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Beautiful Disaster


~ London ~ 𝐴𝑢𝑔𝑢𝑠𝑡 2017


Claire seriously wondered what she was doing here as she stared at her cell phone and read Joe's message. After Geillis couldn't come, because she wasn't feeling well, Joe now also cancelled. Claire looked up to see Mary Alex and Frank sitting at the table with her in the bar. Great, now the whole thing looked like a double date.

Mary looked at her questioningly

“Joe can't come either, an emergency.“

Mary nodded her encouragingly to ……. “Then the four of us have a nice evening.“

Claire wanted to cry, because she didn't want to spend a nice evening with Frank Randall. Why did her friend have to go out on dates with his brother, of all people?

Claire wavered between desperation and anger as she put her cell phone back in the purse she had chosen to match her outfit. She had bought a new dress especially for that evening, simply because she wants to feel particularly attractive. It made her feel confident, when she knew, she was good-looking. She likes to put on make-up, loved matching shoes with her clothes and had a bunch of handbags, even if she had never used some of them. It might sound superficial, but she cared a lot about her appearance.

Claire had bought a tight-fitting, strapless dress with a deep back neckline. The black dress was knee-length and went wonderfully with her red Louboutin high heels. Her hair was loose, and her fingernails were painted red, and she wore red lipstick. Although her outfit was to look terrific, she was freezing and sitting a little uncomfortable on the chair.

Claire got up and pointed in the direction of the toilet, because Mary asked her where she was going. On the way back to the table, she stopped at the bar and considered which cocktail to order. She could only endure this cruel evening with a lot of alcohol, that wasn't against Mary or Alex, but Frank was just too much. Sighing, she leaned her head back and looked around the exclusive bar. Couples sat together and drank cocktails, friends partied and laughed together, others danced on the dance floor. Somehow, everyone but her seemed to be having fun.

And that wasn't just because Geillis and Joe weren't here or Frank was there. Claire was fed up with being alone. Why couldn't she find a man who wanted what she wanted? A serious relationship, she wanted to get married and have babies.

Claire wrinkled her nose in annoyance at all the couples. That was what she got, instead of lying comfortably at home on the sofa, she was here where she didn't want to be. Just as she made up her mind to go home, she noticed the red-haired man stepping next to her at the bar. Claire caught her breath as her eyes wandered over his tall figure, which was in a perfectly fitting black suit, and stopped on his face, which had turned to her with interest.

She hadn't noticed such an intense look in a long time. He seemed to be patterning her very precisely, without lowering his eyes to her neckline, and thus triggered a wonderful satisfaction in her. With a dry throat and raging heart, she stared at him.

The man turned to the counter and ordered a Whiskey. She was about to reach for her handbag, but the stranger with the dark blue eyes and the distinctive facial features turned his whole body towards her, while he leaned against the bar Counter……“Jamie.“

“Pardon?“ she looked confused in his face

“Jamie.“ he held out the hand, that Claire took, after she hesitated a blink of an eye.


He nodded, and after a short while released her hand again. He stared at her in silence and then took the ordered whiskey, which the bartender handed him. Claire hesitemd sat on her stool and had no idea what to do now. Usually she wasn't that indecisive about flirting, and quickly realized, if a man was interested in her or not.

About Jamie, she was absolutely unsure, after all, he didn't seem like the talkative type. Maybe he just wanted to be polite and was waiting for a woman. A quick look at his hand told her, that, at least, he wasn't wearing a wedding ring. When did she actually start searching men's hands for wedding rings? She felt more and more stupid and just wanted to go home.

“Are you here on your own.“? Jamie had turned to her again and was looking at her inquiringly.

Scot, he was a Scot, that Claire recognized now by his Accent.

At the risk of her lipstick smearing, she rubbed her lips, as she sighed and explained.…….“I'm here with friends, but my two best friends stood me up and now, I don't feel like being here any more.“


“Yes,“ she replied, nervously grasping her cocktail, which she drained in one gulp.“

“Do ye want another one?“ He points to her now empty Sicilian Gimlet

Actually she should have said no, but the frustration with the outcome of her evening won out, so she nodded … “Thank you.”

“Nothing to thank for.“ He gestured to the waiter

“Are you also here with Friends?“ Claire stared at his profile and shifted nervously on her bar stool.

She had a thing for tall, good-looking men and had to admit, that this one, was particularly good-looking. In profile, she could see his angular features, the fair complexion and the straight nose, which gave him a very masculine Impression. His face looked absolutely even and captivates with a couple of extraordinary eyes, that lay under copper-colored brows and were surrounded by thick eyelashes.

