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Bully-Loving Mother

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Brittany Hill stood next to the inground pool in the backyard of her impressive two-story Tudor-style house and tapped her chin with her slender finger as she surveyed the table filled with snacks and party favors, the balloons and streamers attached to the tall fence around her yard, and the smaller table stacked with gifts for her son Nicholas’ birthday party. He had been looking forward to this for weeks now and she had made sure to get everything just right. Brittany loved her only son, even if he could be a bit of a pain sometimes with how meek and sensitive he was, so she was happy to plan this party for him. She had also been looking forward to commiserating with some of the parents of Nicholas’ friends that he’d invited. Brittany was something of a secret size queen and had noticed that a couple of her son’s friends had fathers with some noticeable bulges. Nothing that indicated they were quite the size she preferred, but it had been a long time since she’d had a real big dick, so even a nice seven or eight incher would help satiate some of her hunger. She sighed wistfully as she imagined dropping the trousers of one of those dads and swallowing his whole cock in one go.

Her nipples started to press against the fabric of her sapphire blue one-piece swimsuit as she entertained this thought. She looked down to make sure her enormous breasts were still fully contained within the incredibly form-fitting swimsuit and, despite her head-turning J cup tits, the stretchy fabric of her swimwear was holding up admirably. It was low cut enough to show off plenty of her pale, lightly freckled cleavage, but not so low cut as to be obscene. Just enough to catch the attention of those DILFs without seeming lewd. She ran her hand down the front of her swimsuit and over her slim mid-section, then ran both hands down her incredibly wide and fully exposed hips and thighs. Her swimsuit terminated in a small strip of fabric disappearing between her thighs and hugging her juicy pussy mound tightly enough to show off its pleasing puffy shape, but again not so much as to take away the plausible deniability of her intentions. Her huge ass, on the other hand, might not be afforded the same alibi considering the way it was currently gobbling up the rear of her swimsuit such that it looked like her entire naked ass was hanging out for all to see. Essentially, it was. She hoped this would be enough to reel in some of that big daddy dick she’d been craving.

Brittany tossed her fiery red locks over her shoulder and turned around to look for her son. She located him next to one of the lounge chairs applying sunscreen to his scrawny frame, the white stuff making his already pale skin blindingly white and further accentuating his bird chest and thin arms and legs. It looked like his swim trunks might fall off him if he moved wrong, despite them being properly cinched around his waist. Her little boy was turning seven today, but he was often mistaken for younger than his age due to his diminutive size. His brown hair was as messy as always and she huffed quietly as she wished he would take more care with his appearance. Maybe then he wouldn’t be picked on quite as much, although she knew it wasn’t his hair alone that made him the target of relentless taunting and abuse from some of the kids at school. Frankly, her sweet tender boy came off as a puny wimp to the other boys and Brittany knew that made him the perfect bully bait.

“Nicholas, dear,” she called to him, “What time did you tell your friends to arrive? It’s already half past two.”

Mooom!” he protested in his whiny voice, “I told you I go by Nick, not Nicholas! And I told them to be here at two. They should start showing up soon.” Nick looked down and sighed. “I mean, I hope so.”

“Okay, sorry Nick,” she said, emphasizing his preferred name somewhat sarcastically. Why must her boy be so sensitive about everything? “I’m sure they’ll turn up.”

As if right on cue, they both heard the sound of a rumbling engine approaching, slowing, and then a car door opening and closing in front of their house. The engine sound faded as the car drove away, then the gate to their backyard opened. Nick was clearly excited as he watched the gate opening, running over toward it, but then when it opened fully he stopped in his tracks and his eyes went wide. Brittany turned to look at the open gate door.

Standing there was a slim boy with shaggy blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He stood with the confidence of someone much older as he coolly surveyed the backyard. When he looked at Brittany she noticed the way he seemed to size her up, his eyes traveling from her face to her enormous breasts, then lingering between her thick tree trunk thighs for a few moments before returning to meet her gaze. She was surprised to feel her face flush and her nipples get even stiffer. This boy had a commanding presence about him that she wasn’t used to seeing in a kid his age. She took in the sight of him as well, seeing how he was hardly dressed for a pool party, wearing a black t-shirt with the indecipherable logo of some death metal band on it and a pair of dark gray jeans that were… were… bulging in the crotch! A bulge much larger than a boy that young should have! A bulge that clearly displayed the shape of two huge, heavy orbs as well as a folded over length of meat that looked like it would rip his zipper in half if it started to perk up. Brittany’s jaw dropped and her eyes went wide, unable to hide her awe. When she managed to tear her eyes off this kid’s package to meet his eyes again she saw he was smirking knowingly at her.

Then he turned to look at Nick.

“Hey there, buddy,” the mysterious boy said, somehow managing to make even that greeting sound sinister, “I heard you were having a party so I had my dad drop me off. Hope you don’t mind, runt.”

“M-m-MOM!” Nick cried out, stumbling backwards.

“Who’s your friend, Nicholas?” Brittany asked, walking toward the alluring boy, feeling a little ashamed at how she instinctively swayed her wide hips and the way her big heavy tits and fat ass were bouncing with every step. She’d dressed like this to entice a hopefully mostly-hung daddy, but found herself reflexively trying to strut for this gradeschool boy with what was either a strange novelty gag of some kind in his pants, or a cock and pair of balls that would put a fucking pony to shame.

“Yeah, Nicholas,” the severe boy said with a disdainful grin, “Tell your mommy who I am.”

Nick ran back to his mom, hiding behind her and hugging against one of her thick legs, his face peeking out from behind her huge rump to look nervously at the blond boy.

“Mom!” he whispered, “That’s not my friend! That’s Dante!

Brittany raised an eyebrow. This was Dante? This was the boy who had been terrorizing her son at school on an almost daily basis? Brittany knew a lot about Dante because Nicholas wouldn’t stop complaining about this kid who would insult him, punch his arm whenever he passed him in the hall, and even give him swirlies in the boys’ bathroom. She had always told her son to stand up for himself, be assertive, and push back against bullying. Now that Dante was standing in front of her, she could understand how her son would be intimidated by him. She felt intimidated by him! But surely he wasn’t all bad, right? He probably had other… admirable qualities. Besides, most boys who acted like bullies just needed some loving attention to change their cruel ways. Maybe that’s all Dante needed.

“Well hello there, Dante,” she said, smiling at him. He just stood their stoically, hardly acknowledging her, his eyes fixed on Nick.

“MOM!” Nick yelped, “I didn’t invite him! He shouldn’t be here! Don’t welcome him. Tell him to leave!

“Oh, I’m sure you’re overreacting, sweetie. He liked you enough to come to your birthday party, didn’t he?” As Brittany talked her eyes were directed not at her own terrified and pleading son, but instead at the overstuffed crotch of Dante’s jeans.

“What?!” Nick said in disbelief, “He doesn’t like me! He hates me! Mom, please!

