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In most ways they complemented one another - Beau needed to feel like she was giving, Yasha needed practice taking, Yasha didn't eat the crusts on her pizza unless it was thin and Beau gnawed on them with a delighted fervor (she also called them "pizza bones," which was just ridiculously cute). Most of the time, these things remained loosely true, but the ways in which they unwound after long, hard days were a stark exception. Beau came home tired but talkative, if not energized by the events of the day itself then by the return to home base. She perked up as she came through the door, whereas Yasha mostly looked forward to spending at least an hour letting her thoughts fall out of her head and moving as little as possible before the evening really got started. A buffer, a time to transition.


This usually meant that when Beau came home to find Yasha reading with her headphones in or playing a video game she would only pause and interrupt for as long as it took to squeeze Yasha's shoulder or exchange a quick kiss before heading back to the room or changing to go for a quick run.


According to the texts she had exchanged with Beau throughout the day, her girlfriend had been taken to task by the universe. Nothing awful, sounded like, just a series of little things stacking up. Yasha's day had been uncharacteristically nice, by contrast, and so with energy to spare it had taken no thought at all to decide exactly how she could help Beau decompress when she got home.


And get home she did, after what felt like years but was only the standard hour after her on Thursdays. Yasha turned her eyes from the screen as the door opened, just long enough to flash Beau a smile and note the flicker of interest that passed over her when she clocked Yasha in a t-shirt, her favorite underwear, fuzzy socks, and nothing else.


Beau said nothing at first, just smiled back and dropped her bag before getting to work on her shoes. Yasha moved the joystick aimlessly, face turned back to the television but sliding her eyes back to Beau to check for her reaction. Instead of simply pausing to bend down, Beau sank to her knees on the carpet beside her and pressed her head to Yasha's shoulder to watch the screen for a moment.


"Hi, baby," Yasha murmured. "Everything okay?"


"Yep." Beau's hand rested on her bare knee and squeezed there softly. "Nice pants, by the way. See-through."


She was fishing for confirmation, even after everything they'd discussed, and Yasha was more than pleased to give it. "I had a very good day. I thought I might share, if you wanted."


Message received; Beau leaned a little more of her weight on Yasha and kept her eyes on the screen as her hand disappeared from Yasha's knee and reappeared on her lower back to snake inside her waistband. "I dunno," she said, curling her fingers into the meat of Yasha's ass. "I wouldn't want to distract you from your game."


Yasha thought she was probably joking and decided to meet her there. "Oh you won't."




There was genuine surprise under Beau's gentle tease, both of which only strengthened Yasha further. She kept her eyes on the screen. "I think we both know you need it more than me." Beau's breath hitched audibly, and it was a fight not to reflexively look and make sure it was a good sound. Yasha knew it was. The answering dig of Beau's nails into Yasha's ass, belated and a little shaky, certainly didn't hurt though. "I'm finishing off this last week of winter so the colors go back to spring," she continued in that affected air of nonchalance. "You can do anything you like."


Beau was quiet for long enough that Yasha chanced a glance sideways, only to find her girlfriend watching her with unmistakable arousal and a little bit of affectionate awe. "I get to fuck you," she clarified. Yasha nodded. "And you're just going to keep playing."


Another nod. "Is that alright?" Yasha knew the answer, but she loved the haste with which Beau bobbed her head in reply, the way her mood was already starting to unravel from her shoulders at just the thought of having Yasha.


"Yeah. Fuck, that's. I mean it's hot, but it's also…I dunno, cozy? It sounds nice. You just keep doing your thing and I uh. Do you."


Yasha turned her head to press a quick kiss to Beau's lips. "Well, I know how restless you get just watching me play. It seems only polite to give you something to do too."


"I love watching you play," Beau corrected. "I just can't focus really well right now if that's all I'm doing. But this?" She snapped the waistband of Yasha's panties playfully. "I mean that's one way to make this a two-player game."


Yasha chuckled and bumped her gently with her shoulder. "Go change and get comfy. I'll be here."


