if I do any thirst traps where you are actively being sexual." 


"Those are my extras."


"Those are your acetras."


"Fucking awful pun." 


"Awfully good, and you know it."




After wishing him a happy birthday for the hundredth time, Kirishima was the last one to leave for work. 


Denki looked at his phone, that was ringing again and this time it wasn't the press but a known number. 


"Neito?" They hadn’t spoken in… well, more than a year. Even if he had sent Denki passive aggressive messages in the form of TigTog videos and song calls.


"They kicked you out." 


"I'm a PR nightmare."


"A nightmare you are, yes. What are your plans?"


"Open my own agency." 


"I’ll work in it. If your boyfriends give you permission to even look my way."


Denki was shocked, but he made an effort not to show him. Neito was easier to control when he couldn’t completely read you.


"I don't need their permission to do anything regarding you or my agency, but I would need to know you are going to take it seriously. You are a good pro hero. You are a wildcard. You are very smart. You can be the best or the worst."


"You know I'm the best."


"You can be, yes, when you want to be. You can also be my worst nightmare. I'm doing this with Toshi, Tokoyami and whoever wants to join. Think it through, cause I'm willing to work with you, but I won't tolerate any bullshit. This is pro hero stuff, not school, my life depends on it. And I would be your boss."


"What? Are you worried you might fall for me again?" 


"Bye, Neito." 


"Fine, fine. No teasing. We used to be a good team, we could be again. And it's not like I am still in love with you." That was probably a lie, but Denki didn't care right now. "I'm still a hundred times better than any of your boyfriends."


"You wish. Are you really going to be able to follow orders from me without getting unprofessional?" 


"Please." He scoffed/huffed.


"Let’s meet and talk. But I will trust the rest of the team with the decision of accepting you, I know I'm not objective with you. And I might never be. But I'm not gambling my agency over you."


"OK. Happy birthday, Bubblegum Bitch."






Chargebolt had gone to the coffee store next to Fat Gum agency and had asked if they had an order they tended to prepare for them. So he had picked all of that and (according to him) a not so sugary thing for himself. 


He had asked Fat Gum for a lunch appointment so they could talk, he felt a lunch meeting, doing two boring things (eat and meet) at a time, would be less boring.



"Hi! I come bearing gifts!" He smiled, trying to guess whose coffee was each. 




He then sat alone with Fat Gum.


“I brought you boyfriend food!"


Denki took out two bento boxes, both made ready by Katsuki, because it was obvious to him Denki was not going to have lunch now that he didn't have a work schedule or people to have lunch with. Also, it was his birthday. He had made clear the blue bento was his.


Obviously, Denki had already forgotten.


"What is boyfriend food?"


"Bento's my boyfriend makes for me so I eat properly."


"Oh... Thanks! That's very nice of you. And him." He smiled and opened the blue bento Denki had just given him. There was a note he didn't read. "Is it your birthday?" 


"Yes! It is! How did you know?" 


"I think this is supposed to be your bento box. Happy birthday." He gave it to him.


Katsuki had written 'Happy birthday' using pieces of omelet. The rice was shaped like a dog with seaweed eyes and nose and the carrots were cut like little cat heads.


"Awwwwwww!" Aaaaaaaaah!! So cute!! He managed to open the note and read it. 


'Happy birthday, puppy. I love you.'


He was MELTING right now. He hugged his note. 


"He wrote me a sappy birthday note!"


"How cute of him. May I ask?"


"Ask what?" He was smiling so hard his face hurt. He didn’t seem to mind talking about personal stuff, so Fat Gum asked.


"Does he fly to Fukuoka to work every day?"


"What? Who...? Oh, wait, you are not talking about Hawks, are you? Pfffff, he wished he were this good." Aaaaaah! So cute! Katsuki would have loved to hear him talk about Hawk like that.


"Oh, yes, I assumed... That's what the press has been saying and he seemed to confirm it."


"He didn't confirm it, he just didn't deny it, and neither did I. I thought you knew who I am dating."


"No, sorry, I just know the same everybody else does."


"But..." He cut himself. "OK... Hawks is definitely not the person who is cooking my meals. I don't know, you are such a dad I just assumed" he had told you "you knew. Would you prefer me calling you Fat Dad or Dad Gum, by the way? Because that's something that is already happening, and I want to be respectful in my Dilf naming."


Fat Gum laughed, taken by surprise. He had never talked to Chargebolt in person before today, he had heard some comments from Red Riot and Sun Eater, he had also seen the interviews, but he wasn't prepared for the blonde typhoon. 


"Father Gum?" He joked.


Denki laughed.


"Noted. Red told me you supported him with the coming out post and all that."


"Of course I do. I also told him you are very welcome to work in this agency if you want to."


"He told me, that's very nice of you. But I don't think Red and I should work together. I wanted to propose a different arrangement." 


"I thought you had a good relationship."


"We do, we have an amazing relationship, and I intend to keep it that way." He so wanted to tell him everything, but he had to talk to Kiri first. "I came to ask to intern for you. I want to open my own agency. Some other heroes will join me, so I want to learn before going ahead with that. I want it to work well, and I want to be a good leader, so I thought on asking the best pro hero leading an agency to teach me."


'I'm not sure I'm the best leader but thank you for the compliment."


"Some may prefer a different leadership style, but I like Father Gum's style." Denki made a huge effort not to clown while saying that, because he meant it. Fat Gum laughed, so he immediately felt he was allowed and made some finger gun dance.


"You can come work for me for as many months as you want, I'll try to teach you as much as I can."


"I don't have many months. I don't even have one. After yesterday's picture I'm pretty sure some of my friends are going to be fired. Some agencies won't like their hands forced and their workers to 'go rogue' and 'become a PR nightmare'. So, they are my responsibility now."


"What are you planning to do?"


"Work double shifts, one with you, one over at someone else's agency for a couple of weeks or a month. Then keep on double shifting with my own starting agency and you for as long as I can stand it. Then pay you as a mentor so I can meet with you and evaluate." It made sense to him, he had been thinking about it all night.


Fat Gum was shocked.


"How many are there? Fired."


"I don't know yet. But if you were willing to pay me, maybe you could pay one of them instead? If they are working for you temporarily, I will be able to wait a little longer because they will be covered. And if they want to stay with you, I will be leaving them in good hands."


"What about you?"


"I'll be fine. Worst case scenario" the hubbies "my boyfriend will have no problem covering me if it's just for a couple of months. I'm already starting to fill in the papers to create the agency, and even though I'm in the lowest part of the ranking, I think the hero commission will accept. It's good press for them."


"You are planning to ask for the same arrangement in the other agency too, won't you?" Fat Gum was impressed.


Denki smiled and nodded.


"If I can get everybody a living salary, I can learn for a couple of months before starting instead of a couple of weeks. I really want to do this right." 




"Hi, Fat Gum, we're b... Hey b-," baby "Chargebolt!" Sunshine shark boy got into his boss's office and found his boyfriend there.


"Hi, Red." He answered with a massive smile. There was a second of them looking at each other in silence, smiling at each other.


Eijiro looked at the door and stood in a way all you could see from outside was his back, then caressed Denki's cheek softly and smiled, full sappy.


"Hi, baby. Happy birthday." He whispered and winked an eye to him.


"Hi, love. It’s just the 75th time you have said it today." 


Fat Gum's jaw dropped, surprised. Then he smiled to the obvious couple.


"Hi, Red Riot, I was talking business with Chargebolt."


"I thought you said you wouldn't..."


"I don't think we should be working together," He looked at Fat Gum to mean that was the reason he didn't think it was a good idea, "but I also think I could learn a lot from Father Gum, so..."


Red Riot laughed, breaking physical contact before someone else could see them.


"Already with the nicknames? Didn't you literally meet today?"


"You were already working with him, come on. That counts. If we count you, we have known each other for 3 years now." 


"If you are going to learn from me, you will have to work together. This agency is not that big, you know that. He would be leading you at some point, Red Riot."


"Will he?"


"I asked him for a leadership internship."


"Oh, that is smart. You didn't tell us that" Fuck, he had said 'us', he had to correct himself, "yesterday night. I think that's a great idea, Fat Gum is an amazing leader. Don't worry, there won't be any ego problems between us, we are a good team and I think Chargebolt is going to do amazingly well when he finds his way of leading."


"Are you sure?" 


"No doubt." 


"Ok, then. Do you want to start tomorrow, or do you need more time to deal with other things?"


"If it could wait until Monday, it would be better for me."


"Sorted, then. Let me know who you want me to hire in your place."


"I'm expecting people to get backlash today, so I'll let you know." 


"I don't know what any of that means, so you better explain it to me later." 


"I will, promised, everything was just a project until now."




"By the way, the food was amazing, thanks."


"Uh, you brought him boyf... Bento!"


"I already called it 'boyfriend food'"


Kirishima laughed.


"Of course you did."


"And I also gave him the blue bento because I forgot." He hadn't even touched it yet. Denki pointed.


"Aaawww." He then showed him the note. "Awwwww! My heart! So cute." 


"I was counting on him already knowing everything, so I got sloppy. Then he asked me if Hawks cooked for me..." like that was a thing. 


"I would like to see that. Weirder things have happened. Did you explain?"


"Not really." 'but there's no way around it.' 


"Do you think it's a good idea?" 'Telling Fat Gum'.


"I mean... All of our class knows, UA teachers know... Even Hawks knows."


"He's not going to like it."


"I'll take the blame."


"No need to lie, we decided it together."


"He won't like it. Is better that I'm the only disappointment." 


"What am I not going to like? I am not disappointed on any of you." Fat Gum was not following. 


Kirishima closed the door quietly, then explained himself. 


"I didn't make the food, Chargebolt calls it boyfriend food because our other boyfriend is an amazing cook. We are a couple of three." 


"So you are dating each other and also dating a cook...?" Well, maybe they didn't need to say names or specify until they talked to him, seeing he hadn't assumed that it would be another pro hero. 


"An amazing one, yes."




Denki went from Fat Gum's to talk to Monoma. He took advantage of the trip to upload a picture of the bento. He wrote the comment the same way he would have written in the group chat:


"In love with my birthday bento. Of course I was going to upload it, don't act all surprised now." He added some hearts after that and around the pic. His social media went immediately crazy about that. 




Monoma and Denki had decided to meet in a park in the middle of a bridge. 

They had left ten minutes later in opposite directions.


That was the reason why Denki was caught by surprise by Katsuki's almost immediate message.


"What the fuck is wrong with you?" He sent him a picture. The picture showed Monoma and him standing over a bridge in a park, talking. He was smiling and Neito was looking at him, they weren't close at all, but knowing their relationship he could understand how that could look worrisome.


"Neito called me this morning, he says he wants to join my agency."


"Absolutely not." Denki took some time to answer now. 


"I will run it past my team. He is powerful and he is smart."


"And your fucking ex."


"If he behaves, he would be an amazing addition."


"I don't like it."


"I know. Red won't either. But it's not your agency. By the way, I heard your interview." Katsuki grunted.


The so-called interview had just been an interviewer asking him about his coming out and trying to ask about his personal life.


He had cut the question and wanted to rip some heads off in those two minutes, it had shown.


"Did you have trouble at your agency?"


"No. Some side eyes."


"Did you yell at them?" 


"I barked at them." 


Denki laughed at the other end of the phone. 


"I love you. Get back to work. See you later.”


As soon as he hanged up, he sent a text message and a meme of Kermit the frog surrounded by hearts.


“And thanks for the bento and the note."


"Don't fucking dare dying."


"Don't kill anybody *kiss emoji* I want my bday dinner and you can’t cook it from jail."

Chapter Text

Denki was sitting with a list of all of the remaining pro hero agencies when his phone rang. He saw Hawks' name on it, and he took the call.


"Happy birthday, Chargebolt."


"Thanks. I hope you are not calling to tease, because I'm quite busy today."


"No, I wasn't, Denki," He marked the name. "Did you already talk to agencies about your leadership internship there?"


"Already talked with Fat Gum, yes. I'm still deciding who I should ask for the second one."


"You shouldn't ask anybody else." 


"I'll be fine." He had listened to so many people tell him double shifts were madness, he didn't even stop to think that was weird coming from Hawks. 


"I could teach you." So long for the 'Denki' part.


"You couldn't lead even a mouse" 'birdie.' 'Focus!' That sounded way more as a tease than it was appropriate.


"You would be surprised." What the fuck? Had he just purred that comeback? Denki immediately blushed. Damn it. He inhaled, he could hear Hawks' smile. He was starting to imagine his face. He tried to focus on the business part again.


"I am only interested in leadership right now. After last night's move, I don't have much time, I know some of my friends will be fired. They are my responsibility now. I have to open the agency faster than I was planning and I have to do it right." Hawks had already made his decision, but that just confirmed it was the right decision.


"We can sort that out. I was in the top ten for a long while."




"So you don't have to worry about that."


"Are you being cryptic on purpose, or do you just think I'm smarter than I really am?" 


"I can't explain now. I have to run. I'll call you again later."




"By the way," Hawks was really in a rush, he should have hanged up, but this was too tempting. "Thank you for taking good care of my feather."


"It was immediately Dinaburnt." He lied just to see his reaction.


The way Hawks smiled at the other end of the line made Denki tense. There was a bomb coming.


"Oh, did he hide it and tell you he burnt it?"


"Not at all." 


"Oh, 'not at all', huh?" Hawks purred again.


Denki realized immediately what he was suggesting. No, it couldn't be, but Denki couldn't ask him if he felt when someone touched his feathers after they had been detached, he would obviously say yes even if it wasn't true. 


"What? You know when they get destroyed, then?" He laughed at the other end of the phone.


"Oh, not just destroyed. Touched, caressed, stroked, licked... Or do you think you were the only one who felt it when you touched it?" Denki's face grew redder with each word. "So thanks for the ride."


Denki gasped, speechless, then thought if he was talking about the train ride, maybe he could breathe. Maybe he just felt them when he was close by. 


"I tend to fidget, and it was soft." 


"So soft you ‘fidgeted’ with it for hours at home." Denki choked on his own saliva and cough not to die. "You're welcome. Or should I say that to your boyfriends? You are a switch after all." He quoted.


Denki should definitely learn to shut. At least around Hawks. The electric blonde forced himself to snap out of it and give a comeback. 


"In that case, you should be the one thanking me for the other night. I hope you had fun."


Hawks laughed, refreshed. 


"So much fun. Thank you, Chargebolt." That tone could make him go dumb. "You amuse me very much."


He was glad the pro hero couldn't see him. 


"Weren't you in a hurry?"


"Call you in a while." 




Denki had been thinking about the conversation with Hawks. Obviously about the internships and all of that, but mostly about the feather. Maybe he had just been teasing him. Yes, the evening comment sounded accurate, but it could just be a guess. So when the phone rang again, he took the call and went looking for the feather.


"Hi Hawks." 


"Hi." Denki took the feather in his hand. "I have been thinking about your internship and I might have an offer." Denki caressed the feather, brushing it lightly with his fingers. "I thought you were only interested in leadership. And I expected you to be satisfied after what you did over two hours the other night. But if you want me as a birthday present..." He teased. Denki (metaphorically) died, stopping immediately his fingers and his respiratory system. "No attentions anymore? Pity. You thought I was lying, weren't you?" And that without knowing the information Hawks was withdrawing about his quirk and his feathers. There was a silence on Denki's end. "Chargebolt."


"It crossed my mind, yes." 


"Happy to test your theory?" 'No, pretty much fucked.' God, that was going to be the most awkward of conversations.


"I don't trust teases when they tease, and you are one of the biggest teases I have run into." 


"It takes one to know one. Does that mean you didn't tell your boyfriends?" 


"I wanted to test my theory first."


"Satisfied with the conclusions of your test?" 


"Satisfied with the conclusions of the test you started when you gave me that feather?"


"Extremely satisfied." He purred.


Denki needed to cut that part of the conversation. But he also wanted to know.


"If you feel it when I brush it, would you feel pain if I snapped it?" 


"But you don't want to snap it, not even now, do you? 'Blasty' on the other hand..." 


"Dinamight will probably snap it as soon as he finds out, yes. Burn it, most likely."


"Tell him I'll enjoy the sting, then. That would probably stop him, wouldn't it? Or does he have the hots for me too?"


Denki sounded too honest when he answered. 


"He couldn't be less sexually interested in you."


"You seem too confident, you're lucky I'm not interested in him that way." 


"It's just a fact."


Hawks noticed immediately Denki wasn't teasing about that. He was really being honest. And he was not jealous of Hawks talking about at least that one of his boyfriends. He then remembered the other flag under Dinamight's picture. "Let's meet and talk business in person." 


"OK. Tomorrow?"


"Do you have better plans for tonight?"


"On my birthday? I obviously do."


"Tomorrow then. I'll come by for breakfast. I already know the address."


"OK, then."


"Have fun with your dinner date, feel free to use my feather as much as you please, birthday boy."




Dinner was served and Denki decided he couldn't keep on delaying telling them.


"So... Hawks is coming for breakfast."


"Why the fuck are you meeting with that guy again? And why does he have to come here. And why for fucking breakfast?" Somehow breakfast sounded like a too private meal. Also Monoma. Katsuki considered there had been enough men around Denki for a year now. 


"To talk about my agency, but that's not the important part."


"I thought you were already counting on Fat Gum for that, you don't need the fucking birdman."


"What is the important part?" Kiri asked, seeing his face and fearing something really bad.


Denki didn't know a good way to put it, so he started from the end.


"The important part is that I just found out today about what I'm going to tell you and I didn't know it two days ago, so don't kill the messenger."


"That sounds worrying."


"Spit it out, Dunce Face."


"He feels any contact with his feathers even if they are not attached to him anymore."


He let the information sink in.


Eijiro went red, then started laughing, embarrassed.


Katsuki didn't take it as good. He stood up and headed to the doom room.


"I asked him if he would feel it if you snapped it or burnt it. And he literally told me to tell you he will enjoy it if you destroy it."


"Where is the fucking feather?"


"I will give it to you to snap it, if you want, Boom Boom Boy, but if you are going to make Hawks simp for you, please do it tomorrow morning so we can watch."


Kirishima couldn't be more amazed at the way he kept finding ways to make Katsuki stop.


"I'm not fucking making that bird simp. I'm just burning him alive."


"But you are. He knows you are the only one in this house that would feel threatened by the feather, and if you snap it you'll give him a boner and an ego boost. He tried to tease me saying he could make you pine for him if he wanted."


Denki held tight any information he felt could make Katsuki feel better than Hawks. He was planning on measuring it out, but he looked like he needed it right now.


Katsuki's face turned into a psychotic smile.


"I wanna see him fucking try." That sounded a lot like he would blast the hell out of him if he tried.


"He won't try because he noticed he can't tease me with that. So, as I said, if you are going to snap his feather, please do so tomorrow during breakfast so we can all enjoy the payback." 




"By the way... Fat Gum saw my bento and I couldn't help saying my boyfriend was cute for making it and then Kiri went in and long story short, he knows we are in a throuple."


"We didn't say your name, he knows about us two and an amazing cook, but I think we should tell him it's you. In case anything happens."


Katsuki looked at both of his boyfriends, they seemed to agree.


"I don't like when you two team up against me. OK, fine, whatever, fucking tell him, then."




"OK, present time!" 


"What? I got cake AND a present? Awesome." His hubbies, so cute.   


"Now you fucking made it sound like something huge. You are not getting a drum set, Sparky." He felt kinda bad, even if the idea was good and Hizashi had confirmed he was going to love it. It wasn't as flashy at all. 


"I don't need a drum set. I'm happy you guys even knew it was my birthday."


"What the fuck? Of course we knew, dumbass. How are we going to fucking forget about it?"


Denki smiled and shrugged. That silence clearly meant it wouldn't have been the first time it happened to him. 


The redhead hugged him. 


"Well, we are not forgetting it, not this year, not ever. Come on, open it." They had agreed Eijiro would be the one giving him this. He gave him a green envelope. 


"Uuh, green, so fancy."


He opened it and looked inside. There was obviously a paper. He took it out. It was a voucher.


Katsuki was good at gifts, but he wasn’t good at graphic design, that was a pretty aseptic note.


"Camping weekend in the woods + Mount Fuji climbing. Uuuh! That sounds nice! I have never been to Mount Fuji!" 


"We know. It has some nice camping grounds around and shit. And the lakes around it are great."


Denki didn't understand why he looked all ashamed. He looked at Eijiro with a confused but happy smile. 


"We have to ask in our agencies for the days off, I don't think we will have much problem, but we didn't know if with the new agency you would have trouble to go before the climbing season is over, so we didn't decide and ask for specific dates yet." 


"Wait, we are all going?!" 


"Not all, just the three of us, Pikachu." 


"All of us then! So cool! I've never been camping." 


"Did you know Kachan" Eijiro felt he was looking so cute he couldn't call him any other way. "is an expert? He has been camping with his parents since he was tiny and he knows how to set a tent and all?" 


"Whaaaaaat? I didn't know that!" 


"Shut up, it's a fucking tent, don't say that like it was some special skill or whatever shit." 


"We know you miss being with us doing stuff outside, and the middle of nowhere sounded like the best option for that. And we will be able to stargaze, even more if we get to climb Mount Fuji."   


"Uuuh, that sounds nice!" He was just up for everything. 'Fucking puppy.' "I love it, guys. It's going to be so awesome... Wait... what if we can’t make it during Fuji climbing season?" 


"Then we will go in fucking Autumn or Christmas or whenever you fucking have the time, Sparky, don't worry about that." 


"Uuuh, in Autumn! That has to be so pretty too. And cold, so extra cuddles. I might be too busy until Autumn, I just decided." He thought loudly, a not-at-all innocent smile on his face.


Eijiro couldn't but laugh, so cute. 


"But remember not to say in any interview you are going hiking with your boyfriend, or we will have a problem." 


"Oh! Yes, you're right, thanks for reminding me. I'll keep that into account. I love it. Thanks, guys. I love you." 


"Don't be so fucking intense over a shitty plan, puppy." 


"Let me enjoy my gift, Kachan! Can I tell Mina or someone?" 


"Mina already knows, baby." 


"OK, Toshi then? Someone."


Eijiro laughed again, Katsuki made an effort not to. 'Fucking puppy'.


"Of course you can tell your sib, but Katsuki has something for you."


"It's not mine, it's from both of us."


"But it was your idea, come on."


"I have more?! What is it? Gimme. Gimme!" 


Katsuki clicked his tongue and gave him a very neatly wrapped up package. The base looked like a box, the top part looked like a ball. 


"Uuuh, so pretty, who wrapped this?"


"Don't be so excited about fucking wrapping paper."


"I didn't know you were good at wrapping gifts."


"Fucking open it already or I'll throw it out of the window."


"Nooooo, its mine, you can't!" He hugged it. 'Fucking puppy.'


"Kachan is so good at wrapping gifts, he knows how to wrap up anything and make it look good." 


"What's with you and the fucking calling me Kachan now?" 


"You are being cute, you are clearly Kachan when you’re being cute, don't listen to Blasty, Sharky, he doesn't mind." 


"Don't talk about me like I fucking wasn't here and fucking unwrap it already." He blasted him. 


Denki avoided him with a childish laughter of pure joy.


Then he started unwrapping it.


Unnervingly slowly.


Every single piece of scotch-tape.




As careful as he usually was a mess.


He would have deactivated a bomb in a more reckless manner. 


"Can you *please* fucking open it already!?"


"Let me enjoy my gift!" He pushed him with his foot, almost falling to the ground and hugging his present laughing, in case Katsuki would try to steal it from him.


"You're fucking unbearable."


"You guys are just so manly..." Kiri missed his two loud blondes when he was away. The neighbors maybe not that much.


Denki ended up having no more scotch-tape to unstick and peeked inside, then opened it.


"Uuuh, a bubblegum machine?"


"Take one out." 


Denki set it on the table and cranked it.


"Uhh, such a satisfying sound." the cranking. A small plastic ball fell. "Oh, it’s a gacha. It's my meds! Can I have them now?!" He had never been so excited to take his meds in his whole life.


"In the fucking morning, puppy, you know that."


"Aaaaw, bad Blasty. Let me enjoy the forbidden bubblegum."


"If you're gonna be fucking irresponsible about i-"


"Nooooo! Don't take it away. Bad Blasty, Bad." He hugged his ball machine. "I love it. This is awesome. I want it to be morning already. But still my birthday." He kissed them both, hugging the machine protectively.




He couldn't share the other present, but this one he could, so he took a video taking out one of the balls and uploaded it. The text that came with it read:


"*sparkle emoji* Birthday dopamine for my ADHD meds. *sparkle emoji*

I might even start remembering taking them now *star eyes emoji*.

Best boyfriend everrrrrrr"

Chapter Text

When Katsuki opened his eyes, Denki was sitting on the floor with the iPad and fidgeting with the pencil. He looked lost in his thoughts. The explosive blond kissed Eijiro's neck, then caressed Denki's head to make him aware he was awake. The blonde mess smiled happily and looked back at him, taking his headphones off.

"You better fucking slept something."

"Yes, I did, I just woke up an hour ago or so. I want to find the answer before Hawks spells it out for me. It seems he has cracked who I should be interning with."

"Are you fucking listening to everything he says or what?"

"Just to the things that make sense for me. You have nothing to worry about, Blasty Boy. I wouldn't risk what we have for anything he has to offer."

"But you still fucking simp for him like mad."

"Oh, yes, very much. And as soon as I get used to something and I stop simping he shifts to find another way to have me blushing. So you might want to be somewhere else when he's around me, even if I'm not doing it on purpose." Just FYI.

"Maybe that's the reason I fucking should be here."

"Well, I'm going to simp regardless, the difference is he won't get the pleasure to see you be mad about it."

"That sounds a lot like you just fucking want me to leave you alone with him."

"If I'm not allowed to have sex with him, why would I want to be alone with him?" Pure honesty. "If I were allowed to have sex with him And I could convince any or both of you to join us? A whole different story. But we are just going to talk business. In a really teasy manner. I have no reason to cheat on you, you two ranked number one in my heart a long time ago." He pulled his head to kiss him. Katsuki stopped him.

"The sappy boyfriend is the other one, don't try to bullshit me." But he kissed him, because he believed him. Even though after almost a month apart and with everything that had been happening and no time alone it was starting to get hard not to think there was something fishy going on.

"I'm not going to lie to you, I would definitely" fuck his brains out and see what I can do to those wings to make him moan "try, if you were OK with that. But you are not. I wouldn't betray your trust, so stop thinking about it. Wanna go for a run with me, Blasty?"



Eijiro was already up and getting dressed and Katsuki was already taking his keys to leave when Hawks knocked on the door to their balcony. Katsuki walked there and looked at him through the glass. He was so tempted to just not open the door.

"Good morning," Blasty "Dinamight. I have a breakfast date with your boyfriend." Of course he would use the word 'date'.

Denki made sure to cover his mouth while talking quietly in case Hawks could read his lips.

"Did you notice you're taller than him?"

"Don't fucking try to pull my strings, Pikachu." He gave him a deadly stare.

Denki smiled innocently.

Katsuki opened the door to the balcony. Obviously, the first thing that crossed his mind while the pro hero was taking off his shoes was: "Hah, I am taller than him."

"Good morning, Hawks."

"Did you have a nice dinner?"

"Good morning, Hawks." Red Riot appeared, no shirt on.

Hawks planning on staring, but it was quite a view.

"Don't push me, Birdman."

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting to simp for both of your boys. I can simp for you too if you are jealous." He teased.

"Please, like someone could NOT simp for Red. Except for lesbians." Denki cut the conversation before Katsuki blasted his ass. He kissed the redhead happily with a smile. "You are going to be late." 'Kachan'. They stared at each other, then Katsuki clicked his tongue.

"Don't forget the fucking picture and the fucking meds." He reminded him, pointing at Denki, choosing to ignore the bird and glad his joyfriend wasn't actively simping for him like last time he had seen them together. Denki was getting used to the bird, that was the only good thing that those two spending any time together had. Too much time together.

"I won't forget."

"You better or I'll kick your ass. Bye." He wasn't happy at all of having to kiss them goodbye in front of that guy. He did it anyway.


"Is it OK if I have breakfast with you two or do you want to be alone to talk business?" Eijiro couldn't be less worried about Hawks, and it showed. Probably not for the reasons Hawks or Denki thought.

"I don't think we need to have any privacy for that, and I'll update you over dinner anyway. But unless Hawks is in a rush, we can also have breakfast and talk business afterwards."
"No rush. I cleared all of my day for you."

Denki had expected Hawks to make some teasing comment about the feather, but now that Katsuki wasn't there maybe he didn't have reasons to. He didn't look like he thought he could tease Red, and he was probably right. And Denki was very happy there was someone in that throuple whose buttons couldn't be pushed by the winged pro hero. The blonde mess cranked his bubblegum machine happily.

"Boyfriends gift? I saw it yesterday on your social media." Denki didn't notice how much interest Hawks seemed to pay to his social media pages. Eijiro definitely did. Things had changed a lot since the first time they had seen them together.

"Yes! Not just that. Can I tell him the other one?"

"Go on."

"We are climbing Mount Fuji and stargazing and sleeping in a tent and eating Katsukampingcooking."

Hawks laughed. He had never seen him so happy.

"Time alone away from people, sounds like a good idea. So I'm assuming you didn't tell Dinamight about the feather." And there it was, of course he wasn't going to wait until they were alone.

"He told us during dinner." Eijiro smiled. After the initial shock, he couldn't care less. "That was a naughty move on your part."

"Just a little. He didn't burn it or snap it, but he still looked pretty unhappy to see me anyway, so may I ask what the magic trick was?"

"No magic trick." Eijiro would actually say Denki did magic when it had to do with calming Katsuki. Denki didn't notice he was looking at him. "I gave him the best of reasons not to snap it, but I can't say I convinced him not to snap you, so I wouldn't tease him too much if I were you."

"And what was that magical reason?"

"That snapping the feather would make you happy and feed your ego." He decided for the shorter cleaner version.

Kirishima smiled. It was clear to him Denki was not intimidated by Hawks anymore, this seemed a healthier relationship, somewhat a horny friendship. He had to remember telling Katsuki about this, he would sure be more relaxed if he could see them right now. Hawks didn't seem to have more power over Denki than the other way around. In fact he would say Hawks was very interested in him. 'Yes, Hawks, welcome to Denki's simp club.'

"You keeping it also feeds my ego."

"Anything that happens to that feather feeds your ego." Eijiro answered, smiling, like that was not important at all.

"That's quite true. You look like you don't care, should I assume you didn't touch it at all?"

"Oh, no, I was the one who took it in the first place. But it won't happen again, obviously."

"Pity. What if I gave you permission to use it on both of them?" He was testing the ground. It was interesting how none of them seemed to care about that.

Denki couldn't be calmer, Kirishima was definitely the one he was less worried about, he was pretty sure Hawks couldn't tease him or make him simp. He wouldn't mind those two simping for each other. He didn't dare imagining what would happen if Eijiro were the one to tease Hawks. He couldn't get Ideas about those two for his own sanity.

"I don't need your permission for using it, you gave it away so now it's not yours."

Denki suddenly remembered he had to get up from the chair and look somewhere else not to think too much about that sentence in front of the winged hero. Hawks noticed, he would have time to tease him about it later.

"And you aren't interested or threatened by me."

"Not at all, no. The only interest I have in you is as a good pro hero and when Denks cosplays you, and you can understand that's definitely not about you." Shark boy smiled even more. "No offense meant. You are a gorgeous man, just not my type of gorgeous man. Anyway, it's getting late for me. I'll leave you two to your business talk."


Kirishima got his keys and came back to say bye to Hawks, then kissed his joyfriend lovingly. Denki smiled.

"See you in the evening, say hi to your team."

"You too. Enjoy the simping." That made Denki blush immediately, out of words. Shark boy smiled near his lips, then kissed him again. "So love seeing you simp, pity I can't stay."

"Mean Shark Boy, I'm so telling" Kachan "Dinamight you gave me simping permission."

Eijiro just smiled and kissed him one last time to avoid answering 'He should know very well by now how much I love to watch any of you simp for hot men.'

"Always. Have fun."


"Such a hot man." If he was trying to make Denki jealous, he should have known better by now.

"Yeah... So hot, right?" He was still looking at the door with his biggest smile. His hubbies were hot and the best and he didn't mind at all simping for them in front of people who knew about them. Or other people simping for them. "Anyway, why were you here?"

"I'm here because I wanted to see Dinamight's face after he had found out about the feather and not incinerated it."

"Understandable. Satisfied?"

"Quite. Even though it seems 'my feather is not mine anymore.'"

"Well, if you give something away..."

"And your boyfriend uses it on you for hours..."

"If you expect two hour fucks maybe I should ask you to teach me how to choose my men better. We were just watching TV and it tickled."

"Netflix and chilling, sure. Don't try to undersell them now. You can't fool me. You would have fucked my brains out by now if you hadn't been satisfied."

"I would sure have tried and you would have sure teased me about that forever."

Hawks gave him one of those appreciative looks Denki had given others as an answer to make them know he was interested. That sure made him shut.

"Need me to spell it out for you?" Denki's cheeks jumped to red like they had been lit on fire. "Because I thought it was already clear I would fuck you dumb right here, right now if you asked me to." He was simping, he was simping badly. He was having Ideas and he shouldn't be having them.

"Good thing my boyfriends do keep me happy for hours."

"Not just you, if you don't mind me telling you. I didn't expect to enjoy that much giving you the feather. I shouldn't have told you, seeing your boyfriend considers it his now I could have had a lot of fun."

Denki was dying very much. And Hawks knew he had gotten into his head. Hawks let him simp while looking at him with a teasing smile, just counting how long would he take to be able to snap out of it. Denki knew, but it was still really hard. He forced himself out of it at least to say something.

"My internship." Something agencies something.

Hawks took pity on him (for now).

"You have not decided on that second agency because you know the good move is to open yours, and you can't do that if you are working in two other agencies at the same time." That helped him focus.

"But I need the leadership experience, which I don't have, and my people needs to get paid, so I can't take too long to start it, so that means two jobs at the same time."

"Unless you get them paid."

"I asked Fat Gum to use the money he was planning on paying me to pay one of my people instead, yes. Now I need to get that second internship and try and see if I can convince them to do the same, temporarily hire my people. But I don't think most agencies would hire them for just some months knowing they will go away afterwards."

"You could find a benefactor. Someone with enough money to pay for their salaries and yours until you start getting more money from big missions and can pay them yourself."

"I mistrust rich people and I don't want a boss."

"It doesn't need to be a boss, it could be someone that trusts you to do your thing without intervening."

"There's no such a thing."

"There can be. I could be your agency's benefactor."

Denki hadn't understood until now.

"In exchange for what?" He looked so suspicious Hawks didn't even tease him.

"You know I spent years in the top ten and I still am quite high, even if my public image has not been as good after what happened. I'm not interested on being number one, I'm not interested on people working for me, and I could retire with the money I have."

"But you don't want to retire, and you just said you want me to work for you."

"I want us heroes to be unnecessary. And for that we all have to work harder. You don't seem to believe me, but I have done my research, including asking your teachers in the UA. I think you are a good hero. You are strong and you are potentially dangerous, I wouldn't want you as an opponent." Denki blushed again, he was not used to being taken seriously. At all. "You can handle the PR part, you know how to read people, you are aware of what your weak points are and already know who to count on to cover them. You are willing to learn, you talked to the only leader of an agency that doesn't have a stick up his ass and managed to convince him not just to teach you, but to pay someone else in your place. Even if these two can pay for everything, that is still admirable, even more in a future leader. And I can help you achieve that. Until you start getting funding on your own and you can fly solo."

"What's the catch?"

"There's no catch." Hawks saw he didn't believe him at all. "Many people will want you to fail. I want you to thrive and make them regret they ever looked down on you or thought you should have shut about who you are."


"Because I have been told to shut and do what I'm told for far too long."

"So out of spite."

"I think the hero society can do better. And I believe in your way of doing things. Listen to me, Denki," he used his name because he had told him 'call me Denki, seeing you use Chargebolt to make me simp.' It worked. He got all of his attention. "I am impressed with you. I couldn't care less about you when Pinky introduced us, you were just another fan and that was it. I was way more interested in Dinamight and in your relationship. And then you blew it all up with a smile and got kicked out from an agency and grew stronger from that, and knew the smart thing was to ignore all of the old fashioned agencies. You listened when someone pointed the obvious, that you can't do it alone, and you have been evolving your plan on the go ever since. You can consider me officially a fan. And I mean it." He could have died there. He was blushing like hell and he felt warm inside. He wasn't used at all to compliments. And even less to being openly appreciated for things that were part of who he was. "But I do take some pleasure in making you blush, so don't count on me stopping. I bet I could make you blush in many other ways."

Denki immediately went from shocked to simping, but he still managed to answer.

"And I bet you could get sued if you told that to an employee."

"You are not an employee. I don't want you in my agency. I want you to have your own agency. You can consider me a mentor, you can consider me a benefactor, you can consider me whatever you want."

Denki had to control himself not to answer something bratty to that. Because that was too easy.

"It might take me years to give you the money back."

"I don't want any money back, Denki. I want you to take the money and do what you want with it. Or you can hire someone to take care of that so you can forget about it."

"I don't get what is the catch."

"Because there is no catch."

"There's always a catch. I just haven't found it yet."

"I can write it down and sign it if you don't believe me."

"I know nothing is free."

"What? You want to repay me? We can arrange for you to repay me." The tone was clearly sexual, but not the teasing one. Somehow less believable.

"That option is not on the table." Denki was serious.

Hawks went back to a serious but relaxed tone.

"Happy to know. Because I already told you that was not what I was looking for from you, but you seem to need reassurance, so listen to me: I don't want anything from you. I don't want you to tell me what you guys are doing. I don't care, I don't want to manage everything, I don't want to manage anything. I want to forget that money was ever mine. I want you to shut some mouths. And if you ever wanna ask my opinion on something, like you did the other day, it will be my pleasure to make you simp for me and piss your boyfriend. And if you don't ever want to ask me anything, we will see each other when a big mission arises or when you get to the top 10."

"I'm never getting to the top 10, and I couldn't care less."

"If you do this, with your potential, your quirk and your charisma, yes, you will. And no, I don't need you to get to the top nothing. I am just making my bet."

"Assuming there's no catch..."

"I really prefer when you simp for me. I wasn't expecting you to be this stubborn."

"...what if I fuck up and I don't get anywhere and I'm a bad leader?"

"Assuming you have tried or assuming you have tried to scam me?"

"Assuming I tried my best and I'm just not good, I have chosen my teammates wrong, and we have fucked up."

"Then I'll be shocked I didn't read you properly and assume my mistake. Your agency will disappear, and you and I will be in the same terms we are now, which is just two pro heroes who happen to know each other."

"... How long do I have?"

"For what?"

"To fuck up."

"I don't think you are going to fuck up, but if you need a deadline to prove yourself, let's say until next May's ranking. So almost a year."

"I still don't trust you."

"Because you are good at reading people. I'm not trustworthy. But I'm not asking you to trust me."

"You are asking me to accept a lot of money from you and act like that is not going to bite me in the ass."

"I can get all of that money to a bank account to your agency's name and never think about it again. I will sign a paper that says I don't want that money and I have willingly given it to you. There's no trust involved. You are not even working for me."

"If I accept, I want everything written and signed."

"Done. What else?"

"I don't want you to micromanage me."

"I hate micromanaging people, I am not a leader and I don't want to be. I work alone for a reason."

"Would you want to take the credit?"

"No, I don't need anybody to know I was involved in the beginning of your agency. I assume your boyfriends will know because you seem to be extremely honest even with them, but I would prefer not even them knowing. Stop looking for the catch, there's no catch."

"Ok." kinda OK.

"Great. Bring a laptop so we can get to the part when I ask you to cosplay me."

That shocked him enough to drop the other topic for now. Also to drop the glass of water he had been playing with and make a mess over the kitchen.


"I wanna see you cosplaying me." He was turning red again.


"Because I'm curious, because it makes you nervous, because your boy Blasty is going to hate knowing you did that in front of me, and because I enjoy seeing you simp for me way more than I should. I'm petty like that." Denki had blushed completely by then. "Happy with that answer?"

"That is going to be very uncomfortable." And kinda hot.

"Good. As I already said, making you simp for me is my pleasure."


Mina was the first one to see the video blow up. She texted everybody immediately, including Bakugo, including Kirishima.

"OMG! HawksSimpBoi’s new vid!"

It seemed to be just another Hawks cosplay dancing video... Until the transition. And suddenly those were not the fake wings. And they were again. And suddenly that was Hawks's face. And then it was Denki's cosplayer face again. But those eyes and that wink at the end were definitely not Denki's colored contact lenses. The video was getting viral fast.

"Having fun?" Was Kiri's message.

"Simping hard. HARD." Was Denki's too honest message.

"I bet he is loving that. Pity I can't be there."

"Huge pity you can't be here. He's enjoying himself quite too much at my expense."

"I would definitely enjoy myself so much at your expense too ;). I hope you trust me enough to let me know if something happens with him, baby."

"Don't send NSFW messages without a warning! We agreed on being exclusive."

"I know." 'But you want him, and I wouldn't mind you doing it. But if I tell you that I'm going to make you want him more and make everything harder for the three of us.'

"I've got news to tell you guys this evening. No more NSFW without warning *blushing emoji*"

"Oh, yes, I'm enjoying myself quite a lot at your expense."

Denki jumped away from him. He had not heard him or felt him come closer. He didn't look mad, but Hawks was pretty sure he wasn’t happy.

"Didn't they teach you not to look at other people's private messages?"

"It was too tempting." 'You are too tempting' "I wanted to see if Blasty wanted to blast me already."

"You can count on Blasty wanting to blast you at any point, you don't need to read my messages for that. I call him Blasty for a reason." Hawks saw Denki was still somewhat tense, even if he had said that with his usual clown smile. He decided he could wait to ask Red Riot himself why he insisted on the electric hero telling him if they made out.

"So you are the only one who calls him Blasty?"

"You'll get blasted if you call him like that, not many people can survive a blast in the chest." 'You wouldn't, so I wouldn't try.'

"So Red Riot and you?"

"Nah, Red doesn't push people's buttons for fun." 'Like you and I do'.


Katsuki was far less happy about the video.

"You fucking had to."

"Don't be jelly, Blasty. Important work news tonight. Can't wait for you to get back home. And I can do one of these with Dinamight whenever you want ;)"

"I want you far away from that bird."

"Don't worry, he's already leaving."

Chapter Text

"What work news did you want to tell us?"

"I've already filled all of the paperwork to open my agency. Now I just have to wait for it to be accepted. I'll start interning for Fat Gum too and I have to see how I want to organize myself."

"Who is going to work with you?" 

Denki got ready, he knew what was coming.

"I have just talked with some people. Mind Jack, Tsukuyomi, Tentacole. And Phantom Thief."

"Tentacole? Who the fuck is... Arms?"

"Yes, Arms." Katsuki was not happy about that... But Eijiro hadn't talked yet.

He was staring with that face.

Denki felt like becoming the smallest tiniest ever, but this was his agency and he had anticipated this would happen. He had to defend his idea. They were not the ones to decide about who worked at his agency.

"Are you sure Phantom Thief should work in your agency?"

"Who the fuck is that?"

"Yes. I am sure. This is not a personal relationship, it's a business relationship."

"Are you sure that is true for the both of you?"

"Who the... You can’t be talking… Are you talking about fucking Monoma?"

"Yes." Katsuki inhaled deeply, got up and went out to the balcony to cool down. He was not happy about that.

Denki felt awful, but he knew he had to stand his ground, but he didn’t want to make them worry. If they were already at that point, he could start dreading the second part…

"It worries me."

