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Madoka Attacks North Korea Side Story: Asuka Emblem

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It's been 4 years since Mami had given birth to her daughter, Mami Jr. Nagisa who had started dating her while she was pregnant went on a break from being the leader of a mafia of child and left the magical girl mafia in charge to her right hand woman, Asuka Otori. Asuka sat in her office waiting for something, anything, to happen. She looked outside and saw a young woman taking her dog out for a walk. It barked at a squirrel that was on the ground. Asuka froze in fear, she had a flashback to 5 years ago when her and 11 of her friends tried to kill a red haired magical girl known as Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko was trying to kill all of the jews but Asuka and her friends tried to stop her. She had never seen such a feral girl before or after that day, and neither did 6 of her friends because Kyoko killed them.
"Asuka, wake up! Pay attention to me!" It was Kurumi Mugen, Asuka's best friend, and the only one of Asuka's surviving friend who had joined the magical girl mafia with her.
"Kurumi, I was just thinking of something, I'm sorry that I wasn't paying attention to you."
"Apology accepted, Asuka." Kurumi said while she hugged her friend.
Suddenly someone was knocking on the door to Asuka's office.
"Who is it?"
"It's me, Nagisa."
"HOLY SHIT! I'M SORRY FOR NOT OPENING THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY!" Asuka ran over and opened the door for her leader.
"Asuka, there's been a blonde magical girl who's been killing random people in downtown Mitakihara. I want you to stop her."
"I don't wanna stop her, if I did want to stop something like this then I would've joined the police or the military. Also why don't you wanna do it? You're way stronger than both Kurumi and I combined? I don't even know what my magic is even though I've been a magical girl for 6 years."
"You're an orphan right?"
"Then you know how it's like to live without a parent or two. I don't want Mami Jr to go through that while she's still a child. That's why I haven't been leading this mafia since she was born."
"That still doesn't explain why you want me to stop her, members of the magical girl mafia aren't quite known for being heroic and doing the right thing."
"I very well know that, however this girl is fairly strong, she would make a great asset to the magical girl mafia."
"You seem dead set on me fighting her so I guess i'll go. Kurumi, do you wanna come along?"
"Sure, Asuka." Kurumi said as she tried to hide her blush. Just being able to help Asuka made her feel good enough to almost orgasm.
"How are we gonna get there anyways? I don't think a bus or a train would bring us to where a magical girl has been causing destruction, and I doubt she'll wait for us to walk there." Asuka asked Nagisa.
"Just steal a car or something."
"Good idea, Nagisa." Asuka opened up a window, jumped out of it, then ran over to a car that was about to drive off, and pushed the driver out of his seat with Kurumi getting in one of the backseats.
"You ready, Kurumi?"
"Yes ma'am!"
"Then let's go!" Asuka tried to get out of her parking spot but she hit the cars that were infront and behind her in the process. Once she was finally out of her parking spot it was mostly a smooth ride.

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It took around 10 minutes but Asuka and Kurumi eventually got to where Nagisa told them to go. They jumped out of the car and let it crash into whatever was ahead, which was thankfully the magical that they were fighting.
"Ouch! That wasn't quite nice or fair of you to send a literal car at me before I even got to see your faces." The blonde magical girl said sarcastically, obviously a car wouldn't be enough to hurt her.
"You've been wrecking shit and killing people here for like 15 minutes I didn't think you of all people would care about an introduction. Also what's even your goal? Is this just for shits and giggles? Why are you hurting people?" Asuka summoned her karambit and began walking towards her.
"Asuka don't! We need to recruit her not kill her."
"I don't care, Nagisa may be our leader but I don't want someone like her to join our ranks!"
"So your name's Asuka? I take it that your friend is named Kurumi, am I right? My name is Abigail."
"How do you know my name?"
"My queen told me everything there is to know about you girls."
"Queen? Oh God! Don't tell me there's more people like you out there!"
"There's more people out there like me, I am a member of the Babel Brigade! We want you and Kurumi to join!" Abigail sais beaming with joy.
"That's the opposite of what I want!"
Abigail smiled as she summoned her scissors.
"I have no interest in joining your clown mafia, either you join us or I kill you!"
"That's fine with me!"
Asuka leapt at Abigail, trying to hit her but to no avail.
"Too slow, too slow!"
Abigail kicked Asuka in the mouth.
Kurumi summoned a huge ass syringe and threw it at Abigail, hitting her in the stomach.
"I've been defeated, but I can't fall here. I must make my retreat." Abigail said as she pulled the syringe out. "See ya later Rapture and War Nurse!"
"Go ahead and retreat! The next time we meet we will-"
"But Asuk-"
Asuka slapped Kurumi across the face.
"Why am I still friends with you?"

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"My queen! I've returned!" Abigail kneeled to the blonde woman wearing a mask.
"Have you recruited Asuka and Kurumi? Where are they?"
"I haven't gotten them to join, yet. As for their location, I have no idea."
"You've failed me, Abigail. You may be my lover but I do not tolerate failure!" The masked woman slapped Abigail across the face.
"Don't worry Abigail, I already have someone else who has to ability to recruit both of them."

Asuka and Kurumi opened the doors to Asuka's office, which is technically Nagisa's office. Nagisa was speaking to a skinny girl with long blue hair.
"Welcome back, I take it that you haven't recruited that magical girl? Am I correct?"
"You're completely correct Nagisa, we probably would have been able to capture her had Kurumi over here not let her get away." Asuka punched Kurumi on her shoulder.
"Fucking bimbo. Anyways, you may be wondering who this girl is. Her name is Hino Asumi, she's our newest recruit. I want you to train her."
"Wait why?"
Nagisa didn't get a chance to answer her question before Hino ran over to Asuka and hugged her.
"I look forward to learning from the great Rapture!"
"Why the hell are you hyping her up? Sure she's been leading this mafia for the past few years but she hasn't done anything too impressive battle wise. Half of her friends died 5 years ago because she was too weak and she doesn't even know how to use her magic yet." Nagisa said.
"HOW DARE YOU DISRESP-" Asuka punched Kurumi in the back of the head.
"How dare you disrespect our leader, Kurumi."
"Asuka, you're siding with her?"
"Yeah why wouldn't I? She was the one who gave me a new purpose in life after half of our friends died."
"Bu-But I thought that I was the one who-"
"You didn't give me a new purpose in life, Kurumi."
Kurumi began to cry.
"She'll be alright, she's just being overdramatic." Asuka said.

Kurumi began drinking her 5th bottle of wine, she wanted to die. Asuka obviously doesn't care about her as much as she wants to so what's even the point of living anymore.
"I knew that one day I would have to use this." Kurumi said as she pulled a pistol out of a drawer that was underneath her bed.
"I need to write something before I put myself to sleep...."
She pulled out a notebook that was also in the drawer underneath her bed.

Dear Asuka Otori,
it's clear to me that you don't care about me. It is for that reason that I will be ending my life. I hope that the rest of your life is filled with happiness and joy.
Love Kurumi Mugen.
Despite being drunk the note was legible. She ripped the page out of her notebook and then placed it on the floor near her bed.
"It's time to end this!"
She laid down on her bed and was about to pull the trigger but she was stopped by someone knocking on the door.
"Hey Kurumi, can I come in?"
She quickly put the pistol underneath her pillows and opened the door.
"Kurumi, I've come to- wait a minute are you drunk?"
"Yes!" She said.
"We're you going to kill yourself before I got in?" Asuka joked.
"Yes actually, how did you know?"
"Yeah, I was about to shoot myself in the head until you came in."
Asuka hugged Kurumi.
Asuka began to cry.
"Asuka...I'm sorry. I promise that from now on if you yell at me or slap me then my mind won't instantly go to blowing my brains out."
"Thank you....Kurumi." Asuka said through her tears.
"You wanna sleep in the same bed with me tonight?"
"Su...sure!" Asuka said while still crying.
Kurumi grabbed her pistol and put it back in the drawer. She got in bed and fell asleep almost instantly.
"Goodnight, Kurumi." Asuka said as she got in bed next to Kurumi and fell asleep.

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Nagisa entered Kurumi's room to shake her awake, but instead of just one girl she found two totally not gay girls sleeping.
"Wake up you two! I got a mission for the both of you." Nagisa said.
"A mission this early in the morning?" Asuka said groggily.
"Yes, it's pretty important too. Meet me in my office, girls." Nagisa walked out of the room.
"Kurumi wake up and get dressed. We got a job to do."

Kurumi and Asuka who were now fully dressed walked into Nagisa's office where their leader, her daughter, and Hino were waiting for them.
"Nagisa, what is Mami Jr doing her? She's 4 and not even a member of the mafia."
"Today's Bring Your Kid to Work Day and she wanted to come see what I do as a job."
"But I don't allow people to let them bring their children here and neither did you."
"I don't care, I'm the leader here, I get to make up the rules! Say hi, Mami Jr."
"Hi Asuka and Kurumi, it's been awhile since I last saw you guys!" She ran up and hugged both of them, burying her face into Kurumi's breasts.
"Your tits are almost as big as mom's!"
"Okay Jr, I think it's time for you to stop with the greetings." Nagisa said sheepishly.
Mami Jr listened to her mother and stopped hugging the elder magical girls.
"So Nagisa, is our mission just to greet your kid or is it an actual mission where we go out and beat people up?" Kurumi asked.
"No it's much more serious. The Russian mafia have appeared in Hokkaido and are blocking the magical girls who are station there from being able to sell drugs."
"The Russian mafia? The hell are they doing in Japan and why hasn't anyone killed them yet? Just one magical girl could destroy an entire army, there's no reason why someone has killed all of them yet."
"I do not have an answer for the first question but for the second question, apparently it is because they have a young magical girl with them, according to the reports that I've been sent she appears to be around the ages of 10 to 12."
"That doesn't make any different though, it's one magical girl against one hundred of them."
"They don't want to hurt a child."
"They know that, but they still don't want to fight."
Asuka let out a loud sigh. "Have I gone too soft on them? I feel like a failure."
"Since you're Hino's instructor, she'll be fighting along with you and Kurumi."
"Nagisa, how are we supposed to get to Hokkaido? It's pretty faraway from Mitakihara City."
"I have a helicopter, all five of us will be able to ride on it."
"Five of us?"
"Yes Asuka, the five of us. Jr will be coming with us, she really wants to see you guys beat the shit out of some Russians."
"You better not disappoint me, I wanna see some dead bodies."
"Damn you're really excited for this, let's board that helicopter then."

"Kasyanov, why do we need to just sit here doing nothing? Just because that masked girl paid us doesn't mean we have to actually follow her orders. We could've just taken the money and ran."
"You see Nazani, I'm just a normal man. She and her lover are magical girls, and I don't mean to insult your power but if we were to not follow her orders she could've killed everyone in the Russian mafia."
Nazani pouted. "I'M STRONG TOO!"
"That's true, but they're leagues above you."
"That's a lie! I could've taken both of them dow-"
The helicopter that the leaders of the magical mafia were on had finally arrived, and Asuka, Kurumi, and Hino jumped out of it and landed infront of the Russians.
"Join the Babel Brigade and we won't have to fight!" Nazani yelled out.
"I'd never join you guys." Asuka said as she summoned her karambit and ran straight towards the magical girl.
"FIRE!" Kasyanov ordered his men to shoot at Asuka but Hino pulled a Yugioh card out of her pocket, all of the bullets suddenly disappeared.
"Now back at you." Hino threw the card, and bullets proceeded to come out of it, killing all of their opponents except for Kasyanov and Nazani.
"That's my magic, Yugioh magic!"
"WHAT THE FUCK!" Nazani screamed.
"GOOD JOB, HINO!" Mami Jr yelled out from the helicopter.
"Aight, I'mma head out." Kasyanov said as he ran into the woods.
"Yes ma'am."
The blue haired girl chased after the Russian until he tripped over a rock.
"Please don't kill me! I'll do anything that you want!" Kasyanov begged.
Hino grabbed him by the throat and threw him into a nearby river.
"Time to head back to Asuka!" She said cheerfully.

"I WON'T LOSE TO YOU!" Nazani screamed as the floor infront of her began to explode.
"Kurumi, shoot her!"
"Alright, my love."
"What was that last part?"
"Nothing! Nothing!"
Kurumi grabbed a tranquilizer tart out of her pocket and threw it at Nazani, knocking her out almost instantly.
"Let's tell Nagisa that we're done here!" Hino said as she came out of the woods.

Asuka Otori
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Favorite food: The blood of her enemies
Hobby: Crying herself to sleep and getting scared of fireworks
Favorite color: Black
Personality: She's a criminal who sells drugs but she hates it when anyone, magical girl or not, kills people for no reason
Favorite person: Kurumi

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Nazani began to open her eyes, she was naked and in a dark room. She tried to move but she couldn't due to having her arms and legs tied up.
"HELP ME! I'M SCARED!" Nazani screamed but nobody came to help her.
After a few minutes of shouting, Kurumi finally entered the room.
Kurumi began smiling.
"I'm not here to save you, I'm here to torture you!"
Kurumi pulled a syringe out of her pocket and injected her with it on the wrist.
"Now whenever you feel anything it, the feeling should be ten times more intense."
Kurumi stick her fingers inside of the child's pussy, causing her to orgasm instantly before pulling her fingers out.
"Why did you pull out?"
"Now that you know how this is like, tell me all of the information that you know before I decide to hurt you."
"I don't know anything I swear! The most that I know is that we were hired by a masked blonde woman and her lover to try to recruit you and Asuka to join the Babel Brigade."
"So their leader is blonde and wears a mask. What else do you know?"
"I don't know anything else!"
Kurumi pinched Nazani on the nipples, causing the child to scream.
"I'll only stop if you decide to join the magical girl mafia."
Kurumi stopped pinching Nazani.
"Good. I must report this to Nagisa."
"Can you untie me at least?" Kurumi who was about to leave the room ran over to Nazani and began spanking her on the ass.
"Promise me that you won't ever betray us."

"My queen, the Russian mafia have failed to recruit Asuka and Kurumi."
"Looks like they won't be joining the Babel Brigade by words. I'll just make them join by force! Abigail, I have a new mission for you!"
"What is it, my queen?"
"Kidnap one of their friends and torture her until they join."
"Do you have any specific friend in mind?"
"No, go wild!"

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Hino was walking home, sure she could move into the magical girl mafia's base, but she hadn't told her mother that she had joined a organized crime syndicate that sells drugs, and was lead by a 12 year old, a 16 year old with PTSD that she got after her friends were killed by a furry, and a 16 year old who wants to fuck the PTSD ridden 16 year old by all means necessary.
"It's nice to finally have friends!" Hino said to herself.
Suddenly someone ran behind her and knocked her out by throwing a brick at her head.
"She's not good at anything, well anything except for being a hostage!" Abigail, the person who had knocked her out, said.

Asuka was in her bed, she was tired, between Kurumi trying to kill herself, and the Babel Brigade harassing her to join them, things have been very crazy for her. Unfortunately for her someone was knocking at her door.
"Who the hell is it? I'm trying to sleep!"
"It's me, Kurumi!"
"What do you want?"
"Nagisa said that Nazani can be my apprentice, just like how Hino's your apprentice."
"Cool, but couldn't you have told me this tomorrow? I'm tired as hell right now."
Kurumi opened the door, and saw Asuka half asleep.
"Asuka, you're so cute." Kurumi said as she walked over to where her friend was laying. "I want to kiss you so bad right now."
She was so close to kissing Asuka until Asuka received a text on her phone.
"Kurumi can you stop? I need to see who texted me."
Asuka received a video, of Hino tied up and blindfolded.
"Hey Asuka, I've kidnapped your friend here. I'll keep her here until you and Kurumi both decide to join the Babel Brigade."
Asuka grabbed her soul gem and changed into her magical girl clothes.
"Kurumi, I'm going to fight that blonde scissors girl again, you stay here."
"Ha, nope!"

Kurumi and Asuka searched the entirety of Mitakihara City, eventually they found a Mcdonald's that was for some reason still open at 2:15am.
"What a suspicious place. Kurumi, let's head inside!"
The lights were on even though there were no employees inside. The door to the basement was opened.
"She's there, she has to be in there!" Asuka said as she ran inside.
"Asuka wait!"
Inside of the basement, Abigail was torturing Hino by grilling meat while Hino was struggling to get free.
"I haven't even done anything yet, I was literally just grilling burgers. I wasn't even going to feed it to her, I'm not that cruel to feed a girl something that barely classifies as food."
"Then why are you even grilling meat?"
"Cuz Hino doesn't like it."
Asuka took a deep breathe and summoned her karambit.
"I'm going to let you untie my friend or I'll kill you."
"You and what army?"
"This army!" Kurumi said as she walked down the stairs.
"Why does my queen want to recruit you guys so much?"
Abby summoned her scissors and, attempted to cut Hino's head off but Asuka threw her karambit at the blonde's hand, cutting it off.
Her hand regrew, and Abigail ran out of the basement.
"I've been defeated but I can't fall here! I must make my retreat!"
She quickly dashed out of the McDonald's establishment.
"Oh you're not getting away this time!" Asuka chased after Abigail, she threw her karambit at the magical girl's left leg immobilizing her.
"I'm sorry my queen...looks like this'll be the end for me."
"Hold it!"
A blonde masked woman teleported over to where Abigail was laying.
"Those eyes, that hair! I feel like I saw those before!"
"I am the Brigadier, leader of the Babel Brigade."
"Show your face to me, coward!"
"No." The Brigadier teleported away with Abigail in her arms.
"FUCK!" Asuka screamed

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The Brigadier teleported into her bedroom. The first thing she did was throw Abigail onto her bed.
"My queen, I don't deserve this, I failed you twice."
"I don't blame you for failing me. It's clear to me that those two girls won't join the Babel Brigade through words or hostages. We'll just have to make them join by force."
The Brigadier said as she undressed.
"Should we use condoms tonight?"
"No, of course not, I want to feel all of your sperm inside of me!"
"You won't have to worry about trying to recruit those girls, but you'll definitely have to worry about being a teen mom."
Abigail pulled her panties off and spread her legs apart. Her queen thrusted inside of her causing Abigail to let out a loud moan.

Asuka, Kurumi, and Hino went into Asuka's bedroom.
"You'll be staying here tonight, it's too dangerous for you to go home."
"Hey Asuka I wanted to discuss something with you for a while."
"What is it?"
"What are the ranks in the magical girl mafia, and is there another name for it other than just magical girl mafia?"
"Well the name magical girl mafia is pretty generic, so Nagisa named it Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia. However that name is too long so everyone just calls it the magical girl mafia. About the ranks, when someone first joins the only jobs they're allowed to do are cooking, cleaning, doing the landry, and going out to recruit more girls. Mostly everyone who is apart of this mafia either buys or cooks their own food, so the cooking job is pretty obsolete. The same thing goes for the landry job. After at least a year of being apart of this organization you get to help in the production of drugs, and you get to be backup during a drug deal incase anything goes wrong. After a year of that you get to finally deal drugs, and fight people, however Nagisa, Kurumi or I can decide what your rank can be from when you first join. For example I was instantly made Nagisa's second in command the moment I joined this mafia. Why? I don't know, I guess she took pity on me since I lost 6 of my friends to a furry and myself was almost killed by said furry. You can only be made 2nd in command if Nagisa chooses you to be that or if you're the apprentice of one of them and they leave the mafia or die. As for the leader of the mafia either you're Nagisa or you're her child, so Mami Jr. She'll inherit this mafia once Nagisa dies."
"Wait you and Kurumi are both second in command to Nagisa?"
"That's right, we can't boss each other around even if we wanted to." Asuka yawned. "It's really fucking late right now, so I'll be going to sleep soon. Hey Hino, wanna sleep with me? This kinda is your only option unless you wanna sleep on the floor or in my room's bathroom."
"I don't really have a choice but sure!"
Kurumi began to give Hino a death stare.
"If you so much as look at Asuka in an inappropriate way then I'll kill you!" Kurumi said with a smile on her face!
"Get outta my room, I need to sleep."
"Alright, Asuka, goodnight." Kurumi walked out of the room.
All it took for Asuka to fall unconscious was her head touching the pillow. Hino moved next to Asuka and fell asleep.

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Mia Cyrus, the 19 year old magical girl who is currently working for the American military was one of Asuka's friends who fought with her 5 years ago. She really wanted to visit her friends in Japan. She doesn't like how she's basically the poster girl of the American military, someone who middle aged white southern men and women worship like a goddess. Whenever she would visit another country, like Japan, nobody would treat her differently, they'd treat her like a normal person and not like some deity. Mia walked up to the door's of Obama's office, she knocked on the door, the one and only President Obama opened the door a few seconds later.
"Mia, what brings you to my office today?"
"President Care, I request premission to go on a vacation to Japan."
"You want to go to Japan, huh? I'll only let you go if I get to go with you!"
"Why do you need my permission to go on a vacation to Japan? You're the president of this country, I'm just high ranking solider. Sure a magical girl solider, but still just a solider."
"Because I was joking." Obama said with a deadpan face and in a monotone voice.
"Sure you can come along with me."
"YAYYYYY! Let me call up Joe real quick."
Obama quickly called the Vice President of America, Joe Biden.
"Joe, you're gonna be the President for a few days, I"m gonna go to Japan."
"Why didn't you inform me about this a few days ago? This is very unprofessional."
"I don't care, the reason why I didn't tell you about this because I just decided this."
"Why didn't you wait for like 3 days, sir?"
Obama ended the call, he wasn't in the mood to deal with Joe Biden.
"Well Mia, let's get on a helicopter and fly to Japan!" Obama said as she ran out of his office with Mia quickly following behind him.

Chapter Text

"Girls, we're going to have two very special guests visiting us today." Nagisa said
"Who are those guests?" Asuka asked.
"The President of America, Obama Care, and a girl known as Mia Cyrus."
Asuka's eyes widened in shock.
"MIA?" Kurumi yelled.
"You know her?"
"Hino, Nazani, be on your best behavior today, we have a very important guest visiting today."
"You sound just like my teacher." Nazani said.
"Only one important guest? Don't we have the President of America also on his way here?"
"Yes, but he's not as important as my old friend."
"Nazani dear, listen to Asuka or I'll lobotomize you." Kurumi gleefully said.
"Ok-okay! I'll listen to her."

Obama's helicopter landed in a random parking lot.
"We've finally arrived at Mitakihara."
"I'm here Asuka, I promised to visit the city that you live in all those years ago. I've finally fulfill that promise today."
Obama and Mia walked up to a large black building. Once they were at the door Obama called Nagisa.
"We're at the front entrance."
After a few seconds of waiting, the door opened.
"Obama, it's been a long time!"
"Indeed it has, look at how much you've grown." Obama hugged Nagisa.
"Stop! This is so embarrassing, I'm a stepmother now, I'm not supposed to be treated like this!"
"Where's Asuka and Kurumi? I need to speak with them."
"On the top floor!"
Mia walked to the closest elevator, this place was quiet, like really quiet. She entered it and pressed the button to the top floor. After a few seconds she was on the top floor.
"Mia!" Kurumi said as she hugged her friend. "How's things been going for you in the last 5 years?"
"They've been going well, I guess. I've started to hate white southerners though."
"You wanna meet Asuka?"
"Obviously "
"Come with me then."
Mia began to follow Kurumi, eventually they arrived at Nagisa's office. She took a deep breathe and opened the door.
"Mia, I've waited a long time time finally meet you again, I've missed you, my friend."

Chapter Text

"Asuka? You look like you haven't aged a day!"
"But I grew 4 inches taller since we last met! I should look slightly different!" Asuka joked.
"Did your boobs get bigger?"
"Yes, and it's painfully! My back hurts most of the time and whenever I run they flop around everywhere!"
"I missed you guys, like a lot. I can't get in contact with Peipei and Tamara, so they're probably dead, meaning that as of right now you two are my only magical girl friends."
Asuka nodded sadly.
"I still can't believe it's been 5 whole years since Israel fell. 5 years since I failed to save all of them." Asuka said as she began to cry

- 5 years ago -

"FRANCINE!" Asuka screamed!
Her friend was stabbed in the chest by the red magical girl, Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko started barking at Asuka before she noticed a Jewish family in their car, attempting to escape Israel. She stopped paying attention to Asuka and chased after them.
"Asuka....I'm most definitely going to die."
"You will....I trust you."
Asuka's left hand was bleeding, she placed her left hand on Francine's injury.
"What're you trying to do?"
"Asuka....take care of them for me..."
"Francine, wake up!" Asuka said as she shook her friend. "RESPOND! PLEASE!" Asuka said as she cried.

"Asuka, don't cry. There's nothing you could've done to save them." Mia said
"If I had just used my magic then-"
"Even if we knew what your magic was, nothing would've changed. Magdalena quite literally had her head bitten off by that magical girl unless your magic can regrow heads then not everyone would've survived."
Asuka wiped her tears using a napkin.
"You're right Mia, I should stop being so hard on myself."
"Our reunion shouldn't be such a sobfest, we should do something fun."
"Killing the magical girl who caused you so much trauma." Kurumi gleefully said.
"You know where she is?"
"Yes, today Kyoko Sakura will die!"

Chapter Text

Asuka, Kurumi, and Mia walked into a dark alleyway, a perfect spot for a homeless person to hide in. They eventually reached a part of the alleyway that was surrounded by cardboard. The cardboard was in the shape of a house with glass windows. Asuka looked through the window and saw Kyoko Sakura, the person who had caused her so much psychological suffering.
"I found her, after 5 years, I finally found this bastard." Asuka summoned her karambit. "Kurumi, make sure to record this. This'll be hilarious to watch with all of our fri-"
Asuka stopped talking when she saw Kyoko talking to a brunette who appeared to be pregnant.

"Kyoko, should one of us look for a job? We're going to have another child soon and-"
"No, we have everything that we need. If we need money then I'll ask Nagisa or Sayaka about giving us money. If none of them are willing to give us money then I'll just become a mercenary who's paid in money and not apples this time."
"Mom? Are you going to get a job?" Kaede Sakura, Kyoko and Poorfag's first daughter said.
"No, of course not. Your mother was just talking about how we may need more money after your little sister is born."
"Good, I want all of us to be together after the baby is born." Kaede said smiling.

"I can't go on with this."
"Why's that?" Kurumi asked.
"This woman has a family now, I don't want her children to grow up without a parent just because of a teenager's selfish grudge. She may not even remember who I am, I refuse to kill her."
"Let's get out of this alleyway." Asuka said to her friends. The 3 of them left without looking back.

-15 hours later-
Nagisa walked through the door of Mami's apartment, she was tired and she wasn't ready for another day of hanging out with Mr Care.
"Nagisa, you're back!" Mami gleefully said. "Your packages arrived a few hours ago."
"I put your packages in the kitchen."
"Don't be so loud, Jr is sleeping."
"Damn, I didn't know she goes to sleep so ear-"
"It's 3:12am."
"Wow, I should really get to sleep soon." Nagisa said as she walked into the kitchen.
"If the Babel Brigade ever attempt to attack again, then they won't stand a chance against us now."

Chapter Text

"Listen up girls and Obama." Nagisa said as she stared at her friends. "The queen of Titania has most graciously sent us these guns!" Nagisa took a gun out of its box. "You will never know how much I had to beg to finally get her to send us these guns."
"Wait Gadulka? How did you get in contact with her? As a queen of the continent that's made out of a remains of the Titanic I'm sure she must be very busy." Kurumi asked
"Gadulka and I are actually friends, we first met like 5 years ago."
"Are these guns pre-owned? I don't wanna use a gun that someone has been using for like 10 years." Mia said.
"No, however they were created a few years ago when some American tried to take over the continent." Obama sadly nodded. "But they were never used because one of my friends was able to defeat him."
"Tell me her name, she sounds like a fun person."
"Her name is Madoka Kaname."
Asuka began smiling.
"I wanna talk to her one day!"
"Anyways back to the guns! They are made out of orichalcum, a magical metal that Gadulka sells at a high price. These gun also shoot orichalcum bullets."
"Wait a minute, why did you want to get these guns? Sure we fight people but we've never had to fight people so powerful that we'd need magical guns."
"It's because of the Babel Brigade, we have no idea what they're capable of. They have quite literally hired the entire Russian mafia to try to annoy us."

"My queen, Giess has arrived."
Abigail said to her lover.
"Excellent, tell him to meet up with a woman that's dressed in a white cloak that's inside of the nearest Dunkin' Donuts."
"Yes ma'am."
"If Asuka doesn't want to join when I ask her nicely then I'll just use brute force to make her join us."

Chapter Text

Giess, a robot with a human's brain implanted inside of his head, one of Brigadier's subordinates, was now going to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts because his master wanted him to.
"Meet up with a woman in a white cloak, Giess, she'll tell you what you'll be doing next." Abigail said
"Why don't you just tell me what my mission is?"
"Because that would ruin the surprise."
Giess ended the call.
"Let's see." Giess looked at his phone, he was close to the Dunkin Donuts.
After 3 minutes of walking he finally arrived at the Dunkin' Donuts.
"Hey, do you know of the Babel Brigade?"
"Ok, so you're the person that she was taking about. What's our task?"
"We invade Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia's base of operation."
"What does our leader want us to do there?"
"Your leader, I obey a different person. However he gave me the same goal that your leader told me to tell you. We attempt to recruit Asuka and Kurumi into the Babel Brigade."
"Why does your leader want Asuka and Kurumi to join the Babel Brigade?"
"He has told me to never tell anyone who isn't in a group about what are goals are."
She took a sip of her coffee.
"Want me to buy you one?"
"No, I literally cannot drink coffee."
"Oh yeah, I forgot that you're a robot. Want a donut?"
"Please tell me that you're joking."
"I'm not."
Suddenly Abigail came running in.
"What have you come to do here?"
"My queen has ordered me to help you, though she gave me a different mission then your's."
"What the fuck? Why didn't she just tell me to meet up with Abigail, it would've been much easier than hoping that the girl who uses scissors as a weapon gets to a Dunkin Donuts before a buff robot and a mysterious girl leave." Giess whispered to himself.
"Let's get going, I don't want to waste anymore time here." The girl in the white cloak said.
She walked to her car, Abigail and Giess followed her, and the 3 of them entered it.
"What's your name, lady?" Abigail asked.
"My name is Sarah."
"I'm guess you're American then."
Abigail's sentence was cut off by the car starting to move. They weren't even moving fast, she just felt it was appropriate to stop talking.