“Aye, I'm here with some buddies.“ he replied, lifting the glass to his lips, which curled at the corner of his mouth.

Since he continued to stare ahead, while sipping from his whiskey glass, Claire really didn't know what to think. She swallowed and shook her head at herself. A pair of beautiful eyes and an impressive male face made it mutate into a languishing teen. She was long gone over this phase.

Claire knew, how to flirt with men, so she stretched her breasts forward as if by chance
and crossed her legs elegantly…….“Sounds like fun, Jamie.“ she said in a slightly smoky voice

With that, she immediately secured his attention, as he slowly turned his head in her direction and examined her closely. His blue eyes moved all over her body before settling on her mouth. Claire sat quietly on her stool, let him look at her calmly and lowered her eyelids half., while she cocked her head a little and looked at him. She liked what she saw very much. In addition to an attractive face, Jamie could glance with a tall, athletic body tucked into a tasteful suit.

“I thought you were here with friends.“ his rough voice sounded amused and interested at the same time.

With a mock indifferent shrug, she replied casually……“I don't feel like going to a bar and partying with my ex, the others can have fun with Frank, but I definitely don't“

“Frank must be an idiot“ Jamie muttered and put his glass down

“I agree.“ she replied calmly and licked her dry lips

Immediately his gaze was drawn to her lips, while his expression hardened, and he took a deep breath. Claire, on the other hand, struggled to control a shaky exhalation.

His blue eyes are getting darker …… “What are you going to do with the evening, that has started?“

Given the dark voice and the obvious sexual interest, Claire could tell her mouth was going to dry and her stomach tingled. She had never had a one -night stand, because it wasn't her thing and she felt cheap to sleep with a stranger. Perhaps other women liked going out to party at night and being pic up by a stranger.

Claire was twenty-six years old and longed for a committed relationship. Women who want a husband and babies, didn't pick up strange men in a bar, They didn't throw themselves on their necks like the worst bitch during This is Tomorrow Festival and certainly didn't hold their breasts under their noses. Claire didn't know why she did it anyway.

Maybe it was, because Jamie was hot as hell and seemed like the kind of guy, to have a great night with —especially, if you didn't feel like spending the evening with your ex, and you had a small existential crisis.

Although Claire didn't want to be a light-hearted woman embarking on a one-night stand, she leaned in his direction and smiled sensually…….“I'm already thinking about what I can do with the evening all the time. Do you have any ideas, Jamie?“

“Possibly.“ he replied in a deep voice and kept staring into her face.

She didn't take her eyes off him, as she sipped the cocktail, the bartender had just put in front of her. Her heart was pounding, and a nervous flutter was noticeable in her stomach area, when she asked as at ease as possible………“Which is“?

Jamie let her twist in The Wind for a few moments, in which he stared at her unfathomable and Claire wondered if she had just imagined, that his eyes had suddenly flickered hot and sensual. While he seemed to be considering, Claire scolded herself, a total idiot for expecting a rebuff. What had she even thought of making such a clear offer to a complete stranger? Was she already in a midlife crisis, in which she had to prove herself something ?

The scent of clean manly skin and heavy lust filled her nose, as he stood close to her and put a hand on her hip. Claire automatically tensed her body and felt a tingling sensation, that went straight into her stomach, while the pulse beat frantically in her throat. Suddenly confronted with this erotically charged atmosphere felt almost threatening.

“Well,“ Only with great effort did she manage to suppress the trembling of her voice.

Jamie's face was right in front of her, when he suggested in a deep voice…….“Why don't you drink it up.“?

“Make yourself comfortable.“ Jamie closed the door to his hotel room behind her and took off his suit jacket, which he placed over a wing chair, that stood decoratively in the wide hallway of the suite.

Claire stared at his outstretched hand and took off her jacket, she handed it to him before hesitantly entering his suite and looking around. Fortunately, the alcohol in the two cocktails warmed her inside and had also calmed her nerves a little, as she was now feeling slight scruples, after all, she had disappeared into his hotel room with a complete stranger.

Since Jamie seemed to be a taciturn man and had only uttered a few sentences, Claire's nervousness on the way to his hotel had increased by the minute. Strangely enough, this vanished when she entered the exclusive suite of a posh hotel in the middle of London and noticed Jamie's perfectly formed manners.

“Can I offer you something?“

He went to a small bar at the left end of the modern suite and meanwhile undid the top button of his shirt. She held her purse in front of her stomach and slowly followed him through the huge room, which was dominated by steel, glass, and the colours black and grey.