"It worries me when you guys go on a long mission, but I won't tell you not to go, it's your job."

"I know… Look, you are the only one that can decide who is in your team. But I am worried." Denki was prepared for that.

"I am not getting back with him. And I’m not sleeping with him no matter how pissed or hurt I am." The redhead smiled softly.

“I’m not worried about that, baby, I’m worried he might hurt you. He knows very well how to hurt you. Why risk it?”

“Because he’s a great hero. Most of my memories about him or about us are far from great, but professionally speaking he is great.”

“I guess I can understand that. Even if it worries me.”

"I am not having anybody on my team I wouldn't trust with my life. And I would trust Neito with my life as much as I trust Toshi with my life. Even if on a personal level he is toxic for me."

"I wouldn’t trust Neito with anybody’s life but his… Are you sure he's not going to be toxic professionally?"

"We might have to talk things through, and he is sure going to be a challenge to get in line."

"He knows how to push your buttons better than anyone." ‘You have told us that time and time again.’

"Yes, but I think he won't do it professionally. I really think the gain will compensate the possible loss, I wouldn’t do it in any other case. And if he fucks my life, you'll have the privilege to tell me I was wrong." He smiled as best as he could, trying to make things a little lighter.

"I don't want him to fuck your life, I want you to thrive."

“I swear I don’t think he will. I also know for a fact he won't let me die if he can do anything to save me." 

"I'm glad about that. But he could also make your work a living hell."

"I will kick him out if he ever stops being professional. I already made that clear, and I will make it clear again as many times as it’s necessary. It is my agency after all. And I can count on the rest of my team telling me if I’m not seeing, I’m sure about that." 

"I'll do my best to respect your decisions. But I still don't like this one. Please prove me wrong." 

"I will do my best. Wanna micromanage Kachan?" He knew that was not going to work, but…

"Oh, no, Denki. You are on your own there." 

"Yeah, that’s what I thought. OK... I have another news you might not like, I wanted to tell you both at the same time, but I don't think I have the energy to fight with Blasty twice today so..." 

"Should I worry?" Denki gave him the contract Hawks and him had written and signed. Eijiro's eyes opened in surprise. "Wh... Do you have a thing for working with people you would date?" 

"I wouldn't date either Neito or Hawks, Kiri... I would definitely fuck Hawks, hard. But date? No." He was being too honest, but there was no point on denying it. 

"I'm going to sound like Katsuki but... Are you aware your team is full of people you want to and or have slept with?" 

"I had a crush on them in the past, yes, but I wouldn’t hire anyone who I am sexually interested in. Or romantically either, but that happens way less, I’m happy with you two. And Hawks is not and will not be in the team, he's just funding it. That part needs more explaining, but I want to clear the air with Kachan first."

"Go. I'll read this in the meantime." 




Denki closed the door after him and stepped near Katsuki who seemed too quiet. Way too quiet. 

"I prefer when you blast me." He didn't answer, which was even more worrisome. Denki's alarms started blaring inside his head, the first one of them yelling 'You made him stop loving you, congratulations.' "Even if it's yelling, I would prefer that to the silence treatment."

"It's not the silence treatment, Dunce Face. I don't understand why you want that guy in your team." He had to remember himself he was talking about Monoma and not Hawks. Yet. He would have definitely preferred for him to yell…

"He's a good hero. Even if it sounds crazy, I would trust him with my life."

"You are fucking delusional." That sounded more like Katsuki, he seemed pissed about that. "He would kill you with his own hands if he had any power instead of being the most extra of the fucking history of extras." 

"He had had my quirk and Toshi’s at the same time and he didn’t, even in his worst, so I can promise you he wouldn't and he won't. But if he tries, I'll ask you to personally reduce him to dust." 

"You won't have to fucking ask, I'll reduce both of you to dust." 

"And I’ll die telling you you were right.” He smiled a small smile. Katsuki grunted. “He's not the only thing you are going to dislike about my agency. I told some to Red already, but I would like to tell the both of you together. And you are going to get very" insecure "mad about it."

"Why the fuck do you want to fucking make me mad?" 

"I don't want to. And I try to avoid telling you anything that might make any of you mad or disappointed at me, so please take that into account to understand how sure I am about my decisions when I'm confronting both of you about them." ‘Everything would be easier if I just hid it from you…’

"From one to ten, how much I'm going to hate the other one?" 

"Twelve." Katsuki looked at him. ‘That’s Hawks related for sure.’

"But you are still going to fucking do it." 

"Yes. Even if that means disappointing both of you." 'Or you breaking up with me. God, I hope you are not breaking up with me over work decisions...' “I really think it is the right call, if I thought there was a better option, I wouldn’t make any of you unhappy. And it’s just a professional decision”

"What did Red say?" 

"He's reading about it.” He knew the answer was like telling him. Katsuki understood that too before he opened his mouth. “He asked me if I had a thing for working with people I want to sleep with." 

"... Tell me the fucking bird is not going to be in your team." His eyes answered for him, but he talked anyway. 

"The bird is funding my team. We won't be working together, we won't be seing each other, we won’t talk." There was a silence. Even with the scarce light he could see him frown.

"Call Red." He looked really pissed now. He could definitely blast him for real right now. Denki didn't say another word, he just nodded, went back in and pointed outside.


He saw Eijiro get out to the balcony with the contract. The electric hero went into the doom room. He hated that a professional thing had to become a personal thing. He lied down on the floor. He felt quite lonely right now... So he chose self-destruction. He video called his dads. He knew how that was going to work, and it couldn’t go better than the other part.

"Hi, sweetie, why are you calling? Are you OK?" 

"Yes, I am just telling the people I love the things I have to tell them that they won't like, so please call Dad too so I can make you both unhappy at the same time."

Hizashi looked worried.

"Should I call Toshi too?" 

"Call them if you want, but they already know." 

"OK..." Denki waited, then both of them sat in front of the phone. His sibling said hi from out of frame too. 

"I'm starting my own hero agency. Hawks offered to fund it." That was the easy part in this case...

"That must be the reason why he enquired about you to the UA." 

"Yes, he told me he had asked about me before making the offer. It seems he had been researching me. That's the part you are going to like the most." 

"I don't like it." Aizawa wasn't going to lie about it. Denki prepared him.

"You are going to adore it compared to the other part." He heard the door of the balcony open, but he made an effort not to look to them or he would stop this conversation. "I'm having Toshi, Tokoyami and Shoji in my team. But I'm also having Neito." 

Aizawa stood up and left in silence, brewing in his own wrath. He would come back. And when he did, that was going to become hell. Hizashi tried to stop him. They didn't look pleased either. They controlled theirself and tried to be understanding.

"Thank you for telling us. I guess you would have preferred not doing it." 

"I would have preferred being tortured to disappointing the four of you about one of my first decisions over my agency, yes." 'It would hurt less.' 

"I'm not disappointed, Denki, I'm just worried. And I'm sure your dad is too." Not even ‘sweetie’, it was going to be a shitty night.

"And I'm not disappointed either. I just dislike him and I think he might hurt you just to feed his ego." Added Eijiro from the door. Denki looked at him.

"He won't. He can’t anymore." 

"I hope you are right, sweetie." Hizashi agreed with Eijiro.

"I do too." The redhead sat by his side on the floor. Denki stopped laying down and sat too.

"I'll just fucking murder him when he does. And then you'll have to hear us all say ‘I fucking told you so’. But I don’t give half a fuck about that compared to the other part. I don't trust the fucking bird." 

"Well, at least Hawks doesn’t affect his mental health. I'm more worried about him putting himself at risk." Hizashi remembered vividly Neito's influence over their kid. 

"I'm more worried about him fucking risking our relationship over a fuck."

Denki's lips went tight, he was starting to get frustrated. 

"I am probably missing something, and I know Denki is pretty fond of Hawks, he has always been, but in case our opinion matters, he seemed very professional about it when he asked in the UA about Denki. He said he was thinking on collaborating with him on something. I assumed it was a mission."

"I have read the text you two made. It is quite comprehensive. Whose idea was that?" 

"It wasn't an idea. I didn't trust him.” He looked at Katsuki to add: “I still don't trust him.” Then he looked at Hizashi. “People with money and power don’t just throw it away for free.” Hizashi understood where that was coming from. Denki looked back at Eijiro. “I kept asking what the catch was and he kept on saying there wasn't any, so we agreed to write everything down because he was bored of repeating, he didn't have a hidden agenda."

"One of you have a fucking hidden agenda." Denki clenched his teeth and breathed, then answered. 

“I don’t have any hidden agenda, Katsuki, he offered funding for my agency with no strings attached.” He knew perfectly well that wasn’t the hidden agenda he was talking about. Katsuki didn’t need much to get even more pissed. Any answer would do. Even Denki backing up would.

"I hate his fucking guts." 

"The shitty thing is you really don't.” They looked at each other, intensely. “I would buy that with Neito, but you respect Hawks, you just don't trust me not fucking his brains out."

"You shouldn't trust him not to fuck Neito's brains out either." Aizawa added from outside the frame. He wanted to draw blood and he knew perfectly well how to do it.

Denki's lips tightened even more when he heard his dad. 

"Aizawa." Hizashi looked very pissed about that. 

Denki shouldn’t have answered to both of them at the same time. He should have hanged up.

"You two seem to think I don't value my relationship."

"I don't fucking trust any of them." 

"You don't need to trust them, you need to trust *me*." Katsuki was about to answer something really mean and something he didn’t really think. Aizawa did first.

"You are not trustworthy, Kaminari."

Denki snapped his way. He looked pissed. He never looked pissed. 

"It's not my fault you are a f-" Hizashi’s voice rumbled over his, even through the phone.

"Your dad will call you back to apologize for that in a second. Go solve things like a mature adult with your own hubbies. Anger shouldn’t be used as a weapon against people you love." And that last part was definitely for both of them.

Denki tightened his lips again and Hizashi waited for him to nod before hanging up. Denki inhaled, trembling in anger, trying to calm down. He tried his best. His best sucked right now.

"I have given you zero reasons not to trust me." He sounded dry. Katsuki had been shocked enough not to answer immediately trying to hurt him.

"I do trust you. I don't fucking trust them." 

"They won't do anything to me I don't want them to do." 

"You want them to fuck your brains out and they will be fucking happy to oblige." 

"That's just an option if you are already done with me, Blasty. So if you have something you want to tell me, please do it now that I am expecting it."

Eijiro looked at Denki.

“He’s not… …You can’t be serious.” Denki looked away, hurt, confirming what Eijiro was thinking. He didn’t want to snap at Eijiro. Eijiro couldn’t handle him at his meanest, Katsuki could. He could also handle Katsuki’s meanest too. They were both the same kind of bad at feelings.


The redhead didn’t like ways to solve things that didn’t solve things for real. He knew those two needed to calm down, so he tried the healthy option first.

“Can I ask you two to breathe deeply and-“

“You should probably get out of the room before we start fighting for real, Red.”

“I fucking agree.”

Eijiro knew sex was important for those two, but he had thought the feather night had been enough. It was obvious now it hadn't been. They had been separated for three weeks. And then there had been too much Hawks around Denki and Denki just seemed too comfortable around him for Katsuki’s liking.

“I really wish you would just talk.” He stood up. They both thought he was just leaving the room because they were acting like enraged kids, and he didn’t stand the yelling. They would understand that. They were very wrong. Eijiro doubted for a second, then grabbed Denki by the hair. Denki gasped and felt his blood boil. His head got immediately empty of thoughts and full of sex.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Katsuki didn’t know how to make sense of that right now, even less coming from the redhead who despised the ‘fight and make up’ thing. Eijiro looked at Denki and raised his eyebrows in a silent question. Denki understood what he had tried to ignite by cutting the conversation like that.

"Can I leave?" 

"What?!" Why the fuck would he do that and then leave?


"I love you two. Please, please, don’t kill each other." He said, taking Denki's phone from the floor, then left without adding anything else. 


Katsuki turned to look at Eijiro while he left the room. Denki took advantage of that to near him and corner him against the wall as soon as he looked back at him. Katsuki didn't understand until Denki pressed his body against him and slammed him against the wall. The blonde mess kissed him desperately. Katsuki answered.


---- [smut link: ] ----


Denki kissed Katsuki, as soft as he could be when he was this horny.

"Please go see Red. I love you, I know you need me to be a caring boyfriend after this because I’ve been a dickhead and we still have to talk things through, but I need to take a cold shower to do that. So please, ask him to hold you together for ten minutes." He helped him stand up again and kissed him tenderly, even if his lips were the only thing tender about him right now, all of his body in tension.

"I got the point." He tried to rub his dick over his pants. Denki managed to stop him softly.

"I already told you there is absolutely nothing you can do to make me change my mind. I want you to understand nobody can-"

"I don't fucking care. I'm worried and I’m starting to fucking freak out." He felt dumb saying that, but he knew Denki knew. 

"Please go see Red. I'll take a quick shower and clean the mess and be there as soon as I'm back to being myself."


Katsuki went to the sofa and found a smiling Eijiro there. He lost most of his smile almost immediately.

"Is everything OK?" 

"Yes. I just need a shower." 

He looked at Katsuki, confused. Katsuki sat by his side, crossed his arms over his chest and leaned slightly towards him, like he used to do in the beginning when he needed a hug but didn't know how to ask for it. Eijiro hugged him lovingly. 

"Hey, baby, are you ok?"


"What happened?" 

"Nothing." It was embarrassing. At least he looked way more calm, more relaxed and way less jealous now. 

"Are you guys OK? Should I worry?" 

"No, he's just being a stubborn dumbass." 

"OK. But he loves you, you know? And I do too." 

"I know. Drop it already." 


Denki sat in one of the sides of the sofa and pulled a reticent Katsuki towards him.

Eijiro let him go, and Katsuki let himself be pulled to the other side. Denki sat behind him and managed to pass an arm around his collarbones from his back. Once he had him like that, he kissed his back and the back of his neck tenderly. Denki was planning to let him go already, knowing they had way different contact needs and wanting to look him in the eye to talk. Katsuki low-key grabbed that arm in its place. Denki tried passing the second arm around him, tentatively. He didn't bark at him, so he used his thumb to caress his shoulder and kissed the back of his head once again.

"Sorry I got too harsh. I shouldn’t have."

"That's OK, Sparky. I don't care." 'But keep on holding me'.

"I hope you don’t, but you know you can tell me if you care and it won’t happen again.”

“I’m fine. It was just unexpected. Stop it already.”

“Ok… I love you guys more than I have ever loved anything or anyone. If I thought there was any real chance of any of these decisions making me cheating on you, I would never ever take them."

"I think we should talk.” They both complained their own way. Denki considered he was already talking. “I mean it… I let you relax your way, humor me now, ok? May I ask what the argument with Aizawa is? He said you are not trustworthy." 

"He considers even simping is cheating. But simping is not something I choose to do. I am not ace, I’m not demi, simping for someone or wanting to fuck someone is not something I decide. It doesn't mean I love them or I want to date them. And it sure doesn’t make me love you less." That explanation was obviously meant for Katsuki and he made no effort on hiding it. Denki rubbed his nose lovingly against the back of his head. "Sexual attraction is not something I choose to have. Acting or not on that sexual attraction is my choice and my responsibility. And my choice was to be in an exclusive relationship with you two, so I’m not cheating on you. Ever. Nobody is worth losing you. Nobody. No matter who they are.”

“But you still want to fucking bone him.”

“Yes. I do. I even used to write fanfics about him in high school. I know I’m starstruck. I know I’m obsessed. I know it’s dumb. I can’t help that part. But I swear on my life I would never cheat on you two.”

“I don’t even know what cheating means for you two.”

“Cheating is fucking cheating, Shark boy.”

“I don’t want to do the talking thing either… but cheating for me sure doesn’t mean what it means to you, because if you want to cheat on me you just have to fuck Neito, and I have always assumed you would consider kissing anyone cheating.”

“Yes. That’s fucking cheating, the normal cheating.”

“There’s no ‘normal cheating’, baby, I dated someone who considered cheating required penetration, so you could do whatever you wanted but that and it was not cheating.”

“What the fuck? You have to be making that shit up…” Denki hugged him tightly, calm enough to feel bad about having chosen the unhealthiest way to calm down.

“I have known people like that. I assumed for you it would be the full touching pack, but some people consider fantasizing or jerking off like cheating.”

“What is that fucking “full touching pack” that you are talking about?”

“Looking but not touching, no lips, no dick, no hands. And I also assumed sexting or phone sex would be out of the question for you too…”

“You were right. That is the normal fucking thing.”

“Well, for Denks is ‘not fucking Monoma’ and for me is not lying to me about what you have or have not done. I don’t mind you guys doing whatever you want with whoever you want as long as you are using protection, but I don’t want you to lie to me about it.”

“…That’s why you kept on asking me?”

“We are in an exclusive relationship, Red…”

“What the fuck, Shitty Hair? Even he fucking knows making out with other people is cheating.”

“I’m sorry to say I assumed you would cheat on us sooner than later.”

“…That’s fucked up of you, Eijiro.” Denki calling him by his name showed how much he had been hurt by that.

“I know. Sorry. It would have sucked but I wanted to believe at least you would tell me and it would all be solved somehow…”

“That’s fucking delusional, Red.”

“I agree. Kachan… what about teasing?”

“What about it?”

“Is it cheating for you? Me teasing people.”

“No, of course is not cheating, teasing is half of your fucking personality, dumbass. And cheating is about boners and doing sappy things and shit like that.”

“…You just lost me there. What does “boners and sappy things” means for you?”

“What you fucking said, anything that would give the other one a boner. And boyfriend sappy stuff. Like singing and sleeping together.”

“So… karaoke is cheating?” Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

“Are you fucking trying to play dumb?”

“Not at all, I’m just really confused, sorry. I… never thought something non-sexual could be cheating for anybody.” Katsuki moved so he loosened his arms. Denki expected him to pull away from him. He was surprised he didn’t, Katsuki just took one of Denki’s arms down and not-touched his hand with his.

“Singing, like in private, like when you get all mushy.”

“I don’t do that with anybody else, but I have songs for almost everybody. And I have sang Uravity’s with you.”

“That doesn’t count. Do you have fucking Hawks songs?”
“Well, I mean, the TigTog songs I used for his cosplay and some sexually explicit. But I would never sing any to him.” It would be quite weird.

“I don’t like you having songs for him.”

“I don’t think of him every time I hear them or anything. Most of the songs on our running playlist are either yours or Red’s or just TigTog bops. I can take them out of the playlist, if that makes you uncomfortable.”

“As far as you don’t sing them or dance them in front of him, I’ll survive.”

“…What? …Who… How…”

“You look fucking hot when you dance.”

“…so TigTog dancing is cheating?”

“No. This is so fucking obvious.”

“Sorry, I just want to be sure so I don’t fuck up.”

“Dancing for someone, alone, to give them a fucking boner.”

“I don’t do that… But that’s just boner, right? It’s just my not acting on your sexual attraction, kinda the opposite side of the coin, the one you said, not acting on the other one’s sexual attraction. So the mushy part… is songs and singing?”

“Not just singing, boyfriend fucking things.”

“So… dates? And… ehm…”

“Sleeping in a hug?”

“I have slept hugging tons of people that weren’t my partners…” How could that be considered a boyfriend thing?

“Why the fuck do you go around sleeping with people?”

“Because it helps with the nightmares and with the waking up all of the time… It’s better with you, because I love you and you smell like caramel when you’re not all sweaty.”

“What the fuck? I don’t smell like fucking caramel”.

“Yes, you do.”

“If I ever find you sleeping with Hawks even if it’s just sleeping-sleeping I’m going to kill you.”

“Who wants to sleep with Hawks? How does he even sleep with the wings and all? It has to be so uncomfortable with the wings… And I think I already said it, but just in case I didn’t: I don’t have feelings for Hawks. Just a lot of sexual fantasies. I am not planning on dating him or sleeping with him or hugging him or anything like that. At all. I wouldn’t mind someone from my agency hugging me on missions when I get lonely and mushy because I miss you, though.” Katsuki ignored the Hawks’ part.

“I think I can get the fucking missions part, but just if you’re lonely…”

“I’m always lonely when you’re not around, guys.”

“Don’t get all fucking sappy now.”

“So… mushy things, ok. Mushy and bonery. And teasing is not cheating then?”.

“How many fucking times are you going to ask that? You tease people a lot, and simp badly. It wouldn’t be half as fucking annoying if Hawks didn’t want you all over his fucking dick.”

“He’s just teasing, Kachan.”

“He’s not fucking teasing, he wants to fuck your brains out for real.”

“I agree.”

“Come on, Red.” ‘He doesn’t get it, you should.’

“How can you fucking think he doesn’t? What on his attitude towards you says: ‘This is just teasing’?”

“I like making your boyfriend jealous.” For example.

“I’m gonna blast his fucking face, I swear. So what? He wants to make me jealous, that doesn’t fucking mean he doesn’t want to fuck you. And him.”

“I think you are both confused of how teases work... I’m a tease, I tease people. Do I always want something sexual with that person? Pf, not at all. If that person answers and says: ‘Sure, let’s fuck’ and I’m not in an exclusive relationship? Awesome, we fuck. If that person answers: ‘Hahaha, so funny, Kaminari’ I make some fingerguns, I laugh it out, make some comedy about it and move on.” Katsuki was shocked about that.

“So you are saying he doesn’t want to fuck you because he knows he can’t?”


“How the fuck does your fucking brain work? THAT is fucking delusional.”

“What? You can’t have sex with them, you just move on. Not even move on, it’s like money in one of your jackets’ pockets. You’re not expecting it to be there, it happens once in a fortnight and then you spend the money and that’s it. Well, in this case you find the money and you don’t spend it because we are exclusive and I’m not doing bonery mushy things with anybody because that’s cheating, but in general.”

“Well, he’s still teasing you, even if he knows you are off-limits.”
“Of course he’s teasing me, teasing people who teases you back is the absolute best. You have seen me t… Did you think I was dating Toshi because we teased each other?”

“I don’t fucking know anymore. Now it’s fucking obvious they are your sibling. Maybe it was because of that.”

“Yeah, no, teasing doesn’t mean anything for me. It’s just a game.”

“But he knows you want to have sex with him.”

“I mean, that is pretty obvious if you have seen me simp for him. I have made clear anyway that was not an option. And he tried to tease me when we were talking about the money and I told him sex was out of the question and he could transfer his money up his ass if that was what he wanted in exchange.”

“Was it?”

“He still says he doesn’t want anything in exchange. I included the sex part specifically in the contract I made him sign. I don’t trust rich people.”

“I am pretty sure he is interested in you.” Denki pointed at the contract, about to say he obviously was because he was throwing money at him. “Sexually. Not professionally. I mean, also professionally, or he wouldn’t have gone talk to the UA. But trust us on that one, Denks, you are not just a surprise coin in one of his pockets. You would be a million yens.”

“Ok…” He was blushing with the information. Katsuki blasted his way.

“Fucking simp.”

“Sorry, it’s kinda nice that someone wants sex with me.”

“We want to fuck you.”

“And that’s awesome, yes. I can stop teasing people if you need me too...” ‘I think. It would be sad, but…’

“I just want him to stop fucking trying to get in your bed.”

“I can’t do anything about other people, I already made sure to tell him us in bed is not an option. I can promise you he won’t get in my bed without your permission.”

“No fucking permission.”

“Then he won’t ever get in my bed. So… that’s it? Mushy or bonery?”

“May I suggest a third thing? Because… well, we have heard about your stories with Aizawa. ‘It didn’t count because he forbade it after I did it’ and things like that?”

“We call that ‘bending the rules’, yes. Yeah, I don’t know how ‘mushy and bonery’ could be bent, but I can see how me frustrated would find a way to do so… So they can be the Cheating Three, Mushy, Bonery and Bendy”.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“The Cheating super villain group”.

“…That sounds like the Big Three.”

“Yes, The Big Three Nonos of fucking up. The Cheating Three. Can I draw them?”


“You know, like three villains. I think giving them a face would help me remember them. They can be me the three of them, no need to draw Hawks or anything if you don’t want me to draw him.”

“…Do you fucking draw Hawks?”

“No, I don’t. I did in middle school and high school, I spent a lot of time simping for him and looking at pictures of him. Now I mostly draw you two or my family or things like that, depending on how soft I’m feeling.”

“You draw us?”

“Yeah… Nothing interesting or anything. Just, you know.”

“We don’t fucking know.”

“I don’t have the tablet here but ask me next time I’m using it and I’ll show you if you want. It really is nothing.”

"I still don't like the fucking bird owning you." 

“I don’t like that either.”

"You should read what Denki made him sign, it is more of a money donation than anything." 

"Still don't fucking like it. I don't trust him. And I was just fucking pissed about the other shithead, but after seeing Aizawa lose it over him, maybe we should fucking worry more. Not about you two boning, but about him destroying you." 

"Dadzawa is really protective, Kachan. He's worried I am going to get lost again. But he’s forgetting now I have you two, and I’m happy. When he gets mad at you, Sho tries to push you away in the most hurtful way possible. I'm like that too when I'm mad. Don't worry about my dad, I'll talk to him tomorrow."

"They called while you were solving things. He said he was not going to apologize." Denki rubbed his nose against Katsuki’s head again. He didn't know why he felt like doing that a lot, but he did. 

"He won't. He never does. None of us will apologize, Zashi will get pissed at both of us for not apologizing, then Dad will say he accepts my decision but not respect it and he'll be there when I mess up to be mean about it when I prove him right." 

"He said something along those lines, yes, with more swearing."

"Kachan doesn't let me swear." Denki hugged his shoulders again.

"Cause there's no fucking need for you to swear." He grabbed his arm with both hands, not looking at him. 

"I want to make you guys happy and proud of me, but I can’t base my decisions on what you want, or what makes you feel insecure, you'll have to trust me. There will be things I want to run past by you, there were some tonight too, I wanna see what you think and what you can add to it. You are amazing heroes and sometimes my thinking outside of the box gets far away from the box." 

"I'm sure whatever you have thought is OK, Pikachu." 

"Still. Unless you don't want to hear anything from my agency because you don’t care..." 

"I care."

"I would prefer to hear whatever it is tomorrow over breakfast. I fucking need a break from fucking talking everything."

"Ok, but just a heads up, I am meeting everyone again tomorrow at Mina's to see how their agencies have reacted and who has been kicked out. So my team will probably grow tomorrow night."

“Why at Mina’s?”

“Oh, we are recording some videos first. Wanna learn too and make some cameos?”

Chapter Text

When they got out of the shower, Denki started to recover his brains. He dropped the feather by the sink and stopped Katsuki. He kissed him softly. 

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"That was really hot, but... Maybe you should burn the feather for real." 

"Why? Too horny for it?" 

"For the feather, no, for you using it with me and against him? Super horny. I just think you will regret it when you stop and think about it." That sounded like a really unhealthy decision in Katsuki’s part, and Denki was not used to other people doing unhealthy things.

"You asked me not to fucking burn it."

"Well, I mean, I'm a starstruck fanboy and it reminds me of two awesome fucks and the day I asked for advice to my favorite pro hero and he gave me something his to keep. Even without the sex part... Wouldn't you want to keep All Might's gloves if he gave them to you?" 

"You know I would. But now you want me to fucking burn it." 

"I... No, I don't want you to burn it. I think it might be the best idea because you just gave Hawks a revenge boner, which, I mean, so not a thing, but ok. And also, it would actually count as cheating on us if any of us cared at all, because that’s the definition of bonery. And you told me not to tell Red you did, which counts as cheating on him. So: You. Cheating on Red. With Hawks. If I didn’t have to worry about you coming back to Earth and realizing what you just did? I would definitely put it in an altar and repeat, because it was amazingly hot."

"If you fucking play with it, I’ll kill you.”

"...I haven't touched it since I made sure he wasn't just teasing. I know that would be bonery, so it’s cheating, I wasn't planning on touching it. But I wasn't planning on you touching it either." 

“You playing with it is cheating, Pikachu. Me playing with you using it is fucking payback. I know what I did, and I stand by it. I was horny and I’m gonna take shit for it when I tell Red because that’s not fucking mature of me, but I'll talk to him anyway. Stop overthinking. I'm fine. He made me jealous out of fun, I got my fucking revenge on him out of fun. And that's all. Just put the feather in its place. I mean it. I miss you being all fucking sappy and happy."

"OK. But you will tell Red, right?" 

"I already told you I will, Sparky, stop worrying already." He kissed him. Denki hugged him. Katsuki hugged him back, tightly, like he could break him. Denki chuckled like a kid under the pressure of his arms trying to squeeze his soul out. 


Eijiro felt something over him and opened his eyes to find a smiling Denki hugging him. He seemed relaxed for real, not like last night.

"Good morning, baby, what time is it?"

"Sorry, it's still soon for you, but we woke up super early, had a fuck, went for a run, had a shower, solved things, then prepared breakfast. Katsuki is making lunch for the three of us, and I want to tell you about my plans, and that's going to take a while."

"OK... So we are all OK now?"

"Yeah, I think so. Well, ask Kachan, but we are fine."

"That sounds nice. OK, then. Are you letting me get up?"

"I'm not preventing it, but I’m not going to stop hugging you."

"I can koala you to the kitchen, but he's gonna call us 'sappy'".

"He always does, might as well give him a hint of what sappy really means."


"Good morning, baby."

"Good m... Do you guys need to be so fucking sappy this early?"

"Yes. Definitely. Always. You said an hour ago you missed me being sappy and happy." Denki touched the floor with his feet, still hugging the redhead.

“I fucking regret it already.” Eijiro took a hand off Denki to caress Katsuki's face while kissing him good morning. Then he came back to his full-time job of hugging the small blonde. "So fucking embarrassing."

"No, it's not, it's nice. Ok, what did you want to tell us, baby?"

"OK. I'm going to Mina's this afternoon to talk to everybody and all that. You can come if you want. The plan right now is for me to start an internship from Monday in Fat Gum's agency. He'll be trying to teach me how to lead. We also have to look for a place for the headquarters. I have a meeting with Nezu in 3 hours to formally ask to use the UA training grounds to train our teamwork." They didn't expect a comprehensive list. He paused to let them assimilate.

"That's a good idea." He considered that a signal to resume.

"The plan is agency work after my internship, so you might not see me much for some time. I'll get out in the morning with Kachan, I'll try to come back before his bedtime, but I can't promise anything, I gotta do it right." 

"You will fucking overwork yourself if you do that." 

"Yes, I know, I have to see how many of us are out of a job, because if it's just me, I can delay it for a month or two, if you guys don't mind covering for me and me paying you back, but if I can't cover more people, I'll have to start the agency from Monday and using Hawks' money. My plan when the team is ready is to ask some people to help us train one spare day each. Like the teachers did when they played villains."

"It sounds nice." 

"Yeah, I'll blast all your asses happily."

"You have everything planned..." 

"Not everything, we are teaching them sign language. But we won't be able to use it all of the time, even if I think it's not a bad plan for them to be able to convey all of the information needed without talking." He was getting somewhere, but Katsuki interrupted.

"You don’t fucking need sign language with a team where you have Hands and Ears." 

"I ‘fucking need sign language’ because having important information and being unable to communicate it because stealth is important is dumb." 

"Language, Chargebolt." Oh... Was it the first time he heard Katsuki call him by his hero name? Maybe not, but he immediately felt prouder, taller and more valid, not the little kid he still sometimes felt he was. He almost felt like he could run an agency. 

"I would like to also find a way that works in the dark too, but..."   

"Clickers, maybe?"

"Uuuh, that would be cool, good idea, baby."

"Tsk, it was fucking obvious."

"It would not be stealthy, but it would not give our positions away that much. I'll think about it, thanks. I could only think about bird calls, but I didn't like it. And morse code could work with clickers and with lights, so it would be useful for short messages or coordinates."




Denki was coming back from talking to Nezu. He had made a deal. 

He had tried to make it a money arrangement, but it hadn't worked, Nezu already had money enough to pay for anything the UA needed. It had ended up being a 'teaching time' arrangement.


He was walking down the street looking at his phone on his way home when someone literally stepped on his way. He stumbled not to step on them. He looked up and a cute teen looked back, embarrassed. 

"Oh, sorry, I didn't see you." 

"No, I mean..." Denki smiled at him and was about to keep on moving when the stranger talked again. "Ch-chargebolt?" He froze in place, surprised, then looked for real. 

"Yeah, hi, it's me." He was paying attention now. He locked his phone and really looked at the teen. There was a button with five sheep that discretely were the colors of the trans flag in the backpack they were carrying. "Cool button." He smiled. 

"Hi... Thanks..." The way that person was looking at him... He took some time to understand he had a fan now. He smiled thinking 'awwww'. 

"You are the first person ever to recognize me in the street, did you know that?" 


"Oh, no, no, I was just about to ask you if you would mind taking a selfie with me and if I could upload it to my social media... I could tag you if you want. Sorry, I forgot to ask your name." 

"Oh..." They doubted. 

"The good one, the one that's yours." He smiled, reassuringly. The smile he was looking at grew more confident. 


"Nice to meet you, Asahi, awesome name, by the way. I love it." 

"Thanks... You are the first person I tell it to." 

"Oh, well, thanks a lot for trusting me with it. I hope you'll find people soon you feel comfortable sharing it with. I don't have to take the picture if you don't want me to." 

"No! I would love taking a picture with you."

"Awesome! Me too! Want me to tag you?" 


"I got recognized!" He was sending the pic with the kid to the hubbies and his family when someone else stopped him. Two more people yelled his hero name or waved before he could do so, so he changed the text. "I got recognized by a lot of people! I have a fan now!" 

“We already saw the post! That’s great!” The internet was full of Eijiro’s pics with fans.

“Please, don’t become another hero that takes pics with every single fucking fan. I wanna run in the mornings.”

“Shut up and let me enjoy it, future number 1 Hero Dinamight” *kid sticking their tongue out gif* “Our morning runs are sacred, I would never stop them to take pics.”




When Katsuki got to Mina’s house, still before the rest of the class, he found his boyfriends and Mina cosplayed. Mina and Denki had exchanged cosplays, so now he was Mirko and she was Fem Hawks. They had used a huge hoodie and pillows to make Eijiro into Fat Gum.

“…You are all fucking mental.” Seriously, how did they come up with those ideas?

“Wanna join? We can make you be a really unbelievable Dinamight, Denki is really good at that, we did a really unbelievable Red Riot out of Kiri” He showed him the picture. It was hilariously awful, not even his hair looked like it was his.

“Oooooooooooor you could appear as yourself, Great Explosion Murder God Dinamight.” Denki played the long name card and the puppy eyes card at the same time. ‘Fucking puppy…’

“No.” But that no didn’t sound as believable as it should have. And they all knew it.


They had ended up making two videos, one for Mina’s page and one for Denki’s. Katsuki didn’t even know how he had ended up accepting to do two, but in the end, he had learnt two different dances and they had decided the one that was more of a thirst trap would go to HawksSimpBoi’s account.

“You still don’t have a TigTog account?”

“He does have a TigTog account, he actually watches my videos and likes them all the time.”

“Uuuuh, supportive boyfriend!”

“Shut the fuck up, it’s not like that.” He didn’t know what excuse to use, in fact, because it was EXACTLY like that.

“We should tag you, can we tag you, Blasty? Please?”

“Why the fuck do you want me to have a public account?”

“I don’t know, it’s fun.”

Mina smiled.

“I can think of a good reason, you can use it to upload videos so your boys will simp!”

“Pf, that’s fucking dumb.” But it wasn’t, not just because those two they were literally talking about how much they would simp for his account, but because he simped for theirs on a daily basis so…


“Me: Oh, no, doing Dinamight thirst traps might be disrespectful, he’s so gonna hate me *scared emoji*

@ProHeroDinamight: Shut up, extra. *explosion emoji* 

Me: *drooling*”

"Drooling, huh?" He looked at Denki when he saw the caption. The electric blonde didn’t listen to him, he was blushing and simping over the video. Again. He didn’t blast him to get his attention this time.

Chapter Text

"So, you have been terminated? You?" Denki couldn’t believe it. That was the dumbest thing ever.

"Well, I mean... I am just new and they didn’t..." Ochaco felt quite overwhelmed by Denki’s shock.

"Ochaco, you are the absolute queen! What the fuck?"

Katsuki blasted his way as a way of telling him not to swear without interrupting the conversation. It interrupted it more because Ochaco was not used to people blasting explosions around her, not even if it had been over her head. She looked at him, scared, caught by surprise. Now the conversation had been interrupted, he considered there was no reason not to reprimand him.

"Language, Pikachu. Pikachu is fucking right, Pink Cheeks. They don't know shit if they kicked you out. You are a pretty fucking good pro hero. Your quirk is incredible. It’s their fucking loss." She smiled a little more, reassured, then blushed. If Bakugo thought that about her... 

"Thanks. To both of you.” She looked at Denki. “There's no need to offer me to be in your team if..."

"What? You would accept being in my team?! I would love to have you in my agency! Are you kidding? You are amazing! Super powerful and super nice to work with. Oh, I hope you don't mind being the only woman." Even if gender was a construct, he knew she had been in some mostly female hero teams.

"Oh, there are no other women?" 

"Two nbs, two men, one woman counting you." Counted Mina, already adding Ochaco to the list. 

"Three men." Toshi corrected. 

"I said I would run it past the team." There was a silent look between the siblings, the non-telepathy was interrupted by someone behind the electric blonde.

"Ehm..." Denki turned towards Jiro's voice. Momo was grabbing their hand like they would run away. "Can we be on the team too?" 

"You were both kicked out too? You didn't even come out the other day!" 

"No, we didn't, I am still working at my agency." Momo confirmed. As far as Denki knew she wasn’t out of the closet either, not at her house, not at work, at least.

"I am not..." Denki looked at both of them, then made a sign to Jiro to talk in private. Momo tried to follow.

“Sorry, if you don’t mind this is a job interview…?” Being firm was going to be an issue for him, even with his friends.

“Oh, ok. I’ll wait for her here.” ‘Not her, Yaomomo, them.’


"Are you OK?"

"Yes... After your interview my agency proved to be... Unpleasant. I resigned immediately. I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing and how they worked either.”

“Yeah, it’s the same for Toshi and me, and Tokoyami told me something similar too. Old-school agencies kinda suck.”

“I don’t know, it’s just everything’s so… it’s like office work rules but for hero work.”

“EXACTLY! That’s why I didn’t try looking for another agency either.”

“I get that, yes. Look, Denki, I know we’re friends a-“

“We are more than friends, Jiro, we are family, you’re my sib.”

“Ok, ok, but you don't have to accept me into your age-" Denki pressed a finger over Jiro's lips to shut them. They blushed. It was not the first time Denki did that, but this time he wasn't clowning and doing a loud 'shhhhhhhh' while moving the finger all over their face, he was trying to be ‘businessy’. They smiled. He smiled back. 

"I would LOVE to have you on my team, are you kidding me? This is the nb siblinghood turned agency. You are always welcome anywhere I am. But what about Yaomomo?" Denki had an opinion about Momo. And it was a strong one. 

"We solved things..."   

"Well, I wasn't asking that." ‘I have opinions about that.' "She said she wasn’t kicked out." 

"No, she wasn't, she's still working for her agency." 

“Is she hating old-school agencies too?”

“Oh, no, she’s fine with that, you know, she’s used to being good and following societal rules.”


“She wants us to work together.” Denki looked at them. They looked away.

"Mind if I talk to her in private?" 

"What about?" 

"About her joining the team. Will you still work for me even if she doesn't?" 

"What? Of course... But are you...?" 

"Jiro... We know each other, I know you. Do you want her to work with you?" Jiro looked uncomfortable. "I won't tell her, you know that." 

"I don't know..." 

"Is she still suffocating you?" 

"You make it sound so bad, it’s not that bad, she tries very hard..." 

"Sorry. I would be suffocated in your place. I'm projecting." 'I’m not projecting, she is suffocating, she might mean well, but it is horrible. You deserve better.'

"It is a little suffocating." He had already thought on banning any couples on the team, but he was convinced now. 

"Call me Fresh Air from now on." He winked jokingly, a fingergun under his chin. Jiro rolled their eyes and smiled. 


"Yaomomo, can we talk in private?" He asked with his most pleasant and unthreatening smile. 

"Sure, of course." She followed him to Mina's room. 

"Is everything OK with your agency? Are they being mean to you or…?"   

"No, no, everything's OK. When Jiro was kicked out of her agency..." Denki couldn’t just shut.

"Their agency." Jiro had used she/they in school, but they had asked everybody to use they/them pronouns after becoming a pro hero. That had been months ago. His hubbies called him 'joyfriend' just because he had called himself that in front of them that long ago, and he didn't even care at all. Denki thought Momo was always making excuses not to even try. 

"Yes, yes. She doesn't mind me using she/her because it's hard for me, don’t worry."

Denki kept the same smile on the outside and the same very strong opinion about Momo on the inside. 

"I told her she should come work in my agency, but she said she preferred working for you. So I told her I would come too, that way we will be together."

"Not really, you would stop sharing days off." ‘Thank you, Yaomomo for giving me a place to start making you want be elsewhere but in my agency.’

"Well, we wouldn’t have the same days in different agencies either." 

"You could have them. Even if you can’t change your days off in your agency, they can ask to change them with the rest of the team. And you wouldn't see each other that much if you are both in my agency but in different teams."

“You don’t have people enough for two teams.”

“Of course I do, we are already seven counting you, maybe eight.” 

"Ok, but there would be no strategic reason to split us up, we are complementary and we are the best team." Denki wasn’t expecting anybody to tell him what he was supposed to do in his agency when he hadn’t even started having it. He didn’t know to what point he would dislike someone doing that until now.

"There are several reasons to have you in different teams, but that would not be your call, it would be mine." And then Toshi's as his second in command, and they would definitely agree with him. Toshi’s opinion on Momo was even stronger.

"Why are you so decided not to let us work together? Are you still in love with her?" She answered, clearly bothered and suspicious.

"I was never in love with them. I wouldn’t have mind, though. In any case, this is not personal, Creati, you are an amazing pro hero, but so are Dinamight and Red Riot and I'm definitely not having them in my agency as long as we are dating, that’s a huge liability. I don't want personal stuff getting in the way. I don't want anybody getting distracted at work, our work is dangerous. I respect you as a hero and as a strategist. You are amazing. Jiro doesn't have a job right now and they will find it hard to find an agency where they are respected and treated with the respect they are going to be treated in my agency. I know how powerful they are, I know how good of a hero they are and I know what things from their last job I can fix in my agency. You could be in any agency you wanted, you don’t mind having old-fashioned structures and bosses, you don't need my agency to be the best pro hero you can be. I can help them be the best pro hero they can be. They would be happy and proud. I bet you want to see them like that.” He was going all in, he had this argumentation, and after that his only option was only the relationship ban. “And I don't think couples should team up. If you created your own agency and Red Riot and Dinamight both offered to work at it, still being a couple, would you accept them both?" She seemed to accept that logic. It was easy to imagine those two getting distracted over each other, even if they wouldn't probably do so. "You know I'm right."

"You are right. I just love her so much." 'I doubt that.' 

"I know." He lied with the smile that was expected from him. "But I promise you the Nb siblinghood will take care of them." He winked. 





After dinner, the rest of the class had gone back home. Momo had tried to stick around and wait for Jiro, but in the end, Denki had told her they were meeting alone, just the team, and they would be taking a while, and she had left. Now just Mina, Sero, the hubbies and the team were still in the house.


"Hey, Mina, mind if we use Tsuyu's room for a quick team meeting?" 

"Go on. But you can meet in the living room if you want. We can go to the kitchen or go to the room. We are fewer."

