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Bought to Love

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Being an omega was hard enough was it is, but being an omega to a greedy power-hungry family, like Lena’s, was much worse. Lena knew from the day she presented as an omega that her family would end up selling her to the highest bidder, weather she was smart like them or not. She still tried her best to learn and be just as smart or smarter than the rest of the Luthor family, despite her mother only wanting her to study manners and spend her time learning to be unopinionated and submissive.

Lena was only a month's time away from her 18th birthday in which she would be of age to be married off to better secure the legacy of the other Luthor's. She didn’t care much about her family's legacy though; she knew that whatever their legacy turned out to be she would not be mentioned in it, and if she was it would be as the omega daughter that was sold to make a profit.

Lena’s days were spent studying in a small classroom with a private tutor. She was not learning science, math, physics, or anything she found interesting though, she was going over good manners for an omega and other things she had gone over a million times. Lena was in one of these classes right now, but she wasn’t paying any attention. She was instead thinking about how some alphas, the most powerful ones, developed super hero like abilities. No one had learned the cause or the reason for this and it was very intriguing to Lena. She wished she had the money and power to research more about it. All of the other Luthor's were some of these alphas with abilities, they were all able to process knowledge at an exceedingly fast rate, but even if they were interested in learning the secrets of their powers, they would never let Lena be the one to do the research for it. To them Lena was just a dumb toy that’s only purpose was to make them more money. More interestingly, to Lena anyways, is how some alphas, such as Clark Kent, developed more than one ability.

Lena’s thoughts were interrupted when she noticed that the tutor, she never bothered to learn the name of, was standing right in front of her, glaring down. Lena schooled her face to a bashful-confused expression, trying to play off her inattentive behavior as her being a slow omega. Lena knew this would work because it's always worked in the past. Most alphas and betas believed that omegas were slow and only good at domestic chores and stuff along those lines, so it was easy to convince any tutor she had that she was slow and that is one thing that kept Lena out of trouble a lot. Scene she hardly paid any attention during her classes.

Lena ended up having to stay an extra hour in class, so instead of getting her usual hour to herself, that she used to study everything she could, she had to stay in class until dinner. So now she was already in a sour mood, and she knew dinner would only make her feel worse. She wished she could just skip it and go to bed early, but she did not want to get punished and she needed all the food she could get. She was barley allowed anything to eat because her mother wanted her to stay skinny. Therefore, she was only allowed breakfast and dinner, an even then she didn’t get much of either of those meals.

Lena rushed to dinner, as she was almost late, and her parents would not like her to be late. She slowed down as she reached the door and took a rough breath in before entering. Upon entering her whole family glared at her, as she slowly walked to her chair.

“Good of you to finally show up” Lillian stated harshly. At that a blush crept up on Lena’s face and she looked down into her lap. She hated how her family, even after years of ridicule, has this effect on her. Even before she presented as an omega her family was never kind, so she should have been used to it by now.

“Sorry Mother, I stayed an extra hour in my lessons” Lena explained hoping they would question her farther and would just leave it at that. After a moment of silence Lional, her father and the head of the household, bowed his head signifying that they could all start eating dinner. Being the most powerful alpha in the household, her father had the biggest plate of food. He had more than enough protein and plenty of calories. Lex, her brother, being the second most powerful had second most amount of food; consisting of all different types of meat, vegetables, and bread. Her mother also had more than enough food stacked on her plate. Lena, on the other hand, had barely enough to keep her alive and healthy. It was times like this that Lena wanted to cry. She would never let these feeling known to her alpha family though. She didn’t even know why she felt this way. It had been like this her whole life so why did she even care?

Lena had always wanted a better relationship with her family, especially her mother. Lillian was one of the most powerful female omegas in the whole universe, she even developed a power. Which was uncommon among the male alphas, let alone the female alphas. Though it was true that male alphas were typically stronger the female ones, betas and omegas were not the same. The average female beta was much more powerful than the average male beta and male and female omegas were typically equal.

Lena hated that she was an omega. She felt weak and powerless to change her situation. She loathed that she was the only omega in her family and she hated how her family and all of society thought so little of her because of it. Lena hated all of it. Lena didn’t realize until her mother cleared her throat that Lena had been stabbing her plate with her fork harshly. Once again, a blush crept up on her face and she apologized profusely. Her mother told her to go to her room for the rest of the night and Lena had no choice but to obey her.

Once Lena got to her room she laid down and tried to decompress from the day. Though it had not been the worst day she had experienced she was now hungry and more upset than she would usually be when she had alone time. She knew it could have been much worse. If her father took care of her attitude instead of her mother, she knew she would have been sent to the, not so secret, oubliette. She shivered at the memories she already had of that place. Lena decided it was time to go to sleep before her mind goes to deep into memories, she would much rather forget.




“We already have multiple offers” Lillian told Lionel as she was going through their mail. “Some even up to 50 k.”

“Lillian, we need to wait. She is not yet of age. Plus, Lena is one of the rarest types of omegas there is. We can get much more then 50 k for the girl.” Lionel replied. Lillian merely nodded in response. Lillian stopped in her tracks when she saw they had received a letter from the Clark Kent. It had the House of El symbol on the front. Clark Kent is the most powerful and rich alpha there was.

“Lionel dear, look at this” Lillian exclaimed holding the letter up for him to see.

“Well open it” Lionel responded. Lillian nodded as she ripped the letter open. The paper was slightly tinted yellow with floral like designs around the edge.


Dear Mr. And Mrs. Luthor,


I have heard that you have a well-trained omega daughter that is almost of age. If you are looking to sell her to an alpha, given your nobility and long line of alpha genes, I would like to examine her sometime before she is of age. If she is suitable I will pay a great deal for her.

Please get back to me in an orderly and timely fashion. I will be eagerly awaiting your response. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Your soon to be friend, Clark Kent


Lillian read the letter aloud, smiling widely. Being one of the most powerful alphas, Clark Kent was one of the richest men alive.

“Isn’t Clark already married?” Lionel asked. Lillian nodded,

“To an omega girl named Lois Lane I believe.”

“Alright well we need to see how much he is willing to pay because if it is enough, we need to get the girl better trained” Lionel stated.

“She has been training since she presented” Lillian remarked.

“Yes, well you saw her behavior at dinner today. She clearly didn’t learn much from it” Lionel said bitterly.

“That is true” Lillian agreed.




“I don’t want to buy an omega” Kara yelled at her cousin, Clark. “I want to fall in love and be equal with someone.”

“Kara you can learn to love the girl. Like I did with Lois. You are about to be 20 years of age Kara it is time you learn how to treat omegas.” Clark argued.

“I will not force someone to be with me just because I have the power to” Kara countered. She wanted to say something along the lines of ‘you don’t love Lois; you treat her as if she id below you’ or mention how she believe omegas were equal to them, but she knew that would only make it harder on Lois, as he would do something to try to convince Kara that omegas were below them.

“Kara that is enough! You are getting an omega and that is final!”

“Fine!” Kara exclaimed as she slammed the door angrily.

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A few days later-


Clark was going through his personal mail, when he saw that there was a reply from the Luthor's. They had responded relatively, so he assumed they were most likely interested in his offer.


Dear Mrs. Kent

Thank you for the offer. I would be honored for you to meet my daughter, Lena. I would like to discuss her worth and work out the details as soon as possible. Please set a date and time you would like to meet to have this discussion. Thank you for your time and your thought.

Your friend, Lionel Luthor


Clark knew the omega Luthor was only 4 weeks away from being 18 years of age, meaning she would be of age to sell. That being said he decided to meet with the alpha Luthor's in a weeks' time. Clark also decided to give the omega its examination when he was already there. He had already decided how he would give the examination that would test her knowledge, skills, performance, and endurance.

-------------------------------------A week later-----------------------------------------------


The manor was buzzing with life as everything was being prepared for the visit of Clark Kent, the most well-known and powerful alphas on the planet. Most people, even other alphas, would be nervously awaiting his arrival, but not the Luthor's. They, too, were all strong and powerful alphas, that even got enhanced abilities, except of course the youngest Luthor, who was an omega. The omega Luthor was also the main reason for Clarks visit, as he was looking for a well-trained omega with good genes for his younger cousin Kara. Despite all that, Lena was not nervous either. She had all the training she needed, so even if she did get the chance to meet Clark she would be prepared.

Lena knew that once Clark did arrive, at 7 in the morning, she was expected to kneel in the middle of her room, head down, faced towards the door. This was just in case Clark did decide to take a look at her. She also knew that it could be hours and he still might not even come, but this did not phase her. She had knelt for many hours more during her training. Regardless of that fact, Lena did not feel it was her place to be bothered by it anyways.

By the time 7 o'clock rolled around, Lena was dressed in a long white t-shirt, that went down to about mid-thigh, kneeling with her eyes cast down, as she felt she should be. Though Lena hated that she was an omega, she still was an omega and she knew her place.

Lex and the other Luthor's were dressed in their finest outfits as they wanted to welcome their honored guest. Though they did not want Clark to examine Lena so soon into the arrangement they all knew that she would listen, she was usually really good and did as she was told, and she knew she would be punished if she did not. Plus, she knew if she ended up messing up the deal, she would most likely be punished more harshly than she ever had been before. That being said, none of them had been worried about Lena’s behavior.

When Clark got there, at exactly seven o'clock, everything was in place. Everything went according to plan, that was until Clark stated that he would evaluate Lena before talking about any money, but of course they agreed. Clark informed them that, if the Luthor's wanted to keep the deal on, he was going to evaluate Lena that day. They were uncomfortable with the change of plan, but they still were not worried. Clark set the terms of examination before it took place.

“I wish for an extended evaluation, that will test her knowledge, skills, uses, and endurance, and will last for 24 hours” Clark stated.

“Of course,” Lionel nodded “you can take as long as you need.”

“Thank you, sir,” Clark answered with respect despite him being stronger.

“I will take you to her, and if you need anything let me know” Lex offered, clearly trying to form some sort of relationship with the Alpha. Clark agreed and told him to lead the way. They walk in Lena’s room, and expectantly Lena was kneeling in the center of the room, eyes on the floor.

“Lena, your assessment has been moved to today” Lex informed the omega.

“Yes sir” Lena answered.

“This is Clark Kent, I’m sure you know exactly who he is. You are to do exactly what he says for however long he wants, treat him with respect and servitude.”

“Of course, sir” Lena replies.

“Good. If you need me, I will be down the fourth hall to the right” Lex tells Clark before leaving the room.

“Your two weeks short of eighteen, correct?” Clark asks dryly.

“Yes sir” Lena replied. Clark nodded,

“What are your skills and uses?”

“Whatever you need sir.”

“Give me a list.” Clark said impatiently.

“Yes sir, sorry sir” Lena felt the need to shiver at the coldness in his voice, but she didn’t let herself. She already messed up once, and that was one too many times. “Endurance, domestic services, memory. I can be anything you need”

“Okay than let's begin.”

By the end of the day Clark had made Lena cook, clean, kneel for hours in various positions, take 3 tests (that she wouldn’t have had enough time to complete if she didn’t work faster than most others.) and follow basic orders and instruction. Though Lena was sore, due to the extra training her parents had been making her do, and tired, due to the fact that they had been at this for 14 hours, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from looking at her. She was kneeling with perfect posture and a sense of duty. She was the perfect picture of Submission. Clark was sitting in a chair near her, eating a late-night snack. Clark took an intentionally long and loud gulp of water, just to see how she would react. Of course, Lena knew better then to react, and she forced her body to stay still and she pushed the thought of her dry scratchy throat so far down it left her mind. She reminded herself that it could be much worse- she, in fact, had experienced much worse herself- so this should be easy.

“Your examination will end tomorrow at 8 o’clock in the morning.” Clark mentioned, uninterestedly. Lena knew he didn’t care that she had that information and he was probably using the information to provoke a reaction out of her. Lena would never let that happen.

“Yes sir” Lena responded, with a raspy voice. Clark smirked a bit then asked,

“Are you thirsty?” Lena knew it was not out of concern but she also knew that he knew she must be thirsty after a whole day with nothing to drink, so she answered honestly,

“Yes sir”

“Do you want some water?” He asked next. Lena knew this was a trap, so she answered with the safest option,

“If it pleases you, Sir.”

Clark smiled then held out a glass of water, “Take it. Only drink half of it though.” That was one of the hardest orders to follow all day but none the less she did follow it. After drinking the ordered amount, she held the glass out in front of her before saying,

“Thank you, sir,” Clark then took the glass filled it up again and drank the whole thing. Right after Clark stood up and left the room, motioning for her to follow. He brought her to a guest room the family only used for the most esteemed visitors. Lena assumed the he and her family had discussed his staying when he ordered her to kneel, that was the only time they spent extended periods of time apart. Ethier way it was not her place to question it, it was her place to sever and do it properly.

Clark laid on the bed, so Lena knelt at the foot of the bed. Clark started to read a book, while Lena stayed knelt. After a while Clark turned out the lights and put all the stuff he had down. She presumed that meant it was time for bed, however she stayed knelt. Only did she lay down when Clark had ordered her to.

The next morning Lena woke up at her usual 5 o’clock despite her going to bed much later then she usually would. But when she heard Clark starting to stir, she decided it time to kneel, so she would be ready for him to wake up. After an hour Clark finally got up to start the day. He ordered her to make his breakfast while he took a shower. Perusal Lena answered with a quiet,

“Yes Sir.” She made him the breakfast he asked for and set it all out on the table in the room he was staying in. She knelt beside the table and waited Clark's return.

Clark reentered the room within the next 20 minutes. He sat down and ate in silence. He had never offered her any, nor had she expected him to. Lena was unbothered by this though; she knew that if she acted good and did as she was told while with Clark she could eat after Clark left. She estimated that it was around 7, meaning she only had one hour of this left. After 15 minutes Lena took Clark’s trash to the trash ben.

“30 minutes” Clark mumbled soon after. Clark stood up and left the room, and Lena followed closely behind. He led them to a room in which the rest of the Luthor's would be. After Clark sat down, Lena held in a sigh as she knelt beside him.

“She’s adequate. I will be willing to pay up to 50 million for her. Obviously the Luthor's agreed to it.

Great. Lena thought.

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-----------------------------------------------One week later---------------------------------------------------


Now it was only a week away from when Clark was to buy Lena for his cousin. Clark decided that it was time to tell Kara who was to be her omega. He believed that Lena would be the best option because she is very well-trained, and that was important because he knew that Kara would never train her the why she needed to be. Clark believed Kara was not hard enough on those who are under her, Because of this, Clark felt he never should her let her be raised by the Danvers when her parents died. The Danvers, he now knows, believed that alphas, omegas, and betas were all equal. Clark scoffed at the idea of a lowly omega being equal to him, a powerful alpha. Clark decided it was time to tell Kara who her omega was going to be because he was buying her in just one week. Kara would likely like to meet the girl before they bought, but Clark didn’t care. She would own the girl soon, so why would it matter if they met a week early.

When Clark walked into Kara’s part of the house, which was more like its own apartment, he saw that she was in her work out area lifting weights.

“Kara” Clark spoke, getting her attention. She put the weights down and grabbed a towel to wipe her sweat.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“I chose the omega you will be getting” Clark informed. “She will be arriving in a week.”

Kara simply nodded her head. Kara didn’t want to own a person, she knew they were equal, so weather she got a say in who it was or not didn’t matter to her.

“Her name is Lena Luthor, and she seems to be very well trained so she should be no trouble. Kara nodded again. Clark sighed then said, “Kara, I know you can’t see this now but this is for your own good. You are my little cousin and I love you, that’s why I hate making you do this when you clearly don’t feel comfortable with it, but I also want you to grow to your full potential. I believe that owning this omega will help you grow more confident and be a stronger alpha.”

Kara was always one to fall for pretty words and so she believed every word he was telling her. She still believes that they are all equal but now she feels a little better about it. “Okay, but can I please meet her first?” She sighed.

“Of course, I will set up a meeting for tomorrow” Clark answered, satisfied with Kara’s reaction.

“Thank you” Kara nodded.


The next day-



By the time Kara was ready to leave, she was really nervous. She had only ever met a couple omegas, those being Kelly, Lois, Eliza, and a couple servants in her cousin’s house. Kara wondered what Lena would think of her? Would she be scared of her? Would she think they were equals too? Kara decided to try not to think about and not make any assumptions about the girl until she met her.

When Kara got there, she was less nervous than before and she confidently knocked on the door. The doors opened and there was a young man, who she assumed was Lex Luthor, was standing there smiling at her.

“Welcome miss Danvers” the man spoke, “I am Lex Luthor.”

Kara had heard plenty about Lex Luthor, his family being one of the most powerful families, he was a very public figure and she had heard enough to know that they would not get along. “Thank you” Kara gave a tight smile, “If you don’t mind, I would like to get right to the point and meet Lena.”

“Of course,” He nodded. “Follow me.”

When they got to Lena’s room, just like last time, Lena was kneeling in the middle of the room wearing a plain white shirt that was mid-thigh length. Kara asked Lex to leave, saying she wanted alone time with Lena. Lex agreed and retreated from the room.


“Yes Ma’am?”

Kara got on her knees in front of Lena and lifted her chin. Lena let her head be pulled up but kept her eyes averted. “You don’t have to kneel like that around me” Kara stated softly, rubbing small circles on the girl's cheek with her thumb. Kara didn’t want overstep her bounds or make Lena uncomfortable, but she wanted Lena to know she didn’t have to be afraid.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena muttered before standing up, keeping her eyes down, and putting her arms behind her back. Kara was a little upset, not at Lena but, that Lena had taken it like an order.

“You don’t have to... Uh... You can... um” Kara cleared her throat, “You don’t have to do that either. You and just get comfortable and do whatever you want.”

