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When You Lose The Beagle Line In the Supermarket

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"Gosh, this is heavy as fuck, Jongin would you be a treat an- thanks."

"Why the fuck do we need so much toilet paper, Xing?"

"Because the holidays are coming up Jun, and we are nine people and I rather have more at home than not enough?!"

"Fair point."

"Heeeeere we go, uff, can check that off the shopping list. Let me check, do I have all the ingredients I need- Minseok why are there 20 bottles of Soju in the shopping tray?"

"Because it would not be Christmas, Soo, without getting responsibly drunk for two days and a half straight- eh gay."

"Couldn't you at least have chosen some wine to go along with the food or some sake or something, but why fucking Soju?!"

"Because I like Soju but if you want me to buy even more alcohol no problem, be back in a sec.~"

"No that is not what I- oh jesus fucking christ I swear."

"Let him have fun, Soo, it is not like we can't handle his clingy small ass when he is drunk. All he is doing is crawling up in laps and demand kisses and Jongdae is normally very down for that."

"Well said Nini, by the way where is the devilish trio? It is suspiciously silen- oh no please don't tell me we lost them again."

"You should put them on a leash, Jun, just like you put Sehunnie on one."

"HEY he is not putting me on a leash Yixing, he is holding my hand and I like that, thank you very much you dickhead."

"No fighting in the supermarket isle please, you can fuck that tension out later."

"By all the talking you do about dicking one could think that you need the dicking, Soo."

"Kim Jongin, if you don't shut up right now."

"Sooooo I am back here is the wine and the sake."

"How did you manage to transport 7 bottles in one go?"

"It is called talent, Jun and I can show you what else I can do with these arms later if you want.-"

"As much as I appreciate your offer Minseok, can we please still concentrate on the fact that we lost the beagle line."

"What do you mean with lost, I put them in the kids' section and they are probably hyping up Chanyeol doing something dumb right this second. I thought this would help us be more effective with our shopping, you know that Baekhyun can't pass the fruit section without making jokes about dicking."

"As much as I appreciate your thought process Minseok, but if those three get us kicked out of the supermarket because they are doing something dumb I am going to kill you."

"If that means you are killing me by fucking me senseless I have no objection to that, Soo."

"Why am I even still doing this."

"Who wants to fuck whom senseless?"

"Oh look at that, hello Baek, look Soo there are the three, alive and well without mall cops being on their heels, you can thank me later."

"I don't know what they are talking about but I don't like it."

"Ah, Dae is your ass still that sore? I thought I was quite gentle?"

"'Thought I was quite gentle' what the fuck are you talking about you drilled me into the mattress like a jack hammer Jun, of course my ass hurts."

"You seemed to quite like it this morning so why are you being such a bitch about it now?"

"Because my ass hurts!"

"Oh spicy.~"

"Shut up Baek, we are in a supermarket!"

"Wouldn't stop me to get on my knees for you right this second, if you want me to Soo."

"Oh dear lord, why didn't you just stay in the children's toy section, I am sorry Minseok that was a brilliant idea."

"Told you, Kyungsoo."

"I feel not very appreaciated and I don't like this."

"Oh Yeollie, are you running low on affection or what is it with this pout."

"Stop teasing me Minseok, you know exactly that I am tall and therefore I need extra doses of affection. You know, dose per cubic meter."

"Oh come here let me cuddle you then, look what I bought for us."

"Oh Soju, this is wonderful!"

"This is a lot of Soju holy shit Min, what are you planning to do with all of this?"

"Staying constantly drunk over three days of course and curling up in your lap Jongdae, what do you think this is?"

"I wanna curl up in someone's lap too but I am too big for that."

"Oh Yeollie, you can curl up in mine and Hunnie's lap and make a big tall cuddling pile, that will be great."

"Who didn't give Chanyeol his daily morning dosage of love and cuddles, he is suspiciously running low on it today. As much as I love his pout I can't kiss it away right now and this is bothering me."

"You can do it in the car Jun, I can wait just long enough for that.~"

"But Jun was the driver-"

"Ahhh we can switch I can drive as well, Xing don't worry about it."

"Uh I surely love it the fact that you are a switch Minseok, makes everything more fun.~"

"I swear Baekhyun can you stop making sexual innuendoes in the shopping isle for once in your fucking life?"

"I don't know, Soo, why don't you just try by sticking something in my mouth I am sure this will make me shut up.~"

"Ok that is it we are leaving."

"But we are not done yet Kyungsoo, we still have to buy all the stuff for the dessert!"

"Then you take Baekhyun to the fruit section and distract him with making jokes about bananas and peaches Xing, because if I hear one more sexual joke I am going to lose it."

"Lose what, your pants?~"

"Ok ok c'mon Baek, lets visit the fruit section and you can theorize about how many of bananas you can stick in my mouth, ok?"

"Sounds like a great idea, Jongdae you joining me and Yeol?"

"Only if we walk slowly, because my ass is killing me."

"I swear I really didn't went on him that -."

"Jun... judging by Soo's face color I would suggest to just zip it."

"Oh, ah ja, I think you might be right with that Sehunnie."