"Can't we just stay? I am having you as a leader at work, I might be useful as an objective observer." 

"Applepie, everybody knows your partner is always the most objective observer." He joked.

“Apple pie is not fucking red…” Denki was still looking for the perfect pet name for Kirishima.

“It is if you decorate with the apple skin, shut up, Blasty. Red is right, you all know what I'm going to say anyway. Except maybe Mina, but I'm going to assume Sharky told you already." 

"I'm not sure he did, but if you don’t mind us staying, I would love to be here and see your first team meeting! So exciting" 

"Ok, ok. But I'm going to ask you guys not to intervene. As Mina said, it’s our first team meeting... Our first team meeting." Now he was selfconscious… 


And now he was nervous because it suddenly sounded huge. He was playing with one of the things he had found in one of his pockets.   

"So... There's another person that wants to join the team. Wait, an important thing before that. I am banning sexual or romantical relationships between agency members." He pointed at his partners. "They are in the meeting today, but they won't be ever again. They won't be part of the agency, ever, as long as I'm dating any of them or I haven't gotten over them." Just to clarify. "So please refrain from falling in love with each other." He joked. He scratched his head nervously. "There's someone who has asked me to join us. I told him I would run it past the team so… Yeah, that’s you guys. And I told you I'm banning any sexual or romantic relationships because he is my ex. Most of you suffered me through our break up, so it's-" 

"That's the worse idea in the f-" 

"Sero, I said if you are not a part of the agency you shouldn't intervene, please respect it or leave?" He had started serious and confident, but he had to smile a shy smile towards his best friend by the end. Sero crossed his arms and made a sign of locking his mouth and throwing the key. "So, yeah, Neito Monoma, Phantom Thief." He reminded them of his stats and his quirk.

"But there's nothing between you anymore, right? I mean..." Jiro didn't point to his boyfriends, but it was obvious. 

"Nothing at all. Not even friendship." And that was a huge thing coming from Denki. 

"Are you over him?" Katsuki had never thought he shared a brain with Shinso, but he was going to start growing fonder of them quickly. 

"Yes. Completely. For a long time now. Promised." 

"But he's not over you." 

"He says he is." 

"Do you believe him?" Denki paused. That was clearly a no for both of them. 

"When it comes to Neito, I just believe what I see. And sometimes not even that. But in any case, I don't think that matters as long as I am in the correct mind set." 

"What about when you are not?" 

"Then we will probably argue." 

"Are you going to be OK having him in the agency?" Ochaco was worried about him. She had not been there all of the relationship, but she had tried to cheer him up by the end of it and she had seen him suffer. She would not be able to work with any of his exes, she thought. 

"I'm fine. I might snap with him even if I don’t think I would snap with anybody else. He will probably force me to learn quicker how to deal with people who want to antagonize me on purpose and play dick measurement. He has been warned I will kick him out if he doesn't act professionally."

"Are you going to rage fuck him when he makes you mad?" Denki looked at his sibling because that question was just lacked a couple of swear words to be someone else’s. Katsuki was growing a new respect for Shinso and his questions. 

"As I said, no sexual or romantical relationships are allowed in the agency. I am included in that rule. So no rage fucking, no sad fucking. Probably sad hugging and lonely cuddling if everyone is OK with that" ‘Including my boyfriend. I’m not sure if that was accepted in the end or not… I think it was, I think.’ He would have to make sure that wasn’t Mushy Cheating before their first assignment away "because I'll sure get moody and because you are all the best at comforting people. Except for Tokoyami, who I have never hugged." 

"I am good at comforting people. You have hugged everybody else?" 

"Hugged and/or slept with, but there's absolutely no romantical feelings or sexual tension with any of you anymore so that shouldn't be a problem either." 

"Would there be with Neito?" 'I don’t know why, but this feels like something Kachan would ask me.' 

"Tension, probably, us wanting to kill each other? Definitely. Me reminding him not to be a dickhead towards me? Every day, probably. Sexual tension? I wouldn't even propose it if I had any doubts. I might be wrong, but as I said, I am over him, so..." I'm not worried. "Any more questions? Should we vote?" 

"If we accept him, can we keep you two accountable and tell you if we think it was not a good idea and you should stop working in the same agency?" Denki smiled at Tokoyami.

"Please do."


Everybody voted yes but Jiro. He smiled at them.


"That's what sibs are for. Wanna talk with the others without me and see if they wanna reconsider? Blind vote? I should have thought about that before..." 

"No need. I can work with Monoma, I just don't think he's mature enough for working with you."

"Even if you thought he was, if you ever went to Recovery Girl because I zapped you during the drama with Neito you should probably vote No." 

"That would mean four Nos" 

"If you are counting me, I didn't end up in Recovery girl." Ochaco corrected Jiro.

"I ended up in Recovery Girl several times, because of you and thanks to that fucking maniac, so you can count my vote as a no..." 

"Sero, you are not here so you can't vote. Also, I’m not responsible for what Neito did with my quirk" 'my therapist told me.' 

"I still should be allowed one vote, to compensate. You were grounded to the teacher's building for a month for a reason." Katsuki and Eijiro exchanged a look. None of them had known that. Sero knew. Sero was still counting on boyfriend pressure to make Denki change his mind.

"Last warning, Sero. Please. Anyway, the good thing is Phantom Thief already has a good grip of how to use my quirk and that is definitely good for the team. I will ask you to teach him to use yours. The ones he can use." He was so going to give him a headache for teaming him up with people he couldn’t copy.

"He also controls Mind Jack's pretty well, right?" Tentacole had a good memory.

"Yes, another reason to want him as an ally and never against you." 'Believe me, I know...' "Moving on: UA training grounds. I talked to Nezu. I have asked to use the training grounds so we can train as a team and learn to collaborate. And for Phantom to learn how to use all of our quirks without harming civilians. The UA has accepted as far as there are no classes to be held at the same time. We've got the schedule. I tried to pay for using it, but it didn't work. In exchange we will be helping in the practical exercises as the teachers do. I would have preferred paying for it, but it is what it is. Of course it will count as work hours and if someone doesn't want to participate in school things for any reason, tell me and I'll do those extra hours for that person."

"The hero commission granted our agency budget for 7 people, a headquarters and paying for the training grounds use?"

"No. They granted the minimum for now, but we have a benefactor."

"What does that mean?"

"It means we have until next year's ranking to prove we can shut some mouths."

"Who is it?"

"That's not important."

"What if we want to know?" Denki looked at his sibling. He already knew it was Hawks because of yesterday’s conversation, he probably wanted to know why he wasn’t disclosing that information to the rest of the team.

"There will be a need-to-know basis. And nobody else needs to know who the benefactor is. If that arrangement goes as expected I don't think any of you would need to know." 

"What is the arrangement?"

"You don't need to know or worry about that. That's a me problem, not a team problem."

"Are you having sex with our benefactor?" Denki arched his eyebrows.

"No, I'm not getting paid to sleep with our benefactor."

"Correlation doesn't mean causation, then?"

"No correlation. I'm not sleeping with anybody outside my throuple. And the only thing money related you need to know about is that you will get a salary for your working time as pro heroes." 

"I didn't talk about sleeping." Denki looked at his sib again. 

"Are you going to check everything I say under a microscope?"

"Just when you act fishy." ‘Dad asked you to do that because he’s still mad, isn’t he?’

"I'm not hiding anything, someone offered me to fund the agency, it was the easy way, I took it. I will be the only person in charge of that and if something goes wrong, I will be the only one to take the blame for it." 

"Is it the Yakuza?" Uraraka asked, trying to tie lose ends with the other two’s conversation.

"No, it is not the Yakuza, seriously, is way less interesting than you make it sound." He smiled apologetically. “The benefactor doesn’t know their name to be known or to be officially related to the agency in any way, that’s all.”


"We could start working tomorrow, but I'm unprepared as a leader, so whoever still has a job, please keep it for a little longer."

"I can wait, Momo can pay for everything, there's no-"

"I already have an arrangement for you two." Ochaco and Jiro looked surprised. "I need to close a couple of details but count on working for Fat Gum temporarily from Monday."

"In Fat Gum’s Agency?"

"Yes. He'll be trying to teach me some leadership skills."

"So no couples but you are working with yours." 'I see you are feeling at home here, sib.' 

"Red mentioned it before."

"It was before you said couples were banned."

"I’m not bending my own rules. He is not part of the team. I might have to lead Fat Gum's team at some point, and he might be a part of said team or not, but that's not my decision to make. He's not a part of my agency and being at Fat Gum's is related to Fat Gum, not to anybody else. This is just a very temporary arrangement." Denki made a pause in case Toshi wanted to keep on. He took his siblings questions and remarks seriously, he was used to that kind of, well, questioning. When he was sure there weren't any more questions, he added, looking at all of them. "Look, I know I'm probably your worst option to lead this team. I'm trying my best to get better as fast as possible, so please have some patience."

"Neito would definitely be worse." Toshi was definitely feeling at home. They never talked this much in public.

"Happy to see you comfortable in the team, sib." 

"Perks of you being sibs with a fuck boy who has all of his crushes on his agency." Toshi had spent time with all of them through their high school years because of that.

"You are the one supposed to make me act professionally, not the other way around." Denki complained now, because that last one was definitely unprofessional.

"You are right, I apologize." 'But I stand by what I just said.' 

"Regarding being a good or a bad leader... I wouldn't do it better either, you had to tell my girlfriend I didn't want to work with her." 

"Did she tell you I said that? Because I didn't." 

"Not at all, but I know you don't like her.”

"She is an exceptional pro hero, I respect that." 'but no, I don't want her in my agency. Or like her.' “I just told her not to join because I think it is the best for the team, and getting what is best for the team is my job.”

"It is, but if I am not able to say something when I don't like it, I wouldn't be able to lead a team. You say things when you don't like them, that's good in a leader."   

"Don't flatter him, that's just the bare minimum." Jiro smiled at Toshi, they had spent even more time together since they both were out of school. "And it's bold of you to assume he does that in his personal life."

"It's always harder when it's a romantic relationship. But don’t worry, I'm not in love with any of you and I know the agency depends on me. Saying what I think needs changing is my responsibility, I can’t just be a coward and delay it forever at work." Eijiro looked at Katsuki. There was going to be a conversation about that later. 

"It is hard to talk about what you feel, but it's necessary." Ochaco caressed his arm. Denki smiled at her.

"We are talking business, Ochaco, come on, make it easy for me."

“Sorry, go on.” She smiled. Katsuki felt a little jealous about those two.

“So, yeah, I'll rank 5 out of 7. Let's see if I can get to number 3 or 4 before we start running full-time."

"I wouldn't do better than you. I would be paralyzed thinking someone would get mad at me..." And she didn't want to look at Mind Jack and Tokoyami, but Ochaco was definitely talking about them.

"You are top four then." 

"I think it will be easier to follow you than most of the others. You are not scary. Shinso is very scary." Jiro felt comfortable too, Denki was so happy about that. Hitoshi had heard way too many times how scary their quirk was, they were not having it anymore. 

"Yes, my quirk is-" Denki stopped them. They needed to hear this. He was gonna get his team’s self-esteem through the roof, that was one of his goals.

"They are not talking about your quirk." Jiro had told this before to Denki, he knew what Jiro was going to say would make them proud and happy. They just had to listen.

"No, it's not your quirk. It's you who is scary. I mean, I know better because Denki forced us to be in the same room and did all of the talking during all high school, but you look scary if someone doesn’t know you. You are scary, even if I know you are a cinnamon roll." Shinso's lips curved upwards slightly. They have always wanted to look scary. Denki couldn’t avoid clowning and teasing his sibling.

"I disagree, scary cinnamon rolls are huggers, so he’s not a cinnamon roll, just scary emo."

"The only people scary cinnamon rolls hug is you, Denki." 

"Well, I mean, everybody hugs Denki... Because he's the opposite of scary." Ochaco would not just dare hugging the others like she hugged Denki. 

"I have never hugged Kaminari." Denki smiled like a clown and pointed the finger guns towards Tokoyami, too entertained with this part of the conversation not to clown a little. Did this count as mushy? He didn’t think it did. 

"Feel free, you are the only one in the room." He didn't mean it like literally now... But Tokoyami just stood up, neared him and hugged him tight. He didn't expect Tokoyami to hug tight, to be COMFORTING. 

"Wow! You are good at hugging!" 

"Thank you, I have been told that before." 

"By whom?!"

"By my queer platonic partner." Denki's jaw dropped, but Mina couldn't help herself.

"You are in a queer platonic relationship, and I didn't know about it?!"

"I didn't know either."

"It was not a relevant topic."

"What the fuck...?" Denki couldn't believe it. 

"Language," he was going to use one of his nicknames, then he remembered that was an agency meeting even if that had stopped being business talk fast. "Chargebolt."

"Please, tell me you are on the smart side of the agency" He pointed at Shoji "And are not dating another pro hero..."

"No. My partner is a civilian."

"An agency of awesome huggers. So blessed." Shoji looked at him and smiled in a way that made him smile back and ask. "What?" There was a clear tenderness between those two. Eijiro smiled. Katsuki expected to feel threatened by that, at least as jealous as he had felt when he had seen Ochaco and him smile at each other. Somehow he wasn't. There was no sexual tension or teasing or anything at all there. 

"I am not sure it is an appropriate comment." 

"What? Because of them?" He pointed towards his boyfriends. 

"Oh, no, you know I don't make those kinds of comments." 

"I know. Because it's an agency meeting, then? I think after talking about hugs and things like that we can consider the businessy part concluded." 

"It wasn't about that either." 


"You had a theory in first year about Shigaraki. Sorry." For naming him after what happened. Denki smiled, it had been a long time ago, he didn’t care, he could joke about him by now. 

"I stand by my theory: if you have many hands, you have to be a great hugger. And, definitely out of any meeting because I shouldn't talk about sex in a work meeting: Great hugger, but not a great fuck, he seems selfish." That made most of them laugh. 

"Nobody else could have sexual theories about villains..."

“I wish we could KNOW.” Mina was up even for those kinds of gossips.

"Ask the winged fuck boy. I bet he knows." Hitoshi had been calling Hawks that in front of Denki since forever. 

"The winged fuck boy." Mina was so happy with this new side of Shinso. “How didn’t we talk in high school, Shinso? I’m loving you.”

"Dadzawa would have loved you socializing with people your own age." Denki teased them.

"Are we already on the roast part of the conversation? Because I can burn you, sib."

"He is a fucking fuck boy." Katsuki didn’t like feeling threatened by Hawks. 

"Your joyfriend or his winged aged up version?"

"I hope just the fucking winged aged up version." He frowned

"I’m a retired fuck boy. I’m married now. Should I be worried if you are already this comfortable while your best friend isn't even here yet, sib?" 

"Let me enjoy now, once he is in the team, I will have to act like a referee between you two instead of teasing you or him."

"I don't get how you can still be friends with him after what he did." Jiro was really comfortable too. 

"I don't get how you are dating Yaoyorozu when she does nothing but disrespect you." Shinso had even stronger opinions about Momo than Denki did and they saw no reason to filter them right now. Mina covered her mouth, loving Shinso’s energy. She needed to talk to them more. Denki tried to cut that conversation. 

"OK, yes, so let's talk about Hawks or how much of a fuck boy I am." Way less uncomfortable than this. 

"That's OK, Denki, they say that to my face all the time." Jiro smiled, not letting the scary cinnamon roll scare them.

Chapter Text

They went out of Mina's house and back to theirs.

"Well, that was ok, right?"

"I have never heard Jiro or Hitoshi talk so much in front of that many people." Eijiro was very happy to have been able to get a glance at how those six interacted. 

"Yes, they were both comfy, and they are friends, you know? I made that happen, I’m so proud of them. And Tokoyami is a hugger, I mean, wow."

"And he is in a queer platonic relationship!" 

"That was surprising as hell, yes. Now you have hugged all of your team, because I assume you have also hugged fucking Monoma, even if I don’t get why anybody would want to hug that guy." 

"I mean, we dated." So, yes. He was not very touchy, but they had hugged.

"I think you are going to do great with them." Eijiro smiled.

Katsuki knew he was trying to give Denki time. Denki didn't notice.

"I'll try my best. I hope Fat Gum will help me, but I'm happy knowing my team doesn't need me. I don't think they will have much trouble with Toshi leading them either."

"Your sib is going to be your second in command, then?"

"Yes, that's the plan. They are very good under pressure, and they know everybody's quirk very well. And I know I can trust Neito will follow their orders. I can't trust him to follow anybody else's, including mine, but he respects Toshi."

"Why?" Denki shrugged.

"I don't know, our break ups with Neito went in complete opposite directions. They are best friends for real. How did that happen is a mystery to me too."

"By the way, why do you two fucking hate Yaoyorozu?" Anybody else would have just said Denki looked a little distant with her, but it was Denki they were talking about, he was never distant with anybody.

"She cheated on Jiro with Todoroki. They had a fight, and she immediately went looking for him to hurt them."

"What the fuck?"

"I heard from Mina, but wasn't it just a kiss?"

"Still cheating."

"I thought you of all people wouldn't consider a fucking kiss cheating..."

"I don't. But if we agree cooking for someone else is cheating, and I cook for someone else, I have cheated on you, even if for me cooking is not sexual and makes no sense. And kissing was off-limits for them. By the way, no, it’s not cheating for me, please, go kiss someone else and let me know so I can join or at least look." Katsuki controlled himself not to blast him in the middle of the street.

"Nobody is fucking kissing anybody, Sparky."

"Pity." He smiled at him. "I would simp *hard* if you kissed someone." 

“Yeah, if I fucking kissed someone or Someone?”

“Oh, no, ‘simp’ would be a really soft word for what would happen if you kissed Hawks in front of me, Kachan, I mean. Two out of my three favorite pro heroes making out? Throw Ei on the mix too and I’ll just die there. Like zapped dumb.”

“I’m never kissing the fucking parrot, Pikachu. Stop fucking daydreaming about it.”

“Oh, no, I will definitely keep daydreaming about it, I’ll just not tell you. But just know you look so hot making out with people in my head.”

Now he blasted him. Denki laughed. Eijiro was too worried about what Denki was not telling them to let it go.

"But that's not what Jiro was talking about, isn't it? They were not talking about the kiss when they said they don’t say what they feel to Momo.”

"No, they were not talking about that, no. Momo smothers Jiro. Since she cheated and saw she was going to lose them, she doesn't give them any space. I didn’t like their relationship before that, but since that happened, she tries to be everywhere they are and makes it hard for them to spend any time with other people without her. That’s why I intervened too. And you might not have noticed, but she doesn't respect their pronouns, and you can imagine both Toshi and I have strong opinions about that. She doesn't even try."

“I noticed you were all using ‘they’. I thought Ears used both they and she.”

“They decided to just go with they when they became a pro hero. Yaomomo knows.”

“That’s fucked up.”

“It is.”

"Would you tell us if you felt smothered by us?" Eijiro couldn’t help but asking anymore, he expected a direct answer, but he got silence. A long one (for Denki). He wasn't expecting that question. Eijiro changed to a more direct question. “Baby, do you feel smothered by us?”

The electric blonde couldn’t avoid the question, he knew Eijiro was not going to let it go.

"A little. Sometimes. Do we really have to talk about this now? We already did talking things yesterday and I have to give A Talk to Neito tomorrow and it’s not something that is happening like now or is important or anything, come on."

"Fucking Pikachu, fucking learn to say shit that is bothering you. Why didn’t you tell us?" Katsuki had not seen that coming, but he could get how any of them could feel smothered. He felt smothered sometimes. No, he didn’t say anything to any of them either.

"Because I know what I can say with you, but not with Red?" He had his hands in his pockets and he just looked down and to the front. He didn't know if he wanted to get home fast or not get home at all. He just didn't want to have this conversation.

"What do you mean, baby...? You can say anything to me..." Denki explained it the only way he could. He was clearly not comfortable with the conversation. He directed his answer to Katsuki because it was way easier that way.

"It's like... I could make your mum mad. I could not make your dad mad." Katsuki understood. 'You are not smothered by US but by him. That's why you didn't say anything. You are scared of losing him if you say something.' 

"Yeah, I can fucking get that. It is fucking scary." He was not talking about his dad. Eijiro still didn't understand, so he didn't get that either. "It's hard when instead of fucking yelling at you he looks disappointed."

"Yes. I can deal with the yelling and the angry looks and the mean comments and the angry fucks that get out of hand. You don't stop loving someone after angry yelling at them." It made sense to him.

"I'm sorry, guys, I'm lost. So... You two are not telling me things because I don't yell at you and angry fuck you and you think that means I am going to stop loving you...?" He was very confused.

"We have said we are fucking awful at talking about feelings a lot of times, Eiji. It’s fucking scary.” And he didn’t want to talk about it either, so he looked at Denki again. “But I don't get it, Pikachu, you told us about Hawks and that’s fucking huge compared to this..." He realized it himself, on the go "But you knew the one who was going to take it worse was me." 

"Seriously, there's no need to talk about this. Let's just drop it and play videogames or go to sleep. I can go to sleep." Whatever but talking about this.

Denki had been walking in front of them the whole time, so he was the one who opened the door to the building. Fuck. He was about to be trapped in the elevator with them. Kirishima made a gesture to stop both of them from getting in the building, but Katsuki reminded him. 

"We are in public here, Ei." 


They got into the elevator and as Denki had feared, Eijiro faced them.

"Babies… I didn't notice..." 

"It's not your responsibility knowing when people around you is not OK." That was therapy talk in Denki’s mouth again. He was visibly uncomfortable. "I didn't say anything, it's on me." 

“You can’t fucking notice, it’s not like we acted on it either.” Denki nodded.

"I will not stop loving any of you for telling me anything. You guys know I love talking things out…" 

“We fucking hate talking things.”

“The worst kind of talking. And you are never mad. I can deal with scary cinnamon rolls." He pointed at Katsuki. "But you are a cinnamon roll, so making you angry is scary..."   

“Fucking same. Pikachu bothers me all of the fucking time, but I just blast his face or bark at him, and he leaves me alone and then we are ok.”

“Yeah, if Kachan is yelling, he’s ok.” That was the reason why yesterday had been scary for a second. “You never yell, Red.”

The elevator door opened, and they waited to be at home to keep on talking.

“But I don’t need to yell. I won’t be angry if you tell me you are feeling smothered, guys… I thought everything was ok and now it seems I smother you and I didn’t know…"

“Don’t look at me, I need tons of space, but I don’t feel smothered by you, just smothered by your fucking existence.” Both their existences. “But you entertain each other, so I can ignore you and stop being smothered. So I don’t need to say anything.”

“Ok… But tell me I’m bothering you, Katsuki, I won’t mind, I promise.” He grabbed his hand. Katsuki shrugged and rolled his eyes.



“Spit it out, Sparky. Or do you want me to leave you two alone?

"Nooooo…” please, don’t. “I... I just don't deal well with feeling controlled, that’s all." He was so obviously nervous expressing that. 

"Controlled...?" He could understand Katsuki needing more space and them bothering him, but Eijiro would have never said he controlled anybody. 

"I... There's a limit to the micromanaging I can get? And it's not all the time or anything, but it's like you are calling Kachan to lecture me if I haven't answered how you want me to. Let's just drop it, it just happened a couple of times, let's just drop it." He wasn't aware he had repeated himself. 

"I don’t want to drop it, baby..." He controlled himself not to hug him. He felt like pushing Katsuki to hug him. He understood what he meant now… Yes, he sometimes used Katsuki as a way to pressure. "I am sorry, it's just sometimes you don't take care of yourself and..."

"But I'm not a kid... I'm still older than you. I... It sometimes feels like you forget that I am not a kid." Eijiro had to eat that. Because he was right about that. He was always soft and cuddly, and he always let himself be taken care of... He mostly smiled and acted like a kid... 

"Yes, I guess I do that. I'm sorry."

"I don't need you to apologize. That's OK..."

"Don't say that, it's not. And I apologize because I should. It's my fault and you are right. I'll do my best to stop doing that. But please, please tell me when I do, OK?" Denki shrugged and made a face as all answer, still looking away, hands in his pockets. He just looked so tiny... "I am too protective of you two, I know." 

"It's not about being protective, it's about being my mum. When you are protective with him,” he pointed at Katsuki “you don't act like his mum."

“…Because he would bark at me too.” He smiled apologetically.

“As I fucking should, I don’t need a mum. And I fucking mum you too, Pikachu.” Katsuki didn't see why he wasn't including him on this. 

"No, you don't. You don't make me feel bad or insist eternally. You say it once, I complain or call you drama queen, you say 'fucking humor me' and that's it. You don't say it every day. Even if I forget that same day, you won't come telling me that night. You don't look at me all disappointed if I forget to take my meds or if I forget to eat. You just try again a week later, after I have had time to fuck up several times again. And worst case you just look pissed. If you smother me, I can ignore you and you’ll leave me alone or I can just yell back and we will both get pissed and be dickheads to each other and that's it. That was the reason Dadzawa and I argued so much but I didn't care. Because he fucking smothers you, but I could just ignore him or just yell at him or jump out of the window and flip him or whatever, but he fights you because he cares. As long as he's mad at you, everything's OK, the problem is when he stops being mad, because that means he just doesn’t care about you anymore.” They couldn't imagine Denki flipping Aizawa and jumping out of a window. "But making Zashi mad is terrifying." 

“I’m not terrifying, guys, and I won’t be angry because you guys need space or need me to stop being pushy, come on. You need way more than that to make me mad. You guys have never made me mad.”

“And THAT is scary!”

“Yeah, I fucking have to agree with him.”

“Look, it’s not easy to make me mad. And I get worried about you guys. I used to be pushy with Katsuki too, but it has been… wow, two and a half years together already. Time flies. So I got pushy, and he told me, so I stopped. More or less. Sorry I get pushy, I like taking care of you and you let me most of the time, so I tend to forget you are capable of doing it yourself. But now you have told me, and I have seen you lead your agency, that is sure going to help."

"I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but I haven't lead anything."

"You just fucking lead your first agency meeting an hour ago, Pikachu."

"Pf, no, I didn't. I just talked to them."

"That was leading. And good leading if you ask me. You are going to be an amazing leader." Denki blushed slightly, still very not used to compliments.

"It's so weird seeing you not play dumb for that long. It's so fucking enticing." 

"Whaaaaat?" He wasn't expecting that at all. He was clearly flustered now. He looked at them with his mouth open.

"Right?! It's super manly. I just couldn't take my eyes off you. So reflexive and supportive... Seriously, amazing." And now Eijiro was simping? What was going on there?! 

"But it fucking shows when you forget you are the leader and want to apologize, work on that."

"Ok... …Do you simp for me as an agency leader?" Katsuki blushed.

“Pf, no.”

“Yes. Hard. Hard hard. You’re so cool. My joyfriend is a hotshot now.” Denki blushed under Eijiro’s arms. “My boyfriend is going to be the number 1 pro hero and my joyfriend is going to lead the number 1 pro hero agency.”

Katsuki didn’t like the ranking conversation, he knew Denki had been right to worry about that. He remembered the other topic.

"Oy, stop simping for a sec. I’ve got a question. You got fucking grounded on the teacher's dorms?"

"Not grounded, I was zapping everybody and most of them unwillingly."

"Most of them?"

"Neito and Toshi weren't zapped unwillingly. Don't tell Dadzawa."

"You fucking zapped them on purpose? I tried to zap them soft so nobody else would notice." Those three had been really destructive with each other for a while.

"A lot. They can be the absolute worse. Toshi and I couldn't be in the same room for months. And Neito is very good at pushing your buttons. After I left him for real, he decided if he couldn't have my love he would have my wrath. So he got my wrath for quite some time."

"And angry sex." 

"For a while, yes. I was just full of wrath and pain through most of first and half of second year."

"I thought you had stopped seeing Monoma by the end of first year."

"That's the official version, yes. The song day was the day I saw there was no heartbreak left, just wrath, so I angry-fucked him and came back home feeling like an absolute deity. It took me a while to understand that was pain somehow too. I did get over it and him a couple of months after that when I found someone who was as good in bed but way less toxic for me.” Good times, he still remembered her sometimes… “The song still means the same for me. Things went back to normal with Toshi after that and Neito and I made our best to never interact again unless we were forced by school activities."

"So the whole 'I stopped making out with UA students'..."

"I bent the rules a little. If we don't count Neito or Christmas, from the end of first year to when I started dating you."

"So it was like four fucking months in reality?"

"Nooo... Since Christmas to... Whenever we started?"

"Fucking fuck boy..."

"Unwinged younger Hawks?" He joked, a finger gun under his face.

"He fucking wished. You are way hotter than he is. And you’re gonna be the fucking deity of leading agencies.” Denki blushed for that, feeling big for once.





Katsuki was scrolling on TigTog, watching the tons of comments they had left him in the videos with Mina and Denki, including one from Hawks in HawksSimpBoi’s.

“New heroes coming hard this year *explosion emoji*”


He opened Hawks’ profile to send him a message. He saw he was following him, and he followed back. He opened the message.

“What the fuck were you trying to say?”

Hawks was really bored right now.

“We can talk on the phone, the messages here are crap.”

“I’m not your fucking press boyfriend. I am not fucking talking to you on the phone.”

Hawks laughed alone at home. ‘Oh, but you are, Blasty. Messaging me is still talking to me on the phone’.

“What the fuck was I trying to say where?”

“I can’t fucking send you images. In the comment at SimpAcc.”

Hawks answered sending his phone number. He didn’t expect that to work. But it did.

Katsuki sent him the screenshot and asked again.

“What the fuck were you trying to say?”

Hawks thought he could try and call him now, but he decided not to push.

“I mean you’re hot. In general and in that thirst trap. I didn’t know you could dance like that.”

“Of course I can fucking dance.” That was the only thing he felt like he could answer to.

“So now you are going to upload dances to your own account?”

“You fucking wished.”

“I definitely wish, yes *flame emoji*”.

“Fuck you, Hawks.” It was a pity none of his boyfriends were reading that, because that was the second case in the throuple of ‘he’s not interested, he’s just teasing, he knows he can’t get in bed with me, so he’s not really interested.’ Hawks wanted to answer ‘Fuck me *wink*’ but he knew Dinamight would probably get pissed. More pissed. And he found amusing seeing how long he could make him talk to him.

“By the way, you got immediately verified. It seems they verified all of you newbies today.” Hawks assumed he hadn’t noticed.

“I don’t know what that shit means.”

“Ask Chargebolt.”

“I’m not going to tell Chargebolt anything for you. If you want to tell him something, tell him yourself” ‘You are lucky I’m not trying to drive you crazy, because you are really easy.’



Then Denki’s phone played his latest obsession in the living room.

“Fucking winged fuck boy.” He got up from the bed and went to the living room.

Denki looked at the name, and the time, confused. He also looked at his boyfriend, who was in bed a second ago. He accepted the call.

“…Is everything ok?”

“Hello, Chargebolt.”

“Why are you calling me? It’s pretty late.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, I told your boyfriend you guys had verified accounts now and he said he didn’t know what that meant, then told me to tell you myself.”

“I didn’t fucking say that, bird.”

“Hello, Dinamight, I thought you weren’t talking to me on the phone.”

Denki looked at his phone, then at Katsuki, then at his phone. ‘I’m missing something, but you are not in the same room, so you are not going to kiss in front of me, so let’s focus on the interesting part…’

“We got verified!?” Hawks laughed.

“Yes, all the new pro heroes I know on TigTog, at least. The three of you, Pinky…”

“That’s great! Red! Tell Pinky!”

“She’s gonna love it.”

“Stop calling people on speaker, it’s fucking late for fucking screaming.”

“Is there a good time for that, Dinamight?” Hawks teased.

“Fucking die in your sleep, Hawks.” And he hanged up Denki’s phone. Denki laughed. None of them could know it, but Hawks laughed too, in the distance. “What is that verifying shit he’s talking about?”


Denki shared a screenshot of Dinamight’s thirst trap on his official account.

“@ProHeroDinamight creates and account, uploads a thirst trap with two cosplayers and suddenly we are all verified. Coincidence? I seriously doubt it :P Someone in charge on TigTog is #Dinahot for #Dinamight #MagicDanceamight #ProHeroThirstTrap”

Chapter Text

Even though he had asked Fat Gum to start on Monday, now that he had talked with (most of) his team, he needed to talk to him again. However, he could have told him on the phone and waited for Monday to tell him about Katsuki… but this meeting with Fat Gum was also an amazing excuse to keep on delaying seeing Neito. He couldn't decide if he was making a big mistake by accepting him. He was kind of dreading both seeing him today and their next team meeting, Neito's first one. He could be great, but he could also be very the absolute worst. And he was smart. Too smart. So smart it was exhausting following his pace so he wouldn’t take advantage of him. 


He bought drinks for everybody again and was immediately recognized and greeted and somewhat questioned by some of the baristas. It was nice, somewhat overwhelming. He was glad he was an extrovert, he could imagine Sun Eater being treated like that and never going for coffee ever again.

One of the baristas winked at him and gave him his drink for free. He texted his hubbies as soon as he went into the elevator. He sent them a picture of the cap. It read Chargebolt and there was a lighting and a heart right by it. 

"I just got a free drink for being me!"

"Tell that fucking extra to back off or I'll murder them."

"Kachan, don't be jelly *wink emoji*. I think everyone knows I'm taken. But I can post a pic of today's bento if you want *angel emoji*." 

"Just stop being so fucking enticing, Pikachu." Denki blushed happily. 

"That's NSFW! No NSFW messages! I'm working!" 

He entered the agency like he owned it, waving at everybody, feeling the most powerful and confident person in the world.

Eijiro saw his smile and immediately checked his phone to see if something had happened. He then smiled too and wrote in the group.

"My boys, so cute."


"Father Guuuum. Your tea. Am I early?"

"You are, but that's OK. Come, let's talk in the office.".  

"I brought you boyfriend food again."   

"Thanks. How lucky." 

"Yeah, he spoils me so bad. By the way, we talked about it, and we agreed to tell you a little more because we think you should know. So if you don't mind, we can call Red later."

"OK, then. Have you already done everything you needed to?" 

"Almost, I have to talk to a member of my team this afternoon. He's a great asset but we don't get along very well so I have been kind of dreading it..." 

"Well, your team doesn’t need to like you, even if it makes things easier, but they have to respect you, so we will work on that. I think it can be some early experience. You will probably have that some confrontation when you lead my team too," Denki had forgotten about the person who had insulted Eijiro, but Fat Gum hadn't. "I'll try to teach you how to solve it without me having to step in. I will if I have to, but in your agency, you won't have me." 

"I'll work hard. Thank you, you are the best. So... The news. I have two people that have been kicked out of their agencies and need a job while we start really working. And I haven't found any other people I want to learn from... So instead of asking you who would you prefer to have in your team for a while... I was thinking maybe you could have both of them work here for a while? They are both great heroes, I think you already know one of them. I would cover for them if you can't pay them."

"I am sure they are great. You already asked me to cover one of them with your salary, remember. How would you cover the other one?" He could stretch the money for a few months, but he wanted to see what Denki was thinking.

"Oh, I didn't remember if I had asked you, it has been a crazy week. The hero commission already approved my agency, we are officially in business, we have some funding. Not much, as you can imagine. But we will be OK, don't worry about that. Just covering one is easy." 

"OK, then, wanna tell me who they are?" 

"Let me email you their profiles. Earphone Jack was kind enough to make a profile for everyone on the team so we can all learn whatever we don't know about the others yet. We went to school together, so we know almost everything, but there’s always something you don’t know even if you were paying attention."

"Oh! Uravity! She is amazing, I have worked with her already, yes." 

"I know! She is! And she was kicked out for saying she is bi, it's unbelievable." 

“She is a great asset for your team, I’m happy for you.”

“Me too!”

"And Earphone Jack, we haven’t met, I think. This is the g... The person that made the files, right?"

"Yeah, they are the best."

"So they are both starting from Monday here, right?" 


"And what about your team, it's these two and you?" 

"Yes. And four more people." 

"... Wait. You are seven?" 

"Yeah, counting me, seven."

"That's a lot of people for a starting agency. The hero commission must really trust you if they gave you starter money to pay seven salaries." 

"Oh, no, they didn't. We have received some money from a different source."

"What source?" That was an alarming sentence. 

"A benefactor. Someone who wants my agency to thrive and shut some mouths."

"Oh... Have you met that person and made sure they are trustworthy? If that money happens to come from any illegal sources..." Denki confirmed the door was closed, then answered. 

"It is Hawks." 

"What?" He was definitely shocked. He had worked with him. He would have never imagined that from the winged hero. 

"He doesn't want me telling anybody, but you are trustworthy, so I am pretty sure you can keep the secret."   

"Yes, yes, of course. Did you ask him to mentor you?". 

"He's a great one-man agency, but he's not good at leading. He knows that and I know that too. And I’m a huge fan of him, I wouldn’t pay attention." Fat Gum laughed.

"You have to be happy, then, your hero trusts you that much. That is why you met, then? He was offering you his help."   

"We have met several times, yes. But he doesn't want to get involved, so I'm on my own."    

"OK. Wow. Seven counting you. You can even have two teams if needed at some times."

"Yes, I wouldn't mind your input for balancing the teams taking their abilities into account and those kinds of things."

"What if we start with some homework for Monday? I can tell you different situations, you'll make two teams for all of them, and we'll talk about them. If you are OK with emailing me the other profiles." 

"Oh, OK, sure!"




They finished with the important topics and their bentos and Fat Gum called Red Riot in. 

"Hi, did you want to see me?" The redhead closed the door behind him with a smile. 

"It seems you two have something to tell me." 

"Oh. Oh, that. Sure." He made sure the door was locked again, then looked through his phone and showed him a picture Mitsuki had taken of the three of them in Katsuki's birthday. They were both hugging him while he looked way more annoyed than he really was.

"...wait... That... That is Dinamight?" Fat Gum asked, almost whispering. They both nodded. "The great cook. The person who cut carrot cats and made a puppy out of rice for Chargebolt's birthday... Is Great Explosion Murder God Dinamight?" Denki chuckled lightly, Eijiro smiled even more. 

"He looooves when people use the long name." Denki confessed.

"Yes. He is. He's also the one who tuck him in bed after the press conference. But don't tell him we have told you that." 

"Wow... I mean, you three look very happy together, but I would have never guessed it." 

"We try our best. And Chargebolt is really good at talking about us like we are the same person."   

"I have two dads, so I am used to having to be careful about what I say." 

"Oh, you have two mums, and you have two dads." 

"Yes, but his mums are biological family and mine are found family."

"Oh, OK, thanks for telling me. Sorry, I'm still in shock about you three... That is definitely a liability." 

"We know, that's why we try to be extra careful." 


"You are having a meeting now, then, right?" 

"We are, yes. I'll tell them about Uravity and Earphone Jack joining us and I'll introduce you.”

"OK, so, I’m nervous, so... Would it bother you if I fidget during the meeting?" He searched in his pocket and took out a squishy fish. Fat Gum looked confused.

"Wouldn't that distract you more?"

"Oh, no, not at all, it helps me focus. You can ask me later if you want, to see if I got it."

"Ok then..."

"Did you take your meds this morning, baby?"   

"Yes, yes, look, I sent the pic to Kachan with the empty bubblegum ball." He showed them, proud. Kachan was also the name he had on the phone for him. 

"Kachan...” such a cute way of calling such an imposing young man. “Sorry, I'm still in shock."




Denki delayed meeting Neito as much as he could. He delayed it so much he was now late even after pushing the meeting time twice. He wished he didn't have to talk to him in private, but he had to. He needed to make everything perfectly clear with him before letting him join the rest of the team. Denki had to wear his best mask for that. If Neito saw anything, the smallest of cracks on his façade, he would eat him alive and everything would go to hell before even starting. He also needed to know if it was true he was over him. He really hoped for it to be true, it would make everything way easier.


Neito was already waiting on the meeting point, a different bridge on a different park. They both had a flare for the dramatic. He looked pissed for having to wait for him. He had never liked people to keep him waiting. 

"If you are trying to look more powerful by making me wait, you are failing." Monoma greeted him with a fake smile.

Denki started recording, serious. 

"I'm not playing power games with you, Neito, I'm just late. Sorry to keep you waiting, I didn't want to come." The good thing about knowing each other this much was he didn't even have to make excuses, Neito was already counting on him being brutally honest. "I am going to record our conversation, because I don't trust you." 

"I could still say I was never here and you were using Mind Jack's voice changer."   

"I don’t think I have battery enough to make a video, I forgot the charging and, even if I did, I don’t feel like waiting here with you while it’s charged enough. I'll transcribe the audio and ask you to sign it."

"Either you forged my signature, or you used Mind Jack to force me to sign with their quirk."

"For fuck's sake, Neito, I sometimes forget how annoying you can be." 

"I'm just thorough." 

"That too. Any solutions?" 

"Recording a video on my phone, seeing you didn’t even remember bringing a cable to charge your own phone being a human battery." Denki decided to ignore the non-productive part.

"And you will send me the video when we are done?" 

"I wouldn’t trust myself to do it."

"You seriously are the most paranoid person on Earth... Please, start recording with your phone and send me the video when we are done. I'm offering you a job you asked for, not trying to blackmail you. We are supposed to be on the same page." Neito started recording and showed them both on camera. Then he left his phone near Denki's pointing at them. 

"So they voted yes." 

"Yes, they did."

"Who did you ask?" 

"Everybody else but you." 

"Your boyfriends?" 

"Every other person involved in the agency but you." 

"So you didn't ask your boyfriends."

"No, I informed them you were joining my agency. And I would ask you not to refer to them in a professional context from now on. Let's keep this professional. The only reason I accepted you in my agency is professional. Everything I know about you and about our personal relationship says this is the worst decision I have ever taken."

"But you know I am too good an asset to let me go."

"Yes. I know the potential of your quirk and I know how good a hero you can be when you want to be. Even if you have used your quirk and mine against almost all of your future teammates." 

"It was years ago. I was 15 and I was heartbroken. Who are my teammates?"

Denki answered without even thinking first.

"Please. You were not heartbroken, your ego was bruised. It's a very different thing." 'Not that I expect you to have learnt the difference.'

"Is that being professional?" ‘Fuck.’

"It's not, my apologies." 

"Who are my teammates? I’m already counting on Mind Jack, obviously."

"Obviously. Earphone Jack, Tentacole, Uravity and Tsukuyomi." Monoma looked amused. 

"Did you choose your team from a list of your high school crushes? I’m missing a couple of names." 

"You know they are all great heroes. You are just pissed because you won't be able to copy some of their quirks." 

"Yes, I noticed that. But in that case, you'll have to let me copy yours again." He purred. Denki controlled the mask and didn't react at all. 

"And Mind Jack's, yes. By the way, I don't think this changes anything for you, but there's a strict policy of no romantical or sexual relationships between agency members." 

"That's rich coming from the leader who has fucked all of his team."

"You will follow my orders, and if I'm not there you'll have to follow the second in command. No matter who that person is." 

"Oh, please, of course it is Mind Jack. You are not dumb." 

"No matter who they are. You will follow their orders. If you don't act professionally, you will be out of the team. I am not playing. My goal is getting our agency to the top ten in a year." That was actually a lie, but he knew how to get Monoma's attention. 

"When did you grow an ambition?" 

"I have things to prove."

"To whom?" 

"To my biological family.” That was somewhat true. Neito would understand that and expect that, he had told him quite too much about his biological family in first year, but he preferred not to think about it. He continued, channeling things he thought Katsuki would say. “To everybody that ever thought I wasn't enough. To everybody who thinks this agency will sink. To the agency that kicked me out for being in a relationship with a man."

Neito agreed with that.

"I can respect that."