Chapter Text

Hino was sat down on a Snorlax Bean Bag Chair, staring at a picture of Mami Tomoe.
"One day my beloved, one da-"
"Hey Hino, get me some Incubator meat." Nagisa said as she entered the room that Hino was in.
"NAGISA! YOU SCARED ME! Would it have harmed you to have knocked on the door?"
"Yes, now get me some Incubator meat."
"Incubator meat? What's that?"
"You don't know what Incubator meat is? You haven't checked the food isle at your local Walmart?"
"Incubator meat is meat from Incubators. Do you know about those white cat aliens that use to follow magical girls around?"
Hino nodded her head.
"And do you know how they all randomly dropped dead a few years ago?"
Hino nodded her head again.
"Well almost 5 years ago now, a Incubator known as Kyubey and Kim Jong Un fused. They became a monster know as Kyubey Jong Un. I'm pretty sure that it sucked out the soul out of every Incubator in existance in one last attempt to destroy the universe because my friend was kicking his ass."
"What's that gotta do with Incubator meat?"
"Well because there were so many Incubator bodies all over the world it took many months to find them all, so many that it may take an entire millennium for us to run out of them. Once we found them we put them in a large refrigerator."
"Where is that refrigerator?"
"It's in the basement of this building. Go there and bring me some Incubator meat because I'm hungry."
"Ok, ma'am."
Hino walked out of the room and went into the elevator. Once the door opened she pressed the button to go to the basement. Once she was in the basement she walked down the hallway and opened the door, to see tons of dead Incubators in a pile.
"I just need to get one of these and then leave." Hino said as she grabbed a dead Incubator.

Chapter Text

Giess, Abigail and Sarah arrived at Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia's base of operation. They found a spot to park their car, stepped out of it and walked up to the door.
"So how are we supposed to get in, I'm here and they know that I'm their enemy." Abigail said. "Plus you two do not look trustworthy at all."
"Easy." Giess punched down the door. "Now go do your mission and we'll do ours."

Asuka went down the elevator, Hino hadn't come up even though she's been down here for a few minutes.
"Hino, why haven't you come up? All you had to do was grab an Incubator and bring it to Nagisa."
"Why didn't you tell me about this place? WHY DID YOU KEEP THIS A SECRET FROM ME?"
"I didn't, there just wasn't any point in telling you."
"Once a month I tell every magical girl who lives in this building to come down here and send Incubator meat to stores like Walmart, Stop & Shop etc. Since you don't live here you wouldn't have to do this."
"What did you even expect? We're a mafia who sells drugs, if anything selling dead cat aliens as food would be the most innocent that we sell."
Suddenly the doors to the elevator opened, Giess and Abigail both stepped out of it.
"Hey Asuka, move aside and I won't have to hurt you!"
"Join the Babel Brigade and I won't have to harm you!" Giess said.
"Hino, get ready for you second ever fight in the magical girl mafia!"
"Yes ma'am!"

Kurumi was checking every room in this building, but there were no signs of Asuka. Eventually she found Nazani asleep.
"We have a job?"
"The job is that you have to defeat me and my allies." Sarah said as she appeared from behind Kurumi.
"AHHHH!" They both screamed.
"Now Kurumi, join the Babel Brigade and the child lives."
"Very well then! Have fun going to the child's funeral knowing that you are responsible for her death!"

Chapter Text

"Nazani, grab your gun." Kurumi ordered.
"Yes ma'am."
Nazani reached out to try and grab her orichalcum but suddenly it hurt too much to move.
"WHAT DID YOU DO TO NAZANI?" Kurumi screamed.
"This needs a little bit of an explanation. My tits were not big, at all, when I was younger, infact they were actually quite small. One day I met an Incubator, his name was Kyuubee, he allowed me to make one wish. Can you guess what it was?"
"You wished for a good personality?"
"NO, dumbass, I wished for big tits! That gave me back pain magic."
"Your ability won't work on me you wench, I already have back pain from my oversized mammaries!"
Kurumi summoned a big ass syringe to shoot at Sarah, right when she was about to shoot the older woman her back began to hurt when ever she moved. Even the slightest movement would cause pain to her back.
"Nazani, use your explosion magic!" Kurumi ordered.
"But Kurumi, you're too close to me, if I use it right now you'll get hurt!"
"It's fine, as long you she gets hurt."
Nazani blew up her room, hurting mostly Kurumi as Sarah ran away.
"Looks like I came at the perfect time!" Mia said as she looked at Sarah's back.
Nazani, who was no longer in pain, grabbed her orichalcum gun and shot Sarah in the stomach.
"I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" Sarah kicked Mia so hard that she was sent flying into another room.
Sarah tried to use her back pain magic but it wasn't working.
"The hell? What happened to my magic?"
"When orichalcum enters a magical girl's body it leaves her unable to use her magic for a few minutes." Nazani said.
"How do you know that?"
"I read that in a book once!"
"No matter, I'll just shoot you to death!"
Kurumi summoned a syringe and shot the needle at Sarah, hitting her in the left arm.
"What was that, why do I feel so drowsy all of the sudden?"
"I stabbed you with a sleep inducing serum."
"NO! NO! IF I FALL ALSEEP THEN YOU'LL CAPTURE ME AND INTERROGATE ME FOR ANSWERS!" Sarah pulled put a bomb from her right pocket.
Sarah activated the bomb, killing herself.

Chapter Text

"So are we gonna fight?" Asuka asked.
"Nah, let's wait until your friend and Abigail finish fighting, then we'll beat the shit out of each other."
"Sounds fair."

Inside of the refrigerator Hino and Abigail were having a staring contest. The one who would win would get to attack first.
"Indeed I am!"
Hino lunged at Abigail cutting her on the left cheek using a Yu-Gi-Oh card.
"You cheater! You attacked before one of us blinked!" Abigail summoned her scissors.
"You know what, fuck this! I don't even have to fight you, all I need is one of these!" Abigail grabbed an Incubator carcase.
Hino stored an Incubator into her card and shot it at Abigail, knocking her onto the ground.
"Damn! I've been defeated but I can't fall here, I must make my retreat!"
Abigail went inside of the elevator, once it was on the first floor she ran away.
"So she's gone." Asuka said. "Should we start fighting now?"
Asuka summoned her karambit and got into a fighting stance.

Chapter Text

"Before we fight I need to explain my backstory." Giess said.
"Sure, go right ahead."
"Only a few months ago I was a normal boy living in Somalia. That was until one day that bandits had attacked my village, burnt it to cinders, and killed everyone living there. I was mortally wounded but thankfully the leader of the Babel Brigade and her lover had appeared just in time to save me."
"What the hell were they doing in Somalia?"
"I was just about to say what they were doing there. So they had decided to go on a one week vacation to Somalia, they were inside of a tax until the moment that they saw that a village was on fire. They instantly got out of their tax, and run to my village but they were too late, everyone was dead, except for me."
"Ok, but how did you become a cyborg robot guy?"
"I was just about to get there! So they knew that I was about to die, so the Brigadier teleported all 3 of us to her base where they implanted my brain into a robotic body."
"So you're working for the Babel Brigade because their leader saved your life?"
"Do you even like them? If not why don't you just join us?"
"No, not really."
"Then join us."
"No, I can't. They saved my life I have to repay them somehow."
"Who cares about repaying them, if you're not happy serving them then leave. Even if you don't want to join Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia, do what you want with the rest of your life."
"I'm sorry Asuka but my honor won't let me leave no matter what."
"I'll only leave if you join the Babel Brigade!"
"Actually no, you can stay with them."
Asuka rushed at Giess, cutting his hoodie in half.
"You know it's easier to get gains if you go to the gym right? You didn't need to get plastic surgery to get muscles, kid."
"SHUT UP!" Giess punched the ground infront of Asuka, leaving a giant hole there.
Asuka tried to cut his arm off but his arm was made out of metal that was too tough for her karambit to cut.
Giess punched her so hard that she went flying into the back of the refrigerator.
"The only thing that my Karambit can't cut through is steel, that must mean that-"
"You're correct my body is made entirely out of steel!"
"Damn it, I didn't bring my orichalcum gun here!" Asuka said to herself.
"I'm sorry I almost killed you, I nearly forgot my objective due to rage."
"I got an idea!" Asuka said to herself.
Asuka ran at Giess and punched him in the stomach, denting it.
"As of now right no, yes, it's easier to kill people with my karambit though, so I mainly use that."
Asuka punched him in the head, denting it.
Giess screamed as Asuka nearly flattened his head.
"You're about to die, mind telling me about what the Babel Brigade's goal is?"
"No, even at the end I refuse to let you know. However I respect your strength, here have an n word pass." Giess grabbed the lower half of his hoodie, which was cut off by Asuka, and handed here a peace of paper that said n word pass.
"Use it wisely." Giess said right before Asuka completely flattened his head.
"Well riperoni, I guess." Asuka said as she went inside of the elevator, Hino was waiting for her in there.
"What do we do now?" Hino asked.
"I don't know, let's report this to Nagisa." Asuka said as she pressed the elevator's top floor button.

Chapter Text

"My queen, I have arrived and I brought the Incubator corpse that you assigned me to bring!"
"Excellent, with this the second step of our plan can begin."
"My queen, I regret to inform you that Giess and Sarah have died."
"Oh yeah them, I feel kinda bad about Sarah but Giess' death was necessary for our plan. He was not a magical girl, after all he was just being used for his strength and his loyalty."
Abigail handed over the Incubator to her queen.
"We'll be going to Ukraine next."
"Ukraine? I don't know anything about that place."
"Don't worry, a magical girl by the name of Tamara Volkova will be there and she knows a good bit about that place."
"What are we gonna do over in Ukraine?"
"Our first mission will be to get Asuka to go there and then recruit her into the Babel Brigade. I'll keep our second mission a secret though, I want you to be surprised, my love."
"How many more times are we gonna try to recruit Asuka? She's obviously not going to join us."
"Just this one time, if she doesn't join then we'll stop trying to recruit her."
"Oh thank god, I'm so tired of trying to recruit her!"
"I wonder how Asuka will react to having to fight her old friends." The Brigadier whispered to herself.

-Somewhere in Thailand-

Lau Peipei, one of Asuka's old friends, was now committing sexual intercourse on a 10 year old child.
"Peipei! Don't move...your tongue so much!
"Astrologer, I'm doing this so that you feel good, to do that I need to move my tongue inside of your pussy."
"I know that but..."
Peipei didn't let Astrologer finish her sentence as she kept licking her. After a few more seconds of this she came on Peipei's face.
"Well that was enough for tonight, I'm gonna take a nap."
"Goodnight, Peipei."
Peipei quickly went to sleep, when she awoke in the morning she saw that the Brigadier was in her room, staring at her.
"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Peipei screamed as she summoned her nunchucks.
"Call me the Brigadier, I mean you no harm."
"What do you want from me?"
"I have taken your little friend from you, if you want to see her alive come with me to Ukraine."
The Brigadier pointed at Peipei causing her to be sent flying onto the wall.
"If you don't go to Ukraine then that is fine, however the child will be killed."
"That's the answer I expected, follow me to the airport, my lover is waiting there for us."
"Hold on, let me get dressed first."
After Peipei got dressed she started to follow the Brigadier to the airport.
"What a horrible thing to wake up to." Peipei whispered to herself.

Chapter Text

“So you're telling me that our base was raided by 3 people?” Nagisa said.
“Yes, leader.” Kurumi said.
“Looks like Kurumi already told you what happened.” Asuka said
“What the hell, how did you not know what was happening and where were everyone while your base was being attacked?” Mia said.
“Obama and I were playing Mario Kart 8 in a sound proof room.”
“Why a sound proof room?” Nazani asked.
“I get angry as hell when somebody beats me at Mario Kart so we went there so that we wouldn't annoy anyone.”
“Did you win?”
“No, Nazani, she did not win.” Obama said as he appeared behind Nagisa.
“Ok, that explains why you didn't help us but what about the other people who live here?”
“I don't know, Mia, I guess they were having sex or some shit.”
“Well it's getting late, I'm going to sleep.” Asuka said as she left for her room.

-the next day-

“ASUKA, WAKE UP!” Nagisa yelled.
“What do you want, It's still early.”
“I have a mission for you.”
“Can't it wait? I'm so tired.”
“No, no it can't.”
“What mission is so important that it requires you to wake me up so early in the morning.”
“Our Ukraine division is having a lot of trouble selling drugs.”
“Why's that?”
“The Babel Brigade and-“
“Oh great! It just had to be them.”
“You didn't let me finish, the Russian military is also with them. They are what make it too dangerous to sell drugs over in Ukraine so I keep getting requests from the leader of our Ukraine division to help them”
“And they've successfully burnt down 3 villages. The reports that I've been sent say that among the Russian troops is a blue haired girl who wears a red eyepatch thingy.”
“TAMARA!” Asuka yelled.
“Who the hell is Tamara?”
“I need to go to Ukraine, I need to talk to Tamara and hopefully convince her to join our magical girl mafia.”
“I can't stop you from wanting to recruit her. If what you really wanna do is get her to join then fine, try to get her to join. If she ends up killing you then you'll have no one else to blame for except yourself.”
“I guess it's time for us to get going.” Asuka got up, changed into her magical and walked out of her room. Obama, Mia, Kurumi, Nazani, and Hino were waiting for her in the hallway.
“Guess what, we bought a private jet to bring us to Ukraine!” Obama gleefully said.
“Let's head outside then.” Nagisa said
Once they were outside they saw a red haired girl running towards them.
“Kyoko, you finally showed up!” Nagisa said.
“What is she doing here?” Kurumi said, trying her best to hide her rage.
“I contacted some of the strongest people that I know, which are my friends. Sadly the strongest person that I know didn't want to show up.”
“Who's the strongest person that you know?” Asuka asked
“I think I told you about her before, her name is Madoka Kaname.”
“DAMN IT! There goes my chance to meet her.”
“Enough dawdling, let's get on this aircraft already!” Kyoko said.
Everyone else followed after her.
"Does everyone have what they want to bring?" Nagisa asked.
"Yes." Everyone said.
The aircraft quickly took off for Ukraine

Chapter Text

"We have now arrived at our destination." The voice over the intercom said. Peipei got up, and the Brigadier followed behind her.
"What the hell? We landed in the middle of nowhere!" Peipei yelled.
As the other passengers began to exit the plane, the Brigadier pointed at them, causing them to fall back into the plane and then she flicked her fingers, causing the plane to be sent flying to some other place.
"So you've finally arrived, you kept me waiting 5 years for this!" A blue haired girl wearing a eye patching thingy walked over to Peipei. "It also appears that you've had plastic surgery done on you since the last time with met."
"Tamara? What're you doing here?"
"Did she not tell you? The Babel Brigade and the Russian Military have formed an alliance. The Russian military's assignment is to kill as many Ukrainian civilians as possible. A perfect task for me!" Tamara looked away from Peipei and began screaming. "STOP IT, SISTER! I WILL NOT KILL PEIPEI, I OFFER YOU AND THE REST OF MY FRIENDS AN UNCOUNTABLE AMOUNT OF LIVES EVERYDAY AND YOU'RE ALL NEVER SATISFIED!"
"Tamara, what's wrong!"
"Your big sister? There's nobody here besides the 3 of us."
"Tamara, where's Putin?"
"He said that he was called over to Moscow for some important business."
"That crusty old bastard left without tell me then."
"My queen, you should go to the Russian troops-" Tamara began to stare at Abigail.
"Oh hey, Tamara." Abigail began to shake in fear. "The way you burnt down those villages and killed any troops that refused to fight was so cool. Please don't kill me!" Abigail ran away. The Brigadier followed after Abigail. Peipei and Tamara walked behind the Brigadier.

"You smell weirdly familiar." Kyoko said as she sniffed Asuka.
"I guess we must've met before, I wonder when."
"Hey you dog girl, want a candy apple?" Mia asked
"You got a candy apple on you?"
The plane began to land as Kyoko was screaming over a candy apple.
"Alright fuckers, get off this jet!" The pilot said. The 8 of them quickly got off.
"Where the hell do we go now?" Kyoko asked.
"I don't know, let's just look around for a bit." Nagisa said.

Chapter Text

After a few minutes of walking around they found nothing.
"What the fuck? Based on the reports I thought that this place was gonna look like a war zone." Nagisa said.
"Well my phone says we're close to Kyiv." Asuka said. "We can book a hotel there and then go speak to the leader of our Ukraine division."
"You know what, since we wasted our time coming here why don't we spend like a week h-"
Nagisa was interrupted by the Brigadier who had teleported infront of Asuka.
"I look to you like a red rose. Seeking the sun.
No matter where it goes!" She said to Asuka before teleporting away.
"What the hell was that?"
Suddenly the Brigadier teleported infront of Asuka again.
"STOP DOING THAT!" Asuka screamed.
"I need you, Kurumi and Mia to join the Babel Brigade."
"No, none of us would never-"
"Will you kill the white Southerners who probably jerk off to me?" Mia asked.
"That was never part of my plan, but I can make room for that."
"Mia!" Obama said sternly.
"Sorry to get you hyped but looks like I'm not gonna join you guys." Mia said sheepishly.
"Well then, I'll just have to make you three join me by force."
The Brigadier teleported away.
In the distance 7 tanks began advancing towards the leaders of Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia. On top of the tank that was infront of the rest of the tanks there was a blue haired girl who was sitting on top of it.
"You're moving too slow! DIE!" Tamara kicked the tank so hard that is was sent flying towards the sun. Tamara looked at Asuka and her friends who were standing there.
"Asuka it's been an awfully long time."
"It has...."
"Join the Babel Brigade and you'll be spared."
"You're really willing to kill me and you're working for the Babel Brigade? I never would have imagined that you would have fallen so far!"
"Me kill you? I would never, no matter how far my sister begs me to kill you, I have no urge to do so. However the Russian military isn't so kind, they'll shoot you all down in an instant!"
An uncountable amount of Russian soldiers who were hiding in the bushes drew their guns.
"The Russian military's goal for this mission is to take over the capital of Ukraine and, due to our alliance with the Babel Brigade, to recruit you, Kurumi and Mia. That masked girl didn't say this but my president, Putin, has given me permission to kill all of you! So it is with a heavy heart that I say." Tamara looked back at the tanks and then to the Russian troops who were in the bushes. "KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!"
Nagisa created a huge bubble around all of her friends. All of their bullets bounced off of the bubble.
"Just as I expected, you all wouldn't die so easily!" Tamara looked over to the distance, an immensely large group of Russians were approaching.
"They're coming! If any of you are expecting to survive this fight then try to kill this small group of soldiers before the rest of my troops arrive!" Tamara said before she ran away.

Chapter Text

"How the hell are we supposed to get outta here?" Asuka asked. "If you put the bubble down then we'll be filled with tons of holes. If we wait for them to run out of ammo then all of the Russian troops will arrive and then they'll kill us. Our best bet would be to use Nazani's explosion magic but even then we run the chance of her blowing us up."
Kurumi took in a deep breathe.
"I'll use my magic."
"It's the only way! Virus magic, don't breathe!"
Nagisa made incredibly small holes in the bubble to let Kurumi's virus fly through. It infected the troops who were shooting at them, killing them in a matter of seconds.
"Now how do we take out the tanks?"
"Allow me to do it!"
Nagisa shot multiple bubbles at all of the tanks, leaving nothing but ash in their place.
"The Russians will be here in a few minutes, let's try to make a plan." Nagisa said

-3 minutes lader-
"I will take out the tanks, Kurumi, Hino, Obama, and Mia will take out any Russian troops. Nazani and Kyoko will help out take down the Russians but if anyone from the Babel Brigade shows up, you'll be fighting them. And as requested by Asuka, she will fight Tamara."
"I won't let anyone die, I won't allow anymore of my friends die! THE MAGICAL GIRL MAFIA WILL BE VICTORIOUS!" Asuka yelled.
Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia charged at the Russians.

"General Tamara, they're approaching us!"
"You think I don't know that? You think I'm stupid? You think I'M CRAZY?"
"No, not at all it's that-"
Tamara hit down on the Russian soilder's head, causing his skull to break into pieces and his brain to be crushed.
"A waste of perfectly good air!"
"Asuka, you're the only one who can save her." Peipei whispered. "Whether I die or not won't matter, if you don't help Tamara then she'll keep on killing and killing for her delusions."

Nagisa shot bubbles at 3 tanks, blowing them up.
Asuka cut through any bullets that tried to hit her with her trusty karamabit, she cut down any Russian soldier who stood inbetween her and Tamara.
"Peipei? You've changed your appearence so much but those eyes, they have the same gaze as from 5 years ago! Don't tell me that you've joined....the Babel Brigade as well."
"I had no choice! They have kidnapped someone I care deeply about, do what you want with me. Strike me down if you must but please save Astrologer!"
"Enough talk, you used to be a fierce warrior but now you've devolved into a soft bitch who cares about a child!"
"I was never a fierce warrior. I only fought in Isreal to protect innocent people, as did you. You weren't always a crazed beast Tamara. Please, return to how you used to be! Run from the Russians and the Babel Brigade, I'll accept any punishment from them as long as you're safe and happy!"
"Run? I'm perfectly happy! Killing is what puts my sister at ease, if she's happy then so am I."
The Brigadier teleported behind Peipei.
"What's this about accepting any punishment for Tamara? If that's what you so chose then fine, I'll make sure that the child that you've been caring for meets a miserable end!"
"If you want that child to live then recruit Asuka to the Babel Brigade! Use as much force as necessary!"
"I'm sorry, Asuka, but it looks like we'll have to fight. Promise me one thing though, even if you kill me save Astrologer!"
"I won't kill you! I'd never do such a thing! We'll save your friend together!"

Chapter Text

"That's what I want to believe in as well." Peipei summoned her nunchucks. "But that will never happen, the Brigadier would never allow it to happen."
"I'm sorry....Peipei." Asuka threw her karambit at Peipei's head but she dodged it.
"I want the last thing that I see to be your magic...please Asuka."
"I can't...I don't know how to...I have no magic..."
"That is not of any importance to y-"
"Asuka is a weak lamb, you could easily slit her throat and have that be the end. No more opposition from her, and knowing Kurumi she'd kill herself shortly after Asuka's death!"
The Brigadier ignored Tamara's crazed ravings as she watched the two magical girls fight.

Asuka was punching, and kicking Peipei who at this point wasn't dodging any attacks that weren't from Asuka's karambit.
"I won't stop until you leave the wicked Babel Brigade and join me!" Asuka begged.
"Then you'll have to keep beating me until I die." Peipei said with a grim smile.

Kyoko looked around, a man's head was still inside of her mouth.
She saw Asuka, some tanned blonde girl, a blue haired girl and a lady wearing a mask.
"That's the lady Nagisa told me about!" Kyoko said before running towards the Brigadier.
"You!" The masked woman she with an angry tone in her voice.
"You smell so familiar, it's as if I've met you before."
"I'm surprised you're able to remember my smell, I find it quite hard that you even know how to speak, much less speak in actual.coherent sentences. The fact that someone who I believed was more crazed than present day Tamara can have actual thoughts astounds me!"
Kyoko was pinned to the ground by nothing.
"WHA-WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?" Kyoko said in fear.
"You should be grateful you appear to be friends with Asuka, I'd give you a death more miserable than most of Tamara's victims!" The Brigadier turned over to look at Peipei and Tamara.
"Let's go somewhere else, this creature disgusts me! I'll send a message to Abigail and Blanca to retreat as well."
"Right away." Peipei said sadly
"No, you are not my leader, Vladimir Putin is! He gave me a mission to take control of Kyiv and kill Ukraine's president! I will not retreat just because some yandere in a mask gets disgusted at some hobo looking woman's smell!"
Tamara walked away form the both of them.
'It's not her smell that disgusts me it's that- ah never mind! I'm done arguing, Peipei let's teleport away together."
"Asuka, catch this!"
Peipei threw a picture of a red haired girl with blue eyes.
"That's Astrologer, save her!" Peipei said before teleporting away with the Brigadier.
"I will, Peipei, I will!" Asuka said with a determined tone in her voice.

Chapter Text

Nazani was running around the battlefield, blowing up random Russians. Things were going pretty well until she ran into Abigail.
"Nazani! It's been so long since we last met, how have you been?"
"I don't know if I should be mad at you or not."
"My only friends were members of the Russian Mafia, since you and your girlfriend threatened them into recruiting Asuka and Kurumi into the Babel Brigade, they all died."
"Then you should hate my guts and want to kill me, just like my queen despises that red haired lady who's fighting on your side."
"I'm not finished yet. Since I joined Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia I've made a good amount of friends. Sure, Kurumi and I don't get along all of the time, but that's not a problem. I care about my friends and I want to protect them! I would've never met them had you and your lover not threatened the Russian Mafia, it is for that reason that I don't hate you at all!"
"So will you join the Babel Brigade? My queen isn't looking to recruit you specifically, but she says that anyone joining, especially magical girls, is a good thing for us."
"No, never in a million years!"
"Then I'll just have to cut you to pieces!"
Abigail summoned multiple scissors and threw them at Nazani. Since Abigail's scissors aren't safety scissors they could have poked her eyes out had they actually hit the child.
"I'll blow you to ash!"
Nazani used her magic to exploded the ground beneath Abigail.
"Continuing will only endanger my life, for my queen, I must retreat!" Abigail said before receiving a call from the Brigadier.
"Abigail, teleport over away from there, seeing Kyoko sickens me to my very core!"
"Yes, my queen." Abigail teleported away, living Nazani to continue fighting regular Russian Soldiers.

"Well that was pretty underwhelming." Nazani said as she blew up some guy who was trying to shoot at her

Chapter Text

Mia wasn't really doing much, not many people were actively trying to kill her, like Nagisa, Obama, and Asuka. She was literally just standing there doing nothing.
"Please something happened! I wanna go home already!" Mia whined.
Suddenly she got punched in the face by a person wearing a mask.
"When I asked for something to happen I meant going home or going to a hotel and not being punched by another masked weirdo who wants me and my friends to join them in whatever their plan is."
"My name is Blanca, I am a member of the Babel Brigade, join-"
"Wait your name is Blanca? Isn't that the feminine way to say white in Spanish? Are you Spanish? Are you a girl? ARE YOU CLAUDIA?" Mia screamed.
Mia summoned her revolver, sure she had an orichalcum gun on her but if the person she was fight was a fellow magical girl and her former friend then she'd want to be able to kill her using her weapon.
Blanca dodged all of the bullets that came out of Mia's revolver with ease.
Several more bullets were shoot at Blanca who again dodged them.
"Please...what do I have to do to get you to talk?" Mia said as she began to cry.
"Well you could join the Babel Brigade."
"Stop! Just stop it already! Just tell me if you really are Claudia or not." Mia continued to cry hysterically.
"The only way you'll get to learn my identity is if you join the Babel Brigade." Before Mia could respond Blanca's phone began to rang.
"Blanca, teleport away from here."
"Alright, I will." Blanca began to stare at Mia.
"Perhaps when we meet again next time, you'll join the Babel Brigade." They said before teleporting away.

Chapter Text

Kurumi was shooting at random people using her orichalcum gun. Was it wasteful? Yes. But was it also fun? It sure as hell was! She eventually stopped once her gun ran out of ammo
"The fun's over already? Guess I gotta ask Nagisa about more ammo."
Kurumi was about to go ask Nagisa when she was hit in the back by a snowball.
"A MAGICAL GIRL!" Kurumi turned around and saw a girl dressed in white plague doctor attire.
"Huh? Your magic doesn't fit your magic at all..."
"It does, it's white just like snow." She was very short and her voice was very squeaky, she had to be below the age of 10.
"You should leave, little girl. Dying on a battlefield isn't exactly the most pleasant place to die."
"I can't, I need to fulfill my leader's goals!"
"So you're a member of the Babel Brigade? I'll have to show you no mercy!"
Kurumi summoned her big ass syringe and shot it at the girl. She was able to dodge and created a bigger, harder snowball at Kurumi.
Kurumi's opponent began to cough and gasp for air. After a few seconds she died.
"Now to go to Nagisa!"

"Damn it! Why are there so many guys?" Nagisa said while inside of her bubble.
Everytime she killed one guy, ten more showed up to take his place. She had given up on killing more people.
"Why the hell isn't the Ukrainian military showing up yet? Their capital is about to be attacked!"
Suddenly a door opened above her bubble, two people jumped out of it, one boy and one girl.
"Sofia and Artem, you've arrived!" Nagisa said.
"Nagisa, call your friends so that we can escape!" Artem said.
"Alright." Nagisa called Asuka, who then proceded to call the rest of their friends. Once they were outside of Nagisa's bubble she put it down. Artem opened a door for all of them to jump through.