"Yeah. Okay." Beau kissed her cheek and hesitated, hand withdrawn to rest on Yasha's back under her shirt. "Is it okay if I use -"


"Yes," Yasha said emphatically. There was only one thing Beau would ask about like that, one recent birthday gift her beautiful girlfriend still had trouble fully processing. She paused the game and leveled Beau with a stare. "I got you that ring to use however you want, and today I'm also yours to use however you want. Clear?"


Another furious nod, then Beau scratched her quickly between the shoulders and scrambled to her feet. "I'll uh. Be back in a few."


Yasha hummed in acknowledgement and savored the warmth in her chest as she heard Beau stumble off with a near complete absence of her usual quick grace. Truthfully, she tended to consider herself the winner in these sorts of arrangements, if there could be said to be one. Having Beau in the room while she did something mindless and quiet was one of her favorite ways to pass time. Having Beau inside of her - because she had almost certainly been about to ask if she could be - using her for her own pleasure and neither of them focused at all on how or whether Yasha finished…that was ideal.


Sure enough, when Beau came back into the living room and settled on the couch behind her, Yasha turned to find the ring affixed to her middle finger and the paler, soft length held in her hand looking subtly but unmistakably different. Beau's natural cock was a more delicate thing, a wonder of medicine and magic that existed more to be one of several methods of working Beau up and less for penetration. With the effects of the ring, she was afforded all of the benefits of an orgasm and a firm strap - and frankly, those benefits transferred to Yasha too.


Beau nodded to the screen, fingers lazy on her shaft and her voice almost entirely casual. "You're burning daylight."


"Shit." Yasha turned back and eyed the clock, relieved to find not much time had passed. "An hour well spent," she joked, gratified by Beau's huff of a laugh as she maneuvered her avatar through to next screen.


"You going mining?"


Yasha nodded. "I took the geologist skill a few days ago, so I get double the gems. Emily has been very pleased."


"I thought you were going for Abigail, before?"


"I still am. I really like the special scenes with Emily though, and she loves amethyst, so." She shrugged. "Tis the season I suppose."


Beau gave a mock sigh. "I've created a monster, haven't I."


They passed almost an entire in-game day like this, chatting casually about Yasha's jams and the front yard winery she'd started as a bit of a joke with Beau but which netted decent profits for the off-season.


When Yasha put her villager to bed, she heard Beau slip off the couch to sit behind her, and she spread her knees a bit to make room between them. She'd sat up and back on her heels after Beau had gone to change, trusting her to let her know when she was ready for Yasha to lean forward again, and when her hand rested between Yasha's shoulders she did just that. Elbows on the coffee table she'd pushed out for this, weight shifted forward to present her ass and lower it a little within Beau's easy reach as the new day began on the screen.


"Not so far," Beau murmured. "I can also use this thing to make myself a little taller if I need. Save your shoulders and lift back up a little. There you go."


Yasha peered over behind her with a smile. "Who exactly is running things tonight, I wonder?"


"Me," said Beau immediately. "With your permission, of course."


Yasha laughed and turned back around. "Good girl." She shivered a bit as Beau tugged her panties slowly down from behind, exposing her skin to the relatively cool air of the apartment and reminding her of the blustery gray day beyond the windows around them.


"You want me to eat you out a little first?" Beau asked. "I also brought lube, so it's whatever you want."


Yasha kept her eyes on the game and let her smile come through her voice as she lifted her knees from the carpet to help Beau get them off. "Just lube is fine. I'm not really up for anything myself."


"Ugh, that has no right to be as hot as it is." Yasha heard the snap of the little cap, then again before the faint slick noise of Beau's slow hand on her cock. "Coming in with fingers," she murmured. "Gonna work you open just a little if that's good."


"It's good," Yasha assured. She didn't have to tell Beau to be mindful of her clit; she was already rubbing the excess lube gently around Yasha's spread cunt, aware of her sensitivity and knowing precisely how to work around it. Yasha felt the slight pressure of a single finger, and then a second. She rolled her hips once and clenched around them, welcoming Beau inside and earning a kiss just to the left of them as Beau slid in and out unhurriedly.