"Great. I want you to be the best on the team. But not competing with them, learning from them and collaborating. And I know you are not good at that. Wanna antagonize someone? Antagonize Endeavor's agency or my former agency or all of the villains. Not your teammates."

"With so many mice?" 'What's with me and men with God complex? Mice, extras… I bet Hawks has a derogatory word for regular people too…' 

"First strike, Neito. You know I already spent a lifetime supply of patience on you." 

"So sensitive. I hope you'll defend me that passionately in front of others."

"In front of other agencies or the hero commission? You can count on it." 

"And in front of your partners?" 

"This is professional, my talks with my partners are not."    

"So you will diss the hell out of me and make me look like the bad guy. OK, and in front of my teammates?"     

"I will be fair."

"You are not objective."

"That’s why I didn't say objective. I said I will be fair."

"We’ll see about that. What else?"

"Can we agree that we don’t need a comprehensive list of what behaving professionally means?"

"I’m not a kid, no need to micromanage me."

"I hope. We work better when we don’t have someone telling us what to do. And if you get a list, you will bend the rules to play smart.”

“I don’t need to ‘play’ smart. You say we work better when we are free, but you still want to boss me around.” Denki ignored the other meaning behind that.

“I don’t have any interest on telling you what to do. I want you to outsmart me every time I try to plan any strategy and make my agency thrive by doing so.” Neito liked that idea way too much. That stroke his ego immediately. He was going to try outsmarting everyone anyway, this way he was sure Denki knew he better than anyone else.

"Then it's settled. I’ll make your agency big. We shake hands and it's a done deal?"

"Before we settle it, I have a request."

"A request? Not a policy, a rule or a threat? Surprise me."

"In case a rescue mission is needed for me or for Mind Jack I want you to lead the rescue mission. All of it, even if anyone outside my agency joins the search and rescue party." Neito cackled. He was surprised.

"Why would you ask me to be in charge if more pro heroes join? Your boyfriends and your family are pro heroes too?"

"You will be the only one responsible for all decisions made, and all actions taken following your strategy, including any casualties caused by following your orders."  Neito was laughing now. He had understood now.

"I would be your expendable pawn... When did you become this cold, Denki Kaminari?" 'When you destroyed me, Neito Monoma.' He was pointing at him with his phone for the first time. Denki made sure his mask was in place, he looked at the camera. 

"It is my last wish in case I might die to ask you to save all of my people. If someone will have the cold blood to do that in case Mind Jack or I have been kidnapped, that is you."

"And if you actually die, I'll be the one they kill."

"I hope not." That was honest. Neito was still able to recognize raw honesty when Denki showed it to him.

"Don't try to play naïve with me, Chargebolt, you know better. The leader pays for the mistakes of the whole team."


"So I am the expendable pawn."

"You can copy virtually any quirk. You will also be the only person with the cold blood, the cold head and the intellect necessary to do whatever it takes to get us back without sacrificing anyone. Your quirk allows you to take any position on the battlefield." Neito turned the camera to selfie mode so he would be on camera while answering. 

"I will honor your petition. I will do as you request and keep your team and loved ones safe in case there is a situation where we have to rescue you or Mind Jack. I will be the one who takes the bigger risks, so they won't die. You have my word." He pointed the camera at Denki again. 

"Thank you. I really appreciate it." He almost relaxed.

"In exchange, I want to hear it from you. I want it on camera." His mask doubled.

"Preparing to betray me already?" 

"If you want me dead, I want your confession."

"I don't want you dead. But if someone has to die saving me, it would be fitting it is the person who destroyed me."

"So dramatic. You destroyed me too. You are confirming I am the expendable pawn, then." Denki was too tired, arguing with Neito, matching the way he thought, even if it hadn’t been a long conversation and he had been doing all of the talking, was exhausting. He caved.

"I hope trusting you won't be the biggest mistake of my life. A second time." 'I doubt I could survive a second time.' Neito smiled, knowing he was going to get what he had asked for.

"It won't." Denki looked him in the eye, all of him empty, his eyes empty, no smile on his face.

"Yes, Phantom Thief. You are my expendable pawn."

"Thank you for the honesty, Chargebolt. I'll make sure to make this video reach someone in case I happen to die in strange circumstances." Denki rolled his eyes with a humorless smirk and a huff. 

"Is that the real reason? Do you really think I want you dead?" He couldn’t believe him. He thought Neito knew him better than that.

"Yes, I do. I was sure you wouldn't accept me in your agency."

"I'm not that smart." That made Monoma smile like the shark he was.

"Way smarter than you let people think, but I know better, bubblegum bitch." Denki felt the need to make one thing clear, even if he didn’t dare turning the mask off.

"I don't want you dead. I want you to have a happy life." It was Neito's turn to laugh humorlessly now.

"Without you."

"Yes. Without me. I thought you said you were already over what happened between us."

"Maybe I lied. Maybe you knew I was lying."


Monoma offered his hand.


"Deal." He recorded the hands, then stopped the recording and sent it to Denki, still his hand firmly in his. Denki waited until he saw him send the video.

When he tried to recover it, Monoma yanked towards him and kissed him. Denki used all of his energies in not reacting externally in any way. He didn't kiss him back, he didn’t push him either. He looked at him with the most uninterested look he had ever given anybody in his life.

For a split second, Neito looked heartbroken. Then, he immediately recovered.

"I'll be waiting to meet the rest of my team, boss." He freed his hand, but Denki didn't let him go this time, he held it. Neito looked back at him. He had seen Denki engulfed in so many emotions, he had never seen him emotionless before.

"That will not repeat itself, Phantom Thief. Our relationship will be merely professional, or you will be out of my agency effective immediately. There won’t be a second warning for that." Only his answer would tell him if his expressionless face had worked as he intended. 

"Noted, boss." Denki freed his hand then.

"And the photographer you planted last time and I'm assuming this time too is unnecessary, my partners know I am here, I don't have any secrets for them." 

"It won't happen again." It had worked.

"Be happy, Phantom Thief." 'Without me.' 


Denki recovered his phone and sent both the audio and the video to his sibling. He had seen Monoma cut the video before kissing him. It had been an honest kiss, he was pretty sure. Misplaced, but honest. It had hurt both of them. It hadn't hurt Denki as much as he had expected it to, which was a good thing, but it had hurt him anyway.

He sent an audio to the hubbies.

"Neito is exhausting. I have a huge headache. I either made the best ally I will ever have or signed my death sentence. Time will tell. You might also receive a picture of him kissing me. I didn't reciprocate the kiss in case any of you care. Wake me up when you get home, please, I need a hug. I love you both."


Hitoshi called before Denki got home.

"That was really stupid of you. You shouldn’t have asked him for any kind of favors. Do you want me to cut the last part of the audio? It's not in the video."

"I have already told them he kissed me. Do whatever you think best."

"You shouldn't have asked him for that. If he turns against you..."

"I know, but if he doesn't, and he honors his word... The last thing I need if I'm ever kidnapped or taken hostage is to worry someone is going to sacrifice themself in a very dumb way. Neito wouldn't sacrifice himself unless there isn't any other option."

"I know. It is the safest bet. It is a stupid risk on your part anyway. You sound tired."

"I am tired."

"Do you want me to show them the kidnapping part?"

"No. Show them what is necessary when it's necessary, not before."

"I'll keep it safe. You and dad will find it if you need it."

"Thank you. I'll erase the video from my phone, then."

"Did you feel something?"

"Sadness. What could have been but now will never be."

"He must be devastated, but I'm happy for you." Denki felt his eyes become watery.

"I will be happy for me too."


As soon as Denki was safe in the doom room, he dropped the phone, already dead. He sat as far as he could from everything, especially from Katsuki's drums, covered himself with the insulating blanket support had made for him, and cried his heart out until he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

They had tried calling him. His phone was dead. The phone of the person who charged everybody’s phones as a joke with his electricity had died. Eijiro felt that was an ominous sign.

The good part was they hadn’t found about his phone not being reachable until they were both on their way home. They wouldn't have to wait much to check on him. Katsuki called Shinso.

"Where's your brother?"

"Sibling. When I talked to him last, he was getting back home with a migraine after talking with Neito."

"Fucking Monoma, I'm going to kill him."

"Because of the kiss or because of the migraine?"

"You know about the kiss?"

"I am transcribing their conversation for safekeeping. So yes, I know about the kiss. If you are worried, I can send you that part of the audio, it’s not long." Katsuki didn’t want to listen to that without Denki’s consent… but he felt tempted.

"He told us he didn't reciprocate the kiss." ‘And I believe him. I trust him. If it were Hawks, maybe I wouldn’t be this sure, but…’

"I'll send you that part."

"I shouldn't listen to it."

"Delete it if you want. It’s not that interesting." Hitoshi was quite sure Denki would not care.

"Thanks." He was still worried about Denki but he had lost focus. 

Hitoshi only took a minute to send it. 

"Erase it when you are done with it." 

Katsuki wanted to erase it without listening to it, but... He pressed play instead, it was too tempting. 

"I don't want you dead. I want you to have a happy life." Denki sounded so unlike him, so serious, so dispassionate. Neito laughed humorlessly. 

"Without you."

"Yes. Without me. I thought you said you were already over what happened between us."

"Maybe I lied. Maybe you knew I was lying."




There was a silence, the audio quality wasn’t good enough to hear the kiss, but he assumed it was happening. 

"I'll be waiting to meet the rest of the team, boss." He was expecting teasing or something, but there was nothing like that, not even his usual antagonizing.

"That will not happen again, Phantom Thief. Our relationship will be merely professional, or you will be out of my agency effective immediately. There won’t be a second warning for that." 

"Noted, boss." 

"And the photographer you planted last time and I'm assuming this time too is unnecessary, they know I am here, I don't have any secrets for them. "

"It won't happen again."

"Be happy, Phantom Thief."

Katsuki even felt bad for Monoma after that. He sounded heartbroken, he sounded defeated. Denki sounded so dispassionate, so unlike himself. He would be crushed if Denki talked to him like that after he had kissed him. Katsuki listened to Denki's message to them and compared. He sounded tired, sad, maybe. There was way more emotion in the audio he had sent them than in the conversation he had just listened. And for some reason he felt the need to listen to it again.


He joined Kirishima mid-way.

"Shinso says he should be at home."

"Maybe he fell asleep and his phone d… ran out of battery. I hope he’s OK."

"I’m sure he’s ok…” Well, he wasn’t sure-sure, but he had listened to the message he had sent them again, and he was saying he wanted them to wake him up, so… “Eiji... I just fucked up."


"Shinso said they had the audio of the kiss..."


"... I asked them to send it to me."

"That’s fucked up, yes...”

“I know. I feel like shit.”

"Are you less worried than I am because of that?" Katsuki usually got worried about Denki doing something stupid way faster than him.

"I don't think I will ever feel worried about him and fucking Monoma together ever again."

"I wasn’t talking about that. But you should tell him that." He opened the door to the building.

"I will. I feel like shit. And I feel bad for fucking Monoma."

"What?" Eijiro would have expected anything but that. 

"I know, that IS fucked up. I..." He didn't know how to express it. 

"I don't need to hear it. I just don't understand what he ever saw in Monoma. And why would you ever feel bad for him."

"I just know he fucking destroyed him today. I never want to listen to Sparky talk to me like that. He must feel like shit if I feel bad for that shithead."


They opened the door and looked around. It was unlocked and Denki's shoes were there. They saw the lump in the floor, covered by the blanket. It moved regularly, he was definitely asleep. That made Eijiro calm down immediately.


Eijiro made sure to use his quirk before uncovering him, remembering their first fight. He was surprised Denki didn’t look out of control at all.


Denki moved and woke up as soon as the light hit his face. It was swollen from all the crying, his eyes red and puffy. He tried to cover the light with his hand. Katsuki turned it off.

"Hey, baby, how are you?"

"I'm fine, I just fell asleep... I had a massive headache."

“Your phone died, we got a little scared.”

“Oh… yeah, sorry, I recorded the conversation with Neito and stuff… I was already running out of battery. I forgot to charge it when I arrived. Sorry to worry you.

"Don’t worry, baby. Are you feeling better?"

"I guess... Worried."

"About Monoma?"

"Why would I be worried about him?” Well, his face was a good reason to ask that. “I’m more worried about other things." He looked for Katsuki. Katsuki was incredibly silent. That was never a good sign. "I didn't kiss him back." ‘I didn’t cheat on you’.

"We know. You told us." Eijiro wasn’t getting what worried Denki.

"I believed you. But then I called Shinso because you ran out of battery and talked to them." Denki misunderstood him. He sighed, trying to wake up enough to get ready for another never-ending talk. He didn’t have strength for that today.

"What did they tell you?"

"They told me they had an audio recording... And I asked them to send it to me." And now he was worried about other thing. 

"... So you listened to the whole conversation?"

"No... Just the kiss part."

"OK...” ‘What’s the problem, then?’ He was expecting drama about the possible rescue team, he knew they were not going to like that, but he was going to avoid telling them as long as possible. Forever, if they were all lucky.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have fucking asked them to send it to me. Or listened to it either. I know that’s fucked up."

"There's no point on lying to me about my sibling, Kachan. I know them and I know you. Toshi offered to send it to you, didn't they?" 'I told them to show you what was needed when it was needed... So they did.' 

"Even if that was the case..." Denki was just so relieved he couldn’t care less about that. He thought Katsuki was so silent because he was pissed at him for something he had said and he didn’t remember. Right now he didn’t remember anything about that conversation.

"Look, I can't say I remember what I said. I'm sorry if I said something inappropriate. Neito is exhausting even when he trusts you, and we don't have any reasons to trust each other. I was exhausted."

"What...? Denki, listen to me, I fucking listened to your private conversation without your consent." ‘Get angry at me or something.’

"Out of jealousy." I assume.

"... I was worried." It was not exactly a matter of jealousy.

"Are you still worried?"

"No, I feel bad for him. And I also feel bad for you. And I feel like shit for listening to it. And I also feel like shit for giving you shit for accepting Monoma on your team." Katsuki understood now the ‘I have to give a talk to Monoma tomorrow’. Denki sure had taken into account what he would have to do if they accepted him in the agency. Katsuki felt he should have been more supportive.

"Don't feel bad for that last one just yet. I might have gambled my life and I might lose it before even starting."

Eijiro hugged him.

"I don’t trust that shit and I don’t like him either, but you told us you would trust him with your life, so maybe you should be the first one to trust you made the right choice.” He answered to the hug, then pointed with his head.

"Kachan needs the hug more than I do, I think."

"No. That's OK." 'I don't deserve it.'

"I said I would trust him with my life, and I would... But I just gave him ammunition to kill me very publicly. Right before rejecting him.” Eijiro hugged Katsuki. "Have you listened to the audio too?" The redhead shook his head. "I don't mind if you do. Maybe you will hate me less for including him if you do. I don’t know, maybe not. Listen to it if you want, I just don't want to listen to it myself."

"I don’t hate you for including him, baby. I just dislike him very much.” But now he was curious, and he had permission. “Are you sure you are ok with me listening to it?"

"I really don't care."

"You must feel like shit." Katsuki still felt bad, even though Denki didn't seem to care, but he was worried about the electric blonde. They still kept talking about everything but how Denki was taking this. And he had no clue of how the hero felt right now.

"I was just worried you would consider him kissing me cheating." He rubbed his face, tired.

"I trust you. Even if it might not look like it after what I just did. I did trust you when you said you hadn’t kissed him back. You are not responsible for what other people do, right? Just about your own sexual attraction." Or something like that.

"Yeah, something like that, yeah." He smiled at him. He wanted Katsuki to hug him. He wanted to hug Katsuki.

"It won't happen again. It was a fucked up thing to do. I should have waited. But how are you doing?" 

"What do you mean?" 

"I mean after breaking his heart like you did, how are you doing? I didn't even think he fucking had a heart, and you can almost hear it break."

"Oh, that... He should have moved on a long time ago... I did. Let's hope this helps him and I don't need to do it over and over again while he’s already working in my agency." 'It does hurt, and not in a nice way.' 


Eijiro had been growing more and more curious. He didn’t know what was going on, and he was a gossip too… and this was Monoma, and Katsuki feeling bad for him. It was too intriguing.

"Are you sure you are OK with me listening to it...?" Denki pointed at Katsuki's drumming headphones.


Eijiro took the headphones. Denki hugged Katsuki. Katsuki let himself be hugged. Denki kissed him.

"*That* is the only kiss I care about." Katsuki cupped his cheek on his hand and kissed him back.

"Sorry I broke your trust."

"Stop torturing yourself. I really don't care. Toshi knew I wouldn't mind. I told them to show you the parts of the conversation you needed to listen when you needed them, so they did. I just didn't expect you to need to listen to any of it so soon. You can usually trust Toshi's judgement if they are not mad. I really don't care.”


Eijiro felt the pain and understood why Katsuki was looking the way he was looking.

“Come here, love. Don't cry." Denki called Eijiro to near them. "Don't be sad, come on."

"Sorry, I had just listened to it again... It is really sad..." Denki cleaned his tears.

"I guess it is a little sad, yes. Breakups are hard. Moving on is hard."

"That... That must have hurt."

"He should have moved on."

“I meant to you.”

“Oh… I’m OK.”

"Are you? You don't look OK."

“I’m fine, seriously.” He cleaned his tears with a smile.

“You shouldn’t be fine, you should be fucking pissed at me, Pikachu.” It was ironic for Denki that he was the one trying to make those two feel better after crying himself to sleep.

“Stop overthinking, eh… Voltorb? No, Voltorb is still electric, even if he explodes,… I think there’s no Boom Boom Pokemon.”

"I don't want to fucking learn how hard breakups are, so we better make this throuple thing work.” Katsuki grunted. Denki seemed lost in thought. Katsuki rolled his eyes. “I can accept being a fucking electric Pokemon for you.” He added, seeing Denki was now obsessing over finding an exploding Pokemon.

“Aaaaaw.” He kissed him again.

“So cute… My boys…”

“Hug us tighter, Geodude.” Denki smiled.

“If he gets to be electric, can I be a rock for me and electric for you too?” Denki smiled.

“I’m not sure there are any, I’ll check.” He could draw a Boom Boom Pokemon and a Red Rock Pokemon for sure.

“Anything we can do to help you feel better?”

"Well, a puppy and a cat would help."

"... It was a fucking puppy or a fucking cat..." The explosive blond grunted, but not too much.

"You are smarter than that, Kachan... And if I have to wait another month it will be a puppy, a cat and a ferret. I want a furry noodle."

"At least it is not a fucking kid goat anymore..."

"Uuuh, a kid goat! Yes!"

"No fucking way, Pikachu."

Denki saw Eijiro was starting to tear up again. He caressed his back.

"Red, have you told Kachan you showed Fat Gum a pic of the three of us. It was good you weren’t there, Blasty, it was the sappiest picture ever." He lied.

"No, it was not, it was a nice pic…" Eijiro cleaned his tears.

"Well, it was sappy even for me. He did it on purpose, seriously. You are puppy eyeing us and all." He teased. Katsuki could see he was lying and teasing, and he could understand why, Eijiro looked so very sad, so he followed his lead. 

"What the fuck, Shitty Hair!? I’m gonna fucking end you."

"It's not true! Look! He's smiling!"

"Sparky's always smiling!"

Chapter Text

Denki and Katsuki were running when someone yelled their hero names and waved. Katsuki nodded as usual. Denki was still getting used to this and usually stopped to greet whoever said hi... But he was usually alone.

"Hi! Good morning! Sorry! Morning run is sacred!" 

Katsuki had to control himself to keep his smile on check.

"Sacred, huh?" 

"Shut up, Kachan. I told you I was not sacrificing my morning run with you. I still remember that time we got separated coming back home. I hated it. And I can't run with Red anymore. Help me, Katsuki Skywalker, you are my only hope (to keep on running in company)." 

He couldn't help it then, he chuckled, taken by surprise.

"Dumbass..." Denki looked at him and winked. "It seems it's time for you to start cosplaying yourself." 

"Myself? Or the version of myself you have wet dreams about? Maybe you should be the one cosplaying me, TigTog star." He laughed, imagining it. 




Some 12 hours had passed since the meeting with Neito and he hadn't still reduced his life to ashes. That was a good sign, he assumed.

He wrote a message to the team to reunite after their agency work for their first actual meeting. Both of his boyfriends had to work today too. It would be so nice having the same rest day the three of them... But after every long mission their schedules changed, and it was like a lottery you could never win. He needed to change that for the better in his agency.


He had a list of things he wanted to improve. And a list of things he should tell his team. And a list of things he should start doing already. One of the things that wasn’t in any of those lists but he had to do once and for all was deciding if he should inform Hawks or not about whatever he did with his team. On one hand, he really felt like doing it. On the other hand, he had told him there was no need, and not having to tell anybody sounded really nice. Why did he feel like informing him? Was he looking for the teasing? For the mentoring? For him to reassure him he still was OK with giving them the money? Was he looking for praise? He didn't know. He wasn't sure he wanted to find out. He did want to ask him if he wanted to be informed or not. He knew he still had an hour before meeting his team, so he texted him. 

"Wanna know who's in my agency?" 

Hawks didn't take two minutes to call. Hawks always called. To be fair, it was easier to talk and fly than to text and fly.

"Good afternoon, Chargebolt. Missing me already?" 

"My plate is quite full lately, so no, I don’t have time to miss you, no."

Hawks smiled, ready to tease, now that they were not talking in speaker with his boyfriends. 

"I'm so shocked you don’t have time, waking up at sunrise... What an early bird you are." Denki had completely forgotten about that. 

"Ehhhhhhhhhh..." He wrote to Katsuki, dying.

"Talking to Hawks for the first time since sunrise. I'm going to kill you."   

He had then forgotten his last sentence. So... He just answered something random and hoped it work. 


"No what?" Fuck. It hadn’t worked.

"I don't know what you said, I got distracted."

"I was saying you wake up pretty early. Or at least someone does in your house."

"Yes. Early." He coughed, red as he could be. "Wanna know about my team or not?"

"I wanna know what you were doing up so early. Well, I actually already know, but you can confirm it if you want." Hawks teased. 

"If you already know, drop it. I didn't call you because I needed someone to tease me." 'But you do love it. And now I have even more reasons to love it too.'

"What? Are you in a rush?" 

"Yes, I have my first full stuffed agency meeting in an hour." 

"Full-stuffed? How many people are we talking about?" 

"Seven counting me."

"Seven, wow, ambitious." 

"Not ambitious, just lucky so many people trust me." 

"Call me when you are done and you have the time, then." Hawks was not going to lie to himself as Denki was doing. He knew his reasons for texting him had not been professional. His agency was an excuse. The winged hero felt quite happy he wanted to find excuses. 


Denki bought coffee, tea and bobba for everyone. He remembered what most of them drank (or used to drink at some point) so he just had to guess what Tokoyami would like. He wasn't sure, so he tried to guess what Dark Shadow would like too and brought both drinks. 

He sat and remembered with the whole feather teasing thing he had not received an answer to his question. 

"Do you want me to keep you posted or not?" 

Hawks wanted him to keep in contact, but he also wanted to separate whatever this was from work. Mixing work and pleasure was not a good idea, he had some experience on fucking up that way already. 

"No need, surprise me when you surprise everybody else." 

"OK. Thanks for the trust. I have something else to ask you, I'll call you if I have any braincells left." 

"You don't need braincells for what you want to ask me *wink*." Denki blushed. 'Winged fuck boy...'

“Agency things and you know it.” ‘Shut up already’.




Denki looked around, sitting on the ground, just about to start his first official meeting. He didn't like what he saw. His team was scattered. There was an invisible barrier that hadn't been there the night they had talked at Mina’s. Neito had arrived with Hitoshi and the both of them seemed to be isolating themselves from the rest. Ochaco, Jiro and Shoji were sitting together. Tokoyami was on his own. 

"I've brought drinks for everyone, come take them. We are sitting on a sugar circle today, I just decided.” Everybody looked at him, confused, not even his sibling understood what that meant because he had literally just made it up. “That means, Phantom Thief, you and your black coffee without sugar or cream are sitting next to my caramel cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles."

That shocked all of them. The most shocked of all was Neito, who had spent the night after their meeting crying and hating him and being hurt and dwelling and watching parts of the video over and over again. 

He didn't complain, he huffed.

“I shouldn’t be surprised you keep on drinking sugar with liquid on it.” ‘You are 90 % sugar and 10 % chaos.’ He sat in the floor by his side. 

“And wait until I feel lonely, I didn’t ask for cookie crumble, extra caramel or chocolate chips to top it.” Denki answered with the beginning of a smile. "Tokoyami, I didn't know what Dark Shadow and you usually drink. You look like you drink matcha and she looks like she is in the sugary team too."

"Thanks. I usually drink black coffee with sugar, and she eats, but she doesn't drink. We both appreciate the effort." 

"Noted for next time. I owe her an apple and I owe you a coffee then." 

Neito put his hand in front of Denki. Denki looked at the hand, then at the blond hero, whos face was clearly saying to him: 'Are you dumb? Do you like being dumb?'. Denki took a second to understand. He searched his pockets and the bag, then gave Neito some sugar. Denki always had extra sugar just in case. Neito offered Tokoyami his coffee and the bags of sugar.

"I can drink the matcha instead." 

"Oh, thanks. That's very thoughtful of you." 

"We are teammates after all." 

After that, there was no need to tell anyone on the team to sit closer. 


"OK. I'll have to ask you to do a little effort for the next month or so. I don't want you to leave your jobs for now unless you are not feeling safe in them. Jiro and Ochaco will be working at Fat Gum's while I intern there. I will be asking you to do two or three hours of agency work every day on top of your actual work. We need to learn how to work together and Phantom needs to start learning how to use your quirks. He can take quirks from villains too, but he'll probably give more use to ours because he’s always going to be around us, so the more he learns how to control them, the better. Please help him with that.” They all nodded. “He already knows quite a lot about controlling mine and Mind Jack’s, but I have learnt a couple of things since the last time you used mine, so we’ll get on top of that after everyone leaves, if you are ok with that.”

“Noted. Your boyfriends are going to love that.” ‘You, staying alone with me at night instead of going back home.’

“No talking about them at work.” He reminded him like he was saying the weather was windy today. Then moved on. “We already have a sign language teacher, and I would like for all of you to learn some hero-related basics so we can sign on stealth missions. We'll have to make some special signs too, for safety reasons. And I don't know if you remember any of the morse code we learnt in high school, but it can be useful, so in case you do, a clicker or a pen and please communicate in the group chat with morse code audios so we can all practice. Mind Jack and I will start with videos and signing important words, so you get used to them too. Communication is key."

"Morse might not be the best option, any morse code message is too long, it's not useful in a rush situation." The rest of them agreed with Tentacole. Phantom proposed. 

"We can mark the number somehow, then use morse for letters. V for villain. C for civilian. H for hero, things like that. If we need to say more..."




Everything was settled. Denki couldn't believe it. Everything had gone well. He wouldn't say he had led anything at all, (even Neito would disagree on that).

They had managed to decide what to do, how and where, to set a time to be in places and how to start working during the month they were going to take before leaving their agencies. Denki couldn’t ask them to get overworked more time than that, it was already a lot to ask from them. They decided to mark Denki's next interview at Mornings with Masako as the deadline to see if they could start operating as an agency.

Phantom hadn't been a dick. They had accepted him. Nobody had tried to kill Neito, which was something Denki would have understood.

They had also decided on the basic needs for their headquarters. Now they knew what to look for and they would all start looking. Ochaco had already found a new house to live in, back in the city after moving away to her former agency. She couldn’t be happier to come back. Everything was up and running for real.


Denki was happy. He was proud. He was confident. He just could think about seeing his hubbies and telling them everything. He couldn't wait to start. It suddenly felt like the bubblegum pills machine night all over again, excited for responsibilities for once. 

Chapter Text

It was his last day unemployed, his last day of freedom. From the next day he would be starting to double shift, first at Fat Gum’s, then at his own agency for as many hours as he needed to make things work. 


When the hubbies left, he drafted the pokeboyfriends drawing for a while, then suddenly remembered he liked doing cosplay TigTog videos. He was planning on convincing his team to create an agency TigTog too, he had so many ideas. And it would also be a great way to unwind. But, until then... he had lost himself on TigTog. He found one video with a collage of Dinamight’s TV appearances where he was saying “no” and had matched it with the 'I don't want your number' part of “No Scrubs”. He laughed so hard, he couldn't help tagging Dinamight’s TigTog account and then sending the video to Mina and to the hubbies. 

"Demisexual icon. *flame emojis*. I'm so cosplaying this right now."


After uploading a cosplay of Dinamight and Femnamight just saying no a lot of times and preparing a couple more videos to upload in the upcoming days, he found the perfect audio to introduce his newest cosplay, as suggested by Katsuki.


He used the wig he used for Dinamight but cut a black streak on cardboard in a thunder-like shape and pinned it to the front of the wig badly. He used Hawks’ cosplay’s contact lenses, which were just different enough from his eyes (and very different from Hawks’ real eyes too, now that he knew him in person, not that he was an expert on his eyes. Yet). He taped some white lightnings into a black tracksuit jacket. He looked recognizable as a cosplay but not as much as himself. He added some eyeliner too because why not, he used eyeliner in most of his cosplays, he used eyeliner when they went out sometimes, he didn’t use it to be Chargebolt so... He created a presentation cosplay transition video and then a second video with the trend he had seen. 

"Are you a boy or a girl?" said the voice. He was so happy he was already publicly nonbinary.   

"I'm a fucking God." He dubbed, imitating with his hands the way his friends imitated his finger guns.   

"OK, but like, what's in your pants?" He neared the camera, checking out whoever was asking with interest and a sexy smile and dubbed the whispered answer.

"Fucking magic."

He uploaded the video. Then he decided he should start thinking on a presentation video for Jiro and another one for Toshi too, so he scrolled online, looking for wigs that could be used for them both instead of buying two different purple haired wigs he would not ever use for sex or any other reason. He would end up cosplaying all of his team during the next year, he was pretty sure. He would have to ask Dark Shadow and Tokoyami if they would be offended if their cosplays were really low-cost and bad. He could use cardboard and a black sock and… he received Mina's message. It was just a ton of exclamation points and gifs of people screaming and fainting. 


"LOOK AT YOUR DUETS! And the text!" 

He opened his app again and saw it flooded. This time his video had a comment. Well, it had a lot of comments, really, but there was one from a verified account. There was a comment from Hawks. It was a string of flame emojis under the Fucking magic video. But that was not all. He had answered by duetting it.

In the video he was clearly flying, on patrol, probably, seeing he was using the glasses and all. At the point when his cosplay gave an interested sexy look at the other part, and answered "magic", Hawks fake fainted mid-air, like he had been stuck by an arrow to the heart. He dramatically looked like he was falling from the sky. The text read: “I fell in love. #PunIntended”. Denki blushed immediately, obviously not taking it seriously. He had to see it again. And again. That was doing numbers, fast.

He commented with HawksSimpBoi as the starstruck fan he was.

"Aaaaaah! I love this! So glad you like my newest cosplay!"

He then changed to his pro hero account and went to comment on HawksSimpBoi's account first, because of course he would comment on any video anybody made cosplaying him, nobody cosplayed him yet. It would be really suspicious if he ignored people cosplaying him. Red Riot answered to all of them still. 

"Hahahaah, I love this. Please, take the hidden cameras away from my bathroom mirror *laughing emoji*". 

By the time he went to comment on Hawks' video with his pro account, the winged hero had already answered to HawksSimpBoi’s comment.

"Thank you for making an awesome cosplay of my boy *wink*. And that video and that audio are *flame emoji*" He blushed again. So badly. He made a screenshot and sent it to Mina with a lot of exclamation points.

"Bakugo is SO not going to like that *laughing emoji*."

"I know! *laughing emoji* I wasn't expecting Hawks to even see it!"

"I bet he's subscribed to your TigTog account *devil emoji*."


He commented on Hawks' video with his pro hero account.



He didn’t even try to control himself, he immediately opened Hawks' chat.

"TigTog scrolling while on patrol?"

Hawks called almost immediately, as he always did.

Denki blushed, alone, sitting on the floor of the living room, and accepted the call on speaker.

"Hello, Chargebolt." Oh, boy, that tone already?

"Hi, Hawks, what are you, subscribed to my videos or what?"

"Yes, I am. To both of your accounts, the professional and the cosplay one." That killed him. He died (metaphorically) there. He wasn't even making any excuses for that. He was going to ask why when he saw the hubbies’ chat move. 

"One sec."

"Please, take your time to stop simping."

"I probably will. But that's not helping."

"Why would you assume I want to help you stop simping when I can have you simp?"

Denki opened the hubbies’ chat and saw some comments by the redhead, who also followed him. And immediately saw the one from Katsuki.

"I'm gonna kill that fucking bird."

"Uhhh, you're so dead, Haw-" and he lost his voice halfway when the message from Katsuki in their private chat appeared on screen.

"Sunrise." He forgot to breath. He even forgot he was talking to Hawks. He took a blushing selfie and sent it to his boyfriend.

"Who are you sending dick pics to?"

Denki flinched, surprised by Hawks voice, like it had come out of nowhere. 


"I heard you gasp and then take a picture."

"And you assumed it was a dick pic?" He recovered.

"Well, you told me 'one sec', then I was dead, then immediately clearly one of those two came to mark their territory, Blasty, I would assume, and if I wanted to mark my territory and it involved asking you for a picture, you can be sure I wouldn't be asking for a picture of your hand." 

"Did you just call to torture me?" Denki didn’t know the torture was quite mutual.

"Not JUST to torture you. You found an excuse yesterday to call me, but you might not remember, because it was just an excuse."

"It wasn't an-" he had not been expecting Dinamight to answer to his selfie. It was another selfie on full hero costume. It was taken from his hips looking up, it looked like he was standing and Denki was on his knees. He gasped and choked on his own saliva.

"Are you sexting while we talk?"

"What? Pf, no." 'It's not me who is sexting! He never sexts! Red does sometimes but KACHAN!?'

Hawks could tell he was lying, or at least not telling all of the truth.

"You are not sexting, but you completely forgot what I told you, didn't you? You could share the dick pic, seeing it's not a dick pic and you are definitely not sexting."

"Pf, like you needed any more dick pics, go ask one of your lovers." Denki was too distracted to see how easy he had just made it for him to answer. He wrote a string of flame emojis under Katsuki's picture.

"I just did, or did he make you forget that too already?" He had to turn the screen off, just in case any answer came from Katsuki. He so wanted to answer 'I'm not your lover' but he knew he would lose his head no matter what he answered to that. He had to change topics and fast.

"Soooo. Yesterday! Yesterday I wanted to tell you.” Something, what was it? Ah, yes. “We will be training in UA's training grounds as a team. I'm asking some pro heroes to play villains so we can practice."

"Aha. So you want to ask me to go play with you one day?"

Denki didn’t get the other meaning.

"Yes." He heard the smile at the other end of the line.

"With you?" Denki blushed. 

"To train. With my team." 'Dressed. In public. Violently.' Every word he thought to add sounded worse than the one before in his head. 

"Ask me, then." Denki simped and lost his brains. The double meaning, but most of all... That tone. That tone. Was he imagining that tone? 

"What?" He managed to answer.

"Ask me if you want me to go." Hawks remembered very well what he had heard that one sunrise not that long ago.

Denki hadn't imagined that tone at all. He made an effort to calm down. He usually stopped Hawks' teases more than he followed them. Today, he was sure where the line was and he was also sure he had messages to forget Hawks almost instantly, so he felt confident enough he was not crossing any line and could brat a little without getting in the Cheaty Three zone.

“You wish.”

"I do. But if you don’t ask, you won't have me there to play with you." Hawks purred. 

"Your loss, then. You'll be the one missing on all of the fun." Denki purred back, for the first time. Hawks lost his breath and his brains for a second, then smiled, his mouth watering. 

"I don't think your boys would like for me to go play with you." Denki's tongue had already taken control and was answering faster than his brain. He smiled. 

"No, I am pretty sure my boys would not like for you to come." Hawks laughed, but there was something about his laugh... 

"You amuse me very much, Chargebolt." 

"So I have been told." He forced himself to stop answering. He physically bit his tongue. He turned the screen on again. Whatever was happening there couldn't be worse than whatever he was doing. Right?

"Don't you dare coming thinking on him." Fuck... 

"Fuck." Hawks had no doubt he had just heard an excited gasp, and he could tell it had not been because of him. "Anyway, I gotta go." 

"What? Blasty called you to order again?" He teased. Denki couldn't deal with the both of them at the same time. He needed to write to Red. How he reached the conclusion of that being a good idea could not be understood by anybody but himself.

"Good patrolling, Hawks."

"Enjoy, Chargebolt." that sounded so enticing... 'Hear you at sunrise.'

"Oh, no, I won't." He didn't know why he had answered that. He shouldn't have said that. He hanged up.

Hawks cackled, amused, up in the air. That had just been a glimpse of what he could get, he sure wanted more. 


Denki wrote to Katsuki, answering 'With that selfie? I sure won't'. He meant it. He had to force himself to stop staring at the pic and write to the redhead. 


SERIOUSLY NSFW." He added again just in case. 

"Hawks calls me to tease me and at the same time Ka sends me this!" He sent him the explosive selfie. "And Hawks asking who is sending me dick pics cause I sound flustered! And Ka telling me not to jerk off thinking about Hawks! And Hawks telling me to ask him properly to come train with my team! This is team torture! I can't!" 


Eijiro was the only one to ever send any sexual messages from work. Denki sometimes answered him, but neither of the blondes had ever sent anything but very subtle things. Eijiro thought this message couldn't be THAT much NSFW to need that excessive warning. It would just be related to the Hawks' TigTog duet, probably.

Denki was still convinced (most of the time) that Hawks was just teasing, but Eijiro was sure the winged hero was as obsessed with Denki by now as his joyfriend was. It was quite obvious. They had tried to tell him. He still wouldn't believe them.

The redhead excused himself to go to the bathroom and opened the message on his way there. He had to control himself not to laugh, way more excited by the messages than he had anticipated. He wrote to Katsuki.

"Sending NSFW pics? Naughty"

"He doesn't work today. I'm just giving him a good reason not to simp for the bird."

"A Very Good Reason, yes"

Chapter Text

It had been so funny to him he had reacted posting it on the internet.

"My ex doesn't want us to use my playlist to train because he says Bf is all over it *laughing emoji*"

Denki shared the link to his playlist. He had made sure to take any song Monoma could know had to do with him out of the list. He had even included a couple more cheesy ones that weren't usually in that list, because he knew Monoma would analyze all of them and see what he could find. 

The post caused a lot of interest in the agency chat, the class chat and the hubbies chat at the same time. It had also sparked a conversation on the internet about who could be his ex. Some people said it was someone from his agency, some other people thought it was either Dinamight, because training and the 'sacred morning runs' or Red Riot, with whom he had been seen running for a while but now he never ran with anymore.

Mina obviously answered:

"Can I try to guess whose song is each?"

"Just if you send me your guesses!" 


Katsuki asked:

"But is it the fucking list we use to run?"


"I don't know what he fucking sees there." 

"He says they are all sappy and about love and not enough about sex." 

"Who the fuck has songs about sex in a training playlist?!" 

"Baby, you are so very innocent sometimes..." 

"So, so very innocent... And don’t pay enough attention, we run to sex songs all the time." 


Uraraka said:

"Is it a good idea for people to know your ex is in your same agency?"

Monoma answered before Denki did. 

"As far as we don't get back together it could even work in our favor. Make people think we are just kids making simple mistakes like having personal problems in our agency because we can’t separate work and love life." Denki agreed, but he also thought their problems were there and they were waiting to explode, so they shouldn't laugh much about that. 

Toshi added:

"Phantom is right, your list is full of songs for those two."

"A couple of them are pretty obvious. Even more after karaoke night." Jiro added. "Not that many, anyway." 

"Oh, please, you know those two, pay more attention to the lyrics. They are All Over the list. He didn't use to be this sappy *puking emoji*". 

"You didn't deserve me being sappy for you *kiss emoji*." Every time they were not fighting, they even looked like teasy friends. "Mina is trying to guess. Wanna roast her?" Denki knew Mina wouldn't care. He also knew Neito would probably guess correctly. That could be useful for them. 

"Showing I know you better than your own friends? I'm always in for that. *manicure emoji* Bring your boyfriends too, I bet they won't get two right."

"I'm in too." Toshi was already looking at the list and they bet Neito was going to overexplain it to them, this could only be more entertaining. 

"Me too." Jiro had already noticed some patterns and they definitely knew Denki, Katsuki and Eijiro enough. 

"OK, I'll create another group, this is not agency appropriate (my fault, I know, sorry)" 

"Add me to the other group, now I want to know :3" Ochaco didn't want to be left out of the fun. 


"Mina, Toshi, Jiro and Neito are competing over who will guess who my playlist’s songs are about. I would not recommend you to play, but I can add you to the group if you wanna watch." 

"I wanna know!" Eijiro thought even with Monoma involved that sounded so fun. 

"What if we want to fucking play?" 

"Then you will be crushed by my ex and my sib."

"Like that fucking extra could do shit." 

"He's an extra, but he's a smart extra AND knows my way of relating songs and people, I started when we were together. He'll probably guess 90% correctly and try to piss you if you are in the chat." 'but he'll be analyzing songs about you... Which seems pretty masochistic even for him.' Denki didn't have a plan in the beginning, but he sure had a plan now. 

"We can both look from my phone, maybe?"

"I'm not fucking scared of him. Add me."


What Denki couldn't have predicted was Hawks' call. Hawks had answered to all of his videos either publicly or in private and they had chatted. Teasing him through text was definitely a thing now, even if Denki tried to keep things far away from Katsuki’s red lines.

"Hi, is there something wrong?"

"Oh, no, no, I just saw you made a comment about having an ex in your agency." Denki laughed at himself.

"I don’t have an ex at my agency. I have two exes, two ex-lovers and two crushes I never got to have anything with. Keep your enemies close and your former crushes closer?" Hawks was shocked about the answer, he had said he wouldn't get involved, but he felt like saying something right now. Denki noticed, but he didn't give him the time. "I have my platonic pro hero crush slash press boyfriend, as benefactor, you shouldn't find that surprising by now." 'Platonic pro hero crush', yes, he guessed he could consider Denki that too. "Don't worry, sexual and romantical relationships are forbidden in the team." That stung more than Hawks wanted to admit. 

"That includes you?" 

"Yes, of course."

"Including me?" Denki should have expected that question. He hadn't. He had asked himself that a couple of times. A part of him didn't want to answer that even to himself. And no part of him could answer when he had asked in that tone. 

"Didn't you say the money was not attached to you and you wouldn't be involved in my agency?" Hawks laughed, way too satisfied with the answer.

"That doesn't answer my question, Chargebolt. Is that your way of breaking your own rules?"

"There's no rule broken. You are not part of my team, or my agency and you and I are not sexually or romantically involved. Did you call because you are feeling the need to micromanage who I have in my team? Tell me what I have to answer to your question, so you keep not getting involved. I'm liking my freedom to do what I please so far." 'And if you don’t get involved, I can keep on avoiding thinking on breaking one of my few rules...' Denki heard him smile and knew he had made it too easy to answer for him.

"Do you? Have freedom to do as you please?" 

Denki wanted to answer: 'I wish.' But didn't. Even if he was teasing, he controlled way more than he used to what he said to Hawks when they talked now.

"Are you telling me why you called or not?" Hawks had his answer in the lack of an answer.

"I called you because I looked at the playlist and I agree with your ex." He hadn't really looked at the list that much, the call and the ex had been mostly excuses to call. Hawks had been able to assume things from some of the songs he knew, though. He could also deduce things from what he knew about Dinamight and Red Riot. He had sure been paying more attention to those three, and he had done some research. 