Chapter Text

The group of magical girls and Obama arrived at their destination, a large, completely dark room.
"Sofia, where are we?"
"We're in an underground part of the Ukrainian divison of Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia's base. It's only a matter of time until Russian starts doing air raids on Kyiv, so I had everyone come down here."
"Hey you! Move your arm!" A young girl barked at Nagisa.
"I'm literally your fucking leader." Nagisa said.
While Asuka was trying to find a comfortable spot to sit at, someone grabbed her tits.
"Fucking pervert, I'll slit your throat if you ever try that again!"
"Asuka? You're so mean!" Hino said, she sounded like she was about to cry.
"Hino! I'm so sorry, I thought you were just some random Ukrainian magical girl who I've never met so I got pissed off."
"If you dare touch Asuka ever again, I'll have to-"
Asuka slapped Kurumi across the face.
"Why did you grab my breasts, Hino?"
"I wanted to ask you something."
"Why do you want to know?"
"How did you, Kurumi, Mia, Peipei, and Tamara meet? Only you and Kurumi being friends make sense since Mia is an American, Tamara is Russian and I don't even know where Peipei is from."
"Peipei is Chinese." "Ok, but that doesn't answer my question!" "There were more than five of us.....we used to be a group of eleven magical girls. Kurumi and I actually first met when we were kids. We met the rest of our magical girl friends through the internet by sites like Youtube, Twitter, and Discord."
"You use Twitter?"
"As of now, no. That place is a literal hellhole. But back when I was younger I did use Twitter quite a few times."
Asuka took in a deep breathe.
"Eventually we all decided to meet up in person in Japan."
"Why Japan?"
"Because the most of us lived in Japan, so we thought it would be easier for all of us to meet up in Japan instead of somewhere like Germany where only one of us lived at."
Asuka took in another deep breathe, tears began to form in her eyes.
"During our month long meeting, Israel was attacked by a magical girl. Being the good people we were we decided to teleport over to Israel to stop her and defeat whoever was commiting a genocide. What a horrible mistake we made, we were so foolish."
Tears began to fall down Asuka's face.
"Six of us died in Israel, and I presumed that Tamara's sanity died there as well. After we left that ruined country Kurumi and I lost contact with Mia, Peipei and Tamara."
"Asuka...I'm sorry that I made you cry."
"It's not your fault, Hino. You were just curious about my past."
"Asuka, calm down, you mustn't keep crying. Sofia and I have agreed that we're all going to see the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine to find out why the Ukrainian military hasn't done anything about the Russians that are probably in their capital already. If you keep crying this mission will probably be harder."
"Alright, I understand." Asuka said as she wiped her tears away

Chapter Text

-5 years ago-
Tamara stared at the pile of corpses on the street, men, women and children were all treated like garbage and left to rot.
"Tamara are you okay?" Asuka asked.
"Tamara, you were so talkative right before we teleported over here, say something, you're making me worried." Claudia said.
"Don't worry about me, focus on killing Kyoko and protecting any people who are still alive!" Tamara said.
"You heard what she said, I may be the leader of our small friend group but I like her plan." Francince who was behind Tamara said. "Amelia, Oliva and I will work as a group."
Amelia was a blonde girl from Ireland. She had green eyes and wore blue tights. Oliva was a Finish magical girl. She had brown hair, blue eyes and wore a green skirt with black tights.
"Haha! Asuka, good luck defeating that anti semetic girl without the help of-"
Francine slapped Oliva across the face.
"Shut up! Anyways where was I? Oh yes, Lucia and Peipei you two work together."
Lucia was a magical girl from Spain. She had red hair and yellow eyes.
"So Peipei, do you think we'll be able to beat her?"
"What kind of question is that? Of course we'll be able to defeat her."
"Magdalena, Claudia and Mia you three are a group."
"Dios mío, tengo que trabajar con la chica blanca." Claudia whispered under her breathe.
"Let's all try our best and let's all not die!" Magdalena said cheerfully.
"Por eso no me gustas, eres demasiado molesta." Claudia whispered.
"Cheer up, Claudia! We get to work together, isn't that fun?"
"I guess."
"Tamara, Asuka and Kurumi you 3 will be our last group working together!"
She ran deeper into the city of Jerusalem.
"TAMARA, DON'T GO WITH OUT US!" Asuka yelled as she was about to start chasing after her friend. Francine grabbed her and began whispering in her ear. "Come back alive, Asuka, I want to tell you something very important."
She let go of Asuka.
"I promise that I will!" Asuka began chasing after Tamara.
"DON'T FORGET ME!" Kurumi said as she chased after Tamara and Asuka.

Kyoko, was devouring people's heads in one bite. She was paid in apples to kill, and she wasn't going to stop until she had did her job.
"You bastard! Life is worthless to you isn't it?" Tamara summoned her flamethrower and used it at Kyoko who dodged the attack. She began barking at Tamara, and then summoned her spear. She turned it into its chain like form and tried to wrap Tamara with it. Tamara grabbed it and used it to throw Kyoko behind her.
Tamara shot her flamethrower at Kyoko but she managed to dodge the attack by rolling on the ground. She got up and began to run away from Tamara on all fours.
"TAMARA STOP!" Asuka said as she grabbed Tamara's left hand.
"What do you think you're doing?"
"I'm here to stop you, you're not the Tamara that I've come to know and love! You're acting like a deranged monster!"
Tamara began to laugh. Kurumi quickly ran over to Tamara began to hug her.
"I don't understand? Why are you guys forgiving her?"
"We're not, you're just not acting your usual self. The rest of our friends will definitely handle this." Asuka said. "Just take deep breathes and try to calm down."
Tamara did as she was told.
"You should have killed her." The voice in Tamara's head, which belonged to Tamara's sister said.

Chapter Text

“Damn it! This is the worst case of anti semitism since-“ Mia stopped talking.
“Since World War Tw-“ Mia put a hand over Claudia's mouth as they stared at Magdalena.
“It's fine guys, you can say it.” Magdalena said sheepishly.
“Are you going to betray us and help that monster kill more Jewish people?” Claudia asked as she summoned her bow.
“No, no, I may be a German but I'm not anti semitic.”
“Alright, I won't shoot.”
“Thank you!”
“So where do we go? We've been standing in the same place for like 3 minutes.” Mia asked.
Suddenly, Kyoko who was escaping from her previous fight spotted the group of three magical girl and began barking at them.
“Looks like we're going nowhere!” Mia summoned her revolver.
Kyoko jumped at Mia who quickly shot at her, however Kyoko ate her bullets.
“What?” Claudia asked. “That's impossible, nobody should be able to eat bullets, magical girl or not!”
Claudia aimed her bow at Kyoko’s head.
Kyoko attempted to run away but Claudia's attack hit her in the left leg.
“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” Claudia shot another arrow at Kyoko, but she was able to completely dodge this one.
Kyoko began to whimper.
“It's over we won!” Mia gleefully said.
“Give me the honors of killing her!” Magdalena. She summoned her butterfly knife and attempted to stab Kyoko in the head. Unfortunately for her, Kyoko summoned her spear, stabbed Magdalena through the stomach and then bit her head off in one bite.
“MAGDALENA!” Mia screamed. “DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!” Mia shot at Kyoko 4 times, Kyoko only got hit once in the right arm.
She barked at the 2 remaining magical girls and then ran away.
“Mia, find Asuka's group, I'm going to avenge Magdalena.” Claudia chased after the wounded furry.
Peipei and Lucia were walking around the streets of Jerusalem, tons of dead bodies, and broken cars laid everywhere.
“Lucia, where are we supposed to find this girl? She has to he stopped.”
“I don't know, Peipei.”
“Well I guess we we should-“
Before Peipei could finish her sentence, Kyoko, who was limping, attempted to move past them.
“Lucia, it’s her!” Peipei summoned her nunchucks.
“Let me finish her! Bat magic!”
Bats appeared out of Lucia’s hands, they began to bit at Kyoko's flesh, drinking the blood that came out of it. Kyoko could barely move at this point, she still had enough strength to summon a spear though.
“Poorfag…” She was able to throw the spear at Peipei.
Lucia tackled Peipei to the ground, but the spear that was meant for Peipei ended up going through her head.
Lucia couldn’t respond since she was dead. Kyoko was able to escape while Peipei was hugging Lucia's corpse and crying.
"I can't die here on foreign soil...I need to see Poorfag matter what it takes...I need to complete my mission and see my lover once more!" Kyoko whispered to herself.

Chapter Text

Claudia was running down the streets of Israel, she wanted to kill Kyoko and put her head on a pike. Only then will her friend and the countless people that Kyoko has killed be avenged. While running she bumped into Tamara.
"Tamara, where's Asuka and Kurumi?"
"I should ask the same about your group, Claudia."
Claudia was silent for a moment before she responded.
"I left Mia alone....and Magdalena is dead..."
"No, not Magdalena! She can't be dead! We all promised to stay alive!" Tamara began to cry.
"Now's not the time to cry, Tamara. We'll be able to grieve after we kill that woman!"
The two friends began to hunt for Kyoko together until they ran into Peipei, who was crying over Lucia's body.
"We were stupid... so stupid." Peipei said as she cried. "Should I tell her about Magdalena, Claudia?"
"Go right ahead."
"Peipei, that monster KILLED MAGDALENA!"
Peipei began to cry harder.

Francine, Amelia, and Olivia were walking down a mostly empty street, there weren't very many dead bodies laying on the ground in this area. Kyoko was lurking in a dark alleyway, she was incredibly weakened by the opposing groups of magical girls that she had previously fought. If she ran out and attacked without a strategy, she'd be easily killed by the 3 of them. She summoned her spear, turned it into its chain-like form and then grabbed Olivia with it, bringing her into the alleyway that Kyoko was hiding in, she quickly ate her, making sure not to make too much noise.
"Amelia, where's Olivia?" Francine asked.
"I don't know, she didn't tell me where she was going."
"Our enemy doesn't exactly sound like a sneaky woman, she couldn't have had captured her and then killed her."
Kyoko breathed as quietly as possible, those two were so close to finding her. As soon as the two friends began to walk again, she grabbed Amelia with her whip spear and then ate her as well.
"COME OUT!" Francine screamed as she looked for where Kyoko and her most likely deceased friends were at.
"I just need her to turn around and she's as good as dead." Kyoko whispered to herself.
Francine began to walk near the alleyway where Kyoko was hiding.
"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Kyoko said as quietly as possible.
"Found you, you bastard!" Tamara said as she pointed her flamethrower at Kyoko's head.
"LEAVE NOW!" Claudia screamed as she shot an arrow at Kyoko's chest. She didn't have enough strength left to dodge, so she accepted her fate and was hit by Clauida's arrows. She was sent flying with the arrow into a house.
"See you in hell." Tamara said as she kicked Kyoko.
"Francine...Amelia and Olivia....are-"
Claudia began to tear up before she could finish talking.
"I won't forget any of our fallen friends!" Claudia said. "Their legacies are safe with me!"
Claudia, Tamara and Francine began to walk away. Kyoko opened her eyes, she checked to see how faraway they were, after that she pulled the arrow out of her and went back into sneaking in the shadows.

Chapter Text

"Francine, what do we do now? We need to wait to teleport back to where we live since there's no way there's any planes going to and from Israel right now." Asuka said.
"We're gonna have to wait in this country until we can teleport, we'll steal the food from supermarkets and eat them, since we're obviously not gonna eat the mound of corpses." Francine grabbed Asuka's left hand.
"You got a minute?"
"Well, I wasn't really planning on doing anything in at least a few hours."
"Perfect, let's go somewhere that's not near our friends."

Kyoko hid in an alleyway near where Francine and Asuka were. She had 3 grenades on her, she would be able to kill both of them if she attacked both of them at just the right time. She summoned her spear, just incase she wasn't able to kill them.
"Just a few more hours, Poorfag, I'll be seeing you soon!"

"Asuka." Francine took a deep breathe before proceeding to speak. "I am in love with you!"
"Francine....are you joking?"
"No, I'm not joking at all. I've felt this way since I first saw a picture of you."
"Francine, I-"
Out of the shadows someone threw a grenade at the two magical girls.
The grenade blew up and hit both of them before they could both escape.
After the smoke from the blast cleared, Asuka felt that her left hand hurting like hell, she looked down at it and saw that it was bleeding. She looked up and saw Francine, her friend and leader, being stabbed in the chest by Kyoko Sakura.
"FRANCINE!" Asuka screamed.
Kyoko started barking at Asuka and was most likely going to try to kill her but she noticed that a family of Jewish people were inside of their car. They were attempting to escape Israel. She stopped paying attention to Asuka and began to chase after them surprisingly well. She was incredibly injured and it hurt to even move her left leg but she managed to chase them down.
"Asuka....I'm most definitely going to die."
"You will....I trust you."
Asuka's left hand was bleeding, she placed her left hand on Francine's injury.
"What're you trying to do?"
"Asuka....take care of them for me..."
"Francine, wake up!" Asuka said as she shook her friend. "RESPOND! PLEASE!" Asuka said as she cried.
Asuka grabbed the corpse and began to sob. She placed her face inside of her friend's dead body and began to cry harder. Tamara noticed Asuka crying and walked over to her.
"Francine....DAMN IT!" Tears began to well up in her eyes.
"Tamara...what should I do? Francine...she...told me to be....the new leader of....our friend group." Asuka sniffled. "I'm not anything...I can't use magic...I'm not as strong as our living and deceased friends...I'm not as smart as them...I won't be a good leader...I'll never be a good leader!" Asuka said as she began to cry even harder.
"You won't be a good leader with that attitude." Tamara picked up Asuka and began to shake her.
"Try to be a confident leader for at least the rest of today, that should be enough time for us to kill Kyoko and get back our ability to teleport. If you end up being a horrendous leader, then after we turn Kyoko's head into a trophy the six of us will decide on who our new leader will be."
"Alright...Tamara..." Asuka sniffled and then wiped the tears from her eyes. "I'll be a good least for the remainder of today."
Asuka was still crying but she decided to not pay too much attention to it.
"Atta girl, let's gather up Kurumi, Peipei, Mia and Claudia and go kill that cockroach!" Tamara said as she summoned her flamethrower.

Chapter Text

Kyoko was hiding in the top floor of an abandoned building, just avoid those girls for a few hours and then she'll be able to return to her cardboard box and her lover. Suddenly she felt someone grab her by the hair.
"Rip your heart out, break your neck, crush your skull.... I will allow you to choose the way that you'll die." Tamara said.
"None of them because I'm not going to die!" Tamara threw Kyoko on the ground.
"FINE, I'LL CHOOSE FOR YOU!" Tamara summoned her flamethrower and pointed it at Kyoko's head.
"Kyoko have you found her-" Asuka stopped talking after she saw that Tamara was about to kill their enemy.
Claudia quickly walked up the stairs.
Kyoko's arms were free, she could summon her spear and kill Tamara but then Asuka and Claudia would easily kill her. Even if she somehow killed Tamara's two friends the Russian would still kill her, infact she might even give her an even more painful death if she killed her friends. Her only option was blowing her and everyone else up with a grenade and that her opponents either die or wouldn't be able to see her though the smoke created by the blast and that she wouldn't be killed by said grenade.
"YOU'RE ALL GOING DOWN WITH ME!" Kyoko removed the safety pin and then threw it at Asuka and Claudia. She kicked Tamara in the stomach and then ran away. Because Asuka was hit by a grenade she was knocked out by the blast.

"ASUKA! YOU'RE FINALLY UP!" Kurumi said as she stroked Asuka's face.
"Kurumi, where are we?"
"We're at my house, I teleported the both of us to here."
"Where's Tamara and Claudia?"
Kurumi took her phone out of her pocket, she showed a message that was from Tamara.
Dear Asuka, I've returned to Russia as requested of me by my president. Claudia went missing, after the smoke cleared she was gone. I assume Kyoko killed her and ate her body. I already texted Peipei and Mia, they said they're going to stop talking to you guys for a little while after they get back to their homes. I will stop communicating with you guys as well, things are definitely going to get busy for me with having to inform our friends' families about their deaths.
Asuka sighed and buried her face into her pillow.
"Damn it! I really a failure of a leader. 6 of our friends are dead and we've lost communication with our 3 of living friends. Plus that red haired magical girl, the whole reason we went to Israel is probably still alive."
"Asuka... You're not a failure. There's nothing you could've done to save them and keep our friend group together, you were literally knocked out when Tamara, Peipei, and Mia left Israel."
Asuka ignored Kurumi and began to cry.
"I wonder if I'll ever be good for anything..." Asuka asked herself

Chapter Text

-Present day-

Tamara and her army were in Kyiv, they were taking a break as Vladamir Putin himself informed them that they should rest for a while once they arrived in Kyiv. Tamara opened her mouth. She had a personal servant, friend, person who'd feed her.
"General Volkova-"
"I told you don't call me that, call me Tamara. You're my friend, you have no reason to call me General Tamara. I don't even like it when my own soldiers call me that, I much prefer General Tamara or just Tamara."
"As I was about to say, Tamara, what did you think of my chicken nuggies? I made them just for you."
Tamara began to stare at the blonde girl.
"Anna, are you joking with me?"
"Tamara, I'm sorry I-"
"I've told you multiple times already that I can't taste anything, I lost the ability to taste after I came back from Israel 5 years ago." Tamara sighed. "I only eat because if I didn't I would die."
A Russian soldier approached Tamara and Anna.
"Tamara, we spotted a group of 8 girls and 2 boys, what should we do? They appear to be the same people we fought against outside of Kyiv."
"Does that group include a red haired girl?"
Tamara began to laugh.
"Tamara, what's wrong, why are you laughing?"
"Nothing! Everything is completely fine! It's just that I'm so happy I can hardly contain myself! My sister, Francine, Claudia, Magdalena, and the rest of my dear friends! They want her head, THEY WANT HER LIFE! They've all been begging me to slay her since our last encounter!"
"Tamara, I've also received info that your sisters, Mariya and Katerina will be arriving here soon."
"That means Putin will be arriving here soon....tell them to kill as many people as they want but to leave that red magical girl to me! She is my prey! I WILL BREAK EVERY BONE IN HER DAMNED BODY AND ONLY THEN WILL I KILL HER!" Tamara began to laugh again. "She will die by my hand and mine alone!"

Peipei was about to fall asleep, she was bored. She had been following the Brigadier and Abigail around since they had arrived to this hotel in Kyiv. If she could just get a lead on where Astrologer was being held then she would be able to tell Asuka on where she was. She herself couldn't do it, if they even as much suspected that she was going to betray the Babel Brigade then there would be no doubt that Astrologer would be killed.
"Abigail and I will be in our room for at least half an hour, don't bother us." The Brigadier said before picking up Abigail, going into a room and then locking the door. Peipei sighed and put her ear up to her door. Obviously they're going to have sex but maybe they'd talk about Astrologer for a little bit or at least mention something about her.
All Peipei could her was moaning, the Dr Amigo Family Clinic theme 2 and the sound of flesh smacking flesh, she was off to a horrible start. Eventually she heard that a phone began to ring.
"What do you want, Shaun Die?"
"Can I eat the child?"
"That Astrologer girl? Wait do you mean eat out or literally eat her?"
The Brigadier kept fucking but stopped talking.
"Is that a yes or a no?"
"A no obviously. Peipei cares about that child, if something happens to her then there's no doubt that she would betray us."
The man on the other end sighed.
"I run a food review channel on YouTube, I need new and interesting content like eating a child."
"I already told you that no is no!" Brigadier hang up.
Peipei finally had a lead to where Astrologer was, all she needed to do was wait for Brigadier and Abigail to come out and then ask her masked leader to give her a mission.
33 minutes passed and the Brigadier and Abigail came out of their room.
"Brigadier, give me a mission, any mission!"
"Good timing, I was just about to tell you to prepare yourself for a mission to help out the Russian forces that are currently in Kyiv. Apparently they're about to fight Asuka. You and three others will be helping them out, make sure to recruit Asuka, Kurumi and Mia into our forces!"
"You're not going?"
"No, the three people you'll be going with didn't fight outside of Kyiv, because they were lazy asses and couldn't get there in time."
'This is great!' Peipei thought to herself. 'I have two new leads on Astrologer's whereabouts and I get to tell them to Asuka. If I weren't in such an unfortunate situation I'd consider myself lucky!' Peipei thought, trying her best to keep herself from smiling.

Chapter Text

The group of eight girls, one magical boy, and one regular boy were sneaking their way to Mariyinsky Palace, home of the president and prime minister of Ukraine.
"Nagisa, do you think we've been spotted yet?" Asuka asked. "Your definition of sneaking is quite literally jumping over buildings. Also why can't we make Artem use a door to bring us over there."
"It's not that simple, Asuka, I need to have been to a place before I can make a door to get there. That was until a year before today. I could make a door and it would bring me to a random place in the world, including the ones I've never been to."
Tamara jumped up to where Asuka and her group where and she punched Kyoko off the building.
"EVERYBODY, HELP KYOKO!" Nagisa yelled.
"You're five years late, we've all been waiting for this moment for half a decade!"
Tamara created a barrier made out of fire that blocked every possible exit including the top.
Outside, hundreds of Russian soldiers surrounded the fire barrier. The Magical Girl Mafia jumped in the middle of all of them.
"Quick! Someone think of a way to get this fire out of the way and save Kyoko!" Nagisa ordered.
"Not so fast!" A woman who was wearing a black wool sweater and dyed blonde hair stepped out of the crowd.
"Who do you think you are to get in the way of my sister's personal issues? She told me to not interfer with her battle with that red head but to kill as many people as I want."
"Sister? But Tamara only had one blood related sister and she's dead." Mia said. "That must mean, MARIYA VORONTSOVA, YOU'RE TAMARA'S ADOPTED SISTER, TALK SOME SENSE INTO HER, MAKE HER STOP THIS!"
"I can't, sister, father and I have tried almost everything that doesn't involve therapy or medications and nothing will bring her out of acting like a crazed beast."
"Mariya, we were sent direct orders from father to either kill them or make them join that masked woman's forces. You can't just stand there and keep talking!" Katerina Tikhonova, Mariya's younger sister and Tamara's older adoptive sister said.
"I'm going to be the next president of Russia, I get to do what I want. I get to choose whether I listen to a person who isn't father or the next in line to tell me what to do! Now who to kill first? Eenie, meenie, minee, you!" Mariya summoned a Yakutian Knife and lunged at Mia. She dodged and then summoned her revolver. She began shooting at Mariya who blocked all of Mia's bullets using her knife.
"This'll be fun!"
"DAMN IT, FIRST KYOKO AND NOW MIA TOO! OUR FORCES WILL BE SPREAD THIN IF WE KEEP GETTING ATTACKED!" Nagisa said. Suddenly Peipei, a woman with long hair, sharp teeth, and an outfit that was zipped down to show all of her clevage, a blond man who was wearing a tuxedo and khaki pants, and a fat Korean man teleported who was wearing a jacket and black pants teleported inside of where Asuka and her friends were standing.
"Remember the mission, recruit Asuka, Kurumi and Mia. If any of you try to betray the Babel Brigade, I won't hesitate in telling the Brigadier. It sure would be shame if someone important to you died because you betrayed the Babel Brigade, right Peipei?" The blond man said.
"Yes, I get it already." Peipei said, trying her best to hide her rage.
"Fuck! Now we have 4 more guys to deal with!" Nagisa said. "THIS IS NEVER GOING TO FUCKING END!" Nagisa screamed out, almost crying.

Chapter Text

"AHHH!" Tamara shot fire at Kyoko who tried her best to dodge but ended up getting some of her clothes burnt.
"STOP, DROP AND ROLL! STOP, DROP AND ROLL!" Kyoko screamed as she rolled on the floor.
"This won't even be the worst pain you'll endure today!" Tamara grabbed Kyoko by the hair and then threw her to the ground. She began stomping on her head until she heard a crack.
"Calm yourself Tamara, you mustn't kill her too quickly. She needs to suffer, to feel ten times as much pain as she gave them! That's what they desire!"
Tamara grabbed Kyoko but the left leg and crushed it with ease.
"You brute!" Kyoko said, almost crying due to the pain.
"You're calling me a brute! After you committed genocide against the Jewish people, killed 6 of my friends and have undoubtedly killed countless more! You have no right to call someone else a brute!"
Tamara said before grabbing her right arm and ripping it off without too much of a struggle. Kyoko's arm grew back and then she crushed it.
"Stop it! I need to return to Mitakihara City, to see my family!"
Tamara began to laugh maniacally . "YOUR FAMILY? YOU DON'T DESERVE A FAMILY, YOU DON'T DESERVE HAPPINESS, YOU DON'T DESERVE A HAPPILY EVER AFTER! NOT AFTER WHAT YOU'VE DONE! Perhaps once I'm done with you and done invading Ukraine, I'll go to Mitakihara to give your family the same painful death that you're going to get, the death that YOU AND YOUR KIN DESERVE!"
"No, NO, NOOOO!" Kyoko screamed before she summoned her spear. "I WON'T LET YOU KILL MY GIRLFRIEND AND DAUGHTER!"
"You're trying to fight back?" Tamara began to smile! "Seeing you too weak to continue fighting will bring a smile to not only my face, but my sister, and my 6 friends who were slain by you as well!" Kyoko made her spear turn into its whip form and attempted to hit Tamara with it but Tamara grabbed it.
Kyoko summoned another spear, to hit Tamara with but Tamara quickly ran at Kyoko and stabbed her in the stomach.

Fuck! Now we have 4 more guys to deal with!" Nagisa said. "THIS IS NEVER GOING TO FUCKING END!" Nagisa screamed out, almost crying.
"I wonder if I could suck up Tamara's fire with my cards." Hino asked herself.
Hino pulled out a Yu-Gi-Oh card from her pocket and then made it touch the fire. Instead of burning the card, it absorbed the fire.
After the fire was absorbed Tamara turned around and began to look at Hino.
"You dare stand between me and my pleasure?"
"Yes, I dare stand against you, Tamara."
"Then I'll just have to kill you too!"
Tamara threw Kyoko to the ground before she charged at Hino, punching her so hard that it broke all of her ribs.
"KNOW TO NEVER STAND AGAINST ME EVER AGAIN! OUT OF MY WAY!" Tamara jumped up and threw Kyoko's spear at Hino.
Hino was able to pull out a Yu-Gi-Oh card quickly enough to be able to absorb the spear. Hino shot the spear back at Tamara, hitting her in the chest.
Hino stood up and summoned a metal card, with nothing on it. She ran at Tamara and used it to stab her in the left leg with one of its edges. She grabbed Hino by the hair and threw her at one of the houses. She looked around and saw that Kyoko had vanished while she fought Asuka's pupil.
"Where are you, Kyoko? I MUST HAVE YOUR HEAD!" Tamara screamed before passing out due to the spear in her chest and leg injury.
"TAMARA!" Anna screamed before she grabbed Tamara and ran away.

Chapter Text

Mariya blocked every shot from Mia's revolver and began to cackle wildly!
'That knife is blocking all of my attacks, maybe a stronger gun will be able to handle this.' Mia thought as she was almost stabbed by Mariya.
Fuck! Now we have 4 more guys to deal with!" Nagisa said. "THIS IS NEVER GOING TO FUCKING END!" Nagisa screamed out, almost crying.
"I wonder if I could suck up Tamara's fire with my cards." Hino asked herself.
Hino pulled out a Yu-Gi-Oh card from her pocket and then made it touch the fire. Instead of burning the card, it absorbed the fire.
'TAMARA'S REVENGE PLOT IS GOING TO FAIL? ALLOW ME TO-' Mariya stopped that thought, Tamara told her to not interfere with her battle with Kyoko. Her father told her to follow her adopted sister's orders, so she couldn't interfere with Tamara's battle.
Noticing that Mariya was distracted, Mia pulled out her orichalcum gun to shoot the older woman with.
Mia threw her guns to the floor.
"If you wanna see me without a gun? Fine! I'll beat you with my bare hands!"
Mia ran at Mariya and began to punch her in the face. Mariya tried to stab Tamara with her knife but Mia stole the knife from her hand and stabbed her in the stomach 50 times.
"Mariya, stop screaming! You've already been defeated. Just retreat and you'll be able to kill her or one of her friends the next time we fight them."
"You're right, Katerina, I'll calm down." Mariya walked over to her sister. "Next time we meet you, or one of your friends, will die at my hands!" Mariya said while staring at Mia. "Farewell." She said as she ran through the Russian soldiers.

Chapter Text

Peipei began to stare at Asuka, she just needed to tell her who the man that was keeping Astrologer captive was and his home address so that she could pretend to have been defeated.
"YOU, YOU WERE THERE WHEN NORTH KOREA FELL!" The Korean man screamed at Nagisa.
"Natsagdorj, calm down. Focus on recruiting Asuka-" the blonde man wearing a suit wasn't allowed to finish his sentence.
"I'LL KILL HER!" Natsagdori charged at Nagisa.
He was about to tell the woman with the sharp teeth her orders when she notices Nazani staring at them.
"You! Varvara, move out of my way! I need to show this traitor a lesson!"
"Oh your orders are do whatever you want, you can do your specialty and sexually assault Asuka and her friends if that's what'll get them to join the Babel Brigade." He said before begining to approach the child.
"Lavrov, we meet again!" Nazani said.
"'re a treasonous piece of shit! You have betrayed not only the Russian Mafia but your country as well! A crime such as this has only one punishment and that is death!"
"Bring it on then!"

Varvara looked around for someone who wasn't fighting. She really wanted to meet that magical girl who Tamara had talked about before but she was still fighting Tamara, Asuka was already taken by Peipei, Nazanai was already taken and so was Nagisa, and Mia was preoccupied with fighting some arrogant Russian woman. That left only Kurumi as her target.
"HEY YOU, WAR CRIMINAL! GET OVER HERE!" Varvara turned her left hand into tentacles and attempted to grab Kurumi's tits with them.
"I am Varvara, or as you'll be calling me from now, your master!"

Peipei charged at Asuka, nunchucks in hand.
"Peipei, please stop I don't want to fight-"
"I don't want to fight you either and we're not, but you need to pretend to fight me while I tell you Astrologer's whereabouts." Peipei whispered.
"Oh ok." Asuka summoned her karambit and began to pretend to fight Peipei.
"Ok, Astrologer is being kept by a man known as Shaun Die, he has a YouTube channel where he does food reviews. From his most recent videos he seems to be staying in a hotel near the Mariyinsky Palace. He's planning on eating Astrologer, please save her!"
"I will, Peipei, you're my friend. I'll do you this small favor."
"Thank you, Asuka." Peipei almost cried tears of joy. "Now finish me off by pretending to stab me in the stomach."
Asuka did as told, causing Peipei to let out a blood curdling scream and fall down in a dramatic way.
"The dreams of men don't amount to much...sorry's up to all of you now..." Peipei said before pretending to pass out.

