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The Outsiders

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Narrator: Kid Flash and Flash and are stopping a fire outside Central City.

Flash: Grab the woman and get her to safety I will stop the fire.

Kid flash: Got it.

Narrator: Kid flash runs down the corridor and sees the scientist.

Kid Flash: I'm gonna get you out of here.

Scientist: Wait my research.

Kid Flash: Your research means nothing if you get burned alive. I promise I will get you out of here, then come back and try and get your research.

Scientist: Okay, let's go.

Narrator: He picks the woman up and runs down the corridor but runs into a man in a black suit, which makes him drop the woman.

Kid Flash: Felt like I ran into a brick wall. Hey are you oaky.

Scientist: Yeah I'm fine.

Kid Flash: Stay here, I will deal with this guy.

Narrator: He runs at the guy and jumps throws a punch at him the man moves faster then normal and doges it, the man then throws a punch into Kid Flash stomach knocking him to the ground. He get's back up and in a burst of lightning Kid Flash is behind him and sends a kick to his side a knocks him down with a punch.

Kid Flash: This guy isn't normal, what is he.

Narrator: Kid Flash starts to search the man and finds a communicator in his ear, while he is searching him the man wakes grabs Kid Flash and slams him into a wall and slowly chokes him. As he slowly passes out he sees the man take the scientist and say a word Markovia then he leave. Later he suddenly wakes up in S.T.A.R Labs.

Kid Flash: ow, what happened.

Flash: I found you passed out probably from the smoke.

Kid Flash: No there was a man wearing all black he was pretty strong, he also took the scientist- I have to get her back! I promised.

Flash: No way your going anywhere. Also you don't even know where she is.

Kid Flash: The guy said a word Markovia. I bet that's where he took her.

Flash: Markovia is a country that doesn't allow any Justice League members.

Kid Flash: I'm not part of the League let me go. "He says sitting up"

Flash: No way! I'm not letting you go to Markovia on your own.

Kid Flash: You think I can't handle it, this was a mistake I didn't know he had reflexes like that but know I know I can handle it.

Flash: No way, go back to the house I have to get to the CCPD.

Narrator: Wally changes into his normal clothes and heads home, once inside he pulls out the small communicator and tries to use it but it doesn't work.

Wally: I made a promise, no way I'm just leaving her in another country. Going back to S.T.A.R labs is a no go, Barry would just find out. "He thinks for a second" Got it! She is gonna hate me. "He says rubbing the back of his head with a smile on his face"

Narrator: He finds a cloth that covers his face and nose then runs out of Central City and continues running until he sees the sign, "Welcome to Gotham" he runs further into the city and reaches Wayne Manor. He takes off the makeshift mask and starts to think.

Kid Flash: Maybe this was a bad idea
Kid Flash: Maybe this was a bad idea.

Narrator: He say's after Alfred let's him through the gate and into the house, when he is about to turn around he hears farther clock moves sideways and reveals Cassandra Cain probably coming back from training due to her clothes.

Cass: W-Wally?

Wally: H-hey, how you doing, you seem well. "She just gives him a confused stare" Alright I need to talk to you, it's important.

Cass: Fine.

Narrator: He follows her up the stairs into her room, they both sit down and he pulls out the communicator.

Wally: I need to find out where the signal of this communicator signal came from. I can't go to S.T.A.R labs because Flash is keeping a eye on me, but the person I got this from took this woman. And I made a promise to her that I would get her out, but I got caught off guard and she got taken.

Narrator: She sees how hurt he is and reaches her hand out but pulls it back, remembering what happened last time they got close.

Cass: It wasn't your fault.

Wally: Maybe, but I have to fix this. I know a lot has happened with us but can you help me with this.

Cass: A person needs help of course I will help you. Also were friends right.

Wally: Yeah! Thanks.

Narrator: Wally and Cass walk down the steps to the bat-cave, while there walking towards the Bat-computer Wally realises something and turns around.

Wally: Wait. If Batman finds out you will get in trouble.

Cass: "She grabs his hand" This is important to you, so don't worry about it. Besides Batman will forgive me.

Wally: Thanks Cass. Your the best.

Cass: L-let's just do this.