Denki didn't give it much thought before asking. 

"Wanna play? There's a group chat about to compete over who can guess the most correctly."


"Yes, I don't mind being roasted by my team, friends or partners." Hawks felt like asking in which category of those he was including him, but didn't. "My ex likes winning and Pinky is Red Riot's best friend. And my sibling is also participating. You have no chance to win."

"Add me to the group, I might have to answer to the press about your ex and your playlist."

"Sure, nothing to do with you being a gossip."

"Absolutely nothing."

"Have fun."

"Oh, I sure will."


Denki warned Mina about what the group chat was for and got her consent. Then created the group and added Neito, Jiro, Toshi, Mina, Uraraka, Katsuki, Eijiro and Hawks. And he made sure not to say anything while they figured out the numbers they didn’t have on their phones. It was just too fun to see them guess while he was still getting back home, the playlist blasting in his ears. 

"I don't have anybody's number but yours and Shinso's. Who am I going to crush?"

"You should have added your teammate's numbers at least." Toshi rolled their eyes. They couldn't see them, but it was quite obvious. 

"I've got everybody but one."

"I'm going to assume the one person who doesn't know who is who is fucking Monoma because nobody can stand him enough to give him their number."

"Hello, Great Explosion Murder Boyfriend Dinamight. I'll assume Red Boyfriend is here too then. Are you two playing?"

"Just part of the audience."

"Hello, Red Boyfriend. Too scared I'm going to crush you at knowing your own joyfriend?"

"Not scared, I am not good at this and have no musical ear."

"Whoever I'm missing is not from the UA."

"Keep on introducing yourselves, I already have The ex, I assume, aka Monoma, Red Riot and Dinamight. Oh, and Pinky, of course. Hello Pinky."

"Someone is so going to kill you when you get home, Denks *laugh emoji*" Pinky found this very amusing. 

Katsuki had not paid attention to who was in the group, he had not expected Hawks to be there. He definitely agreed with Mina.

"Don't you have better shit to do, Hawks?"

"Hello to you too, Blasty." 

"It's Dinamight for you, Bird."

"Yes, yes, of course." 

"Is that sexual tension? Oh, no, true, it can't be, so it's just jealousy then, right Dinamight?" Monoma was enjoying this new information.

"You wish, extra."

"Please, Dinamight has Hawks on speed-dial *laugh* those two are on the phone all day long." Denki still thought it was pretty weird that Katsuki tended to talk that much with Hawks.

Katsuki wrote in private. 

"I'm going to fucking murder you when you get home for adding Hawks without asking first."

"Don't be jelly, Kachan. He called to micromanage about the ex thing and I thought he would have fun if he joined, sorry. I didn't think much about it. Is it that bad?"

"No, but next time at least fucking tell us." 

"Denki, add Sero! He's going to kill you when he finds out he's missing this." Wrote Mina in the group chat.

"He can't win, he's pretty bad at this." But he added him too. "So, Rules. I say the song, you answer your best guess, I give one point for each correct answer, I tell you who won at the end."

"What's the prize?" Hawks asked. 

"Oh, I can sure suggest a prize *devil emoji*." Of course Monoma had several ideas. 

"Earphone Jack, Pinky and I are *not* interested in sex with Chargebolt, so you probably don't." Shinso would have probably answered the same if the winged fuck boy weren't in the group... But he had sure have been a great incentive to answer that.

"Hey! Don't exclude me. I don't want sex with Chargebolt either!"

"Was he so underwhelming in that Christmas party two years ago, Uravity? Bad loverboy, have you lost your touch?" Katsuki wanted to smash his head badly. Eijiro stopped him from answering, he was better at hating him in silence than his boyfriend. He didn’t have the urge to tell him he was going to crush his skull, thinking about it was enough.

"How do you even know that?!" Poor thing, Ochaco didn't know what league of gossips she was playing with right now. 

"Honey, the electric fuck boy fucked the whole UA. We know. Everybody knows." 

"You said you weren't playing, Uravity, that's why I didn't include you." Shinso clarified.

Hawks attached the question about Denki being underwhelming and losing his touch to his next message. 

"Feel free to answer that so I know what to say when the press asks me my opinion on his ex being a part of his agency *angel emoji*."

"I'm sure you already know everything about how he is in bed." Neito needed to know what was going on with that. 

"I should definitely introduce you two, you would have a lot of fun." 'And please send me the video later. I would die to see that.' He knew better than to add that. Neito knew him too well, so he answered. 

"We will make a zoom call so you can watch live if Short Fuse and Soft TetsuTetsu let go of your leash. Or maybe you are the one who has theirs *thinking emoji*."

Katsuki had to give his phone to Eijiro to avoid blasting it. He hated thinking Monoma had slept with Denki, even if it was long ago.

Denki opened the door at that moment.

"I swear to God, Pikachu, I'm going to blast Monoma so hard Recovery Girl won't find enough of him to bring him back to life." It was good he was thinking about Monoma instead of Hawks, Denki thought.

"Don't pay attention to him, it's the first time he has permission to tease me, or you since I accepted him in the agency. He's slightly off his game because he's still trying to figure out what is Hawks doing in the group. He could be way worse and way more accurate in his comments without that." 

"And Hawks just fucking said he wants you in his bed too."

"He didn't, baby, don't be unfair."

"But he does want to get into his fucking pants." Denki pulled Katsuki against him and kissed him passionately.

"Who cares about what Hawks or Neito want, Kachan? Let them think they can have me. You know better than that, don't you?" Katsuki found himself simping badly. He hadn’t been expecting Denki to answer like that.


"I can sit on your lap while I play with them, if that helps you get less jealous." He kissed him again.

"No need." He had to make an effort to snap out of it.

"They are asking for you on the chat."


Denki kissed Katsuki once again, then kissed Red and sat between the two of them in the sofa, his torso against the cuddly boyfriend's chest, his feet touching the less cuddly one's leg discretely. There were some unread messages, but the important one was Neito's, unsurprisingly.

"I would say Short Fuse has yanked his leash and he has his hands too full to answer if it wasn't because he is clearly the sub and bottom in that house." Katsuki looked pretty pissed about that. He didn't know if that information was something Denki had said in front of Monoma or what. 

"No offence, Kachan, but you give such bottom sub vibes I’m shocked nobody ever told you anything like that before. Still so very happy finding about that switch dom side you have with me." Denki smiled and winked at him, cuddling him with a foot. 

"Is Hawks a sub and a bottom too, Chargebolt? Don't try telling me you haven't gotten into his bed after what I heard+read you say about what you would do to him." Denki went quite red at home. He knew Hawks would use that against him. Hawks, who actually answered to that. 

"As much of a sub+bottom as Dinamight is, definitely." Eijiro looked at that sentence for a second. That had been unexpected.

Denki had not paid attention to that at all. 

"So many years ago." 

"Oh, please, not even those two would buy that, HawksSimpBoi." 'But if you fucked him, you covered your tracks for sure, so...' "Is he your revenge fuck or your secret lover?" 

Denki looked at them.

"Sorry, I have to answer this. You both know it's not true but it's just too easy." He then texted the gif from Road to El Dorado where the two protagonists looked at each other and went ' Both? Both? Both is good.'

The image went in exactly a second after Hawks' message. It was the same exact gif. Denki couldn't but laugh. 

"Sorry, that was too funny." 

Shinso answered with the meme where several Spidermen pointed at each other. 

"Are we sure these two aren't the same person?" 

"By the way, I think we broke the boyfriends already, they are too quiet. Jealous or pissed?" Neito was paying attention to everything. Denki rolled his eyes and asked them. 

"Can you two look unimpressed for a selfie?" 


"To shut his fucking mouth? I can do whatever it takes."

Denki took a selfie, making sure they looked very close. Eijiro was smiling his sunshine smile, he got easily pissed by Monoma, but he didn't want to let him win. Katsuki had his chin over Denki's shoulder and was raising an eyebrow. He looked quite bored.

"Don't flatter yourself, Fan-Tom. Go on, take everything out of your system now, tomorrow we are back in business, and I will kick you out mercilessly if you make any  inappropriate comment."

"So no telling you what I am about to do to Hawks in my house right now?" Denki knew it wasn't true. He assumed it wasn't true. But that... That would be hot to watch and hot to participate in. He had to think of a comeback and fast... He felt Eijiro's lips on his neck and his hand about to grab his hair. He looked at him, surprised and blushing. 

"You better not let that bastard outwit you." Eijiro couldn't stand him. 

"Language, Shitty Hair. But I fucking agree." 

"Enough with the foreplay, some of us have actual boyfriends waiting to fuck us dumb and don't have all night *clock emoji*" Denki hadn't mean to sound so honest, but they all noticed that was not banter. Hawks included. 

"OMG, too much information." Mina was enjoying the banter, but she was not used to that level of detail livestreamed.

"So glad we are not in the dorms anymore or D wouldn't let us sleep." Sero was NOT going to forget or forgive that. 

"*demon emoji* It was Short Fuse, wasn't he?" Fuck, Monoma was good. "I heard the moaning woke the whole building. Loud blondes, am I right?" Like he wasn't a loud blond himself. 

"It was definitely Denki." Mina hadn't even imagined until now it could have been Katsuki, but Sero kept on answering. "We didn't have those problems before he joined the other two."

"That probably says more about BigSoft in bed, honey, some of us have made and been made moan by bubblegum bitch here. Check your facts, half of your class can confirm the loud one wasn't him." Denki decided to change the topic, after asking both of them not to try answering to that. 

"Bubblegum Bitch is actually in the playlist, PT *manicure emoji*"

"And it's still PT’s ringtone for you." Shinso added. 

"Of course you have it, you have always loved being a fuckboy, even if you are playing married bitch for now. Until you get bored." Eijiro opened his mouth to ask about the song, Denki played it on speaker while he answered to Neito. 

"Or maybe you weren't good enough *thinking emoji*. Scared of playing or what? You are running your mouth a lot even for you. Even Hawks must be bored by now." 

"Is that what you told them to make them feel better? *kiss emoji* I could teach them a couple of things for sure."

"Oh, yes, yes, so very bored." Hawks added a gif of a pen taking notes on a paper. 

Denki kissed Eijiro to calm him down. Even if he controlled himself better than Katsuki. Denki could see the word 'sunrise' spark in Katsuki's eyes. Ups. But the best possible outcome, to be fair.

"How did any of this fucking sound like a good idea to you at any fucking point?"

"There is a strategy behind this, I promise, trust me. I still think it might work if we ever start with the game."

"What fucking strategy, Pikachu? You are not good at strategy."

"No, I'm not, but I know Neito."

"This Bubblegum Bitch song... I don't see how Monoma considers it yours."

"I fucking do. 'Consider me dumb. I wanna be adored. I'm gonna chew you and spit you out. I'll come and be your number one. Dear diary, I fell in love, dear diary, not anymore...' I would have no problem considering it his if he had broken my heart.'" 

"You are not bad at this, Blasty." 

"Don't try flattering me now. I'm still going to kill you for this little game." 

Chapter Text

"Enemy, Imagine Dragons" 


"Clearly Dinamight." 

"Obviously Dinamight." 

"Next, then."

"You are not going to tell us if we are right?"   

"No, I'll tell you if nobody answers correctly." They all assumed then they were right about this one. The song was somewhat about Monoma too, but Hitoshi had been smooth enough to tell him that in private... So they were the only one to get a point. 


"Waaait, I know that song! You used it for a Fem Riot video!"

"Is it about Kiri then?" 


"Levitating by Sía" 

"Is that mine? :3"

"It so could be yours, Uravity. Now I have to fall in love with you so it can be about you."

"And then kick yourself out of your own agency for breaking your only rule?"

"Tsk, fine, someone wanna fall in love with an amazing girl? (song included)"

"You know I'm taken, but you are the best *kiss emoji*."

"Non-poly people, what a loss."


"Build a bitch."

"I know that one! That one IS Mine :3 isn't it?"

"Good memory *wink*."

"I think I need some explanation about that one..." Eijiro was confused, Katsuki was jealous and listening. Denki played the song in case they didn't know it.

"I played it for her that Christmas because the dickhead that had just dumped her had told her several times she was not pretty like I don't know who and her legs where too fat and I don't know what other dumb stuff."

"What? Ochaco is super pretty."

"She is fucking pretty."

"It's a good 'fuck you' song. I’m a sucker for fuck you songs."

"Did you have fuck you songs in the list for Monoma?"

"No, you know my fuck you song for him. I just took out Bad Habits because it reminds me of that time of my life and Strange Addiction because even if it wasn't about him at all, he would have thought it was and he wouldn’t have believed me if I had said I just like it."


The group kept on analyzing.

"This one is in Korean. Is it about the lyrics?" 

"He has a cosplay video with this song too." 

"*I* have a cosplay video, you mean ;)" Hawks linked it.

Denki blushed. Every time Hawks shut for a couple of songs, he completely forgot the older pro hero was playing. Hawks knowing his cosplay videos so well felt embarrassing, and too nice. He didn't mean to look at Katsuki after blushing, but he glanced at him. He was not happy, but he didn’t seem to be about to blast the hell out of him.

What really surprised him was Eijiro whispering, his lips right next to his ear. 

"You are so going to pay for having a Hawks' song..." Oh, boy... that sent all kinds of shivers down Denki's spine.

He looked at him, surprised. He only saw the attitude for a second, then it melted away in a slightly pissed smile (that was about Monoma, not about Hawks). 

"It might not be just one?" He just hoped nobody would notice any of the other ones. "I wasn't counting on Hawks playing or watching this, so I didn't count on taking any of his out. Don't take them too seriously." Katsuki knew he had sex related songs for Hawks, he had told him before. Katsuki might not like that, but Denki expected him to forget it when he saw there were A LOT of songs that were his. 

Toshi had been nice enough to tell him in private when the next one appeared, but Hawks was now hunting for them. It was 'No lie', he had a cosplay video as Hawks with the chorus of that one, he liked the dance... But he could not upload it because he knew Hawks and Katsuki would see it and they would both KNOW he had Ideas when he paid attention to that song. It was good that someone voted for someone else before Hawks sent the message. He literally pasted a part of the lyrics.

"Feel your eyes, they're all over me

Don't be shy, take control of me.

I'm going to vote this one has my name written all over it *smirk emoji*." Denki pressed his lips, so so busted.

Eijiro made sure to make a finger run down his spine to make him shiver.

"I bet you imagine him singing that to you." The accuracy killed him, making him blush again. He couldn't even deny it. 

"What the fuck?" 

"Come on, Katsuki, we already knew he has his head full of feathers."

Denki answered in the group chat as a way to avoid answering anything at home, looking all focused to his phone. 

"What an ego *laughing emoji*" 

Hawks' private message was almost immediate. 

"So you're not denying it then *smirk emoji* That’s a dance trend and surprisingly you have not uploaded any video to it even if Pinky did, why would that be? *thinking emoji*" 


Denki appreciated the change of pace with the next one, a really short extract of a musical song. He laughed immediately, recovered, and pointed at them to listen while he made it sound on the speakers and sang towards Eijiro. 

"Morning sleepyhead, you've been resting for a while. I swore that you were dead when you washed up on my isle. Did you know you talk in your sleep. Tell me though, who's that Katsuki." He changed Penelope to Katsuki, then he used Eijiro's hair over his to symbolize it was him for a line.

"He's my wife." 

"Anyways, I've got all you could want here, all you could need here, just you and me my dear, my love for life (...) 

I'm what you want here, I'm what you need here. Just you and me, my love in Paradise. Now till the end of time. From here on out you're mine, all mine." He pointed at Katsuki for the man part now, making explody hands. 

"Hell no, I could kill you where you stand. I'm no pet, I'm a married man." 

"Oh, handsome you may try, but last I checked goddesses can't die."

“You’re adorable, bow down to the immortal Calypso,” That ‘bow down’ came with a sexual movement included, just because it was impossible for him to think of the words bow, pet, beg and kneel without thinking about sex. “here to entertain. But fear not, I bring no pain, cause we got all we could want here, all we could need here, under my spell we are stuck in paradise. (…)” He pointed at Blasty again in the next male part. 

"No, no, I don't belong here, there's something wrong here, I won't be drown to love in paradise. Not till the end of time. There is no way-" He couldn’t help himself, he picked Katsuki’s chin and neared his mouth to sing the last sentence.

"You're mine, all mine." He winked at Kachan and licked his lips playfully before sitting against Kirishima again. 

Monoma couldn’t but ask.

"Since when do you know musical bops *I* don't know?" 

"Calypso's first song from Epic the Musical, you *have* to watch it, you are going to be OBSESSED. Seriously, the new Hamilton." And for a second, there was no teasing or hard feelings between those two, just some kind of musical nerd understanding. 

"Is it Katsuki's then?" Eijiro asked, confused but really happy to see Denki flirt with the explosive blond. Denki kissed Eijiro. 

"It's kinda our relationship. It started being yours and then you dragged him to my secret island and he didn't want to be drowned to love in paradise with the both of us." 

"It's Bakubro's." Sero tried.

"I could see it being for both. It’s a musical, it wouldn’t be hard to be played with two male characters" Neito was really good. 

"OMG! I think Monoma is right! This is how you three started, isn't it?" 

"Extra points for Mina for the context." 

"Change your pro hero name to Calypso, I beg you. Do I get all of the points if I know which line is whose and why? I know every second of how you three started and this song is so so so fitting *devil emoji* *sunglasses emoji*" 

"Be my guest, Mina, all the points for you if you have it right." 'And an excess of information on mushy lovey things for Neito.' 


He had seen the next Hawks' song approach, and the title was flashy enough so they would know who that was about before even listening to it... He felt the urge to skip over it “accidentally” or try to erase it. It was a bad idea, but at home that might be the hardest one to pass. And Hawks would NOT let that one pass. He was still looking for a way out when Red neared his ear again. 

"I don't think we need to read the lyrics to the next one. We all know who you get dirty thoughts about." He whispered, making him shiver. Katsuki didn't look so happy. 

"I get dirty thoughts about a lot of people."

"Don't fucking try to hide it, it's pretty obvious." If it wasn't because there were a fuckton of songs about them and even more especially about Katsuki, sexual songs included, he would be really pissed and feeling really insecure. 'Sunrise' was still pretty much written all over his face, but he was quite soft and quite impressed by now, even if this song was stinging like crazy. He had never expected the small blonde to think so much about him or about them. He looked like he didn’t think much about anything in general… And it seemed he had them always on his mind and on his headphones.

Denki wrote in the group chat. 

"Dirty Thoughts by Chloe Adams."

"I am so shocked you didn't skip through that one knowing your boyfriends are looking *smirk emoji*" Fucking Monoma... 

"Oh, but they know, no reason to hide it. *shrug emoji*” He played cool in the chat, knowing that would throw Neito and his theories off, because he sure was expecting Denki to be cheating on them. Everybody seemed to be expecting him to cheat on them with Hawks. “How long ago did you take the screenshot you were planning to throw at me for trying to skip it, chaos loving maniac?"

Neito answered with a screenshot from 15 minutes ago.

Eijiro looked at the phone and exploded, pissed. He really lost his mind one out of two times Monoma said anything.

“Who does that!? He’s so paranoid!”

“Oh, yes, he is. And he was right, I was really tempted to try and skip it discretely.”

“Your fucking boyfriend answered.” Katsuki moved his phone.

"But when you hold me

In the fantasy, it's so convincing

I shouldn't think the things I'm thinking

But now I've gone and let them sink in, ah

The more that I push 'em away

The more that you're stuck in my brain

The more I mentally undress, I confess" Hawks was enjoying far too much pasting parts of his songs in the chat. He could definitely identify with this song too. He had chosen that extract for a reason. "There was no point on skipping it, it's not like he could hide his dirty thoughts about me." Hawks was very very happy with the three songs he had already found about himself. He also had doubts about some others, but he had preferred not to include himself on any that looked like Dinamight's.

Dinamight was, in fact, answering something for the first time in a long while. 

"Of course we fucking know you two get dirty thoughts about each other. You two have been pining for each other all over the fucking country." 

“…You are exaggerating that a lot, Kachan… Yes, fine, Hiroshima, but that was all.”

"We could pine way more *sunglasses* We are press-boyfriends after all, it could be a whole love/sex story" Hawks answered, he didn't want to tease the other two in front of the others, and he didn’t give the wrong impression to his team. He really wanted to answer something about the feather and who pined for whom and how and when. He wrote a private message to Dinamight, but tried to play nice instead.

"If you are jealous, I can publicly pine for you too *wink*." 

"I couldn't be less fucking interested." 'Oh, but you are, and I know, even if it is just to make the little one horny.' 

"I’m shocked you are ok with him having so many Hawks' songs, I didn't know you were so evolved, you look like a very jealous" 'Pomeranian.' "mouse." Denki didn't know if the change from the Pomeranian he knew he had thought to mouse was better.

"Who are you fucking calling mouse, extra?" Denki intervened at home. 

"Ignore him, Blasty, the only victory he can get from this game is making you mad or making us fight. He’s trying to piss you for a reason."

"I'm gonna fucking kill him, I swear to you." 

"I know." When he looked at the group, there was a comment from Sero. 

"Chargebolt's type: men with a god complex. Discuss." 

"There's nothing to discuss, that's obvious." Shinso confirmed. 


"Agreed." Even Monoma publicly agreed to that. 

“Was I the last one to notice? Yes, probably *upside down smile*”.


"Aren't there way too many songs about Short Fuse and too few about Strawberry Dude? *thinking emoji*." 

Denki was expecting that question from Neito, he had even explained it to his hubbies before starting just in case. He pasted a screenshot were some of the lists’ names were shown. They each had a list of their own, there was also a Musicals list, a Family list, and some more. 

"Ei's are too slow to train to *wink emoji*"

"Sure, sure." 

"This is the morning run playlist I use with Ka, he can't handle that much sappiness." 

"So fucking sappy." He answered in the group. 

Denki added a screenshot of some of the songs in Eijiro's list. Even the titles were already quite mushy. Monoma answered again with a puking emoji.



"I know that one! We saw you sing it to them at karaoke night *flame emoji*"

Hawks smiled in his house, remembering quite too well the sunrise and Dinamight singing it.   

"Is it for both of them? I was voting just for Dinamight *thinking emoji*" Eijiro didn’t know what that was about, but the other two looked away quite unconvincingly so Hawks was definitely right. That was the second time Eijiro had noticed something weird about some of Hawks answers, like he knew things he didn’t… He would have to ask Denki later.


Monoma had definitely grown quieter with time. Now, nearing the end of the playlist he complained again. 

"Every single fucking song is about one of them. *puking emoji*" 

"At least 10 % aren’t, but you had noticed without analyzing them, where you expecting to be wrong?" 

"So sappy. So tame. What a pity. You used to be fun."

Denki had to stop himself instead of instinctively answering with a tease. He went for the sappy answer instead. 

"I am in love, it happens." 

"*puking rainbows gif* So many mushy songs, so embarrassing." 

"I find it sweet." 

"Me too." 

"Nobody can drag me down is about family, right? The last one." Shinso was the one getting the tricky ones. The hubbies were the only ones who had received all of the answers until now. 

"It is." 

"One Direction song and is for your family? That’s superweird *laughing*" 

"My best support team everrrrrrr *string of heart emojis*." 


"So, unsurprisingly, Phantom Thief won, followed closely by Mind Jack. You were two points down, sib. Congratulations, PT. I hope you are happy." 'Without me.' 

"Sure, great victory." No teasing, no attitude, no nothing. He had broken him. Again. He felt sad for him. He couldn't show that in front of them though. They both noticed a mask he was not used to wear anymore with them come up. 


Shinso sent him a message in private. 

"You broke him. Congratulations." 


"No, I mean it. I’m tired of him not getting over you more than you are. Let's hope it is as cathartic as it looks like." 

Denki showed the hubbies the message from his sib. 

"You broke his heart again. I dislike him, but..."

"I broke his heart a long time ago. I told you I had a good reason to do this and that it might work. He is just too stubborn. And he knows I used to come back to him time and time again. Too many times. But that was a really long time ago. This was just a reminder. And I'm pretty sure he sees Hawks as his replacement right now, and if he does, he knows he's not getting to be the rebound ever again. He is not delusional, he knows he can’t compete with Hawks in any aspect." Unlike Katsuki. 

"Hawks is also very silent." Added Eijiro. 

Denki should be glad about that, he thought. He wasn’t. 


Like he had been summoned, Hawks wrote in private.   

"So much love in a playlist."

Denki was sure not going to enjoy this conversation that much, he knew he had to do what he had done with Neito. 

"I am in love *shrug emoji*" He repeated the mushy protective answer. Hawks noticed.

"It's pretty obvious, yes. Good night, Chargebolt." 

"Good night, Hawks." He smiled to his hubbies, trying not to show how sad it was for him. He had not understood correctly that interaction, he had not given the meaning he should to the use of 'Chargebolt', he was sure this had pushed Hawks away the same way it had pushed Neito.

"It seemed I killed two birds with one stone." A part of him knew this was for the best, another part of him liked to think Hawks was interested in him at least half of what he was interested in the pro hero. Even if that was going nowhere, both his hubbies insisted so much on it... Neito probably felt the same way about him. He wasn't aware at all of how much the disappointment about maybe killing that second bird showed. 

His boyfriends looked at each other, then Katsuki changed to what he considered the important part.

"Are you a really fucking good strategist who was trying to push Hawks away?" He was both surprised and impressed. 

"No, I'm not. Once everything started to roll, I knew it could happen, but he has never been that interested in me anyway." 'Even if I definitely wanted him to be.' "My reasons to add Hawks were just business."

"Don't fucking lie to us." 

"I'm not lying. I know my people. Now both you and him are aware of how much Neito and Toshi know me. And Mina, Sero and Uraraka know that too. Jiro already knew but everyone involved now knows how intelligent Neito can be. He is a menace, he is too smart for his own good. He is always three steps ahead. He only messes up when feelings are involved because he doesn't know how to deal with them." 'Which was actually the case here.' 

"You added us because you wanted us to see why you want him in your team."

"I wanted you to have a peak of my mind. I wanted you to understand he is a good ally, and I don't have him in my team for the wrong reasons. He will grow suspicious, and we will probably fight about this tomorrow because he'll choose to focus on me exposing him in front of everybody over focusing in what he can't deny. Because now he can't lie to himself about me being hopelessly in love with you."

"But he won... You didn't expose him. You congratulated him."

"Congratulating him was probably a mistake on my part. He will use it to fight me too. I don't think you care at all, but in case you do, he actually lost against Toshi. We don't need him to know that. That's peace of mind for me too. It is exhausting knowing your ex knows you so well he can wreck you in a million ways."

"But now he fucking knows you are out of his reach." Katsuki understood.

"I hope so, yes."

"That was a very good strategy."

"It just fell into place nicely, that's all."

He looked at his phone again, feeling like crap. It was a very bittersweet victory. He had destroyed any possible dumb sexual attraction Hawks had for him, even if he couldn't act on it. He had hurt Neito again, which meant tomorrow was going to be war at work. Even if he did his best not to show it, he had lost most of his joy for the game.


The conversation with Hawks was still open on his screen when he unlocked it. His eyes fell on it. The winged hero had sent another message while he was talking with the guys. They saw him turn bright red in a matter of seconds. Katsuki saw the glance his way. He didn't get what that was about. 

"What, baby?" The second Eijiro tried to look at his phone, Denki pushed it Katsuki's way with too much strength, flustered as he could be. He had never tried to hide anything before... And it made no sense hiding it from the redhead, who was not a jealous person. "What...?"

Katsuki managed to catch the phone mid-air, frowning because of how he had blushed then he read the message. Now he understood a lot of things about his reaction.

"By the way, I thought you said you weren't a strategist, but playing this little game with your ex, your boyfriends, your sibling, Pinky and me in here tells a completely different story. You are an expert on playing dumb and unassuming to get what you want. You keep on surprising me. You amaze me very much, Chargebolt. Go tell whoever is in charge of the feather tonight to give you a treat ;) it's on me. Unless you wanna wait and wake me up at sunrise today too."

If Denki's reaction hadn't been so visceral, trying to protect Katsuki (who didn't actually need protecting, because as he had promised, he had told Eijiro about sunrises), the explosive blond would have been really mad and really jealous of the comment. But the reaction and the playlist and him exposing himself this much trying to reassure them about Monoma appeased him.

"Hawks is a fucking brat." He gave the phone to the redhead so he could read the message. Denki looked at him, worried. Red laughed hard.

"Oh, yes. It is pretty obvious. Yes." 


Hawks saw the message had been read. Denki usually answered and answered fast, but it had not been the case today. He remembered the whole 'Some of us have actual boyfriends to fuck.' Maybe they were already having sex. Hawks looked at the things he had been taking notes about, then listened to Bubblegum Bitch. He laughed on his own, listening to the song. Oh, yes, he could definitely understand why Phantom Thief had that as a ring tone for Chargebolt. It was a pity he wasn't said Bubblegum Bitch anymore, they would have had a lot of fun, then. He set the part of Dirty Thoughts he had pasted in the chat as his ring tone for the electric hero, instead. 

Chapter Text

Eijiro had them both hugged, the three of them relaxed and cuddling over the sheets and under the fan. 

"It has gotten a little out of hand." Eijiro said, caressing Katsuki's back and Denki's hair. 

"You two always say that, it's not like we ever go soft. I don't think it got out of hand." He stretched and yawned. "At least for me." He looked at Katsuki and winked at him with a loving smile. They kissed over Eijiro's body. 

"I... It's fucking embarrassing. But hot. But don't fucking dare talking about it. And it was hard." 

"No need to talk about anything, dirty talking next sunrise on the other hand..." Katsuki blasted him. Denki chuckled. "Too hard?" 

"Ask me in some hours... You forgot about the feather." He was still surprised about that. 

"I forgot about... Oh." Yes, he had even forgotten that was actually a thing they had touched at all. He shrugged. "You are WAY more interesting than any feather. And it makes me horny when you use it against me, but you don't care about Hawks and I want you horny, so I focus on what I think could make you horny. Did you want it that badly?" He caressed his face, knowing this was the only moment when Katsuki not just wanted heavy cuddling, but also needed it. He would bark at them soon enough to get out of bed and start moving and go running and have breakfast and be responsible. 

"I don't give a fuck about the feather."

"...Do you two always use the feather?" 

"He always uses it on me, yes, every sunrise we are awake. Why?"

"Did you tell Hawks Katsuki uses the feather on you?" 

"... I really don't know what you guys think I talk about with Hawks, but I don't talk to him about our sex life, or sex in general. At all. But he feels it, I'm pretty sure he knows we use it. I mean, you read the message, he knows."

"And you haven't talked about Katsuki dominating you."   

"... That would be Bonery, are you trying to ask me if I'm cheating on you again?" I thought we were over that a long time ago. 

"Oh, no, sorry, baby, no. I have... I have a theory. You know I know all of the things related to Crimson Riot, right? And Katsuki knows everything related to All Might."

"Yeah, so?" 

"You didn't know about the rubbing and the feathers, right?" 

"No, I didn't. There's a lot of rumors about Hawks' quirk, he's very secretive about it and he works alone. When they ask him in interviews, he just does that thing he does where you can't be sure if he's telling the truth or messing with you. So I know more or less the same you two know, why?"

"Would it be possible for him to listen through them?" 

Katsuki went dead pale. Denki answered like they were talking about a remote theory.

"It's one of the theories of the things he can do with them, yes, feeling the vibrations of the air, some say, others just say he can literally listen and see through them." It was clear Denki was skeptical. "Do you really think he can?" 

"Why are you so fucking relaxed about this?" 

"We just had an amazing fuck... Why wouldn't I be relaxed?" Denki looked confused. He had got tense thinking they were insisting about the cheating again, this was just theories.

"Because he would have fucking listened to all of our fucks?" 

"I mean... I used to think it was too far-fetched, I didn't believe he would feel the feathers either, BUT even if he were able to listen... So what? You use it to wake him up and make him horny and give him a boner, that's what you always say when you use it," Kachan "so if he really can listen through his feathers, I don't know, now he'll probably want you to fuck his brains out even more." Denki was too relaxed to care. 

"He would have fucking listened to what you did to me today..." He was going to DIE. And then he was going to kill him. 

"So? He would have listened to what you have done to me for a month." Or however much time they had been doing this. "Sex is sex."

"It would be fucking embarrassing..." Katsuki was too embarrassed to react to this. He also didn't want to believe it. Denki kissed him, his face still in his hand. 

"Blasty, you are WAY more of a narrator than I am. You talk A LOT when you are going hard on me.  And you have been way harder on me than I was with you today. He has a 'how to make Chargebolt dumb in bed in three steps' playbook for sure. If he really can use them to listen." He passed his chest over Eijiro to be closer to the explosive blond, who seemed to be freaking out. "Want me to burn it? Just in case."

"Would you burn it?" They were both shocked about that. 

"Yes, of course I would burn it if that made you feel better, Kachan."

"It's burning fucking All Might's gloves." He had remembered the way he had explained it to him that morning. 

"So? I love you more than All Might's gloves, Blasty." He smiled and kissed him. 

"Shut up, you dumbass." He was blushing and grunting now. "I love you more than All Might's gloves too." Denki chuckled lightly.   


"Shut up, Sharky, that goes for you too." 

"I know, baby, but you two are just too cute with your fanboy memorabilia references."

"Do you wanna know? He's a player and a fuck boy, and I wouldn't believe his answer asking him right away, because he's so going to answer he has all of the powers in the world, but I'm pretty sure if I touch the feather and tell him to call me if he can hear me, he will. If he can hear me. Or I can just burn it and we can forget about it and never think about it again. Do you wanna know?". 

"...I don't fucking know. I want him to not have listened."

"I can't do anything about the past." If Eijiro was right. "Want me to ask him and then tell you he didn't listen no matter what he answers?" 

"You fucking lie to me, I fucking kill you, Sparky." 

"OK, OK. I am not saying I want to lie to you, I just don't know what I can do to make it easier for you." 'Because you made this mess as big as it is right now for you. If he has really been listening.'

"I don't fucking know either. How can you not give a fuck?" 

"Oh, no, I do give a fuck, Boom Boom Boy. I wouldn't like him playing with me, or with us without telling us he's doing it. Wanna listen to us? Ask me to call you while we do, and I'll decide if I want to, or you'll decide for both of us and probably call him and mute him because you seem to get a kick out of making him horny."

"I fucking don't."

"Why do you use his feather on me, then, knowing he feels it? I doubt you would have used it that much without knowing he feels it." Katsuki didn't know how to answer to that. "No kink shaming, I'm way kinkier than you are. I can imagine him teasing you to call him while you fuck me and use the feather on me. Can you imagine yourself calling him to make him hear me moan?" Because that sounded a lot like sunrise Katsuki to him. 

"... Probably..." Katsuki was pretty aware of how out of hand he tended to get. 

"It would drive me crazy, it would drive him crazy, it would make you feel powerful, we all get a kick out of it, it's kinky, we all agreed on it, who cares. But him spying on us? I care about that. I would expect him to say something, like he did about the touching. And I would expect him to have teased me more with some of the things he would have heard. So either he's being sneaky or he can't listen. I wouldn't be surprised if he is being sneaky. He is sneaky in general. His job as a pro hero is being sneaky." He had just decided he was going to ask no matter what Katsuki needed. Denki needed to make things clear with him. 

Seeing Denki so serious and so focused and with ideas so clear about anything had them both flabbergasted. He still looked calm, but they were starting to see the storm brewing. 

"I don't think I like being fucking kinky." 

Denki lost all of his seriousness and laughed. 

"I loooove how kinky you are. I forget a lot you are not aware of how kinky you are, cause you really are super kinky, Blasty. Haven't you read smutty fics? I have always known what kinks I like because they are tagged in horny fics."

"Do you read fics? I have never seen you read fics. I used to read Crimson Riot fics in middle school." 

"You should so read Dinamight fics. People doesn't have a clue about Kachan, but they are fun. Yours are just mostly porn, they are OK, but they are not that fun, they are just 'he was huge and had a huge dick'." Eijiro laughed. 

"You read fics about us? I never thought there would be fics about us!" 

"Pf, there's fics about Blasty since first year, come on."

"Are there fics about you?" 

"Months ago and there weren't any, no. I checked on all of the class I think."

"People write fucking porn about me?" 

"Not just porn. Emotional porn too. They write fics about you and you falling in love with people and becoming number one and things like that, yes. And a lot of porn, obviously, there's porn for everything. Everyone is kinky." Eijiro's first alarm started ringing. "It has gotten pretty late. What do you want to do about the feather?" 

"I don't know. I don't fucking want to see it right now. I don't think I wanna see it ever again." Before Denki offered to burn it, again, he corrected himself. "Maybe I will when I get fucking horny because it seems I'm kinky like that." so fucking embarrassing. Denki chuckled lightly. "I just don't want to see it now." The electric blonde kissed him. 

"I'll clean the doom room and put it away then." 'And I'll talk to Hawks, because I need to know and I need to make clear what consent means if he doesn't know it.'




Denki had been brewing about the Hawks topic so much he had completely forgotten about Neito... But he had been right about his reaction. They knew each other too well. 

The playlist game had been a great idea in the sense that it had worked. It had worked so well, Neito was feeling broken-hearted again. And broken-hearted Neito was a dick. It was the first time he was a dick to his teammates, so except for Shinso, everyone else was really surprised or hurt and had tried to solve things with him. Then Denki had arrived from his shift at Fat Gum's. He had talked to them alone, one by one, to reassure them this was not about them, and they should drop it, then he had faced Neito.

And Neito had pushed. For a second, Shinso had thought maybe he wouldn't be able to make Denki snap. Just for a hot second. Then they were the one to stop the team from trying to split them up, reminding them Denki had just told them not to listen to Neito, as team leader he would get him off their backs. 

They yelled at each other. Neito insulted him, said very hurtful things. Neito did his best to make him bleed internally like he was bleeding.

Denki had found himself surprisingly OK. But he had faked a hurt face and teary eyes, he had yelled back, he had used his frustration against Hawks for that too. And that had worked. If he hadn't done that, Neito would have kept pushing and trying to break him and he would have ended up doing this for days, if not finding new, unhealthy and dangerous ways to do so. He didn't have time for that. This way it had been just a matter of hours. He had stormed out, letting all of his repressed anger at him snap and take control, not needing to fake the urge to get away from Neito. As soon as Shinso texted him letting him know the other blond had gone away, he had come back to his team. 

"Are you OK?" Uraraka wanted to hug him, she had heard some of the things Neito had said and she was heartbroken too. The blonde hero gestured to stop her, his body tense. 

"I'm OK, don't worry. I just had to act like I was more hurt than I was." 

"I don't understand, he was doing well, he's a good teammate. What happened to him?" 

Denki took her away and answered in private.

"The playlist game reminded him we are never getting back together."

"...Didn't he know that already?" 

"Yes. He knows that. And he knows he has known that for a long time now. It's complicated. Pain is not a line. You don't just get to the end of it and then it fades away. I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid." He still remembered the video where he called him expendable pawn. He hoped Neito's twisted mind would consider Chargebolt wasn't big enough yet for him to use it against him. 

When they came back to the rest of the team, they were all thinking the same thing.

"I am not sure someone this unstable should be a part of the team, Chargebolt." Tokoyami had promised he would tell him if he changed his mind. 

"I understand that. Could you give him two days? Two days. If in two days he has not started to act professionally again, I'll kick him out."

"He usually calms down after exploding." Explained Shinso to their teammates. "Chargebolt helped him explode, he should calm down." They weren't sure two days would be enough. "He really is doing better. We have been best friends since they broke up. This is nothing." 

"That is nothing? I was scared..." 

"It was unbearable."

"How can he have so much hate inside?" 'Because it's not hate, Ochaco.' 

"Let's keep on working, shall we? I know it's late and we are all tired, but we have progressed a lot and I don't want this to stop us."



Katsuki received a message from Shinso. For some reason they felt more comfortable writing to him.  

"D fought with Neito. In case he acts weird. He says he's fine."

"Thanks, we'll take care of him." Fucking Monoma.

Chapter Text

Denki called Hawks.

"Hello, Chargebolt." He smiled at the other end of the phone, about to tease him about this morning, but Denki's words stopped him.

"Hello, Takami." He used his family name on purpose to distance himself, his voice firm and serious. He had never before referred to him that way. Hawks was a private person, but his name had become public knowledge after what had happened years ago. In any case, Denki had never used anything but his hero name until now. He understood that was his way to tell him he was not talking with a pro hero he admired but a person he barely knew. Hawks had never heard Denki be serious either. He let him talk.

Denki took way more than usual to resume.

"I value consent and my privacy, both in sex and in my private life. Knowing how much you protect your privacy I had expected you to understand that. Still, you have breached both of mine." 'I didn't expect that from you.' "I hope you respect me enough not to lie about it to my face." 'If you treat me like I'm dumb now...' Denki didn't know Hawks. He didn't know how he would react. If Hawks reacted badly, he was going to break his heart more than he was wishing to accept. Even if he wasn't in love with him, he had somewhat started to consider him a friend by now. This betrayal felt so serious he couldn't just ignore it. 

"I won't. I respect you enough not to lie to you about it." It was easy knowing what he was talking about. Hawks hadn't been held accountable in a personal relationship for so long. He had not have any personal relationships in so long. Nobody had asked him to show them respect or even care. People came and went from his life, and he had been mostly alone, his relationships were mostly professional and hierarchical. But not with Chargebolt.

"I would have preferred you respecting me enough to tell me the same day you told me you could feel it when someone touched it." 

"You didn't need to know then. I respected your privacy that night. That part of my quirk is just useful if it's not public."

"We are talking about sex, Takami, not war. Don't bullshit me. You respected my privacy that time, but you didn’t feel like doing it the rest of the mornings." 

"Your boyfriend explicitly invited me to participate." Denki huffed, frustrated. That was true. Still grey, but true.

"I'm starting to understand my dad." 'And I owe them a call, so let's pay them a visit instead. Let’s keep on with the self-destruction cycle.'

"Your dad?” Denki wasn’t aware he had said that out loud.

"Not the topic at hand." He could explain it to him, but he couldn't lose focus, he needed to make it clear he was not going to accept this around himself or his partners. "If there is anything else I should know or any other way you are bending the rules around my privacy and my consent, I would like to know now."

"There is nothing else. I feel everything that happens around any of my feathers. Any vibration around the feather, I assume you know sounds are just vibrations. I think you know everything else you need to know."

"I wouldn't be so sure, I have been quite too dumb around you. Humor me, overexplain."

"You might have been too trustful, not too dumb." 'That is even worse, there shouldn't be a thing as too trustful amongst friends.' Aizawa was going to burn him alive. 

"Humor me." He repeated.

"I can feel it, I can make it softer or harder, I can move it. I haven't done those last two with your feather. I did make it softer once because I couldn't hear clearly." He wasn’t expecting that.


"You might not have been the only one who lowered his guard and got too comfortable, Denki." Denki hated liking to hear that. He wished that sentence hadn't made him softer. He wished him using his name sounded like they were friends for real. He maintained the serious mask anyway. 

"I won't lower my guard ever again around you if something like this happens again. I was too comfortable and too trustful because that's who I am. I liked being like that around you, I refuse to think that was a mistake." 'Please, please, don't prove me wrong.' "But I have been disrespected before, I learnt to respect myself the hard way. And I won't forgive you hurting my partners going through grey areas ever again." 


"Was I too trusting about the money too?" 

"...You were not trusting about the money at all." 

"Money can be a weapon. And I was trusting enough to accept it because it was you and I trusted you as a person, not as the famous top of the chart pro hero Hawks." 

