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Just One Of Those Pete And Patrick Things

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Pete is always touching Patrick in one way or another. Whether they're pressed shoulder to shoulder during interviews or he's wrapped around him on the bus on the nights his insomnia plays up. Joe and Andy don't question it or even notice it, it's just one of those Pete and Patrick things.

And after 13 years of knowing Pete, Patrick would find it strange without Pete's touch. This is what he's thinking after being woken up at God knows o'clock and cold hands are clutching onto his chest. Pete just presses closer to Patrick and tangles their legs together.

Patrick smiles sleepily to himself, wraps one arm around Pete's waist and brings the other to run though his hair, as he mumbles "I love you,".

Pete smiles against Patrick's skin as he nuzzles his face further into his chest, before whispering "I love you too,".