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I don't date extras

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Somehow it had become a regular thing.
One night, after Bakugo had gone to bed (which was definitely early by all standards), Kaminari had stood up and proposed to play some videogames. They had gone to his room. They had played until it was very late and Kiri had fallen asleep in his bed. It was a bit of a shock at first that the electric blonde was still up when Kirishima's alarm rang. He didn't remember getting under the blanket, but a blanket was over his body when he woke up. This started to happen quite often, every night that Kiri wasn't really tired, they ended up playing in one of their rooms. Every night Kirishima tended to be the only one to sleep... If Kami was getting any sleep, he was doing so just for a couple of hours, because he was up and perfectly awake no matter how early the redhead woke up. They had fallen into some kind of routine, and in that routine, something else had started.
"Duuude! You are crashing me right now, that's so not manly!", complained Kirishima jokingly, too used by now to lose when he played fight games in the console against the loud blonde.
"That's because you get lost looking at this hot bod I have and can't concentrate. Not that I can blame you, that is definitely my biggest flaw, I'm too distracting", teased Denki back, in the same jokingly spirit. Everything with Denki was a joke, even if they could assume there were a lot of layers underneath that. He had been caught off guard by the first sexual comment, he had laughed instead of answering with words. Next time, he was prepared.
"Come, Kiri, let's make sweet sweet love in my room", said the blonde one getting up from the floor in the common room. The bakusquad rolled their eyes. Bakugo wouldn't have, but well, he was in bed, and this was all in good fun, it was just empty words.
"Oh, how could I refuse such a manly offer?", laughed the shark boy before waving goodbye to the classmates that were still there, most of them already getting ready for bed.
"Good night, boys. Don't spend the whole night playing, Denki, or you'll be tired and you'll crash during the lessons", mummed Mina. Now that he thought about it, he knew that Kami wasn't actually getting much or any sleep, he was shocked he didn't crash way more often than he did... Damn, Kiri had started to set an alarm to go to bed even if he wanted to keep on playing because if he didn't get at least 6 hours of sleep he was completely destroyed and he felt grumpy. Not that anybody else would even say he was grumpy at all, Kirishima still seemed to be the same lovely sunshine he was for the rest of them. But he FELT IT.

This had been going on for a while before Bakugo found out. Kirishima wasn't trying to hide anything from Bakugo, he had actually mentioned that they were playing games together, that he had not slept enough, that he had set a timer to go to bed... Katsuki had thought nothing about it at first, it was Denki they were talking about. Then he discovered Kiri was sleeping in Denki's room and that was why Kirishima hadn't been sleeping with him that often, so he had to make an effort to control his jealousy and not go and kill them both.
"Sorry, I didn't think it was important enough to specify, we are not sharing the bed or anything, I think he doesn't sleep or he just sleeps on the floor. There's nothing happening between us, I promise. You should come, I know you would enjoy it. And you would see it's just playing games and friendly banter, nothing for you to worry about", he smiled and kissed his boyfriend. "I love you, I would never break your trust".
"Right", he wasn't convinced, but he always made an effort to trust Kiri a 100%.
"You could come even if you're just going to sleep, that way I could still sleep with you...", Kiri knew how to tempt him. Bakugo didn't like giving public displays of affection much, but they had already been going out for a while and everybody knew they were a couple, it was not like Denki was going to be shocked because of them hugging in their sleep.
"Sure", no. Eijiro decided not to pressure him, he knew Katsuki needed his time to process things.


They were all in the living room one afternoon, almost Katsuki's bedtime, but even though he was actually not paying much attention, he had not left yet.
"Wow, Sleeping Beauty, you seem awfully awake for a Tuesday afternoon".
"It's all your fault, fucking extras, you are getting soft as fuck and I don't even get tired practicing with you anymore".
"Ey, how dare you call my man Red Riot soft? He's a rock, he's a boulder, he's the manliest man alive". Bakugo avoided looking at Denki, but looked at Kiri with a poker face. Denki didn't even stop a second before changing topics. "Wanna come be our boyfriend tonight then?".
"What?! What the fuck are you talking about, Dunce Face?".
"Video games, dude, you never come play with us".
"... When?".
"Now, we usually go play around this time".
"I don't go because I'm fucking sleeping, like you fucking should, fucking dumbass".
"Oh, right", answered Denki, like he had not counted on that and had just found out the reason why Bakugo was never around during their playing hours. "Anyway, are you coming? Bet I can beat you just with my right hand", like that was possible in any video game…
"Hah? I'm going to crush your skull, dipwit", answered Katsuki, standing up and starting to walk towards the stairs. Kirishima and Kaminari looked at each other, smiled and followed him.