“Nice house,” Dante said, ignoring Nick’s pleading and looking over at the expensive home.

“Why, thank you!” Brittany said a bit too enthusiastically, clearly enjoying this intense second grader’s approval for some reason.

“Why are you thanking me? Did you build it?”

“I, uh… n-no,” she stammered, suddenly very unsure of herself.

“I gotta take a piss,” he said matter-of-factly and began walking toward the back door of their home.

“Oh, I can show you where the bathroom is,” Brittany offered, taking a step in his direction, but Nick pulled on her leg trying to hold her back.

“I can find it,” Dante said, then casually walked into their house and closed the door behind him.

“MOM! Why did you let him into our house?!

“Oh hush, Nicholas! You heard the boy! He needs to pee. You want him to pee in the back yard here like some kind of… of… farm animal,” she said, her voice trailing off as she imagined him unzipping and pissing in the lawn while she watched. Nick looked at the far away expression on his mother’s face with disbelief.

“What?! Mom, he’s a monster! Did you not listen to anything I told you about him?”

“Nicholas! Stop being so mean! I’m sure he’s just a misunderstood boy, that’s all. Here, I’ll go in and just make sure he can find the toilet.”

Nick watched his mother walk toward the house feeling like he was in a waking nightmare. It wasn’t lost on the young boy the way his mother’s huge exposed ass bounced with every step, and he was frightened of what Dante would think about that, or say about it, let alone what he’d… do… given the chance. Nick ran after his mom, panting, already out of breath from that little exertion.

“Mom! Please! Make him leave! I can’t believe you’d let-”

“NICHOLAS!” she snapped, stamping her bare foot on the grass and making her J cups bounce and her thighs and ass jiggle like crazy, “I won’t tolerate any more of this whining! Stay out here and wait for your friends to arrive. I’m going to help Dante find the bathroom. I swear, I don’t know why you insist on being such a brat sometimes.”

Nick watched with tears in his eyes as his mother entered their home and closed the door behind her, leaving him outside by himself at his own birthday party that no one even bothered to come to, except the last person in the world he’d ever want within a mile of his home. He looked back at the tables of food and presents and started softly crying.



Brittany walked into her home, her bare feet pattering softly on the cool tiles of the kitchen, then the carpet of the living room.

“Dante? Dear? Where are you?”

She checked the downstairs bathroom and found it empty. Ascending the stairs she peeked into the half bath, then the full bath. Both were empty as well.

That’s when she heard noises coming from down the hall in the direction of Nicholas’ room. She headed that way and saw her son’s bedroom door ajar and heard a crash from within. Oh no! Had Dante hurt himself somehow? She bounded toward her son’s bedroom door, her enormous breasts bouncing so much they threatened to slip out of her swimsuit and slap her in the face. She opened the door and stepped inside.

“Dante? Are you alri-”

Her voice caught in her throat as she saw Dante standing by Nicholas’ bed, her son’s room an absolute mess. Dante had smashed Nicholas’ mirror, broken many of his toys, ripped up his comics, and just generally trashed her little boy’s room. This boy really was a little terror, wasn’t he? How could he be so cruel to her son!

Then her eyes moved to Dante, his back turned to her, and she heard the sound of him unzipping his fly. Her heart started pounding in her chest. What was this boy doing? Why was he unzipping? And… what must that look like? From her vantage point she couldn’t see, but her mind was flooded with images of what it must look like. As she watched his back, she saw his hands moving down, obviously having difficulty hauling his equipment out of his jeans.

“D-Dante, what are you doing?” she asked sheepishly, feeling almost like she was invading his privacy, even though this wasn’t even his room, let alone his house.

He looked over his shoulder at her. “Hmm? Oh, I’m gonna piss all over Nicholas’ bed,” he responded casually, then Brittany heard a fleshy PLAP as something big and heavy impacted her son’s bed.

“You’re going to do… what? Why?”

“Cause he’s a little bitch, that’s why. I’m gonna mark his bed as my territory because I can.”

As he said this, his eyes started traveling down her body again and Brittany swore she heard the sound of a thick gurgling rumble. He grinned at her.

“What, are you gonna fucking stop me?” he asked, then before she could respond he turned to the side and Brittany’s eyes bulged out of her head.

There, extending out of this little boy’s unzipped fly and laid on her son’s bed, was the biggest fucking cock she had ever seen in her entire life! It looked to be every bit of fifteen inches long, and as big around as a fucking soda can. The big meaty head was almost completely covered by his foreskin and the tip that was peeking out sported a huge cumslit big enough to fit a finger inside. Not only that, but by the way it was flopped onto Nicholas’ bed it appeared that Dante’s cock wasn’t even fully hard yet! This kid was hauling around a fucking horse dick and it wasn’t even at full mast yet!

It took Brittany almost ten seconds to realize she’d just been staring at Dante’s cock without saying anything. When she somehow managed to move her eyes away from that magnificent meat hose of his, she looked at Dante’s face to see he was giving her that knowing smirk again. She tried to figure out what to say, but her mind was blank. Dante didn’t respond with words, instead he started slowly stroking his huge semi-hard donkey dick, the big hooded knob rubbing against her son’s comforter. Her eyes moved back to that godlike member of his, staring transfixed as the young boy slowly pulled on it. She heard the gurgling sound again and Dante let out a small grunt as his piss slit opened wide and fucking burped up a big, thick worm of gelatinous sperm onto her son’s bed. It made a soft wet sound as it pushed out of his dickhole and flopped onto Nicholas’ bed. Dante grunted again and a second big cord of sperm jelly disgorged onto the brightly colored comforter. Judging by Dante’s demeanor and the way his cock was moving, it occurred to Brittany that he wasn’t even ejaculating, but instead this was just his fucking precum! This little stud pushed out pre-loads bigger and thicker than the full cum loads of grown men she’d been with!

“Dante! P-please, you c-can’t do that,” she heard herself protesting weakly as she stared in awe at his fat prenut ropes. Dante just laughed.

“Fine,” he said, and hauled his huge floppy cock up and fucking folded it over to feed it back into his fly and down his pants leg, zipping back up, “But I seriously need to piss. Where’s your toilet?”

“It’s, uh… uuummmm…” Brittany continued staring at the jelly worms, for a few dazed moments unable to force her brain to think or her mouth to speak. Then finally she said “It’s down the hall… on the left.”

Dante just walked past her, getting a closer look at her body as he passed.

“Nice ass, mommy,” he said, slapping her huge ass on the way out, making her yelp and blush. But she didn’t even voice her protest more than that, feeling transfixed by the incredible display of virility she’d just seen.

