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Letting down my guard (while you're stringing me along)

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Duzell was never even thinking of this outcome as even acceptable by Phelios the first time.

(Many humans seemed to be attracted to him sexually before; it was not a surprise exactly that Phelios did too. It wasn't even that strange that he had a pretty blush on his soft, delicate body when Duzell teased him about consummation the marriage- humans were like that, easily flustered.

It was strange that he was letting Duzell explore how far that blush went on his fragile, painfully mortal body.)

As he holds down Phelios's warm figure, playing with his delightfully sensitive nerves and lightly tapping his hips in a gentle rhythm in the hopes of eliciting a more volatile reaction in him.

He gets it, too. Phelios lets out a pathetic, weak wailing sort of noise, and Duzell smirks down at the human Prince, all his to ravage and then turn. He mouths along both thighs, purposely avoiding Phelios's now erect cock, even that part of him so sweet and pretty.

Duzell now understands the appeal of a smaller, weaker partner. He likes the power he has here, controlling everything about Phelios's world. Duzell ever so slightly encreases the pressure on his partner's left thigh, a light blue-purple bruise already forming on the silky smooth skin. A quiet whimper leaves Phelios, and Duzell adores it. In the hopes of repetition of that sweet noise, Duzell, very carefully, pierces the bruise and licks up the blood. 

Phelios goes wild at that, keening and crying out for more. Duzell is all too happy to indulge him in his carnal desires, suckling, pricking the skin with his fangs, and then repeating the cycle until Phelios finally, in a desperate bid for attention, jerks up his waist. Duzell's fangs pierce deep into his thigh, and he cries out, cum splurting out of his cock and onto his torso in an unsatisfying orgasm.

"What a naughty little thing you are, liking this so much... I ought to punish my twisted little pet, hm?" Duzell asks as he ties chains around Phelios's wrists. (They feel like china; breakable and fragile in his hands. The vulnerable, thin wrists resting in his palm suddenly feel like an immeasurable amount of trust, frail and tiny heartbeat against his fingers.)

Duzell sweeps his fingers through the mess of cum with a smooth, slow caress, stroking the nails of his other hand over the pink little slit at the tip of his cock and strokes slowly, working Phelios to arousal once again as he looks up through bleary, weak eyelids.

Then, with a sly smile on his face, he feeds the cum to his husband, kissing his forehead as he watches him lap it up obediently. He quite enjoys seeing the Prince whimper into his finger as he sucks his own ejaculate from it.

After all, who wouldn't love having their own little human pet like this, all spread out for their own pleasure? Phelios was so innocent, thinking that what Duzell wanted after his marriage was to kill him. No, Duzell wants all of Phelios. Wants the pretty body to be no one else's.

Of course, Duzell was no rapist. He quite enjoyed the sweet tenor of Phelios's begging,  anyway. (The way his usually serious and stable voice had grown trembling and anxious, writhing upon his lap. His cries for more as he ever so gently kissed and sucked at his lips and neck. The poor thing had been an anxious wreck, his conscience making him start to sob and his heartbeat fluttering feebly in his throat.

Duzell had just stroked over his back, dipping down a little to fondle before crooning reassurances of how he was a good, darling little pet and he was very much going to be okay. The resulting lax sniffles had been even more appealing than the uncontrollable whines escaping Phelios's lips.)

Phelios knows that Duzell can't love him, but he wants it more than anything. Ignored despite all attempts to speed up the hand stroking his cock slowly and luxuriously make him sob, loud and heaving, in the height of his distress.

I want you, dont leave me! You're all I have, please don't leave me. Please please-

"Ple- ease!" Phelios's breath hitches with a hiccup as he trembles and shakes with the agony of being ignored. The roughness of Duzell's grip slackens the slightest bit as he processes the sweetness of the action.

"Aw, what are you crying for, dear? Just relax. I'll take care of you. You seem distressed." His voice is condescending, an Phelios likes it, but it makes him feel worse, too.

Inferior. (He always feels like that these days, like a pretty trophy for nothing but pleasure. He doesn't hate it, but he does hate himself for not hating it.

He isn't enough. Ever.