Her gaze fell on the dark wooden floor, the minimalist structure of the room, the wide window front, which offered a spectacular view of the lights of the London skyline, as well as the fine furniture and the subtle lighting on the gray-tinted walls. As a woman with transparent underwear and a throbbing stomach, she only measured the huge bed opposite the window front, that seems to dominate the entire room. In any case, her eyes were drawn to it, as if by magic, so that she had troubled to go with her high heels over the fluffy carpet, that was laid out at the left end of the suite.

“I take what you drink.“

He picked up two glasses……“I have a Single Malt.“

Claire nodded and went to the bar. Jamie poured two finger-wide whiskey into each glass, before handing one to her. She thanked him and watched him take a sip, and at the same time, his Adam's apple, moved. He had a strong neck and broad shoulders, and she could see, that there was a flat stomach under his white shirt. She likes the way he looks, as she had to admit.

The alcohol stung her throat comfortably. She would have liked to ask him if he was a tourist or a businessman, or whether he was just in London for Partyng with friends. She hadn't seen any of his friends, unlike her, he hadn't told anyone that he was leaving the bar. Mary, Alex, and Frank had looked weird, when she told them, she was going home, but she was gone, before any of the three could ask a question.

One look into his eyes, which had darkened, watching her over the top of his glass, stopped Claire from asking any question. A little of small talk might have made her more relaxed, she thought, as she put her purse on the bar and frantically searched for some sort of line, that could have put her tension down. She had never had a one-night stand and didn't know, how, to go.

Since she said nothing, just stared at Jamie, he took over the tense situation by putting down his glass, walking around the bar, taking the glass away from her and pulling her close.

Claire has a small gasp, as he cupped her chin and pulled it up, to kiss her. She closed her eyes with fluttering lids, felt his hard body on her soft curves and kissed him back, while her body suddenly seemed to be on fire. His strong hands ran over her back and finally fell low on her hips to pull her close while he pulled her tongue into his mouth and nibbled her lips.

The kiss became more demanding from second to second and ignited a real heat wave inside her, which drove away all clear thoughts. Claire didn't know where up and down was, as all the air was sucked out of her lungs. His kiss might be like an attack, but she melted into his arms nonetheless. Sighing, she snuggled against his body, wrapped both arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

His mouth tasted deliciously of man and his fine whiskey, his smell almost fogged her and the hard body, on which she pressed herself, caused a strong tremor in her. She clutched his shoulders with trembling fingers.

His hands grabbed her hips and rubbed the delicate fabric of her tight dress. Tingling heat spread into her stomach and streamed into every nerve cell in her body as her heart beat rapidly. When he removed his mouth from hers to gently bite her throat, her knees was to buckle. His mouth sucked on the delicate skin of her throat and gently bit the place between her collarbone and neck.

Claire saw a few stars explode in front of her closed eyes and grabbed automatically backwards, to open the zipper of her dress. Jamie seemed to mind, however, as he grabbed her hands and pulled the zipper down himself. Dazed, she noticed how he striped her dress and then felt her almost naked body with his hands.

Since she could not wear a bra under the dress, she only stood in front of him in tiny, see-through panties and her shoes. When he took her breasts in both hands and fell over her mouth at the same time, she almost come. Claire couldn't remember, ever getting aroused this quickly. Shivering, she unbuttoned his shirt and at the same time returned his violent French kisses.

It took some effort, to pull his shirt out of his pants, but he quickly helped her get rid of the white fabric., and then pressed his bare chest against her breasts. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest, as she cupped his shoulders and clutched him passionately. His skin felt incredibly hot and smooth under her fingers, and she felt tight muscles that made her mouth dry.

All reluctance and hesitation were forgotten when he suddenly embraced her and carried the few meters to the bed and put her on bed. Jamie knelt on the bed, leaned over her, and kissed Claire's Breasts. She clutched the Bedsheet with both hands while Jamie took turns sucking her nipples into his hot mouth. Strangled, she let out a small scream and wriggled back and forth on the bed in aroused.

When his hand went between her legs and touched her through the sheer fabric, Claire gasped and pressed her head into the soft duvet. Her mouth was dry, when his fingers slid under the fabric and found her moist flesh. Jamie touched her clit with his thumb, slowly circling it, while carefully biting her right nipple. Claire went off like a rocket and rose to meet him. She was about to orgasm and moans in frustration when he stopped, to take off her panties.

Only marginally did she notice, that she was now lying completely naked in front of him, since she had lost her shoes on the way to the bed, while Jamie was still fully clothed except for his shirt. So she sat up, trembling, and pushed him slightly away.


“Pst“, she replied and covered his muscular torso with her eyes. He had broad shoulders, a strong neck, a muscular chest a flat stomach and a Six pack. All in all, Jamie was a tall, well-trained man, and Claire liked that a lot.