Lena was confused but the lack of command in the alpha’s voice and allowed her head to rise slightly, however she averted her gaze when she saw beautiful icy blue eyes staring right at her. Lena knew that looking up was a mistake and now, with the lack of any kind of order, she was internally panicking. She didn’t know was to do so she simply knelt again with her head farther down then before. Lena didn’t want her, soon to be, new owner cross with her so soon.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am” Lena spoke softly.

Now Kara was the one who was confused. Lena had been nothing be respectful and polite to her so why was she apologizing. “Why are you apologizing Lena? You did nothing wrong.”

“I-” Lena realized that the alpha hadn’t noticed her mistake, but it was too late now. She couldn’t lie to Kara. “I looked up at you, and I know I shouldn’t do that, that it implies we are equal when we aren’t. I was a mistake that I will never make again.” Lena rambled. After a second, she added “Ma’am.” Lena knew that rambling would only make it worse but she couldn’t help it. She hadn’t made such and armature mistake for at least 5 years and she didn’t know how this unfamiliar alpha would react.

Kara frowned. She should have known that Lena would be confused and not know what to do if she told her to do whatever she wants. Lena had likely not made a real decision since she presented as an omega. Plus, Lena had no reason to trust that Kara wouldn’t punish her for making a decision that she deemed unfavorable.

“Oh, don’t apologize. You can look at me. I wanted to meet you so we could talk, not as owner and pet or master and slave, but as people. To me we are equal Lena.” Kara smiled softly and sat in front of Lena. “You are not in trouble”

“O-okay” Lena let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Lena didn’t trust that the alpha actually thinks that they are equal in anyway so she added, “thank you Ma’am.”

Kara facepalmed and smiled before saying, “I came because I want to get to know you better, so tell me about yourself”

“Yes Ma’am. My name is Lena Luthor. I will be useful to you because I can cook, clean, serve, and take orders well. I also have good endurance. I know my place is under you in every way possible. I will listen to any order you give me and carry every task out to the best of my abilities.”

“Wow okay” Kara answered, “I meant like, what is your favorite color? Favorite food? Any hobbies you enjoy? And other stuff like that.”

“Sorry Ma’am. I have no favorite color, I will eat anything you allow me too, and I will enjoy any hobbies you would like me to do”

“Lena, I want to know what you actually enjoy doing. Not some automated answer that you were taught to say.”

Lena didn’t know if this was some sort of test, but she had never learned what to say if an occasion like this were to occur so she went with the default answer,

“I have no opinions, Ma’am. I exist to please you and nothing more.”

Kara frowned. This was going to be harder than she initially planned. Kara didn’t know what to do or how to respond, due to her limited interactions with trained omegas. Of course, she was raised by Eliza, who was an omega, and at some point, she was trained she never acted like it. Her adopted father would never let her, he made sure she knew they were equal in every way imaginable. He told her that they would both treat each other with respect. He also taught his two-alpha daughters the same notion. Kara’s sister, well adopted sister, Alex was also an alpha. Alex had been with an omega named Kelly for a few years now. Kelly had been very similar to Lena when they first met, even to Kara even though Alex technically owned her. Kara wondered what Alex did to make Kelly more comfortable around them. She made a mental note to ask Alex later.

“Master?” Lena uttered, getting Kara’s attention.

“You don’t have to call me Master, Lena” Kara told her.

“Sorry Ma’am, what would you like me to address you as?” Lena responded.

“You can call me Kara” She explained.

No alpha had ever told Lena to call them by their first name before. She didn’t even call her own brother by his first name, but Lena obeyed with a,

“Yes Kara.”

“Did you need something?” Kara asked.

“Can I please sit down?” Lena hated herself for asking that. She knew she shouldn’t want anything and Kara had not told her to sit, but since Clark had visited her training only got more intense and she was very sore.

Kara realized how uncomfortable kneeling like that must have been and felt really bad. “Yes, of course you can. You don’t have to ask. How about you sit here instead?” Kara said as she got up and pulled a chair out from a table that was stationed to the right of the room.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena hesitated before getting up and sitting in the chair. Kara sat in the chair next to Lena and looked at her. She had her head down and her hands were folded in her lap.

“You can look at me” Kara told her.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena said looking up.

“Would you like to know a little about me?” Kara smiled. In truth Lena would like to know all she could about the strange alpha. She wanted to know everything that could maximize her chances of survival, but she simply answered with,

“If it pleases you, Ma’am.”

“I’ll take that as a yes” Kara smiled again, “As you know, my name is Kara Danvers, I am an alpha, and I am the cousin of the nicest alpha I know, besides my sister, Clark Kent.”

Lena tensed at Clark’s name, but she forced herself to relax. Lena wouldn’t exactly describe Clark as nice. She would actually describe him as aloof but Kara didn’t need to know that.

Kara made a mental note to ask Clark about Lena getting tense just by the mention of his name and continued.

“I also have a sister, as I’m sure you gathered earlier when I said ‘my sister’. Her name is Alex and she is an alpha too. She is married to an omega named Kelly. Kelly is really nice, I’m sure you would get along with her.”

“Yes Ma’am” Lena voiced.

“Oh, no that wasn’t an order it was more of a thought” Kara tried to explain, “Never mind. I have a not favorite color because I love all colors. And my favorite food is potstickers. I have many hobbies including, exercising, reading, drawing, and I like to have fun.”

Their conversation went on like that, Kara telling Lena things and Lena answering questions when asked, for a few more hours. However, an alarm when off on Kara’s phone telling her it was time to go home.

“I have to go now” Kara sighed “I’m glad we got to meet. I enjoyed talking to you.”

“Yes Ma’am. I did as well” Lena answered, standing up and moving to the middle of the room.

“Okay I guess this is goodbye. I will see you in a week” Kara smiled.

And just like that Kara was gone. Lena knelt where she had before, just in case Kara was to return for some reason, but after Lena was sure she was gone Lena let herself relax. She wrote down all the information she had gathered about Kara before deciding to sleep until she was needed.


The next day Kara went to Alex’s apartment, which was a 30-minute drive from the House of El. That night was their planned sister night. She reminded herself to ask Alex how she got Kelly to trust her before the night was over. Kara was nervous to tell Alex she was buying an omega. She knew Alex thought it was despicable to buy a person, hell so did Kara, so she didn’t want to see Alex’s reaction to Kara buying a person. Even it was against Kara’s will, Lena had less of a choice in the matter. Though Alex had technically bought Kelly, they had been together for a while. Obviously, Alex had also asked for Kelly’s consent and only really did it to keep her family from trying to sell her from someone else. When Kara knocked on the door, Kelly was the one to answer.

“Hey Kelly” Kara beamed. Kara noticed that Kelly almost bowed her but stopped herself and answered with,

“Hi Kara, come in.” Had Kelly always been like that? Kara asked herself. How had she never noticed that. If Kelly was still timid after the two years, they had been together how long would it take Lena to adjust. Kara pushed that thought down when she saw Alex sitting on the couch with Chinese takeout. Kara smiled big and sat next to Alex, giving her a quick hug. Kelly took her seat on the other side of Alex and gripped her arm. Kara thought maybe Kelly was comfortable around Alex, but not around other alphas.

“Alex, Clark is making me buy an omega” Kara blurted out.

“Oh, wow” Alex said grabbing Kelly’s hand “do you know who it is yet?”

“Yes, her named is Lena Luthor, and she is scared of me and she called me master and she kept kneeling and I don’t know what to do” Kara blurted out in one breath.

“Okay Kara slowdown” Alex comforted her, “It is okay”

“Really? You aren’t upset at me?” Kara sighed.

“No Kara, how you put it, it seems you had just as much of a choice as Lena does.” Alex reassured her.

“Okay, how did you get Kelly comfortable around you?” Kara asked. Alex frowned a little then explained with a sigh,

“I started by treating her how she expected to get treated. Well sort of, there was no harsh punishments or unfair rules but I gave her rules and gave her a punishment for each rule. It was punishments like time out and other things you would give to a child. I did this so she was never scared to do something and I listed the punishments so she wouldn’t be scared if what would happen if she broke a rule. Then I took the rules away when I thought she was ready, about a year in, and slowly adjusted her to living without them. She is now comfortable around me, but not with other alphas as much. Though she still wears a collar in public, it is her choice and it is to help keep her safe from other alphas”

“Okay I think I understand. thank you, Alex,” Kara nodded.

“When are you supposed to get her?” Kelly chimed in. Kara smiled at Kelly’s interest in the subject and answered,

“In a week. I will let y’all meet her when she is ready.”

“Okay” Alex nodded. Kara couldn’t help but smirk at the cuteness of the two when Alex very softly whispered to Kelly, who started blushing immediately,

“Good girl, that was very brave of you.”

They spent the rest of the night just hanging out and having fun. Once it was getting late, Alex declared that it was bed time and made the couch into a bed. Alex and Kelly were headed to their room when Kara gave a sad smile and said,

“Kelly, I’m sorry if I have ever made you uncomfortable. You know I see you as my equal, right?”

Kelly just returned the sad smile and nodded. They left it at that and all went to bed.

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------------------------------------------A week later -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Lena woke up still groggy from the very little sleep she had gotten. Today was the day that she was going to be sent to her new owner. Lena was dreading this day. Lena could not read Kara, making her a very dangerous person to be around. Lena honestly thought it would be easier if she was going to Clark because she knew what to expect with him. She had been around people like him her whole life, she could read him. She could only hope that Kara would give her rules to follow so she wasn’t going in completely blind, but she knew there was no guarantee that she would.

Lena pushed her thoughts away and decided to focus on the here and now. She knew that right now she was supposed to get dressed in the proper attire, that being the same white shirt she wore when meeting the two alphas, and go to one of the sitting rooms, where her family would be waiting. Lena could hardly call them family. Not when their interactions were all so arduous. Lena strongly believes they would have been ready to sell her off weather she was an omega or not, but she didn’t know what else to call them. Blood-relatives? Next of kin? Ménage? Either way it didn’t matter now; she would likely never see them again. Oddly, that didn’t bother her that much. Lena silently got dressed and made her way to the room with her holders, she guessed that is what they really were, would be waiting.

Upon her arrival she was told to sit in a medal chair that was in the middle of the room. Once she obeyed a blindfold was placed on her, as well as a collar. The next order was to put her arms behind her back, and they were tied in place. She didn’t see or feel a leash being attached to the collar but she knew it was there when she felt a tug. She obeyed the silent order, following the pull careful not to trip or fall. When she felt the leash slack down, she stopped. She felt a hand grab the back of her neck and push her, so she let herself be shoved into a car.


Kara was nervously waiting for Lena’s arrival. Kara had spent the past week getting things ready for her. Kara didn’t have an extra room in her chambers but she did have an exceptionally large walk-in closet that she had been meaning to clean out. Kara wanted Lena to be comfortable, so she decided to make it into Lena’s own personal space. Lena was set to arrive any minute now, and Kara sat nervously on the couch in front of the door.

When there was a knock on the door, Kara knew exactly who it was and told them to enter. However, Kara had not been expecting Lena to be blindfolded, with her arms tied behind her back, being led by a leash and collar. Before Kara could react the beta that led her in put a hand on Lena’s neck and forced her to the ground in a kneeling position. Kara flushed with anger, jumping up and yelling at him to leave. Once the beta was gone Kara’s eyes landed on the omega, who was still knelt. Kara noticed there was a slight tremble in the otherwise perfectly still body. Guilt rushed over Kara as she realized she was probably the one who frightened Lena.

“Sorry” Kara mumbled, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Kara knelt in front of Lena and softly untied the blindfold. Lena bowed her head as Kara moved to take the collar off.

“Can you please stand up?” Kara asked.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena answered before gracefully pulling herself off the ground. For a moment Kara just stared at her. Kara could believe how graceful she pulled herself up. Kara doubted she could do that normally, let alone with her arms tied behind her back. Kara shook her head before moving around Lena to undo the tight knots wrapped around her wrist. Once the rope was gone Kara noticed how there were red marks where the rope dug into Lena’s skin. Kara caught herself before the earlier anger at the beta that dragged Lena in here reignited, and gently rubbed Lena’s wrist.

After Kara was sure her wrists were no longer in any pain she stepped away from Lena and whispered,

“I’m sorry Lena, I didn’t know they would do that.” Lena nodded her head, though she didn’t know if she believed Kara there was no reason to be upset about it. Lena didn’t even understand why Kara rubbed the pain away, it was just skin, it would heal, and based on how minimal the damage was it would heal rather quickly. After another moment of silence Kara told her that she would show her around.

Kara’s chambers were relatively small, only including four rooms aside from the main area, including a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and an area to work out. The other rooms were a laundry room, a bathroom, Kara’s room, and Lena’s room. When showing Lena her room, Kara lingered a bit to let Lena get a good look at the room.

“This is your room. Sorry it is so small. I tried to make it as cozy as possible.” Kara explained.

Lena wasn’t about to complain. Honestly, she felt lucky she even had a room when Kara could easily make her sleep on the floor in some other room. The room wasn’t that small, it was 10 feet wide and 12 feet in length, which wasn’t big by any means but it was an okay size. There was a twin sized bed, with a big stuffed bear on it for some reason, that took up most of the room, a bed side table with drawers and a lamp, and there was a string light that went around all the top conners of the room. It was small but cozy.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Lena said as she looked around the room.

The rest of the day Kara showed Lena the most important rooms in the rest of the house. When they got back to Kara’s room her stomached growled and Kara realized how late it was.

“Sorry, that took so long. Dinner will be soon. We will be attending dinner with Clark tonight, if that is okay with you?” Kara said.

“If it pleases you” Lena responded, stoic as ever. Kara did notice that Lena tensed ever so slightly at the mention of Clark’s name, for the second time. Kara internally cursed as she realized she never asked Clark about that.

“Right” Kara said almost sadly, “Dinner is in ten minutes”

“Yes Ma’am”

“What do you want to do until then?” Kara asked.

“Whatever pleases you Ma’am”

Kara sighed then said, “after dinner I would like to go over a few rules”

There it is, Lena thought before answering with “Yes Ma’am.” All day Lena thought that Kara’s behavior was curious, especially for an alpha. She still didn’t know why Kara was acting the way she was all day, but she figured it was going to change to normal alpha behavior very soon.

Kara detected the change in Lena, she seemed more tense. Kara wanted to reassure her but she didn’t know what to say or do, so she left it at that.

“Let’s go ahead and go to dinner” Kara suggested.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena answered. Lena had already made a mental map of every room Kara had showed her, so she knew the way to the dining room, but she still let Kara take the lead, following only a step behind her.

When they arrived, Lena could tell that it was personal dining room because the table would only fit 8 people. There were not enough seats for guests. Kara sat at the corner seat near the end chair, Lena assumed was Clark’s seat. Lena sat on the ground next to Kara’s chair, on the side away from where she though Clark would be sitting. Lena had never sat on the ground for dinner at the Luthor house, but she was taught in the early stage of her training that it was not acceptable for an omega to sit and eat on the same table as the alpha who owned them.

Kara looked at Lena, confusion clear in her expression, then explained.

“You don’t need to sit on the floor... here” Kara pulled out the chair next to her “you can sit here”.

“Yes ma’am” Lena obeyed, but she felt unusually nervous as she sat, looking at her folded hands that sat in her lap.

Despite what most people thought, Kara and Clark were not very close. In fact, Kara had only met him a few months ago, and this was only the second time she had eaten with him not counting formal dinners that had too many people around for them to really talk. The first time she met him, was also there first dinner, he had taken her out and they spent a whole day together bonding and having a great time. Though Kara thought very highly of him because her whole life she had heard about all the charity work and other stuff like that he was doing. Kara was so excited when she found out they were actually cousins.

It was not a long wait before Clark walked in the room, Lois following a step behind. Clark sat in the chair at the end, next to Kara. Kara smiled expecting Lois to sit across from her thinking it would be a good chance to finally meet and get to know Lois better. However, Lois did not sit in the chair she sat on the ground next to Clark, in the same way Lena had sat.

Lena noticed too and felt shame as she was in a chair and the other omega was not. Kara didn’t have the time to question it though, because Clark immediately noticed that an omega was sitting in a chair at his table and he would not accept it.

“Kara” he addressed the situation with authority, but kara noticed his hand was rested gently on Lois’s head, and Lois leaned into his touch. For a moment she though it was cute how close they were, but she was still so confused as to why Lois was on the ground and not a chair.

“Yes?” she asked bringing her gaze back up to Clark’s face.

“Why is your pet sitting at my table, I was sure she was well trained when I examined her?” Even though Clark’s voice was stable and calm, Kara could sense the anger that filled him as he thought of a lowly omega sitting at the same table as him or at a table at all.

“I told her to” Kara explained, a strange tingling feeling took hold of her, she didn’t like it when people were angry at her, especially Clark who was always so nice.

“Well, tell it to get on the floor where it belongs” Clark’s expression was filled with anger and disgust, and his hand now griped Lois’s hair so tight that Kara though it must hurt, but if it did Lois didn’t show it.

Kara wanted to be angry at Clark for how he regarded Lena and possibly hurt Lois, but she couldn’t break the strange haze of confusion and shame she felt so she closed her eyes and asked Lena to move back to the floor. Lena was not surprised, and though she was told to sit in the chair she felt as if she had made a big mistake in doing so. She moved back to the floor silently, she felt relieved as she sat on the floor away from Clark’s view.

The servants, who were all betas, started to carry in the food and drinks. After all the food was out the tension in the room finally subsided. Leaving Kara relieved but still confused. Kara noticed how Clark’s expression was soft again and he was whispering to Lois and feeding her out of his hand. Kara then decided to whisper to Lena and give her what she wanted to eat.

“What would you like to eat?” Kara noticed that Lena was blushing and she though it was cute, but also, she thought that Lena must be embarrassed now.

Lena knew that she was following orders but somehow it was still a mistake and she promised herself that she would not make another mistake, at least not at this dinner not tonight.