As soon as Dante stepped out of the room, she rushed over to Nicholas’ bed. A better mother than she would have been horrified by everything that had just happened, and would be thinking first and foremost how to clean up this unsavory mess. Brittany, however, was not a better mother, and her interest was not in cleaning, but in fucking witnessing such a powerful display of breeding potential. She leaned over so her face was only inches away from the thick pearly ropes of coagulated ball jelly this little boy had just plopped onto her son’s covers with his enormous cock. Her nostrils flared as she sucked in the pungent stink of his sperm and she squeezed her thighs together, moaning as she sucked in his scent. It looked like his prenut butter was so goddamn thick and concentrated that just one of these ropes would surely knock her up with fucking triplets! She’d never seen sperm so dense before in her life! She swore she could even see those thick cords wriggling with the sheer power and eagerness of his swimmers looking for eggs to fertilize.

“Hey fat ass,” she heard Dante call from down the hall, “Get in here and help me.”

“Yes, dear,” she heard herself respond as if in a dream, not even bothering to reprimand him for using such insulting language.

When she reached the bathroom door she found it open and stepped inside.

“Ooooh my god!” she moaned as she saw Dante standing in front of the toilet, his fly once again undone and his horse cock pulled out. It was clearly longer and fatter than it had been even just a minute ago when he was rubbing it all over her son’s bed. It looked like it had gotten some more steel in it, but still wasn’t fully erect even though it was hanging down to just past his fucking knee!

Dante pointed to his gargantuan schlong. “Come over here and fucking hold this thing for me. You got it half-hard with that fat ass and those big fucking titties, so you should help me hold it while I take a piss.”

“I… I…” Brittany started, her face and neck flushed as she stared in awe at the biggest goddamn cock she’d ever seen. “Okay,” she finally responded, feeling like she was in a trance. This boy had so much dick she just couldn’t walk away, and he was inviting her to get closer, to touch it. Despite being shamefully aware of how fucked up this was, she felt unable to pass up the chance to be closer to such a magnificent slab of dick meat, even if it was attached to a seven year old boy.

She walked over to the toilet, much less confident than she was before, her eyes locked on that hanging dick. It seemed to be getting a little longer and fatter even as she watched.

“Don’t just look at it, fat tits. Fucking hold it and aim it at the toilet before I piss all over the fucking floor.”

Brittany had no words. She’d never had anyone talk to her this way, let alone a little boy, but this kid had such a commanding presence, and so much fucking dick, that she felt like it would be wrong to disobey him. She tried to justify it to herself by thinking she just didn’t want her bathroom to get dirty, but she knew the truth.

“O-okay, I don’t want you to make a mess, so… I guess I can help you.”

Dante laughed. “Whatever you gotta tell yourself, slut. Just grab it and hold on. I gotta piss like a fucking race horse.”

Brittany realized she couldn’t help him while standing up, so she got down on her knees next to the toilet, her bare knees on the cold bathroom floor tiles. Dante’s enormous horse cock was now hanging down right in front of her face. Now that she was this close to it, she could fucking smell it! Her nostrils flared and she moaned as she sucked in his powerful dick stink. It smelled like sweat and musk and piss and even his sperm jelly. She felt her pussy getting wet from bearing witness to such a powerful, raw, stinky fucking cock! It had been too long since she’d had a real big dick and this fucking thing was even more massive than she could imagine. It was somehow, shamefully, even sexier hanging off the body of this handsome little boy who wasn’t even halfway through gradeschool yet. She reached forward and gingerly grasped it with two hands, gasping at how fucking thick and hot it felt in her hands. It felt almost hot enough to burn her skin as she lifted that impossibly huge schlong of his and aimed it at the toilet.

“O-okay, Dante dear. Go ahead and… just let it all ou-HOLY FUCK!”

She was interrupted by Dante grunting and his big piss slit dilating wide to start blasting a fucking finger-thick beam of piss into the toilet so hard she swore she heard the porcelain crack a little under the pressure. He gushed like a firehose into the toilet bowl, the sounds of piss flooding the toilet so loud they almost hurt her ears. Her jaw hung open and she stared in amazement as this little boy pissed so hard it felt like if she didn’t hold on properly his cock would flop all over the place from the sheer force of the incredible evacuation of his bladder. The bathroom was steadily filled with the smell of this ultra hung kid’s unbelievable piss load.

“Oooohhh my god! You… you piss so fucking hard!” she blurted out, unable to contain her amazement. Dante just placed a hand on her head as she knelt there and held his pissing cock.

“Shut the fuck up and just hold my dick,” he said, grunting again as his piss beam intensified.

Brittany watched the swirling water become darker and yellower as his urgent piss filled the toilet bowl more and more until it was almost completely flooded, but Dante’s piss stream wasn’t weakening in the slightest.

“Holy fuck! You pissed the fucking toilet full and you’re still going!”

“Unnhh, fuck. What did I say about talking?”

Brittany didn’t want her bathroom to be flooded with this boy’s powerful piss and that’s exactly what would happen if she didn’t act fast. She had already been warned about talking, so without saying anything she continued holding his pissing cock with one hand while with her other hand she reached for the toilet handle. She had to lean over quite a bit in this position to reach it and as she did so her big titties got in the way of his piss beam and he just pissed all over them, pissing down into her cleavage, soaking her swimsuit in his piping hot boy pee.

“HHnnnhhhh ffuucckk!” she moaned as the hot piss blasted her tits and her hand finally reached the toilet handle, pulling it down and making it flush.

“Jesus, you really are a fucking piss slut, aren’t you?” Dante laughed.

“N-no, I was just t-trying to flush the toilet,” she protested.

“Is that why you’re still holding your tits under my pissing cock?”

She blushed as she realized he was right, she hadn’t pulled back and was actively letting this boy piss all down her cleavage and all over her big titties. She pulled back and let his piss beam resume flooding the still flushing toilet. Dante just chuckled and continued pissing like a horse. Brittany stared as this hung stud of a boy proceeded to flood the toilet bowl again with his incredibly voluminous piss. She reached over to flush the toilet a second time, hoping to get her tits pissed on in the process, but before her hand could reach the handle or her tits could reach his piss beam, Dante used the hand on her head to push her head down into the fucking toilet! Her face dunked down into the piss flooded toilet and Dante just slapped his fat cock on the back of her head and continued pissing into the bowl. She heard him hit the toilet handle and it started flushing, swirling the toilet water and his hot piss all around her face and head, soaking her red locks in his continuing piss as his huge knob rested on the back of her head and gushed more and more piss into the flushing bowl.

This hung stud of a bully was giving her a goddamn piss swirlie in her own toilet! Not only that, but as she gurgled under the barrage of piss and toilet water sloshing all over her face, she found herself shamefully close to having an orgasm. She’d never been so thoroughly used in her life by anyone and here this kid was treating her like a worthless piss slut in a way that no man she’d ever been with had been bold enough to even attempt.

Brittany was scared by how turned on she was by this.

“There you go, take it like a good piss slut,” Dante said, holding her head down in the toilet with his hand and his fat pissing cock.