Chapter Text

Natsagdorj charged at Nagisa, attempting to tackle her to the ground. She moved out of the way, causing Natsagdorj to hit the ground, sending a shockwave near where Nagisa stood.
"You stupid fat ass, I'll cut all of that excess fat with a butter knife!"
"Yeah and? Poverty was rampant all through out your country, it ran off of a dictatorship ran by another fat ass. I had no sympathy from him when my friend struck him down. After I bought the land and soul it to the South Korean government, it became prosperous, poverty is at an all time low and job employment rates are at an all time high!"
Natsagdorj ignored Nagisa and attempted to punch her in the face. Nagisa grabbed Natsagdorj's hand and broke it with ease. She summoned her trumpet with her left hand and shot a bubble at the chonky Korean man's stomach. Natsagdorj let out a blood curdling scream and dramatically fell to the ground.
"I lost? Not me....never me!"
Natsagdorj said as he crawled away.
"Good riddance."

Nazani exploded the ground infront of Lavrov who quickly dodged the child's attack.
"What would your mother think of this? You betrayed your country!"
"My mother is dead! She never cared about me and she never will! She only wanted drugs, she would have sold me off to some pedophile to be used as a fleshlight had she not overdosed and died!"
"Hahaha! I love this story, it brings me joy everytime I hear it!"
"Wait a minute, you don't have any powers." Nazani began to smile. "DIE! DIE! DIE!"
Nazani exploded the ground underneath Lavrov and then she exploded the where Lavrov moved over to.
"Damn it! I lost! Next time we meet, I'll kill you!"

Varvara was laughing, watching girls try to not get sexually assaulted by her always cracked her up.
"Keep dodging, War Nurse, I love playing with my prey before I rape them!"
"War Nurse? How do you know that? I only ever told my friend group my nickname and we never called ourselves by our nicknames when we went to Israel. The situation was too intense."
"Phoenix told us everything about you, Asuka and Kurumi, including your nicknames!"
Kurumi's eyes widened in shock, is Tamara still able to be saved? She told their enemy everything there was to know about her former friends. Suddenly she was grabbed by Varvara's tentacles, they began to grope her chest.
"I've heard that Japanese teenagers love being raped by tentacles!"
Kurumi wasn't about to let herself get molested by a weirdo Russian with sharp teeth, she summoned a big ass syringe and shot Varvara in the head
"It good!" Varvara said as she pulled the syringe out of her head.
"Looks like I've lost! Next time we fight, I'll claim you!" Varvara said as she teleported away.

Chapter Text

All of their major opponents were defeated, now the only problem that remained in the Magical Girl Mafia's way was these Russian soldiers who were pointing their guns at them.
"How are we supposed to get out of here?" Asuka asked Nagisa.
"I don't know, I could use my bubble but they'll eventually be able to pop it with how many guys are here."
"We get out of her with this!" Hino raised up her Yu-Gi-Oh card that contained Tamara's flames and burnt all of the opposing soldiers to a crisp.
"Well that takes care of that, now we need to go to Mariyinsky Palace and ask the president and prime minister of this country about their lack of an army to defend their literal capital from being invaded from the Russians."
"Nagisa wait, I need to do something for a friend of mine."
"Is it for that Peipei lady? I'll help you out with it, but make it quick, I wanna be able to go to Mariyinsky Palace as soon as possible."
"Actually it should be close to there, at least that's what Peipei said."
"Alright, hope this really doesn't take too long." Nagisa said

"Peipei, I could tell that you and Asuka weren't actually fighting." Lavrov said.
Peipei's eyes widened in shock. "WHAT NO, WE WERE FIGHTING IT'S JUST THAT-"
"I'll let it slide this time. Know that this is just a one time act, if you pretend to fight with Asuka and talk to her, the child which you care for will be killed."
Peipei took in a deep breathe. "Thank you, Lavrov, I promise that I will never disobey the Babel Brigade ever again."
"Good.... Good..." Larvov said as he walked away. 'That stupid bitch has no idea that I've told the Brigadier about her disobedience and that her child lover is about to be killed!' Larvov thought to himself as he walked away. 'She'll be fighting for nothing anymore!'

"We're here, this is the only hotel that's closest to the Mariyinsky Palace, this is gotta be where Astrologer is!" Asuka said as she opened the door to the hotel.
"Welcome ladies, and IS THAT FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, OBAMA MOTHER FUCKING CARE?" The lady at the counter asked.
"No." Obama lied.
"Is a man known as Shaun Die staying in one of these rooms?" Asuka asked.
"Yes, he's right in room 34, why do you ask?"
"Because we're business associates of his." Kurumi hastily responded.
The lady stopped asking questions and the group of magical girls began running towards Shaun Die's room.

"Hello my lovely viewers and welcome to another one of my food reviews. Today we'll be reviewing human flesh from a child!" Shaun Die walked over to a table that had the red haired girl tied up to it, she was completely nude and had a large piece of grey cloth in her mouth.
"She appears to be of Japanese descent and she's around 10 years of age."
He pinched the child's right nipple, causing her to let out a muffled scream.
"Now it's time to dig in!"
"ME!" Asuka screamed.
"DID YOU JUST DISRESPECT ASUKA? I'LL KILL-" A loud slapping noise echoed throughout the entire hotel, Kurumi stopped talking.
"My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined." Shaun Die said, hearing the cacophony from outside. "I'll finish this review once I'm done doing my job."
Shaun Die stopped the recording and grabbed a gun, just in time for when Asuka cut down the door to his room.
Astrologer tried to say something but it only came out as muffled nonsense.
"I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR HOLDING A CHILD HOSTAGE!" Hino pulled out a Yu-Gi-Oh card that contained a bullet and shot Shaun Die in the hand, causing him to drop his gun.
"NOW DIE" Hino bolted towards Shaun Die and stabbed him in the head using one of her cards. "The path of a magical girl... Is paved with card games." Hino said as she pulled out the card from the food reviewer's life less corpse.
Asuka used her karambit to cut the rope that was being used to tie up Astrologer. Now that her arms were free she removed the cloth from her mouth.
"Are you Peipei's friends?"
"Yes." Asuka responded. "She told me to save you, now come with us. I must inform you though, we're going to Mariyinsky Palace, we have no idea what's gonna happen once we arrive there other then that we'll talk to the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine and that Russian soldiers might attack the building. Be prepared for anything."
Astrologer nodded her head. "Got it."
"Alright guys, let's get outta here." Nagisa said as she began to walk out of the hotel room.

Chapter Text

Mariyinsky Palace was right infront of Nagisa's Magical Girl Mafia, it appeared like the Russians hadn't invaded the palace yet. One question remained how would they get in? A group of teenage girls, a boy, and Obama who wanted to speak to the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine would look incredibly suspicious to anyone who didn't know that they were allies to the Ukrainian government, so they had to think of a way to sneakily get to the two men running this country.
"How do we get in, Nagisa?" Asuka asked.
"I really don't know. I'm guessing that we could use Astrologer to sneak through the vents and get to their office bedroom place but how are we supposed to talk to them? My only guess is that we put some sort of walkie talkie on Astrologer but I don't have any on me right now. Do any of you guys have walkie talkies?"
"Nope." Everyone said in unison.
"Well, it's settled then, I'll use old reliable."
"We didn't even get to discuss our ideas!" Mia said.
Nagisa ignored her and threw a grenade at the Ukrainian politicians' office. They jumped into their office, they saw that they had just woken up.
"What time is it?" Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, asked.
"I don't fucking know, probably 10:00am." Denys Shmyhal, the Prime Minister of Ukraine asked.
"Who the hell are you girls, and is that Obama? What're you doing here?" The two men asked.
"I'm on a vacation." The president said.
"We're here to warn you that the Russians have invaded Ukraine and that they're already in your guys' capital and will probably reach this palace in a few minutes." Nagisa said.
"The Russians have invaded Ukraine?" Volodymr asked.
"Yes, but I don't know what the reason for them invading is as of now." Nagisa said.
"That's just great. We overslept and now fucking Russians are here! If this isn't the best reason as to why people should never oversleep then I don't know what is." Denys said. "How can our day get any worse?"
"MY EXCELLENCIES, THE RUSSIANS HAVE STARTED INVADING THE PALACE, RUN AND GO AS FAR AS YOU TWO CAN!" A woman who had glass and brown hair that reached her back said.
"No, a captain goes down with his ship. If the palace falls then we fall with it, isn't that right Volodymr?"
"Y-yes, that's right."
"I can't let this country fall, it won't be safe anymore for the Ukrainian division of my Magical Girl Mafia!" Nagisa said as she ran ahead.
"Tamara, she has to be here, I need to talk to her."
"Asuka wait!" Astrologer said. "I'm going to come with you, I need to see if Peipei's there. I've heard that the Babel Brigade has allied with the Russian government from the guy who was keeping me hostage. There's a huge chance that Peipei will be with the Russians."
"You can come with us, try not to get hurt." Asuka said, summoning her karambit. "Also try not to get too involved in the fighting."

Chapter Text

“There they are, the Russians are here.” Nagisa said.
“Tamara, behave yourself, father will be arriving here soon. Be on your best behavior and you'll be rewarded with something, like killing tons of people without any sort of punishment.”
“Mariya, calm down. Father might get mad at you if he comes in and sees you screaming at Tamara.”
“Enough Katerina, as long as I get to hunt down that woman then I am happy. I do not care if Mariya screams at me, Kyoko's head will be mine!”
“Obama, keep holding onto Kyoko, don't let her near a blue haired girl with an eyepatch thingy.” Nagisa said
“Got it. Hey you guys, can I put this lady on this 3rd spare bed that you for some reason have in your room?” Obama asked the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine.
“Sure nobody even uses it.” Volodymyr said.
Obama laid Kyoko down on the spare bed.
“Now that we're here why does that girl hate you so much? Did you kill her friends? Her sister?”
“Hell if I know, I've killed tons of people, I barely remember any of their faces. Not only that but I’ve also been very busy lately. I had a child with my girlfriend and we're going to have another one in a few months, I don't have time to be remembering the people who I've killed and their surviving friends and family.”
The Brigadier, Abigail, Blanca, Peipei, Varvara, Natsagdorj, and Lavrov teleported in front of the Russian army.
“PEIPEI!” Astrologer screamed as she saw her lover.
Peipei looked up to where her name was being called.
“Astrologer! They've freed you! I HAVE NO REASON TO WORK WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE!” Peipei shot 100 fireworks at the members of the Babel Brigade.
“My queen, she’s getting away, aren't you going to-“
“What but-“
“She’ll be rejoining us soon. If Asuka and her friends don't join us this time then I will no longer continue to make different schemes for her to join us.”
“If that's what you really want, my queen.”
Asuka jumped down to meet the Russians and the Babel Brigade.
“Asuka, you fool!” Nagisa said.
“Tamara, please join us, you don't need to serve Putin any longer.”
“I don't care about who I serve, the only thing I care about is killing Kyoko. As long as you let me shed blood from innocents then I'll happily join you and your friends.”
“Tamara, you weren't a monster 5 years ago. I know that my friend, the person who wasn't obsessed with killing, is still in there!”
“The Tamara from 5 years ago is dead, a beast has taken her place and is even wearing her same face.” Tamara began to smile. “President Putin gave me the order to stay on the bottom floor of this palace and to not kill the president and prime minister. This means that if Kyoko is up there then I can not kill her just yet! You look like you'd make an excellent target before I kill Kyoko!” Tamara summoned her flamethrower. “You’ll be meeting your friend Tamara soon!”
“If this is the only way to bring back the old Tamara then I must fight you!”
Tamara shot fire at Asuka who easily dodged it.
“My queen, Tamara is trying to kill Asuka. Shouldn't you interfere?”
“No, I will not interfere in their personal matter unless they almost kill each other.”
“TAMARA!” Asuka was going to stab her former friend in the stomach but Tamara grabbed her hand and forced her to drop her karambit. “Do you think someone like me can be saved? A woman who was killed countless innocents?”
“You're not the Tamara that I knew, the Tamara who was my friend, she can be saved, YOU CAN'T!”
“You're a fool, Rapture.”
Tamara pulled out a dagger and stabbed Asuka in the stomach.
“Damn… Damn it… Looks like I’ll need to use my secret move!”
Asuka jumped up and began to choke Tamara using her thighs.
“STOP THIS! LET GO OF ME!” Tamara said, trying to get Asuka off of her.
“Join me! Leave the Russian military and we'll fly far away from here!”
Tamara's eyes widened in shock.
“NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! PLEASE STOP THIS! HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE MUST I KILL TO APPEASE YOU DEMONS!” Tamara pointed her flamethrower at Asuka and shot at her. “DIE! LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP HAUNTING ME!” After Tamara finished shooting at Asuka she shot at the wall and ran through the hole created by her flamethrower.
“Tamara…” Asuka was about to start chasing after her friend but stopped after she felt an ominous energy entering the palace.
“Mariya, Katerina, where's Tamara.” Vladimir Putin, the man who had just arrived asked.
“She left, to where, I don't know.”
“She must have gone home then.”
“Asuka! Get up here, I can already tell that this man is way too strong for us to handle just from his energy!” Nagisa said.
“Got it!”
All of her friends surrounded Artem who quickly opened a door which allowed them to escape from Mariyinsky Palace.
“They're gone.” The Brigadier said.
“So what? Your goal involves getting inside of those Ukrainians' room.”
The Brigadier and Putin walked up stairs into Volodymyr and Denys' bedroom.
“Vladimir, you’ve finally-“ Putin shot magic from his hand, decapitating both of the men.
The Brigadier opened one of the drawers and found a pencil shaped device. She used it on Denys' phone causing it to shrink.
“Now give me a sample of your blood.”

Asuka and her friends returned to the underground room in the Ukrainian division of the Magical Girl Mafia's base of operation.
"It's over, we failed. Ukraine has fallen." Sofia said.

Chapter Text

"Let's try to lighten up this depressing mood and ignore the fact that we failed to stop a governmental collapse by telling stories!" Mia said. "Peipei, how did you and Astrologer meet and why do you care about her so much?"
"Ok so, after we went to Israel, I decided to move to Thailand. I was so ashamed, my parents, my friends, everyone that knew of me made fun of me for not being able to defeat Kyoko and protect my friends."
"NOW I KNOW WHY THAT TAMARA GIRL HATES ME!" Kyoko yelled, finally having a realization.
"As I was saying before Kyoko so rudely interrupted me, I moved to Thailand out of shame and I changed my identity by getting a tan, dyeing my hair blonde and getting plastic surgery to make my face appear different. Apparently the plastic surgery wasn't good enough since you guys found out who I was in a matter of seconds."
Asuka smiled sheepishly.
"So one day I was just minding my own business, eating Reese's Puffs for breakfast and I hear something collapse and knock over the trashcan that was infront of my house. I looked outside to see who or what collapsed and saw a little girl bleeding out on the ground. I ended up calling an ambulance, which ended up saving Astrologer's life. When I ended up going to visit her in the hospital later she said that she had no memory of who she was or who her parents were so I ended up letting her live with me and naming her Astrologer. I named her that because she came into my life like a comet. I never ended up finding why she was bleeding when I first found her or who her parents were, my guess is that her parents were abusive and almost beat her to death, they ended up leaving her near my house where she collapsed and knocked over my trash can."
"Excellent story, Peipei." Mia said, clapping. "I'll tell my story now! So when I was a child-"
Asuka punched a hole in the wall.
"Asuka, it's too dangerous, you felt Putin's power too right? He's just too strong for us. Now if Madoka actually came with us then we would already be in Japan and Ukraine would have never fallen."
"Tamara would be able to defeat Putin, I've never seen her magic before but I'm certain that it's insanely powerful."
"And what if Tamara's magic isn't strong? We would have easily been killed."
"I don't care whether I die or not, let me go to Russia, I need to speak with Tamara!"
"It's too dangerous to go outside right now, stay here until I can make sure it's-"
"Actually I went to Moscow before back when I was a child. I could make a door so that Asuka could go there, Sofia." Artem said.
"Let me go there too, I need to visit some old friends." Nazani said.
"Alright, it's settled then the two of you will be going to Moscow." Artem opened a door infront of him.
"Farewell my friends, I'll see you all soon." Asuka said as she entered the door.
"Buh bye!" Nazani said before she followed Asuka into the door.

Chapter Text

Asuka and Nazani were in Russia, thanks to Artem’s door.
“Do you have any idea where your friend lives? If you don’t then we’re gonna spend months if not years here in Russia.”
“Well she’s Putin’s adopted daughter, going to the Grand Kremlin Palace would be a good start.”
“But how are you going to get in? You could just try brute forcing it but then they’d easily kill you.”
“You’re not going to help me?”
“No, I don’t want to die.”
“Then do you have any plans for getting in there?”
“Well, about those friends that I mentioned.”
“What about them?”
“They’re members of the Babel Brigade. As you know the Babel Brigade and the Russian government are allying with each other meaning that if I were to join them they wouldn’t suspect anything about me entering the Grand kremlin Palace and talking to Tamara.”
“But I’ve told members of the Babel Brigade that I would never join them, multiple times, they’d definitely suspect something if I suddenly joined them.”
“That’s because I’m going to join them. I’ve told them that I’d never join but since the last time they saw me before we fought in Ukraine was when I went missing in Japan, I could just say that I was being held captive by you guys and forced to fight with them. I could also say that you guys told me to tell them that I’d never rejoined or I’d be killed.”
“Sure but where are you going to find them?”
“When we used to work together in the Russian mafia, we would hang out around a local bar here in Moscow. They’re probably hanging out there right now.”
“How am I supposed to get into the Grand Kremlin Palace?”
“You aren’t, I’m going to go in there, get Tamara out and then you’ll be able to speak to her. After I get her out, I’ll call you to let you know where we’re at.”
“Alright then, get running!”
“Yes ma’am.” Nazani said before she started running to where her old Russian Mafia friends were most likely hanging out at.”

Chapter Text

Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin's right hand man, was now arriving at Mariyinsky Palace. He could hear loud music that sounded like it was in Latin playing from inside the palace. He opened the front doors and saw Mariya Vorontsova sitting on the steps, with two large speakers near the entrance of the palace, in full volume.
"Dmitry, you've finally arrived."
"Where's your father?"
"He's upstairs, he told me that he was thinking of something."
Dmitry began to walk up the stairs, he opened the door of what used to be the room of the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine's room and saw Putin, sitting in a chair behind a desk.
"My excellency, good job on taking control of Ukraine."
"Dmitry, I assume you were surprised to learn of that."
"I was very surprised. Why didn't you tell me that you were planning on taking over Ukraine?"
"There was no point in telling you my plan so, I didn't tell you. Moldova is next tomorrow."
"You're planning on taking Moldova too?"
"Yes and not just Moldova, the entire continent of Europe will belong to Russia!" Putin said as he began to l laugh.
'Good god, he's lost it.' Dmitry thought.

Nazani walked into the bar that her and the rest of her former Russian mafia buddies would hang out at.
"Look who came crawling back to us!" Lavrov said. "What do you want, runt?"
"You're not gonna try to kill me?"
"No, I'm not in the mood for that right now."
"I wanna join the Babel Brigade, those girls were holding me captive, they forced me to betray and lie to you guys and fight for them as well. I was able to escape when they were leaving Mariyinsky Palace."
"Sure, go right ahead, I don't care about who or who doesn't join the Babel Brigade."
"Fine, Varvara, Natsagdorj, you guys are coming to the Grand Kremlin Palace with us."
"I don't care what you do or don't want to go, why can't you be like Natsagdorj? Look at him, he's not complaining at all."
Varvara growled at Lavrov before her and Natsagdorj began to walk outside, waiting for me him to do the same.
"Follow me, Nazani." The four of them walked until they reached Lavrov's car, they got inside and began to drive to Grand Kremlin Palace.

Chapter Text

After around a few minutes of driving, Nazani and her former friends from the Russian Mafia had finally arrived at the Grand Kremlin Palace.
“Nazani, we’re here.” Lavrov said.
Everyone who was currently in the car got off.
“So, we’re here to look for Tamara. What if she isn’t here? We’re just gonna be wasting our time.” Varvara asked.
“If she isn’t here, which I doubt, then we’ll just look somewhere else.” The child said.
“Looking for Tamara here shouldn’t take too long. If we do it fast then it’ll only take a few minutes.” Lavrov said.
The four “friends” entered the Grand Kremlin Palace, they split up to make looking for Tamara easier.
Nazani searched tons of rooms, most of them had no people inside. Eventually she found a room with a locked door.
“Whoever is in there, open up!” Nazani said as she began to kick the door.
“Who’s there?” A female’s voice came through the door, she had an aggressive tone in her voice that made Nazani shudder.
“My name is Nazani, I’m a friend of Asuka Otori.”
“What do you want?” The person’s voice sounded even angrier this time.
“She wants to see you.”
“Nazani, have you found Tamara?” Lavrov asked.
“I think I did, the person behind this door sounds like her.”
“That’s good… for us!” Lavrov grabbed Nazani by her right shoulder and held a gun up to her head.
“Lavrov, what’s the meaning of this?” Nazani asked, the fear in her voice was very apparent.
“I knew from the very start that you were planning on betraying us once we found Tamara. I was planning on using Tamara to lure Asuka, Kurumi, Mia, and Peipei into a trap where they would be captured and would be forced to join the Babel Brigade.” Lavrov turned around and began to shout. “Natsagdorj, take this girl to the Brigadier, she’ll decide whether she’ll be joining us or whether she’ll be killed.”
Tamara punched down the door that she behind.
“Phoenix, your father was asking about your whereabouts, I’ll take you to Ukraine to go see him, how does that-“ Tamara punched Lavrov in the face, sending him flying out of the palace.
“Don’t chase after me, little girl.” Tamara said.
Nazani pulled her phone out of her pocket and began to call Asuka.
“Asuka, I found Tamara.”
“She’s currently in the Grand Kremlin Palace but she’s running away right now.”
“I’ll be there as soon as possible.”
Nazani walked out of the Grand Kremlin Palace and waited for Asuka outside.

After awhile of waiting, Asuka finally arrived.
“Where’s Tamara?”
“I saw her running to the left of here but I lost track of her soon afterwords.”
“Thanks.” Asuka said before she started running to where Nazani said she last saw Tamara.
After a few minutes of running she came across an abandoned house that was in a state of disrepair.
‘It wouldn’t hurt to check here.’ Asuka thought to herself
The moment she entered the house she saw the corpse of what appeared to be a teenage boy lying on the ground. Another body was also in the kitchen, she walked over it and continued forwards . Right in front of a door lied another dead body that belonged to another teenager. She ignored it and opened the door to find Tamara sitting on the floor underneath a spot in the roof that wasn’t broken, only the place where she sat didn’t have any light.
“I should have known… that one day… you would be haunting me as well.” Tamara said, looking at Asuka.

Chapter Text

Asuka walked over to Tamara and stroked her face.
"You're alive?"
Asuka nodded her head.
"That must mean that you've come to kill me, go ahead then, kill me!"
"Tamara.... I don't want to kill you, you're my friend."
"No, I won't kill her." Tamara said to nobody.
"Tamara, who are you talking to? The only people here are you and me."
"Have I ever told you of my family before Putin adopted me?"
"No, the most you told me was that you had a sister and she died while you were a child."
"My parents died when I was still a baby and since I had no other living relatives my sister had to take care of me. We were poor, she had to work as a prostitute to support the both of us. One night she stole money from a group of criminals, she told me that tomorrow she would buy two plane tickets for us and we would fly far away from here. That sadly was never able to happen, the group of criminals that she stole from ended up fighting where we lived. They... they killed her... those bastards made me watch as they killed my sister." Tamara began to laugh hysterically. "I remember that when I woke up the next day, I could see my sister and I could hear whatever she told me, and what she wanted me to do was to avenge her. I realized that after her death, I had nowhere to go, I couldn't get a job and I had no other relatives, my only options were either steal food or die. That was until a white cat like being entered my house, he offered me one wish. Can you guess what my wish was?"
"You wanted to be able to live on your own?"
"No, I wished to be able to avenge her sister. Through that wish I gained RPG magic. Whenever I would kill someone I would get stronger, with each kill I would grow more monsterous!" Tamara began to stare at Asuka, she stood up and began laughing.
"I was able to find my sister's murders, I killed them all, I slaughter them like animals. I made sure that they suffered ten times as much as my sister! I removed their finger and toe nails slowly, their teeth were removed next, then their fingers and toes, lastly were their limbs! I made sure they couldn't die, I made sure that she experienced the same pain that my sister went through ten fold! I recorded their deaths, every grisly second of it!"
"Do not look at me with scorn in your eyes, Asuka! Now allow me to finish my tale. After those dogs were slaughtered, I sent the pieces of their bodies to their families and friends. Not sneaking into their houses to see them open a box containing their son, grandson, husband, father or friend's remains is one of my biggest regrets. After that carnage my sister began speaking to me again, she wanted the heads of innocent people. I was too innocent then, I didn't want to kill innocents. Eventually the time came when I had to leave this house-"
"This was your house?" Asuka asked.
"Yes, nobody ended up moving in here and it eventually fell into a state of disrepair. Back to my story, I had to live on the streets, one night President Putin found me and took me in, I became his third daughter. My life became somewhat normal, I was happy. My sister still wanted me to kill but I was able to ignore her. Then the fateful day that I met you online came. Meeting you was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, because of you they all haunt me! Francine, Claudia, Lucia, Amelia, Olivia, and Magdalena all haunt me! They beg me to kill both innocent people and Kyoko, they want me to kill her, they'll only be satisfied if I kill her! There's too many people who want me to kill, I can't ignore them, THEY'RE TOO LOUD!" Tamara screamed.
"I can't..."
"Then I shall continue to kill indefinitely!" Tamara said, calming down
Tamara began to hear the laughter of children from outside of the house.
"Do you hear them, Asuka? Filthy vermin, they're everywhere!"
"I only hear the laughter of children..."
"I must kill them. Every last one of them deserves to be slaughtered! I'll attack them at their nest, if you have no desire to help me then either kill me or leave. NOW!"
"I'll help you... if that's what'll take to save you."
"That's great! Arm yourself, Asuka. The following battle will be tough!"

Chapter Text

"It smells of barf and bodily fluids, it looks like we're finally at their base!"
"Tamara, these people are children, they haven't-"
"Shall we go rat hunting? Don't spare even a single one of them."
Tamara summoned her flamethrower and incinerated the nearest child to her.
"GET DOWN!" Tamara pushed Asuka behind a large rock before rolling over there.
A horde of toddlers with machine guns began to fire at the two teenaged magical girls.
"Tamara, what the hell is happening?"
"These children are part of a notorious Russian group, Little Bust a Cap in Yo Ass, they only accept people younger than 10 to join. Their leader, Vera, is right a top of that slide, if we can just crush her head then we win!"
The horde of children were all suddenly blown to pieces by magic.
"Asuka, Tamara, I'm here!"
"Little girl, I told you to not follow me!"
"I couldn't do that... I'm so sorry!"
"I think you need glasses if you think I'm old." Nazani said to the leader of Little Bust a Cap in Yo Ass.
"TAKE THIS!" Kurumi said, running onto the playground and shooting the needle from her big ass syringe at a child, impaling them in the head. "Tamara, Asuka, I'm here."
"Kurumi? Why do all of you keep chasing me?"
"You're our friend, you're obviously not mentally sound, we're here to help you!
Tamara ran at Vera.
"Shoot!" Vera ordered.
Her legion of children shot at Tamara, tons of bullets hit her, yet she didn't get hurt, she didn't even bruise.
"I'LL DESTROY YOU!'" Tamara screamed.
She slapped Vera across the head, breaking her skull.
"LET'S SEE YOU DODGE THIS!" Nagsia screamed before she shot several bubbles at children, exploding them upon contact.
"Tamara...I think you're over-"
Asuka stopped talking after Tamara threw Vera to the ground and stomped on her head until she died.
"Don't stop, kill any survivors. I take no prisoners!"
"HAHA, TAKE THIS!" Mia shot a kid in the head, killing them. "YOU WEREN'T EVEN A GLINT IN THE MILKMAN'S EYES WHEN I LEARNED HOW TO KILL PEOPLE!" Mia shouted.
A monster truck landed upon a baby before Hino stepped out of the shadows.
"Were they even part of the group or did I just kill a random child?" She asked.
There was only one child left, she was on her hands and knees, begging to be left live.
"Please! I have a family... and friends... they'll be sad if I-
Peipei stepped behind her and tied up her nunchucks, strangling her. Once she died Peipei climbed up a tree and hid the body in its leaves.
"So have we all reunited also where's-"
Sofia and Artem ran into the playground.
"Fuck, we're too late!" Artem said, panting. "We got lost."
"Where's Obama and-"
"Obama is staying in Ukraine to take care of her." Nagisa responded.
"Where do we go to next?" Asuka asked Tamara.
"I'll book a hotel for us." Nazani said. "It looks like Tamara needs to stay in a hotel right now.
Tamara sighed.