She chatted with Beau as she picked all of the tomatoes and grapes in the greenhouse, sorting them into the crates along the edges before moving down to the barn and the coop. Beau's fingers stayed steady all the while, occasionally pushing outwards until the pressure was again constant with three.


"Oh hey, your bunny got big," Beau said. "And fluffy."


"He did," Yasha said proudly. "And now I just have to make him like me a whole lot and eventually he'll give me his own foot. Apparently."


Beau chuckled at that, her hand warm on Yasha's hips as her fingers pushed in all the way and pulled gently free. There was a moment of chill across her open cunt as Beau presumably wiped her slick and lube on the little towel under them, and then she rocked up close to slide her dick through Yasha's folds. "It makes a certain kind of sense," she offered. "I mean I really like you and I'm giving you my dick."


Yasha's turn to huff a quiet laugh, which eased into a contended sigh as finally, the head of Beau's cock settled between her folds and pressed slowly inside. Yasha bit her lip at the stretch, a fullness that never translated to pain but which filled her inch by delicious inch until Beau was sheathed in her completely. "Fuck, you certainly are," Yasha agreed. Beau's skin was cooler than her insides, a fleeting effect enhanced by the lube and the contrast of which made her feel even more full, even more held. "You feel good, baby."


"Yeah?" She could hear the slightest strain under the cocky smile. "That's nothin' compared to how you feel. You're so warm."


"I believe the word you're looking for is 'hot,'" Yasha teased, earning a gentle tweak to her ass. She adjusted her legs and rolled her shoulders, tightening around Beau's dick as she moved her avatar to pet each of her other farm animals. "Whoops," she said softly. "Guess I ran out of hay overnight. Blueberry is grumpy."


"Aw. Don't worry, she'll come around." Beau ran her hands gently up under Yasha's shirt, skating along her ribs up to her breasts but leaving them be. "It's impossible to get mad at you, let alone stay that way. Even chickens know it."


"Thank you, baby. That's why you're my favorite."


"Even more than Blueberry?"


"I love you more than Blueberry, yes. No question."


Beau made a pleased sound, withdrawing a hand to reach up and tug Yasha's hair gently over one shoulder. She couldn't quite reach Yasha's neck buried inside of her like this, but the kiss she planted between her shoulder blades was no less soft for the attempt. "Damn right." She spent another few moments just resting inside of Yasha, the hands on her body alternating soothing circles on her hip with a thumb and the slow drag of the heel of her hand up and down her spine.


Her thrusts were slow too when they started, somewhere around the game's early afternoon. Beau took her time sliding out, a lingering drag across Yasha's insides and a resultant absence of warmth that had Yasha missing her even as she slid back in again with a quiet exhale. Yasha hummed contentedly at the feeling and tightened around Beau's cock, enjoying the low hiss the action earned. "You don't have to go slow for me," Yasha reminded her. "Whatever you want."


"Yeah," Beau managed. "I know, and believe me I'm gonna get there. I'm taking it slow this time, s'all. Wanna savor how you feel like this."


Warmth flared again in Yasha, nothing really to do with the feel of Beau between her legs and everything to do with the fact of her here in general, filling her up and taking her time to enjoy the little quiet moments with her. Patience didn't come naturally to Beau, and the effort to hold herself at bay and just linger - to stay part of Yasha's world a while longer... it might be odd as affirmations went, but Yasha felt loved.


She'd also felt loved when Beau had gotten ahead of herself the first time they'd tried this, but in a different direction.


True to form, it wasn't long before Beau's hips began to twitch just a little outside of her control with the sweet hitch-breathing sounds she tended to make as she wound tighter and tighter. Conversation dwindled as Beau sank more and more into fucking her, and when casual rolling had just begun to tip over into jerky thrusts she slowed again purposefully and asked, "Is it okay if I get a little bigger?"


Yasha glanced behind her. "Of course. Oh." She startled a little at the bit of strain in her own voice. She wasn't especially turned on, just very, very cozy. Still, she didn't miss the sharp huff of a laugh from behind. "I'm still fine," she added hastily. "Not too much bigger, please."


