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Is it cheating if he's not really there?

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I Wake up with a start, completely shocked by the dream I just had, I know it's been a while what with moving to Alaska, finding out vampires and everything else that goes bump in the night are real and then when Lia tried to use me as a human sacrifice to bring her boyfriend back from the dead...the same boy now living in my head, unfortunately it hasn't left much time for sexy fun with my boyfriend.
But the biggest shock was that it wasn't said boyfriend featured in my dream but instead his maybe kinda evil brother, the guy I can't get out of my head until we kill the unkillable beast, yeah I wouldn't believe it if it weren't my life either.
The other thing that felt weird is that it didn't feel like a dream, it almost felt like a memory.
At the same time I think that, a shiver runs down my spine and turn my head to see Hudson laying next to me on the bed, it's a rare occasion when I see so many emotions floating in his eyes, sadness mixed with a little bit of hope, and a watchful look telling me he's waiting to see my reaction, I start to ask him "what.." are you doing? but he interrupts me, simply stating "it wasn't a dream, it was a memory" I'm about to yell at him not to make fun of me, not to lie, because how could that be true, I have a boyfriend and up until a few days ago I was convinced he was evil, but I'm reminded that we spent 4 months together that I don't remember and if how my feelings have changed in less than 2 weeks are anything to go by, maybe it's possible and one thing I've come to learn is that Hudson doesn't lie.
Part of me is wondering if maybe I'm dreaming right now, certainly it seems the most logical explanation at this point.
I'm brought out if my contemplation as Hudson must have grown bored with my internal debate because he says "I can show you how it ends?" And all at once I'm reminded how warm and excited I'm feeling beneath with my panties, it's with this thought and the knowledge that I wouldn't be given a seconds peace to finish off with Jaxson that I'm nodding my consent but I can't help wondering how this could work with him not having a body. As if reading my mind, which I guess he totally did, he answers my question with a smirk and his sarcastic British accent "I wouldn't let such a little thing get in the way of this" as he's talking I feel warmth on my neck, as if I can feel his breath, as if he's really here, next I feel a warmth on my hip, I guess it must be his hand, tracing patterns on my hip before it moves up my stomach, working it way to where my hand is rested on the bed infront of me, he takes hold of my hand and asks "may I?" I don't quite know what he's asking but a part deep down tells me it's ok, my confirmation is all but a whisper and I feel the strangest feeling, it's as if my hand disappeared, as I look down to see my hand moving closer to my breast I realise Hudson must be controlling my hand, and I know I should be panicked, especially after what he pulled at the assembly and when I first came back but in a surprise to myself I trust him, and I've never wanted to know what happened during our time locked together more than now, and the fact that this might be part of it has me terrified but also excited.
I'm brought out of my thoughts as my thumb strokes against my suddenly hard as ice nipple, and it's not from the frigid Alaskan night. After a few moments where he rubs over the sensitive nub, my hand is running down my stomach to the edge of my panties, the ones I'm now realising are the same ones that just the other day where hanging on Hudson's shoe in the laundry room, and if I'm honest with myself that's really when my feelings towards him started changing, he was so sweet and caring, not the monster everyone thinks he is, and look at me now, trusting him with my body and maybe one-day my heart.
I'm brought back to the moment as I hear him practically purr in my mind, I don't know if it's because of what I just thought or the fact he has just reached under my panties, twirling my fingers in my pubic hair and embarrassment threatens to wash over me, but before I can even think of something to say I feel the warmth of his phantom breath next to my ear telling me "don't you dare change yourself for me, I love the natural look" I can hear his smirk in the latter half but my breath still hitches at love and before I can think to much about it sparks fly behind my eyes as he finally reaches my clit and stops for a moment to rub a brief circle over it before moving down, to tease my outer folds and then more gently than any other guy I've been with brings my fingers to my wetness, I arch into the sensation and hold my breath, expecting penetration that despite being hornier than I've felt in forever I'm not sure I'm ready for, instead though he works back up toward my clit and now with the help of my slick fingers he rubs it in the most perfect way, bringing fire to my breath and a need that if i had any sensible thoughts left would have me questioning how close we were before I came back.
As I feel the tension in my body rising, like a tightly coiled spring, he moves faster and faster, I can feel a ghost of a feeling on my neck and I don't know if he's kissing or biting but I don't want it to stop, it's as I have that thought that wave after wave of my orgasm start rolling over me, I'm breathing hard, my ears are ringing and I don't know if I've come that hard before and I have no idea this was so different then with other guys but Hudson silently answers my question, his voice inside my head sounding as out of breath and satisfied as I feel telling me that "being privy to all your feelings really gives a guy an advantage" before he sighs and tells me he's missed this, and with in a few silent moments I sense that he's fallen asleep as his presence behind me fades away, which has left me needing to find out how I can find those memories. I'm also wondering how I will face everyone tomorrow, especially jaxson, but for once, I don't feel panic well up inside me, instead I roll over and go back to sleep, I have my work cut out for me if I have any hope of convincing everyone that maybe we don't need to kill the unkillable beast.