Chapter Text

5 hours has passed, Nagisa and the rest of her Allies had booked multiple rooms in a hotel in Moscow, since just booking one would not be enough for 10 people. Kurumi and Tamara ended up having to sleep in the same room.
“Shut up, you dumb broad!” Tamara said, beginning to get pissed off. “Stop screaming or I’ll cut your vocal cords out!” Tamara was barely able to sleep without being in the same room with someone, this just made sure she wouldn’t get a single second of sleep.
“This is one of the few times I could be able to sleep with Asuka, I just need Hino to-“
“I don’t care about you needing to sleep with Asuka, either shut up, leave my room or I’ll kill you!“
“You really are a monster, Tamara. My old friend wouldn’t ever threaten to kill me.”
“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The old Tamara from 5 years ago is dead, she died in Israel.”
“It’s my fault… I was the one who told Asuka to stop you. If you had killed Kyoko in Israel then you wouldn’t be like-“
“It’s a waste of effort to reminisce about what you could’ve done differently. You’ve already done what you did, and your decision costed the lives of 7 people.”
Kurumi walked over to the bed that Tamara was in and sat down.
“Would you want to know why I want to be with Asuka so much?”
“No, I don’t care about why you like Asuka so much in the-“
“When I was a child, I had no friends at all.”
Tamara snarled at Kurumi.
“I was bullied relentlessly for that reason, I remember crying every weekday, begging for my parents to let me stay home. I had tons of bruised all over my body from when my bullies would beat me, I was in such a horrible place that I even thought about killing myself. This all happened to me before I was even 10 years old.”
Kurumi took in a deep breathe.
“That all changed when I met Asuka. She found me being beaten up and decided to fight all of them up.”
“Did she win? Was blood shed?”
“Yes, she won but she didn’t kill them.”
“We ended up becoming friends after that, and we still are, obviously.”
“That was so boring that I might finally get a good night’s sleep.”
Tamara began to close her eyes.
“And let me guess, you love her too?”
“You obviously do, it’s written all over your face that you love her. By the way, keep your feelings towards Asuka a secret in Russia. Most Russians don’t take too kindly to homosexuals, I do though so feel free to be gay for Asuka around me.”
Kurumi laid down before falling asleep seconds later.
“Just a few seconds and you’re already sleeping like a rock. I envy you.”

Chapter Text

Asuka had just woken up, the time was 8:21am. She ran over to the room that Kurumi and Tamara were in and opened the door.
“Tamara, it’s time to-“
“DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME!” Tamara screamed, waking up Kurumi in the process. “Now what do you want? I’ve been up all night, as usual.”
“I wanted to go out shopping with you.”
“And how are you supposed to do that? As far as I am aware you don’t have any ruble on you.”
“Well Nazani gave me this.”
Asuka pulled out a wallet full of money.
Tamara quickly counted all of the money.
“3,236,987.65 RUPLE!”
“So do you want to go out with me?”
“I have no use for clothes, I will outside naked as long as I get to kill!”
“I’m guessing that’s a no-“
“That’s a yes, let’s go.”
Tamara got up from the bed and walked towards the door.
“Can I go with you two?” Kurumi asked.
“No!” Her two friends said in unison before walking away.
“We haven’t had our breakfast yet, what do you want to eat, Tamara?”
“I don’t care about food, feed me anything and I won’t care.”
“So you’re let me choose, I don’t really know what places are in Russia. What’s your favorite restaurant, Tamara?”
“I can’t taste anything. There’s a McDonalds nearby, let’s go there for our nutritions.”
“Sure, I don’t hate McDonalds so why not?”

“My excellency, I have received reports that the girls who were here during the invasion of Mariyinsky Palace were spotted in Moscow.”
“What do you want me to do with them, Dmitry? I’m all the way in Ukraine and they’re in Russia.”
“I don’t want you to do anything, I just wanted to inform you of this.”
“I’ll send several hundred people to kill them.”
Dmitry walked out of the room which Putin was in, while walking away he found Mariya trying to hide from him.”
“Why are you hiding away, Mariya?”
“It’s embarrassing!”
“If you feel that way then don’t tell me if you don’t want to.”
“I usually listen to the conversations that people have with my father so I can better ready myself for the conversations that I will have once I become president.”
“That’s what you’re so embarrassed about? It’s not too embarrassing, keep doing that if you so want to.” Dmitry said before walking away.

Chapter Text

“THIS IS THE POLICE AND THE MILITARY, OPEN UP!” The Russian police, who were ordered by Putin to kill Asuka and co were banging on the hotel that they were staying in, with the help of Russian soldiers who were in Russia at the time, they were certain that they would have no trouble. They kicked it down and quickly went inside.
“Listen up, maggots, if you see one of the girls that our president ordered to kill don’t hesitate for even a second, kill them!” The woman giving out orders was Anna, Tamara’s best servant/friend said.
‘This has to make Tamara happy. Whenever I talk to her she’s always a little gloomy and a tad unhinged, it’s my job as her friend to cheer her up!’ Anna thought to herself.
The Russians began to search every room and found everything.
“Commander Anna, they’re not here.”
“But how? This is where they’re staying and nobody’s seen them go out yet.”
“That’s because we haven’t left!” Nagisa said before fireworks shot from behind her, hitting tons of Russian.
“Good job, Peipei.” Nagisa whispered.
“Thanks.” She whispered back.
The Russians began to shoot at Nagisa, who had a bubble around her, protecting her from all of the bullets being shot at her.
“You’ve all underestimated the powers of a magical girl! While you guys were out there killing gay folks and invading Ukraine, I learned a new attack!”
Nagisa, still in her bubble, ran at the Russians.
“PEIPEI, GET IN A ROOM!” Nagisa screamed.
Peipei listened to her friend and went inside of the attic, where the rest of her friends were waiting for her.
Once Nagisa’s bubble touched someone it exploded, killing everyone except for Anna.
“My attack is triggered when a human touches it. The explosion spreads to a 12 feet radius. I can choose who it kills, you better be grateful, Anna.”
“Wait why? Why did you spare my life?”
“Because you’re friends with Tamara, you and Asuka probably have the best chance we have of helping her get better. Something that I hope happens soon, I really, really wanna go back to Japan. I have a lover and daughter waiting for me back there.”
Asuka and Tamara entered the hotel, noticing that the door was kicked down and that tons of bodies were on the floor
“What the hell happened her?”
“ANNA! WHY ARE YOU HERE?” Tamara ran at Anna and began hugging her.
“I was ordered to kill the girls that were fighting against us in Ukraine. They showed no mercy at all and I almost-“
“This is an order Anna. Leave, go back to your family and never fight again.”
“I don’t want you risking your life again, the sorrow I’d experience if you died would unimaginable.”
“Tamara, I want to fight with you! You’re my best friend, whenever you fight you disregard any semblance of safety and go straight for the enemy. Fighting like that will only endanger your life. That’s why I want to fight with you so that I can make sure that you’re safe. I won’t be able to get even a second of sleep without know that you’re safe.” Anna yawned.
“That’s why I wasn’t able to sleep yesterday.”
“If you refuse to stay with me then…” Tamara walked over and hugged her. “Don’t die.”
“I promise that I won’t my lo-friend.”
A maid who worked at the hotel sighed and broomed over the deceased bodies of the dead Russians.

Chapter Text

“My excellency, the Russian police and soldiers that I sent were all defeated. There were no casualties on the enemy’s side, we were completely obliterated.” Dmitry said, kneeling infront of President Putin.
“Leave them be, Dmitry. I doubt that they’ll preform some grand plan that’ll allow them to capture Russia, Ukraine and now Moldova and killing me as well.”
Dmitry was about to exit the room before Putin began to tell him something.
“Order people to bring Tamara over to Ukraine. She is my best soldier and my favorite and most useful daughter.”
“Yes, my president.” Dmitry said before opening the door.
Outside of the door was Mariya, shaking and with a depressed look in her eyes.
“Mariya, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing… nothing…” Mariya took in a deep breathe. “Let me go get Tamara, I’m sure father would trust his eldest daughter with bringing a most likely scared, lost and traumatized girl to him.”
“You’re her sister, you know her better than I do. If you so wish to then go right ahead, I won’t stop you.”
“Thank you, Dmitry.”
“I’ll call a helicopter to bring to-“
“Allow me to go to Mascow on foot.”
“Are you sure? It’s gonna be a really tiring trip.”
“Yes, I’ll be on my way now.”
As Mariya stepped out of Mariyinsky Palace she thought of killing Tamara. Kill Tamara and then her chances of becoming president wouldn’t be at risk.
“Tamara will never know what’ll hit her. I’ll tell father that after my arrival at Mascow, I found Tamara dead in an alleyway, full of stab wounds all over her body.” Mariya whispered, she began to smile. “He’ll have no choice but to make me his favorite child!” Mariya stopped talking and looked around for anyone who had potentially heard her dastardly plan. “This rescue mission has just become an assassination!” Mariya whispered happily to herself.

16 hours laters-
Tamara and Anna were in bed together, it was late at night. Kurumi had been forced to sleep in the bathtub. She said it was cold and uncomfortable, which only made Tamara happier that she was sleeping there.
“Anna, you should get to sleep. I’ve already told you I can’t sleep, I’m just an annoyance to you.”
“I can’t sleep as long as you’re awake.”
“You liar!” Tamara patted Anna on the head. “I’ve seen you sleeping before, I haven’t gotten a goodnight’s sleep since 5 years ago.”
“I can’t trick you, Tamara, no matter what my lie is.” Anna said before she put her head on the pillow.
Tamara waited an hour before she made sure that Anna was asleep. After she had confirmation of her friend’s sleep she opened the window of her hotel room then she quickly and quietly jumped out of it.
“I’LL KILL THEM, IT’S WHAT THEY DESERVE!” Tamara screamed before she began running away from the hotel in which her friends were sleeping at.

Chapter Text

Tamara kicked down the door.
“IT’S TIME TO DIE YOU OLD FUCKS!” Tamara screamed as she summoned her flamethrower and burnt anyone in sight to a crisp.
She quickly ran into a room and threw several grenades in, before running away. Tamara could hear screams followed by several explosions before she entered the women’s restroom.
“Whoever is in here, come out. If you I’ll consider giving you people a swift end with mild pain, something that’s far less then what you monsters really deserve.”
Tamara waited for a few seconds before she started talking again.
“Fine, I’ll give you people a death that you truly deserve.”
Tamara kicked down each stall door and found an elderly woman taking a dump.
“Do you want some candy, sweetie?”
“DON’T STRUGGLE!” Tamara screamed before incinerating the granny.
Next was the men’s restroom. Tamara quickly entered the men’s restroom before, she once again kicked down the doors to the stalls but found nobody in there.
“Good, good!” Tamara said to herself. She began walking upstairs but was stopped by a man in a blue suit who had a gun in his hands.
“Who the hell are you?” He was visibly shaking, as Tamara stared at him, a large grin appeared on her face.
“You’re Yury Afonin, right?”
He didn’t respond.
“Answer the question or your life is forfeit!”
“DIE!” Yury shot at Tamara 5 times, each bullet didn’t do anything to the teenager.
Tamara let out a loud roar that could he heard from several blocks away. “OUT OF MY WAY!” She stabbed the man in the head with a knife before pulling his head off with her bare hands.
“He’s next!” Tamara said before walking upstairs.
She kept walking until she reached the end of the hallway which contained a door.
She was about to open the door before a man opened it in a panic.
“You’re-you’re Putin’s daughter.”
“Are you surprised?”
“BEGONE!” Tamara screamed before she punched the man in the head, causing it to explode like a watermelon that had been dropped on the ground.
“You’ve finally arrived, Putin.”
“My name is Volkova, I may be part of his family but he never changed my last name to Putin.”
“I saw you kill Ivan, and my guess is that the rest of my associates have been incinerated as well.”
“You’re right on the money, Gennady.”
“I’ll make you pay for their deaths!”
Gennady jumped over his desk, with a riding crop in hand, and attempted to hit Tamara with it.
“That won’t work!” Tamara said as she grabbed the riding crop. She pulled Gennady closer to her and then screamed.
“I’LL DESTROY YOU!” Tamara kicked Gennady in the stomach so hard that it caused him to be disemboweled.
“So their retribution is over.”
“Tamara, what’re you doing here? It’s late, you should be in the hotel.” Asuka said.
“You’re awake?”
“Yes, I don’t know how anyone can remain asleep after hearing someone scream I’LL KILL THEM, IT’S WHAT THEY DESERVE!”
“Do you know what this building is?”
“No, not at all.”
“This building is the headquarters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, a group of homophobes.”
“Homophobes? Tamara are you-“
“Yes, I’m gay. I haven’t told anyone about that, if homophobes found out about it then that would put the people I care about like Anna and Mariya in danger.”
“So you came to kill them?”
“Yes, Asuka. Every night since last week I’ve been going out and killing homophobic political parties, it makes me happy, makes things safer for people and satisfies their thirst for death.”
“Why didn’t you tell us you were going here to do that? I’m pretty sure all of my friends are gay, they wouldn’t go around tell people that you were going to kill some-“
“Because after this I was going to go back to Ukraine.”
“But I haven’t-“
“You haven’t saved me? You’re naive, Asuka. People like me can’t be saved. My father probably wants me to go to where he is, it’s my duty as his adopted daughter to do what he wants.”
“Now that I know, can’t you stay in the hotel? At least just for tonight?”
“I didn’t want any of you to find out but since you know… fine, I’ll stay with you guys but at 12:00pm tomorrow, I’ll be taking my leave.”
As Asuka and Tamara were walking out of the building, Asuka tried to grab her friend’s hand.
“Why do you want to grab my-“
“Can’t I hold my friend’s hand?”
“No.” Tamara said.
They were silent for the rest of the walk to the hotel.

Chapter Text

It was 11:55 am, the day was incredibly cloudy. It looked like it could rain at any second. Tamara was ready to leave and go back to Ukraine.
“Tamara, please don’t go.” Anna said. She began to whimper like a sad dog.
“You won’t trick me. I’ve already made up my mind, I’m returning to Ukraine. My father is probably worried sick about me.”
Tamara opened the door and saw Nagisa, Mia and Peipei kicking the shit out of well dressed man.
“HOW DARE YOU REPORT US TO THE GOVERNMENT! WE’LL KILL YOU!” Nagisa yelled. The man’s bones could be heard cracking with each kick.
“LET ME JOIN IN!” Tamara said as she kicked the man, shattering his femur.
“He reported us to the Russia government while you and Asuka were away. He was booking a room here and saw us. He didn’t see you as you and Asuka had left and you were ahead of her by a bit!” Nagisa said
The 4 magical girls stopped kicking him once he was nothing but a puddle of gore on the floor.
“That was fun!” Tamara said. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be taking me leave.” Tamara said as she opened the door and walked outside

“There she is, the one who is putting my chances of becoming the next President of Russia in jeopardy. Just one swift stab in the head and it’ll be all over for her!” Mariya whispered from a dark alleyway.
The moment Tamara passed by it she leapt out of the trash can she was in and rushed at her younger sister.
Tamara gasped as she was stabbed in the stomach by her sister.
“Yes, it is I! You’re putting me at risk of never becoming president, I need to get rid of you to secure my chances!”
Tamara coughed up blood. How could this be happening? Her oldest sister, one of the few people she cared about, was trying to kill. She couldn’t fight back, no matter how hard she tried to move her hands to her pocket to grab her knife but she just couldn’t.
“Farewell, Volkova!” Mariya said as she pulled the knife out of Tamara’s stomach, she attempted to stab her sister again but she was kicked off balance by someone.
“HOW DARE YOU TRY TO KILL TAMARA.” The blonde, green eyed girl screamed.
“You’re part of the Russian military, am I right?”
Mariya punched Anna in the face, knocking her to the ground.
“I don’t need your interference while I kill my sister!”
Anna pulled out a pistol and began to shoot at Mariya who blocked each and every bullet with ease.
“You’re truly foolish, thinking someone like you could be able to defeat me!”
Asuka ran towards Mariya, karambit in hand.
“LEAVE THEM ALONE!” Asuka stabbed Mariya in the chest.
Mariya dashed at Asuka, attempting to stab her but she had her knife be blocked by Asuka’s karambit.
“Time to end this!”
Asuka kicked Mariya, causing her to be knocked down, face first to the ground.
“Nrgh… I lost… to the same people… FOR THE SECOND TIME! HOW COULD I LOSE AGAIN!” Mariya screamed before getting up and running away.
Asuka walked over to Tamara.
“What do you want?”
“You’re injured…”
“It doesn’t concern you.”
“Yes it does, you’re my friend, now let me take you to Kurumi so that she can-“
“Get out of my way… NOW!” Tamara screamed.
“You’re still going to Ukraine, after your sister tried to kill you?”
Tears began to fall down Tamara’s cheeks.
“Tamara, you’re-you’re crying.”
“It’s far too late, Asuka. There’s no way for me to leave this path that I’ve chosen, I’ve killed a countless amount of innocent people in a vain attempt to appease them. Killing just made them grow louder and louder. The only option I have left is to die, that’s the only way they’ll leave me alone! Even if I were to kill Kyoko, I doubt they’ll stop.”
“You’re wrong, Tamara. It’s not too late to-“
“Don’t waste your breathe on me. All you’ll spew is nonsense about how I should move on from wanting to kill Kyoko for their sake. I know them, they wouldn’t want that!”
It began to rain.
“My sister and our friends won’t lose their hold on me so easily.”
Tamara began to cry harder.
“My life i-is worthless. My country hates me on the count of my sexuality, my adopted family wants me dead, I have no biological family left, my fallen sister and friends haunt my every waking move, I’ve killed so many that it’d be impossible to live a normal life. My only option is to march to Ukraine and to let Mariya take my life. There’s nothing left for me to live for other than causing more death and sorrow.”
“Tamara, you have a family. I’m apart of your family and so are our friends. Anna, Nagisa, Kurumi, Peipei, Mia, you get the gist, we’re all a part of your family. If you die then you’ll make your family sad.”
Asuka began to hug Tamara.
“Live for yourself, Tamara. If you can’t then live for us, your family.”
“Is it possible to do so? I am a monster, a woman who has massacred countless. My hands are stained with so much blood that they’ll never be able to be cleansed. Could someone like myself really live a life such as that? As the person who could have prevented all of the people who were once close to me’s deaths… can I really live for myself or for you and your friends’ sakes?”
Asuka began to move Tamara’s tears off of her face with her hands.
“Your hands are so warm… how did they get like this? Somebody’s warm touch is a thing that I’ve been deprived of for so long.”
“Would you mind moving that eyepatch thing? I can’t-“
Tamara ripped it off, followed by her undoing her braids.
“I’m tired of hearing them beg for me to avenge them… I’m tired of hearing them beg for me to kill… Asuka, I want to go to therapy…”
Asuka’s eyes widened in shock.
“And I want you to accompany me… is that okay with you?”
“Yes, it’s absolutely okay with me!”
“Thank you… Asuka…”

Chapter Text

1 day later-

“Father, I’ve returned.” Mariya said while panting.
“Where’s Tamara?”
“She refused to return with me.”
“Then you should’ve brought her back using sheer force.”
“That’s what I attempted to do… but I was defeated… by her-“
Putin slammed his desk with his fist in anger.
“You are my oldest daughter, you’re supposed to be strong! How could you lose to a girl who I picked off the streets!”
“Father, allow me to redeem myself, give me a mission, any mission will do!”
“You were defeated not once but twice. After your first defeat I had a mission in mind for your chance of redemption, but you went looking for Tamara of your own accord, I decided to let that decide whether you were truly strong. And you failed. You don’t deserve to fight anymore, and you especially don’t deserve to be the President of Russia.”
“But father-“
“A merciful leader may grant a second chance, only fool would grant a third.”
“You disgust me, leave my sights!”
“No.. please! Have mercy, sire! …your excellency! …FATHER!” Mariya screamed before Dmitry came into the room and dragged her outside.
“You’re being to hard on her, Vladimir.”
“And what if I am? She’s nothing but a pawn to me, all of my children are. It just so happens that Tamara is the strongest, thus making her my most useful pawn.”
“Did you ever intended on making Mariya president?”
“No. I knew that if I lied to her about making her the next President of Russia that she’d listen to me. I’ve been playing this conquest since the Soviet Union fell, this idea of becoming president has been engraved into her head since she was a baby. As of now Tamara is much more likely to become president than Mariya.”
“Give Mariya another chance, please I beg of you, sire.”
“Or what? Why should I give her a second chance to redeem herself?”
“Or I’ll stop serving you! I’ll leave Russia and go start a new life in America!”
“Do you think that’s really a possibility?” Putin began to laugh. After he calmed down he began to talk again. “If you even so dare to forsake me then I’ll have your family be killed!”
Dmitry’s eyes widened in shock.
“You wouldn’t…”
“Oh I would. I could kill your entire family with just one command. You’re a valuable asset to me, Dmitry I can’t have you leaving me so easily.”
Dmitry tightened his fists in anger.
“Now leave.”
Dmitry left Putin’s house and slammed the door behind him.

-2 days later

Tamara and Asuka were waiting for the therapist to be attended. They’ve been waiting for almost half an hour at this point.
“Tamara Volkova, follow me.” A brown haired woman with glasses said.
“Can she come with me? I don’t think I’d be comfortable if she weren’t with me.”
Tamara pointed at Asuka.
“Alright, you two followed me.”
The two friends followed the woman into a room that contained a blue couch, a blue hair and pink flowers.
“My name is Yulia Morozov, I’ll be your therapist from now on.”
“What should I call you? Do I call you doctor, Doctor Morozov or Yulia?”
“Call me whatever you want.”
“I’ll call you Yulia.”
“Tamara, have you ever gone to therapy before?”
“Damn she’s quick.” Asuka whispered.
“No, this is the first time I’ve ever been gone to therapy. That’s why my friend is with me, I don’t feel comfortable doing this alone.”
“Does your family have a history of mental health issues?”
“I don’t know but I don’t think so. My biological parents died while I was very young and my sister died years ago.”
“I don’t know if this may be too early to ask you this since I’m relatively new to this but do you have any symptoms?”
“Well five years ago, I lost my ability to taste, I developed insomnia and I can hear them, I can see them!.”
“Who’s them?”
“Their voices, their physical forms! My sister and my deceased friends. They want me to kill, the want me to avenge them!”
“Do they want you to kill anyone specific?”
“Yes they, want me to kill Kyoko Sakura, the woman who killed them! Most of the time they just want the heads of random people though.”
“Have you ever listened to them and… killed someone?”
“I’ve killed a countless amount of people… I thought listening to them would make them stop. In the end, it just made them louder, and louder, until It was impossible for me to ignore them.”
“When did you start seeing your dead loved ones?”
“I saw my sister after I woke up the day after her death. My friends started calling out to me after their deaths. Do you remember the day where Israel fell?”
“My friends and I tried to take down the terrorist who was murdering people, 6 of them died, only I and 4 of my friends survived that brutal battle. I blame myself for their deaths, I should’ve killed Kyoko. If I had they would have all be alive right now!”
“I think I have enough information to diagnose what your mental problem probably is.”
“What is it, Yulia? What is wrong with me?”
“Well you appear to have psychosis with some symptoms of depression such as insomnia snd loss of taste.”
“Are you gonna proscribe me any thing to deal with my mental illness?”
“I can’t do that, I’m a psychiatrist, not a doctor. If you really want medications for you then you’ll have to talk with your doctor about that. You’re free to leave now if you so want to.”
“Asuka, let’s go.”
Tamara and Asuka walked out of the room and into the outside.
“Do you feel better?”
“I feel happier, now that I know what’s wrong with me.”
“That’s great! Are you gonna keep coming back?”
“Yes, but I’m gonna come alone now. I can handle it by myself.”

Chapter Text

It’s been 2 entire weeks since Tamara has started going to therapy. She’s hasn’t been acting as aggressive as she used to, she’s started smiling more, she hasn’t killed someone or talked about killing, and she has moved into Asuka’s room.
“I’m back from therapy, Asuka.”
“That’s nice.”
“I’ve been thinking about something a lot recently.”
“What is it?”
“I’ve… I’ve been thinking about you…”
“Tamara, are you flirting with me?”
“Ever since that day when Mariya tried to kill me, I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you. I haven’t been able to sleep not because of them, though they’re still there and I dread that they’ll remain there until my death, but because of my thoughts of you.” Tamara began to blush before taking in a deep breathe. “I love you Asuka! I want to be with you for the rest of my life! You’re the person who saved me, let me return the favor by being your girlfriend!”
“Tamara… I-I love you too!”
Kurumi could be heard letting out a blood curdling scream from the other room as she punched the walls.
“Other people may not support me but I don’t care about what other people think, I will be with you from now until the day I die.”
Tamara leaned in to kiss Asuka.
“Shouldn’t we slow down? I’ve never kissed someone before, much less someone I loved. My heart feels like it’s about to pound out of my chest!”
“Neither have I.”
Asuka pushed Tamara’s head into a kiss. They closed their eyes and only broke off the kiss to get air. After a solid 10 minutes of kissing the couple stopped.
“I really enjoyed that, Tamara.”
“Asuka, let’s try something, something new… and exciting!”
Tamara began to undress, her breasts weren’t nearly as big as people like Asuka’s, Kurumi’s, Mia’s, and Peipei’s tits but Asuka still found them to be cute.
“I hope my body is to your liking…”
A bulge began to stick out of Asuka’s panties.
“You’re erect! Allow me to take care of that.”
Tamara took Asuka’s panties off and began to stroke the head of her cock. Tamara moved closer to it and began to lick it.
“TAMARA, KEEP DOING THAT!” Asuka screamed. A wave of pleasure shot through her body.
Tamara opened her mouth and began sucking on the tip of Asuka’s long hard rod.
Someone began pounding on the room that Asuka and Tamara were in. It sounded like they were slamming their entire body at the door.
Right before Asuka came she pushed Tamara’s head further down her cock and then she ejaculated. Tamara was coughing, swallowing cum wasn’t such as easy as she expected it to be.
“Can you taste my cum? If so how does it taste?”
“Well, it’s very salty-“ Tamara’s eyes widened in shock and she froze at the words she had just. She had just been able to taste something again for the first time in years.
“You did it, Tamara, you finally regained your taste… now bend over!”
Tamara bent over into a doggy style allowing Asuka to walk up behind her and insert her dick into her moist pussy.
“TAMARA, YOU’RE SO TIGHT!” Asuka screamed.
Someone shot an object with at the door, then a voice was heard.
“Yeah no, not doing that. I’m not gonna interrupt Asuka’s good time just because you’re jealous. Also if you ask me, I think you should move on.”
“You think it’s possible to move on? Asuka has been my best friend since childhood, I can’t just move on from my feelings for her!” Kurumi stopped talking. “DAMN IT! I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO TELL YOU THAT I LOVE ASUKA, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A DRAMATIC REVEAL FOR EVERYONE AFTER WE DEFEAT THE BABEL BRIGADE” Kurumi screamed.
“I mean, it was very obvious that you loved her. You’re obsessed with Asuka, if Tamara can move on from her obsession with killing Kyoko then you can move on from wanting to fuck Asuka.” Peipei said as she walked away and entered her room.”l
Asuka was balls deep into Tamara, her and Tamara’s moans could be heard by the entire hotel.
Asuka shot all of her sticky cum inside of Tamara.
“Do you think you’ll be able to sleep tonight?” Asuka said while panting.
“Yes, as long as I am with you, I’ll be able to sleep soundly from now on.”
Loud sobs could be heard from the outside

Chapter Text

Asuka opened her eyes to see Tamara cuddling her in her sleep.
'She did it, she finally got a good night's sleep.' Asuka thought to herself as she grabbed her phone. It was 9:27 am, maybe it was time for Tamara to wake up
"Tamara, wake up, it's late." Asuka began poking her girlfriend's cheeks. Tamara opened her eyes and yawned.
"Asuka, thank you. I finally got a good night's sleep for the first time in 5 years." Tamara said as she rubbed her eyes.
Asuka put on her clothes, waiting for Tamara to put her clothes on and then opening the door.
"You guys are finally up, I've been waiting for this." Nagisa said. "Now that you've saved Tamara, it's time for us to go back to Japan. Pack up your clothes, I'm gonna tell Artem to-"
"No." Tamara said. "We need to stay in Europe."
"We aren't, I only came here because Sofia told me that it was too dangerous for anyone to sell drugs. We lost, Russia took over Ukraine, there's nothing left to do. I only let Asuka save you because I felt bad for you. If it wasn't for my sympathy then we would've gone back to Japan after the battle in Mariyinsky Palace." Nagisa said.
"I'll save Russia and Ukraine!"
"Do you really think that's possible?"
"I do, I'll take over the Moscow Kremlin, and then we'll head to Ukraine and kill Putin."
"I'll humor you, Tamara, only because you're Asuka's lover. We won't go back to Japan until after you kill Putin."
"Alright, at most It'll take 5 days." Tamara said. "EVERYONE IN THE MAGICAL GIRL MAFIA, COME OUT OF YOUR ROOM!" Tamara screamed.
Kurumi came out, her eyes were puffy and red.
"What the hell happened?" Asuka asked.
"I've been crying all night... because of what you and Tamara did to each other."
"What the hell do you want, Tamara?" Peipei asked.
"We're going on a mission." Tamara said
"A mission, this early in the morning?" Nazani asked.
"Yep, now get ready." Hino who had just opened her door said.
"I'm always ready for a mission." Mia said as she opened her door.
"Tamara's gonna end homophobia? Count me in!" Anna said.
"It's time to take back Ukraine." Sofia said, as Artem exited the room they were in. He summoned a door.
"I heard you saying that you were gonna take over the Moscow Kremlin. This door leads to it. Make sure you guys don't have any regrets before hand, not all of us may make it back." Artem said.
Everyone began walking towards Artem's door.
"Looks like none of us have regrets. That's nice to know."
Everyone went through the door, one by one.