They were playing now, Katsuki and Eijiro on top of Kiri's bed and Denki laying down with his back against the floor, the legs on top of the bed and the face looking at the screen upside down. He had been sitting normally at some point in the past, Kiri could swear, and it wasn't that long ago, but it never lasted.
"And I fucked that pretty face again! Dude, you're so bad even Boom Boom Boy exploded that rock hard ass, Kiri". Until now, Katsuki had been purposefully ignoring the sentences that could be misinterpreted, but it was getting harder by the minute not to get pissed.
"Suck his dick already", grunted Bakugo, more jealous because of the comments than he would like to admit.
"Katsuki!", Kirishima grew red and looked at him, shocked.
"What? It's clear he wants to".
"Of course he doesn't want to! It's just friendly banter. Tell him, Denki".
"Well, I mean, I haven't said anything that wasn't true, you're hot as fuck, and you have a great body and a great butt". That made both other boys look at him in utter disbelief. Kiri wasn't expecting that, Bakugo wasn't expecting him to be so dumb to say that in front of him. There was a silence that grew long enough for Denki to feel it was his turn to speak again. "What? Want to get absolutely destroyed by me again? Maybe you should both go against me at the same time". He was talking about the game, there was no doubt. He was actually signaling to the console. He wasn't even making it sound sexual. "Or we can play the car race game, if you prefer". After a couple of seconds and a long silent stare between team bed, the playing resumed.

It was far past Katsuki's usual bedtime when Kirishima noticed that he had calmed down a little and was falling asleep. He had expected that, he had actually decided they were playing in his room tonight because he knew Bakugo wouldn't stay in Denki's and would have kicked them out of his room as soon as he felt sleepy. This felt nice. Being the three of them in the same room having fun or just enjoying each other's company felt right. He waited for Katsuki to be lightly snoring before trying to cover him up. He had fallen asleep with his arms crossed and his head was resting over Kiri's shoulder. He gestured towards Denki to cover them, even though he wasn't planning on going to sleep yet.
"When he's quiet he even seems cute and all instead of hot and murdery", grinned the blonde one with his usual clown face.
"We would probably say the same about you if you ever shut, or sleep", joked the redhead back.
"There are too many words in my head to not let them free, they would drive me crazy otherwise" he mostly sang back. Eijiro shook his head, smiling entertained.
"By the way, sorry about what Katsuki said before, he's just not used to anybody talking like that about me".
"Nah, it's OK. Not that I wouldn't be up for it, I'm up for everything, you should try everything at least once to know if you like it. But I mean, I would be at least expecting for you to kiss me first, if we are talking about giving me head". Kirishima could have dropped dead right there, Denki's smile as uninterested as always, his eyes already back to the screen and his body in another overcomplicated posture. Eijiro laughed, snapping out of it. Denki's sexual comments were often too bold and he had been surprised before, but it never lasted long.

Kirishima's alarm was about to sound, he stopped it right on time, he didn't want to wake Bakugo up or he would sure leave.
"I should get some sleep, I don't have your superpower".
"Oh, sure". They usually stayed in the same room all night, Denki playing even if Kiri was fast asleep, the blonde one usually just used headphones from that point on. But today it was different, Bakugo was still sleeping right by Kiri's side. "I'll get back to my room then".
"Huh? Nah, it's OK, you don't need to. You can stay", he answered, throwing his headphones towards the only survivor of the night.


Katsuki had heard something. Something that wasn't Kiri's breath right beside him. He opened his eyes and found Denki sitting on the floor, scrolling down on his phone, muttering softly the lyrics of some song, absentmindedly. Katsuki looked at his phone, it was fucking late. He snapped his fingers to the front to get the other blonde's attention. Failing miserably to be heard, he switched the lights on and off. Denki looked at the light and found Bakugo looking at him.
"Ey, Pikachu, it's fucking late". Denki looked up, startled, remembering suddenly he wasn't alone or even in his room.
"Oh, yeah, sorry, I-". Bakugo grunted something and looked at the bed, he was in the middle of it, Kirishima with his head resting against his chest like he had done so many other nights before. If it had been Kiri in the middle, he would have probably make the blonde mess go to his own room, but there was nothing to worry about if he was between them.
"Shut the fuck up and get in the bed already".
"Oh, no, Bakubro, I-".
"I'm not saying it twice, fuck face, either you come here or I'll grab that fucking lemon head of yours and smash it until you fucking fall asleep. Get in the fucking bed already, you'll end up fucking waking Ei", he finished threateningly. That wasn't actually probable, in fact, Kirishima slept like he was dead, you could run him over with a truck and he wouldn't even notice. Denki wasn't aware of that, but he wouldn't have dared contradicting Bakugo after what he just said. He got to the bed and the other one opened the cover for him. Kaminari got into it and lied down sideways, his back towards the grumpy half-asleep Pomeranian. He started scrolling again, it didn't last much. Bakugo's arm went over him and snatched his phone out of his hand and slammed it on the side table.
"I swear to God, Lightning McDumbass, fucking sleep already", muttered, too half-asleep already to even sound really menacing. Denki smiled, enjoying this new fun side (what? He was cute!) of his short tempered friend. He had never been so close to Bakugo, the arm he had used to slam his phone still over him. Well, at least not without Bakugo trying to blast him. He smelled sweet. His touch was way softer than he had anticipated. He could feel his hot body against part of his back and his chest. Kaminari felt his eyelids grow heavier and heard his friend start to snore lightly again. That was the first night Denki didn't have any nightmares in a long while. It was also the first night he slept more than two hours in so long.