Finally the toilet bowl let out the telltale gurgling of the bowl emptying and Dante grunted as he pushed out the last few piss jets into Brittany’s soaked hair. He released his hand from her head and she pulled back up, gasping for air and coughing up piss and toilet water.

“Oh my - KOFF! KOFF! - fucking god! You almost drowned me in your fucking piss!”

“Yeah, you fucking like that, don’t you? You’re a fucking hopeless urinal whore, aren’t you?”

“I… I don’t… no, you forced me to do it,” she whimpered.

“Oh? Did I? Hmm, okay. Well, let’s see what you do when I don’t force you.”

With that, Dante turned and lifted his cock so the huge uncircumcised knob was pointing right at Brittany’s face, only a couple inches away. Her eyes grew wide as she saw his winking dickhole up close for the first time. Her nostrils flared again as she was hit with the musky scent of his piss slick cock head. Then, as she watched with amazement, Dante slowly pulled down on his cock shaft and unrolled his extensive foreskin. As it slid back from his cock knob Brittany’s jaw dropped and she let out a shameful, sultry moan.

Dante’s cock head was fucking caked with thick, buttery, reeking smegma! The stench of dick cheese was so strong it made her eyes water and she actually coughed a couple times as she felt the hot waves of knob filth stink enter her mouth and sinuses. He continued unrolling his foreskin until his entire cock head was revealed. Even in his semi-hard state it was as big as a fucking plum and from about halfway down his knob to the flared ridge of the base it was hidden under a thick layer of accreted cock filth. Under that ridge was basically a solid ring of his dick cheese wrapping all the way around the circumference of his shaft. Brittany was panting, every breath sucking in more of the smell of his accumulated piss, sweat, sperm, and cock grime.

“Now, I’m not gonna force you to do anything, toilet slut. I’ve got my nasty dick in your face. You see all that fucking dick cheese? I haven’t cleaned my cock in a month. Now, if you were a good mother, or even if you just weren’t a hopeless fucking slut, you’d get up and leave, wouldn’t you? So go on. Just leave. I won’t stop you.”

Brittany stared at that huge cheesy knob only a couple inches in front of her face, Dante’s dickhole still dripping piss. She knew he was right, that if she were a good mother, or a decent fucking woman, she would stand right up and leave. Not only that, she’d probably call the fucking cops or something! But… she was ashamed to find that she was not a good mother, nor a decent woman.

Apparently she was a fucking piss slut for a gradeschool boy’s cheesy uncut dick.

Her inaction was all the answer Dante needed.

“That’s what I fucking thought, slut. Now, since you’re such a filthy bitch, why don’t you cut the shit and clean my fucking cock head?”

Tears welled up in Brittany’s eyes as she slowly nodded.

“Y-yes, Dante.”

She started to lean forward and he reached down and gripped her piss-soaked red hair, pulling her head back a couple inches and away from his reeking, smegma covered knob. Brittany whimpered pitifully, not so much from having her hair pulled, but rather from having her face moved away from Dante’s filthy, cheese plastered cock head. She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“I want you to beg for it,” he told her simply.

“P-please, Dante.”

“No. Beg properly, or else I’m gonna put my cock back in my pants and go feed this dick cheese to some other slut.”

“NO!” she blurted out, surprised by her own debased eagerness, “No, please. Don’t do that. Please, Dante. Please let me clean your cock head with my mouth. Please… please feed me your fucking boy cheese. I… I need it. I haven’t seen a real dick in so long, and your cock is the biggest, fattest, stinkiest fucking horse schlong I’ve ever seen or smelled in my fucking life! I… I want to gobble up every wad of your fucking hood cheese!”

“Goddamn. I never knew Nicholas had such a total fucking toilet whore for a mother. Alright, go on you hopeless bitch. Eat my fucking dick cheese like a good human toilet.”

“Thank you!” she said earnestly, then leaned forward and held Dante’s cock reverently with both hands. She brought her nose to just over his cock head and sucked in a big deep breath, moaning loudly as her sinuses were flooded with the pungent stink of a month’s worth of collected boy smeg. She imagined all the things he must have done during that month, working up a sweat as he played baseball, pissing wherever he felt like it, sleeping with this big fat cock coiled up in his briefs on hot sweaty nights. An entire month of this bull cock just marinating in it’s own juices. She felt genuinely honored to be able to have an entire meal of his dick cheese all to herself.

She turned her head and, looking up into his eyes, planted her full plump lips on the side of his huge knob, slowly shoveling a huge fucking pile of buttery smegma paste into her mouth. Her eyes fluttered and she moaned as the salty flavor assaulted her senses. His dick cheese tasted stronger than anything she’d eaten before, that concentrated cock filth further reinforcing the mental images she had of this perfect cock of his just stewing in its own stink and sweat and piss. She started planting kisses all over his fat cock head, moving her face around it to scoop up as much of his smegma as she could pack into her mouth, extending her tongue to slide it all over his cheesy knob and gather as much of the reeking stuff as he would let her. She pushed the tip of her tongue against the ring of smegma packed under the base of his knob to delicately burrow under it, then she curled the end of her tongue and began carefully shoveling up the thick loop of foreskin paste.

“UUnnnnhhhhhh,” she moaned as she debased herself for this hung kid and gathered all his stinking smegma into her mouth like it was the finest delicacy in the world. Dante’s cock was reacting accordingly to the filthy tongue-bath this grown woman was giving it, his already massive member engorging further to get longer and fatter until it reached it’s fully erect twenty five inches of throbbing length. Huge pulsing veins wrapped around his arm-thick bitchbreaker and his cum tube bulged on the underside of his shaft, his dickhole opening wide to piss a beam of precum that blasted all over the bathroom wall and floor. It wasn’t as thick as the big jelly worms he’d deposited onto Nicholas’ bed, but his precum was cloudy with all the sperm packed inside it. Brittany moaned through a mouthful of dick cheese as she watched his cock mark her bathroom with milky pre-seed.

“Show me what a good cheese-eating bimbo you are. Show me how much you gathered.”

Brittany looked up at Dante and opened her mouth wide, slowly extending her tongue to show him the huge pile of yellowish-white kid-cock curds. On her knees next to the toilet with her mouth packed full of second grader smegma she no longer looked like a loving mother, she looked like a filthy toilet slut. She held her mouth open and her tongue out so Dante could study the results of her handiwork. He looked from her smeg-packed mouth to his glistening, spit-shined cock head and laughed.

“Jesus Christ, you fucking took it all. You like eating my fucking dick cheese, fat tits?”

She moaned through the big mouthful and nodded.

“Good slut. Now chew and swallow.”

Brittany pulled her tongue back into her mouth and deposited the fat wads of boy cheddar into her cheek and began chewing on them, her eyes fluttering as her masticating broke up those smeg clumps and released more of their pungent, well-aged flavor. She squeezed her thighs together and whimpered as she had a shivering, shameful orgasm right there on the bathroom floor. Dante laughed again as he heard her pussy juice splashing onto the tiled floor to pool under her.

