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Beyond the Dream

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It was late. The moon was out, shining brightly. Perfectly illuminating the room that two girls were sitting in. They were watching a movie together, but neither of them were actually paying attention to it.

One of them spoke first. "Lisa."

"What's going on, Yukina?"

"Do you remember…?"

"Mmm. It really depends on what, so you've gotta be specific~ I remember lots of things, you know."

"The promise… The one we made when we were younger…"

"That promise, huh…" Lisa muttered.


In a field of flowers, two young girls were standing, facing each other. A man was standing slightly in the distance, smiling at the sight. The two girls had just finished a battle, and while one side lost, both of them were still smiling.

"Yukina. Do you like battling?" The man spoke.

The girl who had won turned to the man. "Of course, Papa! It's awesome!! Being with your Pokemon and being able to battle is the best thing ever!!"

"Then I'm sure one day you'll be amazing at it, Yukina." He stated, with conviction in his voice.

Yukina then turned back to the other girl. "Hey, Lisa. We should practice so we can become really good and be in a Pokemon league together!"

Lisa stared at her best friend for a moment, processing what she meant by that, before bursting into a smile. "That sounds like so much fun!" She wanted nothing more than to be able to be with Yukina forever, after all.

Yukina's dad turned around. "Do you two know what these flowers around us mean?"

The two of them looked at each other.

"Mmm… No." Yukina spoke up first.

"They represent gratitude. Whenever you feel lost about yourself and any choices you may make, think back to this time. Let the flowers ease your worries."

"Hmm, Yukina!" Lisa suddenly said, fully turning to face her best friend. She grabbed a couple of the flowers. Then, she put one behind Yukina's ear, and one behind her own. "We match! Thank you for being my friend."

"...Of course." She was blushing. How cute!

Lisa took Yukina's hands, holding them in her own. "I want to be with you forever. Can we make this a promise?"

"Yeah. That sounds nice, Lisa." Yukina smiled.

The memory was always a nice one to look back on. It was when she had finally obtained her first Pokemon, her beloved Shaymin. Yukina's dad had brought them to this field of gracidea flowers, and given her the opportunity to catch and battle with her first pokemon. Yukina won their first proper battle, of course, as she had been training her own pokemon for several months. However, that hadn't stopped Lisa from enjoying herself.

She kept that flower, and it was very dear to her. Good thing they didn't seem to wilt after being picked. Maybe it was some sort of sign…? She had no idea how that sort of thing would work, though.

Her friend seemed tense. "I can't help but feel like we've almost forgotten that promise."

"Hmm… Maybe. Why's this coming up? Getting all sappy on me~?" She teased.

Yukina glared at her, a slight blush forming on her face. "...It's nothing, actually."

Lisa narrowed her eyes. Something was definitely up with Yukina. What was it, though? It could be like six different things, knowing her.

"Are you doubting yourself again?" She hesitantly asked.


Yukina didn't respond for a few minutes. The movie was continuing in the background, but even that noise didn't fill the gap in their conversation.

After an awkward silence that lasted way longer than it needed to, she finally broke it. "I'm going to bed. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow, Lisa. You should head back home."

"Mmm, you're cold as always~. Fine, I won't stay the night. Get some good sleep, you need it more than I do." Lisa said, standing up, stretching.

Right. It was finally going to be time for them to try and fulfill Yukina's dream.