“Whatever pleases you, ma’am” she was perfectly submissive and she would not show any sign that she was anything else. Having no sign of what Lena liked or wanted Kara put a little of everything she had on another plate to give to Lena, but Kara realized that there was no extra silverware or cups on the table. She knew that it would be harder to eat from the floor then a table so she put her fork on the plate and figured that they would just share a cup, and she noticed that Clark had given Lois a drink from his own cup as well.

Kara handed Lena the plate and decided to watch and see what Lena decided to eat first thinking that she might like that food more than the rest but Lena had other plans. Lena decided to start with the food she that was most similar to what she ate at the Luthor’s, one she had had a lot of before then makes her way around the plate clockwise.

“Thank you, ma’am” Lena didn’t sound any different than before Clark got angry, and Kara didn’t know if she was just really good at acting or if the event didn’t affect Lena as much as she thought it would.

Kara noticed Lena started with the corn, ate all of the corn then just ate the food next to the corn, and she ate it all at a rate that was not quick or slow and would not have been strange if it was not so consistent. She sighed disappointed, then started eating from her plate with a spoon, even though she preferred to use a fork.

Clark noticed that Kara gave Lena her own plate and a fork to eat with, which was not acceptable either, but decided to let it slide for this one dinner, and made a mental note that he needed to hire someone to teach Kara the socially acceptable things that come with owning an omega.

Kara looked over at Clark as he ate like it was not strange to eat at an empty table while others ate on the floor.

“Um... Kara didn’t know how to start the sentence “Clark I wanted to ask you about something”

“Yes, what did you want to know?” He prompted her to continue.

“Last week when I went to see Lena for the first time, I mentioned you, and she seemed to tense at it, I mean I could be wrong, I mean I barely noticed it, but I wanted to ask you why?” Kara didn’t realize how awkward asking him would be.

Lena paused for a moment, cursing herself for tensing last week. She continued to eat trying to act like she hadn’t heard the conversation, but in a slight glance over she noticed Clark’s omega, Lois Lena remembered hearing was her name, glanced over and almost understanding look in her eyes. The moment ended quickly though as they both looked back down.

Clark seemed dismissive of the topic as he stated, “How should I know why? I only tested her on everything that she had to do, and she had already done it all before” and he thought that if anything the omega should be punished not him be questioned.

Kara didn’t like how dismissive he was of the subject and questioned further. “Well, what was in this test of yours?”

“The normal things, like her skills, uses, endurance and stuff like that” Clark didn’t see the point in this conversation and was ready to talk about a more interesting topic.

“But what did you do?” Kara wanted real answers not a dismissive comment from him.

Clark was getting annoyed now “I just examined her while she did basic tasks and stuff, why don’t you ask her if your so worried about it?”

Kara looked at Lena as she ate, her plate was now halfway empty and though there was no obvious difference Kara felt something was off.

“You don’t have to eat it all just until you are no longer hungry” Kara said realizing that Lena probably didn’t eat a lot in the Luther house thinking of how skinny Lena was. Lena paused for a short moment then put the fork down.

“Thank you, ma’am” Lena was relived, she very full and had not eaten that much in one sitting in her whole life. Kara then realized she had been talking to Clark and forgot to give Lena a drink. She immediately reached for her cup and offered it to Lena, apologizing for not realizing sooner. Lena thanked Kara and took a small drink before holding it out so Kara could get it when she was ready.

Clark hated that someone, an alpha no less, that was related to him just apologized to an omega, and once again regrated letting the Danvers raise her.

Kara took the cup then thought that maybe she should ask Lena. Lena knew the question was coming but was still not ready for it when Kara said,


“Yes, ma’am?”

“Last week, did you tense when I mentioned my cousin?”

Lying obviously crossed Lena’s mind but the thought of lying, especially to the alpha who owned her was something she would not do. She hated that the thought even crossed her mind.

“I- I did, ma’am, I'm sorry I promise it won’t happen again” Lena usually had good control of her emotions but Kara had been so nice to her all day and she just kept messing up and now she was going to be punished. She just wants Kara to like her, but now tears almost slipped from her eyes, and she wished for a short moment that she was back home where at least things were familiar.

“Hey” Kara’s voice was soft. Kara gently put her had on Lena’s head “it's okay” she pulled Lena’s head closer and let it rest on her knee. “I just want to know why” Kara told her, hoping it would calm her.

“H- he is the most powerful alpha” Lena controlled her emotion so it was not showing anymore. Clark gritted his teeth, clearly annoyed at the omega’s show of emotions and how Kara had not punished her, or even give her a warning, but he decided to let it slide until Kara had a teacher to show her the appropriate responses.

“I know, but he is always-… usually nice so there is no reason to be afraid” Kara assured Lena, but couldn’t help but think that there was more to the story.

The rest of dinner was quiet and awkward, but when it ended Clark kissed the top of Kara's head and told her he loved her and that they should spend time together sometime. Then left with Lois close behind.

“We should go back to my room now” Kara stood, careful not to step on Lena or hit her with the chair. On the way back to Kara’s room she found herself feeling the need to look back to see if Lena was following, because she never heard her footsteps, but Lena was always there just steps behind her.

Once in her room Kara sat back on the couch with a sigh. This was one of the first times that Clark had been acting like that, and Kara didn’t like it. But she had more important things to do then worry about him. Lena knelt beside the couch, and taking care of Lena was her main priority right now.

“Lena, you can sit on the couch” next to me, Kara thought. Lena did sit on the couch but she was still looking down. Kara stared at Lena really looking at her features for the first time. Shes beautiful, Kara thought, and without thinking about she reached up and turned Lena’s face toward her. Lena’s eyes were wide as the stared directly into Karas’.

Lena averted her eyes, but she didn’t pull away.

“Oh... Sorry" Kara let go and Lena looked back down. Kara had apologized to Lena five times now and Lena didn’t know how to react to it. No one had ever really apologized to her before.

“I think was should go over some rules now” Kara said

“First) Let me know when you need something like food and water, if I am not with you then you can get whatever you need anyway, if you are questioned say it was under my orders.”

Lena nodded but did not say anything, she didn’t want to interrupt.

“Second) we always have to be honest with each other.

Third) If you get scared or uncomfortable tell me right away, no matter what the reason is.

Forth) Keep up your hygiene, like shower, brush your teeth, etc. when you need to.

Fifth) We both need to treat each other with respect “

The rule surprised Lena, but she reminded herself that the rules were for her to follow, and that Kara doesn’t have to follow them even if it did mention her as well.

“Sixth) Tell me if you are tired and need a nap or are going to bed.

Seventh) If you want to spend time outside let me know.

Eight) well, this technically in not a rule, but if we go out somewhere I would prefer you to wear a collar so no one tries and thing” Kara hoped she wasn’t pushing it when she said “especially with how beautiful you are, we don’t want any creeps after you”

Lena blushed and nodded agreeing to everything she was just told.

“And nine) is to tell me when we do something you like or if you have any hobbies you enjoy, the next thing we need to talk about is punishments” Lena tensed.

“don’t worry, I promise it not bad, and the punishment will match the rule broken” Kara assured her.

“Each rule has a punishment. Well, rules 1, 6, 8, and 7 I can only see being broken if you can’t talk to me or get something on your own, which won’t be your fault, so we just need to try not to let that happen. For the second rule it can depend on circumstance, however for the most part it would be writing lines. Third would be early bed time but this rule is important so I really hope it’s not broken. Rule four is extra chores, really just more cleaning stuff. Five is, well actually I don’t see you breaking this one at all, but if you did it would be writing lines, and nine is just more chores and also do you have a hobby? You didn’t tell me. “

Lena didn’t know what to think, that couldn’t really be everything. She knew there had to be something, maybe Kara was just waiting for Lena to mess up big first or something.

“Yes ma’am” she nodded letting Kara know that she was listening. Kara could tell she was wondering about something.

“Did you have any questions” She prompted Lena to talk.

“I -um, I was just thinking, well, none of them were corporal punishment or food deprivation, which is what it would be most of the time” Lena didn’t really know how to explain it to Kara.

“Of course not, I don’t want to harm you” Kara knew that for most people omegas were not equal but that couldn’t be normal right.

“I want you to know, I see us as equal, I only made the rules and punishment so you would feel more comfortable doing things, and not too scared to make a mistake.” Kara hoped she could get through to Lena.

Lena smiled remembering the only other person who told her that in the past, was her best friend Sam, after Sam was presented as an alpha and Lena as an omega, they were not allowed to see each other, but Sam had told her that even if she was an omega, they would always be the same.

“Thank you, Ma'am” But Lena knew that even if Kara really thought of them as equals, they weren’t and that won’t change, Lena’s life was in Kara hands to control the same as Lois’s was in Clark’s.

“Now the most important thing tonight” Kara smiled excitedly. “Wait here” she went into the other room quickly. Lena didn’t know what to expect so is scared her slightly.

When Kara came back, she was holding two bags that had colorful paper out of the top. “Today is your birthday” Kara sat the bags on the floor in front of Lena. Lena had seen birthday parties that had presents and sweets and stuff but she hadn’t had one in almost 10 years. She hadn’t actually got any presents since before she was around six.

“Here” Kara handed her the first bag. In the bag there was a long sleeve blue shirt and black jeans. “I only got one outfit cause I want you to choose what you like for the rest, and I didn’t know your size so I guessed”

Most of Lena’s cloths were old, ripped, or dirty, and none had been her right size, they were left over from old clothes her family didn’t want and could not donate because of a rip or stain. The only thing she had that wasn’t was her ‘outing outfit’ as she called it, the clothes she wore when other alphas from outside the family might see her. So having new clothes was something she had never even dreamed before.

“Thank you, ma’am” Lena held them as if they would fade away the moment she let go.

“And this one” Kara grabbed the smaller bag smiling. Lena left the clothes in her lap as she pulled the paper out of the bag. There was a small box that looked like the boxes that Lillian got new jewelry in. She opened the box and there was a beautiful charm bracelet with a black cat charm that had light green eyes.

“It reminded me of you, but we can get more charms added later too” Kara explained

“Thank you, it means a lot... Ma’am” Lena stared at the cat twisting it slowly in her hand.

“I’m glad you like them” Kara smiled “it’s getting late, we should head to bed soon”

“Yes ma’am” Lena realized that she had lost focus and needed to clean up all the paper. She picked up half of it, before noticing Kara was picking up the paper too. She smiled, it felt good to have someone help you do things like that.

Kara got excited when she was getting the presents and over stuffed them with paper, but paper was easy to clean up.

“Well, I guess it's time for bed now” Kara commented after all the paper was in the trash and she had the gift bags to put away. “I hope you sleep good”

“You too, ma’am” Lena was tired after all, and it was almost 11 o’clock. Much later than Lena’s usual bed time. They both retired too their rooms. But when Lena got inside, she realized the she didn’t know if she was supposed to use the bed or the ground, Kara had not told her specifically, and should she shut the door or leave it open.

Maybe she should ask, but what if Kara was already lying-in bed. Looking over she noticed Kara’s door was already shut. Lena didn’t know how to handle this situation. I could just leave it open and sleep on the floor, that seems safe but why would there be a bed in the room then Lena thought. She decided to ask, but as she made her way to Kara's door she started to feel embarrassed about needing to ask.

She knocked on the door, and heard the footsteps moving closer. Lena knelt thinking about how she was supposed to when in a room with an alpha, unless told something else.

“Lena?” Kara questioned.

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“I... Um" Lena’s hands were together as she fidgeted nervously with the cat charm at the base of her wrist. “Where would you like for me to sleep, Ma’am?” Lena felt dumb for needing to ask, but she would rather know then get in trouble in the morning.

Kara was confused with the question though “Your room?” she stated confusion clear in her voice. Kara thought it was obvious. “Also why are you kneeling? I told you, you didn’t have too around me” Kara questioned but the gentle in her voice told Lena she was not upset at her.

“Sorry, I... Sorry ma’am” as Lena stood, she noticed that Kara was not wearing a shirt “I meant; would you like me to sleep on the floor?” Lena tried to clear the confusion. To Lena it seemed like a perfectly normal question. Nothing about it was strange, but she felt for some reason that with Kara it was not normal. Based on everything that had happened in the day, Lena was starting to think maybe Kara really didn’t know many of the things she should have before buying an omega.

“Why would I want you to sleep on the floor?” Kara knew Lena was trying to clear the confusion, but Kara was only becoming more confused. She had told Lena that they were equal after all, so why would she want Lena to become sore from sleeping on the floor.

“It’s just” Lena paused trying to find a way to explain it to Kara “Well when I was training, I was always told that once I was bought by an alpha I would have to sleep on the floor, unless... “Lena paused at the thought, her face flushed red “Unless they wanted to use me in bed”

“What?” Kara said, not because she didn’t hear or understand, but because the idea of someone doing that was appalling to her.

“If someone wanted to-” Lena started.

“I know what it means” Kara interrupted; she didn’t mean to be rude but she didn’t want to think about something like that. “Sorry, uh... you can sleep where ever you want, it's your room everything in it is yours. You can do what you want with it”. The thought was nice but Lena knew that none of it was hers.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena said quietly. Kara hoped she was okay but didn’t know why she seemed almost sad all of a sudden.

“Was that all you needed? Please don’t be scared to ask me anything” Kara asked when Lena still stood there.

“Yes Ma’am, uh... I also wanted to ask whether you wanted me to leave me door open or closed? And what time do you want me to wake up?” Lena asked still nervous even though Kara had reassured her.

“You can have it however you want, and around 8 or 9 would be fine.” Kara replied, she would have told her just to wake up whenever but she didn’t want Lena up before the surprise was ready.

“Yes Ma’am, thank you” Lena was relieved that she finally had an answer to some of the questions that were bothering her.

“Good night, I hope you sleep good” Kara smiled “And you never have to be scared to ask anything”

“Yes Ma’am, good night” Lena walked back to her room, hearing Kara door shut softly. Lena decided to close the door to her room too, and somehow now that it was night time and she was alone the house had a strange eerie feeling to it. She turned off all the lights and quickly hopped on to the bed. She was glad that she didn’t have to sleep on the floor, because even though it was stupid and irrational, and as someone who loves science was ridiculous, the thought of something under the bed was still creepy. She got under her blanket and tried to get comfortable, but her mind wanted to review and remind her of all of the worst of the day's events and everything she did wrong.

Taking a breath and holding the cat charm she reminded herself of the good of the day as well, and even though things had to change at least she still had those memories to think back on. How Kara had smiled and reassured her at every uneasy moment. How she was genuinely happy for the first time in a long time thanks to her new owner. Immature, sure. naive, definitely. But also, sweet and irresistibly charming. With that Lena finally relaxed enough to fall into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning Lena had woken up at 6, which was later than normal, but not when she wanted it to be. Kara had said 8 or 9, so Lena stayed in bed. She lifted her arm that had the cat bracelet on it. Staring at the cat she wondered if Kara saw the traits of a black cat in Lena. Lena had once read that; black cats were calm and more reserved but also playful and active. Is that how Kara wanted her to be? Lena wondered. Kara had compared her to it after all. Soon she heard noise from outside of her room, but she was not going to get up until 8 or if Kara came to get her. She had already made enough mistakes and Kara didn’t even have many rules. She felt bad for not telling Kara that she did, in fact, have a hobby that she really enjoyed, learning and reading. However, she felt more ashamed of the fact that she had a hobby when she knew she shouldn’t. She should just listen to her alpha and carry out her duties flawlessly, but she guessed she wasn’t a good enough omega to do that.


Kara woke up at 6:30, and even though she hated mornings, she had to make Lena birthday pancakes and have time to clean up the mess afterward. She wasn’t ready for Lena to see how much of a messy cook she was. Making birthday pancakes was a Danvers family tradition, and she wasn’t about to let Lena miss out on that. It was a day late, but she didn’t know if Lena’s family wanted to have breakfast with her before she left.

Everything was ready by around 7:30 something and Kara wanted to let Lena sleep till she got up, but also, she didn’t want the food to get cold. Kara went into Lena’s quietly thinking she was asleep. When she walked in Lena was holding her arm up looking intensely at her cat charm. Kara stared at Lena, she was beautiful, she had raven hair that was sprawled over her shoulders and her eyes were deeper and greener than anything. Kara thought that all other greens must have been a knock off of the color the creator had made for Lena’s eyes.

However, sitting like that, with the large blanket weighing over her Kara could see how skinny Lena really was. Anger passed through Kara as she thought of when Lena mentioned that as a punishment she was deprived of food.

Lena, getting knocked out of her thought by the angry presence, jumped. Noticing Kara and seeing the angry expression twisted on her face Lena quickly fell to the floor kneeling and apologizing profusely. Lena had not known why Kara was mad, but it could really be many different things.

“S-sorry, I’m not mad at you Lena” Kara sank to the floor panicked slightly by the outburst. Lena was immediately quiet when Kara started her sentence. She knew better then to interrupt an alpha, but the words were surprisingly gentle and they did not match her previous expression.

“Hey, hey it okay” Kara assured as she grabbed Lena’s hands slowly. “It’s okay” Kara repeated, pulling Lena to her feet “Let’s go, I have a surprise for you” Kara smiled with excitement making a mental note to tell Lena that she can wake up whenever she wants to after breakfast. They walked to the dining area of the room, still hand in hand.

“Happy birthday” Kara exclaimed loudly “I know its late, but I wanted to do something special, so I made you some pancakes”. Lena stared wide eyed at the dish on the table. There was even a note in syrup stating ‘Happy B-day Lena’ with a heart shape at the bottom. Lena had always wanted someone to care about her, she craved affection, and although she didn’t know if this really counted, but it did to her. A heart, technically being a symbol of love, this was the closest thing to an ‘I love you’ she had ever received. Lena’s eyes filled with tears, she tried not to let them slip out, but could not stop it.

“Oh no, you’re crying, are you okay? I didn’t mean too; did I do something wrong?” Kara couldn’t understand why Lena was crying. This was meant to make her happy. Maybe she was allergic to pancakes? But that wouldn’t explain her crying. Kara started to panic, but just then Lena let out the first real laugh she had in years. Kara couldn’t help but think of how perfect Lena’s laugh was.