“Are you seriously cumming from eating my fucking nasty dick cheese? Goddamn, you’re fucking hopeless.”

Dante’s verbal abuse only made Brittany cum harder, her eyes rolling back in her head as she shuddered with orgasmic bliss. She’d never eaten such potent, concentrated knob cheese before and she was in heaven as she was allowed to savor the nastiest, smelliest foreskin paste imaginable from this horse-hung boy’s unwashed donkey dick. After chewing it for almost a full minute, she started taking big gulps of it, feeling that thick nasty cheese work its way down her throat, further defiling her as it deposited into her stomach. When she was finished swallowing it all, she opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue to show her new favorite boy that she had dutifully consumed every wad of boy butter he fed her. Flecks of his off-white foreskin brie clung to her lips, teeth, gums, and tongue. Her breath stank of his aged cock filth.

“Fucking hell. You ate all of it. Now, what do you say, bitch?”

“Thank you, Dante. Thank you for feeding me so much of your nasty smegma. Your dick cheese stinks more than any I’ve ever smelled, and it tastes so fucking strong I feel like it’s permanently saturated my mouth and throat with your cock, piss, and old cum stink. I fucking love it!”

“Good toilet slut. Now thank my cock head with your fucking mouth.”

Brittany didn’t even hesitate, she just leaned forward and wrapped her plump lips around the tip of Dante’s exposed knob. At it’s fully engorged state it was now much larger than a plum, and closer to the size of a fucking apple! She had to open her mouth much wider to accommodate his massive girth, which she happily did as she sank her lips lower and lower until almost his entire cock head was in her mouth. Her eyes looked up at his, half-lidded and slut drunk and she started slurping on his delicious bell end.

Slurk, slek, sluk, slulk!

Dante put a hand on her head and bit his lip as this grown woman submitted to him and sucked on his cock head like a baby on a bottle.

“UNnhhhh fuck, that’s a good slut. Here’s some more for you to swallow, bitch.”

Brittany’s eyes grew wide as Dante’s already enormous cock head swelled in her mouth and, as she flicked her tongue up and down over his big cumslit, she felt it open wider and then it fucking pissed a long, heavy beam of milky precum into her slut mouth. Her cheeks ballooned full of cloudy, sperm-packed prenut from the big fat balls of her son’s seven year old bully. Brittany let out a gurgling moan through a mouthful of that incredibly virile precum. The flavor was intoxicating. This boy’s preloads were so jam-packed with his swimmers that it tasted more potent than full cum loads she’d swallowed from grown men. She felt her pussy clench and, though she didn’t realize it, she immediately began ovulating from having her tongue basted in Dante’s spermy pre-milk. She looked up into his eyes as she gulped down the huge mouthful with a few big swallows, feeling her head swimming as she became even more slut-drunk off this donkey-dicked gradeschool boy’s prejizz.

“You want some more? Show me how much you want it, slut.”

Eager to prove how much of a hopeless kid-sucking cum dumpster she was, Brittany wriggled her tongue against Dante’s drooling piss slit, lapping up his leaking precum, then she slowly started pushing the slender tip of her tongue inside his dick hole, feeling the tight, hot, slimy passage barely yield to her exploring tongue. She pushed it deeper and deeper, moaning around his cock head as she got off on the fact that his dickhole was big enough for her to tongue fuck it. She pushed her tongue in and out slowly, lapping at the inside of his urethra, licking up as much of his precum and piss trapped inside it as she could. Dante responded by grunting and putting another hand on her head, both hands holding it in place now.

“Fuck! You like making out with my fucking dick hole, you nasty bitch? Unh! You keep doing that and I’m gonna feed you more than just precum.”

Her eyes lit up and she gurgled around his enormous knob, nodding eagerly at Dante’s promise of feeding her more. She started making out with his dick hole even more enthusiastically, slurping and sucking on his knob while her tongue wriggled around inside his sensitive urethra, so hungry for whatever this boy could feed her. Dante dug his fingers into her piss-drenched hair, gripping it harder and coaxing a soft muffled yelp from her knob-stuffed mouth.

“Hnnnhhh FUCK! Here comes your reward, you fucking cum dumpster!”

Brittany moaned as she felt Dante’s urethra open even wider as something pushed up his cum tube toward her tongue. She felt it press against the tip of her tongue, thick and hot and solid, slowly pushing up and out. She could tell this was another one of those incredibly dense jelly worms like what Dante had so cruelly dumped onto Nicholas’ bed. Even the tip of her tongue barely touching that incredibly potent cum cord sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body as she tasted his pure sperm for the first time. Much as she hated to, she pulled her tongue out of his dick hole to allow that jelly worm to push out. Eager to please her second grade paramour, she pulled her lips off his cock head and opened her mouth wide, extending her tongue to just under his cum slit, showing him where to deposit his nasty seed.

“Yyyyeeeahh, bitch. Just like that. Take this fucking nut rope!”

She stared in lust-drunk awe at this kid’s coin slot piss slit as it dilated wide and a gelatinous, finger-thick, pearly white sperm worm crowned and started slowly extruding onto her tongue. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she started shivering with pre-orgasmic electricity as her taste buds were overloaded with the overwhelming, pungent flavor of the most jam-packed, concentrated, virile jism she’d ever tasted. Dante’s piss slit made soft wet sounds as that ongoing cummy worm continued pushing from deep inside his balls, up his bulging cum tube, and onto the tongue of this adult woman who should be tending to her son’s birthday party, but was instead offering her mouth as a cum toilet to her son’s domineering and abusive bully. The big fat cord of sperm jelly piled up on her tongue as more and more of it pushed out, until finally his dickhole burped up the tail end of that pungent, stinking length of nut gelatin. It was immediately followed by another big blasting beam of milky precum which Dante allowed to gush into her mouth for a moment, before aiming his cock up to spurt the rest of it on her face, into her eyes, and finally he pushed his spurting dickhole right up against her nostril to piss his sperm-packed preloads directly into her fucking sinuses. Brittany snorted up his precum and let it flood her sinuses, pulling it back into her throat to gulp it down. Then she convulsed in orgasmic pleasure and started gushing through her swimsuit and onto the bathroom floor again.

“Stupid fucking toilet slut, cumming from having your fucking nose pissed full of my prenut.”

Her only response was to gargle Dante’s milky pre-load like a hopeless truckstop whore, his big jelly worm sloshing around in her mouth, riding the undulating waves of his pre-jizz. Finally she finished cumming and knelt there panting through her nose, mouth still open to display to Dante his cum worm floating in the huge pool of prespunk in her mouth.

“Now eat it, you fat-titted bitch.”