"Please!" He wails again, hips rising with his emotional agony as well as arousal. He screams with the fervor of a broken heart, "Please, please, please don't hate me! I'll do better!"

"Oh, baby," Duzell sighs, fingers playing with Phelios's soft, fair hair and kissing down his neck. His eyes are softer now, almost pitying, and Phelios can't help but feel like he's said something wrong. He cries harder, and presses his cheek against the hand that moves to tenderly cradle it.

Duzell spreads Phelios's warm, silky legs, lavishing his tongue over them each in equal measure, suckling hickies into Phelios's thighs and then gently rubbing the tip of his cock.

All the while, he murmurs quiet praise into the ears of his quieter, more skittish partner and watches the sobs quiet down and lose their desperation. He feels triumphant, knowing he can keep his sweet, anxious husband intact. Its a nice thing, to be able to keep the anxious, flighty little thing quiet and give him even the slightest amount of peace of mind.

Finally, with a smile and a wink to Phelios, he dips his head down and swallows down his cock. The strangled, terrified-of-slipping-up squeak that escapes him is cute, but not what Duzell is looking for.

What Duzell really wants is to make sure that Phelios's anxiety can't thrive here. What he wants is to make his husband cry with overstimulation and pure enjoyment, rather than feelings of inadequacy. 

And he will succeed, whether his pretty, petite husband is aware of it or not. Because what Duzell hates the most right now is that his delectable, genuinely eager-to-please boy thinks he isn't enough. Duzell decides right then that he will make sure that Phelios knows every day how good of a boy he is for him. 

Because Phelios is. He's a shining, beautiful diamond in the rough, and he needs to know that just like Duzell does. 

Duzell finally manages to milk an orgasm from Phelios's pretty cock for the second time, observing his body as it happens. Watching and memorising the delicious blissed out face of his, he then flips him onto his back. It's absolutely clear to Duzell that his baby boy will be needing extreme stimulation today.

The clink of the chains around Phelios's wrists are his new favourite jingle, and Duzell spits on Phelios's hole, watching with amusement as he lets out a startled noise and already starts pushing his hips in the air and whining in ecstasy. 

His pink hole, previously used earlier in the day, opens and closes in a pulse. Duzell smiles fondly at his husband's sensitivity and devotion to him, thumb probing it with a chuckle at his expense when his hole clenches as he starts to enter.

He's so damn eager to be fucked that he can't help it, so Duzell lets the pure enjoyment continue despite usually liking it when he gets much more desperate, crying and screaming that he wants Duzell in him.

Besides, Duzell now figures he may have been reading that desperation he was seeing. He smiles at his baby boy, stroking his kitten's head and gingerly oiling up his warm, already somewhat stretched hole.

Phelios cries out as he slips two fingers in, and he thinks he has hurt him, asking if it's too much, but the quiet ah, ah, please more... lets him know that the tears pouring down his cheeks in abandon are of pleasure and relief.

Phelios clenches his jaw to keep quiet, stopping himself from continuing with his delightfully sensitive noises.  It's always so sweet when Phelios tries to hold his tremors and cries in, ultimately failing in his attempts and simply giving into the pleasure.

Unfortunately, today he is succeeding in the endeavour, despite the tears soaking his face when Duzell turns him over. His unusually soft crimson eyes meet Phelios's, and he licks up the shaft of his cock with the purpose of hearing the pretty wails escape his partner. 

Duzell gets nothing but tears, dripping down his chin and a few drops even landing on his head.

Phelios is determined to keep his noises in this time, and for as long as he can, biting his bottom lip and arching his hips in Duzell's mouth. Duzell pulls off his cock with a sigh.

"No more sounds for me, baby? I like hearing those, you know. They let me know I'm doing this right, baby. I've got to know, at least. I've got to know I'm keeping you satisfied," He murmurs gently, kissing and blowing raspberries into Phelios's neck. Usually, this gets him a smile at the very least, but he gets a flinch instead.

"Sweetheart, lie still. That's it, baby. Just lay down for me like the good boy you are." Duzell murmurs into Phelios's ear with a smile. Then he plunges his fingers deeper, tilting them for the right angle to really get some moans.

He gets nothing but a punched out breath for his efforts, and he knows something really is wrong.