"I'm not playing with your agency. I'm not hiding anything related to the money."

"Are you hiding anything related to the feather?" 

"I was. I'm not anymore. Now you know everything there is to know." 

"Good." Denki didn't like leaving the conversation like that, but he didn't have the heart to say much else, he felt exposed with someone he didn't know if he could trust anymore. He didn't know how to act. "Bye, Takami." 

"Denki." The name made him stop. "Call me Keigo." Denki inhaled deeply, he would have simped badly if he had told him this at any other moment. He didn't sound softer, but he was. 

"Stop using my hero name to make me simp for you, it will become a liability if you are right and I end up in a meaningful position in the ranking. Use my hero’s name just for work related stuff." 

"I will. And for the rest?" Denki didn't want to cave so soon after being firm around him. He remembered Fat Gum’s teachings. He didn’t want him to know he had managed to soften him enough to forgive him already. He couldn't lower his guard just yet. He inhaled deeply. 

"Ask me another day." 

"OK, then. Goodbye, Chargebolt."

"Goodbye, Keigo." 




Hizashi opened the door and found Denki standing there. 

"I hope you are not coming to pay your frustration over your bad decisions with us, because I'll kick you out." Aizawa said from the kitchen, even without having laid eyes on him yet. 

"No, I came to apologize." 

"To whom?" 

"To both of you, but mostly to you, Dad." That surprised even Shinso. Shinso who just warned Katsuki again Denki was there and To Apologize to Aizawa about something. That was weird. That was worrisome.


Hizashi hugged him and stepped to the side to let him in. They knew those two were bad at talking, so they just let them talk. Denki stopped in front of his former homeroom teacher. 

"I don't trust authority figures, men even less. I don't trust father figures, you knew that from day one, I guess. I didn't trust my biological family. I have grown to trust you and love you, but I’ve made some mistakes along the way. A lot of mistakes, and I apologize for that. But I still hate having rules imposed on me, and I hate rules that don't make sense. They usually are just a way to exert power and I hate people forcing my hand. So I bend the rules. Always. Around him. Around you. At school. Everywhere. Since I can remember. Eijiro and Katsuki asked me recently not to do so around them. I discovered today that a friend" he was pretty sure after the 'call me Keigo' thing he could call him that, even if he still didn't know if he could trust him. "had been walking through the grey areas of my trust. It hurts because I trusted them." Aizawa was not going to talk, he knew. It was torture. "I know 'I was a traumatized kid' is not an excuse for how I have behooved in the past." It was the reason, but not an excuse. "But I was. And I didn't trust you and I didn't trust anyone completely, not even Hizashi. But I am not that kid anymore. And I love you and respect you as a person, as a pro hero and as a father figure. I'm sorry I broke your trust so many times." Aizawa wasn't expecting any of this. He wasn’t good at forgetting nor forgiving.

"So you want me to forget it so you can do it again?" 

"Sho!" Hizashi complained. Denki made a reassuring gesture to Present Mic. 

"As far as I can tell right now, I don't think that is something that can be forgotten, even if you can forgive it or understand the reasons why the person did it. I am not asking you to forgive me. I know you enough to know you won't forget it either. I am only asking you to give me a chance to prove you I grew up, I changed. I'm not that kid anymore. Thanks to both of you."

"You are still a pain." 

"And I will always be. I'm not that kid, but I'm still me." He smiled softly. "Bending the rules is considering cheating in my relationship now." 

"... You will cheat on them anyway." Hizashi wanted to kill him right now.

"I have had the opportunity to do so, easier than ever, with a person I was dying to sleep with, and I didn't. I don't lie to them, I won't lie to them. I won't cheat on them by their measure of cheating. Anyway, I just came to apologize for that."

"Because someone did it to you."   

"Because I had a taste of what it is accepting someone you barely know into your life, with your arms wide open, and for them to break your trust and then lie about it for some time, yes. I guess I think it's time to break some unhealthy cycles in my life." 

"Should we be worried?" 

"Oh, no, nothing to worry about. I just wanted to tell you before getting back to my hubbies." He turned to Hizashi too. "I apologize." Which was not exactly the same as being sorry. Hizashi hugged him.

"Thank you, sweetie. Are you OK?"

"It has been a long day, but I'm fine, just thinking and remembering stuff. The guys made me remember things about my first years with you. I love you a lot. You are the only family I have ever needed."

"We love you too, sweetie."

"I still don't trust you." 'If I trust you after what you just said and you break my trust, that I won't be able to justify.'

"I understand that. Mending the broken trust takes time. It's not about what I can say. But you'll see, Dad." He smiled a tiny confident smile. Aizawa signed as an answer. 

"I'll be looking, Small Loud." Denki smiled and signed back.

"I'll make you proud." His hand doubted a second. He lowered it. He raised it again to sign. "I can tell you what happened. With my biological family. I'm ready."

That shocked them both. Hizashi hugged him tightly.

"There's no need, sweetie."

"I know. But I think it's time. Let me just text so they don't wait for me for dinner. Blasty is going to kill me."




Denki was emotionally exhausted when he arrived home. It was late. Katsuki had been sleeping for a while and Eijiro had started falling asleep in the sofa.

"Hey, baby, I didn't want to go to bed without being sure you were OK."

"I'm fine. I hate feeling talks, seriously. Never again." He hugged him and let him hug him back.

"Let's go to bed, come on."

"No... Sorry, I gotta wake Kachan up. He's gonna kill me, I know."

"Should I worry?"

"I talked to Hawks. And then with my dads, but that part is not as important for you guys."

"Everything that is important for you is important for us."

"I know, I know, just not important enough to wake him up."


Katsuki rubbed his eyes. He didn't like being woken up, but he would have lied if he had said he was not worried about Denki, so seeing him back was enough to soften the grumpiness.

"I talked to Hawks. He confirmed he can listen with his feathers. He also confirmed he listened to us."

"I'm gonna fucking kill him."

"I told him I wouldn't accept him lying to me and playing us ever again. He said he won't do anything like that again, but I won't ask you to trust him. I'm sorry I didn't know he could listen, I know him knowing some of the things he knows is a huge deal for you."

"It's not your fucking fault, Pikachu. And as you said, he knows way more about you."

"It's just sex. I'm not worried about him telling anybody."

"Well, I fucking am." He took his phone and sent Hawks an audio message. "If you tell anybody about what you heard I'll fucking shred you to pieces."

"... Did you just send Hawks an audio threatening him...?" Well, threatening him Kachan style.

"Yes. Why the fuck are you looking at me like that?"

"No, no, nothing..."

"Hello, Dinamight. Your secret is safe with me. Whatever happens between us four is nobody's business but ours. I hope my secret is safe with you too. Your secret might stain your public image, my secret might get me killed."

"Don't be so fucking dramatic."

"He's not wrong. He uses the feathers for spying missions. If people knew about that, villains would know what to look for."

"Your secret is fucking safe with us. We know a thing or two about fucking secrets that might get you killed." Denki left the room. Katsuki couldn't help himself. The last sentence sounded way more serious than all of the other ones together. It was the only real threat. "You hurt him, I'll be your fucking nightmare."


Hawks felt the feather move. There was no caressing it. He assumed it was Katsuki about to break it. He was still shocked he hadn't done it before. 

Denki offered it to Katsuki. Katsuki yawned. 

"I'm not feeling kinky, Pikachu." Denki took it as the joke it was and chuckled softly. He sounded so tired. He left the feather over the bed, then signed. 

"To burn it, dumbass." 

Katsuki answered with his voice. 

"There's no need, Sparky. And insult me again and I'll throw you out of the window. I bet your fucking boyfriend is not fast enough to get here to pick you up." Denki scoffed, then rolled his eyes and signed. 

"I don't need it. You can burn it. I mean it." Katsuki didn't sign back, he answered. 

"I know you mean it. I don't need to burn it. I already told you. It's All Might's gloves. But I'm not sleeping with that thing in my fucking bed, so take it away."

Denki offered it to Eijiro. The redhead smiled at him. 

"I don't need to burn it either. But thanks for asking. Come on, put the feather in its place and come to bed already, baby. You have the interview tomorrow."

"Fuck, the interview..." it had been a really long day, he had completely forgotten. 

"Language, Sparky. You'll do fine. You are fucking charming." Denki pointed at the feather.  "Yes, they will ask about your fucking press-boyfriend, we know. You'll fucking simp, he'll tease you about it, I'll get fucking jealous, same old shit. It's fucking late. Fucking put that shit away and come to sleep." Denki signed OK and left. Katsuki took his phone again. He texted Hawks this time instead of sending him an audio. 

"You OK with that?" 

"I'm OK with that."

Chapter Text

"Welcome one more day to Mornings with Masako. We met today's guest a month ago. He had just been the first ever pro hero to say he was part of the LGBT+ community and he has sparked a whole storm of coming outs between pro heroes ever since. Welcome back, Chargebolt."

"Thank you for inviting me again, Masako. It has just been a month? It feels like a lot more."

"Yes, dear. We're very happy you have accepted to come spend some time with us again."

"Oh, it's always a pleasure. And I had to, my mother-in-law told me I had been great, and I obviously want to make her like me a lot." And that was a message for Kiri's mums too but of course he was talking about Mitsuki. 

"Obviously, is she watching today?"   

"If she's not watching now, she will watch it later for sure. My in-laws are a dream, believe me, they are the best."

"How did they take you dating their son? How was that?" 

"On the one hand I was really lucky because I was not his first partner. He had introduced them to another boyfriend before me, so they were not that surprised to find their son was dating a male presenting person again. But that time he was introducing a guy who was just so perfect, you know, handsome, tall, strong, sweet, a perfect dream boy. I was really scared, it's very hard to compete with that." Denki treated the whole telling the truth while fitting it in the one regular boyfriend narrative like a game, and he excelled at it. 

"I'm pretty sure they are very happy with having you as a son-in-law. How has this last month been?" 

"Very wild, a lot of things have happened since I was last here."

"Tell us about that."

"Well, merely an hour after leaving your program, I was called to have a meeting in my agency and was told 'my lifestyle would fit better in another agency'." Someone booed in the audience. 

"Oh, no, how awful."

"Well, their loss." He smiled confidently. "This is like exes, once you are out, you realize you are doing much better now, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. After that, my friends, the UA alumni I studied with, found out what had happened. They all came to show me their love and support and decided it was about time LGBT+ pro heroes stopped hiding. We just have different gender identity or sexualities, nobody deserves to be treated like a villain because of that."

"That was very sweet of them, let’s see some of those pictures and what your classmates said in them."

They showed some of the pictures from that night on the screen. Denki made sure to say something nice about all of them. Of course, Kiri's and Kachan's were there too, he couldn't be happier with the selection.

“Red Riot, such a wonderful guy.”

“Did you know he has two mums?”

“Oh, yes, of course, he’s very proud and he knew I wouldn’t judge. LGBT+ people we stick together. I met one of his mums in Parents’ Days at school. And they did such a great job, I mean, wow, you all know Red Riot, he’s the sweetest manliest hero ever.”


"Dinamight said in his picture he used to tutor you."

"Yes, for three whole years, he's the best. He wanted to kill me quite often in school. Not gonna lie, I'm not a good student and quite air-headed. He still wants to kill me quite often now, but just for the last part." He joked. 

"People were surprised because he doesn't look like the kind of person who would tutor anybody."

"Well, he was one of the the top 3 students of my class from day one and I was consistently the worst student, so he was kind enough to offer his help. But he didn't just tutor me, he helped many of us when we got stuck or didn't understand, he's a hero for a reason. He is a very supportive guy, he just doesn't show it the way people expect him to. People just think he wouldn't do those kinds of things because society keeps on mixing two things they shouldn't: Heroes shouldn't be ranked or judged depending on their charisma and how nice they seem to be, we should have learnt from that by now. Not all great heroes are sweet and not all sweet heroes are great. And I would definitely choose Great Explosion Murder God Dinamight over almost every other hero, if I ever needed one."

"We have seen some pictures of you two running together uploaded both by you or by civilians."

"Yes, we are morning run buddies, we are both early birds, so it makes sense." People who knew about their relationship were having either so much fun or learning how smoothly Denki could talk to the press and say half-truths, even more his in-laws. The 'early bird' reference had been too tempting. 

"You two seem to be very good friends." That was a dangerous sentence, it could be a slippery slope, so he diverted the conversation. 

"I don't know if he would describe it like that. I get on his nerves on a daily basis. You seem super interested in him, are you a fan? I can try and introduce you to him. Not for an interview, though, I think you would need a miracle to convince him of that."

"I might take your word for that. After the first wave of students publicly came out, some older pro heroes came out of the closet too, like Present Mic."

"Present Dad, the absolute best. He literally saved my life, I wouldn't be here without him. Such a sweet and caring person."

"But there is one specific pro hero I want to talk about with you. Shortly after you were here last time, we also saw pro hero Hawks come out as pansexual in his social media accounts. You two have been seen together in Hiroshima and around here. He has also been seen around the city alone in this last month quite often." 'Naughty bird...' He thought, trying to have his best poker face (shaped as a smile). "Some people have even suggested he might be the man you have a relationship with after you two were spotted together in Hiroshima almost a month ago." He saw some pictures of them together play on the screen and damn, the feather one when he left, leaving him simping there. Daaaamn. There was also one from the train with him playing with the feather and a dumb smile on his face. Kachan was definitely going to kill him. "What can you tell us about that?"

"Well, I can tell you I had been a fan of him for years before we were introduced by a mutual friend. He's also a gorgeous man and I had obviously thought how soft his feathers would be, as any fan does. So I think I got a little carried away on my trip back home." He laughed, blushing, clearly embarrassed. The embarrassment was real. Talking about the feather that wasn't his anymore was also a message for the three of them. "I mean, I think it is undeniable that I was definitely" simping "starstruck in those pictures."

"You could say it like that, yes." She laughed. "Can you tell us if he's the lucky boyfriend?"

"Would you believe me if I denied it?" 

"Probably not." 

"Oh, then I can only say he definitely is my secret boyfriend, there's no other option." He joked. "Another great guy and another great pro hero, just my senpai, though. He's just nice enough to indulge my fanboy side. My people is going to roast me so badly for simping over him on TV." He laughed sincerely, starting to rub his cheeks as a way to try and blush less, because he was definitely blushing A LOT. "My real boyfriend is SO not going to be happy about me blushing because of him either. Wait, damage control, which one is my camera." The audience laughed, it seemed the live messages to his boyfriend were definitely going to be a thing with Chargebolt. She pointed.

He drank some water to clear his throat, then looked over to the camera and sang softly. People who knew him for real were able to see he had questioned his life choices as soon as he had realized what he was about to do and that was the real reason he had stopped to sip on some water. But once he had cornered himself, he just did it anyway, obviously. 

"'Cause you're the reason I believe in fate, you're my paradise” He liked the refence to the paradise, now they had the Calypso reference still fresh.
“And I'll do anything to be your love or be your sacrifice” That was a clear reference to possible kidnappings and being in risk for loving them. He would have left it there, if he had been singing for them at home, but it was important to leave the song in a place where people could just focus on the cuteness.

“'Cause I love you for infinity”

The simping for Hawks easily dissolved into a soft loving smile. He then coughed, embarrassed, and the clown mask went back up again.

"I hope you have an extra futon at home in case that doesn't work, and I get kicked out, Masako." The audience and the host laughed. 

"So you sing often?" 

"Daily, very badly, but I don't care, it's not about the voice, it's about the feelings behind it. Now I miss karaoke..." He looked at his camera again. "Pinky, Cero, Riot, Jack, Dinamight, set a date, it has been way too long." 

"Pro Hero Karaoke night?" 

"Yes, we used to go when we were still students, now seeing each other is harder, obviously, there's always someone missing. Mostly Cero because he doesn’t live around here or Riot or Dinamight, because they are important heroes now." 


"Let's get back to your work life, shall we?" 

"Yes, please, pretty please. Life would be easier if I had a poker face instead of being a bag of emojis tied together." The audience and the host burst into laughter again facing the honesty of the answer and the way of expressing it. 

"So you have not been with your arms crossed for the last month, have you? Have you started working for another agency?"

"I am doing an internship, but my plan is not staying there. I'm opening my own agency. I wanted to learn how Fat Gum leads his. He's being so kind to teach me for some weeks, and my team and I are training and learning and getting used to working together. Most of us had already worked with each other, but not all of us, not as a team, not without teachers deciding for us and making notes. We still need some training, but everything is falling into place. I am really proud to say I'm definitely the less valuable hero in my agency."

"Can you tell us who are the heroes you are leading or is it a secret too?"

"Oh, no, no, it's not a secret, in fact you can look for us on TigTog. I have such a TigTog brainrot I couldn't help having an agency account. Good thing they are a team of professional serious adults to compensate for my wackiness." He laughed. "I have a presentation video I can show you on premiere here, if that's OK with you."

"Of course, what an honor. Let's watch it then."

The TigTog video showed on screen. The intro of ‘The Greatest Show’, song from the movie The Greatest Showman started playing. Denki had not seen the finished version yet. It was all Hitoshi's doing with Jiro's help. They had been the ones recording and they had made sure to get some close ups of the team during the past month. The video started with images of the training grounds and each hero preparing, stretching or getting dressed with their hero costumes. Mostly slowed down to fit with the music. They were seven and it was just a minute video, so after that there was a quick flash of the other six faces, their hero names under them, each in a color of the rainbow. Denki had been left for the end. 

He was used to sing and blast music the whole time during training. He didn't even use the excuse of saying it was so Jiro and Shoji could practice anymore. He had blasted this song so many times in the last month, it was a good hype song. It was one of the few songs Neito had let him add to the agency training playlist without a complaint. His part of the video was just pure Denki vibing, it had not been recorded especially for this, so he had never even seen it before.

Denki appeared on screen, pointing at the camera, then arms wide open, a confident smile on his face, the top of his hair tied in the tiny ponytail he just used when he needed to focus properly.

"Ladies and gents, this is the moment you're waiting for." And when the next bit dropped, he snapped his fingers dramatically to one of his sides and lightning struck in the back.

The audience cheered. 

"Wow, I hadn't seen what they had done with it. Mind Jack and Earphone Jack are the ones who record and edit most of the videos. Great job, sibs." 

"It looks amazing. Wow."

"So yes, that's my amazing team. Mind Jack, Earphone Jack, Tentacole, Phantom Thief, Tsukuyomi and Uravity."

"Wow, it's quite a big agency for a newcomer isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. It is uncommon, but it's a great opportunity for a group of new heroes like us. And we are not used to having grown up money yet, we don't have families to sustain or even pets, so we can start small and grow together. I believe we can do great things. We have all been working double shifts until last week, but we already have an HQ and we'll be hitting the streets from tomorrow."

"That sounds amazing, they are all UA students from your former class, right? Most of them appear on the group picture we showed before."

"We are all UA graduates, same year, but Phantom Thief was from class B. We used to antagonize him a lot in school, but he has proved to be a great asset already." 

"And how does your team get along, character wise? Any early misunderstandings?"

"Oh, no, not at all." 'It's a pile of introverts plus Neito and me driving them crazy'. "They are already working and understanding each other very well. It's amazing being around them and just following their thought process. What an amazing bunch of wrinkly juicy brains." He smiled. "I'm just so lucky."

"It sounds great, but you make it sound like you are not important at all."

"Oh, it’s because I'm not. I am an addition to the team, but I am definitely not necessary. I mean it when I say I am the less valuable member of my team, and I say it with pride. They are all extremely talented, intelligent, creative and caring. You will be seeing them in the top 100 in less than a year." That was a bold bet, but he had nothing to lose. "I'm just the PR mascot and I couldn't be happier with that. I said it before, being nice shouldn't be valued over being an amazing hero."

"What makes them so special? Why did you choose each of them?"

"I can talk for hours about what makes any of them special, but I just want to make clear I didn't choose them, they chose me. I only said: "Remember we used to talk about having our own agency? It might happen, I think I am going for it. And they answered: I'm in. Just like that: I'm opening an agency and-" he cut himself like someone else was talking over him and stamping over him. "'Adopted'." That made the audience laugh again. "Let me sell you my team just for a second: Mind Jack, I mean, the sib is a menace, as a hero, I mean. They are an amazing strategist with a powerful quirk.” He wasn't going to say anything that wasn’t already online, but he was sure going to make them sound interesting. "They also make some mean scrambled eggs, by the way. I miss those. Tsukuyomi, I mean, wow, the guy is so good the number 2 in the ranking asked for him to intern for him in his first year of high school.” He had decided to say it like that instead of naming Hawks by name. It was a good call, it didn’t drive the attention away. “Dark Shadow is amazing, of course, so powerful. Phantom Thief IS a menace as a person." He looked at his camera. "Joking." Everyone who knew Monoma, Neito included, answered to themselves: 'Definitely not joking'. "He is very smart, very cunning and an amazing strategist. I would trust him with my life." no lies there. "Tentacole, what can I say? Strong, fast, smart, have you looked at those stats? Go look at his stats, I can't sell him better than that. Also, he gives the best hugs." He immediately turned to his boyfriend camera. "I love yours, but you don't have six arms" just four. The audience laughed. He looked back at Masako. "I don't know if he's looking for a romantic partner, but definitely son-in-law material, Masako, in case you are looking for one. Earphone Jack, amazing voice, amazing musician, so calm, so perceptive, so hard working. The greatest. And last but not least, Uravity. She was fired from her agency after the UA Alumni picture, can you believe that? I don't know who made that decision, but thank you, thank you so much for this gift. I love it." He said to his camera, so honestly. "She's just amazing, seriously. The only reason you haven't seen her in the top 100 already is because she was underrated and underused in that agency. I mean: It's a bird it′s a plane it's Uravity

Everybody's tough until she turns off all your gravity". He sang as only explanation. "Fast thinkers, strategists, people that are good in one-on-one combat, people that are good assessing the field, people that combat from a distance... The only thing we lack is an experienced leader, but I am working on that."

"You recently posted something about an ex complaining about your playlist. People are asking themselves: Who is that ex? Some say it might be Dinamight. Or even Red Riot, because you used to be seen in public together, but not anymore. Some others say it's someone from your agency. Can we ask?" He knew how to answer this. They had even talked about the strategy for social media and PR regarding this and in general. Looking like a bunch of kids that were not especially professional was a good idea, and it was easy to attain with Denki handling the press. It was easy to forget looking at him, he was just one out of seven and the other six were way less wacky. In any case, having an ex on the team had even made Hawks almost intervene and try to micromanage him. Fat Gum had also asked. The answer he had given them was very different to the one he was going to give now. 

"It's someone from my team, yes. But don't worry, we broke up a long time ago, like a year ago or so." He saw the faces and the expressions. Suddenly everyone was so aware of how young he was. Suddenly he looked reckless. From now on and until the next ranking, in November, he would be underestimated by anybody over 30, and that was exactly where he felt comfortable. Except for Tokoyami, they had all been underestimated most of the time as students and in life. If someone really analyzed the whole interview, it would probably be obvious that change had been done on purpose, but people rarely did that. People only looked up, like Katsuki tended to do before him.

"Isn't that tricky? It is a recent break up and working together..."

"Oh, no, no, everything's fine. Don't worry. We barely fight anymore. And the rest of the team has gotten used to us yelling at each other, they just keep on working without us. Probably a smart move, if you ask me." He wished that part was less true than it was.

Chapter Text

As soon as he said goodbye and left, he received a message from Hawks. 

"Smooth interview, kohai." Denki tried not to blush. He had been the one to call him 'senpai' on TV, it made sense he answered with the term the senpai used to answer to that. "You amaze me. As amusing as always. I have a lot to learn from you."

Denki doubted how to answer to that after yesterday. He tried teasing. He wanted things to get back to normal as much as he could, even if he still wasn’t sure if he could trust him again. 

"Thank you, Hawks, you know your simping for me is always welcome *wink emoji*" 

"Keep on being so smooth and I will keep on simping *wink emoji*" 




Fat Gum had already had time more than enough during the 3 weeks he had been teaching him to notice that the clown and dumb attitudes were just facades. He had also been able to observe a lot of details. As just one more pro hero on the team, he had been just the class clown pro hero edition. As soon as he had made him lead (even though it was just Earphone Jack and Uravity) he had become more serious and collected. After a short while talking with him in private, he had stopped clowning that much around him too. He made more jokes, but less clowning. The more he treated with him in private, the more he saw the real Chargebolt and the more he saw how much potential he had. He had decided to let him time to evolve with both agencies before giving him much feedback.

Asking him to lead a team made of people he didn't feel comfortable with had proven way more stressing for him. He had come the day after to tell him maybe he should keep Uravity and Earphone Jack because he was not and never would be a good leader and he should just forget about having any kind of agency. Fat Gum had noticed by then how fond he had grown of him and his unfiltered honesty in such a short time. 


Fat Gum had seen the interview. He had spent all of it amazed about how smooth Denki could be. When he came back from it, he asked Chargebolt to get into his office. 

"I have seen your interview. You are really really smooth. Seeing you talk about Dinamight or Hawks or your team... Wow. Did it all go as you had planned?" 

"Oh, I didn't have anything planned."

"Well, you had some things planned, you knew some of the questions, you knew you were showing the video, you knew what you wanted to get from the interview, that is having things planned too."

"Ok... Then yes? I don't call that planning. Planning means sitting down long boring hours to talk and think about details. I am not good at details, just at drafts." 

"May I ask why you talked about having an ex like that? You are very good at looking like an empty-headed kid, but I don't get why you wanted to push it that far in this case." 

"When do you mean? I would say I have looked like that all of the time." 

"No, the way you explained you had an ex in the team, and you had broken up 'so long ago'. It was you playing dumb, not just air headed. And very well. I just don't get why. Your agency sounded as magnificent as it can be, then you threw it all away. I know you enough by now to know that was intentional, but I can't see the reason behind it.”

"Oh, that. I am more comfortable being underrated, it’s easier. My team knows how to deal with not being top of the class, most of us. Even the ones who have been, they have never been a consistent top 5. To be underestimated you can either be pretty invisible, like Sun Eater or Eraserhead, or like some of my team is. Or you can just be considered dumb or childish. We can't look invisible, I have always stood out, I'm too loud. But I can sure look dumb. And we will only be able to look powerless as a team and as pro heroes until the next ranking, because I meant it when I said I think they will get to the top 100 by next year. I don't think I will make them top 100, but I think they will be. You won't doubt Endeavor or Dinamight are powerful. They look powerful, they act powerful. If you were confronted by them and me, you would definitely not give a second thought about me, you would worry about them, I can't be that dangerous in comparison. And when Mister 'I won't be your mentor, I don't want to know what you are planning or who is in your team' called me because of the ex thing, and felt like telling me it was a bad idea? Then I knew it was the easiest way to tick off every adult. I look too young, very sweet, very confident, but inexperienced and reckless. Who would be scared of that? Villains would underestimate us, if they even try to research us at all. For civilians it is enough, I look unthreatening and kind, they won't mind being saved by us, because they still value being nice over being powerful. Until something really big comes up. If something really big happens I'll have to prove we are worth it to whomever is looking, and fast, no matter if it's civilians or the number 1 hero, so let's hope it doesn't happen for a while." He suddenly had been aware of his monolog. He smiled apologetically. 

"It makes sense, yes. You don't handle well expectations, do you?" 

"Not at all..." 

"You try to be a people pleaser. Even more around my team. But it seems to be a matter of knowing them, it doesn’t happen when you deal with Sun Eater and Red Riot, you are confident and assertive with them."

"Sun Eater is an introvert. Introverts are easy. I mean, they kind of hate me because I am the incarnation of noise, but they also love me because my noise makes them even more invisible. And Red knows me." 

"Mind me going to one of your trainings with my team and see you lead yours? I think we could learn things from that." 

"Oh, sure, sure, I already asked some pro heroes to come and play with us to get some practice. Having you as a judge and observer would be great. I can ask some of the UA teachers or Hawks or someone like that to add up more eyes to the observer team, if you want."

"Sure, we can have a team of observers, the more eyes, the more we will be able to help you."

"Awesome, I'll arrange that."



Denki gave the drinks to his team one by one like he always did. He saw Neito avoid him like he was the plague, so he left Toshi for the last and gave them the last two drinks. 

He then neared Tokoyami to give an apple to a very happy Dark Shadow. She engulfed him during a terrifying second, then caught the apple and left. Denki laughed. 

"That was terrifyingly cute, thanks." 

"She was the only one in the team who hadn't hugged you." Tokoyami explained. 


"By the way, your charisma on TV is impeccable. I saw it with my partner, they gave me their impression. You attained your goal." Tokoyami had left his other agency this week already, he was the only one who had seen it live. 

"Thanks. Let's train, then. We have to get ready, we are starting training with other people soon." 




Katsuki and Eijiro had waited to see the interview from the morning show together. Denki was busy all day, during the past month he always left very early, they called him to remember him dinner was in half an hour, and he managed to come back to have dinner with them most of the days. It was still way too early for dinner today, so they had sat to watch the interview together with more than enough time on their hands. He had said the sweetest things about them and they had died of love… but it hadn't taken long before he was asked about Hawks. He had simped as badly as they could have expected him to. In any case, he had portrayed him as a mentor, more than anything, as a big brother he looked up to, and that wasn't necessarily bad. It seemed he had forgiven him, looking at his face. Katsuki wasn't happy, but wasn't surprised at all... And the mentoring thing didn't sound as bad. He had also said super nice things to defend him without making him sound weak, so he could not complain at all. 

Then he had sang and made them soft. 

He hadn't known what to expect, but Hawks had texted him while it happened in the morning. 

"Your joyfriend is very smooth compensating you guys for simping over me on TV, you must be happy." He had answered they hadn't seen the interview. Now it was obvious what he meant. And he felt so mushy he answered. 

"Jealous of how easily he forgets about you to simp about us?" 

"I prefer when he forgets about me for other reasons regarding you *wink emoji*" It had only been 24 hours since Denki had confronted him. Hawks didn't understand how they had still not destroyed the feather, even after hearing them talk about it yesterday. He was very surprised Dinamight felt this confident. 

"Horny Bird." 

"You spoilt me rotten, now I wake up at sunrise pining for you without anybody touching my feather." That was the truth, even if Dinamight thought he was just teasing. 

"Fair punishment if you ask me." 

"You can come punish me whenever you want *demon emoji*."

"Keep on dreaming." 

"Who are you texting?"   

"Eh, no one." Eijiro was so shocked about that face and that answer he laughed. "What? Are you sexting the puppy?" Katsuki was starting to blush. 

"I was answering to a message fucking Hawks sent me about the song."   

"To several messages, you mean. Mind if I read them?" Oh, that face, the face he made. Eijiro smiled a shark smile. "Are you sexting with Hawks, Katsuki?" 

"What the hell are you taking about? He fucking teased me, so I answered. I'm not sexting, I'm not fucking horny. I'm not interested in Hawks." 

"But you don't want me to read it because you are embarrassed."   

"Whatever." He gave him the phone. Eijiro read, too amused about Katsuki having that kind of conversation with Hawks.   

"Mind if I answer to him?" 

"I don't give half a fuck."   

Eijiro typed, then showed it to him before sending it. 

"Do you fucking have to say it like that?" He blushed.   


"OK, fine." 

Hawks had answered. 

"Oh, definitely daydreaming *angel emoji*" 

There had been a pause after that. He wasn't used to Blasty answering him, and he was on thin ice with Chargebolt, he had felt the distance, even after the interview... This could be playing with fire. And then he discovered why Blasty had taken so much time to answer, because he was not the one answering anymore. 

"Stop trying to drag my subs to your bed, brat." He didn't need to sign the message. He knew perfectly well who that was. 

"No need to drag them away from you, Red Riot, I can fly to join all of you there *wink emoji*." 

"Horny parrot." Katsuki huffed, reading the answer.

"Let's keep on watching the puppy, shall we?" 'Because this can get out of hand quite fast, even if you are not aware at all.'


They had resumed and ignored the last message. They talked about why Denki liked being underrated so much. They talked about if the ex comment was a good or a bad idea. They talked about Monoma being in the team, again.

And then, Katsuki rolled his eyes, growled and said:

"Spit it out already, Shitty Hair".

"What have you thought about the Hawks' part?"

"Fucking simping, as expected."

"But he handled it well, don't you think? I think the senpai part was a message for Hawks and for you too. Like, 'yes, I'm simping, but he's just a mentor.'"

"Whatever. Hawks is right, he's fucking smooth." 

"He is, he definitely is. They both are very smooth." 

"Do you think he’s fucking cheating on us?" 

"Oh, no, no, absolutely not. I'm pretty sure Denki is a thousand times more careful around Hawks than you are, right now. And he was pissed about the feather yesterday, for real." 

"He seemed pretty fucking calm to me during the interview." 

"Even if he was simping for him again today, he was pissed yesterday and he offered you to burn his feather a lot of times."

"He's fucking obsessed. Fucking simp." Eijiro didn't know what Katsuki was thinking at all. 

"Always, you know Denki. Did you mean it? What you said the other day, after the playlist."

"What part?" 

"That you wouldn't mind him kissing Hawks. Or Hawks touching him. You seemed to have thought a lot about it."

"Yes, I have thought a fucking lot about it." He waited. "What? He's fucking horny for him, and I make him hornier. Yes, I fucking think about shit."   

"So, you really wouldn't mind them kissing or making out?" 

"He's fucking obsessed with getting in his bed. And Hawks to get in Sparky's." 

"I'm pretty sure Hawks wants you in his bed too." 

"Pf, he just fucking told you he would get into yours." 

"Yes, he did. And I'm pretty sure he would be more than OK with that, if we agreed on that." 

"... You wanna fuck him." 

"I wouldn't mind looking at him make out with you two and I would definitely enjoy making him suffer a little. I don't need to touch him at all." 'In case that is what you are worried about.' 

"What the fuck is with you two and watching me making out with the fucking bird?" 

"I'm pretty sure we both want to see if you go hard on him or if you would bow your head and do what he tells you to."   

"I would *never* let the fucking bird boss me around, he's already smug as fuck. Are you trying to fucking convince me to fucking invite him into our bed?"    

"I was actually thinking you could let Denki make out with him while you are on assignment." 'But if inviting him to join us is on the table...'   

"I don't want those two fucking alone."   


"He would fucking forget about" me "us." 

"He didn't forget about me even if you have been fucking him dumb every morning."

"It's not the fucking same."

"Why not?" 

"Because I can't fucking replace you." 

"Baby, Hawks has no chance to replace you, we are in love with you."

"Of course he fucking can't. I meant in bed." Eijiro had to control himself not to smile. So that was the reason, then. 

"I meant it the other day. You are all over his fantasies. He's crazy about you and how you are different with him and with me. It drives him crazy that you are like that just with him." Katsuki felt proud about that, somehow. 

"As he fucking should." 

"Hawks can't replace that, even if he were like you, and I bet he's way more like Denks."

"A fucking bird brat." 

"I would bet an arm on it, yes. You shouldn't be worried about him replacing you. I don't think he could, not in his heart, not in his bed, not in his fantasies." 

"He would get obsessed over him and forget about us."   

"He is obsessed with him already, I don't think he would get more obsessed just because you gave him permission to fuck him while you are on assignment." 

"I said I don't fucking want them alone." 

"So you wanna fuck him too? Want me to fuck him?"   

"I don't want to fuck him. Or for you to fuck him. Fucking drop the topic." Eijiro did, immediately. 

 "Are you gonna tell him you" gave Hawks a boner? "teased Hawks?" 

"What for?" 

"To see him simp for you? To see him blush? To see him get horny over you? So he knows before Hawks teases him about it?" 

"Maybe, if he fucking gets back from work at some fucking point. Him having an agency is the fucking worst." That sounded a lot like Denki complaining they got sent in too many missions. 


Denki had gotten home, they had congratulated him over the interview. He looked happy, he looked confident. He had told them about the next steps in training with his team and Fat Gum watching and they had accepted joining him. 

Katsuki looked at Denki at some point, thinking on the conversation with Eijiro. He was going to regret listening to him. 


"Nothing. You were so fucking hot during the interview I am thinking about sunrise." Denki opened his mouth and wasn't able to close it again, blushing. Eijiro smiled and drank some tea to cover his face and avoid interrupting them. Katsuki had never been so blunt about this in front of the redhead until now. "So you better go to bed early or you are not gonna sleep shit tonight."


"Are you fucking complaining?"

"Not at all! You can sunrise me every sunrise, Kachan. It was just out of nowhere."

"You being fucking hot on TV was out of nowhere. It’s your fucking turn to clean this mess, and then to fucking get some sleep so I can fuck you dumb by sunrise.”

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It wasn't late, when Denki started recording cosplay videos, so as soon as he uploaded the first Fembolt thirst trap, Hawks liked it. 


He took the breastplate and the long wig away, then used Dinamight's wig and the cardboard black streak for Chargebolt with an open white shirt and redid the thirst trap, still with the yellow and black plaid miniskirt. He uploaded it too.

"I can't decide which version I like most *flame emoji* Breastplate+long hair or no breastplate+short hair? @Chargebolt"

Hawks liked that video immediately too. He answered with a comment. 

"*flame emoji* both. But #TeamShortHair" 

Then wrote to him in private.

"I like your real hair better." 'It has to be so nice pulling it.'

Denki bit his lip, reminding himself sexting was completely out of the question, no matter how horny he was. Things with Hawks were still somewhat awkward anyway, so that would make it easier. 

"If I ever do the thirst traps thinking on you, I'll take that into account. Thinking on dying it pink." Which was actually true, but he didn't know why he was telling him. 

"I'll just keep on taking any thirst traps you upload like they were meant for me *wink*." 'If they were meant just for them, you wouldn't be uploading them, you would just show them.' "Why pink?" 

Denki sent him an edit of a picture someone had done. His hair had been changed to a light pink. He also had a septum and an eyebrow piercing. 

"Internet person did this, now I'm curious. *shrug emoji*."

"So you're gonna pierce yourself too?" 

"Maybe. Have you ever made out with someone with a pierced tongue?" 

"No. Have you." 

"Oh, yes *drooling* *hot face*" 

"So tongue piercing then?" 'Go do it, then I can make out with someone with a pierced tongue.'

"If I had to choose one? Probably. If I did I would probably spend the whole day fidgeting with it in my mouth." 

"You can do other things with it in your mouth *angel*."

"If you get NSFW I'll block you." 'Isn't blocking me a little too much? What? Are you so horny for me you have no self-control, and need to block me?' 

"Are you working?" 

"Nope, but still. Unless recording thirst traps counts as a job *laughing emoji*" 

"What do your boys think about piercings?" 

"No clue. Never talked about it." 

"I'm a sucker for piercings." That made Denki's blood boil. 

"Me too. You are a sucker for piercings, but you haven't kissed someone with their tongue pierced? It's not that hard to find and I'm pretty sure people throw themselves at you."

"And that's why I fly instead of doing morning runs *laugh emoji*. Making out with strangers gets hard when you are recognizable as a pro hero." 

"You are not recognizable, you are unmistakable." 

Hawks smiled and answered with the emoji with sunglasses. 

"Thank you, you are pretty unforgettable too." 

"I didn't say unforgettable, I said unmistakable *laugh*. So any piercings?" 

"I'm a sucker for piercings in other people *smirk*." 

"I'll make sure to find some fake ones if I ever make a thirst trap that is meant for you *wink*." He had managed pretty well, he would say. It was probably time to retire from the conversation before it got Bendy. "Gonna hit the bed, stop doomscrolling, you are supposed to be a responsible adult *laugh*." 


Hawks had never planned a TigTog video in general, he had recorded from the sky, he had done some livestreams, he had answered questions, but no dubbing or dance videos or things like that. He couldn't resist the temptation today. It seemed Denki was more distant than his boyfriends and it also seemed they weren't mad at him, but the little one was being careful around him and trying to be distant. And it showed. He was clearly controlling himself. He could give him something to think about that was not NSFW.

He went to his balcony and turned on the light. He held the phone on his hand and used the audio from Zootopia. He dubbed the part of the Fox (obviously). Before Chargebolt, people had tended to suggest he was dating Mirko, and even Chargebolt and Pinky made dances as them together, so this was subtle enough. He had liked Denki dressed as Mirko too, he had no reason to deny it. 

"Sly fox, dumb bunny" He pointed at himself with a smug smirk, then at the camera. 

"I am not a dumb bunny." said the audio. 

"Right. And that's not wet cement." He smirked, then winked. 

He wrote the text then. 

"Any (+18) dumb bunny duets?" 


Denki saw the notification immediately. He had notifications for all his friends' accounts, because the only one to upload regular content was Mina. He had activated the notifications for Hawks after the ‘falling’ duet too. He played the video. He simped. He simped so bad. He knew that was meant for him. It wasn't Bendy, it wasn't Mushy and it wasn't Bonery, so he ate the video, watching that wink over and over again. He ended up answering with his simp account after a while.    

"@KickAssDancer I think this is a job for you!". 

Hawks answered immediately.  

"@HawksSimpBoi or you can ask KickAssDancer to borrow their cosplay again *wink*"

"@Hawks Don't mind me, I'm just respectfully simping for that wink."

'Oh, I knew you would. And I knew you were not asleep, just trying to be distant.'

He ended up writing in private again, not so sure Denki would answer. 

"You didn't tell me what to call you when it's not a professional situation."

"My friends usually call me Kami." That 'my friends' made Hawks warm. 

"Kami? Like in 'God'?" 

"*long string of laugh emoji* I'm pretty sure nobody who has ever called me like that has made that association. It's just short for my family name, Kaminari." 

"Not your real family name." ‘Oh… so you know.’

"Have you researched my family?" 

"I was not interested in your personal life when I investigated you to know if I should back your agency, but you can imagine it came up. I didn’t research into that." 

"No need." 

"I assume. You changed your name + family name for a reason. I should have done the same." 

"I was a fan before we met, I am aware of that story. But let's just ban family from the conversation *hands shaking*." 

"*hands shaking.*"

"Good night, Keigo." 

"Good night, Kami *wink*." Denki blushed and simped like mad with that last text. 

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They were piled up in bed, naked, hugging. It was just after sunrise now, they could have tried to get some sleep for another hour. Even two in Eijiro's case. 

"Kachan,... don't say you are going on assignment if it’s not true, please." It was obvious Denki had been trying to say that for a while now. 

"Sorry, Pikachu, I won't. It's fucked up." 

"Thanks. I hate it. Tell Endeavor to stop sending you places for that long. Be bad at your job or something." 

"You fucking wish, dumbass." He smiled, his head over Eijiro's chest. "I guess I'm fucking kinky now." Eijiro chuckled and yawned. Denki kissed Katsuki over the redhead's body. 

"So kinky. Are you OK?" ‘after videocalling Hawks to involve him in sex with you.’

"Yeah, I'm fine, I had fun. I might call him some other day, but don't get fucking obsessed with him, or I'll fucking ban him." 

"I'm not obsessing over anyone but you two. No need to call him ever again." 

"And miss seeing you all shy and tame? And the face you make when he calls you 'kohai'? You fucking wish." Denki blushed and pushed him softly, embarrassed. 

"Shut up or I'll zap your face." 

"That would be like when he blasts you." 

"Yeah, but my quirk is harder to control to make it softer, I think. Low intensity is hard. If it weren’t I would have zapped him already." 

"You always zap hard as fuck." He had only seen him zap when he was mad or training. 

"It's hard to control. And it's hard to learn practicing without hurting people. I can zap you with static if you're mean to me." ‘That I am sure I can control.’

"Static is the fucking worse." 

"But it can be useful. And now that I know you hate it? Every time you are mean." 