"I know." Beau sounded fond and breathless all at once, leaning to rub a knuckle lightly at the spot behind Yasha's ear. "You'll tell me if you want anything, yeah?"


She nodded. "I did," she reminded Beau, "and you're giving it to me."


"Hell yeah." Beau's hand tightened a little on her hip, and Yasha had to close her eyes for a moment at the slight stretch that followed right behind. It felt like the beginning all over again, which was to say it felt good and right. Beau was starting to find a proper rhythm, leaving behind the casual, slow rocking and starting to whine just that little bit as Yasha pulled her attention back to the game.


It wasn't terribly difficult. Her little farmer stepped out to a new day, and Yasha traipsed dutifully through the sprawl of blue and white to the greenhouse as she started the morning routine over again. The feeling of Beau rutting into her from behind was so nice, but it registered as little more distracting than a good back rub might. The noises Beau was trying hard and progressively failing to suppress, however - not to mention the slick sounds she couldn't - were starting to complicate things. Not that Yasha minded. In truth, she loved every one of the sounds that fell around them. The knowledge of Beau taking her pleasure, that she was the source of those sounds…taking Beau apart almost always got to Yasha in a way direct physical contact couldn't, and this was no different except that her hands were free and there was nothing for her to do but enjoy it. No mounting pressure to chase, no blinding orgasm ready to rip through her, just the soft and fuzzy contentment of listening to Beau slowly lose her mind behind her.


At some point Yasha accepted that running her avatar from villager to villager was about all she could manage with her attention splitting more and more, and at the first judder of Beau's hips she paused entirely and rested her head on her arms to brace and ride out Beau's release and the rest of the feeling squeezing her all over. Not arousal, though there was a faint but unmistakable stirring of that in the distance. The feeling coursing through her was something broader, a mix of pride at being the one Beau trusted like this (who else would she let herself take from, with no thought of what to give to make up for it?) and a wash of contented safety. Yasha never felt stronger than when she was holding Beau, never safer than with someone to care for this much. It didn't much matter, she supposed, if holding her in this case meant the warmth of Beau's cock in her cunt - the feeling was still here, as strong as it ever was. Yasha gently kissed the knuckles of the hand braced on her shoulder and closed her eyes again, rocking slightly with the force of Beau's thrusts.


The effect of her fond gesture was immediate; Beau's quiet grunts turned to high, breathy whines, and those in turn began to build with every twitch of her hips until finally her air choked off as she stiffened and came. Yasha shivered at the slippery warm feeling of Beau's spend and clenched hard around her twitching cock in response, eliciting another jerk and a sound from Beau like she'd been punched before her forehead dropped to rest between Yasha's shoulders. Beau's thighs shuddered against the backs of hers for another couple of moments, and then Yasha quietly kissed her hand again, picked up the controllers, and resumed her game.


She laughed outright at the disgruntled nip Beau gave her through her shirt, but she didn’t have to look to know she was smiling too - especially when she nuzzled against Yasha's back and mumbled, "I win" with a self-satisfaction that ignored entirely the rasp shot through it.




"I distracted you from your game."


"Oh yes," Yasha agreed. "You try focusing on picking up snow potatoes when your girlfriend is making those kinds of noises, see how you do."


Beau propped her chin on Yasha's shoulder and flicked her nipple through her shirt, very lightly. "Is that an offer? Cuz you can use my ring if you want."


Yasha reached behind her and patted Beau's bare thigh. "I'm certain I will be curious about it one day, but for now I just like that you like it."


"Mhmm. S'perfect." Beau remained draped over her as she collected herself, the ribs Yasha could feel with every breath eventually evening out to something regular and soft against her back. "Yash?"


She sounded sleepy, content in a way that filled Yasha with pride and tenderness in equal measure. "What is it, baby?"


"Can you hold me? After I clean us up and stuff? It's fine if you're done playing though -"


"Of course. Here, let me help you."


"Mmm." She was smiling again, knowingly this time. "Shoulders sore?"


"Getting there," Yasha said apologetically. She paused the game. "Also I'm a little cold, and also also I just really love holding you."