Chapter Text

“My father won’t let me redeem myself then?” Mariya said to herself before bursting into laughter. “I’ll show him how strong I am by using my magic!”
Sacrifice magic is Mariya’s magic. It grants immense strength but at the cost of someone important to the user and something from the user like a limb, a tooth, a bone or maybe some of the user’s sanity.
“Katerina, I want to speak with you in private.”
“Sure, where are we going to speak?”
“We’re going to the basement, there’s something of great concern that I must tell you.”
“Alright, lead the way.”
Mariya began walking to the basement with her younger sister following behind her. She opened the door, letting Katerina go infront of her before she locked the door.
“Now what is it you want to tell me?”
“I’m sorry…”
Mariya summoned a knife before lunging at her her and stabbing her repeatedly.
Katerina screamed as loudly as she could, hoping that someone would come to rescue her. Eventually she stopped screaming, and breathing all together. It took 30 stabs but Mariya had done it, she had killed her sister.
“Tamara Volkova, you ruined my life… prepare to die!“

“If I remember correctly Putin left the Grand Moscow in the care of Olesha-“
“Who’s that?” Nagisa asked Tamara.
“She’s a woman with large breasts, glasses, brown hair and she’s a magical girl. Her magic is wool magic, it allows her to use threads of wools for things that you can use wool for. Like tying people up with it, grabbing things, strangling someone, and creating barriers made out of wool. We only have to kill her then we win so try not to kill too many people.”
“Tamara, shall we go?” Asuka asked.
“Yes, I’ll allow Nazani to do the honor of blowing the front door up.”
“You are? Okay then!” Nazani used her magic to blow up the door.
Tamara and co ran forwards into the Palace of Facets.
“INVADERS!” Someone screamed, what followed was a barrage of bullets which Hino put inside of a Yu-Gi-Oh card. Then she shoot every last bullet at the Russians, killing them.
“Olesha, if you are here then come out. I’m sure you’re not a heartless leader who would prefer to let her soldiers die rather then facing the enemy herself!” Tamara yelled Tamara summoned a flamethrower. “Come out now!”
Tamara used it on the wall, starting a fire.
“Tamara, you traitor!”
Tamara turned around and saw Olesha standing behind her. “What is your plan? Do you wish to conquer Russia?”
“I want to make Russia a better place, after I claim the Moscow Kremlin, I’ll go to Ukraine and kill Vladimir!”
“To think that the child that he took in from the streets would betray him and threaten his life and country. I’ll stop you right here, right now!”
“Leave her to me!” Tamara said to her friends.
Olesha shot threads of wool at Tamara’s neck, attempting to strangle her to death.
“That won’t work on me!” Tamara said as she dodged, she shot fire at the Russian who created a barrier made out of wool to protect herself from the attack.
“I WON’T BE DETERRED!” Tamara screamed as she started shooting balls of fire from her flamethrower, burning the barrier.
“SWEET DREAMS!” Olesha said as she threw the fire balls back at Tamara.
“That was my plan!” Tamara shot the fire balls that were still in the air with her flamethrower, causing them to bounce all around the hallway.
While Olesha stopped the fire balls with her wool Tamara charged up an attack.
“THIS BATTLE IS FINISHED!” Tamara screamed as she shot the most fire that she had ever shot from her flamethrower. Olesha attempted to block the attack with a barrier of wool but Tamara’s attack incinerated the barrier.
“Looks like this is as far as I’ll get. Putin I leave the rest to you!” Olesha said before being reduced to ashes by Tamara’s attack.
“It’s over Tamara, we won!” Asuka said.
“Yes…. now, we must go to Ukraine. Artem open a door to the Magical Girl Mafia’s Ukrainian base.”
“Why not go to Mariyinsky Palace? That’s where Putin is.”
“I’m well aware of that, however if we do that we run the risk of being attacked from behind and being killed. There’s only one of Hino, she can only put one wave of bullets into a card at a time after all.”
“So I open a door to outside of our base?”
“Yes, Artem.”
Artem opened the door, allowing everyone to return to Ukraine.
“It’s time to end this!” Tamara said.

Chapter Text

“My queen, I don’t mean to bother you but why are we waiting for Asuka to pass by here? You already said we weren’t going to try to recruit her anymore.” Abigail asked.
“I know, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to kill her. Fath, Asuka should be passing by soon, are you ready to use your void magic?”
“Yes, Brigadier.” The elderly man said.
“Good, I’m sorry that I have to do this but you refused to join me!”

As Tamara and her friends ran through the streets of Kyiv they could see a woman with blonde dyed hair standing in the distance, seemingly waiting for someone.
“That’s… no… it can’t be!” Tamara said.
“Heh…heh heh…. HAHAHAHA! You kept me waiting, Tamara. Or should I say… President Volkova? Perhaps her excellency would be to your liking?” Mariya said. There was a crazed look in her eyes.
“Mariya, listen-“
“How does it feel to possess Russia, no, how does it feel to possess the entirety of Europe? I wonder what that sensation that I’ll never feel is like.”
“This isn’t something I’m doing to feel good, I’m doing this to improve the lives of-“
“You have no words after I revealed the truth, how predictable.”
“Mariya come to your senses, I don’t want to hurt you. I want you and Katerina to join me, join my friends and I in making the world better.”
Mariya paused for a few seconds before bursting into laughter “Katerina is dead! I killed her!”
“Mariya… you must be joking…”
“Silence. I have no use for you or your friends.” Mariya summoned a knife.
“I ONLY HAVE USE FOR YOUR HEADS!” Mariya screamed as she leapt at her sister.
Tamara pulled a knife out of her pocket to block the attack.
“Mariya, stop this! We’re family!”
Tamara pulled out her flamethrower and shot at Mariya who sliced through the fire without sustaining even a single injury. “Power won’t betray me, power isn’t meaningless. The only way someone can obtain power IS THROUGH THEMSELVES!” Mariya screamed as she grabbed Tamara by the neck and then stabbed her in the stomach repeatedly for about 10 times before Mia shot Mariya in the hand, causing her to drop Tamara.
“You… you took… everything from me… YOU WILL SUFFER FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!”
“I don’t even know who you are!”
Mia began to shoot at Mariya who was smiling the whole time. She didn’t bleed when she was hit and with each bullet her smile grew wider.
“BULLETS DON’T WORK ON ME!” Mariya screamed right before shooting the bullets out of her and hitting Mia all over her body, knocking her to the ground.
“DIE, YOU STUPID CRACKER!” Mariya screamed before beginning to repeatedly stab Mia in the throat. Mia was choking and gasping for air as she spat out blood from her mouth.
“GET AWAY FROM HER!” Kurumi screamed as she shot a big ass syringe at Mariya, hitting her in the back.
“I have no quarrel with you.” Mariya began to scream. “I’LL SHOW TAMARA THAT FAMILY MEANS NOTHING BY KILLING YOU! AHHHHHHH!”
Asuka jumped infront of Kurumi and blocked Mariya’s attack.
“Go heal Mia and Tamara, I’ll handle Mariya,”
Kurumi nodded before running towards her injured friends.
“What is it you’ll use your power for if you have no one to protect?”
“Then you’ll die alone!”
Asuka threw her karambit into the air and punched Mariya in the face.
A red aura began to surround Mariya’s body.
“I’m sorry… Tamara… I’ll have to put her down…”
Asuka and Mariya began to run towards each other.
Asuka and Mariya both stabbed each other in the heart.
“ASUKA!” Kurumi and Tamara both screamed as they ran towards their friend.
“Let me heal you.”
“Mariya, why? Why did it have come to this? You’re the only family member that I had left!”
“I don’t need a family… nor do I want one… kill me… finish me… do you prefer… to see me die… from having my heart stabbed? While you stand … as the next President of Russia, being backed… up by all of her friends…”
“Mariya… I can’t… I don’t want you to die… Kurumi, please help my sister, she’s about to-“
“But if Kurumi doesn’t heal you then-“
“I know… that’s what… I deserve…” Mariya reached into her pocket and pulled out a wedding ring.
“This is a memento… from our mother… on her deathbed… she told me… to give it to someone that I love… I want you… to have it now… give it to someone you love…”
“Don’t cry… you’re not a little girl anymore… Tamara… defeat father… and make Russia… a better place… you can do it… I know you can…”
Tamara grabbed Mariya’s lifeless body and began to cry.
“I’m sorry… that I did this to you… my dear sister. I’ll make Russia a better place, just like you wanted me to.”
Tamara stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes.
“I can’t stand her and continue to mourn, I have to continue onwards to so that I can fight Vladimir.” Tamara said as she composed herself. “We need to keep moving forwards! No slowing down!” Tamara said as her and the rest of her friends began to continue walking.

Chapter Text

“Here they are!” Abigail said. “Fath, stand your ground!”
“Got it!”
“Move aside, we have no time to deal with you two!” Tamara said, to be so close to the Maryinsky Palace and still having to fight them was torturous for her.
“You know what to do.”
Fath lifted his hand and shot a void at Tamara.
“MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” Asuka screamed as she pushed Tamara out of the attack. Asuka was sucked inside before the void closed permanently.
“What I used was my void magic, I can shoot out a void that can suck up only one thing. Once that thing is sucked up the void will close and the thing that was sucked up can only be let out once I want them to.”
“LET ASUKA OUT OR I’LL KILL YOU!” Tamara screamed as she summoned her flamethrower.
“Go ahead, come at us!”

It was pitch black inside. Where was she? Why wasn’t there any light? Suddenly Asuka heard footsteps followed by singing.
“Memories that made those days sublime. These ruined halls entombed stolen time!”
The Brigadier teleported behind Asuka before stabbing her in the throat and teleporting out of her view.
“Fath, it’s done, now bring me out.”
The Brigadier teleported out of Fath’s void, leaving Asuka to die.
“I… can’t die…” Asuka coughed up blood. “Not when… my friends need me!” Asuka summoned a karambit and accidentally stabbed her left index finger before grabbing her throat, attempting to stop the bleeding. Suddenly the wound was gone. Asuka’s eyes widened in shock. This was her magic, blood magic. The ability to manipulate any object as long as her blood was on it. The only injures she couldn’t heal where the wounds where she was bleeding from though that could easily be fixed if she used another part of her that was bleeding.
“Let’s see if this works!” Asuka rubbed blood from her bleeding finger on her hair, turning it blue.
“Now to get out of here!” Asuka rubbed her bleeding finger on the ground on which she stood on, causing a portal to the regular world to open up.
“I’m back, bitches!” Asuka said. She had the same hair color as the average Fire Emblem lord now all she needed was a sword.
“I used my blood!”
“Asuka, you’re back!” Tamara said as she slapped Abigail across the face.
“Heh. It looks like I’m done here, Fath remember to kill them!” Abigail said as she ran away, leaving her ally behind.
“I am terrified by you, no wonder she wanted you eliminated! Even if the Brigadier couldn’t kill you, I’ll kill you for her-“
Asuka moved so fast that when she was done Fath was nothing but little cubes of meat on the floor. Tamara ran over to Asuka and proceeded to hug and kiss her.
“Asuka, I’m so happy! I don’t know what’d I’d do if you died! I’m powerless without you!”
“No you’re not! Even if I were to die, promise me that you’ll continue living. That you’ll do the right thing!”
“I will Asuka, I will!”
“What happened to you, why’s you hair blue?” Kurumi asked.
“I used my magic to change the color of my hair.”
“Your magic? You learned how to use your magic?”
“Yep, now let’s keep advancing.”

Chapter Text

“Vladimir, the citizens of Kyiv are rebelling, what are we to do?”
“Burn this city down.”
“Sire, that’s a little bit too-“
“Yes, sire, I will send out the order. Before that, I’ve been meaning to ask you two things.”
“What is it?”
“Why did you adopt Tamara and how were you able to find her?”
“I killed Tamara’s sister.”
“Your excellency, this is no time to joke-“
“It’s no joke, I hired the criminals who killed Tamara’s sister.”
“Why? What purpose does it serve to kill a little girl’s last living relative?”
“When I was but a boy I had gotten in contact with someone who could sense how strong a girl would be if she were to become a magical girl. One day he told me that he found a little girl whose strength would far surpass any other person who he personally had ever sensed. I realized that she may be useful in my future plans of conquering the entirety of Europe, no the entirety of the world! So I told him that she needed to become a magical girl. The only problem is that if she became a magical girl there would be no reason for her to listen to me. I did some background research on Tamara’s sister and found all of the spots where she’d conduct her business. I hired a local gang of criminals to kill her. Their plan was to let out a suitcase full of money in the open so that it would be stolen by her, then they would follow her home and kill her infront of Tamara. After they had finished their job I paid them handsomely. Then I waited, and waited, and waited until I was informed that Tamara became a magical girl. Then I waited even more for when Tamara was forced out into the streets, I came to her aide, and adopted her. I’ve been manipulating her ever since, denying her the ability to go to therapy and get any sort of medication to help with her mental illness. Once it became even worse, I knew that she wouldn’t stop killing until she were killed. I used this to my advantage by permitting her to kill if she obeyed my orders. I planned to use her until her death!”
Suddenly a Russian soldier entered Putin’s office.
“Sire, Tamara and her allies are outside of the palace. What are we to do?”
“Dmitry, go! Fight Tamara and her friends and kill them!”
“Do it! Bring me her head! Or do you wish for me to hang up your family’s heads instead? Even if you die your family will be spared!”
Dmitry became silent and walked out of Putin’s office.

Tamara was in the distance, getting closer and closer by the second.
“Brave soldiers of Russia. You have fought with courage and skill but the end is upon is. The end of Putin’s reign is near. Now listen to me! After I am killed, surrender to the enemy forces. I know that Tamara has changed, even just looking at her now I can tell that she will spare all of you if you surrender. If you have any loyalty to Russia you will not waste your lives in this battle.”
“Dmitry…” Tamara said. “I’m sorry…” Her eyes began to well up with tears.
“This isn’t a place to cry. We just need to get past these troops and then we’ll be able to kill Putin.” Asuka said.
“Stop crying, we didn’t come all this way to cry!” Nagisa shouted.
“I’m sorry, everyone.” Tamara wiped the tears from her eyes. “Alright, let’s do this!”
Tamara began running at the soldiers, none of them were shooting.
“What? Why aren’t they attacking?”
They were doing the opposite of attacking, they were moving out of the way, allowing her to reach Dmitry.
“Dmitry, what is the meaning of this? Why aren’t any of them attacking?”
“I ordered them to surrender to you once I am killed. It appears like they’ve lost the will to fight after you appeared.”
“Move out of the way then, my battle is not with you, it’s with Vladimir Putin!”
“I’m sorry, Tamara, I can’t do it.”
“What do you mean you can’t?”
“If I disobey he will have my family killed.”
“But I’m about to fight him-“
“The inside of the palace is filled to the brim with soldiers, they will not be as kind as the ones here. One of them will surely report that I let you pass through. While you’re fighting the soldiers, that’ll be enough time for Putin to order the Russian police to kill my family. I’d rather lay down my life then have my family killed.”
“I’M SORRY!” Tamara screamed as she pulled out her knife and stabbed Dmitry across the stomach and above his chest.
“Thank you… Tamara… protect… your sisters… and defeat… Vladimir.”
“No… no… NOOOO!” Tamara screamed at the sky as she began to cry. “Why… why must everyone.. important to me die?” Tamara asked as she wept.
The citizens of Kyiv began walking up to the streets of Maryinsky Palace and began cheering.
It didn’t take too long until the Russian soldiers who were outside to also start cheering Tamara on.
“Why is… everyone cheering?”
“They’re ready for you to end enter Maryinsky Palace and kill Putin. They’re hopeful for a happier and a more peaceful future.” Asuka said as she wiped the tears off of her girlfriend’s eyes.
“I’m sorry for crying, I’m sorry for serving him, I’m sorry for killing so many people, the atrocities I’ve committed will never be forgiven. But allow me to make them up to everyone! I will pave the way to a new, prosperous future!”
Everyone outside began to cheer even louder for Tamara.
“It’s time for us to end this!” Tamara said as the rest of her friends were behind her, waiting for her to open the door to the Maryinsky Palace. “It’s time to end this, father!”

Chapter Text

“WAIT FOR US!” A female voice said as she ran through the crowd who was cheering Tamara on.
“Kyoko! Obama!” Asuka said. She was shocked that they would come here especially after Tamara said she wanted Kyoko’s head.
“We couldn’t let you guys have all of the fun. We’re your friends after all, I think we’re allowed to help you beat up Vladimir Putin.” Obama said
“Hey aren’t you that girl who tried to kill me? Why aren’t you trying to kill me?”
“Because I don’t want to, especially now.” Tamara said as she opened the door to Maryinsky Palace. “IT’S TIME!”

“Tamara, you’ve finally arrived. To think that you would betray your father! I’ll hit you and your friends so fast that you’ll have no time to process your own deaths!” Vladimir Putin said as he began to A pose.

As soon as Tamara and co entered an orchestra began playing outside.
“Putin must be in the former president and prime minister’s room. I would love nothing more then to settle this through words but I doubt that would have ever been possible. Be mindful of the surrounding soldiers.” Tamara said
Mia noticed a few other people who weren’t wearing Russian military uniforms.
“Strange… they seem to not be apart of the Russian Military. Maybe they’re members of the Babel Brigade?”
“Hey was that wall always there?” Peipei asked. “They built a wall in here to block the way to Putin’s office. Perhaps magic was involved in its construction.”
Russians soldiers began shooting at Tamara with machine guns. The bullets bounced off her skin and clothing as if they were toys.
“ON MY HONOR!” Tamara screamed as she summoned a flamethrower and incinerated the soldiers who were shooting at her.
Asuka went into the room that housed a non uniformed woman. She wore a black hat and black robes
“We must unite this world through any means necessary even if it involves siding with them! I’ll take the likes of you and your friends done here and now!”
The woman began shooting perfume at Asuka, causing her to start choking.
“What do you think of my perfume magic? Pretty fearsome, ain’t it?”
“Not… yet!” Asuka pricked her left index finger with her karambit and threw her blood at the older magical girl.
“What’re you planning to-“
Suddenly she began to melt.
“Damned brats…” She said before she finally died.
“DINA HAS FALLEN! WE MUST RETREAT, OUR GOAL IS TOO IMPORTANT!” Suddenly the non uniformed girls were busting through walls and escaping.
“So they weren’t part of the Russian military after all!” Mia said with a grin.
The wall that was blocking the way to Putin’s office disappeared.
“It’s gone! Continue forwards!” Tamara ordered

“My queen, why are we still in Ukraine? I get that you wanted to kill Asuka but we failed and she’s still alive. Let’s just go to New York and start the beginning of our new world.” Abigail asked.
“ Don't ever take back your kind hand lest precious love slip away like time's sand only we will know all that was lost scars that we can't erase show us life's true cost!” The Brigadier timed with the music. She turned around and looked at her lover.
“I wanted to see Putin fall. To be frank, I never liked him. I only ever allied with him because we had a common goal, uniting the world. But now that he’s about to meet his maker, we might as well watch the show.” The Brigadier said as her and Abigail watched through the hole they made in the celling.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” A woman in the orchestra sang.
The Russian soldiers were throwing grenades at the girls.
“This is their final stand, if they fall they know Putin will die!” Tamara said!
“I WON’T BE DETERRED!” Tamara said as she shot fire at the soldiers, leaving nothing but ashes in their wake. Balls of dark magic began shooting out from Putin’s room.
“Why is he doing this? They aren’t even accurate!” Nagisa said as Putin’s attack completely missed her.
“He’s going all out!” Tamara responded.
Tamara ran up the stairs and into Putin’s office where she saw him A posing.
“Facing you… I grow weak…” Putin lied.
He had already done too many things for his goal. Turning back from his path isn’t an option anymore. It’s either he wins this battle and lives to see another die or he loses and dies, those were the only two outcomes.
“I’ve come too far, I have no choice but to continue fighting. Even if it costs me my life!” Tamara yelled.
“THIS BATTLE IS OVER!” Tamara screamed as she shot fire at Putin, barely even hurting him.
Putin shot a laser made completely out of dark magic which Tamara barely dodged.
He shot disks of dark magic at his adoptive daughter.
“Putin is a magical boy too?” Artem asked.
“It appears so. Maybe in another life he would’ve been our ally…” Nagisa said.
“Shouldn’t we help out Tamara? Putin seems a little too strong for her to handle alone.” Asuka asked
“No, she was deadset on doing this, let her leap across this final hurdle by herself!” Nagisa responded.
The orchestra was still blaring outside as balls of fire and dark magic flew everywhere in the palace. Tamara created a ring of fire around Putin who used his dark magic to destroy the fire.
“THAT GAVE ME ENOUGH TIME!” Tamara creamed. “ON MY HONOR!” She screamed as she shot a fully charged flamethrower attack at Putin. He was knocked into the wall.
“It’s over Putin, surrender and I’ll let you live.”
“No… NO… MY LIFE CANNOT END HERE, NOT WHEN I’M SO CLOSE TO FULFILLING MY GOAL!” Putin screamed as he created a giant dragon made out of his dark magic. Tamara and friends were carried on its back before it flew out of Maryinsky Palace.
“Holy shit! Putin almost hit us!” Abigail said.
“It’s a good thing we were on the side of this place’s roof.” The Brigadier said as she began looking upwards.
“I think we’re done here, Abigail.” Brigadier said as she grabbed her girlfriend’s hand.
“We’re finally going to New York?”
‘Asuka, Kurumi, Mia, Tamara, and Peipei, I’ll see you all in New York soon.” The Brigadier said as her and Abigail teleported away.

Chapter Text

“MY CONQUEST WILL NOT END HERE! DIE!” Putin shot thousands of balls of dark magic into the air, they all landed on Tamara and her friends’ nearly killing them.
“GAHH!” Asuka yelled. “What is… this power?”
“This is… the second… strongest magic… I’ve ever seen… for sure!” Nagisa said. “He’s too strong… looks like… this is the end…”
“Damn it… damn it… I shouldn’t… have gotten any of… you guys involved in this!” Sofia said.
“TAMARA!” Anna screamed.
Tamara had passed out, she was barely breathing.
“You can’t die! You’ve come so far just to die! Please get up!” Anna begged.

Tamara opened her eyes, where was she? Is this hell, purgatory, any sort of afterlife? If so then where were her friends and her sisters? It was so dark, she couldn’t see anything besides herself
“I came all that way, just to die!” Tamara said as she began to laugh. “Now my friends are in danger and it’s all my fault!”
“Tamara, Tamara, open your eyes! We need you!”
Tamara’s eyes widened in shock. That’s Asuka’s voice, where was she?”
“All right, I admit it, you’re a much better lover to Asuka than I would ever be! Please just wake up!” Kurumi begged.
“You survived my attack in Israel 5 years ago, you can survive anything! Don’t die to some old guy!” Kyoko said.
“Don’t you dare think about joining them! They wanted you to live! Keep living so that your friends and sisters’ deaths weren’t in vain!” Mia yelled.
“You’re the only one of your friends without back pain, you’re a valuable asset to us, Tamara! Get up and become the new President of Russia!” Sofia yelled.
“If you die Astrologer will be sad and we can’t have that now can we?” Peipei said.
“I never even got to tell you why I joined the Magical Girl Mafia! Get up so that I can tell you!” Hino said
“First my mother, then my Russian Mafia friends, now you. Why must everyone important to me die? Will Nagisa be next to kick the bucket?” Nazani asked.
“Don’t give me this guilt, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if you were killed by a fellow magical boy!” Artem yelled.
“I was going to bring you on a vacation to New York, but it looks like I can’t since you’re not waking up!” Obama said.
“I care about you Tamara! I wanted you to win! Please just wake up and end this!” Nagisa yelled.
“So I’m knocked out. Wake up, me! I need to help my friends, I need to make Russia a better place!”

Tamara opened here eyes to find that she was in Asuka’s arms.
“Everyone is injured!”
“We know, we’re just glad you’re back with us!” Asuka said as she hugged her girlfriend.
“DAMN IT! SHE’S BACK! I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO USE THAT ATTACK AGAIN FOR A FEW MINUTES! WILL MY LIFE REALLY COME TO AN END HERE?” Putin questioned. He could still attack but none of his other attacks were as strong as the one he had used before.
“Put me down, let me finish this myself!” Tamara told Asuka.
Asuka let her lover go. Tamara started running towards Putin the second she wasn’t in Asuka’s arms.
Putin saw his traitorous daughter running towards him causing him to start shooting balls of dark magic at her. She used her flamethrower to knock the balls out of her way, she kept doing this until she was finally face to face with her adoptive father.
“This is the end, father! Neither of us will back down. Make peace with yourself for the end has come!”
“THIS BATTLE IS OVER!” Tamara screamed as she shot fire at her father. It didn’t hurt him at all.
Tamara began to smile. She dodged the dark magic disks. Tamara allowed her father to attack again while she charged up her flamethrower.
“ON MY HONOR!” Tamara shot Putin’s dragon causing it to start falling back to Maryinsky Palace.
“NO, NO-“
“I WON’T BE DETERRED!” Tamara screamed as she shot Putin through the chest.
“WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” Asuka screamed as everyone fell.

Tamara and Asuka landed on the floor of Putin’s office. He was sitting on the floor, hunched over.
Tamara walked over to him and reached for his hand.
Putin pulled a knife out of his pocket and threw it at Tamara’s left kneecap. Tamara, in retaliation pulled the knife out of her kneecap and stabbed him in the head.
“Tamara…” Asuka said with a saddened tone in her voice.
“Let’s go, Asuka.”
Tamara held Asuka’s hand as they began to walk toward the exit. Asuka tried to turn around to look at the absolutely devastated state that the palace was in but Tamara stopped her. They opened the door and walked away into the crowd of people cheering for their victory.

Chapter Text

-1 day later-
“Well did you hear me, Tamara?” Obama asked.
“I did, you said you were gonna bring us to New York after we defeated Putin.”
“That’s a nice offer but I can’t accept. My new role is too important for me to go.”
“YAYYYY!” Kurumi cheered.
“Ummm, Tamara.”
“Yes, Anna?”
“I’ll take your place while you go on a vacation with your friends.”
“Anna… thank you.” Tamara said as she hugged her friend.
“Are two you open for polygamy? Please I just want to kiss Asuka just once!” Kurumi begged.
“I’m fine with it but what do you think of it, Asuka?”
“I’m fine with it as well.”
Kurumi hugged Asuka and kissed her on the lips. She broke the kiss off and stuck her tongue out to Tamara before going back to kiss Asuka again.
“Then that means I can choose another person to also be my lover.” Tamara put her hand on Anna’s shoulder. “You should do nicely!”
Anna blushed before laughing.
“Artem, open a door to New York for us.”
“Nagisa, I’ve never gone to New York before, I can’t open a door to there.”
“Then we’ll have to book a flight to there.”
Asuka summoned a karambit, poked one of her fingers and then rubbed the blood on the ground.
“Everyone who wants to go to New York step on the bloody parts of the ground.”
“WAIT FOR US!” Peipei screamed. She had Astrologer in her arms.
“Get on the parts of the ground with blood on it.”
“You two aren’t coming with us?” Nagisa asked.
“No, Artem and I will stay here. It’s our fault you and your friends got involved, we don’t deserve to go.” Sofia said.
“But I-“
Sofia grabbed Artem’s hand and dragged him into the Ukrainian Magical Girl Mafia base.
“Alright, it’s time!”
The ground that had Asuka’s blood on it began levitating. They reached New York in 3 minutes.
“So do we book a hotel or-“
“Obviously we book a hotel, Hino. I’ll be paying for the rooms.” Obama said
Kyoko got on all fours and began running away.
“I’ll go after her!” Asuka said to Nagisa before starting to run after the magical girl who believed she’s a dog.
“Okay, I’ll text you the address of the hotel we’ll be staying in.”

Kyoko moved so fast that she had last track of her. Even when she started chasing after her, she was too far away for Asuka’s blood to reach her.
Asuka went into multiple alleyways, interrupted countless drug deals and rapes and she still couldn’t find where that dog girl went. She sat down on a bench and began to think. If she were Francine what would she do in this situation? Suddenly she heard a small chihuahua barking.
“Fido, stop barking!”
“OH NO!” Asuka froze up in fear. Why was she still afraid? It’s just a dog, a small dog that she could ultimately punt like a football. She should’ve already moved on, that event was 5 years ago, she has befriended Kyoko, and even Tamara was able to move on. Why was she the only one of her friends who couldn’t move on with the past? Perhaps she needed to go to therapy as well.
“GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!” A young girl screamed she turned around and saw Kyoko with a wallet in her mouth.
“Kyoko!” Asuka began running after Kyoko. The red haired magical girl entered an arcade and approached a Dance Dance Revolution machine. She inserted the money and selected a song called True Love.
“Are you ready? True love, true love looking for true love looking for true love where ever I go.”
Asuka recognized that song, it was the opening of Nyan Neko Sugar Girls, Jun Maeda’s best anime.”
“Kyoko!” Asuka shouted.
Kyoko didn’t even seem to notice that she was being called, it was like she was in a trance. When Kyoko danced she looked like an ethereal being.
“You’re no ordinary fella.”
Eventually the song ended and Kyoko finished with a perfect score.
“Oh Asuka, you’re here. How long were you standing there?”
“Since you entered this arcade.”
“I had my fun, it’s time to go meet up with our friends.”

“Yes.” The person on the other side of the phone said before being followed up by a moan.
“I CAN’T WAIT!” Nagisa said before hanging up the phone.
“Nagisa what’re you screaming about?” Nazani asked.
“Oh cool.” Nazani said before she went into the bathroom to take a piss.

“Wi-will do!” Homura said as she began thrusting into Madoka with reckless abandon.
“I’M CUMMING!” Homura screamed.
Homura squirted her male reproductive fluids inside of Madoka’s vagina.
“Welp that was fun.” Madoka said as she put on her clothes. “Now I gotta go to America.”
“Don’t over exaggerate, I’ll be back in like 3 days.”
Madoka sighed. ‘Why did Roku have to die?’ Madoka thought to herself. “Bye!” Madoka said to her wife before teleporting away.