"You fucking zap me, I'll start saying Hawks is your senpai in public, Pikachu." Denki blushed again and pushed him. Then he touched him with static. "I'm gonna fucking rip your head off." He blasted back. Denki laughed. 




Denki arrived at Fat Gum’s with everybody's order for coffee and tea and a huge relaxed smile. His smile became smaller as soon as he saw Fat Gum call him to his office. 

"We are leaving for a mission. I could send you as team leader, I would like to send you in one of these missions before you have to do it with your agency, but I don't think you are ready yet." 

"Oh, no, I agree, I'm definitely not."  

"OK, we'll work together to make it possible for next time, OK?"  


"I will be going with my team then. I would like you to lead my agency in the meantime. Don't worry, my second in command is staying and she will intervene if needed, but I want you to practice being in charge."

"Oh... Yeah, sure. Do you think, when you come back, we can talk about the schedules and the sudden mission runs? I have ideas, but maybe they are dumb."    

"We will. The heroes staying will just have regular patrolling, and you will have to take care of what I usually do." Eijiro knocked, as he had been instructed to do today. "Oh, Red Riot, thanks for coming. Would you be kind enough to pretend you are teaching Chargebolt how to access the system while I go make up some excuse outside so nobody notices you two are saying goodbye before we leave? Don't take long, we really have to leave." 





Denki's day had become stressing quite fast. He had not have the time to pay a lot of attention to Uravity and Earphone Jack, but something was off. Now, on the training grounds, Uravity seemed to be completely unfocused and exhausted. He knew that look on her face. 

He called her to a side, to talk to her. 

"Hey... Are you OK?" 

"I'm OK, yes." She lied, badly. Her eyes got watery. Denki had become an expert at knowing when she had had an argument with whoever her partner was or when she had been broken up with. He made a sign to Mind Jack to take charge and took her out of the view of the rest of the team. 

"Kendo?" She lowered her face and he saw her tears fall. "I'm sorry, Ochaco-chan... Wanna talk about it?" 


He wrote to Katsuki, hugging her with his other hand. 

"I know Red just left, but Kendo broke up with Ochaco. She's crying like crazy. Can we please adopt her for the night? I don't want to leave her alone." 

"I'll prepare the futon. What the fuck is wrong with her? She's always being dumped."

"Fucking asshole."

"Language, dumbass, I'm just shocked. Bring her in." 




"Are you really sure this is OK...? I don't mean to intrude."   

"Come on, princess, Kachan is OK with it. I asked him, OK?" 

Denki had cut short the training for the day, knowing if he stayed, he was going to end in an argument with Neito again. However, Neito was working fine with everyone else, so there was no point on cutting him. He was still processing the playlist and the interview. He was hurt. Denki would have to give him time. 


"We're home! Oh, it smells nice!" 

"Don't say that like it is a fucking surprise, dumbass." 

"Hi, sorry to bother... I didn't mean to impose." 

"You didn't impose for shit, we fucking invited you. Go wash your hands. If dinner gets cold, I'll blast your ass, Pikachu. You said you would be here ten minutes ago." 

"Sorry, sorry, we stopped to buy some mochis for dessert." 'She loves her mochis.'


"So you made all of this? Bakugo, this is amazing... It's all really tasty, thanks." 

"Whatever, we had to have dinner and I had the time, it's just fucking noodles and gyozas." 

"But... These are fresh hand made noodles..." 

"Shut the fuck up already, Pink Cheeks, it’s not that fucking impressive." 


"Wanna watch a movie before bed?" 


They had watched 5 minutes of the movie when she started getting teary eyed again. She had tried her best, but she was not doing great. Denki signed to Katsuki. 'Hug? Mushy?' Worried he would create a problem with his boyfriend trying to comfort her. He rolled his eyes and made a gesture for him to go for it. Denki hugged her tight. She started crying for real. He didn’t like seeing her like that. He had seen her like that too many times… He wanted to do something that would make her feel better.

"Wait, I'm gonna get the mochis and some tissues, OK? I'll be right back." He placed her against Katsuki's chest, softly, then jumped off the couch. 

Katsuki looked at him, then at her. She looked so tiny... She had always been bubbly and happy. She was like a girl Denki, but without the hyperactivity. And now she was broken and crying. He held her, his chin over her head, looking mad.

"Wh... I..."

"Shut up, Uraraka. Fucking cry it out. Kendo doesn't fucking deserve you."

That made her stop crying for a second, then start again, harder, grabbing his shirt.


Denki didn't take long to come back with the mochis. As soon as he was there, Katsuki let her go. There was an uncomfortable moment of self-awareness there. Denki didn't notice or couldn't care less.


They had managed to make her stop crying. Katsuki had gone to bed. She had gone to the futon in the doom room. Denki had grabbed the headphones and the tablet and was drawing, sitting on the floor by the bed. 

Katsuki turned the light on. Denki looked at him, confused. He saw him go out of the room.

Denki took his headphones off. He could hear now the muffled crying. He heard the door to the doom room open. The muffled crying stopped. He heard nothing for a second, then muffled crying again, even more muffled. He stood up and went to look what was going on. He found Katsuki hugging her. They were standing in the middle of the room, and she was crying, her hands over her eyes. Denki saw him turn and make her turn too. He protectively hugged her shoulders and took her to the door.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to w-wake you up." Her voice broke by the end of the sentence.

"Shut the fuck up and come to fucking bed." That made her blush. Denki took her by the shoulders, knowing Katsuki had already been doing a physical effort with all the touchiness.

"Come, we'll help you sleep. But you have to promise not to tell anybody Dinamight is sweet on the inside." He joked to make her smile. It made her snort and stop crying for a second. 

"I'm sorry, I don't..." 

"There there, you are half a Sharky, there's still place for at least another you in bed before we start running out of space. Wanna watch Yuru Camp? I bet you would love Yuru Camp." 

Katsuki relinquished the middle place to let Denki hug her, and protect both of them with his arm, trying not to touch her so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Denki gave her one of his bluetooth earphones and played the comfort anime series on his iPad before their eyes. 


It wasn't long until the other two fell asleep. He took a selfie with the iPad and sent it to the cloud, then texted Eijiro's turned off phone. 

"We adopted a lost Ochaco-hime* for the night, Kendo broke her heart. Ka was super cute to her. She was crying so he went and brought her to bed so now he's you and I'm him and she's me. BTW, Neito is still hurt and hating me. I miss you. Come back soon." 




She had woken up during the night and had started crying again, Denki had hugged her tight against his chest. A minute later, he felt Katsuki hug them both protectively. Denki sang something softly by her ear. She didn't understand a word but fell asleep soon enough. 




When morning came, her face was all swollen up and she was alone in bed. She opened her eyes and saw them signing quietly, standing by the feet of the bed. Denki was almost naked. She covered her eyes, embarrassed. 

"Sorry, sorry, I wasn't looking." 

"Didn't you fuck last Christmas?" 

"Not last Christmas, Kachan, the one before. How are you doing, princess?" 

"... Fucking sappy." 

"It's not sappy, Blasty, I can't be sappy with people I'm not in love with. We don't all blast people supportively." 

"Go fuck yourself, Pikachu. Uraraka. Wanna come for a run?"

She thought about it for a second, then nodded softly.

"Need clothes for that? Maybe you have something tiny for her."

"I'm not that tiny, Kachan, but sure. My running shorts have strings, I bet they are not THAT big on you."


They went out to run and each of them positioned themselves at one of her sides.

"It's like having bodyguards..." She smiled softly.

"Uuuh, I should have brought my sunglasses! 'The clear is coast! The princess is safe. The route is go.'"

Katsuki rolled his eyes and blasted him over her head.

"You fucking said it wrong, it's the coast is clear, not the clear is coast."

"I didn't say the clear is coast, Kachan."

"Of course you fucking did, Pikachu."

"No, I didn't. Tell him, Ochaco-chan."

"I think Bakugo is right... You said it wrong."

"What? Betrayal!"

"I like this one, we can fucking keep her, she doesn't team up with you against me like the fucking shark does."




"Wow... A lot of people recognize you..."

"Pf, whatever, who the fuck cares?" But he was proud. He looked proud. He was also the tallest of the three of them, and that felt nice for once.

"But it is huge! You are very high on the ranking already."

"I'm not fucking high at all. You just think that because you are unjustifiably low. You better work your fucking ass off and solve that, Pink Cheeks." She grew taller and more confident, blushing slightly. 

"Yes! I'll work hard." 

Chapter Text

After the introductory video was shown on TV during Denki’s interview, Shinso uploaded it as the first video for the agency’s new TigTog account. They had not been happy about the idea at first, they didn’t see the point, but it had proven quite soon to be a nice, entertaining way to laugh some every day. Denki always found the way to make everybody laugh, and being pro heroes, that was something that was more than welcome in their lives and professional environment… as long as he was able to stop cracking jokes when there was something important. He was getting better at that.


They already had a lot of things to post. There were some that were useful or interesting, like the videos introducing each of the members of the agency. They also had a lot of crap on drafts already. Denki had been recording, and that was always a recipe for chaos. At least he had given them teasing permission and mostly full control of the content and uploading schedules.


Hitoshi looked at all the drafts. They remembered the ex comment from the interview from some days ago, so they decided to post the Christmas carols' training day video.  

It was a video where all the team was stretching at the end of the day.

"When Phantom Thief complains so much about the training playlist..." And then it cut to Denki as Mariah Carey singing dramatically the 'youuuuu' of ‘All I want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey to an invisible mic. 

"... Chargebolt revenge-plays a Christmas playlist by the end of July…" Then it showed him sharing said invisible mic with different members of the team to sing with them, "…and you get carols stuck in your brain for days." 

The comments immediately went ‘Phantom Thief is the ex! Confirmed!' and people deciding if they should work together, come back together or just be friends, as expected.




Shinso was sure Denki was not going to complain about the joking or teasing videos because most of them were his own suggestions, so they started mixing serious introductory videos with the silly ones. Today's video was "When you beg the UA principal to let you train in the school training grounds... But you were the disruptive class clown."

Denki had actually asked permission from Nezu to film it, and he had not just accepted but asked the teachers if they wanted to collaborate. 

It started showing Denki begging on his knees in front of Nezu's table, dramatically. He always did everything dramatically in the videos. Then Nezu was shown agreeing and looking at the teachers. Then Midnight with her whip, Vlad King sharpening his teeth, Present Mic with a baseball bat and Ectoplasm with a shovel played rock-paper-scissors to see who would get revenge on Denki first. Then there was an image of him trying to run away while the four of them tried to catch him. They had had fun recording that.




Denki was getting out of Fat Gum's. It was late. He was kinda sad. He needed a break. He should have been with his team like 2 hours ago... He found himself fidgeting with his phone. He called Katsuki. 

"Hey, are you coming home already for once?" 

"I just came out of Fat Gum's. I'm going to buy hair dye. Wanna dye your hair pink with me?" 

"I'm not fucking dying my hair, not pink, not anything, Pikachu. Why do you want to dye it fucking pink?" 

"Wait, I'll send you the image." He did. 

"... OK, fine, it doesn't look as bad as I thought. It’s fucking weird. How are you going to do that?”

"I have no clue. I've never dyed my hair." 

"Can't you fucking wait for Red to come back and help you?" 

"Not really. I'm sad. I need a coping mechanism. By the way, they gave you an undercut." 

"What the fuck are you talking about?" 

"They have an image where they gave you an undercut." 

"I'm not fucking touching my hair, and you are DEFINITELY not touching my hair."

"Ok. I might get some piercings done." 


"Yeah, I feel like it." 

"You don't just get fucking pierced because you feel like it, dumbass." 

"There's no other reason to get pierced than that one, Kachan. I might start getting pierced every time you guys go on an assignment." 

"... You will run out of fucking places to pierce." 

"Yeah, I know." 

"Are you fucking bringing Uraraka tonight too?" 

"I don't know why?" 

"Cause I fucking miss you, you are never home and Red is not here." 

"So you miss watching porn with me?" 

"Are you coming back already or not, Sparky?" He sounded quite lonely, to be fair. Denki felt lonely too.

"I'll warn my team I can't make it today, and I'll be there in half an hour, OK?" 

"Fine. Don't get fucking lost." 

"I'll try my best." 




They were still watching Crazy Rich Asians when Katsuki asked. 

"Are you gonna pierce yourself for real?" 

"Yeah, I've always wanted to, but you know, school and work rules. Now I don't have any of those. And won't have them ever again. My agency, my rules." ‘My life, my rules.’

"Where?" Denki had not really decided anything but the tongue... But he kind of wanted to see Katsuki's reaction. 

"The ones on the picture look cool. Septum, eyebrow, lip, tongue, nipple." 


"Yeah, it's hot." 

"It has to hurt like shit." 

"Probably. And in the nipples it takes a whole year to heal.” ‘But you guys are not nipple players, so that's not a problem with you.’

"So you're gonna pierce all of your body for fucking real?" 

"Yeah." ‘Not really.’ “So you don’t mind about any of them but the nipple one?”

"I care about all of them. I don't see what's so fucking interesting about fucking piercings." 

"You are more of a tattoo guy then?" 

"I don't think I would get tattoos either." 

"You would look hot pierced. I mean, you always look hot. But pierced? Uf." 

"So what? Are you going to try and fucking convince us to get pierced now?" 

"Oh, no, no, just you. But Sharky would look awesome tattooed." 

"... You are fucking bored in your job, aren't you?" 

"I wish I had time to get bored, Blasty. I'm overwhelmed." 

"But you are still fucking thinking of getting tattoos and piercing your whole fucking body."

"I can think of several things at the same time. Do you think you’re gonna hate the piercings on me? I'm gonna do them anyway, just FYI, I want to.”

“I have no fucking clue. I can’t picture you with piercings for real.”

“ I bet you're gonna become a sucker for piercings after I get them." He teased.

"You fucking wish." He kissed him. Denki turned himself in the sofa to face him. The rest of the movie could wait. 




Katsuki had fallen asleep hugging him. He was always physically less distant when he was missing Eijiro. Denki tried to move as little as possible while preparing a TigTog.   

"When you suddenly remember you are not in school anymore, and you are *your own boss,* Which one first? #piercing #obsessed" 

He uploaded a compilation of all the piercings that didn't include genitals that he could think of. 

He wrote to Eijiro to tell him about his day and tell him he might find him pierced when he came back. And probably with his hair dyed. Then he wrote to Ochaco. 

"Have you ever dyed someone's hair? Wanna help me?" 

"I have, and I can. Are you OK? We were worried, you hadn't even taken a day off since this started." 

"I'm fine, I just needed some time with Ka, don't worry. Isn't it quite late for you to be awake?" 

"Don’t worry, I have problems falling asleep, but I will try my best. What was that series you showed me last night?" 

Chapter Text

He had barely made it into Fat Gum's office when he received Katsuki's message.

"Going on assignment. Fucking take care of yourself and send pics. Don't do anything stupid."

"Dying my hair pink + a piercing for each day you're out. Stay safe. I hate your agency. Don't destroy many cities, Blasty. I love you."

"I love you too, dumbass."


"Hey, Uravity. Mind coming in for a sec?" 

"Oh, sure. Did I do something wrong?" She closed the door. She looked tired, but at least she was holding herself in one piece. 

"No, I am alone from today and I'm sad and getting grumpy and I need help to die my hair and I want a buddy to come with me while I go pierce my tongue and take a video to show the guys?" 

"Oh! Sure, I can go with you." 

"Can you come live in my house until they come back? Pleeeeaase." She smiled. 

"Are you sure?" 

"Very sure." She smiled and nodded. 

"OK, then, house buddies until they come back." 




Ochaco had recorded everything. Denki now had a tongue piercing and an aching tongue. 

"Can't kiss for I don't know how many days. So, I'm going to pretend you two are not here because you are giving time for my tongue to heal. Can barely talk either, you'll be sad to know that part is the one that gets solved quicker *laughing emoji*. BTW, Ochaco is living with me while you are not here. Shared loneliness."

He sent the video for them to the group chat. 




They received a lot of pictures of his pink hair the next day. 

"I'm electric Pinky now!" 

They would have seen it anyway, because it made the rounds on the internet pretty fast. Someone had spotted him running with Uravity and some people had seen him in the street, so there were more than enough pictures of his pink hair anyway. 




They received a new video. He wasn't going to upload it until they were back for safety reasons. It had 'We don't talk about Bruno' as music and it read:

"Boyfriend is on a business trip starter pack:

-New hair color." Denki shaking his head like a wet puppy, his hair baby pink. 

"-Fighting people over stupid things." A video where Phantom Thief and Chargebolt were being separated by the rest of the team.

"-Hugs." Seconds of every person on the team but Shinso hugging or being hugged by Chargebolt.

"-Sugar with liquids in it." Denki drinking something from a plastic cup.


Denki sent the video to Hawks too and added. 

"+ new piercing, but people don't need to know that."

"That explains why my sunrises are so boring lately *wink*"

"Mine too *sad*. They would probably be boring anyway even if they were here because I've got to heal the piercing *laugh* and they told me not to kiss or give head for a month #Bifobia."

"Tongue? Picture."

"Healing disgusting part of the process *laugh*. Would also have to ask myself if that counts as cheating, so nope."

"Dick piercing?"

"No, tongue. Non-open relationships have weird rules *shrug*. Wanna come evaluate me and my team when Fat Gum is back?"

"Sure. Let me know."

"BTW." He sent a screencap of the conversation with a badly drawn arrow pointing to the name 'senpai' on the header. He had somehow forgotten Hawks knew Katsuki had made him change the name of the contact while he was listening. Hawks answered with his. It read Kami and then the emoji of a chicken coming out of an eggshell. That felt weird. Somewhat nice. He answered with the emoji and a question mark. 

"Cheeky chick / little one / babybird." That last part made him blush. "Also kohai, it's a very useful emoji." 

"*middle finger emoji* a bird for you. Uravity says Hi, BTW." He sent a selfie of both of them sitting in the sofa with a green skin care mask on their faces. 




"Hi, this is an official communication to inform you sirs my tongue is Officially Not Swollen, and you have to come back already because I don't know if sleeping-sleeping with Ochaco counts as mushy, but I'm lonely and I need someone to hug me to sleep. We ate cake for dinner today. Tomorrow we are inaugurating the agency. We have an HQ!"




Denki uploaded a video to his official account with a song that sang 'I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead'. He had his pink hair and was wearing his high school uniform (as much as he could make it fit, he hadn't noticed he had gotten bulkier even if he was still considered slender for an adult and a pro hero). In the video, he was singing the sentence to different people out of frame, some with finger guns, some with clown faces, one of them hugging Uraraka in a way her face wouldn't show because even though it had actually happened, she was just there to be a placeholder and that was it. The last time the song said the sentence, he sang the chorus looking directly at the camera and looking sexy, with his best flirty playboy smile. It read 'My high school fboy self during the high school years be like:'

He made sure the duet option was turned off, just in case. The comments quickly got filled with random followers, but the most interesting part was all the UA alumni, his teammates included, all saying things like: "facts" or "Yes, so annoying" or "And it worked!"


He had expected Hawks to answer, and of course he had. In private, because he couldn’t do it publicly.   

"Just in high school?" 

"Got with these two by last year, so I had to stop *laughing*" 

"I sometimes forget you are a baby. *chicken in eggshell*" 

"I'm not a baby, you are old *old person emoji*" 

"Mature and experienced *smirk*" 

He answered with a selfie where he was winking an eye and was showing him the tongue piercing.

"Not that experienced *manicure emoji* *tongue emoji*.” Hawks obviously got the reference to the pierced tongue. 

"Now I have someone to try it with *demon*" 

"Shut up or I'll have to block you *laugh*. I have to burn Endeavor's agency, so they give me back the horny one." 

"Red is not horny?" 

"*Red emoji* *shark emoji* comes back from missions being cuddly for days. Which is great, because cuddles, but [self-censorship]. Yeah, I'm gonna go take a shower I think *laugh*."   

"Is that why he tried to convince *explosion* to let you fuck me while he was out?" 

"*laugh* I forgot you knew that. Not just, but yes. Kinky *tomato emoji*. Well, kinky all of us, clearly." 

"*laugh* Yes, the three of you are pretty kinky as far as I can tell." 

"Pf, like you aren't kinky" 

Hawks answered copy-pasting the "mature and experienced *smirk*" message he had sent before.   

"Years older, years kinkier." 

"We are so doing a 'how kinky are you' test competition when these two are back." 


"Go fuck someone for the both of us, you gorgeous man." 

Hawks laughed at home.   

"I told you it is not that easy when you are recognizable."

"I can’t believe you don't have a horde of lovers, come on. You're *flame* and *pan emoji*" 

"I don't. One-night stands tended to end up posting about it on social media or talking to the press."   

"... That's sad. We have to find you a fuck."

"*chicken in eggshell*" Denki blushed. 

"Shut up." He took a second to be able to answer something to that. "You know that's not an option. But there has to be someone you can fuck." He looked at Ochaco's things. Rebound Hawks? "Tell me this is a now-now thing." 

"Are you gonna take pity on me *laugh*?" 

"Yes! I'm seeing which friend I can hook you up with! What a waste!" 

Hawks laughed. 

"Who are you thinking about?" 

"I can't tell you without talking with them first or it will look like I'm pimping them *laugh*. I was going to ask about your preferences, but you are in no position to choose *sticking tongue emoji*." 

"So you are thinking on someone." 

"I have too many vanilla friends. And it has to be a pro hero, I wouldn't trust a civilian not to tell *thinking emoji*. Wait! I just remembered a thing!" 

Denki called because gossiping through text was not an option. 

"You are calling me now?" 

"Yes! I need to ask! Toshi and I talked about my theory, and they said you might know, and I just remembered because I thought we have to find yourself a pro hero fuck. And then I thought 'or a villain fuck' and then I remembered Toshi said you might know. Can I ask you one thing about the League of Villains? Well, two things, but they are related to each other, so they count as one."

"First of all, who is Toshi?" He chuckled. 

"Oh, my sibling, Mind Jack." 

"Mind Jack is your sibling?" 

"Adoptive family, yes. We also fucked once. Would not recommend, The Vanillest. Uuuh, Neito... Fuck." That would be definitely a good match... He had thought on mixing him with Ochaco and he had not felt anything, but Neito... 

"You fucked your sibling?"

"Just once. We were curious. And we weren't family yet." 

"And Neito is..." Denki took one more second than expected to answer to that.

"Phantom Thief." 

"Your ex." 


"And now you regret saying his name out loud." 

"I have a complicated relationship with him." 


"Soooo the League of Villains." 

"I have a complicated relationship with them.” He quoted him. “An answer for an answer?" 

"... Fine. But I'll go first." 


"Have you ever fucked a villain?" He should have expected that question.

"Yes. What’s your problem with me having sex with Phantom Thief?" Because he assumed that was the whole thought process and he was not wrong. Denki wasn't expecting him to ask him point blank like that. 

"I have a complicated relationship with him." 

"That's not an answer." 

"I don't like your question." 

"I told you I fucked a villain." 

"Oh, come on. I would bet fucking a villain is how you got into the League. You first fucked a villain, then he took you there like 'I have a new fuck friend, he wants to join us!'" 

"Nope, it wasn't like that. And you are diverting the topic. Why not Phantom Thief?" 

Denki knew he was going to take it as he shouldn't... 

"I'm gonna explain it backwards, so wait till the end because what you are going to feel like telling me mid-way I already know." 


"Neito is a red line for me. When Kachan and Red and I talked about what was cheating, it was like 'cheating is making out with Neito. I don't care if you fuck the rest of the world on top of me while I'm asleep, but not Neito."


"Shut up. I know. We are not a thing and I'm not trying to be or expecting to be or anything like that. I'm not in love with you, you are not in love with me, we are just friends or whatever. No need to tell me, I know. And I have Ochaco here and I was like 'They both need a fuck, they could have fun, good for them', even though I think you would break her heart and she's too vanilla for you, but that's not the point. The point is I have an allergic reaction to thinking about anyone fucking that specific ex."

"So, you don't mind me fucking your boyfriends, but you mind me fucking your ex?"   

"Exactly. Because it's not about you, it's about having to listen to him later being the pettiest bitch and if I even flinch, I’ll have to hear him for hours. He's an expert on driving me crazy in a bad way. Well, in a good way too, but that's not the point. I was going to say 'whatever, fuck him but don't tell me’. But he would make sure to tell me."

"So, you care it is me. Because you would flinch." 

"I already answered to two questions. If you keep asking, you're going to regret it." 

"I will risk it. It does make a difference that it is me?" 

"Yes, for several reasons. None of them being in love with you, because I’m not." 

"No need to keep reminding me that." 

"Sorry, force of habit." 

"Which reasons?" 

"That would be a fourth question, I just asked one." 

"I'm not the one who is trying to avoid answering." 

"Because I'm not asking yet." 

"Which reasons?" 

"Which villain?" There was a silence. 

"You don't know him." 

"Bullshit. But even if it was true, I can always investigate. I confessed. It's your turn." 

"You didn't confess, you are not answering to the reasons."

"You still owe me 2 questions. So Which villain?" 


"Dabi… Waaaait! Villainroki!? I mean, damn, I get it, good for you." That made Hawks laugh. "Kinky of you. Now I don't know which question to ask, because I wanna know more about that but I also want to know if my theory was right..." 

"Answer about your reasons, then you'll get two questions." 'I don't want to.' 

"How was that? I don't mean how it started, I don't have that many questions. And don't answer 'hot'." 

"Kinky. Very kinky. And the hottest bad idea ever." 

"That's how I call my ex too." Denki laughed. "Do you miss him? In bed, I mean." 

"We are three to three." Denki was too intrigued. 

"I told you I would ask first." 

"That means if I answer you'll have to answer too." Denki couldn't just let it go now.

"... I know." 

"OK. Yes, I miss him in my bed. He was hot. He was a dickhead and petty and we were not friends or cared for each other. We were a hot fuck we had to hide that felt even hotter because we had to hide, and that was it. Which reasons?" 

"I mean, you are a pro hero, he was a villain, it would have been weird that you two were friends or in love and secretly dating." He had cornered himself and he knew it. He didn't have any option but answering now. He didn't even want to answer to himself. "It's not just one reason. First of all, Neito and I had a thousand conversations about you first year. Let's just say he was not interested in you until I made him interested in you. We were horny teenagers, he read my fics, I read his. He can make and makes a competition out of everything. He would get kicked out of my agency gladly if in exchange he managed to" hurt "piss me about how he fucked you." 'Someone I cared about' sounded way worse than just 'you' even though he didn't mean it like anything. "And he would manage to piss me, because the only reason he hadn't tried to destroy me yet is because I'm dating the only two people in the world who are completely out of his reach. Red hates his guts. He always has. From first year. Red doesn’t hate anybody in the whole world but Neito. And you know Kachan. His options are either getting into my bed again or getting in the bed of the people I care to sleep with. And he is not dumb. He knows I'm..." he didn't know what word was the correct for this, 'Obsessed with'? 'Pining for'? 'Starstruck'? Hawks waited, that word was something he had to evaluate. "Interested in you. So, more reasons to give me hell about it. 'You wanted to fuck Hawks, but I did it instead and ruined him for you.' It wouldn't be about sex with Keigo, it would be about sex with Hawks to fuck me." Hawks processed all of that in silence. Denki felt uncomfortable. "I still think you two would have fun, if you want to do it." He didn't mean it to show, but his tone showed a he didn't want him to do it.

"It doesn't sound like you should have him in your agency."   

"I win if I get him over me before he finds a way to destroy me. It's worth the risk." 

"I doubt that. It's a huge risk."

"He has destroyed me before, I'm still alive. And in a way better place than I used to be."

"So, he is not interested on fucking Keigo but Hawks."

"What? Thinking on asking who I’m interested to fuck?" Denki smiled. That question he knew how to answer. 


"Ask then, the answer to that one is easy." 

"Who are you interested to fuck?" Denki didn't expect to blush. 

"You, Keigo." Saying it like that sounded so feelingy, and so close to Bonery, which was far from his intention. "I mean, obviously a lot of other people, including the hubbies, but we are not talking about that. You are not my pro hero bucket list, you are you."

"And he would ruin me for you?" Fuck... He had forgot he had said that. That he didn't know how to answer. The silence was too long. Hawks got his answer from that silence, but he waited anyway. 

"Probably. I don't choose my red lines. He destabilizes me." He felt like repeating himself. 'I'm not in love with you, I'm not interested in a relationship with you...'

"What if you fuck me first?" That made Denki chuckle. 'I wish.'

"You know that's not an option." 'I'm pretty sure it's a matter of time it is, Dinamight is far too interested in showing me you are his and he is not interested in me, but let's not go that way for now."

"For the sake of the argument, if it were." 

"I have no clue." 

"But I could fuck whoever Ochaco is."    

"Oh, yes, yes, and Red, and Blasty, and the rest of my team, even though there's too much Vanilla there. You could fuck my dads, I wouldn’t give it a second thought." That made Hawks laugh and relax a little.   

"You have several dads?"

"Yeah, three, but two are adoptive family, like Mind Jack." 

"I could fuck the three of your dads?"

"I mean, one of them is ace, so good luck with that.” He wasn’t expecting Hawks to ever be close enough to him to find out who his fathers were. “But as far as I'm concerned? Go for it. You owe me answers." 


"So, listen, Shigaraki. Good hugger, selfish fuck, yes or no?" 

Hawks got so shocked for a second, he didn't know how to react, then he burst into laughter. 

"I seriously doubt he would have been a good hugger, definitely not the person I would have asked for a hug." 

"I bet you don't know how to ask for hugs." 

"I don't have anyone to ask for hugs." 'I don't even remember how hugs felt anymore.'

"Ask Red, then. Do you like hugs?" Somehow that conversation felt way more personal than the other one.   

"I don’t know. It has been a while." He didn’t remember his last hug.

"I starve without hugs. I'm cuddly." He told him, trying to compensate the too personal part of making him say that. 

"You look like you can’t stand still time enough to get cuddled." Denki smiled. 

"I'm huggable, I like people to hug me. I convinced Ochaco, Uravity, to come stay at our place with me to keep me company. Maybe you could come some night. We could play videogames."


"Don't you ever go on missions?"

"Yes, all the time, why?"

"I don't know, we talk quite a lot, and you always seem to have your phone on you."

"I'm my own boss, I carry my phone on my missions. I just mute it."

"Isn't that a liability?"

"Just if someone gets your phone and you have conversations with your loved ones in it."

"Well you just have conversations with me or about me, so you are safe." He joked.

"Mostly, yes." Hawks wasn't joking, but Denki decided he was.

"Your real loved ones would probably be safe. I'm the press boyfriend, I would try to kidnap me first if I were a villain trying to hurt you, I look kidnappable."

"That rescue party would be interesting." He smiled.

"We joke about that at home, but I actually have a contingency plan. In case I get kidnapped, I mean. Would you participate in the chaotic rescue party?" Hawks somehow felt that question was asking about his feelings for him. It was not Denki's intention at all. 

"Would you participate in mine?"

"Pf, of course I would! I hope your feathers are good at handling electricity, because I would fry the villains and yell at them. You know, dramatic style: 'Where the fuck is my boyfriend!?' You could let us know where you are using my feather, in fact. It would be like having Lassie guide us if you managed to remember we are not as fast as you are." Denki had gotten lost on his own idea.

"I would participate in yours too." For some reason that sounded personal. 

"Thanks. That search party is going to be a mess, pity I'll miss it."

"You seem too sure you will get kidnapped."

"I mean,... People consider me your boyfriend and I’m actually dating two of the new pro hero rising stars. Those two are going to be huge. So that means three men to get kidnapped for. I can imagine the villain telling me things like 'your boyfriend will pay for this' and me trying to guess which boyfriend depending on what his scars look like." Denki laughed. That made Hawks laugh too. He looked outside.

"It's already sunrise here."

"Oh... Ups, I kept you awake. You didn't get any sleep."

"You didn't get any sleep either."

"I'm bad at sleeping alone. Another problem for the kidnapping villains. I don't sleep and I won't have my meds for days. Great combination, yes. In fact, I'm bad at sleeping in general. I should start to go running by night again... Do you really wake up at sunrise or was that just a horny comment?"

Hawks laughed.

"Just when you two start waking at sunrise way too many days." 

"There's no such a thing as too many days to have sex, how dare you." 

"I dare because I get the short straw." He smiled. "You are the one getting all the sex, not me." 

"How long since the last time?"

"I am not answering that." 

"Oh, come on! You told me you fucked Dabi! This can't be worse." 

Chapter Text

Eijiro came back home in the middle of the night and opened the door trying not to make any noise. He found Denki hugging his tablet on the couch, sitting, the light still on. 

The redhead smiled, so happy to see him. He picked him up from the sofa, carefully. Denki mumbled, asleep. 

"Shhh, it's just me, baby, let's get to bed." He whispered. 




Denki woke up in bed, still hugging his tablet, his head resting over a shoulder, his hand over a chest. He recognized him by his smell first. He hugged him more and kept on sleeping until the alarm went off in his phone, way too early. 

"Ei... You're back..." He hugged him. The redhead yawned and hugged him back. 

"Hello, baby, I am. I've missed you so much." He caressed his face. "I saw your messages, I was so happy to see there were a lot of them, thanks." 

"You're welcome. God, I would fuck you right now..." He knew Eijiro didn't work like that but... He just couldn't help it, the rush of having any of them come back safe and sound from a mission made him horny. 

The redhead smiled. 

"Didn't I read we can't even kiss?" 

"I'll risk the infection for you, handsome." He purred. Eijiro smiled, keeping things PG13. 

"Any way we can kiss without you risking an infection?" 

"The salty water thing before for you and before and after for me." So boring. He would accept it though. 

"OK, let's go make some salty water so I can kiss you and you can show me the piercing before breakfast." 


 The doom room's door opened, then. Eijiro looked confused. 

"Ochaco! Come say hi to Rocky Shark!" 

"Hi! I didn't know you were back. I'll collect my things then." 

"Kendo broke up with her. We have been helping each other." He whispered. Eijiro understood. 

"If you don't mind me being here, you could stay with us until Katsuki's back. We get really lonely without him." He hugged her. He was huge. She was tiny. Denki took a picture and sent it to Katsuki. Then sent it to Hawks. 

"One boyfriend back, one to go!" 

"Happy for you. Have fun *wink*" 

"Pf, no fun, never fun when he has just come back. Cuddles. But no fun. But cuddles." He was too excited to care for now.




As soon as they came back, Katsuki looked for his phone and saw it become flooded with memes, pictures, texts, links, thirst traps, videos and even audios. He couldn't be more shocked. Denki hadn't just kept in touch, he had been oversharing like crazy. There was a pause in Eijiro's texts, but Denki's pictures were all there.

"Press conference."

"Hey! Welcome back :D! It was about time you came back already and fuck my brains out!" Someone had been living with Eijiro not wanting any sex for a week now. 


Katsuki browsed the pictures, leaving the videos and audios for later. It seemed Ochaco was still living with them for some reason. He hesitated to listen to the audios, there weren't many. Some were just seconds long. He played them all one after the other.

"I'm bored. Come back already, Blasty."

"Sleeping is boring. It's three am and you haven't come look for me to take me to sleep and that's clearly Denkifobia. Stop being so good, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, so they stop sending you in dumb missions. I've got a mission for you, making me happy. Yes, I'm sappy, I know. I've been drawing you and it was not a good idea."

"Log Day 74, still no news about Kachan. The plan to become a villain so he can pay attention to me as part of his dumb pro hero job is on its way. I'm so cosplaying Villain Chargebolt when you come back so you have a non-sappy reason to appear on my TigTog, by the way. Anyway, seriously gonna become a villain so you can work full time paying attention to me. This sucks. Neito has started singing 'We don't talk about Bruno' from Encanto all of the time because he says I'm moody cause you're on a mission. Well, because he's a dickhead, actually, but also because he knows you are not there, so you are Bruno now. I am not good at this. I shouldn't have tried sending audios. I just thought if it made me happy maybe it would make you happy too. It was dumb. Now I feel lonelier even if Sharky came back yesterday. He is sleeping hugging Ochaco, I hope you don't consider that Mushy of the Cheating Three because I think we all need that by now. We miss you. This sucks." There was a silence there. Then he sighed. "Good night, Kachan. Come back already."

He felt warm. He felt missed. He wanted to hug them so so bad right now. 

He opened the door and found nobody home. He called Eijiro. 

"Hi, baby, are you home already?" 

"Yes. And it's empty." 

"It has been a messy day patrolling today. I assume Denki is not there either, right? He's been overworking even more than he already was. Want the address to his agency?"

"They already have a fucking headquarters? I've just been out for 8 days." 

"Some more, but yes. How are you?" 

"Fine." Eijiro waited. "Tired. Missing you."

"Go look for him." He sent him the address. "I love you, I'll run by the store and buy something for dinner. Fuck his brains out" 'so he stops being pushy with me.' 


He arrived at the address. That was a regular office building. There was a small sign that read "Chargebolt hero agency" and the floor and office numbers. It was clear that was going to be just a small office space. 


He knocked at the door. There was no answer. He called his number. "We don't talk about Bruno”’s chorus played inside for a second. A sleepy happy voice answered. 

"Hey... I fell asleep. Are you home?" 

"I'm at your agency's door."

"Oh, are you?" 

The door opened. He literally discarded his phone over his shoulder and kissed him. Katsuki kissed him back, desperately. He had to pull away when he noticed something weird. It was the piercing. Denki played with it, looked innocent for a split second then started kissing him again. He pulled him in and closed the door, starting to undress him. 

Katsuki stopped him. 

For a second, he saw Denki's fear. Then the smile was back, and he looked calm even if he didn't feel half as calm. 

"I'm so glad you're back." Katsuki was acting weird. "Want me to show you the agency?" The explosive blond nodded. Denki turned on the light. 

The space was mostly white, open and boring. He showed him a door. 

"Meeting room." 

Then showed him a second door. 

"My office. I get an office and all. So fancy." 

The clutter and the bobba and the slushy cups made him remember his last mission out. He looked around. It was all a little depressing. That was almost a closet, there wasn't even a window in that ‘office’. 

"I'm important now." He joked, nervously. 

“You just did one piercing?"

"Yeah, and the hair." It was still light pink, even if it was starting to fade to a pinkish blonde. 

"You're fucking hot even with that." 

"But still you are not fucking my brains out." 

"You said we can't make out because of your piercing." 

"Fuck that!" He jumped onto him. "I've missed you so much. I've missed your dick so bad." 

The 'Language, Sparky' died in his tongue when he felt the small blonde's one on his. 




Denki inhaled deeply, then exhaled and yawned. 

"Note to myself: tainting the agency's windows." 

"This is your fucking workspace, you shouldn't be thinking about using it as a sex dungeon." He smiled. 

"I'm counting on you coming to look for me and fuck me to give me reasons to stop working. I need to be rich so other people can take care of the boring stuff." 

"You have Hawks' money, just fucking hire someone."

"I plan on paying him back. I don't want to feel I owe him." 

"I fucking love that."

"You shouldn't. It's to ease my conscience." 

"Because you fucked him?" That was mostly a joke, but not as much as he would have liked. 

"I wish, but I'm loyal, even if you think I'm not, Blasty. I didn't do anything Cheaty or Bendy but sleeping with Ochaco in the same bed once Sharky came back, and he took your place because he doesn't like women, so he was the mushiest." 

"I know you are loyal, puppy. I don't know if I give a fuck about you two being Mushy with Uraraka, but thanks for trying. Why do you want to ease your conscience about fucking Hawks?" 

"Because I forbade sexual relationships in my agency and even if we haven't even kissed, I would be a hypocrite if I denied something sexual happened." 'And I wish there will be more.'

"The night I called him."


"Nothing else?" 

"No, nothing else, promised. I told him about the piercing, but the pic I sent him was definitely not sexual at all. And we talked quite a lot, but nothing remotely Bonery." 

"You still wanna fuck him."

"Of course. I like sex. It's my favorite hobby. And I have not been fucked since you left. I'm horny."

"For fucking Hawks." 

"For fucking you, Blasty. And for fucking Red. And for fucking Hawks, yes, he's hot, he drives me crazy. And Red just wants sappiness when you are not here, and you are always on assignment, so you make my life miserable in two ways. I want to fuck you three dumb and then repeat just to be sure. And probably sleep after that until any of you can get it hard again. And if that makes you jealous, well, I'm not sure I'm sorry, because he's just in my head and you two are in my bed. Well, Sharky not as much as I would like to. I was already planning on waking him up in the middle of the night to see if that worked."

"I didn't fucking think about how long he takes to want sex after an assignment. You have just been gone once and I wasn't there most of the time."

"It's fucking annoying, and don't say language, I deserve swearing because of that." He clowned a little. Katsuki felt his lips go up in a smile.

"Yeah, I would say you fucking deserve that swearing, puppy." He saw Denki's face blush slightly and his smile become sappier and more honest with that 'puppy'.

"I've missed you. I miss you a lot when you're away. I hate it. Become a baker or something." Katsuki laughed.

"Tough luck, Sparky, you're stuck with the fucking future number 1. I will fucking regret it when you fall for him and want to date him." Denki took a second to understand what he was talking about. He was pretty sure that was far from what was going on between them, but he was curious. 

"Because you think I would stop dating you, because you think that would force you to date him or because you don't like the idea of me dating you and someone else?"

"You fucking poly people are fucking complicated. I wouldn't like any of those. But the one about not dating me is fucking terrifying." He caressed his face to make him look at his eyes. 

"Wow, talking about feelings and all, you must have missed us a lot." He joked and winked. "If I ever stop dating you it will be because of you, not because I love somebody else. And you just called him once, Blasty."

"I bet he's pining for your piercing now." 

"Probably, but I'm yours so". He shrugged. Their phone's received a message at the same time. "Let's go home before I fall asleep, and my team finds us naked here tomorrow. I am so tainting the windows."




Katsuki woke up on time to go running and found Denki deeply asleep. He looked at the time on his phone. Then looked at Hawks' chat and wrote.

"I'm back."

"I assumed. Good morning, Blasty. Welcome back." 

"Thanks. If you hurt him, I'll fucking pluck you."

"Not planning on hurting any of you in any way you wouldn't like *wink*. Still not trying to date your joyfriend." 

"You will." 

"Why are you so sure?" 

"Because I fucking know him." 

"He's careful, in case you are worried about that. Not just around me, he's just not risking hurting you. He avoided sleeping with Uravity in case you would be mad about it." 

"I wouldn't have been. Fucking Pikachu. I'll talk to him." 

"That will help him sleep for sure." 

Katsuki took a picture of asleep Denki and sent it to Hawks. Hawks found himself feeling out of place and watching something he shouldn't have, way more than the time they had called him during sex. He looked so young... He sometimes forgot the 7 years age gap. 


"He's asleep now." 

"I see. He didn't sleep much these days, so good for him." 

"You spent every fucking night talking?" 

"Just one. We talked other nights. But if you are worried about that you should ask him." 

"I'm not worried about that, I'm fucking worried about him not sleeping any time I'm not around."

"He says he's bad at sleeping and something about hugs." He didn't know why they were talking about this. "I sound like his babysitter now *laugh*. We didn't talk that much."

"Thanks for taking care of him." Mpf.

"I entertained him."

"Did he tell you about the piercing?"

"Yes. I thought he had pierced his dick for a sec. He seems quite confused about what is cheating for you and he didn’t want to show it to me at first."

"Fucking dumbass. If it wouldn't give you a boner, it's probably not cheating. I'll talk to him. He fucking showed it to you in the end?"

"Yes. It didn't give me a boner, in case you care. He could give me a boner showing it to me if he wanted to." 

"I fucking get that he's trying, parrot, stop it already." 