She closed her slut mouth and gulped down his liquidy precum, then shifted his sperm cord into her cheek as she had done with his smegma. When she bit into that gelatinous rope she saw stars flash across her vision as the jizz worm released more of it’s salty pungent flavor. She chewed loudly on it, the thick clumpy texture of it making filthy sounds as she chewed it like a big gummy worm made of pure fucking sperm. She swore she could feel his powerful sperm cells wriggling and flopping around on her tongue in their never ending search for eggs to pump full of their genetic material. She lost all sense of time or where she was or even who she was. In that moment, all that mattered was consuming as much sperm as possible. After chewing it for a few blissful moments of savoring such perfect ball jelly, she started swallowing, feeling how thick it was on the way down. Without needing to be told, she opened her mouth again and extended her tongue to show she had eaten every bit of the cummy worm his cock had birthed into her mouth. Little jelly wads stuck to her teeth here and there, but otherwise she had gulped it all down. Dante’s cock flexed and pissed another blast of piping hot precum all over her face.

“Fuck, now you’ve got my nuts really worked up. I might even let you suck on my balls. Would you like that, you fucking slut?”

“Oh god yes! Please, Dante! Let me smell and suck on your big fat balls! I can see them through your pants. They look goddamn enormous! Please stuff them into my fucking mouth and let me wash them with my tongue!”

“I might, but only if you tell me what you are. Say it, slut. Tell me exactly what you are.”

“I’m a fucking suckpet cum toilet for a seven year old boy with a cock like a goddamn horse!

“Yes, that’s exactly what you are. And what do you want, you brainless cum dumpster?”

“I want you to fucking use my face and mouth and body however you want, use me as your fucktoy jizz dump! I want you to bully my cunt and mouth and throat and asshole like you bully my stupid bitch of a son! I want you to treat me like your worthless, mindless fucktoy, and I want you to discard me whenever you’re done with me! Throw me in a fucking dumpster, I don’t care! Just please let me suck your fucking baaaalllllsss!

As she said this last part, Brittany gushed pussy juice onto the bathroom floor again, cumming from verbally expressing how thoroughly she wished to be used by this stud of an elementary schooler.

“Good little fuckpet. Now get that dump truck ass in your fucking bedroom. I’m gonna be nice enough to let you suck on my fucking balls for being such a stupid, kid-sucking gutter slut.”

Brittany quickly got to her feet and turned toward the door. Dante reached back and slapped her hard across her ass.


She yelped, her ass cheeks jiggling from the impact. There was a red handprint left on her right cheek, small enough to clearly be that of a child. In the mirror Brittany saw the rosy silhouette of Dante’s hand on her large ass jutting out behind her and bit her lip as she thought about him marking her body in this way, making it clear to anyone who might see her that she was a fuck puppet for a little prepubescent boy. She hurried to her bedroom, Dante following close behind watching her ass bounce with every step.



After around thirty minutes of waiting, Nick’s fear of having to confront Dante was overcome by his worry for his mother. With a trembling hand he opened the back door of their house and peeked in. No one in sight. He went first to the downstairs bathroom, finding the door open and no one inside. As he ascended the stairs, he started to hear a faint sound, but he couldn’t quite tell what it was. When he reached the top and started walking down the hall toward the slightly ajar room to his mother’s bedroom, he could hear the sound better and thought it sounded like… someone eating something? It was almost like licking or slurping sounds, like someone eating ramen noodles.

Nick pushed open the door to his mother’s room and froze, all the blood draining from his face.

Lying on her back on her bed completely naked with Dante squatting above her equally nude, Nick’s mother had her face buried in Dante’s ballsack, the cruel boy’s feet planted on the bed on either side of her torso as he sat on her face with his gargantuan cock stuffed between her huge pale tits. Dante was tugging on Brittany’s nipples, one in each hand, using them as handles to hoist up her big mommy milkers and working them up and down his shaft, twisting and pulling those sensitive pink nipples that her son had suckled on as a baby. Nick’s bully had such a long fucking donkey dick that even with his mother’s huge breasts sandwiching it the boy’s shaft emerged on the underside and the fat hooded cock head was rubbing against the neatly trimmed triangle of red pubes on her mons. His mother’s petite nose was rubbing against his bully’s taint and her cheeks were absolutely bulging on either side with what looked like oranges stuffed in her mouth. She slurped loudly on them again and Dante raised his ass up some to thrust between her tits more vigorously, revealing the stretched scrotal skin going from his his mother’s mouth to Dante’s crotch, removing any remaining doubt that the two huge orbs currently distending her cheeks were his bully’s gigantic fucking balls. She was sucking in snorting breaths through her nose, desperately huffing the scent of Dante’s musky taint and loudly slurping all over his horse nuts, her tongue trying in vain to extend under those massive balls and out her mouth to more thoroughly lap at the sweaty flesh of his elementary schooler ball bag.


Brittany turned her face toward the door and one of Dante’s spit-slick balls popped out of her mouth, then the other. Dante turned to look casually at Nick as he continued thrusting between the boy’s mother’s tits.

“Oh god! I’m sorry, sweetie!” Brittany squeaked, “Was I gone too long? Dante was just showing me-”

“Shutup, ballsucker,” Dante said, cutting her off. He grinned at Nick and when he spoke it was in a mocking tone. “Hey there, buddy! I was just showing your idiot nut slut of a mother here how to properly suck on my fucking balls. She’s so goddamn stupid I had to just stuff em’ in her whore mouth cause she couldn’t do it herself. Did you need something? Or did you just come up here to watch me teabag your cum dump mommy?” To emphasize his point, Dante raised and lowered his ass so his big heavy balls slapped against Brittany’s face, eliciting another moan from the ball-worshiping mother.

“Mom… why would you… how could you…” Nick was at a loss for words, his vision becoming blurry as the tears rose in his eyes again.

“Aw, don’t cry, Nicholas,” Dante said, using the name he knew the boy hated, “Here, I’ll make a deal with your mom.” Dante looked over his shoulder at the spit and sweat slick face of the grown woman lying underneath him. “Tell you what, fat tits. Either I can stop bullying your son forever,” then he let go of her massive tits, letting them fall onto the bed on either side of her with a soft PWUMP-PWUMP. Nick watched as Dante actually stepped onto his mother’s enormous breasts, making the grown woman squeal with perverse pleasure as Dante’s feet sank into her mountainous tit flesh. Dante squatted over her face, arched his back, and reached behind himself to pull one of his enticing ass cheeks aside, giving Brittany a clear unobstructed view of his hairless, winking anus, “Or I can let you make out with my sweaty asshole.”

Nick gawped at what was unfolding in front of him. Surely this was an easy choice for his mother to make. She might have… sucked on his bully’s balls… but there’s no way she’d want to-

“Can I sniff it a little before I make my decision?” Brittany asked meekly.

MOM?!” Nick belted out, feeling like his heart was going to explode in his chest.

“Hell no I’m not gonna let you sniff it,” Dante spat, “Make your choice. Either your son’s peace of mind, or your mouth on my turd cutter.”