“Thank you” Lena had a genuine smile that lit the whole room, relieving the panic Kara was in over the tears and noticed it was the first time Lena had talked informally.

Lena realized her error to “I’m sorry Ma’am” she looked down “I didn’t mean to; I was surprised that you thought that you had done something wrong, when this was the nicest thing, anyone had ever done for me”

Kara tilted Lena’s head back up, and with a smile stated “don’t apologize, it was lovely, now let's eat, and sit at the table” Kara though saddened by the fact that birthday pancakes was what Lena considered the nicest thing someone had ever done for her, she had to focus on making Lena happy right now.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena agreed. Then they sat for the meal. Kara stuffed her face happily, while Lena started at a slower more normal rate. Lena still felt weird sitting at the table with her alpha owner, but Kara had made it clear that it was necessary. Lena thought that maybe, just maybe Kara really wasn’t like all the other alphas that Lena had seen, and Lena let herself have that hope for just this moment.

A loud knock interrupted her thoughts, echoing through the room. “I got it” Kara stated standing “Wait there”. Lena nodded not wanting to speak with pancake in her mouth. As Kara walked to the door Lena finished the bite and decided not to take another until Kara got back at the table, looking down and putting her hands in her lap.

When Kara opened the door Clark stood there, when he saw her, he smiled and she smiled back. “Come in” she invited giving him a hug in the process.

“Kara, I've been meaning to talk to you about something” he stated.

“Yeah?” she questioned as they walked into the dining area, but before Clark could continue, he saw Lena sitting at the table, with a bracelet and a clear pancake syrup note.

“Kara?” his voice was more ridged than before.

“Yeah?” she questioned worriedly.

“Did you get it a present and make it a birthday breakfast?” his voice was raised as he pointed at Lena. Lena tried to be ready for whatever was coming, knowing Clark would not see Kara’s side.

Kara wanted to be angry, really, really angry but a strange feeling came over her, settling in her gut and she felt desperate to make him understand and make him see her side. She felt a strange sense of guilt and confusion even when she knew she was right.

“It was her birthday” trough her words were tight, she continued “And she said it was the nicest thing anyone had done for her, she started crying and everything, at first I was scared I had done something wrong, but I didn’t” she explained. Lena knelt biting her tongue and squeezing her eyes closed, knowing that something big was coming and that this would probably be best, but Kara and Clark had not noticed her movement yet.

“She started to cry?” Clark seemed appalled by the idea of Lena’s display of emotion.

“Yeah, at first I thought I had done something wrong” Kara knew she was repeating herself but couldn’t do anything, her mind felt fogged like she would fall if she tried to move, like her words weren’t her own, she was swallowed by a dizzy haze.

Clark gave a tight cold laugh, then pulled Kara into a quick hug, saying “Kara, my sweet, naive, little cousin, you need to understand that you can do nothing wrong in that relationship. She never should have cried and made you think that” Clark stepped away. The fog growing thicker leaving Kara feeling almost detached from the world, she had felt it before but every time it was still a confusing feeling.

Clark continued stepping forward “Let me show you how to proceed from here, in a situation like this” Kara didn’t know what he meant, but he had to know what he was talking about, it was Clark after all. She was stuck in place, so she could not follow even as he stepped closer to Lena then she was.

“Come here brat” Clark’s voice was harsh as he addressed Lena. Lena had been in a situation like this before, but the feeling she got when it happened was something, she believed, no one could get used to.

“I was ordered to stay here, Sir” Lena informed politely, not letting the fear show.

“Well now I’m ordering you to come” Clark replied even harsher than before.

“Yes, Sir” Lena replied, moving forward, closing the space between them staying low so when she stopped right in front of him, she was still kneeling.

Chapter Text

Lena felt like her body was in hyper focus, even if her brain didn’t process an order her body would still listen. She was looking down still kneeling in front of Clark with her eyes closed. Even when the natural urge was to look at the danger and run, she was perfectly still. Not resisting when she felt a tight grip on her hair pulling her head back, so she now looked up, right at Clark, but she didn’t open her eyes until Clark's venom filled voice ordered her too.

“Did you cry when you knew not to?” Clark’s voice was cold and calm, almost sending chills down Lena’s back.

“Yes, sir” Lena answered plain and honest as she knew Clark expected her to.

“And did you make Kara feel guilty, even though she did nothing wrong?” he asked already knowing the answer.

“Yes, sir” guilt panged through Lena and she wanted to look back down, but she wouldn’t even if the hand griping her hair wasn’t preventing it. Kara is such a good person and she hurt her because she messed up, and she knew better, Lena thoughts plagued her.

Clark pulled Lena up by her hair, her feet barely touched the ground on her tiptoes “What other rules have you broke without the proper authority around” Clark's voice was almost joking. It was a rhetorical question. Lena knew it was a rhetorical question, but she still answered. If Clark knew then he could properly punish her, and she felt that she deserved it.

“I broke formality, woke up earlier then the specific time I was ordered to, and even though I was told too, I sat at the table and sat on the couch, I slept in a bed that was not my masters, I showed emotion when I shouldn’t have, and I talked back” Lena listed off the numerous things matter-of-factly. She didn’t struggle with the words or tone despite the pain on her scalp.

Clark was surprised that Lena had answered at all, let alone with detailed truths, like she did. He realized that Lena was as trained as she seemed, and was only unable to fully comprehend what to do under such a free loose rule, but he was not going to let it all slide, just because he knew why the mistakes were made.

Lena cursed herself for her mistakes and promised that even under Kara questionable command she was never going to let herself become like that again. Lena showed no sign of her thoughts or feelings in that moment though.

“And do you think you should get away with any of that?” Clark already knew what she would answer to this question too though.

“No, sir” Lena answered honestly, she believed that she should be punished after all. If she was still at the Luthor's house she would have already been punished after all.

Kara stood frozen, not comprehending what was happening. Why was Clark acting like that? He was her cousin, her idol, a man she looked up to. Yet he stood there hold Lena so high with her hair that Kara knew it hurt, making Lena feel guilty for nothing. How was she supposed to feel? What was she supposed to do?

Clark slapped Lena. Hard. The sound echoed through the room. And again. If he wasn’t gripping her hair so tightly, she would have fell, hard. Kara knew she had to stop it.

“Clark, stop” Kara’s voice was louder than she meant for it to be. Louder than it needed to be to get the point across.

Clark turned looking back at Kara. He dropped Lena with a slight push, causing her to fall roughly to the side. Lena quickly recovered, she was back in kneeling position, to anyone watching her they might have thought it was effortless.

“I” Kara started, then seeing Lena she gained more confidence “Lena is mine, I should be the one to punish her.” Kara, Clark, and Lena were all surprised at what she said, but Clark knew that it would be a positive development for his cause.

“By all means” Clark said stepping to the side. Kara didn’t really know what he wanted her to do though.

After a moment of no one moving Clark said, “well, are you going too, or should I continue?” Kara stared for a moment.

“I want us to be alone” Kara stated, it was not a question.

Clark raised his brow “Kara you have never punished anyone. How will you know what to do?” he questioned “Unless” his voice changed again, back to the stern ordering voice. “Lena, you have been punished before, correct?” he asked.

“Yes, sir” Lena had been, she had experienced almost all the different types of punishments used.

“When Kara is ready. explain it to her. I will be asking her what you said after, so lying won’t be possible” he said, so that Kara could have her way and Lena could get the punishment due to her. “And Kara afterward I will check Lena for the proof of punishment.” His voice was softer as he addressed her. Kara nodded, agreeing to his terms.

Clark’s demeanor was back to normal when he said, “Anyway, Kara I came to tell you that, tomorrow you will have a teacher coming” The change sent chills down Kara’s back.

“For what?” her voice was not back to normal yet, like his was.

“Well, I’m not really supposed to tell you this, but alphas who own omegas must take a test to prove that they can properly keep one, and you need to know how too before the test, which is next week” Clark informed her.

“Why?” Kara questioned genuinely.

“I don’t know it is just the law” he told her, shrugging off the question, but not lying, after all he didn’t know.

Kara knew he wasn’t lying “okay” she replied ending the conversation. Clark left then, telling Kara that he loved her and would see her tomorrow. Once the door closed, she rushed over to Lena who had not moved since she knelt after Clark dropped her.

“Lena, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” She questioned as she dropped down, gently lifting Lena’s head, with her fingers under her chin to inspect the bruises forming on both of her cheeks.

“I’m fine, Ma’am, thank you for your concern” Lena sounded so fake to Kara thought. Kara hugged Lena, tears almost slipping out.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena didn’t move away from Kara touch. Sensing that Kara wasn’t satisfied with her answer she continued, “Really Ma’am, I’m not hurt” Kara pulled away, knowing that she wouldn’t get anything else from Lena.

“Let's finish breakfast” she said heading over to her chair. “You can sit in the chair” Kara said almost sternly insisting, leaving Lena no room to protest. Then she started eating slowly.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena stood, moving to her chair and sitting back down. She just looked down not trying to touch her food.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Kara asked, hoping that they could move on and worry about it later, but clearly Lena didn’t see it the same way.

“No Ma’am, this is the start of my punishment.” Lena didn’t really feel like eating anymore anyway.

Kara didn’t want to use this tactic, but it was the only way she thought she could get Lena to eat. So, she stated “You're not going to eat, even after a woke up early to make breakfast for you?” Her voice betrayed her though, Lena knew what she was doing, but what else could she say?

“Yes Ma’am, sorry” Lena ate slowly. If she ate too fast it would hurt. Kara noticed and slowed her eating too.

“Don’t worry, if he comes back, I won’t let him in, and I’ll try to talk to him later” Kara said, but Lena looked completely indifferent about it. After Kara finished, she stood, and Lena did too. “You can keep eating if you want” Kara said, wishing she hadn’t stood.

“No, Ma’am” Lena said grabbing the dishes in Kara’s hand and taking them to the sink to wash. Kara would have offered, but she knew Lena would have said she had it. Kara went and sat in the living room on the couch, hoping for a moment to think.

Once Lena finished, she went and knelt at the floor near where Kara was sitting. It stung Kara to she Lena like that. “If you don’t want to sit on the couch at least sit regularly on the floor” Kara said the hurt almost clear in her voice.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena sat back on her knees and thought that she hurts Kara weather she was good or not.

“Lena” Kara addressed her, starting a conversation.

“Ma’am?” Lena questioned.

“I told him I would punish you, but I can’t, you didn’t even do anything wrong” Kara explained.

“Ma’am?” Lena spoke.

“Yeah? and you can call me Kara” Kara said softly.

“Not to argue” Lena looked down fidgeting with her cat charm “but I do deserve it, and I know I can handle whatever punishment” Lena tried to assure her.

“You don’t, you haven’t even done anything” Kara countered, but Lena disagreed.

“Ma’am, even now I am talking back to you and I made you feel guilty when you were trying to make me happy, I listed some other mistakes earlier if you remember, and all in a single day” Lena said quietly, ashamed. “I am sorry, and will happily except any punishment.”

“Lena, we are equal, you can do all the things you listed” Kara said like it was obvious.

“No Ma’am, I'm sorry” Lena stated it with all truth behind it.

“Yes, we are.” Kara stated again with real emotion.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena was not agreeing, she was just not arguing, and Kara knew that all the progress she had made was gone. Just like that. They sat in silence for a short while.

“Do you want to go outside?” Kara asked to break the silence.

“If it pleases you, Ma’am” Lena answered.

“Okay” Kara smiled, but it was fake. “Wait here for a sec” Kara said leaving to get a blanket and a few books to bring with them. “Okay, let’s go” she said walking to the door.

“Ma’am, would you like me to carry that?” Lena questioned.

“I’ve got it, but thank you.” Kara said as they left the room, Lena a few steps behind Kara. They walked through many halls and corridors until they reached a door that led outside. Once they were outside Kara laid the blanket under a tree for shade then handed Lena the second book. Lena thanked Kara for the book then started to read.

The book was called ‘A Scarlet Letter’, it was relatively small, but the vocabulary was advanced and Lena thought that it would be an interesting book. After a while of silent reading Kara fell asleep. Lena let her sleep for a while, and just continued to read the book. But after A while Kara stirred awake. Lena put her book down and wait for Kara to say something first.

“How long did I sleep?” She asked.

“Not too long, probably only around an hour, Ma’am” Lena informed

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep” Kara apologized nonchalantly.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Ma’am” Lena finally found a way to respond to an apology. Kara nodded not knowing what to say.

“How far did you get into the book?” Kara asked.

“Chapter 3, Ma’am” Lena answered.

“And are you enjoying it?” Kara didn’t know if Lena enjoyed reading or not but she thought it would give them something to do for a while.

“I will enjoy anything you give me, Ma’am” Lena responded.

“Okay sure” Kara yawned. “You know what we should do today?” Kara asked rhetorically.

“What, Ma’am?”

“We should visit my sister Alex, since I will be busy with my new teacher for the next week.” Kara explained.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena wasn’t sure if they should be visiting Kara’s sister, after all she was supposed to be punished soon, but who was she to argue?

“Okay, Let’s go in, so I can ask her.” Kara nodded.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena replied, standing up.

Once they were inside, Kara quickly texted Alex, then tossed her phone on the couch.

“Ma’am?” Lena asked. She was sitting on the floor again, Kara noticed.

“Yes Lena?” Kara asked, knowing what it was going to be about already.

“Don’t you think I should explain the punishments to you soon?” Lena was ready to get it over with. She knew that with punishment came forgiveness and she was ready to get rid of her guilty conscience, but Kara just responded with,

“Maybe later, okay?” as she grabbed her phone that had buzzed out.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena nodded.

“Yes!” Kara exclaimed as she jumped up, “Alex said yes. Let’s go ahead and get ready.”

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena replied.

Chapter Text

Lena changed into the outfit Kara had given her, after all they were her nicest clothes. Kara was really excited for Lena to meet Alex, and Lena could see it, so despite her nervousness she put on a happy face.

"Are you ready?" Kara asked excitedly.

"Yes, Ma'am" Lena responded, walking back into the main room.

The ride to Alex and Kelly's apartment was silent, both Kara and Lena were lost in thought. Kara wondered how she could explain all of it to Alex, while Lena wondered what Kara was planning on telling Clark when the time came.

Kara wondered if Alex would be mad at her for not protecting Lena from Clark, she was mad at herself, so why would Alex not be mad at her. Kara knew that it probably seemed stupid to an outside perspective, she just froze and couldn't do anything. Maybe It's because she always looked up to Clark and only just met Lena, but she just didn't know what to do. Now though, she wishes she would have not let Clark anywhere near Lena. She had only ever been responsible for herself so it was hard for her to adjust to having to always think about the thought and feelings of someone she was supposed to look after and she felt like she had already failed.

Lena was fidgeting with the cat charm on her bracelet, she had only had it for a day and it was already becoming a habit. She forced herself to leave it alone. She was nervous to meet Alex, after all Kara was very naive about how most other alphas were, so there was no way to know how it would go, but she didn't want Kara to know she was.

After the 30-minute drive they pulled into the parking lot of the apartment Alex lived in. There was a group of betas standing around talking and pretending to be cool.

"Stay close to me" Kara said softly as they exited the car. The betas looked over, one of them making some lewd comment causing the other to laugh. Kara glared over and put one of her arms around Lena, causing all of them to freeze. One said something about needing to go and the group dispersed.

Once they got into the building and Kara knocked on the door, Lena was standing behind Kara again. She reached for the charm, but caught herself letting her hand fall back to her side. Kelly opened the door.

"Hi, Kara" she smiled. She knew Kara was coming and had remembered how Kara said she could be more comfortable around her, so she had been preparing herself to answer the door for Kara, just like Alex would have.

"Hi Kelly, hey Alex" Kara said noticing that Kelly seemed more relaxed than last time, as Alex came to the door just behind Kelly.

"Hi Kara" Alex said hugging Kelly from behind and whispering something in her ear that made Kelly blush. Kara thought it was cute, but had no idea that Alex was congratulating her for how she opened the door as if it were just a regular thing, and how much work she had put into it.

Lena thought it was strange how the whole interaction Kelly had with the two alphas was strange.

"Come in" Alex said stepping back into the living area of the apartment. Lena walked behind Kara with her head down.

“Guys this is Lena, Lena this is Alex and Kelly” Kara introduced them.

“Hi Lena” Alex and Kelly said at the same time then looked at each other and smiled.

"Hello Ma'am” Lena knelt "It is an honor to meet you”

"Lena, it's okay, you can stand” Kara offered her hand to help Lena up.

"Thank you, Ma'am” Lena said taking her hand but still looking down. Alex didn’t find it weird that Lena had reacted this way, she was the omega daughter of a wealthy family, who was sold to an even wealthier one. Alex knew she must have been trained so much that she even started to feel that they were all right about omegas. Kelly was trained but not as much as Lena had been. Alex hoped Kara was up to the task of helping Lena. Cause she knew that Kara was very naive and didn’t know much about omegas in general.

Kelly was the first to sit, Alex sitting next to her and holding her hand.

“Lena you can sit first” Kara said giving Lena the choice to sit on the couch or in the chair. Lena sat on the floor. Kara smiled having an idea. She sat next to Lena on the floor, wanting to hold her hand but hesitant, not know how Lena felt about it. Seeing Kara sit next to Lena on the floor, Alex knew that Kara could do it. It might take her a while but she could do it.

Lena was surprised when Kara sat down next to her, but she kept looking down, trying not to react in any way.

"Did you want to talk about something?” Alex asked, thinking Kara visit so early on in the process of meeting Lena was strange,

“Can I ask for some advice, privately?” Kara replied. Alex looked at Kelly and Kelly nodded.