Yes, maybe that was a bit superficial, but that was all she had, because she didn't know his Character, because Jamie was a stranger to her.

Claire undid the belt and the trouser button and pulled the zipper down, before she looked into his eyes and saw something dark in them. Without taking her eyes off him, she pulled his pants and boxer shorts down and waited a brief Moment, until he had kicked the rest of his clothes away.

Both were now naked and staring at each other. Claire reached out for his erection and took the impressive length in her hand. His moans made her feel satisfied, after all, she wanted to arouse him as well. As he had done with her. Claire knelt on the bed, pressed her mouth to his neck and nestled her naked body against his hot skin, while massaging his penis, pumped along its entire length and stroked the silky-soft tip with his thumb.

When his hands grabbed her bare bottom and pulled her against his hard body, his hardness got between their two bodies and pressed against the soft skin of her stomach. At the heat he was giving off, Claire winced and licked Jamie’s throat. From his hoarse breathing, the steel-hard erection in her hand and the racing heartbeat against her chest, she could tell that he was just as aroused, as she was.

His hands slid over her bare skin and pushed between their bodies, to touch her breasts, stomach, and wet flesh. At the same time their mouths found each other for a hot kiss, that completely confused Claire, because she did not understand, how close she could feel to someone, who she did not know at all.

With trembling arousal, she didn't even notice, how he put her on her back and pushed himself between her legs. Nor did she know where he got the condom, that he pulled over his erection. But when he leaned over her and entered her, her whole being focused on the place inside her, that tingled electrifying with each of his thrusts and made her moan.

Again and again he sank deep into her, massaged her soft flesh, dilated her and found a rhythm that took her breath away. Claire clung to him, wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his hot breath on her face. When she held out her mouth to him, he obeyed and gave her a deep kiss, that made her gasp. Claire dug her fingers into his shoulders and felt, his hands grip her buttocks. In a moment, a hot shiver went through her, because he penetrated her deeper and harder. She felt every push down to her toe and trembled with pleasure, that made her whimper.

Groaning, she twitched and almost bit his lips, as he penetrated her hard, causing a tingling pull in her abdomen, that spread throughout her body. Jamie let out a loud groan and buried his teeth in her shoulder. Claire gasped, as her wet flesh closed explosively around his hard penis. A hot feeling of lust shot through her veins so fast, that she couldn't think any more, but instead held him twitching, while he thrust hard and fast into her.

Claire screamed and heard him moan deeply and felt his violent throbbing in her body just before he fell on the side and lay beside her, out of breath. Claire was no different. She twitched and shivered, gasping with exhaustion and gasping for breath, as her ears rang.

That had been, by far, the most intense orgasm of her life, she thought, exhausted and trembling — and she only knew the first name of the man who had given it to her.

“Are you ok.“?

Slowly she turned her head to the left and stared into Jamie's face, which looked absolutely boyish with flushed cheeks and slightly sweaty. His features were soft, while his eyes had a rich sheen.

Claire nodded strained and only now noticed, that their legs were still entwined with each other.

Groaning, Jaime put his head back and put an arm under her neck … “Good.”

Claire was an excessive cuddle and would have loved to snuggle up to him, but that would certainly have gone beyond the scope of a casual one-night stand, so she just stayed next to him and thought exhaustedly what he was expecting from her now.

Did he want her to leave immediately? Claire had no idea about the man lying naked next to her. Okay…. His name was Jamie, he kissed well and looked just divine naked and had an excellent whiskey taste.

When he removed the used condom, Claire hesitated to get up, but she got to know another side of him. He apparently had unimagined reserves, because Claire was on him faster than expected and experienced a second grandiose orgasm. It got even more intimate, when they showered together in the middle of the night and touched each other under the pounding water. A third orgasm followed, which drove Claire to the edge of insanity.

Jamie remained quite taciturn the whole time, even if his touches and kisses were anything but callous. She just couldn't figure him out and gave up, worrying about him. She gave him credit for not throwing her out of the room, when they were too exhausted for another round of sex, because she had expected that.

But when she woke up at six o'clock in the morning and looked at the naked man next to her, who was lying on his stomach and had turned to her the face that looked innocent in his sleep, she didn't want to know, how he would behave, when he woke up to find her still in his bed. It had only been an insignificant one-night stand for both of them, so she crept out of bed, quietly dressed again and disappeared from the suite in bare feet.

She felt a little cheap, when she met a chambermaid barefoot with her shoes in her hand, but Claire would not have been Claire, if she hadn't raised her nose in the air with dignity and walked upright into the elevator.