Madoka was inside of Nagisa’s hotel room.
“YAYYYY! MADOKA!” Nagisa said before she hugged her friend.
“Nagisa, I got Kyoko- who is that?” Asuka asked.
“I told you about her before, it’s Madoka Kaname!”
“HOLY SHIT!” Asuka ran over to Madoka and started hugging her.
“Who the hell are you? Get off of me, you creep!”
“No.” Madoka said, pushing Asuka away.
“You’ll be able to talk with her tomorrow a whole lot!” Nagisa said while chuckling. “Get into your room, it’s very late, a growing girl like you needs to get her sleep!”
“I’M OLDER THAN YOU!” Asuka screamed before Nagisa shut the door in her face.
Asuka groaned before she entered her room. She decided to take Nagisa’s advice and go to sleep.

Asuka woke up, it was 3:00am in the morning and she needed to take a piss. She got up and heard talking coming from her bathroom.
“Why am I even here? I already know she won’t join, but I’m here anyway… How has it already been 5 years? Time stops for no one I suppose”
Asuka ran into the bathroom and saw the Brigadier standing there.
“You’re finally up.”
“What the hell are you doing in my bathroom?”
“I came to find you.”
“You already know I won’t join! Don’t waste your time!”
“That means we are enemies now!”
The Brigadier pulled out a sword and Asuka summoned her karambit.
“Even though are blades may cross as they do now!” The Brigadier said as she hit Asuka’s karambit, it didn’t seem like she really intended on hurting her. “There’s no denying our chosen paths never will! Goodbye, Asuka, when next we meet, one of us will breathe their last!” The Brigadier said as she opened the opened the window and jumped out of it. She closed the window with her magic.
“I don’t even know who you are!”

The Brigadier teleported over to her hotel room, to find Abigail half asleep.
“Abby, Abby, wake up, it’s time to film that video!”
“Oh goodie!”

Asuka got back into bed and fell asleep.
It was almost 12:00pm when she woke up, Asuka quickly got dressed and wanted to look at New York’s scenery. So she went to the window, she saw a well endowed tanned girl with short black hair staring at the sky.
“That-that can’t be!” Asuka opened the window and jumped to meet her.
“You overslept, Asuka. Pretty rude to keep a gal waiting like that, don’t you think?”
It couldn’t be her, but it was, it was Claudia. Asuka’s mouth was agape, she was completely shocked from this revelation.
“What’s with that shocked look, my friend? You didn’t really think I died, did you?”
Claudia turned around to see the sun, she inhaled deeply.
“Can you feel it? A new dawn is upon us. Not just for us though, no, for the entire Earth.”

Chapter Text

“It’s been 5 long years, Asuka, where have you been and what have you been doing?”
“I’ve been running a magical girl mafia.”
Claudia bursted into laughter, if someone saw her they would’ve thought she was deranged.
“That’s a knee slapper!” Claudia stared at Asuka’s face, she was serious. “You’re not lying, aren’t you? I guess you’re telling the truth. None of us are exactly what people would consider normal, it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that you started a child mafia. And now you’re supposed to say, it’s just a prank bro! If this is a jape then now would be the time to say the truth.” Claudia stared at Asuka for a few more minutes, waiting for her friend to reveal that she was joking. “You’re deranged! But… fine, I believe you!”
“We have a lot of catching up with each other.”
“I’m hungry.”
“As am I. I wasn’t exactly expecting you to wake up so late, which is why I’m starving.”
“Do you have any ideas on where we should eat?”
“There’s a KFC nearby, we could eat there.”
“Sure, I don’t really care about where we eat as long as the food there is edible.”
“Great, follow me.”

“Claudia, what’re you doing in America? The last time we met you lived in Mexico.”
“That’s true, I used to. But as you can tell, I moved to America. The reason for why I moved here is because Mexico’s not exactly the best place, neither is America but it’s better than the horrid shit that happens in Mexico.” Claudia said as she took a bite of the deceased and deep fried bird. “Now to ask you something, what’re you doing in America?”
“My friends from the magical girl mafia and I were invited on a vacation to New York by President Care.”
Claudia choked on the chicken that she had in her mouth.
“Isn’t everyone?”
“Well, Obama is friends with Nagisa, the girl that founded the magical girl mafia which I run. One day he just decided to visit us, Mia came along with him too.”
“No, we’re friends with the new President of Russia, Tamara Volkova.”
“Ma’am this is a KFC, there’s nothing to get worked up over, it’s just chicken.” An employee said.
“Claudia, how did you find out where I was staying at?”
“Well, I saw you walking into a hotel with a red haired lady. A few hours later I saw a blonde woman wearing a mask enter your room through the window so I decided. Fuck it, I’ll stand here until Asuka notices that I’m still alive. After that lady got out she just stared at me and then teleported away.”
“I’m assuming she’s gonna attempt to do something soon.”
“What makes you think that?”
“She’s the leader of a group of terrorists, she tried invading the magical girl mafia which I run’s headquarters, and she helped out Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”
“Damn, I’ve really been comatose under a rock, huh?”
“I wanna meet your friends, is that okay with you?”
“It’s fine, I’m sure Kurumi, Tamara, Mia and Peipei wouldn’t mind seeing you again.”
“They sure won’t!”

“It’s really you! I can’t believe it!” Mia said with a huge grin on her face.
“Claudia, I thought I’d never see you again, I’m so happy to finally meet you again.” Kurumi said as she hugged her long lost friend.
“And it looks like Peipei’s a pedophile.” Claudia said as she pointed at Peipei’s room where she was kissing Astrologer’s neck and chest.
“It’s so great to-“
Kyoko came out of her room, she was chasing an apple and Madoka was behind her.
“Kyoko, bad girl, very bad girl!” Madoka sat as she scolded Kyoko for chasing the apple. Kyoko whimpered.
“Very bad girl indeed.” Claudia summoned her bow and screamed “LET’S FINISH THIS!”
Claudia aimed at Kyoko’s crotch and attempted to shoot but was tackled by Asuka.
“Asuka, what was that for?”
“Kyoko has changed.”
“People like her never changed, she killed our friends, she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven!”
Asuka retrained Claudia as she stared at Kyoko.
‘Sometimes I wonder how different everything would be if we let Tamara kill you.’ Asuka thought to herself.

“My queen, it’s almost time isn’t?”
“Yes, in a few minutes our new world will begin.”
“Shall I inform the others?”
“Yes, tell them to go all out during this battle and to try to kill Kurumi, Mia, Peipei, Tamara… and Claudia. Asuka will be my opponent.”
“I will, my queen!”
‘Asuka, how I wish you could’ve joined me. To think that I’ll have to lament you and the rest of their deaths.’ The Brigadier thought to herself.

Chapter Text

“LET ME KILL HER SO THAT I CAN AVENGE OUR FRIENDS!” Claudia screamed as she struggled against Asuka.
“What the hell is she so worked up over? It’s just Kyoko?” Madoka said as Kyoko ate an apple in one bite.
“I think I killed some of her friends when I killed the Jews a few years back.” Kyoko said while munching on the apple.
“You should’ve never done that. How much did they even pay you to kill cause the fall of Israel?”
“Like 7 apples.”
“But I’m poor, I can’t afford apples. I’ll do anything as long as I’m being paid in apples.”
“Madoka, fight me, please! I’ll do anything!” Asuka got on her knees and begged Madoka.
“Anything? Like leaving me alone?”
“Yes! Just fight me once!”
“I get to beat up a teenager and then she’ll leave me alone, that’s a win win for me!” Madoka said. “Fine I’ll fight you.”
“If I win can you teach me how to be strong like you?”
“Sure, but you’re not gonna win.”
“You’re gonna get clapped Asuka, back out of this before she breaks every bone in your body.” Nagisa warned.
“I agree with Nagisa, fighting Madoka isn’t a wise choice.” Kyoko said.
“I don’t care. I want Madoka to teach me to be strong so that I can defend everyone I care about!”
“Asuka, you’re already strong enough to-“
“I don’t care Kurumi, I need to become stronge!”
“We’re going outside, if any you wish to watch then come with us.” Madoka said as her and Asuka walked outside of the hotel.
The rest of their friends followed them.

Asuka and Madoka were standing on the streets of New York.
“I’ll let you attack first. Consider this me being generous.”
Asuka summoned her karambit and ran at Madoka who teleported away. Madoka appeared behind her and threw her into the sky.
“KAMEHAMEHA!” Madoka shot a beam of energy at Asuka who cut it with her karambit.
“Let’s see if you can dodge a billion of these!” Madoka shot billions of magical laser at Asuka. There were too many for her to cut and she was hit in the back, the legs, the arms and in the chest.
“Do you yield?” Madoka asked the moment when Asuka landed on the ground.
“I’m just getting started!” Asuka yelled.
“She’s getting her ass handed to her, it would be wise if she just gave up.” Tamara said to Nagisa.
Asuka cut her index and middle finger and threw her blood at Madoka which caused her to teleport away.
“It’s time to end this. One person raise up their arms for me!” Nagisa raised her arms for Madoka. “TAKE THIS SPIRIT BOMB!” Madoka screamed as she threw it at Asuka. Asuka tried to cut the spirit bomb but failed and was knocked out by the attack.
“It’s over already? I didn’t even go all out.” Madoka said as she stood over the unconscious girl.

Asuka awoke in her bed with Madoka standing over her.
“I got fucked up didn’t I?”
Asuka sighed and closed her eyes. She got humiliated infront of her friends, she just wanted to sleep to avoid them now.
“Do you want me to teach you how to teleport?”
“Do you want me to or not?”
“Su-sure, go ahead.”
“Think about teleporting over to wherever you want and you’ll teleport.”
Asuka did as Madoka said and she actually teleported behind Madoka .
“Do you want to learn how to use this?” A red aura surrounded Madoka’s body.
“Close your nose and don’t breathe for 10 seconds.”
Asuka did as told and 10 seconds later a red aura surrounded her body.
“That is the Madokaioken. It allows you to make yourself stronger but it’ll leave you exhausted after using it too much and too long.”
Madoka got on top of Asuka and began stroking the teenager’s crotch.
“Now, I desire my payment!” Madoka said as she began to undress.
“Aren’t you married?” Asuka asked as she became aroused.
“I am, but I’m sure my wife wouldn’t mind if I had sex with someone else just once.”
Asuka began to get naked and just as she was about to stick her dick inside of Madoka, Madoka remembered something.
“I need to set up the camera!” Madoka said as she get up. She went outside of Asuka’s room and came back two minutes later with a camera. She put it near the door and got back into bed with Asuka.
Asuka began to kiss Madoka’s neck as she rubbed her dick on the entrance to Madoka’s vagina.
“Just stick it in already! I’m so horny!”
Asuka thrusted into Madoka’s vagina, causing her to moan.
Madoka moved her hand towards Asuka’s vagina and began to rub the entrance to it. She stuck it inside, causing Asuka to let out a high pitched whine.
“I’M GOING TO CUM!” Asuka screamed before she ejaculated inside of the older magical girl.
“Tha-that was great! I might just divorce Homura to be with you.” Madoka said before grabbing Asuka’s tits. “You have a better chest than her too!”
Asuka giggled. There was silence as they just stared at each other. The two magical girls moved closer to each other before the two of them kissed on the lips.
“NEW YORK IS UNDER ATTACK BY THE BABEL BRIGADE!” Nagisa screamed as she entered the room. “Oh… I’ll just let you two girls finish up then.” Nagisa closed the door and walked away.
“Get dressed.”
Asuka stared at Madoka.
“We’re going to fight, aren’t we?” Madoka asked Asuka.
“Yes, it’s time to fight and to hopefully finish these battles against the Babel Brigade.”

Chapter Text

“Alright men and women, go all out this time, even if it costs you your life! Except for you, Abigail, you are indispensable to my plan.” The Brigadier said.
“You’re too kind, my queen!”

“Alright fuckers, where the hell are you!” Madoka screamed.
Asuka and the rest of her friends had split up it’d be easier to defeat the Babel Brigade if everyone wasn’t in one big group. Madoka and Asuka were currently paired up together.
“Madoka, we’re bound to find someone, you don’t need to scream.” Asuka said.
“I know but screaming is fun.”
Suddenly Madoka and Asuka were launched into opposite directions of each other. Madoka landed on top of a car.
“WHO THE HELL DID THAT!” Madoka screamed as her hair turned blonde and her eyes became blue.
“My leader did.” A pink haired 13 year old said. “My name is Arisa Narumi and if you want to get to her you’ll have to go through me!”
“You think I’m scared of hurting a child? Let’s go! Come at me!”
A red aura surrounded Arisa’s body.
“Witness the might of my boost magic!” Arisa said as she ran towards Madoka, who teleported away at the last second.
“That’s your magic? It looks like a watered down Madokaioken.”
“What’s that?”
“It’s an ability that every magical girl can use. That being said it looks like you got screwed over by your friendly neighborhood Incubator, you got an ability that everyone can use as their ability! How unluck!”
Madoka was in such shock that she couldn’t teleport, allowing Arisa to punch her in the face, causing her to be launched inside of a building.
“AHHHHH, KAMEHAMEHA!” Madoka shot a beam of magic at Arisa who barely stopped the attack.
“Is that all you got, sheep!”
“BILLION LASERS!” Madoka screamed.
Arisa realized that she wouldn’t be able to escape, she teleported away from the attack.
Arisa teleported infront of Madoka.
“PREDICTABLE!” Madoka screamed. She opened her left hand and shot an instant Kamehameha at Arisa, knocking her all the way to her home city, Hohzuki City.
“Damn it… I can’t die yet… Chisato still needs me…” Arisa weakly said before beginning to limp back to her house.
“Now where are you, Asuka?” Madoka said as she teleported away.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” Peipei screamed as she shot a firework at a blond man, exploding on him and killing him. “It was a good try. Try harder next time!” She said to the corpse.
“That was awesome, Peipei! Nobody will be able to even leave a scratch on you!” Astologer said, praising her lover.
“So you’re Peipei.” A black haired girl with brown eyes who was approaching Peipei said. “The Brigadier told me all about you.”
“Who the hell are you?” Peipei said, raising her gun.
“My name is Xiao Miao.”
“That name… you’re Chinese, aren’t you?”
Miao nodded her head.
“You’re just a little girl too? What the hell are you doing here, why are you helping out a terrorist organization?”
“Why did you leave China?”
“I left because-“
“The government is corrupt isn’t it? That’s why I’m working for the Babel Brigade. I was promised a better future for China and the entire world by her. I won’t stop my goals, especially not now, not when they’re so close to being fulfilled!”
“You didn’t even let me finish-“
Miao summoned a violin and began playing it.
Astrologer did as told.
Suddenly random civilians began approaching Peipei and Astrologer.
“This is your magic! Sound Manipulation magic!” Peipei screamed.
She shot at Miao’s left hand, causing her to drop her violin. Suddenly everyone who was under Miao’s control began to walk away.
“So they stop being controlled after you stop playing your music?”
“Peipei, if you’re going to kill me, promise me one thing. Make China a better place.”
“I will!” Peipei said as she shot Miao in the head.
“Astrologer, let’s go.”
Astrologer walked behind Peipei as they began searching for more members of the Babel Brigade.

Chapter Text

Nazani ran around the streets of New York. She knew who she wanted her opponent to be, she wouldn’t settle for anyone else, it had to be him.
“LAVROV, COME OUT! THIS WILL BE OUR FINAL BATTLE, DON’T TRY TO HIDE FROM ME!” Nazani screamed. She tried to make it as menacing as a little girl’s voice could be.
“Nazani, you’re here.” Lavrov said in a calm tone. “I can tell you’ve been waiting for this day.” Lavrov drew his gun.
“I know you’re going to win this fight but even so, I won’t back down!”
Lavrov began shooting at Nazani who used her magic to cause Lavrov’s bullets to explode before they could get close to her.
“YOU’RE IRRELEVANT!” Nazani screamed as she caused the floor beneath Lavrov to explode. He rolled out of the way, barely rolling away from the attack
“I’LL DO WHAT I MUST!” Lavrov screamed as he began to rapidly shoot at his child opponent.
She used her magic to explode any bullet that came even slightly close to her.
“I’M SORRY!” Nazani exploded the ground underneath Lavrov, causing him to be shot into the air. She shot bullets from her pistol, hitting Lavrov seven times in the chest.
“You did well… Nazani… I can die happily… knowing you’ll change the world…” Lavrov said before he died.
“Farewell, Lavrov.” Nazani said before she walked away.

“You’re the president of this country, shouldn’t you be doing more to fight the Babel Brigade?”
Obama began laughing at Nagisa’s question.
“Nagisa, I’m not a magical boy. The most effective thing I can do is use guns but magical girls are easily able to block, dodge or destroy bullets. A normal man like me can’t compete with people like that.”
“I’m pretty sure he’s a normal guy, why don’t you try to kill him?”
“Oh, I didn’t think they’d send normal folks in a battle like this one. Looks like it’s my time to shine!”
Obama teleported behind Natsagdorj and punched him into the sky.
“I’LL KILL YOU!” Natsagdorj began to t pose and drill towards the ground.
Obama teleported on top of him and punched him towards the ground. He became stuck inside a large hole, he was too chonky to get out.
“Brigadier, avenge them, kill these foul-“
Obama teleported infront of Natsagdorj and shot him in the head.
“Let’s look for more of these slimy bastards, Nagisa.”
“You got it. Mr. Care.”

Varvara was walking down the streets of New York, looking for a female that was at least the age of 10 to violate. Killing Asuka and her friends could wait, her horniness problem needed to be solved immediately.
“Where are you females hiding at?” Varvara asked as she used her tentacles to life up cars, pieces of debris and even entire buildings but she couldn’t find a single female to save her life. Suddenly, Varvara felt an incredibly sharp object pierce her side.
“I’ve come back to finish the job!” Kurumi said, big ass syringe in hand.
“FINALLY, MY PREY HAS ARRIVED!” Varvara screamed as she shot her tentacles at the teenager.
Kurumi dodged the Russian woman’s attempt to molest her and stabbed her tentacle with a big ass syringe.
“That won’t be enough to-“
“AHHHH!” Kurumi used her virus magic and then held in her breathe.
“I never got a child… slave…” Varvara said before coughing and dying.
“NOW I CAN GET BACK TO ASUKA’S SIDE!” Kurumi gleefully said before running away from Varvara’s corpse.

Chapter Text

“My queen, I can’t get any response from Natsagdorj and Lavrov, I assume that they’ve been killed.”
“Excellent, it appears like everything is going according to plan. Is Blanca still alive?”
“As of now, yes.”
“I’ll call you soon, Abigail.”
The Brigadier began to call up Blanca.
“Are you still alive?”
“Yes, Brigadier. Fuck it, I’m tired of calling you Brigadier, you’re my daughter. Now what should I do, how will all of this end, my daughter?”
“This ends… with you dying!”
The Brigadier hang up.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, father!”

“DAMN IT, SHE’S SO GROUNDED ONCE WE GET HOME!” Blanca screamed at his phone.
“Stop right there!” Mia said, pointing her gun at Blanca.
“This is for her, I’ll keep walking this path until I die!”
“Claudia, this is the guy I was talking to you about. He’s the guy that I thought was you.”
“Oh really, guess that means I’ll just have to take out my evil doppelgänger!”
Claudia summoned her bow and began shooting at Blanca hitting him in the stomach and chest. Blanca began shooting at the opposing magical girls, not hitting a single one of them.
“I know I’m going to die but as long as I die for her goals, I’ll be happy.” Blanca said.
“LET’S END THIS!” Mia screamed as she shot Blanca in the left leg.
“Do the honors, Claudia.”
Claudia shot an arrow at Blanca’s chest, going through his chest and killing him.
“It’s over.”
“Mia, let’s go hunting for more of these bastards.”
Mia said, running away with her partner following behind her.

“My queen, it’s over, Blanca isn’t responding to any messages I’ve been sending.”
“… This is how it was supposed to be… you were just a pawn to me, father. If only you were a magical boy.”
“My queen, I can hear Kurumi nearby.”
“If you lose, play dead or run. I can’t allow you to die, you are the most important part of my plan.”
“Okay, my queen, I won’t die.”
Abigail hang up.
“Abigail, I would tell you to surrender but I doubt you’d even consider surrendering.”
“Your silver tongue will do you no good, you won’t be getting any closer to my queen.”
“That is not your decision to make, all I can do is blaze ahead!”
Kurumi ran towards Abigail with her big ass syringe in hand, attempting to stab her in the heart. Abigail used her scissors to block the needle from getting too close to her.
“BOW BEFORE MY QUEEN!” Abigail screamed as she punched Kurumi in the face and then used her scissors to cut her in half.
“WE WILL BURN TOGETHER!” Abigail screamed as she jumped at Kurumi, scissors in hand.
Kurumi used most of her remaining strength to throw a big ass syringe at Abigail’s left tit, causing her to fall on her back. She moved her hand over to where her legs used to be and healed it.
“I am a nurse, being able to heal myself and my allies is something that I would naturally be able to do!”
Abigail removed the big ass syringe from her tit and stood up.
Kurumi summoned another syringe and stabbed Abigail in the waist. Abigail let out a blood curdling scream before dramatically falling down.
“My queen… I die so that… you may seize your destiny…” Abigail said before pretending to croak.
“Now I need to get to Asuka!” Kurumi said, running away from Abigail.
“You idiot, there’s no way my queen will lose to you people!”

Chapter Text

The Brigadier teleported away from the scene, the final step for her plan was about to begin. She teleported into a dark room in an empty house. Inside stood the clone of an Incubator and a clone of Vladimir Putin.
“The time for your purposes has come! Fuse and bring the beginning of a new world!”
The Incubator stood on his hind legs and then proceeded to perform the fusion dance with former President Putin’s clone.

“Asuka! Asuka, where are you?” Madoka yelled, trying to find where her fellow magical girl had landed. “I’LL BLAST THOSE BABEL BRIGADE DUMBASSES INTO DUST!” Madoka said as she went Super Saiyan. She started flying when she heard a monstrous roar.
“That’s the same roar as Kyubey Jong Un’s!”
Madoka turned around and saw a giant Incubator with wings, sharp teeth and four tassels. The far left and right tassels were pointed down while the beast’s middle tassels were straight. The monstrosity stood on all fours and was screeching at nothing.
“Oh god not this thing again.” Nagisa said as her and Tamara finished shooting up an elderly man.
“Something just like this showed up in North Korea, Madoka was able to defeat it but this one doesn’t seem deadset on getting revenge.”
“We need to help Madoka!”
“She can handle this on her own, she killed one of these fuckers before, she can handle another one on her-“
Tamara began running towards Vladimir Kyubey before Nagisa could finish talking.

Asuka awoke, she was in a bed. Where was she? She had never been to this house in her life and Mia, Obama and Clauida weren’t near her so this couldn’t have been a house owned by one of them.
“You’re finally awake.”
“THE BRIGADIER?” Asuka jumped up from her bed, summoned her karambit and pointed it at her enemy.
“Relax, I’m not going to fight you now. I already had the chance to kill you minutes ago, if I wanted to kill you I would’ve done it already.”
“Who are you behind that mask? Why are you doing this? Why do you want to kill so many innocent people?”
“Allow me to answer your first question.” The Brigadier removed her mask.
“You’re a bright girl, Asuka, I expected you to have already figured out how. Your blood magic is how. You used it to heal me without even knowing it.”
“I passed out after Kyoko “killed me.” Neither you nor any of our friends were nearby, so I went back home. I tried to contact you but you apparently blocked my number.”
“That was one of Kurumi’s attempts to get me to move on.”
“Asuka, would you like some tea?”
Francine walked away and came back a few minutes later with a tea pot and some tea cups.
“Why did you wear that mask? I would’ve been thousands of times more likely to join you if I knew you were the Babel Brigade’s later.”
“Well you see, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep peacefully at night if you or any of our old friends hated me.”
“Why did you choose to attack America, specifically New York? You could’ve started your plan in any part of the world.”
“It was part of my alliance with Russia. I help them and start my plan in New York and Putin gives me his blood and a shrinking device. He thought New York being destroyed first would be a greater loss to America than any other city. I had my suspicions of Putin planning to betray me but ultimately that never ended up happening. After Tamara killed the old geezer, I was free to start it at any place in the world but I had already decided that New York would be where my new world would start.”
“You still haven’t answered my question. Why did you do all of this?”
“After I was nearly killed by Kyoko I realized something. Half of my friends were killed and I nearly lost my lives for what? Some good for nothing normal people! Kyoko is the one to show how powerful magical girls could really, regular humans have no place on Earth.”
“You’re wrong…”
“Normal humans can’t defend themselves without weapons, they rely on the help of others to defend themselves. Magical girls in France are taught at a young age to admire Jeanne d’Arc, they’re taught to be strong like her. I want to unite the world under an absolute monarchy where only magical girls and boys exist with Abigail and I leading it! Any normal person will be killed.”
“Perhaps I am but atleast I’m not running a magical girl mafia that sells drugs to people and act like I’m morally superior.”
“My organization doesn’t force drugs down random people’s throats, anyone who buys from us does it willingly. None of the people that you or members of the Babel Brigade knew that there would be a chance of them being killed by you guys!”
“Look outside Asuka, tell me what you see.”
Asuka looked at the window and saw Vladimir Kyubey destroying buildings with her friends fighting it.
“They’ve fallen right for my trap. I want them to weaken it, so that I can easily shrink it and then eat it to gain its powers.”
“Francine… will you really do this? Will you really commit a world wide genocide?”
“If it’s to unite the world then every death is worth the cost.”

All of her allies raised their arms, giving Madoka their hope.
Madoka shot a spirit bomb at Vladimir Putin, nearly killing it.
“AHHHH!” The abominable fusion roared.

“The time has come! A NEW NEW WORLD’S DAWN HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!” Francine said before teleporting away.
“OH GOD NO!” Asuka said before teleporting over to where Valdimir Putin laid.
“You pretended that you were dead for half a decade and now you’re trying to kill us, bit of a bad first impression, don’t you think?” Claudia asked.
“WHERE’S ASUKA?” Kurumi screamed.
“You’re all magical girls, besides Obama, why don’t you all join me in my new world. We can all be friends again and everything will go back to how it used to be.”
“THAT DOESN’T ANSWER ANY OF OUR QUESTIONS!” Francine’s five former friends screamed.
“I’m guessing that’s a no.”
Francine pulled out the shrinking device from Ukraine and used it on Vladimir Kyubey. She shrunk him to a point in which he’d fit inside of the palm of her hand with no problems.
“I’m sorry everyone, it looks like I’ll have to kill you all.” Francine put Vladimir Kyubey in her mouth and swallowed him without even chewing.
“Damn it, I’m too late!” Asuka yelled.
“Abigail, if I can’t control… myself… remember our plan…” Francine said as she began to cough.
“I’ll… bring the beginning… of a new world… to everyone!” Suddenly Francine began to transform into Vladimir Kyubey, however its eyes were purple instead of red and along with having white fur, it now had blue stripes on every part of its body.
“AHHHHH!” It screamed before jumping away.
The ground began shaking.
“WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Nagisa asked.
“Damn it! We have no choice but to kill Vladimir Kyubey, to kill Francine!” Asuka said, she was shaking, not due to fear but due to sadness.

“You did it, my queen, we’ve won!” Abigail said as she stood on top of a building from several blocks away.

Chapter Text

“How are we supposed to approach that thing? This is the strongest magic that I’ve ever felt before.” Madoka said. “It’s starting to make me wonder if I’ll even be able to hurt her.”
Francine let out a thunderous roar, causing every building in the state of New York to collapse and knocking Asuka and co to the ground.
“Obama, send in the military to-“
“No, Mia, you girls are thousands of times stronger than the entire US military and this thing is even scaring you guys. This thing would cut through the military like tissue paper.”
Asuka got up and began running towards Francine.
“ASUKA YOU IDIOT! SHE’LL KILL YOU!” Tamara screamed.
“I can’t just sit back here and let here commit genocide, I have to stop her!”
“I’ll fight with Asuka too!” Kurumi yelled, running after Asuka.
“How much will it cost for two funerals?” Claudia asked Nagisa.