“Sure” Alex said standing to walk to the other room. Kara told Lena she wouldn’t be long then followed Alex.

Kelly thought it was awkward now that they were alone.

“Hi Lena" she said after the door to the other room was shut.

“Hello” Lena said quietly still looking down.

“You can relax, I’m an omega too” Kelly said moving to the floor next to her. “Did something happen?” she asked seeing the burse on Lenas face, and thinking that Kara wouldn’t do something like that, would she?

"Not really” Lena said. “My master’s cousin got mad that she made a birthday breakfast for me” Lena explained.

“Alex made me a breakfast the first day I was here too, but I ended up being allergic and couldn't eat it" Kelly smiled remembering it fondly. “So, it was Clark how did that to your face?” she pointed a little.

“Yeah” Lena nodded slightly. She didn’t know if they were allowed to talk with Alex and Kara not in the room, but Kelly seemed to know that they could.

”What do you think of him?” she asked.

“He’s fine, he really cares about my master, I like that about him” Lena didn’t think Clark was bad, he was just like almost everyone else, and just cause some people were better, doesn’t make the others bad. Besides from Lena’s perspective Clark was right.

“I’ve been there, but I think you can trust Kara to help you” Kelly said to try a give Lena hope, because hope was very important to have.

“What do I need help with?” Lena asked.

“You’ll know in the future, just know you can talk to me about whatever you need, we don’t even have to tell Kara and Alex” Kelly answer.

“I would never want to hide things from my master” Lena said like it was obvious

In the other room--------

Kara told Alex the whole story, of what happened, what Clark said and what he did.

"Kara you only have to do that test if someone reports that you may need it” Alex informed. “Kelly and I never did I because we only let the people we trusted in”

“Oh” Kara realized that Clark did that because he wanted Kara to be like him. “What should I do about Clark saying to punish Lena?” Kara asked.

Alex knew Kara was not going to like her answer. "You should” she said.

“What? Why? I can’t” Kara exclaimed.

“Kara, it's not about you, it might be what's best for Lena too” Alex said.

“I can’t, she did nothing wrong.”

“Does she see it that way though” Alex said, but it was too late Kara was leaving the room.

Kara opened the door a little to violently causing both Lena and Kelly to jump. Lena knelt and Kelly stood.

“Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to open the door like that” Kara said, relaxing both of them a little. “Are you ready to go Lena?” she asked softly, trying to push back the anger she had at Alex right then.

Alex came in right behind Kara and immediately went to check on Kelly. “Kara be careful with the doors” Alex commented hugging Kelly.

“Sorry” Kara repeated.

“I am ready to leave whenever you wish Ma’am” Lena said still kneeling.

“Okay, let go then” Kara reached to help Lena up. Lena stood and the two headed to the car. It was almost 12:00 so Kara decided they should stop and get something to eat.

“Where do you want to eat?" Kara asked.

“Where ever pleases you, Ma’am” Lena said.

“Right” Kara said, “Then let's get Chinese” Kara loved potsticker and was excited for Lena to try them.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena agreed.

“Lena, would you like to put a collar on, if you feel comfortable wearing one?” Kara asked, knowing that she would be safer wearing one.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena knew Kara wanted her to. Kara pulled into a connivence stop to go buy a collar.

“Let's go pick one out for you, we’ll buy a more expensive, more comfortable one later” Kara said getting out of the car. Lena nodded and followed her out of the car. They entered the store but ultimately Lena said Kara could chose so she chose a light gray one that had a ring for a leash.

After they bought in Lena lifted her head for the first time since the thing with Clark to let Kara put the collar on her. Kara felt bad putting a collar on Lena but she also knew it would be safer.

They went to one of Kara favorite Chinese restaurants. When they entered the restaurant, for the first time Kara noticed that all the omegas who were there were sitting on the floor next to an alpha at a table.

“Hello, would you like to be seated?” a beta girl asked in the front.

“No, we’ll order to go” Kara was originally planning to eat there but she hadn’t realized that omegas had to sit on the floor. Kara ordered all of the usual things she gets, making sure to have enough for her and Lena.

They got their food, Kara paid and they went back to the car. They went home to eat. Once they got into Kara room, she locked the door and sat on the couch. Lena knelt on the floor nearby. Kara moved to the floor and sat in front of the coffee table.

” Lena, come sit next to me” Kara said like a suggestion, but she knew no matter how she said it, Lena would take it as an order. Kara unpacked all the food and laid it out. Lena was not hungry, she never ate lunch at the Luthor's house, but every time Kara handed Lena food, she took it and ate it. And when Kara asked how it tasted she would say it was good.

Kara knew what Lena was doing. “Lena, what's your favorite food?” She asked.

“I don’t have one” Lena answered honestly. She had only ever tried a few different foods, and she never wanted to form an opinion on the subject anyway. She knew that once she was sold, she might not ever get the same food again and having a favorite would mean having something to lose.

“Okay” Kara could tell she was not lying so she dropped the subject.

Kara didn’t want to listen to Alex’s advice so after thinking about it she knew she would lie to Clark instead. She and Lena just needed to line up their stories.

“Lena, what punishments are there that don’t any, or much evidence afterward” Kara asked and Lena knew what she was planning.

“Food deprivation, kneeling for extended periods of time, sleep deprivation, chores, writing and sometimes bondage, Ma’am” Lena still answered with all the ones she could think of.

“Well, chores and writing can be shown with proof, but the rest we’ll tell Clark about” Kara was thinking out loud.

“Ma’am” Lena knelt “can you, please, punish me, please I deserve it” Lena requested.

Kara eyes widened in surprise, for a moment her mind went back to what Alex said. But she pushed it away. “I... I can’t” Kara said.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena sat back, and Kara wondered why she would want to be punished. Lena felt guilty for all of the mistakes that she had made. It didn’t help that Clark had re-enforced her guilt and she knew that Kara was not educated on the subject, so it felt like she was using Kara’s inexperience to benefit herself. All the guilt of her mistakes was suffocating, but she knew she could not get Kara to understand.

“We’ll tell Clark that you didn’t get food or drink for the rest of today, and that I made to Kneel while I watched TV for a long time, and that you had to stay up late and wake up early.” Kara said, so that they both knew the lie. And seemed happy to have found a conclusion that had no conflict.

Lena didn’t want to lie. Lying was one of the biggest things she was taught not to do. Especially to an alpha, and one so close to her owner. The idea made her stomach flip and she felt she might throw up. She should never lie to an alpha.

“K-Kara” Lena used her name, knowing that she might listen better if she did. It felt wrong, just the idea, let alone doing it. It was strange and wrong, but Kara had told her too before. Kara smiled thinking that she had made progress.

“Yes?” she asked.

“I won’t have to lie, will I?” she felt dumb asking. She felt that she should fulfill any request for her owner, even lying. Kara shook her head. She had not thought about Lena not wanting to lie but it was still okay.

“I will do the talking” Kara sighed softly.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena agreed, but she wished Kara could understand that punishment was not always bad, and although she tries to be good and avoid punishment, it also helped her. She feels guilty for even small mistakes, but the punishment takes that away. Kara was more worried about Lena not getting hurt, without realizing that it hurt her to have no form of punishment.

Lost in thought, Lena twirled the cat charm. Kara had noticed her doing that, but thought that if she pointed it out, Lena would take it as an order to stop. And if it helped calm Lena then she should be able too.

Kara sighed it was 1:30, so got out her laptop to search for job opening. She had recently finished college and was searching for a journalism job. Clark had offered her a job at The Daily Plant but Kara wanted to get a job on her own. She didn’t want a special advantage of him being her cousin, and she already lived with him, she didn’t need to use their relationship. Maybe once she gets a job, her and Lena could move off on the own. Then she felt, she would be able to make real progress with Lena. She applied for an interview at a few places, most notably Catco.

Chapter Text

It had been 15 minuets when Kara realized that Lena must be bored sitting there doing nothing.

“Here” Kara handed Lena the remote “You can choose a show”. Lena took the remote, but didn’t do anything with it. This was not part of her training and she was never allowed to watch TV on her own, so she had no clue how it worked. Kara was still on her computer but when no noise came from the TV she looked up. “Lena?” she asked

“I... I don’t know how to Ma’am” Lena was embarrassed, she didn’t even know how to work a TV. How could Kara think they were equal?

Kara didn’t want Lena to feel embarrassed, she shouldn’t have assumed. “Here, let me” Kara grabbed the remote and put on the show, Once Upon a Time. She had watched part of it before and really enjoyed it. Lena lifted her head slightly to watch the show, Kara continued on her laptop.

After a while Kara started to get hungry again. “Are you hungry?” She asked Lena. Lena didn’t move she must really enjoy the show Kara thought. “Lena?” She raised her voice slightly to catch Lena attention. Lena eyes widened slightly and she straightened her back quickly.

“I’m sorry, Yes Ma’am” She messed up again she thought.

“I asked if you’re hungry” Kara smiled. She thought it was cute how when Lena was doing something it occupied her completely and you could just tell how she felt about it.

“No, Ma’am” Lena knew if she tried to eat now, she would throw up, she had already had so much today.

“I’m going to get something to eat, I just want to check if you wanted to too” Kara explained.

Lena stood, “What would you like to eat Ma’am?” Lena asked.

“Oh, you don’t have to make it, especially since you don’t want any, that just doesn’t make sense” Kara explained standing up. Lena thought of all the hundreds of meals she had made that she wasn’t allowed to even think about eating them.

“I can make whatever you would like, Ma’am” Lena replied solemnly.

“Maybe we could make something together?” It was not in the form of a question, but Kara had a questioning tone.

“Yes Ma’am, what would you like?” Lena asked again, not in a pushy way though.

Kara thought for a moment. She wanted to make something Lena would like just in case she changed her mind, but she had no idea what that was. She decided on something everyone liked. It would also be a good chance to get to know Lena some more.

“What about Pizza?” Kara suggested.

“Yes, Ma’am”. Lena started walking toward the kitchen.

“Have you ever had pizza before?” Kara asked.

“No Ma’am, but I know how to cook it” Lena said almost as if she was reassuring Kara. She reached for a big bowl to mix the ingredients in that she had known where was because of the tour Kara gave her the first day.

Kara laughed a little then reached into the freezer to pull out a frozen pizza. “We’ll just use this” she said.

“o-oh, Sorry Ma’am” Lena said putting the bowl back and pulling out a pan to cook it in.

“It okay, I should have been clearer” Kara explained as she put the oven to preheat. “Let's wait, for the oven to heat, in the living room” Kara walked back, Lena following close behind.

“So, you’ve really never had pizza?” Kara started a conversation as they sat back down. Lena still thought it felt weird to have Kara sit on the floor next to her.

“No, Ma’am” Lena shook her head.

“Then what did you eat?” Kara thought of how she had never had Chinese, or pancakes or pizza.

“Bread, rice, vegetables, fruit” Lena listed.

“What about protein?” Kara didn’t know much about all the different food groups, but she knew protein was important.

“Usually on Wednesdays I got meat or cheese with dinner, Ma’am” Lena explained not seeing why Kara thought it was a problem.

“Only once a week? That’s not enough!” Kara exclaimed. She didn’t think anyone would treat someone like that, well most people anyway. Lena was confused at Kara reaction.

Before they could continue the conversation, the oven beeped and Lena was secretly relieved as she stood and made her way to the kitchen. She didn’t know why but Kara always had a way of making her feel ashamed about normal things. They put the pizza in and sat a timer. They didn’t want to leave the kitchen, just in case, so they stood near the counter in silence for a little while.

Softly breaking the silence Kara said “You need to eat some protein every day, not once a week”

“Yes Ma’am” Lena, of course, took it as an order instead of an explanation. Lena wanted to change the conversation topic, but she wasn’t going to speak out of turn. In the silence she started thinking, she didn’t like to think when she didn’t have a topic already chosen that could fill her mind. Images of her father's punishments, a few times he had even broken her bones. Sometimes she still felt phantom pains even with it all the way healed. She had a burn that went down her side, starting at the bottom of her breast and spreading to cover part of her stomach and back. It was one of the first punishments she had ever got, it was a week after she had presented and she kept talking out of turn. She had never had to worry about it before so at the time she hadn’t had a very harsh punishment, but her father was already having a bad day and she spoke against him. She said she wanted to study science not manors, he got so angry. He grabbed her arm roughly, dragging her faster than she could keep her balance.

A beep pulled her out of the past. The pizza was done. Kara was on the other side of the cabinet, getting a drink out of the fridge so Lena went to get it out, but burning, as a punishment, was now fresh on her mind. And all the mistakes she had made were circling her, drowning out anything else. Making her dizzy with guilt. She had one oven mitt on, but her other hand was bare. She had the pan in one hand, she hadn’t even thought of doing it before it happened.

The inner side of her wrist was on the burning pan. She wanted to pull away. Instinct told her to pull away. But she didn’t. Her whole-body felt hot even with her wrist being the only thing on the pan. Pain, her whole arm was in pain, but her mind was clear. She felt relaxed almost.

“Lena” Kara said loud causing Lena to jump and drop the pan. Kara dropped the drink to the floor and rushed to Lena. Her wrist had a long burn mark going across it. It was red and swollen. The pizza was on the floor, but Kara didn’t even think about it. Kara looked at her arm then rusted to grab an ice pack. After the burn cooled, she put lotion on it a bandaged it. Lena let Kara do all of it, even through the confusion. Why was she taking care of her? She knew Kara didn’t want to hurt her, but that was different then taking care of.

The burn only helped with her other mistakes. Now she had dropped Kara lunch, which was worse than all of the others she had made. And Kara dropped her soda because of her. Lena felt worse than before. The whole time Kara was caring for the wound Lena was frantically apologizing, but she didn’t move because Kara told her to sit still. Kara kept saying it was okay, but she kept thinking about what Alex had said.

She knew Lena had burnt herself, she had saw, but she didn’t know why, now she wishes she would have heard Alex out. Kara pulled Lena into a hug careful not to touch her arm.

“Why?” she whispered to Lena, tears already leaving her eyes.

“I... I didn’t... I couldn’t... I mean” Lena stammered trying to answer Kara. She was almost crying too, but she wouldn’t let herself.

“Shh... It's okay” She pulled Lena’s head gently to rest on her shoulder. Kara wanted Lena to calm down, before she tried to explain herself. “don’t do anything like that ever again” Kara’s voice was still soft, but Lena could tell she really meant it, but not in a harsh way as any other alpha would have.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena’s voice was strained, her throat scratchy form trying not to cry. After Kara pulled away Lena immediately started trying to clean up the pizza and soda from the floor.

“Lena” Kara voice was assertive for one of the first times Lena had seen.

“Yes, Ma’am” She tensed. Kara would obviously be mad that she ruined food she thought.

“Go lay down on the couch wait for me there” Kara didn’t want Lena to think she was in trouble but she didn’t want Lena to use her right arm, Lena was right-handed, so she couldn’t help clean right now.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena didn’t want to use the couch, but she listened to Kara’s instruction to the tee. Kara cleaned the soda and pizza; she didn’t feel like eating anymore anyways. Lena heard Kara cleaning everything up, but she couldn’t see it because the back of the couch blocked her view. She just waited nervously.

Chapter Text

Once Kara finished cleaning, she got a cold-water bottle and brought it to Lena. She didn’t know much about burns, but she knew it was important to stay hydrated. And she figured it had been long enough and Lena could talk now.

“Here, drink this” She didn’t mean to sound harsh, but it did. Lena sat up and took the bottle, she wasn’t thirsty, but she drank the whole thing.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena said, wanting to fidget with the bottle, but trying not to. She sat still looking at her hands in her lap, waiting from Kara to say something.

“You’re welcome, Now please tell me why you did that” Kara was mad, and sad, she didn’t know how she felt or who she felt it to. Was she mad at herself, or Lena. She tried not to show in her voice, but she failed and she sounded harsh.

Right after she finished the question there was a knock at the door. “Kara, is everything okay? He servants said there was a loud crash” Clark's voice was not angry, just a worried tone. Kara stood and Lena stood too.

“Wait here” Kara was a little worried, but she knew what she was going to say. Lena knelt beside the couch and waited. She expected Kara to let him in, but she stepped outside and closed the door.

Lena heard muffled voices, but she didn’t try to listen. She already made a huge mistake today; she wouldn’t add eavesdropping to the list. She did find it ironic that she now needed punishment, because of a punishment though. After a short moment Kara came back in and walked over to the couch.

“I told him the noise was from your punishment, but he wants to see, is that okay?” Kara explained, the previous harshness gone now that she had actually talked to someone.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena was still looking down. At least she wouldn’t have to lie this way.

“I’ll be right back” Kara walked back to the door and unlocked it. Clark came in and they both walked to the living room. Clark sat down where Lena had just been before he came, Kara stayed standing. He waited a moment looking at Lena to see if her kneel was strained in any way. She was in perfect position though, it hurt her arm to be that way.

“Show me” he said harshly.

“Yes, Sir” her voice was still rough. She straightened her back had held her arm out pulling back the sleeve.

“She treated it?” he asked disbelievingly, but thought at least it actually happened.

“Yes, Sir” Lena answered, but was pulled forward by Clark harshly ripping the bandage off. Lena bit her tongue so she would make any noise and straightened quickly. Kara stepped closer.

“Careful” She warned. “She got her punishment and now it has to heal”

Clark rolled his eyes and apologized to Kara; he would never apologize to an omega. She looked at Lena then said,

“It's okay, I guess” Clark grabbed Lena's arm and turned it both ways to inspect the burn.

“This was your punishment?” He knew Lena wouldn’t lie about it.

“Yes, Sir” it technically wasn’t a lie, as long as nothing was said about who punished her.

“What was the loud crash?” he looked over to Kara dropping Lena's arm, and she knelt again.

“Oh we- well I used a hot pan, it got dropped afterward” Kara explained. Clark noticed the burn did look like a pan edge.