"It's parrot-senpai for you, Blasty *wink*." 

"You fucking wish. The one that calls you senpai is 'the little one'." 

"I could make you call me senpai too *angel emoji*."

"I would make you call me Master instead. Drop the fucking sexual comments. I'm still not fucking letting him fuck you." 'still?' 

"You made clear you don't trust us."

"I fucking trust him. I just know he fucking forgets everything when he gets obsessed." 

"I don’t know about that. I just know I’m wide open to any of your kinks.” 

“Fuck you.”

“Fuck me *wink*.”

Chapter Text

Denki was so bored out of his mind doing agency paperwork he had just found himself playing with 'How kinky are you?' tests. He opened the playlist game’s group.

"I'm bored and I have a new game *angel emoji*"

"Denki 'I have an amazing idea' Kaminari, ladies and gentlemen. Surprise us."

"I wanna know who's the kinkiest. I wanna bet from kinkiest to vanillest! And I have a scientific method to know the winner." He shared the Buzzfeed test. "We do the test, we bet on the ranking or in the top 3 or 5 or whatever."

"I don't need to do it, it's a 0"

"You fucked both Neito and me. That's not a 0 in this test, it asks about what you have tried too, not just what you would like to do."

"Wait! How didn't I know Shinso+Monoma?" Mina was so shocked she had missed so many things.

"I didn't know Mind Jack + Chargebolt either *surprised emoji*."

"You left with Kendo before Katsuki asked who had slept with Denki the last night in the dorms *laughing emoji*"

Katsuki shared Denki's “I wanna ruin our friendship' video.

"Fucking fuckboy. If you are done with work fucking come home already."

"Oh, we can talk about Bruno now, Short Fuse is back."

"I'm not done, this is endless *desperate emoji*"

"Hire someone to take care of that."

"It's the Neverending Paperwork Story. Wanna play?"

"It's just sharing the result to the test and saying who do you think is the top three kinkiest?"


"OK, then count me in."

"Yeah, me too."

"I am not interested. And I don't care about the results either. See you tomorrow." Jiro left the group.

"'Have you tried erotic electrostimulation?' Did you write this test yourself?" Neito was not shocked he didn't have a higher punctuation, just 76%. There were some things listed Denki knew he would never do. He started paying more attention, he wanted to know what this was about. Why had he done this? Why now? Why this test?

"It was so funny when I saw that, I'm not going to lie." 

"OMG, some of these are very kinky. Who does these things?" 

"The two talking about electrostimulation + I'm assuming if Hawks and the hubbies are playing, those 3 too." 

"Don't go fucking assuming things, Purplehead." 

"Please, I bet Short Fuse and Soft Tetsu Tetsu are So Vanilla." He actually didn't, he knew Denki would not be in an exclusive relationship with them if that was the case. 

"You don't know shit." He hated that Monoma made him want to brag about how kinky he was. 

"This thing needs an option that says: ‘I tried it, I didn't like it. Never again.’ You two ruined my perfect 0."

"Did you get a 10%?" 


"Now I feel kinky *blushing face*." Ochaco looked at her 63%, embarrassed. 

"Me too, and I'm under 50%" 

"I expected more from you, Mina *laugh*. I didn't expect more from you, Ochaco. Fuck this, I'm going home. Someone remind me tomorrow I prefer having to take 100 years to repay the money than doing this. We're hiring someone to do the paperwork." He sent a picture of a stuck of papers and his middle finger. 

"Noted. Remember to lock the door."

"*party emoji*" Eijiro was happy he was getting home for dinner without them reminding him. 

"Language, Pikachu, come home already. We fucking miss you, you work too many hours. When was the last time you took a day off?" He wrote in private. 

"Already on my way. I miss you too." He avoided the days off topic. He didn't have time for that... 

"*Angel emoji*" That answer from Ochaco was unexpected. 

"You were kinky and you didn't tell me when we hooked up?! *broken heart*."

"*laugh* You were not kinky with me, you were super sweet *kiss emoji* but it was two years ago, come on. I was a kid." 

"She grew up so fast *happy crying gif* *proud gif*" 

"So you really slept with all of your agency?"   

"Not all of it *laugh*. 2/6."

"Uravity and Phantom."

"...2/6 I DIDN'T make out at all with." 

"Because they didn't let you." 

'Obviously. And I wasn't friends with Tsukuyomi." 'Now I know he's ace too, so no luck anyway.' 

"Did you really waited to be friends before hitting on people? You made out with A LOT of people in first year."

"I'm friendly *wink*. But not everybody, just most of them."

"I'm still amazed, I tried to make a list the other day and I remembered A LOT of people." 

"*shrug* I probably won't remember by now. OK, bets now to make the rest of my way home less boring?"

"If I'm in the top 3 I'm going to be so embarrassed."

"If you are in the top 3 I'm kicking you out of the agency just to try again and learn something *laugh* (for legal and romantic reasons this is a joke)." 

"I would be surprised if you were, I have heard Kiri tell me very weird things... Denks, where you kinky in first year? I didn't hear any gossip about that." 

"He was." Neito answered.

"Well, yes, but not with one-time hook-ups or cinnamon rolls. Mostly kinky with you, so of course she didn’t get any gossip about that." 

"And Tentacole, I’ll assume. Cause that's just a kink-dream." 

"*zipped mouth emoji* Not talking about people that is not present." 

"So, you are talking about people who is present? *face with a monocle*"   

"Not talking about my sex life in specifics here." 'You are smart, you'll probably guess right.'

"But doing a kink test with us." 

"But nobody is sharing their answers, so nobody is talking about specifics."

"I think I have my list. I still have doubts on Denki/Kiri order... But I'm gonna go with Chargebolt, then Red Riot, then Hawks. Sorry, Hawks?" Mina thought he was a cool guy, but she didn't know him that much, and talking about his sex life sounded way too informal.

"No offense taken. This game started because Chargebolt and I were talking about kinks."

"In a non-sexual way." 

"In a non-sexual conversation, yes." 

"*smirk* Aha, yes, we totally believe that. Your boyfriends sure believe that." Fucking Monoma. 

"Of course we fucking believe that." 

"I thought you were smarter than to trust Bbgum Bitch, Short Fuse." 

"I'm not trustworthy when I'm dating untrustworthy people. And still I wasn't the one who cheated on you with your sibling." 

"*laugh* Because my sister was just 10 back then."

Denki wrote in the hubbies group.   

"It was not a Bonery conversation at all. Thanks for the trust."

"We know you better than he does *smile*." Eijiro was seeing Katsuki's face. He was trying very hard to believe his own words. 

"I'm betting Hawks, Chargebolt, Red." Katsuki wrote in the group, just before Denki opened the door to their place. 

"Hey, I'm home. This thing got messier than expected, sorry." He threw his shoes around and jumped on the sofa in between them. "Hello, loves, I've missed you." He kissed them and tried to get as much physical contact as possible with them. Then he looked at the group again. 

"Oh, please, Red is not even close to the top 3 for sure. I'm just going with Hawks first because he's older. So Hawks, then Chargebolt, then me, but not because you are kinkier, just because we both know why you chose this test." 

"I'm going with Hawks, Chargebolt then me." Eijiro knew his number was quite high.

"I'm going with the same as Phantom, I think, can I?" 

"We can be a dreamteam, Uravity *handshake emoji*" 

"Cool, let's win!" 

"He looks nice enough to his teammates..." Commented Eijiro, hugging Denki. 

"He is. And he's grown to respect them. As much as he can respect someone that hasn't made him eat dirt, I mean. Adding him to the team was a good idea, even if he is going to give me shit for this for months." 

"Hawks? You didn't say yours yet." 

"Neither did you." 

"But we agreed I ask first *wink*"

Katsuki couldn't but move, uncomfortable with that, trying not to say anything. 

"He wanted to know why I consider making out with Neito my only red line. I wanted to know if Shigaraki was a good hugger and selfish in bed, so we exchanged questions. Seriously, nothing Bonery. I learnt that he doesn't have lovers because when he does, people go tell the press or everyone or whatever. So, he's not having any."


"Yeah, I thought of setting him up with Ochaco, b-" 

"No." They both looked at Katsuki, surprised. "He would fucking break her heart." 

"That's what I said and why I didn't suggest it to her, yes. Also, because I thought she was too Vanilla." 

"They are waiting for your list, Sparky." Katsuki couldn't help feeling better knowing Denki had tried to set him up with Ochaco. Even if he didn't like that at all. She deserved a good partner, not a fuckboy. 

"Ok, then. I have my doubts because I don't know Phantom, but you do, but I'm teaming with Dinamight on this one. Me, Chargebolt, Red." 

"I bet he had to make an effort not to comment on the teaming up with you." 

"He didn't make any effort, he fucking wrote to me in private." Katsuki showed him the message. 

'We can team up whenever you want *wink*."

Denki smiled, then had to hold his smile in place when he saw Neito' s answer to Hawks. 

"Call me after the results are in *manicure emoji*. Denki looked at his phone so hard. Hawks was writing. Hawks was going to answer to that. He tried to look like he didn't care. He cared. It showed. Hawks knew too. 

"*smirk*. Chargebolt, we are waiting for your answer."

"I would say Phantom and I must be more or less at the same level *thinking* BUT there's a couple fetishes there I know he hates, so I'm definitely on top because my red lines are too specific *laugh*. So Chargebolt, Phantom, then Hawks." He was actually teasing, there. After knowing about Dabi, he was counting on Hawks being first. 

"*laugh* I would be shocked if I'm not first, I have years of experience ahead of you."

"I agree, I doubt Hawks is not first." Said Eijiro, at home.

"He's sure fucking up for anything." 

"Oh, I agree with you. He's definitely the first one, I don’t care about winning." Denki huffed when he read Neito's message. 

"Honey, you have never been on top of me, and you will never be *manicure*."

"I would fucking prefer not knowing that." 

"Ignore him, he's just feeling insecure."

"We will see *sunglasses*. OK, then, let's see those screenshots. Three, two, one."

Uravity: 63

Dynamight: 68

Phantom Thief: 76

Chargebolt: 86

Red Riot: 87 

Hawks: 91

"Omg, 91! I chose correctly but they were reversed! I should have known Eijiro was kinkier than Denki *broken heart*."

"I didn't know I would be kinkier than him either *laugh emoji* *devil emoji*."

"And I felt kinky with my 63! *laugh*." 

He showed what he was about to text in the group to Katsuki, to check if that was OK with him. 

"You two are so low just because you're kink babies, don't worry. *laugh* But I'm so very sad I didn't know that two years ago *laugh*." 

"Sure, I don't give a fuck." 

"You two would make an awesome couple. I would totally ship you. Kachaco. Urarugo? Dynavity."

"I'm fucking in love with you, dumbass, find a name for that." 

"Nonsense? A mishap?" He joked before kissing him. "By the way, Sharky, respectfully simping here over your kink supremacy, but so pissed you don't show it more." 

"Sorry, I am more cuddly than sexual." 

"I love that you are cuddly, but that's just a huge waste of kink energy."

"Hawks just wrote to tell me he's respectfully simping too."

"And then you two dared saying I'm kinky."

"Cause you are!" He sent the hubbies chat a well-known Bdsm kink test. "Choose gender 'other', if you choose man or woman, it biases the questions quite a lot. I bet you will get a more hardcore answer from that one. 

"Phantom, so quiet for once *thinking*." 

"Are you two going to be insufferable tomorrow?"

"Chargebolt was playing naughty, he knows my red lines. I expected less from both of your boys, I see how you didn't get bored. Yet. Dont worry, Toshi, I'm off tomorrow. And he knows it."

"I didn't say I was playing fair *kiss*. It's my job to know. And I'm taking a day off the day after, so no, no dick-measurement at work."

"Are you? Really?" 

"I'll have to ask Fat Gum, but I think it's for the best, yes... I'm really tired. And I miss having time to be with you guys." 


Hawks opened the private chat with Denki. 

"I didn't get your strategy this time. If his ego is as big as you say, this is definitely reckless." 

"I'm reckless when I'm bored out of my mind." 

"I doubt that. If it was about me, it worked. I'm not interested in sleeping with him." Denki had to control his facial expression. A part of him felt good about that.

"That's your choice to make."

"It is. Home already?"

"Mind if I answer Hawks with a pic of us?"

"Why the fuck would you send him a pic of us?"

"Because he asked me if I am at home."

"Fucking answer 'yes' and that's it."

"You can send a pic with me if Katsuki doesn't want to."

"Ok." He reclined himself against Eijiro, who hugged him. He extended his arm to take the selfie. Katsuki huffed and mostly let himself fall to their side, his head over Denki, but looking pissed and away from the camera. Denki's smile on the picture looked teasy because he so wanted to tease Katsuki.

"Hugging pile? *laugh*."

"He also told me he has nobody to hug him."

"Aaaw, that's so sad. I can hug him."

"That's what I told him. Pity he must be unhuggable from behind with the wings." 

Chapter Text

Denki's team was ready when the team from Fat Gum's Agency arrived, Denki included. Dinamight appeared just a second later and waved.
Monoma opened his mouth, about to do a snarky comment, but looked at Chargebolt's serious face and shut. No private life comments. Even if his two boyfriends where present and it was so easy.

"Hi! Sorry we are late!" A very simping Pinky appeared with Mirko.
"No problem, we haven't started yet. Long time no see, Mirko."
"Hi, Chargebolt, thanks for inviting me to the observer’s team."
"Thanks for accepting. It's my pleasure."
Then Hawks materialized right by Mirko. They exchanged pleasantries, Hawks shook hands with Fat Gum, then waved to the rest of the group.
"Afternoon, Tsukuyomi. Hello, Chargebolt."
"Hi, Hawks, thanks for joining the observer’s team."
"My pleasure. You just have to ask." Denki just nodded, not simping or reacting, even though Eijiro knew that was actually a huge tease between them. Katsuki was surprised Denki barely even seemed to acknowledge he was there. He wasn't even trying to avoid looking at him. It was completely different from the time they had met. Denki just seemed focused.
"Oh, Riot, Dynamight, I didn't know you were coming too, long time no see." He waved with his usual carefree smile.
Hitoshi raised their eyebrow.
"The winged fuck boy." They didn't even try covering the comment. Hawks raised an eyebrow back at him. He raised both of them when he saw electricity zap exactly in the center of Mind Jack's feet, leaving a charred mark. Even Mind Jack was caught by surprise. Denki was the only one to notice. Hawks sure didn't, it was the first time they saw each other in person, even if they had played with the playlist and the kink test.
"That is not workplace appropriate, Mind Jack." And he would not say it twice.
"Oh, don't worry, Chargebolt, I don't m-." Hawks wasn't expecting Denki to answer to him, even less to cut him with that serious look.
"You are entitled to your own opinion, Hawks, but this is my agency." And that was also a warning for Phantom Thief.
Hawks looked at Denki for a second, he had not expected him to confront him. He had heard him confront him when he had found out about the feather, but that was all. And now he could actually see him do it. This was also the first time they were in a professional setting. He was going to like seeing that, he could feel already.
Eijiro and Dinamight exchanged a glance. They weren't expecting that from Denki either. They had seen him lead their first meeting and nothing else after that.
Phantom Thief saw how Hawks looked at Denki, clearly interested, then tried to look like he was not that interested anyway once again. What was going on there?
"That is very true, Chargebolt. I didn't mean to overstep."
"It won't happen again." Mind Jack nodded.
"OK. Eraserhead is already waiting at the observation point, you can go join him."
"If you don't mind me overstepping" Fat Gum smiled.
"Please, overstep." He smiled back at him. It was his first smile since he had arrived. "It is your job after all."
"I think you should lead the villains."
"Oh. I thought you wanted to see me lead my team."
"I just saw it." He smiled reassuringly. "I think you are prepared to lead a team you are not used to dealing with, and I can use the input the rest of the observers. No need to change anything else."
"I know my team quite too well." 'I might know exactly what they are going to do'.
"It will already be a challenge leading the other team." He saw his determination. "But if you are sure, change something else."
Denki thought about it for a second.
"I have an interesting suggestion." Neito offered.
"Thank you, Phantom, no need. Goal?" He asked Fat Gum.
"Teamwork, assessing danger, use of information, retrieval. And for you leading a team strategically considering quirks and pros and cons and minimizing the number of casualties."
"Can your team have tomorrow off?" He pointed at Fat Gum's team.
"Oh. Yes, I guess."
"Pinky, Dinamight. If you can't take tomorrow off, you might want to sit this one out."
"I have tomorrow off."
"I don't, but you are not getting rid of me," she smiled "we have Recovery Girl waiting for us, right?"
"Yes, we do. OK, then." He looked at Fat Gum. "I'll lead the heroes, then, my agency will be the villains."
"Oh, interesting, yes."
"Who's leading?" Tsukuyomi asked. They were all expecting him to answer 'Mind Jack'.
"Information on the exercise first." He changed places and stepped before Fat Gum. Then he turned and looked at both teams from there. He wasn't counting on Hawks staring quite too much, but he didn't have time to focus on that for now. "Villains have the ground, they have to kidnap at least one of the heroes, then beat the rest of them. The heroes will be scattered in two or three teams, they will have to rescue their teammate and catch as many villains as they can, minimizing the casualties. Villains don't care about casualties, but strategic targeting and kidnapping is advised."
His team and Fat Gum's team had already seen him explain things like this, but for Mirko, Hawks, Aizawa, Mina and Katsuki this was new. "Villains: You are on the losing side: you are outnumbered and in this case the heroes will know about you as much as I can tell them before the preparation time runs out so, mostly everything. Remember heroes are more valuable captive than they are dead. But you are still villains, and we have Recovery Girl ready." Neito had been measuring him during the talk. He looked at Shinso. His sibling knew what he was going to say before he said it, they nodded. Denki spoke. "Phantom is leading." Their eyes met. "You are considered the worst option to lead this team, you already were even before you joined the team and that hasn’t changed. Prove us wrong." 'All of us.'
Neito's smile grew shark-like, Denki had given him fuel to make the world burn.
"Count on it, boss." There was a flash smile in Denki's lips.
"Remember you are going against my team. Surprise me."
Neito smiled then chuckled.
"Inappropriate comment for a professional situation." Denki smirked and rolled his eyes. They looked like friends for a second.
"Surprise me better." He gave him the files, serious again. "The information on all of the heroes. Everything you can find researching on any of us is fair play. You can exploit any professional thing you know about the heroes." Phantom's smile went full predator now. He looked cocky before. He looked seriously dangerous now.
"Let's thrive in chaos then." 'loverboy'. He showed his hand for him to shake. Denki looked unimpressed.
"You already have my quirk, Phantom. You have touched me at least once since I arrived. Go lose your own time." He dismissed his agency with a gesture. "Team." He needed 3 minutes to panic. "Dinamight, Pinky, Riot, I am not sure who of you might know more about your former classmates turned villains, but please start debriefing the heroes with the information you have. I'll be there in a second." Katsuki nodded professionally and turned around. The way Eijiro's eyes crossed with his made clear to him he would be making NSFW comments at some point about all of this.
The heroes team went to their meeting point and as soon as they couldn't hear him, Denki turned his back to Mirko and Hawks and rubbed his face looking at Fat Gum, frustrated.
"Aaagh, I'm so dead."
Fat Gum smiled reassuringly.
"Breathe, come on. You chose Phantom for a reason. Why is that?"
"Because he's a nightmare. I am no match. We both know it. And I'm not good at leading your team." Why? Why on earth had he made it more difficult for himself.
"Come on, come on, you have Pinky, Red Riot and Dinamight on your team, just lead like you would lead them."
"I wouldn't lead Dinamight."
"If you can lead Phantom, you can lead Dynamight." Denki laughed a humorless laugh.
"I can't lead Phantom either."
"But still, you just did. You hyped him up, you forced him to do his best, to prove his worth not just to himself or you, but also his teammates." 'Oh, not just his teammates, but you can't know that.'
Mirko pat his back with a smile.
"I'm sure you'll do great, you know the villains and you know their leader."
Hawks didn't pat him, but he stepped on one side and his feathers brushed him in a casual way.
"You have a lot to prove, Chargebolt. We are all watching."
Denki knew he had just cut his spiraling in anxiety while doing the same thing to him he had done to Neito... Even with that, the answer just fell out of his mouth.
"Fuck you, Hawks." Hawks laughed and made a sign towards Eraserhead for the other two to go join him. Denki noticed he had his phone in his other hand.
"You will do fine." Fat Gum said reassuringly. Denki smiled nervously and nodded, somehow less nervous after snapping at Hawks.

He started walking towards his team with a confident smile he didn't feel. He looked at his phone. As he expected, he had a message from Hawks.
"*chick in eggshell* leader is *hot face*."
He had to make a gigantic effort to suppress a smirk and a blush.
His smile was confident and calm by the time he joined the heroes team. It was just a mask, but one just Dinamight and Red Riot noticed.
"Sorry for the delay. Who are we talking about?"
"Who do you think they will be targeting?"
He threw his locked phone to Mina to avoid breaking it with his quirk, then started creating static around himself. His hair became charged. When he had created a constant stream, he talked, as quietly as he felt he could to be heard.
"Try not to touch each other. Static has a sound on electronics. It won't work on Tentacole, I think, but it might on Earphone Jack, so it's better than just letting them listen unbothered. My bets on their target. Dramatic option: Dinamight. The most kidnapped hero, dangerous, and Phantom has a history of disliking him personally. Destabilizing option: Me. You'll lose your leader, and you don’t know your teammates, it would probably force chaos and make you make mistakes." 'And he wants to piss my boyfriends for sure.' "My safest bet is he won't target Riot." They were all feeling the static now, he had been making it bigger while he talked to engulf them all. "I'm gonna focus on basics in case they kidnap me. If they don't, I'm better at reacting fast than I am at strategic thinking, so we will still have the option to regroup. So, in case I get kidnapped..."


"OK, thank you team. Even if you are barely injured, Chargebolt gave you tomorrow off, so please rest."
"Father Gum, bribing your team to like me? So nice of you." Answered Denki from the floor, where he was sitting, rubbing cream on his burnt hands and starting to apply bandages to them because he had no intention of going to Recovery Girl for something so small.

When Fat Gum's team had left (excepting for Red Riot), still with Fat Gum, Hawks and Mirko there, Phantom couldn't help asking.
"So how is Father Gum work-appropriate?"
"Things like Daddy Gum, DILF Gum would be inappropriate options. Father Gum is workplace appropriate."
"So Winged Chargebolt is appropriate." He rolled his eyes and smiled.
"If 'Chargebolt' stands for 'Deity of Calm and Quiet', yes, it is workplace appropriate. If my name is a placeholder for a sex related word, no. So, no, it's not appropriate, as you already knew. Don't play dumb on me, ask what you want to ask."
"You wanted us to kidnap Dwayne The Rock Riot, why?"
"Did I? By the way, good idea." He showed his burnt hand.
"It was Uravity's."
"Awesome idea, Uravity. I'm impressed. Did the static work?"
"It's a nightmare, yes. But not for Tentacole."
"I can't block Tentacole. I could have communicated with Dinamight and Riot in some other way, but not with the rest, so that was unfixable with this team."
"So, you were trying to confuse us about who you wanted us to kidnap."
"Mostly thinking out loud. But you always overthink about my tactics when I give you a piece of my mind, you still consider me a better strategist than I am.
"Things just 'fall into place nicely' around your plans, yes." He quoted.
"They tend to, until they don't. As I said, if you didn't target me, I would still be able to direct them on the go, but I needed them to have a plan in case it was me because I was supposed to lead them, even if Tentacole knew that plan."
"Earphone Jack didn't let me kidnap you because Fat Gum wanted to test you."
"It wasn't just me."
"Are you looking for validation, Phantom?" That made Neito react with his antagonizing smile.
"I don't need validation." Denki blatantly ignored the words and answered the unspoken truth.
"Then ask for my validation or drop it. We'll review it after I have talked with the observers and Father Gum."
"Who would you have targeted?" Shoji didn't mind asking for validation.
"I would have targeted me, knocked me out, put me out of my anxious agony, and woke me up for dinner when everything's done for. I would have paid for dinner as a way of thanking you." He seemed to joke. It was not a joke at all. His team laughed anyway.
"Dinner is on me, then." Fat Gum smiled. "For targeting Sun Eater instead."
"Surprising enough." Denki added. Phantom acted like he wasn't paying attention or cared. He sure cared. "I would have asked Dinamight to bomb you if we had been the villains. I would have zapped the life out of you."
"But we ARE heroes."
"I would have fucking bombed you, Uravity." Katsuki confirmed.
"Thank you. I agree." Denki nodded. "I would have fried you all."
"Well, you were right to act honorable, there were a lot of pro heroes that had never seen your agency act looking." Fat Gum smiled. "Now they know you are strong without using dishonorable tactics. Right? Mirko? Hawks? First impressions."
"I must agree with Fat Gum. Eraserhead was impressed too. You are not bad at all."
"Oh, no, I have to agree with Chargebolt and Dinamight on this one. If I'm a villain there's gonna be blood. If I'm fighting, I'll be using all of the cards up my sleeve, even if they are morally grey."
"I'll let you know next time we need a villain."
"You just have to ask, and I'll come flying." The tone was not a tease, the private context was. Phantom Thief was sure he had said something similar before. Denki didn't react externally, he was still working, even if it was a more relaxing crowd.
"Noted, thanks. So, observers’ meeting just with you, Father Gum?"
"Eraserhead gave me his work schedule for tomorrow so we can meet at the UA. Mirko, Hawks, I assume you won’t be staying around town."
"Oh, no, I can stay. Or come and go." Hawks answered with his usual smile. Eijiro and Katsuki looked at each other. 'I can stay.'
"You have a lot of free time." Denki couldn't help being cheeky, even if he still sounded respectful enough for a work environment.
"What can I say? I don't have a loving boyfriend waiting for me at home." He shrugged with a smile. Katsuki couldn't believe Denki wasn't reacting to that. Eijiro was shocked too.
"Pinky offered me to stay at her house, so I don't need to get back tonight either." Denki did react to that, with a smile to his friend.
"Oh, did she?" Pinky couldn't go pinker, so she used that in her advantage.
"Wanna record that video tomorrow?"
"What video?" Poor Fat Gum was always the last one to understand what was happening.
"Chargebolt has a TigTog account." Hawks explained with a growingly teasing smile. "Where he dresses up as heroes. And does dances." And Denki had avoided simping, but this was uncomfortable enough to make him at least blush.
"Oh, I see. People don’t recognize you?"
"If I can cosplay myself badly, I can cosplay anyone." He showed him one where he was dressed workplace appropriate with the wig and all of that.
"Wow, you do not look like you, you are right." Mirko looked at the phone too. Hawks pointed.
"But there's a little detail. There's a tiny little thing that is really funny. Look, look." He had a huge innocent smile on his face and the charade was working on Denki at last. Denki who had managed not to simp or blush until now. But not anymore. "Look at the name of the account." He huffed.
"HawksSimpBoi." Fat Gum looked at a very blushing Denki and laughed. Denki laughed too, embarrassed.
"So, winged fuck boy, nice to meet you in person at last."
"Nice to meet you too, Mind Jack." They shook hands.
"You already knew his team?" Mirko asked. Hawks was not formal, but that was downright disrespectful.
"Oh, yes, we played some online games." That even made it sound normal... They all shared a 'smooth' thought.
"Wait! I have an amazing idea!"
"... We're fucking doomed..."
"So, I'm the only one who works tomorrow..." He pointed at Mina. "But you, and you owe me."
Mina laughed. It was too tempting already, she knew what he was going to say.
"I don't know if it's a good day."
"It's the most perfect of days and you and I both know it, come on." He changed his target. He pointed at Eijiro.
"Karaoke and clubbing. You are free tomorrow." Eijiro laughed, understanding at last.
"Count me in."
"Count me in!"
"Just karaoke."
"Come onnnnn! You had fun helping Dinamight keep the wall in place last time!"
"Karaoke or nothing."
"Karaoke then! Mirko?" He smiled his best smile. She laughed and looked at Mina.
"It sounds fun."
"OK, I'm calling Sero."
"Please, do. Father Gum?"
"Sorry, I do work tomorrow, and my wife is waiting for me. Maybe another day. I'll let you kids have fun. Lunch meeting then? No need to come work before that."
"We are leaving too." Denki looked at his sib with a smile.
"Good job." 'Before and now tow trucking him away. "Get some rest, guys." Neito barely made a gesture before leaving. "Tokoyami?"
"It's my turn to make dinner, maybe another day."
"Noted, Tentacole, I assume you are leaving too."
"You assume correctly, take care of those hands."
There were just two people left to ask to, Katsuki and Hawks. There was just one person who didn't know about them present. He didn't care about Mirko knowing. The mask dropped. He finger-gunned Katsuki with his own smile.
"Fine. Fucking" puppy "Pikachu." Both Eijiro and Denki were looking at him. He rolled his eyes. He was the one to ask. "Hawks?"
"Yes?" He had seen that coming, he was going to have fun about it.
"You fucking know what."
"I know, but I want you to say it."
"In your fucking dreams, bird."
"It's bird-senpai, for you, Blasty." And Katsuki reacted immediately, blasting his way. Red tried to get in the way, Denki stopped him and hurt himself in the process. Hawks had no problem to evade a blast that wasn't even meant to really hurt him. Katsuki wasn't mad, just slightly bothered.
"He's fast. He'll survive."
"Sorry, you hurt yourself stopping me."
"I'm fine, love, don't worry."
"Denki." Katsuki using his name was weird enough for him to pay attention. He showed him the bloody spot on his hand, like he was asking about that.
"What? I stopped Red from protecting Hawks from you."
"Don't fucking push me."
"Relax. If she's sleeping" with Mina "at Mina's she's gonna know anyway before the end of the night."
"I'm gonna know what?" Because that dynamic was really confusing in so many directions.
"Wanna play finding out?"
"Am I gonna like it?"
"I don't think you are going to give half a s..." Blasty was about to blast him. "I don't think you are going to care much, to be fair."
"I'll tell you if you don't get it." Mina helped. "But they are pretty obvious."
"Hawks already knows?"
"Oh, I know even more than Pinky does. Relax, it's just the loudest secret ever."
"I would be surprised you know more than Pinky. She's Red's best friend. And gossip central."
"Ok, then..."
"Karaoke, then!"
"You have to take care of that, baby."
"Don't worry, Red, it will stop bleeding before we start singing. Is Sero coming?"
"He must be away, no answer."

Chapter Text

"OK, we shouldn't go with our hero costumes. Split up for a sec to change into civilian clothes?" Mina asked with a smile.

"Splitting up is overrated. We should all go to my place."

"Splitting up each person to their fucking house and we meet there in a fucking hour."

"Come on! An hour is way too much!"

"I'm fucking regretting this already."

"You can stay home." And his smile was growing bigger by the second, because he was just teasing, and he knew there was no way Katsuki was staying home if Hawks was coming. He blasted him again. Denki barely even moved his head away. "OK, fine, one hour. Pinky, we’ll pick you up in 40, don't want you to get lost." 'Fucking Puppy.' "Jiro, want" your girlfriend to join "to go to yours?" 

"I would rather not to."

"Ok, then, we take Jiro and Uravity, Mina you take Mirko and Hawks?"

"I don't have anything that would fit Hawks, you don't have anything that would fit Ochaco."

"I tried." He shrugged. Katsuki couldn't complain about that. "Go, go, go!" He tried to push the girls without using his hands, making Ochaco and Mina laugh.




Eijiro hit the shower.

"Sparky, bring your fucking hands to the kitchen."

"I'm fine! No need! I'm gonna sh-"

"Fucking now."

"OK, OK, fine."


Denki closed the door.

"I'm behaving!" He whispered. Katsuki kissed the hell out of him. He melted.

"I fucking know. And you were so fucking hot when you led us. You better fucking behave tonight."

"Always." He smiled, dumbed down by the kiss.

"Open the door again."

"Next one to the shower?" Eijiro asked from the other side of the house.

"Curing Pikachu."

"Being cured! Jiro? Hawks?"

"You go first." Hawks smiled. Jiro took the clothes they had picked from the closet and hit the shower. Hawks waited until Jiro was not in sight to simp badly for half naked Eijiro. Well, he was usually half naked, but he looked amazing just with a towel.

"Don't simp too hard." Eijiro smiled, starting to get dressed.

"It's not easy." Hawks laughed.

"Be careful with clubbing Denki tonight."

"'Clubbing Denki'? Not just Denki?"

"Definitely a thing, a different sexier kind of Denki. And giving you a boner dancing is cheating. And singing to you too, and we are karaoking so..." This night can become a minefield quite easily.

"So, he told me to come to test him?"

"He told you to come because he can't resist the puppy." He smiled. "I don't know what you usually wear but you are more like Denki's size, in case you wanna look for something."

"It's gonna be hard with the wings."

"I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind sacrificing something for you to wear it, but you can always use the t-shirt you gave him, then."

"Oh, that's actually a good idea."

"I think I know where to find it, if Katsuki didn't hide it again. But I never told you he did in the first place." He winked, then headed to the doom room to look for it and saw Denki pass by to the bathroom quite fast. Eijiro had to make an effort not to laugh. ‘Naughty Katsuki.’

"You keep the feather with my t-shirt?" 

"I don't keep anything. I haven't touched your feather in a long while, as you already know." 


Jiro went out and Denki and Katsuki went in. Because Denki couldn't use his hands, they were hurt, it wasn't a good idea for him to use them. That was definitely the only reason for them to hit the shower together. No other reason. At all. 


They didn't take long in the shower. The both of them went out covered in towels waist down. Katsuki holding the emergency kit.

"Hawks, shower is free."

"Are you gonna help me shower too?" He asked teasingly.

"In your fucking dreams."

"Then no need. I took a shower before flying here." He checked him out, making sure not to check Denki even though he would have gladly done it. "I like your house." If Jiro hadn't been there, that 'house' would have actually been 'body'.

"Do you wanna get fucking blasted?" There was a glance at Jiro, Hawks just smiled. 

"I hope you don't mind me using the t-shirt I gave you, it was that or destroying something of yours to fit my wings." Denki answered in his mind something about Hawks destrying his things. His face was just a soft calm smile. 

"Sure, no problem. But I want it back." 




They faced the rack. Denki stopped himself. Assigning himself or Hawks the maid dress was too tempting. Fucking up was too easy. 

"Not setting a theme tonight?"   

"No, because you don't understand my art." He joked dramatically. 

Eijiro picked a cowboy hat and threw it over Ochaco's head. She laughed and took the vest that came with it. Jiro took the leather jacket. 

"Ha!" Denki picked the dalmatian onesie. That made Eijiro laugh. Denki had been looking for the least bonery non-bird themed costume available. 

"I'll take the flamingo head."   

"You might want to give that to Blasty, unless he wants the maid dress." 

"In your fucking dreams." Both his partners looked at him. Their eyes said: 'Yes, there too.' 

"I can be the maid if you don't want to." Hawks offered with a smile. And they hadn't expected it, but suddenly Dinamight picked it. Eijiro and Denki looked at each other, they should have expected it... 

"There's a fucking chicken onesie for you, bird." 

"It's still bird-senpai for you." He smiled at him. He wasn't expecting Dinamight to take the maid dress away from him, but he wasn't going to complain. At all. He picked the yellow onesie. 'I can make you simp for me even with this on.' Pity he wasn't a good singer. 

Mirko looked at those two and then at Mina, who laughed. The pro hero handed her a bunny costume. Mina was glad she wasn't able to blush. She handed her angel wings and a halo in exchange. 


They had been singing for a while already. Jiro obviously getting all of the praises, every time they opened their mouth. Eijiro had sang several songs and had been a backup dancer with Denki for Mina, because traditions. Mirko had sang something too, and Ochaco had blasted some hardcore rock songs that had surprised everyone but her teammates. 

Denki had made a huge effort to choose songs that weren't related to any of the three of them and didn't have love or sexual themes. He had ended up singing Haikyuu's opening to be safe. And then he had started teasing those two.

"Come on! Everybody sang several times but you two! At least" make out "sing something together. I can choose for you if you can't agree." He teased.

"You go first, chicken-senpai." Katsuki was feeling quite confident, so confident he even knew what he was going to sing when Hawks was done. To compensate for whatever he was about to do.

"You don't believe me, but I'm a bad singer." He laughed.

He really was. It didn't matter because they could hype even the worst singer, but there was no simping possible for that show. As soon as he got off the stage, Denki turned to his boyfriend.

"Still want me to fucking sing?"

"Of course! Come oooon."

"Prepare for fucking revenge then."


He had not chosen the song before, but as soon as he got on stage and the first few notes sounded, Eijiro and Denki became champions of team simping. Hawks could see the appeal, and the 'cause I'm beggin' definitely gave him reasons to simp. But then recognized the 'I'm on my knees and I'm beggin, beggin you' he had already heard Katsuki sing, in a way more private situation, and he immediately joined the synchronized simping team. Mina and Jiro made sure to take a picture of the three of them and a video of Bakugo singing that, they both remembered Denki singing it last time. They didn't know what was going on specifically with Hawks, but the rest was too easy to tease them about. 


When he was done and he was going to sit, Denki stood up to let him pass and sit between Eijiro and Hawks as he had been all the time until now. Before he could pass, Denki grabbed him by the collar of the dress and kissed the hell out of him.

"Don't play with fire, Kachan, you don't know what revenge means."

"Do you? Play your fucking cards, then, puppy." He flipped the costume's ear.

"Don't force me to be the adult..." Red was simping hard too, he kissed Katsuki too before standing up and letting him get back to his sit. 

"It's just a song, Red."

"Oh, yeah, just a song, yeah..." Hawks was simping hard too, and he was making no effort to hide it. Katsuki felt so powerful he grabbed his chin, then kissed his lips. Enough to make Hawks look at him with a mischievous grin and for Denki to grow dumber.

"You are so going down..." That was HOT.

"Bring it, Pikachu."

"I am missing information, you are so spilling the tea about this later on." Mina told Eijiro.

"Come for dinner tomorrow."

Denki chose a song and played it. A song started. It wasn't the song he was planning on playing. He laughed, he laughed HARD. He sang Abba's Mamma Mia. They all joined on singing that badly because Eijiro was the only one to know the lyrics. It didn't matter much.

"Go, go, make another singing round, I'm giving you time to recover."


When his turn came again, Denki picked the mic and was about to press the buttons for the number of the song. He looked at Katsuki, already able to think properly. His hands were bandaged, so signing instead of talking was clearly out of the question. 

"Are you sure?"

"I'm fucking sure."

"Don't complain later. If I get revenge, I'm going all in. Harder than you." ‘It is going to get as bonery as yours.’

"Need me to fucking put my tongue down his throat as an answer?" The mental image took over Denki's ability to answer. Hawks cackled and did it for him. Now that he knew he could push Katsuki's pride, he had no problem playing that game. 

"Come on, Blasty, don’t promise things you wouldn't dare doing." Katsuki looked at him, then kissed the hell out of him. That was an angry dominant kiss if they had ever seen one. 

Denki pressed the correct buttons very hard this time. Because he was about to lose his mind. 

"OK, wanna play with fire, you'll get burnt." 

"Fucking bring it, Pikachu." Katsuki felt confident. Quite too confident, as he was about to find out. 

A different Mamma Mia song started blasting. Most of them had not even heard it before. Eijiro thought he knew.

"Oh, is that song from..." Denki smiled like a shark. "Oh, it is." Eijiro sat back and prepared himself for simping. "Glad to get burnt then." He smiled. 

The other two weren't as prepared.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, mamma-mia ma, ma-mamma-mia, ah

I feel the heat up, uh, I feel the beat of drums

Call the police, I'll do it, they've stolen all my fun

I'm breaking free, but I'm stuck in a police car

Oh, mamma-mia ma, ma-mamma-mia ah

They treat me like if I did something criminal

All eyes on me, I feel like I'm a superstar" He was just starting but he knew they were all looking at him already, still too confidently. "I'm not a freak, I just thought it was carnival

Oh, mamma-mamma mia, spit your love on me

I'm on my knees and I can't wait to drink your rain

I'll keep the secret if you let me get a taste

Tell me your limit and we'll cross the line again

Oh, mamma-mamma-mia" A tease sexy smile grew on his face while singing the chorus to the mic, still not even looking at them. Their blood started to boil in their veins. Any of them would have jumped on him right now, and he was just getting started. He dared looking at Hawks directly for the next part. "Oh, mamma-mia-ma, ma-mamma mia, ah

You wanna touch my body, I say you're not allowed

You wanna handle me, but I'm a bit too much

I'll burn all the place down, 'cause I'm too fucking hot." He winked. Hawks had no problem on openly simping. Damn. 

"Yes, you are..." He didn't even try to avoid answering.

Katsuki wasn't too happy about that, but Denki looked at him right away, so he immediately remembered he was horny, simping and why. 

"Oh, mamma-mia-ma, ma-mamma mia, ah

They wanna arrest me but I was just having fun

I swear that I'm not drunk and I'm not taking drugs

They ask me: Why so hot? 'Cause I'm italiano." He winked at Katsuki and went for the chorus again, still looking just at him. "Oh, mamma-mamma mia, spit your love on me

I'm on my knees and I can't wait to drink your rain

I'll keep the secret if you let me get a taste

Tell me your limit and we'll cross the line again

Oh, mamma-mamma-mia." 

He had to drink something by now. He got Eijiro's drink and took a sip looking directly at the redhead’s eyes. He then literally straddled him and kept on singing, directly to him, just centimeters away from his mouth. 

"Give me a command and I'll do what you ask

'Cause my favorite music’s your ah, ah

Give me a command and I'll do what you ask

'Cause my favorite music’s your ah, ah

Give me a command and I'll do what you ask

'Cause my favorite music’s your ah, ah." He knew the song well enough to look at Katsuki for the last verse, grabbing the collar of the costume again even if he wanted to grab his hair. 

"Give me a command and I'll do what you ask

'Cause I love when you sing out loud

Oh, mamma-mamma-mia." Then he just pushed them both back, still with that onesie that should have prevented the three of them from getting a boner for him, but didn't at all. He sang from the stage again. 

"Spit your love on me

I'm on my knees and I can't wait to drink your rain

I'll keep the secret if you let me get a taste

Tell me your limit and we'll cross the line again

Oh, mamma-mamma-mia

Spit your love on me" He looked at Jiro and smiled an innocent smile. They smiled back, embarrassed. 

"Spit your love on me" He looked at Ochaco, that was simping badly. 

"Spit your love on me" He threw a kiss to Mina. 

"Spit your love on me" He winked at Mirko, a way less teasy wink than he had used with any of the men in the room. 

"Oh, mamma-mamma-mia." And if the mic had been his, he would have dropped it, but it wasn’t, so he just made it roll over the table. The women and Jiro clapped. The male sector of the room took a couple more seconds to be able to. 

"I'm so glad you are male presenting right now." Mina was fanning her face with her hand. Jiro laughed, bright red. 

"I'm so glad you weren't like that in first year." 

"I would have serenated the hell out of you."

"You would have spent all day whispering sexual things for me to hear. I don't know how Shoji survived dating you." Ochaco was red, simping and silent. Denki looked at her and laughed before handing her a bottle of water. 

"Yada yada, you are not bi anymore because male presenting people yada yada.” He joked. She laughed, embarrassed. 

"Oh, God, don't ever do that again around me." 

"I mean, wow. You are way too young, but wow." Mirko was shocked. She looked at him with a smile, but she kept looking at Hawks with a confused smile. 

"Thanks, wow to you too." Denki smiled, ignoring the three men. "Jiro, Mina, Ochaco, please, something family friendly?" He grabbed the mic back and offered it to them. 

"I'm gonna need a minute." Ochaco laughed,