She felt Beau's grin against her skin. "Yeah, I know." She inhaled then, a bracing breath before she began assembling her limbs to sit up and slide slowly from inside of Yasha. She groaned softly at whatever inevitable mess they'd made and pressed a kiss to the top of Yasha's ass, patting her gently with the hand towel she'd brought. "Gods, you're beautiful." When she was done, Beau sat back on her heels with a gentle tug at Yasha's ribs to encourage her to do the same.


Yasha shifted round, mindful of the warm drip feeling lingering between her legs and thinking idly about the high chance that some of it had been from her before bending to meet Beau's mouth with her own. Her thoughts drifted obligingly, any remnants vanishing at the soft sigh Beau gave when Yasha slipped her tongue behind her teeth and felt her yield yet further.


"Come on." She pressed a final peck to the end of Beau's nose and suppressed a smile at the dazed blink she got in return. "Bathroom, bedroom, and back?" She was already standing, taking Beau's hands in hers and guiding her up as she nodded.


"Maybe kitchen too for some water."


"Go on to the bathroom," Yasha told her. "I'll bring you some."


"Kay." Beau rested her cheek on Yasha's chest for a second, then rocked back and made her way down the hall.



Ten minutes found them changed and hydrated, the hand towel Beau had thought to put down tossed in the washer and the two of them curled up in the big squashy chair Yasha had carried out to the living room just for this. It was rounder, had more room for Yasha to cross her legs and bracket Beau's body entirely with room for them both to slouch a bit. Their biggest blanket was pinned down by Yasha's back, wrapped around both of them and held shut by Beau so that nothing but their heads poked out. Late fall meant earlier sunset, so the apartment was lit by now almost solely from the TV.


"And that's it for winter," Yasha said decisively. "I'm going to step outside and take a good look at all the spring colors, and then we can turn on a show while we wait for the food to get here. Sound good?"


Beau hummed in response and looked up to press a kiss to the underside of Yasha's jaw. "All good. Love you."


Yasha nuzzled her cheek in Beau's hair and repeated it back, and then the game loaded the next day and Yasha turned her attention to walking her avatar out of her house. Both of them blinked at the wash of color that unfolded. The whites and blues of winter had been beautiful in their own way - certainly more than the actual grays and more grays of late fall outside - but after several sessions spent with the same two colors the greens and browns were a balm on Yasha's eyes.


"Man," said Beau. "That is really satisfying, and I'm not even the one playing."


"It is," Yasha agreed. "And you might not be playing but I think you definitely had your turn."


Beau grinned and wiggled closer. "Something something joystick. Uh. Button mashing. There's a joke here, s'what I'm saying."


Yasha nodded pensively. "I see it. It's very funny. Ha ha."


Beau dissolved into a huffed laugh and tapped her head lightly against Yasha's shoulder. "Shut up, my brain's still all fuzzy."


"Sorry, no mute button here." Yasha bent and buried her nose in Beau's neck, making little nonsense noises and holding her tighter when she squirmed and pleaded between giggles.


The doorbell saved her in the end, though she made a little disappointed noise between residual laughter when Yasha extricated herself and replaced Beau on the chair with the blanket. "I can't carry you and the food," Yasha told her with a kiss to the head. "Wait here."


"I could carry the food," Beau protested.


Yasha paused mid-turn and looked her over. "You know, you're right." Beau yelped when Yasha scooped her up again, but she quickly curled in close and all but purred as Yasha made again for the door. Possibly the delivery man didn't get paid enough for PDA, but hey. Love made the world go around or something. Mostly it made Yasha's arms warm and her chest warmer when Beau grinned at the bemused girl on the other side of the door she swung open and accepted their food with delight.


"Thanks! Gnight."


Yasha put together the plaid and the beanie and the overall something of the girl just before her tired face cleared a little. She waved back with a smile as she left. "You guys have a good evening."


"We will," Yasha replied sincerely, and then the door shut and it was just the two of them and a bag of hot wings.


"I think we made her night," Beau remarked. "You should definitely carry me more often."


"Say the word," Yasha replied. "After I get some food. And save some fries for me."


Beau grinned around the one in her mouth as Yasha plunked her on the couch. "Better hurry."