“I see” He stood and hugged Kara. “Good job, I wasn’t sure you had it in you” ha commented. Then reached in his pocket and pulled out a lighter. “Not to tell you how to punish, but this would probably work better” he said handing it to her. Kara shivered but took the lighter. The lighter fluid was half gone and she thought of Louis.

“Thanks...” She didn’t really know what to say. He nodded and left. Kara and Lena were alone again, but Kara locked the door anyway. Kara sat on the couch and told Lena to come next to her. Lena obeyed.

“Show me your arm, please” All the unintended harshness was gone now. Lena held out her arm. Kara gently re-wrapped it and kissed the end, where it wouldn’t hurt.

“Why did you do it?” Kara asked again.

“I don’t... I didn’t want to go against you, Ma’am... but I deserved, no needed a punishment for my mistakes. I- I don’t think I could handle the guilt of it” Lena tried to explain. She let herself fidget with the cat because it helped push done the nervousness that would otherwise prevent her from talking. Kara was silent for a moment then muttered something about calling Alex in the other room and left telling Lena to wait there. Leaving Lena with nothing but the anxiety of waiting.

Lena waited in the exact position, for 15 minuets and 46 seconds, she counted. Kara came back and sat next to Lena.

“I just talked to Alex, I’m sorry I didn’t listen sooner, if I did this wouldn’t have happened” Kara said quickly.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Ma’am” Lena didn’t move. Before thinking Kara pulled Lena over, so that Lena’s head was laying in her lap. But now that Lena was in her lap, she didn’t know what to do. Lena didn’t flinch when Kara did it or pull away which Kara took as a good thing.

“Lena, from now on I will try to find a way to punish you, when you want it, just let me know, I’ve never done anything like it before so you’ll have to be patient with me”.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena said thinking about it. “Ma’am?”

“Yes dear?” Kara hoped that she wasn’t pushing it.

“I-… I dropped the pizza, a-and I made you drop your soda” Lena informed.

“Oh” Kara realized Lena wanted a punishment for it. “How should I go about, um...” Kara didn’t know how to start.

“Could you limit my food for a few days, for wasting food?” Lena asked.

“Are you sure that’s safe?” Kara asked.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena had gone more than a day without eating before, she knew Kara would make her eat some though.

“Okay” Kara smiled then in a mock strict tone said. “Lena you will only eat the amount of food necessary for the day for 3 days.”

Lena smiled at the voice so Kara smiled too. Then she hit play on the show and laid back. They sat like that watching the show. Lena fell asleep on episode 7. Kara made a note of the episode so that when she played it again with Lena, she could put it on the right one.

Kara stopped on the 10th episode, it was 11 and she had to get up in the morning. Lena was still asleep so she carried her to her room and laid her down. She left after kissing Lena's forehead. Lena might have woken up to Kara carrying her, but if she did, she didn’t protest.

Lena woke up a 5:30 and stayed in bed till six. At six she got up the cold air hitting her, she shivered. Then went to wait outside of Kara’s door. She kind of wanted to make Kara a surprise breakfast, but then she would have to use Kara things without being told. She knelt outside of Kara's door instead.

It was an hour and 45 minutes before she heard Kara stirring, and another 15 before she opened the door.

“Lena... How long have you been here, stand up” Kara was shocked.

“I have been waiting since six in the morning” Lena informed.

“That's ridiculous, it’s the middle of October” Kara touched Lena’s hand and it was freezing. She grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Lena. “Let's go get breakfast”.

“S-sorry” Lena apologized, she thought that that was what Kara meant when she said Lena could get up whenever she wakes up.

“No, it’s fine, I was unclear” Kara said as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Yes, Ma’am, what would you like for breakfast?” Lena asked.

“I can make it” Kara said.

“Ma’am, you have class today, you should rest before not cook” Lena explained.

“Okay, I’ll shower then” she hugged Lena. “Thank you... and careful not to burn yourself, you can make what you want” Kara said.

“Ma’am, please don’t leave me with the decision” Lena pleaded softly.

“Okay then eggs and bacon, I’m happy you let me know you weren’t comfortable making the decision yourself” Kara smiled the went to take her shower. Lena was happy to have a clear order. She didn’t make any for herself.

When Kara came back, she knew that the amount of food was for one person, but she didn’t protest. “No breakfast, but some lunch” she informed. Lena didn’t object. “Sit next to me please” Kara indicated to the seat next to her.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena sat.

“Clark doesn’t want you to be alone while I’m in class so can you spend the day with Lois?” Kara asked. “He won’t be there most of the time” she added.

“Yes Ma’am”

“And do you remember the way?”

“Yes, Ma’am” Kara showed her in the tour, so Lena knew the way.

“Okay we should leave soon, it’s almost nine” Kara said standing. Lena grabbed the plate; she had washed everything else before Kara had come in. Kara decided she would just let Lena do it this time and pushed in her chair.

“After, we can go get you some more clothes” Kara smiled, Lena nodded and smiled too. “Okay, let's go” She was in a better mood now that she had seen Lena’s smile.

They walked together for a little but then they had to split. When they got to the split Kara kissed Lena's hand, which she had been holding and said she would see her at lunch.

Lena walked the rest of the way alone. She secretly hoped Clark wouldn’t be there, but she would never admit it. She was not allowed to think like that, she reminded herself. Once she reached the door she knocked then knelt. Clark knew it was Lena at the door, he had a camera so he could see her. He decided to let her wait for a while, till Lois was done cooking his breakfast. So, he just sat on the couch, with the news playing. Once the breakfast was ready and the table was set, Lois knelt by the table. Clark finally went to the door.

“Come in, get next to Lois” His voice was harsh and she knew that he had known she was there the whole time, but she just wasn’t worth getting up from his seat early for.

“Yes, Sir” She quickly entered and knelt next to Lois. His room was much like Kara’s in design, not decoration, but larger and more open. Clark ate, Lena noticed that Lois didn’t get any breakfast either. After he finished, he dismissed them then went to take a shower.

“Come with me” Lois extended her hand Lena took it and Lois brought her to a small dark room, that only had blanket and a dim light that didn’t reach the corners all the way. This is the kind of room Lena had expected Kara to give her when she said she had one for her.

Lena noticed Lois limping slightly. She wanted to ask what happened, but she already had a pretty good idea so instead she asked. “What did you do?” her voice was soft not judging or harsh, indicating to her injury.

“Oh that” she said as if it hardly bothered her, “I... last night I didn’t want too...” her voice trailed off.

“Oh” Lena had sympathy for her.

“You?” she asked pointing to the bandage.

“I did that to myself” Lena said softly. She wouldn’t have told her if she wasn’t an omega too.

“Why?” Lois didn’t know Kara, so to her their owners’ hurt them enough, without self-harm.

“My Master refused to punish me” Lena looked down “but I deserved it.” Lois nodded but didn’t say anything else. Soon they heard footsteps and both knelt. Clark opened the door and walked in.

“I’m on my way out, keep an eye on it” his voice was harsh as he pointed at Lena, you would never have known they were mates.

“Yes, Sir” Lois answered.

“Good, and the room better be clean by lunch” he ordered. Then he crouched and lifted Lois’s head. It was not in a sweet manor like wen Kara lifted Lena’s though. “And, never refuse me again darling.”

It was a warning. He pulled her head to his and kissed her. Then let go, she fell back into kneeling position.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir.” she apologized for the hundredth time. Lena had never been madder at anyone her entire life. She didn’t know she could be this mad, but she bit her tongue.

“Good” he smirked then pet her head. And just like that he was gone, rushing off to work. They didn’t move till they heard the door shut.

“You can stay in here if you’d like” Lois said as she stood.

“No, I’ll help, the room is too big for one person to clean by lunch” Lena explained. Lois could not argue, Clark had never given her the entire room with only a few hours to clean it. She knew he was still upset about the night before and was being harsh, well more harsh than usual, because of it.

“Thank you” Lois said as they left the small room. They picked up and put away all the things that were amiss first, sending trash down trash shoot and clothes down a clothes shoot. They washed and put away every dish, cleaned out the fridge, and made the bed, cleaning out from under it to. Then they wiped down every surface the tables, counters, the fridge, the dishwasher (That Lois was not allowed to use without permission), the TV (which requires a special cleaner), the windows, and even some of the walls that needed it. They dusted, swept, mopped, and vacuumed. They ever used the vacuum extension to get under the couch cushions. They made sure that everything they could think of was cleaned and looking nice.

They didn’t have time for a break though, cause lunch was coming up and they still had to make it. They finished lunch and set the table for two, then finally had a chance to sit. Lena was glad she helped; one person couldn’t do it all in time. They sat in silence till they heard footsteps. They each knelt near the chair of their master. Kara and Clark came in together and walked to the table.

“This looks amazing guys, thank you” Kara said seeing the large array of small party sandwiches and other foods.

“It was our pleasure, Ma’am” Lois and Lena both said. Kara and Clark both sat on their spots. Kara told Lena to sit. Clark left Lois kneeling for some time then told her to sit. Every once in a while, Clark gave Lois a bite, but not a lot, it was part of her punishment. He noticed that Kara had barely gave Lena anything either and thought she might have been forgetting to because she was scatterbrained.

“You haven’t given it much to eat” He pointed out, not out of concern, but pure curiosity.

“Oh, it’s her punishment for wasting food, it was the right call, right?” she didn’t actually care what he though, she just wanted him to let her stop taking those horrible classes, they were terrible, she couldn’t get the image of that poor omega out of her head.

Clark smiled, “Yes, good job” she shivered, she was just congratulated for depriving someone of food. They went back to eating. After a while Clark said.

“The room looks very nice; I can’t see anything astray” He put his hand on Lois’s head. She wanted to pull away, but you wouldn't have been able to tell by how she leaned into the touch. “Good job.”

“Thank you, Sir” Lois responded. Kara felt something was off, but she wasn’t sure. Lena wished she had been congratulated too, but she felt silly for wishing it, Kara probably wasn’t even aware of the order to clean. But Kara did notice that Clark had just said Lois had cleaned and knowing Lena, she probably helped.

“Lena did you help clean?” Kara asked looking down. Lena felt warm and fuzzy inside. Kara did notice. Lena almost felt like she actually meant something it made her smile. Lena nodded.

“Yes, Ma’am”

Kara noticed the smile, Lena likes praise, she noted. “Good job, it looks amazing in here, like it was never lived in” Kara said smiling too.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena beamed, she was once again glad she helped.

Chapter Text

After lunch Kara reluctantly went back to her class, and Clark went to his office to work. Lena and Lois were left alone, but this time without an order. Lois stumbled slightly as she picked up the dishes and brought then to the sink.

“Let me, you should sit” Lena said taking the dishes.

“No, it’s-” Lois tried to protest.

“I’ve got it” Lena cut in with a reassuring smile, that Lois could swear lit up the room a little. She wasn’t planning on agreeing, but something compelled her to listen to Lena,

“Okay, thank you” Lois nodded and sat down on the ground near the counter.

“It's my pleasure to help” Lena started to clean the plates and silverware. After she finished cleaning, drying, and putting away the dishes, she sat next to Lois on the floor. “Have they been treated?” She asked indicating to her leg. Lois shook her head.

“I... I can’t, He would notice and I don’t have permission too” Lois answered. Lena closed her eyes and nodded, she understood what that was like. She knew there was nothing she and Lois could do about it, but maybe she could get Kara to help later.

“Sleep would help” Lena commented.

“I can’t, I have to be awake when my master returns” Lois replied.

“I can wake you” Lena suggested.

“Are you sure?” Lois asked. Lena stood.

“Yeah” she said extending her hand to help Lois. Lena put Lois’s arm over her shoulder and half carried her to the small closet room that had the blanket in it. Lena sat outside of the room at the door and waited as thoughts about Lois, Kara, Clark, and her past floated around her head.

~With Kara~

Her first class was all about punishment. Her teacher, James Olsen, which she was sure she had heard before, went over all different types of punishment and why they were administered. He also talked about which parts of the body were more sensitive and how to make it almost impossible for the omega not to react to specific things.

He had an Omega which he used for demonstrating things. Her name was Lucy Lane, who she was sure was related to Lois. James showed Kara which punishments were light and which were harsh. Lucy had to endure it all. Kara wanted to help her, but James was stronger than her and she ended up making it worse. Lucy was slapped, kicked, burned, choked, and had her hair pulled right in front of Kara and she could do nothing about it.

He also explained longer punishments that couldn’t really be demonstrated, like kneeling for extended time, food, water, clothes, and sleep deprivation, and even some more inappropriate punishments that made Kara sick to her stomach. Kara decided she didn’t like James very much.

After she last lesson of the day Clark came to walk Kara back to his room, so she could pick up Lena. When they got there Lena and Lois were kneeling between the kitchen and dining room.

Once Kara and Lena got back to Kara’s room, Lena decided to try to help Lois tonight.

“Ma’am?” Lena asked to get her attention.

“Yes dear? And you can call me Kara” Kara looked over to Lena.

“Um, well I don’t mean to speak out of term, or get into other people business but Lois has some untreated wounds, and I wanted to know if you would help her?” Lena explained “Also, to I have to call you K- by your first name? It doesn’t feel right”

“I’ll see if I can help Lois, and if it really makes you uncomfortable then you don’t have too” Kara responded.

“Ma’am, if you ask Master Kent to borrow her, I'm sure he would let you just take Lois for the night” Lena explained, Kara didn’t want to believe it, but with how he has been lately she wasn’t sure.

“I’ll go ask; you can wait here, I’ll be right back” Kara’s face twisted in disgust at the idea, but she left the room.

Kara asked Clark if she could borrow Lois for the night. He agreed, claiming that he was tired of her anyway. Then she asked to confirm, “And I can do whatever I want with her?” Clark agreed again commenting how proud he was that she had already come so far. Kara was disgusted, but she stuck with the plan.

Lois was nervous, what does Kara want with her? Now of all times. Lena was kneeling when Kara came back, she wasn’t sure if Clark would have come back with Kara, he didn’t. Kara came back, Lois walking behind her, trying to hid the limp. Lena stood when Kara came back and Clark was not there.

“He didn’t even ask why, he just agreed” Kara said again with disgust clear in her expression. Lena felt angry again, she didn’t think she had ever felt this much anger in one day before, but it's not like she didn’t expect it. Kara sat down on the couch and asked Lena and Lois to come sit with her. When they both sat on the floor she added, “On the couch”. They complied.

“Lena, may I see your arm?” Kara asked, pulling out a fresh bandage. Lena lifted her arm and Kara cleaned it and changed the bandage, and kissed the end again.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena said when she was finished.

“No problem, dear” Kara smiled. Lena didn’t seem to mind the name she chose to call her. “Now Lois” she said turning. Lois tensed slightly; she was sure Kara had only taken care of Lena’s wound because it was a self-inflicted one. “Can I treat you wound?” Kara asked.

“If it pleases you, Ma’am.” What was she playing at here, Lois thought. Kara shook her head.

“I only want to if you’re comfortable with it” She explained. Lois looked over to Lena for help, Lena nodded slightly which didn’t help much.

“I- Um”.

“Ma’am” Lena cut in; Lois was clearly not comfortable making that decision. Kara looked over to see Lena shaking her head, she got the message. Lois wondered what just happened.

“Lois, will you show me the wound?” Kara asked.

“Which one, Ma’am?” Lois asked.

“Um, all of them” Kara didn’t know there was more than one.

“Yes ma’am” Lois stood, and took off her plain white shirt and black tights. Kara’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Oh my god” She exclaimed covering her mouth. She hurried to get all the medical things she had. Lois had bruises and small cuts all over her stomach. A long deep open cut that had a bloody rag covering it, but not really helping, that ran down from her knee to her ankle. Her entire side was purple and she had a cut on her collar bone that looked horrible.

She carefully cleaned all of the cuts and wounds carefully and tried not to hurt Lois, Lois didn’t make a noise. She wrapped bandages around her entire stomach, and lower leg. Then put a Band-Aid on her collar bone. Even though Kara knew that she was helping Lois, she still apologized every time she would touch Lois’s wounds.

Chapter Text

After all of Lois’s wounds were patched, Kara left to put everything up, telling Lois to get dressed while she was gone.

“Yes ma’am” Lois said as Kara was walking away. Lena helped Lois get her clothes on, so her wouldn’t pull on the bandages. Neither Lena nor Lois sat down.

“Are you okay?” Lena was sincere, but she knew this was probably not the worst Lois had ever been hurt.

“Y-yeah” Lois didn’t expect that her wounds would be cared for. “w-why did she?” Lois asked. Lena looked over.

“I- I don’t know, I think she might actually care” Lena didn’t want to say it out loud, because that meant she really hoped, and that meant she had something to lose.

“But, she’s an alpha” Lois’s voice shook as she said the words, she couldn’t understand why an alpha would care.

“That’s true, I’m an alpha, and I do care” Kara said, she had overheard the conversation. Though she wasn’t sure how, she was in the other room and they were quiet. Lena and Lois were surprised at Kara sudden appearance. They both fell to the floor, kneeling on all fours.

“W-we’re sorry, Ma’am, we shouldn’t have said all of that” Lena spoke quietly. Lois didn’t say anything, as she fell, she felt a pain in her side and couldn't talk without the pain showing in her voice.

“Be careful, your hurt” Kara rushed over and pulled her up gently, Lois let Kara lead her. She laid Lois down on the couch. “Lena, it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize.”

Lena shook her head but didn’t stand. “I should never talk about you, Ma’am” Lena said.

“What you said was not bad Lena” Kara explained, “and even if it was that’s your opinion.” Kara sat on the ground in front of Lena.

“I- I shouldn't have an opinion” Lena said. Her eyes were closed now, and her head was down, a shadow covering her face. Her arm was stretched out to her balance her, but pain radiated from her wrist. Kara pulled Lena up, where she was just on her knees. She made sure Lena’s arm was at rest and making Lena lean most of her weight on her.