Francine began shooting lances out of her mouth, raining them down on the citizens of New York.
“Francine, you’re in pain, please as the person who you loved, allow me to end your pain!”
Asuka cut her index finger and threw her blood at Francine who used her gravity magic to cause it to fall to the floor.
“Are you even in there Francine? Just in case you wanna know, Asuka is my woman, she’ll never be yours no matter how hard you try!” Kurumi said before sticking her tongue out to her former friend.
“AHHHHH!” Francine lunged at Kurumi, attempting to crush her.
“Take this!” Hino pulled out a Yu-Gi-Oh card and shot one of Francine’s spears back at her. It didn’t even hurt her, she absorbed it the moment it touched her.
“AHHHHH!” Francine flew up into the air and began charging up a ball of dark and gravity magic to destroy America with.
Everyone near Madoka raised up their hands. A Spirit Bomb began forming in Madoka’s hands. She threw it at Francine who ate it up
“GAHHH!” Roars of confusion came from Francine as she shot her attack at the ground.
“Billion lasers!” 1 billion magical lasers made out of hope magic all hit a giant ball made out of dark and gravity magic, and not a single one did anything to it.
Madoka teleported infront of Francine’s attack and shot it, but still, she didn’t get pushed back.
Asuka began flying towards Francine’s attack. She threw her blood at the attack but it was forced to fall down to the ground before being hit in the stomach by it.
“ASUKA!” Claudia screamed.
“If I die… saving the world… I’ll be happy…” She cut the attack in half with her karambit. “Never mind,
I’m gonna be fine!” Asuka said as she landed back first onto the ground.
Francine dove at Kurumi, attempting to crush her with her tail but Kurumi moved out of the way just in time. The impact from Francine’s attack could be felt all around the universe.
“THIS BATTLE IS OVER!” Tamara screamed as she shot flames at her former friend and leader. She wasn’t even fazed by Tamara’s flames.
“Here goes nothing!” Nagisa shot invisible bubbles from her trumpet at Francine. If she moved even slightly she would touch one of the bubbles which would detonate. She charged at Hino and caused thousands of bubble to detonate, their explosions meant nothing to her, she kept charging towards Asuka’s pupil.
“I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Hino screamed as she pulled out a Yu-Gi-Oh card that contained a wave of bullets at the horrific fusion. She treated the bullets as if they were a massage, even moving her head to let them hit more of her shoulder. She then jumped over to Nazani. The impact of the jump destroyed several stars the instant she landed on the ground.
Nazani exploded the ground that Francine was standing on, sending her flying into the air. While in the air she began charging up her timeline destroying attack.
“I will make this world a better place, Francine. Rest in peace by our friends’ sides!” Asuka said as she began flying towards Francine.
She stabbed Francine in the head before she could shoot her attack.
Francine absorbed Asuka’s karambit and then shook her former friend off of her.
“GRAAAAGH!” Francine roared before she shot Asuka through the stomach.
“ASUKA!” Kurumi ran at Asuka and healed her.
“How the hell are we supposed to kill her? She’s walked off every attack we’ve thrown at her.” Kyoko asked
A red aura surrounded Asuka’s body.
“Perhaps I’ll be able to kill her with this.”
“You won’t, I already hit her a with Spirit Bomb when I was a Super Saiyan. Whatever you’re planning on doing won’t work.” Madoka said, stretching.
“FRANCINE!” Asuka screamed.
Despite being delirious she was able to look at the girl she once wanted to spend the rest of her life with.
Francine didn’t scream, she didn’t struggle she let Asuka stab her in the stomach. After being hit she flew away.
Asuka followed her former friend until she collapsed onto the ground. She transformed back into her human form before Asuka took her in her arms and hugged her.
“I’m glad… that you were… the one to… kill me… Asuka…”
Asuka kept hugging Francine even after she had stopped breathing.
“Maybe in another life we could’ve been together.”
“It’s over, you really did it Asuka. You saved the entire timeline.” Nagisa said as she hugged her friend.
“We beat the Babel Brigade, I can’t believe this is finished. Now we can go back home and go back to living our normal, everyday lives.”
“Asuka…” Abigail called her name.
She was crying, she didn’t look angry just sad.
“Fran-Francine le-left a video fo-for you incase she was-wasn’t able to complete her plans.”
“I think you’re rushing this a bit too much. I am quite literally holding Francine’s corpse in my arms.”
Abigail began playing a video on her phone.
“If you’re watching this video that means my plans of uniting the world have failed and I have been killed.” The recording of Francine said. “I’m sure I already explained things like why I wore a mask, how I was able to survive and what my goals were so I’ll get to the part that I couldn’t reveal until after my death. Do you remember those weird guys who opposed you and your friends but said that they weren’t working for me?”
“Yes.” Asuka said to the video.
“The real group they worked for was Al Qaeda.”
Asuka almost dropped Francine’s body in shock.
“I teamed up with Russia and Al Qaeda for one reason we all had the same endgame goal, uniting the world. Sure the way the world would be united would be different, I wanted a magical girl only world, Putin wanted every country to be ruled by Russia, and Al Qaeda wanted to unite the world by conquering every country and forcibly converting all of their residents into their religion. I planned on betraying Russia and Al Qaeda after my goal was fulfilled and I assumed they planned on doing the same but you guys defeated the Russians before we even arrived at New York. Since the Babel Brigade has been defeated that only leaves one organization left, Al Qaeda. Please, I beg of you, go to Saudi Arabia and exterminate Al Qaeda. That is my final wish to you and your friends, Asuka. By the way, Abigail will be joining you guys from now on.” The video ended.
“Abigail, is this all true?” Asuka asked.
Abigail nodded her head.
“Then that means we must defeat Al Qaeda, we’ll depart for Saudi Arabia tomorrow. Let’s rest up for tonight.”

Though the hotel that Asuka and her friends were staying in was destroyed during the fight with Francine, the beds survived so they decided to sleep there for tonight. Asuka was in her bed alone, she wanted to cry but she couldn’t for the sake of her friends. If she were to cry now how would she be able to help anyone when they’re going through tough times?
“Hey Asuka, can I sleep with you for tonight?” Abigail asked.
“Sure, I don’t really care.”
Abigail got in bed with Asuka.
“It’s been such a long time since I slept on my own. I guess I should try getting used to it since I’ll have to sleep alone every night from now on.”
“Abigail… I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“I took the woman you loved away from you.”
“You didn’t the moment she swallowed Vladimir Kyubey’s powers is the moment she truly died. You were able to see that she was acting quite deranged when you fought against her, right?”
“I assume she couldn’t remember her goal when she was rampaging, so she couldn’t have even accomplished that.” Abigail began to cry. “I’m pregnant with Francine’s child, I don’t know what I’ll do. I won’t be able to raise a child by myself, I’m not even 18 yet.”
“How did you and Francine meet?”
“I was an orphan living on the streets of the UK.”
Asuka began to laugh.
Abigail slapped Asuka across the face before she could finish her sentence.
“Let me finish my story. I had just broke into some houses and was running away from the police. I had no money, stealing food was the only way for me to survive and then Francine used her magic to save me.”
“What was Francine doing in the UK?”
“She said she was on a vacation. She found out I was a magical girl and asked me if I wanted to live with her, there wasn’t any hesitation when I said yes. Things started escalating from there and eventually we fell in love with each other.” Abigail began to cry again. “The days I spent with her were some of the happiest days of my life. Francine and I came up with a plan together, we would have sex every night so that I would get pregnant and that if she were to die after we had united the world I would rule until our child was ready to inherit the throne.”
“Tomorrow you’ll be able to fulfill Francine’s final request, doesn’t that make you happy?”
“It does a little.”
“Also don’t worry about the baby, Nagisa, Kurumi and I will help you raise it. You could live with me from now on.”
“Thank you, Asuka, thank you so much.” Abigail said before falling asleep.
“Francine, I’ll defeat Al Qaeda and protect our friends, that’s what you would’ve wanted, right?” Asuka asked while looking up at the sky.

Chapter Text

Asuka woke up to see her friends waiting for her, they were all cheerful.
“You’re finally up, sleepy head.” Tamara said.
“I was so tempted to wake you up, Francine’s final request should be fulfilled as soon as possible, but these guys talked me into letting you get your beauty sleep.” Abigail said.
“I meet up with you guys for the first time in half a decade and the timeline almost gets destroyed and now we have to defeat Al Qaeda. Maybe meeting up with you guys really was a bad idea.”
“Asuka, my greatest ally and my most trusted friend, are you ready to go to Saudi Arabia?”
“Yes, Nagisa, I’m ready to move on with my life and bring the dawn of a new peaceful future.” Asuka walked over to her friends, pricked her index finger with her karambit and threw it at the floor near her friends.
“Walk over there everyone.”
Asuka and everyone else walked over to the bloody ground.
“Now let’s finish this!”

“Ayman al-Zawahiri, we’ve spotted a group of people on a flying rock, rapidly accelerating towards Saudi Arabia. Should we be worried?”
“They’re friends of Francine, right?”
“That’s our current theory.”
“Allow them to reach our headquarters, we’ll give their allies hope of being able to destroy us and then we’ll wipe them all out.”
“Yes, my lord.”
“Oh glorious lord, your plan will soon be fulfilled and soon you will be revived!” Ayman said.

“Here we are, Saudi Arabia.” Madoka said.
“Where is Al Qaeda hiding?” Asuka asked.
“Probably over there.” Claudia pointed to the large hole in the floor.
“Are we really going to have to jump down there?” Abigail asked.
“Yep, you go first!” Kurumi pushed Abigail down.
“Whoops!” Madoka said as she pushed Kurumi down.
“Now let’s go everyone!” Asuka said as she jumped down.

“This is dubstep? Why the hell are they playing dubstep?” Nagisa asked.
“Why are you asking me? I’m just as confused as you are.” Madoka said.
“Who cares about the dubstep, we need to keep advancing!” Tamara said.
“THE INTRUDERS ARE HERE!” Someone screamed.
Magical bullets rained down on top of Asuka and her friends. Luckily Hino used one of her Yu-Gi-Oh cards to store the bullets for later.
Fire began appearing from the ground.
“They must be using magical girls to guard this place, quick everyone get close to me!” Nagisa ordered.
Nagisa created a bubble around her and her friends, allowing them to go though the fire without any injury.
“We just need to keep running and get to their leader’s office and then we-“
A giant black robot with neon blue stripes appeared from the celling.
“I’ll handle this.” Abigail said, stepping out of the bubble.
“HAHAHA!” Abigail laughed as she jumped towards the robot, cutting its head off with her scissors. She ran back inside of the bubble.
“Now let’s proceed.”
The magical girls and Obama crashed into Ayman’s office seeing him standing on top of his desk.
“Your hair, eyes, ears and blood, we remember it all!” Ayman said, staring at Obama. “We remember how you ruined our plan and killed our leader!” Now suffer the wrath of Al Qaeda!”
Asuka leapt out of Nagisa’s bubbles.
“So you’re Asuka, Francine’s first love! I’ve waited for the day where Francine would finally be out of the picture, even if I die here, Al Qaeda won’t cease to exist!”
“SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH!” Asuka screamed as she stabbed Ayman in the chest and kicked him to the ground.
“You may have won… but you’ll never get to celebrate your victory…”
Ayman touched the ground and it began to glow.
“for everyone in Al Qaeda… LET THERE BE LIGHT!”
Mia tried to shoot him but there was magic radiating from the floor, it wasn’t allowing anything to get near him. A nuke began falling down from the sky.
“Asuka, it’s better to be safe than sorry, get in the bubble because he probably just activated a trap of some sort.” Nagisa said.
Asuka did as told and seconds later a nuke fell on them, killing everyone except for Asuka and co.
“That was a motherfucking nuke! Let’s get outta here before one of us sprouts a third arm.”
Nagisa said as they began to evacuate.

In the hidden basement of Al Qaeda’s base laid many coffins. The room was chillingly cold. All of the sudden, someone punched through the coffin in the middle. He got out and stretched before muttering the word. “Obama…”

Chapter Text

“This should be far enough to where we won’t get affected by radiation sickness.” Nagisa said. “I’ll keep this bubble up, just in case it’s not.”
“President Care-“
“Never call me that again, Asuka.”
“Obama, that man said he recognized you, did you square off against Al Qaeda once before?”
“Yes, I was the one who had killed their former leader, Osama Bin Laden.” Obama took in a deep breathe. “I’m not sure if any of you girls except for maybe Tamara and Claudia knew of this but Al Qaeda was a Islamic terrorist group.”
“At least that’s what every government agreed to tell its people.” Mia said. “Al Qaeda never actually had anything to do with Islam. It was actually trying to start its own religion.”
Obama nodded.
“We only lied about Al Qaeda because of one reason, they were the ones to cause 9/11. People would be much more eager to fight other Islamic terrorist groups if we lied about the people who had caused that awful event. Nobody would want to fight actual Islamic terrorist groups if we told them that Al Qaeda was just a group of guys who lived in a hole in a desert that believes that a golden Chuck e Cheese animatronic created the universe by rubbing one out.”
Mia began to grin.
“He’s not making a joke either, that’s what they believed the origin of the universe is.”
“On the night of May 2nd, 2011, Mia and I had tracked down Osama’s location. He was in Pakistan, he had booked 2 hotel rooms, one for him and one for his son. We waited until he and his son went to a restaurant for dinner and then we shot the bastard and his son in the head.”
“I personally believe this is why Obama won the 2012 presidential election.”
“After we had killed Osama, we broke into his hotel room and found out some unsettling things that he had done.”
“Like what?” Kurumi asked.
“He had kidnapped hundreds of magical girls and Incubators and then would drink their blood and eat their hearts in an attempt to gain the ability to use magic. He had recorded all of their deaths.”
“What the HELL?” Madoka screamed.
“As far as we know he never gained the ability to use magic.” Mia said.
“Wow… welp, I guess all of us gotta get back to where we-“
Obama’s phone began to ring.
“Biden, what is it?”
“Oh this is just great! First Francine, then Al Qaeda and now Osama Bin Laden. Before we know it a secret 4th group who was pulling the strings in shadow is going to show up. This is as baffling as that time the sky turned pink for like 10 minutes!” Claudia yelled.
“Now we gotta fight Osama Bin Laden as well, bless our luck.” Nagisa said. “let’s start looking for him, I wanna get home as soon as possible.”

Chapter Text

Asuka and her friends stood there, watching as Osama Bin Laden and his allies approached from the distance. In his left hand dwelled a black karambit with two soul gems embedded inside of it.
“Osama Bin Laden!” Obama yelled.
“OBAMA CARE!” Osama yelled as he teleported infront of the President of the United States.
“That seemed to work, Asuka now!”
Asuka ran towards Osama Bin Laden. She tried to stab him but he used his dark karambit to block the attack. He tried to roundhouse kick Asuka in the face but she ducked under his leg. Obama attempted to shoot Osama in the head with a pistol, the bullet bounced of his head.
“You are a foolish man!”
“Tough talk from the crusty old guy who should quite literally be sleeping with the fishes! Allow me to fix that!”
Osama sliced the air with his karambit, causing magic to fly towards Asuka and Obama.
“You are all pathetic weaklings who fail to challenge me in lone combat!”
“Yet we have the strength to scale the walls between us... to reach out our hands in friendship so we can open our true hearts to one another! That's how we win!” Obama pulled out a shotgun and shot at the air. He ran at Osama who tripped him, he fell face first into the sand.
Obama smiled as Osama and Asuka jumped into the air, they were about to cut each other right in front of the moon. The shot fell down and hit Osama on top of his head, the bullets bounced off of him and he cut Asuka's left arm off, he teleported on top of her and kicked her into the sand.
“Our plan, it failed?”
Obama stared in disbelief as Osama landed in the massive impact crater caused by Asuka. He grabbed the teenager by her hair and stared at her.
“Why is it you oppose me? I have no quarrel with you it's Obama who I truly despise!” Osama said as he, with barely no effort at all, threw Asuka all the way back to Mitakihara City.

“ASUKA!” Tamara and Kurumi screamed in unison while they charged at Osama Bin Laden. Saad and Hamza Bin Laden jumped in front of Asuka's two lovers.
“We won't allow you to get close to father!” Saad said.
“Mariya, Katerina, Dmitry, father, my big sister, please, watch over me for this will be my final battle!” Tamara said as she summoned her flamethrower. “I'll kill the two of you and your father and then go back to Russia!”
Tamara charged towards Saad.
“Asuka, you're the person who I live for. Allow me to save the world that you love so much!”
Kurumi summoned a big ass syringe and shot it towards Hamza, causing him to be pushed across the open desert.

“The fighting has begun! Charge!” Nagisa yelled.
Suddenly, Abdullah Yusuf Azzam teleported in front of Nagisa.
“Do you think you can get past me and kill Osama? We know all of you magical girls' tricks!”
“Yes, infact, I know I'll kill you and that I'll be able to reunite with my girlfriend and step daughter!”
Nagisa shot invisible bubbles at Abdullah. He wasn't affected by the attack and started smiling.
“Little girl, do you think explosives would be able to defeat me? I already fell to them once, a second time won't be happening anytime soon!” Abdullah said as he ran at Nagsia.

“You don't appear like one of them, what're you doing here?” Claudia asked her opponent.
“I should be asking you the same, everyone else looks like an American or Japanese except for you.” Adam Yahiye Gadahn said.
“That's because I am an American!” Claudia summoned a bow and shot Adam in the stomach.
“I may sound like a middle aged white woman, the same group of people who hate me for living in America, but we don't take too kindly to traitors!”

“You're Obama's mistress, right?” Nasir al-Wuhayshi asked.
“What? No, I'm just a friend of his.”
“That's hard to believe when you and him killed Osama and Saad together.”
Mia gritted her teeth and kicked Nasir in the face. She grabbed some sand and threw it at his eyes.
“AHHHH, IT HURTS!” He screamed.

“Stand behind, Astrologer, I'll take care of him!” Peipei said.
“Do you want to know true fear? Do you want to know how it's like to die? Your allies have already taught me what true fear is!”
“No!” Peipei shot a firework at Asim Umar, launching him into the sky.
“I'll make the world a better place after I kill you!”

“Asuka, Nagisa… Mami… I'll win this fight and make all of you proud!”
Hino shot bullets at Fazul Abdullah Mohammed from her Yu-Gi-Oh card, knocking him to the ground.
“IT'S NOT OVER YET!” Hino said as she jumped at Fazul.

“It's time to give you a taste of your own medicine!” Nazani said as she exploded the ground underneath Muhannad Almallah Dabas.
“DIE!” Nazani screamed as she jumped up at him and stabbed him in the head. His body disappeared into thin air shortly after it landed.

“So let me get this straight, your first name is Abdullah and so is your last name and it’s the same name as one of your allies?” Kyoko asked.
“Yes.” Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah responded.
“Your parents must've hated you, no wonder you joined Al Qaeda.”
“Come at me!” Kyoko said as she summoned her spear.

“Osama, you must die!” Madoka said a she teleported over to the man.
“Foolish woman, I'll teach you why you should've left me to my killing Obama duties!"
"I'LL HELP TOO!" Abigail screamed as she cut Osama's right arm off.
"This shall be entertaining, Obama!" Osama said as he regrew his arm.

Chapter Text

Nagisa dodged Abdullah's attack as he began to shoot grenades out of his mouth at the child.
“You may be older than me but that just means all I have to do is push you down a flight of stairs to kill you!”
“Impotent child! I’ve already died once, you don't scare me!” Abdullah began spinning around, shooting grenades out of his mouth at every chance he could.
He turned into a tornado that was throwing sand everywhere.
“Since you're sucking up everything, why don’t you suck up this!” Nagisa shouted as she pulled out an ak-47 and shot at Abdullah, killing him.
The tornado stopped and there was no body in sight.
“What the hell?”

“HOLD A GRUDGE IF YOU MUST!” Claudia screamed as she shot at Adam, going through his chest.
“HAHAHAHA!” He belly flopped on the ground, causing a huge wave of sand to flow towards Claudia.
“TAKE YOUR FINAL BOW!” Claudia screamed before jumping over the sand and blowing her opponent's head off. Adam's body disappear instantly after he was decapitated.
“Where did his body go? Never mind, it's not important!” Claudia said to herself.

Asim grinned as the firework exploded inside of him. He landed on the ground and started exploding at will.
“I WON'T LET YOU HURT ASTROLOGER!” Peipei screamed as she shot Asim with a bazooka.
“EXLPOSIVES DON'T WORK ON ME, FOOL!” He taunted as he withstood Peipei's attack.
Peipei pulled a pistol out of her pocket and shot Asim in the head, killing him.
“Too weak for this world!” Peipei said, not noticing that Asim's body had disappeared into thin air.

Nasir flopped like a fish on land as he dodged Mia's attacks. She wasn't quite sure if he was just getting really lucky or she was just bad at shooting but the guy who couldn't currently see was dodging bullets.
“Fuck this shit, I'm tired of shooting!” Mia casually walked up to Nasir and stabbed him in the head, causing his body to disappear.
“Well that's certainly strange, anyways Osama time!”

Fazul threw grenades at his opponent. She used her Yu-Gi-Oh cards to capture the grenades and then threw them back at the girl.
“I WON'T LET YOU KILL ME OR MY FRIENDS!” Hino screamed as she shot several grenades from her Yu-Gi-Oh cards at Fazul, allowing her to travel through the smoke undetectived.
“DIE!” Hino screamed as she tackled Fazul, ripped his heart out and ate it. Fazul’s body disappeared after Hino's first bite.
“I was gonna eat you later!” Hino whined.

“FETCH, DOGGY!” Abdullah Ahmed screamed as he threw grenades at Kyoko, wanting her to fetch the grenades.
“I’m not gonna put those things in my mouth!” Kyoko said with a smile as she threw her spear at her opponent. She summoned another spear and changed it into her whip like form. She hit Abdullah Ahmed in the head, bringing him close to her. She grabbed him and bit his head off, savoring biting down on the watermelon like object. Abdullah Ahmed disappeared after Kyoko had reenacted the bite of 83.
“Ok then.” Kyoko said as she ran towards Osama.

“A big ass needle has no affect on me.” Hamza said while smiling.
“FEEL MY VIRUS MAGIC!” Kurumi said.
Hamza jumped away the second she used her magic. Kurumi had to hold in her breathe to not die.
“I WON'T LOSE TO THE HUMAN FORM OF A NURSE FETISH!” Hamza said as he shot bullets from his eyes.
“Hot damn!” Kurumi said as she rolled on the ground to dodge the bullets. One big ass needle may not have been enough but perhaps a few dozen needles will be enough to kill you!”
Kurumi reloaded her big ass syringe as starting shooting needles at Hamza, hitting him in the stomach, chest, legs and head.
“imposs…ible…” Hamza said before disappearing.
“IT'S OVER OSAMA!” Kurumi screamed before rushing towards Osama Bin Laden.

“ON MY HONOR!” Tamara screamed as she shot flames at Saad. He stood there and took the sheer force of the fire.
“You're the new President of Russia, right?”
“So Putin has fallen, you girls really made this easy for father. Now we won't have to get rid of the Russians and the Babel Brigade.”
Saad snapped his fingers and shot fire back at Tamara.
“GAHHH!” Tamara screamed as she was shot into a rock.
“I’ll kill you and your friends and then father and I will unite the world.”
“No, I can't let you win! I CAN'T LET ANYONE ELSE IMPORTANT TO ME DIE!” Tamara screamed as she jumped up and kicked the rock, launching her towards Saad.
“I’LL WALK AWAY WITH ALL OF MY FRIENDS ALIVE!” Tamara pulled a knife out of her pocket and stabbed Saad in the head, killing him.
"So they're bodies disappear, Osama most likely gains their strength when they die which is why their bodies disappear. You're next, Osama!"

Asuka awoke. She was in Mitakihara City again.
“Damn it! They're probably beating the shit out of Osama right now!” Asuka said to herself before teleporting back to Saudi Arabia.

Asuka appeared just in time and raised her arms for Madoka, allowing Madoka to preform her strongest Spirit Bomb yet.
“LET'S END THIS!” Madoka screamed as she threw the attack at Osama.
“YES, THIS IS WHAT I DESIRE!” The terrorist screamed as he was hit by Madoka's attack. Once the smoke cleared, Osama stood in the impact crater, completely unharmed and smiling.
“Impossible! That means he's stronger than Francine. Everyone run away, this guy could destroy the entire timeline with one attack!” Madoka warned.
“Now, who will be my first victim!” Osama said while staring at Asuka.
He rushed at Tamara. The impact of their bodies was strong enough to destroy an entire universe.
“Get away from Tamara!” Asuka screamed as she rushed towards Osama.
“You really think you're tough, child!” Osama said as he hit Asuka so hard she went across the entire timeline and landed back to where Osama was standing in under a second.
Osama grabbed Tamara and began to choke her.
“LET GO OF HER!” Asuka screamed as she saw her lover being strangled.
“Or what will you do? You're just a weak little girl who believes she can defeat me.”
Asuka's hair turned blonde, her eyes remained blue and a yellow aura surrounded her body.
“That’s the same form as that pink girl's! Come at me, do your worse!”
Asuka teleported behind Osama and kicked him into space. She teleported after him and cut him into tiny pieces, those tiny pieces began to reform into one large Osama.
“So the only way to defeat you is if I destroy your entire body, fine then!”
Asuka cut her finger and threw blood at Osama who evaporated it instantly the moment the blood touched him.
“Looks like my magic's off the table, how about I do this!”
Asuka kicked Osama back to Earth, she teleported over to where Osama fell and threw blood at the ground. She made the ground fall on top of Osama, temporarily trapping him.
Madoka teleported over to where Asuka was standing.
Asuka and Madoka put their hands together.
“Kame” Madoka said.
“Hame.” Asuka said.
“Ha!” The two girls said in unison as they shot the attack at the ground right as Osama attempted to escape.
“I AM THE GOD SHATTERING STAR!” Osama screamed as he was disintegrated.
“It's over, we won!” Asuka yelled as she hugged Madoka. “Now we can finally go back to living our normal lives!”

Final chapter: Memories of the Beautiful Spring

Chapter Text

-6 months later-

Asuka was staring outside of her office. She was bored and had nothing to do except for looking at her phone or outside. Suddenly Kurumi came back from shopping, she walked over to Asuka’s desk, hugged her and kissed her on the check.
“Asuka, you’re such a meanie for making a pregnant girl do your shopping, it’s not like you’re doing any important.”
“I have to run a mafia, I can’t just leave to buy some groceries, plus it was you who told me to not use a condom.”
Kurumi grabbed a chair and moved it over to where Asuka was sitting.
“In 3 months, our little princess will be born. Won’t you take a break to help me take care of her?”
“I will but that hasn’t happened yet, I have no reason to take a break.”
“Can’t you ask Nagisa to take over again?”
“No, she only takes over when she wants and I doubt she’d want to run her magical girl mafia just because I had a baby.”

“Peipei, what do you mean you’re going to run for President of China?” Astrologer asked.
“After Xi Jinping kicks the bucket, I’m gonna run for president!”
“Are you sure that’ll ever happen? He’s like immortal.”
Peipei laughed. “I’m sure it’ll happen, and soon too.”
Astrologer’s eyes widened in shock.
“Did you hire someone to kill him?”
“Nope, it’s just a hunch I have.”

Abigail stared at Francine’s grave, to think that she had died back in May was something that really confused her. Asuka burried Francine’s body near New York, she bought a headstone and everything for her former friend. After the battle in Saudi Arabia, Abigail had moved to Mitakihara City in Japan, she lived with Asuka and Kurumi and would frequently teleport to America to visit her beloved’s final resting place.
“If raising this child is what you wanted, my queen, then I’ll do everything I can to give her the best life possible.” Abigail said to the grave before teleporting away.

“President Volkova-“
“Tamara. I’ve told you this is way too many times for me to count, Anna.”
“I’m sorry, Tamara, it’s just that it feels improper to call you something other then president.”
“It’s okay, it’s already been half a year and even now it still doesn’t feel right when someone accidentally calls me President Volkova.”
“Speaking of your presidency, aren’t you going to take a break after you give birth to Asuka’s child?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re going to take a break after you give birth right? Your body will need some time to heal and you need to spend time with your baby.”
“Anna, if I take a break from being the President of Russian who will take my place?”
“I will, I did it back in May and I’ll do it again.”
“Nonsense, you’re going to take a break to spend time with my baby.”
“If I take a break you’re going to spend time with me and my baby.”
Anna walked over to Tamara and hugged her.
“You still haven’t answer my question of who’ll temporarily take my place as president if I take a break.”
“I’ll think of it when the time comes.”

Obama and Mia were talking to each other.
“Hey, Obama, wanna go to Japan again?”
“I would love to but I’m unfortunately too busy.”
“How? I haven’t seen you do anything all week.”
“Well you see, Mia, the work of a president is all mental work, you must prepare yourself for anything, including the possibility of the government collapsing.”
“Obama, we got a meeting to attend.” Joe Biden said, opening the door to Obama’s office.
“And shit like this happening.” Obama stood up and walked over to the door. “Stay here, Mia.” Obama said before leaving and closing the door.


Claudia woke up, she had helped with the rebuilding of New York. The first thing rebuilt was her house.
“A new message from Asuka? Wonder what it’s about.” Claudia said to herself.
“Dear Claudia, I can’t visit you or Mia again this month, I’m very busy with my work, love Asuka.” Claudia rolled her eyes. “Classic Asuka.”

“Homura.” Madoka said as she laid down in her pink bed with her wife, a huge teddy bear with a yellow shirt was in her arms. “Do I think I should meet my daughter one day?”
“No, you don’t need Mayuko, you only need me in your life. That bastard of yours has no place in our lives.” Homura said as she pulled Madoka closer ro her.
“You’re right, Homura. I’m sure Mayuko is perfect fine with living with my mom.”
Homura began to kiss Madoka’s neck.
“Not again Homura! We just had sex a few minutes ago!”
“I know, but whenever we’re alone together, I can’t seem to take my hands off of you.”

“Kyoko, Popo won’t stop crying, what should we do?
“Have you tried changing her diaper?”
“We ran out of diapers yesterday!?
Kyoko sighed.
“I’ll go steal some.” Kyoko put her clothes on and ran out of her cardboard house.
“Maybe you’re just hungry.” Poorfag took her bra off and brought her red haired baby closer to her left breast. After a few minutes of breastfeeding, Popo Sakura stopped sucking her mother’s breast, yawned, closed her eyes and then went to sleep.
“Oh, you were just hungry. Damn it, now your father left for no reason.” Poorfag said as she stroked her baby’s head.

“Nagisa, mom!”
“What is it, Mami Jr?”
“I think we’re being spied on.”
“Nonsense Mami Jr, if we were being spied on I would’ve already taken care of them.”
“One day you will be my bride, Mami.” Hino whispered from outside of the Tomoe family’s apartment.

Asuka walked out of her office, Kurumi followed behind her.
“Where’s Nazani?”
“She’s peobably still asleep. You know how late she tends to get up.”
Asuka and Kurumi walked out of the magical girl mafia’s headquarters.
“I haven’t gone out in a long ass time, this should be interesting.”
“Where are we going to go?”
“I don’t know, the park seems like a good place to take a walk.”
As Asuka and Kurumi began walking, Asuka thought something to herself.
‘Francine, I saved the world you wanted to unite. Let me promise you something, I’ll protect this world from now on, no matter what happens!”

Madoka Attacks North Korea Side Story: Asuka Emblem

The end


-2 months later-

“It’s almost time for her to awaken her powers. A black, red eyed cat, with a crescent bald spot on her forehead said to herself. “Princess Serenity, it’s almost time to finally see you once again!”