Brittany looked over at Nick nervously, her expression already apologetic.

“I… I’m sorry, Nicholas. Dante’s pucker ring just looks sooooo fucking good! I can’t pass up the chance to stuff my tongue up his ass!”

As Nick stared in a state of shock, his mother planted her hands on Dante’s pert cheeks and helped guide the boy’s ass into position. Dante grinned at Nick as he lowered his ass onto the face of the puny boy’s mother. Brittany first pressed her nose right up against Dante’s exposed asshole and started sucking in big hungry breaths through her flared nostrils, huffing the musk of his underage asshole like a fucking drug addict.

“HHNnnhhhh FUCK,” the horny mother panted into Dante’s ballsack, “Your little boy ass smells so fucking good! I want to push my nose up inside your ass and smell it all fucking day! I want my face to smell like your sweaty boy hole!” She continued huffing his musky butthole for a few more moments, then she planted her lips around that peach ring and started slurping on it like a piece of candy.

Sshhhlllrrrppp! Slerrpp-plerp-plerp! Ommm-lomm-lomm! SShhhhhlllrrppp!!

“Mom… what is wrong with you?” Nick whispered, dead-eyed and shivering.

“UUnnnhhh, fuck yeah!” Dante groaned, grinding his ass on the fuckpet mother’s face, “Really get in there, slut. French kiss my butthole.”

The slick slurping noises intensified as Brittany feverishly snacked on Dante’s ass, then she prodded her tongue against the center of his musky sweaty asshole. She kept pushing until she felt the tip of her tongue squeeze inside, her eyes rolling back in her head as she got the first taste of the inside of this abusive stud’s turd channel. That little hint wasn’t enough, so she dug her fingers into his underage ass and plunged her tongue deeper and deeper until she had the entire thing stuffed up his ass. Fireworks were going off in her brain as her entire tongue was squeezed and surrounded by the hot pulsing interior of Dante’s rectum, the incredible flavor lighting up every single one of her taste buds. It was a little bitter, a little earthy, and a little salty, which to her slut drunk mind meant it was absolutely delicious! Brittany felt like she was in a dream state as she wriggled her entire tongue around inside this boy’s sphincter and her mind again wandered to thoughts of him building up that musk for her to savor. Dante on a baseball field, dashing for third base, sweat running down his smooth back in thin rivulets that flow into his ass crack and between his nubile boy cheeks to nestle and condensate around his winking asshole. Him sliding to take third, butt skidding across the dirt, his underwear digging between his sweaty cheeks. With these thoughts swirling around in her head she desperately made out with this seven year old bully’s musky asshole while her own son watched.

“Ah fuck! Nicholas, did you know your mom was so fucking good at eating ass? She’s already gonna make me nut!”

Standing on Brittany’s tits while grinding his asshole on her face, Dante stroked his massive uncut cock with both hands, his knob already burping up thick clumpy wads of prenut onto Brittany’s pubic hair and onto her pussy lips. Brittany moaned into the boy’s asshole when it started tightening around her tongue and his big heavy balls dragged up her chest and neck on their way to pull up tight against his body. Dante grunted and his cock flexed as it blasted a huge arcing jet of pearly white boy jism so powerfully that it rocketed across the room and impacted the wall with enough force to knock a nearby picture of Nick off the wall, sending it to fall down into the trash can under it, the frame shattering as it fell into the wastebasket. Dante’s horse cock kept bucking and blasting rope after rope of piping hot nut custard all over Brittany’s bedroom. Gushing onto the hardwood floors, the walls, her vanity and makeup collection, her jewelry box, even a malformed little piece of pottery Nick had made for her birthday the previous year. All of them caught loads of Dante’s pudding-thick ejaculations.

Brittany moaned into Dante’s asshole that clenched her tongue each time he fired another blast of his cum all over her room. She could hear the wet gelatinous splattering as her son’s bully plastered her room with his incredibly potent seed. The air was heavy with the pungent stink of his bull boy sperm and her nostrils flared repeatedly as she sucked in big lungfuls of that telltale scent that told her this boy’s cum was so goddamn jam-packed with powerful, virile sperm that it would knock her up with a litter of children in one go if he blasted off inside her pussy like this.

Eventually Dante’s prolonged orgasm began to wane, each jet of cum sploshing on the hardwood floor a little closer than the last, until finally his cock was slowly burping up clumpy wads of his nut children to ooze lazily over Brittany’s exposed pussy. The feeling of his hot ball jelly slowly pouring over her soaked pussy lips made her convulse with another orgasm and she began gushing steaming hot mommy juice all over her bed, soaking it down to the mattress.

“Phew, goddamn,” Dante said to Brittany as she shivered with the last waves of her orgasm, “You really do love eating boy ass, don’t you? I think I found my new favorite chair.”

Brittany snaked her tongue out of Dante’s spit-shined pucker ring and spoke her response directly onto his asshole. “Oh fuck yes, sit on my fucking face for as long as you want. I’ll make out with your log splitter whenever you let me.”

“You nasty slut. You kiss your son with that mouth?” Dante asked, grinning at Nick who was still standing there, utterly defeated and dumbstruck. Brittany looked over at her son and saw his face wet with tears, his eyes red and puffy. It looked like he’d been crying for the entire duration of her make out session with Dante’s ass.

“I’m sorry, baby. Mommy’s sorry. I just can’t help it. Dante’s such a fucking stud!” Brittany explained to her boy, then reached down to scoop up a big handful of the thick, clumpy wads of jism clinging to her mons. She raised her palm filled with wriggling sperm jelly and clapped it against her face, splattering the hot nasty loads all over her mouth, nose, cheeks, and eyes. Still holding her cupped hand against her nose, she sucked in a big breath through her nostrils and loudly snorted up the dense, coagulated jelly babies into her nose and up into her sinuses. It felt like Dante’s sperm were going to enter her fucking brain, like they wanted to breed her goddamn mind! She continued snorting and audibly sucked a big pull of his underage nut gravy back into her throat, gulping it down in big swallows. Nick felt his heart breaking as his mother further debased herself in service to the bully that had tormented him for his entire second grade year.

“Fuck, I need more!” she moaned after gobbling up the big handful of boy nut.

Dante lifted his smooth hairless ass off her face and stepped off her tits, sitting down on her bed to catch his breath after cumming so hard. “Well, there’s plenty for you to eat, suck slut. Go on, help yourself.”

Brittany scrambled off the bed, her huge breasts and massive ass jiggling to an almost comical degree as she got onto the floor on her hands and knees and pushed her face down into the gigantic pool of sperm that Dante had pissed all over the hardwood floor. She pursed her lips and planted them right in that puddle of boy jelly, then started noisily slurping it up.