“Yes, you should” Kara’s voice was soft, Lena barely heard it. Lena wasn’t 100% sure she did. After a while of silence Kara remembered that they were supposed to go shopping today.

“Lena, do you still want to shop today, or wait till tomorrow?” Kara asked.

“Whatever pleases you, Ma’am” Lena said. She didn’t know if she felt like she deserved to go shopping at this point. And Lois shouldn’t be walking much either.

“I know I said we would, but Lois shouldn’t be walking” Kara answers, glancing at Lois. Lena is secretly disappointed, but she understood. Sha also felt she had no right to be disappointed.

“Ma’am” Lena said to get Kara’s attention.

“Yes, dear?” Kara looked back to Lena.

“Um... well, remember when you said I can tell you when I need to be punished?” Lena asked. “Well,” Lena’s head was turned down, “I shouldn’t have been talking about you, I- I didn’t mean to, not really” Lena explained. Kara nodded then pulled Lena close so her head was laying on her chest.

“Let’s wait till Lois is no longer here” Kara said kissing the top of Lena’s head.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena said, not moving, she didn’t want to accidentally hit Kara’s face with her head.

Lois wanted to look over in surprise. They must be the strangest alpha-omega duo she had ever seen, but Lois didn’t move from the spot Kara had put her in.

“Why don’t you go take a shower, while I talk to Lois. You can use anything in there” Kara suggested.

“Yes Ma’am” Lena pulled away slow and careful, making sure that Kara meant right then. Why? Lena thought. What does Kara want to say to Lois? What is she going to do when they are alone? Why can’t she be there too? Lena was jealous. Lena tried to hide it, from Kara and herself. She did exactly what Kara told her too. She showered.

“Lois” Kara addressed; she was serious about something. Something in Kara voice made Lois sit up.

“Yes Ma’am?” Kara sat next to Lois.

“Do you have a sister?” Kara asked. Shock crossed Lois’s face. She quickly masked it, hoping Kara didn’t notice. How does Kara know?

“Y-yes, Ma’am... well I used to anyway” Lois informed. She hadn’t seen her sister in years. About 7 years, ever since Clark bought her. He is about 10 years older than her, but she was still his first omega. He wanted to find the perfect omega for him. And he did care about her, in his own twisted way. But he would never show it, not even to her alone. He couldn’t imagine a world without her though. If he could, he wouldn’t have married her, he would have just kept her as an omega slave, and married some alpha, or Beta.

“Is her name Lucy?” Kara asked. Lois felt like crying. She hadn’t cried since she had to leave her sister. She wasn’t going to cry. But if you looked her in the eyes, you would know she felt like it. How does Kara know this?

“Yes Ma’am” she responded

“I think she’s staying in the manor” Kara informed. “We can go see her before you have to go back to Clark, I promise” Kara said, grabbing Lois’s hands reassuringly. Kara stood thinking about dinner. Lena walked back in to see Kara standing or Lois, who was almost in tears. What happened? Lena froze. What would make Lois cry?

“Oh Lena, you’re back quick” Kara commented. Did she want Lena gone longer? What if Kara was only acting nice? Why would she do that? To trick you? Would she? Lena debated.

“Yes Ma’am, I wouldn’t waste water” Lena felt she needed to explain the quickness to Kara. At the Luthor's house she was punished if she spent more than 5 minuets in the bathroom.

“It’s not wasted” Kara argued, she half expected Lena to disagree. But Lena didn’t.

“Yes Ma’am” She stated, Kara knew it was one or the times that Lena didn’t actually agree.

“What should we have for dinner?” She noted to go back to the topic later.

“Whatever you want, Ma’am” They both replied. They were both highly trained, it makes since that they have the same reaction to many things.

“Right” Kara thought, “okay, I’ll surprise you then” Kara decided. They were both slightly confused.

“But, Ma’am- “Lena started.

“Nope” Kara smiled, “you’re both hurt anyway, and you cleaned all day earlier, you guys' just rest” Kara turned on the TV, playing She-Ra, then walked to the kitchen, commenting jokingly, “don’t peek”.

Lena sat on the floor, Lois moved to the floor, hesitantly. It was a cartoon, they got through a few episodes before dinner was ready. Kara carried in 3 plates of spaghetti.

“In know all the plates are big, if you can’t finish it then its fine” Kara told them as she set all the plates on the coffee table. “Let’s eat in here”.

“Yes, Ma’am” they both said. Kara thought it was cute when they talked at the same time, but she knew that it was because they were both trained the same way. They all ate, Lois and Lena only ate a small amount, they both had food restrictive punishments right now anyway. When they were done and lots of spaghetti was left Kara had an idea.

“Let's go see James, we can bring him spaghetti as a welcome gift, Lucy should be there” Kara said excited. Lois freaked out on the inside. She was happy to see her sister, of course. But she was worried, it’s been years. Is she still the same? What will she think of her? What has she had to go through? None of her thoughts showed.

Who is Lucy? Lena wondered. Could it be what they were talking about while she was in the shower. “Yes, Ma’am” They both agreed, but were both nervous. Kara packed a bowl of spaghetti, with a lid to carry.

Kara didn’t let Lois or Lena carry the bowl; they were hurt. But Lois couldn’t walk right. Kara carried the bowl in one hand, then wrapped Lois’s arm over her shoulder to help her walk. Lena understood why, but she was still jealous that Lois got to be right next to Kara.

Once they got to the room James and Lucy were staying in Kara let Lena help Lois instead. She didn’t know James well, but she was sure that helping an omega walk was not something she should do in front of him. She knocked. Lucy opened the door then she immediately knelt. She knew Kara was an alpha after all.

“Who is it?” James called from the living room, for Lucy to answer.

“It’s Mistress Kara, Sir” Lois informed. She had not noticed Lois yet, but Lois was looking right at her.

“Let her in” He ordered back.

“Yes, Sir” She stood and stepped to the side, allowing Kara to walk in front of her. Kara walked in Lena and Lois tried to make it the least noticeable that she was helping Lois walk. Lucy saw Lois, but she wasn’t sure, she didn’t show it.

“I brought you some welcome spaghetti” Kara explained.

“that's very nice” James was sitting on the couch. His room was smaller than Kara’s, it didn’t have a kitchen area. It was just a guest room. Kara sat the bowl down on the coffee table. Lena, Lois, and Lucy all knelt near the couch.

“You can sit” Kara said like an order, the way she had heard Clark and James speak to omegas before, if she was going to pull this off, she had to act the part. Lena and Lois sat. James waved his hand dismissively at Lucy, she sat too.

“Two omegas?” he asked.

“Lois is Clark’s, I’m just barrowing her for the night.” Kara explained, cursing herself for how it sounded. She knew that Lucy and Lois hadn’t seen each other in years, so she deliberately used Lois’s name, so that Lucy would know.

“Oh” James nodded, as if it made perfect since. Lucy wanted to look over to Lois. She didn’t move. Lena was confused. Why is Kara acting strange, Lucy must be the other omega, is it because of her or James? Lena wondered. Maybe she could ask later. But maybe she shouldn’t, she wasn’t sure if she could even trust Kara.

“Would you like to stay while I eat, so we can get to know each other, I am your cousin's best friend after all” James suggested. Kara agreed, not because she wanted to know him, but because she wanted Lois and Lucy to be together, at least for a little while. James ordered Lucy to reheat the food and Kara told Lois to go with her. When James questioned why, she said cause why not.

Kara engaged James in a conversation, so he wouldn’t look back. Once they were in the kitchen Lois hugged Lucy.

“I missed you” Lois whispered. “And I'm glad you’re okay”. Lucy hugged her back quickly then pulled away to reheat the spaghetti. It was awkward.

“Me too” she said softly. Then it was back to the living room with, no more time alone. James ate out of the bowl, and occasionally gave Lucy a bite. Lois glanced over at Lucy from time to time, taking in her small figure. She had a bruise on her face and her movements were stiff. Lois found herself mad that Lucy didn’t get fed or treated right. She hid it. What else had she expected anyway?

At one point James left to use the bathroom, but they didn’t talk. Lucy wouldn’t have in front of Kara, and Lois didn’t know what to say. It was awkward again. When James came back, he didn’t notice the awkwardness; he just stared a conversation with Kara again.

Chapter Text

After some time passed, they had to leave. Once they were in the hall, and the door was shut Kara helped Lois walk again. They get back to Kara room and Kara sat on the couch, Lena sat near her on the floor.

“You can sit up here” Kara said. Lena shook her head. If it was Kara, she felt she actually wanted to submit, of course she would with any alpha, but only because she was supposed to do. Kara was different.

“No Ma’am, I’m comfortable here” She informed.

“Okay” Kara was reluctant, but this time it felt different like it might have been something Lena actually wanted to do.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lois interrupted the conversation and kneeling as she spoke. She didn’t necessarily feel more comfortable around Kara yet, but she felt that she needs to let Kara know she was thankful.

“It was no problem, I wish I could have gave you more time, and you don’t have to kneel” Kara smiled, she was honestly starting to get used to them kneeling all the time so she wasn't as shocked by it this time.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lois stood contemplating what Kara said.

“You can sit if you want” Kara told her. She sat on the floor where she was.

“You can move to the couch if you want” Kara said. Lena knew it was not an order, but a suggestion, but Lois took it as an order like Lena would have a few days ago. She moved to the couch. Lois felt weird that Lena was on the floor and she was not.

Kara leaned forward onto Lena’s head, not putting pressure on it just a comforting touch. Wrapping her arm around Lena she thought that Lena smelt good. Was that really the same soap she uses? She wondered.

“Lois, do you want to take a shower?” Kara asked.

“If it pleases you, Ma’am” Lois responded.

“Right... When was your last shower?” Kara asked.

“Two days ago, Ma’am” She informed. Kara thought of how she had been cleaning all day and figured she probably needed one.

“Okay, if you’re going to take one, you’ll probably need help, because of your wounds.” That’s it, Lois thought but was immediately proved wrong. “I shouldn’t, cause that might be nerve wracking for you, so” Kara looked at Lena “Will you help her?” She asked.

“If it pleases you, Ma’am, I will” Lena thought that she wanted to truly please an alpha for the first time, Kara deserved to be happy, even if all of this ended up fake, she reminded Lena how good it felt to hope again.

“Well, it's up to you two then” Kara leaned back into the couch. A long silence followed. Kara noticed both of them were tense, they didn’t want to make the decision and now they didn’t know what to do. “Sorry” Kara felt bad, she had managed to make both of them uncomfortable. Lois didn’t know how to handle the situation, what was she supposed to say to an apologizing alpha? Lena did know though.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Ma’am” Lois admired how Lena handled that, it was so graceful and the perfect way to respond.

“I made both of you uncomfortable, I should have known that it would, if I had just thought before I said it” Kara explained. They both cursed themselves for tensing, how could they do that? Kara deserved better. They forced themselves to relax, before Lena shook her head.

“Ma’am, you shouldn’t worry about our comfort, it is unimportant and inconsequential” Lena knew Kara was going to disagree as she said it.

“That isn’t true” Kara countered.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, it is” Lena looked down. Why was she arguing? She should just agree.

“Lena, please don’t argue with me about this” Kara voice broke slightly. She knew Lena felt that it was true, and that’s why she said it. And that took away any fighting spirit she had. Lena’s eyes widened. She knew she shouldn’t have disagreed, but she did, and it hurt Kara.

“I’m- I’m sorry, Ma’am” Lena felt like hitting herself in the head, but that would only make it worse.

“It’s okay Lena” Kara said. Lena wanted to say it wasn’t, but she couldn’t argue again, so she bit her tongue and nodded.

“Why don’t you go shower now” Kara suggested.

“Yes Ma’am” Lois answered this time, standing and walking toward the bathroom, with Lena following.

“Take as long as you need” Kara said, thinking of Lena’s short shower and wondering if it was some rule she had to follow in the past.

Lena and Lois took a while because they had to unwrap and re-wrap all of the wounds. While Kara waited, she decided to exercise. She hadn’t in a while and could use the distraction to clear her head. Once they got out Kara suggested that they all go to sleep soon. Lena and Lois agreed. Lena wondered if Kara always exercises.

“Ma’am where would you like me to sleep?” Lois asked.

“Oh, I forgot about that” Kara thought for a second. “I’ll take the couch” Kara concluded. Lena didn’t want to counter Kara again, but she had to.

“M-Ma’am” She was a bit nervous.

“Yes dear?” Kara asked.

“I don’t think you should sleep on the couch” Lena stated.

“How do you think we should sleep then?” Kara wanted both of them to sleep on a bed. Lena knew this.

“I’ll sleep with you... If you're okay with it” Lena looked down blushing. She wanted Kara to be okay with it.

“I’m okay with it, if you are” Kara said then walked toward the rooms. “Lois you can sleep on the bed, in here” she said opening Lena’s room door.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lois said entering the room. She laid across the bed and stretched. It had been so long since anyone let her sleep in a bed without using her first, and even then, she didn’t always get to. She noticed that it already smelt like Lena in the room, even though it had only been two days now.

Lena and Kara both laid down, but it was awkward. They each laid on opposite sides and didn’t move. But as tiredness set in Kara moved over and pulled Lena close to her, laying Lena’s head on her chest. Lena didn’t move. Kara fell asleep quick. Lena tried to stay completely still; she didn’t want to wake up Kara. After a while sleep pulled her into its depths as well.

When Lena woke up Kara’s leg was over her and her arm wrapped around her. She didn’t move, she just watched the rise and fall of Kara chest. Kara’s not a liar she thought looking in to the peacefulness of Kara sleeping. She's beautiful, Lena thought. She looked over to see it was 7 o’clock already. She was no longer jealous now that she had spent the night in Kara’s bed.

She slowly and carefully got out of bed, without waking Kara. Then made her way to the door. When she got outside Lois was up an was kneeling. She explained that Kara didn’t like it when they waited for her like that and helped her up.

“Why did we go see master James's yesterday?” Lena whispered.

“Mistress Kara wanted me to see my sister, I think” Lois whispered back. It all made sense now. Lucy was Lois’s sister. That’s what it was all about. Lena felt bad for doubting Kara. Neither knew what they were supposed to do now though. They thought of making breakfast for Kara, but did not want to use the supplies without permission, so they both sat next to the couch. Lena knew Kara would want them to be covered up so she took the blankets off of her bed and wrapped them both up. After a while of silence Lois spoke softly,

“You are lucky.” The words surprised Lena

“I- I know”

Chapter Text

They sat in silence, waiting for Kara to get up. It wasn’t awkward, but it wasn’t comfortable either.

“Good morning” Kara smiled walking out of her room and seeing then under the blankets.

“Good morning, Ma’am” Lena smiled. Lois let her answer, thinking that they shouldn’t talk at the same time as much in case it makes anyone uncomfortable.

“Are you hungry?” Kara asked both of them. They both shook their head.

“No, Ma’am”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Ma’am” they had eaten dinner, so they didn’t want breakfast.

“Okay, I’m going to make it then.” Kara informed. Lena wanted to protest but Kara hushed her with a hug. “It was really warm last night, thank you, and if you don’t want to eat you aren’t going to cook.” Kara explained, making Lena blush. Lois thought for a second that maybe they had done more than sleep, but she didn’t hear anything, and something told her that they didn’t.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena said as Kara pulled back to go to the kitchen.

“You don’t have to thank me” Kara smiled then went to cook her breakfast.

Eventually Kara had to go to class, but she walked them to Clark’s room first. She knocked on the door, Lena and Lois both knelt. Clark answered. They all walked in and Clark grabbed Lois and pulled her into a painfully tight looking hug. Then he let go of her, as if it didn’t happen, and stated,

“I need breakfast” Lois went to make his usual breakfast. She acted like it never happened too. It probably wasn’t an unusual occurrence for them, Lena thought.

“Clark, can we push back my class for an hour or so, I need to punish Lena” Kara asked.

“Well, I could-” Clark started.

“I would rather myself, she is already scared of you, she needs to learn to obey me” Kara was trying to convince Clark, but she glanced at Lena hoping she knew that. She didn’t want to push it off because Lena will be mostly unsupervised today, and Kara didn’t know if she would hurt herself again.

“Smart, my dear cousin, I’ll call James, you have an hour” Clark said then hugged her and went to call James. Kara left to go back to their room, with Lena following closed behind. Once they got back Kara stopped in the middle of the walkway.

“Okay Lena, tell me how to go about how we should go about it this time.” Kara said.

“My mistakes were talking about you, arguing with you, and I felt Jealous when I had no right to” Lena blushed, Kara knew the other two, but she just admitted she had been jealous.

“When were you jealous, and of what?” Kara asked surprised. Lena looked down.

“When you were close with, and talking to Lois without me, I know that I shouldn’t have” Lena explained.

“Lena, it okay if you feel jealous, I would rather you tell me at the time if you can though.” Kara explained. “H-how should I punish you this time?” Kara didn’t want to but she knew she had to.

“The first two had to do with talking, so you could take away my privilege of talking. I will communicate in some other way, when necessary, for as long as you see fit.” Lena suggested it because she didn’t want it to seem like she was telling Kara what to do.

“I guess that makes some since” Kara said.

“I’ve never had the other problem, so y-you should come up with the punishment, please” Lena explained.

“Okay, let me think” Kara said, Lena nodded. Jealousy is an emotion; how do you punish an emotion? If she was jealous of Kara hanging out with someone then maybe...

Kara pulled Lena forward, a little roughly, but not enough to hurt her. Pushing their lips together and holding them like that. Lena breathed out in surprise, it was not an invasive kiss, it was just their lips and Kara was careful not to hurt Lena.

When Kara finally let go, she hoped she didn’t over step it. She didn’t really think about before she did it.

“Don’t be jealous, dear” she said hugging Lena. Lena nodded, blushing, that was her first kiss. “Was that an okay punishment?” Kara asked. Lena nodded, but thought how could anyone see that as a punishment? But it did get the point across. Kara walked Lena to Clark’s room and told Clark about Lena not being allowed to talk, so he wouldn’t expect her too.

