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Time escapades: Grief one shots.

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Hatori entered the living room swiftly, in the room sat the remaining cousins that had yet to be informed about the tragic loss on the four Sohmas that wound up missing.

The four sets of parents were dealing with the losses alone and little contact with anyone since their discovery at around half three in the morning. Ayame had heard from Yuki and had passed the information to the adults.

With most aunts and uncles in pieces, Hatori elected himself the one to tell the rest of the kids, granted some of them were teenagers but Hatori felt telling them all together would help them lean on one another for comfort.

Ayame was the first to volunteer but due to his emotional side and his dear attachment to Mutsuki, everyone knew he wouldn't be able to get through telling the kids without having a meltdown.

The other parents were unsure if Hatori was okay to do it. Momiji wanted to protest, but Hatori was set on being the one to break the ice.

The kids were all sitting in different places, the aura wasn't as fun as usual, they were all worried for the four missing Sohmas and still under the impression they were just missing, on a small couch, were Chizuru, Rio, Michi and Mina and curled up on a love seat were Kinu and Hibika.

"Where's Mitoma-san?" Hatori whispered as everyone followed him in.

"Saki-chan is telling her" Mine informed him, he nodded "Alright" he said quietly, he then got a supportive arm squeeze from Mayu. He went and sat opposite the group. "Morning, we've gathered everyone here for some news" Hatori told them in a serious voice.

"Dad what's going on?" Kinu asked, obviously picking up on his seriousness.

"There was an update on our missing family members" Hatori said slowly, as he studied their faces, some were clinging to hope, and others were afraid of what Hatori was going to tell them next.

"Have the police found them yet?" Mina asked, Momiji sniffled from behind.

"Technically, they did" Hatori spoke, his softer now, Mina smiled "I told you they'd come home soon, Papa!" Mina squealed to her dad, who nodded with a few tears down his cheeks.

"When we found them, it was around half three this morning, their parents were notified immediately" Hatori said.

"They're in hospital right?" Chizuru said "That's why we haven't heard anything"

Hatori shook his head and Chizuru's face dropped, Hatori could begin to hear the faint sobs of Hibika already.

"A few days ago, they uhm- they passed away in a lake, there was nothing the paramedics could do" Hatori said. A silence filled the air, but with an occasional cry from both an adult and child.

Hatori was sure he going to be sick, then he heard someone else speak.

"No" Chizuru said sternly, everyone looked at him, Mine stepped forward "Chizuru-"

"No, this is not true, I won't accept it" Chizuru said, standing up to leave "Mutsuki isn't dead, your talking bullshit uncle Hatori"

"Chizuru please" his mother begged, he shook his head and stormed out. Mine immediately went after him, calling his name. Hatori lay his head down in silence, as he heard the rest of the parents comfort their children.

The air began to overwhelm him and he needed to puke, he went off to the nearest bathroom. After vomiting a little, he sank to the floor and soon Mayu sit opposite him. She laid a comforting hand on his arm.

"Nothing worse than telling a group of beloved kids, that some of their own are gone" Hatori stated.

"You did well, did what none of us could have done" she told him, he nodded "Thank you, how is Kinu?" he asked.

"Devested, I knew she would be, but at least she has Hibika and Hibika has her, I couldn't dare to imagine going through this alone" Mayu explained.

"I know, losing your child- I wouldn't know-" Hatori trailed off trying not to think about it too much.

"Kinu is fine, she's still alive and that feels so relieving after what some of our friends are going through"

"I'm going to see Shigure later, I don't want him to feel alone, because we all know he's going to put Akito first" Hatori explained. Mayu smiled slightly "You don't have to everyone's rock you know" she told him.

"I know, but someone has keep people from falling apart"

"Please tell me you're not planning on being everyone's rock?" Mayu asked. Hatori shook his head "No, I'm not"

Mayu exhaled "Good, because you are allowed to feel too"

"Thank you" Hatori said, he squeezed Mayu's hand and the couple fell into silence, then Hatori remembered something "Oh, wait before I do anymore feeling, I have to set out pills and appointments for Isuzu"

"What why?" Mayu asked as Hatori took out his phone.

"She came to me a couple days ago, telling me that in the event that her daughter would-" Hatori gulped before finishing his sentence "That Sora would die, she wanted sleeping pills and immediate therapy"

"Why?" Mayu asked. Hatori exhaled "I know it sounds a little out of her, but she wants to save herself from her own grief, in Isuzu's mind it's something Sora would want"

"What about the others?" Mayu asked.

"Who knows how they're cope, all we can do is be there for them as much as we can" Hatori explained. Mayu sighed and moved to sit by his side "Do you think anyone will recover from this?"

Hatori laid his head on her shoulder "Maybe, with enough time"

"Some might take years" Mayu sighed, Hatori began to tear up "I hate it"

"I know, because no one wanted this for any of our children" Mayu whispered, running her hands through his hair. Quietly she could hear him cry and while he was such a good rock for everyone else, she was his rock and was there for him right now, which would probably be one of the hardest days of his life.