Her eyes rolled back in her head and she gurgled lewdly as she slid her pursed lips across the floor like some kind of perverted human vacuum cleaner, sucking up as much of the gradeschool boy’s ball gravy as she could. When her cheeks were bulging and gravid with his kid loads, she gulped them down in big swallows, burped wetly, then went right back to hoovering up his pungent nut custard off the dirty wood floor. Dante just chuckled and slowly tugged his half-hard cock as he watched her. Nick wasn’t as pleased as his bully.

“Mom… how could you do this to me? I thought you loved me,” Nick whimpered, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Brittany lifted her face, lips still pursed, a thick cord of Dante’s jism running from her mouth to the still sizable pool on the floor. She slurped that big jelly worm up into her cheeks and chewed on it a few times, then gulped down more swallows of hot virile sperm. She licked her lips before responding.

“Oh sweetie, of course I love you,” she said with a smile, Dante’s cum wads clinging to her lips, teeth, and gums, “I just love Dante and his stinky donkey dick more, that’s all.” Then she got right back to gobbling up her new underage lover’s pearl jam off her bedroom floor.

Nick began crying harder, his little body shaking with sobs. Dante just laughed even more, his cock at full mast again from watching Nick’s mother demonstrate what an absolute kid slut she was.

“Hey cum dump,” Dante said, making Brittany look up at him quickly, eager to respond to whatever his whims were, “I’m gonna sleep here tonight. I’m not done with you yet and I want to take my time really dicking you down.”

“Uff currsh, Durntur!” Brittany gargled through a mouthful of his stinky, clumpy loads. As she gulped down more of his thick sperm, Nick’s sobs intensified, but she paid her weak little boy no mind because her hung little dom was speaking and that was far more important. “You can sleep in Nicholas’ room, baby! Nicholas, dear? You’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight. Try not to pee on it like you pee your bed.”

“M-my name is Nick,” he sputtered between sobs.

“Oh whatever, just sleep on the fucking couch, okay?” his mother responded, rolling her eyes. She turned back to Dante and smiled. “Feel free to come wake me up tonight if you need anything, okay? You can just come in and slap my tits or start fucking my mouth while I’m asleep. Do whatever you need to, okay?”

“Yeah, no shit,” he said as if this were a given, “Now get over here and suck this dick.”

“Yes, daddy!” Brittany responded, climbing back up onto the bed. She stretched her lips around his enormous cock head and strained to take a few inches of his unbelievably thick horse cock into her mouth. Dante gripped her hair and pushed her head down on his cock, making her jaw pop softly as it stretched to its limit. Finally there was a wet nasty GLARK! sound as Dante popped his huge knob inside the hungry slut-mother’s throat followed by more and more inches of his massive flexing boy cock.

As Dante grunted and pumped Brittany’s throat, and she gurgled and moaned and drooled around his thrusting cock, Nick just sat there on the floor and quietly sobbed. The life he once knew was gone, and he didn’t know how he was going to handle the new one that had been forced upon him.





That night Brittany dreamt of Dante’s swinging boy dick and buckets of his ball loads. In her dream Dante had her on her knees in her front yard where anyone could see them. He was unzipping his fly when the sky darkened and a hot summer rain began to fall. It was really pouring hard, splashing all over her face and even into her mouth. She started coughing wetly and actually woke herself up in the process. As her eyes fluttered open they were immediately doused in hot liquid, blasting all over her open eyes along with the rest of her face. It took her a few groggy moments to realize what was happening.

Dante was standing next to her bed just casually pissing on her face.

“Oohhh fuck,” she moaned, opening her mouth wide to let this hung boy use it as a urinal. Dante was happy to do so, directing his incredibly powerful piss beam into her open mouth, flooding it with his hot nighttime urination. She gulped as fast as she could, but couldn’t keep up with his flow. He didn’t seem to care, continuing to piss into her mouth until it overflowed. He moved his cock slowly to blast his piss all over and up her nose, onto her eyes, into her hair, and all over her pillow. Her entire face and the top of her bed and covers were drenched in his piping hot piss.

“That’s a good toilet,” he said softly, “Take that piss load.”

Brittany just gargled in response, turning her face from side to side to bask in the boy’s voluminous piss. Dante grunted as he watched her lavishing in being used in this way, then he squeezed the underside of his cock to stop his piss flow. Brittany whimpered, gulping down what was in her mouth and looking up at him quizzically.

“Why did you stop? Are you done pissing, baby?”

“Of course I’m not done yet, bitch,” he spat at her, then with his free hand he gripped her hair and used it to drag her to the side of her bed so her head was hanging off it. She moaned as he took control and used her however he liked. Standing over her, he stuffed his big semi-hard cock into her mouth and pushed it down her throat until his big fat balls were pressed against her eyes. Then he released his fingers from the underside of the base of his cock and his piss beam began blasting inside her throat with the force of a firehose. Brittany’s eyes rolled around under Dante’s nuts as he sighed with relief and continued draining his bladder directly into her stomach.

He pissed continuously for so long that Brittany lost track of time, and with his big fat kid cock down her throat pissing like a race horse, she wasn’t able to breathe during his entire prolonged urination. She didn’t mind, though. In fact she loved being used as a human toilet for this hung boy. Breathing wasn’t as important as servicing Dante’s cock. She gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him against her harder to show how devoted she was to fully draining his bladder. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused, her thoughts getting more abstract as she started graying out a little from the lack of oxygen. Dante felt her body slackening a little, her hands slowly sliding down his ass as she clung to consciousness, and instead of pulling back to give her space to breathe, he just continued pissing down her throat and even reached down to wrap his hands around her neck. He grunted as he squeezed his surprisingly strong little fingers around her cock-stuffed neck and choked her out, essentially stroking off his pissing cock inside her throat in the process. Brittany gurgled and piss rocketed out her nose as her little lover thoroughly used her like the fuck doll she was.

In the final moments before she lost consciousness, Brittany felt Dante’s cock getting longer and fatter inside her throat and his piss beam finally abated. He started thrusting into her mouth and throat as he continued choking her, and as she barely clung to consciousness she heard him say “Take that fucking dick, you stupid bitch.”

Brittany had never been happier in her entire life. She knew she didn’t need to worry anymore about being a good person, or a housekeeper, or a mother. Her purpose in life now was to be used as a fuck puppet sperm dumpster for her seven year old owner, and then disposed of whenever he grew tired of her. The freedom of this made Brittany shudder with pleasure and she started gushing all over her bed as her vision went dim and she finally passed out completely, her hands falling limply to her sides and her throat letting out a wet gurgling sigh around Dante’s thrusting cock.

Dante didn’t stop or even slow down, he just kept fucking the unconscious woman’s throat until he blasted his load so hard into her stomach that it swelled like she was pregnant and his sperm rocketed out of her nose and the tight seal of her lips around the base of his cock. When he finished nutting, he didn’t pull out, but instead just resumed casually throatfucking the passed out mother, feeling another orgasm quickly approaching.

It was going to be a long, sweaty night, and Dante was just getting started.