The rest on the week went on much like the first day. Lena and Lois spent time at Clark’s during the day, Kara went to class, Clark went to work. The only difference was that Lois didn’t stay Kara’s. The routine of it helped with Lena’s anxiety. After two days Kara told Lena she could talk again, saying two mistakes two days.

Kara told Lena to sleep in the day before the inspection, but Lena still woke up early. She stayed in bed till she heard noise from the other room. Lena walked to the kitchen and Kara was leaning into the counter, looking nervous and biting the tip of her thumb nail.

“Is everything alright, Ma’am?” Lena asked.

“Oh, yes, I’m just nervous for the test tomorrow” Kara explained, she didn’t admit out loud that she didn’t want to lose Lena. Or that without Lena she would be lost. And she especially didn’t want to admit that Clark had been right, that she would end up loving Lena.

“Do you think you are ready for it, Ma’am?”

Lena didn’t say that she knew Kara could do it, cause Kara can do anything, she was really just that great, but she thought it.

“I don’t really know” Kara confided, she couldn’t stand being mean to Lena, or even being indifferent to her. How could she? Lena is perfect.

“You could practice today” Lena suggested, it was a helpful suggestion, but Lena also wanted to see how dominate Kara could be.

“Lena, you’re a genius, I was really just going to go into it blind” Kara meant it, Lena was a genius, she was good at everything and looked good do it.

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena blushed, no one had ever compliment on her being smart, even though she always put in tons of extra work for it.

“I’m going to apologize beforehand, know I don’t really mean it” Kara was nervous. Lena nodded.

“Okay, Here goes nothing” Kara said with a smile. She took in a deep breath, and her expression turned cold. “Go make breakfast, Pet, I want toast” Her voice was cold to. Lena almost shivered at the change, and way she called her pet.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena said, and immediately started the toast.

“I’m sorry, that was too much, I didn’t mean it, Lena you don’t really have too-” Kara said frantically moving forward.

“Ma’am, it was perfect” Lena assured, and unlike any other alpha, Lena thought, Kara somehow made dominance attractive. “And you can’t apologize between every order, or it won’t work” Lena explained.

“Right, right, sorry.” Kara shook her head and leaned back into the counter “I mean, hurry up” Her voice was cold again.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena was amazed at Kara acting, if it really was acting, a voice said, but Lena pushed it away. No doubting Kara, she told herself. She finished the toast, buttering it and placing it on the table in the spot she had placed the napkin and glass of milk. Kara sat and she knelt by the spot.

“Sit” Kara ordered, as if Lena were a dog. She felt bad, but she knew she would be anything to keep Lena with her. Kara gave her a little of the toast, with the promise of more later, but Lena didn’t mind the small amount. Kara finished her toast.

“Dishes” Kara said, then bit her lip to stop from apologizing, but couldn’t just sit there, so as Lena stood to take the plate she stood too.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena smiled to reassure Kara, even as she was looking down Kara saw, it helped. Lena took the plate softly from Kara, grabbing the cup, and turned to take it to the sink. On the way that heard loud footsteps, Clark they both thought. Lena put the dishes in the sink and when the steps stopped right in front of Kara door, she made a move to kneel. But Clark was not the one who entered. Lena froze.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” The person questioned Kara. Lena jumped at the loudness and harshness in the voice.

“S-Sam” she said confused. Why was she here, and yelling at Kara. Kara noticed how Lena didn’t even think twice about breaking formality with, whoever this alpha was. Kara was the one who was jealous now.

“Who is this?” Her voice was not as harsh as before when she was acting, but now soft like usual. Lena knew something was actually bothering Kara right in that moment.

“S-sorry Ma’am,” Lena said looking down. Kara felt bad. “This is Sam, she and I well we” Lena tried to explain.

“I’m her friend” Sam was cold to Kara. She pulled Lena over to her.

“Careful, she’s hurt” Kara warned. Sam did become gentler with her movement, but her voice was just as cold.

“And who's fault is that” She retorted. Guilt filled Kara. She looked down.

“Mine” Kara said.

“No Ma’am,” Lena said, but didn’t pull away from Sam. “You’re not the one who burnt me” Lena countered what Kara said. Sam was shocked, she had never seen Lena like that, even before she presented.

“But-” Kara tried to argue. Lena pulled out of Sam’s grasp and hugged Kara.

“It wasn’t you” Lena said softly. What in the world? Sam thought.

Chapter Text

Kara wrapped her arms around Lena hugging her back. “Okay” she agreed. They stayed like that for a minute, then Kara let go and Lena pulled back. Sam noticed that Lena had new, nice clothes on.

“Ma’am, Sam was my best friend growing up, and stayed with me, even after I presented” Lena explained.

“And the person who was supposed to buy her” Sam added causing everyone to look at her.

“You were going to buy me?” Lena questioned in surprise.

“Did you think I would have left you with those awful people? Of course I was, I’ve been saving since we both presented. Until she ruined it” Sam pointed at Kara.

“She is a good person though” Lena told Sam. Kara was so happy, Lena thought she was a good person.

“You’d say that about any owner you had” Sam pointed out. Kara was related to Clark Kent; she couldn’t be that good.

“But I'm tell the truth about her” Lena defended Kara, she understood why Sam was mad, but she had to listen.

“How do you know?” Sam asked. What Lena said surprised her.

“Because she gave me hope” Lena was a little louder than she meant to be. Clark walked in just then want to know about all of the ruckus, Lois behind him. Lena knelt. Lois did too.

“Hope can be dangerous” he said as she stopped. He hadn’t hear the rest on the conversation.

“I’m sorry, sir” Lena wished Clark hadn’t have come in when he did. Clark smirked.

“Don’t apologize to me, I don’t even knew what we are talking about” he said.

“Sorry, sir, I’m sorry Ma’am” Lena said to Kara and Sam. Sam was angry at Clark now, not Kara.

“She was defending her owner; she didn’t do anything wrong” Sam said turning to Clark.

“I didn’t say it did, I said I didn’t know what we were talking about, what are we doing here anyway?” Clark said putting emphasis on the word it. Sam was ready to fight him now, and Kara couldn’t blame her, but it wouldn’t have solved anything.

“Sam was someone who was planning to buy Lena before we did” Kara explained stepping in front of Lena so Clark couldn’t get to her if he tried to for any reason.

“Oh, well I can see why, Lena is a perfect picture of submission, most of the time” he said with his hand on Lois’s head. It seems that he likes to rest it there a lot. To Lois it felt like he was saying Lena was a better omega then she was.

“I’ll work it out” Kara said prompting Clark to leave.

“Okay, let me know if you need any assistance” Clark said with a smile. Then his voice was harsh, “let’s go” he said slightly pulling Lois’s hair.

“Yes sir” Lois waited for him to take his hand off of her head and stood. Kara felt bad for her, but didn’t know what to say. Sam was bolder than her though.

“Are you using your omega right now? If not, could I borrow her, while I’m here?” She asked Clark. He stopped for a moment and thought.

“As long as you’re with Kara the whole time” He decided. “Lois stay” he ordered.

“Yes sir” Lois knelt again. After Clark was gone Lena stood back up, but Lois wasn’t sure what kind of person this new alpha was, she thought she might have if it was only Lena, her, and Kara.

“Good morning, Lois, you can stand” Kara said.

“Good morning, Ma’am, Lena” Lois said standing. Her and Lena had become closer over the week.

“Good morning, this is my friend, Sam, Sam this is Lois, she’s my friend too” Lena explained. She used the alpha first name, Lois thought.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Mistress Sam” Lois said.

“You can just call me Sam” Sam smiled.

“Yes Ma- Yes S-S-Sam" It was really hard for Lois. She was very nervous.

“It’s okay Lois” Kara comforted. It helped Lois calm a little. “Sam, is it?” Kara asked but didn’t really give her the chance to answer. “Don’t you know she needs time to adjust” Kara liked having that over her a little too much.

“Sorry Lois, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable” Sam apologized. Lois taking a page from Lena’s book said,

“You have nothing to apologize for, Ma’am” Lena was proud of her, it took Lena a while to get comfortable with people apologizing to her. Sam didn’t know what to say so she only nodded her head.

“Lois are you okay? Do I need to re-wrap your wounds?” Kara asked.

“Master Clark took them off the night you gave me back.” Lois informed.

“Okay, let me check then, If Clark is just going to take it off, we don’t need to wrap them, except open wounds and I'll make sure none will get infected.” Kara said.

“Yes Ma’am” Lois said walking toward the couch where she was last time. Kara followed and asked if she was okay taking her clothes off in front of Sam. Lois said it didn’t matter. Lena followed too, but was not jealous as Kara checked Lois’s body. She thought of the kiss instead.

Lucky they only needed to cover the wound on Lois’s leg and the rest was okay how it was. And there were no new wounds. After they were done Lois out her clothes back on and Kara said, everyone can sit where they want.

Lois and Sam sat on the couch with Kara, but Lena sat on the floor. When Kara sent her a questioning glance, she shrugged and said it was practice for tomorrow. Kara was the only one who knew what that meant, but it wasn’t really true anyway. Lena felt the Kara was the first person she actually wanted to submit to, to felt empowering to her for some reason.

“Okay, Sam what did you come for?” Kara said.

“To check on Lena, she doesn’t deserve to be treated as a pet or object” Sam said.

“Of course, no one does, you can visit whenever you want, unless we are busy at the time, like tomorrow we have an inspection to see if I can keep an omega.” Kara said, explaining what Lena had previously said. Sam was starting to believe Lena may be right about Kara.

“Lena, you want to stay with Kara?” Sam asked. Lena nodded.

“Kara makes me happy” Lena said leaning back onto Kara’s leg. Kara was ecstatic that Lena called her Kara.

“I think Lena is very lucky to have an owner like Mistress Kara” Lois agreed.

“Okay then let’s restart, I’m Sam” Sam said offering her hand to Kara. Kara took her hand.

“I’m Kara, and I’m glad Lena had someone like you in her life.” Kara said. Lena thought of Sam’s other personality. Sam doesn’t know it but she has a split personality, and although Sam is nice, Reign her other side was not. Lena remembered how confusing it was at first. Sam can’t remember what Reign does though.

Chapter Text

Lena knew that Sam and Reign were different people, it was obvious. She did try to tell people, like her father and Sam’s father, but they always punished her for questioning an alpha. She couldn’t tell Sam though. She didn’t want Sam to feel the guilt of what Reign did to her.

Lena ultimately decided to just live with it. At first, she couldn’t tell the difference, which ended in many punishments and even some scars from Reign. Which prompted her to learn the difference quickly.

Lena learned the difference in the sound of their voice, the different way she moved and she style of clothes she wore. Sometime she would flinch or tense up even when it was Sam. She hated the look Sam had when she did though. Lena oddly thought that she owed something to Reign though. If Sam had never punished Lena or treated her as a lowly omega, their parents might have noticed.

Lena never got to choose where they hung out. Sam or Reign would, she could tell sometimes beforehand weather it was Sam or Reign because Sam chose places that she knew Lena liked, or thought she might like. While Reign didn’t put any thought of Lena into the choice. Lena couldn’t refuse to go though, and Reign seemed to like to hang out with Lena just as much as Sam did. Lena didn’t mind after she got used to it.

Lena believed that Reign cared for her. In the same twisted way Clark cares for Lois. Even still, Reign was better than Clark. She had never touched Lena inappropriately or even so much as kissed her.

“What's on your mind?” Kara asked Lena, stroking her head, pulling Lena out of the past.

“Nothing important, Ma’am” Lena answered. Kara would believe her. Lena thought maybe she should tell Kara sometime. Lena glanced over to Sam before looking back down. Kara knew that whatever Lena was thinking of, had to do with Sam, she felt a little jealous.

They all sat in silence for a while. It was awkward.

“Lois, have you ate?” Kara asked.

“No, Ma’am” Lois replied.

“Okay, I’ll go make some toast for everyone” Kara stood. Lena stood to.

“Ma’am, let me” she said. “If we keep acting, now we actually have judges, if they want to anyway” Kara thought about what Lena said.

“Lena, you’re a genius” Kara said, Lena blushed “what do you think, are you two in?” Kara asked looking over to Sam and Lois. Sam thought for a moment. Then looked to Lois.

“I’m in if you are” she said with a smile. Lois nodded blushing; she had never done anything like this before. Kara took in a deep breath, acting mode, she thought, then smile to herself. Suddenly all of Kara warmth was gone.

“4 pieces of toast” Kara said coldly a glare on her face. “Now” she prompted Lena to hurry.

“Yes Ma’am” everyone in the room shivered at the change. They were all impressed, Maybe Kara could pull it off, that is until, Kara’s face changed to look guilty.

“Sorry Lena, that was too cold” Kara said reaching to hug her.

“Ma’am, you shouldn’t feel bad” Lena smiled, “Remember, its acting” Lena reminded.

“Right, okay I got this” Kara said. Then as if she never stopped, she walked past Lena in a cold breeze to sit in her spot. Sam and Lois followed, once Sam sat, Lois faced her but was looking down, waiting for Sam to tell her where to sit. Sam nodded to the chair next to her, Lois sat. Lena started the toast and set the table, bring a plate and drink for everyone.

After the toast was done, she put one piece on Lois’s and Sam’s plate and two on Kara’s. Lena knelt next to Kara’s chair and waited till Kara ordered her to sit. Kara gave Lena a bite every once in a while, but noticed when Lena didn’t really want anymore and stopped.

Lois couldn’t eat a full piece either, but didn’t want to waste it so she forced herself to keep eating. That is until Sam noticed and offered her hand to take the toast. Lois gave it to her gratefully. Sam ate the toast Lois couldn’t finish, knowing that if she didn’t Lois would feel like she wasted it.

Once everyone finished eating Kara snapped her fingers. “Dishes” she said, then bit the side of her mouth to keep from apologizing.

“Yes, Ma’am” Lena stacked all of the plates and cups, took them to the sink, and washed, dried, and put them all away. By the time she was done Kara had already went into the living room. She followed and knelt near the couch. Sam and Lois decided to watch from a bit of a distance.

They didn’t have anything planned for the day so by lunch time Lena had brushed Kara’s hair, which she thought was very soft, swept the floor, made Kara’s bed, and cooked roman noodles for lunch. Then she went into the living room and knelt to let Kara know lunch was ready. Kara stood. Then reached down, grabbing Lena hand and gently pulling Lena to her feet. She rested her head on Lena’s shoulder.

“Let just be normal for lunch” she said.

“Is everything okay, Ma’am?” Lena asked.

“Yes, I just can’t do it right now, I’m sorry that I have to act cold to you Lena” Kara mumbled into her shoulder. “You’ve done very good today”

“Thank you, Ma’am” Lena said. Lena seemed almost disappointed; Sam noticed. Did she like it when Kara was cold and controlling? She wondered. Sam didn’t say anything about it.

Everybody made their own bowl this time and sat at the table.

After they all finished eating, they moved to the living room, Lena and Lois both decided to sit on the floor. Then they heard a knock on the door. Lena stood then looked to Kara, Kara nodded to let Lena know she could go get the door. When she opened the door, Clark was standing there. She knelt. Lois knelt too.

” I’m here to get my wife" he said entering, ignoring Lena completely.

"Oh, I was planning to leave soon anyway, goodbye sweet one" Sam said patting Lois’s head then standing to leave.

"Good bye Ma’am, it was an honor to meet you” Lois said the formal answer she was taught to give, but she actually did enjoy meeting Sam.

“Let’s go" Clark said harshly. Then grabbed her hand pulling her to her feet before she could answer. He kissed her passionately, then turned to leave the room. Lois followed close behind. Once Clark and Lois were alone in the hall he stopped and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I didn’t think that, that alpha would be here for so long” he said as he stroked her back. Then he kissed her and his kisses moved down her neck. She didn’t have any reaction, but he could tell something was off with her so he pulled back a little bit, but did not let go of her hand.

“Let’s go to the room” he said walking in the direction, pulling her with him. Once they were in his room with the door closed, he sat on the couch and pulled her with him.

“What’s on your mind, baby?” he asked in a sweet tone. She cursed herself mentally for somehow showing it, though she didn’t know how she showed it. He smiled slightly. “You didn’t do anything; I could just tell” he reassured. Lois nodded.

"Do uh... do you think Lena is a better omega then me?" She asked looking down. He smiled again.

“Of course not, I only tested her for a day” he said as he pulled her closer to his chest. "I love you” he said. He had never been with anyone else, and even though he would never admit it in front of anyone else, it was true. In his own twisted way, he did love Lois.

Then the moment was over, he sat her on the ground then ordered her to make his lunch. She had already ate, but she still took the food he offered to her.

~Kara’s room~

“I think you’ll pass, if you can keep it up long enough” Sam said. “Bye Lee, it was nice to meet you Kara” Sam said then she was on her way out. Once she was gone Lena sat back in the living room floor.

“The day is half way over, do you want to just be normal for the rest?" Kara asked looking at Lena.

“If you would like too, Ma'am” Lena responded. Kara thought she seemed sad, but maybe she was just seeing things. But why would she be?

“Well, what would you like to do?” Kara asked.

“Whatever you want to do, Ma’am” Lena replied. Hiding any emotion from her tone and face.

“Give me a real answer, please” Kara insisted. Lena almost looked up, but she didn't.

“That is the only answer, Ma’am” Lena explained.

“Just tell me if you would rather the rest of the day be normal or not” Kara said, getting a little bit louder, but not noticing it herself. There was a short pause then Lena said,

“I want what you want, Ma’am”

"That's not how wanting something works” Kara countered.

“Then I don’t want anything” Lena said.

“Everyone wants something" Kara said. Lena looked up slightly surprised, but hid it quickly and looked back down.

“Not everyone is allowed to want” Lena said with an unintended coldness in her voice.